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2023.03.28 21:11 WorldlinessHappy13 Advice for a new GM

I was officially hired as a GM. Im about to start my training pretty soon. But since I’m a outside hire. I have never worked inside of a pizza shop kitchen before. So I wanted to ask you all for some advice and tips on how to be a good RGM.
What are some things you expected your RGM to do from all levels of the company.
Are many RGM still in there early 20’s
Does your store expect the RGM to go out of there way to provide small gifts/rewards when major goals are achieved that isn’t a pizza party (kinda of a joke on that last part)
What are some ways to prevent the idea of age discrimination because of my younger age in a senior role.
What are some ways I can be a leader and not a manager.
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2023.03.28 21:11 spoiken Towing with HiAce fire truck

I'm thinking of importing a HiAce former fire truck (like this) from Japan to the USA for some offroad adventures and general fun. Due to import regulations, it would be model year 1998 or older. Occasionally I need to tow my tractor (under 1400kg/3000lb including trailer), and ideally I'd like to do this with the HiAce so I don't need a separate truck. Most likely the truck will have the 2L engine, so I know I won't be breaking any speed limits.
I'd need to modify or remove the rear bumper to add a hitch receiver, and for this amount of weight I'll also need to add a brake controller.
Does this sound realistic? Safe?
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2023.03.28 21:11 JustaWelshMan Change to 4sc subscription

Having been out of the 3cx world for a few years I've just seen the blog article below regarding licence changes. I now have a better understanding of the pinned article outlining alternatives and the thread comments.
We've just activated our license with plans to use it, despite having it for quite a while. I now realize it will expire in a month.
Having no interest in the very limited Start Up version as it's so limited does anyone know if 3cx is at all flexible with new rules outlined below as we've had our licence for a few years. I'm just looking to get our license to expire at the end of 2023/2024 instead of a month away.
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2023.03.28 21:11 urcrazypysch0exgf How do you go about asking for letters of recommendation?

There's a extern position I am interested in but they are asking for 2 letters of recommendations from clinical instructors. We only have 2 instructors this semester so I'd have to ask both of them. I do pretty well on the exams and I have a good grade right now. I'm just nervous to ask them. Does anyone have advice?
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2023.03.28 21:11 sand-pocket I got my first job and I don’t know the lingo (question below)

So I’m starting my first job and they have me on the schedule for 6CL PM, does that mean I work from 6pm to closing?
I should’ve asked but I don’t want to seem dumb before I start my first shift.
If it helps my job is at a casual restaurant (basically the middle ground between sit-down and fast food) .
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2023.03.28 21:10 Honza368 Recently, Safety Check hasn't been alerting me and started just going off without warning

I managed to snap a photo of it.
Does anyone have a solution? It's called all my safety contacts on me without me meaning to far too many times in the last 3 weeks (I live in a weird area).
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2023.03.28 21:10 noemployer Experience Selling CRE Contract to QSR Developers?

Does anyone have experience doing such and has useful advice? I have a piece of corner land on busy developed street under contract with a 1 year feasibility period with owner (CFA and multiple other QSR's within 1 mile radius on street ). I have the site survey done, site plans done by civil engineer and pre app appt done with the city which the city just approved the site plan. My next step is to pitch the approved site plan/marketing pkg and contract to QSR developers. This is my 1st time doing this type of deal and I want to know what should I be expecting going forward? I operate as a one wo(man) team btw.
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2023.03.28 21:10 No_Chapter2181 Castnoo grow lights?

Castnoo grow lights?
Hi everyone! I just picked this up today, and I’m so excited to start filling it with plants! I have a question though—does anyone have experience with these Castnoo t8 lights? They came with the case, and I’m wondering if I should replace them. Thank you!:)
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2023.03.28 21:10 Feelrad AI Case on Diablo 4 Itemization

Diablo 4's itemization system is based on the same principles as the previous games in the series. Items are generated with random stats, and players can upgrade their gear by finding better items with better stats. However, this system has become stale and predictable. Players know exactly what they are looking for in terms of stats, and there is little room for experimentation.
Another issue with the current system is that it promotes a "one size fits all" approach to gear. In other words, players are encouraged to find the best gear possible and then stick with it. There is little incentive to switch out gear for situational advantages or to experiment with different builds. This creates a stagnant and boring gameplay experience that lacks the excitement of discovering new and unique items.
The Problems with the Current System:
One of the main problems with the current itemization system in Diablo 4 is that it lacks depth. The items themselves are not unique or interesting, and there is no sense of discovery or excitement when finding a new item. The stats on items are predictable and there is little room for experimentation or customization.
Another problem with the current system is that it promotes a "grind and farm" mentality. Players are encouraged to endlessly farm for the best items with the best stats. This creates a monotonous and repetitive gameplay experience that lacks variety and excitement.
The current itemization system also does not promote creativity or innovation. Players are encouraged to stick to a specific build or playstyle in order to maximize their gear. This creates a stagnant and boring gameplay experience that lacks the excitement of discovering new and unique items.
The Changes that Need to be Made:
There are several changes that need to be made to Diablo 4's itemization system in order to make it more interesting, exciting, and innovative.
Firstly, the itemization system needs to be more diverse. Items need to have unique and interesting stats that can be used to create different builds and playstyles. This will promote creativity and innovation in gameplay, and will make finding new items a more exciting experience.
Secondly, the itemization system needs to be more dynamic. Items should have different stats depending on their level, rarity, and location. This will promote exploration and experimentation, as players will need to constantly search for new and unique items in order to maximize their gear.
Thirdly, the itemization system needs to be more customizable. Players should be able to craft their own items, enchant their gear, and add unique affixes to their items. This will give players more control over their gear and will promote creativity and innovation in gameplay.
Finally, the itemization system needs to be more rewarding. Players should be able to earn unique and powerful items through challenging quests, dungeons, and raids. This will give players a sense of accomplishment and will make the gameplay experience more exciting and rewarding.
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2023.03.28 21:10 overachievingovaries Why does every menopause article seem to have a picture if some skinny woman doing yoga looking serene and beautiful. ggrr.

I am fat, hot, grumpy, headaches, nauseated, joints feel like i need a body replacement, can't remember my kids names half the time, can't be bothered to do ANYTHING. Fuck you and the yoga and homeopathic cures. I need the real shit. Someone pass the HRT before I stab my long suffering husband in the eye with a fork. This menopause stage is a real bitch!!. I won't be taking up yoga and appearing in a field of wildflowers anytime soon.. Making drs appointment today!
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2023.03.28 21:10 PumpkinKind889 ER TODAY!!

Just got home from ER. Woke up from the procedure to find out, they where only able to find 4 eggs. Minutes before go into the procedure room, I was able to hear the patient across the hall had 24.I as a healthy 22 year old, it really breaks my heart. I was in a lot of pain after ER and was given medication to take home, I’m not sure if it was because I was so bloated before ER. Does anyone have a similar experience? Did you do STIMS agin?
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2023.03.28 21:10 maps1234567890 Should I report my in-laws to CPS?

My husband visited his estranged sister a couple days ago. Her son (husband's nephew) lives with her with his girlfriend and their 3 year old daughter. When my husband was there, he observed that the home was absolutely filthy and they all smoke cigarettes and weed indoors. Our 3 year old great-niece had black bottoms of her feet and my husband was unsure if that was from not being bathed or from walking around on dirty, nicotine-coated floors or both. They gave her popcorn for dinner. At midnight. Her parents stay in their room all day playing video games and rarely bring the child downstairs apparently. The child is totally non-verbal and they say it's because she's autistic, however she hasn't been diagnosed and they barely talk to her and NEVER read to her. She spends all her time watching tv. 😢
My sister-in-law also was apparently bragging about having a physical altercation with the baby's mother, and the mother left her child with them for a week without calling.
As a mother, my heart would break for any child being treated this way. Since they're kind of my family (we don't talk and my child hasn't met them due to drama they caused years ago), I feel even more obligated to help this poor baby. My husband would be unsupportive of me reporting them. He also is unwilling to confront them about the child's living situation. I really dislike these people for what they put me through and told my husband I would never allow them into my life or home, but I would be willing to deal with them if it meant I could somehow help the child while her parents got their lives together. As in, I think it would be best for her to be placed with us rather than in foster care and I would be totally fine with having her parents and grandparents in my home to see her.
I don't want it to seem like I'm retaliating for them being horrible to me in the past or like I'm trying to take their child away. That isn't the case at all. I just want her to have a good life, parents who read and talk to her, a clean home and healthy food. And I don't know how to speak to her family about this since they don't like me already. I appreciate any advice y'all have. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.28 21:10 ThrowRAPeachShakes My (M24) ex GF (F22) shared a sex tape of us with another guy and then kicked me out for something I said on her twitch stream

For context, we were in a long distance relationship for over a year. It was an amazing relationship and we loved each other very much. Met each other a few times in person, she broke up with me in Feb but got back with me a week later, we agreed how to move forward together then the broke up again a week ago.
I had already bought a plane ticket to see her and as we get on well we decided I could come and we’d do friends with benefits.
What she didn’t tell me was she’d in fact found another guy who’d she’d been talking to for a month. She had also admitted to cheating multiple times around the time before she first broke up. But I came to visit with no knowledge that this other guy exists.
This guy is a much older married man. Which matters as they’re both in the military (adultery is a big no). On her stream she was going into big detail talking about why we broke up and how I’m not good enough and it hurt. I didn’t like that she was making it all about me so mentioned that she cheated, let me fly all this way without telling me she’d found someone else and that she was with a married man.
She freaked because it could technically her her fired if someone saw that and reported to her job. There were only about 5 people watching so that was very unlikely. But still it was silly of me to mention that and I’m in the wrong. But she demanded that I leave right then or she’d call the police. Had to walk for an hour at 10pm to find a hotel (with no internet on my phone). She blocked me everywhere.
But before I left I asked her about this sex tape. It was so out of the ordinary for her to film us, she’d never done it before. It happened a few days prior to this. I had overseen a message between her and this guy about sending it and then he was giving his opinions on me in it. I feel very violated. I asked her and the denied but made it obvious it was true saying things like “why does it matter”. It really hurts to be betrayed like that. I’m pretty sure it’s a crime too.
I really just am hurting and would like advice. Not legal advice. Just anything helpful. I messed up but she has hurt me immeasurably. Thing is I still love her.
Tldr: My recent ex girlfriend kicked me out for mentioning on her stream she’s talking to a married man - after she had sent him a sex tape of us.
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2023.03.28 21:10 bdb3kaccounting Slime Farm depth

I'm following JC Plays Slime farm video, and I had a question that maybe someone knows the answer to. In the video he says to mine down to y=5, and start there. You can see when the space is cleared out that there is Bedrock on parts of the floor. So I did some looking into it, and the lowest point was changed from y=0 to y=-64 after his video came out. Does that mean that i should mine to Y=-60 for my farm instead of Y=5?
I'm fine with the extra mining if I have to, but if not, that saves a lot of time.

Link for the video I'm using. Around 3:35 is the cleared out space.:
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2023.03.28 21:10 Avrael_Asgard A bit (much) of thought about the (original) Evangelions (Spoilers ofc)

So, i just finished the show and all movies this week, am still a bit traumatized, but able to think about the show again that doesnt end in an existential crisis. And i cant say many negative things about the original show... but 2 main ones. So ill ramble on a bit, feel free to ignore, i honestly just wanted to write down a bit of what im thinking while the show is still fresh in my mind.
I would have loved if they explored the HOW and WHAT of the Evangelions a bit more, thats the thing i was most interested in, the science, the biology, but in the show it doesnt really go deeper then "Yep, we made them, because we can, and need to fight angels." And noone questions anything, not how, not from what theyre build, despite also not knowing. Later it gets revealed that theyre humanoid, cloned from Adam (or Lilith for 01), but if im not having a major brainleak (which i wouldnt be suprised by after this binge tbh), i dont think they ever talked much about how they made them exactly. Growing it like a "normal" clone? From "god"? In that size? Where? And at which point comes their armor into play, which we never see a single Eva without completley? After theyre fully grown? Do they grow into it? Does it grow on them? Cause it seems pretty damn fused to them, in most cases.
The moments that i will remember the most are the few times we see their real, biological eyes. And i was actually a bit upset we didnt see them more, especially towards the end. The only other thing that made me upset at first, was the absolute lack of bonding between pilot and Eva, which maybe wasnt possible at all in the end, and not wanted. The time right at the start where Shinji was protected by 01 from falling debris, and the time he first saw 01s eye, i really thought that bonding would be a major part of the show. Which we all know now, it wasnt. The pilots really only see them as mechs (which they arent), and if at all, are barely aware theyre biological in nature. Even Rei, having literally said "Its a bond", didnt mean it that way, since she immidiatley specified meaning a bond to all living beings. So i guess she maybe was aware of the Evas nature, but still really didnt care for hers specifically, at all. Neither do any other pilots, not even Asuka. You might guess the way she talks to her Eva shows a bond between them, but for me it was more like she was talking to a thing, like a car, that doesnt understand and doesnt answer. Which actually was true for the Evas too, so i get how they seem just like things to everyone... and maybe they are.
They do have souls in them, but not their own. They were made without souls, getting "salvaged" ones "inserted" into them, somehow, and for some reason i actually dont quite understand. They dont really seem to "need" these souls, maybe when going berserk, but even that im not sure about. Since in that form, theyre nothing like the one whos soul was inside, which for 01 we knew was Shinjis mother, and 01... PROBABLY didnt act like her while ripping apart angels and Evas. But whatever for now, ill roll with it. I guess the reason they didnt form bonds is, because the Evas have no mind of their own with which to bond, and the only times theyre aware, they still dont seem capable and/or willing to form bonds. Also, the lack of bonds was maybe intentional for another reason, to leave the Pilots TRULY alone and in despair, which was a very important part of the show. A bond to their Eva would have alleviated this pain greatly, and also would have made them care about them, even more then feeling your own arm getting ripped off when only the Evas does. And the times when the pilots see their mothers while inside, that were only the inserted souls from them inside the Eva, never the Eva itself, which i suppose without their own soul, cant reach out at all.
But enough of that for now, i could probably write half a book on this already. For point 2 now, the colors of their armors. Which is very insignificant in comparison, and im actually fine with most of them. But 01s color scheme is... not nice to look at for me. Deep purple and neon green bite each other very hard, which makes me think it was probably intentional. Maybe they didnt want it to look like just any other mech, with pleasing colors, so you dont really look at them very precise most times, and to not use the standard black+red which is so overused. But every time i saw 01, i felt how i didnt like the colors... which actually made me look more. How fittingly... unfitting it was, made me notice details on it i probably would have ignored otherwise. So in the end, it was probably better that it looked this way, and i liked the rest of its design. Which was pretty basic imo, but as in many other stories, most times the most basic things turn out to be the most important ones later, so that was also fitting. But ill still ask, if you could re-color 01, what would you choose? Im not sure anymore, but probably white with some other color... since it basically was white in the end, signifying this importance.
Anyways, uhm, have fun with this textwall i guess. c:
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2023.03.28 21:10 FMFM-1613 Silverfish in the flat I just bought. Advice on getting rid of / management techniques!

I bought a flat in December and have been having big problems finding silverfish in my flat. I have tried a number of methods to get rid of them including advion cockroach gel (for six weeks), silverfish pesticide spray, the pesticide powder, citrus essential oils and using a dehumidifier. I find them across the flat so they are not specific to humid areas and see an average of 2 a day (often dead from the poison I am using).
I have spoken with neighbours in the building who also find them however they don't seem to be anywhere near as bothered as me (despite one resident saying they have eaten their children's clothes0 and so when I reported it to building management I am the only flat to do so (of 40). Has anyone tried getting building management to try and treat the whole building for the silverfish? Aside from this happening I don't see how I can keep them out of my flat.
I feel so uncomfortable here that I am slightly regretting buying the property. I know for some this may sound an over reaction but they really freak me out. Does anyone have any advice on how they have managed to keep them out their flat or alternatively ways of mentally managing with them being here. I know they are harmless to humans and don't carry any germs but I still find them freaky to look at and get really on edge being in my flat.
Thanks for any advice/ help!
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2023.03.28 21:10 Malifaxymus Software engineering refresh course?

Hey folks,
About 2 years ago I attended a coding bootcamp (full stack web-dev stuff, but mostly JS fundamentals and a lot of React, and a little back end). It was an extremely intensive course, 11 hours a day 6 days a week for 3 months. After I graduated from that I felt that I had the knowledge and skill required to get a junior level position, in fact this bootcamp had the best record of graduates getting jobs of any available course at the time. Unfortunately, I graduated in march of 2021, if you recall that is when lockdown in the US was really ramping up. Bad luck. Companies were shutting down hiring, and that’s just besides trying to convince recruiters that a 19 year old with a bootcamp certification is capable of this job. I eventually gave up and fell into a whole bunch of mental health issues over the pandemic, and at points I considered this career a lost cause. But these days I am feeling a lot better, my mental health and confidence is under control.
I want to get back into this, but I don’t know where to start. It seems most of the courses available are beginner, not that I don’t need to be refreshed on fundamentals but I still feel like I’m wasting time when I follow them. I also am not super sure that web development is the direction I want to go. I’m very interested in AI and machine learning, obviously it’s a booming market right now but I also am actually interested in learning the ins and outs of how it works.
With all of that, does anyone have any recourses or suggestions for what I could do? I want some kind of course that skims high level stuff, but gets me back in the groove of the vernacular and lingo surrounding software development. And I obviously want to be updated on best practices, the kind of stuff you really should know, you know? And any advice on how to translate my current base of knowledge with JS to something more meaningful for machine learning/AI. I think that my computer science fundamentals are pretty solid, but could always use some refinement.
I’m sorry if anything I said is stupid or shortsighted, like I said I’m out of loop haha. Thank you for reading this far, any advice is greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.28 21:10 Loose-Significance24 Lost in Loneliness: A Lamentation of the Heart

Hey there, fellow Redditors. I just needed to vent out some thoughts that have been bothering me lately. I feel like I'm constantly stuck in a rut and I can't seem to get out of it. I feel like I'm always alone, even when I'm surrounded by people. It's a constant feeling of loneliness that just won't go away.
I see so many people around me living their lives, making new friends, going on dates, and having fun, and it just makes me feel even worse. I know I shouldn't compare myself to others, but it's hard not to when it feels like everyone else has it together except for me.
I don't really know what to do. I've tried putting myself out there, but it never seems to work out. I feel like I'm just not good enough, like there's something wrong with me. I know I shouldn't think like that, but it's hard not to when you're constantly faced with rejection
I just wanted to share some thoughts that have been weighing heavily on my mind lately. I'm not really sure where else to go or who else to talk to, so here goes nothing.
I've always been a bit of a loner. I enjoy my own company and I'm perfectly content spending hours on end by myself, but lately, it's been getting to me. I feel like I'm trapped in my own mind and there's no escape.
It's not that I don't have friends or family. I do, and they're great. But sometimes, it feels like they just don't understand me. They don't get why I prefer to be alone or why I get overwhelmed in social situations. They don't see the world the way I do.
And that's okay, I guess. I don't expect them to understand everything about me. But it does make me feel incredibly isolated and alone.
I've tried to reach out and connect with people, but it never seems to work out. Either I end up feeling like I'm forcing the interaction, or I just don't click with the other person. It's frustrating and disheartening.
I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. There are others out there who are struggling with loneliness and isolation. Maybe we can all band together and find some solace in each other's company.
Thanks for listening to me ramble. If anyone else out there is feeling lonely and needs someone to talk to, feel free to reach out. We're all in this together.
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2023.03.28 21:10 dangerhaynes Did we make the right decision? New vs. Used?

My wife and I decided to look at replacing my clunky old Civic before it finally dies. After some research and a few test drives, she decided she wanted a RAV4 Hybrid. Ideally, she wanted something from 2020 or newer. Since we know the market is a bit nuts, we decided to be ready to pull the trigger if we found a good deal.
Went to one dealer who had a 2021 EXL with 13k miles. It was in good shape. Asking price was $49,999 plus taxes, fees, and mandatory dealer upgrades (window etching, nitro in tires, etc.). The sale person wasn't very good and didn't know much, so we didn't talk numbers with him. The price seemed high.
Found another dealer with a 2021 EXL Premium with 33k miles. The asking was $39,999. This rep was great and told us about the extra fees. The final OTD price (before negotiating) was right around $43k. I think we could have gotten them to drop a few add-ons (low jack, etc.), but we didn't try.
After talking to them some more, we learned that they have a 2023 EXL Prem with a few upgrade packages already installed coming in 40 days. MSRP for this model plus the add-on packages is right around $38k. We decided to compare the final numbers. After we got rid of a few dealer add-ons and spoke to the sales manager, the final price would be $45k OTD.
I've never really considered buying a brand-new car. We were always taught about depreciation, etc. It just seems like the market is such that if you're willing to wait, buying new seems to make more sense. Plus, it's the color she wants (unlike the used one) and has quite a few upgrades over previous models. We put down a deposit to reserve it.
Does our line of thinking make sense, or did we just make a big mistake? Unless we went with a different make/model or went with something older, it just doesn't seem like the math adds up that used is better than new. The difference is how soon you need the car (or how picky you are). Maybe we just lucked out that they have a model she liked allocated to them that hasn't been snatched up yet.
Am I missing anything?
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2023.03.28 21:10 i_MiLK Flight to the Final Four (Part 1/4) - One Key to San Diego State's Appearance in Houston

So, last year I made a few posts covering all of the Final Four games in a complete, overall, and long manner. I...............................have no desire to do things like that this year whatsoever. They're long to read and even longer to make, so I feel like I need to change things up for both out sakes. Instead, I'm just going to highlight a key factor that contributed to that certain team's success up to and in the Final Four. These things may be obvious or minute, it'll just depend on how things play out but I want to discuss them anyways.

To start, I wanted to put the San Diego State Aztecs into the spotlight. The South Region representatives have been relying on a top 10 defense to obtain victory once again under head coach Brian Dutcher, and it has led them to the Final Four appearance they seemed destined to make three years ago. There are many things SDSU does to stifle offenses, but the one thing that has propelled the Aztecs on this run has been their rim protection.

SDSU has been one of the better rim protecting teams in the country over the course of the regular season. They sported an above average 57.5% FG% on close 2s with a defensive close 2 rate of 34.8%. Those are certainly good spots to be at, but teams like Arizona State, USC, Tennessee, Alabama, Indiana, Oklahoma State, UCLA, and Florida Atlantic had raw numbers that were better. In the tournament, however, the Aztecs' defense at the rim has kicked into overdrive. Over their 4 tournament matches, Aztec opponents are shooting 49.5% at the rim. That would be tied with Arizona State for the 2nd best mark in the country over the whole 2022-23 season, 1.4% higher than Utah Valley's nation-leading mark. SDSU is the only one of the remaining participants in the 2023 NCAA Tournament to have held opponents to under 50% shooting at the rim through their 4 tournament games.

So, why has the Aztecs' rim protection been so dominant in the tourney? Well, back-to-back Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year Nathan Mensah is a significant reason why. I mean, the 6'10 230 center has the 3rd most career blocks in the MWC for a reason. I don't think anyone in this tournament has had a larger defensive impact on a per-minute basis than the Ghanaian big man. Mensah is swatting away 3 shots a game in the tournament while only averaging 19.5 minutes a contest. That's 6.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blocks per 40 minutes in this tournament. The only reason he isn't playing a lot more is because SDSU's frontcourt is so deep between him, Keshad Johnson, Jaedon Ledee, and Aguek Arop that Coach Dutcher has to constantly juggle minutes to get the right mix of defensive presence and interior scoring throughout a full game. Mensah is a long, rangy defensive anchor with expert timing on when to jump and when to rotate in order to affect shots around the rim without fouling. Here, he does a great job of waiting until Quinerly is already in the air and using the closest hand to the ball to time up the rejection and keep it a 2-possession game with 20 seconds left. Mensah doesn't even need to actually block the shot to affect attempts around the rim. He had a couple of clutch contests around the rim late in the Creighton game where his size and length bothered potential game-tying baskets into misses. Nathan's rim protection actually helps the Aztecs' offense too. San Diego St is a low-pace low-possession team most of the time, but Nathan's blocks have allowed SDSU to run out in transition and get some clean looks on the break. Their halfcourt offense isn't really, well, efficient in their process, so getting the opportunity to run off steals or blocks is vital for this team to score some easy points. The fact that Mensah doesn't really need help in the paint means the rest of the Aztec players can be closer to their own 3pt line, which allows them to get out on the run quicker and further up the court after Mensah blocks a shot for threes or layups. He's not just a shot blocker either, he's very good at moving in space whether in PnR or on a switch. I was extremely impressed with how he handled Brandon Miller in space. I know the Tide's presumptive top 3 pick was dealing with a groin issue, but Mensah did an excellent job of moving with him on the perimeter and helped hold Miller to a 3/19 Sweet 16.

Nathan Mensah isn't the only guy who defends the rim on this squad. It's a total team effort to keep teams from getting clean looks around the basket. San Diego St is filled to the brim with smart, athletic, and physically strong players that all rotate on a string and keep the paint protected. There are so many stout body types in this rotation that it's hard for opposing players to get good looks off unless they have elite size, skill, and/or bounce. Even in the rare instances one of their defenders gets beat, there's always another Aztec on the back line rotating and challenging at the rim without fouling. SDSU held both Alabama and Creighton to FT rates under 22%. Just look how quickly Jaedon Ledee springs into action on this Alabama transition possession after Keshad Johnson runs the Crimson Tide player off the 3pt line. I mean, Ledee came from the arc to the rim in an instant to pin that shot on the backboard. Look at where the other SDSU defenders are standing too. One can react to a jumpstop and pivot if the ball tries to work to the strongside wing, there's another guarding a spot up shooter at the top of the arc, and another defender splitting the difference on the weakside (even if they should probably be a bit further from the key to make the closeout easier). That's how quickly SDSU can get in a shell and set up their rim protection and rotations on a transition possession. No wonder why their defense in the paint is so good.

Rim protection has been one of the primary reasons San Diego St has arrived in the Final Four, but can it lead them to a national championship? Well, duh, of course it can. You'll always have a chance when you make it this hard for teams to get layups or get to the FT line. However, there is still room for healthy skepticism. Alabama shot 3/27 from deep and Creighton was only 2/17 from downtown as well. FAU, UConn, and Miami are all high-upside 3pt shooting teams in their own right as well. Quite frankly, I don't see SDSU getting that much defensive 3pt shooting luck against 4 highly capable shooting teams in a row. Combine that with the Aztecs' own issues generating quality looks in their halfcourt offense and things could get ugly in a hurry if FAU or Miami/UConn are cashing in their looks from deep. At the same time, Brian Dutcher's crew can completely overwhelm anyone in the country with their offensive rebounding, ball pressure, and rim protection. We'll see if the San Diego State Aztecs are the ones cutting down the nets in Houston. If so, look for their rim protection to be a crucial reason why.
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2023.03.28 21:09 gidklio Trees axed on west side of Hovey near Spaulding

If anyone was wondering about the half-dozen trees chopped down in the last few weeks on Hovey, this is what the VP of operations at Spaulding emailed to me:
The trees were removed by the City of Cambridge as part of the temporary fire station project. The City of Cambridge is taking over the visitor lot starting this weekend to build a temporary fire station . They are renovating the primary fire station in Harvard Square so they approached Spaulding about using this area for a temporary station for the next 2 years.
If you have any concerns please reach out to the Cambridge City Manager .
This Projects page does reference the fact that "a temporary facility will be constructed at the parking lot on Hovey Ave" and the Public Works PDF linked to it mentions (p 35) the seven lindens to be axed. Six of them are "recommended" to be cut because "Canopy has significant dieback" and for the seventh (northernmost) "pruning is recommended", but that "it appears that this tree is in a slow decline as well".
Trees # 1-6 would fall under the Dead or Dangerous category and would not be subject to mitigation. Tree #7 if removed would be subject to mitigation.
113” total caliper to replace
Total cost for the replacement of 113” caliper will be : $ +/- 96,050
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2023.03.28 21:09 Resident_Anteater585 I’m having a real hard time with this

I recently reconnected with an ex we got together twice did not have sex because I was dragging my feet I think she lost interest and the last thing she said to me is she just wants to be friends. I told her I’m sorry to hear that but I can’t argue with how you feel. It’s been a little over a month and I am devastated like I can’t function can’t sleep every waking moment I’m thinking about her wondering what she is doing. Or if she is thinking about me. I keep debating in my head if I should reach out to her again but I’m almost positive she is talking to someone else. I just want to be able to go back normal without dwelling on this I spend most of my time I. Bed now not even eating. Does anyone know what to do about these obsessive thoughts?
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