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2023.06.10 22:55 quranclasses1 How to Educate Your Children About Islam 10 Proven Strategies

Today, we will enhance your understanding of how to educate children about Islam by offering ten practical teaching strategies.

10 Guidelines for Teaching Your Children About Islam

Read the article to profit from any or all of the below-mentioned suggestions.

1- Teach your children “Who is Allah?” to strengthen their faith:

The first recommendation I have for you concerning Islamic studies for children is to begin with an introduction to the Creator. Instead of providing your children with a theoretical introduction, periodically present them with a simple and intriguing truth. Similar to: Have you observed the stars at night? How gorgeous are they? Then inform them that Allah has enabled them to shine for us.
Join our online Islamic lessons for children to help your children study Islam more quickly with the assistance of certified teachers in Islamic studies.
Continue to refer to nature and instil Allah’s love and mercy in your children so that they are raised to love Allah rather than fear Him.
Avoid discussing retribution, hellfire, Allah’s Ghadab (rage), and other topics that are too complex for children to comprehend. Instead, continue to tell them how much Allah loves his creation by sharing many stories, hadiths, and Allah’s lovely names.

2- Present Islam by means of interactive games and attractive worksheets:

We all know that children adore games and anything that is colourful and aesthetically pleasing. So, the second advice for enjoying Learning Islam is to present the five pillars of Islam through games and worksheets.
Start by teaching them kalima (the oneness of Allah) and giving them a cause to think that Allah is unique.
Make salah kids-friendly. Instead of instructing them to wake up and rush for wudhu, pray, make do, etc., explain what salah is (a conversation between God and His creation). Say something like, “Hey guys, it’s time to pray to Allah.”
You can enrol your children in online tajweed programs to help them master their pronunciation so that they make no mistakes in their salah.

3-Recite Islamic tales before bedtime:

At bedtime, when it’s just you and your children, they will pay close attention to your stories. Engage them and arouse their curiosity so that they will daily request the story.
Choose prophetic accounts from the Quran. Thus, kids will readily learn about so many of the Prophets.
Instill numerous moral lessons in your children through the stories of your companions. Online Tafseer classes for kids can also help make sure that the stories are short and true.
I tell stories to kids in person, and I don’t tell them how the story ends to get them interested. The other day, I told the remainder of the story.
For storytelling sessions, children’s dispositions and interests are crucial. Do not bombard them with too much information at once. Create your own method for making the narrative concise and to the point. Or until your children are willing to listen attentively.
Remember that it is not the quantity of Islamic culture and history that you must feed their brains with, but rather the quality, for it is these young minds that will blossom in the future.

4- Act as a model first:

Another essential idea is to serve as an example for your children. Follow Islam and be the embodiment of Islam. The more you follow Islamic rules and traditions, the easier it will be to teach your kids.
Check out this: How to serve as a positive example for your children.
Do not request prayer if you are not currently praying. Do not ask someone to quit lying if you are also lying in their presence. Do not expect them to act differently from how you do because kids watch their parents and copy what they do.
Remember that children are not only a blessing, but also a responsibility for which we are accountable. How you treat and interact with them will determine how they treat and interact with the world around them. Therefore, exercise extreme caution and pay close attention to their Online Islamic classes, in which students can effortlessly learn everything about Islam from a trained Islamic studies tutor.

5- Adopt Islamic etiquette everywhere possible:

If you follow Islamic etiquette and morals everywhere you go, your children will adopt them without hesitation.
Numerous children inquire about birthday festivities and why they are not participating when their peers are. So, make an effort to celebrate what is significant in ISLAM so that people are aware of the true event. For example, rejoice when your children perform salah in the mosque, cheer when they fast, and applaud and delight while they are sipping water while seated.
In this way, you will acclimatise your children to the actual Islamic way of life without telling them it is Islamic or forbidden.
Fast and encourage your children to fast, not because it is a command, but because it brings you closer to Allah because the reward for fasting is only known to Allah.
Donate alms (sadaqah) and teach your children to avoid Raya (bragging). Motivate your children to perform sadaqah to protect them from evil. Inform them of the Prophet’s hadith concerning sadaqah. It will encourage their excessive participation in this action.
Children are already being born on Fitrah, therefore half of the task has already been completed. As parents, you must mould and shape them.

6- Teach your children about Islam via books, toys, and cartoons.

This strategy is excellent when children can independently read books. Give them engaging books on Islam and allow them to build their understanding on their own.
For infants and young children of toy-playing age, provide Islamic dolls and stuffed animals that recite Surahs rather than songs.
Numerous online cartoons, such as ZAKY and IQRA CARTOON NETWORK, can support your children’s online Islamic education. In our technological age, it is difficult for children to avoid screens, so why not have them watch something beneficial?

7- Instruct them in supplications:

There are numerous online Islamic programmes for children where teachers teach them duas from the Quran and hadith. If you want to accomplish this at home, it is quite simple.
Learn and repeat duaas pertaining to daily life aloud in front of your children, and you will notice that they have spontaneously learned them. Recite duaas prior to eating a meal, visiting the restroom, riding in a vehicle, going to bed, and on other occasions.
When your children reach the age of toddlerhood, explain to them the significance of the Duaas they are repeating to connect with Allah.
A bonus recommendation: read the morning and evening Azkar aloud. Your children will become accustomed to chanting Azkar.

8- Create a sunnah-friendly environment at home:

As previously said, children imitate what they observe. Follow the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAWW and establish an environment conducive to the sunnah in order for them to learn all about Islam.
For instance, greeting salaam to everyone, eating with the right hand, caressing and embracing children, preparing the bed before going to sleep, washing dishes and even clothes, assisting others, and sharing possessions are examples of Islamic practises.
Keep in mind that this is not a game show in which you must perform all sunnah-related actions for a few days. This is a question of life and death. Adopt sunnah first, then incorporate them into your life. If you detour or detract, the children will easily follow suit!

9- Perform Islamic nasheeds rather than music:

Modern children do enjoy listening to music since their peers, neighbours, and cousins do! The second advice for teaching Islam to children is therefore to play nasheed instead of music. There are several nasheeds regarding Allah’s blessings, the lives of the Prophets, humanity, Islam, and a great deal more.
Allow them to attend Islamic lessons for children online or in your neighbourhood so they can enjoy nasheeds alongside their studies and maintain a positive disposition.

10- Celebrate Islamic events to foster affinity and affinity:

Many parents are unaware of the dates and number of wars won by Muslim heroes, the beginning of the Islamic new year, etc. If you want your children to learn Islam, you should celebrate Islamic holidays to foster in them a passion and interest for Islam.
A Muslim child requesting his parents for a Halloween costume when the holiday is just around the corner calls into question the tarbiyah and training of his parents.
If you celebrate Ramadan, Eid, Hajj, etc. with fervour, there is no reason for your child to request Western festivals!
There is an urgent need to instil Islam in the children of Western parents. We are certain of the importance of Islamic education for your children. As parents, you must play a responsible role by using the aforementioned advice to teach your children about Islam.
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2023.06.10 22:54 LibrarianLow1435 Irrigation controller help

Irrigation controller help
Hello everyone,
I am currently renting and we are supposed to keep our sprinklers on as part of our lease agreement. Lately it has been raging quite a bit and we do not need the sprinklers running every morning and night. I was wondering if anyone knows if turning the system to off for a few days and then turning it back on when needed, would cause us to have to reprogram the controller to a set schedule? If so would you know how to set a new program?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 22:54 PocketGoblix Why are bosses always the most insufferable people of the crew?

I’ve only had two jobs in my short life (17F) and I can’t help but notice how, according to my own experiences and others, nearly every boss ever is always the most angry, insufferable person on the team.
They act like they’re so much better than everyone, nit pick on everyone, and oftentimes just don’t give two shits about their employees.
How hard can it be to hire a good boss?? Like I can’t imagine “being an asshole” is what people try to look for…
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2023.06.10 22:54 DevineAaron92 Congratulations Man City.

Won the damn treble. Well they were a miles better team then anyone and it wasn't close. Corruption of course. But that 11 outplayed everyone. Found it funny Pep trying to get the City fans to make more a CL final for a treble lol. Inter gave them a good go. So incredibly unlucky not to win that. I hope Lukaku is beating the daylights out of Martinez later. Anyway. Congrats on the Treble.
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2023.06.10 22:53 Skulls230 My good time at CBMC

Just wanted to share my experience as a random in planetside with CBMC on Cobalt.
First, I was in NC for a loooooooong time as a casual, I stood with CRII (I was casual so I didn't knew about all this shit about Kenny, I knew it when he left the game and let the outfit died).
So I decided to get a new life with VS, that's seems so OP at first (spoiler, it's not, LMG are terrible imo but no bulletdrop feels great). And with that brand new character I decided to go for an outfit to talk and laugh a bit like many people were in CRII did, just having fun.
And then I'm here doing my first day with CBMC, it was great (at first) because everyone was working together. Days pass and I get that feeling, you know it, when you're like "Does this guy think he is God?", "Who the fuck he think he is to talk to us like that!", "Orrrrrh, again he calls people cheater cause they shoot at our bastion", you know, that's the reaction human have when they see someone toxic in a video game.
Yes, all that, he was doing shit (I mean, his ratio without bastion and colossus shows it), he spends his time saying things like "Oh, guys, where the fuck are you, I took a skyguard and killed those fighters alone", but we were five and I got 2 of the kills so no big boy. He spends this time calling everyone in the platoon noob, cause he died and most of us were on the beacon's CD. Calling us no brain cause we wanted to finish our lives and then coming, a bit late but still. He always talked like he was a better human than us. Bro, take a shower, it's a game, we want to have fun in a team. Even I couldn't talk, like their's not a single laugh in that outfit, everyone is under tension and no one dares saying a word, even when he asks (but when people say "can you hear me", we were 15 responding to him), all is about try hard, no one talks like a normal human, all is about giving orders and receiving them no place for befriending. The most boring were all those trainings, spending HOURS each week at the warp gate planting beacons. HOURS. And those who left at that moment, were kicked off the outfit, even people who placed beacon all day long. Tyrannic I'd say. And of course, saying DIOR is cheating was is absolute favorite thing. One guy on the harasser shooting the bastion, cheater. A steel rain above us, cheater of course. You see that guy who shot you with his tank at great distance, probably cheater. No one can be skilled, except him of course.
And now I'm kicked of the outfit, the reason? He said, come to warpgate after doing a training alone on a deadfight in 20v5 to show us how to take flags base, really, not one came for that, everyone was chilling everywhere cause some of us don't like playing aircraft. And he kicked us cause we took too long to come.
Maybe we've done a GREAT mistake but getting a bit of fun, but, I just want to do pew pew and bam bam on people but with some order to not feel alone and to have a direction to attack, not to train on basic stuff, like beacon or how to take a flag. But even when I want to play alone, he spam invite and dm "are you here" if we refuse. Man, I was in jail!
I think it's funny to see that I had more fun with that guy called Kenniyuki than with him. My guy is worst than a guy hated by everyone. Idk if he is hated too but, jeez, being so delusional and mean with his own mens almost makes me sad.
Idk why I'm posting this, I think it's good in the rules, I mean, it's PS2 related, I think to tell people to be careful when joining that outfit, their not here to have fun, just to get yelled at by the boss all day. I spend quite an horrible time, yelling at him in front of my screen but not with my mic cause I don't want to be toxic with someone. After I got kicked I told him what I thought, calmly, laughing of who ridiculous this outfit was but he insulted me of Highby idiot (yes, I still have the censorship) and not even responding to me accusing him of lying about the fact that I did not followed orders (It's true, but for 5 minutes, enough to get a base back).
So if you're Vanu, consider not going here, you'll only hear one guy spitting at everyone, TR and DIOR first, then NC and VS outfits, even while helping them, he insulted them of useless many times 'cause their not numerous. And finally he'll spit at you, whatever you're doing. Go somewhere else.
From what I've heard, Ipdan is moving to Emerald, good luck, we're together in this lads.
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2023.06.10 22:53 jhpratt2 $nwbo

OncoJock :Au contraire, when the MIA was awarded on 3/20/23, the train left the station. That predestined MAA approval , which should arrive about 8/1/23. Everybody knew that the MAA award would precipitate 2 partnerships , and bids for NWBO by 5 of the biggest CI players. Net, net, NWBO change of control 30 daus after the MAA award. But the Bosch MOA Bomb on 6/3/23 increases the bids to 10 within 30 days of the MAA award.Why? Because the big boys know the MOA Bosch described will revolutionize medicine. And it is moated by patents, proprietary manufacturing technology, and knowhow. Bright BoyRe: Lykiri post# 600189Saturday, June 10, 2023 10:48:29 AMPost# of 600340 GoSo bottom line, DCVax-L Cell Based Platform Technology is a developed process that allows medical science to Direct The Immune System in a general application for all diseases. It improves all existing treatments used in healthcare as we know it!!! In very simple terms, it is the APPLE of modern healthcare treatments!!! Cheers, BB Bright BoyRe: Lykiri post# 600189Saturday, June 10, 2023 10:48:29 AMPost# of 600341 GoSo bottom line, DCVax-L Cell Based Platform Technology is a developed process that allows medical science to Direct The Immune System in a general application for all diseases. It improves all existing treatments used in healthcare as we know it!!! In very simple terms, it is the APPLE of modern healthcare treatments!!! Cheers, BBRe: ae kusterer post# 600271 Saturday, June 10, 2023 12:48:17 PM Post# 600279 of 600333 Can we all please calm down? The people who are making the most noise about this broad mechanism of action presented at ASCO are the people who are most heavily invested in it, or those who stand to gain from others becoming more heavily invested. The presentation by Marnix Bosch at ASCO was NOT a scientific presentation, despite the venue. It was a highly technical commercial/promotional presentation made during the industry expert theater portion of the meeting, when ASCO essentially sells the stage to whomever wishes to pay the going price for the exposure. The presentation was not peer-reviewed and it was highly biased in favor of the presenter's commercial interest. Therefore, statements about murcidencel's mechanism of action will not have the credibility needed to truly become part of the medical literature, and prescription of murcidencel will not become routine clinical practice in even a single tumor type, much less multiple tumor types, much less other disease states, unless and until the data have been peer-reviewed and vetted by others and perhaps replicated by other scientists. We make ourselves look bad when we get all excited about a grand slam home run to win the pennant when we haven't even succeeded in getting on base in the first inning of the series. FIRST THINGS FIRST. Speaking for myself, I might begin to get a bit more excited after DCVax-L has won approval for a single indication (nd or rGBM) by MHRA, and a little more excited after it has received an indication from the FDA, or EMA, or Health Canada. Those milestones seem a long way off right now, based on current evidence (as opposed to current wishful thinking and speculation). -- OJ ae kusterer Re: None Saturday, June 10, 2023 4:04:19 PM Post# 600328 of 600336 ae kusterer Re: None Saturday, June 10, 2023 12:22:22 PM Post# 600271 of 600326 Prior to Marnix Bosch's ( CTO-NWBO) 6/3/23 ASCO presentation(lecture and slides) AVC ( pointed out that the LIAU-UCLA-SPORE combination trial data showed that all CIs (checkpoint inhibitors) are more efficacious when dosed in combination with DCVax-L, and that some CIs do not work at all without DC VAX L. MRK's Keytruda( a CI with $21 billion in '22 revenues) is a good example. Keytruda as a mono therapy proved in five clinical trials that it did not increase efficacy, compared to SOC, in GBM. But when dosed in combination with DC VAX L , there was impressive efficacy . But on 6/3/23 at ASCO, Marnix Bosch presented data showing that DC VAX L is a process that can direct the immune system response to targets in all diseases, not just all solid tumor cancers. From conversations with our associates in Big Biotech and Pharma , they are shocked because they do not know how to do what NWBO has done .They know their portfolio of drugs will perform better when dosed with DC VAX L . Their attempts to replicate the manufacturing of DC VAX L have come up short . Plus they do not know how to get around the patent moat. They are left with attempting to buy NWBO, or invest in partnerships which will license them the rights to have access to the DC VAX L technology. What strategic moves are afoot? "Dr. Bosch: „If you use a lysate from another tumor you get new antigens that are more appropriate to that particular tumor.“ AGNOSTIC= "A type of therapy that uses drugs or other substances to treat cancer based on the cancer’s genetic and molecular features without regard to the cancer type or where the cancer started in the body. Tissue-agnostic therapy uses the same drug to treat all cancer types that have the genetic mutation (change) or biomarker that is targeted by the drug. It is a type of targeted therapy. Also called tumor-agnostic therapy." IHUB POST 600072 : "June 3 , 2023 @ ASCO - NWBO's MOA REVEAL DAY- BOSCH DESCRIBES HOW DC VAX L WORKS - A NEW MEDICINE PLATFORM THAT WILL CHANGE HEALTHCARE . ATL:"This MOA is not just specific to the brain, but should work for every organ in the human body." BRIGHT BOY:" DCVax-L which provides the world of medicine the ability to DIRECT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and thereby TARGET ALL DISEASES !!!!!!! In simple terms, DCVax-L is able to identify antigens, which in a perfect system, ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE !!!! AND GET RID OF THEM!!!!!!!" " (bosch slides and video) (transcript) ae kusterer Re: None Friday, June 09, 2023 10:46:24 AM Post# of 600166 Go June 3 , 2023 @ ASCO - NWBO's MOA REVEAL DAY- BOSCH DESCRIBES HOW DC VAX L WORKS - A NEW MEDICINE PLATFORM THAT WILL CHANGE HEALTHCARE . ATL:"This MOA is not just specific to the brain, but should work for every organ in the human body." BRIGHT BOY:" DCVax-L which provides the world of medicine the ability to DIRECT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and thereby TARGET ALL DISEASES !!!!!!! In simple terms, DCVax-L is able to identify antigens, which in a perfect system, ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE !!!! AND GET RID OF THEM!!!!!!!" ae kusterer Re: None Friday, June 09, 2023 8:42:05 AM Post# 600033 of 600038 ( 6/3/23 slides and Bosch audio SALIENT INSIGHT # 1 : ATLnsider Re: dmb2 post# 599782 Thursday, June 08, 2023 12:53:38 PM Post# 599798 of 600033 dmb2, are you completely ruling out the possibility of the regulatory authorities approving DCVax-L on a tissue agnostic basis now, because of: (1) its non-toxic and excellent safety record. As of result, it will not harm cancer patients, but it probably will benefit most cancer patients; (2) it’s mechanism of action (MOA) of using the patient’s own dendritic cells, pulsed with the patient’s own tumor lysate (regardless of which organ(s) the tumor(s) is/are located), to activate T Cells to find, destroy and continue to fight the cancer tumor(s). This MOA is not just specific to the brain, but should work for every organ in the human body. Then, require NWBio to complete post-approval Phase IV, confirmatory basket trials to validate the efficacy results, and to keep the tissue-agnostic approvals? SALIENT INSIGHT # 2: Bright Boy Re: SkyLimit2022 post# 599901 Thursday, June 08, 2023 5:54:09 PM Post# 599910 of 600034 To dovetail into your post: Bright Boy Re: attilathehunt post# 599819 Thursday, June 08, 2023 2:42:24 PM Post# 599831 of 599870 So I'm going to go out on a limb here in my following comments, but I believe it's time and I believe the scientific/medical community is beginning to recognize that Northwest and it's brilliant team from Alton Boynton, Linda Powers, Dr. Bosch, Allen Turner( former NWBO employee), Dr. Linda Liau and her UCLA team, my friend that is truly a legend in the biotech world and everyone else involved in the development, discovery and understanding of the technology that drives the process that is DCVax-L , has provided the world of medicine with the ability to DIRECT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and thereby TARGET ALL DISEASES!!!!! In simple terms, DCVax-L is able to identify antigens, which in a perfect system, ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE !!!! AND GET RID OF THEM!!!!!!! AND Yes!!! You already know what this means !!! DCVax-L represents the platform technology that is a general application for all diseases !!!!! Cheers, BB (transcript) Gregory Zivic, MD 4,274 Tweets See new Tweets Gregory Zivic, MD @metacollectiveG Follows you Artist/Emergency Physician/Manufacturing EngineeInvestor in NWBO Co-owner META Collective Media, Sailor, Captain SV Catsulo. Not an investment advisor. At all ArtistUnited…Joined December 2015 735 Following 1,546 Followers Followed by Bio99, Steven, and 139 others you follow Tweets Replies Media Likes Gregory Zivic, MD’s Tweets Gregory Zivic, MD @metacollectiveG · Jun 4 $NWBO next up; external controls. The controversy with this is hyperbole. The FDA is not going to ignore reality because those who stand to lose (be it BP or clinical researchers going down the wrong rabbit hole) are yelping. The safety is beyond compare and this is quite simple: Gregory Zivic, MD @metacollectiveG · Jun 4 $NWBO removing trials that some might believe add to bias based on patient characteristics had no effect on the analysis. Jealous researchers/BP don’t share IPD. Co. asked for IPD on all these studies. All refused. One of the Physicians lied to me directly saying he wasn’t asked. Gregory Zivic, MD @metacollectiveG · Jun 4 1/2 $NWBO Dr. Bosch’s presentation was a quiet K-Boom! In my opinion regarding T cell recruitment, activation, etc. But in particular one needs to comprehend T cell exhaustion in Cancers and in chronic viral infections (age and kill us). The clonal expansion found with DCVax Gregory Zivic, MD @metacollectiveG · Jun 4 $NWBO The “newly expanded” T cell clones I find particularly interesting. T Cell dysfunction and exhaustion cannot be overcome by PD-1 inhibition or Car-T (Car T cells themselves become exhausted and why this therapy has it’s drawbacks) Gregory Zivic, MD @metacollectiveG · Jun 4 2/2 $NWBO Also important was the finding that other Cancer antigens not previously found in GBM were found in the DCs after pulsing with Lysate. Also, viral antigens present. None of these have formally been found on GBM tumors before. Gregory Zivic, MD @metacollectiveG · Jun 4 $NWBO If anyone’s incapable of comprehending this take away one thing; what’s being shown here is the pivot toward how ALL disease will be treated and cured; all solid tumors, blood cancers, autoimmunity, viruses… incredible. Brilliance. Reply to this message by OncoJock
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2023.06.10 22:53 Mysticalunicorn111 When other people receive your manifestations?

I recently decided that I definitely want a family of my own one day, something I never thought I was ‘normal’ enough to have until recently. And I’ve been distracted by separation from my twin for a long time, and now I’m open to meeting someone new.
Now suddenly everyone around me is getting engaged and pregnant! I’ve heard somewhere that seeing other people get your manifestations is a good thing? Is that true?
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2023.06.10 22:53 Charming_Try_8928 OSHA incident for mental health?

This probably isn't the best place to ask but maybe someone here knows and that answer can help the next guy. There's a bit of setup for this one, I'm an autistic with mixed anxiety, depression, ADHD etc... The automation world is one I found fascinating and comparatively easy so I followed it.
A year and a bit ago I was working as a tech at a place in the metals industry that had a major shutdown/ upgrade that didn't go well. Ive read 80+ hr weeks is run of the mill for some of you but it proved too much for me and I've really struggled ever since.
A few months later I finally made it into a medical provider (insurance turned out to be crap) and they put me on a medication, which I had been fine without for something like 9 years.
A couple weeks later and I get a call on my day off while I'm in the mountains trying to recouperate, the meds had messed with my sleep schedule and it was the first time in months that I actually felt like doing something.
It was gonna be a while before I could even make it down so they called my supervisor, he couldn't figure it out so they called me in, I got there around 7 pm and at this point we're just boots on the ground for the OEM engineers, who also can't figure it out, 10 am the next day they finally let me go home (problem unresolved). I had done 23 hours straight on the clock for these guys once during the shutdown but Id never gone a full day without sleep before and it threw me hard, couldn't sleep at all when I got to my house and eventually gave up and went to Sunday dinner with my folks.
About halfway through the meal and they call me again, still haven't found the issue and they need me to come in and work the night till they got going again. I just kinda locked up, I knew I was still spent and there was no way I could do that, I wasn't sure I should even try driving at that point. I called another coworker for advice and he recommended I call it out sick, more or less. Boss man calls me again and I try to hold my ground with him but my social skills aren't very good at that game, he finishes with "give it a couple hours and then make your way down, we need you."
To try and shorten a story that's much longer than I thought. I was feeling worse after those 2 hrs, boss called back wondering where I was, another manager got involved and after some back and forth they decided not to have me come in and give me Monday off.
Clearly a year and a bit is too long to try and claim anything but as I understand the requirements for an OSHA recordable is an injury requiring OR< stitches/surgery medication a doctor's appointment //if I remember right? time off work to heal.
Although the medical system is slow enough that they weren't checked at the same time, I did have 3 of the 4 boxes checked, any safety gurus out there know if this could qualify?
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2023.06.10 22:52 justapeiceofgrass [LFA] Here to refresh this character request, if I could pay I would, but no money of my own

So, first of all, hello, to any possible artists. This is the second request I'm putting up here, just for the record. His name is Zeppy, he's a Changeling Jester, the original class was way of the drunken master monk, for the flavor of his fighting. Now, I'm bringing him back with a homebrew subclass that allows illusionary duplicates of himself, which he can attack through, which only do psychic damage, but it takes your action to do so. I'm not gonna explain everything it can do, but the duplicate ability is probably important. Now, going to the description: Despite the vivid colors of his typical court jester outfit, which he removed the jingle balls from, he is quite stealthy. As he never really removes his mask, he always looks like a changeling, until he decides to take the form of a more demonic version of himself(no powerup to do that, it's mainly flavor for intimidation). Due to this, the face under that classic comedy mask is always the near pure white of a changelings skin, with the eyes not having pupils, as with other changelings. The hair is usually the messy but neat bedhead type, he's around 30, as the DM allowed him to come from that original campaign, through a shared world thing. As for height, he's 5'9", he wields a couple of daggers that he hides in the outfit, and a rapier, which is clear to see, but he doesn't have it on him during Performing. If it matters, he has 10 strength, 20 dexterity, 14 constitution, 14 intelligence, 14 wisdom, and 18 charisma.
Even if you don't decide to draw it, thank you for reading this. If you'd like to contact me for more communication, or just to get some more details, send a friend request to Alex 2.0#5830 on discord. If I'm not supposed to put that there I'm sorry, but I didn't see anything for accounts.
Have a good day/night, know that you're loved, and don't push yourself. If you're sleepy, please take a nap.
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2023.06.10 22:52 jokesOnYou321 Is this AC/Furnace equipment worth a price with this company?

I have gotten few options to choose from to install AC/Furnace. has details of the equipments.
Location - Illinois (Close to Chicago) Living space - 2650 sqft (~3000 with basement)
Does the below equipment and quotes good? How much of the difference would it be in electric/gas bill between these options? I am looking for long-term benefit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Brand: Lennox Option_1: Price: $14k AC: - Variable capacity cooling - 4TON - upto 18 Seers Furnace: - 96% BTU 110K; 2-Stage
Includes - Humidifier, Lennox smart thermostat
Warranty - 15-years of parts and labor ------------------------------- Option_2: Price: $12,750 (~$13k) AC: - Variable capacity cooling - 4TON - upto 18 Seers Furnace: - 80% BTU 110K; 2-Stage
Includes - Humidifier, Lennox smart thermostat Warranty - 15-years of parts and labor for AC ; 18 parts and labor for furnace
------------------------------- Option_3: Price: $9500 (~$10k) AC: - Single Stage - 4TON - upto 14 Seers Furnace: - 80% BTU 110K; Single Stage Includes: Humidifier only

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2023.06.10 22:52 i_donotKILL I played the Elevator Game and ended up in a world I cannot return back from. Please do not play this game unless you want a similar fate.

I am writing this in hopes for some help and to guide others to not have the same fate as me. I think I have made the biggest mistake of my life. It has been 5 months since it happened and I haven't been able to fix it. This phone is the only connection to the realm of my birth. My original world. I probably cannot undo my mistake but I can guide future players.
My phone it's Android. It has an IR blaster, the only reason I bought it, and for some reason, this phone can hold its network through dimensional change. As if it's a loophole, a glitch in the broken matrix that i was facing. Not that i could actually make any use of it because I am still here.
The people here look like us. They all do. They are very sapient. They look just like us. But my bones know that they don't have the same origin as I do. They are good though. Have the same societal issues, the same intolerable governing body, protestors, and unrealistic agendas, the left wing and right wing at each other's throats. People who should touch some grass have podcasts. People who should have podcasts enjoy their lives. They are humans, just like us, but they are not us.
The rules stated by the urban legend still strike the same to this day if time and space follow the same routine, follow the floor number pattern, pay no heed to the lady that enters the elevator on the 5th floor, leave the building immediately if you return to floor 1, etc. I followed them all correctly, but the rules are no guarantee as to whether you will be safe or alive after your elevator journey is done, the rules only make sure the procedure is correct.
Hey you know what I will write down the rules in short, for your reference to my guidelines but the rules should always be memorized to your bones and spine, this is your SOS and your key. You will find the set of rules on any website. I suggest visiting multiple of them before you start your endeavor. Because each of them gives you different kinds of warnings, something the successful players learned from their own experience. And take this advice of reading through all of those points from this unsuccessful player.
One thing the rules on blog sites don't mention is the choice of which world you want to enter. Because most players enter an identical world with no electronics and no living thing around them. Only a red crossed window that's far stretched away from where ever you look and keeps on moving further away from you. My case was vaguely different.
  1. So firstly all you do is enter a building with more than 10 stories.
  2. Enter the lift via the first floor and only by pressing the "up" button
  3. Follow a pattern of floors, press 4 then 2 then 6 then 10 then 5.
  4. On 5 a lady shall or shall not enter your floor. Then press 1
  5. When you press 1, you will either reach 1. or you will reach 10.
  6. If you reach 1, get the f out of the building and don't come near it, not in 6-7 months i suggest.
  7. If you do reach 10 congratulations. your first part of the journey is a success
now Something, about the lady. Do not interact with her at any cost because of course she is not a lady, no matter how pretty she looks, oh you looked at her? alas, that's also a grave mistake. don't look at her, don't talk to her. Just ignore her total existence. If you know of the elevator game you are already aware of how you should not interact with the lady and all. But one thing is often left blurry is that what you should do if she does not enter. This was my case.
So my advice here: If the lady on the 5th floor does not enter. Then just hope that you do return to the 1st floor after you press it. if you do no then, and start ascending. continuously press any and every floor button for it to stop, or maybe the emergency or call button so that the staff can stop the elevator. Because if you end up reaching the 10th floor, good chances are you get to meet me and we make a cute therapy consult group for people who can't return back. :)
I remember everything from that night so vividly. I did your usual pattern follow. I entered the lift when no one was using it. I entered 4. went up there, meh nothing happened. Then again I pressed 2. I felt a vague chill around me. As if the mechanism of the ritual was understanding my intention. I pressed 6, then after it reached 6, I pressed 2, then 10 then 5. Oh, 5. The elevator door opened. And there she was, standing with all her glory. I did not look at her. but of course, i could see her from waist to bottom. She was dressed in Russian traditional clothing. not something i was expecting from an urban legend that became popular in Korea and japan. I think her wardrobe is a good collection from all cultures. or maybe there's more like her? Who knows?
I could feel it in my spine she was looking at me. She stopped the elevator with her foot so that the doors don't close and asked, "Baby which floor are you going?"
I followed the rules, did not look at her, did not reply to her, and completely ignored her.
She said, "Not much of a speaker eh? no worries have your ride. I hope you have a better life."
I have no idea why she said that. Looking back I think she knew what was going to happen to me. She knew that I was not going to end up in the world most player venture into. "Better life," she said.
She did not enter the lift and I pressed 1. The ritual, now tainted because she did not enter, worked. I reached the 10th floor. And when the doors opened, it was like nothing changed. The building I entered was a hotel. The housekeeping staff was running around. I heard children crying. Some Karen was screaming at a worker because her coffee, which she made from their amenities tasted bland. It was very confusing for me. I think I assumed the ritual did not work. And the lady was just another lady who could have been high. I walked out of the elevator and I felt great.
"those silly online urban legends, such lies" I probably had muttered to myself.
I took the lift again, reached the ground floor, and walked out of the building. Everything was going well until my head started hurting and spinning. and i was slowly passing out. and that's the exact moment i remembered from one of the posts of an earlier player "Do not at any chance lose your consciousness. and if you do, no matter where you wake up, return to the building, re-follow the exit ritual pattern and return to your own world."
My head felt dizzy as I woke up. In my very room. I thought to myself, was it all a dream? Did I search so much about some damn urban legend that I had such a deeply engraving dream? For heaven's sake. I jerked myself up and got down from my bed. Even my clothing is same as the last evening. I didn't know what was more weird, that i was wearing the clothes from my dream or that i remember the dream so vividly that i can even recall the outfit i was wearing. Also my phone was in my pocket. This is something i just never do. No matter how sleepy i am. i keep my phone on the other end of my table, in case it might just blast if the lithium goes through a thermal runaway.
AND! That is when i noticed. My table. It was completely on the opposite side. No no, it is right beside my bed, just like every day but the bed, and the entire room, its opposite. As if it were mirroring the room i know. Also, It wasn't just a complete mirror. my room was smaller, just a bit in breadth. One wouldn't notice it even if they visit my room on a weekly basis. But it's my damn room of course i would know even if a fly moved differently. Lo and behold, that extra loss on my room, was added to my washroom. Again, one wouldn't just notice it right away.
In a nightmare-like urgency, I rushed down the stairs to call complain my mother, and that is when the realization hit me that I did, in fact, play the elevator game. My dad was there. In the kitchen. Alive and happily married. Figuratively much different from how I remember him. I stood there in shock with my mouth wide open. How could this be? I remember my father. The last time I lived with him was until I was 9. When my parents parted ways. The last time I saw him was when I was 11, when he died. Not that I cried, he was far from what a father is supposed to be. I am 25 now.
"Good morning Sweetie!" His voice sounded oddly different. I was utterly petrified by this moment. There was a quirky yet calming nature to his sound which creeped me out even more. I dashed out of the house while grabbing my backpack from the sofa. I could hear him call out my name in my concern. This is it. This is definitely it. I crossed the borders of the unknown realm. But why are people here? Isn't it supposed to be dark with no one in it? No electricity and all ? But there is everything. This is a whole other world, what went wrong?
I had to return to my world. I ran through the roads and traffic to the hotel. Hotel Sunset. As I crossed the roads I could see it all. Cars stopping at the orange light. People walking in blue. I mean they are still following basic physics by using orange, longer wavelength for stopping cars. but does Red not exist in this world? not it does, OH MY GOD, the road lines are red.
I hurried through the crowd to reach the hotel. I pulled out my phone, which was surprisingly working perfectly. Internet, gps everything. It said i reached my location. "Hotel sunset"
I looked up, it said "Hotel Moon shine". I am surprised it wasn't named "moon rise", it'd would have been the cherry on top then.
I walked in, the Interior looked the same. I waited and waited and waited for the evening to hit and the horde to lessen. I stood up and walked to the lift. I repeated the entire process.
The lift stopped at 5. Instead of the lady, someone else entered. I of course didn't look up, but they entered hurriedly, screaming my name and i had to look up, i was already freaked out at this point. It was me. I was looking at me. she, well me, or wait she? she held the lift by her foot. What's up with women in the elevator game to hold the elevator by the foot?
"what did you do!? " I - I mean she said, one that looked like me.
"what did i do?" i replied back. . Whoever this doppelganger was. sure i was petrified. but here i was.
"DID THE LADY ENTER YOUR LIFT ?" she screamed at me.
"wha?" i was trembling at her screeching was. the white portion of her eyes started to redden.
"she didn't." i replied and slowly lost my leg strength and somewhat collapsed while sitting down.
"why? why did you complete the ritual then? did you not read before you did? you are supposed to be me, you are supposed to be smart. heck, aren't you supposed to be smarter? oh my god. is that my backpack or yours?"
I just shook my head and handed her the backpack, it was hers definitely. I never put on any anime pins on mine. Speaking of anime pins, naruto here has pink hair. Isn't that cool?
she took out her phone and said "If you want to go back home go to this tumblr account and download the app. The account is called "
And she left.
Was that the me of this universe? do we have counterparts in every universe? How many universes are there? are these even universes the way our science teaches us universes?
The lift started to quake. the light started flickering and I could hear some noise. soft noises that slowly grew louder and louder until they became uncontrollable screams. my ear drums were hurting beyond control. until it all stopped and the lift door opened. I stepped outside. Yet I was still there at "Moon shine hotel".
I tried the ritual again. I ended up back here. To floor 1 and I went back "home" to my "dad" and "mom". For the next 7 days, I kept on going back to the elevator, trying the ritual continuously and failing. On my way, I noticed new and new things about their world. These people like to greet each other in a very weird way. They grab each other's throats and smile. Almost sadistic. Language is very similar, but there are a few words and phrases here and there that have changed with customs and traditions. Honey here tastes like metal. Cows don't Moo, and birds chirp, but the sounds are unfamiliar, dogs don't exist. cats are the only domestic animals here. I read similar things in some blogs, but never did I think I would get to experience them for real.
Either way. On every failed ritual, I reached floor 1 and went back home. and repeated the cycle Until the 7th day, I got so fed up, that I kept on trying multiple times. but all I did was end up on floor 1. But I saw the weirdest thing.
Well, I can fill in on what happens if you immediately don't leave the building after playing the elevator game and ending up on floor 1. You see, well better than seeing failing grades or not being able to return to your own world, ghosts. Yep pretty much. Deranged souls that roam around the building. That is exactly what you see. And once they notice your existence, god save you. If there is any.
Mine was rather sarcastic. They did infact noticed me. They all came running towards me, looked right at me, smelled me and then slowly moved away and kept on about roaming. My heart intensified so much, it felt like I just lost a marathon I almost won.
I saw a man, maybe a bit older than me, in his 20s, walk down the entrance come and sit beside me. "They won't attack someone who's like them. You are of no use to them. They used to belong here, but don't anymore. and you never did."
I looked at him with a frightening shock. I took my bag and ran back home. Only when i came back home i realized he could have had answers. But i was so terrified at the moment, the only thing I could think of was getting away from him. I needed answers. I need to enter the website the other me mentioned. I got a new phone from this world. they didn't have Google, but I tell you their search engine is much better, it has AI integrated within. The account never opened from the new phone. Tumblr did. but that account never did. Then I tried my own phone and voila! The page had nothing. A heading, a two-liner bio, and a link. Link to download the app. Tumblr happens to be one of the only few apps that do work in other dimensions. Apparently, it has something to do with the first person who jumped dimensions, not only did they jump, but they also jumped through time and made sure every world had Tumblr. It's kinda funny they could have chosen Reddit, it's much more effective.
I loaded the app. Its a 2010's forum-based app. There are discussion topics under which you make threads. You got a chat box to interact with other users. the main discussion had a guide. I searched through it and finally came to the part "how to enter and leave a mirror world" aaand its blank. well not totally. A couple of reasons saying why you should not enter it. A bullet point that said download this pdf to know how to return back to your own world. I hurriedly clicked on it and boom the file did not open. I have never been so disappointed in my life.
There are so many dimensions else than the one with red cross and mirror dimensions. it is almost like aliens exist because some "humans" look so different. some people probably might even have ended up on my world as well. I wonder how they are taking it.
Apparently, only devices of one world present in another world, or at least have been in a few can open the website and run the apk file. Only androids work across dimensions. There's a conspiracy theory that the creators of android have got something to do with the entire interdimensional rituals and breaking the laws of space and time.
Either way, hoping to get some results I posted on the site wishing for some advice on opening the file or someone just copy-pasting the rules I guess.
I received a DM saying, "Since you have successfully crossed a mirror dimension You are capable of much more than you can imagine. But you should know how to use them, you have to be responsible for every move you make"
Good lord, I am not Spider-Man. The user further said, " I do not know where you are from, but I am from dimension 17391, go to the universal map translator and put the location, "Kairo office main building, st. red 22209". It will automatically give you a few building locations of your world." But the interface is very slow. Because it's not a singular place that has a counterpart in every dimension, there is one in every 4 hours of journey. It's an arbitrary location. It will take some time. maybe days. But you will reach."
I asked the user a dozen questions, how do I find the translator map, how many universes are there, and what do I do when I reach there? Why does everyone speak English? But they never replied. But now I have something, hope. A twinge of hope.
I searched around the app and found the map feature, build within the forum. It was on the top layer, but a confused me couldn't find it right away.
Ever since I found the map It has been nothing but a dilemma. 5 months. 5 months of intense searching and nothing. The first time I entered the location and searched, it landed me at the coordinates of a graveyard. The Irony. The second time, a fish market, the third, 3-storey guest house with the most normal Karen.
I can't even venture out every day. I have a "life" here that I have to maintain. This me had a similar job. Marketing manager at a pretty good company. The pay is almost the same. A bit lower here, but hey cost of living is also lower here. Putting those two together I probably have the exact same pay. But they have more facilities. Better vacation leaves. That is exactly what i took right after i downloaded the app, to understand the world better, and the changes here and there.
Morning, I go to work. where I sort out the place I will visit. and after work, i leave. Some places were nearby, some were far. One was in the neighboring country, luckily, the passport here is strong. But none of them work. I think I have broken the "not your universe? not the place? click again" button. Sundays and Saturdays are for long-distance locations. Also every day i cannot afford to go, even though the pay is good. In my world I used to live alone with Mum visiting me now and then. She and I had a family business along with my job, so all was good. Here I don't have a place of my own. And I gotta pay the bills around the house and sometimes take care of the business as well. Things are so similar yet different. I feel likeIi live in a deja vu.
By now i have crossed out almost 75 locations within 5 months, all of them being complete failures. I have crossed out 60 universes that aren't this one. I have made multiple posts on that app, describing my condition, where i am, and which universe it might be. If i even know this universe number and input it, the map translator will work much much better. I describe my original universe in the posts expecting someone to understand me and maybe send me a picture of my mother and friends, but all i have received are words of sympathy and hopefulness.
A few more people have send me their "kairo" addresses but they all can send only one to two messages before the chatbox stops. One of them managed to message me that i have to enter my universe number in the settings for the interface to work better. I also haven't been able to find the man from the hotel on the app or at the hotel either.
what do I do? Any piece of advice?
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2023.06.10 22:52 ToastedSalad0 Why is there a lot of complaining on reddit about how Gen Z is doomed?

I'm Gen Z and besides my family, so is everyone else I know socially and at work.
I know the people I talk to feel like we have a pretty good future to look forward to. There are Gen Z who are still achieving higher education and joining professions, buying property or saving for it, with some getting married & planning for children, which are some of the biggest indicators of hope for a good future.
Then whenever I log onto reddit and start reading comments that are the complete opposite of whatever I've experienced, it becomes interesting trying to figure out why people assume problems are applied generationally rather than individually. You'd think Gen Z is going to be last generation of America if you were only fed reddit comments.
How are there so many people on the Internet feeling hopeless about an age demographic where the eldest are only 26?
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2023.06.10 22:52 AutoModerator [] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download

[] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download
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2023.06.10 22:51 Betelgeuse-12 Feeling guilty for not being able to feel happy

Hi everyone, I'm 23 yo. I've been diagnosed with BPD and I've been dealing with some overwhelming feelings this couple months. Most important, I'm conscious that by now, I have a very much amazing context: family that now about my BPD, that loves me and supports me, friends that are in my support web, I'm not struggling about money and I'm about to graduate college.
But obviously, sometimes I'm not able to feel happy about these things. Sometimes I only have horrible thoughts about dead and how I want to end it all, even if my life it's really good right now.
And because of this, I've been feeling really guilty! I want to enjoy with my family and friends, share happiness with them but as I said before, I have this thoughts. Do you have any advice?
Thanks for reading me!
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2023.06.10 22:51 honksmcgee help

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2023.06.10 22:51 Choice-Asparagus5221 Vacation tips chicken

Vacation tips chicken
Hi everyone, I'm going to be out of town for a good week and a half and will be leaving my 5 week old silkie chick with a trusted babysitter. I was wondering if you all have any tips on things I should leave for the babysitter to have in case my chick gets sick or stressed for whatever reason while I'm gone? I already packed a vitamin e gel in case she gets wry neck.
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2023.06.10 22:51 vipguy64 There's a new moderator in town! Also, should r/RobloxArt join the subreddit blackout on June 12th?

Hey everyone I'm u/vipguy64, the new moderator of RobloxArt. I've been playing Roblox for 12 years and I enjoy the art you all make even though I myself can't draw.
Previously u/Duover was the sole moderator of this subreddit, but he was permanently suspended from Reddit for an unknown reason (I found him on Discord and he was okay with me modding the subreddit). As a result, no one was around to remove the "Free Item and Robux" spam posts and some homophobic comments for over a week. I saw what was happening and put in a redditrequest to become the new mod. Reddit granted the request, I removed the unwanted posts/comments, and here we are now.
I wanted to make this post after I've fleshed out some rules and behind the scenes stuff for the subreddit. However, I still haven't gotten around to doing everything I wanted even after being in charge of it for 3 days so far. I've fiddled with some subreddit settings to prevent spam and unwanted posts/comments from appearing again in here though. If nothing important was happening on Reddit, I'd just keep doing things behind the scenes and make this post when I'm ready. Unfortunately, that's not the case.
You might have noticed some other subreddits stating they'll blackout on June 12th for 48 hours or more. This means they'll private their subreddit so pretty much no one can see posts on those subreddits. They're doing this because of changes Reddit is making to their API which will affect third-party apps, moderation tools, non-harmful bots, and accessibility options. Now, I'm not good at explaining everything that's going on and I've spoken for too long already. So, I'll link to two posts that help explain the situation.
Infograpgic explaining the Situation
An open letter on the state of affairs regarding the API pricing and third party apps and how that will impact moderators and communities.
So I am asking RobloxArt, do you want to join the subreddit blackout? If I private the subreddit, no one will be able to see the art posted on here for 48 hours or more. Alternatively, I can put the subreddit into restricted mode so that people can see the art, but no one else will be able to post for the blackout's duration. What do you all think? Please answer the poll and discuss this in the comments.
Private = Almost no one can see posts on this subreddit.
Restricted = People can still see posts on this subreddit, but no new posts will be allowed.
View Poll
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2023.06.10 22:51 jellybeanjollygood My (20F) Boyfriend (23M) just cannot accept that he could be wrong

So, for context: Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 6 months and became friends 3 months prior to that. I fell for him first, so easily and fast that time but he fell later but harder. Before meeting him, I had just got out of a really bad situationship with someone who I thought was my best friend(m20) at that time (sexually coerced, no aftercare even though it was my 1st time). He was my first friend in college and I did end up liking him over the course of our friendship but never acted on it/accepted it. But after that had happened with him, I was really vulnerable and did not want to be seen sexually by anyone for a while. A month after that, I met my current boyfriend. It was perfect. He loved me for my personality, he made me feel like I was worth taking care of. And all this was as a friend. However, I never told him about this accident that happened with my guy best friend and just brushed it off because I had not processed it and just wanted to pretend like things were normal. Since then, I have come to understand that I am 100% in the wrong for the way I dealt with things and hurt my boyfriend a lot by still hanging out with my guy best friend, and by not resolving those issues. I really have so much regret for the lies and the way that I let things happen that I would do anything to make him feel better. He's so good to me and doesn't deserve it, I just am filled with so much shame and regret that I let all that happen with my POS exbest friend. I have cut off all ties with him and the friend group I was involved with but I was pretty avoidant about the entire situation. I really wish I could have done things differently but I know I am a much better and different person now I'm handling situations. When my current bf found out everything, he completely stopped being nice to me (which is warranted) and started trash-talking me a lot (again, warranted). He loved me before he knew me and I always tried warning him that he wouldn't love me if he knew me. I'm forever scared he just wants me to fit into this idea he has of me and I can never live up to it.
Fast forward to currently, the previous problems caused a lot of distrust and arguments between us. In arguments surrounding my past, I know I am in the wrong so I always apologise. I wish I could know how to make him feel better :( He slapped me once during an argument about this and always says really vile things about me (calls me a whore, a slut, a selfish bitch, attention-seeking) and while I do agree that I did act that way before it still hurts to hear to refer to me in the present tense that way. I always let it go because I feel like he's allowed to do those things. I feel like I can not grow if he keep bringing up what I did but also that he has every right to because of how I hurt him. I've never once given him any reason to not trust me and the thought of cheating will never cross my mind. I know I fucked up more than return but I really want to help him feel better. The past 3 days, we've been arguing about something an ex (dated him when I was 14) gave me. While I have never been truly in love, I did have an immature school-crush relationship. He was my first boyfriend (which my current bf refuses to acknowledge) and while I have moved on miles from him, I have a really tiny teddy bear that he gave me. Now, I don't ever think about him or miss him or miss us being together. The teddy bear is only a souvenir to me about how I had felt in that moment and I do not obsessively look at it/text my ex. We had ended on good terms so occasionally I do text him asking about how he is (since I mainly saw him as a friend foremost) but 1 month into dating my current boyfriend I stopped texting and did not seek out connection even though I have zero residual feelings for him in a romantic way and saw him just as a friend, (I have always felt incapable of love), the last thing I had asked him was about his relationship. Which I can understand is weird and my current boyfriend has every right to dislike my actions. I know it is the bare minimum to stop talking to an ex. While I was okay with still keeping the teddy bear because of what it meant at that moment, he told me to get rid of it because I am not allowed to have anything anyone other than him has given me. Bare in mind a memory box is something I never show anyone and as a hoarder has so much junk, it has a lookout of things. He said that I am trying to flaunt and show others that I have experiences by still keeping the teddy bear. While I do not agree with him, I do understand that it can cause him to feel insecure so I was willing to get rid of everything. I don't want to hurt him anymore :(
Every time we have an argument and I disagree with him, he immediately starts shouting, gets angry and threatens me to break up. Or tells me to die. And that I made him this way. He's told me he'll kill me himself. While I don't think I'm always right, I just want to be heard. I hate to admit that his anger scares me. Since meeting him, I question every thought I have and have lost confidence in my decision making. He told me that he can never be wrong and that everyone who disagrees with his decision is not someone he wants to be close with. When I told him that my best friend(f20) and sister (f22) feels like it's okay for me to keep it, he told me he does not have an ounce of respect for them and that they have terrible morals and character. He badmouthed my sister a lot, and he knows that she means the world to me.
I don't know what to do. How do I fix this? I want him to love me and I want to help him be better. I wish he would stop bringing up my past in every argument and see that I am working so hard for the relationship now.
TDLR; met my current boyfriend before I healed, hurt him in the healing process and now he's hurting me back. I want to fix and help him get better. I'm not going to leave him when he's hurting.
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2023.06.10 22:50 Sassy3YearOlds Cancer Support Group

Hi everyone, my bf's mom died of a very aggressive cancer within 6 months of discovery. Nevertheless, it shocked him and his family. They are very closed, especially him with his mom. He's having a hard time dealing with the loss. He mentioned going to therapy. I encouraged him but I also think a support group would be a good idea as well. I wonder if there is an online support group to help peoples deal with this life changing event.
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2023.06.10 22:50 orion_ft I feel like my life isn’t something where i’m meant to find love

(25f) I feel like i was a confident person until one day in middle school most of our class was sitting in a circle and for some reason discussing other people in this circle and this girl told me she didn’t like me. I feel like that just changed everything for me. I have really good friends and I know they love me but sometimes I just find that no one truly understands me or loves me the way i’ve always wanted to. It’s so hard to think about finding love and getting married because I feel like those are things I can’t imagine myself having. I feel like i fall too easily attached with some people, and it’s like everyone would rather choose something else than spend time with me. One of my friends didn’t even tell me she started a new job, i got to know a month later and i just tried to pretend like its okay but i wish she would’ve told me. I wish people would tell me things like how their day was and the little details but instead i’m turning into a cold mess who doesn’t want to tell anyone anything and wants to stay alone. I don’t even want to believe in love or a connection with anyone anymore, it just feels like i can’t change and even if i have love staring at me in the face i wont feel anything because too tired of wanting it now.
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2023.06.10 22:50 pmdfan71 I Feel So Overwhelmed And Overstimulated Right Now. (22M)

I’m at my desk right now and my chest feels tight. My breath is a little shaky and I don’t feel motivated to do anything. I’m on the verge of tears and I’m overwhelmed by anger and sadness and frustration. I feel awful and I don’t know what to do. I’ve been ruminating and stewing in my own anxious thoughts for hours.
I just feel so fed up with everyone and everything. Everyone’s too different from each other and the world feels so complicated. I don’t trust other people. I don’t understand them and I don’t understand myself. I hate it all so much and I’m so exhausted by it. I feel like a freakish alien. I need a rule book for life. I need everyone to adhere to an actual set of rules so that things actually make sense. I’m tired of disagreeing with people. I’m tired of having to process so many different opinions about everything. I don’t even know if I’m a good person or what being a good person even means. Just being online or around other people is so draining right now and I’m scared of what that might mean.
I’m sorry for rambling, but I needed to say something about this. I’m still rocking back and forth in my chair and I still feel miserable.
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