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2023.05.27 20:34 lukeigi_3 Why fast food mascots are dying.

Is it just me or does it seem like many famous fast food restaurants are no longer having mascots. This is something that has been happening for many huge fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell and many more have been discontinued.
Let’s start with McDonald’s who once had Ronald McDonald. He was created in the 60s to improve McDonald’s sales towards kids. Thought he really took off when McDonald land was introduced. Many years passed but in the early 2000s McDonald’s faced controversy for health issues and Ronald was part for advertising to kids. While he wasn’t discontinued due to that as he lasted a few more years he was eventually discontinued due to creepy clown videos on YouTube.
Another is the Burger King from the restaurant of the same name. He was with the company for a while being on the sign and used in commercials but in the 70s they introduced a version closer to what we know today who could do magic tricks to rival McDonald land. Eventually he was also discontinued and replaced by the kids club before they were discontinued. They reintroduced him in the late 2000s to promote there breakfast menu. But just recently they removed him from they’re marketing and if I had to guess it may have to do with there new marketing campaign.
It’s not like they are completely dead like there’s big boy from big boy the star from Carl’s JHardee’s and jollibee from jollibee but you get the picture. Also some companies don’t even have mascots like Starbucks,Panda Express,raising canes and many more
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2023.05.17 16:57 auglsatthrowaway T14 as Fast Food Chains

YLS - Starbucks: Questionable whether it even follows the mold of a "fast food chain", but it’s world-known, has a strong liberal tilt, and is strangely popular with academics and rich people. Bears a colorful history, but now tries to be more woke (while also disliking unions).
SLS - In-N-Out: Newer establishment and rapidly rising the ranks as "best fast food place”. Could it expand its presence and gain more renown? Probably. Will it? No. Many, especially East coasters, have never tried it and aren’t sure it exists. It’s never top of mind unless you’re from California.
Chicago - Chick-fil-A: One of the best, taste-wise, and somewhat underrated. You'd probably be more enthusiastic about it if the conservative reputation didn't put you a little at edge.
HLS - McDonald's: The most well-known and popular. You wanted it all the time as a kid, but as an adult, do you really still think it's the best? You go in thinking you'll be one of the exalted few to land a McRib, but realistically, you'll be yet another hamburger eater — just like the customers at every other fast food chain.
CLS - Burger King: Unjustifiably expensive at sticker, but the mailer coupons make it worth it. A fierce competitor in the fast food wars, but losing traction. Also, does anyone really see it winning against a juggernaut like McDonald's?
NYU - Wendy's: Has pretty much the same offerings as Burger King, but with less name recognition. People claim it has better vibes than Burger King, basing this off the sassy Twitter account and nothing else. Most still pick Burger King though, but for fries dipped in Frostys/ PI, it’s unparalleled.
Penn - Chipotle: A top place, but way more expensive than it should be. Your hunger gets satiated all the same but frankly, it feels like you're settling. Nobody goes out and says "hey man, let's get some Chipotle!" Also located in either an insanely upscale part of town or the seediest area you've ever been, sometimes simultaneously.
Duke - KFC: More liberal than the Colonel Sanders branding would suggest, despite its fair share of greasy chicken or greasy Duke Bros. It's seeing a recent revival from people discovering its great outcomes and spicy chicken sandwich.
UVA - Bojangles: Literally no one except those in the region have heard of Bojangles. The ones in the know, however, will go to bat for it.
Northwestern - Hardee's: Doesn’t get the hype of other chicken sandwich purveyors like Chik-Fil-A, but hey, that works for the Hardee’s people because the food is a lot cheaper. It gets the job done just as well!
Berkeley - Jack-In-The-Box: Everyone in CA says this is also pretty good. Not as good as In-N-Out, but definitely worth trying.
Michigan - Dunkin': Generally nice and unobjectionable. Nobody quite knows what they’re good for. Coffee? Donuts? I mean both are great when it's cold? They’re trying to be "different" like Starbucks, but people see it as a cheap knockoff
Cornell - Arby's: "Arby's has more roast beef than the other places, it’s literally #1!!" Correct. Now try to find a good menu item that isn’t roast beef, or an Arby's that isn’t in the middle of fucking nowhere.
Georgetown - Subway: Huge and literally everywhere. Your mom definitely thinks Subway is one of the best. Others aren't quite convinced they should actually be considered fast food — but for like, different reasons than Starbucks.
UCLA - Taco Bell: UCLA's dubious status as a T14 continues to Live Más ™ in light of the new rankings.
Note: this is all jokes and I don't actually believe any of it. I'm just in a silly, goofy, slanderous mood
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2023.04.01 10:58 heyuiuitsme i was hungry when i wrote this

So, at the end, you know. When my house was flooded with sewage and i was sickened with an infection from it, well, i tried to straighten my life out, i had money, that wasn’t the issue
It was time. I needed more time off and the manager at work was being a real fucking cunt about it. The manager-manager was out with covid, so i couldn’t go over her head, or i fucking would have. I had all these pto days that had to be used by the end of the year or i’d lose them and she wouldn’t let me use my time without a dr’s note
And, i needed to go to the doctor, like no fucking joke. But, i had to keep going back when it wasn’t wholly necessary to get the notes, just so i could try to save my stuff from getting ruined with sewage.
I was just so mad at her, i quit on a holiday without notice. That’s how mad i was. Like, i’d been really clear with mgmt that i wasn’t real happy, you know. With compensation. Over and over all the fucking time.
Heather’s on her own at work is as bad as any union ever was. You know, idk, i advocate for myself in terms of money, or hours i need to scheduled, all kinds of shit. You know, i negotiate that shit.
If they’ll have it and if they want … well, have fun getting along without me and if you’ve been a dick to me the whole damn time i’ve been here, i’m going to stick to ya when i leave. That’s according to my work history
But, if you’re fair, i’m fair. You know. That’s how it is.
So, anyway, i was outside smoking and they were going over to wendy’s. I mean, you know. Still the best price for what you get. Five dollars. Idk, it’s still a real good deal. Idk, i usually get a #1, Dave’s Classic Single. Just the way it comes. It’s good. It’s a good burger.
And, wendy’s chicken sandwiches were my fisrt great love. Idk, i cheat on that spicy chicken sandwich with the asagio one. They’re both real good. I didn’t mean for this to be a wendy’s commercial. But, we were outside talking about it.
Dave Thomas is a popular topic of conservation in East Tennessee. Probably cause he’s an essay topic in 8th grade tennessee history. An oral report that we had to give about a famous person from the area that does a lot of good deads. Dolly is also a popular subject in these reports.
Like, one report every six weeks about different essay topics and you had to read your report in front of the whole class. In Tennessee History. Oral Reports. Essays. We did it in the 7th grade, too. But, you don’t have to read them aloud in front of the whole class, but you can for extra credit if you want to.
That’s how teachers used to do it, like everyone has to do an essay and then read them to the class. Idk, if they still do that or not. That’s how most of our class time in the 80’s was spent. Listening to other kids give reports.
I wonder if when my kids eat at wendy’s if they think, “ahhhh, mom’s cooking”
I swore off fast food like, the day before yesterday. Too much sodium. But, i really super love wendy’s food. And, arby’s. Idgaf what late night comedians say, arby’s is fucking great. These got these wraps you can can take to work and have for lunch. It’s like, you know, if someone gave a shit and packed your lunch. Those Arby’s wraps are great, and super convenient and easy to pack for lunch.
If you work 2nd or 3rds. You know. That’s how people do. They stop and get something that will hold over in the fridge. Wraps are great, all the fast food restaurants should recognize that market. I mean, when i was working up there, that’s how i packed my lunch like, most days.
Wendy’s salads or arby’s wraps. How 2nd shift packs lunch. Idk, maybe that’s just me. Subway, too. But, i can’t eat subway in my car. I probably could if i didn’t ask them to put so much stuff on it. But, i get leaky subs at subway.
Also, i need to stop spending so much on that, you know. So, i got these .. real food from the grocery store. Ugggghhhhhhhhh. I hate that.
It’s fine. It tastes fine and it’s better for you, it’s just not as fucking yummy Arby’s curly fries. Beef and cheddar add lettuce and tomato. Both sauces, horsey and arby’s sauce. That sauce on those fries. Omg. i shouldn’t be having any little cups of cheese, that’s high in sodium.
It’s about moderation, lol. In shit you should not be eating any fucking way, but i love it. But, now it’s a special treat. It’s 1:31am. Past time time either of those things are even fucking open. I wonder if Hardee’s is open.
They got great burgers, too. But, for real. It’s thoe biscuits at hardee’s. They have the best breakfast. When my sister was pregnant, i would take her to the doctor down that way. We’d stop at hardee’s on the way and grab some biscuits.
They’re all fucking good. Chicken, yes. Sausage, that one. Sometimes they got that country fried steak biscuit at hardee’s. I just about live for that. Omg, when that comes back. Way better than mcrib.
I think it’s seasonal. Or, something like mcrib. They don’t always have that country fried steak. Or, maybe they do. Idk, seems like there’s seasonal biscuits there. Cause sometimes they have that pork chop biscuit. Omg, good as hell. All those biscuits are always fucking good.
Expensive. Little bit.
I like to stick to the restaurants that have real sweet tea. Those are my favorites. Where the tea is good. And, pepsi-co subsidiaries, your tea sucks. And, so does yours burger king.
Arby’s does have good tea. It’s better than mcdonald’s tea. And, wendy’s. Both those teas weak and mcdonald’s uses too much sugar or something. Idk, i think they’re using some kinda liquid sugar. I don’t like mcdonald’s tea no more. That lemonade is really good though, it has pulp in it.
I’m starving. And, i don’t want my save money meal. I said i wasn’t going to doordash anymore. After i got the … suspicious food. It didn’t make me sick or nothing. And, they gave me my money back. But, you know. Left a bad taste in my mouth
Mostly cause i still can’t figure out where they hell it came from. I been showing it’s picture around. You know. In the neighborhood, hey, you know where this food came from. Nobody that live down here knew where it was from.
Then, I accidentally ordered a meal kit service in a scrolling accident. That comes monday, and i have to eat it cause, you know. I mean, i’m trying to save money. Ok. and, overall it was cheaper than going to the grocery store. But, that’s just an introductory rate. You know.
Tricky website, though. Scammy kind of, i mean, i was trying to see the menu cards before i ordered and accidentally ordered, then there’s no way to cancel until the trial period is over. I set an event in my phone to remind me to cancel it.
For serious, i thought it was the other one that i did want to order. Like, one of those, you don’t even have to cook the food. It’s just like, fresh food tv dinners you just put in the toaster over.
And, i was like, holy shit that’s perfect, but then, idk, i couldn’t remember the name, and also, it’s not exactly that, but that’s what i want, but i mean, this is a diet for me. Ok. like, this is the diet.
The companies that do do the exact thing i want only make healthy food. And, i mean, what the fuck, isn’t that fatty descrimination. I don’t want no keto or vegan or none of that kinda shit. Just like, you know. Like, frozen dinners that have never been frozen and made of fresh food that i can put in a toaster oven.
I mean, why can’t someone make that. I got some at the grocery store, not a lot of variety. Both of the ones that i’ve tried so far, good. Could use some seasonings. I mean, really. But, fine. Not as yummy as pizza.
So, i need a step plan to, you know. It a diet step plan where i will eat ever so slightly healthier, and maybe slightly less take out and fast food. It’s my new year’s resolution.
But, really i’m just looking for food that doesn’t suck for as cheap as humanly possible. Wendy’s is at the very top of that list. I still get those $5 biggie bags, too. Idk, comes with nuggets and a burger and fries and a soda. Maybe the 5th thing is a cookie. Idk. used to be a cookie and they wouldn’t let you trade your nuggets for a cookie instead. No, you can’t trade out any of the items. That’s how that works. At wendy’s. They won’t let you trade items in the biggie bag.
There’s an extra charge to put lettuce and tomato on your burger, but they will do that.
That’s the part of being a mom that no one tells ya, like, having to explain fast food restaurant policies to toddlers. That’s the best. It’s like customer service, but if you had to live with the karens. Those four for fours. That’s how my kids graduated from happy meals. Like, idk, i’d ask them that or a happy meal and they’d be like, four for four.
Rather have the nuggets than a toy.
They’ll let you alter the topping on the burger. It comes with mustard, ketchup, onion, pickle, bacon, and cheese. You can take anything away from that or you can add lettuce and/or tomato
Those are wendy’s rules. I can’t help it. Omg, it has mayo on it. Sorry, it’s mayo and ketchup, not mustard and ketchup. Yeah, i’m the car with the particular ass burger order. That’s probably all of them, idk about everyone else, but i’m always adding shit that don’t come on it or taking stuff off.
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2023.03.30 22:01 Titan_91 State of Fast Food

I know this isn't directly about silver but it concerns the state of America, working conditions, and the enonomy. Fast food is quickly becoming inaccessible for everyone. I went to three burger places today, one a small regional chain and the other a Burger King and Hardee's.
The first location is a Fat Moe's run by a single Grecian man. He has never had any help in all the years I have been going there for occasional lunch. I was happy to wait while he both cooked the food and served us. He was able to keep this up for the longest time but recently he had to close his dining room and only open the drive through. His prices are also almost as high as the other fast food chains now. I don't blame him, I believe he is genuinely a hard worker and just trying to make ends meet.
Second place, Burger King. Their dining room was also closed. But they have immense resources as a chain and a lot more leverage to hire people and actually pay them what they are worth. This location has been this way many times since March 2020.
Third choice, Hardee's. Their dining room was actually open but all their combos were literally $10 and up. A single burger made by a high school student who probably doesn't care because they're not getting paid enough? $8. It would cost two people thirty dollars to eat friggin' bottom of the barrel fast food before taxes.
So finally, I decided to try Chili's. For a Thursday at noon they were not busy at all. Busy enough to stay relevant, but not so busy as to be overwhelmed and understaffed. I saw several happy people working there and I got my order in about 15 minutes. A huge double cheeseburger, cut fries, and a decent sized house salad. All just $10 from the lunch menu. Everything was hot and fresh, and definitely more food than you would get from any fast food place. My waitress was especially helpful and she got a good tip.
The moral of the story is, smaller sit-down chains like Chilis are going to quickly out-compete the established fast food players if something doesn't change here.
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2023.03.23 21:07 tx2vaskater Does Hardees have different menu items in the Midwest vs Southeast?

I grew up in the South and always thought of Hardees as a southern thing. Many of their menu items just feel very southern to me: biscuits, gravy, grits.
But I just found out Hardees extends far into the northern Midwest. I'm curious, does Hardees have biscuits, gravy and grits in say Minnesota too?
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2023.02.18 13:55 nlxfx17 Hardee’s Menu & Prices in USA

Hardee’s Menu & Prices in USA
Hardee's is a well-known fast-food chain that has been around for over 50 years. The restaurant is famous for its breakfast items, burgers, and fries, but it also offers a variety of other menu items that are sure to satisfy your cravings. Hardee's prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and cooking its food fresh to order, ensuring that every customer receives a delicious and satisfying meal.
One of the most popular menu items at Hardee's is the breakfast platter. This meal includes a variety of breakfast favorites, including eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns, and biscuits or toast. Hardee's also offers a variety of breakfast sandwiches, including the iconic Monster Biscuit, which features a biscuit loaded with sausage, bacon, egg, and cheese. In addition to its breakfast offerings, Hardee's also has a wide range of burgers, chicken sandwiches, and sides to choose from, making it a great option for lunch or dinner as well.
Hardee’s Menu & Prices in USA

Hardee’s Menu & Prices in USA
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2023.01.04 03:53 fehk Hardees is the best burger chain

Just had it 3 times in 1 day on a road trip, now I'm home with withdrawals
The fries are perfect. McDs form factor, but there's something on the exterior to make them crispy. They're light, fluffy. I imagine they're what McDs fries were like before they became fry shaped potato dough
The western bacon cheeseburger was so good. The patty was beefy, juicy, with a bit of char. The bacon tasted like house bacon. Crispy, chewy, it was great. The little paper sleeve they slip around the burger so you don't get your hands greasy is so nice
The burger was also such the perfect size. Am i 6 years old McDonald's? do i have the small hands and head of a child five guys, shake shack? Where do you get off? The Hardee's burger is an adult's burger.
I can't have Hardee's because companies like McDonald's coasting on child brainwashing and ubiquity have my city in a choke hold.
I've tried culver's burgers 3 times. Their items are quality ingredients, their menu is interesting. Something must be wrong with me, I just have to keep trying them i guess? Not Hardee's, one burger from Hardee's was all it took because it was good.
I could go on, the mushroom swiss takes me back 25 years to when Wendy's had one that I've been chasing unsuccessfully since i was 12
So McDs, BK, Wendy's, Shake Shack, 5 guys, Checkers, Culver's, i would trade them all for a Hardee's. I haven't tried in and out or whataburger, so they're not included. Hardees, please come to South Florida
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2022.12.15 00:59 TheJohnnyBlaze Hardee's Launches New 4 For $6 Menu As Part Of New Choose Your Happy Promotion (Limited Time)

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2022.12.02 19:13 Lilsmllj *sigh* she’s scamming ppl on baby food and cornstarch groups too

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2022.11.28 08:13 Competitive_Bend_37 Low-Carb and Keto Diet Fast Food Menu Choices: How to Eat Successfully at Restaurants

For those who eat low-carb or keto diets, there is almost always something you can eat in every fast food place or restaurant. Plan ahead. Before entering a restaurant, check out their menu and nutrition information online at home or using your smart phone. It's always good to know the safe options before being tempted by menu items you shouldn't have on a low-carb diet.
In order to make it easier to find a quick keto-friendly option, I've compiled a list of several restaurants and fast food places and those items that I've found to be the lowest carb (and most emotionally satisfying) choices. These are not all perfect options, but when you're stuck with no other choices due to time or location constraints, they'll do in a pinch.
It's a huge help that fast-food places are required to post nutritional content. It gets easier to follow the keto plan every day. The carb count I'm listing is approximate and is NET grams.
In general, there is usually some salad option anywhere you are. At Burger joints, just remove the bun, and many places offer lettuce wraps instead. Chicken shouldn't have breading.
As a side note, it helps to have a knife and fork handy in your car or purse. Big, juicy burgers in tiny pieces of lettuce end up on the table - or in your lap. Small, flimsy fastfood plasticware also makes for difficult eating. Pull out your own sturdy utensils and enjoy!
Now for the food choices... here are some pretty obvious general rules to follow:
McDonald's - opt for any burger (zero g) or grilled chicken (2 g) without the bun and topped with cheese, mayo, mustard, onions, etc. No ketchup. Add a side salad (3g). The Caesar salad with grilled chicken or the bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken are 9g.
Burger King - same burger info as McDonald's: burger (zero g) without the bun and topped with cheese, mayo, mustard, onions, etc. No ketchup. The tendergrill chicken sandwich without the bun is 3g. BEWARE - you might think the veggie burger is low, but it is 19g of carbs, so that's about a full day of carbs on keto. Add a side salad (3g). The tendergrill chicken garden salad is 8g without dressing or croutons. The tendercrisp chicken salad is not an option. Do not attempt.
BONUS - dessert!?! - the fresh apple fries are not fried and are 5g net carbs WITHOUT caramel sauce.
Subway - Probably should skip Subway if you can. The buns and wraps are all high in carbs. I guess you could just have them throw the ingredients in a wrapper sans bun, but that doesn't sound appealing. I have no info on what the carb count would be for each bunless sub, but you can probably figure it out - chicken or pepperoni is fine, but is "sweet onion" chicken okay? No idea. Stick to the salads, but realize you'll only get iceberg lettuce (4g).
Carl's Junior and Hardees - This chain offers "lettuce wraps" - your burger wrapped in a large piece of lettuce for easy low carb eating. (As I've said, I tried it and don't love it. I like to carry my own fork instead.) Bunless options - Six dollar burger (7g), 1/2 thick-burger (5g), charbroiled chicken club sandwich (7g/10g at Hardees). Grilled chicken salad without croutons is 10g. Side salad is 3g.
Jimmy John's - The unwich - a sandwich wrapped in lettuce - fits the bill here. Meats are fine, just make sure the ingredients are not carb-rich.
Wendy's - Again, you can get your burger in a lettuce wrap or a box. Any burger with toppings. Mayo has corn syrup, and is 1g. The chicken grill fillet is 1 g. It can be ordered in the chicken club sandwich or the ultimate chicken grill sandwich. Best salads: chicken caesar (7g), blt chicken salad with grilled chicken. Side salads aer 6g or 2g for Caesar.
Pizza Hut and other pizza places - It is possible to get used to eating pizza with no crust. You need to eat twice as much, but if there's a party or dinner out that you can't avoid at a pizza place, just slide the cheesy toppings off and eat the big messy pile of cheese and toppings. A side salad is a nice addition. Otherwise, just opt for making pizza at home with a low-carb crust.
Mongolian Barbecue - YES! Load up your bowl with chicken, shrimp, onion slices, and mushrooms, then top with the Asian black bean sauce. I know beans have carbs, but this sauce label says 1 gram of carbs per ounce (each sauce is plainly labeled). Add a bit of garlic and wait for the griller to do his work. It goes without saying that you skip the appetizers, tortillas, and rice. Ask the wait staff not to bring them to the table.
Italian Restaurants - These take a little cunning, but they can be conqurerd! Ideas: how about chicken Marsala in an Italian place? Make sure it doesn't come with pasta. Substitute broccoli or some other keto-friendly side dish - or a big salad. Chicken piccata is also a possibility.
Mexican and Chinese restaurants are the most difficult, because any low carb option is not the reason to go to the restaurant in the first place. At a Mexican restaurant, I tend to get a large burrito with no beans and spread the soft tortilla out like a plate. Eat the inner ingredients and toss the tortilla.
If you MUST go to a Chinese buffet (I attended a funeral dinner at one), you can find options, but they probably aren't going to be your favorite General Tso's. How about the salad bar choices? eggs? the insides of eggrolls, and I even ate the insides only of crab rangoons. Unfortunately, these ideas leave quite a pile of discarded shells and deep fried exterior pieces on your plate and makes it look like you really waste food.
Wings anywhere - Standard buffalo sauce is usually OK as well as garlic Parmesan
Convenience stores can be a good option, too! 7-11 has packs of hard boiled eggs, cheese slabs, slim jims, almonds, and pork rinds. Pork rinds come in a barbecue flavor and they're ZERO carbs.
Remember, whatever you choose, hold the bread, potatoes, rice, noodles, fries, and tortillas. And watch out for the possibility of corn starch, bread crumbs, and other fillers. With proper planning and a good attitude, you can find healthy keto and low-carb options when dining out, and stick to your successful keto diet plan.
The ketogenic diet is a healthy option for anyone who wants to lose weight. Visit the Healthy Keto website, a valuable resource where keto dieters can access meal ideas and keto diet facts.
For plenty of delicious keto and low-carb recipes, keto snack ideas, resources, and advice, visit the Keto meal planer
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2022.11.03 14:47 msrywlkn [Serious] Food products quality is lower in Egypt, packaged, restaurants and so on than abroad (Same products). Why?

To start it off, this isn't a complaint. I am genuinely curious on why the same exact products (some are of Egyptian origin) are better in quality abroad?
I first noticed it with rice, Egyptian short grain white rice. For example, in Kuwait you can buy an Egyptian short grain white rice brand called Snowhite, the quality is by far so much better than anything I've tried here.
The other thing I've noticed that are the same products, Americana. Almost every single Americana product I use abroad is so much better in quality and taste than in Egypt.
Apply the same concept to many products that are either of Egyptian origin or global products that are also sold in Egypt in bulk.
Even with international franchise restaurants, while they're usually cheap/low quality stuff everywhere, in Egypt they're even lower. McDonalds, Hardee's, Burger King, KFC and so on.
Speaking of Hardee's, what happened to it in Egypt? The entire menu changed here to something completely different than abroad, many items removed, and the taste overall is just incomparable to any Hardee's I've tried abroad. Did the Egyptian franchise break from the international Carl Jr?
In essence what I'm asking is, why do we have lower standards from products of Egyptian origin, global products and so on?
I would understand "this product is in Egypt due to it being popular", but what I don't understand is "sell the same product in Egypt, but in lower quality and standards".
Shouldn't it be the same, since it's consumers and economy regardless of where it is sold?
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2022.09.28 00:27 Bacheloronthecheap Best Burger Sides in the Wichita Metro

Best Burger Sides in the Wichita Metro
By Mike Thayer
I've eaten A LOT of burgers over the last couple months and A LOT of sides to go with them! Regular french fries, sweet potato fries, waffle fries, curly fries, tater tots, onion rings, fried mushrooms and mac 'n' cheese.

Here's a look on what I think are the best sides around, starting with French Fries, the most popular side choice:
Best Regular French Fry - Jumbo's Beef & Brew: From the review written on 08/31. Side Note: The french fries were awesome! I loved the texture on the exterior which provided a nice light crunch and the interior was fluffy spud goodness. Seasoned well, these were some of the best regular cut fries I've enjoyed so far in this challenge.
French Fry Runner Up - Bill's Charcoal Grill: From the review written on 08/04. Side Note: The fries were excellent as well, perhaps the best regular french fries I've had so far in this challenge. Fresh from the fryer they were perfectly seasoned, having a great exterior texture delivering a nice crispness and the interior was fluffy spudtastic. These fries were so good, ketchup was not required.
French Fry Honorable Mention - Southeast Carryout: From the review written on 08/24. Side Note: The fries were top notch, some of the best regular cut fries I've had so far in this challenge! They were made to order, fresh from the fryer, perfectly fried and perfectly seasoned. I measure a fry by how good it is without a condiment. SE Carryout fries do not require ketchup or anything else to dip them in they're that good. Excellent fry = lightly crispy exterior, fluffy potato interior, followed by the pleasantly salted finish... I'll let you know who I think makes the best regular fries in town, at the conclusion of this challenge.
Other French Fry Notables: Sport Burger, BJ's Brewhouse, Big Larry's Burgers, A&W, The Anchor
Best Tater Tots - Burger Central: From the review written 08/07. Side Note: I love a good french fry, but I'm a tater tot guy (see what I did there? Poet and didn't know it, give me a dime for my rhyme...). When tots are on the menu, I'll take those over fries. I thankfully got to sample both at Burger Central and they're both excellent. The fries are hand cut, they were perfectly fried providing that slightly crispy exterior and fluffy potato interior. I did have to add a touch of salt. I like tots and the greater crunch factor they provide along with the soft spud interior, it's kind of like KFC Extra Crispy Chicken - potato version. Burger Central fried the tots up perfectly, delivered them to my table seconds after coming out of the fryer.
Tater Tot Runner Up - Buster's Burger Joint: From the review written on 08/09. Side Note: The tater tots were good, fried nicely and seasoned well, yes, something to snack on during the drive home. No ketchup required.
Tater Tot Honorable Mention - Madrocks Sports Bar & Grill: From the review written on 09/23. Side Note: The Tater Tots were good, delivered hot and seasoned well. They passed the test of stand alone delicious without the need to dip in ketchup, but I did anyway.
Best Sweet Potato Fries - Bricktown Brewery: From the review written on 08/16. Side Note: These were the best sweet potato fries I've had so far in this challenge. They were perfectly fried and perfectly seasoned. Sweet potato fries can be harder to get crisp on that outside edge than regular fries, but Bricktown Brewery knows what they're doing. Repeat buy worthy for sure!
Sweet Potato Fry Runner Up - Dempsey's Burger Pub: From the review written on 08/19. Side Note: Killer Sweet Potato Fries! These fries rival the fries I had at Bricktown Brewery on Monday, the best sweet potato fries I've had so far in this challenge. Perfectly fried and perfectly seasoned, these fries hit the characteristics you're looking for in a good fry, the slightly crispy exterior and the light and fluffy potato interior. Dempsey's also kicks things up a notch by providing a variety of their house dipping sauces with the fries. Nice touch, most places just give you one dipping option.
Sweet Potato Fry Honorable Mention - Green Mill Restaurant: From the review written on 09/09. Side Note: The sweet potato fries rocked! Sweet potato fries can be difficult to get that good, light exterior crunch on, but Green Mill nailed it. These ranked in my top three for sweet potato fries, I'll divulge the final results at the conclusion of this challenge.
Best Onion Rings - Harry's Uptown Bar & Grill: From the review written on 08/01. Side Note: The onion rings were top notch! Fried to perfection and seasoned well, I got a beautiful crunch from the golden, brown and delicious exterior followed by the sweetness of the onion on the inside. YUM!
Onion Rings Runner Up - Emerson Biggins Old Town: From the review written on 08/23. Side Note: The onion rings were delicious! Fried to perfection, I got a really nice crunch bite on the outside and tender sweet onion on the inside. That hand battered preparation makes it and the rings were huge! I'll let you know if they're the best in town at the conclusion of this Challenge.
Onion Rings Honorable Mention - Slider Shak: From the review written on 08/28. Side Note: Slider Shak onion rings are also, "Another Dose of YUM!" Perfectly fried and perfectly seasoned, these rings are stellar and don't need a condiment to thoroughly enjoy. But if you do dip, OH MY! I tried them with both the scratch made Ranch and Shakcrak, both were tasting sensations. Sadly, Slider Shak closed its doors on 09/13.
Best Mac 'n' Cheese - Whiskey Dick's: From the review written on 09/21. Side Note: As I stated earlier, Whiskey Dick's makes a stellar mac and cheese. The pasta was perfectly cooked, the coverage of cheese sauce was excellent and robust with flavor. Topping things off were those bacon bits... a nice touch and a perfect flavor pairing with the creamy cheese, a delightful crispy texture contrast to the soft pasta. Everything is better with bacon!
Best Curly Fries - Timbuktu Bar & Grill: From the review written on 09/23. Side Note: The Curly fries were excellent. Fried perfectly and seasoned well, I put some ketchup on the plate out of habit, but they didn't really need it. I also sampled them with the jalapeno relish, which was really good, both on the fries and the last few bites of burger. It was a delightfully good relish.
Curly Fries Runner Up - Hardee's: From the review written on 08/14. Side Note: The Crispy Curls fries were pretty tasty. They had that light crispy exterior and the seasoning Hardee's puts on these is spot on.
Must Try - Sidewinder Potatoes from The Hill Bar & Grill: From the review written on 08/26. Side Note: The Sidewinder Potatoes were stellar. The beer batter prep provides for a flavorful light crunch on the outside and these things were SUPER fluffy on the inside. Seasoned perfectly, I was very pleased with this side upgrade, despite not receiving the aioli that's supposed to come with it.
Notable - Waffle Fries from Little Buster's Bar & Grill: From the review written on 09/23. Side Note: The waffle fries were quite tasty. flawlessly fried and seasoned well, these fries met the standard of stand alone delicious, no ketchup or other dipping required.
Notable - Yukon Chips from Red Robin: From the review written on 08/20. Side Note: The Yukon Chips (freshly fried potato chips) were excellent. Four words: Warm, seasoned well, crispy. The chips kind of out shined the burger.
$pend Wisely My Friends...
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2022.09.26 11:32 Bacheloronthecheap A demonstration on why you should buy and eat local: Ranking the Fast Food and Fast Casual Burgers, they are listed here from worst to best of

A demonstration on why you should buy and eat local: Ranking the Fast Food and Fast Casual Burgers, they are listed here from worst to best of
By Mike Thayer
Traveling around the Wichita Metro, I've sampled the burger offerings from just about any joint that has burgers on the menu. It didn't really matter who, I ate burgers from local joints, regional restaurants and the national chains. To determine a true champion of burgers in the metro, a broad sampling had to be taken in order to measure the best. I was on a mission in the name of "burger science" (cough).
Ranking the Fast Food and Fast Casual burgers
Why did I bother with national chain fast food and fast casual joints? C'mon, admit it, you're just as curious to see how they stack up against the locals and grill/pubs etc., as I was! And in conducting such a comprehensive review, the information also serves as a baseline. It's food information, a demonstration in how other places might be so much tastier and really not that much more expensive. It's good to know burger info!
The Best in the Wichita Metro Burger Challenge 2022 demonstrated how much better many of the local places truly are. National chain fast food isn't necessarily the cheapest or quickest option. There are some national chain burger options out there giving you decent burger bang for the buck, but if you really want a truly Burgerlicious experience, buy local. I've grouped fast food and fast casual together because there's really not a heck of a lot of difference in the amount of time that goes by before receiving your order. Whether you're sitting in your vehicle at a fast food drive thru or sitting inside a fast casual restaurant waiting for your burger, the time to order in most instances is about the same.
Scoring: Being evaluated on a point system scorecard were a plethora of categories that included but was not limited to the appearance, meat, bun, meat to bun ratio, the cheese, how the burger was dressed (that means the assortment of veggies, sauce and/or condiments for those of you who live in Haysville), price and of course, the TASTE. With each category being evaluated on a scale of 1-9, the best possible score was a 63. In the event of a tie score, the tiebreaker was the cost. The burger with the better dollar value was ranked higher on the chart. Burgers tallying 56 points or more are Bachelor on the Cheap 5 star burgers. Burgers tallying between 49-55 points earned 4 stars, while burgers tallying between 42-48 points earned 3 stars. I'm pleased to report that nobody presented a truly awful burger (although Applebee's was close) receiving a 2 or OMG a 1 star rating. But I will say that a 3 star rating is not really worthy of a repeat buy given all the goodness out there in the Wichita Metro, 4 stars and up.
Here's how the fast food and fast casual burgers ranked from worst to best of listed by star rating and score. Click the link in the respective blurbs for the full review:
Costing me $10.95 for the combo meal, the Dog N Shake Double Cheeseburger with a bacon add scored just 44 out of 63 possible points, earning it 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. I was hoping for better from a local establishment, but in an honest assessment there was nothing special about this burger and sadly, it's not a repeat buy. Of Note: Worst visual and nearly the most bland burger of the Challenge. Time to order: < 5 minutes.
Costing me $11.27 for the combo meal, the Spangles Gourmet Supreme with a bacon add scored 47 out of a possible 63 points earning it 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. I actually prefer the Gourmet Supreme over the Big Mac, but not over the Quarter Pounder. Like McDonald's, Spangles is not worthy of a repeat buy, not even among other fast food restaurants. Time to order: 5 minutes.
Costing me $10.95 the Hardee's Bacon & Cheese Angus Burger scored 48 out of a possible 63 points, earning it just 3 stars. What Hardee's serves is a Whopper wannabe and that's not saying much. If this was a BK Whopper w/cheese & bacon vs. Hardee's Bacon & Cheese Angus Burger battle, BK wins. But there are better burgers out there to be had, even in fast food no less. Time to order: < 5 minutes.
Costing me $10.62 for the Value Meal, the McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese Deluxe and a bacon add scored 48 out of a possible 63 points earning it 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. I've never really been a huge fan of McDonald's, but now that I've become a Burger Snob in conducting this Challenge, Micky D's is REALLY not a repeat buy. Time to order: < 5 minutes.
Costing me $9.28 with tax, the Calvin's Hamburger Haven 'Bacon' Double Cheeseburger scored 48 points out of a possible 63 earning it 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. The overall poor execution in putting the burger together was a missed burgerlicious opportunity. Calvin's is very reasonably priced but the 3 star burger I was served is not a repeat buy. Time to order: 10 minutes.
Costing me only $7, this was one of the better bangs for the burger buck of the Challenge. The Berneal's Carryout Cheeseburgers with bacon scored 49 out of 63 possible points, earning 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. If you have a slider craving they'll satisfy it and for the money, they're worthy of a repeat buy. Time to order: 15 minutes.
Costing me $13.42 for the combo meal, the Burger King Whopper with cheese and bacon scored 50 out of a possible 63 points earning it 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. But look at that price! That's on the high end of fast food prices, an example of why folks should consider a local fast food, fast casual or bagrill to have a much better burger for about the same price! A Whopper is a repeat buy but ONLY if you're on time constraints and BK is your closest option, or maybe a Plan B alternative when on the road traveling and you don't want to take the time for a sit down restaurant. Let's face it, BK is an "Eh" burger experience. It's far from the best, but also not the worst option out there. Time to order: 5 minutes.
Costing me $9.12 for the combo meal which included less-than-stellar fries and a shake, the Dairy Queen Bacon Two Cheese Deluxe 1/3 lb.* double Signature StackburgerTM scored 50 points out of a possible 63, earning it 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. Take off just two more points and it would be a 3 star burger. It's Bachelor on the Cheap wallet friendly, but it's not the best burger choice out there, not even if just considering fast food options. Time to order: < 5 minutes.
Costing me $11.05 for the combo meal, the Bionic Burger Bacon Cheddar Burger scored 51 points out of a possible 63, earning 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. Bionic makes a solid burger and it's Bachelor on the Cheap wallet friendly. It's a satisfying eat and worthy of a repeat buy. Time to order: < 5 minutes.
Costing me $12.01 for the burger, onion rings and a drink, the West Street Burgers Double Cheeseburger w/bacon scored 52 points out of a possible 63, earning 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. I enjoyed my visit and will definitely be back again. Too bad they don't have a location on my side of town, yes, I'm an East Sider... Time to order: < 10 minutes.
Costing me a bit over $8, the Braum's Bacon Cheeseburger scored 51 out of a possible 63 points, earning it 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. Overall a good burger, but there were a few fundamental misses preventing it from being a better burger such as a better sear, melted cheese and a little more care in timely assembly. For the price, it's a repeat buy, the fries, not so much... Time to order: 10 minutes.
Costing me $12.35 for the burger, fries and shake, the Wendy's Big Bacon Classic Double scored 53 points out of a possible 63, also earning 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. Under seasoned beef and over dressing the burger with condiment overkill made for a bit of a disappointing burger experience. Here's a case of a burger with a lot of potential, that under performed. Time to order: 5 minutes.
Costing me $10.74 for the combo meal, the A&W Bacon Double Cheeseburger scored 53 out of a possible 63 points, earning 4 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. Bachelor on the Cheap wallet friendly it's a good but not great burger, but yes, worthy of a repeat buy. The veggies are fresh, but there's a bit of lettuce overkill and even though you get two beef patties, they're thin. The bun is huge, resulting in a meat to bun ratio that's a bit heavy on the bread. Time to order: 10 minutes.
Costing me $12.67 for the burger, fries and shake, the Freddy's Bacon & Cheese Double scored 54 points out of a possible 63, earning it 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. The beef truly was the star of this burger show. The method used to apply the bacon and the rather ordinary bun prevented this burger from scoring higher, but it's still a fast food worthy repeat buy. Time to order: 10 minutes.
Costing me $11.06 for the combo meal, Sonic's "SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger" scored 54 out of a possible 63 points, earning 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. Reasonably priced, timely and tasty, this burger in my humble opinion outperforms the national chain fast food competition and is worthy of a fast food repeat buy. Time to order: 5 minutes.
Costing me $16.87 to include tax for a 1/2 pound burger, "Little Fry" and a drink, the Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger scored a total of 56 points out of a possible 63, earning it 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. It may be on the higher end of pricing for a premium Fast Casual burger, but it's most definitely a repeat buy. I dined at more than a couple places during the course of this Challenge and got 'nickle and dimed' for additional toppings, driving the price of the burger up past the Five Guy price. Time to order: 10 minutes
Costing me $16.07 for the half pound burger, fries and a drink, overall this was a great burger experience and I'm giving Fatburger & Buffalo's Express 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. The burger alone makes Fatburger a habitual repeat buy. The price isn't exactly Bachelor on the Cheap wallet friendly, but we are talking a half pound of beef and this is no ordinary run-of-the-mill burger! It's loaded with flavor! Time to order: 10 minutes.
Costing me $12.46 for the double burger, fries and a drink, the Big Larry's Burgers Bacon Cheddar Double Burger scored 56 out of a possible 63 points, earning it 5 stars. It's Bachelor on the Cheap wallet friendly and it would have scored even higher with the simple addition of another slice of tomato, another ring or two of onion and bacon in every bite. Time to order: 5 minutes.
Costing me $17.74 for the burger, tots and a drink, TJ's Burger House Bacon Cheeseburger scored 57 points out of a possible 63, earning it 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. Overall, it's a tasty burger, but falls into the lower tier of the 5 star rated group in terms of both points scored and the cost. There are better burgers out there for a lower price. Time to order: 10 minutes.
Costing me $10.19 for a very enjoyable lunch, the Broadway Burger & BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger scored 57 points out of a possible 63, earning it 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. It was quite tasty and I wish I would have gotten a double, it's most definitely a repeat buy. Time to order: 10 minutes.
Costing me $10.42 for the burger, fries and a drink, the SE Carryout Double Cheeseburger with a bacon add scored a 57 out of a possible 63 points, earning it 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. Very reasonably priced, this is a tasty burger overall and is most definitely worthy of a repeat buy. Time to order: 5 minutes.
Costing me $8.59 for the burger, side and a drink, the Burger Central Bacon Cheeseburger scored 58 points out of a possible 63, earning it 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. The burger was flavorful, juicy, stacked well and very balanced. Burger Central crafts a top notch classic bacon cheeseburger and it's Bachelor on the Cheap wallet friendly at only $8.59 for the basket. This is a repeat buy, a burger I would order again, and again, and again. Time to order: 10 minutes.
Costing me $13.27 with tax for the sliders, onion rings and a drink, the Slider Shak Bacon Cheeseburger sliders scored 59 points out of a possible 63, earning 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. This is NOT your typical slider, both the patty and the slider overall is slightly larger than your average slider but that's not what makes it so much better. It's a top notch slider because of the outstanding execution in preparation and it's done with quality ingredients. Both the Slider Shak Bacon Cheeseburger sliders and onion rings are definitely repeat buys! Unfortunately, Slider Shak made the decision to close its doors on 09/13, which is a shame, Craig put out a great product. Here's the snippet from the Slider Shak Facebook page: As of today I have decided to close Slider Shak. The lack of sales is the reason. I chose it’s South Seneca location and that was my fault. Slider Shak’s concept, food and labor cost is pretty much spot on. I’m sure Slider Shak will do well in another location and I will continue to evaluate other location options as they become available. Thank you for your support. Stay Safe and Happy Eating.
Costing me $15.85 for the burger, fries and a drink, the Bill's Charcoal Grill Double Cheeseburger with bacon scored 60 out of a possible 63 points earning it 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. This is a repeat buy, again, and again, and again... Bill's isn't only the best tasting fast food/fast casual burger of the Challenge, they won the whole thing, beating out diners, dives, bars & grills! It's the best tasting burger in the Wichita Metro! Time to order: 10 minutes.
Expand your burger horizon
If time is on your side, why shell out $13+ at Burger King when you can go to Buster's Burger Joint and get a WAY better burger and a superior side for $2 less? Buy local. If you're in a bit of a hurry, or only have a half hour for lunch, why spend $12+ at Wendy's when you can enjoy a better burger and side from Southeast Carry Out or Burger Central? You'll spend less money and the time to order is about the same. Buy local.
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2022.09.08 21:35 Bacheloronthecheap Sonic's SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger outperforms competition in national fast food burger taste test

Sonic's SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger outperforms competition in national fast food burger taste test
By Mike Thayer
I've been traveling around the Wichita Metro, sampling the burger offerings from any joint that has burgers on the menu, local, regional, national chain, it doesn't matter. In order to determine a true champion of burgers in the metro, I'm on a mission to sample them all in the name of "burger science" (cough). For the burger criteria, click here.
For the third day in a row, I ordered from a fast food joint for a Burger Challenge lunch, ordering from Sonic, one of the last remaining fast food joints to review on my Burger Challenge list. For those of you still wondering why I included fast food in this Challenge... Not only will I be able to tell you who makes the best burger in Wichita - the top of the leader board is loaded with locals - but I'll be able to tell you who makes the best burger in the national fast food scene. I know what you're thinking, you already know your favorite... But is that favorite based on a true trial and error experience, or did you stop checking out places when you found something decent and/or it wasn't convenient to go elsewhere?
This was a tasty burger!
For my first meal of the day I ordered, yes, you guessed it, the Sonic "SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger," along with a side of tater tots and a Cherry Limeade to wash it all down with. C'mon, you can't go to Sonic for a meal and NOT get a Cherry Limeade... I must admit, when it comes to fast food and a quick meal, I am a fan of Sonic. They've got a lot of variety on their menu, they've always got a special going on and they're reasonably priced.
Sonic puts together their Bacon Double Cheeseburger in a fairly typical classic preparation, here's the description from the company website: We start with two quarter-pound, 100% pure beef hamburgers, two melty slices of American cheese, lettuce, fresh sliced tomatoes, creamy mayo, and top it all off with crispy bacon.
That's a half pound of flat top cooked beef and not just one but two slices of American cheese. I took that first bite which was a tasty one. This was a well executed fast food burger, everything was pretty much on point from the crust on the beef patties to the toast on the bun. The beef was perfectly seasoned, the bacon was perfectly crisp and had good coverage providing bacon in each bite. The creamy American cheese had a nice melt. The veggies provided a fresh balance to the meat and the amount of mayo was nicely applied, not too much, not too little. As Goldilocks might say, it was "just right." I did miss not having pickle though, this burger could have used a bit of tart. Sure, I could have ordered the add on, but for the purpose of this challenge, I'm ordering the restaurant's "default" offering whenever possible.
Side Note: The Tater Tots were a bit under cooked. They were seasoned well enough, but could have used another minute in the fryer. The Cherry Limeade, as usual, was refreshing.
Costing me $11.06 for the combo meal, Sonic's "SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger" scored 54 out of a possible 63 points, earning 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. Reasonably priced, timely and tasty, this burger in my humble opinion outperforms the national chain fast food competition and is worthy of a fast food repeat buy.
The Sonic chosen for this review is located at 7702 E Harry St, Wichita, KS 67207. The final results and detailed scoring of this Burger Challenge will be released soon, with Sonic beating out the likes of Hardee's, McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Burger King and others.
$pend Wisely My Friends...
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2022.09.07 00:34 Captainpixiehallow The Future of Restaurants Is Robotic…Sort Of

The Future of Restaurants Is Robotic…Sort Of
Theory: Although back-of-store restaurant robots are gaining momentum, whether or not they will usher in the sci-fi future that people sometimes imagine remains to be seen. According to some, they won’t.
Back-of-Store Robots gaining momentum
Lots of companies these days are using back-of-house robots to “make employees work easier”. In particular, a company called Miso Robotics has been trialling “Flippy” the burger-making robot, including White Castle (second source) Walmart, and Jack in the Box. It is being used for wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, Wing Zone, Wings and Rings, Panera for coffee, and, most importantly, Chipotle for frying chips (they called it Chippy).
Flippy is also being tested at a Wimpy’s in Dubai. This one is important partly because it is the company’s first international job, and more so because the operator, Americana, operates more than 2,000 restaurants across brands including TGI Fridays, KFC, Pizza Hut and Hardee’s in more than 20 countries.
Not just Burgers, wings, and chips
Pizza is probably the next to be voted most likely to be roboticized:
Piestro – An automated pizzeria – a standalone, fully integrated cooking system and dispenser – that crafts high-quality artisanal pizzas within just a few minutes. According to the company, it has brand partnerships with over 4,000 units. Partners include 800° and the Carbone Restaurant Group.
· Recently, Piestro partnered with Capriotti's Sandwich Shop (Capriotti's) to begin a piloted test of its Piestro Pod in Capriotti's flagship Las Vegas location. Capriotti's also intends to purchase up to 100 Piestro Pods within five years of such units being made available to the restaurant following the pilot.
· It has also partnered with Serve Robotics, an autonomous sidewalk delivery company. When a customer places an order, Piestro's scheduling system will notify Serve's fleet and the nearest available robot will pick up the pizza for transport from a Piestro pod. The partnership will roll out in the coming months, as Piestro deploys units within Serve delivery areas.
Picnic – A modular food prep station that assembles pizzas with precision and speed, delivering a consistent product every time. Some of its customers include Texas A&M Dining, T-Mobile Park, and the Las Vegas Convention Centre.
· It has also signed with other universities, including the University of Chicago, Missouri State University, Carroll University, and Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis.
· Then there is also PizzaHQ, which claims it is revolutionizing the pizza industry by placing pizza makers alongside automated pizza robots in store. It is expanding its business operations by tapping Picnic Works to further automate its pizza-making processes.
Another type of Pizza robot is the pizza vending machine
There are other companies too, but the one that stands out to me is PizzaForno, an automated pizzeria which introduces gourmet artisanal pizzas in less than three minutes. PizzaForno currently has 40 operating locations and over 100 additional locations committed – with the first U.S. locations already established in Michigan.
Using robots makes sense in some ways:
In the wake of events like the restaurant industry labour shortage and unionization actions from employees of some of the biggest restaurants in the industry (Starbucks, Chipotle) it makes sense why restaurants might try to go the way of the robot:
Robots don’t require sick leave, time off, or workers comp, they don’t show up to work hungover, retention is 100%, they won’t put bad press on the company for bad behaviour and they won’t unionize (until the global robot takeover, that is).
However, the (arguably) superstar of all fast-food restaurants, has something else to say:
McDonald’s CEO, Chris Kempczinski is less confident about the back-store robot revolution.
“Automating restaurants is easier said than done and isn’t simply a matter of buying a few robots and some artificial intelligence software.
What’s more, many restaurants weren’t built for that sort of thing. “You don’t necessarily have the footprint,” Kempczinski said. “And there’s a lot of infrastructure investments that you need to do around your utilities, around your HVAC systems. You’re not going to see that as a broad-based solution anytime soon.”
Add those costs in, and there aren’t enough labour savings to justify the investment.”
And this view of McDonald’s is reflected in the company’s behaviour:
McDonald’s technology has been much more on an internal scale. In 2020 the company announced it would invest heavily in what it calls the three D’s: Digital, Delivery and Drive-Thru. The main parts of the strategy include:
· Testing an ordering and ID system that will identify customers at the display screen and streamline the ordering and payment process.
· An express pickup feature which will include dedicated parking spaces for customers to park while employees bring out food
· An express drive-thru for customers who place orders on the app.
· Introduction of a loyalty program called MyMcDonald’s, which can make menu recommendations and customize rewards based on past orders
Also, in 2019, McD’s acquired Apprente, which uses artificial intelligence to understand speech. Earlier in the same year, it bought Dynamic Yield and took a minority stake in mobile app vendor Plexure.
Then, in 2021, it entered a strategic partnership with IBM to help the fast-food chain automate its drive-thru lanes. As part of the deal, IBM acquired McD Tech Labs, which was formerly known as Apprente before McDonald’s bought the tech company in 2019.
Even companies that have invested a little in the back-store don’t seem entirely convinced
While Chipotle is trying out the Miso technology, it also is using internal technology that is focused on throughput.
“During the second quarter, Chipotle completed the rollout of a new Kronos scheduling tool that CEO Brian Niccol said helps “put the right people in the right place at the right time,” technology that he contends will improve productivity.
The company has been piloting the system for two years, so it’s not entirely new to management. But Jack Hartung, Chipotle’s chief financial officer, said it will take some time for all team members to be trained against it.
“It’s like learning to drive a Ferrari,” he said. “When you first get in the car, it’s a very, very highly sophisticated tool and we’re learning how to use that.””
(Note: The most laughable thing has got to be Hartung comparing learning a system to driving a Ferrari, you know, it’s such a relatable experience)
Other tech moves include:
· The installation of customer pin pads to offer faster contact-free payment
· A new management system for training that uses e-learning
· Video and digital resource materials; and an update of point-of-sale hardware
· Niccol hinted that Chipotle plans to explore an automated real-time kitchen production system.
· Chipotle’s Cultivate Next venture fund invested in Hyphen, a company that designs automated makelines.
Domino’s is another company that has kept most of its technology internal (With the exceptions of testing self-driving delivery vehicles in the US and drone delivery in New Zealand)
“In 2021, Domino’s partnered with Dragontail Systems to deploy the DOM pizza checker in 850 stores across Australia and New Zealand. DOM uses computer vision, a key AI technology that attempts to capture and interpret images or videos in a meaningful or useful way.”
Its Innovation Garage in the US focuses on new technologies, voice learning and robot delivery. However, for all of Domino’s work on automation, the basic process, where humans make the pizzas, won’t change.
“As long as I’m the CEO here,” Allison said, “we will always make our pizzas by hand.”
(Ironically, CEO Ritch Allison just retired. He used to rally hard against third-party delivery, but the new CEO seems more open to the idea).
So yeah, robots are the future...sort of (but that’s just a theory)
One thing I haven’t really seen is if these restaurants are going to ask customers to pay the same price for their meal if it was made by a robot. I wouldn’t.
Study: One-third of diners don’t want to see robots preparing their food
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2022.08.29 10:32 SadiaSaleem JALAPENO Chicken Tender Wrap Menu at Hardees Hardees Pakistan

Chicken tenderloins are rolled in a flour tortilla with shredded cheeses, bacon, and lettuce. This flavorful wrap also includes tomatoes and hot sauce. If you like your meat on the spicy side, you can also order beef tenderloins wrapped in lettuce.
#HardeesPakistan #Lettucemeatmenu #jalapenochickenwrap
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2022.08.24 11:22 BusinessOk7383 Will the angus thickburgers return in hardees?

Angus thick burgers from hardees menu were removed and they were my favourite. Any chances of it coming back ?
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2022.08.24 09:07 Comfortable-Sound401 The Best Hardee’s Menu For Fast Food

f you’re looking for a great fast food menu, try checking out the Hardee’s menu. You’ll find out what each item costs and what promotions they run.
#MenuForFastFood #HardeesLahoreMenu #Hardees
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2022.08.24 08:53 SadiaSaleem How to Find a Fast Food Restaurant Near You Hardees

If you're considering opening a fast food restaurant, you must ensure that it meets certain federal and state regulations. Every state has its own codes and permits for operating a business. Make sure that you find out which permits and licenses you'll need before you open your doors. Make sure to pay special attention to health codes and U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations. Also, keep in mind that some states have more regulations than others, so it's important to follow these guidelines.
When deciding which fast food restaurant is closest to your home, it's useful to do a circle exercise. If you live in a large city, you can draw a circle around your neighborhood and add another two miles to your radius. Alternatively, you can ask an adult family member or friend to take you around the area. Even though you have a limited search area, you can still find a fast food restaurant within a few blocks.
The invention of the drive-through fast food restaurant has been credited with revolutionizing the industry. It was opened in 1912 and became famous in a short period of time. Other popular fast food chains are KFC, McDonald's,Hardees Pakistan and In-N-Out Burger. These restaurants were among the first to install two-way speakers in drive-through windows. Despite the fast-food industry's emergence, they continue to be one of the most popular places to eat.
A quick tip to help avoid unhealthy fast food is to plan ahead. Most fast-food restaurants automatically give you a medium-sized meal. You should always order a small meal, single-patty burgers, or a kid-sized meal to reduce your overall intake of fat and sodium. This way, you'll be sure to get a healthy portion of food without compromising your diet. You'll also be able to save money on the extra food and avoid getting sick.
There's something about a burger that just makes you feel good inside. Whether it's the tangy, creamy sauce or the crispy, juicy patty, these burgers are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Check out some of our favorite zinger burgers today![ Best Zinger burger](https://hardees.com.pk/) is a new burger that has all the flavors of a standard burger, but with a twist. The zinger in this case is the addition of jalapeño peppers to the mix. This unique burger is sure to spice up your taste buds and give you a fresh new way to enjoy your favorite burger.
If you're looking for a new burger joint to try, then you should definitely check out Zinger Burger. This restaurant is known for its creative and delicious burgers. They also have a variety of other foods on the menu, so there's definitely something for everyone.It is loaded with a unique flavor.
It is made with a blend of spices and flavors that make it different from other burgers. The burger is topped with bacon, cheese, and pickles. It is a popular burger at restaurants. Zinger is a unique burger that are made with two beef patties, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a toasted bun.
The atmosphere is casual and welcoming, and the prices are very reasonable. Introducing the Zinger Burger, a new burger creation from a newly opened restaurant. Made with a blend of chuck, brisket, and turkey, this burger is juicy and flavorful. The zinger sauce gives it a delicious kick, while the pico de gallo and avocado add some freshness.
#fastfoodrestaurant #HardeesPakistan #Bestzingerburger
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2022.08.22 05:21 boogalooshrimp1103 Is the monster burger gone?

I went to my local Hardee's craving a monster burgers and it was nowhere to be found on the drive thru menu. I asked about it and they said they don't offer it anymore but it's still on the website. I know they have changed patties so it wasn't as good but It could be doctored up.
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2022.08.18 10:06 Comfortable-Sound401 The Best Benefits Hardee’s Pakistan Menu

f you’re looking for a Hardee’s Islamabad menu, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find information on prices, ingredients, and specialty items.
#HardeesPakistan #HardeesPakistanMenu
td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}https://healthke.com/2022/08/6136/
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2022.08.13 17:55 baliebox4916 my reality shifting script 2022 edition

Here's an updated version of my script I made back in 2021 enjoy
as promised, here's the script template i use:)

about me

+ name: penelope sinclair

+ age: 22

+ birthday: may 21 2000

+ gender and pronouns: female, 100% hyperfeminine, they/her


Penelope Sinclair Was Born in 2000 at Mount Sinai Hospital During My Families Trip to New York City back in 1999-2000, Unlike My Biological Self in My CR Where My Birth was an Emergency C Section Caused by My Moms Low Blood Count and Old Age, in my DR My Birth was Magical Rather Than a Mistake, Being Born From a Beastkin/Furry Who was a Teen Mom Who Had Beautiful White Countershading in Which i Succled on Her 6 Nipple Teets on Her Fuzzy White Belly that Looked like an Egg, Unlike My Early Years in my CR Which was Misrable, my Early Years in my DR was Beautiful


Alot Happened When i was a Toddler, First off My DR Parents Let Me Stay in Diapers Unlike My Parents in my CR Where My Parents Hated me Being an ABDL, Unlike in my Parents in my CR Who Put Me in Pull Ups when i was 4, My Parents in my DR Got Me Diapers for Older Kids with Yellow Flowers as Prints with Pink Tapes and the Frilliest Leg and Tail Gussets i Ever Seen on a Diaper Another Print on the Diaper Were Suns and Pastel Colored Birthday Cake Sprinkles (The Birthday Cake Sprinkle Print Would Later Become an Inspiration For One of My Hairstyles Which Kinda Looks like Vanelope from Wreck it Ralph)

Also Around this Time i Started Building Advanced Lego Sets with My Dad and My Mom Tought Me Basic Magic Skills at this Time

By The Time i Turned 6 I Got into Video Games, Because this is the Ohga Shrugs/Player Two Start Timeline with a Pre 9/11 Twist, I Had Both a Dreamcast and Gamecube as Well as a Windows XP/Longhorn Rig and Later a Nintendo Revolution and a Sega Pluto

Here are Some of the Games i Had

pocket fighters
megaman 64 1 & 2
klonoa door to phantomile (saturn port)
klonoa 2 lunateas veil (gamecube port)
klonoa beach volleyball (n64 port)
tail concerto
speed freeks
conkers bad fur day
you dont know jack
super tic tac toe (knots and crosses snes, like the currently lost lodgenet game)
dinosaur planet
sonic adventure
sonic adventure 2
sonic adventure 3 the meterex saga
lego island
cave story
ten pin alley
tomb raider 1-3
kirby air race
daytona usa 2
pokemon leaf green
pokemon diamond
resident evil 4
sam and max hit the road
secret of monkey island
ddr 3rd mix
smashing drive (pre 9/11/arcade build)
crazy taxi 1-3
space channel 5
final lap twin (saturn port)


This was a Major Turning Point for My Life. i Met My Friends Who Had Similar Interests as Me Where as in My CR I Had Friends That Pretend That They Liked What i Liked

I Was also Really into Klonoa and Sonic Around this Time and We Would Talk About the Latest Sonic X Episodes with My Friends on the Playground (Like How Kids My Age SHOULD have Been Like)

Also Around This Time when i was 7 i Had to Get Surgery Done on My Front Teeth So That My Rodent Like Buck Teeth Would Grow Nice and Big and Cute

By The Time i Turned 9 i Became a Girl Scout and Unlike in My CR My Father Didn't Die But Instead got Divorced


This is Where the Butterfly Effect Really Changes in my DR, Unlike in my CR Where i was Frowned Upon for Being a Furry and Sent to a Special ed Class, By The Time i was in Middle School My Friends Introduced me to Animation Memes like the Ones From Sashley and Seelnose

Also around this Time One of My Friends Found one of the Macguffins of this World (the nine tails of peace) which led to a massive news report

also around this time i met some furries who thought my antlers and fluffy tail looked cute as i was in heat around this time so my antlers started growing and my voice became squeakier and chipmunk like and my countershading was turning white and egg shaped like my mothers

by the time i was 17, i graduated where in my CR I Dropped out due to my Teacher Sending me Home all the Time


By The Time i Started College i was Learning How to Make Games in RPG Maker, unity and Gamemaker Studio 2, in Which i Created a 3D Version of Undertale, Also i Was Learning How to Solder Electronics Were in High School i Just Used a Breadboard, i Made My Own DDR Metal Pad for Mame, a pokemon lcd game, Several Eurodance Songs Made in FL Studio using a Korg M1 and Yamaha DX2, an 8bitdo Controller with dualsense technology and an lcd screen and Even Learned how to Draw and Make Animation Memes, My Magic Skills were also at its finest

by the time i was 21, i Started Dating a Bunny Boy Who was into Undertale, Kingdom Hearts and Helluva Boss and Me and My Friends who were Roomates Stayed at His House which was very cozy
during summer 2022 we had a BBQ with my old friends and family at a trailer park at the alternate Canadian border
and during Christmas and Thanksgiving of that year we had a turkey dinner with our family Similar to something seen in leave it to beaver or full house

+ positive personality traits: cute, smart and very athletic

+ negative personality traits (don't feel inclined to put anything here): shy, wears diapers, an introvert

+ skills i posses (this can be repetitive with likes and hobbies, but i used it and you'll see why in my script): gaming, drawing, music, soldering, magic

+ can you feel pain?


+ are you used to seeing death/murdeblood (for those of you going to an action packed reality)?

used to seeing blood, urine, feces and semen (especially with my dr self wearing diapers) (even being immune to vaccines and cuts) but not death aside from funerals

+ sexuality: pansexual

+ hobbies: gaming, cosplay, geocaching, electronics

+ likes: anime, furries, eurodance music, pets, anime

+ dislikes: haircuts, inscects, baby dolls, hardcore rap music, clowns and jesters

+ family act (how you act around your family): calm

+ friend act (how you act around your friends): excited, shy,

+ self act (how you act when you're alone): bubbly, cute, sexy


+ hair color, length, type: pastel blue and purple, down to waist (classic length), messy and fluffy

+ usual hairstyles: loose twin pigtails, fluffy ponytail, usally with matching hairclip/barret with a cute, girly or childish symbol to her situation during that day

+ eye color, shape, lashes, brows: yellow, big and round with heart shaped sparkles in them, long and thick, thin

+ lips: normal

+ nose shape: small (cat like in beast form)

+ skin type (acne, clear, freckles, etc.): clear, freckles on face and cheeks

+ chin shape: round and oval shaped

+ face shape: round

+ tattoos or piercings? no except for a pink collar with buckle and a bell

+ height: 5ft 8

+ weight (don't feel inclined to put this): 120 pounds

+ teeth (straight, crooked, vampire fangs, etc.): buck toothed (rodent like)

+ do you need glasses or contacts? braces? smart ar glasses with warm leds for seeing at night, light polarization contacts, no braces as buck teeth are natural and used as weapon and are my adult teeth that needed to eat and talk correctly (I do wear a retainer sometimes though)

+ voice pitch
squeaky and chipmunk like


+ my clone will (act like me, not raise suspicion, etc.) yes

+ my clone will not harm anyone. yes

+ my clone (will, will not) tell anyone i have shifted. yes

+ my clone will go about my normal activities (like school, homework, sports, talking with friends and family, etc.) yes

how i come back to my current reality

+ i get back to my current reality by (safe action or safe word). (falling off building or being reminded on my cr)

how time passes

+ (2 hours) in my current reality is equal to (2 years and 5 months) in my desired reality.
and (30 minutes) in my current reality is equal to (1 week and 15 days) in my desired reality.

my desired reality

+ describe your desired reality. is it based on a book, movie, show, etc? where and when is it set?

an alternate reality where zeppelins rule the skies, mythical creatures exist (including protogens), fluffy beastkin like creatures talk and co exist with humans, asian/new orleans style elves exist, jfk had survived his second shot, the solviet union still exists, the challenger never explodes, 9/11 never happens, covid never happens, magic is used alongside futuristic technology, buildings on the moon exist, lizard like aliens exist, nintendo and sony are on the same team, sega still makes consoles, disney and oswald the lucky rabbit is owned by universal which is owned by skynet who owns commodore/cbm/silicon graphics, and sony as well and is run by a white haired queen known as queen zorn)
(pretty much if fringe meets harry potter, mlp, dragon ball, final fantasy, naruto, sonic the hedgehog, cave story, undertale, futurama, rick and morty, star trek, klonoa, megaman and starfox)
(set between Alternate 2000-2034 with Some time Travel to the 80s and 90s and sometimes the Paleolithic ice age, renacance age and the future Here and There)


+ my mother's name is Adelaide (Kennedy) Sinclair. they are (female), (heshe). birthday (if it's important) november 21 1974. personality. are you close? do you get along well? very close we get along due to her being an exotic pet owner and nurse

+ my father's name is John Sinclair. they are (male), (him/he). birthday december 21 1977, personality. are you close? do you get along well? very close we get along as he is a game designer and has a massive game and physical media collection

+ my sibling/cousins's names are Ally, Ashley, Eric, Diane, Ellen, David, Nelson, Alice, Lincoln George, Neil, Buzz, Pepsi, Coke, Satoshi, Toby, Clark. they are (female/male/non binary), (Any Pronouns). birthday between April 1997 and September 2004, personality. are you close? do you get along well? very close as kids we played retro games and watched obscure media and anime all the time we get along very well
my uncles name is Freddie Gordon birthday 1981 personality laid back Canadian stoner are you close yes do you get along well yes
my sister's name are naomi temari and mabel sinclair birthdays 2000 and 2012 personality excited and sassy are you close very close do you get along pretty much
my aunts name is may sinclair birthday 1992 personality Nerdy also a juggalo are you close very close do you get along pretty much
my grandfather's name is Arthur Fitzgerald birthday 1952 personality smart are you close most of the time do you get along yes especially when he tells us his stories


+ names: augest, daisy, baylee gender female, pronouns she/her, age, between 18-24 birthday,(augest: august 11 1997, daisy: april 9 2001, baylee: january 21 2003) how you met, close friends from school how close you are. very appearance. (augest: cute, dainty, lolita/magical girl like, a kitsune, (daisy: cute and cool, also a bunny) (baylee: cute and sexy) personality. (augest: shy, sassy, introvert,) (daisy: fun, outgoing,) (baylee: smart, fast)

Other Friends/Mutuals/Friends Pets Include

Jack Warwick (Baylees Older Brother)
Annie the Bunny (Daisies Little Sister)
Omnibot 2.0 (The Helper Robot with a CRT For a Head)
Omnibotette (The Female TV Head Robot)
Radio (The Boombox robot)
Sara the Kitsune Halfling (the Wizard Girl with a Fox Tail and Ears)
CreamEgg The Squirrel (Squirrel Girl with 6 Nipples/Cream Colored CounterShading on its Belly or the Feral Version of Breasts)
Joseph Lee (The Abused Kid)
Flea the Dog (The Long Haired Puppy with Fleas)
Tyler Lee (The Guy Who Cusses)
Rick Stewart (The Fat Guy/SideVillan)
Sarah MilleStewart (The Social Media Addict/The Fat Girl)
John Williams (The Guy with Down Syndrome)
Erika Tompson (The Suicidal Girl)
Rakied Votski (The Jewish Guy)
Shantae Rakied (The Muslim Girl)
The Phantom (The Magician)
Stephanie Farley (The SpeedpainteDigital Artist)
Harry Spears (The British Guy)
Jack Hartman (The Guy with ALS)
CJ Brown (The Black Guy)
June Claire (The Black Girl)
Tim Buck (The Coffee Addict)
Jessica Tess (The Popular Girl)
Pipi (the Guy who Has Urinal Incontenence)
Toker Falconer (The Stoner)
Sage (The Hard Core RPG/Wow/Fighting Game PlayeSega Kid)
Emi Rokr (the Hard Core DDGuitar Hero/Osu! PlayeNintendo Kid)
Spock Skywalker (the Scifi Nerd)
Erica Downs (The Sad Girl)
Terry Hunter (The RoleplayeLawyer)
Ally Surge (The Celebrity)
Balrog Megan (The Dead Spirit)
Yuni Temashi (The Fangirl)
Curly Sprite (The Youkai)
Maria Canyon (The Lolita Fashion Girl)
Knuckles Zim (The Buff Guy)
Philip Nitro (The Cute Guy/Meme Poster)
Toro Midoriya (The Guy with 300 IQ)
Demnek Miramaer (The Harlequin Elf Who Drinks Ramune)
Zach Falkenham (The Criminal)
Tix Jackson (the Guy with Torrettes Syndrome)
Chi The Cat (The Cat Girl)
Maria (The Anthro Magpie)
Pickle (The Flat Pixie)
Azul (The Princess)
Octto (The Orc)
Lay (The Black Potado Fairy)
Beef (The Girl in a Cow Fursuit)
Emoji (The Silouette Fairy)
Tourl (The Skeleton)
Bone (The Zombie)
Commander John (The Soldier)
Nova (Male Grunge Version of Daisy)
Aritmis (The Axolotl Mermaid)
Apollo (The Male Version of Aritmis)
Waifu Machine 4000 (The Human Version of Omnibotette)
Jenny (The Shapeshifing Fairy)
Toby Watson (The Anthrophomorphic Floof Sprite whos into Extreme Sports)
Jimmy Joe (The Comedian/Mime)
Thedore Bear (The Bully)

Anti Heroes

Domu the Robot (a Crash Dummy TV Humanoid Who Manipulates Eye Color with a Cursed LED Strip Remote)
Alora the Cat (the Hair Collector)
Haru the Possum (The Kawaii Possum Girl)


Professor Niq (The Main Villan that Crosses Trump and Doc Brown Together)
Jak and Jillian (The Terrorists Originally Behind the Solstice Massacure Bombing of 2003 at the Mall of America and Rolling Acres Mall)
Kaitlyn Jenifer (The Side Villan/Undercover Terrorist) (Looks Like Elsa From Frozen If Drawn By Patrick Nagel)
Doctor Yamamoto (the Doctor Who Caused the Digital Zombie Outbreak of 2019-2021)
USSR Space Team (The Astronaut Team a Part of a Space Mission where they Blocked the Sun in 2020/2021) and Almost Blew Up the Moon in 2021-2022
Colonel Avocado (The Leader of the Guacamole Syndacite Whos Planning on turning All the Foods in the World into Avocados
Lord Gyagunanto (The Alien Overlord and the Yilany Version of the Second Coming of Jesus(Daughter of Christ)
Queen Zorn (The Mother of Skynet)
Mama Irix (A Demonic Entity Hellbent on Destroying the Anime and Furry Fandoms)

Other People

A Human Version of Sans from Undertale
A Human Version of Frisk from Undertale
A Human Version of Noelle Holiday
A Human Version of WD Gaster
Various Gen Z Versions of the Artist ezpups/Bani the Kitty
A Human Gen Z Version of Retsuko and Haida from Aggretsuko
A Human Female Version of Klonoa
A Gen Z Version of Wolfychu
A Human Version of Issabelle
An alternate Version of my CR Sister Brandi who lives in San Francisco
A real life version of the Player Character from Runescape
A Real life Adult version of Dawn/Hikari from Pokemon
An Adult Human Version of Sue Sakamoto
A real life version of rotom from pokemon that can shapeshift into diaper prints and hair barrettes (also Dating a real life version of dohna from earthbound 64)
a human version of our CRs version of miles tails prower
An Adult anthro character reminiscent of Cream the Rabbit but as a young adult


Baylees Protogen
Daisys Floof Sprite Vanilla
Sun Floof (Augests Light Sprite that is Made from Her Yellow Eye Color who is Shaped like the Sun)
Gizmo the Fennec Fox (The Class 93/98 Pet/Baylees Pet)
Shady the Cat (A Black Cat Like Fairy with Yellow Eyes Who Wears a Collar With a Big Golden Bell and a Diaper thats Fastened with Golden Tabs with Lock Symbols on them, Golden Yellow Leg Gussets and a Matching Golden Yellow Wetness Indicator that Turns Blue When Wet
Tooth sprites: like the tooth fairy but instead of taking children/cubs teeth they instead come to life from loose teeth
Floof sprites: again just like with tooth sprites these are sprites that come to life from cut/trimmed/shedded hair

^do this for however many friends you'll have

love interest

+ name: steve gender, male pronouns, they/them age, 24 birthday, feburary 20 1997 how you met. at college (liked how cute my buck teeth, hair and squeaky chipmunk like voice was) appearance. white hair, headband, personality. smart, cool, cozy


+ name: lizardman penelope gender, female pronouns, they them age, 21 birthday 2000, how you met. through a drama surrounding sashley who they watched at the same time around 2017 (kinda like the omicronians in futurama) why they don't like you. because penelope (me) and her friends ate their fluffy larvae and sold it to arbys as an item on their menu (kinda like popplers being sold at fishy joes in futurama) why you don't like them because they have scales instead of fuhair and one time they tried to give me surgery to change my eye color from yellow to green but luckly i was rescued on time before they could do anything to me
Snappie Comedies Universal Florida Project Universal Fairy Tale Archive G4 Tech TV Viacom/Paramount (MTV, MTV2, Nickelodeon, Radio Nick, Noggin (Circa 2000-Early 2002), Nick GAS, TNN, Sega Movies) Warner Bros/AT&T (Cartoon Network, Mondo Media, HBO, Funimation, Machinima) PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)/NET (National Educational TV) Microsoft Windows Microsoft Space Procter and Gamble Communications Phiser Sears/Kenmore Mongomary Ward/Magnavox Black and Decker Computing and Electronics Norelco (North American Philips Corparation) Tesla/SpaceX Panasonic General Electric Electrolux GoogleSiemens ANS (Atlus Namco Sammy) (Including Sanrio) Nintendo Sega Bandai Holdings Tiger Electronics Proximus Group Sony Imagesoft Motorola Commodore Silicon Graphics Apple Systems Inc Мондо TV USSR 4Otaku Productions Tokyo Pop Rareware LJN Astral Media Epoch Goldwater Law Firm Gateway 21st Century Meme Burgerz Kodak Minolta Sierra Online Target Canada JCPenney Canada Salem Satellite LEGO (Circa 1972-1985) 3DFX Crazy Eddies De Beers Diamonds Rax Roast Beef BlockbusteNetflix LLC
Drones and Mechs to Fight
Coleco Tar Coleco Tar Ice Blue
Black and Decker F5-5800 Ultra Plus Pageant Destroyer Procter and Gamble Communications Series 9 Pro 9465cc Estrogen Reverser Norelco Sonicwave 9500. Norelco Sonicwave 9300 Norelco Sonicwave 8900 Norelco Sonicwave 2100 Norelco PQ208/40 Online Edition Norelco Destroyer 7700, Solar Powered Salt WateFresh Water and Land Pageant Destroyer Procter and Gamble Communications Series 8 8330s Y2K/22 Edition Norelco Destroyer 2300 Solar Powered Pageant Destroyer with Retractable Dozer Tesla/SpaceX Wrecking Ball 4.0. Panasonic CF-LV95-S Model 5 Pageant Destroyer Panasonic CF-LA63-S Model 4 Pageant Destroyer Panasonic CF-8103-S Model 3 Pageant Destroyer Panasonic Model 3 Pageant Leveller for STEM Use General Electric Lifeproof Lithium Ion Pageant Destroyer 2.0 Electrolux ProGuillotine Lithium Plus Titanium Pageant Destroyer. Norelco OneShot Hybrid Bionic Algorithm and Ion Cannon.
Amazon C3 Complete Calima. ... Sears/Kenmore Elite 31150 Earth Defrager. ... Tesla V11 Torque Drive. ... General Electric RapidBuild Pro Lightweight Solar Powered Drone. ... CAT Leveler Daemon Solar Powered Drone. ... Amazon IDrone s9+ ... Google Life V3s Pro. ... Mongomery Ward 9-Ton 20HP Heavy Duty Remote Zeppelin DXV09P.
AI Sandbox Malware 1.0 Alpha (South Tower Virus) AI Sandbox Malware 2.0 Beta (North Tower Virus) AI Sandbox Malware 4.0 (Frisk Virus) (Powered By Nintendo, Sega and ANS (Atlus/Namco/Sammy) Holdings) AI Sandbox Malware 4.5 Update (Mary Kate and Ashley Root Kit) AI Sandbox Malware Upgrade 6.0 (Sonic Virus) (Powered By Nintendo and Sony) AI Sandbox Malware Transition Upgrade 6.5 (Knuckles Virus) AI Sandbox Malware Upgrade 8.0 (Bart Simpson Virus Powered By Google) AI Sandbox Malware Upgrade Final Version 10.0 (Uncle Pennybags Virus) (Powered By Bell Labs)
Black and Decker Computing Sponsors and Affiliates (Think of them as the Microsoft of this DR)
Exxon/Mobil General Electric Honeywell Goldwater Lawfirm Chuck E Cheese/Showbiz Pizza Various Local TV Stations 3DFX Interactive Silicon Graphics Commodore Studio Machines (CSM) ANS Holdings SEGA Corparation Konami Nintendo/Sony Good Old Games (GOG) Mondelez Carls JHardees Align Technology Restaurant Brands International Dish Network
Main Cities and Neighbouring Towns my DR is Set in
Salem (a town with lots of gardens, greenhouses and an old westren feel with a valley and wind turbines) Des Moines (a big city thats the epicenter of technology and science (also has a p&g, black and decker computing, norelco and seimens/google plant) Franklin County (a beachside city similar to orlando or miami) Dayton (the big city of the tristate area. has elements of cities like las vegas, los angeles, new orleans, pre 9/11 new york and ibiza (they even have their own furry convention and even an anime club that was founded by studio pixel) Blackberry Place (a cozy cottagecore town also with alot of greenhouses and is also the epicenter of beastkins/furries/half furries) Canmore Municipality (think a town like hokaido or sinnoh from pokemon, a small town with a cozy feel, (also has a train and zeppelin station as well as a trolley leading up to both blackberry place, dayton and salem)

+ i have the Lifa App in my personal diary that only i may access. it cannot be deleted or destroyed. it lets me see what time and day it is in my current reality, it lets me check on my clone and edit my script from my desired reality. yes

+i'm safe in my desired reality. yes very safe

+ every time i leave my desired reality, time freezes. when i re-enter my desired reality, time starts again. yes

+ anything else you want to add
I will open my eyes or wake up when I'm in my dr
I will not get injured in my dr

make sure to add anything else that would be important. for example, if you're shifting to the harry potter reality, add you house, wand and patronous.

if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. if there's anything you think i should add, please let me know.

good luck angels. remember that you can do this and the universe showed you shifting for a reason. you'll be home soon:)
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