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Russia's war in/against Ukraine

2015.05.21 22:20 cwboog Russia's war in/against Ukraine

A un-biased source of news, analysis, discussion and investigative journalism of Russia's(Muscovia) and Belarus war in/against Ukraine, and about energy problems and critical against UNSC P5, EU and socalled "climate change" or "global warming" hoax Facts makes the difference between NEWS and PROPAGANDA.

2023.06.10 05:38 DeviceTraditional881 Stick welder

My aunt recently said she’d by me my own welder and since I can’t have gas at the house I figured a stick welder would be best. Is there any good recommendations for a decently priced stick welder? I’m sure I could look on google but I’ve seen how helpful (sometimes unhelpful lol) you guys can be. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 05:29 CovellLevingston [WTS] (CA) Various Airsoft Guns + Magazines

Hello everyone. Today I have here what remains of my airsoft collection. I'm going to be fully honest here, I'm not expecting to get very much for this, I just need it gone. These guns are somewhat damaged as well and could serve as parts, or even fixer-uppers. I would prefer the magazines go with their respective guns, but they can be purchased separately. Prices unfortunately do not include shipping. That will be calculated once we figure out where I'm sending the thing. Here is what I have available, I will be updating this list as things are sold:
Link for pics: https://imgur.com/a/1j2xIYe
Golden Eagle Scattergun M870 Gas-Powered Shotgun - $55 with magazines, $50 without
- Missing green gas tank
- Rear O-sight is squished
- Black finish is heavily damaged
- Rear butt stock pad clip is broken
- Handgrip wobbles
Comes with 7 30-round shotgun shell magazines, or these can be bought separately for $5
CYMA Thompson M1A1 Full Metal Electric Submachine Gun - $65 with mags, $60 without
- Multiple screws missing on stock & butt plate
- Charging handle broken off (cosmetic issue only)
- Very bad scratches on top of receiver
Comes with 2 110-round midcap magazines, or these can be bought separately for $10
Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Pistol - $105 with mags, $80 without
- Missing front sight post
- Slide catch is heavily worn
- Recoil spring is weak
Comes with 2 28-round gas magazines, or these can be bought separately for $35
Umarex/IWI Licensed TAVOR TAR-21 AEG Rifle - $120 with mags, $100 without
- Charging handle broken off (makes access to hopup a little difficult but not impossible)
- Safety switch sometimes sticks
Comes with 3 midcap M4-style magazines (unsure of capacity but I think 120) and 1 KWA K120 magazine, or these can be bought separately for $30
No-name dual stick syle adjustable stock for M4 style rifles - $10
If you would like to purchase this all at once, I will give it to you for $200 plus shipping. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.
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2023.06.10 05:19 See04for Costco gas prices are key when Big Ruthie needs a fill-up. ⛽️

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2023.06.10 05:12 laborday [WTS] Geissele, Griffin, Zaffiri & more

Timestamp: https://i.imgur.com/RZCjpzc.jpgAlbum: https://imgur.com/a/RuRYJpu

I have a ton of stuff sitting in my closet doing nothing. Let's see it get put to good use. And all the ar9 stuff has less than 100 rounds through it. Apparently, I like building more than shooting.All prices include G&S fees and shipping.

Pay asking price and get a free "NO NOTES" patch.

Pelican 1550 Pistol foam $50
I don't have 5 pistols anymore so I don't need the foam or an excuse to buy more pistols.

Inforce Wild2 weapon light $100
Put on a 320 X5 Legion and never fired. In great shape.

Noveske KX3 $50
I got a surefire warden so I'm good on linear comps.

Salient Utility Slide $300 OBO
Blem slide. RMR doesn't fit on the mount lugs. Needs some TLC.

HSGI Sure-grip padded belt $50Upgraded to a slimmer solution.

Tulster P365XL no optic cut $40
I added a Romeo Zero to my P365XL. No need for this anymore.

Aero Precision OD Green upper $60
This is from an AR9 PCC build I'm parting out.Nothing wrong with it. Seen less than 100 rounds.

Stern Defense mag-ad9 NIB $100 & used one is $70
IDK why I have two of these.

Zaffari Precision g34 complete upper $400
Bought this to put on a police trade in G17, but still haven't sent the pistol off to Glock to be refurbished.

alpha direct thread mount 5/8-24 $60
Piston 1/2-28 $60
9mm 3 lug muzzle device 1/2-28 $60
All this is brand new. Got it for a suppressor promotion that I forgot to register for so this is useless to me.

Giessele Mk8 $130
This was on the AR9 build. My long arms don't like it.

870 factory barrel $150
Taken off a brand new gun. No rounds through it.

Random buffer and springsIf you buy something else I'll include these for free if I can fit them in the box.

Magpul afg2 $20
Out of the plastic but never installed.

Law folder $150
Ran this on an 11" ar15 build for a minute. I don't really need to be able to fold that gun.

MOE fixed carbine stock $30
Thought I would use this. But I didn't.

RVG OD Green $20
Ms1 qd sling swivelx3 $10
Enhanced mag release $10
Trigger guard od green $5
All this stuff is brand new never used.

Faxon ar9 bcg with buffer $100
Less than 100 rounds through it.

Geissele Super Precision t2 lower 1/3 mount $100
This came as a deal with a T2. Never used it.

Sig Buffer tube adapter $150
Not my cup of tea.

Geiselle super gas block $60
New and un-used. Enjoy.

K1 System (Tapered) Castle Nut - LE™ Lightweight Enhanced AR15 End Plate $20
Never used. Bought for cool factor.

Aluminum trigger guard. $5
Never installed. Why do I hoard these?

Griffin armament QD blast shield and M4SD II muzzle device $200
Upgraded to a surefire system to interchange between warden and supressor. No longer needed.

Faxon 9mm barrel and SilencerCO 3 lug $100
less than 100 rounds through it.

Benelli m4 front grip $30
Taken off the gun brand new. Don't need them.

Haley strategic mp2 mag inserts $20
Never used them. Enjoy.

Buffer tubes
I can also include these if you buy something and these fit in the box.

Magpul rail mount flash light $10
moved to modlight and slimmer mounts. don't need it.

870 wood furniture $20
Taken off the gun brand new.

Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.10 05:10 TrifleAmazing5380 I feel like SoCal has zero feedees besides in LA

Legit, I despise Los Angeles. It's smog, the traffic, and hell; even the people there can just seem so damn fake that it's ludicrous. This all not even getting to things like the price of food, among other things like gas (I live 3 hours away and gas money is tight.)
Add dating into the mix and so far I've been:
Scammed Cat Fished Ghosted
All from gals in LA. And all when the conversations come to just wanting to facetime or meet up in person.
At this point, I feel like giving up. Things just aren't how they used to be pre 2016 and it just sucks. Has anyone else (feeders or feedees) gone through this in this state?
Bonus points if you're still single and just wanting a true connection.
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2023.06.10 05:00 carguy2050 [WTS] Knightstick, DD bcg, G$ CH/rail, Benelli m1014 parts, etc

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/FHXMF2v
All prices are shipped via PayPal ff or zelle or Venmo ff
Prices are obo
Knight stick brand new. Just pulled out of package for photo $300
Dd bcg sub 200 rounds $165
G charging handle $75
G mk16 rail 9.3 black $200
M1014 1 position recoil tube with recoil assembly installed $100
M1014 bolt release $15
M1014 charging handle $15
Surefire z68 clicky cap $25
Dd qd sling picatinny $22
Bcm kag $15
A2 grips $11 shipped
Atibal 30mm qd scope mount $75
Unknown brand adjustable gas block $30
Crossbreed g26/36 holster $20
All prices are shipped via PayPal ff or zelle or Venmo ff
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2023.06.10 04:54 Turb0xcaveman Natural Gas but it captures CO2

I think this is really cool and has a bunch of potential to decarbonize the electricity grid. Net Power was listed on the NYSE today and I genuinely think this might be how the US goes carbon negative. Basically one of the guys who shares Al Gore’s Nobel Prize invented a way to burn natural gas in supercritical CO2 (Rodney Allam). This means that all the emissions are captured during the combustion process. The emissions still need to be stored somewhere but it produces power for roughly the same cost as a regular natural gas power plant and it’s not intermittent like Solar or Wind. His company is Net Power and their first full scale plant is supposed to go online in 2026
If you’re capturing and storing the emissions then as far as the climate is concerned one of these plants is basically the same as Wind or Solar. But here’s the thing. Production of natural gas is responsible for 10% of its emissions. So even if you capture the emissions during combustion you still have a negative impact on the climate.
Unless you use bio gas.
If you were to use captured methane or synthetic fuels then these plants became carbon negative. I’ve read about other CCS projects and I think $ for $ using this type of power plant might be the cheapest way of removing CO2.
At the very least this makes me hopeful
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2023.06.10 04:47 TallowFire New Job - Managing Increased Income and Considering Second Home

Household Income = $866k (>$900k with current stock prices); $533k and $333k for self and spouse Spouse and I both maxing 401k (+ match), backdoor ROTH and mega backdoor ROTH for yearly contribution of $137K Net after retirement and taxes = $450k/year or $37.5k/month
HCOL Area (One tier down from Bay Area/NYC): Home Value $1.8M (fairly conservatively, could see 1.9-2M) Purchased Price $1.175M in 2014 Remaining Mortgage $780K (2.875% for ~25 more years)
Recurring monthly expenses: $16K Mortgage and Taxes $5,200 Home Insurance + Umbrella $225 Life Insurance (for both spouses) $90 Car Insurance $230 Gas $100 Daycare $5,200 (drops to $2,700 in September) After School $750 (increases to $1,500 in September) Groceries $1,500 Dining out and takeout $1,000 TV, Internet and Streaming $300 Electricity $300 Gas $350 Water and Sewer $125 Cleaners $500 Landscapers $250 Pest $50 Gym $300
Net Worth $3.6M (with home equity) $1.3M in Retirement Accounts $830k in Brokerage Accounts (public companies, mostly index) $150k Common Stock in private company (my startup exited last year to private equity and 3/4 paid out to cash and 1/4 rolled over as common stock) - Feeling fairly good about this 2-3x over next 3-5 years Checking/Savings $115K $160k - Spread across three 529 accounts
Wife and I are 37 and 38. We have 3 kids (2, 5 and 7) and are done reproducing.
Missing monthly expenses are probably clothes (which I'll estimate around $1,000) and vacations. Due to timing and having kids combined with Covid, we've barely vacationed in the last 7 years since having kids. We spent maybe $3K for 4 days at a driving distance beach house last year. This summer we are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary flying our kids and a few family members to where we got married and rented a 6 BR AirBnB with a pool on the beach with some family members joining. Even all in this will be less than $10K. We think next year might be prime ages for a trip to Disney (3, 6 and 8), if anybody has any idea of cost and recommendations for a fat Disney trip.
Big questions are what exactly to do with the $15-20K after tax cash per month. My primary thought is just Boglehead into VTI, VXUS and BND, which is fairly close to how our retirement funds are distributed. I'm curious if there are better ways to diversify overall investments beyond just traditional equity markets.
One thing I'm really considering is buying a second home. After our mortgage our daycare (currently $5,200/month) is by far our most significant monthly expense. We'll cut it by 40% this fall and it'll be gone in 3 years. The way I look at it $5,200/month is one hell of a mortgage payment. I really like the idea of buying a summer home on the water (within about 1-1.5 hours from our home). Where I'm looking I see places in the $1-1.6M range, which is somewhere in the $6-10k/month mortgage at current rates. I'd want to budget under the assumption of no supplemental income, but would not be opposed to doing some limited renting (especially if there are any tax or expense benefits to be had). I really like the idea of purchasing in the next 1-3 years where my kids could make memories growing up. With remote work, I can see the family spending months at a time in summers and possibly even moving to some sort of snowbird situation once the kids are into college. This would certainly have a massive impact on liquid assets for saving and firing. What do I really need to be considering in adding a second property?
With our 1.3M in retirement accounts now, if we add $140K/year for the next 15 years we'd be at about $6.5M at 6% interest in tax advantage accounts. Saving an additional $10k/month in brokerage accounts on top of current balances for 15 years would be $3-4M range taking some long term capital gains into account. With a $10M target (do we think that's a realistic target 10-15 years from now or is $20M gonna be the new $10M?) and including home equity (do we believe in including this?) then firing in less than 15 years time definitely seems feasible.
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2023.06.10 04:45 OzBargainBot [NSW, ACT, VIC] 10% off $100 & $250 Coles MasterCard Gift Cards ($4.5/$6.3 Activation Fee, Registered Flybuys Only) @ Coles

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2023.06.10 04:44 OzBargainBot [NSW, ACT, VIC] 10% off $100 & $250 Coles MasterCard Gift Cards ($4.5/$6.3 Activation Fee, Registered Flybuys Only) @ Coles

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2023.06.10 04:36 KBtrae Stalking a Scammer: A Game of Shitrugs

Stalking a Scammer: A Game of Shitrugs
It's been slightly less than a month since I made a reckless purchase of NUT, an event that led me to the discovery of an entire kingdom of shitcoin scams that is ongoing this very second. Since I busted that fateful NUT, I have found myself contacting exchanges, tracking quite literally thousands of Ethereum wallets, and even filing a report to the US Secret Service, all in an attempt to put an end to this serial scammer who I gave the nickname Shitrugger.
Most, if not all, of my attempts have proven to be a failure. I am waiting for a response from the Secret Service, but I doubt anything will come of it. The exchange Bybit at first gave me hope, as they responded to my email. But after sending tons of transaction hashes, they simply said they couldn't help. I was able to trace deposits and withdrawals from Binance as well, however I feel their hands are full at the moment and have not found the effort to contact them.
I have come to the conclusion that putting a stop to this scam is likely out of my range of abilities. I'm up to about 600 shitcoins created in 3 weeks I've been able to track. The number of trading wallets used to create fake trade volume I've found might be close to 10,000. I've followed Shitrugger from Bybit, through Arbitrum bridges, and to Binance. Stopping this Dynasty of Shit could be done by one of these centralized exchanges, if they have KYC. But me? Me and my NUT? When it comes down to it, I don't even understand how cryptocurrencies actually work. If you look in my Google history, you'll find "wat is a blockchan?" in my recent searches.
But I have had a hell of a time following all this. I've learned a ton about Ethereum and that has spurred me to learn even more. Despite a likely failure in stopping Shitrugger, I'm still curious about the entire underworld surrounding shitcoin trading. So, I decided to take a gander at the sorts of folks buying Shitrugger's scam coins. My dear Moon farmers, let's see what I find:
This first picture is of the transaction history for GANG, just one of the shitcoins in a long line of shitcoins created by Shitrugger. The highlighted "multicall" is one of the functions of Shitrugger - it pretty much blacklists a trader's wallet so they are unable to sell. Here's the evidence of that:
Clicking that transaction and scrolling down until you can "view more" gets you to some of the raw data of the transaction. Hitting the "decode" button makes things a little clearer:
That there is the address of who made the trade. Lets just see what this particular trader has been up to:
Well, well, well. This chap seems to have been very lucky with an early PEPE purchase. Nearly $2.5 MILLION in PEPE, plus a metric fuckton of worthless shitcoins. I scrolled through most of their erc-20 tokens, and a good amount appear to be Shitrugger's product. Let's have a look at their most recent swap:
Following the top transaction from above, I found they had just bought a token called StarDAO. Sounds fishy. So I looked at StarDAO and wouldn't you know it, it had just been created, seeded with a suspiciously familiar amount of ETH. Shortly after, StarDAO rugged. Looks like I found another of Shitrugger's shitcoins, verified by backtracking until I found a link to previous Shitrugger coins using Arkham Intelligence. However, I noticed something odd:
Notice above that there are zero "multicall" entries, but instead many "approve" entries. Looking into those, it appears they do the EXACT SAME THING - it blacklists the wallet when it attempts to trade. It seems Shitrugger has changed up the code a bit. What I did from here is wait to see if an "approve" transaction popped up that had a matching address to the PEPE millionaire. Well, there wasn't one, which means that PEPE Boy never tried to sell StarDAO before it rugged (which isn't surprising, it rugged 1 hour after creation).
From here, I decided to look at one of the "approve" entries in order to see who just got blacklisted. I found something else odd:
The name of this address is dimethyltryptamine.eth and they have $2.7 million in PEPE - oddly close to PEPE Boy. They also have a metric fuckton of Shitrugger's tokens in their wallet, most of the same ones as PEPE Boy.
So what can be learned from all this? I'm still trying to sus it all out, but bottom line: Shitrugger is making a LOT of cash from these shitcoin traders, and shitcoin traders can easily afford to lose that money if just one coin takes off. If PEPE Boy spend $200 on each of the 101 shitcoins in their wallet, the cost basis overall is $20,200, but their profit is $2,395,026 because of that one PEPE swap. And with the similar amounts purchased by the two shitcoin traders, I can assume that there is a system to this shitcoin trading: spend a set amount on EVERYTHING NEW. Which also means that these scam projects will continue. Shitrugger is making a fuckton of money by volume of shitcoins created, shitcoin traders only need to get lucky once.
I'm fascinated by this culture, but it greatly depresses me as well. How much are ETH gas prices impacted by this? How can anyone look at crypto favorably while this takes place? Is there any way to stop this? For those who have followed my previous posts, I've discovered a very simple but large scale shitcoin operation, and I can only image what deeds are funded by this process.
If anyone has any input/theories, please leave a comment. I'm swimming in a sea of shit here. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for another chapter in this saga. Not sure where I'm going with all this, but my recommendation to all of you is to avoid doing what these degens are doing. The odds of hitting the next PEPE are astronomically small, but the odds of hitting one of Shitrugger's spawn are nigh 99% if you are buying something brand new.
Stay safe out there.
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2023.06.10 04:23 Personal_Stand9573 Planning a trip from Indy to Hollywood and then back. What’s the best route to take?

Looking for the most scenic route and 3-4 places to stop overnight. And could take a different route on the way back. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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2023.06.10 04:10 richi-carmen Reliable diameter and compression ratio of wood pellet mill

Reliable diameter and compression ratio of wood pellet mill
Exactly how to distinguish the efficient diameter and also compression proportion of wood pellet mill?
Now numerous consumers can not properly identify the two ideas of effective diameter and compression proportion when they evaluate the wood granulator, as well as also some customers that have actually acquired the sawdust timber pellet mill tools still do not recognize. Today, the editor will clarify to you exactly how to distinguish the efficient size as well as compression proportion of the wood pellet mill.
Most of us recognize that various products call for various compression ratios. In order to distinguish the compression ratio and efficient diameter of sawdust wood pellet mill, the secret is to comprehend the principle of compression ratio and also effective size.

Typically speaking, the effective diameter of the sawdust timber pellet mill is the effective diameter of the sawdust pellet mill device die. despite the fact that. The size of the die size of the pellet device is particular, but not the whole size of the die size is utilized to push the product, only the middle part of the die diameter can press the product, and also both ends are release holes.
The compression ratio is just the effective diameter of the die divided by the diameter of the die hole. As an example, for an 8mm size die, if its efficient size is 45mm, the compression ratio is 5.63; if the efficient diameter is 30, the compression proportion is 3.75; if the effective diameter is 55mm, the compression proportion is 6.87.
Related post: wood pellet mill usa
Currently everybody needs to recognize the difference in between the compression ratio and the reliable diameter. I wish that when customers evaluate the sawdust wood pellet mill, they will certainly ask the manufacturer just how huge the mold is for the test device, and you will certainly know whether the maker is discussing the efficient diameter or the compression ratio.
Richi Machinery is a biomass gas timber pellet devices supplier specializing in the wood pellet mills offer for sale, if you have an interest in our wood pellet mill tasks and also solutions, please leave your requirements as well as e-mail, WhatsApp as well as various other call info, our sales personnel will certainly supply professional solutions and corresponding product images, video clips as well as quotations.
1. Improve the manufacturing effectiveness of timber pellet mill.
( 1) Choose wood pellet mill that works with your very own production ability. If your real outcome is 1-2 tons, attempt not to pick a pellet machine that generates 2-3 tons to stay clear of unnecessary waste.
( 2) Suppliers should pick the ideal mold and mildew aperture according to their real demands, because if the aperture is as well small, it will certainly cause reduced result and no material, which will seriously impact the production effectiveness of the timber pellet mill.
( 3) Control the gap in between the die of the sawdust timber pellet mill and also the pressing wheel. After the material is grown at heat, it is pushed and developed by the pressing wheel, to make sure that the resulting pellets have great density as well as are strong and beautiful.
( 4) During the production process of the sawdust timber pellet mill, the feeding needs to be consistent, so regarding make certain the smooth procedure of the device without product obstruction, consistent granulation, as well as enhance the manufacturing performance and the service life of the tools.

( 5) Routine maintenance of timber pellet mill. Long-term rubbing between the mold and mildew as well as the pressure roller will certainly damage the mold. Normal oil injection and also cleansing can not only ensure the sanitation of the mold, yet also minimize the rubbing between the two, minimize costs, as well as enhance manufacturing efficiency.
Related post: wood pellet plant
2. How to keep the biomass timber pellet mill.
The biomass wood pellet mill can make corn stalks, rice husks, forage turf, branches, tree stalks, bark, cotton stalks and other basic materials right into gas or feed. It is the preferred equipment for safeguarding non-renewable energy as well as producing new environmentally friendly energy. It has actually appeared in all elements of our life and also has shown its very own special feature. Nonetheless, whatever equipment requires to be maintained, the biomass pellet mill maker likewise needs maintenance when it is functioning. What needs to be done currently?
( 1) Once a month, routinely inspect the accessories of the biomass wood pellet press equipment, including screws, bearings as well as other moving parts of the worm gear, worm, lubricating block, etc for adaptable turning and wear. If defects are discovered, they ought to be quit and repaired in time;.
( 2) The biomass pellet maker ought to be utilized in a dry and also clean room, as well as it ought to not be made use of in places where the ambience consists of acids or various other gases that are corrosive to the body;.
( 3) After the biomass timber pellet mill is made use of, the drum ought to be obtained for cleansing, and afterwards set up to prepare for the next use;.
( 4) When the drum return and also forth throughout job, please adjust the M10 screw on the front bearing to the appropriate setting. If the gear shaft moves, please readjust the M10 screw behind the bearing structure to the ideal placement, change the clearance to ensure that the bearing does not make sounds, transform the wheel by hand, as well as the tightness is appropriate. Also tight or too loose can create damage to the timber pellet mill;.
( 5) If the biomass wood pellet mill runs out use for a long period of time, the whole body of the maker need to be wiped clean, as well as the smooth surface area of the equipment parts must be coated with anti-rust oil as well as covered with a fabric.
3. Benefits of sawdust wood pellet mill.
In the energy industry, typical energy sources such as coal as well as gas are limited and not eco-friendly, while biomass power not just has a variety of raw materials, however likewise can be recycled. Agricultural waste, forestry waste, house waste, etc can be made use of as basic materials, and the burned ash can also be utilized as potash plant food to supplement plants, which is very " encouraging".

The sawdust wood pellet granulator has a wide flexibility to the wetness content of the raw products. As a result, most raw materials can be straight made use of for granulation without drying out, and the temperature surge after molding is only 10-15 ℃. The drying and also cooling operations are eliminated, the overall system energy usage is greatly decreased, as well as the devices damage is likewise greatly decreased. The biomass pellet fuel generated by this wood pellet mill machine has a large percentage, high calorific value, and also is immune to burning, which can change typical energy.
Along with normal household usage, biomass energy can additionally be extensively utilized in business as well as commercial areas. my country's sawdust timber granulator devices suppliers have actually progressively changed from price competitors to competition in item efficiency, quality and service quality. In order to attain suitable power generation outcome and also lasting revenue, sawdust wood pellet mills producers have likewise begun to pay even more attention to engineering construction quality and power plant procedure and maintenance management. When we utilize it, we should inspect whether the power supply of the timber pellet mill remains in great get in touch with. This is not just for the sawdust pellet maker itself, but likewise to make certain the individual security of the operator, so we should pay fantastic attention to it.
RICHI MACHINERY has actually been established for greater than 25 years, specializing in wood pellet mill to buy, as well as the growth and also production of single/complete pellet assembly line such as animal feed, biomass fuel, timber waste, grass, straw, organic fertilizer, etc, as well as offer layout and services for EPC/Turnkey tasks!
If you want to know more regarding wood pellet mill up for sale Romania, timber pellet mill available USA, wood pellet mill to buy South Korea, timber pellet mill up for sale Indonesia, wood pellet mill up for sale Japan, timber pellet mill up for sale Thailand, wood pellet mill to buy Netherlands, please get in touch with Richi Equipment for information.

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2023.06.10 04:08 richi-carmen Aspects influencing the outcome of timber pellet mill

Aspects influencing the outcome of timber pellet mill
Wood pellet mill is an important tools in manufacturing, so in the manufacturing process, what variables can influence the result of wood pellet mill devices?
1. Several elements influencing the result of timber pellet device
In the adhering to, Richi Device will present to you several major elements that affect the result of sawdust wood pellet mill:
( 1) Grease. Add 0.5% to 1% of oil, which is beneficial to reduce the wear of timber pellet device parts, as well as make the pellets conveniently travel through the die holes and boost the outcome. Keep in mind, however, that when the boost in oil goes beyond 2%, it will make the pellets challenging to form. As a result, when including grease, 30% of the overall quantity should be added at the mixer, and also 70% of the complete quantity should be sprayed at the wood pellet mill.

( 2) Starch. Grains have a high starch web content as well as are very easy to granulate at heat and high dampness. Consequently, the appeased and solidified dampness is in between 16% and 18%, the temperature level is above 80 ℃, and the outcome of the pellet maker is likewise high. If the grain is currently grown before conditioning (eg drying corn), the output of the wood pellet mill will certainly be lowered.
( 3) Thermal sensitivity. The thickness of lactose as well as whey powder in the material boosts after home heating, which helps to boost the output. However, if the temperature level exceeds 60 ℃, it is easy to appear coking, which will block the die hole and affect the outcome.
( 4) Crude fiber. Ideal unrefined fiber ( web content 3% ~ 5%) contributes to the bonding of pellets and enhances the granulation output, but when the content of unrefined fiber goes beyond 10%, the cohesiveness of the product will certainly become worse, impacting the hardness of the pellets and creating price, while boosting mechanical wear and decreasing wood pellet mill output.
( 5) Product moisture. When the humidity of the product is too high, it is hard to solidify the material and also it is simple to create the product to slip between the internal wall of the ring die and the pressing roller, leading to the clog of the ring die hole. Usually speaking, the moisture material of the product should be listed below 13% before conditioning.
( 6) Minerals. Not natural products have almost no communication and poor granulation efficiency. For that reason, when the inorganic web content in the material is too high, a percentage of binder is usually contributed to the product to improve the granulation feature as well as boost the outcome of the wood pellet mill.
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The above are the significant factors that affect the result of timber pellet mill, I hope it can be useful to everybody! Richi Equipment is a biomass straw rice husk timber pellet plant tools maker concentrating on the wood pellet mills offer for sale, if you want our biomass and also wood pellet mill jobs and options, please leave your needs and e-mail, WhatsApp and various other call details, our sales personnel will give expert solutions and equivalent product pictures, video clips and quotations.
2. The process of biomass gas:
Biomass fuel is based on farming and forestry residues as the major basic material. After assembly line equipment such as slicers, pulverizers, clothes dryers, timber pellet mill, coolers, balers, etc, it is finally made into shaped eco-friendly fuels with high calorific worth and also adequate burning. It is a clean and also low-carbon renewable energy.

As a fuel for biomass burning equipment such as biomass heaters as well as biomass boilers, it has a lengthy burning time, improved burning, high heating system temperature, and is economical as well as environmentally friendly. It is a top quality environmentally friendly fuel to change standard fossil power.
3. The growth of wood pellet machine constantly adheres to the plan
Biomass pellet fuel, a new item developed by wood pellet mill maker manufacturers, is a renewable new power source with absolutely no carbon emissions, so my nation strongly sustains the promo of biomass fuel pellets. Managers who can see through the marketplace have actually switched over to the biomass pellet machine industry. The advancement of timber pellet mill has actually constantly adhered to the plan.
Just recently, the biomass wood pellet mill device market has actually continued to be popular. It is estimated that the size of the biomass fuel pellet market will remain to boost in the future. The continual boost in the biomass fuel pellet market is primarily based upon the following factors :.
( 1) As a result of the liberalization of energy-saving as well as environmental protection policies, the number of users who switched to the wood pellet mill sector has actually enhanced, causing the expansion of the market scale.
( 2) Because of the substantial use of biomass timber pellet mill, it is in line with my country's brand-new environmental protection and also power saving plan, and has no demands for the choice of resources. It is beneficial to plants such as corn straw, wheat straw, rice husk straw, bean husk straw as well as various other waste. As a resources, the cost of resources is reasonably low.
What brings in new individuals is that biomass fuel pellets can change some non-renewable energy sources. With an increasing number of customers, the market size of biomass timber pellet mill will certainly continue to increase.
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4. The market prospect of biomass wood pellet mill machine.
Recently, the state has actually strongly advocated and also supported the growth and also usage of bioenergy. With the worldwide power scarcity and also the environmental protection needs of power preservation as well as emission reduction, the marketplace need and revenue margins of biomass renewable energy will certainly be immeasurable.
( 1) What is biofuel?
Biomass gas is a kind of strong waste utilizing plant straw and other products, such as corn straw, wheat straw, cotton stalk, straw, peanut covering, corn cobs, branches, bark, sawdust as well as furfural deposit, edible fungi residue, typical Chinese medicine deposit, etc, a new sort of renewable resource made after crushing, pressurizing and also densifying.
( 2) Attributes.
Biomass gas is little in size, large in specific gravity, resistant to burning, as well as has a calorific value of 3500-5500 kcal, which is convenient for storage and also transportation, and also is a very convenient strong fuel.
( 3) Scope of application.
Biomass gas can totally change firewood, raw coal, dissolved gas, and so on, as well as is widely made use of in living cooktops, home heating furnaces, warm water central heating boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, and so on( 4) Market need.
Biomass gas is clean as well as environmentally friendly, fairly reduced in price, and has a wide variety of applications. It can be made use of in urban home heating, home heating, resorts, bathing and also various other industries.
It is anticipated that the reserves of underground oil, natural gas and coal are just sufficient for around 60 years according to the present exploitation as well as use price. Consequently, biomass power is an important development direction of renewable energy in the future.
Richi Machinery specializes in the design, advancement and also sales of biomass pellet mill devices, timber pellet mill, straw pellet mill devices, and so on. It is among the fastest growing suppliers in China's biomass pellet machine market, with strong production experience and technical stamina. The firm is devoted to advertising wood pellet mill, securing resources, and also opening a new path for boosting our living setting, enhancing air quality, as well as solving the scarcity of coal and also gas in industry as well as farming.
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2023.06.10 04:06 Tyrannosaur123456789 i thought taking the 30x 84+ was a no brainer...

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2023.06.10 03:27 agency4711 Quali aziende del regno unito hanno un fatturato superiore a un miliardo di sterline l'anno?

Ecco alcuni esempi di aziende con sede nel Regno Unito che hanno un fatturato annuale superiore a un miliardo di sterline. Tieni presente che questa lista potrebbe non essere esaustiva e i dati potrebbero variare nel tempo:

  1. BP plc: Una delle principali compagnie petrolifere e di gas al mondo, con diverse attività nel settore dell'esplorazione, produzione, raffinazione e commercializzazione.

  1. GlaxoSmithKline plc: Una delle più grandi aziende farmaceutiche globali, impegnata nella ricerca, sviluppo, produzione e commercializzazione di farmaci e prodotti sanitari.

  1. Royal Dutch Shell plc: Una multinazionale energetica con attività nel settore dell'esplorazione, produzione, raffinazione e commercializzazione di petrolio e gas naturale.

  1. Unilever plc: Un'azienda globale di beni di consumo che produce e commercializza una vasta gamma di prodotti alimentari, bevande, prodotti per la cura della persona e per la casa.

  1. British American Tobacco plc: Una delle più grandi aziende del settore del tabacco, impegnata nella produzione e commercializzazione di sigarette e altri prodotti correlati.

  1. AstraZeneca plc: Un'azienda farmaceutica globale che si occupa di ricerca, sviluppo e commercializzazione di farmaci per diverse malattie e condizioni mediche.

  1. Vodafone Group plc: Una delle principali società di telecomunicazioni al mondo, con attività nel settore della telefonia mobile, servizi di rete e comunicazioni aziendali.

  1. Tesco plc: Una delle più grandi catene di supermercati del Regno Unito, che opera anche a livello internazionale, offrendo prodotti alimentari, beni di consumo e servizi finanziari.

  1. BAE Systems plc: Una società di difesa e sicurezza che si occupa della progettazione, sviluppo e produzione di sistemi di difesa, aerei, veicoli militari e servizi correlati.

  1. Rio Tinto plc: Una delle principali società minerarie al mondo, attiva nell'estrazione e produzione di minerali e metalli come alluminio, rame, diamanti, carbone e minerali di ferro.

Si tratta solo di alcune delle aziende del Regno Unito con un fatturato superiore a un miliardo di sterline. È importante notare che questa lista potrebbe cambiare nel tempo in base alle performance finanziarie delle aziende e ad altri fattori.
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2023.06.10 03:26 werebeowolf Sub-1k used p320 AXG Scorpion?

Sub-1k used p320 AXG Scorpion?
Would you guys buy this used for just under 1k at an lgs? The barrel looks pretty clean inside, there's some wear on the grip and slide finish, and I can't remember if it comes with a spare mag but the one that's in it has a plate that I think is aftermarket. It's textured like a meat tenderizer or a roofing hammer face. There's also a metal gas pedal installed on it. Not sure if the sights were upgraded.
Otherwise it looks like it's identical to the stock one in the link. It's chambered in 9mm.
This is going to be my first Sig and it's down to this or the xmacro tacops, I unfortunately don't have the budget for both right now. I want the tacops for concealed carry, I think the p320 is going to be a little bulky/heavy for that, but I can probably get it at the price I'm paying for it anytime in the future. If this is an opportunity I'm going to regret not taking then I'm fine with waiting.
I know the scorpion is an older generation, is this one of the not drop safe ones? Will I be able to send it to Sig to make it right if it is?
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2023.06.10 03:20 Other_Objective650 Desperately need a car.

I desperate need a car now as I am moving forward with life and I've been borrowing a family car for 2 years after the transmissiom in my old mustang blew. I have about 20k I'm willing to spend and insurance for just about any vehicle new or old is 1800$ liability only. What car would be good, and fun. Thinking about 99-04 mustang gt (slow but fun and low miles can be had for 10-15k) 05-09 mustang gt (still somewhat slow but fun and reliable I've had 2 of these so far) 2011-2014 mustang V6 (it's a V6 but modern interior and exterior styling. But cost more than an 05-09 gt. Honda Accord/ Accord sport (look nice and comfy but having a hard time finding one that's not a rebuilt title. Subaru WRX. (4drs practical and sporty but questionable reliability). Dodge charger t (practical but also questionable reliability same with Challenger) I'd love a Corvette. But I think back seats even if hard to use is better than no back seats. Truck, Tacoma maybe. (Reliable, cheap for an older one but won't be fun to take down windy roads, bad gas mileage for little fun and no real need for a truck that adding a hitch onto a sedan won't handle) Focus ST (very few in price range but look fhn and sporty) Fiesta ST (good option but I prefer the focus version). Not really interested in suvs due to bad gas mileage and no real need for interior space. Focus base model. (Not sure if they still have transmission issues but they are cheap)
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2023.06.10 03:04 Tactician_mark ELI5: Why does the U.S. have both fossil fuel subsidies and a gas tax? Don't they cancel each other out?

The price of gas is a common political talking point, and people talk about both raising oil subsidies and reducing the gas tax. But why do both exist in the first place? They must at least partially work against each other.
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2023.06.10 02:59 TonyEllis7 English Voice Actors for Moro and Granolah arcs?

What are your thoughts? I've been thinking - Moro: Jamieson Price. Merus: John Burgmeier. Pasta: Michael Dobson Saganbo: Scott McNeil Granolah: Richard Ian Cox, or maybe Eric Vale. Gas: Patrick Seitz (but I doubt he'd be picked for another main antagonist). Oil: I guess Chris Sabat. Macki: Kate Higgins. Elec: Brian Dobson.
Any other suggestions?
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2023.06.10 02:56 clb1016 [WTS] Perroz LPSPC (Plate Carrier); P365XL OE Grip Module, 15rd Mags; Complete 16" mid-length upper (Rosco/Aero/Midwest); misc AR parts and things; Price drops

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/l4DNkYK
Photos are in the timestamp album above.
Perroz Low Profile Slick Plate Carrier, Large, Ranger Green
Includes the laser-cut cumberbund, 3x 5.56 mag pouch, and slim shoulder pads. Size large. Some salt but perfectly functional. $250 shipped $225 shipped $200 shipped $190 shipped
P365XL OEM Grip Module and Mags
OEM grip module, 2x OEM 15 round mags MAGS SOLD, Talon Granulate on everything. $125 shipped $115 shipped Will take ~~$80 $75 shipped for the two mags $30 $25 shipped
FN Takeoff M4 Stock and A2 Grip
This was taken off of my SRP G2 as soon as I came home from my FFL. $25 shipped $20 shipped SOLD
Magpul AFG, M-Lok
Very little salt, is as you would expect. $15 shipped $13 shipped
Vortex Crossfire II
Minimal salt, I think the only firearm this has ever been on and actually been fired is my Ruger 22/45 Lite. Comes with both mounts, the star hex key thing, battery installed, and rubber lens cap. $100 shipped $90 shipped SOLD
16" Complete Upper
There's a lot to go over here. In ( ) beside each part, I am going to list the approximate new price for reference. I tried to check at least 3 vendors for every item and went with the lowest advertised price.
The total cost to build this upper buying new parts, before any shipping and/or tax, would be approximately $646. It will include the pictured 5 slot poly M-Lok rail. I am asking $450 $430 shipped with the BCG and charging handle, not looking to separate these unless person who buys upper does not want them. If you want something like the Crossfire II above, let me know and we can see what we can work out.
Housekeeping Notes, PLEASE READ
Everything is sold "or best offer". Comment with "dibs", "pm", etc and then PM me; chats will be ignored. "Dibs" implies you are taking it at the above listed price. As of this time, I am not willing to accept any forms of payment other than PayPal unless the buyer has flair that is equal to or greater than mine. As typical, no notes on PayPal.
Another note: I work third shift. I go to bed around 1200/noon EST and sleep until 2000/8pm EST, give or take.
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2023.06.10 02:42 Rmyblue [WTS] Giessele MK13 13" Rail

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/ig5rKuS
True Mk13 13" rail great condition w/New dogbone and screws
$300 w/ New Geissele Superduty Gas Block Or $275 by itself.
Firm on prices
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