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2023.03.28 18:58 Admirable-Movie8129 Polar Bear - script

Story starts with an unknown phone call to Scarlett Churchill from CIA agent Maxwell Pietro, that her missing daughter, has been found. The story goes back a while Scarlett lives in that city with her daughter Beatrice and her husband named Roland. Roland does a simple job as a physics teacher Beatrice is a charming girl who loves her father very much. Most of the college students like Roland because his personality is dashing and his body is filled with tattoos. Anniversary celebrations of Beatrice's parents Scarlett and Beatrice decorate the house and wait for dad to arrive. Scarlett tells her daughter her father and her secret story. Roland comes as soon as the story is over. Beatrice gives a gift to her parents. Her parents get suspicious seeing such an expensive gift. And it turns out that Beatrice delivers for a sugar daddy. And take money as reward. That sugar daddy named Jack the Reaper who is a crime lord. Beatrice seems to be able to do much work before, or it seems to be working for her now that she has to go to an abandoned house and deliver a box to a mansion. In that house, she finds a tall man, Nicholas, seeing whom she gets scared. She takes the box from him and goes to that mansion and gives it to him. In return, he also gets money from the same money he bought that gift. Jack once again persuades her to stay at his house. She agrees but this time there is a knock on the door and Jack and his men attack the mansion and kidnap her. The sudden disappearance of her daughter leaves Scarlett and Roland sad. Scarlett talks to her friend Max and tries to find her daughter. Scarlett and Roland got a call from a CIA agent that they got their girl. But when they reach there, they find that Beatrice has been killed. Seeing this, his father Roland becomes enraged. He peacefully buries his daughter. His family and friends come to her funeral. Pierre whose having a rooster coin , the motel owner and Ricardo, an old friend of Roland, also join. Pierre told him that the yellow king wanted to meet him. After that he advised his wife to stay at her maternal home. Meanwhile Roland pulls his weapons out of old boxes. That night goons come to his house and he has a fight with them. He kills them all in a fight, then calls in the decomposition unit to clean it up. He understands that whoever killed his daughter knew he was coming. Roland goes to his old friend who owns the Oasis, a motel where all the underworld members can reside without any payment. His name was Pierre de Belmondo and helped Roland to find the killer. Max's phone records show that his transaction was from an unknown number. That unknown number belongs to Nicholas, not someone else. Roland sneak attacks abandoned house Nicholas and he tells him that Beatrice is having contact with Jack the reaper who's having a scorpion coin. Then he killed him and set the abandoned house on fire. With the help of Oasis friends. After killing Nicholas whose having a bison coin, Jack also gets to know Roland is back in the game so he hires an assassin named Richardo to kill Roland but ricardo refuses to accept his task. Jack forces him to do that favor and remind him about his Branding. Oasis owner belmondo You don't want a fight in the hotel, it will spoil the motel's name. His receptionist turns out to be a pretty girl with whom Roland befriends. he takes refuge in the oasis to complete his work. Yellow king who's having snow leopard coin, a Russian crime lord, searches for Roland once Roland whose having a polar bear coin was a trained assassin who worked for yellow king . Roland always completes his task. Never fails. and after a conversation with him. Yellow king reveals that someone had stolen his drugs and that person is Beatrice daughter of a former friend polar bear according to Jack. Jack was framing Roland's daughter. Yellow king agrees to give the location or jack to Roland only if Roland agrees to tie up a branding with yellow king. Yellow king told him the location of jack . and Roland successfully killed jack the reaper by its own. But here's the plot twist jack just kidnaps Beatrice but when he got the drugs and money. he gave Beatrice to the yellow king and yellow king is the person who ordered death sentence against Beatrice and framed jack the reaper so that polar bear come and do branding with yellow king.
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2023.03.28 18:35 GodsGiftToNothing Slavic musicians/performance artists

My baby sister died in 2021, and I have been missing her terribly. This has been made worse by our family home being destroyed, after someone stole everything, and smeared feces on her baby pictures, and the funeral home giving me dogs ashes (literally there were rabies tags in the ashes), and now I’m desperately trying to find a lawyer to help find my sister, as the funeral home refuses to answer anything.
My sister had a lot of health issues, so life was quite hard for her, but one of her best memories, was visiting the Czech Republic. While there she saw a wonderful troupe, who made music, while also dancing and acting. It revolved around the experience of being Slavic, and how being a Serf, to this day, impacts you.
I have been desperate to find their work again, but my memory is badly damaged. I already have a neurodegenerative disease, and flatlined due to toxicity from my autoimmune medication, which has caused SMS (stroke mimicking syndrome), and obliterated my memory even more, back in January. I try so hard to remember, but it’s gone. Having objects that were meaningful to her, keeps her memory alive.
If anyone could help find them, it would mean the world to me. I kept every letter my baby sister ever sent, every birthday card, everything…and it’s all gone because of some monsters. Basically, when I say this would mean the world to me, it really would.
Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to help, and take care of yourselves, and each other.
Also, I’m so so sorry for any errors. I’m trying so very hard, and apologize if reading this is annoying or a nuisance.
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2023.03.28 18:34 Signal_Smoke_5681 AITA for telling off my cousin and blocking her the day my mom died?

So 3 years ago my mom died of terminal cancer. We all knew she was going to pass away soon and had gathered family for goodbyes and remembrances. Well 2 weeks before my mom had even passed, her whole side of the family was over for a dinner party. My oldest cousin(30ishF) (oldest daughter of moms sister) had gotten kind of close with her over the past few months and while my mom is within earshot starts asking me if she can have her crochet bag and accessories after her passing. I (23F at the time) tell her it’s not an appropriate time to be asking and I have a ton on my plate with being my moms oldest that I’m not really concerned about a crochet bag right now. She just kind of laughs it off and we left it at that. Well the day comes and I’m woken up by some neighbors who had been helping us take care of my mom in her final days, telling me that she had passed away that morning (7:30AM roughly). I gather my kids and my sisters and we head off to the hospice where her body is to say our last goodbyes before she’s taken to the morgue. Obviously it was a crazy day for me, emotions were high. Anyways, it’s about noon, I’m back home with my sisters and kids when I get a text from my cousin. It was kind of long but basically she just sandwiches the question about the crochet bag between half assed apologies for losing my mom. I was furious. I did not care anymore and I told her off. Basically saying how inappropriate I thought it was of her to constantly be asking for my moms possessions while in the middle of planning her funeral and dealing with everything I was at the time. I told her no she can not have the crochet bag I don’t care how close they had gotten and she needed to leave me alone. After that I blocked her. It got brought up later that same day and I told my dad (my parents had been divorced for years) what I had said and his jaw hit the floor asking if I was joking. When I said no I wasn’t joking what she did was messed up and it’s not my problem my whole family basically freaked out on me saying I was an asshole for treating her that way. I know I was definitely rude to my cousin but I feel my actions were justified. It’s been almost 4 years since my mom passed and I haven’t spoken to my cousin since then. Every time I gets brought up I’m always the one people are upset with. AITA?
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2023.03.28 17:25 Necessary-Cup9400 Not Ready, But How Does One Even Do This?

I don't know if I'm ready or if this makes sense, but I have to ask how this situation would or should even work. Sorry in advance for the rambling.
Wife and I have been married for more than a dozen years, have two young children that mean everything to me. We're not in a constant conflict and fighting and most days things are peaceful and amicable, but the situation with her feels untenable. In most ways, today is no different than yesterday or last week, last month, last year or the year before. So who am I to rock the boat and break apart the family and hurt our kids in the process? Being with my kids in my house means everything to me.
Wife is very sickly, both mentally and physically and I don't know if she's getting worse or I'm just losing patience as this has been going on for better and worse for years. She is morbidly obese, has uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. She often skips meals and then eats junk food and sugar. I have to nag her to make doctor's appointments which she gets angry at me for doing. At one point, I found out she had secretly gone back to smoking when she had supposedly quit when we got engaged. She may still be doing it when she goes out for drives which she does on most days for an hour or two (but not lately as she has been sleeping more).
She spends a lot of her day on the couch, either sitting there playing with her phone or sleeping. Many days, particularly on weekends, she will sleep through a huge portion of the day and it will be just me and the kids. She has been sleeping on the couch (with rare exceptions) for about four years. There is no intimacy and hasn't been for years.
She hasn't worked since before we were married. When we got engaged way back in the day and she moved in with me, it was too far from her job so she had to quit and it took her years before she looked for and found a new job (she still blames me for having quit that job). Then when we got married, she said she didn't like her job at the time and quit. A few years later, we started having kids and we decided that since she wasn't working anyway, she should just plan to be a stay at home mom. Now both kids are in school, but still quite young.
Wife is a very depressed person and can really hold a grudge. She is still angry at me for things I may have said like 5 or 10 years ago. On most days, things are fine between us and we get along fine without conflict and even with some laughs, but she has told our MC that she blames me for a lot of the things that are wrong in her life, why she has no career, etc.
She is very bitter about the fact that I make all the money and that the house is in my name. Her credit is horrible so I bought it and took out mortgage in my name only. She sometimes will say things like "I don't own anything. You have everything." She even recently told the kids not to get their dirty shoes on "your dad's couch." My son said "it's the family's couch." But wife said "your father paid for it so it's HIS couch."
We have been seeing an MC for years. Wife doesn't trust many people but trusts the MC. MC helps us to avoid conflict and make concrete plans like "this week, we're going to do this thing" but there are no solutions to underlying issues.
I recently found out that wife has been secretly spending a lot of money and running up debts. Somehow my credit card, in my name only, got charged thousands of dollars for in-app purchases that wife claims were made by our toddler. Later on, she told me that she has half a dozen credit cards that I don't know about and has unpaid balances on each of them. She won't tell me what the balances are or let me see the card statements. MC took her side in therapy and said we can talk about the debts later.
At prior times, I had let her manage the finances (I guess so I could avoid conflict over them) and didn't check on our shared bank account or the main card so this has probably been going on for years. In fact, I know that, at least once or twice prior in our marriage, she has drained the bank account but each time she had no explanation "I guess I just spent too much on things we need for the house" and I got mad but continued to trust her to manage the accounts. Now, after this latest incident with the in-app purchases, I'm trying to get full visibility into everything and I don't know if she's just spending a lot on necessities like groceries or is buying all kinds of in-app purchases. I don't know if she owes a thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars and she won't tell me because she says it's not my business and, besides, she'll pay it off eventually by getting a part-time job (which I am skeptical about).
I don't like fighting; I don't like conflict and every time I get into an argument about these things, I end up feeling guilty and she makes it about what I said and not what the problem is. I realized that she is very good at making me feel like I've done something terrible when . .. I don't know if someone else would think so.
For example, she has said she will never forgive me for what happened during her mother's funeral a few years ago and that part of the reason for no intimacy is she is still angry about it. And to think about it maybe I deserve her anger. The day of funeral, wife informed me right before we left that I would be paying for the funeral, which was more than 10K, when previously she had said insurance would pay for it. She said "you're going to need to take out a loan." I said "Don't we have more than 10K in our savings?" She said "no, I spent too much. We don't have enough." So I was upset and I asked her to get other relatives to contribute to the funeral cost and she said I embarrassed her and I wasn't there for her, because I was upset. It wasn't the money per se that upset me so much as that she revealed at that time that she had been secretly spending. I should have been able to not talk about it that day as we were all sad about her mom but I did get angry and said in front of her sister that "I feel like an ATM for the family." A few weeks later we did get the money back from life insurance (I didn't believe we would) so I guess I was upset for no good reason?
But anyway, I don't know if the situation is getting worse or I am just losing patience right now. She was recently hospitalized for a few days for the uncontrolled sugar and blood pressure and, since she came back, she barely gets off of the couch and I have to do even more of the parent stuff. I guess that's ok as I love my kids more than anything and I would be fine doing it 100% as a single dad if I needed to. It's just depressing that she's spending all day lying on the couch sleeping and she does have a strong opinion about whatever I do, whether it's how I dress the kids or if I tried to clean up the messes she insists only she can clean.
How would I even get started on the path? I feel guilty even setting up an appointment with a lawyer. And what could the process look like? If I tell her I want out, then I'm the bad guy breaking up the family and she can in no way take care of herself. I would end up living in a shitty apartment or with my mom and paying for her and the kids to live in the house anyway and then only seeing my kids some of the time when now I'm with them in our house every day.
And I don't think I could stand the transition period, telling her I want out, deciding who is moving out (probably me, I guess since I'm the initiator) and sleeping in this house in the interim knowing that I'm the home-wrecker and watching her and the kids cry and be upset. How do I tell the four year old? I can't bear to see them all cry because I'm selfish and don't want to put up with this or because maybe I dream that one day, if it all ended, I might meet someone who wasn't like this. I don't see a way out but to keep putting up with this, at least until the kids get much older, but I'm getting older and this feels harder to bare. And I'm worried that we'll never be able to afford retirement or anything as she runs up secret debts.
So how does one even get started? How did you? Did you tell a spouse and then get in the car, drive away and go stay with a relative or a friend? Did you tell them and then go about daily family life for a while while you looked for alternative housing? And how did you do that with kids around? How did you see them all crying and then stand your ground and not recant what you said? If it were just the two of us and we didn't have kids, I'd probably tell her then go stay with my mom for a while just so I didn't have to look her in the eye after having said it.
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