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2023.03.20 17:24 AcrobaticDistance299 Figuring out a close family member

Figuring out a close family member
I had a close family member pop up. From conversation I know she is adopted but none of the names she gave me connect with anything I know. She could be a child my mother had, but my mother also has 2 or 3 sisters who could be her birth mother. Is there any way to figure this out? Notable: I asked my mother if she had a kid she never told me about and she said that these sites get it wrong all the time. But she never did take the 23&me test I got her so I can't rule her out. Family relationships aren't the greatest over here I guess lol.
If it helps, she was born in 71, I was born in 83, which I think also complicates it. My mother would have had to have been very young, like 14 or so to have had her. This is actually driving me crazy though trying to figure out.
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2023.03.20 17:22 keithmckeever The VA Medical Claims Process: Insider Tips from Clayton Simms

The VA medical claims process can be a challenging and complicated journey for many transitioning service members and veterans, especially those who are dealing with injuries or illnesses related to their military service. This process involves submitting a claim to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to receive benefits such as healthcare, disability compensation, and pension.
There is a lot to consider when filing a claim however with the help of veterans like Clayton Simms, or other veteran service officers (VSO's), veterans can learn how to navigate the VA claims process with a little higher chance of success and hopefully less stress. By providing valuable insights and actionable advice, veterans can take control of their claims and receive the care and benefits they need to live a better life after their service.
Clayton's advice is not only informative but also actionable, providing practical steps that veterans can take to ensure they receive the care and support they are entitled to. From understanding the timing of claims to the easiest and hardest claims to get, Clayton covers it all. He offers valuable insights into the common mistakes that veterans make when filing their claims and provides tips on how to avoid them.

Watch the Full Interview with Clayton:

Clayton and Keith discuss the following...
  1. Navigating the system
  2. VA Math!
  3. That infamous jump from 90-100%
  4. The best time to file a claim.
  5. Three things to know to win your claim
  6. How long a C&P exam takes
  7. Easiest and most common claims
  8. Most difficult to get claims

Listen to the full episode here:

Guest Links:

Battle Buddy Podcast Links:
Veterans Crisis Line: 988 Press 1 or Text 838255

#bbp #veteranpodcast #veteran #battlebuddy #vamedicalclaims #vaclaims #vaclaimsproces #military #veteransbenefits
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2023.03.20 17:22 TechNerd-1138 Review my security? Too little or too much?

I wanted to review my security setup with you as maybe I don't see the weakest link
  1. Backup codes and veracrypt encryption backup codes saved in a notepad with other filew that are encrypted in a zip file that has a strong password (saved in bitwarden)
  2. The zip file is in a veracrypt vault on one of the cloud provider and the pw to the vault is saved in bw. The pw for the cloud is also in bw but behind a 2fa.
  3. Bitwarden masterpassword in my head
Passwords :
  1. Where I could I put 2fa with aegis
  2. Aegis password is a variation of my bitwarden pw. (in my head)
  3. Most pw are saved in bitwarden except for 2 or 3 main email pw that I have in my head and they are secured with 2fa.
  1. All ssd and HDD are encrypted with either bit locker, vercrypt or cryptomator
  2. Secure boot enabled
  3. I don't have HDD password set in bios nor a bios pw.
  1. Behind vpn with killswitch
  2. Antifingerprinting methods
  3. Sometimes using vm together with tor
Nuclear solution :
  1. Tails out of a dedicated different pc with an external WiFi card
Should I change something? I think the moment someone discover my bitwarden pw they can open my vaults with ease. How to make an additional line of defence there?
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2023.03.20 17:22 DrawingIndividual How likely is it that my tooth is not dead?

Over the past couple of weeks, one tooth has been hurting sometimes, especially when I eat/drink something cold. I also noticed that it’s suddenly slightly brown/orange in color compared to the other teeth. It will look grey in different lighting.
I went to the dentist for an emergency appointment because I thought I might have a dead tooth. The dentist did an X-ray and a test using a metal device to test the teeth’s reaction to pain.
Dentist said x-ray looked normal but because the tooth did not react to what should have been pain (when he used the device for the test), he said the tooth was dead as I should have felt something.
I then proceeded to tell him that the pain stopped a couple of days ago right when I began using the Prevident he prescribed (prescribed because I had other sensitive teeth in the past). I also started using Plax when the pain went away because I noticed plaque forming. When I told him this he said “oh, that changes things. If your tooth stopped hurting after using the Prevident, maybe that fixed whatever was causing this and this is something entirely different.”
He said he could do a root canal but wouldn’t recommend we do that just yet since the pain went away with the Prevident and he said there’s no inflammation so he wants to wait and see because he thinks it might not be a dead tooth as he said he’s unsure.
I’m just concerned because I read that a dead tooth should be treated immediately. Should I just do the root canal now since the tooth is still slightly grey?
I do not drink, smoke or have any other medical condition.
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2023.03.20 17:22 BeastMode2924 What to do with these extra non-team primes? Is there anything better than combining?

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2023.03.20 17:22 autotldr Millions of student-loan borrowers will experience 'devastating' delays in debt relief if a GOP proposal to cut spending goes through, Biden's Education Secretary says

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 61%. (I'm a bot)
Federal agencies are responding to a Republican plan to cut spending levels - and its impacts don't look pretty.
In January, House Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Rosa DeLauro wrote to all federal agency heads asking how a Republican plan to cap fiscal year 2024 spending at the 2022 level would impact their agencies and the Americans they serve.
Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, in his response, elaborated on the "Devastating effects" the GOP proposal would have on students and parents who rely on financial aid - especially student-loan borrowers.
A 22% spending reduction would cut $468 million to service financial aid, and if funding were kept at the 2022 level, "More than 40 million student loan borrowers would be impacted through decreased service hours and longer turnaround times to make changes to student loan repayment plans, or obtain a deferment, forbearance, or discharge of student loans."
With Biden's broad plan to cancel student debt stalled as the Supreme Court makes a final decision on the legality of the relief, borrowers have had questions on what the relief means for their repayment.
Still, Democrats are waiting for a concrete plan from the opposing party on what type of spending cuts they want to see in a potential deal to raise the debt ceiling and keep the US on top of paying its bills, so it's unclear how exactly the Education Department will be impacted by any forthcoming cuts.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: spend#1 cut#2 student#3 agency#4 Republican#5
Post found in /politics.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.20 17:21 KompanionKube Fold 4 Internal Screen Crease Lines

I'm starting to get very fine lines from the internal screen crease on my Fold 4, the mark of effiential screen failure. They are very faint and I can only catch it in the right light (mostly direct sunlight).
The question is should I go ahead and start a warranty claim or wait until it gets worse? I had this before on my Fold 3 and it seems like once it starts, it degrades extremely quickly (or at least from my experience). I'm just not sure of Samsung's inspection process. I don't want them to not see anything, send it back, and then it fail a month later and I have to send the phone back again.
Anyone had experience? Also, all the pixels still function fine with no black bar, so I guess it could just be the screen protector. Should I just take that off first and see?
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2023.03.20 17:21 Positive_Park_2622 Dating after a break up

Hi All, Hope you are all doing ok Today, I am just enquiring about a post break-up situation I have found myself in , I am almost 9 months on from my break up of a 10 Year relationship , I am doing very well mentally as in I accepted that when someone needs a change or wants someone different in their lives you just have to respect their decision albeit the trauma it causes is and then just continue the Journey they call life, we get 1 chance at this so no point dwelling on the past lads, just focus on yourself , go on dates, chat to as many people as you can - I have had 5 Dates since my ex, it never went beyond 2 Dates with the exception of the 4th one who I was in a relationship with for a very brief time, what I find about dating after a break up is it can actually damage your healing, because I find you miss them even more , but as I said I am doing pretty well now so it doesn’t last long but I am wondering does anybody else get this, is it too early ( 9 months ) after a 10 Year relationship ending ? Maybe i should hold off meeting these women but then again if you're not in the draw you won't win as they say, I am finding that as time moves on I am not comparing as much as I was the first 2 or 3 , I like going on dates , its amazing how different every person is, its exciting am hoping I can meet someone for a relationship as they be getting the best version of me, I know where I went wrong in the previous relationship wont me making same mistake twice, you learn so much about yourself when involved in a break-up.
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2023.03.20 17:21 Jazzlike_Success_968 The 2 Georges

*George & another guy are in line for a new position at work. Every time George is in Steinbrenner's office, this guy comes in, interrupting & starts impressing a gullible Steinbrenner with a bunch of crazy stories as they laugh it up.
George doesn't know how to compete so finally he blurts out
"Yea? ...Well I knew one of the Beatles!"
Steinbrenner loves it but the other guy is obviously skeptical & asks 'which one?'
G - ...Uh George! ...Yea, yea, it was always a running joke 'The 2 Georges, Paul use to call us!'
Now George has to keep telling a very interested Steinbrenner stories about George Harrison for hours
J - Why, George??
G - Well I had to say SOMETHING Jerry! ...I can't compete with this other guy, Steinbrenner loves his stories!
J - No idiot ...not 'Why George?' I mean 'WHY, GEORGE?' ...as in why not John, Paul or Ringo?
G - Ringo?? ...Come on Jerry
J - ...Yeah, alright I see your point but what about the other 2?
G - Well I couldn't pick Paul... he's still alive! ...He can still refute my story!
J - Where in God's name do you ever think YOU'RE gonna run into Paul McCartney?
G - I had to think QUICK Jerry... I was trying to cover all my bases
...& besides them, there's just the 2 dead ones
J - I see... & George just popped up into your head there
G - I just thought knowing John Lennon was kind of unbelievable
J - Where as knowing George Harrison is totally believable
G - Jerry ya gotta help me here. What the hell am I supposed to tell him?? Help!
J - Ya need somebody
G - Help!
*Jerry points at himself & shakes his head
J - Not just anybody
*Later at lunch with Steinbrenner
S - So George Harrison liked tuna with the crust cut off too huh?
G - The EXACT same thing that you ordered sir! Extra mayo & all, it's unbelievable!
S - Uh huh, uh huh great minds think alike eh Castanza? Ya know what George? I was thinking that this new position we have might... be... perfect for a guy like yoou
G - Well sir, I uh...
S - That other guy, what's his name? ...He's a bit of a suck up. A schmoozer George! Not you though. No, you're a very straight forward individual. I! can! see! THAT! ...Ya know who you remind me of? Babe Ruth, that's who!
...Ya kind of look like a sultan
G - Sir, I uh... I don't know what to say... I would LOVE...
Waitress - It should just be a few more minutes gentlemen
G - Thanks. Umm, excuse me. If it's not too late, do you think you could uh, get them to hold the cheese on my sandwich?
Waitress - Sure!
S - aah no cheese for CA STAN ZA.... little backed up are we there EH Georgie boooy??
...Alright! What else ya got for me Gman?! Come on! Let's hear it! ...Mr. Steinbrenner needs his EX CITE MENT... keep it coming... I gotta have it all Geooorge! Give it to me babyyyyyy!!

*At the end of the episode. George walks into Jerry's place looking defeated, shuffling his feet with his head down
J - What's the matter?
G - It's all over Jerry
J - What?
G - I didn't get it
J - The promotion? Why not?
G - Steinbrenner went on a business TRIP Jerry! That's why
J - A trip where?
*George pauses for a moment
G - ......England!
J - England!
G - England Jerry...
While he was there somebody really wanted to meet him
J - **Gasp* NO!
G - Oh yes
J - Sir Paul?!
G - Apparently he's a HUGE fan of baseball, has been his entire life
....I didn't even know they had baseball in England!!
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2023.03.20 17:20 Wrong_Cellist_7103 SONY WH-1000XM4 automatically turn on and go into pairing mode

These headphones I’ve had for just over 2 months (no warranty) and am having problems where the power button on the left ear cup doesn’t respond well. When pressed to turn off, it may take around 5 seconds to hold in which case it will turn off and then turn back on and go into pairing mode. Even when leaving the headphones on and not on my ears, it will turn off after the 15 mins and then turn back on and go into pairing mode and it will do this repeatedly without fail essentially just draining the battery. The only way to turn off the headphones for good it too charge it.
I’ve seen a thread of someone with this problem but with the XM3 model and they resolved it by opening up the left ear cup and finding the ribbon cable that has the power button and letting it dry out. However the XM4 model is a bit different to the XM3 where it doesn’t allow you to access that ribbon cable like the XM3. There aren’t any YouTube videos that show a fix on the XM4 and am asking if somebody has had this problem and what did they do to fix it or if someone is specialised in this area that can give me some advice.
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2023.03.20 17:19 NomDePlume007 Asus P8Z77-V DELUXE - Video Cards Not Recognized in Win10

  1. Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V DELUXE
  2. BIOS: Latest (8/13/2013 - don't judge...)
  3. CPU: i7-3770K
  4. GPU: RTX 2070
  5. PSU: Corsair 850W
  6. OS Drive: Samsung 870 EVO - SATA SSD
  7. OS: Windows 10 Pro - build 19045

Updated my aging tower system last week, to add a new SATA SSD and dress in the cabling a little more neatly. Somewhere in the process, I got into a boot loop, boot drive not recognized, etc.
Finally decided on a clean install, on new Samsung SSD. Windows 10 is installed, configured, and updates applied. All drives accessible, no issues with useability.
Problem: I now only have onboard video.
Video cards (I tried two: RTX 2070 and GTX 1060) work, but only for BIOS access. Once I save and go to Windows, I get the circular loading icon, and then... black screen. Keyboard loses power at the same time (all LEDs go dark), but PC seems to be working, it doesn't reboot. Just no Windows.
Take out video card, use onboard HDMI - boots right to BIOS or Windows.
Reinstall video card, use same HDMI cable - no Windows - only BIOS.
I'm about ready to just look for a new/used Z77 mobo and rebuild the system, or install Linux and use the PC as a media server, but figured I'd check with the community first.
Any ideas?
Did I FUBAR something in BIOS? Something I overlooked, that's required to use a graphics card?
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2023.03.20 17:19 bajungadustin Sudden pain in several joints last month and now more have started hurting.

About 4 to 6 weeks ago I was laying face down in bed with my head across my forearm. As I was breathing in and out the movement required the smallest bit of rotation from my left elbow. I noticed that this little. But or rotation was causing a "creaking" effect. Like my body forgot to lube my elbow. It was not audible but the closest thing I can come to describing it is a ship creaking on water. Like a "crik crik crik" when I breathed in and again when I breathed out.
I didn't think much of it until I got up the next morning and realized that lifting anything caused a good deal of pain. Like lifting anything heavier than a can of soda caused me to wince in pain. I was still able to lift it but it was very uncomfortable.
About 1 or 2 days later I noticed pain in my right shoulder. This pain also revolved around lifting things. Like trying to pick up my backpack was fairly painful but picking up smaller things was not as bad as the left arm. Also specific rotations would cause me to almost yell out in pain. Like putting my arm up like I'm waving is fine but moving it back from that position like I'm about to throw a ball is terrible.
There was no injury involved and I checked for swelling and there wasn't any so I thought maybe it would go away so I ignored it. It has got a little better over the last month but I can still feel it every time I lift something and even right now just typing I'm aware that my elbow and shoulder don't feel normal.
Fast forward to 2 days ago and my left shoulder started hurting also. Same aexact pain as the other shoulder. And now today my left knee has started hurting also.
I was fine to give the arms time to heal on their own and count it as coincidence that 2 joints both managed to have pain. Now that it's 4 joints though I'm a little less leaning towards coincidence and more leaning towards something is attacking my joints.
Any help or insight would be great. I'm making an appointment with my doc today.
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2023.03.20 17:19 rock_fact Should I switch jobs?

Job A (current job): -working in Education -summers, holidays, spring break, etc. off with additional 10 days PTO -7:30-3:30 M-F with “flex hours” for appointments (i.e. if I or my daughter have an appointment within 2 hours of the end of my contract time, I can just go without taking PTO) -fantastic boss and coworkers, surprisingly good work culture for education -about $62K annually -don’t really see myself doing this long term and don’t really love what I spend 50% of my time doing.
Job B (potential job): -working in healthcare -typical 2 weeks PTO and as far as I know less flexible scheduling. working holidays is a possibility. -7:30-4:00 M-F -unknown about boss, coworkers, etc. -about $85K annually due to working more (hourly is about $7 more) -much more interested in the day-to-day functioning of this job. this would help me get into the setting I want to be in by the end of my career.
I have a 1.5 year old and I’m just so torn on staying with the more flexible job that I don’t looooove or switching to one that I would probably enjoy more but with much less flexible scheduling. Help!!!
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2023.03.20 17:18 PeteRich [Advice] - Travelling by plane using PR card after taking citizenship ceremony oath and waiting for citizenship certificate. Is this possible?

Hi there. Looking for advice not judgement here.
Background: I am currently a permanent resident of Canada. I have a valid PR card and I submitted my citizenship application months ago.
Context: My girlfriend and I are travelling to the Caribbean on Apr 5th. This trip has been booked for over 10 months.
Problem: last week I received the surprise email with my notice to appear for the citizenship oath ceremony on Mar 21st - tomorrow. The timing couldn’t be worse as they make you cut up your PR card or documents on the call. I emailed the address provided where it says that if you cannot attend to get in contact to re-schedule. I created the email, provided the proof of travel tickets and explained that this trip is critical as I will be proposing to my girlfriend and there are several arrangements made that have been in the works for so long they cannot be re-arranged. In spite of all this. They told me no. Indicated it’s a notice to appear, not an invitation and told me in the final email that “failure to appear will result in a Final Notice to Appear for ceremony”
The timing: I am beyond stressed. I am going to try to have my Canadian passport application filled as soon as I can. I know I will not receive my physical paper citizenship certificate in the mail in time before the trip to bring that to the passport office to apply so I was advised that about 48h after I submit my signed oath form online I could try my luck at applying for an express temporary validity passport (2 years). Being that I will be in the system as a citizen but my certificate will be getting processed. I was told this is an exception and essentially up to the discretion of the folks at the passport office which is not comforting.
Looking for any advice and ultimately curious. Has anyone travelled by plan outside of the country using their valid PR card after having taken the citizenship oath? I’m aware you’re not supposed to but I’m asking if it has been done. My understanding is that if I make it back to Canada I should be ok to prove I’m a citizen at that point. My fear is being denied boarding of the flight back to Canada.
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2023.03.20 17:18 anikom15 Wife added some ‘friends’ to the tank

I have a 20 gallon with six guppies and three corys (unfortunately I had a tank leak mishap that ultimately resulted in losing three other corys) The tank was doing very well. Plants were growing and we had a bladder snail population keeping the algae in check.
I went out of town over the weekend and when I got home three 2–3 inch goldfish were added to the tank. Apparently these were rehomed from my wife’s friend’s tank.
So now I have three very hungry goldfish in a tank not planned for them, and probably too small.
The water parameters are good with less than 10 ppm nitrates. The plants were keeping the nitrates at 0 so the goldfish seem to have actually gotten the number to rise.
There is not a single snail visible in the tank. The walls are now covered in detritus worms. I’m assuming the goldfish ate the snails.
The question is what do I do to control algae in this tank? I set the tank up as a low-maintenance planted tank. With the goldfish eating any snails, do I just have to suck it up and clean off the algae and worms every week? Obviously adding ‘cleaning’ fish is out of the question now. We don’t really have more space (or budget) to make an appropriate tank or pond for the goldfish.
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2023.03.20 17:18 dshine-27 Spending a lot of time committing to boundaries and breaking off/drawing boundaries with a toxic family background. Any notions of when it will all feel less heavy/how to find relief from it all?

Spending a lot of time committing to boundaries and breaking off/drawing boundaries with a toxic family background. Any notions of when it will all feel less heavy/how to find relief from it all? submitted by dshine-27 to astrologyreadings [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 17:18 Nexochickenknight Solo molten mode with g scout only(no supports)

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2023.03.20 17:17 Nouns_2023 Porting numbers to Microsoft Calling Plan is insanity!!!

We use Operator Connect thankfully, but they don't support Toll Free on Teams and instead do it like a normal one that forwards to a DID which means I have to get a separate invoice just for them. As such, I figured I might as well port them to Microsoft since they are so infrequently used.
I submit my first order for 1 number and it says 5 business days minimum is required. Their calendar to pick your date had the next 5 days greyed out, so I picked the earliest one which was about 7 days away. The second I sign the LOA, I get an email saying my provider has rejected the port for being less than 5 days and that I need to cancel the port and resubmit with a later date. I request the port be cancelled. That was a week ago, it STILL says "Cancellation Pending" and Microsoft support is telling me that they have to wait for my current provider to cancel the port before I can resubmit!
I then submit a new port for 3 other TF's that I have. This time I pick a date 2 weeks from now, or about 15 days. I sign the LOA, once again I immediately get an email saying the port was rejected by my provider (Telnyx) for being too soon and that I must pick a date at least 5 business days away. I contact Telnyx, they say they have received nothing about porting any of my numbers let alone rejected them.
I once again try to cancel that port, and it has been 3 days now same thing saying "Cancellation Pending" and that we are waiting on my current provider to cancel it. I can't submit anything new until these ports are closed off as it says I already have an open port for that number.
I don't really need any help here, more just ranting I guess, but I know people say Microsoft Calling Plans are bad, but my god this is borderline incompetent.
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2023.03.20 17:17 Playful_Snow Diary of the DGH ICU on call

(figured we might as well complete the set)
Sunday 16:00 - I'm awoken by the sound of my neighbour cutting his grass, despite the fact it's just rained. I rejoice in the fact I've managed 6 hours of unbroken sleep
16:10 - double macchiato from my Sage Barista Pro. It all feels like too much faff when facing down night 3/3. Make sure to grind some extra beans to take with the aeropress tonight
16:15 - contemplate going for a run, settle for browsing social media and eating hobnobs in bed
18:00 - my fiancé arrives home from her day out with her parents and makes me dinnebreakfast. My proximity to being 30 leaves me pining for an omeprazole
19:45 - arrive at work to find my consultant holding the bleep - the day on call is currently away at tertiary towers with a sick head. The bleep goes off - it's a cannula call. My consultant suggests their registrar has a go first - she's still got it
20:00 - handovenight ward round - the unit is relatively stable, and put to bed by 20:30. The nurse in charge informs me one of the longer stay trache weans is starting to rev up a bit, nipped in the bud with some NG olanzapine. My consultant tells me to give her a ring about anything and makes her exit
20:45 - it's the med reg, he's had a go at that cannula and not managed. I advise they speak to the theatre trainee on call (as there's nothing booked), but play coy and pretend I don't know how busy they are
21:00 - a patient spikes a fever of 38.5. They're already on IV domestos but I decide to do some cultures anyway to ease my boredom. We've waterboarded them over the last week so they're boggy enough I need the USS to extract any blood
21:30 - nightly meeting of the arrest/[email protected] team. I make my cursory appearance to suggest maybe I do the airway, and the med reg informs me he's not aware of any sickies on the ward
22:00 - day 1st on returns from tertiary towers. We make a bit of small talk and then I remember she's been at work for over 14 hours and I'm keeping her from bed
23:00 - I go to drink my coffee and realise I've left the grounds on the side at home. I raid the Nespresso machine in the theatre coffee room as a compromise whilst wondering if a checklist would have prevented this error
23:30 - pre alert from A and E - OOHCA. Patient is relatively young but the downtime is long. He's making some respiratory effort but not doing anything else. Needs a tube. The obs reg and theatre trainee are both free so come to give me a hand. Ring the boss to let her know we've got an admission
00:00 - new patient's family are here. They're very nice and understandably distraught. I explain the prognostication process to them, I doubt they've taken any of what I said in. I take a moment to remember that life is short and unfair sometimes
01:00 - sit down for my lunch when the nurse in charge fast walks down the corridor telling me the delirious trache wean patient has managed to pull their trache out. The stoma is well matured and he's making good respiratory effort so I manage to negotiate the stoma relatively easy and recannulate him
01:30 - sit down for my lunch when my bleep goes off - my presence is urgently required on labour ward. I'm not signed off for obs so begin to catastrophise about what could have happened to the obs reg. I run up the five flights of stairs as my bleep doesn't have the lift override key. The reg has just finished a cat 2 when they've called a proper cat 1 and needs another pair of hands whilst the theatre trainee is gassing for a hip relocation. I draw up some RSI drugs, prepare some airway equipment etc. whilst he attempts a quick spinal with the ODP. The spinal goes in fine and baby cries soon after. Mum and dad happy, smiles all round. I take a moment to remember sometimes our job is pretty great
02:00 - sit down for my lunch, third time's the charm. I once again pine for omeprazole
02:30 - I try to do some revision (learning) for the Primary but realise there's no way on God's Earth I will accomplish anything meaningful regarding the pharmacology of inhalational agents at this time
03:30 - I decide to chance a quick nap. I wake up every 15 minutes stressed that I've missed a bleep despite wedging it into my ear on max volume
05:30 - med reg - there's a moribund 85 year old nursing home resident with dementia who's aspirated on the ward and has a pO2 of 8 on 15L. The entire right side of their chest is whited out on the CXR. I suggest they're dying, but they would like an ICU review as there's no escalation plan and it's an acute deterioration. I bite my tongue and attend the ward
06:00 - brief review of the patient reveals they are indeed dying. I run it past the boss who agrees they aren't an ICU candidate. Med reg asks me to speak to the family as they've been told the ICU doctors will have a look at her by a well meaning F1. I take the F1 with me and explain what's happening - the family are thankfully very sensible. The F1 says thank you for the teaching opportunity but I wonder if she just thinks I'm a total knob for dragging her along for 20 minutes when she's close to finishing night 3/3
07:00 - check back in on trache wean patient. He's tucked up in bed and flat as anything - seems the olanzapine has kicked in
07:15 - another patient has pulled their NGT out. I take a cursory glance at their meds and decide it's very much a day team problem
07:50 - I spend the last 10 minutes of the shift updating the list and failing miserably to print it two sided. I decide it's the computer's fault
08:15 - handover is done and I practically skip out of the hospital knowing I'm not back tonight
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2023.03.20 17:17 Turbulent_Profit_831 Shall I trade my present MVP to get a prospective MVP given that I already have drafted an alien?

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2023.03.20 17:16 coolingnow Xiegu G90 User Manual and Basic Operation (Updated: 2023)

The Xiegu G90 is a portable 20W HF SDR amateur radio transceiver with built-in auto antenna tuner. The display unit and the radio can be separated. It is a new member of the Xiegu product family and the first model of the new “G” series.
It is a 24-bit @ 48kHz sampling rate SDR. It has excellent TX/RX performance and a highly configurable user interface.
• High-performance front end with narrowband pre-selection filters • Covers the frequency range of 0.5~30MHz, SSB/CW/AM/ FM* • 1.8 inch - high brightness color TFT LCD screen • ±24k bandwidth spectrum and waterfall display • Software-defined RX bandpass filters (CW mode down to 50Hz) • Detachable Front display unit • Up to 20W RF power output • Built-in wide-range automatic antenna tuner • Extensive Input/Output connections. • Baseband I/Q output. Interface with any external device that can handle baseband I/Q, including sound card-based or PC-based applications.

The following are some basic settings of Xiegu G90. To get a better understanding of the G90's capabilities and functions, please read the full Xiegu G90 User Manual made by Radioddity.

Band Selection
The G90's frequency range covers 0.5 to 30 MHz. Amateur frequencies within this range are divided into 10 bands, and band switching can be performed in a number of different ways.
Operation method: Press the BAND’s < or > button, and Switch to the next or previous operating band separately.
• Each amateur band has a user-defined frequency range associated with it. • The radio will be configured to allow 60-meter band operation if your country permits it. • VFO-A and VFO-B are two independent VFO’s that can be set independently.

Operating Mode Selection Pressing the [ MODE ] button increments through the available operating modes.
Note: The FM mode can only be turned on when used with the GSOC controller.
Speaker mode: Rotate the volume knob left or right to adjust the level of received volume.

Headphone mode: Press the volume knob inwards momentarily to enter headphone mode and mute the speaker. Rotate the volume knob left or right.
VOX mode on/off: Press and hold the [FUNC] button for over 1 second. Press the volume knob briefly to enter the VOX function settings. VOX menu description: VOX OFF/ON: VOX function off/on VOX GAIN: Voice Control Gain Setting ANTI-VOX: Hand mic speaker noise-trip suppression setting VOX DLY: VOX hold delay setting
The voice control function can be enabled for both the hand microphone and the line input LINE. This is handy for use when you only connect the RX and TX audio lines to the ACC. This will Key the G90’s TX key the radio automatically using digital modes. (no CAT required) When using the AF IN port of the ACC interface for line input audio, set the appropriate input volume level in the system menu. This will have an effect on the VOX level setting- so set it first.

Setting Operating Frequency
There are three ways to set the G90 operating frequency. You can use the large main tuning knob, the multi-function knob and the microphone.
  1. Set the tuning steps using the main knob • Short press the main knob, select 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz steps. • Rotate the main knob to set the frequency of the current step.
  2. Rotate the Multi-function knob – 100khz increments
  3. Set the frequency manually using the microphone: • Press the [F-INP ENT] button on the microphone. The G90 enters the frequency setting state. The cursor will blink in the first position on the left side of the frequency display. • Enter the frequency values you want to set, and then press the [F-INP ENT] button again to complete the frequency setting.
Setting Automatic Antenna Tuner
This G90 has a high-efficiency automatic antenna tuner that can help you quickly set up your antenna. • A short press of the [TUNE] button will activate the built-in antenna tuner. The "TUNE" logo will be displayed at the top of the screen. (tuner in-line) • Press the [TUNE] button for 1 second and the tuner will attempt to tune the connected antenna. The G90 will return to RX mode when tuning is complete. Note: 1. Press the [TUNE] button and the antenna icon appears at the top of the screen to indicate that the automatic antenna tuner function is turned on. The ATU is ready- but the automatic Antenna tuning has not been initiated yet. 2. If you start transmission and the SWR icon on the top of the screen is blinking, the ATU needs to be used because the SWR is High. 3. Long-press the ATU button to activate the auto-tune function. If it is successful (can tune the antenna you are using) the antenna icon on the top will not blink during transmissions. 4. When using a whip antenna and turning on the built-in antenna tuner for tuning, it is possible to cause strong RF interference to nearby electronic devices.

Setting Function Button
The G90’s common functions are distributed on the various function keys. Some function keys have a second function. When the function is selected, turn the main knob to adjust the value.

Operation of the second function: • Press the [FUNC] button at first, the “F” indicator will light, then press the corresponding function button. • Press the [FUNC] button again to exit the second function. At this time, the “F” indicator is off.
Note: In any function (including the second function of FUNC), press the main knob inwards to exit and return to the main interface.

VIEW MORE: https://www.radioddity.com/blogs/all/xiegu-g90-user-manual-basic-operation
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2023.03.20 17:16 adfaer Law school or Master of Public Policy?

I'm interested in a career in policy, both in the government and the non-profit/think tank sectors. I enjoy writing and reading, and there are policies that I would like to take an active role in supporting at some point in my career.
It seems that both the MPP and JD are relevant in qualifying a person for a career in policy, so I'm wondering what the advantages/disadvantages are.
An important consideration is that my undergraduate cumulative GPA is very poor due to some anxiety issues I had during my first two semesters. It's 2.8 overall, Although I averaged 3.5 for every other semester. I do very well on standardized tests though, I got a 33 on the ACT with limited studying.
This will limit my ability to get into good programs, but my impression is that law schools value the LSAT much more than grad schools value the GRE. If I were to dedicate months to LSAT studying and performed very well, I think I could get into a higher caliber of law school than would be within my reach for the MPP. Is that a good assessment, or am I mistaken?
I'm also interested in hearing about what each degree can do for you throughout a career in policy.
Thank you for any advice you can give!
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