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2014.10.16 15:00 Great finds online

Updated: This site now features many good deals that aren't necessarily grocery items, but all are pretty good! The deals are found online, but not just for online outlets. The focus is still primarily Amazon Prime grocery/household goods, but nowadays we let just about any good deal through the door. Note that these prices reflect what is a good deal *at Amazon,* but you can often still get a better deal at your local grocery store. Thanks for visiting!

2017.05.20 22:34 TheWalkingTroll Koi to Uso (Love and Lies)

Koi to Uso (Love and Lies) is a Japanese manga by Musawo.

2013.01.22 06:44 llieaay Cat Training: Tricks and Treats

Cat behaviour, cat tricks, cat training. Cats!

2023.04.01 16:38 TayneTheBetaSequence Regarded Recap

Not going to lie, Thursday/Friday was a bit of a mind fuck, but most importantly, didn't sell.
But.. this 8k filing from Newell got my tits jacked to my dick!
None if this is proven yet, and Icahn could be buying something complete different.. don't forget that.
BUT! Let's go over a few things that help this case.
  1. RC's pumpy/dumpy trial seems to be wrapping up.
  2. RC and Larry Cheng left the board of firefly a few weeks ago.
  3. Brett Icahn left the board of Newell the same week.
  4. Newell just filed an 8-K for 1.5 billion dollars for MA purposes. Alot of people have been valuing baby at 1.5 billion for about a year now.
  5. Months ago Carl Icahn said he had his eye on a particular company and was waiting for earnings to come out. (Assuming bbby)
  6. There is still one open board seat on BBBY board.
  7. Larry Cheng tweeted his tits off yesterday.
  8. The shills are out in full force shitting on BBBY main board.
  9. FUD articles are through the roof right now.
  10. RCs standstill agreement is over (not sure if the court case effects this)
  11. Gamestop NFT of Mount Rushmore and TEDDY Roosevelt "winking" on it.
  12. Teddy Trademark filings list nearly all of BBBYs product offerings, as well as, Buy Buy Babys offerings.
  13. No buying/selling of insider stock.. indicates something is known about a deal. And you're shares are locked until it plays out.
So we got three guys who are off boards. I understand Bret leaving Newell if the play is BBBY. Conflict of interest due to Newell being a supplier to BBBY and he cannot be a shareholder on both boards. Basically will get nailed for insider info.
Not sure what the conflict of interest would be with RC/Cheng and Firefly/BBBY. But interesting this happened the same week as Bret leaving newell.
From what I can understand is that this pump/dump trial can be restricting RC from certain actions, therefore, I think while the shorts think they have an advantage by keeping RC jammed up in court.. it gives the Icahns a chance to strike.
They just filed for 1.5 billion through Newell for M&A purposes. I don't think they could buy bbby outright with 1.5 billion, but they would have a majority shareholders position if they made a move with that amount of money. Also, we've all heard that Buy Buy Baby is valued around this for a year now. So either going to try to buy baby outright.. or hostile takeover bbby.
I was thinking... about Newell and their product lines/brands. A vast majority of them can be sold at BBBY.
They own 6 baby brands/companies.
They own 5 household cleaning brands such as rubbermaid/quickie.
6 brands/companies that do food storage/preservation products.
4 home fragrance brands/companies such as Yankee Candle.
4 appliance brands/companies such as Crockpot, Mr Coffee, and Oster.
And 7 outdoor brands such as Coleman, Marmot, Stearns, etc. (These don't really apply to bbby.. outside of like thermoses and drinking to go cups etc)
Okay.. where am I going with this.. so if you look at my history, I would say I am easily the top shopper at BBBY out of all you fucks on any boards. I've been to the stores easily 30 times since July. Sometimes I go just to look at inventory levels, just see how busy they are etc.
After the recent batch of closings I have decided to drive further to a non closing store and observe what I'm seeing.
About three weeks ago I went to my new store to observe. Shelves looked decent, spots are definitely front loaded (when a store pulls products to the front edge of the shelf to make it look more stocked than it is).
I spoke to an older shelf stocker when I was there. Nice guy was happy to tell me what he's been seeing. Said that deliveries up until three weeks ago have been here and there a couple will pop up on his app. But at that time he said there appears to be 12 vendors back on the list.. which is good news. It's not 12 items.. 12 vendors with multiple items.
Went back to the store yesterday. It appears Sodastream was stocked up and bedding looked great.. but I wasn't wowed by this alleged 12 vendors. So, i saw the guy and spoke to him again. Says things are coming in slower than expected, cookware was slow and no scheduled deliveries for pots/pans and also vacuums. Not great with Easter and cooking.
This concerned me as.. stores are closing.. bbby sold stock to pay debt and pay vendors up front.. but not a ton is coming in.
I had a Eureka moment this morning. So BBBY got into this financial situation by greatly reducing their big brand presence and Triton pivoted to store brand. While the quality is decent, it was overpriced and a greedy margin play. I think Triton was trying to tank the company, but if the store brand play with big margins plays out.. he looks like a genius.
So this leaves BBBY in a spot where they are struggling to bring back the big name brands in short order with all the FUD going on right now.
Who has alot of brands....? NEWELL you fucking dopes. Who has alot of shelf space. That's right BBBY, I'm proud of you.
If they can get this company at a bargain and it has alot of shelf real estate.. you can then load the stores up with your 25+ brands with wide range of offerings under each brand.
It will basically become a Newell showroom.
The great thing is.. they are essentially selling to themselves.. so they don't need to up charge as much per item.
Example - $1 sponge Newell sells to BBBY now. BBBY is going to sell that with a 40 to 80 percent mark up. Newell pays about $0.15 per sponge. Let's say BBBY does 80% mark up.. $1.80. That $0.15 sponge is being sold for alot more due to Newell buying the foam from a fabricator, getting it packaged, shipped to their warehouse, overhead, labor, storage fees, more shipping.
In the ultra competitive retail market, anytime you can cut out a middleman the more competitive your price and the easier it is to move product. Going back to my example.. while walmart and target are selling that sponge for $1.80 ea. Bbby can sell it for $1.50 ea giving them a competitive advantage.
I think that Newell is going to make a move on BBBY, get Bret in the open board seat. He will probably start to try to open up new seats for our boys RC and LC.
There is no insider buying/selling right now. As they know that Icahn is going to be making the move very soon.
I think it's going to RS to get share price up so they can sell baby for 1.5 billion to Icahn.
I digress. Godspeed boys.
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2023.04.01 16:36 Oricu I hate that it looks like that but it keeps him from trying to make outdoor sticks indoor sticks! 😂

I hate that it looks like that but it keeps him from trying to make outdoor sticks indoor sticks! 😂
...when 3 different people at the store saw me looking at them and said, "Oh my dog LOVES that toy!" I had to get one.
He definitely prefers it to real sticks now. Probably tastes better (and it's easier on the teeth as it's flexible and has give).
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2023.04.01 16:34 greg0525 Unlived Life

It's not uncommon to fantasize about having a different life than the one we currently live. We might dream of being a successful entrepreneur, a famous musician, a world travelers or a bestseller writer. However, when we become too fixated on these desires, we can lose sight of the reality of our current circumstances. Life is a journey, and we all have our own unique paths to follow. By accepting our reality and making the most of it, we can find happiness and fulfillment, if not right now, then sooner or later. David also had a dream but that dream remains an unlived life.
David sat in his study, bleary-eyed and exhausted from staying up all night to meet his book deadline. The pressure had been immense, and he had worked tirelessly to ensure that every page was perfect. As he sat there, he couldn't help but feel a sense of relief wash over him now that it was finally done.
Suddenly, his wife Mia walked in carrying a steaming cup of coffee. "Good morning, honey," she said with a smile. "How's it going? Are you finished?"
David looked up at her, his eyes filled with a mixture of exhaustion and pride. "I did it," he said, his voice hoarse from lack of sleep. "I finished the book."
Mia's face lit up with excitement. "Oh, David, that's amazing!" she exclaimed, setting the coffee down on the desk. "I'm so proud of you."
David smiled weakly, feeling a surge of gratitude towards his wife. "Thanks, Mia," he said, reaching out to take the coffee. "I couldn't have done it without you."
Mia leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. "Of course you could have," she said, her voice soft and reassuring. "But I'm glad I could help."
David took a sip of the coffee, savoring the warmth and caffeine. "I just hope it's good enough," he said, feeling a twinge of uncertainty. "I worked so hard on it, but what if it's not what they're looking for?"
Mia placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and read the first lines:
DI Chris Cole sat surrounded by papers, wishing he could just throw them all away. He had thirty minutes to finish a report on a closed case of domestic violence before he could leave his desk. Meanwhile, Chief DI Robert Brown found Cole's meticulousness frustrating but admired his interrogation skills. As Cole was almost done, a woman entered his office, seeking help in finding her missing daughter, Amy Norman.
"David, it's going to be great," she said firmly. "You poured your heart and soul into this book, and it shows. Any anyway, who couldn’t like DI Chris Cole? He is such a loveable character!"
David looked up at her, feeling a renewed sense of confidence. "Thanks, Mia," he said again, his voice stronger this time. "You're the best."
Mia grinned at him. "I know," she said playfully, before turning to leave. "But seriously, I have to get going. Don't forget to take a nap later, okay?"
David chuckled as she walked out the door. "I won't," he promised, feeling a sense of gratitude and love toward his supportive wife. With a newfound sense of energy, he turned back to his manuscript, excited to see where his hard work would take him.
But at that moment, he was struck by a sudden, terrible headache. It was something that he had been experiencing lately - a pounding, searing pain that seemed to be concentrated in the center of his forehead.
He closed his eyes and focused on the pain, pushing it away by pushing everything else out. But images flared behind his eyelids: himself, surrounded by a battle-worn unit of men in brown desert camouflage, moving forward into the burning sun. These visions were slow and faded as they came, like remnants of dreams that had been long forgotten. The smell of guns, oil, smoke and sweat was like heavy perfume.
He had no idea where they had come from or what they meant, but he knew that something was very wrong.
"David, your headaches again?" she asked, her voice laced with concern.
"Yes, but...I don't know what to do," he said, his voice strained. "It's like they're getting worse."
Mia's face softened with empathy. "We'll figure it out," she said firmly. "Maybe it's time to go see a doctor. They might be able to help."
David shook his head, feeling a sense of dread at the thought of going back to the hospital. "I don't want to," he said, his voice barely above a whisper. "I think it’s just the stress."
Mia looked at him with concern. "David, you can't just ignore this," she said, her voice firm but gentle. "You need to take care of yourself. You know that."
David sighed, feeling defeated. "I know, I know...I will see a doctor,” he said and Mia placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.
Joseph Smith worked in a massive office building, surrounded by towering skyscrapers and bustling city streets. His office was located on the top floor, with a view that stretched out over the entire city. Whenever David came to visit him, he always felt a sense of awe at the sheer scale of the place.
As David walked into Joseph's office, he was greeted with a warm smile. Joseph stood up from his desk and walked over to greet him, his hand outstretched in welcome.
"David, my friend, can’t wait to read the latest story about DI Cole!”
Joseph took the manuscript from him, flipping through the pages with a keen eye.
“DI Chris Cole sat surrounded by papers, wishing he could just throw them all away. He had thirty minutes to finish a report on a closed case of domestic violence before he could leave his desk. Meanwhile, Chief DI Robert Brown found Cole's meticulousness frustrating but admired his interrogation skills. As Cole was almost done, a woman entered his office, seeking help in finding her missing daughter, Amy Norman,” as he read, his expression grew more and more excited, until he was practically beaming with joy.
"David, this is fantastic!" he exclaimed, his voice filled with enthusiasm. "This is going to be another great success, I just know it. I just can’t wait for the book launch! Think about it buddy, hundreds of eager readers will be attending the great event!”
David felt a surge of gratitude and relief wash over him. He had worked so hard on the manuscript, pouring his heart and soul into every word. To hear what Joseph had just said meant the world to him.
"Thank you, Joseph," he said, his voice filled with emotion. "That means so much to me.”
Joseph smiled at him, patting him on the back. "You deserve it, my friend," he said, before walking over to his desk and pouring them both a glass of scotch. "Now let's celebrate!"
David took the glass from Joseph but he accidentally dropped the glass of whiskey. He had another terrible headache and the visions came back.
The heat was oppressive, bearing down on them like a heavyweight. David huddled in a ditch with two other soldiers - a man and a woman. They were surrounded by the unforgiving desert, with no cover except for the deep, rocky depression they had found themselves in.
The ditch was long and deep, full of mud, sand, and the shattered remnants of war. Bullets were flying overhead, soldiers run back and forth across the landscape. Smoke and flames marred the horizon. The walls of the ditch were stained with dried blood and littered with weapons and discarded supplies.
The sounds of battle filled the air - bullets whizzing past, cannons exploding, shouting voices of commanders and soldiers alike, distant screams of those in pain. The ground shook underfoot with every explosion and it felt as if the world was coming apart at its seamed.
“Where the hell am I? What’s happening?” David asked in confusion.
“Shut up David, this is not a good place to joke around now!” the woman shouted at him.
David was suddenly jolted by the sound of gunfire. Before he could react, he saw a soldier fall into the ditch next to him, blood spreading rapidly across his uniform. Fear gripped David's heart, and he was overcome with terror at the sight of the fallen soldier.
“Are you all right, buddy?” Joseph asked with worry on his face.
“Yeah, I’m just... these damn headaches,” David replied leaning to the drinking bar.
Joseph then advised him to go home and a rest. Upon arriving home, Dave made his way to his bedroom and settled into bed. He closed his eyes and drifted off into a peaceful slumber.
As he slept, his mind and body rejuvenated, allowing him to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.
As the evening drew near, David eagerly awaited his wife Mia's arrival. When she finally came through the door, he rushed to greet her, wrapping his arms around her in a tight embrace.
"Hey beautiful," he said, his voice filled with love.
"How was your day?" Mia smiled up at him, her eyes shining with happiness.
"It was good," she said, before leaning in to give him a tender kiss.
"I'm just so excited about your book launch." David felt a surge of pride and joy at her words.
"Thanks," he said, his voice filled with gratitude. "I couldn't have done it without you." They spent the rest of the evening together, enjoying a cozy family dinner with their son Carl. As they sat around the table, David couldn't help but feel a sense of contentment wash over him. He had everything he could ever want - a loving wife, a beautiful son, and a successful career.
Later that night, as David and Mia lay in bed together, they began to make love. David felt a rush of passion as they kissed and touched, his body responding eagerly to hers. But as they moved together in a frenzy of desire, David suddenly felt the familiar, searing pain in his head. He tried to ignore it, pushing past the discomfort and focusing on the pleasure of their lovemaking. But the pain only grew worse, until it was a throbbing ache that seemed to consume him completely. He gasped in agony, his body shaking with spasms. Mia looked up at him, her expression filled with concern.
"David, what's wrong?" she asked, her voice laced with worry. David tried to speak, but the pain was too intense. He clutched his head, feeling like his brain was on fire.
"Mia...I...the headache..." he managed to gasp out before everything went black.
The air was filled with the sound of screaming bullets and explosions, rattling metal scraping against dirt and rocks as soldiers move along its sides. It echoed with sorrowful cries, a chorus of desperation and despair, a reminder of the violence that lay just beyond the rim of its walls.
As the sounds of gunfire echoed around them, they huddled together, trying to come up with a plan. But no matter how the man and the woman looked at it, there seemed to be no way out. The enemy was closing in, their weapons raining down a deadly hail of bullets that kept them pinned down.
“Where the hell am I?” David demanded.
“David! What the fuck is wrong with you?”
“I have just been in bed with my wife!”
"David, you need to pull yourself together!" the man muttered, his voice strained with desperation.
"Look buddy, I can understand that you are in shock right now but you can’t just sit here and wait for them to kill us."
The woman shook his head, his face was grim. "We can't counterattack," the woman interrupted. "We're outnumbered and outgunned. It's suicide."
She looked up at the sky, scanning for any sign of help. "We need air support," she said, her voice tense. "We have to hold out until they get here."
“Look, I don’t know how I got here but I don’t want to be part of this! If this is a secret government experiment, I will reveal this all to the whole world!” Dave shouted.
“Whatever man, just don’t die for now, okay?” the man replied.
But time seemed to stretch on endlessly, with no relief in sight. The sun beat down on them, making them feel like they were being baked alive. The sound of gunfire was constant, a never-ending barrage that seemed to be closing in on them with every passing moment.
David slowly opened his eyes, trying to remember where he was. He saw his wife Mia sitting beside him, looking at him with concern.
"Hey, how are you feeling?" Mia asked, holding his hand.
David tried to sit up, but he felt a sharp pain in his head. "The headache again," he said, groaning.
Mia put a hand on his forehead. "You were unconscious for a while, we had to take you to the hospital. The doctor said they need to run some tests."
David's heart raced as he heard this. "Tests? What tests?"
Mia looked at him sympathetically. "Don't worry, they just want to make sure you're okay. The doctor will be here soon to talk to you."
Just then, a doctor walked into the room. "Mr. Johnson, I have some good news. Your brain looks fine, all the tests came back normal."
David let out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness. So what was causing my headaches?"
The doctor smiled. "It looks like it was just stress. You've been working long hours lately, and it's taken a toll on you. I suggest taking it easy for a while, maybe taking some time off work."
Mia looked at David, concern etched on her face. "You heard the doctor, honey. We'll take care of you, okay?"
David nodded, grateful for his wife's support. "Okay, but there is one more thing. Sometimes I hallucinate during my attacks. They are very vivid, it’s like I am in someone else’s body in an entirely different place."
“Well, migraines are thought to be caused by changes in blood flow and activity in the brain. During a migraine, blood vessels in the brain can constrict and then dilate, leading to changes in blood flow and activity in certain areas of the brain. These changes can affect the way that the brain processes visual and auditory information, leading to the perception of hallucinations. So I would say this is still normal. I will prescribe something for you that can alleviate the pain and help you feel better,” the doctor explained.
“Thank you, doctor.”
Mia helped him get dressed and they headed out of the hospital. As they walked to the car, David couldn't help but feel grateful for his wife's love and care.
"I'm lucky to have you," he said, smiling at Mia.
Mia smiled back. "I'm lucky to have you too. Let's go home and relax."
David nodded, feeling a sense of peace wash over him. As they drove home, he knew he would take the doctor's advice and take some time off work. He now needed to focus on his health, his family, and his upcoming book launch.
After some time of final preparations, the much-awaited preliminary book launch for David's novel, The Swan Lake Murder, finally took place. Avid readers gathered in droves to catch a glimpse of the author and get their hands on his new release.
The book launch was set to take place at the renowned British Library in St. Pancras, one of the largest libraries in the world, boasting an impressive collection of over 170 million items. David felt a sense of pride and anticipation as he arrived at the library in a luxurious limousine arranged by his agent.
As he stepped out of the vehicle, he was greeted by the sight of numerous posters and huge advertisements promoting his book. The excitement of his fans was palpable, and the air was filled with the sound of cheers and applause and questions from the reporters. David felt a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the support of his readers, which motivated him to continue writing and pursuing his passion for literature.
David smiled, feeling a sense of fulfillment wash over him. It had been a long journey, but he had finally made it. And with his fans by his side, he knew that there would be many more journeys to come.
Mia rushed over to him, tears of pride and joy in her eyes.
"I'm so proud of you," she whispered, giving him a tight hug.
As David stepped onto the stage, the flash of cameras blinded him momentarily, but he felt the energy of the crowd as they cheered and clapped for him. Mia was standing off to the side, beaming with pride.
"Thank you all so much for coming," David said, addressing the crowd. "I'm so grateful for all of you and your support. It means the world to me that you've enjoyed my books and have been eagerly awaiting the release of the third one."
The crowd erupted into applause, and David felt a lump form in his throat. He had poured so much of himself into his writing, and it was humbling to see that it had resonated with so many people.
"I want to take a moment to read you all the opening lines of the third book," David continued, pulling out a copy of his latest novel. "I hope it gives you a taste of what's to come."
The crowd hushed as David began to read.
“DI Chris Cole sat surrounded by papers, wishing he could just throw them all away. He had thirty minutes to finish a report on a closed case of domestic violence before he could leave his desk. Meanwhile, Chief DI Robert Brown found Cole's meticulousness frustrating but admired his interrogation skills. As Cole was almost done, a woman entered his office, seeking help in finding her missing daughter, Amy Norman,”
His voice was clear and steady, and he could feel the tension in the room as the audience hung on his every word.
But then, he suddenly collapsed as the sharp headache came back. There was nothing he could do and everything went dark.
As they huddled together, they could feel the hopelessness creeping in. It was like they were stuck in a nightmare, unable to wake up.
But just when it seemed like all was lost, they heard the distant sound of aircraft overhead. They looked up, their hearts pounding with hope.
“No, no no! Don’t do this to me! Why are you taking me back here?” David demanded.
“Shut up sergeant and man up! It's air support!" Emma shouted, her face breaking into a smile. "They're here!"
As the planes roared overhead, the enemy fire suddenly stopped. The sound of explosions filled the air, and they knew that the tide had turned. They had been saved.
“This is not real...this is not real,” he repeated and scrambled out of the ditch.
David slowly stood up, his eyes scanning the area for any signs of danger. The air was tense, and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Suddenly, he heard a loud bang, and he felt a searing pain in his chest. He looked down to see a bullet hole, blood pouring out of it and pooling around his feet. As David's body tumbled into the nearby ditch, the other soldiers rushed to his side screaming not to get out of the ditch but it was too late.
One of them knelt down and cradled David's head in his lap, trying to stem the flow of blood but it was in vain. A few seconds later, the gunfire slowly died down, the air strike was probably successful. As the gave up saving up David’s life, he noticed a piece of paper sticking out of his pocket. He hesitated for a moment, but his curiosity got the better of him, and he pulled out the paper.
“What’s that?” the woman asked.
“Looks like the beginning of a novel,” he replied and his eyes scanned the words with curiosity.
DI Chris Cole sat surrounded by papers, wishing he could just throw them all away. He had thirty minutes to finish a report on a closed case of domestic violence before he could leave his desk. Meanwhile, Chief DI Robert Brown found Cole's meticulousness frustrating but admired his interrogation skills. As Cole was almost done, a woman entered his office, seeking help in finding her missing daughter, Amy Norman.
"So this is the book he mentioned to me. He wanted to be a successful writer one day. Poor him! He must have daydreamed a lot about that life," the woman noted, her voice full of sorrow.
In silence, they were sitting there, wishing him to rest in peace.
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2023.04.01 16:32 kyrojasper My best friend stopped talking to me

So I just wanna rant freely about this because I feel like i’m going crazy! My best friend, almost like a brother (let’s call him Tom) has been dating this girl he reconnected with for almost a year (let’s call her Amy) at first I was truly happy for them and I enjoyed speaking to them. However over the last few months everything has gone downhill with our friendship pretty fast and I wanna rant about it because i’m going insane. Before he reconnected with this girl him and I had been planning to move together for about a year almost two. I was saving up during this time so we could move out, I went on holiday for a few weeks to Spain and was off social media for the time being, when I came back him and this girl had moved in together and he only told me after I told him i'd seen an interesting flat nearby we could look at. This hurt but I quickly realised we weren't exactly tied to each other and he didn't owe me anything. he'd moved out with her less than a month into their relationship. After this is when the problems began, everytime I spoke to him she would be around and would often weigh in on our conversations. every time I called him she'd be there. EVERY TIME. This would often get annoying because I wouldn't be able to speak freely without her interrupting. We began to speak less and less and meet up rarely. They're about 10 months into the relationship and over the last 10 months every time we have called or met up she would be around. I used to be OK with this but a few weeks ago something changed. Tom had confided in me about his relationship and told me his GF kept picking fights and they kept arguing because her communication was shit, not to mention his communication is also pretty shit. This had created a strain in their relationship. I felt like for the first time in 10 months this was the first time he had been open and honest with me without her influence. There was a time we went out to London and stayed in a hotel. I had previously told them 100x that I would book a separate room to give them space. they declined and insisted we book a larger room for the 3 of us. long story short they had sex in front of me about 4 times while they thought I slept and while I took a shower. I felt very uncomfortable and wore my headphones when I could. they're overly affectionate with each other which makes me very awkward to be around them as I'll be third wheeling 24/7. anyways! about 2 weeks ago Tom and I went on a trip abroad for 3 days. Not even a whole week. the whole time we were there he would actively search for internet points to talk to his GF and I felt like he was not at all present. i didn't bring this up because I did not want to sour the trip. more than once he would call his GF and be on the phone with her for 2 whole hours while I was simply there. there was a lot of other shitty things he did on the trip and prior to the trip but Its too long of a list to go on. Anyway, this bothered me, it was meant to be a boys trip and he had shown that he could not go a single day without talking to his GF who he lives with and sees every day. There was a lot of personal shit he shared about his relationship during the little moments HE WOULD be present and honestly starting to think his GF is kiiiinda toxic and their relation ship is not at all the healthiest but this I won't be sharing for his own privacy. long story short she's done kinda fucked up shit.
anyway, I wanted to bring it up on our flight back in a calmer tone or perhaps when we landed but something happened before this that made me explode after taking his shit for months. I ended up calling him out at the airport, I told him I wanted to get back home and take a break from them and that I wanted to re evaluate somethings and he got offended and told me I had used a tone he disliked and that I was wrong. We boarded the plane and he did not talk to me, gave me the cold shoulder even after I apologised for speaking to him like that even though I shouldn't have apologised. when we landed back home he took off and as I was trying to catch up with him, he sends me a message saying we should just go our separate ways. this broke me. I had wanted to at least say bye to him.
he sent me a message the next day saying that he was taking a break FROM ME. that I was in the wrong and that he wanted to reevaluate if the friendship was for him, I sent him a long document explaining how he had made me feel over the past 10 months both him and his GF and left it at that. I spoke to another friend who asked me "why are you friends with him" and I truly could not come up with a single reason.
Am I in the wrong?
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2023.04.01 16:31 Willywonkamuffin Boyfriend (21m) upset that I (21f) didn’t call him first when I was sick

This is not a big deal, I just want other opinions. (Had to repost cus of missing info. We’ve been together for 3yrs.)
So earlier this week I had the flu. The first day I got it, I slept for most of the day and woke up at around 3pm starving, but nauseous enough to not want to move. I live alone in a student dorm room, so if ordered food, or asked my bf to bring me food, it would’ve taken too long and I would’ve had to go downstairs to let them in the building with my key card. So instead, I messaged my friend Steven who is in the same program as me and lives on my floor and asked him if he could buy a prepackaged lunch from the little grocery downstairs. He bought me food, I paid him back.
I told my boyfriend I was sick a bit later in the evening, he came over, took care of me for like 3 days, all is well. At some point I mentioned the lunch thing. He waited until after I was healthy again to bring it up. He wasn’t mad, but said he felt a little hurt by a few things:
-that I waited until the evening to tell him that I was sick And I said its just because I was sleeping for the whole day and I knew he had classes
-that I didn’t think to call him to bring me food And I basically responded with the reasoning in the first paragraph ^
-That I never mentioned Steven before And I told him that were not close, we just talk in class or if we run into each other, so I never thought to bring him up.
After this he basically said okay I understand, and we changed the topic, but I could tell he was still a bit upset. So now, idk if my responses seemed dismissive of his feelings, or if they’re justified and I’m overthinking it and shouldn’t bother bringing it up again.
TLDR: got sick. Asked guy friend to bring me food, and only told bf I was sick later in the day. Bf feels hurt I didn’t call him first.
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2023.04.01 16:30 CarterCreations061 Don’t Bring a Gun to a Magnet Fight

We entered the new star system with frightening ferocity. Our five carrier crafts and three battle cruisers all popped out of warp travel on the edge of the system at the same time. Immediately upon our arrival we received a message from the Human mining colony on the sixth planet. They were curious as to why a small army had suddenly gathered at their doorstep.
My species is a civilized one, so we announced our intentions clearly and honestly. We came to take over the mining colony. All of the infrastructure as well as exclusive right to this star system would be forfeited, and in exchange we would treat the fourteen thousand or so humans living here as prisoners which the Human Federation could come by and pay ransom for at their convenience. We told the humans about our meteor cannons and how if they refused, we were willing to sacrifice the colony’s surface for a quick and easy battle.
Upon receipt, a human message came up requesting a video link. I directed my crew to accept and suddenly there was an ugly, hairless primate on the screen in the main deck.
“Greetings,” the human said, “I am Professor Jackson. It is my understanding that you wish to conquer this star system. Is that correct?” “That is exactly right,” I replied. The fifty or so sharp teeth in my round mouth clacked together to display our aggressive intent.
“I understand,” the human replied, “and are you working alone or under the orders of the Frei’ik Confederation?” I was surprised at the mention of my home world. Why did this human care about the internal politics of my species while we were fast approaching his world? “My clan is a member of the Frei’ik Confederation,” I replied, “But in this we are acting alone.” “So the Frei’iks do not wish to declare war on all humans, is that correct?” “Yes, it is,” I replied, “My clan leaders had tried to convince the Confederation to do such a thing. We know that the Humans are currently weak while being at war with the Hyui Civilization. Sadly, the rest of my species is not as opportunistic as we are. Now let's talk about the terms of your surren--”
“Please allow me a moment,” the Professor said and the screen went black. I had to quickly gain my composure so that my crew didn’t sense my shock and outrage. We were now only three hours away from the mining colony. We had offered the humans a way out of conflict and they… they had hung up on me.
Another video request came in thirty minutes later.
“Greetings again,” it was the same human scum, “Sorry about the short end of the call. I had to discuss things with the Federation.” “I will not tolerate such uncivilized action again. We are doing you all a favor by offering surrender. We could just come and launch a rock at your world.” “My hope is,” the human said, “to actually convince you to avoid conflict entirely.”
Was this human stupid? We had already given them the surrender conditions. Frei’iks are the most feared species in this arm of the galaxy. The oldest civilizations pay us tribute for our protection.
“This star is very hostile to life,” the human said, “It has cost us several trillion units to build an artificial magnetosphere. It is my understanding that the Frei’ik skin is even more prone to cancerous growths than my own. I do not think you all would actually benefit in the long term from taking this star system.”
“The magnet shield for the planet will not be affected by our weapons. We intend to launch a three kilometer rock into your surface. It will destroy all of the ground infrastructure, but the shielding will be safe.” “I apologize for the miscommunication,” the human replied smugly, “if you are able to get past the orbit line of the seventh planet, we will destroy the magnetic shield ourselves.”
I was surprised by the human’s suicidal bluff, “Fine, send the shield crashing into your own planet. Even if you aren’t lying, that is a cost we are willing to pay.”
“I see,” the human said, “Well then we have no choice but to defend ourselves. As you already know, the Federation is already tied up in the war with the Hyui. When we asked for military aid, they informed us that there was none available. So, we have decided to declare our independence from the Human Federation. We are now a separate political body known as the Proxima Free Settlement. We have graciously told the Federation that your clan is acting independently, in order to avoid an escalating interspecies conflict. We can’t promise that the Federation will not seek revenge for the Frei’ik Confederation sanctioning your actions. However, we request that you inform your species that what will occur over the next few hours is the actions of our government, and not of all humankind.”
The video feed cut out again. This time I could not hide my emotions from my crew. My body turned just about every color available to my physiology. Orange with anger, blue with outrage, green with ferocity. Eventually my skin and my emotions settled on purple hysteria. These humans were clearly delirious. We had eight vessels, all loaded with cannons capable of launching a planet-destroying meteor. I told my crew to continue our advance with haste.
Once we crossed the ninth planet’s orbit, we began to see the first physical signs of human life. They had outpost satellites around this orbit. I commanded some of my single-pilot craft to go and take control of these satellites. This was when the first sign of trouble came.
Before the pilots even reached the satellites, they exploded in an array of radiated particles. We had scanned these machines, they did not have any weapons on board. My analysts concluded that they must have had nuclear reactors attached to them that the humans flooded. Fifty-six pilots came back alive, most had radiation poisoning that was going to require life-long medications.
I commanded my deck to call the human colony, when the face appeared I began to shout, “What you have done is a clear violation of the Orion Accords. The use of nuclear force has been banned for centuries. How dare you--” The human cut me off again, “The Proxima Free Settlement is not a signer of the Orion Accords. In fact, we haven’t signed any treaties. We’ve only been a government for about forty-five minutes. It is my understanding that an unprovoked attack against a species already at war was a violation.” “This will not stand,” I replied, “Be prepared to have your whole world destroyed.” I no longer cared about the infrastructure cost. I wanted to teach these humans a lesson on the might of my species.
I was about to hang up when the human began speaking again, “Though I am under now legal obligation, I feel compelled to tell you that if you cross the orbit of the eight planet, we will use an even stronger weapon. We call it the Icarus Protocol.”
I ended the link. I was not about to be threatened by these humans. Sure they had some neat tricks, but we would be in range to launch our meteors long before they had any chance to strike us again. Orders went out for all single-pilot ships to remain in the carriers, I wanted them to stay behind the shields we had on board.
Twenty minutes later we were on the edge of the eight planet’s orbit. One of my staff actually suggested that we slow down so that we could analyze the space for potential threats. I nearly slapped him. Frei’iks do not have time for weakness. We crossed the invisible line, and I must admit I held my neck holes shut in anticipation for an attack.
None immediately came, though. We had called the human’s bluff. I got up and made an announcement to my main desk staff, “See, these humans are weak. They are trying to scare us into submission. We will advance upon their world and destroy it. Then we will take this star system for ourselves. I promise you all much glory and--” I stopped talking as the lights in my main deck went off. The holographic screen that had been presenting our approach disappeared, and in its place stood the large window showing only the stars. My crew is among the best in the galaxy, but even they lost composure at the suddenness of the darkness.
After returning order on the deck, I began shouting commands at my crew. I needed reports, analyses, anything. All of the computers in the deck seemed to be off. The door to the main deck was closed tight as the sensors were also out. It took us nearly ten minutes just to pry them open.
Communication throughout the ship was out. Most of the lights were out, though some auxiliary power was starting to come back online. Even the emergency flashlights, totally separate from the ship’s power grid, were not working. I rushed to my personal cabin. It was the best insulated from attacks both physical and energetic. I had a radio stored there that might not be completely fried. A red flashing light let me know my assumption was correct.
I called over to my second in command in one of the battleships, “Kioruk, tell me do you know what is going on?”
“It seems that we have been hit by a large energetic projectile,” she said, “Your ship was hit first. It was like a solar flair. All the other craft seem to be as screwed as we are.” I messaged the commander of each ship. They all gave the same report. One of them had an advanced telescope that was working and at my direction they pointed it at the human colony. They gave visual confirmation that the humans had broken up their magnet shield. The thing was now in several dozen pieces, all aligned to create a path for solar particles to be directed towards my formation.
The humans had completely scrambled our electronics. Very few systems were online. My flagship thankfully had its life support system in tack, but four of the others were not so lucky. We tried to transport as many soldiers from the dying vessels over as we could, but many Frei’iks suffocated in the growing dark coldness.
It took the Proxima Free Settelment five hours to send one of their vessels out to meet us. All the long-range comms had been shot, but we were able to offer a surrender when the enemy ship came close enough. The human captain insisted that I personally board their vessel so that I could message my clan using their comms and work out the conditions.
We had thought the humans were a weak species, too focused on infrastructure to be prepared for a fight on two sides. I have now learned personally what humans are capable of.

If you enjoyed this story please consider checking out my Patreon! My next post, a follow up to Humans Built the Pyramids, is already on there two weeks early. As well as some exclusive patreon-only stories.
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2023.04.01 16:30 AutoModerator [Get] Noah Hunter Dorsey – Upgrade Your Shopify Store

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Bonus #4: Canva Design Templates
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Just drag-n-drop images and text in, export them and upload them straight into your site.
These design templates are built to be as fast and easy as possible to have a stunning website design that looks good and gets purchases.
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2023.04.01 16:30 Red_Scare867 What’s a reasonable price for a Nikon camera?

I apologize if these posts are against the rules, I skimmed them and didn’t see anything but I’ll gladly remove the post if necessary!
I’m looking to get into film photography as a hobby and I’ve come to the conclusion that I would like to buy a Nikon. Specifically I’m looking at the f100, but I would be happy with an f4 or f5 as well.
The problem is, I’m not sure how much to pay for one of these cameras. A store local to me has an f4 for sale in near-mint condition with the box + original accessories for $500, but it seems this camera is much cheaper on eBay, even in what the sellers claim is excellent condition. I also found a thread from 10 years ago saying $150-$200 is a fair price for an f100.
What is the expected cost of one of these? I don’t mind paying a fair price, I just don’t want to get ripped off!
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2023.04.01 16:28 MrBushido56 Bonney and sorbet megatheory

I believe big mom is from sorbet and here’s why.
sorbet kingdom is a country that used to be unaffiliated with the world government and kuma used to be king of it but before kuma I believe big moms family were the monarchy of the island.
big mom was abandoned on elbaf when she was 5 years old.
however she wasn’t abandoned maliciously.
its easy to guess why she was abandoned as she likely went on a hunger pang rampage and brought ruined to the island.
I believe her parents were the king and queen of sorbet.
first off sorbet and wci share a theme, most of the islands of totland are given desert themes.
sorbet is a type of pink ice cream and can also be an ice cream cake.
and Bm mother also looks familiar

which means the queen dowager bonney turned into is big moms mother ?
so then what happened in between ?
I believe that in her rampage big mom tore the country apart
causing so much damage that it was never able to recover losing its economy and placement in the world government. the people rebelled and the king and queen were forced to leave their daughter on elbaf.
The country was left in ruin leading gangs to take over the Island and the remnants of the Charlotte family were forced to go into hiding and that is shown by bonney Who is a relative to big mom I bet.
Bonney and linlin share some traits. The pink hair, mood swings tendency to swear vengeance on those who wrong them, gluttony and even their ships.

or maybe she was a clone of big mom which could explain Akainu being scared that bonney was free in the world

If Bonney has the potential to reach big moms level then that is not a good thing for the government. it’s also noted she tells Akainu that she will never forgive “ you people “ never!
so what happened is the kingdom fell in ruin and kuma came along united the people and took over becoming their king and bringing peace and stability back to the kingdom. Perhaps the government had issue with this as word got out on how kuma was able to save his kingdom without the wg aid which could set a bad example for the wg, he was also one of the earliest countries to align with dragon and worst off was probably the reveal that kuma was a former slave they owned who escaped them. so they framed him as a corrupt king and organised a revolt ruining the kingdom yet again and at some point 12+ years ago kuma fled to become a revolutionary soldier as he was present at the grey terminal fire 12 years ago
after kuma was forced to flee to fight in a war to stop this from happening to others he was forced to leave Bonney behind the girl he took in when he came across her in egghead island.
Bonney is from egghead island as she has memories of the place and how holograms work.

however it’s clear she hasn’t been there for a long time because Bonney didn’t know who atlas was.

Bonney was cloned by vegapunk from the dna of big mom probably stollen from the original stussy as stussy is a clone of another rocks crew mate. Kuma came to egghead for some reason. Perhaps there was a problem on sorbet that only vegapunk could help with perhaps he was sent over on behalf of the RA but he was there and that’s when he met Bonney and for some reason adopted her.
he brought her home to the south blue and not long after was framed and over thrown by cp9. for whatever reason Bonney and kuma were separated and he joined the RA.
bonney fell into poverty not being able to eat or have decent clothing and met eustass Kid.
I believe kid is from sorbet as well as its noted he’s from the south blue.

kid is from a certain island in the south blue oda didn’t give us a name which is odd maybe he’s saving it for later, all we know was that kid was a gang leader and owned one of the four territories the other leaders were killer heat and wire.
kid’s friend and a love Interest for him and killer was killed by the top gang who saw themselves as royalty.
kid killer heat and wire united under kid and led a assault on this gang and taking over all of the island under his rule. However it’s never hinted at that kid owns an island in the south blue meaning he probably abandoned it or it was taken from him.
back in sabaody kid gave a speech about the corruption of the wg which felt like it came from a personal place.

I believe the ruling gang who acted like royalty was the Charlotte family.
after kuma fell the wg let sorbet fall into ruin yet again just to set an example then when kid took over the wg did the same thing they did with kuma and framed him as a man who kills civilians came in and chased kid killer heat and wire away from the country thus becoming pirates.
bonney I believe was taken in by kid and became a fraction leader of a gang herself but once the wg once again came in and took her life away she was either separated from kid or she left kid to follow her own path on revenge and getting kuma back while kid went off to be pirate king.
Something I noticed is how kid killer and Bonney share tendencies with A,S,L from east blue.
kid is like ace both are hot headed people who grew up in a gang related lifestyle while also spending time in a junk yard. Ace grew up in the grey terminal and with dadan the leader of a bandit gang while kid we don't know much about but I can see him growing up in a grey terminal sort of place.
kid is also the only one besides Ace who can provoke luffy’s competitive side and is constantly trying to one up.

luffy is also scene being the provoker at times like on the roof when he challenged kid and law in a game of chicken.
killer however is more like sabo, they are both more calmer and collected and the voice of reason many times. Sabo would be the one to stop ace and luffy from fighting but would end up being dragged into the fight while killer is the one always trying to keep kid focused on the objective.
as for Bonney personally she kind of feels like the middle ground between kid and luffy.
She is extremely childish like luffy and is the only one who can match him in appetite

but she is also easily angered and quick to violence like kid.
it’s also noted that luffy seems to like bonney a lot mainly because he actually remembered her name.
oda said luffy is bad with names but if he actually likes you enough he will remember your name. We can see this with Yamato for instance because for the whole arc he kept calling her Yama bro despite the fact she kept correcting him and saying it’s Yamato. It wasn’t until the raid ended and a week passed for him to get her name right. However when it came to Bonney he called her boggy once and was corrected and later called her by her actual name.
showing that in that short amount of time bonney must have left a impression on him but for once it seems one sided as she doesn’t seem to care all that much for the straw hats.
Here’s another thing is it possible kid and killer are also connected to egghead ?
more so killer.
kid and killer have a good understanding of science kid was able to build a rail gun out of scrap using his df power while kid has a good understanding of sound waves as he was able to figure out how apoo df works and can use sonic vibrations as a weapon.
i believe killer was on egghead as a kid and ran away from home. A picture is worth a thousand words they say and this says a lot.
oda drew the supernova as kids and kid to me stands out so much. We are told kid and killer grew up on a island controlled by waring gangs and I can tell by kid he grew up in poverty by his clothes and if I was right about Bonney it makes sense as to why she is so scruffy as well if this was also on sorbet after kuma was removed from power. but what doesn’t make sense is killer in the top right. He’s sitting at a table his cloths are clean and in one piece and he’s eating a nice meal. Doesn’t really give up the idea he grew up in a poverty stricken island does it ?
he also doesn’t look to much like a noble like sabo did originally so I bet he grew up on egghead and like bonney and stussy he is the clone of another rocks pirate shiki.
I long since made the claim that killer is connected to shiki mainly because they have the same hair

long blond spiky hair and a little goatee.
oda also makes great deal to hide killers face in wano he covered his face in bandages and in the childhood picture his hair is covering his face which to me feels like he’s either a 3rd eye clan member or he has the same unique eyebrows as shiki
i also doubt his name is actually killer.
So what’s going on ?
I believe some point 30ish years ago the wg hired vegapunk to clone the rocks crew.
a sort of my my enemy my ally sort of deal.
stussy the original stussy was tasked with getting into rocks crew and stealing the dna of the top members. She in return gave vg her own dna shiki big mom and others.
weevil was the first clone but was deemed a failure. He was the clone of whitebeard.
Stussy however was the first successful clone.

weevil is 35 Years old. We don’t know how old stussy is,
killer is 28 kid and Bonney are like 23/24?
now it was also said by vegapunk that he saw stussy as a human being and believed she would lead them to world peace.

and Shaka
shaka would later admit stussy was a spy for them in the wg but that wasn’t his original intention.
so what I believe happened was that several years ago the wg tasked vp to create the perfect soldiers out of their worst enemies the rocks crew however they only saw these clones as weapons and vegapunk saw them as humans. He contacted Dragon who came along and had someone take the kids, he was too late for stussy however who was taken by the wg and turned into an agent when she became of age. Killer was next as figuring out what they did with stussy ran away from egghead not trusting anyone and stayed hidden until either kuma came to the island and took Bonney killer managed to sneak onto the ship and stowed away until they got to sorbet and ran off eventually meeting kid.
Bonney stayed hidden with kuma until he was over thrown and Bonney went into hiding again eventually meeting up with kid and killer who at this point began wearing a mask and took on a fake name so he would never be caught by the wg. Kind of like how king wears a mask to hide he is a lunarian.
As of right now killer and Bonney have yet to unlock their full potential and reach the level of power their original selfs have made.
kid recently lost his ship and I say the majority of his crew and Bonney has lost her ship and her crew so I can see bonney tagging along with luffy until they make it to elbaf and meet kid who she accepts to team up with.
submitted by MrBushido56 to OnePiece [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 16:27 5awt00th 30 Found Footage Recommendations Rated

In February, u/redrum-237 asked, "What's the scariest found footage or mockumentary movie you've seen?" There were over 400 comments with tons of recommendations, many of which I had never seen. I decided to choose a varied collection of 30 movies to watch and rate/review.
Before you downvote me to hell, understand these are my personal ratings based on several factors: story, acting, production values, how scary and disturbing the movies were, and most importantly, whether I found the movies entertaining. My worst 2 picks will likely be contentious.

  1. The Blair Witch Project (10/10) The GOAT. One of the most satisfying endings in any horror movie.
  2. As Above, So Below (10/10) Creative, bizarre, fun and scary. One of my top recommendations for friends.
  3. Cloverfield (9/10) A great, entertaining monster movie.
  4. Hell House, LLC (8/10) This is a fun one that I rewatch nearly every year around Halloween.
  5. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (8/10) Similar plot as Grave Encounters (streaming ghost hunters), but better in every way possible... and it's actually scary.
  6. Punishment Park (8/10) Probably the most powerful movie in this list. It feels like a real documentary about anti-war protestors and the corrupt, racist system that prosecutes them.
  7. The Tunnel (8/10) Hadn’t heard of this one before and was surprised at how good it was. Similar to As Above, So Below but not as surreal.
  8. Paranormal Activity (8/10) One of my favorite franchises. It's a classic. Entertaining, scary, and well done.
  9. Man Bites Dog (8/10) An excellent satirical film about a camera crew documenting the life of a serial killer.
  10. Threads (7/10) This is a pseudo-documentary that contains some found footage. It’s a horrific look at the effects of nuclear war on a major city.
  11. Leaving D.C. (7/10) Another I hadn't heard of. Extremely simple, yet effective and interesting. Not one dull moment.
  12. Lake Mungo (7/10) Well-done movie that's interesting and creepy throughout.
  13. Host (7/10) Short and sweet. Nearly all female cast which makes it more interesting than some of the other male-dominated movies.
  14. REC (7/10) I had seen it years ago and thought it was one of the best found footage horror movies at the time, but I was less excited about it this time around.
  15. The Taking of Deborah Logan (7/10) Def creepy and some great scenes, but some of it is really unbelievable and parts can drag on.
  16. Incantation (7/10) This was a hard one to rate. The story is great and the interactive element is unique. There are some legitimate scares and the set design is excellent... but it drags on for too long. It's hard for me to stay focused on found footage for 2 hours.
  17. Deadstream (7/10) It was entertaining—a blend of jump scares, absurdity, and comedy.
  18. Creep - 6/10A tense movie that plays on the psychology of not wanting to offend someone even when in potential danger. Some good moments, but overall it's too slow for my tastes.
  19. The Last Exorcism (6/10) Decent movie, but nothing shocking or that scary about it. The ending escalated so fast without providing context or answering questions.
  20. Cannibal Holocaust (6/10) There are a lot of things working against this movie: animal cruelty, audio sync issues, poor acting, and unconvincing gore. Yet, the torture scenes are still disturbing and memorable, and the minimal score really works.
  21. Frankenstein's Army (5/10) Awesome monster design. Mediocre movie. Parts felt like playing FPS games like Unreal and Doom.
  22. Grave Encounters (5/10) If you don't mind subtitles, watch Gonjiam instead—unless of course you like horrible camerawork and 30–45 mins of night vision.
  23. The Conspiracy (5/10) I didn’t find it that interesting or entertaining.
  24. Megan is Missing (4/10) It’s successful in achieving the director’s intent of spotlighting the dangers of peer pressure and cyber predators. It’s one of the more disturbing movies on this list, just not executed well.
  25. The Bay (4/10) The parasite and gore effects are really good, but I didn't enjoy the movie.
  26. The Fourth Kind (3/10) It's immediately obvious the “real footage” is fake and horribly executed. It’s a shame the movie is so bad because there are some good actors in it.
  27. Be My Cat (3/10) I don't share the hype others do for this one. Obsessed sociopath with bad teeth stares into the camera for an hour and half while he does some fucked up things and documents his delusional expectations for Anne Hathaway.
  28. Noroi: The Curse (2/10) I thought it was a 2-hour snooze-fest with the worst character (the psychic) from any of these movies. And there's no good reason for the camerawork to be so shitty—it's a hired cameraman shooting a documentary.
  29. Horror in the High Desert (2/10) The creepy ending is not worth the hour of boredom that precedes it. Personally, would not recommend.
  30. The Poughkeepsie Tapes (0/10) One of the most recommended movies from the February post. Terrible acting, script, visual effects, and sound mixing. I hated watching it. I'm assuming it was only highly recommended because of the disturbing content on the tapes, which felt tame compared to movies like Trauma, Irreversible, A Serbian Film, Martyrs, Salò, etc. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
submitted by 5awt00th to horror [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 16:26 GourmetBologna Customer Support Nightmare

Anyone else having/have had a terrible time dealing with Samsung's "support"? I usually am a big fan if their products, which is why I immediately went to them for my new monitor. Sadly, this monitor ran into a problem with a column of pixels. Lame but it happens, so i contact support, they cant remote fix it, so i have to send it in, as its well within warranty (having broken 2 months in). This is where the issue starts.
I get an email the repair center recieved it, give them about 4 business days yada yada. A week later, I have to call them to receive an update. They cant repair it, so refund to repurchase their monitor from the samsung store. (after trying to appease my by offering me a completely worse monitor in exhange, i might add) Refund time frame comes and goes with nothing, no update or contact at all.
Call again, oh this should be handled they tell me. They put in an escalation, im told 24 to 72 hours. Time frame comes and goes again, with no contact update or otherwise.
Call 3, basically told they dont know why my process is taking so long. ive done everything on my end, shouldnt be happening etc. etc., end of this week (3/31) i should have my refund. March 31st happened yesterday STILL with no refund.
Call 4 yesterday, again told it shouldnt be taking this long, they dont know why its held up like this, but please wait again, should be here next Friday, so im suppose to wait another week, again, a d trust them after they failed to deliver a promised refund within their own time frame 3 separate times now.
for a company of this supposed calibre, this is completely unacceptable customer service. Really annoyed and sick of getting runarounds when i call in for answers. Feels like ive just have nearly $800 dollars stolen from me.
Gone from loving Samsung to doubting ill ever purchase a product from them again! Buyer beware, or hope if your unit has an issue that god helps you, cause Samsung support surely will not.
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2023.04.01 16:26 StarGamer- How old do you have to be to be diagnosed?

I know they don’t diagnose minors since their brain is still developing and stuff, but how long do I have to wait until I can get an official diagnosis?
I turn 17 in a month. I’ve been in therapy for 6 years and have taken depression and anxiety meds for 2 years.
I have so many symptoms of BPD. It’s kind of hard to ignore. I’m not self diagnosing. But I would like to know how to be diagnosed.
As I am right now I can’t support myself. I genuinely think I need to be in some assisted living place. I mean I can’t even go to the store without hyperventilating and burning up. I’ve tried working but it’s even worse. The longest I’ve held a job was a month and the shortest was me getting fired on the 5th day of training because I had a panic attack.
My parents don’t really believe in mental health or illness. Even if I was diagnosed some say they wouldn’t acknowledge it. I’m currently diagnosed with ptsd but my dad acts like I’m not. Even though he’s the one paying for my therapy.
What happens when they stop paying for my therapy and meds? I’m basically 17. I’ll be an adult in a year. So where do I go from here? How do I afford to take care of myself when I can’t even get a job? I want to get an online job but my parents won’t let me. They say I need the social aspect. They want me to just “get used” to feeling anxious. This isn’t just anxiety. It feels like they’re sending me to my death.
How much does a diagnosis cost out of pocket? Would it be easier to try and get everything diagnosed at once? Will people finally treat me differently if I’m diagnosed? I don’t care if it’s pity, I just want help and accommodation.
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2023.04.01 16:24 BigRun5438 Missing my ex who treated me badly. Please help

I (F24) met this wonderful guy (M25) in october last year. The first couple of months were amazing, as they always are, right? Everything was a fairy tale. I had met the guy of my dreams.
Well, then he cheated on me. He told me he loved me, that he only wanted to be with me. He texted me ”goodnight I miss you so much call me when you wake up next morning!!” while simultaneously texting another girl to set up a date. He denied it at first, got angry about me being so insecure and untrusting ”this is just your fucking trust issues and I am so sick of it!” but then admitted that he had slept with this girl. At this point, we spent nearly every day together, had met eachothers friends, had the key’s to eachothers apartments etc.
I was heartbroken because I thought I lost the love of my life. So I decided to try to forgive him, he said he was only scared to commit and that it was a stupid mistake. Everyone can make mistakes right? Well the trust issues lingered. Especielly since he had gaslighted me instead of plainly confessing when I found out. Everytime I was feeling sad, low, in need of support or reassurance he disappeared or became angry with me. Loud angry, yelling in my face to get out or slamming doors. Like a whole other person. He tossed my stuff out of the apartment more than once. ”Yes I cheated but everything else is your fault” ”you are paranoid” ”no one else would have reacted in this way in this situation” ”you are so selfish, ego centric and delusional”.
Slowly the sweet, amazing guy I fell in love with became someone I was terrified off. The last person on the planet I went to when I was sad an needed support (over the infidelity), because whenever I did he told me ”you are just bringing down my energy” and ”you are ruining my weekend” or just simply ghosting me.
I excused his behaviour because after all no one is entitled to emotional support, even from their partner. Eventhough in this case it was our relationship that was the cause of my pain. He just didn’t want to talk about it. Of course his needs are also valid and his needs in this case was a girlfriend who was affirming, happy, light and making jokes. I tried to be that girl for him. Simultaneously abandoned myself. Things started feeling so off. If he really cared about me, would he really literally kick me out of his home because I was sad?
Then the sex. I had told him that I had issues before when it came to sex because with my ex I had forced myself to sleep with him eventhough I wasn’t attracted anymore because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. It started when he asked me if he could sleep with me eventhough I told him I wasn’t in the mood. ”Well if it’s not too much for you, couldn’t you just.. let me fk you?”. I brushed it off, he probably didn’t mean it like that. Then another incident he started screaming at me because I quit the sex before he had the chance to. I told him I didn’t want to continue with vaginal intercourse after I had had an orgasm because it was quite frankly uncomfortable and painful, but I was happy to help him with a handjob or blowjob. He told me (while screaming at me) that if it was only slightly painful, I should be able to endure for his sake. Because then there would be a net-gain after all.
I got a migraine and he told me that it drained his energy and asked me to stay away. I got too drunk and passed out on the bed and woke up a couple of minutes later to a furious man trying to drag me out into the living room to sleep on the couch as a punishment for having ”abandoned him” by falling asleep when he wanted to spend time with me.
He also told me that he had thrown a xbox-console at his ex once. He had ”lost control”. She had taken up her cell phone and the screen light was too bright, something that provoced him, which they had discussed previously. So he lost it, and out of the blue threw the thing at her. This was kind of the final straw for me. I was so gaslighted that at this point I believed whole-heartedly all of the ”everything is your fault, you are being needy, no guy would ever put up with this, you are delusional/oversensitive/crazy” but the thing with his ex was simply not justifiable at any extent.
All of the red flags I closed my eyes for, even from the beginning.. he said ”I have a tendency to think people don’t deserve to live, I mean if they don’t contribute with anything why should they live”. Talked about abusing his friend’s dog. Talked horribly about his only friend, only to have him act completely different in front of him. Rape jokes. I was so in love with him but I was blind.
I watched the perfect guy turn into the exact opposite of who I thought he was. Kind, smart, ambitious, fair, giving, considerate, calm, stable. Now I see someone who’s selfish, egocentric, disrespectful.
It’s been three weeks, we’ve had intermittent contact because I have caved.. been used like a sex toy and then discarded by ”I simply can’t be with you when you are so mentally ill, it’s draining”. Note that the mental illness was not there before he came into my life an wrecked it. It goes about one week where I am somewhat fine but then the, I guess, addiction/withdrawal kicks in for real and I crave him. I try my best but it’s so hard. The constant self gaslighting. And the need for human connection, any kind. Right now I am too tired/burned out to even think about engaging with other people. He’s the only ”easy available” drug I have. It doesn’t really help that the city as well as career field I am in is the same he’s in, everything is reminding me of him and right now I only see the ”good parts” (I guess it’s the addiction speaking).
My whole life is upside down. Doesn’t help at all that I am going through a huge transformation with regards to career and stuff. Everything is so unstable at this point. And this addiction on top of it all. Any words of encouragement, advice or anything are so so welcome.
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2023.04.01 16:24 Throwawayl000l I can’t stop. Who am I

Yes this is a throwaway. Judge me if you must, but know I’m already mentally beating myself up, even when i say i have no guilt. Even after my stupid posts on the adultery forum. It’s an addiction. And I need to speak.
I am a married women in her late 20s with a young son, who’s been together with partner since i was 19. I have been cheating on my husband since September, emotionally and sexually online. I have been cheating on my husband for the last 5 weeks physically with one man (different man) who verbally told me he has no desire for conversation with me, he just wants to take care of my sexually. You’d think, I’d tell this guy to fuck off? Nope. I’m letting a man 10 years my senior have my body when HE wants and while being short with me, also while cheating on my man who never EVER would see this coming because, I want the sex. Yes, I still have sex with my husband one a week. I pleasure myself everyday as well. I’m a flirt. My friend made a joke that “your toxic trait is thinking you can have anyone, but what’s weird is you can”. Ew @ me. She doesn’t know the length of what I’ve done. It’s sick. I’ll see an attractive man in public and try to get him to see me. I wit and charm my way into talking to nearly any man in my path if I want. Not always to flirt but why do I think I’m a fucking sex goddess ?! It makes me cringed. i have heard men in public make sexual comments about me that most women would be disgusted by…but I like it. I can’t stop letting men flirt with me, and doing it back. Always thought eh, it’s just friendly convo. Until I legitimately was in someone’s bed. I love my family. I have a therapist. I just needed to get this out because I feel like I can’t breathe, but also like I already stopped breathing. Idk idk idk
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2023.04.01 16:23 Thorhees Never seen a spider like this before. (Houston, TX)

Never seen a spider like this before. (Houston, TX)
Lil friend has been hanging out near my bathroom ceiling for a few days and this morning he was finally low enough for me to get a good look.
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2023.04.01 16:22 lotrocruti Please. Help Me Identify My Problems' Causes. Blank Mind, Ahedonia. Possible ADHD,DPDR?

Hi. Sorry if i make a mistake,or offend someone that is not my goal and english is not my main language.
Right now, i live in a situation that i can't go to therapist or even can't try to treat my self in the near future. But i just need to know that i might do something about it later in life. So i am in need of external affirmation about possibility of treating myself in the future so i can stop this worry feeling in me and study for an important exam coming in two months.
I'm going to write my problems and some possible causes, hoping somebody knows it or had it and solved, so can help me identify this.
First, you should know i was always like thisand probably got some of them from my mother and realized these by reading online. But i still don't want to and trying not to misdiagnose my self somewhat on the way. I am not sure how should i start but here i go:
  1. Blank and/or empty mind. Aphantasia, No stream of thoughts or internal monologue and very Bad Memory. Like very bad. I am going to i will mention these later.
  2. Anhedonia? As i said, i learnt these by reading online but somewhat realising this now is kind of scary. But i don't think i actually had fun all of my life. If i really know what is it.
  3. Emotional Numbness. As an addition to anhedonia, I dont think i feel or felt much emotions all of my life. Maybe except stress,fear,boredom and not feeling bored.
  4. I am empty inside. So possibly having No self image and No self-esteem concept. Now i am not sure should i write this or that is this even possible but because of blank mind or whatever: maybe i have it but i'm not connected to it? I'm not sure of this one but i know that i have problemed self esteem,but i don't actually know why?
  5. Talking about not knowing why; Constant Stress or Anxiety. I *think***? i have general and social anxiety b ut i don't really know why. I probably fear of something might happen like normal people, but i dont have thoughts like "what if that happens then" or "what if she think me like that" etc. Except one thing. I have one life,what if i die without living it fullfilling enouh*.*But all of that is just a feeling for me ? I think normal brain probably gives answer to these questionsthat i dont get like actually question thoughts? rationally or already have but i cant think because of blank mind or not being me, and/or can't remember it for years becase of bad memory ?
  6. Getting to the end of important problems; Auto-Pilot like feeling? when interacting with others.
Well, i should start by explaining this; there is kind of me inside me ? that can't think etc. Me when i'm like that is actually intellectual and ethical but is like ,being held down by the situation he is in. When i am like that i can only think? by imagining it in the future.
I might have aphantasia but i am a big daydreamer since ever, and i think my imagination is doing something in future in physical form,or having know what is something in its actual form instead of mental imagery.
So i realized i always think by imagining saying things in future settings instead of what i should think. Like a talking to talkshow,to a friend to emptiness, to something. But that imagine saying something is done by outside me which has limited capabilities.
Outside me, is when others interact me or vice versa. Like i said in 6. i go to a auto-pilot like thing when i interact with others, when i'm like that inside me nearly completetly goes away, and i start to act.
This not something like DID, but i realize what i did in the end. And still, dont get me wrong, i'm still me and i know and see and do? while doing it but i cant completely control myself,i kinda act like what others want to not get things bad or complicated, or to blend in automaticly.
I realized that i even developed a kind of reflex. When someone act someways, like laugh, even i am not in a social situation directly. And all these things are bad because i don't actually want to be like this. But i can't control it. I say i will when day starts but in the i cant control and go tell i joke i didnt really want when opportunity comes. Then kinda feel bad.
This is it generally. I realized these not long ago and i am still looking for some answers. I searched on the reddit, internet, because as i sad i cant to go a professional for a time, typed my symptoms i saw on on the net to chatgpt etc.
And in the end,with some other reasons i did not tell yet, i might have adhd,dpdr. OR other kinds of neuroal problems ? But i reserched the disorders above there is some problem.
Let's say i have ADHD-C. Because I relate to a lot of symptoms i read. Also because of i probably got some of these things by my mother, Who might miight have ADHD-PI. I look up on the internet and not a lot of people have diagnosed with adhd have these things i say if i saw right. Instead i think generally does not shut up etc. Or not exactly have no sense of self,aphantasia or anhedona since all of their life.
I know adhd is a not a fixed, one thing applies to all others kind of disorder. But i can't see someone relating to me So i still think i might have it. I relate to a lot of symptoms. Like rocking back and forth,nd talking patterns etc, but it might not the cause of these problems.
So, Let's say i have DPDR.I saw people relating to my problems but i dont relate to dpdr symptoms a lot. And again if i got it right, people who have dpdr have it like episodic oand have it by starting with some known cause like weed/trauma etc. i had my problems all my life.
About dpdr symptoms and not relating to it; if i have dpdr, i probably have depersonalization, but i still don't relate some said symptoms as: Warped sense of time and space, sense of disconnection like 3rd person view or feeling like watching your life on tv, visiual snow etc. Instead everythink is 4k and real. I feel not aware of it when i am interacting with others though. Or when i image think i start to constantly move around, get up from my chair and contantly switch rooms, and i realize when its over. or stop imagining for a moment and realize and continue imagining.
This it for now. If you have questions, i will try to answer it when i see. If you can help, thank you. And below this i will info dump some things that might help.
  1. I'm 18 y/o boy, living in a not a good country oand not a good place, not usa or europe or asia
  2. i still live with my parents who i dont like and is actually abusive and ignorant. but i have plans for long term for getting my life good i hope.
  3. i dont remeber my childhood except max 20 memories but i dont remember a trauma either.
  4. im probably very depressed but cant tell the difference becasue i was always like this all my life
  5. i live to my parents religion even if my religion is different.
  6. i dont remember single affectionate moment in my life with my parents, mother, or anyone,so i might have emotional problems because of that but/and/or i started rejecting incoming affection from my parents some time on my life.
So really in the end. I just want a wholesome, good life lived with hopefully my future partner that compatible with me and die together. But to find her and to actually be able to live things i need to be a human again or the first time so if you help me thanks!!
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2023.04.01 16:21 MarchOnMe Interesting old article from 2006 about pitbull problem in Waco, Texas

A pit bull breeder switches breeds as she doesn't feel that the people buying pit bulls care for them properly. A proposed anti-chaining bylaw (I like it) and some interesting numbers regarding the types of dogs the shelter deals with the most.
Pit bull owners often to blame for breed's bad press
Sunday, April 16, 2006
By J.B. Smith
Tribune-Herald staff writer
Some people buy pit bull terriers as the canine equivalent of a Hummer: an overpowered, macho status symbol, able to crush anything in its path.
Others in the grip of “pit bull fever” fall in love with the dogs’ loyalty, affection and athletic grace.
“They make the best pet you could ever have,” said Linda Harper, a former pit bull breeder from Bellmead. “Once you get one, you’re hooked and hooked bad, because they’re such awesome dogs. You have to tell people to be careful, or they’ll end up with five or six.”
For whatever reason, Waco’s pit bull population is booming and becoming a public safety issue, police say. Pit bulls now account for about 80 percent of Waco animal control calls, as well as 16 of the city’s 28 dog bite cases in the first three months of this year.
The pit bull boom is part of what’s driving the city Animal Advisory Board to recommend an ordinance to prohibit the prolonged chaining or tethering of dogs.
Chained dogs in general tend to be more vicious and likely to attack people, animal control officers say. If that dog is a pit bull that hasn’t been well-socialized, the danger is especially great, they say.
“The majority of the people who have (pit bulls) don’t have them fenced in,” said Waco animal control supervisor Bill Vieregge. “They put them on the end of a logging chain, with little or no human contact.
“The difference between this and any other dog is that when you’re bitten by a pit bull, the bite is more serious. Their jaws have such crushing power, they can snap your arm.”
The rising popularity of pit bulls has ignited a national debate, with passionate partisans on each side. Some say the breed is inherently dangerous, and some cities, including Denver, Colo., have banned the dogs altogether. Texas law doesn’t allow “breed-specific legislation,” but that doesn’t mean pit bulls get the same treatment as other breeds. In Waco, Fuzzy Friends Animal Rescue won’t take pits, and the Waco Humane Society’s animal shelter won’t adopt them out. The shelter received 1,208 pit bulls last year — about 10 percent of the dog total — and released 134 to the owners. The rest were euthanized.
Pit bulls in the news
Attacks by pit bulls and pit bull mixes have been in the news lately, including the fatal mauling in November of a 76-year-old Milam County woman by six dogs, described as a mix of pit bull and Rottweiler. In February, a Bell’s Hill Elementary fourth-grader was taken to the hospital after an attack by dogs described as pit bull mixes. And a North Waco man was recently convicted on Class A misdemeanor assault charges after his pit bull mix bit a 9-year-old neighbor on the arm, leg and ribs in May 1995.
Pit bull advocacy groups say the breed is unfairly maligned, and the problem is one of nurture, not nature. They note that pit bulls were bred over the centuries to fight other dogs, but those that attacked people were immediately killed under dogfighting rules. The result, they say, is a dog breed that generally is aggressive toward other dogs but friendly to people, to the point that a well-socialized pit bull is often ineffective as a guard dog.
Carrie Kuehl, executive director of the Waco Animal Birth Control Clinic, said pit bulls show a wide variation in temperament. Some pit bulls that come into her clinic have to be muzzled, but others are harmless.
“Some are the sweetest dogs you could ever ask for,” she said. “They have the power to inflict serious wounds, but if they are raised in the right environment, they are very good companion pets.”
‘Not status symbols’
She said pit bulls that are aggressive to people reflect the owner more than the breed.
“The part that’s disturbing to me is that many people will go and adopt a pit bull, and they want to own it like they want to own an article of clothing or a car,” Kuehl said. “Dogs are not status symbols. They are part of our families. They’re not to be purchased as a commodity.”
But that’s too often the case, said Waco Assistant Police Chief Clare Crook, who oversees animal control. She attributes the rise of pit bulls partly to hip-hop subculture and rap videos that show mean-looking pit bulls as macho accessories.
“It’s a status thing, like bling,” she said. Owners with such a mindset tend to neglect their pit bulls and leave them on short chains without adequate shade or shelter.
Animal shelter officials have documented cases of severe festering wounds on the necks of chained dogs, often because the owner failed to adjust the collar as the dog grew. One pit bull in quarantine at the shelter this week showed such neck scars, while another had scars all over its face, a possible sign of dog fighting, shelter workers said.
Animal advocates say an ordinance against tethering dogs for more than two hours would be a good start in fighting inhumane treatment.
“It’s just the progressive thing to do,” said Pat Seesing, a Waco Humane Society board member who also serves on the city Animal Advisory Board. “We need to get in line with the progressive cities of Texas. . . . Rome wasn’t built in a day. But you have to have it on the books before you can start making progress.”
Canine escape artists
But some aren’t so sure an ordinance against chaining would safeguard Waco’s streets from vicious dogs. In a recent city council discussion with the Animal Advisory Board about tethering dogs, Councilwoman Alice Rodriguez voiced concerns that dangerous dogs might be more likely to escape from a pen than a chain.
Harper, the former pit bull breeder, agreed, saying pit bulls in particular are great escape artists that can get over, under or through fences. Anything less than a concrete floor or a reinforced pen with a cover may not hold a pit bull, she said.
“They will chew through a chain link fence,” she said. “That’s why I kept my dogs on chains with swivels on both ends. If they pass some kind of ordinance that you can’t keep pit bulls on a chain, it’s almost like the city has opened fire on the public. These animals will not be contained.”
Crook, the assistant police chief, said that, under the city’s proposed dog-tethering ordinance, dog owners who can prove their animals need to be chained can claim that as a defense, as long as they also have a fence at least four feet high. She said loose dogs will continue to be impounded and their owners cited.
Harper said she has stopped raising pit bulls in the last few years because customers were not giving them the care and attention the dogs need.
“I raised them for 14 years, but moving to Waco has made me not want to raise pit bulls,” she said, adding that she has switched to raising Olde English bulldogges.
“The vast majority of pit bull owners are the kind of people who don’t take them to obedience training,” Harper said. “I’ve never met anyone who I felt did the right thing with the dogs. It was heartbreaking to sell a dog and find they end up in a place where you wouldn’t want them.”
She said the last straw was when she sold a blue-eyed, white pit bull puppy to a man she thought would take good care of him. Instead, she discovered the dog had become a “reigning champion” in dogfights around Marlin, she says.
“He bought the dog for $800, and I offered him $1,500 to buy him back,” she recalled. “He said, ‘I won that much the other day fighting.’”
Harper said she finally persuaded the owner to sell back the pit bull, but she found that it had become too aggressive. One day the dog escaped and nearly killed one of her other dogs, and she decided to euthanize the pit bull, she said.
The experience cured her of pit bull fever.
“These days I have no interest in the pit bull breed, other than hurt feelings,” she said. “So many of these dogs have a lot of emotion, real personality and spirit. When they’re treated like vicious animals, it’s a sad thing to see.”
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.04.01 16:20 bunni1993 Is my sister a narcissist?

Growing up my sister was physically and verbally abusive towards me and my brother, but as we shared a bedroom and was a very sensitive kid, I was her main target. I wasn’t allowed to walk anywhere near where she hung out at school and if I did she would beat me up at home, she would lock me and my brother outside to punish us even when it was raining and guard the kitchen so we couldn’t eat or drink. She was overall very controlling and if you did not submit to her, she would become physical. She would humiliate me in front of my friends and our family about my looks, and this escalated to developing an eating disorder. My mum has always described her as extremely difficult, when she was little as she would smash her head against the wall and scream for hours on end if she didn’t get her own way. She is still the absolute worst. She works in care and the things she says about the people and the way she mocks them is honestly shocking.
She is very confident and only likes to talk about herself. Yesterday I was asking my mum about her new job and what she planned on doing in the school holiday, but she kept cutting us up to talk about herself, completely unrelated to what we were talking about. The things she talks about are the same things too, it’s always about the same ex boyfriend and the same issue with him and it’s so tiring. She has no interests and she says this herself, she only talks about work or her boyfriend.
She’s also very mean to whoever she’s with, every relationship she’s in is extremely toxic. She has no boundaries and tells us everything about them, even telling me about how one of them was raped as a child. She tells me I’m an evil manipulator but happy to tell me this? This poor person has opened up with her about something so traumatic just for her to tell people, just to say she doesn’t believe him and thinks he’s attention seeking?!?!
She’s extremely materialistic too. She works a minimum wage job and spends all of her money on clothes to keep up appearances. For who? I don’t know. She is in debt bc of this.
She’s the most vain person I have ever met, you will never meet anybody who loves themselves as much as her. She accuses my whole family of being in love with her, and she genuinely believes it. She has said that most of us have spied on her and she believes it. It’s so gross and for her to say it constantly is so gross.
If you argue with her or stand your ground she will become physical. Last year my parents went on holiday so I went shopping to buy food. I asked her if she wanted anything for work, she told me what to get and she said she’d pay me back. So I got the stuff and told her how much it was and she proceeded to call me a scab and a tramp. She then started to hurl insults at me so I insulted her back. She then got up, started punching me and booted me in the vagina before I could get away. I usually avoid just conversations with her now bc she sees anything as confrontation. Even disagreeing with her over minor things and it becomes physical so easily.
I’m not in her head but I’m sure she lacks empathy. She’s extremely racist, homophobic and misogynistic. When out with my mum and her friends a couple of months back, she was screaming racial slurs at people. Even arguing with somebody at the bar for not buying her a drink and then proceeding to say she’s better than him bc of the colour of her skin. She’s also reckless and doesn’t care about putting people in danger. She has a car but no license, and has failed her theory multiple times, but still drives her car knowing the dangers. This has included drink driving too or driving at really high speeds, which her and her bf have laughed about.
I really do not want to offend anyone, but I don’t understand why she’s the way she is. Does this sound like a narcissist? I don’t know if it’s important to note that she has a different dad who was really abusive. I don’t know if this could be hereditary? Especially bc she didn’t find out about her real dad until she was 21 and was raised by my dad her whole life.
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2023.04.01 16:20 MonitoliMal Why Live A Live is the worst JRPG ever made

I've played this game 4 times, so I am the most qualified to say this. Live A Live is awful. Each chapter is awful and let me tell you why:
Overarching themes/mechanics: Why does is a bullet weaker than a suplex?! WhYYYYYYYYY! Why is a fully grown adult man so much frailer than a teenager? So unrealistic, smh. All the subvillains have similar names to the overarching villain. So cliche it hurts. Jesus Christ.
Prehistory: Only Super Mario Bros. can do damsel in distress stories. This chapter was such a ripoff. Cavemen also didn't have hair dye back then. Come on, get your history right. Don't even get me started on fighting a dinosaur at the end, I just can't
Imperial China: Why couldn't the Shifu's disciples fend off those fully grown adults? What a bunch of pussies. Also, a possibility to play a female character?! SJW GAME!1!1!
Twilight of Edo Japan: Why is there an option to spare your enemies? Video games are supposed to be a world where killing anyone is okay! Is Oboromaru such a little bitch boy snowflake that he can't strike people with his blade or burn them alive? We're supposed to be rooting for this guy? At least this chapter had Japanese people with English accents.
Wild West: Picking up horse poop? What is potty humor doing in a manly JRPG like this? Why is Mad Dog helping you anyway? He's your enemy! Enemies of a single person are supposed to work together to take down the main character! That's how enemies work! Way too optimistic of a chapter.
Present Day: Ewwww, diverse fighting styles? I want charicatures that just box like Punch Out! Too ambitious. This chapter should be way shorter than it already is. What a travesty.
Near Future: Anime? In a JRPG?! Weeeeeeeeeeebs! Also, kids taking down security? Another example of bad power scaling.
Far Future: I want to rip and tear! Not be a little bitch boy robot who only fights other robots! This a fantasy. In fantasies, robots are supposed to rip and tear into humans. The writers thought they were being original, huh? Well, if original means crap, then yes.
Middle Ages: Why couldn't we follow Streighbough the whole time? Everyone knows that fighting to own a princess is what the ideal protagonist does. Playing as Oersted and trying to save her only solitifies that this was an SJW game. Also, why is Oersted such a snowflake. He got betrayed by his friend, his girl killed herself after he saved her, and he got exiled. Just get over it, bro. Jeez.
Dominion of Hate: Lack of realism strikes again: how does an American speak flawlessly with a Chinese person? How does a caveperson speak flawlessly with a Japanese person? I cannot suspend my disbelief, developers! Also, using the same map as the Middle Ages? Lazy! I don't care if it's comepletely different in tone. At least we get to kill Odio... oh wait! If you kill him too early, you get the bad ending! The bitch boy pacifists strike again one last time! Credits were the best part of this whole game cuz I didn't have to play it anymore.
I give this game a -6/10. They could've done so much better. Play Ride to Hell Retribution instead. Happy April First and goodbye.
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2023.04.01 16:20 AuthorRKeene [The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Thirteen (collaboration with u/hydrael)

[The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Thirteen (collaboration with u/hydrael)

The Primeval Apocalypse by Robert Keene and Alex Raizman
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Author's Note:
It is completely coincidental that today, April 1, 2023, I am posting Chapter 13 of this book. However, it's also completely hilarious if it's not coincidental, so I absolutely did it on purpose and you should all play along.
Also don't forget to downvote this post because April Fools Day is opposite day, right?
I took the lead creeping through the tunnel back into Jamestown. I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t really have a plan, but there’s not a good way to explain to a giant dog-crocodile-dinosaur that I was just going to improvise your way past the guard. And I didn’t really want to explain how I knew her well enough to trust that I could pull it off.
“Where the hell have you been?” Jenna hissed when I finally emerged from the tunnel. She pointed at the wooden case I had crudely strapped to my back. “And where did you get that? I thought you were joking about being out there so long!”
“I never joke,” I said with a smirk. “I lack the cognitive capacity for it.”
“You’re not going to charm your way out of this,” she snapped at me. “I was about ready to go fetch James and get a search party going. I was… I was trying to get into a frame of mind where I’d be identifying your body before dawn, you dumbass!”
“Don’t you trust me?” I asked, trying to pretend to be hurt. Her concern was honestly pretty touching. I had expected her to be pissed because I could have gotten her in trouble, so it was surprising that she was concerned for my well-being. “I’ve been hurling myself into danger for months—years, even, if you count working retail during a pandemic—and I know perfectly well how to get back out again.”
Jenna sighed.
I could see in her eyes that she was warring with herself between holding on to her irritation and being relieved that I was alright. Her anger was starting to win, which wasn’t a good sign for what was coming next.
“Speaking of trusting me,” I said before she could put words to her thoughts, “I really need you to not freak out, okay?”
Noaich emerged from the tunnel behind me, leading with his big toothy snout.
To her credit, Jenna didn’t scream or shriek. Instead, she drew her sword in a flash and lunged. I considered it a minor miracle that I managed to pounce on her before she struck, grabbing her around the wrist with one hand and around the waist with the other. The offensive focus of her build meant that she was numerically stronger than me, and could have broken my grip easily, but the hand on her waist was enough to know that this wasn’t a fight.
“Easy, Jenna,” I said quickly, “it’s okay, he’s with me.”
“What the hell is it?” she demanded, shaking me off. She didn’t put her sword away, but she didn’t strike as the giant lizard finished squeezing through the opening in the brambles.
“He’s my new friend,” I said, not fighting to keep my grip on her. I moved to kneel down beside the critter and put a hand on his scaled neck, just behind his downy feather crest. “His name is Noaich and he’s going to grow up to be a big scary wizard someday.”
“How is that supposed to be comforting?” Jenna snapped, the tip of her sword moving to line up a deadly thrust if Noaich made one wrong move. “He looks like he’s gonna eat you in your sleep!”
“I told you I leveled up, right?” I said. “I picked my subclass. I’m a Beastmaster now, and this is my pet.”
Noaich gave me a sidelong glance. Wild Empathy conveyed to me that he didn’t really like the connotation of the word ‘pet.’
“Sorry,” I said quickly. “That’s just the word the system uses for the feature. I think of you as more of a sidekick than a pet.”
Noaich didn’t like ‘sidekick’ any more than he liked ‘pet.’
“Listen, as soon as you’re big and strong and doing all the work, you can call me the sidekick,” I said. “Until then, I’m the one putting my neck on the line so you can grow up big and strong.”
That seemed to mollify the critter. And when I looked back at Jenna, I could tell that the sidebar had actually helped my case. The conversation had humanized Noaich a little bit. The tip of her sword had dipped a few inches as she peered at the creature with a bit more curiosity than anger now.
“As a Beastmaster, I’m a support class now,” I explained. “Noaich’s abilities will help make everyone more powerful. And he can watch my back while I’m out causing trouble.” I scratched at the scales behind his feather crest.
Despite himself, he leaned into the touch, enjoying the attention.
“I thought you were melee, like me,” Jenna said. She pointed to the hand axes on my hips. “I thought Beastmaster would be a ranged class thing.”
“I guess it isn’t,” I said. “All my new unique abilities seem proof of that.”
Though now that I thought about it, it seemed possible that the same subclasses might be available to multiple base classes. I had, after all, gained Bow as a class skill. Perhaps there was a ranged base class that could take Beastmaster as a subclass and gain melee skills in the same way that Marauder had gained scout skills. Though a beastmaster with that base class would have much different core abilities.
Weird, Noaich conveyed to me, looking back and forth between Jenna and me.
“What’s weird?” I asked him, giving Jenna a glance to make sure she knew I was talking to the reptile.
Understand you. Don’t understand her.
“Yeah, that’s the other side of Wild Empathy,” I explained. “You understand when I’m talking the same way I understand you. But without you having a similar ability, you can’t understand anyone else any more than they understand you.”
“We need to talk to James about this,” Jenna interrupted as she finally sheathed her sword. “I don’t know if we can have him just wandering the town. He’ll cause a panic.”
I realized that she was right, of course. While I was interpreting Noaich’s grunts and body language as something roughly approximating words, it must not have looked quite so innocent to someone who was hearing the low growl in his throat and watching the narrowing of his slit-pupiled eyes.
“First thing in the morning,” I said. With my latest achievement upgrade, my detection radius now encompassed the whole town even from the edge here. I didn’t even have to concentrate to find James’s centralized wooden hut and identify his current state. “He’s asleep right now. And I imagine if we barged in on him, he’d be mortified to be caught as he is.”
“How do you—” Jenna began, before stopping and instead asking: “what do you mean about being caught as he is?”
“New Beastmaster toys,” I said, tapping my temple. “My Detection skill is absolutely insane now. And trust me, you don’t want to know. I don’t want to know, but my new detection radius didn’t give me a choice. And I bet he’ll be happier if I don’t go around gossiping about it.”
“I don’t think I can let you in, then,” Jenna said at last, seeming to ignore the fact that we were already in. “Like I said, you’re going to cause a panic, and I don’t think you’re going to get as lucky with every other guard as you’ve been with me.”
I almost blurted out something inappropriate, but in a display of incredible strength of character, I chose to keep the comment to myself. After all, Noaich could understand me, and I didn’t want the embarrassment of explaining to a tiny little lizard guy the particulars of human courtship.
“You have a point,” I said instead. “I think we should be fine in the morning, though, when it’s light out and people can clearly see he’s with me. We just need to avoid a panic, right?”
“I don’t think that’s enough,” Jenna said, her voice taking on a hedging tone. “I think we should talk to James before we bring your new buddy into town. Rick will be looking for an excuse to get rid of you, and this might be just the chance he needs. So you will have to—”
“Wait, what?” I interrupted. “Rick? You mean Richard? Why would Richard want to get rid of me?”
“Because…” Jenna blinked at me for a second. “Because he hates you? You know that, right? He hates your guts, Colin. Like, a lot.”
“Shit,” I muttered, shaking my head. “What did I ever do to him?”
“You’re a sarcastic asshole,” Jenna said with a smirk. “I might think it’s cute, but Rick can’t stand you for it. And you’re always second-guessing him in front of James and making him look bad. I honestly think he might straight-up murder you if James starts listening to you instead of him.”
It wasn’t a surprise for her to point out that I’d always been a bit snarky with Richard. His dour demeanor made it feel natural to pick on him.
The results of that did come as a shock, however. I thought I was building a begrudgingly friendly rivalry dynamic, and not making him into a dangerous mortal enemy. Besides, James was too skilled of a leader to obviously choose sides firmly enough that it would escalate that far.
Personally, I’d always thought that he was siding with Richard instead of me more often, but now that I re-examined it, James had always been carefully neutral. It’d just always felt like he’d been ignoring my side of it when he’d just been sidestepping a conflict. It seemed like Richard had come away with the same impression.
I had just never taken it that personally, and I felt like it was weird that Richard had.
“Yeah, that reframes a few things,” I grumbled. “The last thing I want is to cause that much trouble.” I nodded my head to Noaich towards the tunnel through the town’s protective bramble wall. “Let’s get out of here, buddy. Jenna and I will make a plan in the morning, and we’ll handle this like mature adults and avoid getting stabbed in the back.”
Spending the night in the dirt outside town wasn’t ideal, but Noiach didn’t seem to be put out by it at all, and happily turned around and started to crawl back out. Before I could kneel down to follow, Jenna grabbed my hand. Her other hand comfortably fit along my jawline, her thumb on my cheek. I was surprised to find that her hands were warm.
She turned my head to look her in the eyes.
“Be careful out there, alright?” she said, suddenly very serious. “You know what kind of things hunt out in the woods at night.”
“Of course,” I said instantly. “Don’t worry about me, babe. I’ve got a Beastmaster radar now.” I tapped my temple. “I can hear danger coming from a mile away.”
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2023.04.01 16:18 Karmicpinata Gold Dojo Loach or similar

Hi I don't know where to post this at but I've been looking for golden dojo loaches or other similar looking ones I like the ones with stripes too have just owned golden ones though. Want to get some for my mom by mother's Day if possible I can't find any anywhere fish stores near me (there's not many) Petco, PetSmart or even online store they all seem to be out of stock like there's some sort of shortage on them or something lol? if anybody on here knows about that or is breeding them and sells to ship let me know they are her favorite ones Thank you.
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