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Canyon VCLS seatpost showing slight wear: would you be worried if you were me?

2021.06.19 21:52 KTRDSTR Canyon VCLS seatpost showing slight wear: would you be worried if you were me?

Hello there !
After a few minor issues that were easy to fix for an amateur bike mechanic (mainly how things were torqued together in the headset), I've been happily riding my Canyon Grail CF SL8 for more than one year now.
But: it's been a few rides since the bike developed a slight ticking noise while pedaling, on rough terrain.
After some investigation, I reckoned it might come from the bottom bracket that would need a clean, or from the VCLS (carbon leaf spring) seatpost.
I decided to investigate the 2 issues separately, and found this video, about how to properly service a VCLS seatpost:
After some time, grit and dirt can get between the 2 leaves, which might be the culprit for my little noises.
Canyon states to assemble the seatpost with carbon paste, which I also did when putting the bike together after delivery.
But when disassembling the seatpost from the bike, I found that the part of the seatpost facing the top rear side of the seat tube was showing some slight marks of wear. I'm now wondering what to think about that.
Would you consider this as normal, as it's very minor and probably just the very top layer of the material that is a bit worn, or would you consider this as alarming ?
I'd be happy to read your thoughts about that.
All the best from Switzerland and thanks.
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2021.04.06 16:48 oddworld19 PvE Anaconda Build - Some Engineering Advice

Good Day Commander
Any recommendations for upgrading my Anaconda? Below is an overview of unlocked engineers and financial resources.
  • Current Anaconda Build: --Coriolis-- --EDSY--
  • Overview
    • Cash: $120 million
    • Anaconda
    • Multi-cannons on the bottom of ship, beam lasers on top
    • Other ships: Python, Cobra, Type-9, AspEx
  • Unlocked engineers:
    • (G5) Felicity
    • (G5) Tod "The Blaster"
    • (G4) Liz Rider
    • (G5) Hera Tani
    • (G5) Broo Tarquin
    • (G0 - Invited) Elvira Martuuk
    • (G0 - Discovered) The Dweller
    • (G0 - Discovered) Juri
    • (G0 - Invited) Tiana
    • (G0 - Invited) Selene Jean
  • Any Advice on Potential Upgrades?
    • Both 3C Beam Lasers G5 Efficient + Oversized
    • Both 2D Beam Lasers G5 Efficient + Oversized
    • Bi-Weave G5 Thermal + Fast Charge
  • Goals
    • "Fun" PvE
    • Melt all the enemies
    • Drink their tears
    • I'm relatively new (150 hours)
Any advice is appreciated. I'm trying to avoid spending materials on poor upgrades. Thanks for your time.
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2020.12.15 20:02 p_U_c_K_VII Introducing! A MN Wild site from the VikingsTerritory Peeps

My name is Joe Johnson and I’m the owner of PurpleTERRITORY Media, which is a Minnesota sports content company. We own,, and now our first non-Wild site,!
We’ve proudly partnered witg Seth Toupal of KLGR Radio and Jake Jensen formerly of the Athletic to bring our philosophy of passionate, credentialed content to the Wild and we can’t wait to show you guys what we can do!
Check out the site and follow us on social media!
We’re also always looking to partner with new content creators and have always had good luck finding and developing partnerships on the Vikings sub! So, DM me if you’re interested in writing for / about the team as a hobby or career!
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2020.07.25 03:34 mrdiamond17 Brown County Sheriff's Office seeks missing teen My KLGR

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2019.12.01 15:27 sheilabravo My Keybase proof [reddit:sheilabravo = keybase:teresataboada] (HKVbXoGvF0A3r5BnCu0pKLGrJFq63NC6safAerVFmhw)

Keybase proof

I am:
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2018.07.09 20:20 desperatesenpai [TOMT][MUSIC]The original song of an orchestral track in this video? to about 1:22
Is this some classical piece? I recall hearing this exact song in my childhood, which was this Chinese children's song but I'm not sure if it was based off something:
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2018.06.03 07:24 barlender My First Piano Composition. Thoughts?

I've made songs in the past, but this was my first time making an actual score for it. Any thoughts/tips on the piece?
Sheet Music:
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with the key from above, yielding:
-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- Version: GnuPG v2 owF1kl1oXEUUx3dNbGu0kgcLET9YL4UasoS5d75jfDC0SrGmVbSoqMudmTPpbZLd 7d3N5ov0QQVjoVCtEasVrVUM2PhgTUhVSmqoWFTqgyRaEkVDjUb0oRIUSYxz24hV cJ5mzvzO/8z/nDmwviq1Lr1+vLbqpdf3bk9/8qNKPSCu7ev3VMH0ek39nu6IIF9O dvmwE7wmrx16VViCxqiQyRcMNO4uZVaZrFeBuBQV8o5CjbyRewPZBE+SbZRvg7gY R4mWZ0MlfE2Ej6RGmIG0RhHGNTIujhCWKiQciHWSuwql8r+qehc1c5FJqmxuucS3 3EH4FnKnu+u6dIE0JopLTn1lKaFY+cyKMKAo0Cr0ZQKWIF61FAMYiPuS53ZC3N4B ubhQuOhZl6OE8EkgOeYIE/egsLTL5QBWKGDUR4z7HCgh2FrNOBWAFBFGsqQQkz4N tS8sDjjWWhMmrZAMkPaZ74OvgkACN8yBobJcioBbwMZapAJBFVaSa6pdWzQ2ODRc GgJBaKkUyDkowZ58wWsKkJOUA8k5rkQaLptVDMZE5f81W+4tJpFuULnV3Jx6I8ob N6vLh+k79D+NEEHWg55iFEMuSgjKmUBuZb1iDBWnaagQmsrAYm4IRpIJJmhIachD HxHsGmEQ0coqgQURGLgSDGlqDeUIMYB/7PlOtBy2Oc1S1JYPy10xeANPp2+sTqXX pdZceUXyXVM1V9X+/Ye/za5d2XJPU8fi2rtGhDx5tDvdU7Vx//wtb06f++Hsd3+c q2xs2XD7+NR7U23na6KTDZPNowffmWZ1dV+/+OeRM6erz+4Wm64+hpejaw4f/fAg O3JDdfvcy8++P1q/mOkfvq719NDW6eGVhUenHl55JFN702Btz/0bHpu47dW9NWte oE/MzB749dOGuedODb37wT6048m59tbMieHf6K0/Le8Y+fKz84MjldnjPYfHzowu LE1MzI9HN5+az07dfWFp4eP+CTp76MTOJXHf95O/13+16ZVtdYdG9pnjF2be7uq8 t7J5m/nmc6/+webia9sXH/qir+bx0etzy9X7G555fk/3U2PNQ5Mf/Ty2tTLT8stb y62DfwE= =71Ri -----END PGP MESSAGE----- 
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2015.04.02 06:08 fyretooth First layer issues, unknown cause

My first layer for this model is failing rather catastrophically. As you can see, the brim is turning out beautifully (actually, that brim is the best first layer print I've managed so far), but the main body of the print is barely adhering. My uneducated guess is that the head is moving too quickly between lines, and ripping the still-cooling filament off the surface. Does anyone have an idea of what is causing this failure, and how to fix it?
I've followed this guide for calibrating Z height and Z and E steps as best as I can without knowing the specifications of my stepper motors. (Thanks, Indian construction guide.) My X and Y steps should be calibrated within 0.1%. Additional information about my printer is here. Please let me know if you need more info.
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2015.02.25 03:38 fyretooth Question Concerning Cooling, Fans, and Print Speeds

Hello, 3dprinting! I became the excited owner of a Prusa Gen2 Kit this Christmas, and I've assembled it and begun tinkering with it in my spare time. As expected, the first prints weren't too great. They were, in fact, horrible. The warping was ridiculous! On smaller, ~50mm wide prints, it was noticeable. The effects on a ~100mm wide print was astounding; about 0.5cm of vertical displacement on each side!
I emailed somebody who's had a 3D printer for a while, and he said that having the fan on for the first layer can cause terrible warping, which made sense in retrospect.
Here's where the problem begins. When assembling the printer, each motor and opto sensor had a clearly labelled plug that went to a clearly labelled socket on the motherboard, except for the extruder fan. It only had a red and black wire. The tech support company told me that the fan wires went here (image 1), along with the other red and black power wires.
It struck me as odd that the fan didn't have a dedicated board spot, but I followed their instructions. The result: a fan that was always on 100% speed 100% of the time. As I fiddled with print settings, specifically the great wealth of cooling options slic3r provides, I knew this couldn't be correct. There's no way that the motherboard can control the fan if it's only plugged into the power supply!
I figured that I could just go without cooling, and see what happens to the prints. So I unplugged the fan. My prints started to not warp at all (I had some trouble with too much adhesion), and I thought I had solved the problem. That is, until I tried to print something small (image 2).
Eugh. It starts to lose sharpness on the middle layer of cubes, and it worsens as the print approaches its top. Watching my machine work, it was clear that the layer it had just put down was still very liquid when it started a new layer. On the final cube, the nozzle head was basically moving around in a large goopy pile of liquid PLA.
This problem could be fixed one of a few ways, by my thinking:
  1. Turn the fan off for the first few layers, then turn it on for the rest. This would require me installing some kind of switch (not too difficult), but it might cause lots of internal stress.
  2. Have the fan obey the variable speed settings in Slic3r. This would require somehow wiring the fan to the motherboard.
  3. Have the printer obey the variable speed settings in Slic3r. It's supposed to scale all move speeds down so the layer takes at minimum 30 seconds. It's not, and I don't know why.
Does anyone else have alternate solutions? If not, which option should I pursue, and how?
In an effort to provide all possible relevant information, I've dumped everything I can think of here. Please let me know if you need more, and I'll supply it as soon as I can.
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2015.02.25 02:53 fyretooth Extrusion Issues with Prusa Gen2 Kit

Hello, reddit! This is my first post, so please, let me know of any and all mistakes I've made.
I became the excited owner of a Prusa Gen2 Kit this Christmas, and I've assembled it and begun tinkering with it in my spare time. As expected, the first prints weren't too great. I read a few guides, and learned that one of the first things I should be doing is calibrating X, Y, Z, and E. However, after calibrating X and Y, I noticed some persisting problems. (See image 1.) There were voids in walls that were supposed to be solid. Having calibrated the horizontal axes within ~0.1%, I assumed the problem must lie in the extrusion multiplier. If the nozzle is squirting out less PLA than it should be, that would explain the paths not sticking together.
I proceeded to calibrate the E value to a similar ~0.1% error, but my prints came out worse than before. (See images 2 and 3.) I had to abort all prints I attempted with the calibrated E value because they all turned out similar; way too much PLA was being extruded. In the example pictures, you can see the result of a 'sucessfully' completed first layer. Has anyone experienced something similar? I'm very stumped.
In an effort to provide all possible relevant information, I've dumped everything I can think of here.
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