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2023.06.08 20:13 Bestow5000 I was groomed by multiple adults online when I was a teen and I am not even mad...

Hi. I will try to keep this short. I'm gonna share this on my main. I got nothing to hide. I'm 28 now. When I was a teen (15-16), I was terminally online. I don't get along with my family, I get along with strangers online. I met many amazing people within my age that cared for me and I also met adults too on social media from 19 to 21 to 22.
When I was 15, one of my first online relationships was with a 19yo girl. We exchanged questionable pictures of each other, but not full on nudes. She talks about marriage early on. She invited me to a group chat where I witnessed her roleplaying with two grown adults at their mid 20s roleplaying sex. Eventually she just vanished off social media.
Then I roleplayed sex with another girl at the age of 21 too. It went on for 3 months before I was blocked. She too vanished.
Then when I was 16, I met a 22yo guy that we had a video call. Roleplay sex is a thing, I was asked to show a pic of my D which I was more than happy to at the time. I forgot my password to my Skype account and we never talked since.
All of them have some things in common, they knew my age. They were super sweet, caring and nice to me when I had no love back then. I don't know why I'm just not mad. In my mind, as long as I felt they were genuinely nice and caring to me, I do not mind. If I were to meet them again, I would happily greet them and reconnect with them and talk once again. I should be hurt, disgusted but I can't control how I feel.
I am upset that it has skewed how I view on questionable age differences now and I wish I can turn that bad. That's all. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.08 20:12 silentninjaa2 conflicted morally

i (F18) have been talking to a muslim man (M20) for about 8 months. the relationship began as friends/academic, as we were teaching each other language for our own hobby. from the first time we met we both knew there was a connection there, but since we are both muslim, we had tried to keep those feelings on the low. fast forward things progressed and a couple months ago our dynamic slowly changed to more of a relationship type thing. we really loved each other but we never said it as we are so young and there’s so many layers to us having a relationship w us being muslim. we ended up confessing our love to each other, and our intentions of marriage. yes we do want to marry, but firstly i don’t think at this moment i can tell my parents abt him ( part of it is anxiety… they are less religious than me and would be ok w me having a bf if he is serious abt marrying) , so he is not going to talk to them till September. i am reassured that he is serious about me as he is willing to speak to my dad even right now. i am going to talk to his mother today which will also be an eye opener. finally, we are both finishing university and decided we don’t wanna marry at least until then… it’s just very reasonable, but i know we will do physical things that is not permitted before marriage until then which worries me a bit. we have both talked about how we can’t control ourselves when we are together, and i am a little worried that i will be taken advantage of ( as in we have sex but then he isn’t true to his word of marrying me) ( btw we are both virgins if that matters). one part of me does not really care as i am not that religious and probably will have sex before marriage anyways, but another part of me is worried abt his commitment, esp bc he is more religious than me but seems more relaxed in doing these physical things before marriage w me than i was. he said that it’s different when u have sex love someone rather than when ppl do it with a random every other day. he also told me how he was so muslim, and knowing his wife is muslim brought him closer to islam, but at the same time he rly likes me physically which will lead us to sin. in conclusion, i am just extremely confused especially because i do not have muslim friends to get advice from and don’t think i can tell my parents abt this situation at the moment, but i am thinking about telling my aunt as she gives good advice and won’t tell them. i am going to be calling his mother today, but before that i want to have a serious convo w him abt our future and what exactly his intents are in the next 5 yrs to lead us to marriage. how do i go abt this ? any help is appreciated
tl;dr: i (f18) have been talking to a muslim man (m20) for abt 8 months and we ended up getting into a relationship. i know his intentions are pure and i prayed istikharah abt it, but we cannot get married right at this moment as we are so young, and we want to finish uni first, so i am conflicted morally on what to do. i am not that religious but i just want some advice on where to go from here. TL;DR
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2023.06.08 20:11 Bestow5000 I was groomed by multiple adults online when I was a teen and I am not even mad...

Hi. I will try to keep this short. I'm gonna share this on my main. I got nothing to hide.
I'm 28 now. When I was a teen (15-16), I was terminally online. I don't get along with my family, I get along with strangers online. I met many amazing people within my age that cared for me and I also met adults too on social media from 19 to 21 to 22.
When I was 15, one of my first online relationships was with a 19yo girl. We exchanged questionable pictures of each other, but not full on nudes. She talks about marriage early on. She invited me to a group chat where I witnessed her roleplaying with two grown adults at their mid 20s roleplaying sex. Eventually she just vanished off social media.
Then I roleplayed sex with another girl at the age of 21 too. It went on for 3 months before I was blocked. She too vanished.
Then when I was 16, I met a 22yo guy that we had a video call. Roleplay sex is a thing, I was asked to show a pic of my D which I was more than happy to at the time. I forgot my password to my Skype account and we never talked since.
All of them have some things in common, they knew my age. They were super sweet, caring and nice to me when I had no love back then. I don't know why I'm just not mad. In my mind, as long as I felt they were genuinely nice and caring to me, I do not mind. If I were to meet them again, I would happily greet them and reconnect with them and talk once again. I should be hurt, disgusted but I can't control how I feel.
I am upset that it has skewed how I view on questionable age differences now and I wish I can turn that bad. That's all. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.08 20:11 dwellics In The News - New York, New Jersey Cities Top List Of 'Top 100 Best Cities To Raise A Family In The Northeast' In The News - New York, New Jersey Cities Top List Of 'Top 100 Best Cities To Raise A Family In The Northeast' submitted by dwellics to u/dwellics [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 20:11 graneflatsis RFK_Jr_is_a_Stooge Will Be Going Private From June 12-14th To Join The Protest Against Reddit's API Changes

For information on what this is all about please check out u/SarahAGilbert's post in AskHistorians as it is far better than what I could do.
Quoted without links:
On April 18, 2023, Reddit announced it would begin charging for access to its API. Reddit faces real challenges from free access to its API. Reddit data has been used to train large language models that underpin AI technologies, such as ChatGPT and Bard, which matters to us at AskHistorians because technologies like these make it quick and easy to violate our rules on plagiarism, makes it harder for us to moderate, and could erode the trust you have in the information you read here. Further, access to archives that include user-deleted data violates your privacy.
However, make no mistake, we need API access to keep our community running. We use the API in a number of ways, both through direct access and through use of archives of data that were collected using the API, most importantly, Pushshift. For example, we use API supported tools to:
Find answers to previously asked questions, including answers to questions that were deleted by the question-asker
Help flairs track down old answers they remember writing but can’t locate
Proactively identify new contributors to the community
Monitor the health of the subreddit and track how many questions get answers.
Moderate via mobile (when we do)
Generate user profiles
Automate posting themes, trivia, and other special events
Semiautomate gankom’s massive Sunday Digest efforts
Send the newsletter
Admins have promised minimal disruption; however, over the years they’ve made a number of promises to support moderators that they did not, or could not follow up on, and at times even reneged on:
In 2015, in response to widespread protests on the sub, the admins promised they would build tools and improve communication with mods.
In 2019 the admins promised that chat would always be an opt-in feature. However, a year later an unmoderated chat feature was made a default feature on most subs
In 2020, in response to moderators protesting racism on Reddit, admin promised to support mods in combating hate
In 2021, again, in response to protests, Reddit’s admin promised a feature to report malicious interference by subreddits promoting Covid denial.
Reddit’s admin has certainly made progress. In 2020 they updated the content policy to ban hate and in 2021 they banned and quarantined communities promoting covid denial. But while the company has updated their policies, they have not sufficiently invested in moderation support.
Reddit admins have had 8 years to build a stronger infrastructure to support moderators but have not.
API access isn’t just about making life easier for mods. It helps us keep our communities safe by providing important context about users, such as whether or not they have a history of posting rule-violating content or engaging in harmful behavior. The ability to search for removed and deleted data allows moderators to more quickly respond to spam, bigotry, and harassment. On AskHistorians, we’ve used it to help identify accounts that spam ChatGPT generated content that violates our rules. If we want to mod on our phones, third party apps offer the most robust mod tools. Further, third party apps are particularly important for moderators and users who rely on screen readers, as the official Reddit app is inaccessible to the visually impaired.
Mods need API access because Reddit doesn’t support their needs.
We are highly concerned about the downstream impacts of this decision. Reddit is built on volunteer moderation labour that costs other companies millions of dollars per year. While some tools we rely on may not be technically impacted, and some may return after successful negotiations, the ecosystem of API supported tools is vast and varied, and the tools themselves require volunteer labour to maintain. Changes like these, particularly the poor communication surrounding them, and cobbled responses as domino after domino falls, year after year, risk making AskHistorians a worse place both for moderators and for users—there will likely be more spam, fewer posts helpfully directing users to previous answers to their questions, and our ability to effectively address trolling, and JAQing off will slow down.
Without the moderators who develop, nurture, and protect Reddit’s diverse communities, Reddit risks losing what makes it so special. We love what we do here at AskHistorians. If Reddit’s admins don’t reach a reasonable compromise, we will protest in response to these uncertainties.
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2023.06.08 20:11 Crafty_Try_423 Choose between staying at a startup and joining a Big 4?

I've been with a seed startup for 2 yrs, and weathered a brutal storm that included half pay, no benefits for 3 months so far. Now we just secured a lead investor for a fundraising round, and their contribution alone gives us 2 yrs of runway at our regular salary (which is 30-40% less than my market rate, no discussion about benefits) starting in 1-2 months. I also anticipate we will easily find other investors - there were many lined up but nobody wanted to be the lead. I am 100% confident our idea is solid, novel, and that it will be the way of the future. The main question in my mind has always been are we too far ahead of our time, or too out-of-place because of the bad economic climate for startups.
That said, I've received a verbal offer to work for one of the Big 4 as something equivalent to "senior consultant." I don't have the written letter, but I expect the pay to be 70% higher and I expect they will offer health insurance and 401(k) benefits. It will be a ton more work, but should also open up many more doors for me. Also, I actually like working and I have been feeling frustrated in my current role because there isn't enough interesting work to keep me growing in my career. In addition, the new job offers a clear path to leadership, which is important to me. In the current job, the CEO has promised me leadership opportunities but he's been fairly deceitful/strung us along quite a lot on a few matters so his word doesn't mean much.
I know, I know...the choice seems easy. But here's the catch. This Big 4 has been silently issuing major layoffs this's all over their subreddit...and along with me they are hiring about 20 more people with my job title over the next several months to a year. I would be working on gov't contracts. I'm really afraid they're over-hiring and I'll get laid off within a year. I know I need to jump in willing to give 300% and compete against all these other people with similar job titles. I think I can do it. But I'm worried that won't be enough.
I'm good at saving money. That said, I did plan to buy a home and I'm a little scared...but I want to move forward with my life. I'm worried I might make the wrong choice by "following the money" and should instead stay with my startup. That said, this team is fairly difficult to work with and it's unclear how long I'll have to wait until I have real leadership opportunities, and also maybe even if I get laid off from the Big 4 company it wouldn't be so hard to find a new role. I'm scared because it took me 8 months and 230 applications to land this one role. It's hard to be on the job market all the time. I'm also worried that I'll be stuck networking within the Big 4 company and the government agency...which won't help me when I do get laid off and need to find other work. But I'm also reluctant to walk out on this company because I know our idea has a ton of market value. It's almost like AirBnb in the sense that it's so obvious but at the same time everyone said nobody would feel safe staying in another person's home. It's that level of obvious...and I also know why no one else has done it.
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2023.06.08 20:10 AskOk7216 Harmonys mother

New to this case and it’s so sad 😭 I don’t understand how this poor girl has been missing since 12/2019 but her mother and no other family members reported her missing until almost TWO years later !!!!! DCF failed this girl. This is why the entire system is one big joke. How does your child go missing for an extended period of time but you don’t report it until years later. Every single person is at fault here. I have so many questions but unfortunately I don’t think any of them will ever be answered. I just hope her body is found and she gets a proper burial. 💔
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2023.06.08 20:10 Masteur The First Seafaring Period of the Yuanqatsan and Rise of Social Division

When studying the history of the Yuanqatsan Culture, scholars note the time period between 500 - 700 AD as one of rapid outward expansion. Novel innovations in shipbuilding are widely understood to be the primary cause of the cultural spread, although societal changes and pressure are believed to have also played a role.
Known today as "The First Seafaring Period", it was during this era that the Yuanqatsan Culture effectively wiped out or absorbed most of the small-scale cultures in their vicinity. The Yuanqatsan way of life became dominant as the region saw a level of intercommunication never before seen.

Estimated Yuanqatsan Cultural Spread Between 500-700 AD

This map offers a rough outline of the spread of the Yuanqatsan Culture during The First Seafaring Period. The circled area denotes the Yuanqatsan Heartland where the largest concentration of settlement existed during this era.
Yuanqatsan settlements have traditionally been located on the coast or along the region's main waterway, known as All-Mother's River, and its tributaries. This trend continued into The First Seafaring Period as the largest and most prosperous villages of the time were routinely found along the coast.
Evidence does show primitive societies predating the Yuanqatsan in these lands. Although similar to the Yuanqatsan in many ways, they were unique enough for modern-day scholars to consider them distinct cultures. Regardless, these proto-cultures were quickly absorbed into the more technologically advanced Yuanqatsan coastal hegemony.

New Land Brings Opportunity, Wealth

Although the proto-cultures surrounding the Yuanqatsan People were essentially consumed, that doesn't mean none of their cultural identity survived.
Maple tapping was relatively uncommon throughout most Yuanqatsan communities prior to The First Seafaring Period. Granted, most communities were located near the coastal salt marshes where Maple trees weren't as likely to grow. Further north, where the coasts weren't as saturated, the trees were more plentiful.
It's believed the early proto-cultures here routinely tapped Maple trees and the Yuanqatsan likely followed similar methods. Maple, especially over nuts, became a popular delicacy throughout communities as a trade good.
Now when it comes to trade, one cannot skip the topic when having a conversation of The First Seafaring Period. With larger, more studier ships, trade exploded during this period.
Trade between communities was one of the biggest driving forces of the Yuanqatsan Cultural Expansion during this time. In prior generations, maritime travel was primarily just for fishing. As improvements to shipbuilding made it easier to reach and settle these new lands, there was a substantial increase in trade among all Yuanqatsan settlements.
Whereas in prior generations intercommunication between villages was minimal, The First Seafaring Period saw an exponential increase in cooperation. Previously, the average Yuanqatsan village may have traded with their neighbors only a handful of times per year. These trading forrays were usually always done at the direction of the powerful Crones and included a community's most-influential families trading smoked fish, pelts, and small crafts with one another.
During The First Seafaring Period, trade between villages increased from 3-4 annual trips to at least 4-5 times per month, depending on location. As seen countless times in history, this increase in trade also saw a mass transfusion of technology, beliefs, and ideas.
Many goods once considered rare or straight up unbeknownst to many became more common fixtures in communities. Foodstuffs were of course the most bartered item. Coastal communities in what we'd consider the Yuanqatsan Heartland primarily exported smoked fish, eel, crustacea, waterfowl, and crafts.
In northern communities, exports included more foraged crops, including cranberries, zizania, and alliums.

Yuanqatsan Social Hierarchy During The First Seafaring Period

When discussing the explosion of trade during this period in history, it's important to ask who benefitted the most.
The Crones and high-ranking men with honorable titles reaped most of the benefits. Not to say the average Yuanqatsan didn't benefit, but not nearly on the same level. Although Yuanqatsan social hierarchy is a complex topic that could be discussed ad nauseam, it's important to cover a few basics to fully understand how this cultural expansion affected everyday lives.
Crones: At the top of the Yuanqatsan social pyramid are the Crones. A class consisting of all widowed mothers, the Crones wield considerable power in each village. All food fished, gathered, or traded must first be brought to the Crones to be blessed. From there, the Crones dictate who gets what. Generally speaking, men (and their direct families) who contribute the most to society and have the most prestige get the best food and goods received in trades.
Because the Crones, acting on behalf of the deity All-Mother, are the ultimate authority on how food is dispersed, they have a heavy hand in how trade is conducted. Goods that are brought into the community via trade are not exactly dolled out equitably.
High-Ranking Men/Nobles: Outside of the Crones, the average village likely has a dozen or so high-ranking noblemen. These are powerful patriarchs who come from strong lineages and proved themselves valiantly in The Trials as a teenager and are seen as leaders. They have prestigious titles such as The Brave-Hearted, The Valiant Voyager, or The Fearless.
The men in this class make up the bulk of those being sent by the Crones to conduct trade, warfare, hunting, and fishing expeditions. They're seen as contributing the most to society and as faithful servants to All-Mother, and in turn, they get to enjoy most of the luxuries received in trade.
Although everything in a community is technically owned by All-Mother through the Crones, the large seafaring vessels are de facto property of these nobles.
For the purpose of how Crones disperse goods to a community, you can group the wives of these nobles into this category.
The Common Man: The majority of Yuanqatsan society is made up of commoners. They're not held in as high esteem as the noble class or their direct families but are still considered to be in the good graces of the Crones and All-Mother. They have titles like The Crabeater, The Web-Footed, or The Sure-Handed. Although were grouping these commoners all together for simplicity's sake, not everyone in this class is on the same pedestal as one another. Think of Yuanqatsan hierarchy as more of a spectrum versus a pyramid with rigid class lines.
The commoners are the ones doing most of the fishing and gathering. Commoners will often volunteer to accompany the Nobles on seafaring expeditions -- usually as oarsmen -- as a way to gain esteem from The Crones.
It's seen as an honor and privilege for a Commoner to go on these expeditions. Generally speaking, these Commoners will in turn be compensated by The Crones to the tune of more plentiful and diverse food offerings.
Untested Boys & Maidens: Boys whom have yet to enter The Trial and unmarried women are seen as among the purest as they remain the closest to All-Mother until they marry.
It's important to remember that children in Yuanqatsan societies are seen more as a child of the community versus a child of a specific mother or father. Not to say family lineage doesn't play a role in the advantages or privileges of Untested boys and maidens, but even the son of low commoners could reach the noble class by proving their worth and dedication to the Crones. This is most commonly done so through The Trials, although feats of bravery or service can do that as well.
With that being said, children from all walks of life would see the benefits of the increase in trade and expansion of The First Seafaring Period. Since they're seen as remaining close to All-Mother, Crones ensure all children of the community are amply fed -- especially in times of strife.
Nobodies: At the bottom of Yuanqatsan society are the Nobodies. These are men who failed the Trials as a boy or were otherwise ostracized by The Crones. Those who steal or commit blasphemy will also find themselves titled The Nobody.
Even before The First Seafaring Period, Nobodies received the least amount of help and support from The Crones. To little surprise, there was not a lot of benefit to the increase in trade among this class.

These social divisions weren't new to Yuanqatsan society by any stretch, although the increase in trade during this time definitely further entrenched this structure as a defining characteristic of the culture.

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2023.06.08 20:10 mydoghank Dog in my care destroying things and chewing foreign objects.

So..I have one of those clients in which i'm already telling myself "never again"...and I almost didn't accept but it was very last minute and a half mile from my house so I took a chance.
It's a drop-in twice-per-day visit for four days (I'm in day two now). The situation is that they are remodeling a house so it's literally torn apart and the only running water they have is in the bathrooms. They warned me it was a mess but I assumed they meant a mess in terms of things torn apart etc. What I discovered was that on top of expected construction disarray, the house is incredibly sloppy, dirty, and frankly just gross.
The dog, a sweet malamute, stays behind a baby gate in a large random room. They warned me that she must stay in there so she doesn't "get into anything"...but holy cow...when I show up the first day, the room she's staying in is full of crap!! Plenty to get into already! There's random unused food packages, like ramen noodles and cereal, boxes of surgical gloves, spray bottles of cleaning supplies, sponges, screws, wrappers, plastic random items...etc etc. This stuff is strewn all over the floor where this dog is living. There's no shelves or furniture or anyplace to put it. Picture large carpeted room with no furniture and stuff all over the floor. And even if their was a place to move it off the ground, it would take a few hours to do so and I'm not being paid for that. Even if I was, not sure I'd wanna take it on.
Sure enough, each visit, I'm seeing that the dog is ripping into food boxes and other items. I saw the box of gloves was ripped open and gloves everywhere. Very dangerous if a dog eats those. My dog would if she had access! I sent a message to the owners letting them know the dog is getting into things but I didn't know how to approach since there was not place to put the items and no spare room for the dog that wasn't also full of stuff. (My note was very cordial and professional!). Seriously, even if I wanted to move the stuff out or move the dog to another room, I wouldn't have any place to choose because the entire house is this way. It's incredibly daunting. Anyway, I'm worried about the dog eating a foreign object but I feel like my hands are tied here. I have warned them and not sure what else I can do. They have not responded yet to my text about my concerns whereas normally they respond right away with thanks you and happy face emojis.
The dog is 10 years old and they have had her since she was a puppy, so I'm assuming they know their dog well enough to know how she is with having access to this kind of thing...but you never know how people are. I really don't like drop-ins for dogs beyond a day or two so that's the other issue. I'm thinking about turning those jobs down because that's just too long for many dogs to not get attention...but that's another post for another day I guess.
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2023.06.08 20:10 Alarmed-Film871 animal adventure park

animal adventure park
animal adventure park
Introduction: Welcome to Animal Adventure Park, a magical sanctuary where you can embark on an incredible journey into the animal kingdom. In this keyword guide, we'll delve into the wonders of Animal Adventure Park, highlighting the keywords that encapsulate its essence and showcasing the key attractions.
Animal Adventure Park: Where Wildlife Thrives: Animal Adventure Park is a haven for wildlife, providing a safe and enriching environment for a diverse range of animal species. This park is dedicated to conservation, education, and the preservation of wildlife, offering visitors a unique opportunity to observe and learn about fascinating creatures from around the world.
Exotic Animals: Unforgettable Encounters: Animal Adventure Park is home to a captivating array of exotic animals. Encounter majestic lions, playful lemurs, graceful giraffes, and curious kangaroos as you explore the park's immersive habitats. Witness their natural behaviors up close and gain a deeper appreciation for the incredible diversity of the animal kingdom.
Interactive Experiences: Get Closer than Ever: Animal Adventure Park goes beyond traditional animal viewing by offering interactive experiences that allow visitors to get up close and personal with the animals. Feed gentle giants at the giraffe encounter, enjoy a close encounter with baby animals at the petting zoo, or embark on a guided safari tour for an immersive adventure.
Educational Programs: Learn and Discover: Animal Adventure Park is committed to fostering education and awareness about wildlife conservation. Engage in informative presentations, guided tours, and interactive programs that provide valuable insights into the lives of animals and the importance of protecting their natural habitats. Learn from knowledgeable experts and take part in conservation initiatives.
Wildlife Conservation: Making a Difference: Animal Adventure Park actively contributes to wildlife conservation efforts around the world. By visiting the park, you support their mission and contribute to important conservation projects. Learn about the park's conservation initiatives and how your visit helps protect endangered species and their ecosystems.
Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Fun for All Ages: Animal Adventure Park is designed to provide fun and educational experiences for the whole family. From animal-themed playgrounds and exciting shows to hands-on activities and educational exhibits, the park ensures that visitors of all ages can enjoy memorable moments and foster a love for animals and nature.
Conclusion: Animal Adventure Park offers a unique opportunity to connect with wildlife and gain a deeper understanding of the natural world. With its focus on conservation, interactive experiences, educational programs, and a family-friendly atmosphere, this park is a haven for animal enthusiasts and nature lovers. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Animal Adventure Park, where you can create unforgettable memories and make a positive impact on the lives of animals. So, come and explore nature's wonderland at Animal Adventure Park—it's an experience you won't want to miss!
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2023.06.08 20:09 mangodreams_jpg I got coasters with my art on them!! ;v;

I got coasters with my art on them!! ;v;
eeee I'm very happy right now I have been playing SO much tears of the kingdom (I'm at over 100 hours right now and I haven't even unlocked the all of the map, it's insane how many things you can do! Big ADHD friendly game with how easy it is to get sidetracked lmao. Anyway, I decided to celebrate by ordering my korok pattern on some coasters! I really love them and I wanted to share how they turned out <3 I made the pattern when I was playing BOTW and I handpainted each little guy and then scanned them in and made a pattern! It's one of my favorite patterns I've made so far c: Little cuties
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2023.06.08 20:09 TooTired4Living AITA?

Summary: I met this girl around the beginning of September and ever since I've just had problems with her, but I can't help but feel like I'm the problem.
It all began when we became friends, we were quite close and had alot of the same interests so it was pretty nice. She then continued to get a toxic boyfriend that i myself had to sort out because he was negatively affecting her. Not long after she began to have problems with bullying and yet again i was the one sorting it out, she then had the great idea of dating that person who was bulling her and then to no surprise i had to sort it out. Then she had the idea of introducing me to some of the girls she knew. Me and then actually got along quite well together and started hanging out with them more. Then she decided that she didn't want to hang around them anymore and I was completely fine with it and I told her that I was going to stick with them as they're pretty nice and then said that she knows where to find me if she feels lonley or just needs to be around someone. Around two or three months later I began to have problems with the group I had been hanging around and decided that I had had enough and found her, she said she was completely fine with me hanging out with her and her friend group and even came up to me offering to hang out. Not even a month later I was being told that she had been talking about me behind my back, but I just ignored it.I was then told by her directly that she had been talking to an older boy and that he regularly got drunk (hes a minor) and that he had sent pictures of yk what to her. I said that she was being gr00m3d and that he was a p3d0f1l3 but she denied and made multiple excuses.Around that time I was due to have a lumber puncture and I was extremely afraid as I'm deadly afraid of needles, she then decided to say that she had it way worse than me and said that she had to get needles in her legs monthly (she has a condition that makes her legs point inwards and ones smaller than the other) and that I was overeating. I then replied with saying that it doesn't matter who has it worse and that we both should be validated. Long story short we began having more and more regular fights. She and her friends began to call me an attention seeker ect. It got to the point where I was crying most of the time. One of her friends confronted me and said that she had many problems with her in the past and that I had done nothing wrong.she began sticking up for me. After we had made up she started to sh and show me constantly asking how to hide it. She then also said she talked to her councilor about me. When I finally had enough I finally told someone about what was happening and I was told that she would get help. Long story short she did not get that help and found out that I told and she made most of my "friends" go against me and excluded me from everything. in the end me and the person who previously confronted me decided to leave the group as it was extremely toxic. When she began losing her friends she came to us and we accepted her. But then we found out she was still talking about me. Skip forward a few weeks she finally leaves us alone and she becomes friends with the popular people. One of the people who was previously in the friends group was getting jumped by them and being threatened. Me and my friend then decided to help her. Then the girl who was getting jumped turned her back on me and told her everything I said, then she confronted me and I just lied and said I said nothing. For the rest of the day I got dirty looks and pointing. I had my counciling the same day and decided to tell my councillor everything. Present time now, she found out I told my councillor and I'm scared to go in tmr. I've already had today off because of this and I've been told to go straight to the office tommorow. But overall i cant help but feel like this is all my fault. There's so much more that has happend and this is already too long to just comment if you would like a part 2!
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2023.06.08 20:09 Block-Busted Do you think Disney will sell Pixar in order to pay off Comcast's share of Hulu?

Because that's what this guy is saying:
They are probably going to have to sell Pixar to pay off Comcast's share of Hulu.
(The original comment says Fox's share, so I altered it.)
He/She might be using these as evidence to that claim of his/hers:
They're going to have to pay for Hulu regardless. The question is, is how much. Will Disney cease to exist? Nope, but with their debt load I don't see them paying without selling IPs and film divisions.
Yea, they paid 71 billion for fox. That was at their height when each movie was a banger and their stock 200 bucks a share. Now Disney+ is a money sink, Park attendance is down, movies ain't doing hot now they got Hulu looming over their head.
Comcast will likely sell its 33% stake in Hulu to Disney at the beginning of 2024, Comcast Chief Executive Brian Roberts said Tuesday. Comcast and Disney struck a deal in 2019 that allowed Disney the option to buy out Comcast's minority stake in 2024. That deal set a floor valuation for Hulu at $27.5 billion
They laid off 7k employees, shuttered the star cruiser and slash five billion from content. Now they might have to pay 27 billion of cash they don't have.
So based on these, do you think Disney will actually sell Pixar to someone else in order to buy Hulu from Comcast (or at least 33% of Hulu that Comcast currently owns)? Why or why not?
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2023.06.08 20:09 trapbunnybb ConGRADulations if you graduated or are graduating this June! :))

You’re one degree hotter 🎓🔥
I graduated undergrad last year (ooof i feel old haha) but i remember how excited I was! If you got into med right after undergrad and are starting in September good luck to you and take the summer to relax!! :)) If you didn’t, you still have so much to be proud of, and plenty of people don’t get in right away. You deserve a great summer as well and don’t stress too much, you will reach your goal when the time is right as it’s not a race. I literally cried the night before my graduation feeling like i hadn’t accomplished anything LOL. I felt so uncertain and afraid of the future as I was starting a new post-grad program that I was not sure I would like and I was writing the MCAT for the first time that summer. But on the day of grad I was super happy and it made me realize how fast time had gone by, how hard I had worked and I reflected on friendships I made (and ended, but it was for the best lol long story there). Even though many of you worry that you’re not good enough (it breaks my heart bc you are), you guys have a lot to be proud of as you worked so hard, and you should definitely celebrate my lil future docs. Dress fancy, go out to dinner, take pics, or do whatever but just know you should be very happy💕🌸
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2023.06.08 20:09 FamiliarAura Has anyone made a tea or tincture for inducing dreams? I have a question about mine

It includes many of the know herbs for dreams alone with other sleepy herbs and such. It Totally works which is so cool, but it’s seems like recently when I use it I’m having dreams that make me wake up sad or have that longing for something feeling. Like last night in the dream I was telling someone about my apartment set up when i was 16 and how fun things were and woke up longing for that. A couple weeks ago when I used it I dreamt of my childhood pet I was forced to give away, was kinda traumatic and it brought that back up. Wondering if this is just because of my mental state or if there’s any herbs that will stir up old things like that. In the start the tincture just made my dreams very vivid and trippy. Maybe I’m using too much? Or it’s just going to intensify the dreams I have no matter what emotion they are
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2023.06.08 20:09 Altruistic-Type-8683 Chance Money Management 101

Chance Money Management 101
But, it’s a quad cab with after market wheels! It should be worth way more than what he paid!!! This man reaches new levels of delusional every day.
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2023.06.08 20:08 OrdinaryMedical200 Love this concept regarding the Cast and the Dai-kaijus!!

Love this concept regarding the Cast and the Dai-kaijus!!
After being repeated so many times we have come to see how Kafka, Kikoru, Reno, Narumi have seen the Dai-kaijus of their suits and powers!! What I noticed the the kaijus (even tho are dead) still have their will in the suits and can respond to the feelings and mental state of the users and can have a part in something big!! Kafka as we all know with the lil guy had severe fear from it taking over and going on a rampage which might happen again in the future, Reno not being able to withstand #6 just from apearing but is now good and we might see something in the future, and then Kikoru (which was the best for me) as it showed #4 (even if not clearly displayed) was shown a feeling towards her of unstatisfaction for not being able to bring out the maimum potential unlike her mother which might indicate that #4 and Hikari Shinomiya might have been able to "bond" even for a little in the past. Lastly, Narumi created absolute control over #1 by bringing forth it's maximum potential and even going beyond as shown how he sat above it's head with those stitches on its mouth giving a clear "Owning you" theme to the situation which in return can give us a hint that Kafka might have a similar scenario with the lil guy to unlock the full power of #8!!
This is by far BADASS!!!
It's like it was saying \"Wanna break from the ads?\"
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2023.06.08 20:08 kirbyfloats tw: success - so surreal my brain can't wrap around it

tw: positive beta
Barely even know what to say but posting because sharing positive milestones is important and you all know best how much heartbreak and work it can (and often does) take to get here.
One naturally conceived ectopic rupture in 2021. A full literal YEAR of IVF after that - six ERs, one every other month at 3 clinics because I just couldn't find comfort and trust in the care I was receiving. In 5 ERs, we only got 1 euploid...four of those five rounds yielded zero blasts entirely. The whole thing felt like the definition of insanity. I've never felt so low, miserable, crazy. Finally at our third clinic and 6th ER, a glimmer of success and tried our first transfer of our best embryo, a euploid 4AB, on 5/29, a year to the day since my first stim shots.
Well, today is beta day. My 10dpt beta is 300. So many more hurdles to come - Saturday will be scary hoping that it doubles, the week following will be scary hoping to confirm it's in the right place. And on and on til forever, if we're lucky. But holy shit, we might have....a baby? Maybe? At this point it honestly sounds unreasonable?? My brain hurts and is having a hard time fusing the present reality with the trauma of these years.
Still, today we celebrate. <3
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2023.06.08 20:08 4yelhsa From a Traumatic Teaching Experience to Engineering

Warning, this is a pretty long read. TL;DR: I spent 18 months working at the worst schools with the worst students experiencing terrible working conditions most people only hear about on T.V. before deciding to transition out of teaching and into engineering.

I graduated in December 2016 with a degree in Physics concentrating in secondary education. My degree program was essentially a double major, they removed the requirements for a couple of courses from physics major and added in an entire course load of education courses. I graduated with more than 160 credit hours and still I was terribly under prepared for handling a classroom on my own.

My practicum assignment was at a "good school". The teacher I worked under my last semester had nearly flawless classroom control; mostly due to the student population generally being well behaved, but I didn't understand that at the time. The classroom management during my teaching periods was also pretty good. She taught me her methods for classroom management and I thought I had it down. Plus when I left she sent me away with a large binder of her lessons, so I didn't really need worry about lesson planning. I thought I was ready. I was incredibly thankful to her and confident when I accepted my mid-year posting at a Title IX school.

And what a mistake that was. That school and that district was insane. I accepted a posting to teach Physics to 11 and 12th graders and physical science to the 9th and 10th graders. This school ran on a block schedule so I had 8 periods of approximately 30 students that where I saw half of my students every other day with 2 hour long classes. When I arrived I found that my senior students had been with a sub the entire first semester learning physical science, that their math teacher did not exist, and that their ability to handle the rigor of physics was at absolute 0. Almost immediately after I began all of my senior students were failing. Big problem.

I was quickly pulled into a meeting with the principal and leadership where I was essentially told that if these students did not pass my class I would need to look for other employment come next year. Crank up the stress. Administration did not care that these kids did not deserve to pass physics due to their lacking foundations in math. I still don't understand how they expect students to pass physics which is based on algebra II/trig/geometry when these kids are barely studying algebra 1 under a constant string of revolving incompetent substitutes. But I was scared, so I essentially removed all maths from my class and just taught conceptual things. Basically instead of I throw the ball do the math to determine it's trajectory based on these initial numbers, the tasks became I throw the ball explain draw it's flight path and explain why it looks like that. It felt like I was doing these kids a huge disservice, but at the end of the year most of my students had passed physics and were onto the next course.

Aside from the curriculum requirements, the classroom management that entire year was a crap shoot. I found it impossible to manage these students who could not understand the concepts and did not want to learn them. I had boys flashing me their genitals, there were fights, there were students tossing things everywhere, they just could not shut up for even a moment, they stood on tables, they took my things, they stood in my space, and it was impossible to get anything done. I even had one student try to bribe me with her car and "sexual favors" for a passing grade on the final (holy fuck that was terrible).

Notably I remember that sometime during my 3rd or 4th month there, a student I'd never seen before was escorted into my classroom by police in handcuffs. They sat him down without a word, uncuffed him, and pulled me into the hallway where I was informed that this kid was on some type of reformation program. That he'd be attending my class from that day forward and that if he misbehaved to call them (the police!?) because he was "active" and "serious". lol wtf? That student unsurprisingly was fighting in my classroom almost immediately.

And those were just problems in my classroom, in that school during my first (and only) semester there were numerous fights in the halls between students, and even some between students and their teachers, students were caught having sex during school hours, there was a sex scandal between a teacher and her student and then she disappeared shortly after. There was a gun incident at a basketball game. After that they started making teachers come to school an hour earlier so that we could search every student as they came onto campus. I pulled plenty of weapons off kids during this time. And they made a locked door policy so that if students were late and missed the morning check they'd have to come through the front office to get it done by the staff there. It was dreadfully ineffective. I watched students jump the fences and be let in by others daily.

Around this time we got word that were was a shooting at our feeder school (a middle school that sends their kids to our high school). A student was murdered right outside of campus (literally in front of the neighboring building).

I worked at that school for only a single semester, and that wasn't by choice. After scaring me about the security of my job I worked really hard to keep it. I kept up with the crazy shenanigans happening on and around our campus, more than 90% of my students passed my class (even tho in my opinion they did not deserve to) and I spent many late nights rewriting my lesson plans and grading the work of my 240 students. I arrived at school at 6am I didn't get to leave until 4pm and I spent all night until 12 or 1am preparing for the next day on a $32k per year salary. And none of it mattered. After doing everything they asked of me that semester, they pink slipped me anyway. Asking around, I found out that a large majority of the first year teachers receive pink slips regardless of their performance and as a big fuck you I guess. They expected me to apply for my job a second time where I would definitely get it again and start off the year with a reset tenure timeline.

So I decided "fuck that" and moved home onto my mom's couch in California after summer school ended. Remember that school where the murder happened? I taught summer school for high school and middle school students there. And unexpectedly it was the best time I ever had teaching. I taught 3 periods of high school students (chemistry cuz whatever I guess the administration didn't care or something) and I taught 1 period of 7th grade earth science. In summer school classes were about 45 minutes each and the max class size I had was 20 kids per period. I only taught 2 kids at the middle school level.

Don't get me wrong, the conditions were still terrible. There were actively constructing within the school building that summer. The AC was turned off. The available classrooms not under renovation were incredibly tiny such that even though I didn't have more than 20 kids, they all had to practically sit on top of each other with less than 2 feet between them at any time. Every morning I had to seat kids in a certain order just to make sure everyone could actually reach their seats they were so close together. If a student came late there was always this huge shuffle where like 10 kids had to move around to make space so the late person could reach their desk. My desk was shoved into a tiny tiny little space as well and it was a tiny little desk so small that they should've just given me another kids desk and taken the one I had away. I would've preferred the extra space. Chemistry was one of the courses I didn't have to take in college and I was super not qualified to teach it to high school students. (Really wtf were they thinking? Lol I'm sure there were a ton of kids who needed remedial physics). But it didn't really matter that I was under educated in chemistry, since my teaching hours ended at noon and I had so few papers to grade, I had plenty of time to learn the curriculum and develop a lesson plan for the next day with assignments after grading papers. That summer I could easily get into bed before 8pm. It was amazing honestly.

Because I had so few students compared to the regular term, I was able to interact with each of them. Instead of being a number or a statistic in my grade book each student that summer was a real person I knew. I knew what they liked and didn't like, I spent time learning their hobbies and what they wanted to do. For kids who wanted to pursue STEM I had time to give them more attention/ feed their passion and for students who wanted to do something else I had time to get to know them as a person and understand what made them passionate about wrestling, or hair styling, or being a mechanic or whatever it was. It felt like a vacation even tho I was still working more than 8 hours a day.

A vacation I really needed because at the beginning of the new school year I moved back home to my mom's house and began teaching at my old high school which I knew was going to be rough based on my own experience as a student. I was hired as a "long term substitute" which I understand to be a way to circumvent my lack of credentials in the state of California. It allowed me to essentially operate as the teacher without having a license to teach. I (ironically) taught mathematics (algebra I and geometry). My teaching conditions were much better than my old school in some ways and much worse in others.

At my first school the kids were unruly but there wasn't anything that was specifically targeted towards me. They would mostly act out towards each other and leave me out of it and my new school it was the opposite. The kids were incredibly close with each other, so I still had problems with talking and general misbehavior, but when they acted out it was much more likely to be directed towards me specifically. I received a ton of threats of violence towards me personally that year. "I'll beat your ass Ms. 4Yelhsa" or "My mom/sistecousin/etc will beat your ass Ms. 4yelhsa" and there were plenty of comments on my appearance, voice, level of income, etc. Instead of bullying each other the kids essentially bullied me and there wasn't much I could do about it.

This school used a method of conflict resolution called "Restorative Justice". This essentially meant that regular forms of punishment such as in school suspensions, or detentions, etc were reserved to especially bad behavior. When a kid threatened to hit me they would be removed from my class for a few days but for the comments it was expected that I would handle that on my own through these "restorative sessions". Basically if a student acted out in my classroom, I was supposed to schedule what amounts to a counseling meeting with them where we would both discuss what happened and come to some sort of accord. I would ask that student why they felt like acting out, I was supposed to inquire to them about how my methods of teaching or classroom management caused them to act out, then I was supposed to explain to them why acting out like that was wrong and get them to agree to a deal to stop acting out if I fixed the things they brought up during our discussion. A conversation would basically go.
Student: Ms. Yelhsa I talked over you because so and so was helping me with x.
Me: Ok well why don't you raise your hand and I can help you with that and that way anyone who has the same question can also get my help
Student: No. I didn't want to do that because I didn't want to talk in front of everyone
Me: Ok why don't you just hold it until after the lesson is done then?
Student: But then I'll forget.
Me: Well you can't talk while I'm talking because it disrupts the class and distracts me from teaching everyone
Student: It's not even that big of a deal. I was just talking with them real quick.
It never worked as kids just talked in circles and were always unwilling to compromise (obviously because they're kids). It was nonsense, it didn't work, and it made it impossible for me to remove distractions from my classroom. It also took time away from other students because I would need to spend minutes having 1 on 1 debates essentially with children about how they should be behaving in my class and trying to bribe them into good behavior. I'll give you guys an extra 5 minutes of free time if we can be quiet during the next 20 minutes kind of energy.

Fights at the second school didn't happen on campus as much as at my first school, but the violence off campus was immense. I feel like several children from this school died every month. We held memorials for them during lunch and spoke about them during rallies. Over the intercom they'd make announcements about it. I'd often come across groups of students weeping during passing periods or lunch.

There was one time where a student was absent from my class for over a month, let's call him Brian. As like what I always did I marked his assignments as 0's, I mentioned it to leadership, I sent home some nominal communication about his attendance/grades to the guardian on file, etc. I followed the procedure. Then one day he was just back randomly and I let him have it. I gave him this huge lecture about how he needs to be concerned for his future, that school is important, that a good education could get him out of this neighborhood with these gangs and drugs, etc. And he stood there and took it then after I was done he very calmly told me that he'd been shot and that he nearly died and that's why he was gone all that time. And I really didn't believe him (even tho I should have considering the frequent deaths of our students to gun violence). I told him he shouldn't tell jokes like that and then he showed me his wound.

Imagining myself marking his assignments as 0's not really giving to much thought on it, emailing his parents about his attendance, going about like normal. What if he had really died? And I marked his grades as 0's? He went from a C to a solidly failing my class between the shooting and his death? Then when they put him in the dirt , he's got an F in Ms. 4yelhsa's class because Ms. 4yelhsa was following the procedure. That thought really fucked me up for while.

Surprisingly, the only student I've personally taught in my class / knew on a personal level that was murdered was at that the "good school" where I had my practicum. His name was Jason. It happened after I had left, but I knew Jason. I knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. I knew he was upset with the lack of attention he was getting at home. I knew him. When he was gunned down at a fast food restaurant less than a mile from campus on a school day over a drug deal gone intentionally wrong. My mentor from the practicum personally reached out to me about it. When Jason died it was a big event at that "good school". It was unordinary, the school mobilized a lot of capital to take care of its students in the aftermath, hiring special grief counselors. I imagine it was spoken about for many months in the hallways, that they held many special events for the remaining students, and it's still probably brought up occasionally amongst the staff even though that cohort of kids is long gone.

But Brian. If Brian died, I knew it'd be just a little blip on the radar and then it's over and gone forever. They'll make a little announcement, they'll say his name next to the others during the next rally and then it's business as usual. The different experience between a child that attends a "good school" and grows up in a "good neighborhood" and the child who attends these Title IX schools in these deadly neighborhoods is just so incredibly different it's wild.

After that incident with Brian, there were three other major events that I experienced. One was a threat of a possible active school shooter. I really don't know what happened, there was a lot of confusion. Just a normal day, then an alarm, I remember thinking how I didn't remember there being a drill planned for that day. Then an announcement, then a lot of panic. Then I remember ushering kids from the hallway into my room, then locking the door, then shushing my kids (thankfully they were all very quiet for once), then turning the lights off, then encouraging the students to hide along the wall by the door, then taping paper over the doors window, then sitting in silence for a long while with crying and scared kids, and then it was over. I still honestly have no real certain information of what happened. From the grapevine I gathered that there was a man on campus who may or may not have been looking for someone and who may or may not have had a gun and who left pretty quickly. The majority of the time I spent locked in that classroom with those kids wondering wtf was going on, the situation was already over and no one knew.

The second event was very similar. I was monitoring lunch when a fight broke out (a pretty rare event surprisingly). When these fights break out there's always a ton of kids who crowd around the fighting students and make it extremely difficult to break it up. Earlier in the school year a teacher broke her wrist trying to break up and fight and we'd been given training to leave it up to the security on campus. So when the fight happened I didn't even try to get involved. I just watched from a little ways away. Then suddenly a student yelled that one of the people fighting had a gun. Instant mayhem. Kids running in every direction. Tripping, falling, jumping over each other, me doing my best to direct traffic. No one listening. The area starts clearing out quickly, but there was never a gun. That kid who yelled it out was just trying to be funny. It wasn't funny, but it was a relief.

Then the third event was the shooting of Stephon Clark. Stephon Clark had attended the school at one point. Random Fact: Stephon Clark and I actually went to that school during the same time period, but I didn't know him. He was one year younger than me. I have a lot of friends who are his friends it wouldn't be strange if I've met him a number of times and just can't remember considering how close our circle of friends were. The community around that high school is not very big it's often that the alumni still have sisters or brothers or cousins or just a little homie from across the way attending after they leave. Also everyone sort of has ties to each other in some way because it's a very insular community. So the shooting of Stephon Clark was a big deal on campus. But it happened very close to the end of the school year, and I ended up never returning to work at that school. I know there were a bunch of protests and walk outs on campus but I wasn't around to see it.

When that year ended, I thought I would be kept on for the next year. Idk what happened but I was never contacted about a contract renewal. I was a long term sub and not a teacher there and I later learned that the lack of contact happened in error but at the time it felt like I had been silently fired. As a sub I did not have an option to convert my 9 month contract to a 12 month pay out plan so that summer I lived off my savings believing that I did not have a job waiting on me at the beginning of the next school year and I had a decision to make. So far teaching had not been what I was expecting at all. I went from making 32k in Alabama to making 30k in California. I was beyond destitute. My quality of life that year was in the dumps. I lived on my mothers couch for the entire 9 months and my mom is low key a hoarder and her faux leather couch was peeling and flaking, so it wasn't really fun. I was making $15/hr and that's not a lot so I thought I'd try looking for something different. And it sucked. I sent a ton of applications in to laboratories with no bites. for 2 months I was unemployed, not eligible for unemployment, and I burned through almost all of my savings. Right after the school year started it was clear that I'd have to go back to school in order to get away from teaching. So I called my old academic advisor and holy hell that saint she accepted me on the spot. I remember she said "Don't worry just come back to school right now".

and I went "right now? The semester has already started and I haven't even applied yet"

and she told me not to worry about that. That she would handle it and she did. Shout out to her she changed my life. I guess this is a perk of going to a small school. She knew me very well because at my college there are less than 30 physics students across all levels at any one time. If the department drops much lower than that it's always at risk of being shut down. She needed a student and I needed a school. It all just came together.

I had to submit an application as a formality and then a week later I drove my crappy car that broke down everywhere from California back to Alabama as a graduate level physics student for the fall 2018 semester. I was homeless for a little bit but an old buddy from college let me sleep on his floor for $300/mo. Shout out to him. The house was trash with roaches and mice but it definitely beat sleeping in my car. I slept in the dining room under a table for about 6 months. I spent my last little money on a 7 dollar air mattress and a pump for it and that thing sprung a leak 3 months later. I was always waking up with my butt on the ground lol. I couldn't pay my rent the second month but during that month, I got an internship at a DoD contracting company starting that summer and my advisor put me in touch with a professor who had grant money for research assistants. I started making $1k per month off that. Plus I got a job as a waitress and I was in business. After that school year ended I started my internship summer of 2019. When it was over, during the end of the internship presentations while leadership was in the room, I threw it all out there and just asked for a job. Straight up I literally ended my presentation with "And that's why you should hire me". And those dudes said yea sure. My 10 week summer internship was directly converted into a co-op (with a pay bump. hell yea). A room opened up in the place I was staying at so I got upgraded from sleeping under a table to sleeping in an empty room. I bought another blow up mattress and quit my job as a waitress. ya girl started doing big things. I graduated on time Spring 2020 and my coop with that company was converted into a full time position and just like that I was an engineer.

One of these days, if I can, I'd like to open up my own school. I think that'd be really cool to come back not as a teacher with my boots on the ground but as a founder one day. And hopefully at that time I can help some of these kids from these Title IX schools change their outcomes and provide them with better opportunities.
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2023.06.08 20:07 Flarewitch Help! I have a never ending problem.

I have a 2009 JK 4-door automatic with brand new 3.8 l V6 that was installed less than 6 months ago. Prior to that installation I was having trouble with some error codes and some rough idling. Jeep would often die at stop signs or red lights or if it was in park and just idled too long. Sometimes the RPMs are low other times the RPMs are too high. Obviously when the RPMs were too high the engine wouldn't stall, but it also doesn't run nicely. Every once in a while it seems like the accelerator isn't working at all. When it first started I cleaned the throttle body and then eventually I got to the point where I replaced the throttle body. I thought the problem was solved. Obviously that was not the case because less than a month later it started throwing the error codes again both the lightning bolt and the traction symbol. It will drive fine anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes and then the engine very noticeably starts to run rough and the lights will come on and at that point I have to turn my engine off and restart it. On restart it appears to be fine until it's not. It seems to be pretty random it doesn't matter whether I'm using the accelerator or not or not.
I do have quite a few aftermarket products installed. In 2012 I installed a RIPP Mods vortex supercharger and then a few years later I installed long tube headers and an enhanced exhaust. Engine kept throwing air codes cuz it didn't like the O2 sensors with the long tube headers so we just keep ignoring that particular error. Maybe that is a mistake? We replaced them twice and last time the mechanic who did the work told us we were replacing them for no reason. We also have aftermarket spark plugs.
Because it has a supercharger and long tube headers We have a custom tune that was built for us by RIPP Mods... Every time we've made a change the Jeep we verify that the tune gets adjusted to account for any modifications. After I replaced the throttle body the first time, It occurred to me that maybe my computer had dropped the tune for my battery died a few months prior, so I reloaded our custom tune and that appeared to fix it and I yet again congratulated myself on fixing the problem. however just like a bad penny this problem has persisted even after I put a new engine in it. I didn't put a new engine in due to this issue. I put a new engine in because I threw a rod that put a big hole in my oil pan doing some stupid s*** out on a trail.
Since it's been almost 2 years since I replaced the throttle body I went ahead and pulled it today to check it for cleanliness and to see if it appeared like something was burnt out or broken, but everything looks fine. I know that's not necessarily an indication that there isn't some kind of problem. I'm debating on whether or not I should try replacing the throttle body again assuming that maybe the throttle body I bought was defective from the factory. I tried the tricks regarding "reprogramming the idle air control sensor" which did not work at all. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have a brand new engine and for my Jeep to run like s***.
At this point the only thing I can think of is that there's a problem with my computer and that it might need replaced however I would assume if there was a problem with my computer that I would have other symptoms of that. I ran across some things on the web that stated that bad grounds can sometimes cause problems like this I don't know if there's any truth to that?
I did find one of my hoses for my supercharger disconnected today. And I thought perhaps that was causing the problems but I got that fixed and the supercharger sounds way better however the Jeep is still throwing codes and running rough.
I am not a mechanic I'm barely a hobby mechanic.... I can replace the tire and change my own oil and apparently I've gotten good at pulling a throttle body and cleaning it but that's about as knowledgeable as I am regarding how to fix things in an engine.
Honestly I'm not sure where to go from here and I'm hoping you guys can give me some good ideas. I did manage to take a video if that helps...
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2023.06.08 20:07 not_Epic619 Starting the game after 2 years

Hey how's it been guys ? Well never thought I would be back on this lovely game again. Last time I played was till the goddess of time chapter 2. I know from that time ,the game's been changed drastically like lots crossovers and lots of stuffs and after settling my life,I wanted to play again this game with one of the best OSTs and soundtracks I have ever heard. So I had some questions ! Is the game's update same as before :)? And I know lots of content has been added but specifically how many main chapter has been added, if i remember the last I played was 57 or 58 I think. I tried looking the versions but did not find in the wiki.Thanks,cannot wait to play :)
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2023.06.08 20:06 lamlam716eq Its finally been made - NebulaGPT - a GPT powered AI bot for trading and analysis - Presale has already started.

Nebula GPT - The perfect trading partner.

Since the debut of chatGPT traders have been fantasizing about using the power of GPT to analyze live charts, give second opinions and try to predict the next move.
That dream is being realized by Nebula GPT. The beta version is set to be released to the public in Q3, this is set to be one of the most anticipated AI projects yet.
Nebula GPT wont be as simple as chatGPT, it will have many more features including being able to upload your own chart images for analysis, over 100 built in indicators and best of all, TradingView integration for real time price predictions.
The presale has already started on their site, there is no softcap, they are set to launch the $NEBULA token regardless of the outcome, yet the hardcap has been set extremely low at 150 ETH. No doubt when their marketing begins this will sell out in a blink.
We all saw the last AI run, coins up 500-100% from the lows during a bear cycle - imagine how they will perform during the bull run. Get in early, this is a gift from the crypto gods.
Twitter: NebulaGPT
TG: NebulaGPTai
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