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2023.04.02 13:20 Infamous_Customer_51 Need some advice please on UK job offers!

I have a couple of offers to decide between them.
First a private global retail company - They are offering me more than £70k reporting to CISO directly and my job is pretty much covering everything in security as an information security analyst. Standards, Policies management, Risk Management, PCI, Vendor assurance, incident management, SIEM, security awareness. Basically a small structure team. Good exposure for me in all areas.
Second from Deloitte Global - They are offering £65k and it is purely involved in Risk Register management in ServiceNow and performs risk assessments for all Deloitte offices globally, nothing else. I will be an assistant manager position as a Cyber Risk Analyst.
Which one should I go for? My gut says the retail company purely because it is a good package plus I can work in all areas. On the other hand slight hesitation doesn't want to throw away the opportunity to get into Deloitte as it is not easy to get into!
Please can I have some advice on this.....
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2023.04.02 13:20 No-Category1703 I feel pathetic and depleted. How do low-income addicts find motivation to quit gambling when they know they'll still be poor?

I've had a terrible weekend. I stopped gambling for about four months last year but have been relapsing badly since January. I lost a huge chunk of my savings again and now only have 8k left. For the past few years I've been barely able to save anything because when I get paid I just gamble it (the savings were from when I was younger and not so out of control) I used to only lose a few hundred every month, but as things progressed it's turned into almost a thousand every month.
Anyway, since Friday I've been gambling on two different sites and lost almost 2k on slots and that stupid, rigged game Crazy Time by Evolution. Every time it would get close to a bonus it speed up and slip out of the segment; nothing but 1s and 2s for hours. One time, the topslot was 50x boost for pachinko which would have been HUGE, but what a surprise the flapper was about to go in pachinko segment then got really stiff and stayed the number 1 slot next to it instead. Plus the hosts were annoying as hell.
The whole situation aggravated me so badly, I self-excluded for six months in a fit of rage and panic. I know I should have 100% cancelled my account but.......I'm not ready. However, I did cancel my other account on the slot website.
My problem is that, in general, I'm essentially a failure, not just because of gambling. I've let depression and anxiety destroy my life, I've wasted my potential, and I don't have much going for me. There's no upside, no bright future--just bleak nothingness. For reasons I won't go into, I'm stuck in life and have a variety of things holding me back. I have no connections or networking skills, no marketable or great employment skills, bad personality.
I did go to college but haven't used my degree; it's a useless degree anyway. I have no idea what career to pursue because nothing interests me, so I've been stuck working minimum wage jobs. I have no experience or skills for better-pay work. Minimum wage is 1600 a month in my country after taxes. Obviously, I have bills and expenses, so I'll only be able to save a few hundred a month. I used to have 25k back when I was younger and unaddicted. It will take YEARS to save up that amount again saving only 100 or 200 a month.
I've been depressed most of my life, and the loss of my money is just another unbearable blow. How am I supposed to motivate myself to stop gambling when I know my life will still be awful and bleak? That's the only reason I gamble; hoping for a big win to lift me out of this bleak environment. Without gambling, it feels like there's no hope.
Please don't say, "oh, just can get a better job." It's not that simple when you're ugly, unskilled and unlikeable, with Aspergers traits. From this moment on, I'll have to save every euro that's left after bills. Now I can't do any of the things I want to do. I'm almost 26 and want to enjoy myself before I get old, but the way things are going, I'll still be broke at 45. I wanted to get liposuction on my stomach before the summer because I'm sick of wearing jackets in the heat (I've been doing this since my teen years), now I'll have to spend another summer completely insecure and boiling. Don't suggest exercise. I am slim everywhere else except for my stomach, which has always been flabby no matter how much I exercise.
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2023.04.02 13:20 LOLCaspar How hard is an auto to manual swap (535i)

Hey there fellas, currently on the hunt for my next e34. I drove a m50b20 520iM for the last 2 years as my daily and sold it a week ago because of body work (rust) and lack of power plus I wasn’t the biggest fan of Sterling silver.
Now I am very much set on a 535iM as my next daily. If you think that a 525 M50 is that much better please elaborate but from what Info I gathered I would enjoy the m30 more.
Now for the title. I am looking in Germany in the 6-10k range. Manuals are quite rare with only 10 being offered. However there are quite a few very nice 535iA examples in my price range. Is it worth it to get one of those and swap a 5-Speed or better to wait and see what Manual pops up? How hard and how expensive is a manual swap? And for those from Germany, are there shops that offer this? I haven’t found too much.
Now, I do know how to work on cars from teaching myself but have never had any job experience or similar. I was successful in replacing pretty much all suspension components on the 520 without much issue. I would be willing to try and work on this myself as there are quite a few instructors ( /m3nameisjosh)
Do you think it would be possible / worth it? Thanks
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2023.04.02 13:20 musicalisultan [FOR HIRE] Copywriter & Content Strategist (USD $25/hr)

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2023.04.02 13:19 musicalisultan [FOR HIRE] Copywriter & Content Strategist (USD $25/hr)

Want copy on your social channels that generates organic traffic and converts into sales?
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As a copywriter and strategist, I have helped numerous businesses ranging from healthcare NGOs to esteemed FMCG brands in the premium/luxury group.
My strategic marketing approach focuses on creating and distributing engaging, relevant and consistent copy to attract plus retain a clearly-defined audience for my clients.
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2023.04.02 13:19 sothink-media Full Solutions for Paramount Plus Not Working

Paramount Plus is one of the most popular streaming service platforms, having endless content from various networks, such as Paramount Pictures, CBS, BET, as well as live sporting channels, live news channels, and much more.
But, if you’re a Paramount Plus user already, it is common to face numerous app issues. Well, you don’t need to fret anymore. Because, in this article, we are going to list the most common Paramount Plus App issues, and quick ways to fix them.
That’s not all, we're also going to tell you how to download Paramount Plus content for offline viewing by introducing you to several downloaders!

Common Paramount Plus App Issues and Quick Ways to Fix Them

When using the Paramount Plus app, it is quite common to face several kinds of issues and problems.
However, the good news is, there are various tried and tested ways you can use to fix those issues quickly so that you can continue watching all that exciting content ready for you on Paramount Plus.
But before talking about the solutions, we first have to identify those common Paramount Plus App issues that almost every Paramount Plus subscriber has witnessed at some point.

You cannot log into Paramount Plus

This is one of the most common issues faced by Paramount Plus subscribers. This is when you will be unable to log in, even if you are signing in with the correct credentials.
Here’s what you can do from your end to fix this issue.
First of all, clear all the cache and data from your device, or reboot your device. If the problem still persists, then reset your account’s password, and log in with the new password.
You can easily reset your password by clicking on the Forgot Password option. If you are still facing issues regarding logging in, then you must make sure if you are using the latest version of the Paramount Plus app.
However, if the problem still doesn't seem to get solved, then the problem is definitely from Paramount’s end, due to technical difficulties. In this case, you will have to wait until they resolve this problem themselves.

The app keeps crashing

It is quite normal for the Paramount Plus app to crash while you’re watching your favorite movies and shows on it. But, there are several ways to fix it.
The first thing you should do is restart your device and then open the app again.
If the problem still persists, then just clear the app cache and data from the device settings. Another reason why this issue must be prevailing must be because of a weak internet connection. In this case, restart your internet device.

The app won’t play shows or movies

When this issue happens, your desired content won’t play, and you’ll be presented with a black screen only.
In this case, force-stop the app, and restart your device. Another thing you should consider doing is checking your internet connection and Wi-Fi in case you’re using your phone’s mobile data.
Read More: Full Solutions for Paramount Plus Not Working (
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2023.04.02 13:19 musicalisultan [FOR HIRE] Copywriter & Content Strategist (USD $25/hr)

Want copy on your social channels that generates organic traffic and converts into sales?
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2023.04.02 13:19 walterherbst The Tragic Story of Rose Cheramie, Carlos Marcello, and the JFK Assassination

In 1963, Rose Cheramie was a heroin addict with a long list of prostitution and other arrests. According to a Louisiana State Police report from mid-November 1963, she worked “as a dope runner for Jack Ruby,” and had “worked in the night club for Ruby and that she was forced to go to Florida with another man whom she did not name to pick up a shipment of dope to take back to Dallas and that she didn’t want to do this thing but she had a young child and that they would hurt her child if she didn’t.” On November 20, two days before the JFK assassination, she was thrown out of a brothel in Louisiana by the two men she was traveling with and was hit by a car. Suffering from heroin withdrawal, she was taken to East Louisiana State Mental Hospital by Lt. Fruge of the Louisiana State Police to sober up.
During the ride to the hospital, Rose told Fruge she was traveling from Florida to Dallas with two Italian looking men and they were going to Dallas to kill Kennedy. They were actually Cuban exiles active in the war against Fidel Castro. One was Sergio Arcacha Smith, who worked closely with JFK assassination suspect Guy Banister in New Orleans. David Lewis, a former employee of Banister, told the New Orleans DA’s Office that he had witnessed a meeting in the late summer of 1963 at Mancuso’s Restaurant in New Orleans between Arcacha, Lee Harvey Oswald and a man named Carlos whose last name Lewis did not know.
Dr. Victor Weis, a psychiatrist at the hospital, confirmed that Cheramie also told him that she knew both Ruby and Oswald and had seen them together on several occasions in Ruby’s club. The word spread throughout the hospital that Cheramie had predicted the JFK assassination and had implicated Jack Ruby. On November 25, Louisiana State Police Captain Ben Morgan came to the hospital to hear her story first-hand. The next day, Fruge and Morgan flew in a small private jet to Houston and everything she said checked out. Customs found her reservation at the Rice Hotel; the boat identified by Rose, the SS Maturata, was due in port soon; and an agent confirmed that the Dallas man holding Cheramie’s child was a suspected drug dealer. Rose said the seaman aboard the ship was named Luther, and Houston police records show that “Luther” may have been Joseph P. Luke, a narcotic trafficker who was closely associated with Joseph Civello of the Dallas Mafia, who worked for Carlos Marcello. Customs corroborated Rose’s information that the Houston and Dallas Mafia families were involved, and both “had records or reputations for narcotics [and] white slavery [prostitution].” However, when Captained Morgan phoned Capt. Fritz of the Dallas Police to relay the evidence they had, amazingly he was told they were not interested in Rose’s story.
Not surprisingly, customs agents lost track of the seaman they were tailing, and they didn’t bother to interview the Mafia families involved or place them under surveillance. The Houston police wanted to drop the investigation. The Secret Service filed a report, but that was it. Years later, Congressional investigators wrote that when they looked into the matter, “US Customs was unable to locate documents and reports related to its involvement in the Cheramie investigation,” although such involvement was not denied.
Also in November 1963, Carlos Marcello was acquitted at trial in the government’s latest attempt to have him deported, but Rose would attempt one last time to convince authorities to take down the New Orleans Mafia boss. In August 1965, she told FBI agents that “individuals associated with the syndicate were running prostitution rings in several southern cities such as Houston and Galveston, Texas…furthermore, she claimed she had information about a heroin deal operating from a New Orleans ship.” Congressional investigators found that her story checked out, just as her November 1963 information had. An FBI “call to the Coast Guard verified an ongoing narcotics investigation of the ship” Cheramie had named. The prostitution ring she described sounded very much like an operation run by Marcello lieutenant Nofio Pecora, whom Jack Ruby had called just three weeks before JFK’s assassination. However, as in 1963, the New Orleans FBI, who turned a blind eye to Marcello’s illegal operations, dropped the case. Had the FBI and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics pursued the matter, they would have uncovered a heroin trail through New Orleans that reached all the way to France.
One month after Rose contacted the FBI in August 1965, she was dead. Congressional investigators found that “Cheramie died of injuries received from an automobile accident on a strip of highway near Big Sandy, Tex., in the early morning of September 4, 1965. The driver stated Cheramie had been lying in the roadway and although he attempted to avoid hitting her, he ran over the top of her skull, causing fatal injuries.” Though her official autopsy records had disappeared by the time investigators had tried to find them, one medical file that survived said that Rose had a “deep punctuate stellate [star-shaped] wound above her right forehead.” Such a wound would not have been caused by a car or tire but could have been caused by a pistol fired next to her skull. Dr. Charles Crenshaw claimed in his book that the wound was consistent with “gunshot wounds - that is, when a gun barrel is placed against a victim’s body and discharged. It is especially applicable to a gunshot wound of the skull.”
And the Mafia in Louisiana and Texas continued operation as if nothing had happened. For more stories like this, check out the books, It Did Not Start With JFK, The Decades of Events That Led to the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Volumes 1 &2, published by Sunbury Press.
Rose Cheramie
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2023.04.02 13:19 HannoPicardVI In an alternate reality Britain, the prospective owner of a "high-end" strip club clashes with the head of a church established in 1906 who attempts to stop the conversion of the building into a strip club, arguing that it would be antithetical to the religious environment in the neighbourhood.

Darius May was the owner of the large new "mixed-used" commercial building next door. Rumours had already begun swirling in local media that May, 36, planned to convert the disused building into a sex shop. The rumours were only half true. May not okay planned to open a sex shop, but also planned to open a "high-end" strip club in the same building and he had wasted no time submitting his application to planning authorities.
So, when local vicar Jeremy C. Johnson had received information from local authorities informing him of May's intentions and asking him, much like with every other local, whether he had any objections to the application, he was horrified. As the owner of St. Augustine The Holy Trinity Church - a large and imposing church originally built in 1906 - he was not ready to accept the establishing of a strip club immediately next door to his church. Although his congregation was now a small one - there were now 306 registered regular service attendees and a weekly average of 31 visitors and newcomers - he still felt that the religious community in the neighbourhood was a large one and attendance during holiday and special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and weddings and funerals, regularly saw attendees from the local area rise, albeit temporarily.
Johnson did not know this May too well, but he did hear that May appeared to own two other dex shops, one somewhere in the Midlands and another up in Chester, in Cheshire.
Johnson could not accept having a strip club opened right next to his church, so he objected to the planning application. Over the years, however, the demographics of the local area had been slowly changing as a new influx of "young economic and climate migrants" from Scandinavia, the Baltics and Eastern Europe had begun flooding in, slowly changing the face of the area as more and more of the elderly and retired in the community had begun to die. For some reason, this meant that there weren't as many objections as Johnson expected or would have liked. As such, authorities required a certain number of objections in order to require the application to be re-submitted, otherwise the application would eventually be accepted.
Panicking, Johnson visited several established locals in order to drum up support for resistance against the opening of the strip club. He also implored members of his congregation to write "strongly-worded" letters to their councillors and the local Member of Parliament to argue that businesses such as a sex club and a strip club did not "fit the character of the neighbourhood" and "had no place in the local area".
Johnson was well known for being a fiery pillar of the community in situations such as these. Back in 2009, Johnson had strongly resisted the opening of two 7/11 supermarkets directly besides his church. Following strong opposition - led by Johnson himself - applications to build a small Sainsbury's Local and a tiny ASDA had been rejected. If the applications had been accepted, it would have seen the church "surrounded" by new 7/11s. Luckily, to this day, St. Augustine The Holy Trinity Church still retained its character and still preserved its large square and space, helped not only by regular offerings from congregants but also funded from the very pockets of Johnson himself, who had reinvested some church funds in Manhattan Central Bank, an investment corporation based over in Atlantic City in New Jersey.
This time, however, was a little different. Nearly a decade and half had passed and the makeup of the local community was slightly different. A local primary school in the area had been shut down and relocated, thereby bolstering the strength of May's application; the age demographics had also sharply changed, with more younger childless couples from abroad moving in. An underground nightclub had also opened a couple of streets away and because it was a little far away, Johnson had not had any immediate objections to its opening, especially as it only planned to operate on Thursday and Friday nights "to cater to the rising student population". Perhaps, in hindsight, he should have voiced more opposition to the nightclub. Now, May had arrived and he had informed planning authorities that the opening of his sex shop and "high-end" strip club would "bring economic opportunities" to the local area and "create 14 new jobs" (2 more than both supermarkets in total had planned to create). May had also insisted that it would "attract more tourism and business investors" and "lead to a domino effect which would lead to more wealth being created in the local community".
When May had begun to hear of Johnson's rather vocal opposition to his business plans, he was at first intrigued by "this old man's" resistance to new ideas and "new energy being breathed into the area". And so, May had gone to visit Johnson one afternoon. Unbeknownst to May, Wednesday afternoons were usually reserved for a special "Feeding the homeless" event, where the homeless and poor would be invited to St. Augustine The Holy Trinity Church to visit the food bank and "also listen to a short sermon" and "receive a blessing from the vicar himself".
So, when May had turned up, dressed in a laid-back white silk shirt and some expensive jeans and leather trainers, Johnson had not immediately recognized him, but remarked how he clearly looked out of place amongst the homeless. The pair had then begun arguing, as two food bank volunteers tried to distract the attendees from the raised voices. Suffice to say, the pair did not get on at all and Johnson accused May of "trying to invade the area with immorality and sexual promiscuity".
"You may say otherwise, but everybody knows strip clubs are a clear gateway to drug use, prostitution, sexual promiscuity and even child pornogrpahy and child abuse," Johnson had shouted at him in anger.
May, unable to keep his cool and surprised at the vicar's unusual fiery nature, had retorted in anger, "oh please, The Church isn't exactly known for being completely innocent itself. It's full of the very things it claims to hate an preach against. Your hypocrisy is astounding. Your area is dying and it's people like me - entrepreneurs and investors - seeking new business opportunities, who revive it with new ventures. The government has no issue with me, it's just sad old people like you!"
The pair had then parted on bad terms, much to the shocked reactions of the homeless attendees still continuing to stream into the food bank.
Johnson had continued drumming up support for his opposition to the sex shop and strip club plans, but the modern era had got the better of him. A few new councillors had replaced his religious-leaning contacts over the years and opinions had varied wildly over the "dangers of sex shops and strip clubs". He was also unable to gain enough support from fellow religious leaders - local imams from a local mosque nearby - after a number of local Islamic leaders still held grudges against him over his handling of reglious tensions back in 2010 and 2011.
In the end, Johnson failed to garner enough objections to the application and grasping at straws, he had started a petition to reject the application, but, to his shock, it had failed to get enough signatures, with many informing him that they "did not want to get involved" in his "Holy War against the World". His final option? A court case. Reviewing his finances, he confirmed that he could afford to bring a private court case without unduly stressing church funds. Speaking to his legal contacts (two Bar contacts and another two at respectable City law firms), he planned to argue that the opening of the sex shop and strip club would "alter the character of the local area in an extreme fashion" and "were antithetical to the history and environment of the local area". He also planned to accuse Darius May of "intimidating" members of the local community, pointing to the unexpected decrease in support for his opposition to the planning application.
An initial injunction was initially granted on behalf of Vicar Jeremy C. Johnson to halt the conversion of the disused building to a sex shop and "high-end" strip club. This was only a temporary victory for Johnson, who had been instructed to gather further evidence of May's "tactics to intimate people in the local area", as well as "strongly demonstrate how the new business would alter the character of the local area in an extreme fashion".
Yet, a short while later, as if like something out of a supernatural horror movie, Vicar Johnson's black Renault had veered sharply off the A40 whilst he was returning from a weekend Church outing in Wotton-under-Edge. According to crash investigators, a "stray white dog or something" had run out into traffic and had caused "the terrible accident". Vicar Johnson's vehicle had veered sharply off the highway and his car had flipped over and smashed into a tree. He had found himself crushed under the weight of his car and the collapsed tree and to make matters worse, a truck had then slammed into the wreck, killing him instantly. Vicar Johnson died on that warm Saturday night. Witnesses had indeed stated that they had spotted "what appeared to be stray white dog or animal" stepping out onto the highway, but no cameras had spotted anything and no trace of the creature had been found had been found on Vicar Johnson's vehicle. The death was ruled an accident and Johnson's congregation mourned his death.
An associate vicar - a young Harry Milner - then assumed control of St. Augustine The Holy Trinity Church as per Vicar Johnson's will and testament; however, following troubling economic difficulties which hit Manhattan Central Bank across the Atlantic, Johnson's investment portfolio sharply decreased in value and Milner was forced to take out loans in order to keep Church finances afloat. In the end, Milner's poor handling of Church finances proved to be St. Augustine the Holy Trinity Church's downfall and final nail in the coffin and a few months later, he was charged with a series of crimes, including wire fraud and embezzlement. Indigo Mountain Finance then applied to a court to repossess the church's buildings and square and the church now sits empty and unused until Indigo Mountain Finance can find a buyer in foreclosure.
As for Darius May and his Lucky Star sex shop and strip club, it opened a short while after Johnson's death, with Milner unable to continue pursuing a legal challenge against him and with the main opposer - Johnson - now dead. May did, however, attend Johnson's funeral and expressed to funeralgoers how "genuinely shocked" he was at the death of "a Holy man I had only just encountered a month ago".
Years later, the church was demolished and a large Tesco supermarket took its place, along with two large apartment complexes which were built where the church square used to be. Some elderly locals who are still alive and still live in the area til this day sometimes mention how they "miss the large and open square that St Augustine had preserved".
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2023.04.02 13:17 fibsi2812 F122 always Freezes

F122 always Freezes
I'm having the issues that the F122 game always Freezes. I simple have a one frame displayed and the sound is like one sound the whole time. It not only freezes the monitor where the game is displayed but also my 2 other monitors on my desk. Yet my stat monitor inside my PC still receives sensor data and runs normally and Spotify Musik also keeps playing.
Does someone have the same issues?
The issue also randomly occures. Sometimes I can play for 2h straight than it happens. Sometimes I start the game and still in the menu it freezes. Than like in the video I did a flashback and it crashed. So really unpredictable.
Just today after the game first crashed I reinstalled the game. After like 10min in lap 5 or so it crashed again (video)
My hardware: CPU Ryzen 9 5900X GPU RX 7900XT Motherboard MSi B550 Gaming Plus 850W Power supply 34" 21:9 MSi Monitor connect with Displayport Fanatec GTDD Pro Wheelbase
I reinstalled my GPU drivers and the game is obviously updated The problem first occured about one week ago
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2023.04.02 13:17 musicalisultan [FOR HIRE] Copywriter & Content Strategist (USD $25/hr)

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2023.04.02 13:16 supercheese15 [Brandclub] Create an account and earn $16 instantly for connecting Walmart or Amazon account INSTANT!

Brandclub is a personal shopping app where you earn for your purchases. You can create an account here to get your money:
  1. Sign up and connect Amazon account (with purchase history). (I earned $25 from connecting my Amazon account alone)
  2. Complete the 3 tutorials that give $1 each
  3. Click the sync button
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2023.04.02 13:16 loudaphid [IBotta] Scan a grocery receipt to earn $10 instantly!

Did you know that you can get money by scanning receipts with Ibotta? Just start a new account and scan a major retailer's receipt (for example, Walmart) to receive $10 instantly. There are also many other ways to earn money, like shopping for juice or referring friends. Register now and start earning!\n\nSign up here!
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2023.04.02 13:15 jacobyh7 Will monitors in their traditional form become obsolete in favor of ar/vr setups?

I saw a few var demos where a complete desktop environment can be simulated with unlimited virtual monitors floating across the user's field of view. The demos also show hand movement tracking in relation to the keyboard and mouse, which are also simulated in a virtual space.
With every release of a new monitor, companies claim their products are faster, more immersive and color accurate, but the user experience doesn't improve that much because we're still dealing with same limitations of the technology powering our displays, plus the physical limitations of how many monitors you can add to your setup at any given time.
Ignoring the current shortcomings of vr, mainly size and weight which makes it uncomfortable to use for longer periods of time, do you think it will be a compelling option for gaming and productivity in the future? I believe vr will not entirely replace monitors, instead, their use will shrink over time, relegated more to mundane tasks.
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2023.04.02 13:15 Indelible_Eraser Personal Item Size on *Strict* Asian Airlines?

Personal Item Size on *Strict* Asian Airlines?
I'll be traveling in India, Nepal, and SE Asia later this year, and noticed that some smaller Asian airlines list rather strict rules for a personal item. For instance:
  • Thai Smile allows one larger carry-on (56 x 45 x 25) plus ONE personal item with maximum dimensions of 37.5 x 25 x 12.5.
  • Thai Lion allows ONE carry-on only with maximum dimensions of 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm.
  • Both Thai Vietair and Thai AirAsia allow one larger carry on (56 x 36 x 23) plus a handbag or laptop bag "not to exceed 40 x 30 x 10."
  • Indigo allows one larger carry on (55 x 35 x 25) plus one person item, which it describes as a "lady bag," duty free bag, camera, or laptop.
  • Air India allows one larger carry (55 x 35 x 25) plus one personal item of unspecified size. As examples of personal items they list the following:
I'm particularly concerned about Thai Smile and Thai Lion, since they offer the cheapest fares from Kathmandu to Bangkok.
Can anyone tell me from personal experience just how strict these airlines are, and whether they enforce the rules listed on their web sites?
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2023.04.02 13:14 Trapeze- Shouldn’t ketamine patients be getting urine screenings?

Why aren’t ketamine patients regularly screened for blood in urine ? Given the high risk of bladder damage associated with ketamine use
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2023.04.02 13:12 adevilnguyen Burnt-out working Healthcare during the pandemic, help me find a path.

Hi everyone, I'm (47f) a medical assistant who's been feeling burnt-out lately. I was diagnosed ADHD in the 80s and just recently realized im Autistic too. I spent the first 2 years of the pandemic traveling for work, and the last year administering Covid vaccines. While I loved my job before, it no longer brings me joy and only causes anxiety. I was making $43k when i quit in January. I've blown through my savings, and the thought of going back is terrifying. I have a ton of experience in various fields, and I'd prefer not to see patients at all. I love reading and researching, and I'm looking for a new direction that will make me happy. Im in the PNW but added bonus if I can work fully remote. Please help me find a path. Thank you.
Here is my experience: Experience Years Associate of Arts 2005 Money Handling 30+ years Customer Service 30+ years Training Staff 30 years Vietnamese 30 years Management 25+ years Event Planning/Styling 25+ years Logistics 18 years Scheduling 15 years Payroll 15 years BLS CPR 15 years POC Testing 10+ years NCMA 10 years EMR 10 years Injections 10 years CNA 7 years Hospice 7 years Shrimp Boat Owner 6 years Professional Photography 4 years Phlebotomy 3 years EKG 2 years VBS & CCD Teacher 2 years Pharm Tech 2 years Project Management 2 years Emergency Deployment 2 years FEMA Training 2 years IV Certified 2 years Finance 2 years Substitute Teacher 2 years Nail Salon Owner 2 years Clothing Store Owner 1 year Pediatrics 1 year
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2023.04.02 13:12 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

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2023.04.02 13:12 rthrowaway765489 My (25f) bf (27m) offered to take me on vacation then changed his mind. Now I’m mad.

Hi Reddit, need some advice. So my bf and I are in have been together about a year and a half. Recently we had a huge argument and he accused me of things like cheating and was wrong. I showed him something to prove he was wrong. It was very emotional and I was crying. He had been accusing me of this thing for months. He apologized and promised he’d make it up to me. He said he would take me on a trip, that he’d plan the trip and pay for the flight. The rest of the trip we would split. He also said he wouldn’t bring up those horrible accusations again. He promised to follow through on both these things. In the week that followed he was excited and went on and on about the trip. He was asking if I wanted the destination to be a surprise, which I said I did. We also decided on approximate dates, end of June we decided, for a week-ish. I was super excited and for about 2 weeks we spoke a lot about it. After 2 weeks, he began to disrespect me and accuse me of things again, after promising he would stop all of that. Additionally, when I asked about the trip he got very upset and said we don’t need to keep talking about something that’s so far away. He apologized for the disrespect and we carried on. Then, we had another huge argument, in this argument he decided that he would attempt therapy to work on his issues of mistrust. (Id been asking him to do this for months). Plus, I’ve already been in my own therapy for 6 months. He then said that he would no longer be taking me on the trip and that it’s not a priority to him any more. I brought up the fact that he was the one who offered in the first place and spoke about it extensively. I told him that He had said this would be his way of making it up to me. He got more upset and said I should understand he cannot afford both therapy and trip. That he was tired of always feeling like he has to make it up to me. And what kind of gf was I to not support him in going to therapy. He said it’s clear to him where my priorities lie in this. He also said he doesn’t have 3-4K to spend on a vacation that only I want. Personally, Idk how it works out to cost that much. And I told him that. He only offered to pay my flight and we agreed to split the rest. He’s now not speaking to me saying he needs to focus on himself. Am I wrong to be upset? I feel like I’ve just been gaslit.
FYI: there’s other issues at play from the past regarding cheating on both sides. Nothing physical. However, he promised to not bring it up after that night, and I’ve went above and beyond to be transparent and provide reassurance over the course of time, showing him I’m not hiding anything else, where as he hasn’t. I don’t think the details are too relevant right now but if it helps make sense of the current situation I can answer questions.
TLDR: My boyfriend went back on his promise and is now upset with me for wanting the trip he offered.
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2023.04.02 13:11 Dailey1234 I’m really worked up over the idea I won’t pass without copious amounts of makeup

Ok I know this is going to sound weird or maybe even mean but I really feel like I need to vent a little.
I have noticed a trend amongst a lot of trans women, at least the more vocal/media prominent ones: the makeup. Now I understand that makeup can be euphoric for trans women and that’s totally fine, but personally speaking…I’m not a huge fan of makeup. Like the only piece of makeup I’d ever be comfortable with wearing I’d eyeliner and MAYBE eyeshadow, but other than that I don’t really find makeup all that appealing.
But the thing that really bothers me is that it seems like for trans women in order to pass, a full face of makeup is almost a REQUIREMENT. Whenever I see news stories or online articles related to trans women I always see the associated image being of said women with a full face of makeup that includes lipstick and all other stuff. And because of this it really makes me feel like the only way trans women (and by extension me) will ever pass is if we cover ourselves in makeup. I already feel like I look like an ogre, adding makeup to that equation will only make me feel like even more of a disgusting creature.
And this really worries me, because if makeup is a universal requirement for passing and I don’t look like a woman in makeup then it makes me feel as though I will NEVER pass as a woman.
Anyways, I just felt like venting a little.
Again I’m sorry if this comes off as mean to anyone, but this is a big anxiety of mine when
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2023.04.02 13:10 JA0455 Mighty Plus feels blocked?

I’ve had my mighty plus for about a year now, and it’s been awesome. The last couple of weeks though, it’s been very hard to draw on, almost feels blocked somehow.
I’ve cleaned it thoroughly, changed screens, changed cooling units, nothing works!
Anyone else had this problem and figured it out?
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