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Ravenclaw Tower

2011.06.10 23:12 EyeSeaEwe Ravenclaw Tower

You need to have 75 **comment** karma or complete the monthly assignment to be accepted. On desktop, hover over the number to see the post vs comment breakdown. On mobile, you can tap on the number and it will bring up your breakdown (some third party apps also just list the breakdown on profiles). If you make a few comments around harrypotter and other places you should reach it in no time! Once you do, please use [this form](https://goo.gl/EPqZuW) to apply. Good luck!

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2023.04.01 09:04 sancheesebroz [WTS] [USA] SIZE 10.5-12 AJ*1, N1k3 D*NK Corduroy Dusty Peach& curry D*nk , [email protected] [email protected], and 3ric 3manuel shorts

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Please take a look at the pics for condition and feel free to PM for any questions or more pics. Thanks for looking!
Vouch page: https://www.reddit.com/RepVouch/comments/zvcfdo/usancheesebroz/
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2023.04.01 08:21 SomeRepresentative1 Anyone else?

Anyone else?
Every single order tonight paid significantly more after delivery than estimated, and it wasn’t additional tips…I really hope this isn’t too good to be true and they don’t take all this money back…
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2023.04.01 07:56 Busy-Cap-2994 Asian Male Clutches Dream School

Intended Major(s): Business/Economics/CS
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Captain of Economics Competition Team - Led a nationally-awarded economics competition team
  2. Captain of Entrepreneurship Team - Led a nationally-awarded entrepreneurship team
  3. Captain of Cross Country Team - 3-year varsity letter
  4. Data Analytics Researcher - Nothing too significant
  5. Captain of Math Modeling Team - Won a big international award
  6. Leadership in the Business World Student - Attended 3-week business camp at Wharton
  7. Captain of Tennis Team - 4-year varsity letter, led team to place 2nd at states
  8. Committee Chair of Asian American Culture Club
  9. Founded an after-school CS tutoring organization that I partnered with my school district and non-profits
  10. President of a cancer research fundraising organization - raised over 70k
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. DECA International Finalist, Top 10/8000+
  2. 4-Time AIME Qualifier
  3. National Economic Challenge Top 25/10000+
  4. National Personal Finance Challenge Top 24/20000+
  5. Coca-Cola Scholars Semifinalist
Letters of Recommendation
AP Stat Teacher: 10/10
AP Physics: 8/10
AP Gov: 8/10
Penn: 6.5/10 First interview did not know how to act
MIT: 7.5/10 Talked about some cool stuff
Harvard: 8.5/10 Nice alumni, had some great conversations
Yale: 9.5/10 Literally couldn't have gone any better
Dartmouth: 8/10 Solid
Cornell: 8/10 Solid
Princeton: 8/10 Solid
To be completely honest, I'm not the best essay writer. I applied to EA/ED using one essay and applied RD using a different essay. I spent a lot of time doing corrections, rereading, and rewriting essays, but even then, I don't think my essays were very strong. 7/10
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
I used the additional info section A LOT. Mostly to list more awards that I couldn't fit and provide links to my modeling papers and entrepreneurship documents. More awards: USACO Silver, National Merit Semifinalist, Book Award, M3 Challenge Successful in Triage, Modeling the Future Challenge Semifinalist, Conrad Innovator, Diamond Challenge State Semifinalist.
I also submitted application updates to my colleges with a few important awards: M3 Challenge Global Finalist, National Merit Scholarship Recipient, US Presidential Scholar, DECA ICDC Qualifier (again), and a few scholarships.
All in all, Wharton has been my dream school since ninth grade, and I was super happy when I got in. The last few months have been extremely stressful, but it really did work out in the end, and I couldn't be happier.
To all the seniors and juniors out there, everything will be okay! It will, I promise. I know it's stressful but it is also the most exciting year of your life. Here are a few main takeaways:
(1) interviews are meh importance
(2) GPA/academics reign superior to all
(3) keep on grinding after applications (it will give you purpose and something to do)
(5) Essays are important but are not deal-breakers
My senior year is coming to an end, so I'll be spending as much time as I can with my friends before we all leave for college. Peace out reddit!
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2023.04.01 06:56 throwaway43205956 Disappointing But Expected Results for Early Graduating Junior (I would greatly appreciate advice)

Intended Major(s): CS, applied data science second major for applicable schools
Note: I got one B in Precalculus, and that is my only B.
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. An internship where I wrote a program that would provide actual use to researchers in a cutting-edge stem field, interned for a total of two years (description that I wrote about in one of my essays: program that used algorithms to identify mutations that could potentially benefit people with genetic diseases). Elaborated on this one in particular during Stanford interview.
  2. Boy Scouts for 5 years
  3. Varsity starting tennis for 2-3 years
  4. Debate for three years
  5. 300 hours+ of community service
  6. Leadership in coding club (not president)
  7. Leadership in Physics club (not president)
  8. Founder of English Club at school
  9. I got other EC's to fill up remaining spots but they are pretty generic (think random club membership and stuff like that)
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. Eagle Scout
  2. Debate Runner-Up at State-Level Parley Tournament
  3. AP Scholar with Distinction
  4. Citizens service award
  5. 2 first place wins and 3 second place wins at local/regional open tennis tournaments
Letters of Recommendation
Counselor: likely very generally positive, I knew her decently and had many talks with her but there was no real personal connection. She did give me a perfect score when she rated my course rigor, however.
History Teacher: Really liked the guy, but again, likely generically positive. No real connection, and I only have him during my junior year.
C++ Professor: It was a self studied class over the summer. I was the first to finish his class so he offered to write me a letter. I accepted, but the trend continues. No real personal connection.
UPenn Interview: Went really well. Very nice older lady, she helped me get more enthusiasm for my ED school before promptly getting rejected.
Stanford Interview: Almost perfect interview. I managed to elaborate on my first EC greatly while also showing a high level of intellectual curiosity. Very comfortable interview.
UC Essays: These were decent but not my best work. Displayed some of my passions as well as my service hours/leadership.
UPenn Essays: Pretty bad. I'll leave it at that.
USC Essays: Slightly better than UPenn but still not great.
Stanford, Duke, Brown, Rice: My best works, simply as I had the most experience writing at this point. Stanford in particular was very good imo, I was able to express my intellectual curiosity. The important part of these essays is I was able to write (imo) strong Why Us essays.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
Alright, this little experiment of mine is complete. I know that a couple of people were interested in this course of action, so hopefully, this post will be enlightening to a few people in the future.
There are a couple of points to keep in mind when viewing these results. My early application essays were relatively mediocre. The USC and the UPenn ones in particular were very much lacking. When viewing my decisions from private schools, I think one factor that negatively impacted my application significantly was my recommendation letters. I honestly don't think that they provided an especially impressive view of me. Generically positive, sure. But I don't think they depicted me as a brilliant student or anything like that.
Overall, I'm pretty neutral about my results. UCSD and UCSB are great schools, for which I am happy that I got accepted, but I definitely greatly overrated my application when looking at how I got a clean set of rejections to basically every private school.
At this point, I have a couple of options to consider:
  1. I commit to UCSD, which is my current top choice, and pray to God for my waitlists. My issue with this option is that the school I got into within UCSD is not great for STEM subjects (ERC has a ton of humanities requirements). Also, I would ideally like to study CS.
  2. I can attend community college for one year, graduating a year early from high school, and transfer (local CC has an 80% acceptance rate to UCLA, yes I realize that this is not the same for CS). My hesitation is that I will miss out on a significant amount of connections and might have a harder time making friends.
  3. I can continue and take my senior year with a heavily restricted courseload (I'm burnt out as hell). During this year, I will spend the majority of my time grinding out college essays and improving the current essays I have written out. My concerns here are that I am not even close to guaranteed improved or even the same results as this year.
I really need advice on which course of action would be the best. One thing to consider is that I am set to travel overseas this summer to work in person at an internship for a couple of months, which might substantially help my application.
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2023.04.01 06:33 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) N STEPHANIE ST and E RUSSELL RD 3/31/2023 9:10:30 PM incident #LLV230300137359
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2023.04.01 06:33 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage US95 N / CRAIG RD; nb off t12 GREAT GREEK 03/31/2023 09:28:25 PM
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2023.04.01 06:23 Minute-Chip5408 Most "Average" CS Asian International Student finds good success in the early round but gets ABSOLUTELY PUMMELED during RD

Intended Major(s): Computer Science 🚩
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Founder and President of the Computer Science Club: Launched the first CS-oriented club, recruited and introduced coding to 10+ members, organized & ran weekly meetings, helped members prep and compete in UWaterloo's CCC
  2. School's Leadership Team Executive (Basically student council): Arranged pep rallies, helped run home volleyball + basketball games, coordinated school theme days and events, organized future grad events
  3. Directed Self Learning and EdX Courses for Computer Science: Completed CS50 + CS50P, learned and reinforced the fundamentals of computer programming through ongoing practice of DS&As in Codecademy
  4. Competitive Weightlifting: Nothing significant here. Did not win any major awards 😢
  5. Founder and President of Business Club: Started in senior year. Might've been a red flag to colleges
  6. Youth leader at local children's ministry: Served as mentor for grade 1-6 kids, led small youth groups, engaged in worship services, 300+ hours.
  7. Private STEM tutor: Paid, $20/hr (CAD).
  8. Co-president of Debate Club: Only did for one year. Didn't do anything significant :\
  9. JV Basketball: Only in my freshman yr. 6th man avg 12/3/4 (not included in app LOL) but we didn't clinch playoffs
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. 2nd Place at Canada's largest business case competition
    1. This was probably one of the strongest parts of my application but its completely unrelated to my major 🙁
  2. 2x IB Subject Awards (School)
  3. 3x Headmaster's List
  4. Three other random subject awards
Letters of Recommendation
IB Mathematics HL Teacher (9/10)
IB History HL Teacher (9/10)
Sorry I'm a little lazy to elaborate on these here but more info will be in the additional info section.
Did not receive any. gg go next.
Personal statement (7.5-8/10): Connected my passion for lifting with computer science. Tried my best to not make it like a cliché "gym" essay where I got an injury or smth and the struggles of that... didn't write any of that. It was more personal into how this daily activity shapes who I am as a person and links to other aspects in my life.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Rejections (There's a lot.):
Additional Information (REFLECTION):
This is my almost my 2nd anniversary since I discovered A2C/Chanceme/collegeresults. As a disillusioned sophomore student, I was so shocked to see the other people's applications, especially the CS students. USACO Plat. International awards. T20 Research. Internships. I had no idea these opportunities even existed beyond the overtly competitive atmosphere that is present around these subreddits. I really had to start ramping things up during my junior year to "catch up" with all these other CS students but ultimately I ended up being an "average" student compared to some of the monster applications I've seen on here before. You'll notice that I had no "hooks" for my extracurriculars. I think my extracurriculars were definitely one of my weakest points of my app.
As for this year's college admissions process, I think it was pretty tough. Record lows for several top universities. CS definitely being oversaturated nowadays made entry even more difficult for the schools that I applied to. Intl makes it 10x worse. I can't find the link right now but a couple months back, someone posted the acceptance rates for top 20 CS schools and they were pretty much all <5%. Absolutely crazy. I learned that the application process is literally the lottery, and it's the numbers game you have to play in order to have somewhat successful results.
My essays weren't any spectacular works either. I spent a fair amount of time on them, but it was certainly difficult to manage ~50+ college essays while studying for first term mock exams and doing two IAs and an EE in the same month (IB students know my struggle 😤). One thing I look back on and hoped that I did was starting sooner. I spent my summer not doing much work besides studying for the SAT. I wish I spent the hours that I wasted on the essays.
With that being said, I am definitely proud of myself in getting into UMich. It was definitely one my top schools to attend, and I am very honored that I have the opportunity to attend.
If you're a sophomore or a junior like I once was, I want to give you my three most important advice that I can give to find success in your college process.
  1. Do NOT compare yourself to other applications you see on here or on chanceme. As a matter of fact, you should minimize the time you spend on here. I think it's a toxic environment to be in considering the idea that you're constantly in the mindset where you have to be competing against these absolute monstrous academic weapons to attend the school you want to go to. It's not a bad idea to see what you're up against, but if you're constantly on here thinking whether you're "good enough"... you got other problems to worry about. Work hard, do not take the chance to be lazy, and be resilient to the inevitable problems you will face throughout your high school years.
  2. START EARLY. I can't emphasize this enough. I know that some people on here might disagree with this point, saying that you should enjoy your time throughout high school, and you don't need to dedicate your entire life towards the admissions process. Yes, that advice is true, but I hold the belief that you should not neglect the things that need to be done. If you had the chance to start first in a race and get an advantage, why would you not go first?
  3. If I could give my biggest piece of advice, it would be this. KEEP MOVING FORWARD. There will be days when you don't feel like writing supplemental essays, and there will be days where you get a bad grade in your calc test and now you're unmotivated to do anything else. You must keep moving forward. When a rocket is flying out towards space, it doesn't stop in the middle. There will always be new mountains to climb, but they won't be climbed if you don't keep walking.
Hopefully my words and my thoughts will have some value to whoever stuck through and read through my little rant/reflection. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to shoot me a DM! I would love to help out. Lastly...
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2023.04.01 06:06 Godessy123 average Asian girl with mid ECs applying business gets better than expected results

It's been a journey, and I can't believe it's finally over😭. I'm finally making a post on here!!
Intended Major(s): Economics/finance/business
Standardized Testing
  1. Etsy store selling custom art, designs, etc.(10K+ profit, 300+ sells)
  2. Wharton LBW
  3. Finance internship at bank; my project earned approval from my mentor and it was shared to other interns
  4. Founder and president of community speech club, helped others with public speaking, invited weekly guest speakers
  5. Art content creator; 20K+ reach/month; hosted multiple art competitions with 100+ entries
  6. Founder of scholarship for students in SE Asia, covered 50+ school children's tuition
  7. FBLA club membeoutreach coordinator; qualified for global round(or whatever you call the final round)
  8. Volunteer at various wildlife reserves, 200+ hours
  9. Tutor for low income students, 50+ hours
  10. Team leader for some business competitions(no rewards sad)
  1. Wharton LBW business competition final project top 3
  2. Wharton simulation competition 1st place
  3. Honor roll
  4. AP scholar with distinction💀
  5. regional debate award for top 20
Letters of Recommendation
Counselor(7/10): She was in charge of 100+ students so I don't think she knew me too well... her letter was probably a bit generic but overall spoke positive about me:)
AP Physics teacher(7/10): Once again, another generic rec. He didn't know me too well and I didn't rlly pay attention in his class LOL.
AP Psych(8/10): I think he liked me but also another generic letter. Public school+virtual learning sucks :(
Upenn(8/10): Had an hour long convo, interviewer was really impressed with me and knew about my high school! Overall went pretty well.
Duke(7/10): My interviewer forgot about our interview the first time lol. We had a good conversation but didn't connect really well.
Princeton(6/10): Again, didn't connect well with my interviewer and I feel like she didn't really want to be there:/
Cornell(10/10): Completely optional informative interview. My interviewer was super funny and we laughed a lot. He told me if he could give me a rating he'd give me 10/10 lol.
Personal statement(9/10): Wrote about how my experience with debate and running my business introduced me to looking at different perspectives. I think I sounded authentic and honest. It might've been a bit bland lol.
UC essays(10/10): wth I love my UC essays and everyone I showed them to said so too. I spent months on them I'm proud of these essays😤😤😤
Why college/major essays(7/10): I'd say pretty meh, I mentioned programs and classes I liked, some clubs, opportunities etc. and connected to how I'd use them to strengthen my business activities
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)

Additional Information:
I honestly started this cycle believing that I would end up at a T50 😂😂😂. I was initially very scared because I was applying to a popular major, but ended up pushing through lol. The ED rejection really made me depressed and insecure, especially when friends left to right were getting into their ED schools. The past few months were really difficult time both emotionally, physically, and mentally for all of us. I've seen friends that got into Ivies, friends that got into their dream schools, and friends that were sad because they ended up at a safety/low target(Hoping the best for them). The application process was seriously so random, but I'm very grateful to be able to get into schools that I can see myself attending. A bit sad I didn't get into any T10, but it was expected. I'm currently considering UCB, UCLA, and CMU. I'm going to visit them over spring break, can't wait!!!
Advice to juniors:
Please please start your essays early on and DO. NOT. PROCRASTINATE. YOU WILL REGRET IT. A LOT. Remember to seek advice from others, ask for help on your essays(from trusted people)
DOUBLE CHECK YOUR APPLICATION. Mistakes and typos would look bad to the AOs and can hurt your application.
Research schools throughly and select a good balance of safeties, targets, and reaches. And no, T30 schools are not safeties. Remember to choose safeties that you can see yourself going to though. Expect the worst in this unpredictable process and don't set your expectations too high!😭😭😭
Apply to more EA safeties please. It feels so so much better to sit on at least one acceptance as you wait for March, if you don't get into a good ED/EA school.
KEEP UP YOUR GRADES. DON'T LET SENIORITIS HAPPEN. It'd be so sad if you got into your dream school only to get stressed about being rescinded:(
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2023.04.01 05:25 TheGrandEmperor1 Asian male gets accepted into 0 schools

Intended Major(s): maths and/or politics
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Future problem solving: Competed in a group of 4 at nationals and internationals. Marked for the australia subchapter and mentored new markers and evaluated
  2. Clarinet: Concertmaster of school wind band and community wind band (led both to state and national championships). 1st clarinet in school orchestra, led some chamber ensembles. Some conducting of warmups as concertmaster when conductor is absent, hold sectionals for clarinet section and ensembles in general.
  3. Social Justice: co-president. Raised > 50k each year. A lot of volunteering in general
  4. Research: did some nuclear and medical physics research with a professor at unsw. didn't get published tho
  5. school prefect: a lot of leadership stuff.
  6. Tennis: top varsity team at school. Coached at the local club.
  7. politics club: co-president and founder of the schools politics club
  8. Mock trial: just competed a few times a month against other schools. some minor awards
  9. steam expo: vice president, just held a expo annually. called, zoomed, emailed ceos, partners of local companies and international ones. mentored the year below so they do the stuff next year
  10. self learning: some elementary number theory, latin, social psychology from online resources
  11. Other: fencing (5th in state), piano
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. Future problem solving (team of 4): national champs, 5th at internationals
  2. state champion in clarinet (open age group)
  3. top 0.3% in australian maths comp
  4. bronze silver and gold duke of edinburgh award
  5. academic award for grades given to ~ 5% of the year group.
Letters of Recommendation
counselor: 8/10: Very long and basically went through my activities with very positive language. I showed him the harvard criteria pdf and he used a lot of the words for describing a '1' in the personal rating in his letter.
maths teacher: 9/10. He showed me that he gave me top ratings for everything. And said I was one of the best student's he's ever had. Pretty long as well and was very positive.
english teacher: 5/10. She showed me it as well. It talked about my passion for literature and how I'm really good to have in the classroom but language sounded pretty reserved (which is pretty normal for LORs in australia)
MIT: 5/10. Had to reschedule a bunch of times since she got the time zone conversion wrong. Went for over an hour, talked about a lot of random stuff. pretty positive.
Princeton: 3/10: He talked a lot and I wasn't able to say all that I wanted to say but the vibe was good.
Penn: 5/10: Nothing notable.
Didn't receive any others.
Common app was a narrative about me and my friends going camping and hardship. Reviewed by u/mcneiladmissions for free and they said it was very good. Talked a lot about teamwork, a lot of dry humour, some references to literature and philosophy and maths.
Supplements honestly weren't that good. A lot were kinda rushed but they were all honest and humorous. Could've been more creative.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
princeton REA
yale RD
harvard RD
stanford RD
columbia RD
upenn RD
brown RD
duke RD

My family is too rich to qualify for aid and my parents were only willing to pay for top schools since uni is very cheap in australia, hence only reaches, and no schools in chicago or baltimore for safety reasons.
I think the reason is my grades (Bs in english which is a core subject), but a very good friend who was valedictorian at my school and very good ECs as well was also rejected.
I really wanted a liberal arts education in the US but it seems like I'll be staying in australia, at least for bachelors.
A lot of people were expecting me to get into at least some top schools so I kinda feel like a letdown. Still numb from all the rejections.
lessons for juniors:
don't get Bs. I think grades are my letdown. And just competition in general. I didn't have a consultant which a lot of people have in australia so maybe my story/thread/spike wasn't very obvious?
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2023.04.01 05:22 MacDoesReddit White kid from Washington shotguns then decides to go to Alabama

Intended Major(s): Computer Science, except Cybersecurity at Florida Poly, Northeastern, UTSA (this was a mistake), UWF, UNH, Bama, UAH, USF, and UT, and Cyber Forensics at FSU
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. FBLA, 2x national champion and state champion a bunch of times, mostly in computer-based events. Also served as chapter officer in sophomore and senior years.
  2. CyberPatriot, qualified for semifinals and state round a lot but never nationals obviously. I mostly did Linux, but also hopped into Windows a bit and could've done Cisco in senior year if I wanted to.
  3. NHS. It's NHS.
  4. Washington State Knowledge Bowl, only submitted for RDs. Made it to regional finals but not state finals.
  5. Political volunteering in the 2020 cycle for congressional candidate Chris Armitage and also Joe Biden.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. AP Scholar with Honor (that's not a fucking honor lmao)
  2. National Rural and Small Town Recognition Scholar (also barely an honor but it got me a good scholarship at Bama)
  3. Inland Northwest STEM Student of the Month from a TV station
  4. Spokane Scholar in Social Studies (after applications, didn't submit obv)
  5. National Merit Commended (didn't submit, by one point lmao)
Letters of Recommendation
(Briefly describe relationships with your recommenders and estimated rating.)
FBLA/CyberPatriot Advisor and Computer Science Teacher (9.5/10): Known him since I was in eighth grade, best one by far. Love the man, he loves me back.
Freshman-Junior English Teacher (8/10): Absolutely love her, her personality overlaps a lot with mine. Probably would've been useful if I was applying to UH-Manoa.
Counselor (?/10): Waived FERPA, never saw it. She was new this year, so it probably wasn't amazing.
The Harvard guy graduated in the fucking 60s so it was really weird talking to him, especially given that he was my only in person interview. MIT was really nice, and we talked about tech stuff. He was actually one of the supervisors for their nuclear reactor when he was there too! However, Penn was probably the best one, even though we had to turn off our cameras because my Wi-Fi was bad. We connected a lot :)
My personal statement as originally submitted could've been better, and in fact, I did update it before my RD schools. It was about learning Spanish, but also trying to relate it into my autism. I definitely should've just stuck with one of the two.
*Decisions *
Additional Information:
Don't shotgun, you idiots. I only did because I had a fee waiver because I thought I would get a Pell Grant. If you don't, just do a couple safeties, a couple targets, and a reach. Also what the hell was that Chapel Hill rejection lmao
Applying to cybersecurity at UTSA was a mistake because that would've got me a BBA and not a BS.
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2023.04.01 05:15 Gaming-Wizard17 Had a massive haul this week

Had a massive haul this week
The Hush Bats was a bday gift from my dad
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2023.04.01 05:10 Shot_Significance206 Shotgunning Asian Male in CS Secures Multiple T10s

Intended Major(s): Computer Science or Data Science (depending on school)
Standardized Testing
  1. AI Researcher at T10: tested neural networks on spatial concept, published paper in peer-reviewed journal as first author
  2. Bioinformatics Researcher at T20: researched mechanisms of oxaliplatin drug resistance, paper pending publication in cancer journal
  3. Founder + CEO of International AI Education Non-profit: provides online AI curriculum, pretty good impact metrics (users, countries reached, etc.)
  4. Director of Regional CS Education Event: raised 20K+ from sponsors, managed team of 20, authored articles, solid impact metrics (users, hours served, views)
  5. Internship Program at T10: applied machine learning to chemistry, presented/published research
  6. Curriculum Developer + CS Instructor for International School: planned weekly lessons, taught underserved students live through Zoom
  7. Web Developer + CS Lead for Humanitarian Organization: improved website, formed partnerships, attended national leadership summit
  8. Founder + President of AI Club
  9. Co-President of Programming Club
  10. VP of Tech Honor Society
  1. USACO Platinum
  2. 2x AIME Qualifier (score of 7)
  3. 2x Facebook Hacker Cup Round 2 Qualifier
  4. Top 15 in USA at Google Kick Start
  5. CodeForces Candidate Master
  6. 2nd at FBLA States, National Qualifier
Letters of Recommendation
  1. AP Calc BC Teacher: (8/10): Did well in his class and participated a lot. Got to know him well.
  2. AP Lang Teacher: (7/10): Did well in his class and talked with him about sports.
  3. Research Mentor (9/10): He liked me and told me he wrote a strong letter.
I received interviews from MIT, Yale, Princeton, and Penn. They all went pretty well (8/10).
Personal Statement: 9/10. Spent a long time on it, and I thought it was pretty unique.
Supplements: 8/10. The general quality of my supplements didn't vary much between schools although I think my best essays were for Stanford and Caltech.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
Overall, I'm happy with my results. Right now, I'm deciding between Caltech, Penn, and UT Turing, and am leaning towards Caltech. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do in the future, but I've been thinking about quant or startup. I still want to go to grad school to get at least a master's though. If anyone has opinions on this, please let me know down below!
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2023.04.01 04:37 pelicano234 [FND] Mos Eisley Cantina 75290 - 97 spots at $5/ea

CashApp and Gpay payments should have NO COMMENTS. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE PM ME. Comments will result in a permanent ban
Item Name Set Number: Mos Eisley Cantina 75290
Lego Price/Justification: $420 w/tax
Shipping: $61 (24x20x7, 15lbs ups ground 53186 to 98597) $4 supplies
Raffle Total/Spots: $485 = 97 @ $5
Call spots: Yes
Spot limit per person: No
Duration of spot limit: N/A
Location(Country): WI
Will ship international: No sorry/Hawaii/Alaska pay cost above listed quote.
Timestamp pics: https://imgur.com/a/rdAi2y9
Description: all the figs. All the cantina
Payment required w/in 5 minutes of raffle filling. 5 min for drama
CashApp and Gpay payments should have NO COMMENTS. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE PM ME. Comments will result in a permanent ban
PM me for Gpay NO PAYPAL

PayPal Info: NO PP, PM For Gpay
Cash App Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
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This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
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2023.04.01 04:21 ZealousidealFruit930 college admissions gods make a girl's choice easy

burner so as not to dox myself! i'll also be vague about/change some details for the same reason
Intended Major(s): Math
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Dance, 15-20 hrs/week, pretty good competitive achievements, perform a lot in the community
  2. TA for dance, 4 hrs/week
  3. front desk work at dance studio, 3 hrs/week
  4. Girl Scout PA - 30 hrs/week for 1 week for 2 summers
  5. Math Modeling team member *see awards
  6. Mu Alpha Theta - tutoring (1h/week, 20 weeks)
  7. math contests - participating
  8. dance related honor thing
  9. Text outreach for covid-19 vaccines (8 hrs, one off in 10th grade)
  10. Organized a class officer debate with some friends in 10th grade
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. HiMCM finalist (top 9%)
  2. junior book award for sciences
  3. NMSF
  4. semi-finalist for another math mod competition
  5. honorable mention in the national russian essay contest
Letters of Recommendation
I'm not going to attempt to rate these
Letter 1 - from my freshman and sophomore year math teacher and now my senior year seminar teacher - we were super close, she mentored me a lot and gave me a lot of books for extra reading outside of class. she also I believe spoke to my mathematical talent and how I grew as a person from 9th to 12th grade (literally I love this woman so much)
Letter 2 - from my junior year english teacher - I feel like this was an average-excellent letter lol
Counselor - pretty good I think, she talked about some of my academic history (e.g. skipping a grade)
Georgetown - this interview was honestly my worst? she asked me a lot about school but overall it was a fine interview. I really doubt it affected my application much.
Yale - literally the best interview this made me want to go to Yale for a solid two weeks
Harvard - it was fine? he kinda grilled me on inequities in education though
My personal statement was about my home practice space for dance and how I've learned to work hard for myself (it was better than this makes it sound). Fwiw everyone who read it said it was good.
My Georgetown essays were the best of the supplementals - I was writing them and they were fitting to the school values without me having to try too hard. I also really loved my special talents essay.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
I initially visited Georgetown just to confirm to myself that I didn't want to apply there, having heard negative stereotypes about the school. Yet, when I visited, I fell in love with the school during the info session, stayed for the tour, and decided to apply EA three weeks before the deadline! While I was writing the essays, I realized how much I clicked with the school. Fortunately, an acceptance came in December. At that point, I wasn't sure where I wanted to go (or how fin aid would shake out), so I impulsively applied to Harvard and Yale (a decision I would later regret - by the time ivy day came along, I was hoping for rejections).
March came along, and I was rejected/waitlisted everywhere except BC. At this point, my only affordable schools were my local state school (which I didn't at all want to go to), BC, and Georgetown. [Again, juniors, apply to more safeties/targets that you like if you don't get in someplace early.] BC just didn't feel right for me (I impulsively applied because of a club they have), so I opted for Georgetown! One of my teachers is also an alum so she's been trying to convince me to go there.I know it's a bit of an unconventional choice for a math major, but I'm not 100% set on math and I also have interests in science policy especially with regard to climate change. Hoya saxa!
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2023.04.01 04:16 Fiqbandz Not getting pings anymore

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2023.04.01 03:57 Gourmetanniemack Let the Battle Begin!!

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2023.04.01 03:31 CoachGlad8103 Unorthodox Philosophy Buff & Latino gets a little humbled

Intended Major(s): Philosophy and/or Economics
*NOTE: I applied to many of my schools primarily because they had cool interdisciplinary programs where I could combine philosophy (my primary interest) with other subjects like economics and STEM, because I love math and am curious about various other fields too (Sym Sys @ Stanford for example)
Standardized Testing
  1. Internship at local research institution during junior summer. Made citation networks for philosophical ideas throughout time; tried to combine philosophical/historical research with computer programming in a cool and creative way. Wrote a paper (not officially published) and did a presentation. Was paid as well.
  2. Did various classic/philosophy seminars at a local classics college. Mostly revolved around the Greeks (Republic, Apology, Phaedo, Nichomachean Ethics, etc.)
  3. Started a DECA chapter at my school and served as president. Participate in the Stock Market Game and also joined a competitive event in the 2nd semester (late, I know) but won 1st in my state and am going to nationals.
  4. Student Council President. Self-explanatory
  5. Board member of a local non-profit advocating and fundraising for outdoor recreation in hometown (I'm a big outdoors guy). Managed socials, helped write grant applications, organized fundraisers, attended meetings, and set up volunteer opportunities for youth looking to get outdoors.
  6. Building off the last activity, I led a trail-building volunteer group of students from my school. Got permitted to build new trails in the national forest and worked closely with another non-profit and forest service to build 5+ miles of new trail.
  7. I started a Spanish Tutoring service at my school. Recruited other students advanced in Spanish (including myself; I am fluent) to be tutors for younger students at my school.
  8. Was part of a math club for a few months. Studied advanced real-world applications of computer science, physics, and calculus.
  9. My last two activity slots were for sports: Soccer team all four years and captain senior year, swimming all four years and captain junior and senior year.

  1. DECA Business Law & Ethics Team Decision Making state champion, qualified for ICDC (nationals)
  2. AP Scholar
  3. College Board National Hispanic Recognition
  4. School Honor Roll
(Weak awards, I know)

Common App Essay 7.5/10: The essay I worked on the most I ended up scrapping after applying to a handful of school regular and wrote a completely new one in one night. So roughly half my schools received the og draft and the latter half (schools w/ deadlines past Jan 5) got this one that I am rating. It was definitely reflective of my interests and values, and read somewhat smart. However, I think it doesn't really purvey my authentic voice and isn't all that creative. I really regret not working harder on this essay.
Supps 8/10: These obviously varied from school to school, but generally, I would say mine were pretty standard. I thought some were really good, and others were just alright. I wrote most of these in two weeks over winter break (something I also very much regret doing--should've managed time better). Strangely, I was rejected or waitlisted from schools I thought I wrote well for and accepted to those I didn't. Like the common app essay, could've worked longer and been slightly more creative with these.
American & Russian History Teacher 10/10: This guy is my all-time favorite teacher and I am certainly one of his favorite students. We have built a very personal relationship since junior year and we share a lot of common ground (he also loves philosophy); this guy is really more of a personal friend than he is my superior. We've read various books together (outside of the curriculum) and meet up outside of school to debate and/or just talk and catch up. We both fangirl over Dostoevsky or Nietzsche who are the centerpieces of many of our literature discussions. I get great grades in his classes as well. He actually offered to write my LOR and said that he "would not disappoint" so I think it's safe to say this was a strong one.
Stats Teacher 9/10: Had this teacher in 9th grade Alg II Honors and in 12th grade stats. I do very well in her classes and really try to go above and beyond in comprehension and quality of work (which she has explicitly recognized). She has a reputation for writing strong LORs and was more than happy to write one for me (based on her reaction when I asked).
Georgetown Interview 7/10: My interviewer was super relaxed and low-key which was nice, but really just wanted to get through his questions instead of striking up an interesting conversation. Overall it went fine and my answers were good, but nothing remarkable about this one.
Stanford Interview 8/10: My interviewer was also fairly relaxed but tried harder to instigate a conversation. The first bit was mostly just going through his questions, though he would add in tangential questions based on my answers which were engaging. We started conversing for the last bit about the Hoover Institute which was great. I covered all my major talking points so I felt alright about it. However, to be totally honest, my interviewer had a bit of an accent which at times was somewhat difficult to understand (especially via Zoom), though luckily no major misinterpretation or slip-up of any kind occurred.

Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
UNM Rolling
CU Boulder RD (Honors College & some scholarships)
Northeastern RD
UNC Chapel Hill RD
UC Berkeley RD

Claremont McKenna RD
Georgetown RD
UChicago RD (really hoping for this one to pull through)

Notre Dame RD
Northwestern RD
Duke RD
Stanford RD

Additional Information:
I would’ve applied to Stanford REA but I got seriously concussed a week and a half before the deadline and couldn’t finish my essays.
My path in high school was unconventional. I only really started thinking seriously about college at the end of sophomore year and some sub-optimal grades in my freshman year did some damage to my GPA. Needless to say, I had a lot of self-doubt and criticism regarding my odds at many of the schools I applied to, given the aforementioned setback. I would also describe my ECs and academic interests as somewhat unconventional, which made it hard for me to gauge whether my expectations were realistic or not. In retrospect, I realize my ECs were relatively mediocre, and my essay writing could've been better and I think my results are reflective of that. Unfortunately, I have a lot of regrets about how I spent my time in high school and the effort I put in, and I can't help but feel I might be in a better position had I worked harder. To this point, what is most disappointing is not which specific schools I got rejected from or accepted to, but knowing that their rejections are symbolic of unrealized potential (in staying consistent with being a philosophy buff, I don't measure my self-worth based on school names, or try not to at least). In the end, however, I believe my relatively unique path kinda worked out for me and I am content that I tried to stay true to my interests and values instead of entirely bending to the will of A2C haha. My advice would be along those lines: pursue things that actually interest you at a high achieving level and you will find success not just with college admissions (which is never a guarantee), but more importantly, in life.
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2023.04.01 03:22 GenderEnjoyer666 Average redditor when the fictional woman doesn’t look like an exaggerated sex doll:

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