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2010.04.18 06:23 asparagusman r/cyber: The 5th Domain of Warfare

Focused on the geopolitical, corporate, and intelligence impact of Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Crime, hacking, digital espionage, etc. Cyber is a metaphor for the digital world, where new rules are currently being written, where nationstates and corporations have little control over the actions of their users, and information, as well as warfare, flows in many directions.

2023.05.29 04:14 Junior_Button5882 Monkey Man of New Delhi

Monkey Man of New Delhi
The Monkey Man of New Delhi was an ape like creature that terrorized the capital city of New Delhi, India in 2001.
In May of that year, stories began to circulate in New Delhi of a strange, nocturnal, monkey-like creature that was attacking people. Eyewitness accounts were often inconsistent, but tended to describe the creature as about four feet (120 cm) tall, covered in thick black hair. It supposedly wore a metal helmet, had metal claws, pants, glowing red eyes (sometimes beneath goggles) and three buttons on its chest. Some suggest the Monkey Man is an avatar of the Hindu deity Hanuman, while others claim it is a version of Bigfoot.
Many people reported being scratched, and two (by some reports, three) people even died when they leapt from the tops of buildings or fell down stairwells in a panic caused by the Monkey Man. Eventually, police even issued artist impressions in an attempt to catch the creature.
Shining a bright light in the Monkey Man's face was said to ward him off, as it renders his "night vision glasses" ineffective. It was also thought that throwing water on the simian's chest would short-circuit his "motherboard heart." In similar fashion, it was believed that the creature could turn invisible with the press of one button on his panel. These theories portray the Monkey Man as something more mechanical than natural.
The Monkey Man is believed today to be the product of mass hysteria.

Specific Incidents

On 13 May 2001, 15 people suffered injuries ranging from bruises to bites and scratches. On 15 May 2001, a pregnant woman fell down some stairs fleeing after neighbors shouted that they had seen the Monkey Man. A 4-foot-tall (1.2 m) wandering Hindu sadhu was beaten up by an angry mob who mistook him for the Monkey Man. On 18 May 2001, a van driver was set upon and sustained multiple fractures in another case of mistaken identification as Monkey Man. Further sightings were reported in Kanpur in February 2002 and New Delhi in July 2002, the latter describing a monkey-like machine that sparkled red and blue lights. One anonymous witness even claimed the Monkey Man had stolen his cell phone.

In Popular Culture

The appearance of Monkey Man in Old Delhi is the center-point of the 2009 Bollywood Hindi film Delhi-6 directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. In the film, the creature, called in Hindi as "Kala Bandar" ("black monkey") is used as an allegory to represent the evil that resides inside every man alongside God (virtue).

![img](nc4q5ikv0q2b1 " Bigfoot/PrimateFirst SightingMay 2001Last SightingUnknownCountryIndiaHabitatNew DelhiPossible PopulationSmall ")
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2023.05.29 04:14 WrittenLucky A Internship with a cocky drunken warrior [AA4A] [Cocky] [Banter] [Stubborn Listener] [Flirty] [Close Proximity] [Strangers/Enemies to Lovers][Sweet Bartender] [CW: Threats and slight profanity]

Summary for listener- You, a member of the prestige, are assigned an internship in combat with one of the biggest warriors across Maldoria. As you trek to a little tavern to find this warrior, you soon learn this internship will be more difficult than you think.
Summary for VA- As a master of your sword, you’ve brought many Kingdoms down to their knees with a single mention of your name. A cocky bastard, some may say, but none were left alive to repeat it. You’ve experienced many gruesome wars, battle scars peppered across your body and a bitter (but flirty?) personality left behind. Now, you lay drunkenly in a bar ranting and complaining about your missions when another irritating intern stumbles their way into the bar. [Tags]: [AA4A] [Cocky] [Banter] [Stubborn Listener] [Flirty] [Close Proximity] [Sweet Bartender] [CW: Threats and slight profanity]
AA4A audio around : any alternative names you choose are fine!
Characters: T/B= Bartender Bernie: Total sweetheart, who runs/works at the tavern and tends to the listener. W= Warrior- Rough around the edges, angsty who drinks on the daily. Cocky bastard? Maybe hehe.
TW/CW: Insinuating violence, light profanity/cursing, weapon mention.
This portion of the script includes multiple voices! Alterations of the amount of people is allowed but it may alter the way of the story!
Usage- Anything is fine, change of words/Names, improvision, etc. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (Just keep it appropriate ofc!)
Monetization/Paywalls- This script is fine for any monetization or such, but I so want access to the fill for free please!
Apologies for any mistakes!
Script Link! Enjoy!
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2023.05.29 04:14 Iworkformycat27 90-Day Fiance: The Other Way, Tell All Part 3, An Episode Review

In Sharp Entertainment’s latest prod-uction, the only show with more questionable excuses for humanity than an Underground Toddler Fight Club, 90-Day Fiance: The Other Way, we see our protagonists fighting their loved ones, will they win, or will it be a one-legged toddler at an ass-kicking contest? It’s what happens when you get caught with drugs while shooting a Shriners Commercial. No forgiveness!
Kris and Jeymi
Kris is being framed, her ex-boyfriend was sending old pictures to Jeymi, and after a turn of events that totally happened she, no one believes her, Veronica doesn’t, if you’re bisexual and your name starts with the letter Kris raise your hand, you’re the, oh, your mom’s here, how convenient. How many sides are there to this story, does Kris have any evidence to support hers? This isn’t fine.
What does their Zoey think about all this? Mine thinks these Pita Chips look delicious. Debbie thinks that Kris is getting a bad rap, Oussama has no idea what is going on, how much is he getting paid to sit there? Does this count as a job? He was told this was an episode of “Modern Family”, worst version of Jay and Gloria ever.
Nicole and Mahmoud
Oh look, it’s dumpster fire number, are they worse? Ahmed is here, someone ask him, he’s a real feminist, and the Egyptian Dr. Phil, I love how they’re all getting nicknames just now, when’s lunch? I thought that “A Marriage Story” was longer.
Daniele decides to make this about her, and her problems, because she is alo present, how will Nicole handle all this drama? What is the Chinese Girl’s name? Helen the Oriental Female? That’s not it but, is oriental racist? It does sound like Mahmoud was acting inappropriately, serious “To Catch a Predator” vibes.
Gabe tells Mahmoud that he’s so scummy, Isabel told him so, Nicole should get a divorce. And he isn’t wrong, that we can all agree on. Like how we never say The Civil War’s name outloud, oh shit, Ahmed isn’t a feminist. Ousamma, hey, Oussama is talking, look at him go.
Gabe and Isabel
Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, sorry, that was my microwave- why did Monica dress for the Oscars? Was she told this was a Flavor of Love Elimination and she was New York? Did she shit on the floor? No that was Something, she might spit on Monica though, no that was, she’s not going to win but launch her career out of this. Did you know that New York has a show on VH1? I still google her, and Luther Vandross.
Gabe and Monica talk out their issues, Monica wasn’t pulling a Brittani and pretending to be unavailable, Gabe, Gabe is not falling for this. He is a smart man. Is Monica a serial killer? She is almost getting away with this? What was her role in this wedding? I’m going to go call my brother racial slurs and confuse him.
It is now time for the intermission, go get popcorn, go get some nachos, Jen says Rishi no more lady taco, your mom said I was old, I have grown cold, I won’t be coming around, Did Daniele bring her license plate with her so she can return it? She is in town. There are also slurpees, they all taste like herpes- how long is this intermission? I have a bladder condition- raccoon parade!
The cast can totally overhear Jen and Rishi talking, and talk shit about them, which is a real shame, theta are missing a great raccoon- it’s over, we were just getting to the dumpster float!
You can talk this out later in public Rishi and Jen, the raccoons have tubas!
Rishi can’t make any promises, but he says he is try- the Raccoons are performing “Kansas City” from Oklahoma! And they are going on another break, they really, no, it’s cool, Jen gave her phone number to Julian, more twirling, faster! Jen did an okay job doing her highlights at home, look at that money piece that is a completely different color.
Daniele and Yohan
The break is over, the raccoons are having a drunken orgy/after-party, this is fine, Daniele and Yohan also still have issues, who has 4 thumbs, 7 holes and don’t trust each other? Tim and Veronica are back, they have 4 thumbs, 7 holes and trust each other. They’re like Siamese twins that used to have sex with each other. Now one of them just watches.
What is my dog barking at? Damn backyard ghosts, also, damn Daniele- she was the bad guy! You don't bring an ex around your newlywed husband, respect! Yohan claps like I did when I found out that my drunk uncle was getting a divorce, on the inside, where are more Cannolis former aunt-in-law? You were too good for him.
Daniele and Yohan have two different viewpoints about exes, and friends, and the Panama Canal, probably, it’s what Gino calls Jasmine’s vagina- that shit is about to be a virgin again. Shawb does an informal poll, and asks the experts, Tim and Veronica, who are like the old guys from the muppets but hot.
Shawn Robinson summons Taylen, ruiner of Yohan’s birthday party, and is seriously bringing back the 90s, and pictures of himself- in Daniele’s home? That- is it a gallery? Does she have all the pictures of her exes and are they ranked by penis size, how large is this wall? Did she also consider girth and thrust speed? Bonus points if you can hit the spot daddy, I am not a horny narcissist. What is my son doing up there?
Daniele says it was in a drawer, with other photos, every photo that she has ever taken in her entire life- that she would never put on OnlyFans. For free, here’s me at my 18th birthday party, selling essential oils to pay for my college tuition and statement earrings.
Yohan is staying with Daniele until their lease is up, and then, adios, I am a quitter! The cast is very disappointed, but want to hear other secrets fellow cast members? I give her money for things and doesn’t tell you that, I, there is evidence for this, that we don’t have time for, I’m going to divorce this puta and marry that lesbian in the pink blazer over there, nope, no therapy for me. Taylen thinks Yohan just has to get over it and calm down. This is fixable, in a spinoff that I could be a side character on, poppin’ up like Dracula all over the DR.
The Tell-All ends on a note, Oussama has a poetic vision, of what, I have no idea, either way he looks like a corpse or a mug shot, like Debbie- she’s not wrong, he talked about as much as one. Nicole is going to stand up for helrself, she’s not enabling Mahmoud’s insecurity anymore, they can create their own culture, as a couple, like two yogurts humping each other, and that, is a poetic vision, that is strange wonderful.
Is Nicole Strawberry and Mahmoud te Bannana? What if they’re both mixed berries? That- were they in the parade?
I give this episode ⅘ stars, the highlight was, figuring out who the bad guy was, Debbie’s advice was once again on point, but seriously who, I’m confused, can I go murder people? That is the Purge alarm or my neighbor shooting a cannon. Don’t ask where I live, there aren’t any houses for sale. If you figure it out though I do have a lot of wine left over from my birthday festivities, the code word is raccoon, and do a little dumpster dance.
Bonus points for dressing up, If you bawk like Not David Murphey I’ll know that you’re from the FBI. Anyway, another season starts next week and the promos have been peak meme editing, the producers really- which one of the new people do you think is going to prison?
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2023.05.29 04:14 thrashracer Help finding an old Herobrine YT video

Hi! Im trying to find this one herobrine youtube video I would watch when i was little. It was about these three guys, it was an aquaman skin guy, a cookie monster, skin guy, and then another guy who went on a journey and were haunted by herobrine. If anyone could help me find this youtubevideo, you would do me such a favor and help me relive my childhood! Thanks.
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2023.05.29 04:14 bouncybear36 Diagnosed with stage 2 Uterus Prolapse

Im 10 months postpartum with my second child and was diagnosed with stage 2 uterine prolapse. Has anyone else been in the same shoes and been able to heal their uterus prolapse by physical therapy? Google says it is possible but my urologist said I won't be able to fully heal it, maybe bring it back a grade but not fully healed. Feeling a little discouraged over here.
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2023.05.29 04:13 kat_throwaway_ CS jobs where I work alone?

I’m pursuing a double major in CS and math. I have no real idea what I want to do afterwards but I do know that I prefer to work alone rather than as a team. I can work in team settings, and I have done so successfully before but working alone is just what I prefer. Can anyone suggest jobs that have little to no team-work?
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2023.05.29 04:13 aknp Question about outside outlet

Hi! I am trying to set up an inflatable spa (from wave spas) that uses an regular 110/120v outlet, however when I plug it into the outlet on our patio, it blows the fuse and shuts off the fountain we have on the patio (separate outlet about 12 feet away).
What can do about this? Is this a solvable situation on my own? In case this matters, the plug for the motor is too long for my outlet housing so I can plugged it into an outdoor smart plug to extend the outlet to accommodate the size of the motor plug.
You can likely tell with this question, but I have very little knowledge about how not to overload a breaker. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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2023.05.29 04:13 runthereszombies What should I do about my (27F) partner of 2 months (29M) who isn't dependable?

Hello! I've been dating Ryan for about 2 months now. He's amazing in so many ways... sweet, thoughtful, and considerate. He cooks me dinner and then gets up to make me breakfast in the morning. He always makes sure my favorite snacks and drinks are stocked in his place. But I've been feeling like we struggle a bit in the communication department. First... it's super hard to get him to respond to texts. Usually if I ask a question I'll hear from him the following day, but he's also been known to stop responding in the middle of conversations and starts to just heart my messages. He only really has a conversation with me when we're planning our next time getting together. We usually see each other once or twice a week and have been on 12 dates. When we're together things are incredible and we have so much fun. He tells me how amazing he thinks I am and we're exclusively dating each other.
Today we got into a disagreement. Last week I was supposed to sleep over his place on wednesday. He asked for a raincheck because his parents had been visiting and their flight got cancelled. Sure, no problem at all! Flights are a mess right now. I slept over Friday night and left Saturday morning. We had plans for him to stay at mine tonight and we would get some work done together at a coffee shop in the morning. We agreed on 7:30 p.m., and around 3 I reached out and asked if that time was still good. He responded around 4 that he couldn't make it anymore but would meet me at the coffee shop in the morning. I am a little frustrated because I've been rainchecked twice this week, even though the first wasn't his fault.
A few weeks ago I was visiting my mom outside the city and the plan was for me to take the long way home so I could pick him up on the way. He asked me if we could push the meeting time back a couple hours and I said no problem, I'll just hang with my mom. Our new meeting time comes and I get to his apartment only for him to tell me that he's still an hour away at a friend's housewarming party.
I feel like he's amazing but we just don't have the best communication and I feel like I'm being brushed off. When I explained tonight how this is making me feel, he was super understanding and apologized. He asked if I still wanted to meet up tomorrow and I told him that I appreciate his apology and we would catch up next weekend.
I know 2 months isn't a long time to date. I want someone who is dependable. I also don't want to push him too hard because this really is new. How do you think I should approach this?
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2023.05.29 04:13 Antique-Cry-50 I want to go back to my boyfriend who put his hands around my neck

Me (21) and my boyfriend (22) have been together around 9 months, we moved a little fast and I ended up moving in a few months ago. We had a great relationship for most of it up to about two months ago. We started fighting once and a while and I got an iud that started impacting our sex life. One day we started arguing about something that I can’t even remember anymore but it escalated to two steps up the stairs where he pushed me. I hit the wall and I know it wasn’t right but I pushed him back and he stumbled down the bottom two steps. Because of this he pushed me against the wall and put his hand around my neck and was screaming in my face. It really shocked and scared me so I stared yelling to take his hand off and he did and calmed down a little. It really scared and upset me, I got my mom to pick me and my stuff up from his house and im now home. We’ve been talking on the phone and he’s since apologized, asking when I can come back with him. Everyone is telling me not to go back but I being home I miss him but scared that some worse could happen with another fight. Should I give him another chance?
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2023.05.29 04:13 star_gazing_girl How to ask for better communication when I'm more comfortable asking for nothing?

I’ve been in a LDR with a wonderful man since January. Three times he’s “stood me up” by not showing up for pre-scheduled dates, and twice not been in touch when we had general weekend plans. I absolutely don’t mind him not being able to speak, the hard part is the not knowing. I want to ask him to please send me a thumbs down emoji, or a sad face emoji, or even just a period or an x, and I’ll know he can’t talk, no questions asked. My friends say this is reasonable, my therapist says this is reasonable, especially as he would call into work if he couldn’t go. My therapist has also assured me my feelings are totally valid. My wonderful man has said I can ask for things, and wants me to ask for things. But in my previous relationships, few though they were, I learned to not ask for things to keep the relationship going.
To be clear, I’m 99% sure he’ll be open to this. He’s been incredibly sweet and understanding and direct. But I finally get to see him this summer (liked him since 2014) and I’m irrationally scared of wrecking this before I can be with him, and I’m also afraid of asking for something so small that he won’t be able to do, and I don’t want to feel like I’m setting him up to fail.
The question - those of you in similar situations, how have you improved “asking for things”? Thank you!
PS I’m also totally fine with him reacting to my messages (like, "can't wait to talk later!") with a sad face or thumbs down, etc. Just something so I’m not waiting for hours with my hopes up, then finally going on about my day in disappointment.
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2023.05.29 04:13 Ava_png WIBTA if I let my fiancé metaphorically 'tear my mother a new one'

Off the bat, I apologise for the vulgar title, I couldn't think of an interesting way to phrase it. Regardless for some context, I have a terrible relationship with my mother. When I lived with her she had a problem with alcohol and I believe she has some underlying mental health problems too, which led her to be horrible to me. Examples of this included situations like frequently getting drunk and starting arguments, barging into my room drunk to yell at me, frequently guilt tripped me for seeing my father or going out with friends, etc.
After moving out I realised how terrible she was and that was also confirmed after meeting my now fiancé and rekindling my relationship with my father and getting their opinions. I didn't cut off contact with her completely, and I gave her a few chances but apart from that I kept my distance. Even so, I still found her arguing with me and being passive-aggressive, however, she only did so over the phone even though I set boundaries, which was still quite emotionally distressing but I could ignore her if need be. I could have cut her off and I still can cut her off, but it's very difficult for me to do so as she's still my mother and all of this is still fairly new to me.
Recently I realised that I have not taken everything I need from my mother's house, and there's still some stuff I wanted back from my mother's house including a valuable watch from my dad that I got as a gift for my 18th birthday a while ago. She refused to bring it when she met me in person a little while ago because it was from my dad and she did not want to touch it, so I would have to get it back in person.
This leaves me with this situation; I want to collect it in person, but do not trust my mother and I think she'll try to pull something if I went to see her. I asked my fiancé to come with me for moral support and to make sure I'm okay, and he agreed but he warned me that he might not be able to stop himself from telling my mother what he thinks of her if she made passive-aggressive comments or anything like that (which with my mother, is quite likely). My fiancé hates my mother because he sees how much distress she causes me sometimes, and knows the stories of her behaviour towards me from my childhood, so he thinks that if he sees her, he wouldn't be able to hold back and would lash out verbally if she started something. I understood completely and to be honest, I don't think I would stop him if he wanted to speak his mind, but I'm still a bit sceptical. So, WIBTA?
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2023.05.29 04:13 SnooWalruses1377 what the hell is this show?

okay so i started watching this show thinking it was going to be a show about housewives being nice, doing shit for their shit husbands without wanting to, maybe a little cheating, divorces, shitty kids, but overall a nice show that’s somewhat positive. didn’t expect someone to kill themselves in the first 5 seconds and for a baby to be hidden under a pool. jesus christ.
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2023.05.29 04:13 KovaJane-89 Wonder Woman Steering Wheel Cover.

Wonder Woman Steering Wheel Cover.
Found this at AutoZone, got excited and now it’s in my car. Haha Just another Wonder Woman item to add to my collection. Love it. I also have a little rear view mirror skeleton that I’ve lovingly named Steve Trevor. lol
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2023.05.29 04:12 Anthobob Ps5 Dualsense stick drift

Ps5 Dualsense stick drift
Trying to fix my controller and realised the joystick tends to lock in the upper position and not so in the other directions. Any tips to stop it from locking up? I've used wd40 contact cleaner but even so, nothing changes.
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2023.05.29 04:12 Character-Assistant3 Update

Had inoculated 10 bags of brown rice on 30/04 . 3 bags colonsed super fast and on 23/05 i added casing layer to one of them and have put it in plastic bag with daily misting to fruit from the bag directly. 2 bags s2b in 6qt tubs look like this. Im unsure about the rest of 7 bags as they have stalled growth and have started to smell weird. Im gonna throw them away but im happy with these.How am i doing and when should i send to fruiting?
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2023.05.29 04:12 Cheap_Watch7542 My Dog Is Not Acting the Same 😞

As the title says, for about a month now, my dog does not seem to be the same dog I’ve had for a couple years. She’s a 6-8 year old pitbull mix that we got from a pitbull rescue and the rescue didn’t have much history on her (we assume she was a bait dog due to her aggressive behavior towards other dogs). Anyways, for about half a year, she’s had an on again off again ear infection so we finally decided to schedule an appt for her. During the few weeks leading up to her vet appt, she hadn’t been acting the same. Our girl doesn’t respond to her name, stares blankly, paces around, and eats whenever she wants (before she would scarf down her food whenever we would it down), her balance is off, and a few times we would notice very little tremors of her head and body. The vet appt comes around and turns out she had this thing called “rods”. The vet prescribed medicine and that seems to be working, but our girl still isn’t the same. We thought maybe her ear infection was the cause of all this. The vet did an overall physical and said she was in good condition, but could stand to lose a few pounds 😅. Our dog still eats the same amount, just her normal eating behavior changed, poops and pees are normal, she never wags her tail anymore.
So, what could my dog have that has her acting like a complete stranger? 😔
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2023.05.29 04:12 wuntuuthree Download speed slower through mesh network (Deco S4)

Hi All,
Re: Only getting 90 Mbps with 300 mbps service while hardwired to mesh device.
Modem > Mesh Router > Network Switch. 3 ethernet devices (including computer) and 4 wifi devices (Wyze cameras)
The Mesh device has 3 "nodes".
When the modem is connected directly to the PC I get full speed.
Is this normal?
I live in a 3rd floor apartment and have a garage on the first floor. One of the "nodes" is in my garage and its just in range to get a decent signal. I definitely need the garage signal to be strong- but I'm wondering if I can "prioritize" my PC without losing anything down in the garage.
Update: I had the internet service people come out and they said nothing was wrong with the wall or cable signal. They are the ones that helped me realize what the cause was..but since they left I tested things again on speed test and now I'm getting full speed. Why might this be? if they didn't do anything. (at least they said they didn't)
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2023.05.29 04:12 scarymaxx Rain of Bones

Neither the weatherman nor the local porch-sitters who’d claimed to have seen it all had ever witnessed bones raining from the sky before. They’d seen snow of course, and rain and sun, and even frogs once following a tornado, but nothing like this: femurs, tibulas and ulnas. Mandibles, phalanges and ribs.
Without a doubt, most of the bones belonged to humans, but animals were not excluded. The miniature skeletons of mice landed with the grace of snow, while the bones of dogs landed with the thump of bad hail. A bench in the park was split in two when an elephant’s tusk came crashing through it.
After no small amount of speculation as to the cause of the storm, suspicion fell on Mr. Bailey, who had spent his life running a circus. He was retired now, living in a fine house but rumored to have made his fortune in a cruel way, discarding unwanted animals and even workers in shallow graves by the roadside, back when no one was really paying attention to such things.
When a child was killed by tiger bones, a mob gathered, raising their hunting rifles and chanting murder. They made it all the way to old Bailey’s place, and they might have strung him up if not for his charming ways. He promised that the bones were not a curse but rather a gift, and one that he promised to share with all of them.
And so it was that the men of the town took their wheelbarrow and carts, bringing all the bones to Bailey’s front yard, dumping them into orderly piles.
It took him almost two years to complete the Bone House, but it was certainly a spectacle worth waiting for. It would be the grandest residence in town if anyone actually lived there, with rooms all neatly built of tightly packed bones, all so nearly arranged that one might imagine they were designed to spec.
Even today it still draws tourists to our town. And good to Bailey’s word, we all share a bit of the profits. Sometimes, for some reason I can’t quite explain, I feel a little guilty taking my cut, but I’m in no position to refuse it.
And at least there’s some justice in the place. Because when old Bailey died, we all ignored his insistence he be cremated. Oh no, no, no. We took great pains to make sure we preserved his skeleton perfectly. And if you come to visit, you can see him there, sitting in the throne we built for him right in the center of the house, looking out the great open windows at the sky, as if waiting for another storm.
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2023.05.29 04:12 thatgreeneyedboy Frustrated with roommates with moving

This will mainly be a vent so hang on with me here.
I live with 2 other roommates right now, and we're trying to move into a bigger house. We had 2 other roommates but one backed out right after we found a great house.
Sucked, but not too big of a deal, found 2 MORE roommates soon after, for the 6 bedroom house.
Everything seemed great, we all toured and were ready to sign. And one of them backed out.
That sucks alot, especially because rent will be a little higher than we thought. But we still have the other roommate.
Now we're just figuring out the date for signing, for a lease that would begin in 2 weeks.
And now one says she doesn't have the money. Like hundreds of dollars short. And another roommate says she won't have the money for another week and a half.
Meanwhile I'm the only one communicating with the landlords, sorting out all of the applications, setting up a date to sign, trying to hard to make him like us so we got approved.
And now what?? Do I do?? We can't afford to stay at our current apartment, I don't have the extra money to loan anyone, and now it's getting late to find new housing. I wanted to move out alone but didn't because I loved the idea of living in a house with a yard and having that space with my friends.
But now I'm feeling really fucked over. And if I end up getting shoved into a place I can't afford, should anyone else drop out or having to find last minute housing, I won't be able to save for surgery a need this year and also moving away to school next year. I will be so totally fucked.
I don't know what to do! This sucks so much, my anxiety cannot take any more if it!
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2023.05.29 04:12 AdmirableEnd454 The Finale: A Requiem For What Wasn’t

Preface: I do like this show. It’s entertaining and I actively watch it. But this post will be heavy in criticism of the finale, and the season itself.
My wife said it best about the finale, ‘it felt like another episode’. I wasn’t expecting genius-level writing, dialogue, and/or acting… but I agree. This finale didn’t really end on any big moment. Yes, Natalie died(?), but the moment itself wasn’t the larger part of the episode- it was Kevyn’s death. Hell, even him getting shot by Walter wasn’t the biggest part of his two-part-death- it was that he’d trust a random person at a seems-to-be cult in the woods with his beverage. Is Kevyn that naive? Did he think that the loonies in the woods were normal people? What was the deal with the two Checkov’s guns? Both made appearances in the show at earlier parts but neither were used for death? Sure Callie popped Lottie a good shot (she wasn’t in pain?), but Lisa’s gun was just used for a threat (where the hell did she go after Nat got super-drugged?). Sure one could argue subverting expectations, but this show isn’t too strong at that. The finale, to me, fell flat. But this season isn’t as strong as the first season.
I know a lot have rewatched (and rewatched) the seasons, so I see the complaints about this season as valid. The series premier is a good example for what they can get out of acting, directing, lines, and shots. This season was entertaining, but here are some ways that fell flat.
  1. Where in the fuck is Sammy?
  2. The acting of some of the people on this season were wooden-as-hell. Juliette Lewis was/is the weakest link of the main women left. Lauren Ambrose has done a fantastic job at being consistent.
  3. Melanie Lynskey, either through directing or delivery, can’t decide if she’s in Two and a Half Men, or a serious drama.
  4. The way this show is shot for a lot of the episodes are boring, and non-dynamic (save for the finale).
  5. Do none of these ladies have a day-job? 6. Tai is an elected official, and no one is missing her? A trucker gave her a ride across some of the country and that wasn’t news?
  6. Mr. Asshole Cop got Callie drunk to get information from her, and that never comes back up?
  7. Kevyn has drugs in his system, Mr. Asshole Cop could have easily told the truth, and he’d be fine. Kevyn would most certainly have an autopsy performed.
  8. Is Tai’s wife still alive?
  9. Who’s taking care of Tai’s dog?
  10. Of course Javi was still alive, this became easily apparent after Nat cut her leg and faked his bloody clothes.
There’s probably some I missed, but you can voice your opinion too. If I missed an answer to some questions, please point them out.
This is my opinion, and my opinion is usually shit.
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2023.05.29 04:12 tulipkitteh Pettyfest - PCP Story Time

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2023.05.29 04:11 Ok_Cat_8186 I’ve been on the same meds for a year now. Is this how it’s gonna be?

I started quetiapine and beginning dosage of lamotrigine in early June 2022. I’ve been consistently taking them since. I’ve reached this familiar place where I feel dulled by the meds. There was a brief period where I felt pretty good and was feeling hopeful and excited about the future. But more recently I’ve just kind of been over it. I’m not feeling depressed but the idea of having to do mundane shit for the rest of my life doesn’t sound appealing. I get thoughts in my head telling me the meds are dulling who I truly am and i shouldn’t have to suppress what my body naturally does. Why shouldn’t I be able to feel the ‘joys’ of mania. Last time I felt this was a little over a year ago. I went off my meds cold turkey and was fine for a month and then I quickly went to a dark place and had to check myself into the hospital. I guess what I’m trying to understand is what does stability look like for you? Now that im not feeling incredibly depressed am I just not feeling fulfilled by my life? I don’t know Thanks for reading
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