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The subreddit for MARVEL Strike Force, a game for iOS/Android that is published by Boundless Entertainment, a Scopely Studio. Feel free to browse the latest game news, discussions, strategy, and quality creator content that our community offers. Happy gaming!

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A secondary place for everything MSF!! Not ran by Scopely! Let’s discuss, provide tips & tricks, and recruit for our Alliances. Let’s keep it friendly and help each other grow in MSF.

2022.03.03 19:19 tai20212021 Marvel Strike Force Uncensored

This is an unofficial community that is not controlled By scopely employees.

2023.03.20 16:12 ujober What is Crypto Content?

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2023.03.20 16:04 VinPickles Finishing Freedom Force

Ive been thinking a lot about this!
Spider-woman and mystique are obviously eminently playable! Blob when released willl also be. Spider-woman and blob both lend to a control deck and mystique is a great utility tool.
That said, there are several unmade characters that could help a freedom force themed deck be nasty. And i have pondered the synergies that would make them work.
Pyro: 1/2 ON REVEAL: Fill one unoccupied enemy square at this location with a fire demon.
FIRE DEMON 1/1: ONGOING any characters at this location take a -1 to their power.
Avalanche: 3/2 ON REVEAL: fill opponents side of location with rocks (a la collapsed mine). Opponent must play no cards to remove.
Spiral: 5/6 On reveal: next turn you may move every other friendly character at this location to other locations.
Destiny: 3/1 This character’s on reveal ignores all other ongoing effects. ON REVEAL: reveal any unrevealed opponents cards. Opponents cards reveal first next turn regardless of priority.
Basically a silver bullet to invisible woman.
What do you all think? These are some of my favorite marvel characters and I tried to do their powersets justice.
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2023.03.20 16:00 _call-me-al_ [Mon, Mar 20 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Polish Ambassador to France: Poland will be forced to enter war if Ukraine fails to defend itself
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Ukrainian officials express outrage over Putin's surprise visit to city of Mariupol, saying visiting under the cover of night "befits a thief"
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French President Emanuel Macron faces a critical test on Monday when the National Assembly is due to examine no-confidence motions filed after his government bypassed parliament on Thursday to push through a deeply unpopular pension reform, sparking days of unrest
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Alex Jones reportedly concealing funds to avoid $1.5bn payout to Sandy Hook families
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US Christian group accused of covering up sexual abuse of minors US news
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Texas abortion law means woman has to continue pregnancy despite fatal anomaly
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Study: 59% of Neighborhoods in Canada Within a 5-Minute Drive of a Cannabis Store
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Individuals who live in areas that historically favored men over women display more pro-male bias today than those who live in places where gender relations were more egalitarian centuries ago—evidence that gender attitudes are “transmitted” or handed down from generation to generation.
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Bird flu is associated with more than 330 seal deaths in New England — linking H5N1 strain to a large scale mortality event in wild mammals
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Close up of Pluto from the New Horizons space probe
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My homebuilt observatory-grade telescope that fits in the back of an SUV
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Sights and sounds from the surface of Mars.
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The Matrix is here! Using ChatGPT 4 to play as an ensign in Star Trek
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Anticancer Activity of Bee Venom Components against Breast Cancer
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Scientists grow antlers on mice, hope to regrow human limbs
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Americans, what do Eurpoeans have everyday that you see as a luxury?
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What made you suddenly lose interest in someone you were pursuing?
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What’s the secret to good sex?
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TIL that the reason we see fewer fireflies nowadays is because there are genuinely fewer of them. 1 in 3 North American firefly species are at risk of extinction, with some species already being officially listed as 'Critically Endangered'!
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TIL That, shortly after the Berlin Wall fell, Eugene Stoner, inventor of the AR-15, and Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK-47, met near Washington DC and developed a friendship that lasted until Stoner's death seven years later.
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TIL a man suffering from fatal familial insomnia, a condition whereby you become biologically incapable of sleep, attempted vitamin therapy, sensory deprivation, narcoleptics, and anesthesia to sleep, which prolonged his life by 12 months.
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Bar chart of the summarized hight of all 2x2 LEGO DUPLO bricks my son owns, ordered by color. It's his first bar graph, so please be gentle. [OC]
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[Oc] El Salvador had the highest homicide rate in Latin America. Since its peak in 2015, the rate has decreased an incredible 92%.
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[OC] Heapsort algorithm sorting a reversed list
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Burger seasoning other than salt and pepper?
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Uses for miso paste?
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Keeping a Clean Kitchen
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[homemade] Tiramisu
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[Homemade] Fruit Platter pirate ship
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[homemade] NY-style pizzas
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'Catch Me If You Can' conman Frank Abagnale lied about his lies.
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The IMAX poster for Shin Kamen Rider, released in Japan on March 18th, 2023
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Describe a movie's plot via acronym of the movie's title
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Duck, Me, Watercolour, 2023
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Polygonal sculpture "Lions", Me, metal, 2023
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Underwater world, me, wood/resin, 2023
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I'm Bob Odenkirk and I'm feeling pretty lucky. AMA!
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‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 is Coming to Netflix (US) on April 18
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Adam Sandler To Receive Mark Twain Prize For Lifetime In Comedy
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My dad made me take pics 4 his dating websites, here’s him yelling at me while striking a sexy pose.
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The size difference between my 1970 Honda and a regular pickup truck.
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I was riding my bike under a rainbow through a shower
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Comments Link
Little Piggy has the zoomies
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The Promise We Made at Sunset/夕阳下许下的承诺
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Galactic year (or a cosmic year) is the time that the Sun takes to orbit once around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. We move 230 km every second (143 mi/s) in orbit around the center (less than 0.1% of light speed).
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How a decorative glass plate is made -
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My sink sprayer has a tough spot remover. It shoots a high pressure stream down the middle that is surprisingly powerful, but a cone of water around it that blocks all the splashes
Comments Link
Home Depot left the sprinklers on overnight in freezing weather
Comments Link
This weekend I stumbled upon the gravestone for Michael Bond, the author of Paddington Bear.
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On April 28, 1988, the roof of an Aloha Airlines jet ripped off at 24,000 feet, but the plane still managed to land safely.
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Excited group digging up a crystal
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Colombian Angel Alvarado solves three Rubik’s Cubes while juggling them
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Edge-Man [OC]
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My wife's foolproof method of chopping onions with zero tears
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John Wick housecleaning service
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This boy’s reaction to seeing his newborn sister for the first time
Comments Link
Baby penguin flippy flaps.
Comments Link
The little cat pictured is one of my favorites
Comments Link
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2023.03.20 15:59 Julian928 In Search of a Mod! Control Large Army/Lightning Strike

Hi all, my friend and I have been playing multiplayer campaign lately and we've started to run into something of an irritation: We are frequently fielding single stacks and fighting factions, such as the Skaven and Greenskins, who routinely bring two or three stacks to a fight. Since you can't toggle "Control Large Army" to limit the battle to 20 per side at one time unless you, the player, also have a second army handy, it's becoming a headache. Yes, the brute force solution would be to summon up an extra lord to follow the real army around or to spend a whole bunch of skill points on the nerfed Lightning Strike, but then a whole new headache starts.
Does anyone know of a mod or similar that makes that checkbox appear regardless of whether the player has reinforcements? Or a mod that gives every lord Lightning Strike? Something like that?
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2023.03.20 15:57 WriterAspirant Nature of the Swarm part 8, Traitor or Savior?

Memory transcription, Executor Taldalis

date[standardized human time] August 11th, 2132

Working with the Dark Templar was a death sentence. At best I’d be exiled, and the empire would be told I was dead. Without them, however, I’d never have done as well as I’d been doing.
I had been in sporadic contact with the Dark ones for some time, and their philosophy was intriguing. They saw the Khala not as the savior of our people, and the thing which brought peace after the aeon of strife, but rather as a cruelty. They valued their individuality, and saw the unity of the Khala as a nightmare rather than salvavation. Their children ritualistically severed the nerve cords which connect us all to the Khala, although I never saw one of the ceremonies carried out in person.
They made contact with me first years ago, when I was sent to hunt a small group of young Templar who had left to join them. It’s a miracle they talked me down before anyone got hurt. Over time it’s been getting harder to hide my sympathies, these things can be hidden in the Khala but not with any ease. Though, even if I didn’t want to keep the Dark Templar alive, we still needed them.
Cerebrates, nodes used by the Zerg Overmind to keep its minions in line. Immortal so long as their connection to the Overmind remained, and the Zerg couldn’t be defeated while they stayed alive. Only the dark energies of the Dark Templar could sever the link. After assisting, the Federation Captain my forces joined with a Dark Templar strike team. We would kill the cerebrate of the brood which had just expended itself in the last attack, warp entry expected in minutes.
When we arrived the Zerg response was instant, but so was our action. Shuttles with Corsair escort deployed to the badlands in which the Cerabrate had made its base, and our fleet engaged their aerial force. Carriers deployed their interceptor contingents and scouts engaged the largest targets, our arbiter kept kept a significant portion of the Zerg force in Stasis, everything ran like clockwork. As more shuttles reached the planet surface and began deploying probes, I could only hope things would go as well on the ground as they were here.
Normally I would prefer to follow protocol and purify the planet, but killing a Cerebrate was more important, the effects of turning a brood feral couldn’t be predicted with any accuracy, but the worst case was that another Cerebrate would take control, and we would be back at square one. Best case the Zerg would redirect forces to kill the rogue brood, and the dozens of worlds they had invaded would find some respite.
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2023.03.20 15:55 ryudo6850 Arena / Guild War Defense & Attack Poll

I've been considering building a document / sheet that will be based on what I've seen work against these Arena & Guild War defenses, what I've used, and what friends have used. I will start with the Guild War side of things with the obvious meta defenses. I will try some RGB options as I can, but note I don't want to tank my guild war record with extremely sus teams in the season.
My goal will eventually be to assign #1/#2/#3 priority team option. With a brief description of how team #1 works and needed artifacts to make it work. I will also try and find a way to obtain user input that will enable people to enter what they have successfully used. (Sadly this would likely force the creation of an interactive website with a ranking system... that may be a project someone else has to tackle.)
Why would I want to do this? No reason in particular aside maybe forcing people change their defenses once people realize they even lower rank guilds can use these cookie cutter teams to beat them.
With this in mind, if you would like to see this happen let me know by responding yes in the poll. If you feel it won't help, respond with no, and feel free to elaborate below. Yes, I'm aware that people were using that fribbles meta tracker for a bit, but after working in Education you realize people don't like to use critical thinking. This helps stave off the need for big brain thinking, following basic instructions, and have a break down of why the team works. Also, attack history doesn't seem to help people as sometimes they won't even know how/why the team works or even worse... not realize the defense was different when those other people attacked.
Last, let me know, as a comment below, what you think the best visual format would be like.
Draft Sample:

View Poll
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2023.03.20 15:49 Cranyx When the porn parody becomes canon

When the porn parody becomes canon submitted by Cranyx to dccomicscirclejerk [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 15:47 Fang356 My first Subclass: Oath of Ashes

Hey all, I’m a DM for about three years now, I really enjoy it and have him brewed a lot of monsters and things but I have not ever done a subclass. It’s going to require play testing, but I made my first paladin subclass: The Oath of Ashes. I spent some time working on it and I think it’s balanced? But I would like to ask your opinions before I offer it to my players. Let me know what you think!
I hope it’s not too much text, couldn’t figure out how to make it a doc for y’all.
All feedback is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
The Oath of Ashes
The Oath of Ashes calls to paladins who seek purification and rejuvenation through flame. you can use flame to establish order and life or you can use it to cause anarchy and chaos. It is a fine line for one to skate. However, a knight if ash knows they’re calling and knows to try and help those in need by what ever means possible. Sometimes called phoenix knights or flame will, those who swear this oath gather into orders that serve gods or philosophies of fire, war and well-ordered might.
(I stole this but from conquest to allow a dark twist on it if one of my players wants to, makes sense to… order and fire and evil leading you to the nine hells) Some of the darker paladins in this order go so far as to consort with the powers of the Nine Hells, valuing the rule of law over the balm of mercy. The archdevil Bel, warlord of Avernus, counts many of these paladins — called hell knights — as his most ardent supporters. Hell knights cover their armor with trophies taken from fallen enemies, a grim warning to any who dare oppose them and the decrees of their lords. These knights are often most fiercely resisted by other paladins of this oath, who believe that the hell knights have wandered too far into darkness.
A paladin who takes this oath has the tenets of ash seared on their body.
Flame of Justice and Might. You must use the power of fire to bring justice to the world. As a paladin of the Oath of Ashes, you cannot tolerate those who spread lies and destruction. You must use your flame to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.
The Phoenix’s Rebirth.You must understand that fire can be a force of destruction, but it can also bring new life and hope. As a paladin of the Oath of Ashes, you must use your flame to cleanse the world of corruption and decay. You must work to bring renewal and rebirth to all those who suffer.
The Balance of Fire and Ash.You must maintain the delicate balance between destruction and creation. Fire and ash are two sides of the same coin, and you must use your knowledge of both to nurture new growth and create a better future. As a paladin of the Oath of Ashes, you must use your power wisely and with compassion, always remembering the importance of both destruction and creation.
Spell list:
Oath of Ashes Spells
Paladin Level Spells
3rd burning hands, faerie fire
5th flame blade, flaming sphere
9th fireball, spirit guardians
13th fire shield, wall of fire
17th flame strike, reincarnate
Channel divinity:
When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.
Armor of Ash. As an action, your armor becomes wreathed in fire. For the next minute, your armor lights on fire. you shed bright light for 20 feet and dim light for an additional 20. You gain 1d6 plus your level in this subclass of temporary hit points. Additionally, when ever you are hit by a melee attack by someone within 5ft of you they take 1d6 fire damage.
Vow of Purification - As a bonus action, you can evoke the flame burning with in you. Any fire damage you deal this for the next minute is radiant damage instead.
Level 7 feature:
Aura of Warding Flames
By 7th level, your focus on creating purity through flame has allowed you to control fire. You and any ally in your aura gain resistance to fire damage.
Level 15 feature:
Soul of a Phoenix
Starting at 15th level, the Soul of the Phoenix grows inside you. When you drop to 0 hit points, the flame with in you burns bright for one final time. You immediately stand back up with one hit dice plus you constitution modifier. You can use this once per a long rest.
Level 20 feature:
Birth of a Phoenix
At 20th level, you can assume the form of a Pheonix. Using your action, you undergo a transformation. For 1 hour, you gain the following benefits:
Wings of fire sprout from your back and grant you a flying speed of 60 feet. Additionally, you shed bright light for 60 feet and dim light for another 60 You emanate an aura of fire in a 30-foot radius. The first time any enemy creature enters the aura or starts its turn there during a battle, the creature must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or become consumed by flame. On a failed save, enemies take 2d12 fire damage. Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.
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2023.03.20 15:38 KatyG9 The Prioress and the wedding website

And here she strikes again!
Out of the blue, the Prioress sent me the link to my brother's newly created wedding website. Mind you, she did this before either the bride or groom could PM me. Well, what's new?
DH and I took a look, out of curiosity and because we hoped the soon to be weds would have posted some hints on their wedding registry. We're not going to attend (see previous posts) but we have long planned on helping my brother and FSIL with getting started out.
Well while clicking around, we got to the part of the website announcing the wedding party and hosts. Not surprisingly the wedding will be hosted by the couple's respective parents. In the short write up for the groom's parents, the Prioress and JNDad announced that my brother and FSIL have promised to spend Sunday mass and lunch with them.
This is such a weird flex, even for a culture wherein weekends with parents/grandparents/extended fam are almost mandatory. As far as I know, FSIL's parents haven't asked for a similar arrangement (like Saturday meetups or Sunday dinner), so this announcement was unusual to post on a wedding website.
I asked DH, "Okay looks like these two want weekly lunch. Now how often do you want to bring LO around them -- given that your parents aren't in town?"
DH frowned and said "Once a month." Which works fine for me since weekends are the only times we can do chores/errands, and get in some wall climbing.
I am facepalming at this development, dreading that the Prioress will once again ask me to attend the wedding on my due date/week, and cringing that it looks like my brother and FSIL will have a way to go when getting independent from both sets of parents.
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2023.03.20 15:34 Delicious_Trifle7765 Can I have some feedback so I can improve? Wrote this bc im bored.

After running and swinging his sword endlessly to fight off the endless hordes of the Hungry, the Terrarian grew tired and drank his very last potion of healing in order to survive. He stood there for a few more seconds before he was forced to run away and hack his way yet again as the angered Wall of Flesh swiped its way through the underworld to reach him. More and more of the Hungry started to outrun the Terrarian and ambush him. The Terrarian used his Magic Missle and killed all the Hungry that stood in his way.
As he ran further and further while dealing heavy blows on the Wall of Flesh, the platform he built was gradually getting shorter and shorter. He was running out of solid ground, and he grew closer towards the edge of the world. The Terrarian pulled out his magic mirror and used it to take a look at the Wall of Flesh. He smiled. It was on the verge of death! But, even at its dying state, the Wall grew even faster and faster as it charges towards him. There is no going back now. He can no longer outrun it as he, too, is also in front of death's door. With his HP running low, he pulled out his Sunfury from his belt and prepared to strike. Suddenly, a hellbat appeared in front of him and charged towards him. In desperation, the Terrarian swung at the hellbat and killed it, but the Wall of Flesh was already behind him, close enough reach him and finish him off. The Terrarian immediately turned towards the Wall of Flesh and swung the Sunfury's mighty spiked ball towards its many eyes. The Wall of Flesh screamed in pain before it exploded into bits.
The Terrarian fell to the ground, amazed at what he was able to pull off. The Terrarian was breathing heavily and started to laugh. He could not believe that worked! The Terrarian laid on the ground, happy and laughing hysterically as he had yet again defeated one of the world's greatest threats after so many attempts. The Terrarian immediately got up after a short rest and collected his rightful reward, locked away behind a box made of demonite. He then used his magic mirror to go back home. But, before he could even get the slightest bit of fresh air after spending so much time in the underworld, a message popped out in front of him.
"The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released."
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2023.03.20 15:33 Matthew789_17 No it fucking didn't

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2023.03.20 15:32 ghostgabe81 Respect the Godzilla Family (Godzilla Neo)

Godzilla Neo is a series of fanart and fanfiction by artist and writer Matt Frank. The goal of the series is to create a cohesive timeline that includes (almost) every Godzilla movie, as well as comics and games. The series contains several incarnations of Godzilla, as well as many monsters derived from his DNA that could be considered extended family. This thread will cover them.
Kaiju Threat Level Explanation.
This is taken from the Godzilla Fanon Wiki. While it seems to be written by Frank, I cannot confirm this. It's the only explanation of the threat levels that I can find, so take it with a grain of salt.

The Godzillas


A therapod dinosaur that lived in what is now Southeast Asia, several Godzillasaurs survived the extinction brought about by the battle between King Ghidorah and Gigamoth. By the 1950s a pair of brothers were living on Lagos Island where they were mutated by the Castle Bravo nuclear tests, becoming Godzillas I and II.
Statements of Power

Godzilla I, the standard Godzilla

In 1954, the first Godzilla appeared on Odo Island and eventually attacked Tokyo, only to be killed by Dr. Serizawa's Oxygen Destroyer. His awakening started the modern Age of Monsters.
The initial Godzilla Bio covers all 4 "main" Godzillas in the series. Feats from that Bio should apply to Godzillas II-IV as well.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Godzilla II

The sibling of Godzilla I, this Godzilla appeared a year later in a battle with Anguirus. He became the most prolific of the Godzillas, spending almost 40 years rampaging and fighting countless other Kaiju. He died in Tokyo in 1995.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Burning Godzilla

A Mutated form of Godzilla II, who's increased power would lead to his own death. Fought Destoroyah in 1995

Godzilla III, Godzilla Junior

Hatched from an egg in 1993, Junior was adopted as Godzilla II's son and grew fast. After being killed by Destoroyah in 1995, the radiation from Godzilla II's meltdown was absorbed by his body, reviving him and mutating him into a full grown Godzilla. He fought a number of kaiju before dropping off the map in 2013, presumed dead due to injuries from a battle.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Godzilla IV, Ghost Godzilla

The reborn original Godzilla, grown from the skeleton used in Kiryu. He attacked Japan in 2004 but was stopped and contained in Antarctica, only to be released to combat the Kilaak invasion 50 years later.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Legendary Godzilla

An ancient ancestor to Godzillasaurus called Gojirasaurus Prodigious, it hibernates for millennia at a time into the modern day. It awoke to fight the Shinomura, introducing the world to Titan Class Kaiju

Shin Godzilla

The result of an American experiment to grow controllable, weaponized Kaiju, this Godzilla-like creature was released into Tokyo Bay by the scientist who created him after becoming disillusioned with both America and Japan. After a long rampage it was contained by G-Force.
Larval Form
Final Form

Super Godzilla

After Godzilla IV was put into a coma after defeating Kaiser Ghidorah, he was revived using the Amulet of Orochi to save the planet from the threat of Bagan. He eventually proved to be the last monster standing on Earth, and peacefully left to go back to the sea.

Extended Family


A chimera of Gojiran, plant and Godzilla DNA. She is the first of many Kaiju created from Godzilla's C-Cells, who migrated into space after several battles with Godzilla.


An alien made of crystals and energy, Spacegodzilla formed a new physical body from the DNA of Godzilla Junior. He was banished to another dimension after trying to kill Godzilla and conquer the planet, and later made a bid to escape during 2007's Crystal Incursion.
Crystal Form
Gojiran Form
Evolved Form


A kaiju who was mistaken for Godzilla when it invaded New York city to build a nest. The creature was killed, but one of its eggs survived and befriended several humans when it hatched. Later revealed to be a marine iguana mutated by G-Cells.
Statements of Power
Radioactive Fire
Other Abilities

G-Cell Mutations

A group of several kaiju with DNA strangely similar to Godzilla's. It was discovered that they, along with Zilla, are the result of secret French experiments with G-Cells, creating five new kaiju that escaped containment.
El Gusano


A fusion of Millenian Consciousness with G-Cells, creating mutated alien creature. It tried to consume Godzilla III in order to fully clone itself into him but was killed in the process.
Gojiran Hybrid


The Meganula were a species of insect genetically engineered by the Millenians shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs. After an experimental weapon brought some to the present, they harvested Godzilla III's power and DNA to mutate their Queen, creating Megaguirus. Fought Godzilla but was defeated when Rodan helped him, and was moved to Monster Island.


A cyborg built around the bones of Godzilla I to fight Godzilla III. Kiryu's hardware and software both ran off of the ingrained abilities of Godzilla's body, causing the kaiju to reawaken within the cyborg several times. It eventually became Godzilla IV after going AWOL.


The single most powerful kaiju in existence, created as a superior successor to King Ghidorah by an alien death cult. A chimera of Godzilla, Ghidorah, and the Orochi-spawn Jyarumu and Balkzardan, he was finally defeated by the combined forces of Super Godzilla, Gigamoth and Mecha-King Ghidorah.
Larval Form
Final Form
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2023.03.20 15:30 thenormaldude The Beginner Box: A DnD 5e GM's Experience, Part 1

Long time DnD player and a long-time DM/GM, I checked out Pathfinder 2e during the OGL debacle and loved what I saw. So I got a couple friends together and started the Beginner's Box to learn the ropes. We cleared the first floor, and it is working GREAT as a tutorial to the system! I thought I'd share my thoughts in case anyone - especially converts from 5e - were curious about running the Beginner's Box.
I'll give an overall impression and then go room by room in case anyone is interested in the nitty-gritty details.
The best thing about the Beginner's Box adventure, IMO, is how it introduces mechanics slowly. My players are well-ingrained into 5e, one of them only ever playing 5e before, and so there was a bit of un-learning to do. We had a fighter and a rogue, and the rogue wasn't sure how to get their sneak attacks. But once the kobolds in room 7 flanked the rogue and got her flat-footed, it clicked for her. She understood that any time any enemy is flat-footed, she can sneak attack.
The adventure also makes great use of the knowledge skill and teaches them about critical failures, and how dangerous and interesting the can be. In room 10, Abadar's Vault - which they accessed by solving the puzzle (more on that in the room details) - the fighter critically failed his crafting check on the lever to activate the trap and incorrectly determined that it was a switch to activate a trap on them in the room - so don't pull it! The rogue also tried and got a nat 1, so she got the same incorrect information. But she remembered she has the halfling luck feat! So she rolled again and succeeded on the check. (I forgot to do these checks secretly, but it still taught them the mechanic well).
The WORST thing, in my opinion, about the Beginner's Box adventure is that it has no social interactions or roleplaying. It's GREAT for teaching them the combat and exploration mechanics. But a player who really wants to roleplay will be turned off, and none of the players will learn about any of the social mechanics. Which is a bummer, especially because Pathfinder 2e has more concrete social mechanics than DnD 5e. I really like the balance it strikes between total RP and mechanics-heavy social encounters. It's still on the RP heavy side but there's at least SOME mechanics to grab onto with clear DCs and effects for Make an Impression. Compared to 5e's social mechanics, which are "Make a persuasion/deception/intimidate roll and then ???", it's a breath of fresh air. So a real bummer those weren't included.
Lastly, I think the adventure doesn't make as much logical sense as a regular adventure or adventure path would. The fighter kept getting totally thrown by how unlikely it was that this whole network of caves and rooms was right near the fishery's basement. He felt like it escalated SO quickly. He especially was thrown by the statue of Abadar and the riddle. What good reason would there be for this statue and riddle to be here? he asked. I don't think the adventure provides a good answer. And I get it, it's a tutorial, you have to give it some leeway. But I agree that it's a bit unlikely.
That being said, I think it's a suuuuper effective combat and exploration tutorial! If you have players that like dungeon crawls, this is a fantastic way to teach them how the system works. If they are pulled in more by RP, I'd suggest finding another adventure that has more of a balance of RP and combat. But as a GM, I was just BLOWN AWAY by the support the adventure has, how well laid out and clearly the adventure was written, and all the DCs that were provided. It covered basically anything the party could try. We're all really excited for the next floor!
Does anyone have any thoughts on what a good adventure for more RP focused group would be? Or a way to make the Beginner's Box more RP-heavy?
Okay, here's my room by room thoughts, for anyone who cares:
I hope this helps other DnD 5e GMs give Pathfinder 2e a try. Just superior adventure writing alone makes me want to just run PF2 from now on. And if I made any mistakes with the rules or any rulings you disagree with, let me know! I'm still learning the system myself.
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2023.03.20 15:22 dfgdf456dd Where To Watch Scream 6 Scream 6 Online For Free~

Scream VI Movies!! Here are options for downloading or watching Scream 6 streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch the Paramount Pictures horror movies at home. Is Scream VI 2023 available to stream? Is watching Scream 6 on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service. Watch Scream VI Online Streaming 720p, 1080p, and 4k.

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How to Watch Scream 6 for Free?release on a platform that offers a free trial. Our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online and refrain from using illegal means.

Where to Watch Scream 6?

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Will Scream 6 Be On Netflix?

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Can You Watch Scream 6 Free via Online Streaming?

The Scream franchise debuted in 1996, with a screenplay by Kevin Williamson (then best-known for creating Dawson’s Creek) and director Wes Craven, a lifelong horror fan who created the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The film was a huge commercial and critical success, bringing in almost $200 million at the box office worldwide, while helping to revive the “slasher film” genre (just see all the other horror films that were made after the success of Scream). The opening scene with Drew Barrymore remains one of the most memorable — and most-spoofed — scenes today.
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There are a few ways to watch Scream 6 online in the U.S. You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. You can also watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.

Scream 6 Cast and Characters

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Courtney Cox as Gale Weathers

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What is Scream VI about?

Scream VI is the third film of the series to be set outside the fictional town of Woodsboro, California, moving the location to New York City, and follows a new Ghostface who targets the surviving members of the “Woodsboro Legacy Attacks.”
Following the latest Ghostface killings, the four survivors leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter. In Scream VI, Melissa Barrera (“Sam Carpenter”), Jasmin Savoy Brown (“Mindy Meeks-Martin”), Mason Gooding (“Chad Meeks-Martin”), Jenna Ortega (“Tara Carpenter”), Hayden Panettiere (“Kirby Reed”) and Courteney Cox (“Gale Weathers”) return to their roles in the franchise alongside Jack Champion, Henry Czerny, Liana Liberato, Dermot Mulroney, Devyn Nekoda, Tony Revolori, Josh Segarra, and Samara Weaving. Asdfsfsfsdf
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2023.03.20 15:20 konathegreat Conservatives forcing MPs to vote on striking new foreign interference study

Conservatives forcing MPs to vote on striking new foreign interference study submitted by konathegreat to canada [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 15:15 rebelphoenix17 Skarner Rework should be more scorpion & more crystals

Searching for Skarner's Sting

The recent Skarner post got me thinking about how I would approach the Skarner update, and while I like some of the art they've showcased, ultimately I disagree with a good amount of the conclusions Riot has drawn.
To start they address some key problems Skarner has, all relating to his popularity (or lack there of). It's not at all surprising that Skarner is last in all of those surveys, he's a monster champion with a niche playstyle, that's spent most of his existence in relative obscurity and in a relatively weak balance state. And yet when Seraphine came out with lore implications contradictory to the ancient Skarner lore there was an uproar. For a time, people rallied with Skarner's story, only for him to drop back into obscurity when Riot didn't do anything with it. I don't think the thematic is a problem, I think the execution has just been poor.
Skarner is the crystal vanguard, but he doesn't really deliver on either pat of that title. A vanguard is the leading part of an army, but his lore has never had that feel to it. Dreamsong tells a story of Skarner, experience the strange loneliness after Clan Ferros mined the namestones. He chases after his lost kin, alone, not leading an advance. And for crystals we have a few things. His model is clearly crystalline, but is old and could use a a refresh. His spires are crystals, but they feel very separate from him, they are just there. Tacked on, a hold-over from Dominion. Then his W, his crystalline exoskeleton which shields him and.... makes him faster? I'm not surprised a lot of people don't really associate him with crystals when that's all we have that supposedly would.


That said, I think crystal scorpion is salvagable as a concept, if you make crystals a more active part of his identity, and not just the material his carapace is made out of.
  1. Tying the Brackern more closely to the earth is good, but that doesn't mean they can't be crystalline. Crystals are rock and are associated with the earth/stone archetype in fantasy already. In the context of earth magic, it is of a higher level, more pristine, powerful and difficult to master. The Ixtali masters weave stone with relative ease, but the Brackern control even crystal.
  2. Most scorpions are ambush predators. While fast, they tend to hide in burrows and quickly grab prey that wanders too close. The Brackern, and Skarner specifically should be territorial, building their nests and taking down whoever invades their territory.
  3. Skarner as a good-aligned hero, can still set out to save his kin from Piltover. Make him the vanguard. He is actually the one leading, while the remaining survivors trail after him. He doesn't need to be seeking vengeance for the hurt Piltover caused, he can simply be looking to safeguard his people. This can all be done in tandem with introducing ties to Ixaocan.


Northern Ixtal is a great location for the Brackern. Keeping them crystalline lets the Brackern remain distinct among Ixtal’s pre-existing earth elemental dragons, as well as Malphite. Having them be the first earth elementalists that taught the people of Runeterra is cool and I wouldn’t change it, but I also wouldn’t scrap their intersection with Piltover. Noxus and Piltover both have tried to plunder the jungle. Clan Ferros can still have found and mined crystals from the Brackern. Crystals that Skarner seeks to reclaim.
Being opposed to Piltover doesn't necessitate he be a mindless rampaging monster. He can still be a highly intelligent creature, a force of nature seeking to save and protect his kin, rather than out for blood and vengeance. The Piltovans are ignorant of their sin, and don't understand the force coming at them.
Picture this, "The great houses of Piltover delve deep into the jungle and return having found and mined a crystal of abundant magical power. Now the crystal valley is spreading, moving ever closer towards Piltover." From their perspective a literal geological site has suddenly started grinding its way towards them. The Ixtali understand the Brackern are moving solely to reclaim what was stolen and are torn in how to respond between their isolationism and their reverence/respect for the Brackern.


Here's a possible kit that draws from his current/past kits, but alters him in a way that makes him more thematically coherent. The numbers given are drawn from similar existing abilities in the game, but would obviously be subject to balance changes:
Passive: Crystallizing Venom: Every three autos Skarner strikes with his stinger, injecting venom into his target. Venom applies a 5% slow for 3 seconds and can stack up to ten times. Subsequent attacks refresh the slow duration.
Q: Crystal Slash: Skarner strikes in front of himself with his claws dealing physical damage. If he strikes an envenomed target he consumes the stacks to stun them and deal bonus magic damage. Stun duration scales with number of stacks consumed, from 0.5-1.5 seconds. Targets cannot be stunned more than once every few seconds.
W: Crystal Growth: Skarner causes crystals to grow rapidly on and around him, granting himself a shield, damaging nearby enemies and applying a stack of Crystallizing Venom.
E: Refractive Carapace: (Passive) Skarner’s carapace refracts light, allowing him to camouflage himself when staying still. Skarner gains a short (1.5s) burst of movement speed upon exiting stealth.
E: Crystal Spire: (Active) Skarner creates a crystal spire transforming the terrain around him and empowering him. While within range (800 unit radius, slightly bigger than Trundle W) of a spire Skarner gains the following benefits: can move while camouflaged. W has reduced cooldown. At rank 3 your passive applies on every other auto and at rank 5 it applies on every auto. The spire has HP which scales with ability rank and decays over 30s.
R: Riot’s proposed ult update, skill-shot AOE suppress and grab.
As far as balance goes, there’s plenty of levers here to work with. Spire HP/lifespan, slow strength/duration, stun duration, stun immunity duration, movespeed amp/duration, on top of the usual spell CDs and cost. There’s also other little tie-ins or adjustments that could be added for example casting W could also shields/heals the spire, you could deal bonus damage to stun-immune targets, or his venom could also have an actual damage # to go along with it.
This changes Skarner in a couple of major ways. First and foremost, stealth. I wanted to find a way to utilize stealth in his kit because scorpions in real life utilize camouflage, and the idea of crystals refracting light to hide fits. We also don’t have any stealth mechanics on current tanks (the closest comparisons being Wukong and Viego), so finding a way to introduce that is particularly compelling.
Letting him move while near his Spire makes him a territorial ambush champion, an exception zone controller and counter-engage champion. He retains some ability to sprint at a target to ult but works better when they approach his territory. His goal is to draw you I and make it hard for you to leave.
The 6 fixed spires on the map have a lot of problems. They feel oddly tacked on to his kit to give him power, disjointed from the champion by just being permanent terrain features. Changing them into something he creates not only adds a way to demonstrate his elemental magic, but they also feel more connected to him. Similarly extending his shield to grow crystals around him is more in line with crystals as a refined earth-shaping magic. Most importantly he gets to choose where to build his territory now, letting him bring the crystal terrain into lanes for ganks (or laning). Letting them be destroyable terrain I find far more interesting than the current capture mechanic. If you can destroy the spire it takes a decent chunk of power away from Skarner, creating a window where he’s much less sticky and less durable, rather than live where you often just get 30g and momentary vision. It also gives a nice nod to the Piltovan lore about mining the crystal veins, during which they certainly destroyed many crystal spires.
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2023.03.20 15:13 TheAbbadon AITA for arguing with my oldest friend because he always avoids doing things he doesn't care about?

Quick backstory, both 24M, knowing each others for more than 20 years, close friends for 10 or more.
We used to do things we both enjoyed, but even back then he avoided activities I like and he doesn't. We usually do things we both enjoy or activities he likes.
He used to have some kind of social anxiety (he avoided therapy cause "weed is better") and we used to spent time together at his house or very rarely going out near his place.
I kinda got tired of this. It's fun or better said, it was fun until I got bored of this. His gf ended their relationship and they had a bad break-up and he suddenly messaged me about going out doing things I like. That was 5,6 months ago. We had plans on walking around, visiting things and shit like that, but he kind of refused anything like that at last moment because he had a gym session. For context, it was a place I wanted to visit for a while (1-2 years) but kinda needing a car (2h drive) and never got around to visit.
We had a fight about it and I let it go because he wasn't in a good mental state and spent all his energy with his boxing/gym time. That was the first strike. He's convinced I'm the asshole for making a big thing out of this when he's depressed.
The second was when we talked about going out but he cancelled it last second (or worse, he called me around half an hour from when we should have meet) to tell me he went to see one of his ex's to fuck.
Today we had a pretty serious discussion about everything and how I don't like doing everytime activities he like and I don't when the reverse isn't true.
For context, what I wanted was a 1h walk (sunny outside, great weather) to take some pictures of a place. His only argument is that he doesn't like walking (but likes his walks around other places).
Am I the asshole for trying to force him participate in activities he doesn't enjoy? Would I be an asshole if I refuse to do anything I don't enjoy?
submitted by TheAbbadon to AmItheAsshole [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 15:12 AuthorRKeene [The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter One (collaboration with u/hydrael)

[The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter One (collaboration with u/hydrael)

The Primeval Apocalypse by Robert Keene and Alex Raizman
Cover Image Robert's Published Books Hydrael's Published Books Robert's Patreon Hydrael's Patreon Get updates on Discord!
Start Here (Prologue) Next
In nature, only the strong are supposed to survive.
In defiance of all odds, I did too.
For now.
Six months after the apocalypse, I was still alive and kicking. A big part of that was the same way I survived the civilized world before the apocalypse. Finding a job that needed doing—and one that everyone else hated—and doing it very well.
As soon as you’re doing dirty work that nobody else wants, the people who want that work done will realize that your continued survival is in their best interest and they’ll take care of you. It just turned out in a world without retail shops, the dirty work that nobody else wanted was to act as a big stupid diversion.
And, like everything else in life, being a diversion is just a primitive, degenerate form of customer service. The customers now were the raiders who needed the enemy guards drawn away from their farms, and the service was now hurtling myself into danger as noisily as possible.
I’d split off from the raiding party just under an hour ago, arriving at the far side of the enemy village just before designated go time. Without any ability to communicate, the sign for their infiltration would be the alarm that would go out when I made my presence known.
Technically, I could start now, but I knew better. A single person moved through the forest far better than a group. Especially the specific group in question.
Nothing against Rebecca. She’d been great to hang out with between missions. But when a task involves overland travel, Rebecca’s a liability.
The forest around me was not at all what I was expecting before the apocalypse came and dumped me into it. From the message right before everything hit the proverbial fan, I’d expected that we were getting dumped into the Jurassic period, full of dinosaurs and palm trees and tropical ferns.
Obviously, with hindsight, that was an expectation driven by depictions of prehistory through the lens of cartoons, and not grounded in fact.
Instead, I was standing in the middle of an old growth pine forest, with trees that were dozens of feet around and stretching up too high to track from the ground. The interwoven canopy above simply did not let enough light reach the ground for foliage to grow here. The only things that survived were fungus, moss, and lichens.
Things that could endure the lightless existence.
Up ahead was different, though. A dense explosion of green. Light poured in from a gap in the forest canopy, feeding shrubs, bushes, and other plants that would starve anywhere else in this forest. Bright green foliage was interrupted here and there with bulging bunches of berries. Clumps of leaves sprouting from the dirt promised tuberous vegetables in the ground beneath.
The huge lump of greenery looked like a giant hill in the light covered with a natural bounty. I knew better. That veritable Garden of Eden had been birthed on the back of an enormous stump.
And someone had cut down this tree with purpose.
Someone had cultivated what grew from the stump.
Someone had worked tirelessly in the forest canopy to ensure that the window of light remained open to keep this mixed crop growing and healthy.
These cutout gardens were all through the forest here, surrounding the enemy settlement.
I could probably sneak up and grab a handful of berries without issue. I might even be able to dig out a few tubers and herbs and fire-roast myself a meal to last through the night.
But the guards would respond too quickly.
I could see three of them from here. A pair on patrol, passing by as they went between the various garden stumps. There was another amidst the foliage, carefully picking weeds out from around the base of the largest berry bush. Hunched-over and hairy, the farmer looked more like the creature the enemy resembled, where the guards—alert and walking upright—could pass for humans at a far enough distance.
They were enormous mandrills. Old-world primate from the world before the old world. Hairy and muscular, they had red noses flanked by blue-white ridges. They were larger and more heavily-built than the mandrills I remembered, their size and behavior marking them as a semi-civilized people rather than just big angry monkeys.
I would see their town soon enough, but even from here, they were clearly more than animals. They moved with calm and disciplined purpose, and while most of their modesty was preserved by their dense fur, they wore dyed loincloths to cover their lower bodies while retaining the bright colors that were usually a sign of strength, health, and desirability as mates among their species.
With their natural advantages and strong foothold in this primeval world, the mandrills had proven to be the greatest threat to human lives, even next to disease, starvation, and the other monstrous natural threats. The mandrills’ dark brown fur would let them blend in with the trees of the forest to be near-invisible, were it not for the colorful ornamentation on their faces and rear ends.
These three nearby were taller than me, but only by a handful of inches. As expected, this close to the settlement, they were the mandrill women. The men were usually over seven feet tall, and much more brightly colored. Rather than protecting the town and managing the farmwork, the men roamed the wilderness in gangs, acting as satellite patrols keeping threats at bay.
I was far too close to town now to worry about them.
The only men I was likely to see would be juveniles. Children too young to be far from their mothers.
Well, them, and also the alpha.
I gritted my teeth and remained silent as the guards walked by. Patience was a virtue, even in this dangerous world. I needed more time before raising a stink and drawing the Mandril guards to me. My friends were unlikely to be in position yet.
Not slowed down as they were by their numbers.
And Rebecca.
I checked my status menu, and the system that had kicked this whole mess off filled me in on my current details. Normally I wouldn’t read the entire screen of information, but in my nervous state, the familiar numbers helped to soothe away my worries for the upcoming mission and remind me how far I’ve come.
How many times I’ve done this before.
Colin Richardson Level 4 Marauder Status effect: Hide In Plain Sight
HP: 472/472 MP: 0/0 SP: 60/110
STR: 16 CON: 18 DEX: 13 AGI: 16 INT: 10 WIS: 8
Class: Marauder Subclass: Unlocked at level 5 Marauder is a tank/DPS hybrid basic class adept at both surviving in the thick of combat and dishing out damage. Versatile, yet focused, its class skills include nearly all weapons and armor, but only a smattering of non-combat skills.
[Class Abilities]
Fierce (Passive): Deal 10% more damage with melee attacks.
Durable (Passive): Your max HP is increased by 10%.
Second Wind (90 second cooldown, 3 charges): Restore 10% of your HP instantly, and 15% of your HP over the next 15 seconds.
Enrage (120 second cooldown): For the next 66 seconds, your damage done is increased by 30%.
Last Stand (Passive): While below 20% HP, increase all defense ratings by 50%.
Maul (30 second cooldown): Your next melee weapon attack inflicts the Maul effect on the target and all enemies in 5 yards around them, dealing 5% weapon damage per second for 6 seconds. Dealing melee damage to enemies with Maul active extends the duration of the effect by 6 more seconds.
Intuition (Passive): Chance to dodge/block/parry attacks by enemies you can sense is increased by 5%.
Bloodbath (90 second cooldown): For the next 30 seconds, when dealing damage, 25% of the damage done is returned to you as health. Your damage dealt is increased by 5.0% while Bloodbath is active.
Skull Bash (30 second cooldown): Your next unarmed strike stuns the target for 0.75 seconds. Afterwards, take 20% reduced damage from all sources, and deal 10% increased damage for 2 seconds.
[Class Achievements]
Built To Resist IV: Take more than 150% of your HP in damage in 6 seconds and survive. Second Wind gains 2 additional charges. Reduce Second Wind’s cooldown by 10%.
Sustained Rage: Deal 100,000 damage while under the effect of Enrage (lifetime). Enrage gains a 10% duration increase.
Indestructible IV: Spend 120 minutes with Last Stand active (lifetime). The defense bonus of Last Stand is increased by 100%
Pig Sticker: Deal damage with Maul to four targets on the same system tick. Maul now affects an area around your primary target.
Bloodlust II: Recover 100% of your maximum HP over the course of a single use of Bloodbath. Deal 5.0% more damage while Bloodbath is active.
Third Eye: Block, dodge, or parry seven attacks in a row. Intuition increases your detection radius by 10%.
Thick Skulled II: Stun an enemy with Skull Bash during the cast time of a spell or ability 10 times. After using Skull Bash, take 20% reduced damage for 2 seconds.
Stunning Finisher: 5 enemies killed during Skull Bash’s stun effect. After using Skull Bash, deal 10% increased damage for 2 seconds.
Unarmed (Cross-class): 3
Sword: 4
Axe: 16
Spear: 8
Bow (Cross-class): 1
Club: 8
Block: 4
Parry: 16
Dodge: 18
Unarmored: 8
Light armor: 12
Medium armor: 6
Detection: 18
Stealth (Cross-Class): 9
Athletics: 16
Acrobatics: 16
Simple Crafting (Cross-Class): 8
Crafting (Alchemy) (Cross-Class): 8
Crafting (Cooking): 4
Use Rope (Cross-Class): 10
Climb: 8
Swim: 6
Ride: 3
Survival: 18
Intuit North (Cross-Class): 8
Harvesting (Cross-Class): 8
Excavation: 2
Skinning (Cross-Class): 4
Butchering: 12
[Skill Achievements]
Stronger than the Self (Axe): Deal more than your maximum hit points in damage in under 120 seconds while wielding Axes. Deal 10% more damage with axes.
Line of Attack: Parry 1,000 attacks (Lifetime). Gain Defensive Stance (Active, Toggle) to increase your parry skill by 20% while reducing your weapon skill by 20%.
Sight Unseen: Succeed on a Stealth check. Gain Hide In Plain Sight (Active, Toggle) to use Stealth skill when there are no shadows or cover.
Lost and Found V: Fail a Stealth check by 50 points or more. When failing a Stealth check by 25 or less, reroll and take the new result.
Blind Sentinel: Succeed on a Detection check while one of your senses is disabled. Increase detection radius by 10%.
Sentry II: Succeed on Detection checks against hostile beings 50 times (Lifetime). Increase detection radius by 20%.
Marathon: Travel 1,000 feet while at 0 Stamina (Lifetime). Increase Stamina Points by 10%, Athletics checks consume 10% reduced Stamina Points.
Freefall VIII: Fall 8,000 feet (Lifetime). Fall 80% farther before an Acrobatics check is required to avoid fall damage.
Tastes Bad: Discover an Alchemical Property by eating raw ingredients. When failing a Crafting (Alchemy) check to discern Alchemical Properties, you may reroll the check once per day without consuming the ingredient.
Gaoler II: Restrain living beings with rope 100 times (Lifetime). When an enemy succeeds on a check to escape bindings you have tied, force them to reroll and take the new result. When an enemy you have bound breaks free, you are notified as long as you are within 30 yards.
Green Teeth III: Survive on foliage only for 3 days. Survival skill is increased by 30% to identify edible plants.
Head: Antler Cap DEF: 10 +1 CON +2 Survival
Body: Leather Vest DEF: 10 +1 CON +2 Survival
Hands: Clawed Gloves of Strength DEF: 5 +2 STR +2 Climb
Legs: Leather Leggings DEF: 5 +1 AGI +2 Dodge
Feet: Reed Sandals DEF: 2 +1 AGI +2 Stealth
Adornment: Fang Necklace +2 Detection
Adornment: Thick Hide Bracer DEF: 5
Weapon: Crude Handaxe DAM: 10 DEL: 15
Offhand: Crude Handaxe DAM: 10 DEL:15
In the corner of my mind, my Journal screen kept me reminded of my current quests. The quests were auto-generated by a system that seemed to be only barely sentient, so most of them were half-baked tutorials for systems I had no interest in. Trying to teach me random crap about metalcraft and carpentry even though I had neither the skills nor the tools to engage with them. Those had all been marked to hide, and silenced for the foreseeable future.
Only two remained active.
Reach Level 5 Completing objectives, overcoming challenges, and defeating powerful foes will gain you experience points to increase your level. At level 5 you will unlock: Choose A Subclass.
Milk Run XXCVIII (Shared with Party) Hamlet Jamestown is running low on food. Locate and donate at least 50 lbs of food to avert this crisis.
I could almost sense the guards’ Observation checks bouncing off my Stealth skill as I crouched at the base of a skyscraper-like tree just a few yards off their patrol route. Any move I made to get to more secure cover would give them a bonus to their checks, but I could just wait for them to pass me by. One of them hesitated, causing me to hold my breath, but she just snaked a hand out to sneak a berry off of the garden and pop it into her mouth before moving on.
They made their way out of view to my right around the next giant pine tree just a few moments later, opening the narrow window I’d need to rush through.
It would take under a minute for the next patrol to emerge from the forest to the left.
Creeping forward, I gave the farmer as wide a berth as I could, careful to avoid shuffling my feet on the thick carpet of brown pine needles beneath me.
Soon it wouldn’t matter if my friends were in position or not. As I passed the farmer and moved towards where I knew the Mandril settlement would be, the clock had started. It was only a matter of time before someone—or something—succeeded on the Observation check to spot me.
Of course, that simply meant that the stage was set. As soon as the alarm went up, it was showtime.
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2023.03.20 15:12 Supremelos203 Where do we go from here?

Apocalypse has been released, now what? This isn’t a complaining post, but genuinely a, where do we go from here? I’ve been with this game since almost the beginning, left for a couple months, then came back when hella was released… everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I don’t think the apocalypse release method helped with the game’s longevity. The back to back events, with absolutely 💩 rewards, the kraken events, the events that lead into other events, the gold disappearing in so many places, I know the whole point is to piss off the player base to spend money but Jesus. Does anyone remember when we had events that were completable through some grinding? One of my favorite events to date had to be the chimichanga event from idk maybe 2018? Can’t remember off the top of my head, but it was simple and fun back then lol… scopely, maybe I’m smooth brained, but it would have been in everyone’s best interest to allow players to actually enjoy the game. The more fun someone is having, means the more they will spend on the game. When you make it nearly impossible to reach certain milestones/personal objectives, people say screw it and stop trying. I used to spend way too much on this game but stopped, because why lol what’s the point. You’re not offering me anything that will stay once the servers are shut down and the doors close, that could be 4 months from now or 7 years from now, in the end, it’s just a sink hole for players pocket. Anywho, I hope they clean up their acts at least a little bit. I’d hate to see this game go down the toilet. Who knows, maybe it’ll become fun again one day lol make marvel strike force fun again PLEASE
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2023.03.20 15:08 GilbertsGarbage I know very little about space marines. But I love chonky marines. Need some feedback on a casual chonk list.

I don’t really care if this is super meta, but is there some do’s and don’ts for some of the units below? I just really want to run a chonk marine army. Planning on blood ravens, don’t know what rules I going to give them, any recommendations?
++ Arks of Omen Detachment (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Ultramarines) [131 PL, 1,995pts, 4CP] ++
+ Configuration +
***Chapter Selector:* Blood Ravens, Ultramarines Successor
Arks of Omen Compulsory Type: Elites
Battle Size [6CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Game Type: 5. Chapter Approved: Arks of Omen
+ HQ +
Chaplain in Terminator Armour [6 PL, 85pts]: 6. Canticle of Hate (Aura), Combi-melta, Litany of Hate (Aura)
Gabriel Angelos [8 PL, 150pts]
Librarian in Terminator Armour [7 PL, 115pts, -2CP]: 1) Veil of Time, 2) Might of Heroes, 3) Null Zone (Aura), Chapter Command: Chief Librarian, Force axe, Neural Shroud, Psychic Mastery, Stratagem: Relic, Stratagem: Warlord Trait, Warlord
Librarian in Terminator Armour [6 PL, 95pts]: 2) Might of Heroes, 6) Psychic Fortress (Aura), Force axe
+ Elites +
Centurion Assault Squad [18 PL, 240pts]
. Centurion: Centurion Assault Launchers
. . Meltaguns
. Centurion: Centurion Assault Launchers
. . Meltaguns
. Centurion: Centurion Assault Launchers
. . Meltaguns
. Centurion Sergeant: Centurion Assault Launchers
. . Meltaguns
Dreadnought [7 PL, 120pts]: Heavy plasma cannon, Missile launcher
Ironclad Dreadnought [8 PL, 135pts]: Dreadnought chainfist, 2x Hunter-killer missile, Ironclad Assault Launchers, Meltagun
. Ironclad combat weapon w/ storm bolter
Terminator Assault Squad [9 PL, 165pts]
. Assault Terminator Sergeant
. . Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
. 4x Assault Terminator w/THSS: 4x Storm shield, 4x Thunder hammer
Terminator Squad [9 PL, 165pts]
. Terminator Sergeant
. Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Assault cannon, Power fist
. 3x Terminator w/ Power fist: 3x Power fist, 3x Storm bolter
Terminator Squad [9 PL, 165pts]
. Terminator Sergeant
. Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Power fist
. . Cyclone Missile Launcher and Storm Bolter
. 3x Terminator w/ Power fist: 3x Power fist, 3x Storm bolter
+ Heavy Support +
Centurion Devastator Squad [22 PL, 280pts]
. Centurion: Grav-cannon, Hurricane bolter
. Centurion: Grav-cannon, Hurricane bolter
. Centurion: Grav-cannon, Hurricane bolter
. Centurion Sergeant: Grav-cannon, Hurricane bolter
Centurion Devastator Squad [22 PL, 280pts]
. Centurion: Grav-cannon, Hurricane bolter
. Centurion: Grav-cannon, Hurricane bolter
. Centurion: Grav-cannon, Hurricane bolter
. Centurion Sergeant: Grav-cannon, Hurricane bolter
++ Total: [131 PL, 4CP, 1,995pts] ++
Created with BattleScribe
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2023.03.20 15:07 eating_raspberry_pie I think I know what's going on now ~ psychological warfare, energetic manipulation, occult, and aliens

Okay so, I awoke after 20 years of being uninterested in spirituality, before I considered myself agnostic. Safe to say I went through absolute hell. But I’m confident in my intelligence. I only realized how smart I am 2 years after I graduated high school, finding a merit certificate in the closet saying I had the highest average in grade 12. At the time of graduation I didn't even bother to check what it was since I spent my whole life undervalued and undervaluing myself. 2 years later, I'm the smartest in the grade.
When I awoke, I was bombarded with voices telling me I was a God, deity, then that I was in a simulation, then that I create my own reality, without any external influences to make me believe so beforehand. What I got instead were signs, (most intensely online) that further tried to influence me into thinking so. Weird that I had no interest or belief in Gods beforehand, yet suddenly my own mind was telling me so. And that the narrative kept changing. On the other hand however, in nature, the signs I picked up on combated these voices, signing to me “No, you are not a god, but there's something going on.” I decided to stick with that.
I chose to not believe the voices, knowing that if something spiritual did exist, there must be a reason behind it, rather than simply choking it up to “the divine.” That's when shit really hit the fan. Derealization, depersonalization, and the voices got mean. Nothing I did warranted for my mind to make me think the things I did. I started to pick up on patterns within spiritual communities, psychosis and schizophrenia, and sorta connected the dots. I saw many people go manic with greed on instant gratification of some sort of "higher power" or driven insane by the voices.
So, I wanted to reject it, as "divinity" in the sense we understand it, is something I truly did not and don't believe myself. The voices really didn't like that.
Amongst the undistinguishable voices, there were those that I simply felt the energy of real people. Recurring instances, not just me jumping to conclusions once. Recurring "celebrities" whom I know from online, but not personally. Their personality came through, and that isn't something I could create myself. One guy that has been a real problem, I randomly got paired up to play a game of Marvel Snap with. That really surprised me, because before I was a fan of his music, but after the weird manipulation, I became suspicious. We communicated with stickers, me choosing a spiderman sticker for "spidey sense" after he won, him with thanos snapping. I determined that yeah, he must be doing some weird shit, probably sucked into the metaverse 5D ideology.
So, I determined the voices are people. Like, real consciousness. And if we can communicate telepathically (with energy) then we have potential to communicate with the dead, alive, and extraterrestrial. Good and bad. I had more than enough proof to decide this.
Then, that got me thinking about the weird manic phase I went through in the beginning, and how my behaviour changed. I would tend to believe the first phase was the "I can do anything" phase where something got me to think that way. Then, when I fought that and became weak, the voices really started and I acted less like myself and more out of control. I believe this was possession. After fighting these voices and intents, writing everything down, I experienced a strong ringing headache that happened periodically for a few days, then a very uncomfortable pulling or ripping sensation at my core. Then, it all went away.
“Metaphysics” is the science of energy. Mundane, explainable energy. Science. And if that's a real thing, then obviously those in power would use it to their advantage. MK Ultra, energetic manipulation, aliens, and working with dark energies seems to be the whole thing here on Earth. Possession seems to be huge for the forces that want to control. I can say that because I do believe I was possessed (and apparently exocized myself) and know what they tried to convince me of.
The main thing I want to express here is, there is good. Good spirit and good aliens. Because the entire time this was going on, I stuck to my own signs and intuition, trying my hardest not to take something at face value. Learned what were good and bad voices, what is me, and what is memory. And through that, I created a connection with lifeforms that actually want to help. Everyone can do this, it is just really fucking hard. And the voices make it that way, because it honestly can all sound the same and they know that.
Through this connection with other lifeforms, they guided me through family belongings and different webpages of ideologies, and I’ve found out my family has ties to freemasonry. I suddenly noticed all the weird recurring symbolism in their house, clothes and jewelry. I had absolutely no knowledge of freemasonry before this all happened, then was introduced to their weird motive to sacrifice and eat me through this strange symbolism (silver chalice with a spoon and fork found in my baby box that I've never seen before, amongst other things). After I started to catch on, I looked through my moms phone and found her openly admitting to her friend that her son and I were too cute as babies, and that's why they didn't eat us then. So, boom, my lineage has ties to occult.
Through this connection and my own thinking, I've pieced together what I believe is true. It is disgusting reality, but now I know. Elites and others use remote viewing (literally tapping into real, alive people's consciousness) to fulfil their gross desires (pedophilia, rape, manipulation). Society as we know it is used to indoctrinate and exploit us for our energy. The evil alien race that has us in a chokehold (Grays) simply want to harvest our energy and use our ability to feel in the process. Obviously, there is so much more, but I'm teetering on crazy here already. I just want to reach out to someone who might believe what I have to say, and see it as some kind of evidence. Also, as a way to escape the "matrix," because it is possible, and escaping the matrix means something that many can't really imagine unless told, or experiencing what I did.
If anyone is interested in what I've discovered through this process, feel free to ask in the replies on anything in particular. I'm more than happy to respond. Thanks for reading and good luck.
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2023.03.20 15:03 Fun-Walk-8420 Thinking about converting but have no way to access any information about anything

I come a strictly Christian family that has disowned a cousin for going to a Mormon church, so I have been forced to any outside religious research secretly. I went to high school with a couple Muslim girls in my class that I was sort of friends (I am girl as well) with and they were the ones who introduced me to the religion. I have never been comfortable with Christianity and learning about Muslim faith and religion made me realize I connected better with that than Christianity. But I have no way to familiarize myself with the religion. I now live on my own and am in a position to better discover my own religious identity and I don’t know where to start. What do I do, do I just Google it, what are real accurate websites where I could learn more about, how do I start the transition into being a different religion? I don’t know how to do this.
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