Carnival in smithfield nc

North Carolina

2023.03.20 16:12 Acceptable-Estate585 North Carolina

I just purchased the vanquish 540 and I live too far from the beach. I'm looking for somewhere in eastern NC to go searching for treasure.
I'm located in Pitt county.
Anyone out there have any tips for where to search? Also looking for someone who needs a hobby friend and wants to go treasure hunting together.
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2023.03.20 16:12 Yahiki15 Top Týr, this look so op but no one talk about it, does it nerf your elemental damage or sth ?

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2023.03.20 16:05 rosebuddus What is this?

What is this?
Found in Piedmont NC front yard.
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2023.03.20 16:04 wishiwasswimming 40 [M4F] #Raleigh, North Carolina - older attractive 6ft M seeks younger female for fun/friendship

I'm Brett, very attractive fit white 40 (almost 41) m in Raleigh NC.
I'm currently seeking something totally new for me which is a younger woman. I'm 6ft and have a nice fit swimmers type body about 205lbs, usually with a 6 pack but sometimes a couple extra lbs maybe, but always look good still.
I am great in bed (really haha), and love to show a woman a great time in all ways and generally I am just a super fun happy dude to be around... but I definitely can get wilddd.
Anyway I am a guitarist and song writer, work out a lot, read, hike, swim,binge movies etc.
If interested, lets talk! Tell me about you. And you Can be from further out as well. Looking for online company first then progress to real life. I'm a great guy don't be shy I bet you'll love me. Hehe
Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.20 16:00 howdidigethereguys Am I being used? Need help with boundaries.

Started going to the gym for about 4 weeks now, focusing on myself finally, I was a people-pleaser and I stopped communications with people that made me feel unloved and used, those people are my parents and my little sister. They keep trying to bring me down and they perceive me still as this people-pleaser that will drop everything for them whenever. I have no empathy for them anymore. Because they had no empathy for me. I've been given the Cinderella and the Tangled treatment my entire life. Yes, stuck in a tower, having to scrub and clean floors while the sister gets to do whatever she wants, and the mother laughs. She has no idea how much pain I've been in because of her. I'm basically her second parent due to my parents being so busy with their businesses. But, I'm barely given any money for myself, 95% of the money is all for her food, school, clothes, and hobbies. Me? Oh, I can get gas, and I can get groceries. "Oh, you have to wait til your little sister is 18 before you can start your own life". Never been allowed to work, only within their businesses, with no insurance, no 401ks, I know I'm over 18, and I am at fault for giving my parents the right to decide whenever and wherever I am allowed to make money, but I'm having trouble trying to find my independence. I will be making $12/1hr soon. Thank god. Anyway, I'm not good at communicating and I've always been passive-aggressive whenever she asks me to do things for her. She knows this. She's seen me cry while doing things for her. She just doesn't care and sometimes offers me a fry when I get her food, yes, a single fry, to make me stop crying. She even tells me that it looks like I'm about to cry. I got tired of being treated this way. So. ,I decided to get better. Yes, discontinuing playing the victim. So here's the story. She's 14, and I have to take her everywhere but lately, I've been so happy just going to the gym everyday and focusing on myself. My little sister has friends come over and I have social anxiety so the gym is literally my only happy place, plus I get to be away from my parents and responsibilities. She comes to the gym, she literally walks there, and she has me show her all these workouts that I'm doing, which is making me take a lot of time away from my own workouts, and then she somehow coerces me into watching kpop videos, although I told her I do not care about these celebrities. I even care more about her than these kpop idols. In addition, she doesn't ever go to the gym with me, and I remember coming to the gym 2 weeks prior, looking at myself in the mirror crying, and telling myself that I will never have a bond with my sister because it's so achingly painful because she doesn't even try. And today, it just feels so wrong. Why is it so easy to connect with her when she wants something out of me? The past few weeks, I could barely even speak to her without feeling like she was superior than me, also because my parents play favoritism. I've been her chauffeur, her personal chef, her personal maid, all her and my life. Ever since this thing was going on, I'm basically immortal to abuse from my parents when I take on the role of parenting my younger sister. When I'm out focusing on myself, I am the bad and lost adult that will never amount to anything without her parents. My sister wants to get hotpot today with her friends, she first asked me if I could take her to her friends house, I told her to ask dad. I know dad and mom do not want to take on the role of being a parent, but I tell her anyway. I literally freeze every time she asks me to go out somewhere, it feels like I am about to put myself on a different train track depending on which decision I pick. I get so anxious and I want to faint. I wish I was invisible and didn't have to actually have this weight of having to choose a decision that will affect mine, her's, and our parents lives.. I feel horrible and don't want to deal with the payment of her future trauma because of me, her missing out on having a social life because of me. I feel bad that she has to hang around me and has to find ways of manipulating me to go somewhere, but I also feel bad for myself for being so nice and letting myself get manipulated by someone much younger than me. For some reason, I was living my best life as much as I could, and after all the hard work of untangling myself from this disgusting situation, I am somehow back at the beginning. And I want to kill myself. But, I also feel bad for us for having no parents to rely on and having to rely on each other, except I don't want her to rely on me at all. I guess I have lots of empathy, but it should go more towards me, because I literally never think for myself, that's probably why I'm so easily manipulated. Thanks mom and dad. Sometimes, I talk to her and tell her my deepest secrets, she doesn't understand much of my anxiety because she doesn't have it but she tells me supports me. Anyway again, we talked til 3am the 4th day of her manipulation tactic. The first day of her manipulation tactic was asking me about how I was feeling about work, (this was when I went NC with her) the second day was if I wanted ice cream with her, the 3rd day was something I can't remember but it was definitely per-meditated. The 5th day was of her coming to the gym. The 6th day ran like butter smooth because I fell for it. I want to die. Why do I let myself get used like this? I gave her $500 and I will never forgive myself for it. That $500 could've been for me to run away or invest into myself. Manipulated like this? Only when the situation that takes place is over, is when I realize in however many ways I've been used and manipulated. All that happened? I got her rice crispies, yogurt, some protein bars, some fairlife chocolate milk, strawberries, protein waffles, a trip to see if the recent kpop albums are available at Barnes & Noble now, god, am I tripping? Am I just a god awful older sister? Or am I in need of severe therapy because my anxiety has taken over my view in life and I think everyone is out to get me? And if I talk about my parents, the way I dodge them is literally to avoid them. I literally have to dodge them, like literally. I wait til they get into the shower, then I can go to the gym, that is the only time I can leave without any human interaction from them. I want no human interaction with my parents or my little sibling. I just want to dodge them for the rest of my life. Although that is not possible. I'm going to take her to get hotpot anyway, I'll try and get some Ashwagandha on my way back because I am so stressed. My mom doesn't care, she has so much money to hire a driver. She tells me she is so tired of listening to me complain about having to take care of my sister, I told her how I am so tired of it. And how lucky she is that at 14, she gets to go out and have fun with her friends, while when I was 14, I had to be stuck at home feeding her, watching Austin and Ally with her, for christs sake. I had no friends, I remember getting beat up with a stick for going to the movies once. I have been dealt with this card, called "Live with abusive family for 20 years+ while they suck all the potential, passions and your human rights from you"
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2023.03.20 16:00 _call-me-al_ [Mon, Mar 20 2023] TL;DR — Crypto news you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


WORLD WAKING UP to the fact that a bank deposit is an unsecured loan to a leveraged counterparty, that the FDIC insurance fund only has $128bn, that total deposits in US commercial banks=$17.6 trn, &'s the big one: that money itself is a confidence game (always has been).
Comments Link
This is 1btc in US Dollars
Comments Link
btc is almost 30 k now it is the season to see comments that say "If I hAd A cHaNcE i WoUlD bOuGhT cHeAp" lol no you wouldn't.
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The KZG Ceremony Lobby Has Been Processed, 83,326 Contributions So Far.
Comments Link
Microsoft Working on New Ethereum Wallet Amid Foray Into Crypto and NFTs: Report
Comments Link
Ledger seed phrase doesn't include Ethereum?
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I went to the supermarket here in Venezuela and paid directly with Bitcoin
Comments Link
Bitcoin Thrives in Chaos, Breaks Above $28,000 For First Time Since June
Comments Link
A Series of Unfortunate Events for Algorand Investors.
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Call to arms, get on social media and fight for what you believe in!
Comments Link
The Bitcoin Cash Podcast #73: Collapsing Banks & USDC Depegs feat. Dinopawnz
Comments Link - A service to buy products with BCH or earn BCH
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Bitcoin Marketing Team
Comments Link
Monopol Inu
Comments Link
Most Promising So-Fi Project of 2023? REPUBLIK Raises 3.5Million USD to bring its valuation to 75M? AIRDROP Incoming??????
Comments Link


FTX's resort tab swells to $600K as it racked up $400K DoorDash bill
Comments Link
Bitcoin Price Pumps as Osmosis Treasury Converts to BTC
Comments Link
I Have to Post this! - sorry if repost, but has to be seen again if so!
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Bitcoin gains 37% value against the dollar this week
Comments Link
How Realistic Is Former Coinbase CTO’s $2 Million Bitcoin Wager on US Hyperinflation?
Comments Link
Crypto Wallet Prototype Discovered Inside Microsoft Edge Browser
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Microsoft to integrate a wallet for cryptocurrencies and NFTs into its Edge web browser
Comments Link
Former Coinbase CTO Bets $2M Over Bitcoin Reaching $1M in 3 Months
Comments Link
Scam calls from Coinbase are coming back
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When your friend visits to see what you're up to nowadays
Comments Link
Binance will list Arbitrum (ARB)
Comments Link
Daily Discussion
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FTM is up 63% in the past 7 days.
Comments Link
Links and Tips for new users
Comments Link
The Godfather Of Defi Andre Cronje Defends Founder of DeFiLlama Amidst Hostile Takeover
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Transactions per second (TPS)
Comments Link
GPT-4 An AI-powered Chatbot Trained On Nothing But Code That Can Answer Deep Technical Questions Of Solana
Comments Link
Weekly Discussion March 20 - 2023
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Cosmos Largest DEX Osmosis Convert 10% Of Treasury Cash Into Bitcoin
Comments Link
Weekly developer report for the period of March 13th to March 19th, Cosmos ranks 4th
Comments Link
Cosmos Hub - Future
Comments Link


Return to Daily Staking Rewards.
Comments Link
Algo makes the list
Comments Link
Algofi Swap fee seems super high
Comments Link


Cardano Technical Briefing: Dynamic Peer-to-Peer by Duncan Coutts
Comments Link
Cardano vs. the Printer
Comments Link
Restore Yoroi without wallet name
Comments Link


Monero in every corner of the world
Comments Link
Comments Link
Iranian woman beats Taliban's tyranny using Monero: "I want to bank my own money!" (interview)
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Nola Ghosts and Vampires on Foundation
Comments Link
Animoca Brands Co-founder Backs Much-Debated NFT Royalties - Finance Monks
Comments Link
Darth Vader Cherry Blossom. Available on Crypto dot Com NFT
Comments Link
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2023.03.20 16:00 TheJunkman9000 I thought you guys could use a laugh, funniest thing I've seen in years

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2023.03.20 15:42 Competitive_Pie9725 Him and his ex follow each other again?

My ex and I broke up in January. He ended it and about a month into “working on things” (which I fought for), he went NC on me 3 weeks ago.
I notice that him and his ex (previous to me) follow each other again on social media. He didn’t have great things to say about her to me.
Why do you think he reformed that connection with her? It broke my heart to see.. I still love him so dearly and the past 3 weeks have been hell.
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2023.03.20 15:39 Vanessago73 AITA

I'll go nc with my brother bcs he keeps disrespecting my boundaries. English is not my native language, sorry for mistakes. From a young age my brother was the favorite. He was the promising one and I, who dared to have friends and go out, was the rebel that surely would end up in a ditch somewhere. So he always got away with a lot. He bullied me when little. Pull my hair, hit me, kick me,...and every time I cried the grandparents (after divorce parents we lived with them for years) say: "and what did you do? It takes 2 to fight". He would stand behind the corner gritting, smirking. He never was punished. So it went on for years. Until we lived with my father and stephmother. She saw what he was capable of and she protected me. When our stephsiblings were born we went to live with our mother. She also knew what he did. So it was less, didn't stop but really less. But he was the one always in his room with his books studiying and I was with friends. He had better grades than me, but mine were not bad either. So when the time came to higher education it was first his turn. He's 1 year older. He failed so I tought it was my turn...was I wrong. He convinced my mother to get another chance. My mom had only money to send 1 to university. So I ended up at home, looking for a job. When he failed again he made sure that I wouldn't get the opportunity, he started a fight whilst doing the dishes, he hit me in the face and as a result I dropped what I was holding in my hands, 2 pans. He then convinced my mother that I deliberatly throw them on the floor and my mother kicked me out of the house. It's only later she founds out that these stupid little things kept on happening even when I was not there anymore. (Duh!) When I had my own kids, I never stop them from having contact with my brother. He is family, even if I don't like him. When my kids got older they go there by themselves. But everytime they came home with those 'fantastic' stories what I did when I was a kid. All were a lie. When I said no to them for something, they'll come home with a "but uncle told us you did it yoyrself when you were young", undermining my authority with my kids. When I set them straight that those were all lies he replied that I probably don't remember it anymore. I'm fuming. Later thru therapy when I talked about my brother the psych asked me to fill in a list with 100 questions and that I had to keep my brother in mind. When 78 out of 100 I said 'yes, typical my brother' it's a big chance he has asperger. So I learned that a lot of his behavior he can't help it bcs he's just not capable to see something from somebody elses side. So I learned to live with it and gave it a place. But he keeps on pushing it. Now my youngest daughter is pregnant. We keep it quiet bcs my daughter must get the chance on saying it herself to certain people before they hear it from others. Now that she notified everybody whom she wanted to tell herself, my brother was the last, it's my turn to finally scream to the world that I'll become a grandmother...not. My brother took it upon him to tell the rest of the family. He did it with a riddle. A riddle that said when and where there's going to be a genderreveal. So now he invited people with this who were not to be invited, and he's not paying for it. We were going to keep it small bcs my daughter and her bf their finances are limited. Also, the relation between my sister and her mother is nc, so stephmom didn't know about de reveal. But when those familymembers will talk about it, she's going to find out, so I don't know what the backlash is going to be about that. So I decided I want nc with my brother instead of lc. TL;DR
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2023.03.20 15:36 steelvail What is “working on yourself”?

I’m just curious what it is for other people. I know what I’ve been doing but I sometimes feel silly and ashamed I haven’t held myself in higher regard my whole life. And then sometimes I do the same dumb doormat stuff and feel like i regressed. So far the simplest thing that’s “working on myself” is so weirdly just doing nothing. Like absolutely just being as apathetic as possible which leads to NC which leads to some weird calmness. Super confusing. It makes me wonder where I got or why I had the energy to stay in a relationship so long. I feel like it was the happiest and most content I’d ever been to be loved so much and unconditionally (or so I thought).
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2023.03.20 15:28 Prudent-Public-4369 NC companies recommended?

Hey guys! I was curious if y’all know of any great aba companies in NC that you’d recommend? My partner and I are planning on moving and we aren’t set in stone about any particular place!
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2023.03.20 15:28 felipedesenhando [For Hire] Commissions open for character illustrations. More info in the comments.

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2023.03.20 15:27 felipedesenhando [For Hire] Commissions open for character illustrations starting at 25$ (sketch). More info in the comments.

[For Hire] Commissions open for character illustrations starting at 25$ (sketch). More info in the comments. submitted by felipedesenhando to artcommissions [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 15:26 sconn99 Newest editions to the Celtics PC from a card show this weekend!

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2023.03.20 15:22 lil__supernova desperately need to go NC but can't bring myself to. need help

I have been dealing with my narcissistic parents' amplifying abuse for the past few years. Long story short, it all came to a head about a 10 months ago when they forced my partner and I to get married on their terms because they didn't like the idea of us living together unwed. There is so much more that has come before and after. My dad threatened to kidnap me, tried starving himself and depriving himself of sleep if I didn't talk to him for a few days. I confronted both him and my mom (who enables him) in December and tried to set firm boundaries. I even gave them an ultimatum to seek therapy. They refused.
It's gotten to the point now where my health has deteriorated from constant stress. My partner has to spend all his spare time taking care of me. Living like this isn't sustainable.
Why do I still feel guilty at the thought of going NC??? Im worried that I'm making a mistake and that they're right - that I'm nothing without them and I'm going to regret it.
I desperately need support to go through this. Any tips? Stories?
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2023.03.20 15:13 JimmyD_243 Monday morning Trump regarding Mark Pomerantz - 3/20/2023 - & related AP article

Monday morning Trump regarding Mark Pomerantz - 3/20/2023 - & related AP article

DA leading Trump case says rhetoric won't intimidate office
Excerpt from the article:
Inside the district attorney’s office, Bragg faced dissent over the direction of the Trump investigation — grievances aired anew last month in a book by a former prosecutor, Mark Pomerantz.
In 2021, Bragg’s predecessor, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., authorized Pomerantz and another top deputy, Carey Dunne, to seek an indictment on charges that Trump exaggerated the worth of his assets in financial statements he gave to lenders. Vance left office before the case was finished, leaving the decision about charges to Bragg.
Bragg decided not to proceed immediately, citing concerns about the strength of the case. In a recent statement, he said: “Pomerantz’s plane wasn’t ready for takeoff.”
The delay prompted Pomerantz and Dunne to resign, leading to some speculation that Bragg had given up on pursuing a case against Trump.
Bragg refuted that in a rare public statement last April, writing: “In the long and proud tradition of white-collar prosecutions at the Manhattan D.A.’s Office, we are investigating thoroughly and following the facts without fear or favor.”
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2023.03.20 15:11 Vox_Tempestatum POLL : How should the main characters have ended up ?

So, since the final aired, one of the main discussion in this sub has been about the relationship status between the characters at the end of the season. Let's poll people opinion and see roughly where the fans stand.
According to what we've seen in both season 1 & 2, as well as the additional carnival row materials (audiobook & comic books), which of the following romantic situations (Philo, Darius, Tourmaline, Vigny) would have suited the show best ?
View Poll
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2023.03.20 15:10 Peeper_Peeps On April 1st I will be fooling Cogg (Prank)

Cogg has been fooling us for too long! It is time we fool him.Mwahaha, I am Peepers and here is the plan
1.Devbus I still have captain on the last devbus ship and while no one is awake I'll throw an RCD on and rename the ship to Cogg carnival.When he and everyone else wakes up a sanctuary that ridicules Cogg
2.Cogg emojis I will add multiple Cogg related emojis to the server and further make his appearance blasphemous.Cogg clown, Cogg grin, Cogg menacing
3.Cogg PFP I will convince as many people possible to drag Cogg face on their discord PFP
In summary- Ridiculous Anarchy
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2023.03.20 15:00 Durahl An Electronics question you guys can maybe chip in?

An Electronics question you guys can maybe chip in?
I have a 3-Axis CNC running off a - let's call it - dated Controller supporting only "dumb" 2-Wire Limit/Homing/Probing Switches that send a Signal by closing a Circuit as the respective Terminals consist of only a 5V and GND Terminal but no separate Signal ( AFAIK one can't even change them to act as NC instead of NO ) - Current flowing IS the Signal that something has triggered.
To get around some of the Limitations I'm now using Arduino 5V Relays to hook the likes of a 3-Wire 3D Touch Probe and a bunch of Optical Limit Switches up to it that require a constant 5V ( or higher ) Supply to output a Signal to the Relay which will then Close/Bridge the "dumb" Terminals of the Controller telling it that something has happened.
5V for the Relay, Optical Limit Switches and the 3D Touch Probe are being supplied via an external 5V PSU:
The Z-Probe and Endmill are part of the \"dumb\" System - If one touches the other Current will flow between them and the Controller knows it has reached Z=0 ( minus the Z-Probe thickness - The Voron TAP of CNCs )
Also attached to the Controller is a VFD for operating the Spindle with the Controller supplying a Trigger Signal to another 5V Relay in the form of 5V which will then close/bridge two "dumb" Terminals in the VFD so it will actually turn on ( see below Image ).
Before adopting the 3D Touch Probe and Optical Limit Switches the 3-Wire Relay used for operating the VFD was essentially hooked up to a 2-Wire Terminal of the Controller by bridging the 5V and Signal wire of the Relay Input - If the Controller sent a Signal, it would do BOTH power on the Relay AND have it Trigger to close its NO Terminals for the VFD to turn on.
Using like a dozen separate Relays gets old really fast though in terms of wiring which is why I've now gotten myself an Eight Channel Relay Module. This allows for the 5V PSU hooked up to it to not only power the Relay but also every Device connected to it on the Input side.
Now... You may notice the issue with the 5V VFD Signal coming from the Controller also going into the Input Side...
Q: How does one establish a save connection between the Controller and the Relay? ( considering the Relay already getting a 5V Supply from the PSU and but the Controller now too occasionally chipping in with its own 5V )
Funding ran out for another CAD Schematic 😏
I assume I still connect the yellow 5V Signal Line coming from the Controller to the Signal Terminal of the Relay - What I'm uncertain about though is the green GND Line... Do I have to connect it to the Relay too and still to the GND Terminal like before?
On a somewhat not super unrelated ( but lesser priority ) Question: Any thoughts on the use Optical Limit Switches in a Voron V2.4 for the likes of X/Y over say Inductive ones?
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2023.03.20 15:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion - March 20, 2023

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Please be respectful; normal rules still apply. Any comments found breaking the rules will be removed and you will be warned or banned.

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80s Androgynous Rate (Eurythmics / Grace Jones / Prince / David Bowie)
Confessional R&B Rate (Jazmine Sullivan/Kehlani/Summer WalkeAri Lennox)
2022 Men's Ultimate Rate (Bad Bunny vs. Harry Styles vs. The Weeknd)


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2023.03.20 14:59 Another_Shit_Poster I'm sorry and I miss you.

It's been 1 year, 3 months, and 15 days and I'm still an idiot.
Things are getting better.. I'm smoking less, crying more, and trying to be better.
I know that when I left tensions were high, emotions were low, and my head was in the gutter but It doesn't excuse the way I left.. abruptly and suddenly.
I know that you're moving on,
I know you're trying to forget me,
I know you're probably doing better
But I want to be there with you. So.Much.
When I left I was in a bad way myself. Communication had lapsed with us. I hadn't told you about the stressors causing me pain. I hadn't shared with you the pain I was holding out of fear of upsetting you.
I loved you with the heart I locked away years ago and I forgot how beautiful it was to be vulnerable again.
You showed me that being cold and callous wasn't a way to live , but a way to survive.
You showed me how to stop the world with a kiss.
You showed me how to care again.
You showed me that I wasn't living, i was only acting like I was.
Every day I wake up and fucking pray that you'll be there next to me again. Every day I wake up and my heart sinks when I realise that, not only are you not there, but you're likely elsewhere with someone else.
My one and only wish would be to see you as we were. I'd love to see your name pop up on my phone asking me "How's work, when are you due home today? I'm about to start food and want to share it with you" and I'd sit there, smiling like an idiot.
I miss how we could have a lazy day together; just me, you, and the cat and it would feel like a carnival. Full of laughs and good memories.
I miss how we'd laugh just making the bed together
I miss how we could talk until we'd fall asleep on the couch together
I miss us.
I miss you.
I love you, I loved you, and I hate myself for letting you go.
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2023.03.20 14:47 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Wallburg Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian Winston Salem
TransAm Trucking Trucker Apex
Year Up Entry - Level IT Role Charlotte
Year Up Internship in Business Charlotte
Bowhead / UIC Technical Services Program Management Analyst Greensboro
Rice Toyota Collision Estimator Greensboro
HelioHire AWS Engineer Salisbury
Breeze Thru Markets LLC Team Member Cary
Eckerd Connects Registered School Nurse Fayetteville
Kintegra Health Senior Total Life Center - Clinic Nurse Gastonia
Kintegra Health Senior TLC Adult Day Care CNA $18-$24 Gastonia
Kintegra Health Senior Total Life Center - PC Provider, Nurse Practitioner Gastonia
Hospice of the Piedmont Hospice Nurse (RN) Case Manager High Point
Pinehurst Surgical Clinic PA Surgical Technician Pinehurst
Pinehurst Surgical Clinic PA Cma Cst Or Lpn Urology Pinehurst Full-Time 40 Hrs Pinehurst
Pinehurst Surgical Clinic PA CST Procedure Focused Pinehurst
Pinehurst Surgical Clinic PA Surgery Aide Pinehurst
Freyssinet, Inc Superintendent Raleigh
CarolinaEast Health System Patient Care Technician I, CVIMC Bayboro
CarolinaEast Health System Clinical Manager Bayboro
CarolinaEast Health System Home Health RN, Home Health Bayboro
Yancey County Paramedic Burnsville
Dell Principal Engineer, Technical Support (I8) Bynum
Dell Senior Principal Software Engineer Cary
Dell Principal Engineer, Technical Support (I8) Durham
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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