My girlfriend doesn't answer my calls

I never thought leopards would eat MY face

2017.03.25 18:36 Havik5 I never thought leopards would eat MY face

'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party. Revel in the schadenfreude anytime someone has a sad because they're suffering consequences from something they voted for or supported or wanted to impose on other people.

2017.10.19 19:49 DreadPirateLink Hold My Kibble

"Ruff ruff. Barooo ruff!" Translation: "Hey human, hold my kibble. Check this out" the classic words that end in either awesomeness or failure.

2016.11.30 04:09 Russian_For_Rent "how do we know you didn't put that there"

For all those posts that make you question whether OP really did find those things in that stuff they bought or found. In other words, we know you staged those screenshots, OP. You're fooling no one.

2023.06.10 23:25 j_wills35 White Saphire (ages usually range from 16-28) [#9CU8PU2G] [4300]

White Sapphire
Hi we are a clan called White Sapphire. Were a group of College Kids (some older some younger) but most of us hover around 16-28 . We're from the US and we prefer people who speak English. Like I said Our clan name is White Sapphire and I'm pretty sure we're the only ones with the name but just incase you can't find it our clan tag is #9CU8PU2G. The trophy requirement is 4300 and is set to "invite to join" but we have cos active almost constantly so we'll accept you in no time! We have about 40 members right now looking to get to 50. We've reached local leader boards already and looking to keep that way. We don't ask much just participate in war day and donate. We talk in chat almost 24/7 and have no problem promoting people who are active in chat and participate. We also do occasional 1v1 tournaments in our discord or other ways just to get everyone involved and some fun. We hope you join and we're looking forward to seeing you guys there! and my names Jordan if you have any questions.
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2023.06.10 23:25 MarkusANDcats Advice on love bombing

A somewhat recent breakup has left me feeling vulnerable and i'm still healing. I'm starting to come around to the idea of dating again so i made an effort to interact with some people. The other day I bumped into a girl at a bookstore and we hit it off amazingly, spent the day, night and next morning together before she caught her flight. We're still in touch; i can't handle an LDR right now so that's out of the question. Something I notice when im messaging her is how often I take the chance to say something very sweet or flattering. It's all genuine but it wouldn't matter, she responds very well to it. I was behaving this way almost as soon as we had met; all it took was getting to know her just a bit.
This story is just an example, every other interaction I've had with a girl in the last few weeks has been similar. I take every chance to say the sweetest, complimenting remark I can think of and it gets me a conversation and phone number almost every time. It makes me feel great and when I see it's well received, it pushes me to keep doing it. The obvious advice I can get here is to tone it down and I can try. I just don't really know how to be any different and my last relationship went on for many years so I've never had to worry about dating for most of my adult life. It's all well and good if I sweep a girl off her feet and it works out but I don't want to get labeled and misunderstood.
My breakup might give further context; it was a relationship that became highly toxic between me and her parents. My girlfriend and I disagreed heavily on how to handle them; she would never stand up to them and it was a nightmare what was taking place. I had to make a decision to separate her family from my life; she wanted to stay together in secret and i let that last for 2 months before I realized how unhealthy it was for me so I went no contact. The melancholy of my breakup begins to lift anytime I start making the slightest connection with someone and I'm overwhelmed with how badly I want to make them feel good. The breakup was a bit traumatic so hopefully i'm not broken.
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2023.06.10 23:24 dietcoke_69 Reading

Hello all! I'm a GIS guy in the army and had a question. I'm very familiar with using Arc Map and Pro as a tool and can make products but I dont really understand the fundamentals/science behind it. I eventually would like to finish a degree in GIS but that'll have to wait when I'm not busy all the time. In the mean time what would be some good books/online resources to read for my knowledge? Any answers much appreciated.
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2023.06.10 23:24 cityinthetrees45 new here, new Muslim, hadith question

I've asked this before and am too lazy to search, but what are good hadith books in English? I'm currently reading the study Quran translated in English by Seyyed Hossein Nasr. It is a great translation in my opinion but of course I don't know Arabic so I wouldn't know. I'd call it a great introduction into Islam in English. Any ways, thoughts on hadith?
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2023.06.10 23:24 OzBoz77 Sleeping in Bio 2!

I fell asleep during the exam.
So I didn't sleep much thursday night, yet I still got up early and went to school in the morning despite no exam (this included me oversleeping and having to walk there). On top of this, the pollen count was high, and right before the exam I took my second hayfever medicine dose of the day.
During the first 25 mins or so, I was drifting - half asleep. I even wrote the word "sleeping" in my answer when thinking about staying awake.
How much do you think this would've hindered my performance?
For reference I completed all the questions and had a little time to check over my coherence in the first questions.
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2023.06.10 23:24 rcavictorman57 It's official, I'm passing away. To hell with cancer.

Signet ring cell adenocarcinoma, here. I slowly watched myself deteriorate over the past few months, and I don't even know what to say. I just turned 21, and I was gifted bottles of wine, since I've never tried wine, before. I can only drink them, because of the NG tube in my nose. I lost pretty much all of my muscle, and can hardly move, I'm down to what I believe is my last few weeks of life, and I'm on some incredible dosages of pain medications. I'm full of ascites, and can't get a paracentesis until the weekend is over.
The chemo wasn't working, and I'm here with my extremely sweet, but religious grandparents that are nice enough to stay here, at the hospital, but they have false hope. They believe that if I truly believe that Jesus Christ is lord and savior, then a miracle will save my life. I'm not particularly religious, and I can't believe in something I simply just don't believe in. Either way, I'd love to keep fighting, but there are too many complications with me, now, too many blockages. There is nothing more that can be done for me. I have to accept that answer, as much as I don't want to. Goodbye, everyone.
Fuck Cancer.
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2023.06.10 23:24 naysaa98 should i tell my coworker?

I've been working in this grocery store for 2+ years and i have many amazing coworkers but I'm leaving this job because it's exhausting. I'm gonna miss all of my coworkers but this one coworker >>> for my whole life I've struggled with depression & suicidal thoughts. I remember coming to work being tired, crying the whole night, wishing i wouldn't wake up but every morning i saw this one coworker,it just made my day. I love how positive she's all the time,even tho she has her own battles. She brings good energy with her without fail -making our days at work brighter. I had days where I wanted to call in sick because i felt miserable,but if i knew she was going to be there,i didn't. In 2022 i was hospitalized because I tried to k myself. My mother (she works in the same shop,just different floor) told her about it. She NEVER told anyone where i was,and i really appreciate that. She would constantly ask my mother how I'm doing,how i feel etc. Now I'm leaving this job and I'm gonna miss her the most. Should i tell her how much impact she had on me? How she always made my days better? I wanna let her know,but i think it's gonna be too embarrassing.
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2023.06.10 23:24 meowstash321 Rules Help - Hanabi Blast

Hello all!
I'm working out the kinks in my first ever graveyard deck - [[quintorius field historian]] - and I've come across a question I can't find an answer to.
[[Hanabi blast]] says that it's returned to its owner's hand after it resolves. But does the spell resolving put it into the graveyard first before it goes to your hand, the same way that many of the phoenixes say "when this dies return it to your hand'?
If so, it's a great add to pump out lots of spirits/get other things into your yard from your hand. If not...putting your hand into your graveyard can still synergize pretty well, but not nearly as well as ALSO getting a spirit.
Anybody know how this works? Thanks!
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2023.06.10 23:24 misspatheticpatty Husband says im fat and not attracted to me

I have endured emotional abuse from my husband for years. When we first met i was 140 pounds very tiny boobs and small behind. Model figure. As time went on i weughted 215 pounds. My breasts are huge and my behind and hips are large. Complete coke bottle shape. I get attention from men left and right. Attention from men except my husband. Who constantly tells me im fat because he can't pick me up anymore. How i have bra rolls. And doesn't like that my stomach is almost flat but isn't fully and that i have a fupa. I have felt very tired of the rejection and ended up giving my number to a much younger man who approached me in my apartment complex. We met up and instantly he began kissing me in a way i never felt before.the sex was so passionate it was truly what I've been missing in my current marriage. We threw complete caution to the wind and didn't use protection. We have had sex a total of three times unprotected. I feel ashamed of my actions due to my religious beliefs but also because i failed to use protection. I have no self control around him and allow him to do whatever he wants to me.
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2023.06.10 23:24 Beginning-Celery6956 24M, anyone down for an anxiety ridden voice call with a stranger?

Howdy, Im having to stay up a bit late tonight so I was wondering if anyone would like to help my night pass a lil bit by joining me in a terrifying voice call full of awkwardness and rambling?????
Anyone is welcomeeeeee
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2023.06.10 23:24 Zylar- How often should I be taking a lesson? (Also, an insurance question)

I am going to call some instructors on Monday to begin my driving lesson journey.
I've heard some people do 1 a week, 1 every few days, etc.
What is the best frequency of tests in your opinion?
Insurance question: I was born with a lazy eye (right eye, can barely see out of it but still have depth perception, field of vision etc). The DVLA said I do not need to declare it, but does this mean my insurance would be higher?
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2023.06.10 23:24 JoyKimUwU Is Taking Melatonin Every Night Safe?

I'm 20 Years Old (Female) And I've Been Suffering From Chronic Insomnia I Used To Take 0.5 mg Alp For Sleeping But It Doesn't Work So My Doctor Recommended Taking Melatonin Supplements. Each Capsule Contains : Melatonin (3 mg) Passion Flower Extract (50 mg) Chamomile Flower Extract (50 mg) Valerian Root Extract (150 mg) Plz Tell If It's Safe To Take This Stuff Every Night!???
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2023.06.10 23:24 Juan_Pablo_Secundo Upgrade from R5 2600 & GTX 1070 Ti

Hi! Lately I've been considering to upgrade one part from my PC. I can't afford a whole new build (I'd like to keep it under 200-250$), so my main 2 options would be: -Upgrade CPU to R5/R7 5x00(X?). Would it be worth to get the ryzen 7 for gaming purposes only? If I'm correct, right now the performance might not be worth ~30-40% price increase, but how is the longevity of this solution, I suppose it'll be able to handle new games for longer time than R5. It's possible (but not certain) that I'll get a higher end GPU in a year or two. -Upgrade GPU to rtx 3060 (or an amd price equivalent).
Assuming that I'd manage to sell my current GPU these 2 options are comparable in price. Which one will give a better performance boost? Not gonna lie, personally I'd prefer to upgrade CPU here as it doesn't require me to sell my current part to get the funds.
When I was building this PC in 2018 I got a higher quality (is it?) motherboard & cooling so it could handle the last AM4 CPU released. Would it be possible to overclock the cpu with this mobo even if I went r7 5800x?
And lastly, is my PSU enough to power an upgraded rig?
Current build: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: GTX 1070 Ti (Palit Super JetStream) Motherboard: ASUS PRIME X470-PRO RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3000MHz 2x8GB PSU: SilentiumPC Supremo M2 Gold 550W Cooling: NZXT Kraken X62 .v2
Thank you for all your help!
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2023.06.10 23:23 Hopeful_Conference35 38M in love with 39F and calling it off

This is an update for my previous post
After going through all the hate that I received here I ended it with my GF which I didn’t want but took the step not because people here told me to do but she wasn’t loving me anymore like she used to . she was just treating me like an option . She wud only reply to what I ask her nothing more about her life . She started saying seeing me sad she did so much for me before which she regrets now . She wants to sacrifice her life for her kids . She says she is scared that if she comes with me and if my ex wife calls me back I will dump my gf and go back to my ex . She is worried if she dumps her husband he wud commit suicide and then she won’t be live a happy life with me . Yesterday I stopped talking to her and now she has started putting sad WhatsApp status that people whom she loved have only hurt her . I don’t understand her now she can’t divorce her husband nor she wants to be with him she says she doesn’t want any sexual relationship with anyone she doesn’t have any romance left in her . She says she wants me but can’t have me . I felt like she was keeping me as option so many times but I love this woman so much that I don’t keep things on my ego and go back every time she would treat me like an option .This time I have had enough . I thought to talk to her brother about my feelings for his sister but then that would cause a rift in my friendship with him and he might even beat me up for trying to spoil their family . At the same time I am feeling heartbroken and don’t have any company or some one to talk this out to . Y are woman so complex if u give them attention and if u don’t give them attention that is also bad . I am worried will I be able to find another woman like her I am really smitten for this woman but at the same time my morality is saying I can’t be reason for her to break her family . If she wants to suffer with her toxic husband let her suffer .
Tldr : GF can’t divorce her husband as he is threatening suicide to be with her . I am ready to accept her with her kids made that clear . She says she wants to be with me but can’t have me like this .
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2023.06.10 23:23 Sorry_Librarian_9103 How do I go about getting help from a doctor for a bunch of different things after years of neglecting my health?

basically my dad died very suddenly when i was younger and it made me pretty much hermit up for a few years. i feel the need to clarify because i feel really stupid admitting to this. but recently ive been "getting over it," and i suppose that just means im learning to cope better. and now that im progressing with my life, i realise that i have a list of TEN different things i need to address with my GP and i have no idea how to tick off all of them. should i like call and explain from the start that i've had a mental health crisis (which needs addressing too i suppose) and all of this stuff has clogged up? or do i just go back to back to back with all of this?? im very out of tune with how things work right now and i would appreciate clarification 👍
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2023.06.10 23:23 meowstash321 Rules Help - Hanabi Blast

Hello all!
I'm working out the kinks in my first ever graveyard deck - [[quintorius field historian]] - and I've come across a question I can't find an answer to.
[[Hanabi blast]] says that it's returned to its owner's hand after it resolves. But does the spell resolving put it into the graveyard first before it goes to your hand, the same way that many of the phoenixes say "when this dies return it to your hand'?
If so, it's a great add to pump out lots of spirits/get other things into your yard from your hand. If not...putting your hand into your graveyard can still synergize pretty well, but not nearly as well as ALSO getting a spirit.
Anybody know how this works? Thanks!
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2023.06.10 23:23 lil_lizzie_vert My family is mad at me for saying I won’t circumcise my future kids

For context: I mentioned it in a group chat with my mom and my three sisters (I have no brothers). One of my sisters has a circumcised son and one of my other sisters is pregnant with a boy. I am the only sister who hasn’t had any kids yet.
My sisters all started calling me gross and disgusting. One of my sisters even said that she hoped I never had a son. My sister who circumcised her son seemed to be personally offended and was trying to tell me the health benefits of mutilating kids.
I tried to look up some of the benefits of remaining intact, but all of the sources Google was giving me were very pro-cutting and the only benefits I could find on the fly were sex related (which I don’t want to bring up, since my sisters are not very sex positive and would think it was gross that I want to look out for my future son’s happiness).
Can anyone suggest/send me any sources that talk about the benefits of remaining intact? Preferably ones that go beyond sex?
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2023.06.10 23:23 avocavocavocado The denial to disappointment pipeline

I feel like my head might explode. When did I become so pathetic? Naive with guys, desperate for attention - definitely. But this… was a new low.
Long story short: I completely broke off contact with this guy who was worse for my mental health than my lifetime of being FA and I should have done it months ago.
The trigger was - don’t laugh - a spotify playlist he made for another girl.
Okay, obviously it was much more than that, accumulated over the past almost half year - literally every interaction with him brought up a new reason why I should stop talking to him. But yes, my final straw was pathetically this discovery.
I knew he was dating other people, I even knew - being black and introverted - I was never 'girlfriend material' to him (let’s not even get into that, I told you this was a new low for me).
I also wouldn’t care if he just found a girl who’s a better match and was now giving her that treatment I wished for and made her his gf. But he’s not doing any of that, he’s still texting me empty promises and making plans he’ll never keep while giving false hope to this girl. Having once been his 'new shiny thing' and now seeing someone else getting the pretense just really opened my eyes: he repeats this cycle endlessly with no intention to stop or be honest about it, even when it’s his 'type'. I hope she drops him much sooner than I did, for her sake.
But I’m happy to never find out because I finally blocked him everywhere.
Being alone with no prospects never felt so good.
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2023.06.10 23:23 ChiliPalmer1568 $3 Start Lives?

Is my math correct? If PM takes $2.95 from every sale, and some of the stuff on lives is started at $3, if it doesn't go any higher than $3, the seller makes a nickel. How are people possibly making any money if they are just barely covering PM fees? 🤨
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2023.06.10 23:23 Few-Inspection-8392 New Friens!

New Friens!
Took my boyfriend to celebrate our art being carried in a legit storefront! I got the merfrog and seahorse and named them Stede Bonnet and Lucius and I’m pretty sure my bf has been calling the swirls frog Bucket lolllll
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2023.06.10 23:22 NextKing2972 Fan Theories I hope don't come true in BTSV

Although knowing Lord and Miller, if any of these do come true, they'd push that narrative to the best of their ability.
1) Miles dying in Beyond to break the Spider-Man canon cycle of pain
I've seen this one floating around a lot, and apparently it's to mirror the original Ultimate Spider-Man's death in the comics. I just hope this one doesn't come true cause it doesn't make sense from an arc perspective and seems like an abrupt ending for the first ever silver screen iteration of Miles Morales.
2) Miguel was lying about his tragic backstop, and more specifically that he killed his alternate universe counterpart of Miguel to take that universe
This one I just loathe. Miguel's anti-hero story should be shown not told in the past-tense. I have to get the feeling he's a antagonist even while he's doing something for his idea of the "greater good". The best anti-heroes are the ones you can sympathize and sometimes agree with and this theory just negates that. Plus Peter B. Parker was there when his universe got deleted so maybe he also was apart of that project.
3) The Spider was meant to bite Earth-42 Miles
I'm on the fence about this one. It does make sense to a degree, but I also think ATSV crafted a narrative which is meant to be a commentary on how Miles Morales was treated when he was first introduced as Spider-Man (which the directors confirmed). I do think this theory could work narratively, but I also think it'd hurt that message in ATSV about Miles being an anomaly and the majory of people in the fanbase saying he was a diversity token in 2015. Saying it was always meant to be Miles sort of takes away from Miles being unique and the trendsetter for all Spider-Men. I also like the narrative that we don't know who the Spider was meant to bite. It could have been anyone. That Spider could've gone on the wrong paint can and Uncle Aaron would've gotten bit. Imagine that universe. I like the ambiguousness of it all. I also strongly believe that Miles was always meant to become the Prolwer until that spider bit him and he met Peter Parker.
4) Christopher Daniel Barnes isn't in BTSV
come on Sony, you got Josh Keaton, now bring my other boy in. And while you're at it, give Keaton more lines, or give him the third season
5) Rio in Earth-42 is dating Uncle Aaron
This theory just sucks. The conversation between Miles and Rio on the rooftop during the party made me think about how good a judge of character she is. Also she knows full well Uncle Aaron did some shady shit, and dating him after that is just insulting to her character.
6) Gwen/Spider-Byte dies to fulfill the canon that every Spider-Man's gotta lose a love interest
Yeah, I just don't like this one. Especially since Miles is supposed to push the boundaries of what it means to be Spider-Man and that tragedy isn't necessarily required to become a hero.
7) No Leopardon
8) Bringing in the Inheritors/ Miguel is an Inheritor
I could see this working with a certain flare, but I also think it seems a bit off course with the current narrative. Plus, from a marketing standpoint, Sony would hate it especially after Morbius' failure.
9) Miles is going live action, hence the name "Beyond the Spider-Verse"
This is the worst theory of them all. Like maybe a live action gag would be nice, but a full part of the movie being irl is just a spit in the face of animation. Live action was never an upgrade and is arguably a downgrade from animation. If I had the choice, I'd make the entire MCU animated like a moving comic book, just like Spider-Verse does, because cinematic≠leaving animation out.
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2023.06.10 23:22 SandC4stle What is the scariest experience you've had with a friend?

One summer when I was around 13-14 years old, my mom had to go on a business trip. Not trusting ne in the house alone from some past immature experiences, she decided that I could stay with my buddy, well call him Dan. Dans mom was never in the picture so he lived with his dad and his uncle in a 2 bedroom 1 story house. I specifically remember they had 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a sun room, and a basement. Dans room was in the basement. I arrived in the morning at Dans house and we messes around in his pool for a few hours. This was in Tennessee, so his yard was surrounded my woods, though it didn't really matter because he lived kind of in the middle of nowhere. While we were playing in his pool, we heard the crunching of leaves and turned around to look into the woods. There was a man, about 6'2 Maybe, Fisting the crotch of his pants. Keep in mind we're skinny 13 year old boys only wearing tight shorts the rise slightly above our thighs. We immediately get out, grab our towels and run inside to tell his uncle because his dad had left to go fishing. His uncle grabbed his gun and searched the woods but the man was nowhere to be found. We went inside and got changed in Dans room, Sat on his bed and played some street fighter on his Nintendo. It was getting pretty late and his uncle told us to go to bed, but wanting to "rebellious" as 13 year Olds we decided to stay up and watch films of nude women. (I won't specify which ones.) We heard a noise from one of the two bathrooms, the one in the basement. Me and Dan went to go check it out when we say the window was open. We flipped out and Dan looked out the window and saw the same man walking AWAY from the window. We were so freaked out, but we were scared to tell his uncle or dad in fear we'd get in trouble for being up so late. A few days later, when my mom came back from her trip, she came to pick me up. While driving back home there were a bunch of cop cars not far down the road from dans house. Turns out the man was found and arrested, charged of r4ping and murdering 2 teen boys. The thought of it still haunts me to this day.
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