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All things BK5.

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2023.03.20 16:17 rendrolik King salmon burger meat

Anybody got suggestions for places I can get king salmon burger meat online? Most of the places I've found only have sockeye
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2023.03.20 16:13 rendrolik King salmon burger meat

Anybody know any good places online that sell king salmon burger meat? I'm specifically looking for king salmon and like the burger meat cuz it's cheap
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2023.03.20 16:00 _call-me-al_ [Mon, Mar 20 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Polish Ambassador to France: Poland will be forced to enter war if Ukraine fails to defend itself
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Ukrainian officials express outrage over Putin's surprise visit to city of Mariupol, saying visiting under the cover of night "befits a thief"
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French President Emanuel Macron faces a critical test on Monday when the National Assembly is due to examine no-confidence motions filed after his government bypassed parliament on Thursday to push through a deeply unpopular pension reform, sparking days of unrest
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Alex Jones reportedly concealing funds to avoid $1.5bn payout to Sandy Hook families
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US Christian group accused of covering up sexual abuse of minors US news
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Texas abortion law means woman has to continue pregnancy despite fatal anomaly
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Study: 59% of Neighborhoods in Canada Within a 5-Minute Drive of a Cannabis Store
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Individuals who live in areas that historically favored men over women display more pro-male bias today than those who live in places where gender relations were more egalitarian centuries ago—evidence that gender attitudes are “transmitted” or handed down from generation to generation.
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Bird flu is associated with more than 330 seal deaths in New England — linking H5N1 strain to a large scale mortality event in wild mammals
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Close up of Pluto from the New Horizons space probe
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My homebuilt observatory-grade telescope that fits in the back of an SUV
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Sights and sounds from the surface of Mars.
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The Matrix is here! Using ChatGPT 4 to play as an ensign in Star Trek
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Anticancer Activity of Bee Venom Components against Breast Cancer
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Scientists grow antlers on mice, hope to regrow human limbs
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Americans, what do Eurpoeans have everyday that you see as a luxury?
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What made you suddenly lose interest in someone you were pursuing?
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What’s the secret to good sex?
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TIL that the reason we see fewer fireflies nowadays is because there are genuinely fewer of them. 1 in 3 North American firefly species are at risk of extinction, with some species already being officially listed as 'Critically Endangered'!
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TIL That, shortly after the Berlin Wall fell, Eugene Stoner, inventor of the AR-15, and Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK-47, met near Washington DC and developed a friendship that lasted until Stoner's death seven years later.
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TIL a man suffering from fatal familial insomnia, a condition whereby you become biologically incapable of sleep, attempted vitamin therapy, sensory deprivation, narcoleptics, and anesthesia to sleep, which prolonged his life by 12 months.
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Bar chart of the summarized hight of all 2x2 LEGO DUPLO bricks my son owns, ordered by color. It's his first bar graph, so please be gentle. [OC]
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[Oc] El Salvador had the highest homicide rate in Latin America. Since its peak in 2015, the rate has decreased an incredible 92%.
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[OC] Heapsort algorithm sorting a reversed list
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Burger seasoning other than salt and pepper?
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Uses for miso paste?
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Keeping a Clean Kitchen
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[homemade] Tiramisu
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[Homemade] Fruit Platter pirate ship
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[homemade] NY-style pizzas
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'Catch Me If You Can' conman Frank Abagnale lied about his lies.
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The IMAX poster for Shin Kamen Rider, released in Japan on March 18th, 2023
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Describe a movie's plot via acronym of the movie's title
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Duck, Me, Watercolour, 2023
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Polygonal sculpture "Lions", Me, metal, 2023
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Underwater world, me, wood/resin, 2023
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I'm Bob Odenkirk and I'm feeling pretty lucky. AMA!
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‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 is Coming to Netflix (US) on April 18
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Adam Sandler To Receive Mark Twain Prize For Lifetime In Comedy
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My dad made me take pics 4 his dating websites, here’s him yelling at me while striking a sexy pose.
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The size difference between my 1970 Honda and a regular pickup truck.
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I was riding my bike under a rainbow through a shower
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Little Piggy has the zoomies
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The Promise We Made at Sunset/夕阳下许下的承诺
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Galactic year (or a cosmic year) is the time that the Sun takes to orbit once around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. We move 230 km every second (143 mi/s) in orbit around the center (less than 0.1% of light speed).
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How a decorative glass plate is made -
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My sink sprayer has a tough spot remover. It shoots a high pressure stream down the middle that is surprisingly powerful, but a cone of water around it that blocks all the splashes
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Home Depot left the sprinklers on overnight in freezing weather
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This weekend I stumbled upon the gravestone for Michael Bond, the author of Paddington Bear.
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On April 28, 1988, the roof of an Aloha Airlines jet ripped off at 24,000 feet, but the plane still managed to land safely.
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Excited group digging up a crystal
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Colombian Angel Alvarado solves three Rubik’s Cubes while juggling them
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Edge-Man [OC]
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My wife's foolproof method of chopping onions with zero tears
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John Wick housecleaning service
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This boy’s reaction to seeing his newborn sister for the first time
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Baby penguin flippy flaps.
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The little cat pictured is one of my favorites
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2023.03.20 15:04 klughless Does anyone know where I can find a sandwich close to this in Ohio? I will also take suggestions for just excellent burgers in general, preferably in central Ohio.

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2023.03.20 15:03 Eaterup Burger King Serves Up New Dessert Burger for Lent in Denmark

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2023.03.20 14:57 ykkzip22 Reverse Harem Recs & Request

Just some recs for RH books I’ve liked over the last few months but dont see mentioned a ton here. I’d love some recs if you’ve got em’!
Things I Love: strong FMC, E2L, Forbidden, Fated Mates, Slow Burn, Spice, Fantasy, CR, PNR, Omegaverse, Mafia/Gang
Anything J. Bree, Pack Darling, Psycho Shifters, Ruthless Boys of Zodiac, Four Psychos
Things I Don’t Love: - long sappy internal monologues about how amazing the love interests are - PWOP, BDSM, HR - completely unrealistic scenarios (Oh, a dude just broke into my house? Let me wax poetic about his abs).
Tate James (I’m sorry, I’ve tried so hard), C.M. Stunich (again I’m sorry), WITSEC, The Lost Elemental, Klutz, Power of Five, Rebels & Rejects, Babylon Project, Never King



Honorable Mentions: The Lost Feather, The Pact, Loxley Prep, State of Grace
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2023.03.20 14:26 nobody0597 2008 Family Portrait Article: "Jackson Clan in a Deep Funk" By Stacy Brown and James Fanelli

March 23, 2008 -- STIFFED by their superstar brother Michael and plagued by decades of bad fiscal decisions, the once-mighty Jackson family is barely scraping by, with one brother stocking groceries, another repairing cars and others living at home with mom while hoping for sister Janet's next handout.
How did their fortunes crumble?
A slew of bad investments, poor advice, bankruptcy, stubborn pride, divorces, IRS debt, child support and a brother, Michael, who would rather give $1 million to Marlon Brando than do a concert tour or record to help make his brothers whole again.
"Michael was not going to work with the family again," said Frank DiLeo, the manager who oversaw Michael Jackson's ultra-successful "Bad" album and tour. "He was concerned only about building his legacy. He had to be bigger than Elvis."
The family's downfall is not entirely Michael's fault, others argue. The Gloved One footed their bills for years. But his generosity came at a devastating price: The King of Pop used his vast power and influence to prevent his siblings from plying the trade that led to such mega-hits as "I Want You Back," "The Love You Save" and "ABC." Jackson, riding high in the music world, signed his brothers to his personal record label, MJJ, and refused to release any of their music.
"Michael's mission was to make sure his family was broke, and he accomplished that through the industry, which mostly kowtowed to him," said Bob Jones, former longtime director of communications for Jackson and the author of "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask." "We were always ordered by Michael to keep his family away from his offices and out of his business," he said. "He hated them. He wanted them broke. Michael even refused to allow Jermaine, who had come over to Europe to see one of Michael's concerts about a decade ago, to guest on 'I'll Be There.' Jermaine was devastated."
The family filed for Chapter 11 protection in 1997, listing debts of more than $45 million following the collapse of Jackson Communications Inc., which was started by Jermaine. Only Michael, Janet and sister La Toya were spared from the many lawsuits connected to JCI. LED by Janet, the Jack son sisters have carved out a far different lifestyle than their famous brothers. Janet is said to be worth upward of $150 million, while controversial sister La Toya, 52, is a millionaire. Rebbie, 57, the oldest, has been married for more than 35 years to a successful businessman she met in Gary, and the two live in an exclusive Las Vegas enclave.
With the release of his "Invincible" album in 2001, Michael celebrated 30 years in the music industry with two star-studded concerts in Madison Square Garden. While paying Brando $1 million to appear and giving five- and six-figure fees to artists such as Whitney Houston, Usher, Britney Spears and Destiny's Child to perform, Jacko had his brothers sign a contract that would pay them just $1,100 each. Michael charged the brothers for hotel and travel, and the siblings were never paid their measly performance fees, according to the brothers. "Charity begins at home," Joseph Jackson said during a 2005 interview. "Michael should think about that." Promises again abounded during the 2005 child-molestation trial in which Michael swore he would regroup with the family and do a "Celebration" tour.
While Michael's publicist, Raymone Bain, often held impromptu press conferences to denounce those she claimed were taking advantage of Jacko, family members themselves were capitalizing on the daily headlines. Joseph Jackson demanded payment for interviews during the trial. A Vegas-based magician named Majestik the Magnificent worked closely with Joseph to secure pay. Inside the gates of the Hayvenhurst estate with Joseph, Majestik told a producer from MSNBC's "Scarborough Country" by cellphone that "our conversation must begin with at least $50,000 for Joe to come on." When the producer, George Uribe, declined, Majestik shot back, "Your ratings go up with the Jacksons on, and you make a lot of money . . . so you gotta share the love."
Family members, led by Jermaine, began shooting home video of the goings-on during the trial, hoping to shop it to networks as a reality show. DRAMATIC footage never seen by the public includes Jacko's drive to the courthouse on verdict day. In the SUV, Michael wails, "Why me? Why me?" Gripping a Bible, he begins to compare himself to the biblical Job. More broken promises followed Jacko's acquittal. "Michael said after the trial ends, and we know he is going to walk, that we are definitely going out on tour," Jermaine said. "We are going to set the world on fire." Instead Michael fled to the Middle East. Randy Jackson, who persuaded several friends to remortgage their homes, used the cash to help pay Michael's legal and other expenses. Randy said he was left holding the bag when Michael fled to Bahrain.
When Michael returned to the States, taking up residence in Las Vegas in December 2006, Randy tried to confront him, but Michael would not have it. A desperate Randy charged the compound housing Michael, but bodyguards were sicced on the youngest brother. "We are willing now to go out and do some things without [Michael]," one of the brothers said recently. "We have to."

Joseph Jackson, 79 and Katherine Jackson, 77
Dad hustles various girl groups in Las Vegas. Mom is still a stay-at-home housewife and the only family member in contact with Michael. Both have previously filed for bankruptcy
Janet Jackson, 41
The current family breadwinner. She bought her mom a Vegas home in anticipation of losing the family's mansion, Hayvenhurst, to foreclosure. Like their Neverland colleagues, workers at Hayvenhurst have not been paid for months.
La Toya Jackson, 52
Family turncoat who declared Michael guilty during the 1993 molestation case, she earns a living mostly in Europe and in the UAE judging beauty and singing contests. She lives with a wealthy boyfriend in Beverly Hills and has little contact with her siblings.
Rebbie Jackson, 57
The oldest, she's married to successful businessman Nathaniel Brown.
Tito Jackson, 55
Formed a blues band several years ago and plays at small venues for $500 to $1,500 a gig.
Michael Jackson, 49
On the verge of losing Neverland ranch as well as the family's Encino, Calif., home. He's hiding out in Las Vegas and repeatedly makes promises to his brothers while sabotaging any attempts by them to ply their musical trade.
Randy Jackson, 46
Does odd jobs like changing tires to support himself. He was Michael's business manager during the 2005 molestation trial but ran into serious problems with friends after he persuaded three people to take out lines of credits against their homes to help Michael pay his attorney fees and Michael stiffed them.
Marlon Jackson, 51
Lives in San Diego, where he works stocking groceries at a Vons supermarket. He fell on hard times three years ago when he was forced to leave his foreclosed home and move into an Extended Stay America hotel with his wife, Carol.
Jackie Jackson, 56
The oldest son started an Internet clothing business and is trying to produce records by his sons. Nothing has panned out.
Jermaine Jackson, 54
Splits time between the parents' Hayvenhurst mansion and his girlfriend's home in the San Fernando Valley. With more than $5 million in federal, state and other liens against him and a 1995 bankruptcy filing, he doesn't work or have a regular income.
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2023.03.20 14:10 EnrichVonEnrich 3 people occupying approximately 18 spots at an airport food court.

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2023.03.20 14:04 Knight_of_Squares A man fresh off P5 gives his wish list for P6.

A while ago I picked up persona 5 royal. I spent my spring break playing threw the game and had a blast.
Anyway at this rate I might as well check out P4G or Strikers. However, my mind has been on how they could carry the series from this point. I thought it would be fun to give my perspective as to where I would want to serious to go.
  1. As much as I like to P5 cast, there should be only references to P5 in the next game. In short, I don't want P6 to be P5-2. The most I would tolerate is a returning character (preferably not joker or any of the other phantom thieves).
After thinking about it, what would be cool if P6 had a cameo character from 3, 4, and 5. I'm not saying give them a full confidant/social link. More like-
"party member X is the child of this character from P3"
"this character from P4 can be seen on the news"
"this character from P5 who is now in hiding currently works at a pancake house in town."
Things like that.
  1. As much fun as it was to check out Tokyo, a more down to earth setting would be awesome. Granted I understand P4 does something like this, that's kind of why I'm wanting to play it next.
Maybe have a game take place outside of Japan. Like a game set in Korea or the USA. Though this is admittedly a stretch.
  1. Besides God and Darth Burger King, I found P5R to be rather easy. Every battle played out almost like a pokemon battle in the fact that you either exploit their weakness or hit them with bigger numbers. However, some fights were more like puzzles. More of those please : )
  2. Now, I'm going to talk about villains for a sec.
You have three types:
 -Sympathetic villains -Evil for the sake of evil villains -Force of nature villains 
If you want an example of all three, go watch the new puss and boots movie.
The reason I bring up villains is that they can be a difficult thing to write. I feel that writers tends to overuse the sympathetic villain archetype. I WANT MORE A-HOLES! I was so scared that they would give shido a tragic back story of sorts to make us feel sorry for him. No! We got the anime version Senator Armstrong and I love it!
Don't get me wrong, maruki was sympathetic (man needs some therapy himself) and shooting God in the face to save Christmas was dope. But I just like my big jack horners XD
  1. No, let's talk about romance. I'm not saying build a full fledged dating sim in the next persona. I just wish there was a little more to it.
Take this example, let's say you are now dating X. Instead of asking her out and having one or two romantic senses latter down the road, have the player put actual effort into the relationship.
Maybe have a hidden stat that goes up if you take her out on dates or interact with her on a given day and goes down when you ignore her. If you let it get too low or if she finds out you started a harem behind her back, SHE will break things off.
In addition, have some benefit for being in a relationship. Have your partner give useful items or maybe being in a relationship boosts the stats of any personas you have of the same arcana as your partner.
  1. I liked the tone of 5 a lot. However, I would love to see a persona game tackle a more horror theme. Hell, all the ingredients are there it just needs to properly built. I'm not saying add gore, cheep jump scares, or whatever FNAF is doing now a days. Adding phycology or existential horror would be an amazing fit for this type of game. I think I heard P3 does this well, however I am not playing P3P.
Let's take the beginning of the third semester. Have a group of teenagers live seemingly perfect lives with occasionally nightmares. Once they awakened their persona, the life they believed to have lived was all a lie conjured up by an unseen entity to "make them happy". That's is terrifying.
  1. I think that every persona game has a theme with the main parties personas (correct me if I'm wrong). Since 5 had the whole trickster theme, a theme I would like to see is fairy tales or Arthurian legend. Yes, I know this is a vanilla take, but there is a gold mine of potential personas here. (Especially if they use the Brothers Grimm for inspiration)
  2. Now, I am aware that a lot of the personas in the persona games are just the demons from SMT games. That doesn't nullify a nitpick I had with P5. Mainly the lack of verity in personas. Sure fusion keeps things interesting in terms of customizing your personas move sets and traits. but I can't help but wish for more visual veriaty. Keep in mind I just may be spoiled by pokemon's abundant catalog of monsters.
This concludes my Ted Talk. Feel free to rip me apart.
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2023.03.20 13:59 jryad Countryside Sabbath Fellowship Chapter 1

Part I :: “The Little Church”
As I stepped inside Countryside Sabbath Fellowship, I never imagined how this place would change my outlook on faith, God, and Seventh-day Adventism as a whole. It didn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary. It is your typical red church with a big white steeple rising high towards Heaven. A symbol of the enduring power of the love of Christ immortal. Or something like that. My eyes moved up towards the sign above the door that read The Church in the Wildwood. Perhaps it was a remnant of a previous church that had moved on? A small door led to a dining hall. Folding chairs and brown tables were set up around the room. My eyes darted left and right. Everyone here was old. Some were very old. I tapped my shoes on the rug. The gravel driveway still lingered on the bottom of each. Outside, cars loaded with the lost souls of the world rushed along Highway 395, a highway leading from Spokane to Canada.
A group of ragtag aging Adventist outcasts wandered almost aimlessly around the dining hall waiting for the morning service to start. We missed Sabbath school and in between there was a break where the members could unload their bladders and bowels, or grab a piece of church literature from a little table set up in the dining room. It was also a chance for the pack leader to chit-chat with those who came in late.
Here we all were, gathering to learn about “God’s truth for these last days.” It was funny how so few people were interested to learn about the end of the world. Yet, such knowledge, although freely given, is not popular with the masses. That’s what makes it even juicier. It seemed that the aged knew something that the younguns who were spending their Saturday involved in the sins of the world did not. Yet, I was new and did not know what a thrill all of this was. Hell, I had not even met Albert Fletcher, yet. When I stepped into Countryside Sabbath Fellowship, I felt like I had walked into some strange place removed from time. I had never been inside a church quite like this. There was something familiar and nostalgic about it. I took a deep breath, and could almost taste the old wood smell that the whole place seemed to be dipped in. I don’t know if it was pine or birch, but the place smelled like a cross between wood paneling and the bedroom at your great-grandmother’s house.
Deer Park, Washington is a town of four thousand souls. Given that this church had about twenty or so people attending, that meant that there were still 3980 that were lost and desperately in need of salvation. Yet, the situation was not as hopeless as the reader may think. There was another God-fearing Seventh-day Adventist church in this small town (praise the Lord!). That was the thing that really perplexed me from the start. I asked myself: “Why did a second Adventist church open only a couple miles from an SDA church that has been a part of this community for decades?” I had been married in the other church, and when I was baptized I was made well aware that the other Adventist church was also the remnant church written about in Revelation. So, why was I seeing double?
There’s really no way to sugarcoat things. I was not raised a Seventh-day Adventist. I joined shortly after being married (and I was married far too young). I really had no clue that not being an Adventist at the time could have barred me from marriage. I was incredibly impressionable. I wanted to impress my future wife and future in-laws. I knew that there was no chance for me to be wed to my lady if I did not join the church. The truth was, I really wanted to be baptized into a relationship with Christ for some time, so I jumped in, fins first so to speak. But, with that said, I always thought Adventism was kind of strange (and it never made sense to me that I had to agree to 28 fundamental rules in order to be baptized into Christ). I could say that I would have probably found any church strange. I am sure they all have their peculiarities. Yet, there were some things within Adventism that never really sat right with me. The big one was this idea that you have to separate yourself from the big bad world. Bear with me.
You see, in the Adventist ecosystem, it is suggested that kids go to separate schools, and universities, and then get jobs in the church. I suppose the latter one is optional, but the church is the place that Adventist parents pray their kids end up. I am sure that’s a noble thing. Being a pastor, doctor, or missionary is the gold standard. You get a kid who agrees to enter into the holy trinity of career paths and you are golden. Sit back, light a cigar, and celebrate the fact that they are on the fast track to Heaven.
Actually, let’s go back to the cigar thing. The Adventist church has a pretty strict health message. No smoking, no drinking, no drugs, no cheese. Wait, back up a minute. I get the no smoking, drinking, and drugs thing—but no cheese? Yeah, you heard me right. I said no cheese. There’s also no hot peppers, no vinegar, no meat, and no ice cream. Now, you may be thinking that’s absurd. It may or may not be. You see, the church is famous for its health message. Cheese is to be shunned and is “not fit for food.” And that was a shame for me because I am kind of in love with cheese. There’s more though. The idea of living far out in the country, away from the cities, and being separate from society is a high ideal. Why, you ask? Well, you had to prepare for the end times, an imminent National Sunday Law, and intense persecution. Some of these issues had me struggling, but I didn’t give them too much thought. I don’t know how many did. I know that it was mentioned during sermons, and some people were obsessive about it, but during day-to-day life, most people just did the same thing as those people who were out and about on that strange Saturday morning.
What Adventism did provide for me was a way to stay close to the Lord. Although I had much to learn, I was happy in my ignorance and felt that my relationship with God was slowly growing. For me, that ignorance was bliss. How little did I know that my ignorance was about to be shattered.
As I sat there in that dining hall, with the pastor’s eyes locked on me, I thought back to my recent return from Eastern European Country. I had been a missionary in Kyiv. My job was nothing spectacular. I was just an English teacher. I loved Eastern European Country but decided to come back to the United States with my wife to live a more pastoral life. The idea was that we would consider buying property and living a more pastoral life in accordance with Ellen White’s* prophetic insight. After close to fifteen years married, we had just had a child and that child was now two years old. Seeing that the world was slated for the great and terrible day of the Lord, we thought best to begin a new phase of life and consider building ourselves a country home.
*Note: Ellen White was hit by a rock when she was a young woman. This was a very traumatic part of her life and it affected her. Like many who call themselves modern-day prophets, a traumatic event is often a springboard to purported visions and dreams. Young Ellen claimed to have visions in her weakened state and eventually a movement formed. Her power and authority grew. She wrote prolifically (with help from others) and a host of source material (and I’m not talking angels). Much of what she says is controversial, yet a lot of that is not shared in church. Many offshoots and extremists have formed that take her words as true messages from God and elevate her to a position of spiritual authority. Many of these cults are full of spiritual and sexual abuse, and many still arise in the United States and Europe, as well as developing countries around the world. Countryside is an example of such a church.
It was a happy accident that I became a missionary. Before diving head first into the Lord’s work, I had finished law school in New York City. Before that I was in San Francisco, working at In-N-Out Burger and attending college at the University of San Francisco—a Jesuit school. Not the kind of places you would expect a baptized Adventist to spend his time. Yet, I was not your everyday Adventist. As I said, I was a first-generation Adventist, and at the time I had no idea that multi-generational Adventists looked at us like we were retarded. Now I know why.
But I didn’t then.
Now the pastor was on a quick march toward me. He wore a sharp-looking grey suit. His skin had an olive complexion to it. We met at the pamphlets on a table all proclaiming the benefits of a vegan diet and how country living could help you escape end times persecution.
“Hi. I’m pastor Albert*,” he said, smiling. His smile showcased two full rows of teeth—something that not all the members of this church could claim ownership to. I shook his hand, stating that I was glad to finally meet him. I had heard a lot about this man as of late, and my in-laws were quite giddy that we were going to meet him on this holy day.
*NOTE: Albert Fletcher is the pastor at Countryside Sabbath Fellowship. Since he is a limited public figure with a vocal public church and YouTube channel, I have used his name in this book.
I was still in awe. I had traveled to around 30 countries at this point in my life, yet nothing was quite like this place. I had stood in some of the world’s greatest Buddhist temples, The huge mosques in Cairo and Istanbul, and the legendary temples of India and Thailand, and yet there was nowhere quite like this. I had read a lot about Adventism as it existed back in the early days, and this place reminded me a bit of how that must have looked. Observing this church, I realized that it seemed like something out of “pure” Adventism. Something like one would see back at the very beginning when the rock had just struck Ellen White, and the prophecies were flowing like sweet milk and honey.
My wife’s parents had been singing the praises of his church for the better part of a year now. Yet, I just did not understand it. I thought back to the days when they were active in the Deer Park church. The father-in-law in particular was quite involved there. He would work with the Sabbath school classes, and play the piano during service. Both he and his wife had forged many friendships during the decades. It was the church their children were baptized in and their grandchildren were dedicated to the Lord in. Why did they leave for this new church? What changed? And why didn’t Albert and all these old guys just go there for Sabbath worship? There was plenty of room in the pews. The potluck tables still had room for them. They could make themselves useful in aspects of church outreach. Something seemed strange about it.
As Albert stood there, shaking my hand, I could not deny that he seemed charismatic and kind. There was a level of energy to him that radiated. His big smile was welcoming and warm. As our hands parted, his wife rushed over. We are going to call her Kathleen, and like everyone else in this story, her name has been changed. Kathleen had wispy white hair and a frail physique. Her voice was also warm. Motherly even. “It’s great to meet you.” She spoke slower than her husband but was still bubbly. Her smile matched her husband’s. “We’ve heard a lot about you both,” she said.
“We hope it’s good,” I said, laughing a little. I had been married to my wife for 15 years at this point. When it came to my in-laws, I just “went with the flow.” Freddy, my wife’s father, is known to be an easily riled and opinionated man who finds being right to be the pinnacle of importance. To say we have clashed over the years has been an understatement. He never really took to me, but the truth is, he clashed with all of his sons and every man who dated one of his five daughters. My wife happened to be the youngest. My life choices never really seemed to please him, and to say we were opposites also is an understatement. He loved the country, working on mechanics, hated change of any kind, and was—and I’m just being honest here—easily given to conspiracy theories. I, on the other hand, loved the city and traveling. I thrived under constant change and had no desire to bother with mechanics. Moreover, I hated conspiracy theories and didn’t even like to talk about them. His wife was a much quieter woman, although not the silent type. She took a back seat to him in most matters, likely wondering what it was that would set him off next. As his top would blow (and it often did), the little wife would tell him to “knock it off.” Those words were music to my ears, as nothing and nobody else could shut him up quite as she could. For all of our sanity, we needed her when he was about to go all Krakatoa.
“We are glad to have you here,” Albert said.
I looked back to when I started out in Eastern European Country and how we had been missionaries. I hoped that Albert liked that (at the time it was important for me to impress others). Who doesn’t like a good missionary? Yet, I felt like a failure in Eastern European Country. Nobody was baptized because of me. I didn’t feel fruitful at all. And I felt that Adventism in Eastern European Country was a bit conservative. One of our friends was pulled aside for wearing pants and told it was not right for a woman to wear pants to church. Wearing pants is a big deal in Adventism, and a lot of legendary fights have been started over pants. Just today I read an account of how one woman was called a slut for wearing dress pants to church.
As I breathed in the scent of aged wood, I thought back to the phone call I overheard in our Kyiv flat. My wife and her mother spoke about a new neighbor that had moved “all the way from Southern California” to eastern Washington. “He’s going to start his own church!” Even as a missionary, I didn’t think people really did that anymore.
“He’s an Adventist!” Darla bellowed. Darla is the name we are going to call the mother-in-law.
“I’m so glad he’s not another crazy neighbor,” she said.
Over the years, many “crazy neighbors” had moved into the area. A couple of child molesters were in the ranks, as was a guy who was borderline insane (in the clinical way). It was not uncommon to hear gunshots being fired “just because.” I don’t mean hunting or target practice, either. There were plenty of stories about people who were attracted to cheap land and who didn’t always take their pills. And that was the land we were thinking of moving to. Sheesh.
“His own church? Why?” I asked her after she hung up.
My wife didn’t really know what to say. It seemed strange to her, too. Yet not completely unfamiliar. This thing had happened before, but with someone else. They called it a “Historic Seventh-day Adventist church.” This church preached the evils of the organized modern Seventh-day Adventist church (I’m tired of typing Seventh-day Adventist and I am now going to type SDA instead for the remainder of this book). This church also preached the evils of the Jesuits (which we will get to soon), and the merits of a certain prophetess known as Ellen Gould White. With the end of the world fast approaching (even back then), it was time to “get ready get ready get ready!” They were armed to the teeth with strategies for country living, healthful eating, and books on “present truth” written by a man named Bill Hughes. Yet, not even all those armaments would help this church when it eventually fell apart.
“Your brother Stephen is such a helpful person to have here,” Kathleen said, looking over at him. He stoically stood with his bible under his arm and stared out towards the sanctuary. It was as if he was counting down every slow second before church would start, like a soldier standing at attention.
Is that so? I thought. He has never seemed very religious to me. Now, here he was, dressed sharper than I had seen him dressed, at least in a long time. I had even seen him smile! Another church member approached him and they began to speak. He took a small stack of DVDs out of his pocket and handed one to the man. He then walked over to the literature table and set the rest there.
“I’m glad to hear that,” my wife said. “it’s been VERY good for him,” Darla said, beaming with a kind of pride that says, “I think my child is going to make it into Heaven after all.”
At that point, people start to spill into the sanctuary like lemonade from a cracked cup on a hot summer day. We followed them and took a seat near the back. As we stepped through the doors leading to the holy room, I closed my eyes for a moment and let the moment wash over me. To the Countryside congregation, this room was like the Kabaa in Islam. It was a holy room where God was present every Saturday morning at 10:45. You did not run in the sanctuary. You did not spit in the sanctuary. You did not speak loudly in the sanctuary. You did not bring your donkey into the sanctuary. You did not jump up and down in the sanctuary. You did not eat cheddar or Swiss cheese in the sanctuary. This room was a large room with wood panel walls, long old pews, and sturdy authorized King James Bibles. That’s right, they were authorized! By who? King James maybe? I don’t know. The room had that thick pine scent that tickled you like grandpa’s smoking room (without the smoke). Behind you could see the mother’s room through a glass partition. On the walls were shelves of toys that would make Geoffrey the giraffe blush. Old blocks, games, cars, and all sorts of little doo-dads for the kids to play with before they were old enough to take in one of Al’s sermons were neatly lined up from the floor to ceiling. Beyond, another door leads to the foyer. Soft, diffused light shined through obscured windows. This place was truly different than the more modern SDA (I told you I’m not typing that long word anymore), churches, and even different than that Deer Park church in town.
“We only use the King James Bible here,” Albert proudly proclaimed.
“The other bibles have been corrupted by the Catholic Church,” Stephen informed me as he slipped a pamphlet my way. “Read it.”
I looked it over. I had time to spare before everyone got all comfy and the song service started. Information was methodically presented that showed in detail how certain words had been strategically omitted from the New King James and NIV Bibles. Strange and ominous imagery graced the pages of the pamphlets. These pictures were of the kind that could give a child nightmares (or lifelong PTSD).
“I’m going to read this later,” I said, sliding it into my own Bible. Thank God it happened to be a King James Bible. Otherwise, I would probably have had some explaining to do.
Then, all of the sudden, without warning, like a bomb going off, we all shot up to our feet. A younger old man was wrestling with the piano like he was possessed by some kind of demon. Up front, Albert stood erect, with his wife next to him, before the entire congregation started bellowing, in unison:
At that point, as the sanctuary was literally shaking, the tone changed. The voices got deeper. The more serious part commenced:
submitted by jryad to exAdventist [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 13:44 WheelerGolfPool Players

There is no truth to the rumour that Erica Herman got her start in the restaurant business at Perkins, although Perkins’ Jupiter area locations have just raised their employee alert for amorous golf pros in parking lots back to the highest level – orange with black stripes. And while Erica’s NDA with Tiger and his trust has been getting a lot of attention, there was a less well known agreement that prevented her access to any golf clubs at Tiger’s home, particularly nine irons.
Funny (as long as you don’t have him on your team), but it was only a few weeks ago that Rory proclaimed that his golf game has never been more complete. Now he’s moaning about his driver, his putting and how distracting it is to keep taking shots at the LIV Tour. I give him zero chance of completing his Grand Slam this year and probably never.
Creeping Death wins the week with $5,471k, followed by Show Me Your Hog(e) with $5,201k and Flav with $4,830k.
Year to date, Phatman & Bigkrak RM still leads with $24,197k, followed by The Stingers with $23,994k and Ham…Burger with $23,981k.
Rank Team YTD Players Bay Hill P.R. Honda Winnings
1 Phatman & Bigkrak RM $24,196,733 2266056 3037389 0 49132 $40
2 The Stingers $23,994,323 3004449 3133056 0 20944
3 Ham...Burger $23,981,489 3097070 3172028 0 67370 $120
4 Thin2win $23,818,549 2472021 1228761 0 20944
5 Dude Where's my Par $23,757,435 2318890 828406 0 157444 $520
6 Mount McKinley $23,036,908 2547056 1417389 0 309064
7 Roto $22,561,817 2770117 3071006 0 62722
8 NDTJ $22,202,901 3732546 1914361 0 49132 $120
9 Gilligan & Skipper $22,176,381 2559117 2762389 0 0
10 Ghost Writer $22,080,338 3293140 1548056 0 309064
11 Hockeydoc $21,895,631 2837272 3023722 0 337252
12 1 Time $21,746,508 2609367 1545056 0 0 $200
13 Sportsphone $21,684,672 2166617 3043256 0 28188
14 Loch Ness Monster $21,516,279 4148153 1267456 0 309064
15 Hole in Yuan $21,418,010 2609367 1382056 0 0 $80
16 Pebble Buster $21,065,817 1142949 3002056 0 20944 $40
17 Major Pain $20,979,802 3401988 4714428 0 0
18 Charles Stuart II $20,769,291 3337380 2862628 0 288120 $40
19 First $20,706,979 3633331 1393656 0 316308
20 Tiger's 14th Ho $20,572,084 1507248 2823028 0 157444
21 Juan Dos y Uno $20,533,403 1660701 4699656 0 0
22 Tarrbreras $20,521,683 4255497 3863028 0 288120 $200
23 F Bois $20,502,624 2093140 1505056 0 0
24 RHB $20,389,289 1358783 1220656 0 28188
25 WCPGW $20,337,880 1348023 1511428 0 0
26 Roadkill Delicatessen $20,227,503 2040474 2307028 0 20944
27 Tiger's Glutes $20,221,054 1501082 413339 0 182926 $120
28 Wally and Doug $20,204,105 902523 2609028 0 0 $160
29 Euro Can $20,187,372 1000582 4000428 0 49132 $80
30 Phatrat $19,948,621 1637533 1341939 0 20944
31 Henry 3 $19,914,851 2102451 1339389 0 0
32 Doc & Dobber 2 $19,868,624 1624273 4319228 0 344496
33 Eagle Has Landed $19,665,748 2584998 1305028 0 0
34 Pro Bono Handies $19,591,321 1886451 3517656 0 0
35 Long Ball $19,538,276 3279822 1033428 0 28188
36 SloppyBallz $19,146,702 1824140 1211389 0 46426
37 Dan Geary $19,045,707 1700724 2808056 0 28188 $120
38 CI Has Been $18,906,292 1445832 2792028 0 67370
39 Larry's Bird $18,739,128 955773 2284028 252857 0
40 Wooden Shafts $18,612,328 1569085 1516189 8816 28188
41 Woodstock $18,464,445 2320415 1017389 0 337252
42 Diamondback $18,449,949 2312357 621361 0 102802
43 Big Smoke $18,234,213 1687689 522694 0 28188
44 Genie I $18,207,418 3100439 1198978 0 20944
45 Lafferty Daniel $18,186,982 1414367 576339 115425 20944
46 1 Time Again $18,174,952 2370390 1390006 0 95558
47 Team Fore $18,152,986 1513355 1056361 155800 397180
48 Fore Marvelous $18,147,415 2204498 1646228 0 56376
49 Steel Shafts $18,101,406 2488273 1419561 0 404424
50 Tin Cup $17,937,747 610082 730361 0 74614
51 Nemmo $17,928,396 914617 638389 0 0
52 PatBry $17,893,150 726238 639778 0 0 $120
53 Grip It & Sip It $17,864,830 2602845 1198978 0 316308
54 Dr Hook $17,846,564 1789773 1553361 0 288120
55 Sandshank Redemption $17,794,080 1131023 3902028 0 152796
56 Hitting Bombs $17,779,697 1570189 2447028 0 157444
57 DDR $17,747,321 931058 3850256 0 28188
58 Creeping Death $17,710,005 5470867 4724028 0 20944 $280
59 Bombs over Baghdad $17,693,124 1421724 574056 0 74614
60 Weapons of Grass Destruction $17,652,001 676951 509456 0 332184
61 Craig Ruane $17,631,298 665332 667028 0 90910
62 VGS $17,558,459 839582 1205361 0 0
63 Beaser $17,504,409 2145822 825761 0 0
64 Bubba $17,408,295 1297439 405361 155800 102802
65 HarryO $17,360,713 1978166 2692361 0 0
66 Laurel and Hardy $17,228,367 1811416 3244028 0 0
67 4 Js $17,160,799 660500 1581361 0 88116
68 Caddyshack $17,085,815 1683105 1329978 0 28188
69 MetalKatz $17,083,211 2039582 1626361 0 46426
70 Team Brand $17,036,858 1001238 1686828 0 62722
71 JG and Physio Steve $16,961,297 1828357 1708456 0 92852
72 Drawshank Redemption $16,795,235 333572 1026722 0 0
73 Birdie Juice $16,565,378 630607 915817 0 44484
74 Dice and Slice $16,552,171 1917656 3179428 0 0
75 John Major $16,410,609 661062 2895456 0 0
76 Wally and Duke $16,345,876 385666 3084028 0 0
77 Asian Golfers Matter $15,836,694 1383582 4749206 0 17808 $120
78 Sandton $15,758,893 745857 2283761 12350 113796
79 Tee Fore Two $15,739,346 728822 2283761 0 20944
80 ProBoys $15,651,835 4178832 1630400 0 0
81 Long LIV the King $15,595,706 2211607 2561361 0 0
82 Dick Dork $15,537,859 116666 4064028 0 46426
83 Real Sports $15,237,750 2920378 3350600 0 604428 $120
84 Snoopy $15,121,063 560082 2267978 0 0
85 Iminakoma $15,010,067 497906 576339 0 46426 $80
86 Doug Fraser $14,887,729 2020355 2046400 0 95558
87 Stef $14,802,826 331072 2219428 0 0
88 No Bubblegum $14,798,393 2093046 3339333 0 334546
89 Switz $14,772,063 2780497 1769628 0 83666
90 Show Me Your Hog(e) $14,669,873 5201238 2020300 0 20944 $120
91 Chilli Dippers $14,329,730 2477998 3537028 0 199222
92 BunkerBumbler $14,179,228 2486607 965028 23750 0
93 Flav $13,799,539 4830250 1826333 35957 0 $280
94 Nella $13,713,290 3041773 3250400 0 0 $40
95 2 Dukes Aurora $13,702,776 2762404 1961228 0 95558
96 Hello Neimann $13,246,372 1932390 1638028 0 288120
97 Big Dix Six $13,031,310 2203640 1824361 0 20944
98 Rocky's Wife $12,858,611 1534630 4450350 0 0
99 Pin Hi $12,774,181 4184523 1723283 0 28188
100 SaulSobo $12,674,283 1789773 3145027 0 28188
101 Newbie $12,597,629 3114949 1222056 0 20944
102 Fore Me $12,540,238 1450914 1736561 0 20944
103 Ben Fash $12,458,667 1295189 3046000 115425 0
104 Phatman & Bigkrak MS $12,286,113 1968261 2355333 0 74614
105 Designated Driver $12,263,099 3572248 1079000 0 28188
106 Dillweed $12,157,023 715916 5223333 0 0 $200
107 2 Dukes $12,102,663 2796271 1411950 0 28188
108 Cankles $12,052,004 3057283 1730778 0 0
109 Happy Hookers $11,978,205 2821689 660333 0 102802
110 Duke $11,956,340 2069605 1754333 0 123746
111 Paul Filipiuk $11,911,592 4361605 1354628 0 337252
112 Long LIV Meghan Markle $11,812,014 2446747 768539 0 692544 $200
113 Gumby $11,731,630 2460605 1678228 35957 196834
114 Team Seve $11,730,794 1462845 2863400 0 46426
115 Harry/Mike $11,572,961 3433939 1185644 0 56376
116 Craigsters $11,567,999 2369998 1448400 0 273000
117 Young Guns $11,529,755 3041654 959656 0 62722
118 Embalmers $11,465,003 3096689 1850000 0 74614
119 Ernie's Army $11,343,394 3070415 2564361 0 49132
120 Here's Hoping $11,311,097 2612523 1184361 0 152796
121 Hozelrocket $11,308,696 2533738 788000 0 164688
122 Charles Stuart I $11,228,654 1420533 1499361 0 16296
123 AmericanX $11,137,519 1751974 1900761 0 337252
124 Genie III $11,058,460 3491845 895300 0 445564 $240
125 Block Fade $10,807,770 822156 1976389 0 17808
126 Hairy/Al $10,731,327 2526832 1616028 0 74614
127 Swansea’s Finest $10,614,257 1320974 2440056 0 376236
128 Pep Patty $10,552,536 779498 1049666 0 28188
129 That's a Gimmee $10,294,027 2736355 1306656 0 74614 $200
130 Buckethead Barr $10,261,217 1570189 1199333 0 28188
131 Four for Fore $10,252,322 1896689 1460333 0 164688
132 Doc & Dobber 1 $10,047,236 1358058 1336339 0 304416
133 Kim's Convenience $10,019,370 2328513 1448389 0 28188 $120
134 Stroke Shavers $10,019,162 1632699 1033283 0 213820
135 Canadian Bacon $9,778,412 1523521 966400 0 376236
136 The Wizard $9,708,021 2237689 1659644 0 164688
137 Skipper & Gilligan $9,534,175 1062259 4065028 0 440916
138 Drive for Show $9,173,248 2420822 1340666 0 65830
139 Wise $9,053,680 1312380 369400 0 239302
140 Jap-a-Dog $9,048,546 977558 1003644 115425 45996
141 JSW $9,047,949 1444998 643683 0 77320
142 Arizona Jimmy $8,990,870 937582 1344950 0 67370
143 Ugly Sweaters $8,982,513 1699832 2967933 0 288120
144 Team Daisy $8,794,262 1591666 2644733 0 0
145 B Squared 1 $8,503,664 1346679 1140761 0 316308
146 B Squared 2 $8,281,259 772906 1815789 0 46426
147 SeanL $8,139,244 825000 1989333 0 0
148 Sokal Squared $8,090,918 2039582 1645028 0 46426
149 Genie II $8,065,310 1684855 1771978 0 74614
150 Chimpo $7,982,361 1367548 874872 0 56376
151 Birdie Numnums $7,939,030 2332581 979016 0 65428
152 Terra Torque $7,650,176 1634808 1437333 0 445564 $40
153 I’m Not So Young $7,150,519 900523 1641333 0 380542
154 GreenKiwi $6,610,583 339332 820333 0 288120
155 2 Guns $6,148,180 526273 532961 0 424620
156 GRAB $4,896,551 386166 1331950 0 28188
submitted by WheelerGolfPool to WheelerGolfPool [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 13:36 seeldoger47 [H] $500 Amazon GCs [W] 80% Western Union, 90% PayPal [H] Cash App, Crypto, Apple Pay, or Venmo [W] All Your Gift Cards

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  • What payment method you accept.
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BTC, Paypal1, Apple Pay, Chime, Cashapp, Venmo, and Western Union
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2023.03.20 13:36 seeldoger47 [H] $500 Amazon [W] 80% Western Union, 90% PayPal [H] Cash App, Crypto, Chime, Apple Pay, or Venmo [W] 80% Western Union Apple, Amazon (CA, Com, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK), B&N, Dunkin, eBay, Grub Hub, Gyft, iTunes, JCPenney, Microsoft, PSN, Steam, Target, Uber, Walmart, Xbox + more

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  • What payment method you accept.
  • How you acquired the GC and why you're getting rid of it.
BTC, Paypal1, Apple Pay, Chime, Cashapp, Venmo, and Western Union
I only have Steam as a substitute for cash payments in gift card trades.
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2023.03.20 13:17 HockeyPowerRanker r/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week 22: Flower Power Hour Edition.

/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week Mar 13, 2023 - Mar 19, 2023

Thank You

Thank you to all of the volunteers doing the power rankings. Each ranker has their own system and have their own reasonings and analyis. It truly is a lot of work.


recockulous timmablimma mdlt97 sandman730 copaceticvindication mukuu b1wein rawrberry_ lang14 hrint americanadian98 hockeycross maxpowr9 nodessb steckums driftshade11 mcrsft3brdev silkeystev sarcastic__ rasera dingleberry314 dagetawayman421 eatingasspatties blueferret98


lang14 thatmikeguy429


The visualization contains historical data, so you can see how your team has done over time. Hopefully, we can run this for many years in hopes that we can see the rise and fall of teams by /hockey opinion.
It automatically updates so feel free to bookmark. You can find it here


How does this work? Throughout the course of the week rankers are able to access an app that will allow them to rank teams. At the end of the period we calculate the average ranking for every team and collate all of the analysis provided by rankers.
The app then generates a post that is first proofread and then posted to /hockey!


Ranking (avg) Team Delta Overall Record Record This Week Comments
1 (1) Boston Bruins - 53-11-5 3-1-0 maxpowr9 says Was getting worried there: our GD went below our point total. Thankfully the Sabres obliged us and we're back on track; 7 different goal scorers that game too. Swayman is also on a 141 minute shutout streak. The load management has begun with Krejci and Orlov sitting out.. It helps to get younger guys some reps so they are potentially playoff ready.
2 (2.83) Carolina Hurricanes 0 45-15-8 2-1-0 timmablimma says Svech :(
3 (4.67) Toronto Maple Leafs 1 42-18-9 2-1-1 offraindrop13 says A rough start to the week as the Leafs fell to the Sabres and Avs, but redeemed themselves as the St Pat's beat the Canes and then a wild shootout in Ottawa. The refs are funny. Calle Jarnkrok is awesome, he keeps scoring. Luke Schenn played his first game as a Leaf at home in 10 years, and he made some big hits and it was very cool.
4 (5.33) Vegas Golden Knights 1 43-21-6 2-1-0 No Knights blurb this week, sorry.
5 (5.63) New Jersey Devils -2 45-18-7 1-2-1 silkeystev says Personally, i blame a certain redditor(WHO KNOWS WHO THEY ARE) for stating that playing the lightning would be a good thing for this week, It certainly was fucking not, and that's all I will say on the matter. Also Bratt hat trick, nothing else matters.
6 (6.79) New York Rangers 1 41-19-10 4-0-0 nodessb says This team has been playing extremely well lately, with the offensive lines finally really gelling for the first time since the trade deadline. The deadline additions in Kane, Tarasenko, Motte, and Mikkola have looked pretty damn good so far, except for a few moments here and there when adjusting to a new system but overall have been solid. If the team keeps up the good play throughout the end of the season and into the playoffs, they're gonna be an absolute monster. LGR!
7 (7.04) Colorado Avalanche 1 40-22-6 4-0-0 hockeycross says Great Road Trip for the Avs 4 - 0 vs the Atlantic. Granted the only true playoff team they played was Leafs, but they played great hockey all week. They are taking this streak back home with some winnable games this week including the Avs final game against the East, Wednesday vs the Pens. Top Players are all playing well, but Makar has caught fire recently and if he didn't miss so many games would be in talks for a Norris repeat. His defense has been stellar all year along with leading in TOI.
8 (7.42) Tampa Bay Lightning -2 42-23-6 3-1-0 mcrsft3brdev says A number of good things. Kuchie hit 100pts. The blue line is starting to gel and are improving at stopping odd-man rushes. A Hagel hattie vs Montreal was wonderful. The Bolts looked good at times tonight vs the Devils, but perhaps some tired legs and a few miscues led to too many Devils goals.
9 (8.92) Los Angeles Kings 0 40-20-10 2-0-1 No Kings blurb this week, sorry.
10 (9.58) Edmonton Oilers 2 39-23-8 3-0-0 eatingasspatties says A perfect week for the Oilers, 3 more regulation wins including a huge game against Seattle. The difficult part of the schedule is now behind them, which brings us to the much scarier "easy" part of our schedule to finish the season
11 (9.88) Minnesota Wild -1 40-22-8 2-1-0 No Wild blurb this week, sorry.
12 (10.46) Dallas Stars -1 38-19-13 2-2-0 rawrberry_ says Robo became the first player in Dallas Stars history to record back to back 40 goal seasons. Wyatt is now leading all rookies with 20 goals so far into the season. Aside from the game against the team from Alberta, not the red team the one with the other colour the Stars have been scoring 4+ goals in every game since Domi and Dadonov were acquired. Not counting the Vancouver game because that team always stomps the Stars so I don't need to dredge up any pain Vancouver has caused me. Seggy is skating again and Marchy is out for four weeks possibly longer. Still not having those two players sucks.
13 (13.54) Seattle Kraken 0 38-24-7 1-2-0 lang14 says Two straight losses to Dallas. In the west, at least right now, Dallas is the barometer and we haven't looked great. Grubauer has looked okay but that most likely won't win us a playoff round.
14 (14.29) Winnipeg Jets 0 39-29-3 1-3-0 No Jets blurb this week, sorry.
15 (15.21) Florida Panthers 2 35-27-7 2-0-0 copaceticvindication says Don't look now, but the Cats might be (semi) back! The goaltending and penatlies continue to be an issue, but the team has been on fire with their offense these last few weeks. Of course, the star of this team continues to be the Matty the Ratty, who has notched 92 points in 66 games, which according to my calculations is uh... pretty good!
16 (15.71) New York Islanders 0 36-27-8 2-1-0 b1wein says Took care of business on the West Coast trip. We control our destiny... but please, can the Panthers lose a game??
17 (17.21) Pittsburgh Penguins -2 34-25-10 0-3-0 No Pens blurb this week, sorry.
18 (19.08) Nashville Predators 0 34-26-8 1-2-1 We are looking for a Preds ranker, if you are a Preds fan and would like to be a ranker please message ThatMikeGuy429
19 (20.04) Buffalo Sabres 1 33-30-6 1-2-1 hrint says We've let in 48 goals this month over 10 games. You can't have a winning record/playoff run no matter how good the offense is. We have our goalie of the future again with Levi, hopefully he knows how to play defense.
20 (20.33) Ottawa Senators -1 33-31-5 0-2-1 driftshade11 says It's a trial by fire for Mads Sogaard, who seems to have also been hit by the Rookie of the Month jinx. The goals against and for are coming fast and furious, and we're praying that one of our goalies can win us a game by the end of the year.
21 (20.38) Washington Capitals 0 33-31-7 1-3-0 dagetawayman421 says Caps fans learned a few things this week... 1. We're not making the playoffs 2. Matt Irwin sucks at playing defense 3. Sandin is very good offensively... not so much defensively, it's like having a left-handed John Carlson out there sometimes 4. A lot of players are injured and a lot of players are playing injured 5. Add Kuznetsov to the injury list. At this point, we should just let the guys rest for the season and call up the kids from Hershey. Jensen, Kuznetsov, Kuemper, and Carlson should just call it a season. 6. Call up McMichael, let him play for Kuzy. Call up Iorio for six games so you can slide his contract another season. Mantha got benched for being ass against the Blues, Irwin should get benched for being ass against the Wild tonight, but Carlsson got injured so he kept playing. Enjoy the last few games, there's gonna be some major changes for next season.
22 (21) Calgary Flames 0 31-24-15 1-0-2 dingleberry314 says Another week, another Flames OTL in typical fashion. If there's one bet I can guarantee, it's that the Flames will not win a game in extra time no matter how long they hang onto the puck
23 (23.67) Vancouver Canucks 1 31-33-5 3-1-0 No Canucks blurb this week, sorry.
24 (23.67) St. Louis Blues 1 31-33-5 2-1-0 We are looking for a Blues ranker, if you are a Blues fan and would likes to be the Blues ranker please message ThatMikeGuy429
25 (23.71) Detroit Red Wings -2 30-29-9 0-2-0 americanadian98 says This team looks ready to be done with the season. They're all but eliminated and just have to play out the season with pride. The one bright spot is Simon Edvinsson looking good in his NHL debut against an excellent Colorado team.
26 (24.79) Arizona Coyotes 0 27-32-11 3-0-0 recockulous says Tank? What's that? Clayton Keller is on his way to having the best season by any Coyote player in at least a decade, but this season has also been a coming-out party for Barrett Hayton. A fun stat about Hayton: In his first 121 NHL games, he put up 34 points; In his next 42 games, he's put up 34 points.
27 (27.17) Montreal Canadiens 0 27-37-6 1-3-0 mdlt97 says Somehow players keep getting injured... We played some absolutely wild games this week, with 44 combined goals in 4 games
28 (28.42) Philadelphia Flyers 0 25-32-12 1-1-1 No Flyers blurb this week, sorry.
29 (28.92) Chicago Blackhawks 1 24-39-6 2-1-0 sandman730 says The Blackhawks have been officially eliminated from playoff contention. Raddysh earned his first career hat trick, leading the Hawks to Hawks scored a season-high 6 goals (against the Bruins). Wyatt Kaiser made his NHL debut.
30 (29.13) Anaheim Ducks -1 23-37-10 1-2-0 mukuu says Tank is over for the Ducks. This is not because they can not catch up if they go on a losing streak or anything like that, it is that they are looking like a decent team out there on the ice right now. Ducks in 2023 are averaging a point a game, which gives them 32 points in 2023. That is better than 8 other teams. In 2023, they only have 2 points less than Calgary, Pittsburg, and Buffalo. They have played themselves out of that tier of "oh god why am I watching this," hockey teams. Before you think I am complimenting them, they still do not have a single player on the team who wants to play defense, and that includes anyone in net. Zegras cant stay out of the penalty box and can not win a faceoff. Also when the ducks lose, they make sure to allow as many goals as possible in order to keep their amazing goal differential still flying high.
31 (30.75) Columbus Blue Jackets 0 21-41-7 1-3-0 steckums says Laine started the Vegas game at Center. We're officially in the "figure out what we have for next season" stage. Only slip up on the tank front this week was the OT win in San Jose.
32 (31.46) San Jose Sharks 0 19-37-14 0-1-2 blueferret98 says Rough week, but the games were mostly fun to watch. We're so close to 32nd so I hope we keep losing (and CBJ stops doing it so much). At the same time, I'm also hoping we pick it up enough for Karlsson to finish strong and hit 100pts on the season, he's been the only bright spot this season and it would be great to see people eat all their words from the past couple of years.
submitted by HockeyPowerRanker to hockey [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 13:05 sprungy Things to do: March 20 - March 26

March 20
🎱Play Pool, Make Friends, Have Fun in Downtown Toronto!🎱
$18.88 evening bowling @ Splitsville
Winter Monday Community Yoga (For Black, Indigenous, womxn of colour )
Monday Night QSW RunClub
Se Habla Español - We Speak Spanish Toronto
Speed Dating with 25Dates. Women 30-40/Men 35-45 - SOLD OUT For Men! @ Elephant and Castle
John Mayer @ Scotiabank Arena
Thuy @ Opera House
The Wonder Years @ History
N'Famaday Kouyate @ Dakota
Open stage Monday @ Tranzac Club
Bit [email protected] The Garrison
Dream Seed @ OBJX
Mutiny on the Bounty @ Innis Town Hall
Kung Fu Hustle @ Coin 8
Casino bus to Niagara Falls
Presto discounts for various shows/attractions
Disney Animation: Immersive Experience Toronto
Exhibit on Pinocchio and Italian Folktales @ Lillian H Smith Library. Until April 15
Stranger Things : The Experience
Registration continues for JAM sports leagues
YMCA free 7-day trial pass
GoodLife Fitness free 7-day trial pass
Trivia Mondays at Film Cafe
Trivia @ Stout Irish
Weekly trivia roundup
Toronto History Museums free admission
Winter Flower Show @ Centennial Park Conservatory. Free admission
Self guided Discovery Tours
Seeing the Invisible An Outdoor Augmented Reality Exhibition
Winter Stations outdoor art exhibition. Until April 3
Lumière: The Art of Light @ Trillium Park. Free until May 7
Volunteer w/Bike Brigade
Stand Up Comedy Open Mic at thehashtag
Long Weekend Comedy @ Wenona Lodge
MILF Monday @ M4
Sexy student night @ Oasis
Complimentary Wine Tastings at Blue Door Wine Shop
Downtown Toronto Wine Tasting Experience
$4.99 Big Mary chicken sandwich @ Mary Brown's
$10 OG chicken sandwich @ Union Chicken
$18.99 AYCE wings @ Hooters. Drink purchase required
MadMex deals @ BarBurrito
$2.99 Mama Burger @ A&W. Until April 2
DQ. Second Blizzard for $1. Until March 26
$10 unlimited toppings @ Pi . Co
Birthday freebies. Denny's , Marble Slab, and more
March 21
Ireland Park, Queen's Wharf, and 1847 Irish Potato Famine history walk
ROM . Free admission after 4:30PM
ROM w/Meetup
White Claw Reveal at the LCBO. 49 Spadina Ave
Practice English w/Woodgreen
Dragon Legend Buffet - $34.99, Tuesday Special w/Meetup
North York Soccer Pick-up Co-ed Game each Tuesday
🎱 Pool and Drinks Social @ Dundas West Shoxs Billiard Lounge 🎱
Bargain Bin Drag Bingo
Trivia @ Stout Irish
Rauw Alejandro @ Scotiabank Arena
Monty Scott @ Absolute Comedy
$5 comedy @ Yuk Yuks
50% off wings @ Crown and Dragon. After 5PM. Drink purchase required
March 22
Corktown/Historic Distillery: Saga of Toronto's Irish history walk
Dad's Night Out (Downtown) at The Bull: A Firkin Pub
Toronto Raptors vs. Indiana Pacers @ Scotiabank Arena
Toronto Marlies vs Milwaukee Admirals @ Coca Cola Coliseum
Aga Khan Museum . Free admission after 4PM
Gardiner Museum free admission after 4PM
AGO free admission after 6PM
Bingo @ Flash on Church
Monty Scott @ Absolute Comedy
comedy @ Yuk Yuks
Hump night comedy @ Backroom
March 23
Spring Cottage Life Show @ International Centre
Power Plant free admission
Bingo @ Flash on Church
Live band karaoke @ Wheatsheaf Tavern
Monty Scott @ Absolute Comedy
comedy @ Yuk Yuks
March 24
Spring Cottage Life Show @ International Centre
Weekend bus to Casino Rama
Musical Theatre Open Mic Night @ Tranzac Club
Toronto Raptors vs. Detroit Pistons @ Scotiabank Arena
Power Plant free admission
MOCA. Free admission after 5PM
The Way. Free screening @ Humber Valley United Church
Petit Maman & The Florida Project. Free double feature @ Innis Town Hall
Bingo @ Flash on Church
Monty Scott @ Absolute Comedy
Manolis Zontanos @ Yuk Yuks
March 25
Spring Cottage Life Show @ International Centre
$10/$15 unlimited GO Transit.
Weekend bus to Casino Rama
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves free preview @ Yorkdale Cinema. YMMV
Marathon de films québécois et français . Free @ Alliance Francaise
The Annex Historical Tour (Free)
Winter Adventure at the Brick Works - Let's Enjoy the Market and More
Saturday evening karaoke house party
For Iran In Solidarity @ Scotiabank Arena
Toronto Marlies vs. Cleveland Monsters @ Coca Cola Coliseum
John Wick Chapter 4 w/Meetup
Power Plant free admission
Bingo @ Flash on Church
Monty Scott @ Absolute Comedy
Manolis Zontanos @ Yuk Yuks
March 26
Spring Cottage Life Show @ International Centre
$10/$15 unlimited GO Transit.
Weekend bus to Casino Rama
Downtown/PATH walk w/Meetup
Checkout this Meetup with Toronto Movies & Outings Group - Celebrating 10 Years!: https://meetu.ps/e/LYvqy/fM5W/i
Toronto Raptors vs. Washington Wizards @ Scotiabank Arena
Power Plant free admission
Bata Shoe Museum free admission
Trivia Sunday Afternoons at 99 Bottles
Bingo @ Flash on Church
$18.88 evening bowling @ Splitsville
Karaoke Sundays @ Capone's
Karaoke @ On The Rocks
Karaoke @ Toby's
Monty Scott @ Absolute Comedy
50% off wings @ Crown and Dragon. Drink purchase required
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I don’t think I got more than five hours sleep. At first I had to think where I was; oh yeah, I was in the back of an old canvas carnival tent. I had to pee in the worst way. I quickly got dressed and hiked over to a nearby gas station men’s room to wash up. I checked to see if my cock was still there after that fantastic adventure with Corrine last night.
I wondered where girls learn to suck a dick like that; or was it just Corrine that sucked like that? I’m going to need more of that soon, I said softly to myself
The outside was alive with a new cacophony; people talking and shouting, the generators were starting up. I was used to quiet and rest on Saturdays.
My boss was already up banging on one of the two x fours that framed my tent.
“Bobby, you up yet!” I heard him with his raised voice. “We have an early start today.
Saturdays we open at 10 o’clock. Time to rise and shine.”
Running across the street I heard him and said, “I’m already up, Mr. M.
“That’s great. Usually my new recruits sleep late after their first night. How did you like it? Did everything go as well as you thought?”
“Every thing went well and this job is way more than I ever could have imagined. I’m going to like working for you very much.”
He seemed more than satisfied with my ass kissing answer, but I only tried to sound sincere. I didn’t want to lose this job and be sent home to mommy and daddy after my first day. Bob explained to me that we work a twelve hour day on Saturdays. Saturday night we tear down our tents and pack-up and head to the next town on the itinerary. I was beginning to understand. After a quick breakfast down at he same diner I visited last night, I was ready to open for business. After breakfast I saw Bob again and he told me that I could get reduced price meals at the ‘grease pit’.
“ ‘Grease pit’?” I said inquisitively.
‘That’s where you can get a hot meal as he pointed to the mess tent where they sell hot dogs, burgers, fries, sausages and drinks. On Saturday mornings they also serve bacon or ham and eggs if you like. Just tell them you’re ‘with it’ and they will understand.”
“Thanks,” I said began opening up the tent for the day in preparation for the public.
I stopped for a few seconds as I saw Carla sashaying toward her tent. She was a babe; tall and voluptuous, full hips swaying. My groin began stirring thinking of her sister and last night. As she neared, I couldn’t take my eyes of her cleavage. I remembered her pressing herself to me last night as I was leaving. In this brief moment I thought about sucking on those mammaries. She caught me looking and smiled as she said,
“Good morning, Bobby.”
It sounded so sexy the way she said my name.
I returned the greeting, “Good morning to you too, Carla. Where’s Corrine today?”
Although her father was strict, I couldn’t understand why he would let his daughters wear such deep cut blouses out in public. Then I answered my own question; it pays to advertise. Attractive women attract more customers. It was all part of her work uniform.
“Oh, she got busted. Daddy caught her sneaking back in the house late last night after he went to bed. That’s a no-no by his rules. She’s grounded for the whole day and has to stay in and clean the house. I feel like I’m being punished. I have to work the whole day and night today.”
“That’s too bad. Where did she go when she went out last night?”
“I don’t know. She never said. But out is out; the punishment is the same.”
“What would your father do if he caught her with a boy?”
“That would be a death sentence for both!”
I gulped thinking it’s a good thing Corrine didn’t tell. I could be walking on some dangerous ground here.
We continued opening the shop for business. Things got busy rather quickly for a Saturday morning. I guessed not every one likes to sleep late like me. During breaks in the waves of customers Carla and I got to talk and become familiar with each other. For an older girl, I found that it was fairly easy to talk to her. After spending the whole day together I offered to buy her supper at the ‘pit’. Unbelievable, I thought. She accepted. And I was in Heaven again. Me, out with an older women. Well, it wasn’t really out, but I felt like it was a real date. The carnival closed for a short break in the afternoon to allow people to get ready for the night shift. So I had a couple of hours to kill and supper with my voluptuous babe neighbor was about as good as it could get.
We had just taken our first bite out of a juicy burger. I must have been starving; it tasted so good. Before I got to my second bite, this super voluptuous babe woman sat next to me. One look at her cleavage and I felt myself getting stiff. She was tall and trim; big boobs and wide hips, large brown eyes and long dark brown hair. I wasn’t too great at guessing peoples’ ages, but I suspected she was about forty. A welcome smile formed across her painted lips; her perfect white teeth. Her presence alone dwarfed the babe I was having supper with. I opened my mouth to introduce myself. After last night I had already gained some confidence and even had thoughts of asking her out later. Before I spoke, she introduced herself,
“Hi, Bobby. My name is Carmen; I run the ‘magic’ disc game across the way.”
Was this an invitation to come on over later? That thought quickly evaporated with her next line.
“I’m Corrine’s and Carla’s mother. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Bobby.”
“Same here,” as I sat with my stuttering mouth open and my eyes gawking at her awesome cleavage.
“Heh Hmm!’ My thought were interrupted. “Better hurry up and finish. We open in a few minutes,” Carla Sputtered.
Did I detect a bit of rivalry between her and mother?
It was a busy night and by 10:30, I was ready to crawl into my sleeping bag for the night.
I was about to close up and Bobby M., my boss, came strutting over with a big grin and said,
“Are you ready? Tonight we tear everything down and head for our next stop. And tomorrow we get to put it all back up again.”
I knew everything was going too great to be true. There’s always a catch.
I just wanted to crawl into a dark corner and call it a day. No such luck. Bobby showed me how to take every pin and numbered 2X4 of the tent frame apart. Tomorrow I was to set it up by myself. Well, this sounded challenging. There were no instructions, so I had to pay close attention. The work went fast. An hour later and everything was packed into the panel van that Bobby used while on the road. The only difficult part was the canvas. It was basically one piece and had to be folded and rolled just right. If not, you would have a hard time trying to open and install it for the next day. It was also fairly heavy and was much easier with help from Bobby to wrestle it into the truck.
Everything packed away; I had a renewed energy and strolled back to the midway. Carla and her dad were just starting to take her tent down. Carmen’s was already put away for next week. I offered to help and the gesture was accepted. We had everything done in half an hour. I was rewarded to come over to their trailer for a Coke or something cold to drink.
It had been hot and humid all day and night. When we got to the trailer,
Carmen was already on her second or third beer. She was wearing a thin silken, cool mint green nightgown with a matching thin open robe. Her breasts were perfectly outlined against the thin fabric. The imprint and the darker shade of her areolas and nipples were totally visible. Being almost at the legal age to drink, I was offered a Carling, Black Label: my first beer. I was thirsty, and it was cold. I downed it in a couple of gulps and was quickly asked if I wanted another.
“I guess I am thirstier than I realized,” I said.
I was already starting to feel a bit light-headed; this was a totally new and strange feeling.
“So this is what it’s like from drinking alcohol!” I thought to myself.
It was a good feeling and I wondered why only adults were allowed theses pleasures.
Carmen held out another and I quickly accepted. Her robe opened further to display more of her succulent cleavage. The second went slower as I sat down. My cock also needed some time to soften. Karl was standing against the kitchen counter behind his wife and I was sure he wasn’t seeing what I was. Carmen’s nipples for some reason stiffened; maybe she noticed the bulge in my pants just before I sat down. My cock would not go down. It was a good thing it was now hidden beneath the edge of the table. Before I realized it, I was on my third drink. My mouth just kept on flapping.
I talked with the family about where I was from and carnival life. I asked about Corrine and was told she had already gone to bed.
“I missed seeing her today. She is a very nice girl.”
Dad spoke up. “She went out last night and came in late. That’s against house rules.”
“Oh!” was all I could manage to say. “It’s getting late and I should be heading off to bed.”
Dad said good night and thanked me again for the help.
Nothing wrong with making a good impression I thought. Mom and Carla Stood up as I was leaving. Dick finally back down to almost normal.
Carla gave me one of her cock crushing hug and a kiss on the cheek. She held me just a few seconds longer than a quick goodnight kiss. My cock filled up and twitched against her thigh; she winked and went off to her room. My boner was full hard again. Mom was a little tipsy from having several drinks within the past hour as she stumbled toward me to thank me also for sticking up for and defending her daughters yesterday. Her robe was now completely open as I reached to catch her as she stumbled.
My arm stretched forward and managed to reach into her open robe. The stiff nipple of her right breast pressed into my arm as her body almost collapsed into me.
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When I read this series first, it scored in the 90s. Now it's in the 80s. I wonder if there are trolls on contract to vote it down? The Chinese do it on Yahoo and Facebook.<\/div>\n

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Don't know if I should be happy u put out a new part or angry how you ended it...<\/div>\n

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honestly the mezmorising combination of violence ,manipulation and sex and the fact he gets to smash everyone he wants to is one hell of a combination<\/div>\n

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Let me start off with, loving the story. I thoroughly enjoyed the first set, and this one just as much. I'm the one who mentioned before I had an account but don't remember the name and password and they won't let me have another account, so I can't log in. I'm not sure how you can think one person is voting it down?, we only get one vote???
\r\nanyway, I mentioned this before, write it your own way, but please don't turn into one of those egotistical writers who won't let people vote and\/or comment. You'll most likely lose a lot more readers if you do it, and there are people here who will log in just to vote it down, you can read that all over the forum.
\r\nYou have lost a lot of readers, I mean look at the first few chapters of both your series, up in 5 digits of readers, then slacks off I learned this working in a public job. You rarely get those 'attaboys' but the people who don't like something are far more inclined let you know than the happy ones......<\/div>\n

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so you're going to take votes away from us because of one asshole? there are those of us who come and vote positive for you to try to counter them you know...........<\/div>\n

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man, you have my complete attention. ignore the haters and keep writing.<\/div>\n

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Amazing. just pure amazing. i dont even read your stories for the sex anymore. the story itself is much better. keep up the great work man<\/div>\n

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LOL We have Rambo and The A-Team involved. I wonder when a certain S.E.A.L. (S.Seagal) or Deathwish Bronson will be brought in.
\r\nThis story DEFINITELY has a buildup to what appears to be an explosive finish - and here people were complaining because Guy was being too nice - ROFLMGDAO<\/div>\n

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This is most definitely an attention getter. Based on what you've already written, to steal a line from B.A. Baraccus (A-Team), "I pity the fool" who initiated this set up. I hope you post the next few quickly, cause I'm enthused with the story.<\/div>\n

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What a twist really suprised me with all of carlos' talk of family never expected it your a great story teller<\/div>\n

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THIS cliffhanger I can understand even if I do not like it.
\r\nI wonder why 'first blood' is going through my mind right now?<\/div>\n

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Awesome cliffhanger! I didn't see Carlos as the culprit on the first attack, however it makes sense in hindsite. Keep up the excellent writing.<\/div>\n
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“Leave tomorrow.”
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Me and My Brothers
Chapter III.It Gets Hot in a Snow Storm
A few minutes later in the kitchen as I was making some pancake batter, Bobby came in and asked, “What you fixing?
“Why not waffles?” he asked.
“Do you know where the waffle iron is?” I asked.
“Sure,” he said as he went to a cupboard, pulled out the waffle iron, and plugged it in.
So we had waffles. While we were eating we noticed that it was snowing. It was the first heavy snow of the season. Bobby and I dressed in our warmest clothes and went out to build a snowman. After building a snowman taller than us, we got in a playful snowball fight. After a short while I retreated into the house. I locked Bobby outside just long enough for him to bang on the door and start shouting. When I allowed him in, he tackled me and attempted to tickle me but I was so bundled up he had difficulty affecting me in any way. Soon he gave up but when he did I realized he had affected me. I had become horny once again.
After we stripped off our winter gear and I was once again down to my tank top and jeans, Bobby asked if I wanted tickled. I asked, “How about a kiss?”
Smiling he moved toward me. I dodged him and ran to the family room where I dove into the loveseat. By the time I had righted myself in the loveseat Bobby squeezed in beside me. He was all over me and I said, “Oh, oh, big brother, take it slow.”
“What do you mean?” he asked.
“Sit up and rest back, place your hands on your thighs.” He followed my instructions. “Take it slow like this,” I said as I stroked the back of his hand with one finger.
“Mm,” he murmured. I stoked up his forearm with my fingers. “Oh yeah,” he said.
“Get the idea?” I asked as I sat back with my hands on my thighs.
He did as I had done. Just the touch of his finger on my hand caused a tingle down in my core. A mummer came from me as his finger stroked up my arm. His fingers moved to my thigh alongside my forearm. “Oh yes,” I said before I realized he was all too close to my pussy. I jerked away and although the feeling I was experiencing was pleasurable I said. “Too fast, brother of mine.”
“What do you want, Carly?”
“I want you to take it slow. Do I have to give you instruction for every step along the way to a kiss?” I asked.
“I guess so ‘cause I don’t know what you want.”
I took a deep breath and sat quiet waiting for him to begin again. Since he did not I jumped up and ran up to my room slamming the door behind me. I waited to see if he would follow me and since he did not I lay on my bed. I undid the button of my tight jeans, lowered the zipper, and raised up to lower my jeans. My panties were soaked. I rubbed my pussy through my panties. I raised my butt up again and slipped down my panties. I was so wet that I did not need any lotion. Soon I was crying out with joy. No matter how hard I tried to stifle my cries I could not. Just before I was forced to close my eyes as always happened I looked to the door where Bobby was standing. He’s watching, I told myself as I floated through a heavenly orgasm.
When I opened my eyes, he was not there. I wondered if I had imagined his being there. I waited for a while as I relaxed in the afterglow. I then dress and checked in the mirror to make sure I looked presentable, brushing my hair.
When I went downstairs, I found Bobby playing his video game. I picked up a book and sat in the loveseat and pretended to read. I waited for him to say something. He seemed to totally ignore me. When I could wait no longer I closed my book and looked in his direction. He was devoting his full attention to the game. I stood…he did not look up. I placed the book back on the shelf and turned to look at him…he did not look up. I walked to the door to the kitchen and looked back at him…he did not look up. I got out my homework to make sure it was finished…it was.
I stood at the kitchen sink looking out across our back yard and saw that the snow was at least two feet deep. I looked at the clock. The snow had been falling for about three hours. Three more hours of this and the snow will close all the roads until snow removal equipment can open them. I told myself that if the snow didn’t stop, mommy and daddy wouldn’t make it home tonight. I remembered last year, on a school day, the school closed early so they could get us home before the roads were closed and when mommy and daddy discovered they would not make it home, they called a neighbor to take care of us. I hoped this time mommy would call us before calling the neighbor.
I decided to fix Bobby a good lunch but first I made up a couple of mugs of hot chocolate. When I took his into him he thanked me and a few minutes later he came into the kitchen with his mug and thanked me again. He sat at the table and asked what I was fixing.
“Macaroni and cheese,” I replied.
“Oh, don’t forget to add pepper,” he said.
“Of course not, I know how you like it,” I said. All the time I was not looking at him, instead I was shredding the cheese. “You know the way it’s snowing I don’t think mom and dad are going to make it home.” I could hear him as he stood and walked over beside me so he could look out the window.
“Yeah you’re right. They’ll probably have Mrs. Yates come over to stay with us,” he said.
“If they call here first, tell them we can take care of ourselves,” I said.
“If I say that, they’ll ask to talk to you,” he said.
“I’ll say that if we have any problem, we’ll call Mrs. Yates,” I added.
“That sounds good.”
I checked the macaroni and it was ready to have the cheese added.
Bobby followed right behind me with every step that I made. “If they don’t have Mrs. Yates come over, there are a couple of thing I want to show you,” he said.
“What could you show me that you haven’t already shown me?” I asked as I stirred in the cheese.
“I broke the code on the TV so we can watch some porn if there is any on,” he said.
“Porn?” I questioned. I had never thought of watching porn, in fact I did not even know what it would show so I said, “What is porn?”
“You know, don’t you,” Bobby said.
“No I don’t,” I said. “Have you watched porn?” I asked as I continued to stir.
“No, I just broke the code and porn usually doesn’t come on until nighttime.”
“Well, I guess we got a date to watch porn if we are alone tonight,” I said as I turned down the heat and added a splash of milk and then a lot of pepper to the pot that I continued to stir.
Soon we were seated on opposite sides of the table eating our cheesy lunch. “Mm, just as good as mom makes,” Bobby said. When his bowl was empty he said, “Carly, I want more.”
“There’s more in the pot,” I said.
“No, I want to see you play more, and I want to kiss you more,” he said as he went to the stove to fill his bowl again.
“Well, I think you will get more. I can no longer play with myself and stay quiet so come and watch when you hear,” I suggested.
“You won’t mind if I look in your room when…”
I noticed he had to adjust his peter when he sat at the table. I realize I was all a tingle down there and I said, “Does this talk excite you like it does me?”
“Oh yes, I could just whip it out and beat off right here.”
“Well don’t let me stop you,” I said as I slid my left hand down into my tight jeans. My jeans were too tight but neither of us could see what the other was doing. When I finished my macaroni and cheese I looked at Bobby who was finishing his second helping.
He suddenly stood, reached a hand to me, and said, “Come with me.” He was holding his pants up with his other hand. Taking his hand I followed him into the family room. He sat me at one end of the couch and he sat at the other end. He got up and turned on the lamps that are at each end of the couch. “I’ll be right back,” he said as he darted out of the room, still holding up his undone pants. He quickly returned with a box of tissues. “There, now take off your jeans,” he said as he let his pants fall to the floor. Neither of us had shoes on so in only moments we were standing with only our tops on because we had both lowered our under pants with our outer pants. “Sit where you were,” he said as he sat at the other end.
“But, I’m dripping wet. I’ll make a spot on the couch,” I said. I rushed to the bathroom and got two bath towels out of a cabinet. When I returned to the family room I tossed one towel over Bobby’s head and said, “Here is one for you.”
“Okay then,” he said after he had placed his towel under him, adding, “Put one foot up on the couch and the other on the floor.”
As I positioned myself like he had, I realized how exposed my pussy was with my knees spread so far apart.
“Mm that looks so pretty,” Bobby said.
I looked at him and saw he was staring directly at my pussy which tingled with excitement. I looked at his peter and realized how large his balls looked. I had never actually looked at them before. They were resting with apparent comfort on the white towel. He wrapped his right hand around his peter and began stroking deliberately up and down.
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The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #1
This is going to be a series exploring the events resulting from Carly’s bet with Zane. It is based on a true story and a lot of what you will read actually did happen. However, some of it involves delving into the minds of other characters, so, we'll call it fiction. I'll let you decided for yourself where the truth lies.
After getting Carly’s younger sister in bed with him, Carly was now obliged to set him up with the entire school cheerleading team. How is that possible you ask? Read on! And enjoy.
As a note: The way I wanted to tell these stories requires sometimes getting inside the heads of some of the different characters. This requires a departure from my usual writing style. While I will still leave the comments open, please try to be constructive. I’m trying something new, and I’m still learning.
The Set Up
Carly lost a bet, and now it was time to pay up. After catching her little sister peeping as she and her friend Zane were having sex, Zane bet her that he would be able to get the younger sister in his bed. Even though little sister was a freshman now, Carly still thought of her as the same little pest that she had grown up with. She was wrong. Zane barely even had to try. Her sister jumped into bed with him the first chance she got, and a few more times since then.
Carly had been so sure that her sweet innocent little sister would be scared away or even grossed out at the mere thought of sex, that she offered up the craziest thing she could think of as stakes, the entire school cheerleader squad. Carly was one of the senior co-captains and told Zane that if he won, she could arrange it so that he would have his pick of any girl on the squad, or all of them if he wished! He didn’t believe her of course, who could deliver on something like that? Then again, who could pass up an offer like that? So Zane accepted her stakes and the bet was on.
Carly’s Plan
What Zane didn’t know was that Carly had actually been working on a plan for this long before they made their bet. The bet just presented the perfect opportunity for her to put it into motion, and he was going to be the lucky beneficiary. IF he succeeded.
Her plan was actually very simple. At the end of every year, the seniors would all cast votes to determine who would be the co-captains, there were always two, for the following year. This was the team tradition. In addition to the seniors, the cheer coach and the faculty advisor also voted. This year there were only four seniors, so with the two additional votes of coach and faculty, there was the very real possibility of a tie.
Carly’s devious plan was to introduce the rumor of a tie-breaker vote. A secret voter. Someone not on, or connected to the squad, who would make the final vote and break a tie if necessary. Once everyone started believing in it, she would start the rumors that Zane was that secret vote. All of the juniors who wanted to be captain would be throwing themselves at him to be sure they secured his favor, and ALL the juniors wanted to be captain. Some of the sophomores too.
After Carly explained the whole thing to him, Zane began to think this could actually work. When he learned that the rest of the seniors all agreed to go along with it, it sounded even better. Why would all of them go along with such a plan? To help Carly pay off a bet? Probably not. To help Zane get laid? Definitely not.
Their real motivation? Revenge. Payback. Karma.
The reason Carly had begun dreaming up this whole plan in the first place was, Bella. Bella was one of the junior cheerleaders, and a top contender for captain. She was the girl that everyone loved, until she left the room. Bella was a devious little monster, always manipulating anything or anyone to make herself look good, no matter what it meant for anyone else. In the past three years, at some point, she had claimed her glory at the expense of each of the seniors.
Carly wanted to see Bella used and humiliated just like she had done to so many others, and she knew Zane was just the guy to help her do it. When Carly offered up a plan to get some payback, the other seniors all signed on. Carly’s only condition upon setting Zane up for this cheerleader free for all, was that he torture Bella. She wanted him to “Fuck that bitch up and make her beg you to do it.” and, get pictures. Carly wanted to make her humiliation complete. Zane was happy to oblige.
Within the next week, all the talk among the cheerleaders was about the end of the year vote. Carly made a big deal about the possibility of a tie, things were just that close. There were usually more seniors, this could be the first time in years that they need to use the secret vote. Gossip among the underclassmen instantly became, “what the hell is the secret vote”? None of them had ever heard of it before.
The seniors all started to fill in the story in the days that followed. They would talk over lunch and add a few details here and there. It would have to be someone not on the squad. It would have to be someone who knows everyone vying for captain. It would have to be someone they all trust. Does that mean it would have to be a girl? Hmmm, maybe, maybe not. It could be anyone.
Then Carly added her name drop. She recruited her sister Haley, the one she made the bet over, to mention Zane whenever she could. Haley was not a cheerleader herself but she knew them all, since they were always at her house hanging out with her sister. She would mention that Zane called when any of them were over, or tell them that Carly was at Zane’s house if they showed up and she wasn’t there.
Just to be absolutely sure that they all got the clue, Carly had Haley just say outright that she knew Zane was the secret vote, just once, to one person. She didn’t tell Haley that the secret vote was a scam, best that she think it was real as well. One of Haley’s best friends, Chloe, was a freshman cheerleader. Chloe was only on the JV squad, but she knew the rumors as well as anyone else. Carly asked Haley to just tell her it had to be Zane. Soon there was only one name circulating amongst the squad.
The first hint that the plan was actually working turned out to be Chloe herself. Although Chloe had no chance of becoming captain, although she was a sure thing for captain of the JV squad. Still, there was a vote for JV captain too, and no one ever said the secret vote didn’t apply to that as well.
One Saturday afternoon some of the cheerleaders were hanging out at the school after practice. Zane of course happened to be there as well. He now tried to be anywhere the cheerleaders were at any given time, just to keep the rumors hot. When Chloe saw him there, she came over flirting and giggling at everything he said right up to the point where she cuddled right up on his lap and wrapped an arm around his neck.
This was an unexpected development. Who would have thought the freshmen were buying into this! Then again, Chloe was the only one who thought she knew for sure who the secret vote was. Amazed looks passed between Zane, Julie, and Carly. The juniors and sophomores were paying close attention too.
Chloe was slim, long sexy legs, long dark hair, big bright brown eyes, an amazing smile with the cutest dimples, great perky tits, and a tight little ass. Put all that in a cheerleader outfit and all eyes were on Chloe.
She was also a lot of fun. Chloe had an older sister who had been on the squad before her, so she had seen all the hijinks that go on and new it was all just for fun, so she was always ready to join in. Did she know this whole thing was a scam? Did she suspect? Was she just playing along? Or was she genuinely flirting hoping to gain some favor for when the voting came? Just what had Haley told her?
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