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2023.06.08 16:30 CyberMaterial Cyber Briefing: 2023.06.08

![video](vjgkq9h91t4b1 "Cyber Briefing Video: 2023.06.08")
👉 What's going on in the cyber world today?
******************************************************************** 🚨 CyberAlerts ********************************************************************
VMware Issues Critical Patches for Aria Operations, Allowing Remote Execution and Data Access Source: VMware
CISA Adds Active-Exploited Vulnerability to Catalog, Urges Timely Remediation Source: Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
Cyberespionage Campaign Targets Ukrainian Government and Media with Malware Downloads Source: CERT-UA
Rampant Adware Onslaught: Over 60,000 Android Apps Infected Source: Bitdefender
High-Severity Privilege Escalation Flaw Fixed in Cisco Secure Client Software Source: Cisco
******************************************************************** 💥 CyberIncidents ********************************************************************
Hack Shuts Down London School as Personal Data Breached Source: Evening Standard
Eisai Pharmaceuticals Collaborates with Law Enforcement to Tackle Devastating Ransomware Attack Source: Eisai US
LockBit Ransomware Strikes Again: 24 Victims in 24 Hours, Including Schools and Municipalities Source: vx-underground and Dominic Alvieri
Global Companies, Including Aer Lingus, Impacted by Employee Data Breach in Cyberattack Source: The Irish Times
NJ town’s Computer Systems Compromised by Criminal Group, Authorities Investigate Cyber Incident Source: northjersey.com
******************************************************************** 📢 CyberNews ********************************************************************
Senegal Implements Daily Internet Shutdowns Amid Political Turmoil Source: CNN
Outdated Presidential Directive Hinders Protection of Critical Infrastructure, Says Cybersecurity Policy Organization Source: CyberSolarium
Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Cisco Equipment, Faces Prison Time and Restitution Source: U.S. Department of Justice
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Rejects IPO, Advocates for AI Regulation on Global Tour Source: Bloomberg
Clop Ransomware Group Extorts Global Companies with MOVEit Vulnerability Source: Joe Tidy
******************************************************************** Find the full stories at cybermaterial[dot]com ********************************************************************
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2023.06.08 16:30 axlewig I am an Assistant Property Manager (minor finances, delinquencies, some operation stuff), is there a chance for me to transfer outside of this/what's out there?

Hello reddit!
I'm 25, and I just recently joined a team in property management as their AGM/APM two weeks ago. I went to college for about 2 years and I flunked around 2018. This is my first time in any management position, but I've worked in property management as a leasing consultant for some time, so I'm used to the problems of a property/the complaints that come with it.
I'm enjoying the technical nature that comes with the accounting, and since my friend suggested that I should be a developer like him, I've been doing the odin project on my off-time for 6 months, leading me to analyze the cool tools we use in the industry with a slightly more informed eye. I cannot understate how i love the problem solving aspect of both the development and my own work.
All in all, lets say in 6 months I really enjoy the accounting of my job and I want to take it higher. I know that property management only has so high of a ceiling outside of the corporate office, so I was wondering if I could get some options as far as utilizing all the best things of what I've learned and placing them into some other role.
I saw other threads suggesting things like asset management, going back to school for accounting, etc etc. I would appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.08 16:29 Bigdickjohnson2020 Question About Nursing / Pre-Licensure

Background: Used to work at the state prison. Was forced to retire due to PTSD. I am sick of sitting around and want to go back to school. Saw this and was wondering what it's like.

Do they drug test their students? Do you believe it's worth a shot in my situation?

Tell me what you think about this program.
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2023.06.08 16:29 ChimpyEvans 36 [M4F] Houston and surrounding - Friends first, but looking longer term

Getting the physical stuff out of the way first: 6', 300lb, white. Cis.


I'm a single guy living and working out in the Southwest suburbs of the Houston area. I've been out here since 2010, right out of college, for my first job. Luckily, I fell in love with it and have been there for going on 13 years, but unluckily, I feel I've focused more on that of late and have felt lacking in social stimulation. All work and no play, it would seem.
I'm from the DFW area originally, and went to school in Grapevine/Colleyville in the mid-cities and UNT for college. Not much to say about that time, feels like forever ago, but I still visit because my parents are still up there.


I'm a software developer working on compilers for embedded systems. If you need to google any of that, let me help!
  • Compiler - Software that reads a language and outputs it in another, usually more primitive language
  • Embedded system - A computer system, usually low-power, that controls a very specific function. Examples are:
    • Phone WiFi chips
    • The monitor and controls on your dashboard
    • Whatever controls those levers and cogs on all the machines in the "Satisfying Things" videos on youtube


Not very active politically, but very liberal in belief. Not religious, but don't mind if you are.
I'm a gamer of all types: board, video, very rarely card.
  • Currently enjoying the Binding of Isaac board game and looking into Frosthaven
  • Play MMOs and ARPGs mainly. Never played Apex/Fortnite, no CoD, no sports
  • Friends all play Magic so I can mostly talk the talk, but never walked the walk
  • I bought into Jerma985's Grotto Beasts card game as well, and would be interested in learning that
  • Very much love D&D, but can't seem to get friends to play due to schedule/disinterest
My friends all know me as the "food guy", since I know so much about the Houston area restaurant scene. So if you are a fan of finding new and interesting places to try, I'm your guy. This also extends into the kitchen, where I can generally come up with something good regardless of what is available to me. I'm an expert Midnight Gourmand.
I usually plan 1 longish, but still domestic trip a year, but I don't travel all that often. Local exploration is often enough for me. I haven't really built up the courage to go international yet.


First and foremost I'm looking for someone I can hang out/talk with pretty easily. I like to banter, and I feel like my conversations and references can be pretty abstract/ridiculous. You'll get major bonus points if you can field or even feed that.
On the flip side, I love hearing people geek out over their particular fixations, even if I have little to no clue about the actual subject.
I'm open minded to trying other hobbies/interests, but have had trouble in the past actually getting into things. Perhaps I just need a +1?
Regardless, let's talk some! It's so much easier to get a feel for someone when you're hearing their voice and not just reading some words they typed out with no tone.
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2023.06.08 16:28 HSKchroz Difference between operations manager and Area manager

I’m new to the Reddit, I’m currently in grad school pursuing a MBA degree. I’ve worked at Amazon before. Now that I’m on the verge to graduate soon. I wanted to know how is becoming a Manager worth and what’s the difference between the two. Also, how’s the pay and/or should I just go find another career.
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2023.06.08 16:28 Wild_Juggernaut_7560 How do I break into tech as a nurse

Hi devs, am a nurse whose been in the field for nearly 10 years, I've dabbled in tech on and off for about 5 years. In that time, I've picked up Java, Typescript and React. As I was from a third world country, I couldn't afford to go to CS school as I was the breadwinner in my family.
Now, I have finally managed to come to the UK via recruitment agencies and feel like this could be my chance to finally transition into tech. Honestly though, I really don't know where to start, I spent the last 3 weeks learning Kotlin + Android so I can at least be more marketable as a React developer with Android development skills. Can someone give me an idea how I can go about getting into tech, e.g. certs, what to focus on. Would really appreciate it.
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2023.06.08 16:28 TheBiggestWoo092 What are the pros and cons of going straight to law school after undergrad?

I’m a rising senior in college and am considering applying to law school. I am definitely interested in law, but I’m still not 100% sure if it is for me since I have only taken one law class in college and that is what I’m basing my interest off. If I do apply, should I work for a year or two before applying? Should I apply right away?
I feel like I am still in “study mode” and would be able to stay focused on whatever work is thrown at me. But I also want to enjoy my early twenties and am not sure which path would allow me to do that better. Any advice?
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2023.06.08 16:27 Tupaki14 Help check my first build

I'm going to grad school so I wanted to build my first PC and I was hoping to get some suggestions as to if I should make any changes or if there are any glaring issues with any of my selected parts.
CPU: Ryzen 9 5900X
GPU: ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 4070
Mobo: Gigabyte X570S AORUS PRO AX Socket AM4 AMD X570 DDR4 Wi-Fi 6
Storage: WD Black SN770 1TB PCIe Gen4
Memory: XPG Gammix D20 64GB (2x32) DDR4
Cooler: Deepcool AK620 High-Performance CPU Cooler
Case: CORSAIR 4000D AIRFLOW Tempered Glass Mid-tower

I wanted to use this PC for some light gaming (LoL, Elden ring, Valorant, etc.) as well as some CAD and analysis software (Solidworks, ANSYS & Abaqus). So if any of you think there are more optimal/ better CPU, Mobo, and GPU combos that are better for a similar price or cheaper I'd love to hear it. If there are better storage, memory, or cooling options I'd love to hear those as well.

Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.08 16:27 Ilovejellifish This dream makes me depressed as hell

So last night I had a dream that I died.I don't think it was mentioned how i did in my dream but i was dead.And i was a ghost and in the dream i was at a school,it looked like a better school than the one i was at it was kind of prestigious in the sense that it had like columns and a giant staircase up to the top of the school.But anyways my sister and my friends and everyone that i go to school with was there. So as a ghost i was able to interact with physical things like people paper and pencils etc.And i hung around my sister and my best friend.And i remember as a ghost I hugged the both of them extremely tight and I was crying because they couldn't see me.And when i was hanging around the two i saw a paper and pencil and I wrote "This is your sister I died,I'm sorry". And I hugged them both again. So in the dream i hugged everyone,all my friends and the people that have been nice to me during the school year. And I saw the boy that I like.(For context I had confessed to this boy and things are kind of confusing between us.And we had just experienced some awkwardness during the day I had this dream on) So in the dream i was really happy to see him.But i remembered that I was still a ghost.But I didn't care, I hugged and kissed him so many times.And i don't know it was weird because i could subconsciously feel how tight I was hugging him like i was hugging him that tightly in real life.And as I kissed his face many times as a ghost I saw him get really happy and flustered and he goes to tell his best friend that something strange had happened and he was so happy.And as a ghost I felt how fast his heart was beating. So after this happened I find my friend and sister and I grab some paper and a pen and I tell them my plan to tell him that i had died but that I still love him. So as a ghost i write a letter telling him all my feelings and how my I love him and how I missed him.And when my sister and friend give the letter to him he cries. And then I become aware that I was dreaming because I had a feeling that he wouldn't care,that he would dismiss my friends,and that he wouldn't cry but he cried. And I was so happy in my dream that he was crying because that meant he remembers me.And he was crying in front of our friends,and they were confused but they read the letter and became sad and comforted him as he cried. And I woke up feeling that this was one of the happiest dreams I've had,but I feel sad because of how unrealistic it was.Or because how i feel it was too unrealistic.BUt that just makes me even sadder.
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2023.06.08 16:27 Nyla-Luna 19 [f4r] Online - Alone for the summer

For me, my socializing was school. I did not realize at the end of the school year how lonely I would feel. I am not taking any classes over the summer and moved in with my dad. I know nobody around here and I am not the type to "go out" usually.
About me...
I am a bit of a nerd. Right now I'm going through and reading the Dresden files books and playing World of Warcraft hardcore. My dad got me playing WoW when I was 10 and I just started this mode. I prefer staying inside than going out or if I am out, it's with nature, not at clubs or anything. I have a temporary summer job, but that's about all I have planned for the summer...
What I'm looking for...
I am looking for a friend. We could talk here or I have a discord. Looking for someone to click with and be able to talk to about anything. So I guess message me if you think we will click
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2023.06.08 16:26 OPHealingInitiative My (45m) wife (45f) has disappeared. How can I do well by her?

Hi all,
My (45m) wife (45f) and I have spent the last 12 years side by side. We met each other as we were finding new career pathways in our 30’s and did every undergrad class together. Then we started a successful photography business together. Then we did grad school together, and in 2022 we started another business together. Our lives were getting better and better, and though we had problems, in general we were coming to deeper understanding of one another.
In April of this year, we had a couple of arguments that were uncharacteristically difficult. They reminded me of arguments we’d had early on in our relationship. It was confusing. And after our 2nd argument, my wife flew to her friend’s house in the states (we live in Canada). Once there, she sent me frightening text messages that she was having delusions and thought someone was going to kill her. She also said that she and I were over and to never text her again.
I tried everything I could to get in touch with her, and encouraged her friends to do so as well, to help my wife feel supported. She blocked all channels of communication.
Within a couple days, she returned home and she seemed to be somewhat herself, though a bit standoffish. She had a wild story about what happened to her in the states, much of which was alarming to hear because of how unusual and unsafe she had behaved. We talked a bit about her experience and then she had a nap. She wanted me to sleep in the other room, until her sense of trust was restored (during her delusions she thought that I was a demon and was going to sacrifice her). After her nap, she started smudging the room and feeling alarmed again, and told me to stay out of her room because my presence was toxic. She became mean-spirited to me. Then she called a friend in Canada to come pick her up. Over the next couple of weeks, she said that we were over, and she continued to cut ties with me (blocked numbers, email addresses, social media, etc). She also left me with all of our debt, which is a large amount due to going to school and starting a new business.
I haven’t heard from her in weeks. A mutual friend says she is doing ok but won’t give me any details.
To say that I am devastated is an understatement. I cry constantly and can’t seem to make sense of a reality where this is happening.
In many ways, my wife was the inspiration for me to be a better man than I had been, and to live well (in a moral sense). Every fiber of my being wants to protect her and support her through whatever she is going through right now, but I can’t.
She had made many impulsive decisions lately so I don’t know if she’ll come back to me or if she’s gone forever.
I remain committed to keeping the door open to her, but everyday is agony. Loneliness, helplessness, and grief. Though I know there are other factors at play, I also feel so abandoned, rejected and betrayed. Worst is that my precious wife is suffering and there is nothing I can do.
I’m not religious, but I pray for long periods of time now. Is there any good I can do for her or myself?
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2023.06.08 16:26 lizdontlikeyou I feel like I'm fucking up my internship and maybe I'm not good enough. Please help me in what I should do.

So my professor at graphic design school really liked my work and offered me (22F) an internship of 6 weeks at her studio which she runs with her sis.
It's been a week and I feel like I've not been performing well and doing everything right in the first go. It took me a day to understand her sister's artwork style and after that I've been doing that one project pretty well whenever required. But I feel like a disappointment because it took me so many attempts to get it right. I worked on some social media posts which she pretty much liked all of them too.
Today her sister asked me to learn a whole new different Indian art style for a packaging assignment and get done with 2 packages by tomorrow. This artstyle is so so new to me and it took me a whole day to understand it and I'm still trying to figure it out. I've been so frustrated with it because she was getting frustrated at me for not getting it the way it should look. I'm pretty sure she's disappointed because she asked me why I was lagging and taking so long. Clearly, she was frustrated.
It made me feel like shit. I'm trying my best. But because I couldn't get anything productive today, and I know she'll tell my professor about how I couldn't do it today, I feel I'm a disappointment and maybe I know nothing about design.
Please help me. What should I do? How should I deal with this?
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2023.06.08 16:26 badfantasyrx Throwback Thursday (or Showcase Thursday)

If you're surfing the hashtags with us, they're in the title! Indiedevs are putting up their retro/pixel games! Tune in and see what's new, what they're developing, or what's turned back up!
We decided to Spotlight The Sundew for it's neonoir feel and great pixel graphics.
The Sundew:
Oh no. There goes Tokyo.
It's 2054 and Shibukawa is now the capital of Japan. The Sundew's Steam Page tells us that "The world's gone to hell, and it's taking you down with it." Not that difficult to believe given that you're Anna Isobe, one cyborg cop. Obsolete. Past your date for decom.
The opening scene introduces you to a foreign take on cyber noir. Your apartment is run down, and half of the automation is broken. But despite the lack of electricity, you still get news updates - and you don't go old school and pull out the percolator, you're entirely dependent on the new era. Your literal existence is engaged with the abuse that is the drip of the waterclock that penetrated your home.
The guy in your bed? That's city normal. Thirty years from now won't make casual relationships any more weird than the past couple decades did. Society has gone down hill as far as this dev is concerned, and cyborgs are never going to get human rights. It's woman versus world, and woman versus society, all wrapped into one neatly neurodependent prison.
You're a supercop, you can take notes in your head and hit up the mindnet for info, but you can't just unplug. You're pretty dependant on others which, any superhero junkie will tell you, is your weak spot.
📷“We’ve got a cyberpunk cop, a Bladerunner and Johnny Mnemonic-inspired world, a ton of items to finagle in an inventory, and luscious, jaggy pixel art to enjoy. I’m basically eating it up.” Fanbyte
Ironically the drones and automated bots that make your life normal rendered you obsolete. After the war which burned down a large part of the world as you know it, you're left serving in a fairly hopeless dystopia. If you somehow make it to work (Quest 1 in this beautiful pixel art homage to the classic adventure game), you receive a simple assignment. You've got your typical informant and your POI (person of interest). Unfortunately these simple leads turn up some dangerous information, and you beat a quick tactical retreat to the darker parts of the city for more information. 📷“The Sundew looks fantastic. It's dark, wet, and a bit of a downer but in a beautiful way. You want to stand in Anna's apartment and stick your hand out of the window to catch the falling raindrops.” Rock Paper Shotgun
Weirdly, the Sundew - a carnivorous plant - are a clue to the mysteries that lie beneath. Sundews are a real world carnivorous plant that lure insects in with nectar, before slowly digesting them like little Sarlaccs. They're springing up all over, not that that's necessarily a threat to the human race. Or cyborgs. The megalopolis of Shibukawa is much of what's left of Japan and exploring it gives you the backdrop for the more modern issues of cyborg rights, global conspiracy and the dystopia that naturally, and unnaturally, emerges with urbanization.
📷"The Sundew is an unrivalled modernisation of the point-and-click genre. It’s stunning, engaging – and best of all, feels like it might just usher in a subgenre renaissance." That Film Blog
From the city proper to her islands, Anna takes her job seriously, tracking the carnivorous plant to its origins, seeking out the growing resistance and trying to connect with the refugees who may hold the key to a case that could place her permanently on the run. Technology is the ultimate threat, and the last one she wants to confront. With more than one ending, you're taking the future into your own hands.
📷“This pixel-based point-and-click adventure still had me hooked to the end. All the more remarkable for being a solo effort, The Sundew is a real treat for adventure fans, cyberpunk aficionados or anyone who’s sick of being a chirpy chosen one.” GameSpew
With overall glowing reviews for art style and setting, The Sundew's only hiccups are the usual adventure complaints, having to got back for storyline objects (in its defense you're a cop), and length of gameplay. Translated from a foreign language, it does an incredible job handling world issues, character growth and plot, and gathered a lot of interest for a simple game from a one woman studio.
Check it out! Gameplay:
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2023.06.08 16:26 oopsie-daisey How can I end a long-term friendship?

This is my alt because they know my main. I posted this a while ago & deleted it because I got nervous.
I am a very non confrontational person. I’ve known my friend since freshman year of high school (now we are both 23). I feel like our worldviews drastically changed in college and now they are someone who I am having a hard time staying friends with. It hasn’t been any one action that they’ve done, but many actions that have built up over the years.
Another good friend of mine just suggested I let it fizzle, but I am also unsure how to do that. They are the type of person to be persistent, and they have called me their ride or die in the past.
What’s the best way to end something with so much history without being an asshole? I mean, I know that someone is going to be hurt here if I stop the friendship, but is there a kind way to go about this?
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2023.06.08 16:25 horanghaeshi 23[F4M] Hamilton date ?

Hi! Looking for someone to watch Hamilton with me this October. I'm taking the gap year before going to grad school so I'm free for the whole October (you can choose which dates ur available). My friends already booked their tickets and wala ng avail sa date na pupunta sila so dito na lang ako maghanap since I don't wanna go alone 🥹 not a die-hard fan but I enjoy listening to some of their songs so i wanna watch the whole show. we could also get dinner before/after the show. also, im not yet working so kkb tayo 😅 we could also exchange ig (tho mines empty) or pics or phone numbers if thats what u prefer. just pm sa interested
about me: -5'2 -big 4 -should be graduating this yr (hopefully 😭) -friends say im cute naman daw -kinda awk at first but i can get a bit chatty when i feel comfy na
u: -pref big 4 -23-28 y/o -respectful (strictly sfw lang pls) -willing to usap or go out first so we could vibe check HAHA
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2023.06.08 16:24 Fart-Basket Dreaming of being married to someone else

Not sure what’s going on in my subconscious, but lately (almost every night) I’ve been having dreams that I’m married to someone else. It’s always someone that I haven’t seen in over 20 years, but who I had strong feelings for back in high school. They’re very emotional dreams and I wake up feeling extremely drained / sad. It takes hours before I feel normal.
Does anyone else experience these?
Not sure if it’s relevant but I’m in a happy, stable marriage of 7 years with an amazing woman that I love very with all my heart, and we’ll be welcoming our third child on Tuesday. We have been going through a lot of stress lately, but we’re very close and have a strong bond. As far as the women in my dreams they’re people I haven’t even seen or thought about in years.
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2023.06.08 16:24 AlarmingAd1938 Should I take my teens classes for her?

I have an 18 year old. She just turned 18 a few months ago. She is in virtual school however she has not been signing in to do the work. I was helping (doing the work) for her to catch up but I'm not sure if I should do or even if i can do this anymore.
She will be a senior in September if she finishes her 4 classes over the summer.
As of now she doesn't work. Doesn't do much of anything other than play on her phone, eat here and there and meet up with a friend or two once in awhile. Her friends are either working, driving or in college with their own apartment. She eats and leaves messes and everything all over the home and doesnt have the best of hygiene.
She doesn't seem to really have any future goals. She said she doesn't understand why she (or anyone) should have to work to live. She also said that nothing career wise interests her.
We are moving in two months. My partner and I have rented a place and she's not happy about it but it's going to happen and I'm hoping that this will spark some change in her as she won't be able to continue this comfy routine in the new house.
Yes, she's been in therapy for most of her life and she says she never wanted to be there and that it doesn't and never helped. No she is not on medication and denies that she is depressed or anything. Yes we do have mental illness in our family and yes she has said she'd like to undergo an evaluation for a more clear diagnosis. I think she feels that she has ADD/ADHD. They had diagnosed her with anxiety when she was younger.
My question is do I let her fail or drop out of high school or should I just take the classes for her so that she can get the diploma? I'm worried she'll never get the diploma and won't be able to get the most basic of jobs.
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2023.06.08 16:24 spotlightgrowth Enhancing School Safety with Siyata Mobile's (NASDAQ: SYTA) SD7 Handheld Device and CrisisGo Integration

Enhancing School Safety with Siyata Mobile's (NASDAQ: SYTA) SD7 Handheld Device and CrisisGo Integration Amid rising school safety concerns in the US, communication solutions provider Siyata Mobile and safety platform CrisisGo have teamed up to bolster safety preparedness in schools. They have integrated Siyata's SD7 handheld device with CrisisGo's platform to enhance communication during emergencies, such as active shooter situations. The solution includes features such as instant panic alarm activation, mass notifications, and immediate two-way communication with first responders. The SD7-CrisisGo integration represents a significant improvement over traditional Land Mobile Radio systems, offering a clearer, uninterrupted connection and more comprehensive safety features. This includes the ability to equip school buses with the device, providing precise location data and push-to-talk capabilities. Siyata Mobile has recently secured multiple large orders worth $3.85 million in total and has expanded its distribution network. This includes significant deals in the education sector and a distribution agreement with Two Way Direct, Inc., and KPN Royal Dutch Telecom. https://spotlightgrowth.com/enhancing-school-safety-with-siyata-mobiles-nasdaq-syta-sd7-handheld-device-and-crisisgo-integration/
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2023.06.08 16:24 h0memadedynamite [26F] [31M] May have gone too far by acting distant after being rejected by my friend; should I try to smooth things over or just let it go?

So my friend [31 trans M] and I [26F] originally met through work a couple years ago. We both worked closely, so we became work buddies and quickly became best friends outside of work too. It was kind of an intense friendship; we both had no other close friends besides each other, so we sort of relied on each other for social interaction and did tons of activities together. We're also both introverts with social anxiety, so I think we were a bit codependent, as it's hard for us to make friends (with him being a worse off than me - he said he hasn't been close to anyone in 10+ years). We had a ton in common, and with our close emotional bond I started to develop feelings.
Given that he was way more introverted than I was, I found myself being the initiator about 80% of the time. He almost always agreed to plans enthusiastically (I mean, he also never had plans of his own), but every so often he would decline the invitation due to mental health, being busy with school, whatever, and whenever that happened I would be gutted and fall into a mini depression for a few days. But whenever things were going well, I would feel euphoric. He was also satisfied with hanging out only once every 1-2 weeks, while I would have been happy to see him almost every day. His lack of initiation did bother me and made me feel he wasn't invested, but whenever we were together in person, he always gave me his full attention, almost like he hung on my every word, and was supportive whenever I needed help. We always had a good time together, and hours would just fly by for both of us, we could talk to each other about anything. And he'd drop anything if I needed a favor or was having a bad day; he'd come right over with snacks and just listen to me vent. He's taken care of my pet and helped me move in multiple times. However, if left to his own devices, it would take him maybe 1-2 weeks to text or initiate plans himself as he values his alone time (also might be an avoidant attachment type).
Now we no longer work together, and he is really busy with school and his new job (works 70 hours a week). He would still make time to hang out with me almost as frequently as before, even though he only had a full day off once every 2 weeks. I still feared that we would grow apart, so I guess as a last-ditch effort I told him my feelings for him, hoping it would mean he would step up his efforts and finally give me the reciprocation I've always been wanting from him.
Turns out, he's only into men and only saw me as a best friend. He says in any case, he needs a best friend more than a partner at this point in his life anyway. I guess I should have seen this coming, as he hasn't dated anyone in over a decade, and sometimes mentioned male celebrities he found attractive but never female, but I just assumed he was into women too and was just too shy to tell me he liked me. I interpreted his generous nature as signs of interest, but he says he just felt an immense loyalty towards me because I am his best friend and also one of the only people he feels safe around because I always supported his identity/him being trans.
He seemed genuinely upset and hoped we could remain close friends, and told me to "lead the friendship" for a while so he knew how much space to give me. I told him that I wasn't sure if we'd still be close, but I hoped we wouldn't be alienated from each other. Anyway, I did as he told me to do, and texted him a few times the following week just to keep some semblance of communication going, but he seemed a bit cold and distant, taking forever to reply. We planned on hanging out a couple weeks out from when I confessed, but he canceled, saying he was busy for 3 weeks with work and school.
So after that, I felt a bit hurt, and I made a pact with myself to not text him at all unless he reached out first. I also started working on myself/my life and moving on. A week later he checked in, but I became cold/distant myself like he had, and I sort of left the convo hanging. The next week he asked to hang out, and I rescheduled, but eventually we hung out. At this point, he's initiated the last 3 text conversations, also seemed more enthusiastic and sometimes even replied instantly.
When we hung out, a couple weeks ago, I was excited to tell him about my new life developments and hoped he could be happy that I'd moved on a bit. I started a new job, enrolled in a new class, started running races on the weekends, and been meeting a lot of new people. However, instead of being supportive like he usually is, he seemed competitive and almost jealous of my progress. He kept trying to cut me down, kept emphasizing how "nerdy and introverted" I was, even compared grades between us in the classes we're taking (like he physically pulled up an assignment to show he scored higher than I did). I asked him if he had done anything social at all in the 6 weeks we hadn't seen each other and he said no, that he had nothing in common with his classmates/coworkers and they were all too young or old for him. It was just weird as he's never acted competitive before, and that's one of the reasons why I originally liked him so much as a friend. I wonder if he just expected us to go back to being friends like before, and didn't expect me to have moved on to some degree and that's why he was acting that way.
We made tentative plans to hang out this past weekend, but neither of us reached out so we just never hung out. Now, he's starting to post cringey things on social media like how he's now into running (he was never interested in it before) and suddenly hanging out with his coworker all the time who is more than a decade younger than him, who he'd recently said was immature/annoying. It just seems suspicious he's suddenly into one of my hobbies I told him about and also suddenly motivated to be social once I told him I was making new friends. To put it into perspective, he hasn't posted on social media about anything in the past 2 years unless it involved us, so I don't know if he's just doing this to try to get a reaction out of me/to make me jealous. In any case, I don't want to stoop down to his level, and don't want there to be a petty/competitive energy between us.
I realize I haven't initiated a text or hangout in the past 6 weeks, and also have been making a lot of changes in my life, so I'm worried I gave the impression that I no longer want to be friends or need him anymore. I do want to be friends with him, but I don't think we can ever go back to how close we were before, problem is I never explicitly communicated that. Another problem is that I'm still feeling emotionally dependent on him to some extent, except the highs have died down but I still experience the lows a bit, so the distance has been therapeutic in a way and I'm worried I'll fall back into that pattern to some extent. However, he was a good friend to me in the past, before I confessed feelings and I don't want to lose him completely. He truly means a lot to me, even if he can't love me romantically. I also don't want to look like a bad friend and that I was only interested in him as a romantic option and didn't value his friendship. Should I attempt to smooth things over with him? Or just sort of let things fade away?
tl;dr: Confessed feelings to my best friend, he rejected me but wanted to stay friends. However, he initially pulled away so I pulled away in response and started moving on; then he got somewhat clingy and competitive/jealous after hearing about the changes I've made to move on. Now we're both acting distant. Do I attempt to salvage the friendship or just move on?
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2023.06.08 16:24 Moonlight-gospel She married someone else

I (26m) just found out that the love of my life recently got married.
I met the love of my life when I was in college about 6 years ago. To make a long story short, we had a great relationship for 2 years. I knew a couple of weeks in that I loved her and wanted to marry her.
The relationship ended in large part due to a disability I developed as a result of a couple seemingly minor accidents. Without getting into exactly what it is, it affected my ability to feel emotion and make decisions. Neither of us knew there was something medically wrong with me at the time, and my poor decision making led to our breakup. Very soon after, the condition worsened and transformed into a 24/7 chronic pain disorder. It’s been about 4 years of fighting to get to a point where I could work full time, overcome pain-induced depression, go to grad school, and get a great full-time job.
She’s the primary reason I’ve been able to survive this disability and still succeed. I had this fantasy that I had a chance of winning her back if only I could get better. I did try a couple times to reconnect previously as friends, but, in short she was not interested. I really regret though that I never told her how I feel. That I still love her. That I still literally dream of her. I’ve fought so hard and I finally felt like I’m close to a place where there could be some hope of me being ‘good enough’ to take one final shot at reconnecting. And now I can’t.
I used to be proud of myself for getting to where I am despite my disability. Now I’ve realized that I failed myself. I didn’t get better. I didn’t tell her how I feel. I didn’t win her back. I let hopelessness win. What I really wanted from my life is to spend it with her. I didn’t do well enough for that to happen. I failed.
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2023.06.08 16:22 mbenny69 My (M20) Ex (F19) just told me I was a dare. What should I do?

I (M20) dated this girl (F19) back in the beginning of high school. I asked her out like 3 times and on the last time she said yes. We broke because I moved but now we both go to the same college and we’ve become pretty good friends and I asked her why she said yes on the last time and she said it was because our friends dared her to go out with me. I don’t know how to feel about this especially since she acted like this wasn’t a big deal and tried to just brush past it. I don’t want to lose her as a friend but I think is just unacceptable. Also I just don’t have many friends. What should I do? Should I confront her and say how much that hurts to hear, just drop her as a friend entirely, or should I just move past it since it was in the past?
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2023.06.08 16:22 friskyfrog224 What did you get your master's in?

I’m a second-year teacher in a large US city. I teach high school English. I graduated university with a degree in English and a certification to teach secondary English (my uni had a secondary education program).
So instead of having to take a master’s in education, I had the freedom to work towards a degree that, professionally and personally, I was interested in.
I’m 24 years old, still at that young age where older people will give me unsolicited advice (which I don’t necessarily mind). Friends of parents, administrators, teachers, they all encouraged me to go to grad school and earn a second certification–maybe in special education, TESOL, or literacy. I do not want to teach any of those specialties. I want to teach English, so I responded to their advice with that I will be taking a master’s in literature because I love literature and I want to pigeon-hole myself into teaching what I want to teach. I see so many people with two certifications end up teaching whatever their second certification is in.
I’m halfway through my master’s in literature program and I am amazed at how much I have learned about teaching. I have a greater imagination for creating writing assignments. I am so much better at close-reading and pointing things out to students in a text. I am so much more confident in my teaching style and persona. And of course my content-knowledge is improving drastically. I believe that the most interesting teachers have a ton of content knowledge. Well that could also be my preference as a student. Why is developing content knowledge totally ignored by admin and education thought-leaders while everything is about pedagogy and practice?
I am lucky to have some very inspiring professors who remind me that I need to teach in a way that is honest to who I am, not to the ever-changing fads and methods in education.
TL;DR: I learned more about teaching in a master’s in literature program than in all of my education courses (except for the observing & student-teaching practicums).
What did you get your master’s in? How did it impact your teaching?
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