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2023.06.10 06:59 Icy-Cabinet1429 Help!!! I'm dating a psycho and need to get out this home ASAP!!!

Hey I'm a 35 yo female dating a 41 yo male we've been together for 2 years. We have 2 children together one passed away and one who is 3 months old but is in the NICU due to prematurity. When we met he had NO kids we both talked everyday and made plans for our lives and discussed how we wanted to raise our children. He said he didn't want multiple babymama's and was not okay with dating women with children. Well....I ended up pregnant. Halfway into my pregnancy he said he had a one night stand prior to meeting me and the girl found him on Facebook and told him she had his son. 🤷🏽‍♀️Nothing I can do. Well I had my son in October he passed away that same week due to prematurity. He was born on the 6th on the 10th of that same month he cheated on me and got our neighbor pregnant. (She's 20 years younger than him) she was basically homeless and had another child and I felt bad for her would give her rides not knowing she was carrying my boyfriend's child. Fast forward I have my daughter and she's premature. At 2 months old she's has surgery. At the time his car was in the shop so we had just my car. The hospital paid for me a hotel soni could stay in town (we live almost 2 hrs away from hospital) to be with her during her recovery. Well he gets mad because I won't return the car and see her the next day cause "she'll be fine" (sn: out of 102 days of her being in NICU he has visit her only 10 times) Anyways he texts me saying how miserable his life is and how he made a mistake being with me etc etc I'm like on the verge of killing myself because Im feeling horrible this is when he texts and says "I have 2 sons" and I'm like okay. And he's like I'm tired of hiding him I have a son with someone you don't like and I'm like I don't really know anyone so who and then he explains. He lies about the conception dates and the baby's age. It's the baby with our neighbor. He starts bringing both his kids around and having me babysit them while he runs the streets making it impossible to visit my daughter in NICU. I start just feeling angry about being around his son and refused to babysit. When he did photos with them alot of ppl said the oldest didn't resemble him. So we bought home test and of course it wasn't his child. Now he's upset crying and hurt and calling me names like I did something. He invited his friends over and they talked shit about me like I couldn't hear. He's playing victim so I came out the room to tell them how he did me during two of the worst times in my life and he tried to act like he would hit me. I feel sorry for the child and I didn't laugh but im not comforting him because he did me dirty.
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2023.06.10 06:59 CeleBreakAppFootball Are you staying in Barcelona for 1 or 2 months? Bring your team to the best league in town 😎

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2023.06.10 06:59 throwawayyuskween666 A balanced view of self is health-promoting

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2023.06.10 06:59 sXeth Rhino w Dispensary > Health Conversion or Energy Conversion

Dispensary will basically mean both of these mods will always be potentially activated, but if I only have room for one, which one gets the best bang for the buck on the Iron Skin
Or I guess, in simpler form, 1200 armour or + 50% power strength
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2023.06.10 06:58 Legitimate_Mood_3914 Honest thoughts about GTA 5 (GET YA DOWNVOTES READDDDDYYYY)

I've played it again recently, and the humour, like it or not, is still pretty relevant to this day. It's not the best game in the series, though it has stuff that I really like and believe that if elements of it were in 4, 4 would be the best game in the series. I love each GTA individually based on their differences. 5 had better character interactions that made the world seem more seamless. I think though, with the way RDR2's world worked, we're likely getting an even better game world in 6. Los Santos isn't Liberty City, but LC felt big and oppressive; Los Santos feels fake and shallow, and that's exactly what they were going for. Gameplay-wise, yeah the shooting was far too arcadey; GTA 4 and RDR2, in my opinion, were much better in this regard. The shooting in 4 felt weighty, and you nearly felt every bullet and damage to the environment during shootouts; same with RDR2. 4 also gets extra points for you not having to kill every last thing you shoot at; I discovered that if you're careful enough, you can actually just wound enemies instead of outright killing them. The driving is pretty good in 5, definitely easier to stop myself from crashing and keep my car looking cool. I also love how each character has their own personal vehicle.
The story and characters:
The story is meant to be a black comedy; there's nothing wrong with that. It would be boring if they once again took on 4's angry take on modern America. Both storylines are good in what they offer, and that's simply two very very different experiences.
The opening robbery is just an absolute chef's kiss and an unusual move for Rockstar. Normally, all their games are about finding your footing, but the problem with the concept itself of the robbery is what leads to a later problem.
The characters of 5 are good, but not GREAT the way they should be. People argued that they're too shallow, only care about money, etc, as if there really needs to be some tragic story behind why the characters are the way they are. Did we forget that the game is about violent criminals? Why can't we just have Michael whose simply bored and miserable, or Trevor, who simply thrives on insanity?
Franklin is great as a concept, and what he does is great, but there's not nearly enough of it. Michael is the same, though I would argue that earlier on he gets slightly more than Franklin. Those two characters don't really get to shine properly until 2/3 of the story after Trevor comes to LS. Trevor was done perfectly. It was bad-tasted, chaotic, straight to the point, and exactly the right way to introduce him. His entire introduction in the desert is what Franklin's should have been in the hood; it should have been at least ten missions before Franklin even met Michael, and then Michael's return to thieving was too sudden as well. More characters should have been around Franklin, not just Lamar. The world-building in GTA 4 was utterly superb.
Trevor's introduction is a sudden burst of violence that plunges you headfirst into the hot landscape of his beyond-hostile world. The whole point of Trevor is that he has very valid points in just about everything he says; he's also a major hypocrite. Micahel's hipster speech is hilariously accurate; Trevor isn't really trailer trash, he chooses to live in a trailer, mostly because he doesn't value materialism and just enjoys the ride. And the way he kills Johnny in his opening scene is just perfect. Folks seem too quick to forget that these are all violent scumbags with shallow needs and wants, and not Rey Skywalker who conveniently forgets her force powers when it suits. Might I suggest for anyone who has seen The Wire, to recall a scene where a similar legendary character gets killed in the most embarrassing way imaginable, and doesn't even get a decent send-off after?
What we needed was more characters and more Simeon/hood-missions-gone-wrong missions for Franklin. Franklin gets into a massive shootout over that bike in his second mission; when has that ever happened? That should at least have been the 7th mission. Then with Michael, yeah, the introduction to his family was fine, but I would have liked more before he catches Amanda cheating. There should have been a few, slower, hilarious missions revolving around him and his family, and even the neighbour Kyle. Judging from the bar mission with Lenny in RDR2, I don't think people have a problem with slower missions, as long as they're laugh-out-loud funny. The problem with that one Yoga mission is that it's only funny after Michael and Jimmy go out. "Bullshit?! Threatening to molest your online buddies is bullshit!" Imagine missions where the DeSantas hilariously have to play happy families at various events, meanwhile, all the shit with Jimmy and the boat and Tracey with the porno guys happens, and it all culminates with Amanda sleeping with the tennis coach. Then the return to crime happens.
Everything else following the first robbery is fine; I would have liked a bigger feeling of entrapment when Michael is stuck in the desert with Trevor. The story doesn't have the intensity of 4 because it's literally not supposed to, and this is only a problem depending on what you're looking for. Devin Weston as a villain is not meant to be compelling; he's meant to be an irritating, smug prick, and a stand-in for corporate figures. Again, the story is a black comedy, with satire at its very core instead of it being merely world-dressing. After all, the Devin/Michael beef literally stems from a corporate problem that hilariously gets out of hand and causes a PA to get gruesomely killed. Stretch should have been featured more; there also should have been more phone calls between Trevor and the Chinese. The feud with the O'Neill brothers was hilarious.
What I will say, however, is that the endings were terrible, and the shift in tone for options A and B was completely misguided. Rockstar should have just stuck with the one option, which was C, or at least give us a solid reason for needing to kill Trevor or Michael, and not just the FIB or Devin Weston as a reason. I know it's great to have a choice but to have a black comedy that's hilariously loose on the crime-is-bad cliche suddenly introduce that crime-is-bad cliche is just jarring. 4 had used this cliche from the moment it even began and kept it consistent, and it was in TLAD, and in TBOGT, only in the latter DLC, Rockstar managed to justify Luis and Tony getting out of everything, though I've read that originally, you had the option of killing Gay Tony.
Anyway, here's my Ted Talk about 5. Can't wait for the downvotes.
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2023.06.10 06:58 gautamjain321 Best Orthopedic Doctor in Patna: North East Orthopaedic Hospital

When it comes to finding the best orthopedic doctor in Patna, look no further than North East Orthopaedic Hospital. Know more
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2023.06.10 06:57 ItsZack7391 this sample was taken from jester - stardust memories and i made something cool melody

song: high technology
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2023.06.10 06:57 Recreant793 Tyray is such a sweetheart!

I visited this subreddit just to come post this because 90 Day Fiance is playing on my television right now. I started watching as he was introducing himself and I was so blown away. This is someone I would want as a friend. The fact that he's "not a musician, but picked up the ukulele because everyone thats plays it looks happy" just totally struck me as genuine. Here this guy is, strumming away, smiling at strangers passing by in the park. Then he goes home to take care of his mom that he let move in with him after she was diagnosed with brain cancer and then had a stroke. He also disclosed that his father was murdered when he was 4 during an argument with a "friend". It seems like maybe Tyray didn't grow up in the best environment, and the fact that this guy turned out the way he did is seriously awesome and actually made me start to tear up. If I could be half as happy as this guy I think I'd be ok.
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2023.06.10 06:57 Miserable-Golf9503 Suggestion for meditations & manifestation

::I have also posted the very same thing in different reddit communities, but I thought it doesn't hurt to ask for more opinions::
Hi, everyone. I'm at the point where I'm struggling in life - has been diagnosed with several mental illnesses & personality disorders, financial hardship, recently got involved in a vehicle crash and everything is spiraling down quickly from there. I have underlying health issues and all of these are driving me to the edge.
One of my best friends decided to have a break from our friendship because I'm dragging him down with my problems. That breaks me because I'm in love with him but he doesn't feel the same but he was willing to help me through the healing process until it was too much for him to handle the su1c1dal me (and I surely hope we'll be reunited again but I need to heal myself first).
I've been manifesting for a year but it seems like the universe is against me, but maybe I didn't do it right.
So, could anyone in this space help me by suggesting what meditations & manifestations should I do and in which order? I want to focus at cleansing & clearing my mind, healing my myself, overcome the heartbreak, be happy and possibly to manifest my best friend/crush back into my life. I prefer guided meditation that I can listen while sleeping. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.10 06:57 Leather-Climate3438 GER has...infinite speed?

GER has...infinite speed?
So is this just hypothetical? or just fan interpretation bec. GER has no stats..there was no indication whatsoever that GER has infinite speed or can reset the universe
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2023.06.10 06:57 tDANGERb People need to stop saying “and go!” after posting a question on FB

It drives me crazy when someone asks a question on Facebook looking for opinions and they end it with “and go!”. Like we are all just sitting around waiting for Rebecca to ask where the best place in town is to get avocado toast so we can race to be the first one to answer.
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2023.06.10 06:57 DumbNamenotoriginal How do drug interdiction missions work? Also, any suggestions on how to do market research on the USCG?

I’m a college student who won a few entrepreneurship competitions proposing building a product for the USCG ( , but I can’t find any dam information anywhere on what USCG drug interdictions look like!!!
I found out a while ago that the USCG only has on average a aprox 10% success rate with drug interdiction while it being one of the most prominent missions that it has, costing the agency about 2 billion each year.
That seems like a big problem, and one that can be solved with drones, like it should be totally doable!
If someone can make a drone system that can cost around 20k while being able to fly continuously for 24 hours at a mear 30mph, assuming it can detect suspicious crafts from at most a mile away, then it can cover about 1440 square miles per day, not much. But at 20K a fleet of 700 could be bought for the price of a single HC-144 (assuming price is 14 million, low end estimate) , covering 980,000 square miles each day for the same cost! My research might be wrong here, but I think that each HC-144 only gets about 1.8 hours of flight time each day, ( meaning that the total fleet of 18 probably only covers about 680 square miles to 1.5 million square miles per day. (assuming it can detect objects from a distance of 35 + miles). SO for the cost of a single HC-144, spent on a bunch of drones, an almost equivalent amount of area can be covered as the fleet of 18! Now imagine if this could be applied further in replacing other aircrafts!
So obviously this approximation likely doesn’t represent reality well, but its the best dam approximation I’ve been able to come up with because I just can’t find any information on how USCG drug interdiction missions work. Anyone know of any resources out there that talk about how the USCG fulfills its drug interdiction duties? If this information is classified, is there any way that a civilian can go through a verification process to access this information without serving in the USCG for four years? Like I think, from the outset, that this looks like a problem that is totally solvable with modern technology and cheaply, but in order for any company to actually produce a product that helps a consumer, the company needs to have an intimate understanding of how the consumer functions and what pains they experience in their day to day operations. It just isn’t possible or realistic to develop a product without this understanding. But how the hell can any startup ever develop new tech for the USCG if we can’t find the information on how the USCG operates anywhere?
I’d appreciate all the information / clarification I can get! I know the idea’s really far out there, but if someone could even tell me what other companies are doing this and how they went about getting information on how the USCG operates, I’d greatly appreciate it!
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2023.06.10 06:57 SL_Icarus The Issue with Xenoblade character and combat guide content. (Petty)

This applies to both Enel's guides as well as other guides I've seen off the game.
The issue is that they all rely on extremely late game or post game content.
You want to make Sharla good? Better take down a super boss, I'm just going to assume you've beaten it and skip right into how to use her after defeating Ancient Daidalon. Also I won't explain where to get any other good ether crystals for crafting level Six gems, hope you know where to look and have everyone's skills set up to allow heavy armor to be equiped. Also hope you didn't possibly miss out on those Extra skill trees, if you did sucks to suck.
Want to use overdrive? Hope you made it to chapter 10 and completed Nagi's affinity missions. It's not like thats 50 plus hours into the game and you may have prioritized classes that don't work well with Blossom Dance, you gotta use it so good luck.
Also I'm just going to vaguely explains what arts do in Overdrive but not tell you any actual concrete art set ups. I'll call this a basic build but never elaborate on equipment, skills, or which classes you can use to get the best arts. Just blossom dance and Cross, forget the other 15 playable character, you need blossom dance, enjoy not having fun for the first 50 hours of the game, because we're only going to talk about Cross and then being broken.
What do you mean you want me to tell you what order to use arts in or give actual art names? Here's some colors, hope you like pausing this video in frame by frame to read my art names for the 5 seconds they were in screen before the enemy was killed.
Also I'm never going to specify which merchants to invest money in for the best gear, were doing this like the US tax system where you just have to guess and hope for the best. Waisted all your mirimium on the wrong company, sorry 😜.
Want to learn how to use this blade? Just defeat Cloud Sea King Ken for a Tachiyon chip and refine these specific aux cores that I won't tell you how to find.
Also don't put any blades on Rex since he's the master driver, Just give him literally nothing for 80% of the game, also don't put blades in Nia since she's bad, hope the first 30 hours of the game before you get Morag is as painful and being as possible because deviating from this is sub optimal.
What do you mean you want a guide for early and mid game characters? Shut up and just use Mythra, QTπ (Even though you can't get her till about 70 hours in), KOS-MOS (Even though most people won't see her in their playthrough), Dagas (Even though he's totally random on if you get him or not), and T-Elos (Even though you have to beat the final boss before getting her).
Just spam critical healing and nothing else, ever, never do anything that's not critical healing. I won't elaborate on arts, just crit rate and critical healing. Get to max affinity (which I won't explain how to do) and cancel arts into one a other.
Early game guides? Crit rate good, Pyra bad, Agility good, Shield hammer bad. That's all you're getting have fun.
I'm being petty but honestly I'm tired of guides that just boild down to, Here are these extremely hard to find equipment pieces for your load out, Have a high crit rate, and don't ask any questions.
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2023.06.10 06:56 KellyofTheGold this week’s Friday Night Battlefield on the new Reclaimed map is hilariously broken

normally when the respawn glitch doesn’t settle in this exclusive experience of 32v32 reclaimed on TDM of all modes is subjective since there’s a lot of chaos and people holding one spot for a solid few minutes before moving on to the next one. depending on who you are, it’s the best thing since op locker or literal cancer, but ultimately there is no surprises there with TDM being known as a second thought mode
because this respawn glitch im talking about seems to only ever set in on the losing team, especially if they are getting steam rolled. essentially you are just sitting there unable to spawn in and you have like 2-3 minutes of teammates experiencing the team fortress 2 friendly experience over and over again
i mean that literally, like there is literally a grace period amidst the chaos so thanks for the peace i guess dice???? a 5 hour campaign would have been sufficient but ok
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2023.06.10 06:56 RobinWuzz Big 5G Event 2023 Focuses On 6G & Open RAN

Will Townsend
May 19, 2023,03:46pm EDT
The Open RAN discussion continues
Unsurprisingly, Open RAN was also a hot topic at the event. The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and Rakuten took to the main stage to discuss key Open RAN updates.
Rakuten might be best described as the poster child for Open RAN, so it was no surprise that the company provided an update at the Big 5G Event. Rakuten lays claim to the largest Open RAN deployment in the world, and it has aggregated its learnings with its Symphony Symworld 4G and 5G Open RAN offerings.
I was initially skeptical about Symworld, given the competitive nature of operators, and I wondered whether others would adopt Rakuten’s solution. However, that quickly changed for me a year ago. Symworld was launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona in 2022, and I was impressed by the collaboration out of the gate between Rakuten and AT&T. Not only does AT&T plan to leverage Rakuten’s intellectual property for its own Open RAN deployments, but it will also collaborate to enhance Symworld over time. Support from Nokia and Cisco also points to the value Rakuten provides for others in the Open RAN space, where it hopes to capitalize on its deployment agility and savings in capital and operational expenses.\~:text=Rakuten%20might%20be,Open%20RAN%20offerings.
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2023.06.10 06:56 Harkness312 Need Advice: Linking campaign elements together

Howdy there folks! I understand this might be a long and confusing post, so I'll do my best to simplify it for readability. I'm relatively new to posting on Reddit, so please forgive me if I overlook something obvious.
As a GM, I'm very inexperienced, this is my first time actually running a table, but I'm fortunate to have a table with three of my best friends who are incredibly supportive. I've had negative experiences with previous groups, but I couldn't ask for better pals and tablemates now. I've been planning to run my own DnD campaign for about two years, and finally, the opportunity has arrived with the right group. My campaign is a blend of my friends' and my favorite fantasy elements, drawing inspiration from games like Divinity Original Sin, LOTR, TES Oblivion, and more.
Currently, I'm running a campaign based on a failed Out of the Abyss storyline. In Out of the Abyss, a party ventures into the Abyss to defeat a powerful antagonist who has united the Abyssal plane and threatens to invade the mortal plane. However, in my campaign, I'm exploring the question of what would happen if those adventurers failed to stop the invasion.
To get to the main point, I have a central plot revolving around a looming demonic invasion. The player party consists of chosen adventurers who have been marked with the "Godbrand," a magical mark that signifies they have been chosen by the Gods themselves to combat the imminent storm. However, the players are still unaware of their true purpose and the reasons behind their selection. The Gods have yet to communicate with them directly, leaving them in the dark about their destiny. My challenge lies in gradually introducing elements related to the demonic invasion without it happening outright. I want the players to become slowly aware of the impending threat and face off against smaller encounters as they progress in levels. Eventually, the full extent of the invasion will be revealed, but I want to build up to that climactic moment.
My question is, how do I do this? How do I slowly build to this incoming danger without it arriving? I'm currently working on some bandits who've been unified under one banner by a Demon (disguised) in order to weaken a Kingdom ahead of the invasion, but how do I have the players reveal to this slowly without their just being a random demon at the head of a horde of bandits?
Forgive me if this is long-winded, and or confusing, there's a myriad of things I'm trying to compress, so I don't have too much word vomit, but I feel as though that's passed a bit..
TLDR: A Demonic invasion is coming, and I need help revealing that to the party without it outright happening. Elements of the Abyss are working in the shadows to destabilize the mortal plane, but what exactly are those actions they're undertaking, and how do I clue the party in without spilling the entire plot?
Thank you lot for your time, please if you have any questions feel free to ask!
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2023.06.10 06:56 PrinceAli1991- Ultimate TOTS

Hi, new player here, i was savin packs for shapeshifters that drop on 16th, but then i saw this ultimate TOTS promo.. should i open pack for them and just grind more packs for shapeshifters or can i save my packs and both promos will be in the packs at rhe same time? also what is the best method of gettin EXP towards season rewards? Thank you
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2023.06.10 06:56 crumblies Clothes dried on a line do NOT smell good.

They come back smelling like dirt and a city or something. (It is NOT a humidity thing as I live in a very dry climate with no summer rain). If my outside doesn't smell fresh, why would I want my clothes to smell like it?
At best it smells like detergent, at worst smells like when the kids have been playing and sweating outside and come in, why the hell is that better than nice fragrant laundry detergent?
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2023.06.10 06:56 Effective-Dish-7908 Finally starting

Finally starting
Just moved some plants into the massive asparagus patch left by the previous owners. Rock hard soil, tilled it with fresh compost as best I could without damaging asparagus roots. Is the spacing okay. I feel so so so behind, just barely planting seeds to start in containers. Zone 5b.
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2023.06.10 06:56 elbandolero19 Sons are still the best 2nd team in the nba

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2023.06.10 06:56 aj_rookie Charity / contribution for police welfare .. Legit ?

Observed in kharadi and adjoining areas, there are men in police uniforms running around and asking for contributions for police and family welfare, every weekend i spot them on the same places with some old booklets and certificates print outs ( mostly old / torn / forged ) . Are these people legit ? This looks like a borderline scam at best.
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2023.06.10 06:56 dtheisei8 “Am I the asshole? Hey guys, 6’5”, 265 here, no real gym stats…

“Am I the asshole? Hey guys, 6’5”, 265 here, no real gym stats…
I’m from back east but work at a large entertainment company in LA. I just got married back east. It was an outdoor wedding and everyone kept saying it was a little smoky but I didn’t notice anything.
There’s a coworker I have and we aren’t the closest. We’re not bros, really just coworkers and he’s a friend of my uncle. We don’t hang out ever, in fact this coworker blew me off in Salt Lake City once but that’s a different story. Basically, we’re coworkers, he’s not in my core group.
So, obviously I didn’t invite him to my wedding back east. However people online have been getting annoyed at him and even harassing him for not attending the wedding that he wasn’t invited to. In fact, I’ve made it known he wasn’t on the guest list but people are still mad at him. They assume that we’re like, best buds or something and that he should fly across the country to come to my wedding.
This really got me wondering, am I the asshole for not inviting my coworker? Or are the people online taking this too seriously?
Great job on the pod guys, also tell Sir Rudy to get that basketball hoop if he wants to.”
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