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Need help with quantity of slablayer I should be ordering for patio

2023.03.27 16:13 justsomeprick88 Need help with quantity of slablayer I should be ordering for patio

I building a smallish patio 2.4m by 3.6m. I'm going to put down a base of hardcore sub base and use slablayer to lay the slabs. I assumed I would need around 10 bags of each for the job but then used a calculator on blue circles website and it comes out as needing 21 bags of slablayer. So I'm assuming I'd need the same for the sub base too? Seems like way too much, I think 20 bags of sublayer laid flat on the ground would be bigger than the patio.
What I'm trying to avoid is the Wickes delivery driver turning up and laughing at me for ordering too much.
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2023.03.27 16:12 indilicious This is how low they will stoop

I was hired on as a consultant to do a specific job. When I actually started the job, it was a completely different role that had zero to do with what I had been hired for (red flag #1). However, I took it in stride and jumped into managing the project, and I ended up being quite good at it.
The better I got and the more attention and cooperation I received from other people, the angrier and saltier my boss became. I think he thought I was going to fail, and when the opposite happened, he was furious. He is a typical narc - angry, domineering, controlling, and particularly hateful towards women. He needs to be the center of everything and if he isn’t, he’ll make himself the center.
With me and my project, he couldn’t do that. He couldn’t take away my progress or momentum.
So, what did he do? He started completely ignoring all my contributions. He ignored my emails, my messages, my updates. No feedback, no regard. In team meetings, he would make it a point to address me dead last out of everyone. And in department meetings, he would never mention me or my project, as if I and it were too insignificant to even bring up.
Ultimately, I got the hell out of there as nothing about that job was worth fighting for. But, this illustrates just how low these creatures will stoop to harm you. If they can’t control your abilities and your intelligence, they will do whatever they can to make sure you and your work go unnoticed and unappreciated. Anything to get to you and gain that control. They are desperate.
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2023.03.27 16:12 Normal-Metal3664 Wall destoyed by cider

I recently had a bottle of cider that exploded due to a manufacturing mistake. We didnt wake up from it so the next day I found my wall soaked in cider.
We sent the issue to the maker and they refused to pay us the damage it has caused and only offered a refund of the product or gift card.
The whole wall has to be repainted and the floor is damadged.
Do i have any right to have them refund the paint job? What can I do?
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2023.03.27 16:11 PrincessPeach1229 Is it impossible to build a strong sibling bond once you’re over 30?

I (30’s F) have a younger sister (30’s F) that I want to be close with.
My sister has always been the super independent type. She went away to college and only came home when necessary. She’s always worked hard to maintain her own apartment.
I was the ‘stay close to home’ one. I like familiarity. I attended local college while living at home and moved out later once I fully finished college and secured a good job.
Lately I’ve expressed to my sister how important it is to me that we build and strengthen our relationship. When we lived under the same roof there was a closeness by default from living together.
Once she moved out…we became very distant. The calls were far and few in between and visits were limited to holidays. At the time we were drifting apart I didn’t notice it so much due to being young in my 20’s but in my 30’s I started to feel it hard.
Over the past few years I’ve communicated to her how much I really want us to have a better relationship and how much it hurts me to feel like we aren’t close. I started calling her more frequently, asking to hangout more.
Half the time my phone calls went unanswered and unreturned. When she did answer she was fine. We would talk for awhile and everything seemed great. But the effort felt very one sided. If I stopped calling, she didn’t and things went right back to how they were.
Again I’d have the “our relationship is important to me” talk and tell her I needed her to do her part. She would agree she could do more but “I’m just so busy with work”. My sister has a husband but no children. She works an office job just like me and yes she puts in overtime each week. We’ve had this talk a few times and it’s always the same song and dance “I know, I know. I need to do better but I’m just soooo busy with work”.
I get it. As we get older and work takes up a good portion of our lives we push other things to the wayside.
As an experiment I have held back from contacting her. It’s now 3 weeks and counting. I’m hurt. I’m angry.
Recently I got into it with my mom so the issue is spreading. Mom asked if I spoke to my sister lately and I said no, I wasn’t calling her. I explained my reasons why. she told me how ridiculous I was being and “if you are the one who wants to talk to her, then you should call her”.
I felt like it was so dismissive of the issue at hand. I don’t want a one way relationship with my sibling. I got angry and said why do I have to be the one always calling her? Mom pointed out my anger and said it was probably why my sister wasn’t calling.
I felt so invalidated.
I feel hurt and don’t know where to go from here. I’ve had the same conversation with my sister several times and nothing changes. I find it difficult to go to family events and chat with her like nothing is wrong so now I’m distancing. Mom dismissing my feelings has me distancing myself from her too.
Somehow I’m the one that looks unreasonable and I don’t understand it.
Is it too much to want a closer bond with a sibling over 30?
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2023.03.27 16:11 faluque_tr 7950X3D short review from actual home user. + PBO and CO guide/referance

Due to major controversial of this CPU regarding how it's "work". This review will focus on my using experience of the CPU. No benchmark, No FPS, No Rendering Time/score.
Tldr; For gamer, this CPU suck and overpriced just simply wait for 7800x3d especially if you have waited for this long For hardware enthusiast, This is the best CPU. it's so fun tweaking it as much as actually using it. For everyone, This CPU is working fine. litterally Zero performace problem outside of overclocking process.
Recently, this CPU get so may complain on how it's so hard to get it to work properly. And people are concerned that average user might not comforable to go through all the requirement. Well, this concern is true. But in my view, The point of the problem is not that it's hard to do everything correctly because it's not that hard. But how do I know if rightnow while I am gaming, The CPU is working as intended. Even there is not problem, My games are running smooth and all but.." is it working properly?" These question could be answered my simply put some 3rd party app like HWinfo and such but I am talking for average users, those gamers who dont know anything about hardware and going in Bios to enable XMP can raise their heart's rate. That's why this CPU is bad for average gamers. But to be fair, In my opinion if someone are spending 700 USD for a CPU they are unlikely to not knowledgeble about hardware at all.
For Enthusiast you don't really need my review, just go for it. This CPU working fine it's do it job properly, it's NOT a mess like youtubers trying to say.
My Short Overclock Guide
note : Undervolting is not as easy as youtuber show you, unless you want to run unstable system.
  1. *First thing you want to do is Finish your RAM Overclocking if you will of cause.
  2. Set PBO to -Enable
  3. Enable Curve Optimizer > Per Core (Don't use All cores or you will learn the true meaning Asymmetric CCD in hard way ) > set Signs to Negative for every core
  4. Undervolting the cores in group of 4, use 'Corecyler + Y crusher' for stability test. CCD0 are more sensitive to undervolting (at least for my Unit) So Slowly increase the negative value (2-3 mv for each run CCD1 are just like previous cores, I start at Negative 10 and increase negative value 5 at a time.
  5. After you done Stabilizing go increase Max Clock Overide (Fmax) slowly and Track your "Effetive Core Clock" and make sure these is no stretching on any cores (Efective clock drop significantly during all core work load)
it's proven that the optimal overclocking for best performace is to Prioritize Undervolting > Fmax
Stabilizing Guide
To Stablize CCD0 cores it's took me 5 days. but only 2 days for CCD1 cores
  1. Requirement : Using CoreCycler + Y-Crusher with some aid from build in Windows Event Viewer
  2. After Each change of Undervolting value you Run the 4 cores in CoreCycler for 30 Minutes "each core" , each "Test" Should have at least "3 Runs" So each test need 6 hours (Run = Iteration)
  3. Check error report in Corecycler, it's will tell if and what core having problem
  4. Then Check Eventviwer, Look for WHEA logger. Look up the Time the error
  5. Go to Corecyler's Log report
  6. see what core is running during the WHEA logger's time = That core is also have problem
  7. Reduce the Negative Value in Curve Optimizer for "Problem" Cores
  8. Repeat this untill you no longer see any Error report and Whea logger
  9. Validating : Run everycore in CoreCycler for 2 hours Each core for 2 iterations (You can split the test for Even and Odd cores)
  10. Only after you pass the Step 9 then you could touch "Max Clock Overide"
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2023.03.27 16:11 glucosemoon Should I be scared about this upcoming Pluto in aquarius being squared to my Taurus mars in the tenth? Graduating this May with my Doctorate and have a nice job lined up for me after. Recently noticed my rebellious mindset against authority figures when pluto went into aquarius.

Should I be scared about this upcoming Pluto in aquarius being squared to my Taurus mars in the tenth? Graduating this May with my Doctorate and have a nice job lined up for me after. Recently noticed my rebellious mindset against authority figures when pluto went into aquarius. submitted by glucosemoon to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 16:10 bertusdezesde How to measure a 4 driver speaker (2 woofers, 1 mid, 1 high)

I am building the enclosure for a new 4 driver speaker build and started wondering; when i take my measurements (specifically of the 2 woofers) do i take them from each of the woofers seperate or do i hook them up together like i am planning to do later. (Gonna be a three way xover) i am getting 2 8 ohm drivers so in parallel for 4 ohms load
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2023.03.27 16:10 Samm_Bo My Mother destroyed my expensive wedding.

My Mother took charge of my wedding. I disregarded everything my Husband and I wanted. Leading up to the wedding was painful. I can't seem to forgive her for the days surrounding the wedding. The day before, she punched me right in the face. I then continued to scream at my Husband. She sent messages to the family telling them not to come to my wedding because I was ungrateful. My daughter was sick and throwing up, so I decided not to go to the rehearsal dinner to take care of my daughter. She sent my hair and makeup artist away on the wedding day, saying the wedding was canceled. Then she canceled the driver, so I could not attend my wedding. We squeezed into my cousin's car. During the ceremony, she was late, so after I had already walked down the aisle, she walked in and started an argument with my Dad in the front row about how she needed to sit in the front. They're divorced, and then she continued complaining to everyone during the reception about how she had to do so much to get my wedding ready that she forgot to get herself ready. The day after, I woke up early to help her clear the venue out so I wouldn't get charged for overtime at the venue- and she screamed at my Husband and me the entire time, saying no one complimented her hard work on my wedding and we should have made a speech of our appreciation. We went to breakfast afterward, and she was upset she wasn't invited. She also stole our envelope box with all the money because she wanted to be paid for her efforts- that we never asked her to do. She cut me off for a month; then my stepdad had me over to tell me that I hurt her on my wedding day and I needed to apologize and forgive her, then move on as if it never happened. 5 years later, I hate talking about my wedding or seeing any photos. But she likes to tag me in posts about how she picked out my wedding dress, how beautiful the venue looked because she decorated it, and how she wants to plan my little sister's wedding too. My Husband and I paid for the wedding with help from his parents and my Dad, who gifted us money. We also set up all appointments to get things done for the wedding, but my Mother always tagged along to "make sure we were making the right decisions." We had about 120 guests, and although almost everyone enjoyed themselves because they didn't know what was happening behind the scenes, that day was a nightmare for my Husband and me.
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2023.03.27 16:10 Pegcitymaniac Getting my HR Cert

Hi all. 7-year teacher here who has had enough. I’m in Canada so we are compensated quite well (currently around 91k) but the unpaid hours and impossible demands don’t make up for the salary. I’ve been perusing the job postings for something teaching-adjacent and I see loads of ads for HR professionals in approximately the same salary range. My local college offers a 5-month certification in HR Management. Anyone go this route? Advice or wisdom?
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2023.03.27 16:08 brentmj Visiting the 2008 Lively-Fulcher organ of Visitation Parish in Kansas City, Missouri

Once we got done at the Dome in Independence, we went in search of lunch. I wanted to get Whataburger, because those exist in Missouri now, although only in KC. Sadly, I was worried our time was limited, and Whataburger was in the opposite direction, and I had also been warned that the novelty of this chain was still such that the lines were long.
Anyway, we found a quick bite and made our way to Visitation. This is a Spanish mission style building constructed very recently, but still managing to appear much older. This style of architecture is found throughout the city, thanks to mainly the vision of one man and developer in the early 1900s.
The current church space is actually an addition to an older space. The current narthex area is the former church (or at least part of it). The new church is spacious, with a gallery surrounding all four sides of the square building. There's hardly a stitch of soft material, so the acoustics are wonderful. The organ sits above and behind the alter in the gallery area. It's a very decorative, yet reserved and appropriate facade, so it just blends into the decor of the church from the floor.
Once up in the gallery, the scale and ornamentation of the organ come more into focus. The organ is all one one level, save offset pedal pipes, above the choir's head. The console is movable, but most days sits off to the side near the back of the gallery.
Alejandro Manso is the music director, as the organist of the church was unable to be there that day. He did a great job playing for us, and it was apparent he understood the organ well. The instrument is French in style and nomenclature, although I don't know if it is as firmly rooted in the French symphonic style as one might expect from looking at the stoplist. Alejandro made it clear that some re-working had been done, and no detriment to the contributions of Lively-Fulcher was intended, it was important to note that the current organ certainly reflects the work of Hal Gober.
Alejandro's time was limited, but we were lucky to get to stick around to get more shots of the room and organ, and to do some playing for the uncredited background music. At the time, the balance between the divisions in the gallery is a little hard to determine, but the recording shows that the organ does work very well in its location. The link for this video is at
That wrapped our day, and we got ready for two more organs the next day in KC! Stay tuned for those.
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2023.03.27 16:08 Jobseeker1996 Unable to get Project Manager Interview calls. Getting few Project coordinator calls but rejected considering me overqualified (will demand more salary/will leave the job). [Due to the current market, I am up for PC jobs as well.] Please advise.

Unable to get Project Manager Interview calls. Getting few Project coordinator calls but rejected considering me overqualified (will demand more salary/will leave the job). [Due to the current market, I am up for PC jobs as well.] Please advise. submitted by Jobseeker1996 to PMCareers [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 16:08 ellisplayer12 For the love of god gamestop, increase the pay

I did my taxes and did the math...I qualify for food stamps and I only made 9 grand last year. I've gone multiple weeks starving because I can't afford to eat, let alone pay my bills on time. I've worked so many jobs in my short life span, and only gamestop did I ever have to go without food for weeks at a time.
You expect me to pull constant doubles open to close every day, give up my days off, sometimes even calling mid day off to say someone called off and now it's my problem, but you can't allow me overtime so I have to revolve around your stupid hour limit.
I've been put in charge of a store in a city I highly dislike, I have to clean the giant mess that the previous store leader left, I'm expected to make sales goals all while juggling reorganization, bops, the sheer amount of trade ins I have to deal with( 12 consoles in one hour) all while being screamed at by people who think going to gamestop is the best way to spend their ENTIRE DAY OFF, while I watch their kids absolutely wreck the shelfs I just cleaned and now have to reclean. I'm told I have to cancel extremely important doctors appointments because they can't get anyone to cover, fine, close the store then. My health is way more important than making sure that Sally and her crotch spawn can walk in a store, not buy a single fuckin thing, and walk out.
The kicker? I'm an SGA I'm not even a store leader and I'm expected to act like one. For fucks sakes, i am begging you here. increase the pay. There is a reason why we all Call it a promotion when we quit,
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2023.03.27 16:08 beegeepee Manager asked me what I was working on but never gives me work to do...

"good morning! can you provide an update on what you're working on? a list of items? I know we exchanged messages on Thursday before I was out on Friday
i see on your timesheet you worked longer days Thursday and Friday, so I want to make sure you're supported"
I gave her a short list of items I worked on (in truth there wasn't much to do, and there still isn't, so I kind of bullshitted my not very strong answer then followed-up with...)
"If you have more work for me or someone else on one of the teams needs help with something I would like to get more involved "
Backstory, I am a contractor at a fortune 500 company. I didn't work on Monday because I was sick so I "worked" like 8h15 minutes Thursday and Friday so roughly ~32 hours total. Thursday/Friday were no different than any other "work" I normally do. It's just frustrating because I am not sure what to do. Whenever I kind of hint at the fact that I don't have much to do I don't get more work. She is also super petty with this stupid time card. I came to work for this company under the agreement it would be 40 hours a week. If you don't give me that much work I am not going to just put less hours in.
I guess other than looking for a new job I don't know what to do. Just annoying I left a salaried position for this (huge pay increase). Like why hire someone if you have no work for them?
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2023.03.27 16:08 secretbiologist Jumped about a month ago and I have medication questions

Hi everyone, I just jumped (yay me) from 7 months of ativan/lorazepam (from 2 mg to 0.04 mg) for extreme sleep anxiety and panic attacks.
I'm sorry that this isn't the heartfelt jump post where I say everything's back to normal and I thank my friends and family. What I can say is that I'm pretty much 60-90% fully functional depending on the day and I don't have a lot of the physical symptoms a lot of other people have (thank god, idk how I would manage with my still present sleep anxiety). I attribute this to my relatively short time being on it and the extremely gentle taper (I dissolved tablets in ora-blend and used a 1 mL liquid syringe towards the end).
I do want to briefly thank the benzorecovery Zoom group (info can be found here: Jake Ressler (u/Alternative-Eye4547) is doing a superb job running it. If you're having a really difficult time with your taper and recovery I highly recommend attending the group (Every Saturday at 3 pm USA Eastern time zone). I also want to thank all the other people who attended regularly while I was doing my worst. Jim, Tom, Kat, Devon, Rodney, and Jake I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this experience bearable and for being the people who I could relate to during this terrible experience. You made things a lot less scary and I hope that all of you eventually recover and get past this. I believe that all of you can and will recover from your experiences.
I'm doing a lot better at managing the sleep anxiety but I'm still getting unreliable sleep.
In addition to the ativan, I am prescribed 20 mg lexapro/escalitopram, 16 mg propranolol extended release (I'm tapering this from an original prescription of 60 mg), and 150 mg trazodone. I have also been taking between 250 and 350 mg magnesium glycinate and 2.5 mg melatonin (down from 15 mg nightly, it was a lot I know lol) nightly as well.
My sleep is like this: I take the magnesium glycinate and melatonin and I might fall asleep for anywhere between 1 and 3 hours before I wake up and take the trazodone. The trazodone will put me to sleep for anywhere between 3 and 6 hours before I am woken up again. It's pretty frustrating and I wonder whether I should taper off the trazodone sooner because it could be messing with my sleep. I clearly don't need the trazodone to fall asleep but I definitely need it to stay asleep so there's a dependence element there. Also, the mCPP produced when I metabolize it could be what is waking me up :/
On the flip side, I'm aware that the magnesium can be GABAnergic in some people so I'm thinking that I might need to taper off this in order to see any real improvement. Though I've never had withdrawal problems with magnesium that others describe, I just get headaches towards the end of the day which the magnesium helps with.
My current plan is this: I'm tapering off the propranolol very slowly to give myself some breathing room and I should be off in 2-3 months. Next, I plan to taper off the melatonin and then consider my next move.
To anyone who has been in a similar situation to me, what did you do and what worked/did not work for you? If you have used lexapro in the past, did you find it messed with your sleep? I feel like it's helping with anxiety (not much) but I also have a suspicion that it's also activating and making me restless (I take it in the morning). If you were me, what would your next thing to taper (after the propranolol) be?
Thank you everyone. It's a long road to complete recovery but we can do this and get past it together
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2023.03.27 16:07 Vixxxy-C2G Jet lag triggered severe anxiety

I flew home from the US yesterday and landed back in the UK around 8:45am. The clocks in the UK also went forwards an hour whilst I was flying. I was OK yesterday just generally feeling bleurgh. The problems started last night when I went to sleep, hours of weird, anxiety ridden dreams where I was tossing and turning and barely slept. I managed to get the kids to school this morning then promptly fell asleep again for 3 hours which were again filled with the weird dreams. I’ve now woken up and I cannot stop panicking!! I’m physically shaking, my heart is racing, I can’t leave my room and I just can’t calm down 🥺 I have had anxiety and depression for most of my adult life but haven’t had an anxiety flare up like this in years. I take venlafaxine in the morning and Trazadone at night. I’m supposed to be at work in the morning and I don’t know how I’m going to physically get there?! I’ve also got a pretty responsible job where I work with people in life threatening situations and I just don’t know how I’m going to manage!! Does anyone have any advice on how to get myself out of this and calm down?!?! Thank you ❤️❤️
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2023.03.27 16:06 CallMeGooglyBear Update - where to find PSEG rates when bill is zero

About a month ago, I posted trying to find PSEG rates when the bill is zero. They don't post it on the bill. And my goal was to find out my 'savings'. What my bill would have been without solar.
It took some time, but I found it. At least for NJ.
  1. Look for their Electric Tariffs page. The Price To Compare page doesn't include delivery and transmission charges.
  2. Look for the Current Electric Tariff page. For NJ PSEG, it's a 180+ page PDF.
  3. Look for Sheet No. 75, charges including SUT, under RS Service.
  4. Then look for Sheet No. 76. charges including SUT for RS. Add those to the previous price to get your supply and transmission charge.
  5. Find Sheet No. 93. This is delivery charge. Including SUT. (there is a flat service charge $4.95, regardless of how much you used)
Add them all up and you have supply + delivery charge. Is this a colossal pain in the ass? Yes. Should there be an easier way to do this every month? Also yes. Will they put this on the bill to make it easy? No.
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2023.03.27 16:05 SalviaSage777 How do you honestly change your life?

Everybody I used to be friends with thinks I’m a lazy mentally ill cringe stoner drop out creep now adays. The reality is I’m depressed and deal with constant panic attacks that make me fuck up socially but nobody had compassion on me when I fell off. None of my friends were real. I’ve gone through my “Job era” and lost everything.
The problem is people will say follow God and go to church but my anxiety disorder is extreme, the level it’s at would be a first for many people. I mess up every socialization I make. I basically view people with fight or flight instinct and I have massive trust issues as if they are predators and hate me. The last church I went to I was so awkward I stopped going from pure embarrassment.
I try to follow God too but it’s so painfully difficult to change your hobbies and patterns when you are depressed.
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2023.03.27 16:05 fluffy_mikey Rambling vent

I feel so resentful that I allowed him to take the best years of my life… I’m not even 40 yet, but I feel like a shriveled up shell of who I used to be. It’s not even just the lack of sex, but what the constant rejection over 15+ years has done to my self confidence. I’ve had a few kids so my mind, my body and my priorities are not what they used to be.
This isn’t what I signed up for when I said “I do” and yet I allowed every single aspect of this situation to happen. Why?
How do I approach the topic of potential porn use on his side? Maybe he’s asexual? Maybe I’m gross to him now? I don’t think he would ever honestly tell me that he’s not attracted to me anymore, even if that were the case.
I’m rambling, I feel so frustrated and i hate feeling stuck in this forever because we have kids and financial commitments together. I’m a sahm and have been out of the workforce for so long that I don’t know if I would even be able to work again at a decent enough job to support myself and kids if I ever left him. What a horrible place to be…
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2023.03.27 16:05 90s_TV_Commercials 30 [M4F] North Carolina/USA - looking for the Myka to my Pete

If you know that reference without googling you’re already ahead of the game.
Inquire within for name/selfie.
I work in I.T. And as a result I have a lot of time off every week. I’d like to fill that time with a meaningful relationship before I shrivel up and die of old age.
I’m horrible at talking about myself so if I’ve left out anything important by the end of this feel free to ask!
I’m definitely more on the introverted side but if we vibe then I’ll open up pretty quickly and you’ll wish I’d shut up. 😂
I’m a 6’3 tall Caucasian male in possession of a dad bod, which I’ll be working on … slimming/getting rid of in the coming weeks/months/years/etc, bearded, no tattoos (yet), usually keep my hair short and blueish eyes.
My interests are mostly just geeky things like playing old games with friends, purposely picking out games that look awful to play, watching bad sci fi movies, anime on the more recently rare occasion that one holds my interest for more than 15 minutes, travel, animals, beer brewing, my PS5, day dreaming, tacos, and 420 friendly.
My top 3 current travel destinations that I’ve not yet been to are Japan, Spain & Croatia.
What I’m looking for: someone similarly goofy/geeky, isn’t afraid of being dumb in target/on road trips and definitely someone who has a compatible sense of humor because I don’t think it would work out otherwise. Be a decent human, be nice to service workers and tip delivery drivers and you gotta be a dog person because I love dogs.
I don’t have any physical requirements, except I’d prefer you be as close as possible age wise but at least 25 and no older than 35.
NC/East coast puts you in the front of the queue, but if you think we’d get along go ahead and shoot me a message.
Just tell me a little about yourself in your message please!
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2023.03.27 16:05 Dependent-Yam4621 I think im getting fired on my first ever job.

I signed up for an internship and to my surprise i got the job!! This is a big thing for me because the lack of money in my family means my future can only be determined by me.I love my mom but i will never be able to study because her income will never be able to cover my studies that is the reason i took the responsibility to myself. Two weaks in my internship (Today) my boss whom is my teacher wanted to update pastel accounting to show me the ropes on how the software operates. I this particular moment of time i had nothing to do and decided to go trough Facebook Marketplace... Then he called me. Me being myself walked with confidence until he closed the door behind me. A little back story im in for a stock controller intership and got my laptop on the first day which was restricted to data lv1. After he told me to sit i was asked what i was doing in the other higher restricted data files.l ofcourse had no idea what he was talking about because im a loyal person that will never snoop around... He then showed me when the opened file on the laptop.that was the first folder he saw after opening(the one i had no access to). I denied any peculiar behavior that could be expected at that weird instance of time(I told nothing but the truth.) On my first week at the job there was 90% of the time nothing to do so i went on google and checked out bikes. Can someone make my day and tell me it was an hacker. Note there is a server and i only had internet the first week when i was browsing.
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2023.03.27 16:05 Nakighost Co parenting with a controlling ex?

So my ex was extremely controlling. At one point i wasn't allowed to leave the house for 6 months or else he would freak out. When I eventually did I had to send updates as soon as I went anywhere with pictures as proof. There is more but thats the gist. We divorced six years ago and four months after the divorce he remarried my high school bully (because my life is a sitcom apparently). From that point they made my kids call her mommy, took me to court cause he stated the 100$ in child support he was paying me for 2 kids was robbery (they now pay 400$ he refuses to get a full time job cause then he would have to pay me more. ) and have threatened to pick up the kids and take them a whole city away on my days cause they are "just exercising their rights" they also will punish the kids for things they do at my house (like play fall guys). So my kids will lash out at me or try and tell me I'm a horrible person for not following their fathers rules.
I'm so tired, I'm doing my best to co parent for the sake of the kids but every day is so hard cause of how they treat me. They are now starting to manipulate the teachers at school because since they live with his inlaws and work very little they have a lot of time. So even though they only see them on weekends the teachers are now reaching out to them more than me, the custodial parent. I've told the teachers I'm the custodial parent but it hasn't seemed to go anywhere. I'm desperate for any advice to try and make schooling smoother for the kids. Or to talk to the teachers better. Or how to talk to the kids about their dad without throwing him under the bus cause the kids don't need to be in the middle. Really any advice anyone has to offer I'd gladly take it.
To everyone who took the time to read this thank you I appreciate you taking the time to even look over this as i know its kind of a long ramble.
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2023.03.27 16:04 UKfirsttimebuyer How much below asking price to offer (first time buyer)

Me and my fiancee (both 27, combined income of ca. £65 k) are hoping to buy our first home soon.
We've managed to save up around £100k, which will be used to pay for the rest of our wedding, honeymoon, and significant deposit on first home.
The houses we're looking at (Cambridgeshire/Suffolk) cost around £300k.
I have some questions that I hope the friendly people of reddit can please help with?
  1. Is the market still bad to buy in (I know that interest rate just went up, so should we wait until it lowers?)
  2. Is £300k too ambitious? I've managed to land a well-paying job, which will offer me frequent raises and bonuses, but we do plan on having kids
  3. Given that we're first time buyers, and so not part of a chain, how much below asking price is good to ask for?
Thank you all!
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