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2023.06.10 23:11 BackgroundRegular723 Have you ever faced a difficult situation where you had to make a choice between your own happiness and someone else's happiness? How did you handle it?

Have you ever witnessed a conspiracy theory come true?
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2023.06.10 23:11 Goldengirl1977 How soon after did people start calling! offering to help, etc.?

How soon after your family member passed away did people start calling or offering to help?
My dad passed away 6 days ago (last Sunday morning) and we did not immediately start calling people to let them know. He was a very private person and my brother, sister and I just wanted to make sure we had had a chance to talk and do things the way our dad would have wanted.
We each divided up a list of friends, family and a couple of my dad's colleagues to call, most of whom live in our city. I called my cousin and an aunt and uncle on my mom's side that evening and the rest the following day. My brother and sister also called the folks on their list within the next couple of days and my brother told some of his friends. Knowing how people talk, word would have gotten around by now, I would think. A small notice went in yesterday's paper and a larger tribute will be printed in the Sunday paper tomorrow.
So far, we each have received a note from our aunt and uncle who live out of state, and they sent a bouquet of flowers to my dad's house where I also live. We also received a card from my godparents and a friend of my dad's, all of whom live out of state. Other than that, no calls, flowers, offers to bring food or what-have-you.
I'm not sure what to think or if I am expecting too much. On the one hand, none of us really feels like chatting with anyone right now, but on the other, just having someone offer to do something for us or help in some way would be nice. It would be nice to know that people cared about my dad and us.
What has your experience been with people offering to help? Did it happen right away or after a few days? I feel so lost and alone right now and I don't know if it would help or not, but it would be nice if more people reached out.
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2023.06.10 23:11 -NoMoreShines- How long after declining the offer of a different watch did you get the watch you wanted?

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2023.06.10 23:10 ThrowRApd How do I (F25) get over my ex (M26) who I am still friends with?

I apologize for such a basic situation, but I’ve gotten myself in too deep. I will try to give my best summary…
So me and my friend met in college, were friends for a while, senior year developed feelings, dated for the summer after for a few months long distance, did friends with benefits for basically two years long distance, and then decided to just remain friends for the last couple months. When we originally broke up our relationship, it was more on my terms, we just had way too much to learn and balancing the long distance was getting so difficult as we were trying to find ourselves as adults.
He’s one of my best friends and I’ve been going in and out of circles of catching feelings for him. In the past, those feelings were always put to a stop when we spaced out our hang outs, or I truly believed that we weren’t meant to be because we had a lot of personal growth to do as individuals… and I thought I was over him until the last time we saw each other in person and I really fell for him. Hard.
There are so many ways I’d love to grow with him, dive into his quirks, and I think about him so often. We text every day throughout the day, we get each other, we laugh a lot, we care so much about each other, we have amazing communication, I love when he’s part of plans, I love when he wants to plan events together, he fits in well to my friend group and my family likes him. I’ve fully convinced myself that he is a person I’d love to spend time with and stumble through life together with. I’ve even considered moving closer (changing the 4 hour drive to more of a 45-1 hour drive) with my other friends to take on a new town and bridge the distance between us and rest a possible relationship with him because we both for a while said distance was our biggest challenge.
Recently we have been in such great headspace’s and have had so much fun over text it seems and just getting ready to plan trips and such. I realized I was getting way too excited so I figured I probably should try to reach out before I got wayyy to ahead of myself. I have asked him what he thinks of the possibility of us in the future and he said that he does not think that there is a chance of us ever being together in the future and that we are bound to find people better suited to us and other things align those lines. Those are things I said when I broke up with him, so maybe they still hold true and I’m seeing things in such an unrealistic way now. I don’t know what change there was in him saying there could be a chance to now having no chance. But I really beleive the growth has given us a chance again…
loooong story long, I basically just want to know how I can get over him while maintaining a friendship because we both mean so much to each other… I know I probably should have made this move much sooner to try to avoid another round of me catching feelings… I know blocking him for a moment in time to heal will probably be best to give myself space to process but I don’t know how best to endure that. Any help???
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2023.06.10 23:10 mmmmmmmm_soup Need opinions on this!!

TW for AIDS/HIV in case it bothers anyone
just for context if it helps at all, i’m a teenage trans gay man. i’ve started watching Pose recently and have fallen in love with it immediately. it’s set in the 80s in New York and a lot of the story is about AIDs. i was telling my friend about it because again- absolutely obsessed, and she thought i was being weird, pointing out that a lot of the stuff i read/watch includes AIDS and that i was kind of romanticizing it. i guess it’s a fair thing to point out about me reading a lot of stuff. i mean, my favorite book and musical(s) both are very centered around aids, but the romanticizing comment made me feel like shit. i’ve just always been fascinated with queer history, especially the history of how AIDS/HIV affected our community, maybe i have been treating it like a fantasy. she’s just kind of mad at me for it and i wanted other people’s opinions on it
Also- sorry, i know this should better fit under the AITA subreddit, but I did already post it there and there was a lot of homophobia and not really anyone actually helping me figure this out.
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2023.06.10 23:10 SkyblockAnarchyGay Anyone else have issues with crazy neighbors?

So, ever since I moved out of my parents after highschool, I have had to live in lower-budget apartments ($1000-1200 area). All I can realistically afford while attending school full-time and trying to save for when I graduate.
I am now approaching my final semester at UCCS, about to graduate in December and I have so far been in three different apartments all in different areas and I can safely say I have never had an apartment that was anything remotely close to quiet. Seems like all (at least of the lower-budget apartments I have stayed at) have issues with neighbors that are in crappy moods and slam doors, slam things around their apartments, and just all around miserable to be around.
One of the most satisfying moments was at my last apartment downtown, I had a crazy neighbor downstairs that slammed doors and screamed and beat her BF constantly getting cops called, and one time when she was going to slam the door she slammed her fingers in it and was wailing and crying for hours. So satisfying.
But what's with that? I visit my friends in other areas that live in cheaper apartments and they don't really deal with this at all. Even the ones who live in subsidized apartments that barely pay a dime in rent all have reasonable neighbors. I have heard people excuse it as "well times are rough and people are stressed out" but this just seems so insane and so extra. I've tried all the reasonable things like talking to them politely, providing video evidence to the apartment but all that did was make it worse and make them slam more so I kind of am just dealing with it until I graduate and can move out.
Gets really old laying in bed knowing I have class and work in the morning but having to hear my neighbor pound on the wall and slam things around past 4am.
Am I just unlucky? Anyone live in a lower-budget apartment that isn't like this? I am curious to know.
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2023.06.10 23:10 1fingerdeathblow Jesus, Friend Of Sinners

The song by Casting Crowns, I've been listing to it and I think we can really learn from it in a time like this during Pride month. Yes I know its not the bible but it does shed light on stuff that we as Christians should really thinking about.
"Jesus, friend of sinners, we have strayed so far away
We cut down people in Your name, but the sword was never ours to swing
Jesus, friend of sinners, the truth's become so hard to see
The world is on their way to You, but they're trippin' over me
Always lookin' around, but never lookin' up, I'm so double minded
A plank eyed saint with dirty hands and a heart divided"
"Oh, Jesus, friend of sinnersOpen our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingersOh, let our hearts be led by mercyHelp us reach with open hearts and open doorsOh, Jesus, friend of sinners, break our hearts for what breaks Yours"
"Jesus, friend of sinners, the one who's writing in the sand
Made the righteous turn away and the stones fall from their hands
Help us to remember we are all the least of these
Let the memory of Your mercy bring Your people to their knees
Nobody knows what we're for, only what we're against when we judge the wounded
What if we put down our signs, crossed over the lines and love like You did??"
The song talks about how the world knows more about what we're against than what we're for. For example here on reddit I see over and over again people calling us out cause of our reaction to Pride month. While yes we can agree that homosexuality is a sin, but that doesn't mean we should be yelling a screaming at that them for their wrong doings. We should still love them and show them mercyjust as Jesus would.
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2023.06.10 23:10 Bad_Pikachuu Just don't ask how the f*ck am i did this...

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2023.06.10 23:09 King_Seraph (NA)- Dogs of Heaven is Recruiting!

Greetings ya bunch of Sinners! The doggos are looking for more badass people to add to our ranks! It can get rough and lonely out there, but SINR is there for you.
What can you expect when you join? A passionate group of some friends, new and old, that are knowledgeable about the game. We are all diablo vets in some fashion. Discord is not required , but we have it and its encouraged
Who Can join? Anyone can join! We are an all inclusive clan that takes no bullshit. There is no racism, sexism, any sort of ism or bigotry that is tolerated. Sin comes in all forms, and so do we. We are a streamer friendly space as well.
How to join? We have a discord for our members, but you can search Dogs Of Heaven, with the tag SINR, and our officers will let you in. Let me know here too and I can get ya invited in game
What do Sinners Do? What we do best. Party. Diablo 4 just started, and so did we, so we run dungeons, world events, and just enjoy leveling. We are a casual Clan, Real life sucks, so enjoy Sanctuary at your own pace, and if you want some company, That's rad and we got you.
Looking forward to seeing you in game!
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2023.06.10 23:09 Lobotomized_Dolphin Has anyone asked...

Erikson why he hates owls? Owls are consistently depicted from MT on as inferior birds, lacking in intelligence and benefit to others. Is this some running gag between E and ICE? Seeing as how both are Canadian men of broad experience they should have had ample opportunity to have contact with owls in their natural habitat.
As all gentlemen of distinction know, owls are superlative animals whose calls in the wild are life-affirming and worthy of praise, if not worship. Many a time I have lain exhausted after a long day's hike in my tent and listened to the calls of owls in the early hours of darkness. Never once did these animals engender within me emotions of superiority or contempt as shown by Erikson multiple times in his works.
What gives with the owls? And why are women of less substance relegated to a role of objects for the affection of pedophiles and men of base character? These seem to be two instances of inherent bias in an otherwise egalitarian work.
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2023.06.10 23:09 Head_Connection5692 Can’t install iCloud for windows using the link in installation guide.

When I install iCloud using the link posted in the “how to install AltStore (Windows)” I get the message, “There is a problem with this windows installer package. A program run as part of the set up did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.”
I have tried following the troubleshooting guide for getting the Microsoft store version of iCloud to work but from what I can tell it requires me to also install the version from the link in the forum post. I have no idea what I am doing and all of my research on the topic is coming up blank.
(Also running windows 11 if that impacts anything)
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2023.06.10 23:09 fmellish What’s with the newer gamers saying “exp”?

Games have used “Experience Points” or “XP” since the 80s.
Starting last year I’ve noticed a new generation of gamers referring to it as “EXP”.
Where did this come from and how do we stop it? It’s annoying as hell.
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2023.06.10 23:09 calireggaer joke: How did Cocoa stop the reggae music? paws

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2023.06.10 23:09 PEANUT-BUTTER-ENEMA Losing my dog making me unable to cope with life

I’ve done so much work and made tremendous progress on my anxiety over the past few years. Now it’s all backsliding. 3 months after losing my dog suddenly, I’m having anxiety attacks again :( I just moved to a new apartment closer to the city to be able to see my friends and do distracting activities I love like taking dance classes and skating. I thought I found the perfect spot but within a few days I’m already dreaming of breaking my lease. My walls are so thin, I can literally hear people peeing, and I live next to a family that screams at each other. The teen was blasting rap and shrieking until midnight. I had an anxiety attack. It felt just like the fear radiating through my body when I was laying in bed with my dog waiting for her to have a seizure in the middle of the night. How did I get here in this strange new scary place without my girl? Weren’t we just snuggling cozy in my bed and everything was alright? I don’t feel I’m able to cope well. I regret moving, I regret everything, I just want to run away and hide. But then I know being alone in the woods is lonely and all I think about is my dog. I feel like I’m fucked up beyond repair and I want to give up. I worked so hard to not have anxiety attacks in the pandemic and I even had some completely anxiety-free months this winter right before my dog got gravely ill out of the blue. I’m just so tired and sad. I’m so tired of trying so hard to just exist. I don’t know what to do. I don’t even feel like I can be loud because the lady next door on the OTHER side apparently “complains about everything”. She’s a librarian lol. I need to sob and scream and instead I hide under the blankets and let other people’s rage wash over me.
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2023.06.10 23:08 jnsanders1983 He thought it was an easy WIN

He thought it was an easy WIN
He though he would just make me really negative and win.
little did he know I would buff up my Vulture and Human torch moving the from New York to Quantum realm then move Green Goblin to New York and the Heimdall on Bar Sinister.
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2023.06.10 23:08 petergriffinepictime How did Hermione not get in trouble for using magic outside school?

When she meets Harry in Diagon Ally she uses magic to fix his glasses. Is it legal because there weren’t muggles around?
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2023.06.10 23:08 YoungMando How the fuck did I end up in this living situation

"None of it had to do with race or gender. I believe with gender and race, that's a card that tends to get thrown around as an excuse for things"
-my literal cis white male 50 year old roommate/landlord while I'm trying to explain to him how his anger during a conflict triggered me as transwoman of color
Happened a few days ago after miscommunication with timing for a neighborhood party. Approached him to have conflict resolution and then this is his attitude. Just now processing it as my life starts to get into order, and I don't know how to continue interacting with this guy, while both me and my wife have to anticipate him and want to just make sure we pay our bills in time for when he fucks off to Japan for 3 months, (A move he did after getting fired from his job, instead of paying his bills. Gee wish i could do that), the privileged fuck.
Happy Pride Month.
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2023.06.10 23:08 ShityistDisciple HSD Opens Up About Saxual Abuse And The Horrors. Unlike most humans, I can relate to torture, so I hope I did the animals justice by trying to voice how it felt in a short video. At the same time me and ParadymShift covering the philosophical problems with such messed up action.

HSD Opens Up About Saxual Abuse And The Horrors. Unlike most humans, I can relate to torture, so I hope I did the animals justice by trying to voice how it felt in a short video. At the same time me and ParadymShift covering the philosophical problems with such messed up action. submitted by ShityistDisciple to VeganChill [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 23:08 PRONTOVI40K Should i try again?

I recently started going to dances and I met a girl. Once I offered to go for a walk to her, but she said that she had a very important exam and offered to go after it. Now she passed this exam, but the topic of our meeting did not come up. Should I remind her about this and how? Or should I take it as a rejection? I also want us to become friends and to meet from time to time, but I don't know how to develop friendship
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2023.06.10 23:08 DeadBy2050 Removing hood "cheese?"

Bought a used 2012 touring bike. Just washed it and tuned it. Realized there was more "cheese" on the hoods than I'd ever seen, where the hands made contact. I don't know how much of this buildup is biological and how much is hood rubber that broke down.
Obviously, the Dawn determent mixture and brush did nothing. So I used citrus degreaser and paper towels; this helped smear about 80 percent of the sludge onto the paper towel, but there was quite a bit left. I was contemplating acetone or IPA, but figured it'd have the same result.
Instead I reached for a can silicone spray. I sprayed and wiped several times. All of it came off in pure black smears on the paper towels. Anyone know if that's just the cheese I removed, or if I also broke down the rubber hood materials. The silicone itself is harmless, but I'm pretty sure there's also solvent mixed into it, like they have in WD-40.
Anyway, was the silicone spray a good call? Or is there a better way?
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2023.06.10 23:08 SomePyro_9012 I think the Guardian mantra is a lie. (sorry if the tag is wrong, new to this sub)

"Devotion inspires bravery, bravery inspires sacrifice, sacrifice leads to death." -The Speaker.
I have reasons to believe that line, is a lie: First of all, what does it mean? It means that to possibly be gifted the light, you must be devoted to something, be brave and sacrifice yourself (or so I think) to said something. Why does that matter? Well, Uldren became Crow and though he *was* devoted to someone (Mara Sov), he was being manipulated by Riven. I do not think that type of devotion counts.
Furthermore, [SPOILERS FOR WITCH QUEEN] Savatûn was given the light. To some, this might seem as Savathûn being brave enough to get a bit close to the Last City and Traveler while she was dying. But to me, that seemed as though it was a last ditch attempt to live, and yet she was given the light.
And finally, *The* Guardian. They were resurrected both in D1 and D2 (Beyond Light) in The Cosmodrome, Russia. Of course it isn't confirmed how, when, or why The Guardian died, as it is obvious when they did: during the Collapse. I believe that The Guardian was fleeing in a car given the amount of cars around where they were resurrected. Though what I said is speculation, so don't think it could be proof as to why would the Guardian mantra be a lie, but I cannot think of any situation where they would've been devoted and brave to sacrifice themselves (besides helping others try to survive or similar acts).
Please do keep in mind that I'm new at this and just came up with this, uh, theory I guess?
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2023.06.10 23:07 gh0stFACEkller I'm bad mechanically at this game but made it to play purely on positioning and macro.

I know I'm bad mechanically at this game. I'm almost 40 years old and my brain just can't work as fast as it did when I was younger and played dota on wc3. I stopped trying to climb in ranked because of, like everyone else will tell you, the trolls and helpless feeling sometimes that games are completely out of your control. So I started a challenge with myself to get M7 on all champs in ranked only and just have fun. I'm at 46 right now. When I started playing ahri I demoted to bronze from silver and had just met some friend from a class I'm taking. We started discussing ranks and they all said I was bad and deserved to be in bronze regardless of me explaining I'm not trying to climb. They were stuck on my rank being bronze so I suck. We then made a bet that I would try, for the first time in a year or so, to climb as high as I can and beat their ranks. They thought there is no way a bronze player would beat their ranks of gold. There are still two days left and I just hit plat for the first time. I'm pretty excited about it. I know I'm not good with ANY high mobility champs, my brain just can't see where I am and figure out what buttons to press quick enough. I play the most basic dumb champs but realized how important macro is and "playing babysitter" to the kids that tilt because a banana peel fell on the floor. Just a random post from a random guy. Love you all. Thanks for reading. Have a great day. Ign: gh0stFACEkller
I'm a otp veigar when climbing. Slow old man veigar. 💪
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