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2023.03.22 23:00 FappidyDat [H] TF2 Keys & PayPal [W] Humble Bundle Games (Also Games From Past Bundles)

I pay with the following:
TF2 & PayPal
I BUY HB Games with TF2 with PayPal Currently Active Humble Bundle?
- Ratz Instagib - 0.8 TF2 $1.7 PP -
140 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
20XX 0.4 TF2 $0.88 PP -
5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel 2.5 TF2 $5.14 PP -
60 Parsecs! 0.8 TF2 $1.55 PP -
7 Billion Humans 1.4 TF2 $2.9 PP -
7 Days to Die 1.0 TF2 $2.13 PP -
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital Edition 1.7 TF2 $3.44 PP -
A Hat in Time 4.5 TF2 $9.16 PP -
A Juggler's Tale 0.5 TF2 $1.06 PP -
A Plague Tale: Innocence 1.5 TF2 $3.04 PP -
ABZU 1.6 TF2 $3.25 PP -
AMID EVIL 0.6 TF2 $1.17 PP -
AO Tennis 2 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PP -
Absolver 0.8 TF2 $1.72 PP -
Age of Empires Definitive Edition 1.0 TF2 $1.97 PP -
Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition 1.7 TF2 $3.53 PP -
Age of Wonders III Collection 0.9 TF2 $1.84 PP -
Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Deluxe Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.91 PP -
Age of Wonders: Planetfall 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
Airport CEO 1.0 TF2 $2.13 PP -
Alan Wake Collector's Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.65 PP -
Alien: Isolation 1.7 TF2 $3.45 PP -
Aliens: Colonial Marines Collection 1.3 TF2 $2.58 PP -
Among Us 1.5 TF2 $3.02 PP -
Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey 2.1 TF2 $4.21 PP -
Aragami 0.5 TF2 $0.94 PP -
Arizona Sunshine 2.1 TF2 $4.21 PP -
Arma 3 Apex Edition 1.6 TF2 $3.3 PP -
Arma 3 Contact Edition 2.4 TF2 $4.89 PP -
Arma 3 Jets 0.9 TF2 $1.9 PP -
Arma 3 Marksmen 0.8 TF2 $1.66 PP -
Arma 3 1.8 TF2 $3.63 PP -
Assetto Corsa Competizione 2.6 TF2 $5.36 PP -
Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition 2.7 TF2 $5.56 PP -
Automobilista 2 3.4 TF2 $6.89 PP -
Autonauts 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
BATTLETECH - Mercenary Collection 1.4 TF2 $2.88 PP -
BIGFOOT 3.7 TF2 $7.55 PP -
BIOMUTANT 1.4 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $2.77 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Choice (Mar 2023)
BROFORCE 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Baba Is You 1.6 TF2 $3.31 PP -
Back 4 Blood 4.6 TF2 $9.41 PP -
Bad North: Jotunn Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.72 PP -
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.86 PP -
Bang-On Balls: Chronicles 3.0 TF2 $6.12 PP -
Banished 2.1 TF2 $4.4 PP -
Barotrauma 5.0 TF2 $10.15 PP -
Batman - The Telltale Series 0.9 TF2 $1.9 PP -
Batman Arkham Collection 1.2 TF2 $2.44 PP -
Batman: Arkham Knight 0.6 TF2 $1.13 PP -
Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series 1.0 TF2 $2.02 PP -
Batman™: Arkham Knight Premium Edition 1.8 TF2 $3.74 PP -
Batman™: Arkham Origins 0.6 TF2 $1.24 PP -
Batman™: Arkham VR 0.7 TF2 $1.5 PP -
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II 1.6 TF2 $3.22 PP -
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 0.8 TF2 $1.74 PP -
Battlezone Gold Edition 2.1 TF2 $4.26 PP -
Besiege 1.6 TF2 $3.23 PP -
Beyond Blue 1.9 TF2 $3.99 PP -
Beyond The Wire 0.4 TF2 $0.8 PP -
Beyond Two Souls 1.7 TF2 $3.57 PP -
BioShock Collection 1.1 TF2 $2.2 PP -
BioShock Infinite 0.9 TF2 $1.8 PP -
Bioshock Infinite: Season Pass 0.8 TF2 $1.54 PP -
Blair Witch 1.1 TF2 $2.27 PP -
Blasphemous 1.0 TF2 $2.0 PP -
Blood Bowl 2 - Legendary Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.62 PP -
Blood Bowl 2 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 1.8 TF2 $3.6 PP -
Boomerang Fu 0.6 TF2 $1.28 PP -
Borderlands 2 VR 6.3 TF2 $12.87 PP -
Borderlands 2 0.9 TF2 $1.9 PP -
Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition 3.0 TF2 $6.1 PP -
Borderlands 3 1.5 TF2 $3.01 PP -
Borderlands 3: Director's Cut 1.4 TF2 $2.86 PP -
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection 3.1 TF2 $6.32 PP -
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 0.6 TF2 $1.16 PP -
Brutal Legend 0.6 TF2 $1.22 PP -
Bully: Scholarship Edition 3.0 TF2 $6.13 PP -
Bus Simulator 18 1.7 TF2 $3.56 PP -
CHUCHEL Cherry Edition 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PP -
Call of Cthulhu 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PP -
Call of Duty: WWII 11.5 TF2 $23.51 PP -
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger 0.6 TF2 $1.16 PP -
Call to Arms - Basic Edition 2.4 TF2 $4.89 PP -
Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront 5.5 TF2 $11.21 PP -
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PP -
Carcassonne - Tiles & Tactics 0.6 TF2 $1.22 PP -
Celeste 2.1 TF2 $4.22 PP -
Chess Ultra 0.7 TF2 $1.46 PP -
Children of Morta 0.8 TF2 $1.55 PP -
Chivalry 2 3.4 TF2 $6.88 PP -
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 0.5 TF2 $1.06 PP -
Chronicon 1.6 TF2 $3.25 PP -
Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition 1.5 TF2 $3.0 PP -
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 3.1 TF2 $6.43 PP -
Code Vein 1.6 TF2 $3.28 PP -
Coffee Talk 2.1 TF2 $4.21 PP -
Company of Heroes 2 - Ardennes Assault 1.8 TF2 $3.79 PP -
Company of Heroes 2 - The Western Front Armies 0.9 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection 6.1 TF2 $12.54 PP -
Company of Heroes Complete Pack 5.5 TF2 $11.3 PP -
Company of Heroes 1.6 TF2 $3.35 PP -
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts 0.8 TF2 $1.63 PP -
Conan Exiles 1.6 TF2 $3.28 PP -
Construction Simulator 2015 1.2 TF2 $2.48 PP -
Contagion 0.4 TF2 $0.91 PP -
Control Ultimate Edition 1.3 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $2.63 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Heroines: Warriors, Dreamers, and God Slayers
Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy 8.1 TF2 $16.51 PP -
Crawl 1.7 TF2 $3.56 PP -
Creaks 0.4 TF2 $0.74 PP -
Creed: Rise to Glory™ 2.2 TF2 $4.53 PP -
Crusader Kings II: Royal Collection 2.7 TF2 $5.55 PP -
Crusader Kings III 4.0 TF2 $8.11 PP -
CryoFall 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PP -
Crysis® 2 Maximum Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Cultist Simulator Anthology Edition 2.4 TF2 $4.89 PP -
Cultist Simulator 0.7 TF2 $1.41 PP -
DEATHLOOP 2.1 TF2 $4.23 PP -
DIRT 5 3.4 TF2 $6.89 PP -
DMC - Devil May Cry 0.6 TF2 $1.17 PP -
DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ - Ultimate Edition 3.8 TF2 $7.76 PP -
DRAGONBALL XENOVERSE Bundle Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.32 PP -
DRIFT21 0.5 TF2 $1.03 PP -
Dark Deity 0.4 TF2 $0.91 PP -
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin 8.4 TF2 $17.12 PP -
Dark Souls III 13.0 TF2 $26.68 PP -
Darkest Dungeon 0.6 TF2 $1.3 PP -
Darksiders Genesis 1.2 TF2 $2.39 PP -
Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition 0.6 TF2 $1.2 PP -
Darksiders III 0.9 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Day of the Tentacle Remastered 0.4 TF2 $0.92 PP -
DayZ 6.1 TF2 $12.54 PP -
Dead Estate 1.6 TF2 $3.23 PP -
Dead Island - Definitive Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.82 PP -
Dead Island Definitive Collection 1.6 TF2 $3.27 PP -
Dead Island Riptide - Definitive Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.73 PP -
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record 1.1 TF2 $2.16 PP -
Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition 2.0 TF2 $4.17 PP -
Dead Rising 4 0.8 TF2 $1.71 PP -
Dead Rising 1.0 TF2 $2.0 PP -
Dead Rising® 2 1.0 TF2 $2.11 PP -
Death Road to Canada 0.6 TF2 $1.21 PP -
Death's Gambit 0.7 TF2 $1.45 PP -
Deep Rock Galactic 3.9 TF2 $7.96 PP -
Descenders 0.4 TF2 $0.9 PP -
Desperados III 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Destroy All Humans 0.7 TF2 $1.42 PP -
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut 0.9 TF2 $1.92 PP -
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 1.1 TF2 $2.23 PP -
Devil May Cry HD Collection 1.4 TF2 $2.9 PP -
Devil May Cry® 4 Special Edition 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter 0.4 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Distance 0.8 TF2 $1.54 PP -
Distant Worlds: Universe 0.6 TF2 $1.3 PP -
Doom Eternal 2.0 TF2 $4.19 PP -
Door Kickers 1.1 TF2 $2.2 PP -
Dorfromantik 2.0 TF2 $4.04 PP -
Dragon Ball FighterZ 1.7 TF2 $3.54 PP -
Dragons Dogma - Dark Arisen 0.8 TF2 $1.67 PP -
Drake Hollow 0.4 TF2 $0.91 PP -
Drone Swarm 0.5 TF2 $0.98 PP -
Duck Game 2.3 TF2 $4.7 PP -
Dungeon Defenders: Awakened 3.7 TF2 $7.55 PP -
Dungreed 0.9 TF2 $1.83 PP -
Dusk 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Duskers 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair 2.3 TF2 $4.63 PP -
ELEX 0.7 TF2 $1.5 PP -
EVERSPACE™ 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
Elite: Dangerous 1.3 TF2 $2.65 PP -
Endzone - A World Apart 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PP -
Exanima 2.4 TF2 $4.82 PP -
FTL: Faster Than Light 1.3 TF2 $2.58 PP -
Fable Anniversary 2.7 TF2 $5.56 PP -
Fallout 76 1.6 TF2 $3.23 PP -
Fantasy General II 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PP -
Farming Simulator 17 0.5 TF2 $1.08 PP -
Firefighting Simulator - The Squad 4.0 TF2 $8.26 PP -
First Class Trouble 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
For The King 1.1 TF2 $2.23 PP -
Forager 1.4 TF2 $2.86 PP -
Forts 2.7 TF2 $5.55 PP -
Friday the 13th: The Game 2.4 TF2 $4.89 PP -
Frostpunk 1.2 TF2 $2.5 PP -
Full Metal Furies 0.6 TF2 $1.16 PP -
Furi 0.8 TF2 $1.54 PP -
GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst 1.1 TF2 $2.25 PP -
GRID - Ultimate 1.0 TF2 $2.04 PP -
GRIS 0.4 TF2 $0.91 PP -
Gamedec 0.4 TF2 $0.77 PP -
Gang Beasts 3.0 TF2 $6.15 PP -
Garden Paws 0.9 TF2 $1.77 PP -
Gas Station Simulator 1.5 TF2 $3.07 PP -
Gears 5 4.7 TF2 $9.54 PP -
Gears Tactics 4.3 TF2 $8.86 PP -
Generation Zero® 1.2 TF2 $2.45 PP -
Genital Jousting 0.5 TF2 $1.09 PP -
Goat Simulator 0.4 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Godlike Burger 1.4 TF2 $2.89 PP -
Golf With Your Friends 1.2 TF2 $2.37 PP -
Gordian Quest 1.7 TF2 $3.51 PP -
Gotham Knights 5.3 TF2 $10.88 PP -
GreedFall 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PP -
Grim Dawn 2.2 TF2 $4.61 PP -
Grim Fandango Remastered 0.5 TF2 $1.11 PP -
Guacamelee! 2 0.6 TF2 $1.28 PP -
HITMAN™2 Gold Edition 2.8 TF2 $5.83 PP -
HIVESWAP: Act 2 2.0 TF2 $4.16 PP -
Hacknet 0.4 TF2 $0.91 PP -
Haiku, the Robot 1.5 TF2 $3.14 PP -
Hard Bullet 1.0 TF2 $2.1 PP -
Hearts of Iron III Collection 0.5 TF2 $1.04 PP -
Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus 1.5 TF2 $3.08 PP -
Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition 1.6 TF2 $3.27 PP -
Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor 0.8 TF2 $1.72 PP -
Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger 1.5 TF2 $3.0 PP -
Heave Ho 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
Heavy Rain 1.8 TF2 $3.63 PP -
Hell Let Loose 8.1 TF2 $16.51 PP -
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 0.9 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $1.84 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Heroines: Warriors, Dreamers, and God Slayers
Hello, Neighbor! 0.4 TF2 $0.91 PP -
Hero's Hour 1.1 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $2.23 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Choice (Mar 2023)
Heroes of Hammerwatch 0.6 TF2 $1.13 PP -
Hitman Absolution 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
Hitman Blood Money 0.7 TF2 $1.36 PP -
Hitman Game of the Year Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.53 PP -
Hollow Knight 2.6 TF2 $5.4 PP -
Homefront: The Revolution 0.9 TF2 $1.78 PP -
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PP -
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Digital Special Edition 0.5 TF2 $1.09 PP -
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 0.5 TF2 $1.0 PP -
Hotline Miami 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PP -
House Flipper VR 0.9 TF2 $1.76 PP -
House Flipper 2.1 TF2 $4.26 PP -
Human: Fall Flat 0.7 TF2 $1.52 PP -
HuniePop 0.4 TF2 $0.9 PP -
Huntdown 1.3 TF2 $2.57 PP -
Hurtworld 2.0 TF2 $4.09 PP -
Hyper Light Drifter 1.4 TF2 $2.93 PP -
Hypnospace Outlaw 0.7 TF2 $1.47 PP -
I Am Fish 0.4 TF2 $0.83 PP -
I Expect You To Die 1.3 TF2 $2.7 PP -
I-NFECTED 6.0 TF2 $12.38 PP -
INSURGENCY 1.6 TF2 $3.26 PP -
Imperator: Rome Deluxe Edition 1.0 TF2 $2.12 PP -
Imperator: Rome 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
Injustice 2 Legendary Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.54 PP -
Injustice 2 0.7 TF2 $1.51 PP -
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.36 PP -
Into the Radius VR 5.2 TF2 $10.76 PP -
Ion Fury 1.5 TF2 $3.09 PP -
Iron Harvest 0.9 TF2 $1.83 PP -
Jalopy 0.5 TF2 $1.06 PP -
Job Simulator 8.9 TF2 $18.19 PP -
Jurassic World Evolution 2 1.7 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $3.49 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Choice (Mar 2023)
Jurassic World Evolution 0.4 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Just Cause 2 0.5 TF2 $1.05 PP -
Just Cause 3 XXL Edition 1.0 TF2 $2.13 PP -
Just Cause 4: Complete Edition 1.0 TF2 $2.09 PP -
KartKraft 3.0 TF2 $6.2 PP -
Katamari Damacy REROLL 1.1 TF2 $2.23 PP -
Katana ZERO 1.0 TF2 $2.09 PP -
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 2.6 TF2 $5.43 PP -
Kerbal Space Program 1.4 TF2 $2.84 PP -
Killer Instinct 6.0 TF2 $12.21 PP -
Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.88 PP -
Killing Floor 2 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
Killing Floor 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
Kingdom Come: Deliverance 1.5 TF2 $3.0 PP -
Kingdom: Two Crowns 0.9 TF2 $1.76 PP -
King’s Bounty : Ultimate Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.73 PP -
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Premium Edition 0.5 TF2 $1.09 PP -
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 0.4 TF2 $0.83 PP -
LEGO Batman Trilogy 1.4 TF2 $2.93 PP -
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 0.5 TF2 $1.04 PP -
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 0.7 TF2 $1.5 PP -
LEGO Lord of the Rings 0.5 TF2 $0.94 PP -
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga 0.5 TF2 $1.04 PP -
LEGO® City Undercover 0.7 TF2 $1.53 PP -
LEGO® DC Super-Villains Deluxe Edition 1.9 TF2 $3.9 PP -
LEGO® DC Super-Villains 0.4 TF2 $0.84 PP -
LEGO® Jurassic World™ 0.4 TF2 $0.82 PP -
LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers 0.4 TF2 $0.76 PP -
LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.34 PP -
LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 0.4 TF2 $0.9 PP -
LEGO® Ninjago® Movie Video Game 0.3 TF2 $0.71 PP -
LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
LEGO® Worlds 1.8 TF2 $3.6 PP -
Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective 0.7 TF2 $1.46 PP -
Lake 0.8 TF2 $1.62 PP -
Last Oasis 0.6 TF2 $1.13 PP -
Late Shift 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PP -
Layers of Fear 2 3.5 TF2 $7.1 PP -
Layers of Fear 0.5 TF2 $1.08 PP -
Legion TD 2 1.0 TF2 $1.97 PP -
Len's Island 3.7 TF2 $7.53 PP -
Lethal League Blaze 0.9 TF2 $1.9 PP -
Lethal League 0.8 TF2 $1.54 PP -
Library Of Ruina 3.1 TF2 $6.36 PP -
Life is Feudal: Your Own 0.4 TF2 $0.83 PP -
Little Misfortune 3.4 TF2 $6.89 PP -
Little Nightmares Complete Edition 1.6 TF2 $3.26 PP -
Little Nightmares 0.8 TF2 $1.64 PP -
Lobotomy Corporation Monster Management Simulation 5.0 TF2 $10.21 PP -
Lords of the Fallen Game of the Year Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.7 PP -
Lost Ember 1.3 TF2 $2.73 PP -
Lost Planet™: Extreme Condition 0.9 TF2 $1.81 PP -
Luck be a Landlord 2.7 TF2 $5.47 PP -
METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience 1.2 TF2 $2.55 PP -
MORTAL KOMBAT 11 1.6 TF2 $3.23 PP -
MX vs ATV Reflex 0.4 TF2 $0.8 PP -
MX vs. ATV Unleashed 0.4 TF2 $0.73 PP -
Mad Max 1.3 TF2 $2.58 PP -
Mafia II: Definitive Edition 1.3 TF2 $2.64 PP -
Mafia III: Definitive Edition 2.0 TF2 $4.0 PP -
Mafia: Definitive Edition 2.2 TF2 $4.55 PP -
Maneater 0.5 TF2 $1.09 PP -
Manhunt 1.2 TF2 $2.53 PP -
Mars Horizon 1.0 TF2 $2.04 PP -
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - Deluxe Edition 2.8 TF2 $5.79 PP -
Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition 6.6 TF2 $13.54 PP -
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne 0.6 TF2 $1.2 PP -
Max Payne 0.9 TF2 $1.88 PP -
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries 2.4 TF2 $4.91 PP -
Medal of Honor 2.0 TF2 $4.14 PP -
Mega Man Legacy Collection 0.6 TF2 $1.25 PP -
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Deluxe Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.3 PP -
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 War Chest Edition 1.0 TF2 $1.97 PP -
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 1.0 TF2 $1.97 PP -
Messenger 0.4 TF2 $0.9 PP -
Metro 2033 Redux 0.6 TF2 $1.31 PP -
Metro Exodus 1.6 TF2 $3.23 PP -
Metro Redux Bundle 1.1 TF2 $2.3 PP -
Metro: Last Light Redux 1.1 TF2 $2.23 PP -
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.64 PP -
Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ 0.7 TF2 $1.44 PP -
Middleearth Shadow of War Definitive Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.5 PP -
Mini Ninjas 0.5 TF2 $0.94 PP -
Miscreated 1.4 TF2 $2.88 PP -
Monster Hunter: World 3.5 TF2 $7.27 PP -
Monster Sanctuary 0.5 TF2 $0.96 PP -
Monster Train 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PP -
Moonlighter 0.5 TF2 $0.93 PP -
Moons of Madness 1.8 TF2 $3.74 PP -
Mordhau 1.5 TF2 $3.04 PP -
Mortal Kombat X 0.8 TF2 $1.56 PP -
Mortal Kombat XL 0.9 TF2 $1.9 PP -
Mortal Shell 1.6 TF2 $3.18 PP -
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 0.9 TF2 $1.87 PP -
Motorsport Manager 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Move or Die 1.0 TF2 $2.01 PP -
Moving Out 0.7 TF2 $1.49 PP -
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Deluxe Edition 1.5 TF2 $3.04 PP -
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden 0.9 TF2 $1.93 PP -
My Friend Pedro 0.6 TF2 $1.27 PP -
My Time At Portia 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PP -
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Road to Boruto 2.2 TF2 $4.46 PP -
NASCAR Heat 5 - Ultimate Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 1.8 TF2 $3.59 PP -
Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker - Deluxe Edition 1.3 TF2 $2.63 PP -
Necromunda: Hired Gun 0.8 TF2 $1.56 PP -
Neon Abyss 0.5 TF2 $0.98 PP -
Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom - The Prince's Edition 2.3 TF2 $4.74 PP -
Nine Parchments 1.5 TF2 $3.0 PP -
No Time to Relax 1.7 TF2 $3.57 PP -
Northgard 4.2 TF2 $8.55 PP -
Not For Broadcast 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS 3 Gold Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.16 PP -
Offworld Trading Company™ 0.7 TF2 $1.44 PP -
One Step From Eden 0.5 TF2 $0.98 PP -
Opus Magnum 1.2 TF2 $2.56 PP -
Orcs Must Die! 3 2.0 TF2 $4.19 PP -
Outlast 2 0.4 TF2 $0.91 PP -
Outlast 0.5 TF2 $0.95 PP -
Outward 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
Overcooked! 2 1.5 TF2 $3.1 PP -
Overgrowth 0.5 TF2 $1.09 PP -
Overlord II 0.4 TF2 $0.84 PP -
PC Building Simulator 0.8 TF2 $1.74 PP -
Paint the Town Red 2.1 TF2 $4.23 PP -
Parkitect 4.6 TF2 $9.43 PP -
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Plus Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.2 PP -
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Pathologic 2 0.7 TF2 $1.47 PP -
Per Aspera 0.7 TF2 $1.52 PP -
Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.55 PP -
Pistol Whip 7.8 TF2 $15.92 PP -
Plague Inc: Evolved 1.6 TF2 $3.28 PP -
Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PP -
Planet Coaster 1.7 TF2 $3.49 PP -
Planet Zoo 1.8 TF2 $3.79 PP -
Planetary Annihilation: TITANS 4.7 TF2 $9.55 PP -
Portal Knights 0.9 TF2 $1.77 PP -
PowerBeatsVR 1.0 TF2 $1.97 PP -
PowerSlave Exhumed 1.7 TF2 $3.54 PP -
Praey for the Gods 0.7 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $1.44 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Heroines: Warriors, Dreamers, and God Slayers
Prehistoric Kingdom 1.4 TF2 $2.9 PP -
Pro Cycling Manager 2019 1.3 TF2 $2.58 PP -
Project Cars 3 10.8 TF2 $22.11 PP -
Project Hospital 2.4 TF2 $4.84 PP -
Project Wingman 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Project Winter 1.0 TF2 $1.97 PP -
Pumpkin Jack 0.4 TF2 $0.91 PP -
Quantum Break 1.6 TF2 $3.23 PP -
RESIDENT EVIL 3 2.2 TF2 $4.49 PP -
RUGBY 20 1.2 TF2 $2.55 PP -
RUINER 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse 3.2 TF2 $6.56 PP -
Ragnaröck 3.3 TF2 $6.8 PP -
Rain World 1.4 TF2 $2.83 PP -
Raw Data 1.0 TF2 $2.15 PP -
Re:Legend 1.0 TF2 $2.09 PP -
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PP -
Red Matter 4.3 TF2 $8.83 PP -
Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER 0.9 TF2 $1.86 PP -
Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD Remaster 0.6 TF2 $1.3 PP -
Resident Evil 5 GOLD Edition 1.4 TF2 $2.83 PP -
Resident Evil 5 0.9 TF2 $1.79 PP -
Resident Evil 6 1.4 TF2 $2.82 PP -
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Deluxe Edition 2.1 TF2 $4.23 PP -
Resident Evil: Revelations 0.5 TF2 $1.02 PP -
Retro Machina 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 0.6 TF2 $1.22 PP -
River City Girls 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos 0.5 TF2 $1.11 PP -
RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe 1.0 TF2 $2.1 PP -
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack 1.8 TF2 $3.63 PP -
Rubber Bandits 0.7 TF2 $1.5 PP -
Running with Rifles 1.9 TF2 $3.86 PP -
Ryse: Son of Rome 1.7 TF2 $3.49 PP -
SCUM 2.7 TF2 $5.56 PP -
SHENZHEN I/O 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PP -
SOMA 2.1 TF2 $4.21 PP -
SONG OF HORROR Complete Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.55 PP -
STAR WARS™: Squadrons 2.0 TF2 $4.17 PP -
SUPERHOT VR 2.2 TF2 $4.49 PP -
SUPERHOT 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PP -
Sable 0.5 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $1.04 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Heroines: Warriors, Dreamers, and God Slayers
Saint's Row The Third Remastered 2.2 TF2 $4.48 PP -
Saints Row 2 0.6 TF2 $1.23 PP -
Saints Row IV 0.9 TF2 $1.82 PP -
Saints Row: The Third 0.6 TF2 $1.29 PP -
Sanctum 2 0.5 TF2 $1.08 PP -
Satisfactory 6.2 TF2 $12.73 PP -
Scarlet Nexus 2.6 TF2 $5.39 PP -
Scribblenauts Unlimited 0.4 TF2 $0.8 PP -
Secret Neighbor 0.6 TF2 $1.2 PP -
Serious Sam 2 0.7 TF2 $1.53 PP -
Serious Sam 3: BFE 0.9 TF2 $1.8 PP -
Serious Sam 4 3.1 TF2 $6.45 PP -
Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem 2.2 TF2 $4.5 PP -
Severed Steel 1.4 TF2 $2.84 PP -
Shadow Man Remastered 1.0 TF2 $1.97 PP -
Shadow Warrior 2 0.8 TF2 $1.73 PP -
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 3.3 TF2 $6.78 PP -
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
Shenmue 3 0.7 TF2 $1.43 PP -
Shenmue I & II 0.7 TF2 $1.43 PP -
Shining Resonance Refrain 0.5 TF2 $0.94 PP -
Sid Meier's Civilization VI : Platinum Edition 2.9 TF2 $5.87 PP -
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 0.9 TF2 $1.83 PP -
Sid Meier's Civilization® V: The Complete Edition 2.0 TF2 $4.14 PP -
Sid Meiers Civilization IV: The Complete Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.74 PP -
Siege of Centauri 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
SimCasino 1.2 TF2 $2.54 PP -
Skullgirls 2nd Encore 1.0 TF2 $1.97 PP -
Slap City 1.1 TF2 $2.25 PP -
Slay the Spire 3.0 TF2 $6.22 PP -
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PP -
Slime Rancher 1.6 TF2 $3.3 PP -
Sniper Elite 3 0.7 TF2 $1.37 PP -
Sniper Elite 4 1.3 TF2 $2.67 PP -
Sniper Elite V2 Remastered 0.8 TF2 $1.72 PP -
Sniper Elite V2 0.5 TF2 $0.94 PP -
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 0.8 TF2 $1.67 PP -
Sonic Adventure DX 0.5 TF2 $1.05 PP -
Sonic Adventure™ 2 0.6 TF2 $1.17 PP -
Sonic Lost World 1.7 TF2 $3.44 PP -
Sonic Mania 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Sorcery! Parts 1 & 2 0.6 TF2 $1.27 PP -
Soul Calibur VI 1.1 TF2 $2.34 PP -
Source of Madness 0.6 TF2 $1.13 PP -
Space Engineers 2.3 TF2 $4.65 PP -
Space Haven 0.6 TF2 $1.33 PP -
Spec Ops: The Line 0.8 TF2 $1.66 PP -
SpeedRunners 0.7 TF2 $1.38 PP -
Spelunky 1.0 TF2 $2.09 PP -
Spirit Of The Island 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
Splendor 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PP -
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated 1.3 TF2 $2.63 PP -
Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy 3.8 TF2 $7.89 PP -
Star Renegades 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
Star Trek: Bridge Crew 3.7 TF2 $7.49 PP -
Star Wars Republic Commando™ 0.4 TF2 $0.76 PP -
Star Wars® Empire at War™: Gold Pack 0.8 TF2 $1.72 PP -
Starbound 0.8 TF2 $1.7 PP -
Starpoint Gemini Warlords 1.7 TF2 $3.44 PP -
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition 3.0 TF2 $6.17 PP -
Staxel 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech 0.9 TF2 $1.88 PP -
Steel Division: Normandy 44 0.7 TF2 $1.39 PP -
Stellaris Galaxy Edition 1.3 TF2 $2.65 PP -
Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack 0.9 TF2 $1.88 PP -
Stick Fight: The Game 0.4 TF2 $0.76 PP -
Strategic Command WWII: World at War 2.1 TF2 $4.21 PP -
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection 2.4 TF2 $4.82 PP -
Street Fighter V 0.7 TF2 $1.48 PP -
Streets of Rogue 1.2 TF2 $2.44 PP -
Stronghold 2: Steam Edition 1.0 TF2 $1.95 PP -
Stronghold Crusader 2 0.7 TF2 $1.43 PP -
Stronghold Crusader HD 0.5 TF2 $1.07 PP -
Styx: Shards Of Darkness 0.6 TF2 $1.29 PP -
Subnautica 4.2 TF2 $8.65 PP -
Summer in Mara 0.4 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Sunless Skies 0.7 TF2 $1.37 PP -
Sunset Overdrive 1.3 TF2 $2.67 PP -
Super Meat Boy 0.4 TF2 $0.72 PP -
Superliminal 2.0 TF2 $4.11 PP -
Supraland Six Inches Under 1.6 TF2 $3.34 PP -
Supreme Commander 2 0.9 TF2 $1.93 PP -
Supreme Commander Forged Alliance 2.0 TF2 $4.17 PP -
Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality 0.9 TF2 $1.82 PP -
Survive the Nights 0.9 TF2 $1.81 PP -
Surviving the Aftermath 0.5 TF2 $0.95 PP -
Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet - Complete Edition 5.3 TF2 $10.88 PP -
Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition 1.0 TF2 $2.13 PP -
Syberia: The World Before 0.9 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $1.77 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Heroines: Warriors, Dreamers, and God Slayers
Synth Riders 3.4 TF2 $6.89 PP -
THIEF 0.8 TF2 $1.61 PP -
TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2 1.7 TF2 $3.56 PP -
Tales of Berseria 0.9 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Tales of Symphonia 1.6 TF2 $3.25 PP -
Tales of Zestiria 0.6 TF2 $1.24 PP -
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.5 TF2 $0.98 PP -
Tank Mechanic Simulator 1.0 TF2 $2.14 PP -
Team Sonic Racing™ 1.9 TF2 $3.88 PP -
Telltale Batman Shadows Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.9 PP -
Terraforming Mars 0.9 TF2 $1.9 PP -
Terraria 1.8 TF2 $3.71 PP -
The Ascent 1.0 TF2 $2.09 PP -
The Battle of Polytopia 0.4 TF2 $0.9 PP -
The Beast Inside 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PP -
The Blackout Club 6.0 TF2 $12.21 PP -
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope 1.4 TF2 $2.88 PP -
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan 1.7 TF2 $3.46 PP -
The Darkness II 0.5 TF2 $1.02 PP -
The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos 0.5 TF2 $1.08 PP -
The Escapists 2 0.9 TF2 $1.83 PP -
The Escapists 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PP -
The Henry Stickmin Collection 0.7 TF2 $1.5 PP -
The Intruder 1.2 TF2 $2.5 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 2.0 TF2 $4.02 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 3 3.4 TF2 $6.87 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 4 2.1 TF2 $4.21 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 5 3.3 TF2 $6.8 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 6 2.7 TF2 $5.54 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 1.1 TF2 $2.33 PP -
The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame 0.4 TF2 $0.76 PP -
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 1.4 TF2 $2.91 PP -
The Long Dark 2.1 TF2 $4.23 PP -
The Long Dark: Survival Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PP -
The Stanley Parable 2.7 TF2 $5.5 PP -
The Surge 2 0.6 TF2 $1.32 PP -
The Survivalists 1.0 TF2 $2.0 PP -
The Talos Principle 0.7 TF2 $1.41 PP -
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 0.3 TF2 $0.71 PP -
The Walking Dead: The Final Season 0.3 TF2 $0.71 PP -
The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series 2.0 TF2 $4.18 PP -
The Witness 6.9 TF2 $14.09 PP -
The Wolf Among Us 1.1 TF2 $2.34 PP -
This War of Mine: Complete Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.56 PP -
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.36 PP -
Tomb Raider 1.5 TF2 $3.11 PP -
Torchlight II 0.7 TF2 $1.44 PP -
Total Tank Simulator 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PP -
Total War SHOGUN 2 1.6 TF2 $3.34 PP -
Total War Shogun 2 Collection 1.7 TF2 $3.44 PP -
Total War: ATTILA 1.9 TF2 $3.95 PP -
Total War: Empire - Definitive Edition 1.5 TF2 $3.07 PP -
Total War: Napoleon - Definitive Edition 1.5 TF2 $3.0 PP -
Total War: Rome II - Emperor Edition 2.5 TF2 $5.17 PP -
Total War™: WARHAMMER® 3.0 TF2 $6.17 PP -
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 3.3 TF2 $6.8 PP -
Totally Reliable Delivery Service 1.9 TF2 $3.89 PP -
Tour de France 2020 0.6 TF2 $1.33 PP -
Tower Unite 3.7 TF2 $7.55 PP -
Trailmakers Deluxe Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.91 PP -
Trailmakers 0.9 TF2 $1.91 PP -
Train Simulator Classic 0.7 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $1.44 PP Refer To My Other Thread Train Simulator Classic: On the Fast Track Bundle
Train Station Renovation 0.5 TF2 $0.94 PP -
Tribes of Midgard 0.7 TF2 $1.53 PP -
Tricky Towers 2.0 TF2 $4.04 PP -
Trine 2: Complete Story 1.1 TF2 $2.3 PP -
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince 0.9 TF2 $1.82 PP -
Tropico 5 – Complete Collection 0.8 TF2 $1.65 PP -
Tropico 6 El-Prez Edition 2.6 TF2 $5.24 PP -
Tropico 6 2.2 TF2 $4.44 PP -
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil 0.4 TF2 $0.75 PP -
Turok 0.4 TF2 $0.81 PP -
Two Point Hospital 2.3 TF2 $4.65 PP -
Tyranny - Gold Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.39 PP -
Ultimate Chicken Horse 1.6 TF2 $3.24 PP -
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 1.6 TF2 $3.37 PP -
Ultra Street Fighter IV 0.5 TF2 $0.95 PP -
Undertale 2.0 TF2 $4.19 PP -
Universe Sandbox 3.5 TF2 $7.16 PP -
Unrailed! 1.2 TF2 $2.54 PP -
Until You Fall 0.7 TF2 $1.39 PP -
VTOL VR 5.0 TF2 $10.16 PP -
Vacation Simulator 5.0 TF2 $10.21 PP -
Vagante 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PP -
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.38 PP -
Valkyria Chronicles™ 1.0 TF2 $1.98 PP -
Vampyr 1.6 TF2 $3.19 PP -
Verdun 0.4 TF2 $0.87 PP -
Visage 5.7 TF2 $11.59 PP -
Viscera Cleanup Detail 2.0 TF2 $4.09 PP -
Void Bastards 0.5 TF2 $0.99 PP -
Volcanoids 1.2 TF2 $2.42 PP -
Vox Machinae 3.3 TF2 $6.74 PP -
WRATH: Aeon of Ruin 0.4 TF2 $0.82 PP -
WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship 1.1 TF2 $2.23 PP -
Wargame European Escalation 0.3 TF2 $0.71 PP -
Wargame: Red Dragon 6.4 TF2 $13.18 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Master Collection 1.4 TF2 $2.77 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Grand Master Collection 1.8 TF2 $3.62 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War 0.6 TF2 $1.23 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Tyranids 2.1 TF2 $4.38 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Collection 1.6 TF2 $3.3 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 1.6 TF2 $3.27 PP -
Warhammer: Chaosbane - Slayer Edition 1.0 TF2 $2.11 PP -
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Collector's Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PP -
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Collector's Edition 1.3 TF2 $2.67 PP -
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 1.2 TF2 $2.41 PP -
Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® II 0.7 TF2 $1.39 PP -
Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® III 1.7 TF2 $3.45 PP -
Warpips 0.8 TF2 $1.54 PP -
Wasteland 3 1.2 TF2 $2.48 PP -
We Happy Few 0.8 TF2 $1.54 PP -
We Need to Go Deeper 1.1 TF2 $2.25 PP -
We Were Here Too 1.6 TF2 $3.23 PP -
White Day : a labyrinth named school 0.5 TF2 $1.03 PP -
Who's Your Daddy 2.1 TF2 $4.23 PP -
Wingspan 1.0 TF2 $2.04 PP -
Winkeltje: The Little Shop 1.0 TF2 $2.09 PP -
Witch It 1.9 TF2 $3.93 PP -
Wizard of Legend 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
World War Z: Aftermath 4.0 TF2 $8.2 PP -
Worms Revolution Gold Edition 0.5 TF2 $1.04 PP -
Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Deluxe Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.74 PP -
Worms W.M.D 1.1 TF2 $2.17 PP -
Worms World Party Remastered 0.4 TF2 $0.89 PP -
Wrench 3.0 TF2 $6.23 PP -
Wurm Unlimited 0.7 TF2 $1.5 PP -
X4: Foundations 5.5 TF2 $11.35 PP -
X4: Split Vendetta 1.9 TF2 $3.83 PP -
XCOM 2 Collection 1.2 TF2 $2.53 PP -
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PP -
XCOM: Ultimate Collection 0.9 TF2 $1.86 PP -
XCOM®: Chimera Squad 0.3 TF2 $0.71 PP -
Yakuza 0 1.4 TF2 $2.77 PP -
Yakuza 3 Remastered 1.2 TF2 $2.53 PP -
Yakuza Kiwami 2 2.3 TF2 $4.62 PP -
Yakuza Kiwami 1.7 TF2 $3.57 PP -
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles 2.2 TF2 $4.49 PP -
YouTubers Life 0.8 TF2 $1.58 PP -
Yuppie Psycho 0.4 TF2 $0.72 PP -
ZERO Sievert 3.7 TF2 $7.56 PP -
Zeno Clash 2 0.3 TF2 $0.71 PP -
Zombie Army Trilogy 0.8 TF2 $1.68 PP -
biped 0.9 TF2 $1.86 PP -
rFactor 2 1.2 TF2 $2.38 PP -
while True: learn() Chief Technology Officer Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
IGS Rep Page:
SteamTrades Rep Page (1000+):
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SGSFlair Rep Page:
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2023.03.22 22:48 stackingkeepstacking [WTS] AGE/AGB/Gold Bars and Gold Coins

Sometimes the image is not loading. You may have to click on download link to save and view the proof

Selling the following
1X 2022 AGE - $2035.00
1X2001 AGE - $2035
1X2022 AGB - $2035
1X Gold Maple (2022), 1X Gold Kangaroo(2022), 1X Gold Britannia (2022) - $2025 each
$2010 each for below
1oz PAMP Gold Bar
1oz Credit Suisse Gold bar
2 X 1oz Perth Gold Bar
2X 1oz Argor Heraeus gold bar (these are not Kindbar i.e. no hologram in back). The bar numbers are in sequence.

No Middleman, and No ship first. Willing to personally meet if you are in Richmond VA area.

Shipping is $4 USPS first class , $8 USPS priority, UPS starts at $9, Fedex starts at $35.
3rd party shipping insurance is $0.80 per $100 for packages less than $1000,
or $0.65 per $100 for priority packages above $1000.
USPS registered insured mail $24 + $2 per $1000 value.
My liability ends once package is in carrier custody.
PaypalFF, Zelle only
No crypto, no trades
Chat preferred but feel free to PM.
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2023.03.22 22:42 i_beavster_vegemite Replacement chain?

The chain broke on my GSD SX10LX and I need to replace it. Anyone have a link for the right size replacement?
submitted by i_beavster_vegemite to terngsd [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 22:31 Amannil Polyhotel - NFT based game inspired by Habbo Hotel

Polyhotel $POLY Polygon chain
Do you remember when Habbo was a big thing? Now is your chance to get in early to the blockchain equivalent of Habbo: Polyhotel!
Polyhotel is an NFT based social game on the Polygon network where you can create rooms, host mini-games, trade items such as rares, make friends and more!
Aim and next steps
We aim to make a successful game where the only limit is your creativity. You can chat, create rooms or hustle by trading rare items. The development has begun and there will be an early gameplay demo soon showcasing creating rooms and putting your NFT furniture in the room. Paid marketing will also start soon.
Why polygon?
Polyhotel will have furniture, rare items, characters and more as NFTs on OpenSea. Polygon offers super low fees which makes sense when buying NFTs that aren't super valuable. For example a $0.1 wooden stool to your room is viable on Polygon because of the low fees.
The $POLY token has a supply of 10 billion and a tax of 6%. The tax is divided into marketing fee and liquidity fee. The goal is to remove the tax entirely when the liquidity is at a healthy level. There is also a 4% max wallet limit to combat whales. Liquidity (92% of tokens) is locked.
More info on the website:
Join the discussion Telegram:
Contract: 0x865185e3f09c5c8c0771b8535f34d119d3047960
Feel free to join our community and ask any questions you may have! We're excited to get this going and share the development process with you!
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2023.03.22 22:31 Amannil Polyhotel - NFT based game inspired by Habbo Hotel

Polyhotel - NFT based game inspired by Habbo Hotel
Polyhotel $POLY Polygon chain
Do you remember when Habbo was a big thing? Now is your chance to get in early to the blockchain equivalent of Habbo: Polyhotel!
Polyhotel is an NFT based social game on the Polygon network where you can create rooms, host mini-games, trade items such as rares, make friends and more!
Aim and next steps
We aim to make a successful game where the only limit is your creativity. You can chat, create rooms or hustle by trading rare items. The development has begun and there will be an early gameplay demo soon showcasing creating rooms and putting your NFT furniture in the room. Paid marketing will also start soon.
Why polygon?
Polyhotel will have furniture, rare items, characters and more as NFTs on OpenSea. Polygon offers super low fees which makes sense when buying NFTs that aren't super valuable. For example a $0.1 wooden stool to your room is viable on Polygon because of the low fees.
The $POLY token has a supply of 10 billion and a tax of 6%. The tax is divided into marketing fee and liquidity fee. The goal is to remove the tax entirely when the liquidity is at a healthy level. There is also a 4% max wallet limit to combat whales. Liquidity (92% of tokens) is locked.
More info on the website:
Join the discussion Telegram:
Contract: 0x865185e3f09c5c8c0771b8535f34d119d3047960
Feel free to join our community and ask any questions you may have! We're excited to get this going and share the development process with you!
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2023.03.22 22:30 Amannil Polyhotel - NFT based game inspired by Habbo Hotel

Polyhotel - NFT based game inspired by Habbo Hotel
Polyhotel $POLY Polygon chain
Do you remember when Habbo was a big thing? Now is your chance to get in early to the blockchain equivalent of Habbo: Polyhotel!
Polyhotel is an NFT based social game on the Polygon network where you can create rooms, host mini-games, trade items such as rares, make friends and more!
Aim and next steps
We aim to make a successful game where the only limit is your creativity. You can chat, create rooms or hustle by trading rare items. The development has begun and there will be an early gameplay demo soon showcasing creating rooms and putting your NFT furniture in the room. Paid marketing will also start soon.
Why polygon?
Polyhotel will have furniture, rare items, characters and more as NFTs on OpenSea. Polygon offers super low fees which makes sense when buying NFTs that aren't super valuable. For example a $0.1 wooden stool to your room is viable on Polygon because of the low fees.
The $POLY token has a supply of 10 billion and a tax of 6%. The tax is divided into marketing fee and liquidity fee. The goal is to remove the tax entirely when the liquidity is at a healthy level. There is also a 4% max wallet limit to combat whales. Liquidity (92% of tokens) is locked.
More info on the website:
Join the discussion Telegram:
Contract: 0x865185e3f09c5c8c0771b8535f34d119d3047960
Feel free to join our community and ask any questions you may have! We're excited to get this going and share the development process with you!
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2023.03.22 22:27 CM_Archangel Union Jack's first offer will be available on March 24th at 1PM (PDT).

Union Jack's first offer will be available on March 24th at 2PM (PDT).
If you can't wait to start powering up your Invaders team for Raids, you can get your hands on Union Jack on March 22nd at 2:00PM (PDT) with one of his initial offers in the Store. Don't forget that when you purchase one of these offers, you unlock a chain of special, limited-time deals on Gold, Training Modules, and more with amazing value.
But no matter how you end up recruiting Union Jack, keep your eyes on the Elite Store on March 22nd because he'll be featured in Red Star Orbs with an increased drop rate of 15% for a limited time. Don't miss out on adding extra red to Union Jack!
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2023.03.22 22:27 DocCraft2000 Agent 1303 – Patient Null: Code HaDiDaHa: Kapitel 8 – Etwas Lustiges geschah auf dem Weg nach Kleinsperlingen an der Donau

Es waren anderthalb Stunden vergangen, als Agent 1303 aus seinem Schlaf erwachte. Inzwischen waren sie auf einer Autobahn und hatten den Großteil des Erzgebirges hinter sich gelassen. Er gähnte und streckte sich. „Na sieh mal einer an, unser Dornröschen ist aufgewacht.“ kam es vom Beifahrersitz. Kommissar Hirschmüller konnte sich das Grinsen nicht verkneifen. „Und, erzählst du uns jetzt, was du auf Schloss Dunkelstein erlebt hast?“ 1303 musste nun auch lachen, zumindest innerlich. Der Kommissar hatte schon immer diese Neugierde, doch der Agent wollte alle einweihen. „Ich erzähle es euch, wenn wir 0101 dazu geholt haben.“ „Na schön, dann behalte dein Geheimnis für dich.“ So fuhren sie immer weiter über die Autobahn und passierten nach geraumer Zeit die sächsisch-bayrische Grenze. Die gesamte Zeit über unterhielt der Kommissar den Agenten mit seinen schwierigsten Fälle, die er jedoch in Minuten bereits gelöst hatte.
Als die Sonne unterging, leuchtete das Tanksymbol auf und Alfons fuhr auf einen Rastplatz. Agent 1303 und der Kommissar nutzten die Pause, um sich zu erleichtern und als sie wieder an den Wagen kamen, hatte Alfons fertig getankt. „1303, du müsstest dann noch zahlen.“ „Klar.“ Um die Geheimhaltung zu wahren, musste der jeweilige Agent, der einen Wagen der ICA beanspruchte, das Benzin zahlen. Der Grund lag in der EC-Karte, die neben dem Bezahlen auch die Überwachungskamera anzapfte und das Material löschte, auf dem der Wagen zu sehen war. „Ach, 1303!“ rief Rolf hinterher, „Könntest du noch etwas Süßes mitbringen? Ich geb’s dir später wieder.“ „Geht klar.“
Der Agent betrat das Tankstellenhäuschen. Es war gut bestückt, jedoch nicht so groß wie ein Autohof. Zielstrebig steuerte er den Bereich der Snacks an. Etwas Süßes also. Die Auswahl war reichlich, jedoch hatte ein Scherzkeks die Idee gehabt, die Twix-Riegel in zwei Sorten aufzuteilen, linkes und rechtes Twix. Agent 1303 war sich unsicher, ob diese Aufteilung wirtschaftlicher oder politischer Natur war, als zwei weitere Männer die Tankstelle betraten. Sie gingen an den Regalen vorbei und zielgerichtet zur Kasse. Durch die Regale, die den mittleren Teil des Häuschens einnahmen, konnten sie den Agenten nicht sehen. Die Kassiererin trat an den Tresen. „Sie wünschen?“ Einer der Männer, ein Typ mit braunen Haaren, antwortete: „Ich such‘ ein Säckchen Gold, find aber keins. Aber das haben Sie ja dabei.“ Mit diesen Worten zog er eine abgesägte Schrotflinte unter seinem schwarzen Mantel hervor. „Wir wollen das Geld aus der Kasse!“ „Und zehn Schachteln Zigaretten!“ ergänzte der Andere, ein blonder Mann, der nur etwas kleiner war als der erste.
„Das finde ich jetzt nicht ganz so prickelnd.“ Agent 1303 war aus seiner Hocke aufgestanden. „Und der angebrachte Terminus in dieser Situation wäre: „Junge Dame, wir hätten gern zehn Schachteln Tabakware“, oder sehe ich das anders als Sie?“ „Quatsch nicht so geschwollen!“ Der Braunhaarige richtete die Schrotflinte auf den Agenten. „Hast du Geld?“ „Nur eine EC-Karte.“ Der Agent holte das farblich zum Anzug passende Portemonnaie aus dem Jackett. Der Braunhaarige kam auf ihn zu und nahm es ihm ab. „Und jetzt in die Ecke und Mund halten!“ Er ging zurück zum Tresen, wo die Kassiererin bereits unter Tränen die Tageseinnahmen aus der Kasse holte. „Entschuldigung,“, rief 1303 in Richtung der Räuber, seine ICA19 mit zwei Fingern am Griff haltend, „aber ich habe auch noch das hier. Ist das für Sie auch von Interesse?“ Beide Räuber rissen die Augen auf vor Schreck. „Scheiße! Schieb die Waffe sofort durch den Mittelgang zu uns.“ Der Agent tat, wie ihm geheißen, jedoch tastete er sein Jackett ab als sich die Räuber umgedreht hatten. Und tatsächlich, es war noch da.
Gerade als die Räuber damit fertig waren, ihre Beute in ihrer Sporttasche zu verstauen und verschwinden wollten, bemerkten sie zwei Dinge: Ein seltsames Geräusch, das einem Aufziehspielzeug glich und das Fehlen von Agent 1303. Der blonde sah sich um und entdeckte einen Spielzeugroboter, der hinter einem der Regale hervorkam. Es war eines von diesen Spielzeugdingern, die sich in den Siebzigern an großer Beliebtheit erfreut hatten. Dieser Spielzeugroboter war grau mit roten Elementen und großen, weiß leuchtenden Augen. Auf seinem Bein stand in roter Farbe „Lil‘ Flashy“. „Was ist denn das?“ fragte der Blonde und hob das Spielzeug auf. „Was? --“ Weiter kam der Braunhaarige nicht, da ein greller Blitz aus den Augen des Roboters schoss. Darauf hatte 1303 gewartet. Im geübten Stil schob er seinen Zeigefinger hinter den Abzug und blockierte ihn damit, bevor er dem Braunhaarigen mit seinem Ellenbogen auf den Arm schlug, seinen Griff lockerte und ihm die Schrotflinte entriss. Der Blonde hatte sich wieder gefangen, da drehte sich der Agent samt Schrotflinte um und schlug diese dem Blonden um die Ohren, der rücklings in ein Regal fiel und von mehreren Litern Frostschutzmittel übergossen wurde. Etwas Weißes fiel ihm aus einer Jackentasche, doch das metallische Klicken eines Butterfly-Messers lenkte die Aufmerksamkeit von 1303 wieder auf den Braunhaarigen. Er fuchtelte, mehr aus Angst als aus Kampfeslust mit dem Messer herum. Der Agent ging einfach nur auf ihn zu, er wich vor Angst immer weiter zurück, bis ihn der Agent mit den Worten „Sag mal, hast du Netflix?“ in ein Regal voller Gutscheine schubste. Dort blieb er liegen.
Agent 1303 kehrte zu dem Blonden zurück und musterte nun den weißen Gegenstand etwas genauer. Es war ein dünnes Stück Metall, auf dem die Vorderseite der „Schlossallee“ abgedruckt war. „Verwünscht“, presste der Agent hinter seinen Zähnen hervor. Er hob das Metallstück auf, steckte sie ein. Dann nahm er die Tasche und die Schrotflinte, ging zum Tresen und legte der immer noch unter Schock stehenden Kassiererin ein linkes und ein rechtes Twix auf die Theke. „Tut mir leid, ich konnte mich nicht entscheiden.“ Die Kassiererin nickte geistesabwesend, dann weiteten sich ihre Augen. Der Braunhaarige war wieder aufgestanden. Er blutete aus ein paar Kratzern und schwang bedrohlich sein Messer. Der Agent warf ihm mit einem lässigen aber kraftvollen Wurf die Schrotflinte an den Kopf, sodass der Räuber zurücktaumelte und wieder in den Gutscheinstapel fiel. Die Kassiererin hatte die beiden Twix-Riegel eingescannt und sagte mit einer leicht zittrigen Stimme: „Das macht dann…“ Agent 1303 zog einen Hunderter aus seinem Portemonnaie und reichte ihn ihr. „Behalten Sie den Rest und vergessen Sie mich. Wenn jemand fragt, kennen Sie mich nicht.“ „Und was sag ich der Polizei.“ Mit einem Lächeln auf den Lippen antwortete der Agent: „Sie sind schlau, Ihnen fällt etwas ein.“ Er schnappte sich die Twix-Riegel und hob beim Herausgehen seine ICA19 und die Schrotflinte des Räubers auf.
„Ragnarök?“ Nach dem Vorfall an der Tankstelle hatte sich das Trio einen unbeleuchteten Seitenstreifen gesucht und Agent 0101 über das Bord-Interface zugeschalten. Agent 1303 hatte gerade seine Geschichte beendet, Alfons und der Kommissar hatten ihm förmlich an den Lippen geklebt. „Ja Chef, Ragnarök. Was auch immer das ist.“ „Das, mein lieber 1303,“, antwortete Alfons mit ruhiger Stimme, „ist der Weltenbrand, der Untergang der Welt in der nordischen Mythologie.“ „Ungünstig.“ kommentierte 0101. „Erschwerend hinzu kommt noch, dass wir Besuch hatten, während ihr unterwegs wart.“ „Besuch? Von wem?“ 1303 war besorgt. Wer wusste außer den Personen im Auto noch von der ICA? Der einzige, der ihm einfiel, war Jannik Yamaoka, doch welchen Grund hätte ein Untoter mit hellseherischen Fähigkeiten, den Kontakt mit der Agentur zu suchen? „Keine Ahnung, seinen Namen hat er nicht genannt. Aber er hatte so eine Armprothese.“ „Er war im Büro?“ 1303’s Vorgesetzter nickte. „Er sagte, wir sollen einige Handeltreibende in der Chemiebranche untersuchen. Und wir sind fündig geworden: Mehrere unabhängige Verkäufer haben gewaltige Mengen an konzentrierter Schwefelsäure und Kaliumpermanganat an eine nicht existenten Chemiekonzern verscheuert.“
„Und was ist daran jetzt so besonders?“ fragte der Kommissar. Agent 0101 antwortete unheilschwanger: „In den Neunzigern haben wir einen Mann namens Dävid festgesetzt. Er hatte Waffen für die Fanatiker produziert, die sogenannten „Turmstraßen“. Sie wurden mit Manganheptoxid hergestellt, das beim Mischen der beiden vorher genannten Chemikalien entsteht. Wenn man es mit einem potenten Brennstoff verbindet, reagiert es und erzeugt eine gewaltige Feuersäule.“ „Heißt das, die Fanatiker produzieren wieder Turmstraßen?“ Agent 0101 nickte nur. 1303 holte das Metallstück aus seinem Jackett. „Was ist damit?“ Agent 0101 runzelte die Stirn. „Schlossallee… uns ist bekannt, dass sie extrem scharfkantig ist und vorzugsweise als Wurfwaffe eingesetzt wird.“ „In dem Sinne also ungefährlich…“ 1303 schien nachzudenken. „Und was jetzt?“
„Als die ICA die Aufklärungsarbeiten durchführte, hatten wir eine mobile Basis, die wir in der Nähe von Kleinsperlingen versteckt hatten. Allerdings könnte sie etwas baufällig sein…“ „Darum kümmere ich mich.“ Agent 1303 hatte sein Handy gezückt. „Scheint, als müssten wir ein paar Limbacher rekrutieren. Auf die ist schließlich Verlass. Und wir müssen eine Konferenz mit dem Vorstand einberufen.“ „Alles klar. Ich werde mich selbst vor Ort begeben und deiner Ankunft entgegenfiebern.“ Der Chef der Außendienststelle schien vor Aufregung zu platzen. „Bis wir uns erneut treffen, halten wir Funkstille. Auf bald, mein Sohn.“ Das Gespräch wurde beendet.
Langsam gerät die Sache ins Rollen.
Bei dieser Geschichte habe ich mich von Marvels Kurzfilm „Etwas Lustiges geschah auf dem Weg zu Thors Hammer“ inspirieren lassen. Ist eigentlich sauwitzig.
Hoffen wir mal, dass diese mobile Basis noch einsatzbereit ist, wenn unsere Helden ankommen.
submitted by DocCraft2000 to Huebi [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 22:24 Dependant_Ad_Mobile2 Alt. Fortnite Chapter 5: Season X.

Title: Dream Syndicate.

Theme: DO Vibin'

Battle Pass.


Page 1.

Chill Spencer Tellin (Skin) Find A DO Smoothie (1)
DO Smoothie (Back Bling)
Underground Digger (Pickaxe)
Smoothie Of Dreams (Contrail)
DO Trail Bike (Glider)
Smoothie Slam (Emote)
Drink The Smoothie (Animated Emoticon)
No More Evil [YET!] (Spray)
Beaches Of DO (Wrap)
Final Battle (Music Pack)
Dream Sunset (Loading Screen)

Page 2.

Relaxed DO Guard (Skin) Find A Guard Smoothie (1)
DO Cooler (Back Bling)
Dream Vibrant Knife (Pickaxe)
Blue Vibrant Trail (Contrail)
DO Sunroof Car (Glider)
Guard Patrol (Emote)
Cute Guard Eyes (Emoticon)
The Dream Guard (Spray)
Shore Of A Dream (Wrap)
Swim Specialist (Augment)
Beach Party! (Loading Screen)

Page 3.

The Gold Warden (Skin) Find A Gold Smoothie (1)
The Gold Sigil (Back Bling)
Golden Hammer (Pickaxe)
Golden Glimmer (Contrail)
Glimmering Wings (Glider)
Golden Hood (Built-In Emote)
The Golden Glare (Emoticon)
The Cave Of Gold (Spray)
Golden Crystal (Wrap)
Midas Touch (Augment)
Ambassador V Gold (Loading Screen)

Page 4.

DO Geared Midnight (Skin) Find A Moon Smoothie (1)
Dreamy Moon (Back Bling)
Moon Staff (Pickaxe)
Moon Debris (Contrail)
Moon Shards (Glider)
Crystal Moon Eyes (Built-In Emote)
Cute Midnight (Emoticon)
Ruler Of The Moon (Spray)
Blue Moon (Wrap)
Moon Monarch (Music Pack)
Moon Watch (Loading Screen)

Page 5.

Javi Skywalker (Skin) Find A Jedi Smoothie (1)
Eevee Jedi (Back Bling)
Javi's Lightsaber (Pickaxe)
Jedi-Balls (Contrail)
The Poke-Falcon (Glider)
Jedi Flip (Emote)
Jedi Eevee (Emoticon)
Way Of The Jedi (Spray)
Poke-Jedi (Wrap)
May The Force Be With You (Augment)
Pokémon: Rise Of A Skywalker (Loading Screen)

Page 6.

Darth Sunny (Skin) Find A Sith Smoothie (1)
Sigil Of The Poke-Sith (Back Bling)
Darth Sunny's Lightsaber (Pickaxe)
Sith Holocrons (Contrail)
Imperial Shuttle (Glider)
Sunny's Imperial March (Built-In Emote)
*Breathing* (Animated Emoticon)
Sunny's Saber (Spray)
Sithful Leafs (Wrap)
Imperial Beat (Music Pack)
Duel Of The Eevees (Loading Screen)

Secret Page.

Neko Slone (Skin) Talk To Neko Slone (1)
Yellow Yarn (Back Bling) Find Yellow Balls Of Yarn (5)
Neko Slone's Claws (Built-In Pickaxe) Hit Scratching Posts With A Pickaxe As Neko Slone (3)
Catnip (Contrail) Find Bags Of Catnip (3)
Scratching Post (Glider) Upgrade Weapons Using A Scratching Post (3)
Meowwwww! (Built-In Emote) Emote As Neko Slone (1)
Murr? (Animated Emoticon) Hunt Birds Or Chickens (2)
Scaredy Cat (Spray) Distance Traveled While Crouched (100)
Scratched Post (Wrap) Land At The Kitty Daycare And Reach Top 90 (2)
Wholesome (Music Pack) Headpat Neko Slone (1)
Kitten Love (Loading Screen) Talk To Joey As Neko Slone (1)

Bonus Pages.

Page 1.

Miles Morales (Skin) Find Smoothies (6)
Dark Spidey Bag (Back Bling) Find Smoothies (4)
Web Sword (Pickaxe) Find Smoothies (3)
Web Chains (Contrail) Find Smoothies (2)
Web Wings (Glider) Find A Smoothie (1)

Page 2.

Leap Of Faith (Built-In Emote)
Spidey Jump (Emoticon)
City Watch (Spray)
Dark Spider (Wrap)
Fall Of Faith (Loading Screen)

Page 3.

Chill Spencer Tellin (Summer Shine)
Relaxed DO Guard (Summer Shine)
DO Geared Midnight (Summer Shine)
Javi Skywalker (Summer Shine)
Miles Morales (Summer Shine)

Page 4.

Chill Spencer Tellin (Golden Victory)
Relaxed DO Guard (Golden Victory)
DO Geared Midnight (Golden Victory)
Javi Skywalker (Golden Victory)
Miles Morales (Golden Victory)

Page 5.

Chill Spencer Tellin (Vibin Prismatic)
Relaxed DO Guard (Vibin Prismatic)
DO Geared Midnight (Vibin Prismatic)
Javi Skywalker (Vibin Prismatic)
Miles Morales (Vibin Prismatic)

POIs: Dream Beach, DO Ocean Park, The Zero Sphere, The DO Rift Gate, The Cave Of Gold, Moon Pod Base, Skywalker Suburb, The Imperial Regional Base, The Kitty Daycare, Kingpin's Base, The Serpy Tree, Sentinel Sity, The Cave Of Lost Souls, DO Party Abductors, DO Party Mothership, Midnight Crossroads, Neon Netrostream, Serpy Bunker.

NPCs: Chill Spencer Tellin, Tony The Talking Clock, Springtrap, Baldi, Benson, Toodles, Hector Rivera, Cartoon Cat, Nephrite, Monika, Neko Slone, Puss In Boots, DO Geared Midnight, Beachside Jones, Shaun, Josh Ruby, Joey, Midnight-Kiss-ASMR, Returned Midas.

Henchman: DO Guards, Sentinel Guards, Stormtroopers.

Bosses: The Gold Warden, Javi Skywalker, Darth Sunny, Miles Morales, Kingpin, Remain Indoors, Nightmare Shylily, The Last Life, Siren Head's Creation, The Midnight Stalker, Nervous Houseguest, Corrupted Reddit.

New: DO Watergun, Gold Hammer, Catnip, Scratching Posts, The Gold Warden's Gold Hammer, Javi Skywalker's Lightsaber, Darth Sunny's Lightsaber, Miles Morale's Web Shooters, Kingpin's Reality Portal Gun, The Last Life's Sentinel-Eye AR, DO Chug Splashes, Glitched Specialist Medic Striker Og, Glitched Triple Burst SMG, Glitched Rapid Fire DMR, Corrupted Reddit's Glitched Kinetic Hammer, The Herald's EvoChrome AR.

Unvaulted: Reality Sappling, Hammer AR, Prime Shotgun, Nightmare Shylily's Claws, Sentry Cameras, Sentry Turrets, E-11 Blasters.

Vaulted: DO Electric Bat, Ruined Rail Gun, Simulation Ray Shotgun, LGBTQ Maven Shotgun, Ultra-Rifle, Anti-Hammer, Middle Recon Scanner, EvoLight SMG, The Extreme Ambassador's Sword, Broken Lunime's Glitchy Simulation SMG, Deathman's Sickles, Glowing Anti-Tony The Talking Clock's Armor, Cyborg Elizebeth's Arm, Superior Galeem's EvoLight SMG, Zero Master's Zero Point Sword, Reanimated Mastermind's Blade, Lil Nas X's MK-LGBTQ AR, Radiant Master's Ultra-Rifle, Superior Dharkon's EvoDark Shotgun, Burst Rail Gun, Raven's Shadow Blade, Nightmare Shylily's Claws, Midnight Death's Moon Sickles, Sludge Trollge's Sludge Claws, Lightning Pistol, Acid Splash, The Redact Night's Acid Canon, Scoped Pistol, Slenderman's Tentacles, Loona's Claws, Gold Warden's Shockwave Hammer, Ruined AR, Simulation Ray Gun, Anti-Shotgun, Middle Sideways AR, EvoDark Shotgun, Ultra Saucers.



Week 1.

Search Chest At Dream Beach (7)
Eliminations At Kenjutsu Crossing (3)
Visit DO Ocean Park (1)
Collect A DO Watergun (1)
Slide Off A Slide At DO Ocean Park (1)
Talk To Chill Spencer Tellin (1)

Week 1 Rewards: Chill Out (Emote)

Week 2.

Search Chests At DO Ocean Park (7)
Eliminations At Knotty Crossing (3)
Visit The Zero Sphere (1)
Collect DO Tech (3)
Fix DO Computers (5)
Deal Damage To DO Guards (300)

Week 2 Rewards: DO Tactical AR (Back Bling)

Week 3.

Search Chests At The Zero Sphere (7)
Eliminations At Mega City (3)
Visit The DO Rift Gate (1)
Upgrade A Weapon To Legendary (1)
Collect A Mythic Item (1)
Defeat The Last Life (1)

Week 3 Rewards: Golden Mark (Wrap)

Week 4.

Search Chests At The DO Rift Gate (7)
Eliminations At Steamy Springs (3)
Visit The Cave Of Gold (1)
Eliminations At Night (5)
Dance While Looking At The Moon (1)
Place A Moon Sensor During Night (1)

Week 4 Rewards: DO Geared Midnight (Glowing Armor)

Week 5.

Search Chests At The Cave Of Gold (7)
Eliminations At Kenjutsu Crossing (3)
Visit Moon Pod Base (1)
Collect A Lightsaber (1)
Deal Damage To Stormtroopers (100)
Defeat Darth Sunny (1)

Week 5 Rewards: Lightsaber Duel (Synced Emote)

Week 6.

Search Chests At Moon Pod Base (7)
Eliminations At Knotty Crossing (3)
Visit Skywalker Suburb (1)
Collect An E-11 Blaster (1)
Eliminate A Stormtrooper (1)
Use The Throw Ability On Darth Sunny's Lightsaber (1)

Week 6 Rewards: Force Slam (Emote)

Week 7.

Search Chests At Skywalker Suburb (7)
Eliminations At Mega City (3)
Visit The Imperial Regional Base (1)
Consume Catnip (1)
Upgrade A Weapon To Legendary Using A Scratching Post (1)
Unlock All Neko Slone Cosmetics (11)

Week 7 Rewards: Pawing (Synced Emote)

Week 8.

Search Chests At The Imperial Regional Base (7)
Eliminations At Slappy Shores (3)
Visit The Kitty Daycare (1)
Find Spiderman's Backpack At The Daily Lagoon (1)
Use Mile Morales's Web Shooters (1)
Defeat Kingpin (1)

Week 8 Rewards: Miles Morales (Academy Suit)

Week 9.

Search Chests At The Kitty Daycare (7)
Eliminations At Lonely Labs (3)
Visit Kingpin's Lair (1)
Collect A Havoc Suppressed AR (1)
Deal Damage With A Havoc Pump Shotgun (100)
Eliminate An Opponent With A Kinetic Blade (1)

Week 10.

Search Chests At Kingpin's Lair (7)
Eliminations At Brutal Bastion (3)
Visit The Serpy Tree (1)
Collect Highcard's Havoc Suppressed AR (1)
Deal Damage With A Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun (250)
Eliminate An Opponent With An Overclocked Pulse Rifle (1)

Week 11.

Search Chests At The Serpy Tree (7)
Eliminations At Anvil Square (3)
Visit Sentinel Sity (1)
Deal Damage In Mega City (100)
Talk To A Character In Knotty Crossing (1)
Collect A Kinetic Katana From A Katana Stand (1)

Week 12, 13, 14 And 15 Coming Soon.

Dream Syndicate & Plan B.

Part 1.

Stage 1: Establish A Device Uplink (1)
Stage 2: Place DO Equipment Near A Digsite Near The Zero Sphere (3)
Stage 1: Establish A Device Uplink (1)
Stage 2: Place Cameras At The DO Rift Gate (3)
Stage 3: Talk To Chill Spencer Tellin About The DO Rift Gate (1)

Part 2.

Stage 1: Establish A Device Uplink (1)
Stage 2: Collect Data Chips By Damaging Sentry Turrets (3)
Stage 3: Apply The Data Chips Into The DO Rift Gate (3)
Stage 1: Establish A Device Uplink (1)
Stage 2: Deal Damage To Highcard (100)
Stage 3: Open A Cold Blooded Vault (1)
Stage 4: Defeat The Last Life And Take His Ultra-Chip (1)

Part 3.

Stage 1: Establish A Device Uplink (1)
Stage 2: Get Abducted By A DO Party Abductor (1)
Stage 3: Visit The DO Party Mothership (1)
Stage 4: Dance After Completing The DO Party Mothership's Minigame (1)
Stage 1: Establish A Device Uplink (1)
Stage 2: Study Serpy Roots (3)
Stage 3: Study Serpy Mini Trees (3)
Stage 4: Study The Serpy Tree (1)

Part 4.

Stage 1: Establish A Device Uplink (1)
Stage 2: Collect A Corrupted Data Card After Defeating Corrupted Reddit (1)
Stage 3: Uncorrupt The Data Card (1)
Stage 4: Upload Data Using The Uncorrupted Data Card (1)
Stage 1: Establish A Device Uplink (1)
Stage 2: Decrypt A Message Coming From The Serpy Tree (1)
Stage 3: Follow Serpy's Order By Placing Metal On Serpy Roots (5)

Part 5.

Stage 1: Establish A Device Uplink (1)
Stage 2: Check On The Serpy Roots (1)
Stage 3: Scan The Destroyed Metal At A Serpy Rooted POI (1)
Stage 1: Establish A Device Uplink (1)
Stage 2: Activate A Flashback On Eren's Mom's Death (1)
Stage 3: Activate A Flashback On The Rumbling (1)

Part 5 Rewards: Dream Syndicate (Loading Screen)

Glitchy Masters.

Week 7.

Visit POIs With A Glitched Vault (3)
Eliminate Opponents With Glitched Weapons (5)
Search Glitched Containers (2)
Snipe An Opponent With A Heavy Sniper (1)
Heal Yourself Or Teammates With A Chug Cannon Or Specialist Medic Striker Og (3)
Deal Damage With A Twin Mag SMG, Heisted Blink Mag SMG, Or Glitched Triple Burst SMG (500)

Week 7 Rewards: Server Issuing Hammer (Pickaxe)

Week 8.

Open A Glitched Vault (1)
Deal Damage To Opponents With Glitched Weapons (1,000)
Defeat A Glitched Boss (1)
Hit Opponents With A Cobra DMR (5)
Headshot Snipe A Glitched Boss (1)
Eliminate An Opponent With A Glitched Rapid Fire DMR (3)

Week 8 Rewards: Server Issues (Back Bling)

Week 9.

Open Ammo Boxes At Glitched Vault POIs (5)
Eliminations With Mythics Or Exotics (3)
Land At A Glitched Vault POI And Finish Top 90 (2)
Deal Damage To Corrupted Reddit (100)
Defeat Corrupted Reddit (1)
Use Corrupted Reddit's Glitched Kinetic Hammer (1)

Week 9 Rewards: Corrupted Reddit (Skin)

Rihanna's Diamond Sky.

Dance While In The Countdown Phase In Rihanna's Diamond Sky (1)
Earn XP By Dancing On Dance Floors On The DO Party Abductor In Rihanna's Diamond Sky (500)
Attend Rihanna's Diamond Sky (1) Reward: Diamond (Music Pack) We're Like Diamonds In The Sky (Loading Screen)

HNCS Champion Series 15.

Earn XP In Creative (50,000) Reward: After Hunt (Loading Screen)
Eliminations In A Creative Match (5) Reward: Spring Eren Yauger (Shirtless)
Complete A Match In Creative (1) Reward: ODM Slone (Spring Clothes)


Stage 1: Visit The Serpy Tree (1)
Stage 2: Visit Serpy Roots (1)
Stage 3: Visit Serpy Rooted POIs (3)
Stage 4: Visit Serpy Bunker (1)
Stage 1: Deal Damage With The Herald's EvoChrome AR (100)
Stage 2: Deal Damage With The Herald's EvoChrome AR (200)
Stage 3: Deal Damage With The Herald's EvoChrome AR (300)
Stage 4: Deal Damage With The Herald's EvoChrome AR (500)
Damage Opponents With Grey Weapons (100)
Dance On A Serpy Root (1)
Eliminations At The Serpy Tree (5)
Open Chests Or Ammo Boxes At The Serpy Tree (5)

Challenges Until Week 15.

Honey Goblin's Level Up Challenges.

Week 11: Goblin.

Stage 1: Collect A Goblin Level Up Token (1)
Stage 2: Collect A Goblin Level Up Token (1)
Stage 3: Collect A Goblin Level Up Token (1)
Stage 4: Collect A Goblin Level Up Token (1)
Stage 5: Collect A Goblin Level Up Token (1)
Stage 6: Collect A Goblin Level Up Token (1)
Stage 7: Collect A Goblin Level Up Token (1)

Week 11 Rewards: Goblin Surfboard (Golden Honey)

Week 12, 13 And 14 Coming Soon.

Concert: Rihanna's Diamond Sky.

Season Crew Pack.

Noir Spiderman (Skin)
Miles's Rubics Cube (Back Bling)
Noir Detector (Pickaxe)
Noir Skyview (Loading Screen)
submitted by Dependant_Ad_Mobile2 to TheOfficialAltFn [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 22:21 Semi_Chenga Audeze LCD-X 2021: Electronic music listening/producing + neck strain

Hey everyone, I've owned LCD-X's for about 4 months now and wanted to give a few of my impressions, mainly the ones I haven't seen anyone else make. When I was reading reviews for these cans I saw a lot of people noting how heavy they are, and I didn't really see any reviews from people that specifically listen to or produce the niche genres of electronic music I like.
For starters, I'm in an untreated room using a Scarlett 2i2 solo 3rd gen. I listen to hi-fi when its available, FLACS/WAVS if I have an album downloaded, and Scarlett ASIO when I'm on Ableton.
First, I wanted to make a quick note about the weight:
Honestly, in my most tender and humble opinion, it's no big deal. These things weigh like 640 grams, which might be a lot for some people, but if you are remotely "athletic", I don't think you'll have an issue. I have worn these dozens of times during 8-12 hour sessions and barely ever notice them. I think I used them for a few hours when I was hungry/tired/hungover and started to feel the weight, but 99/100 sessions with these things are just fine. If they're too heavy for you, take that as a sign to start drinking some protein shakes and doing neck workouts at the gym (ladies love a thick neck).
Listening to electronic music:
First of all, "electronic music" is like saying "rock". If I said I listen to "rock" you have no idea if I'm talking about Imagine Dragons or Beefheart. Nomsayin? Sames goes for "electronic music". So, let's get into some micro genres. I like Drum and Bass, specifically neuro/halftime with a big fat dip in the mids. I want sharp, crispy highs sitting on a bed of thick sub bass. I also like really well-produced trippy, downtempo stuff with lots of tiny transient percussion and resonant filter movement. Some of my fav artists in no particular order (but sort of bundled by vibes):
Impressions: 9.5/10. Straight up gobsmacked. Super wide soundstage and a ton of detail in the mix. Every single element in a proper mixdown sits in its own little place and you can almost see the music. The highs spin around your noggin' while a nice, present, meaty sub rocks your brain right in the center. For the type of tracks I listen to, these things are damn near perfect. My only wish is that they had a little more sub bass without EQ, but that's just me being a doped up bass head with an insatiable lust for all things sub 90hz. 40-90hz comes out real nice, but the lowest of the lows could be a little louder (but I'm not even sure if that's possible with headphones). My new party trick is having people listen to a few tracks when they come over after smoking some spirit lettuce. I have a 100% success rate with people saying "That's the best thing I've ever heard". For $1,200, it better be.
Producing electronic music:
I produce the same shit I listen to, and my mixes have gotten noticeably better. I've had friends and peers point out the differences in my mix. My low end is just way more articulated now, and I have a much easier time honing in my kick/sub sidechain, keeping my mids tamed, keeping my highs smooth, etc. I was producing with Adam T5V monitors in an untreated room, so things under 400hz started getting a little muddy. I got these cans to compensate that range, and it has definitely paid off. If you're a producer of heavy bass music and are trying to tighten up your mix, I can't recommend these bad boys enough. I can't find the exact links right now, but two behemoths of the industry that have given these cans gold-star endorsements are Mr. Bill and one of the dudes in Noisia. Those dudes know what they're talkin' about.

In summary, I fuckin' love these things and can't reccomend them enough. Your listening experiences will be elevated, you'll tighten up your mixes, and your sweet, sweet neck will be just fine.
Bonus: Tracks that I think display the power of these cans...
The Re-Up, by Tipper:
Bamboozled, by Jade Cicada:
Not sure if this should be tagged "review" or "impressions", so I'll flip a coin.
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2023.03.22 22:16 Maunderlust Andrew WK is Dead. And that's ok.

Pursuant to a comment made in a previous conversation, it occurs to me that this may be interesting or useful for others to read. Or it'll be divisive, and spur discussion. Either outcome has utility so I'm (re)posting this here for you to consider:

Ok, I've been thinking about this a long time. So here goes:
There is nothing to hide, but you have to see with new eyes.
Doesn't it seem strange that Andrew WK often uses the word "We" when "I" would seem to make more sense? Consider why that might be, because it has a specific purpose.
Andrew WK is a concept, not a person. A mental construct. A man embodied that concept in order to deliberately send a message to the world and propel his personal development, much like the mythical Jesus Christ. As with all of the mental constructs we give regular energy (attention/validation) to, that concept took on a life of its own and ultimately grew to supersede the personal identity of the man who created it. A formal split with the egregore that is Andrew WK was made and elucidated in God is Partying.
You can do this too though you must keep a watchful eye on your desire and dedication to your vision. Believe in yourself and your creative potential to shape your world as, ultimately, that's exactly what it is: Your experiential world. You are IT, an Ouroboros and the gateway of your experience!
Language matters, and words have power. Our subconscious minds are a functioning force for our development and learning to work with it as a partner is the key. The things we entertain as possible, and choose to pursue to fruition, are determined by our inner monologue, our vision of ourselves, and the reality we choose to accept as valid. This is a Partying. The opposite is commending ourselves to be thrown about by consequence and changing circumstance, as if stranded in troubled water. Does this remind you of a certain parable?
You can Party on your own terms, and choose to forge your own vision of success. In fact, though you might have company along the way, you must ultimately make this journey of experience alone. It will require meticulous attention to your own values and choices. Every small choice you reinforce by repeated attention affects a change, good or ill, which creates a chain of circumstances that define a life in aggregate. Embody your idealized self and use your massive creative potential to CREATE change.
You may see Andrew Wilkes Krier again though I strongly doubt that Andrew WK will ever make another appearance. For all intents and purposes, Andrew WK is dead. But so are we all, every moment. It's up to us to make a new vision of what our lives will be and how we'll turn out with every heartbeat. Choice is all you ultimately have, that has always been the case, and will never stop being so. So choose with care, with a mind toward embodying your best, and the world will change around You. Forever.

EDIT: I direct-linked my original comment in the other post.
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2023.03.22 22:06 Then_Marionberry_259 New beautiful 17g 24kt gold chain from Menē to hold the 5g PAMP. Couldn’t be happier!

New beautiful 17g 24kt gold chain from Menē to hold the 5g PAMP. Couldn’t be happier! submitted by Then_Marionberry_259 to MetalsOnReddit [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 22:04 joonv2 🔥[FREE TRIAL VOD REVIEW] RANK PROOF IN POST! Professional PG/CLOL Challenger Coach - 3,000+ Students $25 - 5 Roles GM+ All Roles/Ranks/Solo Q and Competitive Coaching Low Prices Bundle a Free Session 🔥

🔥[FREE TRIAL VOD REVIEW] RANK PROOF IN POST! Professional PG/CLOL Challenger Coach - 3,000+ Students $25 - 5 Roles GM+ All Roles/Ranks/Solo Q and Competitive Coaching Low Prices Bundle a Free Session 🔥
- Hey everyone, my name is Joon and I am a GrandmasteChallenger player on the NA server. I also achieved the Master rank in 100 games on the Korean server. I currently have 5 accounts in 5 roles in MasteGM Elo and I constantly play Solo Q to keep up with meta changes (No Season 3-High Elo-washed up player coaching here 😉). I am also a CLOL collegiate coach for Ryerson University and verified both on Pro guides ( and the League Coaching subreddit.
Why Choose Me?
- More than anything I am very proud of the work and progress that I have achieved with all of my students over the course of years of coaching. I would encourage you, my potential new students, to have a look at the student progress page on my server, where many of my students post frequently showing the tremendous progress that they have made since they started coaching with me ( My approach to each student is individual and I can quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses. Unlike many other coaches, my goal is not to push you to play my playstyle or my champions but to highlight YOUR strengths in your gameplay and minimize any weaknesses you might have.
- Each coaching session takes 1 hour and costs $25 per session.
Do you offer bundles and plans?
- Absolutely, I will give discounts for more hours and on top of that, I also include a FREE 1-HOUR session for every 5 sessions that you take from me.
Is there a trial session?
- Yes, a trial session lasts around 15 minutes, in which I will review and analyze your OP.GG and watch one of your recent VODs of choice. During the trial session, I will focus on the common fundamental mistakes that you often make as well as point out some windows of opportunities that you tend to miss.
Rank Proof
Unlike many other "High Elo" coaches out there with no proof or accounts dating back to Season 6 or other prehistoric times when the game was completely different, I grind Solo Q on multiple high elo accounts and servers constantly while reaching top GM+ ranks on every lane from top to bot on different servers (NA, EUW, KR) every season. In the last 2 seasons, I have climbed to Grandmaster + in every role. Accounts are posted on my discord for proof with screenshots and have my students added on my accounts as they tend to refer to my games for their own improvement.

Pro Guides Reviews
Rank 4 Rumble 64% winrate on champion and 60% winrate overall Grandmaster - My accounts posted on my server
What can I expect from the sessions?
- A Session's format will depend on what you and I both believe would be a better fit for you based on your learning style (practical, theoretical, observing, etc.) and will consist of:
  • VOD Review
  • 1v1 Custom Practice (to apply the theoretical knowledge of mechanics, wave management, trading patterns, recall timers, solo kills etc.)
  • Co-Piloted Live Game
  • Champion-Specific Coaching
  • Duo game with Commentary
  • You can expect Guaranteed Improvement in every aspect of the game such as trading, jungle pathing and ganking routes, wave management, objective control, team fighting, split pushing, increasing your lead, mid and late-game macros, etc.
  • No longer will you run around the map cluelessly after the laning phase is over and question yourself on your next move, you will have ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED.
  • Ever wondered how smurfs can 1v9 games in your elo? You will learn how to gain and how to push your advantages like a smurf focusing on resource accumulation and keeping your in-game tempo high and close-out games early as well as how to come back from unwinnable games.
- Your dedication to improving combined with the knowledge I can provide you will result in the growth of Divisions and even Tiers.
❗This is an example of a Full Coaching Session with me:
Recent Achievements:
My recent students climbed from
  • Diamond 2 to Master 190 LP in 2 Sessions (MID) (Updated 300 LP)
  • Diamond 3 to Master 250 LP 3 Sessions (ADC)
  • Diamond 1 to Master 10 LP 1 Session (ADC) (Updated 200 LP)
  • Diamond 3 to Master 100 LP (JG)
  • Platinum 3 to Diamond 3 in 3 sessions and 3 weeks (JG)
  • Gold 3 to Diamond 4 in 5 sessions
  • Bronze 4 to Silver 1 in 1 month (ADC)
  • Platinum 4 to Platinum 1 in 3 weeks (Renekton) (Updated Diamond 2)
  • Diamond 2 to Grandmaster 480 LP in 2 sessions! (TOP Riven)
  • Platinum 1 to Diamond 1 in 3 weeks (ADC)
  • Silver 2 to Plat 3 in 3 weeks (TOP) (Updated Diamond 1!)
  • Silver 4 to Plat 4 in 1.5 months (MID)
  • Gold 4 to Plat 4 in 3 sessions (MID) (UPDATE - PLAT 2!)
  • Silver 1 to Diamond 4 in 2 months (JG)
  • Diamond 2 to Master in 5 sessions (MID)
  • Platinum 1 to Diamond 2 in 4 sessions (SUPP)
  • Gold 1 to Plat 3 in 1 Session (ADC)
  • Platinum 4 to Diamond 4 (ADC) and many more!
Recent Students reaching Grandmaster from Diamond 2 and Diamond 1 from Platinum 3
Master for Top and ADC students (NA and EUW)
All of these achievements and more you can see posted by my students in my Discord Group (
- Imgur links to students' progress (Names Blurred for Privacy):
- I am available practically 16-17 hours a day as I am a full-time League of Legends Coach
- Session lasts for 1 hour and the price is $25 per session
Contact Details
My Discord is Joon#7556
Proguides Review Page:
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2023.03.22 22:00 newecreator VEGAS Pro 20 Build 370 is here!

Download Links:
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2023.03.22 22:00 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Visage, A Hat in Time, Tower Unite, Mega Man 11, CODE VEIN, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page:
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2023.03.22 21:57 CanIBorrowYourShovel V brakes feel spongy and useless

My backup ebike is a Walmart hyper ride city - and for some reason I just love the piece of junk, there's something very compelling about it, to the point that I've started upgrading the weak parts - wide sprung seat, nicer pedals that aren't crunchy, I swapped the (fixed link... why) chain and derailleur and shifter to some basic Shimano and now it rides like a treat - but it still stops like a pig.
I obviously am not expecting miracles from a 60lb bike with v brakes, but with the pads and cable adjusted properly I can still pull the rear straight to the bar.
Is it likely the cheap brake lever arms themselves flexing (seems like they do a bit) or do I need to just upgrade my pads from the junk it came with? Can cheap cables "stretch" when pulled?
The front seems fine still and neither are very worn, the bike has maybe 150-200 miles at most. My vintage road bike has single pivot and my custom bontrager hardtail has v pull and they both feel fantastic. Can't really pin down what's so bad about this one apart from feeling mushy and downright useless in the rear.
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2023.03.22 21:49 Ambitious_Weird1281 How to succeed on YT? My Two Cents #3

How to succeed on YT? Data Is King!
In my last post I promised to write about thumbnails. But NO! Thumbnails can wait. At the expense of repeating myself, in my first post on this forum I wrote:
“Second method is to use a proxy. What is the proxy? Successful channels in your niche. Not by imitating them but by studying them. What, how and when they upload a video and most important why they upload a video. Which topics get most traction?”
You do need to study your competition to answer following questions.
What they are doing?
How good is the video?
Is the creator able to keep viewers in the video?
How is the intro?
How is the production quality? Sometimes something simple as production quality can make the difference. How good is the thumbnail?
Can you make a better one to rank higher?
Now, Question is: How do you study your competitors? By collecting data.
Below are two quote from people who know something about data. Geoffrey Moore, Management Consultant & Theorist, wrote, “Without “big data,” you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a highway”.
Reference: Page 316 -
Chip and Dan Heath, authors of Made to Stick, wrote, “Data are just summaries of thousands of stories – tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful.”
So, here is the story of Johnny Harris, YT creator with 3.78M subscribers and 187 videos, through data of his channel. Please download the data files using the following link to follow along.
Data Download Link:
Every aspiring YT creator always ask a question, “when and how many times a week I should upload?”
Until April 2022 Johnny uploaded 96 videos. And 75 videos out of 96 (78%) were uploaded between 11AM and 2PM. There are outliers but In Johnny’s view best time to upload is just before lunch time. He seldom upload on Saturday and Sunday. However, during the week his uploads are almost evenly distributed. And this makes sense as well. Most of his videos are about geopolitics and/or have something to do with maps. What do these facts tell us about his audience?
According to Pew Research Center, survey conducted in October and November of 2019, “U.S. adults who say social media is their most common way to get political news are the youngest by a considerable margin. Nearly half of the adults in that group 48% are under 30, and perhaps even more striking is that only 12% of them are 50 and older. 58% are women, 56% white adults and only 11% Black adults”. These are the people most active during week days and working hours. His upload time makes perfect sense. His casual style, choice of words and overall vibe resonate with this audience as well.
Average video Duration
Total video length 1 day 1h 9m 19s
Average video length 15m 43s
His tags and keywords also speak volumes about him. He used 675 unique tags to describe his videos. However, he used following 6 tags 430 times, once in almost every video.
Vox Borders 90
Johnny Harris Vox 89
Johnny Harris 88
Johnny Harris Vox Borders 87
Vox 76
This too makes sense. Before working fulltime on his own channel he was host of a popular show titled “Borders” on VOX. He is still trying to capitalize on his successful show.
And please don’t lose sleep over TAGs. These are there cause of legacy issues and at most for misspelling corrections, which aren’t many anyway. Modern engines can understand even worst misspellings. It’s a myth that tags can help in ranking videos. Of course at the end of the day the official Google documentation has final say on this matter.
"Tags can be useful if the content of your video is commonly misspelled. Otherwise, tags play a minimal role in your video`s discovery."
Present YT algorithm isn’t dependent on these lists of mere words. This doesn’t mean the age of SEO is over. As long as there are search engines there will be SEO. It’s just that techniques will change. In a 175 page long research paper published by google researchers revealed that YT started using AI to track and improve viewer satisfaction back in 2015. You can very well understand what the state of the technology is today. However, there are tools made available by google to improve content SEO. One key take away is this: Today one cannot cheat AI but it is possible to work alongside AI to get better traction online.
Popular videos Here is the list of his most popular videos till April 2022.
Shampoo is a Lie (for me...and maybe for you too??)-5,113,597
Here’s What Happens If China Invades Taiwan-6,447,921
Putin Will Lose, Here's Why-7,466,282
Why People Think the World is Flat-7,818,523
NFTs, Explained-7,929,629
The REAL Reason Putin is Invading Ukraine-8,164,155
The Man Putin Fears The Most-8,250,751
The REAL Reason McDonalds Ice Cream Machines Are Always Broken-10,032,664
But the interesting fact is he uploads his videos in 8 different categories namely:
News & Politics
How to & Style
Science & Technology
Nonprofits & Activism
Travel & Events
Film & Animation
what do you make of this? This data also include thumbnails of all his videos. But that is a topic for another day.
Then there are trending videos on YouTube. The data you just downloaded contains list of videos trending in the U.S. this year in news and politics category. The most striking fact about this dataset is that so-called “Main Stream Media” still has clout among YT viewers in the U.S.
Above is just a glimpse of the gold mine we call data. WE can answer a long list of question with the help of this data. For example:
Which Topics are trending in a specific category? Which titles and thumbnails attract most viewers? Which keywords are popular in a given period of time or a category?
Which topics generate most engagement? Can we find trends and patterns among a given set of Creators in a given niche?
And many more…
Do this exercise for minimum 10 and max 30 popular channels in your niche and you will get a clear picture of your desired audience preferences. You will have a long list of Ideas in your pocket and you will have a clear benchmark in view. Otherwise you are standing in the middle of a highway.
A word of caution, if one thinks Data is the elixir and it will unlock the gates of the city of success and fame. Then one could scarcely be more wrong. Data is a guide, honest guide. It will guide you in the right direction. It will help you in making right decisions. It will help you in finding ample opportunities to put you on the path to success. You will have to work for it nonetheless.
Please share your ideas, comments and critique.
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2023.03.22 21:49 Dismal-Jellyfish Why I am super bullish on the Cyber Crew Clone in Fortnite: sets the stage for a potential partnership? “Proceeds from sale of digital assets” go brrr in the future?

Why I am super bullish on the Cyber Crew Clone in Fortnite: sets the stage for a potential partnership? “Proceeds from sale of digital assets” go brrr in the future?
Reposting as called out correctly the title was 'off' in the first post. A partnership has not been announced. I apologize for the original misleading headline and am still bullish on this concept.
Good afternoon Superstonk, jellyfish here and wow there is a ton going on right now! GameStop tuned a profit with earnings yesterday, Dave Lauer shared the most important comment letter he's ever written, Credit Suisse is writing down 'gold standard' collateral, the SEC is looking to go digital, and Cyber Crew dropped this bomb:

Wow, own your own assets in Fortnite?!?!!?! That's a money printing press! How do we know?
Epic Games v. Apple is a lawsuit brought by Epic Games against Apple in August 2020 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, related to Apple's practices in the iOS App Store). Epic Games specifically had challenged Apple's restrictions on apps from having other in-app purchasing methods outside of the one offered by the App Store. Epic Games' founder Tim Sweeney) had previously challenged the 30% revenue cut that Apple takes on each purchase made in the App Store, and with their game Fortnite, wanted to either bypass Apple or have Apple take less of a cut. Epic implemented changes in Fortnite intentionally on August 13, 2020, to bypass the App Store payment system, prompting Apple to block the game from the App Store and leading to Epic filing its lawsuit. Apple filed a countersuit, asserting Epic purposely breached its terms of contract with Apple to goad it into action, and defended itself from Epic's suit.
The trial ran from May 3 to May 24, 2021. In a September 2021 ruling in the first part of the case, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers decided in favor of Apple on nine of ten counts, but found against Apple on its anti-steering policies under the California Unfair Competition Law. Rogers prohibited Apple from stopping developers from informing users of other payment systems within apps. Epic has appealed the ruling.
Epic also filed another lawsuit, Epic Games v. Google, the same day, which challenges Google's similar practices on the Google Play app store for Android), after Google pulled Fortnite following the update for similar reasons as Apple. However, Google has stressed that the legal situation around their case is not the same as around Apple's.

From this kerfuffle we get:
  • Fortnite generated $5.1 billion revenue in 2020 for Epic Games
  • Before it was banned, Fortnite made $1.1 billion in lifetime mobile revenue
  • Fortnite has approximately 400 million registered players, 83 million play once a month

Fortnite annual revenue:

Year Revenue ($bln)
2018 $5.4
2019 $3.7
2020 $5.1

Fortnite lifetime mobile revenue

Year Revenue ($mm)
2018 $100
2019 $450
2020 $1100
Fortnite surpassed $1 billion in lifetime mobile revenue before being kicked off both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Fortnite registered users

Year Users (mm)
2018 125
2019 250
2020 350
Fortnite reached 350 million registered users in 2020.

Fortnite monthly active players

Year Users (mm)
2018 78.3
2019 75.5
2020 80.4

Wow, 80.4 million users per month spending over a billion dollars per year on in game content they do not yet own... It would be great to tap into that, if only there was a market place for this, oh:

'Fortnite' will return to iPhone in 2023, says Epic CEO AppleInsider

In Europe, the Digital Markets Act will force Apple to allow third-party app marketplaces to exist on iPhone and iPad. If uncontested by Apple, the law could result in Apple enabling that functionality in the fall of 2023, though resistance from Apple could push a change into 2024.
However, on December 13, reports surfaced claiming Apple is already working on changes to its software and services to comply with the rules, including enabling third-party app storefronts without going through the App Store itself.
Such activity from Apple is likely to be a preparatory move rather than something that will actually be introduced. Given Apple's continued resistance to side-loading and alternative app marketplaces from security and privacy standpoints, it's also the option that Apple will resist from implementing as much as possible.

Also this from the law suit:

Apple won the antitrust suit, but was ordered to allow developers to add in-app links to outside websites where payments could be accepted.

Could the in-app link to outside website be the GameStop NFT Marketplace? Why would Epic want to do this?

First, it would save them from apple and google fees. Download the game in the store, then click a link to the marketplace to complete the transaction at an overall lower cost for everyone?
Epic won’t ban NFT games in response to Minecraft’s stance, Tim Sweeney says:
It could help prevent regulatory burden:
The Federal Trade Commission is ordering the makers of the popular video game "Fortnite" to pay a $245 million fine for tricking players and letting children make unauthorized purchases without their parent's consent.
Fortnite’s counterintuitive, inconsistent, and confusing button configuration led players to incur unwanted charges based on the press of a single button," the FTC says. "The company also made it easy for children to make purchases while playing Fortnite without requiring any parental consent."
"According to the FTC’s complaint, Epic also locked the accounts of customers who disputed unauthorized charges with their credit card companies,"
The NFT marketplace and GameStop wallet (in a multisig setup) can fix this or disputes from hopefully needing to occur. However, crypto payments also removes the interaction with the credit card companies.


$81.9M in “Proceeds from sale of digital assets”
All these assets potentially sold via the GameStop NFT Marketplace? Bullish on Proceeds from sale of digital assets!
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2023.03.22 21:48 karuraii [USA-CA] [H] Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Plus (128GB, WiFi, Pink Gold) with Official Samsung Book Cover, Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo [W] Paypal

Selling my Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ (SM-X800) for $600 shipped CONUS:
  • 128GB
  • 8GB RAM
  • WiFi
  • Pink Gold
  • all original accessories (S-Pen, charging/data-link cable)
  • all original packaging
Comes with (included in price):
  • Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo stylus with extra nibs, which work for S-Pen
  • Official Samsung Book Cover in Pink. Magnets won't interfere with the S-Pen, S-Pen can be stored in the spine magnetically.
I am the first owner and I lightly used the tablet with care for about a year for art and math notes. I always used battery protection mode. Comes from a pet-free and smoke-free home.
Links to the product pages:
Please comment before PMing, no Reddit chat. I can try and address any questions/concerns.
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2023.03.22 21:45 D4RK_M4R8L3 Gold to anyone who can find this file (calling retro tech enthusiasts)

The file I want is about 20-21 Gigabytes and contained software for Pocket PC devices.
It was called 'Sakiwinkie's PPC Mega Pack' and was hosted on Rapidshare of all places in 2008 ( and on numerous torrents from 2008 which are all dead by now.
There are
some results
online with
little info
Here is a list of all the files.
Some were uploaded here but I already downloaded all those and on further translation, the uploader says "I have collected and uploaded only the files under 10 megabytes."
Rules: Find the file. Give me a working download link. Anyone who knows or has this file will win gold.
Miscellaneous information: The email address listed in is unable to receive mail.
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2023.03.22 21:31 JewelerMinimum6418 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM




This story continues on directly after my previous story, Two Fridays – Part 1.

In the morning I woke up, and wondered if it had all been a dream. My come-stained shirt, lying in the corner near the head of my bed, where I had tossed it before getting in, showed one thing- the part about wanking myself was certainly true, but what about the rest? I showered and put on fresh clothes for the day, and a short time later, Tina came to join me at breakfast, straight from her bed, and wearing her nightie and brunch coat.

Although as usual, we talked and chattered over breakfast, Tina said nothing about last night, which suggested to me that maybe I just dreamt it, but it all seemed so real. Then, if it was real, and Tina showed no sign it ever happened, that probably meant she was ashamed, and it certainly meant it wasn’t going to happen again. I thought it was best not to bring the subject up, unless Tina did it first.

I noticed that, straight after breakfast, and before she even had a shower, Tina stripped her bed and took her sheets to the laundry, putting them straight in the washing machine, but even that wasn’t unusual for her. Our mother was still having her Saturday morning sleep-in, and as Tina walked from the laundry, our eyes met, but she said nothing out of the ordinary.

The entire weekend went by, with no hint of anything from Tina, but a couple of times when her door was shut, I had to wonder if she was in there, touching herself like she had done for me, pleasuring herself the way she had done on Friday night, and my throat would go dry, and that familiar need to take matters in hand would make itself known. I masturbated twice that Sunday without using a porn magazine for inspiration, just re-running the events of Friday night in my head.

Monday, of course, was a school day, and after school, Tina and I caught the same bus home as usual, but when we got off at our stop, I saw Tina walking with Katy in the direction of Katy’s house. I went home and changed into some shorts and a casual shirt, did a little half-hearted work on a school assignment due later in the week, and then watched some TV.

Tina came in the back door, about an hour after I got home, still in her school uniform, and as soon as she walked into the family room, she said, “Look at this.” She reached into her school backpack, took out a DVD case, and handed it to me. I could see straight away it was a porn movie, and the title on the front was Heatwave at Station 69. There was a picture on the front, of a busty, bare-breasted blonde girl, wearing an open fireman’s jacket over stockings, suspenders and white lace panties, and holding the metal end of a firehose, the way a girl would hold a man’s cock when she was giving him a hand job. I turned it over and on the back there were some stills from the movie, and it said, Things heat up all over when a charm school for young ladies opens up next door to a Louisiana fire station. Polish your helmet and you can come, too. Let’s all go for a ride-along with these good old boys and their southern belles

“Where’d you get that?” I said, handing it back to Tina. I couldn’t help smiling.

“Katy,” she answered, cheerfully, “She was snooping around in her father’s bedside table and found it in the drawer with some other ones. She didn’t think he’d notice if she borrowed one for a few days.”

“What are you gonna do with it?” I asked, chuckling.

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Tina stood at the doorway, in her short, white skirt, and cream top, with that floppy sunhat on her head, and standing in the same provocative way that Miss Vee had done in the movie, she said, “Mister Hardacre, I’ve been waitin’ for you.” She even nailed the southern accent.

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I said, “Well, he slams the door, and …,” then I strode over to Tina, taking hold of her like Johnny Hardacre had taken hold of Miss Vee in the movie, and I kissed her, trying to do it like the fireman had kissed Miss Vee. Naturally, I felt a wave of excitement going through me as I kissed my sister’s soft mouth, gently exploring hers with the tip of my tongue.

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I sighed, and said, “Yeah.”

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2023.03.22 21:30 mjrossman Centralization Possibilities

tl;dr this is some kind of semi-coherent train of thought(which I can provide links to subtopics in the comments). hypothetically, we should be able to confront the dilution of network effects by focusing on a supercritical subset of features. how do we realize the various applications of the "fat protocol" thesis for other aspects like community building, governance diversification, IRL impact, etc?
just laying out some thoughts, however disjointed they may be. I'm kind of arriving on a realization that there's so much potential in the already-deployed, but over an unnecessarily diffuse landscape. a good demonstration of this to me has been the plethora of different talks from ETHDenver. more specifically, just look at all of the discussion and deployment around EIP-4337. tbh, there may be more of an opportunity to debate the finer details like the bundlers and the authentication methods than there is to eliminate the massive ecosystem cost of phishing links and lost seedphrases.
there's also very fundamental communities in Ethereum, like gitcoin and scaffoldeth, where the public good can be consumed at scale but the core maintenance and composition of those is not proportionate (though arguably substantial). I'm not really discussing a problem, it's more of an subnominal opportunity. likewise, I'm not saying people aren't aware, it's more of a dilemma where the attention spans aren't overlapping on whatever public space we cover, and we're spending excessive capital "treating the symptoms instead of curing the disease".
there's also the unspoken capture of zero-sum capital by inefficent mechanisms. for example, if every project airdrop'd tokens/allowlists/access to recipients on the basis that they wholesale "like/retweet/tag/comment", the outcome of that spent social capital is a network that echoes to itself. same for a lot of DAOs (plutocratic ones especially), if there's a sociopolitical whip to attend the same meetings, ratify the same proposals, agree on the same adversarial rules, burn the same gas, gaslight in the same manner, then we're spending extra on bargaining costs with less compatible communities, and getting more capitalized to become a monoculture. and we're losing the small fish along the way.
there's parts of ethereum that do really well in these environments. MEV is actually working out really well when you look at it as a compositional problem. DeFi protocols innovate the classes of operation, liquidity, and hypothecation. node operators innovate on the other side, and in between there are a bunch of grayhats arbing the difference and forcing adaptation. crypto social media is really entertaining, there are maximalists and NFTers and other tings. there are new social protocols that run on their own rollup, or a sidechain, or even another network altogether. entire EVM sidechains & rollups are manifesting with modularity, DeFi consensus, you name it. airdrops & farmers continue to provide us a case study of sybil resistance in practice.
but I still get this feeling that its too diffuse, and we've reached this stage where the aggregate sociocultural downside is growing faster than we're optimizing & accelerating critical, introspective development. personally, I'm totally fine with how the protocol is developing & scaling, and the applications on top are fun, if nothing else. the succinct cryptography is fascinating and the privacy innovations are inspring. however, there's too much opportunity & stakes on the table to ignore.
this is what I'm proposing: there needs to be a stack of the "fat protocol" vibe and "social architecture" without any contrived, pyramid-scheme, ponzinomic, or walled-garden nonsense. git is crazy scalable software because it is so undefined. ethereum already has crazy scalable n-tiered architecture (like Default, Pipeline, and Diamonds). hypercertificates are already crazy scalable forms of fungible, verifiable credentials. I think there's a supercritical, supermodular application that inherits the social tech from teams like Lens, Orbis, Farcaster, the compositional tech from Scaffold, Gnosis, Gelato, Uniswap, Wagmi, & OS tools like Alpaca, Langchain, Forge, Arweave, ethOS, and others. there should be an OS-agnostic, token-agnostic open forum & groupchat platform with extendable, modular abilities like signing multisig transactions, deploying AMOs on other chains, deploying software, funding public goods, etc.
in other words, I'm just saying (and experimenting) that the focus should be centralized on the core thesis: ethereum can be an internet-tier technology tree at a time when the world needs such a technology tree. it's kind of a farce whenever there's a random DAO committing death-by-meetings/death-by-slushfund, whenever there's a seedphrase watering-hole scam on TwitteDiscord, or just the broader "monkey jpeg"/ "$$$ hack"/"VC dump to community" image the public consumes. so let's just focus on the supercritical root application of that tech tree.
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