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Pictures of welding, the art and science of fusing metals together.

2018.01.14 04:44 Hiawoofa Whisk(e)y and Shenanigans

This ridiculous group of Magnificent Bastards is all about unpretentious Whisk(e)y Knowledge and Top-Shelf Shenanigans. We believe that whiskey is meant to be enjoyed, and we do that by sharing whiskey experiences and ridiculous humor. If you need something more serious or snobby - this isn't the right community for you.

2023.06.10 20:42 Human-Log2313 I love getting validated by other men even if I have a boyfriend

Hello! I know the title sounds pretty bad and I know that what I did and will still do is very dishonest and not nice at all but I need to get it off my chest somewhat. Also sorry if I make any writing mistakes,English is not my first language.
I (18) F have been with my boyfriend 20(M) since I was 15 and he was 17 (we are long distance and due to some issues on both parts we haven't been able to meet lately) and we had a pretty rough relationship,we still are not perfect but I know that he is a great guy. I am the problem,I have a pretty shitty background. My mom used to be pretty mentally and phisicaly abusive growing up,my father was an alcoholic that was mostly absent or when he was present he'd just fuck around with other women,gamble and drink. My mom died last year and I inherited her apartament. I cut contacy with my father after.
Now I am not doing very well mentally and I feel like my boyfriend just doesn't feel that gap inside of me anymore,he's very busy lately and getting distant and since I am an introvert and don't have any irl friends I just spend my days on the internet. I am very insecure but I love the nice comments and the flirty messages I get from guys on instagram,I love how they act like I am some great girl that they want to fuck her brains out then care for her and treat her like a princess. I even shared nudes with them which is so shitty from my part. Then I get attached to these guys just for them to get bored of me and ghost me,then I feel bad for a few days until I find another guy that can satisfy my need for attention.
My boyfriend doesn't know anything about this and I don't plan on telling him. I wish I could break up with him sometimes but then the realisation that I won't ever find a guy that loves me as much as him and a guy that is willing to work through my past issues togheter hits. Even tho he sucks sometimes I am too comfortable in this relationship,also I am scared that I won't find better than him.
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2023.06.10 20:41 HovercraftClean9084 Dr. Mary Darlene Edwards is a Fraud

Darrell Brooks' supposed grandmother, DOCTOR Mary Darlene Edwards, who spoke at his sentencing hearing, claims to have a doctorate in sacred theology from Destiny Christian University, some ambiguous, unaccredited university in Florida (which doesn't exist if you look up the address). And if you look at its website, it just screams "fraud."
I don't know much about theology degrees or the requirements to earn them. But I have a PhD in chemistry, and before I could start the program, I had to have a bachelor's degree. And all of the other doctorate programs at my university required the same. So I assume that you would need to have a degree before you could start a doctorate in theology program. Since Ms. Mary Darlene Edwards doesn't have one, she probably doesn't have a real doctorate.
I work with PhDs every day and we don't call each other "doctor." We also don't expect to be called that by people who don't have doctorates. It's because we got our degrees for the education and research experience, not so that we could be called "doctor." The fact that she calls herself "Dr. Mary" on her website and even introduced herself as such at DB's sentencing hearing is pathetic. It would be as ridiculous as Judge Dorow or one of the lawyers wanting to be called "doctor" because they have law degrees (Juris Doctor). Or maybe it wouldn't because they actually earned their degrees.

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2023.06.10 20:41 Attorney3564 If I get an MBA do I skip the analyst part of investment banking and go straight to associate

I want to go to college for 4 years and get a finance major. I want to become an investment banker but i do not want to slave away for 2-3 years as an analyst and want to go straight to associate where you get a higher salary and you work a bit less. I heard from a friend that if you get an MBA you become an associate directly. Is this true and if so in what circumstances? Also do i need to work to be a able to get an MBA because then isn’t it a paradox where you work as an analyst for 3 years to get an MBA and then you become an associate when you could have just gotten promoted directly or do you get paid more to have an MBA as an associate. Please help me on this as I am a little confused. Thank you.
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2023.06.10 20:41 Careless_Let_2339 Is it illegal to threaten to send intimate photos of my ex to a group chat but not actually have any intimate pictures of her on my phone?

i live in england. long story short my annoying ex texted me the other day and as we were talking she said she had made a group chat where she was sending our private messages to and laughing at them.
i was in a bad mood and this annoyed me so i said "ok well how about i send your nudes to the lads group chat and see what they say similar concept right?" her brother and dad then messaged me threatening to come to my house and in the end we agreed that she leaves me alone and i won't sent the nudes.
but here's the thing, i deleted all pictures and messages of us when we split up and didn't actually intend on sending anything to anyone but could i still get into trouble just by saying that. even worse i'm on a suspended sentence for abh so some advice or reassurance would be great. the anxiety is actually eating me up and i regret saying those things.
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2023.06.10 20:40 Chalkarts No fatties?

There’s a restaurant in my Town that has very small booths.
I’m a fatty. I married a voluptuous woman. We can’t fit in their booths. We request a table. I’m 250, so on the lower end of American fat.
Recently, the place I work started doing renovations and got new booths.
I can no longer fit in the booths at work.
I pointed out to the bosses that our new booth set up was likely to alienate a tremendous(pun intended) portion of our clientele.
Is an industry standard for “no fatties” being implemented by designers?
Once is a coincidence, twice is kinda weird.
No. I will not eat a vegetable.
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2023.06.10 20:40 excaliburger2 18 and i feel like my life is a mess sorry if this a long post i just want to spew my thoughts

im 18 and graduated high school about 7 months ago im living at my friends but paying rent and no job i live off goverment pay i buy all my own food and cook my own meals anyway i feel as ive done nothing in my 18 years of life sure i have a good group of friends and all and i was also school vice captain and i got along with most people according to my class mates no one hated me during school sure i was bullied in 7 grade but i was cringe so thats fine its more just i havent accomplished anything ive ever wanted i wanted to start a youtube channel too lazy I wanted to start drawing everyday and become a great digital artist to hard i just sit on my ass all day and watch youtube and play games not to mention jacking off as well it sucks my friends have done great things a friend is going to uni to work for disney why couldnt i also have that commitment to do things i want and why is all just so easy for everyone else i feell as i got more to say but i feel this too long so ill end here
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2023.06.10 20:40 PlantEmbarrassed5648 How do I get my money to work harder for my pension for armed forces

How to get my money to work harder for pension?
I'm (29m) in the armed forces and have a DB pension, I've been put into the higher tax rate bracket (£50k+). I want to contribute into either my SIPP or armed forces added pension to be more tax efficient, still be a basic tax payer and to get the most out of my contribution i.e. make my money work harder.
I understand the added pension contribution won't benefit me to (State pension age) SPA and to get the benefit of the added pension, I need to live at least 20+years after SPA (86+), however it does filter into the EDP benefit thus enhancing it.
  1. Added pension - Upside: contribution would be before tax, No self-assessment and would enhance pension at SPA and EDP benefit (if I stay for 20 years). Downside: is can't access pension until SPA and have to stay in for 20 years.
Early departure payment (EDP) estimated projection if I stay to 20 year point is £70k tax free lump sum and £10k (taxed) every year until 68 (24 years of it) then at SPA age £30K pension every year until I die.
  1. Contribution into my SIPP - Upside: Can access my SIPP probably will be 60 by the time I get there and can be invested into a passive index funds .i.e. Global All Cap. Downside: Would be after tax but would have to do a self assessment to get the remaining money back and there's an element of "risk" with stock market etc (compared to a safe DB).
Not fussed on what option just want to make my money work harder? How do I get the most out of my pension contribution?
Please note; I would like to retire at 60 don't want to work past then which I'm thinking A SIPP would be useful?
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2023.06.10 20:40 Dragoniskm Help! Can’t get out of bios/install Windows/drive died

Posted this in Asus, but haven’t gotten a ton of help
Asus BIOS crashing when trying to boot clean win 10 or edit boot priority
I have a couple year old ASUS Z390p that I think killed one of my m.2 drives (or it just went out). I went to microcenter to buy a new 1tb 980 Pro to be my new boot drive and hopefully recover some of the old material on my old drive. Every time I turn on my computer while I have my official Windows 10 boot drive plugged in, granted I don’t choose to go into bios, I get stuck on the Asus screen. (With the text that goes “press DEL or f2 to enter into UEFI BIOS) I’ve let it get stuck there for over an hour, nothing happens. If I do go into bios, and I click anything regarding the boot thumb drive, bios crashes and I have to restart.
I have already jumped CLRTC, but have not tried to short the CMOS battery.
Please help, I need this computer for contract work.
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2023.06.10 20:40 LadyWithAHarp Rule 5 (naming Country in posts)

Mod here with a friendly reminder:
In location-specific posts, like ones requesting information about local laws, wanting to schedule meetups, or promoting in-person festivals and performances, the country MUST be included, as well as state/country/territory when necessary.
This is an international subreddit, and there have been submissions from users across six different continents. Plus, a lot of the users are not native English speakers, so we can't assume that people are familiar with place names.
For example: there are at least six different cities named "Barcelona". Three of them are in South America, and one is in the Philippines!
In the USA, there are at least 34 states with a city named "Springfield".
We can't assume that everyone in the world knows that "NYC" means "New York, NY, USA".
Please be considerate of other people, and include the country in the text or title of posts where knowing the location is critical to interacting with it.
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2023.06.10 20:40 acevamp i feel like me masking less has made me a more troublesome person to be around

tw for internalized ableism
my family unexpectedly moved away and now i am staying at my boyfriends house. have been since january. i feel less depressed here in a way? less drained? i am masking less. i masked a lot more around my family. i also avoided my family a lot when i lived with them. i just had trouble sometimes getting along with them. id sleep till 4 or 5pm bc i was depressed but also didnt want to interact. i got diagnosed with autism in may 2022. they werent very understanding at all and when id explain why i did something theyd just say its part of my anxiety or depression or whatever. im literally telling you this autistic trait that i have and you are dismissing me. anyway, so i have masked less since my diagnosis but even more so when my family moved away. i feel myself get into more conflict; like miscommunication or misunderstandings. i find myself feeling more and more like a burden and annoying. not to mention i dont have any income yet, im waiting to hear from SSI. i am unable to work due to physical and mental reasons. i feel bad that i need accommodations everywhere i go too. i also am trying to recover from trauma, i have terrible PTSD and its easy for me to get triggered by some things. but yeah, i feel like me masking less has made me...more insecure? i get angry at myself for my own autistic traits/symptoms that i cant even help. and its so hard to mask now. its like i dont know how to anymore (at least around people ive unmasked in front of). whenever i talk to my bfs family i feel like i am so awkward and annoying and weird. i feel so annoying to be around. i am always asking questions, not understanding jokes or some things (which proceeds to me asking more questions), i need a stuffie with me at all times, i get sensitive and emotional, i get socially awkward, i have a hard time with words sometimes, i stim in all types of ways that probably seem annoying to others, i need accommodations, ugh theres more i think. and it's frustrating bc i would NEVER invalidate anyone else for showing these traits/symptoms. i am friends with many many autistic people and i am fine with them showing these traits. but when i do it? i feel like im so hard to be around. i am dealing with a lot of internalized ableism if you couldnt tell. i was used to being sheltered by my family and now that im expected to do things and be adult-like and mature its very hard too. advice is appreciated. validation is appreciated. any input is appreciated. thank you. i feel so alone.
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2023.06.10 20:40 Mr_Universe_UTG Online or book resources?

So I'm at the tail end of finishing my first book, the rules are pretty much complete and now I'm just working on playtesting and polishing. But currently the book is about ~300 pages and that's without a back list of a bestiary and the lore added. So I was thinking of making a website that held not only quick references but also could be where players/gms can learn of the lore and have a basic bestiary for free. This allows the book to be fully focused on playing and running the game, but the website can be used for tools and references.
My question is: would you be interested in a book if the lore and bestiary was online instead of in the book, or would you prefer a a book that has all the needed info although being beefy (~400 pages)?
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2023.06.10 20:40 cherrystem24 How do you guys work a full time job with migraines?

I work in a nursing home as a housekeeper so I have a strict point system. It is very stressful and so is my home life most the time. I have kids that scream all the time and a dog that barks way more than he should and other loud stressful things going on all the time. But at work I am also around a lot of chemicals that smell very strong. I get migraines frequently and they usually last 3-4 days. I can’t even call off for 1 of those days, let alone all of them.
OTC pain meds are not helping. I was taking BC powder because it worked the best but using 4 packs a day for multiple days plus Tylenol is not good. Ice packs often help but I can’t use that at work and when I use them at home, the relief is only temporary. I don’t know how severe they are because I have always had to still get up and do what I have to no matter what. I often don’t get to lay in bed, cover my face and rest to get them to go away, I just have to suffer through it. And it really sucks.
I usually have strong pain behind my eye (it’s often on the right side) that causes it to be blurry. It goes over the whole side of my face and makes my jaw tense and painful. And down the back of my neck. I feel like I have slammed that side of my head off of something and just have to go about my day like nothing is wrong. Light sensitivity is so bad everywhere, but especially when I have them at night and have to drive because of all the other headlights. Sounds kill me and i feel like I am shaky and nauseous. I just want it all to stop. How am I supposed to live like this all the time? I am miserable for a few days at a time and especially at work because I can’t even sit down. How do you get through it all? Especially the job though because no matter what or how horrible I feel, I still have to get up early af and go there.
Edit: I forgot to add. I have spoke to my dr many many many times about these. Every time I see her, actually. I have been taking magnesium as well. She had me on amitriptyline and I think I tried something else. None of it really did anything. Other meds she is worried about the side effects
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2023.06.10 20:40 tacolbap Passenger door won’t open on 2001 325ci

Hey so my brother recently bought a 325ci convertible and his passenger door won’t open. He asked me to take a look into it since I’m studying to be a tech(heavy equipment).I’m very aware with how weird these types of cars are so I’ve looked online but I can only see forums or help guides for the E46. The passenger door used to work when he bought it, about a couple days ago. The outside and inside handles won’t open the door. I tried pulling up the door lock however it goes straight back down. I don’t want to open the door panel because I don’t want to break anything, but even if I did I’m not sure how I would take it out with the door closed. Help would be gladly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 20:40 TonyChanYT If a **brother** or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food

u/mmmbacon914, u/nightfly13
James 2:
14 What good is it, my brothers [G80], if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, 16and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what goodb is that? 17So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.
Could the word "brother" refers to some stranger?
No, according to BDAG, ἀδελφός:
① a male from the same womb as the reference pers., brother ② a pers. viewed as a brother in terms of a close affinity, brother, fellow member, member, associate fig. ext. of 1. ⓐ one who shares beliefs ⓑ a compatriot ⓒ without ref. to a common nationality or faith neighbor (of an intimate friend ⓓ Form of address used by a king to persons in very high position
Lexically, a G80-brother is someone who is in some way close to you. The context in verse 14 confirms that as well.
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2023.06.10 20:40 xWildrize Welcome on the official Anthem Resurrection reddit page.

Welcome on the official Anthem Resurrection reddit page.

I have a dream and I will revive Anthem.

Hi Reddit, I am not really used to post on social medias but I am willing to use this channel to spread my work and share my vison & my ideas with you, my dear friends gamers.
For all the players that enjoyed the game, we all know that the experience we got from Anthem was something new, unique & really refreshing. The gameplay, the movements & the combats systems are outstanding from everything we have on the MMO market.
Unfortunately, Anthem was shipped under the pressure of the well known EA Studio, and this led to main issues in the development that couldn't be fixed in time, causing the game to sink slowly until the end of its development in February 2021.

So, what's the plan, Doc ?

Well, I created a project in which I will document everything that has to change in the game & all the addition we should implement in it, so Anthem can finally be one of the best multiplayer games on the market.
However I have nothing but my audacity and you guys, to make my word and ideas flys up to BioWare's & EA Studio's ears so I have 2 plans :
  1. Working with BioWare & EA : I don't want them to develop the game again, we know EA, they have a very greedy vision of the gaming industry, it's working (sometimes) but it's definitely not what I want for Anthem. I want, if possible to take the project lead & work in hands with the community (you), to create the best possible MMO out of Anthem. If this community grow, and start to make noise I will be able to send them a strong message probably leading to a potential agreement.
  2. Buy Anthem from BioWare & EA : I can develop a community, here, with your help & look for a fundraiser to buy Anthem from EA & BioWare, the game is not developed anymore so the price should be way less expensive than it should normally be, + I am pretty sure this game is a sort of "shame" for them so selling it sounds like a win win scenario since the rebuy will give them more money than Anthem will ever do in this state.
Now you guys are probably thinking : "Bro became crazy, he don't know what he is talking about".
You are probably right, but I won't stop until the full project is on the table and all my ideas expressed, I will go to the end of my vision and I won't let anything stop me from it.

Okay, but where do we start then ?

From what I realized, the real problem with Anthem was not the gameplay, but everything behind it, loot system, stat system, lake of things to do, activities being very repetitive & ennemies scaling just feeling terrible (health bags).
So in order to make the game great again I decided to segment each part of the game to work on the one by one and solve their issues.
During my journey, I will focus on 3 main axis :
  • Listing every know issues & bugs in the game. (your help is welcome)
  • Draft a list of reworking regarding every aspects of the game :
  1. UI
  2. Gameplay
  3. Loot (rewards)
  4. AI
  5. Items
  6. Ability System
  7. Quests
  8. End Game Content
  9. and even more to come...
  • New content addition. Yes, I am willing to create a DLC for the launch of the project, since only fixing the game is a beginning, we want to get players back by giving them a new experience to play.
Listing all these change will serve as a to do list & an explanation of "why the game was not working before", and of course, why he will after.

Where do we go after this ?

First case scenario : When all the ideas are on paper, clearly explained with a realistic plan of action (creation of a business plan aswell to "sell" the project properly), I will then try to reach BioWare & EA to talk with them about the project, hopefully this community will grow so I will have your backup to proof the project has a lot of potential.
Second case scenario : I will put all the ideas on paper, create all the prototype, and once it done also create a business plan to start a fundraising. Once again with this community growing in the process we can maybe hope for investors support to buy Anthem from EA & BioWare's and start the rework of the game after this.

Okay so now you have the game what's next ?

The goal is either to work in hand with BioWare and finance a team from the studio to continue the development with this new vision, or I will hire a and gather a dev team, as well as story crafting team and every other sub section the game need in order to match my expectations. This 2nd solution is by far the hardest but if it is what it takes to bring back this game to live, I will do it.

Thanks you !

I really thanks you if you made it this far, I am really glad people have interest on this and I can't wait to share the work I am doing with you !
To start with fixed objectives and deadlines, I will do my best to publish once per week an update on the project, it could either be an image or a video depending on the subject I cover.
Once again, thanks gamers, I will catch you next week for the first update.
Much love,
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2023.06.10 20:40 Alivelyrose43 I’ve been talking to this guy for a few weeks now and every night on the phone but he hasn’t mentioned anything about meeting up. Do you think it sounds like he’s not that interested?

I met him on a dating site and we’ve been talking for a few weeks now and every night on the phone for awhile. He’s having a get together tonight at his place with some friends and didn’t even invite me. I’m starting to think that he might not be that interested but why would he be taking to me all the time if he wasn’t? He does live an hour and a half away but it still seems like he could have at least offered. I’m just feeling a little down.
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2023.06.10 20:40 MaterialFerret Connect Alt DP without supporting motherboard

Hey there, Can I somehow connect a device that explicitly asks for alternate DP support (LG Gram+ view, it has 2 USB C ports) to a desktop that does not support it (Gigabyte Z790 UD AX)? I'm thinking of some kind of converter or a docking station.
The portable monitor works out of the box on my Macbook but fails miserably with anything that I throw at it with my desktop.
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2023.06.10 20:40 Breadboi5 Update on my manga

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2023.06.10 20:40 Budget-Bluebird-334 How to Frankenstein a Tabletop?

Hello, I'm making a SCP based campaign, and after much thought, I have arrived at the only possible conclusion to design the campaign I want is to mix NBA, DG, CoC, and Rifts. How would I even begin to mix these together, or even make my own system in general? I've had a lot of trouble thinking about how to "make" a campaign where it incorporates all the systems. Let me emphasize the things I want from each:

The themes I want to include/encourage: -Gunplay (DG or NBA)
-Memetics insanity check(CoC) -Investigation/puzzle solving(NBA) -Race against the clock scenarios(DG) -Vehicles((Any of them)
I want to include a healthy sense of both puzzle solving, investigation, and anomaly based action on both sides. I should make it known that the characters won't just be your average MTF, but a collection of anomalous individuals themselves who use various anomalous weapons to take care of enemies, aka, not completely human. So if the characters need to be human for it to work please let me know.

I know I've asked a lot of similar questions on this subreddit already, but thats only because I really want this to work. Any help is welcome, thanks!
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2023.06.10 20:40 andwhaddaboutit Finally got a job offer!

Long ass post warning lol. I don’t mean to brag or make anyone looking for work feel bad. I’m writing this in case anyone needs a little extra hope!
After basically running from my job at a high-volume resort (pre-diagnosis), I had to take a couple months off to prevent admitting myself bc of it. I got back into therapy after losing the best therapist I could have ever asked for (still haven’t fully grieved this) and was honest with my psych. He put me on Seroquel, which I’m still not sure is the right fit, we’ll see.
After this break, I spent 6 months applying to all sorts of jobs, mostly low-stress and part-time to prevent what I typed above. I got 0 responses or interview invitations.
I had a lot of time to think in between searches and applications, and realized bipolar is something I’m not even close to fully understanding about myself. It led to imposter syndrome and I was about ready to throw myself back into serving, a job that destroys me inside and out. Working in child and adolescent development is my passion. As tempting as serving can be, I didn’t give up and kept applying to jobs I thought I could handle. I applied to a nonprofit that serves children and youth, to work in their office. After two interviews, they offered me the job!!!
It feels really great knowing I’ll be working for an organization I genuinely care about, knowing I actually can make a difference there. It is night and day for me, I feel like I can finally breathe.
I know that this process can make you feel helpless. Your bank account is draining before your eyes, the panic sets in and your sleep problems are getting worse. Despite all of this, you have to keep fighting. Find every resource you can to support you, do the research. Apply to that job you don’t think you deserve. Do not let fear and anxiety prevent you from moving forward. Stay brave, take rests, and know that the perfect opportunity you are waiting for will come. I know it’s scary and really hard.
Please give yourselves grace, and borrow your confidence until it becomes true. We experience so much stigma, but damn it we are hard working folks!! Your work will pay off, be patient and trust yourself.
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2023.06.10 20:39 LessApplication16 Any subliminal to become motivated to achieve life goals?

I’m going to be honest here,I’m not going to sugar coat,I have been watching physical change subliminals on/off since 2016 and I have seen zero results,I’m not saying physical subs are not real,I’m saying they don’t work on me and are a huge waste of time for me. Now I am interested in a subliminal to become more motivated to achieve your life goals,increase willpower and discipline,and become more productive. Bonus for become happier subs.
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2023.06.10 20:39 Excellent-Hamster-53 I'm NOT working & making 🤑

Hi there, I'm a German working in Germany and recent graduate from University with Master's Degree. One of the top in my class. To pay off some debt, i started working as a trainee in a lil company with around 50 employees. My plan was never to stay there. Just take the money. I was employed to work in a project for which I was not guided well by the project manager. She ended it with shouting at me for two hours about how stupid I am.. after a few weeks, I finally told the management and pointed out the the project manager attacked me personally and was not able to give me constructive feedback. Management didn't shit, but removed me from the project and just put me in another without informing much about it. New project, new people and new level of ignorance. Nobody's doing ever anything at all. Most work is unnecessary. I'm too quick at doing stuff, asking for more work...cause I'll go nuts doing nothing all day.. one colleague admitted she watched animal documentaries during the day for hours??... Somehow, me asking for more work gets me trouble.. i am giving weird feedback and again full of contradictions ..either I'm to distanced too colleagues or making too friendly? Well, that's it for me. This company sucks. They have a weird toxic work culture. I'm their diversity hire, as I was told, the only person of color... I went to my doc, gotta sick note now for a month. I get fully paid. Looking for another job to fill in for the time until I find sth interesting. Taking care of myself. Took me 3 weeks to get over the company's work culture after 4 months and feel like myself again!. I hope the doc gives me another two week is sick leave and then again two weeks and again two weeks while fully paid... gee, that's so nice! :D
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