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2023.03.25 19:26 kekwlolusertest Row2k Upload

If a week passes and row2k doesn't upload a gallery of a regatta I was at does that mean they're not gonna upload it?
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2023.02.26 00:34 mdhj123 Selling a set of 8 Concept 2 Oars

I have the link below and it has more details. Row2k Link
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2023.02.14 15:39 LowWorth9829 Henley open to any youth club now (death of scholastic rowing)

row2k released this statement in an article
“On Friday, the Henley Stewards announced that youth men's eights from club teams will now be eligible to race for The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup, an event that has been limited to "schoolboy" crews since it began in 1946. The change takes effect immediately for the 2023 Regatta, with age changes for the event taking effect in 2024.
The critical language shifts from 'club of a school' to 'club or school.' “
this basically means that any junior club can race in the Princess Elizabeth Cup. i am a senior apart of a high school crew and this is very annoying.
the situation in the USA is that any scholastic team (minus St. Joseph’s but their large enough to be a club) has no hope of racing at the henley anymore. i don’t hate clubs rowing. i understand that many kids have to join clubs because their school doesn’t have a rowing team. but for large clubs (Greenwich, Newport, Marin, and Sarasota) they now discourage any scholastic team in the US from going
it's hard to compete with these clubs that have around 80+ athletes every year (just on the men's side) and recruit from other teams. speaking from experience i've had fast teammates contacted by large clubs coaches offering to relocate them if they row for their team. a lot of the fastest rowers i know, from my own school and smaller clubs, have been cherry picked by large clubs and high schools who were recruited by large clubs.
this is something that's accepted because you can't do anything about it, it's just the way it is. it makes beating these types of crews exponentially more gratifying.
but the problem is if you have two teams working with the same amount of intensity, the one triple the size will win in the end. if there was a nationals in the USA where every club and school competed. there would be 2 or 3 schools in the top 20. this is the reason there is seperate nationals for scholastic and club. they should've just made another category for clubs or something.
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2023.02.10 18:58 XNC_Oli Hudson U1.32 USP 1x

Unsure if it will be considered spam so feel free to remove, but am selling my Hudson 1x due to an injury that’s going to keep me off the water permanently. Row2k link below but feel free to message me with questions, it’s in Vancouver Wa.
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2023.02.07 00:57 AbilityInteresting65 Any clubs trailering down to Sarasota in March for trials / speed order?

Will put an ad out on Row2k but could really use a trailer spot for my single. Any clubs in New England that haven’t left yet? Willing to pay. DM if interested.
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2023.01.18 11:49 Upbeat-Lawfulness-85 Imagine

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2023.01.16 18:58 jrossthomson Searching for a Masters Coach in Pittsburgh with no success

My club has been searching for a masters coach for several months. No luck so far. We have a very successful juniors program, a variety of adult programming and lots of community outreach.
We've placed ads in Row2k, etc, without any responses. Does anyone have any success stories or suggestions?
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2022.12.22 17:27 hayinthebarn Buying a single

Post college rower looking to purchase a single to continue training. Have been looking at row2k classifieds, any other options y’all know of to find sculls for sale?
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2022.11.20 11:59 robis110 Me coming 6th (erg #11) 7 years ago. 6:29 2k. How much more training would it be to go sub 6 2k (I’m 5 foot 11, also). Thanks!

Me coming 6th (erg #11) 7 years ago. 6:29 2k. How much more training would it be to go sub 6 2k (I’m 5 foot 11, also). Thanks! submitted by robis110 to Rowing [link] [comments]

2022.11.15 18:36 RowingRower2022 Problems at DUC?

They posted in row2k that they’re looking for both a girls and guys head coach, and their coach page is empty. Did everyone quit, or did everyone get fired? Seems like a weird time to be looking for two head coaches.
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2022.10.25 14:56 LMsub8 Statistics for how many rowing clubs/teams in the USA?

I'm looking for statistics on the number of total rowing clubs and teams(High School, College, master's, etc) in the United States. I'm having trouble finding exact numbers, except for the college team HQ on Row2k. Does anyone know of any database anywhere with specific numbers for each type of team, along with the total number of clubs? Thanks!
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2022.10.25 00:14 SuccessfulPurple5971 Sculls for LW male in a 1X

Going to order some new sculls but saw a few on row2k I’m considering.
View Poll
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2022.10.07 17:26 latuniquebleu Life as a metaphor for rowing

Ive read some of the chapters posted on row2k. I was wondering if anyone knows if the book itself has been printed and can be bought. Thanks
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2022.09.20 21:08 cheerwriteandcry ISO--> GPS COX BOX USED

hey all
looking for a used GPS CoxBox to purchase, being picky about it being gps as I am aiming for either selection camp or Row West this summer and want the racing features + want it to last through college. keeping an eye out on row2k classifieds and ebay- but if yall have other places to look or are looking to sell one lmk!
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2022.08.31 19:59 SteadyStateIsAnswer Latest Gold Cup format

I am glad they found the trophy at an antique store, and restarted competition for it, but not having it in Philly sucks, and the new format just sounds campy to me. 750 meter races? 650 meter time trails for the other three events?
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2022.07.30 21:05 Zestyclose-Arm-8237 Pictures from u19 & u23 worlds

I’m currently at worlds, and I’m seeing photographers everywhere, but I don’t know where i can find all those photos. I know they post on WR site like 20 pics, and know for that row2k site, but where can i find the rest?
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2022.06.23 17:55 UCFKnightDiver Edgewater Crew (Orlando Rowing Association) seeks a part time head coach for a competitive Masters rowing team.

Job Posting:
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2022.06.12 17:32 jelloisalive Photographers at Master’s regionals in Vancouver, WA?

Anyone racing next weekend know if photographers show up to this race? My family can’t make it and would love to see some pics. I looked on Row2k but didn’t see any galleries listed from years past. Thank you!
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2022.05.26 16:13 DancingBlades Pick 'Em NCAA Edition

Kind of a nice championship season if you think about it. First all the junior regional regattas start, then the NCAA qualifiers and men's sprints, quickly followed by ACRAs, now NCAA, next week IRA, and then Youth Nationals. It's a bittersweet moment because I have NO interest in men's rowing beyond making absolutely unhinged picks, but without further ado here are the races for the women's big dance. All teams per event will be listed in seeding order.

Row2k has a pick 'em here for internet points if you want to add there (picks close at midnight).
Results can be found here starting at 8:12a eastern tomorrow.
I think the live stream is going to be on ESPN+ this year based on how AQs were, but will update if I see info about it.
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2022.05.22 09:00 VegetableKangaroo966 Reactions to Fairfield Prep sweeping Salisbury and St. John’s?

The FP 1V beat the Salisbury 1V for the first time in school history while the FP 2V achieved the first-ever undefeated season for a boat in school history.
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2022.05.16 14:56 HappyBoiBlake Looking for good websites to buy a 1x scull

So I’ve already found Row2k, but I was wondering if there was other places I could buy a cost effective shell. I live in New England so as long as the boats can get shipped here or I can drive there would be great. New and used are both fine.
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2022.04.30 02:47 Excellent_Context785 2022 NCAA DI Bubble Watch - NCAA Championships coverage

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