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A theorist community with a common love for Frozen. arendellefiles is the home for any diehard Frozen fan like myself! This subreddit is dedicated to solving the mysteries of everything Frozen! Dates, times, theories, conspiracies! If it’s Frozen its welcome! Discuss the films, the shorts, the sequel and any Frozen literature and the possible future of the franchise! Beware of Spoilers! Obviously! Post a theory and cite your sources and get the “Detective” user Flair!

2023.04.01 08:49 randodude113 Asking out a girl for the second time. When is it ok?

Ok, so there is a girl that I've been working with for probably about two years now. Who I've had an on/off crush on. When I first started working we got along pretty well and I wanted to ask her out. I was terrified to do it because I didn't want to ruin the friendship we had, however I eventually gained the courage to do it.
I asked her after work one day, and she told me maybe, implying she would let me know. The next day she told me that she was still not over her ex boyfriend, and that was why she didn't say yes (or atleast an absolute answer)
I was worried that the situation would make things awkward between us, and it did feel a little strange at first, but things worked out pretty well and we are still pretty chill with eachother now. (maybe even moreso than before) We haven't really discussed the fact that I asked her out before. It's kind of like it never really happened.
However, lately I have been wondering what she might say if I decided to ask her out again. It's been a really long time. I'm honestly not really sure if she is seeing anyone at the moment, however I am 99% sure she is not hung up on that particular ex anymore.
Would it ruin or damage the friendship at this point? I really don't know, and I don't wanna come off creepy or anything, like I never moved on from the last time I asked, cause that's not really the truth. Not really trying to ask her to straight up go into a relationship with me or anything. I kind of just wanna to take her out somewhere and see where things go from there.
All in all I'm just terrified once again. I got off really lucky the first time, because we still have a great friendship afterwards. If I asked her out again and it actually did negatively effect us, I would feel like such a fool. Even with that concern, I still would love the opportunity to do something with her. Does anyone have any advice or comments?
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2023.04.01 08:49 ADMIPOLISCARLET Daily AI Tips for April 1st - Can Klopp keep the hope for UCL alive?

Daily AI Tips for April 1st - Can Klopp keep the hope for UCL alive?
AI’s pick: Bet 66$ (or 6.6% of your bankroll) on Man City win (1.64; Highly recommended)
Additional BetBuilder ideas (4.77):

  • Over 2.5 Total Goals (1.58)
  • Mohamed Salah to make 1+ SOT (1.5)
  • Kevin De Bruyne to Score or Assist (1.73)
[Match Preview]
Preview source:
[Match Analysis]
In a quest to keep their UCL hope alive, Klopp and his men are headed to Etihad Stadium (Man City home, Liverpool away)
Man City just crushed their enemies in their last two matches, during which Haaland scored 8 goals. It appears nobody can stop him right now. Man City (2nd, 19W 4D 4L) again has a chance to contend for the EPL trophy (8 points behind Arsenal). Other players like Akanji, Gundogan, De Bruyne also looked good. Other than tonight’s match and a May match against Chelsea, there seems to be no hard games left for Man City. If they win tonight, their chances of winning the trophy may get too big to ignore.
Foden are out due to injury. Haaland, with some uncertainty, may be able to play for this match.
On the other hand, Liverpool (6th, 12W 6D 8L) just had gone through two nightmare matches with 0 goals scored. Their defeat against Real Madrid was understandable given it was an away game. But thier loss against Bournemouth shouldn’t have happened given ho Bournemouth now struggles to escape from relegation. Liverpool doesn’t have any spare chances left. They must concentrate hard on the remaining 12 matches in EPL to get the last ticket for UCL. Ramsay, Bajcetic, Thiago, Gomez will be unable to play for this match due to injury. Diaz, Tsimikas might be able with 50-50 chances.
Manchester City has shown a great record at home, amounting to 20 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss this season. Simultaneously, Liverpool has a disastrous record on away with 6 wins, 3 draws and 11 losses. Their head-to-head at Etihad also smiles heavily toward Man City. AI predicts Man City’s superiority in this match (AI prediction: Man City 62% vs Liverpool 16%).
For BetBuilder picks, I’d first go with Over 2.5 total goals (1.58), because, in their last 7 matches, they were all over 2.5 total goals except for one game. Liverpool’s King Salah will lead Liverpool’s way, so I’d bet on him making 1+ SOT(1.5). Finally, Haaland might not play for this match due to injury, so instead I’d go for KDB to Score or Assist (1.73) as an alternative.

  • Over 2.5 Total Goals (1.58)
  • Mohamed Salah to make 1+ SOT (1.5)
  • Kevin De Bruyne to Score or assist (1.73)
AI verdict: Bet 66$ (or 6.6% of bankroll) on Man City win for 1.64 odds (🔥🔥🔥- Highly recommended)
Tip for this match:
[Other Games]
AI prediction & tips: Arsenal(74%) vs Leeds(10%)
AI prediction & tips: Bournemouth(36%) vs Fulham(13%)
AI prediction & tips: Brighton(57%) vs Brentford(20%)
AI prediction & tips: Crystal Palace(37%) vs Leicester(34%)
AI prediction & tips: Nottingham(32%) vs Wolves(38%)
AI prediction & tips: Chelsea (57%) vs Aston Villa(18%)
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2023.04.01 08:49 MaiBhalsych_of_Kors Am I not cut out for my degree?

I just started my electrical degree a month ago and I've already failed all my tests. I've never been good at math, and I knew EE was going to be hard, but I thought I'd at least be able to pass by putting a decent amount of effort in. I go to all my classes and tutorials and finish all my assignments on time but I can never get a good grade. I'm studying 6-8 hours a day because that's genuinely the amount of time I need to do all my work and if I spend less time studying I'm going to fall behind. It's taking me double or triple the amount of time my classmates spend on their assignments for me to do mine because that's just how much dumber I am compared to them.
I'm literally going to fail all my courses unless I get more than 80% on my exams and given my track record I'm not optimistic about doing well.
Im thinking about dropping out or switching degrees. Honestly I'm not even passionate about engineering or anything I only chose it because I heard engineering jobs paid well.
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2023.04.01 08:43 Several_Fuel9770 Any MOAS?? need help to see if these are real or fake.

Hey moas!!
I have some questions about the TXT moa zone pcs.
I really need help and anyone's insight/perspective if these are real... I bought this set from a korean seller and they sent me this video. I am worried because the Ppulverse pc does not have a flower stamped on the pc.... which I think its supposed to be stamped to get the full set right??

But looking at the rest of the pcs, all of them seems fine and looks real to me.... it doesnt seem like its zoomed or cut and the back of the pcs seems right too....
please if anyone can let me know what they think about these pcs... i really will appreciate it since these are a hefty price.. heres the link to the video of the pcs:
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2023.04.01 08:42 PossibleAbductee Was I almost abducted?…

Throwaway account. I’ll keep this brief. 44yo man, married, kids, good job, normal life. I don’t drink or do drugs, completely sober except for coffee. Was going to bed, maybe 11 or 12. Wife already asleep. Bedroom windows open on to open grassy area ringed by suburban homes. There is an airport and Air Force base in adjacent cities and we’re on the flight path of a few major airports, so we’re used to seeing air traffic, not odd. A few weeks ago a light came up, thought is was an aircraft, but single solid white light. It hovered in the distance, it got my attention, but not really. Then it started moving, but the flight path would have been between my house and houses up on a hill behind it so I knew it was too close to be an aircraft and that was ODD. I watched it. It came STRAIGHT toward my bedroom window. On the horizontal it had a solid white light on each end and in the middle there were three vertical solid white lights. Thought maybe a drone but there was NO noise. I became irrationally terrified, more scared than I had ever remembered, and felt that if I didn’t wake my wife it was coming for me. I shook her violently awake and screamed at her to wake up. She finally did and we both watched it silently float past our house at the level of our bedroom window on second floor and it seemed right over my back yard. I could see the shape of the thing as it moved, it could NOT have been a drone it was at least the size of an SUV. I have NO idea what to make of this. I was terrified and still am. I have googled, but don’t see anything similar to this. Since my wife saw it I know I’m not crazy, but that would honestly be a better explanation… any advice or similar experience out there?
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2023.04.01 08:42 NewOrder999 Reporting

How does reporting work? Me and the squad where walking into the hotel area in dmz and a sniper was camping on a rock shot at my teammate. I knocked his plates downed him then hit him with a heads hot befor he could self. Looted his bag found a bomb drone and took cover just in case his team was near by. My team locked the teammate hiding in a shit so I activated the bomb drone they waited until I met them at the door open it drone downed the guy they finished him. He claimed we were cheating and was going to report us all while cussing and saying racial slurs. I never exchange words with him, he reported me specifically. For offensive chat.
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2023.04.01 08:38 MussleGeeYem My 11 Year Long Samsung Galaxy And 12 Year Long iPhone Ownership Experience Story: Here Are Things The Galaxy Does Better Than My iPhone


I have been using Samsung Galaxy devices for 11 years, with my first Android/Samsung Galaxy device being the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (got the Galaxy Nexus in January of 2012) and with me currently daily driving the S22 Ultra (since May 2022).
I have been using iPhones for more than 12 years, with my first iPhone being the iPhone 4 (got the iPhone 4 in December of 2010) and with me currently daily driving the iPhone 14 Pro Max (since September 2022) and the iPhone SE (2020) as a secondary iPhone for iOS development (since March 2022).
Here is my daily driver history:
Primary iPhone:
Secondary iPhone (mostly for iOS app development, listening to music, not including any iPhone/smartphones I bought on eBay for a collection):

Things my Samsung Galaxy does better than my iPhone

There are many things that Samsung Galaxy phones and other Android phones do better than iPhones, including the fact that on Android:
However, there are many lesser-known things that my Samsung Galaxy phones do better than my iPhones (based on my experience over the past 11 years), and some might be controversial:
Even though the iPhone batteries are mostly very good during the first year of usage and have extremely good standby compared to Android phones due to software optimisation, by around July 2016, my iPhone 6S's battery is starting to fail, and I did need to rely on battery packs for my iPhones to survive as the iPhone 6S's battery would go from 100-0 after 4-6 hours of heavy use. My cousins did replace the iPhone 6S battery in October of 2017, but by October 2020 (please note according to battery health, IIRC, the 6S stands at 85%), on iOS 14, the iPhone 6S would drain from 90 to 35 in as little as 10 minutes and sometimes, during cold weather, the iPhone 6S's battery (on iOS 14) would die at 30%. Turns out this is not only an issue on my 6S as I bought a 6S on eBay in 2021 for my smartphone collection and that phone (with 80% capacity) also behaved the same, draining from 80 to 25 in around 10 minutes. The iPhones before the 6S also had a poor battery life after a year in my experience, and even though the iPhone 7 Plus, X, XS Max, and 11 Pro Max's battery holds better than the 6S due to the batteries being bigger, the batteries still started to become bad after 1-2 years.
My iPhone 12 Pro Max (I got rid of it in December of 2021 after it accidentally fell out from my nightstand drawer and the back cracked a month before) started seeing its battery fail sometime in September 2021, when the 13 Pro Max came out. Say I leave the house at 10:00 and were to return home at 19:00. By 17:00, with medium usage + hotspot, the iPhone's battery would have depleted to around 20 percent. Plus, my iPhones typically consume more battery if devices are connected to hotspot than my Samsung Galaxies are.
Also, I did receive the Galaxy S7 Edge (2019), Samsung Galaxy S9+ (earlier this month as my cousin's husband upgraded to the S23+), and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ (last year), and given that I would sell these phones on the second hand market, I would test the phones for a week or two to see the phone's condition before assessing it and selling it on the second hand market. What I found is that even though the S10+ cracked and therefore, I donated it rather than sold it, all three phones seem to have solid battery, considering their ages. The S7 Edge with its 3600 mAh battery under heavy use after 3 years would go about for 6-8 hours before needing a recharge, and my S9+ would go about for around 5-6 hours as well before hitting down to 20% of battery (that is after 5 years and given the fact my cousin's husband is a power user), and even though the S10 cracked, it would go for 8-10 hours under heavy usage before draining to around 20%. I also got back my Note5 from 2015 once my cousin's son upgraded to my cousin (50M)'s S8 Active in 2019 once my cousin upgraded to the Note10+, and even on that phone, the battery is still very good considering its age and its 3000 mAh size, doing around 4-6 hours going down from 100-20.
Even though all the 4 Samsung Galaxy S phones I have repossessed were slightly slow compared to when they were first purchased, all of them, apart from the front cracks on the S10+, are still highly reliable, and according to my usage as well as from the 4 people who have used my phones, they have commented that the phones I gave to them gave them minimal issues and they JUST WORK. Fun fact: during my ownership, I have never experienced any major problems with any of my Samsung phones.
Fun fact, my cousin (28M) switched from the iPhone 7 Plus to the Samsung Galaxy S10+ in March of 2019 and is now currently using a Galaxy S23 Ultra. From his 4-year long experience using just the Galaxy S10+ (he bought the ceramic colour with 512GB of storage and currently his father is using the S10+), even though he is a power user with him customising the phone with themes, being a heavy user, and having cracked his S10+ last year, the phone was still extremely reliable, working fully as intended, apart from the battery, which has been shortened to 6 hours of heavy usage before dying.
My iPhones however, were not so bright. Even though pre-2015 iPhones are mostly reliable during my time using it, since the 6S, there have been some phones which have showed issues here and there, sometimes within the first year of ownership. As for the iPhone 6S, it is basically only the battery, which has been extremely bad after a year and the fact it would sometimes shut off at 30% during cold weather.
Starting with the iPhone 7 Plus however, and there started to be a lot of problems. Even though my iPhone 7 Plus didn't show any problems during my ownership, even though my cousin took good care of the 7 Plus, when I got her 7 Plus in November of 2020 (she got the phone brand new at Verizon in November 2017), the silent switch started to wear down and get stuck, meaning it is hard to turn on silent switch, the charging port pins started to wear, making it very hard to charge the phone or connect the phone to the computer, and the battery started to struggle real hard.
Starting with the iPhone XS Max and there started to be real struggles. Even though I didn't see any problems with either the iPhone XS Max and 11 Pro Max during my ownership and took good care of these two phones, when these two phones got passed to their second owners, problems started to arise. For the XS Max, in May of 2020, it got bricked, and it wouldn't turn on even if he plugged it in the charging cable or through iTunes, and my cousin's husband had to bring it to service, and that got him to purchase an S20+ given he prefers Android over iOS, and after fixing the XS Max, he gave it to his daughter (17F), who is his only child. For the 11 Pro Max however, the phone's battery drained fast and my cousin always had to rely on the charger, and plus, there are issues of connecting Bluetooth devices as well as with calls and volume whilst connected to Bluetooth devices, and my cousin always complained about these issues and even though I did attempt to fix, the issues didn't get resolved (I am tech savvy by the way, so I could get through a lot of issues, such as reset my bricked iPad using iTunes, etc.).
And now onto my iPad Pro 9.7. I bought the iPad in June of 2016, and even though I used it mostly for watching YouTube videos, Udemy and edX courses, the iPad started having a bricking issue in November of 2017. What happened was that I was charging and overnight, the iPad just shut itself off and never powered on again. I tried connecting it to iTunes and even though iTunes could recognise the device, whenever I reset it, errors keep on popping up and it is impossible to reset. I tried bringing it to the Apple Store, but they couldn't reset it either and they suggested that I replace the iPad Pro 9.7 with an iPad Mini 4 for $300. Then, I started taking matters into my own hands and finally resetted the iPad Pro successfully after multiple attempts in January of 2018. Four months later (in May 2018), the iPad bricked again, and I had to do the same process, and it took until August of 2018 after at least 5-10 tries for it to work again. And then in August 2020, whilst charging overnight, the iPad turned off and I thought it was toast. Turned out it was, as after countless times diagnosing the issues on iTunes, the iPad would keep on bricking after multiple reset attempts and after more than 2 years. Then, there was a miracle. In November of 2022, I finally got my iPad working again and I felt like I was very lucky, because I thought that the iPad was bricked forever and wouldn't go back on, ever.
Then, finally, it is my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I bought the phone on 20 November 2020, and by mid-September 2021, things started to go south for this phone. The top speaker started to fail and even though I cleaned it, the speaker was so muffled that I could barely hear anything from the top speaker. I brought it to the Apple Store and they said it is a digitiser issue and they couldn't even clean it for me, and around that same time, the touchscreen started to act up. With a lot of ghost touches, it started to become very hard to use the iPhone (and keep in mind, I have never replaced the screen since I never cracked the front screen). In October 2021, the phone started to have lose cellular signal when I enter the MBTA train and still didn't recognise cellular signal for minutes after I exited the MBTA and was at least a mile from that station on my bike, but luckily, resetting network settings did fix the issue with the cellular signal however. By the time the phone accidentally fell to the ground and the back did suffer some cracks in November, I started to give up on the iPhone 12 Pro Max and in December, I upgraded to the 13 Pro Max.
Even though my Galaxy Buds and my cousin (28M)'s Galaxy Buds did not show any issues (he bought the Galaxy Buds in March 2019 and after heavy usage, it still held up very well and he even gave it to his father), all 4 of my AirPods, even the AirPods Pro 2, have shown issues here and there. My first AirPods (January 2017-July 2018) basically stopped working, and hence, I bought another pair of AirPods in July 2018 and used it until February 2022, when I dropped it in the toilet. Even though I was using the 2nd pair of AirPods half the time (July 2018-January 2020, December 2020-April 2021, November 2021-February 2022), by late 2021, the AirPods started showing major problems. First off, the battery drains so fast even indoors that it only lasted about an hour. Then, once I am outside, the right side would disconnect after only 5 minutes of usage and the left side would keep soldering on. Once it fell to the toilet, it was game over (however, I still kept the AirPods, it is just in the nightstand sitting there, and I did clean it as well). I bought the AirPods 2 in February 2022, and after 2 months, at least once every week or two, the right side would discharge, even in the case (the case is clean by the way), until it went out of battery. I tried resetting the case and putting the case to charge again, but to no avail, and it took several reset attempts for it to return to normal. The same exact scenario happened to the AirPods Pro 2, which I got in October as my cousin wanted to gift me the AirPods Pro 2, in exchange for my AirPods 2. Except that sometimes, my iPhone 14 Pro Max couldn't even connect to the AirPods Pro 2 or even recognise it.
I currently have two phone plans: my main Verizon phone plan with my iPhone 14 Pro Max and my secondary MetroPCS phone plan with my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. I do carry a third phone with me (without a phone plan), which is the iPhone SE 2020. Due to me not having a phone plan on my iPhone SE 2020, I do have to rely on hotspot when I am outside. For my iPhone SE 2020, I primarily use it for music streaming and to test my mobile applications, whilst my two other phones are used for more intense purposes, with me spending the most time on my Samsung.
For my iPhone 14 Pro Max and previous iPhones (iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, etc), personal hotspot is very buggy. My Samsung connects just fine to the iPhone hotspot, but my iPhones don't. To preserve the battery, after several minutes, the iPhone SE would get disconnected from the iPhone 14 Pro Max hotspot (which is acceptable), but it gets worse. Even if I am currently streaming Apple Music on my iPhone SE with the screen on as well, the iPhone would disconnect from the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and it is very hard to connect it to hotspot. Sometimes, the iPhone SE would say 'Unable to join network' and others, it said 'Personal Hotspot Failure', which would force me to restart both the iPhone SE and 14 Pro Max. Now the Remote Hotspot Failure started happening since I got the 11 Pro Max in 2019, and at the time, my 16:9 phone was the iPhone 6S, and even then, there were hotspot failure problems. I restarted the 11 Pro Max, but the hotspot failure would return after a week or two. Even after resetting network settings in 2021 right before my 13 Pro Max because my iPhone 12 Pro Max would lose cellular connectivity even after I exited the MBTA tunnel and I am outside a mile from the MBTA station, once I got my 13 Pro Max, the remote hotspot failure still appears. My Samsung Galaxy over the years connects to the iPhone hotspot without any issues, and would stay connected even if I am not using the phone until I basically turn off hotspot on my iPhone.
Now due to the fact connecting my iPhone SE to the iPhone hotspot is so bad, I would typically use the Samsung hotspot as a backup (keep in mind my iPhone plan gives unlimited hotspot whilst Metro only gives 5 GB). Both iPhones connect to the Samsung hotspot flawlessly, without any issues.
Sometimes, I don't want my main iPhone 14 Pro Max to connect to the Samsung hotspot due to it having its own data. I would turn off Wi-Fi on the control centre and after 5-10 minutes, it would reconnect the Wi-Fi, therefore wasting hotspot data on my Samsung metroPCS plan and making me mildly angry. iPhone does say turning off until tomorrow but in reality, Wi-Fi is turned on after 5-10 minutes. For Samsung, I turn off Wi-Fi on the quick settings until I turn it back on or I flick on airplane mode, which seems more intuitive in my case. However, when I am at home without any hotspot devices, whenever I use quick settings for iPhone, nearby Wi-Fi does disconnect until tomorrow
Pretend I have two Bluetooth devices (AirPods Pro, JBL Clip 4), and I wanted to connect to the JBL speaker. On the Samsung, if I accidentally clicked on the AirPods Pro, I could click JBL Clip 4 immediately and within 5 seconds, I would be connected to the JBL Clip 4 speaker. For the iPhone however, things are not so bright, as if I were to accidentally click the AirPods Pro, I had to wait 15 seconds for Apple to search for the AirPods Pro, and then once it says it couldn't find the AirPods Pro because I left my AirPods Pro at home, that is when I could click on JBL Clip 4 and connect it. That turns a 5 second process into something like a 15-20 second process.
On several occasions since 2021, my iPhones would sometimes not pay using Apple Pay and would fail to pay. Sometimes, the iPhone couldn't even detect a reader even though the reader does work. Once I use Samsung Pay on my Samsung Galaxy devices as a backup, the payment did go through and it finally worked.
Yesterday, I was at the MBTA station, and I was attempting to pay for the Monthly pass. Ironically, even though the reader did work, the iPhone 14 Pro Max kept on saying 'Hold near Reader', and even though I held it near the mobile payment reader for 10-15 seconds, it still didn't do anything. Fed up, after the second time, I repaid the MBTA ticket and used my S22 Ultra and the payment did go through. However, at the restaurant around 1 hour later, even though I didn't restart the iPhone, Apple Pay finally worked again as I was able to pay my meal using Apple Pay.
My Samsung automatic updates are set overnight, and even with airplane mode turned on during the night, my Samsungs are always up to date without ever having to go to the settings app to update the firmware to Android 13. As for iPhone, they did schedule automatic updates between 4-5 am, but in reality, automatic updates keep failing even with Wi-Fi turned on overnight. If I wanted to update my iPhones, I would typically have to manually update via settings
I attended university between 2018 and 2022, and in late 2021, at university (I majored in CS by the way), my iPhones, iPads, and Macs would often struggle with Wi-Fi. My iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 7 Plus (as of November 2021) would sometimes even outright refuse to connect to Wi-Fi and same goes with the MacBook 15' Core i9 (2019) (I have since upgraded to the M1 MBP 16 since the logic board on the MBP 2019 failed in November 2021), and if connected, at some parts of the university, they are extremely slow, and sometimes, borderline unusable. My S21 Ultra however, at the same place, worked far better and was able to load websites. Even my Windows laptop was able to load websites as well as my Galaxy A51 (I brought an A51 one day to MIT to see if the Wi-Fi issues only occurred on Apple products).
Fun fact: the Galaxy S21 Ultra was the first phone to offer Wi-Fi 6E and not even the iPhone 14 Pro Max supports this feature
Then in July 2022, during a flight from Dallas back to Boston, my iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone SE 2 would fail to connect to JetBlue's Wi-Fi network several times and if connected, the Wi-Fi was painfully slow and near unusable whilst my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra connected to JetBlue's Wi-Fi network just fine and worked as expected, with websites loading reasonably quick, just like at my university with the S21 Ultra.
Finally, one thing Samsung and Android OEMs do better than Apple is the fact that many Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy devices, come with USB-C which is the future compared to Apple's ancient lightning connector (frankly, Apple now uses USB-C on most of their iPads except for the entry level iPad 9). It allows for faster charging and transfer speeds and USB-C is basically superior to lightning, which is a relic from a bygone era. Plus, USB-C seems to last longer. Whilst my lightning connectors generally worn out between 6-18 months before having inconsistent connections or connectivity issues, my USB-C connectors would keep soldering on for at least 5 years before breaking down like the lightning connectors.
TL;DR: Even though there are many benefits to owning an iPhone over an Android device, based on my user experience, after over 11 years of using various Samsung Galaxy phones, two Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and one Galaxy Bud and after over 12 years of using various iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and AirPods, I could safely assure that there are a lot of benefits to using Samsung and Android products over iPhones, namely due to the fact that notifications, customisation, features, options, Wi-Fi, multitasking, batteries, hotspot, Bluetooth, mobile payment, etc., are better on Samsung and Android products than on iPhones, based on my user experience.
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2023.04.01 08:36 rjm27trekkie USPSA: DQ Potential for This Reload Style?

My buddy at this USPSA match who was standing back and to my right gave me a caution that i could be DQ'd for how I did this reload "pinching the gun" to press the glock factory mag release with my thumb linked here Upon further review of the footage frame by frame, it looks like I shifted my grip to pinch the grip between my index finger and thumb with my index finger completely outside the trigger guard. This only happens if I use my thumb instead of my middle finger to release the mag release on a gen 3 glock. I also sort of have to do this with 1911s (or at bring all fingers below the trigger guard), but it's never been my manual of arms shooting things with large mag releases like my Canik rival, so this hasn't been a topic of discussion at a match with an RO present before.
The RO made no comments on my reloads, but am I actually risking an RO with a bad angle and not following rule #1 ("don't be a dick") DQing me even when they can see daylight through the whole trigger guard just because my finger isn't indexed high? Or is my buddy just being overly paranoid and flexing his big hands? If it's going to be a potential DQ issue for me at any other match with a glock, I'm going to go back to middle finger mag releases that keep my trigger finger indexed high if I ever shoot glock in competition.
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2023.04.01 08:34 gyualaxy PLS HELP FIND THIS MANGA

Genre: romance Trope: fake dating ? Setting: high school Guy: most popular guy at school Girl: ugly to pretty glow up in hs
Disclaimer: i didnt like this manga i just NEED to find it again cause it stuck in my head lmao and it wont leave me alone till i find it
Description: i think the manga started off with her being with her friends. She is ugly in middle school and glowed up in hs and changed schools. She becomes friends with 2 girls that are obsessed with guys and she acts as if she has a boyfriend to fit in and makes up all kinds of stories. She realizes theyre starting to not belive her so she needs a fake bf. She asks a guy to be her fake bf and he agrees on a conditon. She has to bark for him 3 times (i dont remember exactly but ik this part happened) he ends up being her fake bf and she act falls for him and confesses. He mocks her and she throws water on him. He makes it up to her by going to her house and gifting her a necklace for christmas to show his "ownership" over her.
Im too lazy to describe the rest...
Also i think the title had dog-kun in it....not sure.
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2023.04.01 08:33 if-i-wasnt-dumb I'm not present at all

I haven't gotten over most of the things that have happened in my childhood I realize. I haven't gotten over it. And I'm always living in the past, remembering the hurt, the betrayal, the confusion. Its making it hard to get over things that have happened recently even. Even now. I feel so, broken. Like a ball that was kicked around everywhere I went. No real direction except the one I got kicked into. Have I really sought out anything that I want in life? Have I ever really made decisions on my own? Maybe I need to really remove the crutch. Maybe, I need to start pushing my own direction. I don't think I've ever actually done that before. I feel so lost by myself though. I don't feel real. I put myself on the back burner. And just, "go with the flow" till things get better. But they never seem to get better. It's like I'm being pushed under the tide. The very 'flow' I'm trying to go with? I'm drowning in it .
How can I do it? How do I break free. I think. I'm gonna take a year. A year to really find myself. I'll go to school. And I'll pursue my art. And I'm gonna save up to pursue the hobbies I truly enjoy. I have to do this. I have to find myself. But to do that, I may have to just, be alone with myself.
I must be good, I must be kind, and I must be true. To how I feel. Who I am. I can be a strong independent woman. And I need to start believeing that. I need to believe in myself. And I will be able to do it.
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2023.04.01 08:28 Hmmm-Delicious Someone is taking over my lease but my roommate (26f) is being difficult

Me and my roommate have been living together for about 5 months. Right off the bat she did everything to let me know she wasn't interested in being friendly or communicating, and I was fine with that. She's essentially in her room 24/7 and will occasionally shoot me a text if I have mail when I return from work around 5pm, that's about it.
I'll be graduating in May and have someone who will be taking over my lease. I've tried talking to my roommate about this considering she'll be getting a new roommate by the end of May but I've received zero communication from her end.
Because our PGE utilities account is under my name as well, I've tried talking to her about whether she wants to set up a new account under her name or if she'd rather the new roommate do it when she moves in. Still I've gotten zero communication.
The whole thing seems immature to me and rude. Should I just move on without consulting with her about things? I'm not sure what to do from here.
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2023.04.01 08:23 _Call_Me_B Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but i am eternally satisfied.

So for as long as I can remember my uncle (call him Jerry) was the most homophobic, racist person i ever met. He hates everyone and everything. Every family event was somehow ruined by his pessimistic presence one way or another. He has for my entire life (21 years) lived with a man. A guy he claims to have no sexual or romantic feelings for and is strictly his housemate (even though they go everywhere together). Any time someone brought up a homosexual couple or anything related to homosexuality he would spew whatever foul thing came to his mind for the rest of the night. My entire family believes he IS gay and just projecting as to cover it up. He would deny and spew hatred on homosexuals constantly.
I myself have been questioning my own sexuality and exploring the horizons. So I downloaded grindr out of pure curiosity. After twenty minutes of scrolling guess who i just so happened to come across? That’s right. My homophobic uncle, who was using a fake name and fake background yo pick up men. I intend in no way to use this against him or humiliate him, but the fact alone that i have come across this will forever live in my head and i could not be more devilishly happy that i came across this.
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2023.04.01 08:23 Blairxxyy Cope chud

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2023.04.01 08:22 LesChatsVerts Did Dave Murray change his live performance style a bit after Adrian left?

Is it me or Dave Murray changed his live performance style a little bit after Adrian left after Seventh Son and Janick joined the band? What I mean is that he seems to have started moving around more on stage, being far more active and I think his live playing style became more aggressive, wild and a little bit sloppier - but in a good way, especially his solos. -
I am only going by what I see in old concert videos from before and after Adrian left and the live albums of the same time. It's as if he had started feeding off of the wild energy that Janick brought to the shows. Having said that I freaking love Janick and his playing.
Anyone else feel that way about Dave? Anyone else get the same feeling?
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2023.04.01 08:21 NoConversation850 Burnaby Tim Hortons’ Inaction on Homeless Woman’s Presence Frustrates Long-Time Customer; Customer Seeking Compensation

In a recent article, we highlighted how a homeless woman has found refuge at a Tim Hortons in Burnaby for the past five years. One long-time customer of the coffee shop, who we’ll identify as “Jane,” has voiced her frustration over the inaction of Tim Hortons management. Jane says she often finds herself compelled to purchase food and beverages for the homeless woman, as she appears to be unwell at times. Although Jane sympathizes with the woman’s situation, she is beginning to feel the financial strain of supporting her.
“The woman has been here for years, and I can’t help but feel for her. I often buy her a coffee or a meal when I see her struggling. But the truth is, it’s starting to impact my finances. I don’t think it’s fair for customers like me to shoulder this responsibility,” says Jane. She adds that the issue has been reported to Tim Hortons multiple times, but there has been no discernible action taken to address it.
Jane also expresses her suspicion that the homeless woman might not be completely transparent about her situation. “I know that she’s turned down multiple offers from both Fraser Health and the RCMP for food and shelter. It’s perplexing, and it makes me question whether she truly needs the help or if there’s an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Regardless, this is not something customers should have to deal with on a daily basis,” she states.
Jane believes that if Tim Hortons is willing to let their establishments serve as sanctuaries for homeless individuals, the company should step up and take on the responsibility of providing for them, rather than leaving the burden on their customers. “While it is my choice, and the choice of others, to buy the woman food, at what point does Tim Hortons become responsible? They’ve allowed her to stay for years without intervening. If Tim Hortons wants to turn their cafes into shelters, they should start offering those they’re essentially ‘housing’ free meals or find a way to address the issue,” Jane argues. She also reveals her intention to seek reimbursement from the coffee chain for the financial burden she has incurred over the years. “I plan on requesting compensation from Tim Hortons for the expenses I’ve had to bear as a result of their inaction. It’s time they acknowledge their part in this situation,” she asserts.
Jane also emphasizes the need for a resolution without causing harm to the homeless woman. “No one wants to see this woman kicked out on the street, per se, but something needs to change. We can’t continue to ignore the issue and hope it resolves itself. We need to find a compassionate solution.”
The homeless woman’s son also recently spoke out, criticizing Tim Hortons staff and patrons for “enabling” his mother’s behaviour, saying, “I’m tired of people pretending they’re doing good by giving my mother handouts. It’s not helping her; it’s only making it easier for her to continue living this way. She needs real help, not just free coffee and a place to sleep.”
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2023.04.01 08:20 neilcantbirdwahtch I see a lot of people here asking for a study group!

I made one, which started off from Reddit back in September'22. It's now a community of over 700 people.
If you're interacting with my post for the first time, please go check my profile for my previous contributions. I had just written my 3rd Mains back in Sept when I started that group.
Since then, I've given the CSE Interview this year, got the IFoS Interview call and also cleared HCS 2021(Rank#93).
If you're also looking to be a part of the group, feel free to add yourself in. It's moderated by me to ensure that we stick to productive discussions.
Since Reddit now doesn't allow telegram links, you can type "@StudyGroupNeil" on telegram search window and find the channel.
Let me know if you have any follow up queries.
Until next time!
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2023.04.01 08:19 rayjensen 10mg - it can be intense

I finally got a proper scale to weigh out mini doses for myself. I was excited to try the 10mg dose because frankly I am afraid to go deeper even though I’ve done it before. I was also curious what it would feel like to take such a mild dose that’s above threshold.
I was pleasantly surprised by the intensity of the experience. I had meditated 30 minutes before and set my intentions and I think that amplified the intensity. Within 10 seconds I felt the intense pull of the deems and I actually felt like if I really wanted to I could have broken through. It wasn’t enough to forcefully pull me through but what I found really fascinating was that I maintained my lucidity and it felt like I had more control over the intensity of the experience. I felt CEVs and just this amazingly intense body feeling that had me rolling in my bed for several minutes. It’s a nice way to cool down on a Friday afternoon and I feel grateful for the experience.
I noticed a moderate reduction in depression following the experience and that’s something that has been troubling me a lot lately and it was one of my goals for the experience. The depression reduction was not as intense as what I’ve felt from higher doses but it feels like enough to motivate me to continue to improve my habits and fight depression naturally. I’ve found that sometimes the after-glow and depression reduction may be more noticeable the following day after some rest, particularly with lower doses.
There aren’t a lot of low dose trip reports so I hope this is a useful addition.
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2023.04.01 08:18 MiepGies1945 Help…Pest control sealed my attic 5 days ago. Yesterday I started hearing noise in my attic. This evening, I hear frequent noises in my attic.

I’m tempted to put water & food in the attic until Monday, so nobody dies up there. I am upset that we we must listen to trapped animals running around in my attic.
My question: how do I know if I am hearing rats or raccoons? It sounds big to me, like a raccoon. Also, could there be babies up there?
Please advise, as it is going to be a long weekend listening to this. I find this process disturbing.
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2023.04.01 08:18 Expensive-Duck-9078 true identity of molten freddy theory

true identity of molten freddy theory
after i saw the popular molten mci theory i started thinking why would william need to dismantle the 4 animatronics. this is right before his death so he already has the funtimes to get remnant. this lead to this theory
what if he is dismantling them to put the bite victim together. this would be why williams doing it when he already had the funtimes. hes still trying to put his son back together. the main thing i dont know is how he ended up in the 4(maybe william trying to bring him back) but this would give william reason to be dismantling them
we always see golden freddy with the 4 missing kids and someone who gives life- the puppet and william in plush fredbear
give gifts give life shows us missing kids that become bonnie, foxy, freddy, and chica. they get brought to life by the puppet. golden freddy is not shown being given gifts or life by the puppet. i think william gives life to golden freddy. a failed attempt to put his son, which is why he is ghostly
foxy go go go shows us the spirits that become the main 4 animatronics and golden freddy. golden freddy is represented by a frowning kid. i think this represents bite victim
i think the 4 animatronics are melted with the bite victims body, this is what i think the candy cadet stories are about. all 3 stories are about 5 becoming 1. two of the stories have the 5 into 1 put in a box. i think these are about williams attempts at putting bite victim back together.the two about the box are his failed attempts (shadow and golden freddy) and the last one is about melting the 5 into 1, which i think is the dismantled 4 being melted with bite victim body
in toy chica highschool years, which represents william, shows him with a bag that i think represents the box. the bag has 1 body part william didnt kill to get(bite victim) and then collects parts from every person he kills and puts them into the box
at the end of toy chica we see william with a bag full of parts saying things didnt work out as he wanted, but that tommorow is another day
i think this shows that william has bite victim in box(best left forgotten for now=until william knows how to put him together) and after he failed(golden freddy) he says tommorow is another day i know ill find the guy right for me. william is looking for way to put bite victim together
we also see william is working on human like robots in sister location (human heads) i think sister location is all about william putting bite victim together
in sister location we see the aftons represented by the funtimes. baby and ballora are elizabeth and ms afton. funtime foxy is mike (foxy mask"this stage was never big enough for the both of us") and that leaves funtime freddy and bon bon which represent bite victim and his fredbear plush
funtime freddy is built with a storage tank for a body, i believe funtime freddy was built to hold bite victims body that was in the box. funtime freddy is the only funtime that doesnt get controlled shocks.
funtime freddy takes over when ennard splits up with baby. ennard is when bite victim is put back together. william sends mike to sister location so bite victim (ennard) can use mikes skin to be free. bite victim is back in human body until mikes skin rots
after he seperates from baby, he becomes molten freddy, saying voicelines like funtime freddy who is made to say things like bite victim.
bite victim is represented on the afton poster by a bear with a party hat that looks like ennards, showing that he's molten freddy. on the poster baby has bite victim on a leash, like how baby was when she was in ennard, in the source code fight. every other afton on the poster is in fnaf 6 exept for bite victim unless he is molten freddy
i dont know how bite victim would be split into 4 (maybe the candy cadet stories meaning?) but i think molten freddy is definitly the bite victim
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2023.04.01 08:17 BadDragonTribal Every time we meme too hard about Colossal Dreadmaw, WotC releases another card trying to power creep it out.

Keep up the good work, dino tribal players are eating good. Soon there will be DOZENS of Dreadmaw initatos to fill out the 99 of my Rule 0 Collossal Dreadmaw EDH deck.
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2023.04.01 08:16 mechkeyboard7065 [Day 5] I’m trying free AI Text-to-Image Generating tools, so you don’t have to.

[Day 5] I’m trying free AI Text-to-Image Generating tools, so you don’t have to.
Day 1: AI Gallery Day 2: AI Input Day 3: Canva Day 4: Free Image AI
Day 5: IMG Creator (
Method: For each review, I use the same prompt (when possible).

Prompt: (I gave chatGPT a brief idea of what I wanted, and had it generate this text:)
As the sun descends below a picturesque California beach, it paints a warm orange hue over the sand and sea. In the foreground, a small, well-loved teddy bear rests abandoned on the beach with matted fur and frayed seams, having been forgotten by its young owner who likely wandered off to explore. Despite its neglected state, the teddy bear remains a symbol of comfort and companionship, a treasured childhood friend left behind in the rush of summer excitement. The gentle lapping of the waves and scattered shells and driftwood in the background allude to the natural beauty awaiting discovery along this serene coastline.
Image Result:

IMG Creator
Image output matches prompt: These are two of my favorite images so far, one almost looks as if it's from a storybook, and the other has a moody vignette which I like.
Cost: Free + There are a decent number of features available to free users.
Login Req'd: Signup is required, but easy.
Beginners: The graphic interface makes it easy use.
Advanced Features: 6 additional adjustments are available for free users (12 total for paid users)
Processing Time in Seconds: 23 Somewhat slow compared to others, but not terrible overall.
# of images: 2 I'm impressed by how good each image turned out.
Issues: -
Verdict: IMG Creator gives an impressive image output that matches the prompt and offers a decent number of features for beginners to experiment with. While the processing time may be somewhat slow compared to others, it's not too bad and still produces high-quality results.
Come back tomorrow when the 5 image generators go head-to-head with a comparison, and I give my top pick for best free ai image generator.
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2023.04.01 08:14 ODBMongoose A simple mans Guest Pro review for DCS

For starters, my system so we got that clear. I have a 13600K, 4080, NVME SSD and 64K 3200 RAM.
Ive started flying VR since 2020 when a lot of reading about headsets and the accessible price brought me to buy a G2. After some getting used to it, I sincerely felt it made DCS come to life. Also fly MSFS occasionally. Also enjoyed HL Alyx and some other adult titles...
Anyway, reading about the new generation of pancake lenses such as with the Pimax Crystal, made me read more about the various options and reviews. Apart from all the great visuals the G2 provided, I always felt that the very limited sweet spot ruined to experience. Reading about edge to edge clarity and great sweet spot in the Pimax, HTC and Quest Pro made me read about it more. When I saw the hands on of the Pimax on MRTV and Voodoo i was about to place a pre order when I read about the bad experiences people had with previous Pimax headsets and overpromising things. Also the huge weight made me doubt if I should press ahead with the reservation.
Then I stumbled across this review of a youtube guy called Lukas Wolta who sounded to make sense. He pointed out the Quest Pro is currently the best HMD for DCS out there. His logic made sense as he also tried all the other major competitors. He made a very solid case for the Pro and in contrast to the two German reviewers, he sounded a whole lote more pragmatic in his review. With the unclear dates, no consumer experience and poor reputation of Pimax and the lower price of the QP, I decided to buy. Also because the price is a bb it lower now. 1200 euros. After two days of using it for DCS mainly, here are my simple mans thoughts after coming from a G2.
Overall impression. Very solid build. Hand controllers a bit smaller than G2's but very solid and natural. The headset is heavier. 700 grams vs 550 of the Reverb G2. Sufficient accesories but no Link cable to connect the headset to PC with cable. So bought one. The headset has a battery at the back for standalone use but also as a kind of balance. Tracking is very good. Better than HP because now hand tracking also works when out of sight of HMD.
How it feels. Its heavier than a G2 for instance and you feel that. Also there is no band over you head to support the weigth but it just presses on your forehead. Its ok but something to get used to. After 2 hours I have a red spot on my forehead. Its a bit less comfortable than G2. There also is a big space below the headset so you can easily peak to the keyboard. The side covers that are supplied should be used. Else theres is just too much light coming in from the sides and bottom. Moving your head around quickly makes the Pro wobble a bit but not that much.
How it sounds. Just great. The little speakers are great. Volume is bit lower but lows are ok and sufficient. Better than G2 I think. Well done. They're placed a bit lower meaning you need to crank volume up bit more.
Interface and performance. The menus are clear and clean. They perform well and faster than a G2 for instance. Switching menus is very smooth. Ingame, whether standalone or via link cable, it is all super solid. No more crashes that I had with the G2 and windows mixed reality. You feel all is a lot more polished and software and hardware are more stable and powerful. I haven't had a crash since I installed the Pro, even after switching between DCS and Alyx and other stuff many times.
Battery life. So when you play lets say Steam games via the cable, the cable cannot provide sufficient power to prevent the battery from draining. That could be an issue with long flying sessions. Guess you could have 3 hours of gameplay with cable connected to pc. This is even less without cable in standalone mode. This apparently can be solved by buying a USB hub that is powered separately. Need to check this out still though. For now, approx 3 hours of simming is fine.
Image. So here is the deal. The Pro can be connected to PC by cable or WiFi. Both work kind of just fine but as a fan of flightsims I want the best resolution. As the Pro does not have a DisplayPort connection like the G2, youre left with suboptimal alternatives. From reading the webs I understand linking it with a fast quality USB cable provides the best result. The challenge here is that from the standard settings, the image stream via USB is so compressed, you need to force it to minimize compression with tools called OTT(oculus tray tool) and ODT (oculus debug tool). They work but it's not clear sometimes which one to use to do this optimization. It seems to mee OTT works best. Without this crucial optimization, the image is really bad. This is something Meta should add to the settings to make it easier. When that is done, the image is great and loads better than the G2. Brighter, more popping colours, edge to edge clarity and yesss, a huge sweet spot. Love it. Finally I can visually track an enemy in a close dogfight without losing it in the blur. I can also spot enemies faster because of the great contrast. The field of view is a bit better than the G2 but not by much. The resolution is a bit lower than G2 but not super noticable. In all, looking outside the cockpit is just a whole lot more enjoyable.
Negatives & conclusion. There are no real big downsides to the Pro. Yes it might be a bit less comfortable at times. Yes if youre super picky, you see a slightly lower resolution. It is still expensive indeed. And yes a DP connection would be great but in the end it's about image quality and overall experience. And that image is just really, really nice. It's just so more relaxing to the eyes. Along with the hassle free experience and stable performance id recommend this headset for everyone looking to upgrade from older Fresnel headset.
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