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2023.06.08 17:44 Strict_DM_62 Achievements to Encourage more roleplay and interactions?

So I've seen this idea pop up everyone once and a while to add sorta video games style achievements to a campaign, and I really like the idea. In particular I'd like to encourage a little more role play amongst the group, and more interaction with the environment, while giving them a chance to earn something and be a little silly.
Looking around, there's a lot of suggestions for very, very video game-esque achievements that are wildly specific; like "Roll two natural 20s after rolling a natural 1"; and I'm not a fan of those. I'd really like to theme the achievements around some of the core themes of D&D: Exploration, Social, and Combat. For example:
Examples of Exploration ones may include:
  1. Uncover a secret doopassage
  2. Find a secret chest
  3. Uncover and disable a trap
  4. Explore a place on the map unrelated to the current quest
Examples of Combat ones could include:
  1. Land the killing blow
  2. Deal 50 Damage in a turn
  3. kill an enemy using the environment
  4. Kill an enemy using fall damage, or by landing on them
Examples of Social ones could include:
  1. Have a conversation with another player while in Character
  2. Practice a downtime activity three or more times
  3. Impress a tavern with your singing and/or dancing skills
  4. Talk your way out of a combat encounter
I'd also include a few funny/whacky/random ones to make it a bit more entertaining. But I'm undecided on two things: 1. Give one list to the group as a whole, or give individual lists out; and 2. how to reward completion of the achievements?
I like the idea of giving each player their own sheet to accomplish, and some sort of group reward; so that way it encourages them to help each other out, and everyone has to participate. If I just do a group one, then some players may not be involved, or minimally involve themselves. In most cases, probably half the lists would be identical for each player. Like each one would have to land a killing blow, each one would need to have a conversation with another player, etc. but half of them would be unique/randomly generated for that player to accomplish, and they might need help from the party to do it.
For a reward, because I use Milestone leveling in my game; was to give the whole party a free level up when they all complete their lists (thus encouraging them to cooperate with each other). I've thought about inspiration as they go, but that feels underwhelming to me, and I don't like the idea of magic items as a reward because I'm trying to keep those sparse.
Any thoughts? Anyone implemented an Achievements System at their tables?
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2023.06.08 17:43 lunaray_ Barbie signature membership

Hi! I recently bought the Barbie signature 1-year membership from Mattel creations. And I’m confused on how it works. I thought I’d get instructions when I bought it or a code I can use if I ever purchase something with it. But I got nothing and I feel like I spent $15 (I’m Canadian) on nothing. I tried to contact Mattel creations and ask them how I’m supposed to use it when an exclusive Barbie I want comes out, but they just sent me the same info that is on the product page. I tried to ask for more clarification and they ignored me and haven’t replied. How do I use it? How do they even know after buying it that I am included in the “members only” list or whatever? Did I get signed up to a special email list when I bought it? Like, it feels like nothing happened and I’m very frustrated.
Thank you 💜
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2023.06.08 17:43 MarTech_Edge MarTech Edge Interview with Kate Kenner Archibald, Chief Marketing Officer, Dash Hudson

MarTech Edge Interview with Kate Kenner Archibald, Chief Marketing Officer, Dash Hudson
In current times, what are CMOs focusing on to adapt/implement in the MarTech & Social-Tech landscape?
In current times, CMOs are embracing the power of data by leveraging MarTech and Social-Tech solutions. By embracing these tools, CMOs can empower their teams to uncover the data and insights needed to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape. These technologies are critical to quickly capturing market opportunities, staying ahead of consumer trends, and creating impactful marketing campaigns.
Dash Hudson has just announced the launch of its AI-powered Social Listening solution. How does it plan to disrupt the visually-dominant social landscape?
In today’s dynamic social landscape, communication has evolved beyond traditional text-based interactions, with consumers increasingly leveraging photos and videos to connect and share online. Dash Hudson’s AI-Powered Social Listening solution has disrupted this visually-driven space by providing marketers with the ability to listen beyond text-based conversations while breaking through the noise and bringing the most pertinent data to the forefront.
With nearly a decade of continuous learning, Dash Hudson’s AI technology, Vision, stands among the more advanced tools in the social marketing landscape. By leveraging the power of Vision, our innovative Social Listening solution analyzes and interprets conversations occurring in photo and video formats across social media platforms.
This revolutionary capability empowers marketers to stay ahead of the social curve by identifying emerging visual trends, tracking brand mentions, and closely monitoring real-time customer feedback. As a result, brands can now gain a comprehensive understanding of their target audience’s preferences and behaviors, enabling them to craft highly personalized and impactful marketing campaigns.
How does Dash Hudson’s proprietary Vision AI technology help social listening tools to go beyond traditional features?
As mentioned above, Dash Hudson’s Vision AI technology takes its Social Listening tool to new heights by analyzing conversations happening through visual content, such as images and videos. This advanced technology empowers social media managers to uncover patterns, identify trends and obtain profound insights into consumer behavior and preferences. In addition, the tool also has visual filtering functionalities, which enable marketers to filter out non-relevant visual content to zero in on specific content styles to help analyze performance.
How do you collaborate with different teams to drive business growth?
In today’s business landscape, success is achieved by setting the right strategy and assigning clear goals that foster engagement among employees to help make employees as happy and productive as possible. I believe it is crucial to not only help them develop a deep understanding of their role and place within the organization but also the significant impact they can have.
When collaborating with teams beyond the marketing department, it is important to remember that marketing’s role goes beyond supporting its own function. Marketing must also equip the sales and customer success teams with the tools they need to excel and make a lasting impression on customers. This requires consistent communication and a shared commitment to delivering an impactful customer journey, regardless of whether the intended audience is made up of new or existing clients. By providing essential tools and resources that enable sales and customer service teams to function seamlessly, marketing plays an important role in the overall success of the organization.
How are Dash Hudson’s solutions, like influencer marketing software, social commerce, and creative intelligence, enabling marketers?
The modern social media manager is responsible for many different facets of digital marketing. For example, today’s social media managers are often tasked with developing, executing, and measuring creator strategies and driving e-commerce sales, all while ensuring the content they produce is authentic to their brand while also being entertaining, educational, and aspirational. Dash Hudson’s solutions were developed to seamlessly work together to address their many tasks and workflows while helping them save time and drive consistent business results.
How is Dash Hudson setting itself apart from its competitors in the Social-Tech/MarTech arena?
Dash Hudson is proud to have been rated by the global social media marketing community as the number one platform for ease of use. Dash Hudson was designed to be user-friendly and accessible, making it easier for marketers to create and implement effective marketing campaigns. Further, Dash Hudson is setting itself apart from its competitors by leveraging its proprietary Vision AI technology to analyze and interpret visual content on social media platforms. As mentioned, this technology allows social listening to enter the modern marketing age by providing marketers with a more comprehensive and visually-driven understanding of their customers’ preferences and behaviors.
Head over to read the full interview:
Originally published at
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2023.06.08 17:43 dumbledore485 Management, senior position, FAANG, NLP or start up

Hey everyone.
I am confused on what would be the best approach to maximize earnings and fatFIRE.
I am a software engineer with 4 years of US experience and 5 years of outside US. I am currently a SWE III at a public company (not FAANG market cap < 10B). At our company SWE IIII is senior swe. I can't get promoted since our team does not get many promotion level work and thus I can't prepare a promotion case. In the past 3 years no one has been promoted from our team.
My TC $290k, household TC ~ $500k wife works at FAANG but not SWE. Household net worth is $800k.
I have many paths I can take:
  1. Applying for Senior SWE positions: I probably won't get offers from FAANG level companies. But I think I have a good chance at getting an offer from a lower league company. My previous job I was hired as a Senior SWE for a private company of 3000 employees. But the work and pay sucked. So I changed my job and it was 3x jump. I hope I can get better offers this way.
  2. FAANG at all costs: I can start leetcode and focus on getting an offer from FAANG. I can apply for senior positions but I don't think I have a lot of chance. Even if I get entry level it's great it's FAANG after all. And many people from our company has gone to FAANG (and came from FAANG) so it looks like possible.
  3. Becoming an engineer management: I am a little tired of writing code and deep software analysis. Also the pay raise potential looks better. I can talk to my manager at my company. I don't know how they would react but I know there is a path. I can also apply to external positions. I have no idea how likely the success in this path is. Disclosure: I've been told that I am shy person. I kind of agree. But people usually think I am a good guy and they have explicitly asked me to be more open. This is gonna be definitely challenging for me but I am open to the challenge.
  4. Learn NLP and ride the wave: I had some exposure to NLP 10 years ago. It feels like the future. I am hoping that by spending 6 months or so I can get a job as an NLP ML engineer which probably won't pay that much better however it will position me in a better position in the long run. I guess after two years or so I am gonna make more than staying in the SWE path.
  5. start up/ side job: the problem with maximizing earnings using a salary is that your number of hours is limited. And you can't grow exponentially when you are not the owner of the business. I can also take this path which can be fun. But it's too risky. I am in my mid thirties and have family and kids.
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2023.06.08 17:42 Icy-Restaurant3415 What a faker

i haven’t followed kentucky for a while but i do keep up with the lies she tells and the fact that she probably used her “emergency surgery on her ovaries” to more than likely get her bbl reversed pisses me off. as a woman and as partner of someone who has endo and has had 2 surgeries less than a year apart. it is very painful and the recover time takes days if not 2 weeks that goes for a hysterectomy as well. my gf was in bed for days and all she wanted to do was sleep. the fact the kentuckys timeline of her surgery and how she was getting it done on one day then never posted anything and was up and moving around like normal and was super suspicious. after watching her new try on haul i don’t believe she ever got the surgery.
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2023.06.08 17:42 Tr1plezer0 Anybody in their 30s here that feels like everybody wants kids ?

(Curious about experiences from all genders)
I (31M, living in Germany) have been very actively using onlinedating this past year after finally working through my issues, especially my social anxiety, but every woman that I matched with and was even remotely interested in putting any kind of genuine effort into getting to know me ended up telling me about how they want kids. Every single one.
Quite annoying as I have even specified not wanting kids in every app but apparently nobody reads those ? I for one do and I NEVER swipe on anybody that has "wants children" ticked.
There's also an overwhelming amount of "wants children", even among women as young as 24, which is my lowest limit. I'd say overall I am looking at 40% wants, 50%+ either not sure or already has and a sad sub 10% of not wanting any.
Sadly onlinedating being a depressive numbers game, I think I've only once or twice talked to somebody of the "don't want" group and never ended up moving to a date.
Most shocking to me were encounters with women that quite clearly had fairly severe mental issues, which isn't a red flag for me at all, as long as people are open about it, that were still adamant about wanting kids ?! It was so painfully obvious to me in these cases how they are in no way, shape or form capable of being a good mother at this time, yet were still fully convinced they would be.
But yeah, that's my rant over. Curious about other experiences especially in other countries.
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2023.06.08 17:42 of_kilter A look back at every prediction from the “Return to Reverie” project (1086 Spoilers)

If you don’t know, return to reverie was an ambitious 6 chapter fan project theorizing on what happened at reverie years before it was actually revealed. Since the actual reverie flashback has just concluded I figured i’d go back and see what predictions they got right and what they got wrong
If i myself got something wrong please feel free to correct me.

Chapter 1

God Valley being The Emerald City that Bellamy mentioned: Unconfirmed
God Valley holding the “most powerful devil fruit”: Unconfirmed
Whitebeard betraying Rocks at god valley: Unconfirmed
Shanks talking to the gorosei about blackbeard: Unconfirmed
Dragon being at reverie: Disconfirmed
Dragon having conquors: Unconfirmed
Correct predictions: 0
Unconfirmed predictions: 5
Predictions proven wrong: 1

Chapter 2

Bonney and Sabo meeting and teaming up: Confirmed, Though it was less direct of a team up in the manga
Bonney being the queen of the sorbet kingdom and mother to Kuma: disconfirmed, Bonney is Kuma’s daughter
Kuma actually being an evil tyrant before joining the revolutionaries: unconfirmed
Vegapunk being a secret revolutionary: disconfirmed, vegapunk was friends with dragon but dragon was too poor
The pacifista being the revolutionaries’ trump card against the WG thanks to kuma: unconfirmed, it’s still not exactly clear why kuma was turned
Kuma can be saved: unconfirmed
The main objective of the revolutionaries at reverie was to assassinate the 5 elder stars: disconfirmed. Sabo did try but their main goal was to destabilize the economy
Vegapunk can replicate any devil fruit: confirmed he can replicate most fruits
Vegapunk replicated Kizaru’s fruit: disconfirmed he cannot replicate a logia
Powerful Pacifista’s with Devil fruits being the reason the WG is ok with losing the warlords: completely confirmed, though the lunarian aspect was not predicted
There being some kind of great purge from the gorosei and Imu: disconfirmed, there was lulusia but that was just a one time thing for the moment
The ancient weapons being the children of joyboy: i think this is unconfirmed since the ancient weapons are still so mysterious
Devil Fruits coming from Eve, the Devil Fruit Tree: i think unconfirmed, vegapunk never really said how new devil fruits come into being, just the reason that they do
Correct predictions: 3
Unconfirmed predictions: 5
Predictions proven wrong: 6

Chapter 3

Sabo busting in and unsuccessfully trying to assassinate the 5 elder stars: confirmed
The revolutionaries talking to the reverie kings to try and convince them to switch sides: disconfirmed
Dragon being a former celestial dragon and a roger pirate: both unconfirmed
The 5 elder stars actually being fighters: confirmed, though what those powers are are still unconfirmed
Dragon being a wind logia: unconfirmed
Dragon oneshotting the gorosei all at once: obviously did not happen
Dragon having a 10 billion bounty: unconfirmed
Correct predictions: 2
Unconfirmed predictions: 4
Predictions proven wrong: 2

Chapter 4

The revolutionary commander’s having individual fights with CP0: disconfirmed
Every ennies lobby CP9 member being at reverie: confirmed
Karusu being a tar logia: he is a logia, but he is a soot logia, Disconfirmed
Awakened logia’s having their elements come to life: unconfirmed
Correct predictions: 1
Unconfirmed predictions: 1
Predictions proven wrong: 2

Chapter 5

Imu having a water logia: unconfirmed, it’s unclear what power they have
Greenbull having a plant logia: confirmed
Kuma losing his fruit powers: disconfirmed
Lucci being strong enough to compete with top tiers: confirmed, though he was presented as much stronger in the actual manga
Sword being an secret organization that opposes the government: disconfirmed
Fujitora and greenbull being members of sword: disconfirmed
Correct predictions: 2
Unconfirmed predictions: 0
Predictions proven wrong: 4

Chapter 6

Sabo being framed as a murderer in the papers: confirmed, but that was for cobra instead of the celestial dragons
Shakky being a former rocks pirate: unconfirmed
Kureha having received the eternal youth surgery: unconfirmed
The warlords bounties being restored and being quite high: confirmed
Buggy having an especially high bounty: confirmed
Mihawk having a bounty of 3.69 billion: confirmed, technically it’s 3.59 but that’s still very close
Ceaser being kidnapped by black beard: disconfirmed, he’s with judge
Kuzan being the tenth titanic captian: Confirmed.
Kuzan being an undercover member of blackbeard’s crew: disconfirmed, he seems to genuinely have joined BB for his own reasons
Enel returning: unconfirmed
Cobra meeting Imu: confirmed
Voice Of All Things is a kind of haki: unconfirmed
Joyboy using the “mark of the sun”: correct, though for very different reasons
Joyboy had a wife that turned on him: unconfirmed
D Stands for Dawn: unconfirmed
Joyboy gave a prophecy he would return through the will of D: unconfirmed
The ability to command Giant Elephants and the Florian Triangle Monsters are also ancient weapons: im pretty sure this is disconfirmed
The world was the all blue before the void century: unconfirmed
The grand line, calm belt and redline were created by ancient weapons: unconfirmed
water 7’s pluton was a ship designed to defeat the actual pluton: I think this counts as unconfirmed
Vivi is pluton: disconfirmed, pluton is under wano
Roger and Rocks both had inherted will from joyboy and joyboy’s big enemy: unconfirmed
Roger was “too late” because the ancient weapons had not yet reincarnated: unconfirmed
Dragon is joyboy: disconfirmed, luffy is
Rocks is imu: disconfirmed, imu’s identity is still a bit unclear but it’s pretty clear they’re not rocks
Imu kills cobra: confirmed
Roger’s (and luffy’s) dream is to be the freest person on the seas and to create an age where everyone is free to explore the world: unconfirmed
Correct predictions: 8
Unconfirmed predictions: 13
Predictions proven wrong: 6
Total Correct predictions: 16
Total Unconfirmed predictions: 28
Total Predictions proven wrong: 21
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2023.06.08 17:42 Grouchy-Bag-6811 How to get a job in a coaching centre as a science/chemistry teacher?

I am currently in third year of B.Sc(General) in Ignou. I wish to get into coaching centre job next year as a Chemistry/Science teacher of Class 9th-12th. But as you can guess, being in Ignou and not having cracked any competitive exams makes my resume bad. The only good thing in my resume would be that I have been preparing a lot of study material and planning out each sessions topic well which would be complete by next year. Could anyone experienced in this sector could give me any tips on where and how to apply for this job. I have heard a lot that you will get hired regardless of your qualifications at times provided that you have good teaching skills.
My financial situation is not that bad. I just want to take out 1 year of my life(before going into any IIT or NIT for to be a coaching teacher to see if I have skills to be a good teacher. Becoming a coaching teacher is my dream in life(to be able to teach students away from the school pressure) and I want to experience this job to see if I am truly made for it or not.
At first I thought to get into a coaching centre job only after I am in some reputed college so I can make use of that "Badge" to improve my chances in the interview. But now I have been putting more efforts in finshing up making study material for my students next year rather than in my competetive exam prep only to end up teaching kids with half assed study material and put their future at risk.
Sorry for the big paragraph, I just wanted to give a bit of context of where I am coming from. So does anyone has tips for landing a job in any coaching centres in Delhi? I am fine with 10~20k monthly pay.
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2023.06.08 17:42 Embarrassed-Yam-3180 [Tenant-US-NY]

I have section 8 and I just moved I got my first bill to this home (1 neighbor on top 1 in middle 1 on bottom it’s a house split into 3. I’ve been here like a month the electric bill alone is 900$ the first month???? we called con Edison thought it was a gas leak had it checked out but we found out it’s not …. my neighbor upstairs pays 90 a month!!! I’m being given the bills for everyone who lives here. I called con Edison and they basically told me this has been happening for yearsss (they told me (even though they weren’t supposed to ) that they give the section 8 tenant who lives here the bulk of the bills since we don’t pay rent and everyone else lives cheap) is there anything I can do? I was never informed of this or had any way to find out I can’t afford to move or pay 900$ a month right now. I live with disabled family members as a care taker and my kids who are disabled it’s been so hard to find apartments with over 3 rooms it took 6 months to get this one (doesn’t include the waiting process for the voucher). I paid over 3 months in advance on the bills doesn’t include moving fees and broker fee there’s no way I could apply for new apartments now either….. I literally want to cry. I feel the landlord will retaliate or end out lease if I do something since I’ve been made aware sooo many people used to live here before me… this is fraud but we’re probably going to end up homeless now if I do anything.
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2023.06.08 17:42 coltonious Is the old Mighty Boosch skit "Old Gregg" offensive nowadays?

When I was a teenager in a very rural area, I used to love the skit, and I still reference it all the time. The other day, while a (transgener) friend was helping me move, I was referencing it. They said they had never seen it, so I said I'd send it to them. When I got to thinking about it, though, I realized that it COULD be considered offensive to transgender people. Does anyone have any insight on where this rides the line of funny/offensive? I'm not transgender, nor am I the best at keeping up to date on what's considered offensive.
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2023.06.08 17:42 OkApex0 [Zelos DMT] The rare diver that made me dislike divers.

[Zelos DMT] The rare diver that made me dislike divers.
A few years ago I was hunting for interesting watches to try out and potentially add to the collection, and I stumbled upon the Fratello Watches blog post about this one. The Zelos Diver Medic Technician was a limited edition watch of only 300 units, half of which had a date, half of which did not. It was designed by Zelos specifically for the dive watch Facebook group.
The design and colors of this watch I found to be simply stunning. I imediately added it to my list of watches of interest, and set up eBay search term alerts. About 6 months later, this guy popped up for sale, and I jumped on it.
In person the dial is beautiful and the aqua color and orange hand pop against the dial wonderfully. However, it's wears very big. 41mm dia and 13.6mm thick, which is hardly any different than the Squale 1521 I also owned, at 41.5mm x 13mm. This thing felt like I had strapped a slab of steel to my arm and after a full day wearing it, I was ussually noticably irritated by it. The dial and bezel design is awesome, but in my experience and opinion, it's an example of a poorly designed case. The thickness isn't necessary, and whenever I wore it I felt like the whole watch was just an image of overkill. It was large and heavy for the sake of being large and heavy.
So I listed it for sale on ebay after about 8 months of ownership, and it sold in 24 hours to a happy collector. It made me realize that I don't want watches that occupy mental space throughout my day. I don't want to feel like I'm lugging it around or be overly conscious of whether it's going to catch on the edge of a cubbard or doorway.
Thickness and weight play a bigger role than diameter by a lot. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.08 17:42 Texas_Abortions Offered internship instead of entry level job?

Hello! Ive recently graduated college and have been looking for an entry level HR position. For the past year I had interned at a large luxury watch & Jewelry company and for what it was worth it was almost like an HR coordinator experience. I did onboardings, compliance, employee action processing, and data collection to name a few. A lot of what I did as an intern aligns with job postings I've been seeing and applying to. I have the education and experience for the postings I apply to yet only a few bites that have led to nowhere.
Recently I was contacted by a representative and they wanted to do a phone call regarding my application for an entry level coordinator role at their firm. Today while emailing the representative said that apparently I had applied for two roles and that I was a best fit for the internship. This came as a surprise as I had never applied to their internship on their careers site, only the coordinator role. I looked at the job description for the internship and it's much more pared down than when I was at my old company. This company is also much smaller than my old company where I worked with executives from LATAM to Switzerland and double the employee size.
I'm confused as to what's going on. I just want to know why I’m being passed up for the other role without shooting myself in the foot for something that could hold me over and add to my resume.
Should I decline? Should I press for the other job? Or accept? I really could use some guidance. Thanks.
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2023.06.08 17:42 imadethisfordirtyr4r 28 [M4F] #Texas/Online - Attractive, sexy-voiced daddy dom seeks long term sub and play partner

TL;DR: Single dom seeks single sub for a relationship with greater depth than just sexual compatibility. (If you're not in Texas, I'm still open to chatting).
Are you tired of scrolling endlessly through horny reddit posts and not finding what you're looking for? Maybe you, like me, have realized that while short-term pleasure is satisfying in the moment, a relationship built on actual human connection is much more fulfilling. If you have, we may be the ones we've been looking for.
About me: Physically, I'm 28, am handsome and have a nice voice, 6' 230lbs, stocky/muscular build, currently rocking the dad stache™.
Other deets: I'm a pretty easygoing guy, open to talking/meeting with chill people for good times of all sorts. I'm confident but make an effort to be kind.
I have a fairly varied spread of interests: reading, writing, cooking, travel, music, movies, sports, tech, outdoors, lifting, etc etc. I read a ton of articles about random shit as well; I like to keep an open mind. Down to share music if you're up for that! I love connecting with someone over music we both really like.
NSFW deets: I'm definitely a daddy dom, and I'm looking for someone for a dd/lg relationship. I'm very good at dirty talk and I like having my instructions followed during voice and video calls with my sub. Some of my kinks include free use, CNC, breeding, spanking, anal play, degradation, edging/denial, bondage, and discreet public play. Limits include: permanent harm, weapons, or any bathroom stuff.
What I'm looking for: I'm looking for someone intelligent, kind, curious, compassionate, and mature. Someone unafraid to be vulnerable enough to connect with another person. I'm not looking for any specific ethnicity or aesthetic, but I am looking for someone who is at least hwp, and ideally fit and/or into fitness of some sort.
Ideally we'll be close enough to meet at least semi-regularly, but even if things are solely online I'd like to chat during the day, sending memes and music and discussing random things until one of us feels like getting frisky.
If you're just interested in a one-time thing, that's fine too so long as you're open with your intentions, but hopefully both of us will be interested in something ongoing as well.
As far as drug use, I rarely drink but get a little high fairly often. I'd prefer you didn't smoke cigarettes, but other than that idgaf what substances you use so long as you're not using any hard stuff.
I'm down to talk, exchange pics, and see how we like each other. I enjoy good conversation and good company. If you're new to BDSM and kink in general, I don't mind taking the lead either.
Reach out if what I'm looking for sounds like what you're looking for too, and tell me a little about yourself and about what attracted you to my post!I'm not looking for any specific ethnicity or aesthetic. I am looking for someone who is at least hwp, but ideally fit and/or into fitness of some sort.
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2023.06.08 17:42 FightLikeABlue A double whammy of ableism and slagging off young people

To think concert cancelling has become far too prevalent
MXVIT · Today 13:41
and I think its a terrible precedent to have been set
I am probably just an unfeeling wench but I think it is dreadful how easy this has become to do, Lewis Capaldi taking three weeks off to be "Lewis from Glasgow" again bascially saying "I know you've forked out on hotels and travel, and thanks, but sorry"
For me it just shows a huge disrespect to fans. When you're a rich and famous star (all from the hard earned money from your fans) and all of the luxury that that life affords - you don't get to turn it on and off, and I'm sorry, but you don't get to put yourself first 100% of the time. Thats the trade off.
I would never buy tickets to concerts again after the spate of this happening. Adele, Sam Smith, Lewis etc.
Dartmoorcheffy · Today 13:50
Completely agree. And it is always the snowflake generation too. Considering the astronomical cost of tickets these days too it's extremely selfish behaviour that shows no respect to the fans who have enabled them to get where they are.
Mariposista · Today 14:23
It's interesting that it's the younger artists doing this, and it seems to be applying to every aspect of life. People of our grandparents' generation saw commitments as commitments, rather than being flaky, self centred individuals who always put no 1 first and that's acceptable. I don't recall Rod Steward, Tom Jones, Simply Red etc cancelling concerts willy nilly. Young people and their me me me poor me mindsets, and it will only get worse.
Someone also pointed out that Morrissey, Tom Jones, Erasure and Rod Stewart have all cancelled tours and gigs - Morrissey will cancel gigs if venues have meat, FFS. And he’s in his sixties. Catatonia had to cancel dates back in the ‘90s and ‘00s because of Cerys’ alcoholism and drug addiction. Fiona Apple, who’s in her fifties, cancelled a tour because her dog was seriously ill and Lush had to curtail a tour because they had a massive row and fell out (and also had to pull out of a festival because Miki messed up her visa application). It’s not exclusive to younger artists but any excuse to have a pop at under 30s, right? Would they prefer it if Capaldi had a meltdown and stormed off stage?
And fuck the person who praised ONJ for having a ‘stiff upper lip’ and performing even when she was ill and in agony, or when her goddaughter died. Everyone has different ways of dealing with grief but a performer taking time off because a family member is dying, or not performing due to having fucking cancer, doesn’t make them weak. This person is spot on.
Seasonofthewitch83 · Today 14:36
Sorry, read that again.
You think people grieving the deaths of children or crying in agony from cancer should be forced to perform with a stiff upper lio so you can have a little sing song?
What sort of raging entitled arsehole would think that is a better approach?
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2023.06.08 17:41 spacesmutje_de From Dust to Data: Nodle Hotspot App Brings Retired Androids to Life!

Processing img ogxyqq47dt4b1...
The WEEE Forum estimates that around 5 billion mobile phones were discarded last year, contributing to the growing e-waste problem and missed opportunities. What if these devices were instead repurposed and brought back to life?
The Nodle Hotspot app is a transformative solution that aims to repurpose and revive old smartphones. By turning them into hotspots, these forgotten devices become instrumental in powering the Internet of Things and supporting innovative real-world applications. This sustainable approach not only benefits our environment but also creates a positive impact on the digital landscape.

The Nodle community already uses multiple phones

Within the dynamic Nodle community, many users have enthusiastically employed the Nodle app on multiple smartphones to earn valuable NODL rewards. However, managing a fleet of apps presented its fair share of challenges. The absence of a centralized system to oversee and consolidate devices and the use of a shared public key across all devices made it difficult to track the sources of rewards.
Enter the Hotspot feature — an ingenious solution that addresses these issues by providing a centralized device management solution. With this powerful addition, the Nodle app now serves as the Controller, streamlining the configuration and administration of your Hotspots.
Bid farewell to the complexities of managing multiple apps and welcome a harmonized experience. The Nodle Hotspot app simplifies your journey toward enhanced earnings while bringing order and clarity to NODL rewards. Experience the convenience of centralized device management, enabling you to maximize the potential of your devices with ease.

How the Hotspot app works

Distinct in purpose from its standard counterpart, the standard Nodle app, the Nodle Hotspot app serves a unique role in the Nodle ecosystem. Designed for installation on a dedicated device that remains stationary, 24/7, in a fixed location, this specialized app acts as a reliable and continuous source of connectivity for the Nodle Network. In contrast, the primary Nodle app finds its home on a user’s primary smartphone, accompanying them as they move through different locations.
By employing a dedicated device, the Hotspot app ensures a more stable and consistent connection to the network, providing vital support for specific use cases that demand uninterrupted connectivity. However, it is important to note that while the Hotspots guarantee reliability, they are less likely to participate in high-value Smart Missions that will be introduced later in the year.
Embracing the Nodle Hotspot app means embracing a dependable foundation for network connectivity, enabling seamless engagement with the Nodle Network and its growing array of applications.

Configuring your Hotspot app

Setting up the Hotspot app is a seamless process, thanks to the intuitive integration with the main Nodle app acting as the Controller. With the Controller feature on your primary device, you gain complete control over configuring and managing your old or secondary smartphones as a Hotspot within the Nodle Network.
Follow the in-app instructions to connect and configure your dedicated Hotspot device effortlessly. It’s vital to ensure the device remains stationary, benefiting from continuous power and uninterrupted internet connectivity. The communication between the Nodle app and the Hotspot app occurs seamlessly through Bluetooth. Technically, the Nodle app configures the public key that the Hotspot app will utilize while diligently safeguarding the private key to uphold maximum security.
Once the Hotspot app is successfully configured, your device will provide a stable and consistent connection to the Nodle Network. Embrace the reliability and consistency that Hotspots bring as you unlock a world of possibilities within the Nodle ecosystem.

Setup Steps:

➡️ Download the Nodle Hotspot app on your secondary Android phone.
➡️ Install the Nodle Hotspot app.
➡️ Open the Nodle Hotspot app and click “Start”.
➡️ Allow location sharing and Bluetooth.
Processing img skaeva9cdt4b1...
➡️ Switch off battery optimization for the app to allow the app to work in the background.
➡️ Stay on the “Waiting to be configured” step.
Processing img 4r4qe29fdt4b1...
➡️ Open the main Nodle app.
➡️ Go to settings > Hotspots and click “Next”.
Processing img ab2ta81idt4b1...
➡️ Once your secondary or old Android phone is detected click on it to proceed.
➡️ Check the device data to make sure you are connected to the right device and click “Next”.
Processing img wi1wz9jldt4b1...
➡️ Add a name for your hotspot and click “Set up”
Processing img 15b7qvmndt4b1...
👏 Congratulations, you are ready to go!

Integration with the address book feature

The Hotspot feature within the Nodle app harmoniously integrates with the Address book functionality, delivering a cohesive user experience. Once devices are configured as Hotspots, they are effortlessly added to the user’s Address book, prominently displaying their respective Hotspot names.
This integration simplifies the management of Hotspots by providing a centralized hub where users can conveniently access and identify their connected devices. With a quick glance at the Address book, users can navigate through their Hotspots, ensuring efficient oversight and control.

Dedicated Hardware Development

As the Nodle Network proudly embraces an open ecosystem, manufacturers are encouraged to explore the creation of dedicated Nodle Hotspot hardware, amplifying the network’s reach and impact. However, the team behind Nodle’s development will not be involved in direct hardware development or sales. Instead, the Nodle Hotspot app emerges as a game-changer, streamlining the development process for manufacturers venturing into the world of hotspots with limitless possibilities.
With the Nodle Hotspot app as their guide, manufacturers find a simplified pathway toward creating their Hotspots. This empowering tool equips them with the necessary resources and support to bring their hardware visions to life, seamlessly aligning with the expanding Nodle Network.

The Future of Nodle Hotspots: Smart Missions

Hotspots play a pivotal role in the Nodle Network, offering an uninterrupted connection and serving as beacons of stability; these devices ensure a continuous link to the network, enabling seamless communication and data transfer.
However, the true essence of the Nodle Network lies in its Smart Missions. Acting as the fundamental building blocks, Smart Missions empower users to program the network’s swarm of devices, enabling the execution of custom code or actions based on specific contexts. This programmability opens a world of possibilities, allowing developers and builders to craft innovative applications that harness the full potential of the Nodle infrastructure in exchange for NODL tokens.
In the future, specific Smart Missions will be tailored for Nodle Hotspots. The missions will have unique capabilities due to stationary quality and operational times of Hotspots. Imagine an application for a warehouse, seamlessly tracking the movement and activities of an entire fleet of trucks. This powerful combination of Hotspots and Smart Missions sets the stage for a groundbreaking era of IoT and M2M applications, driving value and innovation within the connected world.
Let us embark on this remarkable journey, where the synergy between Hotspots, Smart Missions, and human ingenuity paves the way for a connected and decentralized future.

About Nodle

Nodle connects the physical world to Web3 by using smartphones as edge nodes. The edge nodes read devices and sensors in the physical world using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and connect that information to the blockchain. Creating a geolocation-based layer one that can be used by many unique applications built for the hyper-connected, mobile-oriented world we live in. Nodle creates an economic model that is secure, private, and scalable. Anyone with a smartphone can join the network and earn NODL, Nodle’s native token. To join, download the Nodle app for iOS or Android.
Twitter Telegram Discord YouTube Medium GitHub Website
You can also find this article on our Medium!
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2023.06.08 17:41 CassetteTaper After 25 years as a fan, I am sitting this cycle out. Here's why...

Disclaimer before down votes: I am a dinosaur - I still like buying records. I enjoy consuming entire albums, at a time, picking my favorite songs and then buying concert tickets hoping to see those songs live. I suppose my era is over.
It took me 13 clicks to figure out how to get the new JEW 7". Thirteen. It'll cost me $150.
I understand they are 'experimenting' with new ways of releasing music.... apparently it's broke and it needs fixin, fine... but this ain't the way guys. You don't GOUGE your vinyl completist collectors. The only way to get this new 7" is by purchasing VIP tickets to a show date. What if there isn't a show near you? Can you get the record? who knows, there is no info. After I read the email, almost in disbelief, I clicked the link. It takes me to their site, where I have to scroll and click 12 more times to find my city and be linked to ticketmaster: here's the long and short of it. $150/ticket. To be able to get the record. Highway. Robbery.
Now, I ain't no sucker (although I did pay them $50 for a gold 10" 2 years ago that was supposed to be "limited" and they turned around and sold it later cheaper, lol.) It's cool. I love the guys to death, love the music they make, and love seeing them live... but whoever dreamed up this method for releasing their new music on vinyl to fans by gouging the ever loving crap out of the most committed colelctors... shame on you dude.
RIP my complete JEW record collection, 1998-2023. It was fun while it was worth it!
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2023.06.08 17:41 deygothit Can I up my dosage? And If my prescription is signed from Mamedica on 23rd May and I have follow up on 21st June. When earliest could I get my prescription?

I received my prescription from Royal Mail on the 31st of May, and as stated above I have my follow up on the 21st June. The issue is I originally said to my clinician that I use around 2.5-3.5g per day and we agreed on starting on 2g. But I am just not going to have enough to last me the month (I understand I can't do anything until my follow up) but what can I do? Is this something anyone else has experienced before? My condition is for my anxiety and panic attacks. I have been so great since the 31st (maybe a couple days after) because then I worked out what is working and what isn't. I was prescribed 6x10g pots of 6 different strains. I have favourited French cookies and La Kush Cake. But I would like to try other strains since more have become available since. Is there a chance I will be able to up my current dosage? I'd like to steer away completely from the black market. I will need going forward 3x30g =90g per month to keep me stabilised and eventually I would like to get myself going down and down but I need to hit it on the head and work from where I'm comfortable first.
Thanks so much to everybody. And have a wonderful day
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2023.06.08 17:41 THROWRAkittycat15 Boyfriend (27m) has been telling me (22f) little white lies 4 months into relationship

Hey guys, me (22f) and my boyfriend (27m) have been dating for about 4 months now. He’s a really nice guy and would do anything for me. He always follows through with plans (even though he lives about 35 minutes away) and there’s no red flags in terms of cheating or being sneaky. But I just can’t shake a couple things that have happened. When we first met through a dating app he told me he bought his home off of his mom as she was living with her boyfriend. He told me she would come over here and there and have dinner with him and I thought that was nice. After about a month of us dating I found out that was not the case at all. He does not own the home and his mom does not live with her boyfriend. Anyways I was willing to look past that as we had a conversation and he explained he was embarrassed that I live on my own but he doesn’t. He comes over to my house regularly (2-3 nights during the week and he’ll stay over one night on the weekend.)I usually make dinner and he’ll help clean up. Typically he’ll ask me what I have in my fridge or freezer, we’ll decide what to make and then go to the grocery store for the remainder of the ingredients. Sometimes he’ll pay for these ingredients but I find myself paying for them a fair amount as well, on top of using stuff I’ve already purchased that’s at home.
We had planned a date but I forgot I had an appointment so I offered for him to just hangout at my place and wait for me. When I got home he told me he had a couple rum drinks (he had a bottle of rum at my place) and I didn’t think anything of it. When I had my friends over a week later I went to grab my coolers and they were gone. When I texted him to say hey I just went to grab some of my drinks and they’re gone and that I was annoyed all he said was “are you mad at me.” I told him yes and it would’ve been nice if he let me know (or even replaced them, but I didn’t say that.) he said he did let me know when he told me he had a couple rum drinks. In my opinion a rum drink would be a mixed drink with his own alcohol that he had, not one of my watermelon mojito coolers.
Another time I had made myself a pizza before he came over for the night. When he got to my place I mentioned how the pizza was for my lunch the next few days. When I got to work I noticed some pizza missing from the container but just figured I had grabbed the wrong container that I had put less in. The next day I asked if he would be able to come over because I had a maintenance person coming and I needed someone to let him in, I was desperate as my other plans fell through. I told him I would buy him dinner for driving here and doing that for me. He was at my place for an hour alone and then we went and grabbed dinner. Well when I went to work and grabbed the other container for my lunch the next day it was also missing some pieces. When I brought it up he said he ate it and didn’t realize I was taking the one container for lunch however he ate pizza out of both containers. I said “I wouldn’t mind that you ate it if you asked. can you please ask me as I have certain things planned for lunch, now I have to go out and buy food.” again all he said was “are you mad” and “sorry”, end of conversation. It irritates me that he was up throughout the night and when I wasn’t home eating the food I told him was for my lunch and didn’t even have the decency to tell me he ate it so I could pack something else to eat.
We had went out for dinner and he paid and said it was for my birthday. I thought that was really nice and didn’t expect anything else. He told me he had bought me a gift online. I told him he didn’t have to do that, he already took me out for dinner, but he insisted and said he already bought it. I went away for a week on vacation during my birthday and he said he would give it to me when I got back. We hung out the day I got back and he never gave me the gift like he said he would. I wasn’t feeling very well so I figured maybe that was the reason why or he just forgot it. Many hangouts and many weeks went by and still nothing. I decided to bring it up. I let him know I didn’t need or expect anything but asked why he told me he had a gift and was saying he was excited to give it to me if he didn’t actually have anything. He told me he just keeps forgetting and he does have something for me. The next time he came over he texted me on the way and said he forgot it again. We’ve hung out many times since then and still nothing.
My question is what do you guys think of this? I’m only 22 and I live on my own and pay for everything on my own. Is it selfish that I’m getting frustrated that he’s been eating and drinking my food? Are these situations red flags? Am I being over dramatic?? I want to have a conversation with him but I don’t even know what to say. Please let me know what you think
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2023.06.08 17:41 DarkhamKnight Ok, so I think they sort of summarized the story they were trying to tell…

On the plane at the end. The way they kept asking “why us” and the judgement and everything made me think this was the point of the story.
The end of the world was coming. The “divine consciousness” decided to see if humanity was worth saving. So they grabbed a random sample size of people. They weren’t special, and that was exactly the point. They wanted to see if a random group of people could work together for good, thus living up to the “all things work together for good” line that kept popping up. This consciousness knew that they were going to be tested, strained past normal limits, (drawing another parallel from religion) and wanted to see if they would break or band together to become stronger. If more than half of the plane, of course the symbolic lifeboat, had not been fit to be saved, then I think the end of the world would have continued as it was supposed to, the plane would have crashed again and that would have been it. As their reward for their suffering and for having redeemed humanity, they got back all the time they had lost.
The shadow reaper doesn’t make sense to me though. I thought at first it had something to do with Angelina and the sapphire. Also, I’m not particularly fond of talking people out of their judgement. On the one hand, I can see how it could be argued that if they had made a big enough difference to someone else to have them fight for their survival then that could be redeeming. But on the other, judgement time is here. They’ve made their case by now and what will come will come.
Also, wasn’t Cal being treated by Saanvi before they went to Jamaica? Everyone else had their memories from before, and I know they were resetting Cal, but wouldn’t his treatments with Saanvi still exist? Did Daly and Fiona deboard the plane with the other ones they lost along the way? I didn’t notice them.
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2023.06.08 17:41 wildswalker Where to buy iphone 13 Pro now, New or Used in Good Condition?

Need to replace an old phone for a family member and looking to buy an iphone 13 Pro now. 1) Which retailers might still have new ones now? 2) Which are the best used marketplace sites? Swappa looks sketchy, read bad reviews on Gazelle, and most phones on BackMarket and Swappa look like they show warning messages when turned on that non-Apple parts have been used. Most models on ebay are refurbished and only a few used ones pop up from time to time.
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2023.06.08 17:41 BabyMamaMagnet Kinda confused kinda upset

My girlfriend would rather me break up with her than workout. She has depression but honestly she slipped up and said the quiet part out loud which was "I should workout before being in a relationship" which makes no fucking sense. Like you'd rather look good to attract someone than to keep someone? That's lazy as fuck but I didn't call her lazy cuz I'd be an asshole even more. I haven't always been the most eloquent person about this touchy topic and she uses all the things I've said wrong against me which pisses me off cuz now I'm just supposed accept that she won't look good for me but she HATES how I dress. She literally says "let me dress you" which implies she wants to make me look good for her. I even started saying and doing what she wanted because I want to look good for her and for us. Her depression is bad cuz she left the state to work somewhere else so it's lonn distance but while she was here I always asked if we could go on a walk cuz exercise is good. Shes always depressed and tired and it's like....I know we take it more seriously now but what are we gonna do about it? Exercise helps depression anyway so it's like....there are benefits beyond looming good for me anyway. I don't expect her to workout while she's by herself by the way
TLDR: My girlfriend doesn't workout because of depression so she'd rather me leave her than workout because it would make me more satisfied
I honestly don't care if I look like an asshole because I've been called one all my life even if Im telling the cold truth 🤷🏿‍♂️.
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2023.06.08 17:41 septic_sergeant Searching for the ideal dedicated 9mm Pistol Can. TBAC Fly9 worth the price?

As we all know, can weight matters. Particularly on pistols. Even more so on guns that use a browning tilting barrel mechanism.
As I will be using this can on such a gun (Glock 47) for home defense purposes, reliability is paramount to me. The TBAC Fly9 seems to be the best on the market in terms of weight, compactness, AND DB reduction.
What am I wondering is… are those savings worth nearly twice the price of say a CGS Mod9-SK? With NFA I think buy once cry once is a good motto, and I certainly would prefer the TBAC. But I’m having a hard time justifying the massive price difference.
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