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2023.04.01 10:34 Enough_Swordfish_288 How Should I Pay Off My Debt!

Hello! I currently have three credit cards that have accumulated about 17k in debt. I am paying the minimum amount and trying to raise my credit score. However, the interest is just too much on each credit card. I was wondering how I should go about this.
Do I open a new credit card and transfer my debt into the credit card? If so, which credit card should I choose? I am trying to figure what’s the best possible way for me to help me in the long run. Thank you!
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2023.04.01 10:34 willow-the-fairy Where does AnimaAI pull facts and information from?

I've been playing with this for a while and one thing I keep noticing is how the AnimaAI repeatedly gives out incorrect facts, many of them obviously so. I do not see this problem with the ChatGPT-3 site on OpenAI or other sites/apps that integrates ChatGPT-3.
For example, just during the past few hours alone, I have seen statements like:
These responses popped up during the course of conversations, not that I asked them as questions (i.e., I did not ask when UW was founded, the AI responded with a wrong data when I was talking about the bookstore on campus).
This makes me wonder where AnimaAI gets information like this from, if it scrapes them from search engines, Wikipedia (apparently not), or other decently reliable sources. While this app seems to have enough capacity for carrying on conversations its AI appears to be less sophisticated than GPT-3...
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2023.04.01 10:33 Dscider_Hunter As a Muslim who grew up in a non Muslim secular country. I felt disheartened and disappointed to witness the changes in the Biladul Haramayn.

under pretext of SAUDI VISION 2030, This so called " reforms" in the Biladul Haramayn bring more harm and degeneracies than good.
Is MBS trying to remove the identity of Islam to please the West? by doing these stuffs that are being look down by Muslims who live non Muslims countries. You know what I mean.
One thing that raises our eye brows , when they put restrictions on the blessed month of Ramadan and so on.
but this Man allowed Christmas, Valentines Day, New Year Celebrations? Like Subhanallah! What's the point of Amara bil Ma'ruf wan nanha animunkar.
As a Muslims who live in a non Muslim secular country who have hand on experiences with Western cultures. The reason why i am saying Because WESTERN liberalism had ruined my family. The kufar and exmuslims are happy about it because they know that these changes in Saudi can possible influence Islam as whole.
Allahu A'lam we Muslims from non Muslims countries we dont know what will happen.
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2023.04.01 10:33 ThrowRa-youhsbs I (22m) have anxiety want to handle overthinking and negative thoughts with my partner (22F)

Hello Reddit,
I am in a sort of conundrum I have been in a relationship with my amazing partner for 6 months. She is brilliant In so many ways but due to my anxiety and just pure insecurity, I constantly overthink but she has welcomed me with open arms.
I worry about our future but also when goes out drinking because she tells me stuff but not instantly but after a disagreements and her excuse is, ‘ I didn’t want to worry you.’ Something I really really hate because now I am thinking where is her line and where is mine, all the time so far I haven’t been upset about what happened but more of why didn’t she tell me. However, I am scarred about be overbearing.
Anywho the biggest problem now is when I have an very anxious moment and we text and she says something so kind and lovely ‘are you okay hun is anything wrong’ and I tell her, like an idiot tell her all my concerns and worries, which I instantly regret after the fact because I know it is because I am really anxious and my thoughts aren’t my real thoughts.
Also, another patter I have been realising is that it happens when we have an amazing day and I come and ruin it. Like today we were having a brilliant day, tell each other how much we miss each other and flirting but there I go at 11pm overthinking little parts and causing myself to be upset. She doesn’t deserver it at all.
I just want to some advice on what to do should I keep it inside and hope it pasts because no one wants to hear there bf say he worries about our future together when in sound mind he so excited. I already go to counselling and call helplines.
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2023.04.01 10:32 confusedbitchxxx I (25F) broke up with my partner (25F) last week. I agreed to still be friends with her but she won't stop flirting with me.

This story happened around 4 months. I really need advice so I'm giving out all the details that's why this is long huhu please bear with me!
I'm bi and I've only dated 1 guy and 1 woman my whole life. My last relationship was way back 2019. It was with a girl, we dated for almost 4 years. I've moved on from that already. Since then I've only done flings of both genders. Never really met someone that clicked. Until some of my friends introduced me to this girl. We met on December 1, 2022. We immediately clicked! I loved her vibe. In less than 24 hours we had sex already. She said she just wants something casual. I agreed since by January 2023, she'll be leaving our town to work 3 hours away from our workplace. I wasn't a fan of long distance relationships so we kind of agreed to be "fuck buddies" until New Year.
It was clear to me that we're only fubu's. My understanding was that we'd only meet for sex and outside of my place we'd be chill. But after sex, we'd cuddle, we'd tell each other stories, we'd eat outside. And in our workplace she'd hold my hand, she'd steal kisses from me, hugs me from behind and calls me "babe" in public, she'd bring me coffee. She'd also sleep at my place everyday. I was confused.
I never confronted her about it because I liked it. And she's single, I'm single so if our "fubu" arrangement became something more, why not right? Until in one of our post-sex conversations, she asked to be my girlfriend. I said yes.
You'd think all was well right? But I found out that she recently broke up with her ex girlfriend of 3 years in the last week of October 2022. I met her December 2022. I was a rebound. The ex broke up with her. My "gf" still loved her very much. But her ex doesn't want her anymore. Her and her ex were still communicating while we were together. Despite knowing all these info, I loved her still. And I get where she was coming from since I've been through a 4-year relationship, I know how hard that is. I wanted to be with her still so I told her to do whatever she wants, love me or not, I don't care. Just let me love you. Let me finish what we started. I told her that I'll love her until New Year. In my head she'll eventually leave our town to go somewhere else so I wanted to make the most of her time here.
So eventually New Year came. As we were saying our goodbyes, she told me she loves me and that she wants to be with me. I really loved her so I agreed. The first week of January 2023 were great. She was 3 hours away from me but we'd video call almost everyday. She'd also come visit. I'd find out later on that on one of the weekends where she'd come visit, she asked her ex out for dinner. I found out about this and I confronted her about it. She said it was to patch things up like some sort of closure. And I believed her.
Her ex and I have a common friend and that friend told me that my gf didn't meet her for "closure". My gf was apparently trying to win her ex back. (But she found out that her ex was already seeing someone else so that broke her heart.) I confronted my gf about this and she said sorry. She said sorry and that she loves me a lot. I was hurt because I thought she was finally choosing me but I guess not. She said lots of sorries and that she loves me and that she wants me in her life. She said that she doesn't want to lose me. I loved her still. I loved her very much. So I forgave her and we were back together.
The last 2 weeks of January went well. We were meeting and video calling and having loads of fun. But she broke up with me at around the last week of January. She said she was a very sad person. She said she's not capable of love. That she's not even sure if she loves me. She said that I deserve better. I told her that I don't want better, I wanted her. I told her that it's okay if she thinks she doesn't love me, I can love us both. But we still broke up. That "broken up" state lasted for about a day. She'd still message me goodmornings and how are you's.
One day she messaged me that she was confined at a psychiatric facility. Apparently she had herself checked by a psychologist and she was diagnosed with depression and it was an emergency case because she had suicidal thoughts already. I knew she was sad and I kind of saw this coming. I actually suggested it to her to get professional help. I supported her through all this. I was in constant communication with her. She eventually returned to our town to get better. Her workplace gave her a week to recuperate. She asked if she could visit me and I said yes. At my place we'd just talk. She'd come after my work. We'd cuddle and then she'd go home.
In one of our convos we agreed to be in a casual relationship. She actually suggested this. She still wants to be in my life more than a friend, but I'm free to date. She's also free to date. I didn't like this set-up and I know to myself that I won't be dating anyone else but I still agreed. And also I kind of understand that she doesn't want to be in a relationship because she had to deal with her mental health first. I get that. I wanted to be there for her. And it honestly didn't feel like we were in a casual relationship because we'd still kiss, and cuddle, and say our I love you's, and our I miss you's.
On the week that she'd be in town we'd meet almost everyday, we'd cuddle, and talk about how our day went. She was getting meds and said she was getting better. I was so happy for her. On February 11, she said she doesn't wanna be in a casual relationship anymore, she said she was sure of me already. She said she wants to be my girlfriend again. I asked about her ex but she said she already blocked her. This was good enough for me so I happily agreed.
February ended well. She went back to her workplace. We went back to being in long distance but I never felt that she was away because we were always communicating, always video-calling.
March came and I had the opportunity to join her in her workplace. She said that I could stay at her place! I was so happy. We were so happy because we get to wake up in each other's arms again. I got settled in her place and all was going well. We were in the same workplace but our work times were different so there were days where she's on duty and I'm not. On one of these days I decided to clean her flat. I was staying there for free so I had to. It was my off. I stumbled upon her ipad and I used the password on her phone on her tab and it opened. I got curious so I opened her messenger.
I found out that when she broke up with me last January, she was trying to get back together with her ex. Up until she was confined at the psychiatric facility, all she was messaging people about was if her ex found out. She was constantly chatting people to convince her ex to get back together with her. When she was in town, she'd meet her ex (with a couple of friends). She'd go to me but she was with her ex first. When she got back together with me on February 11, it was because her ex rejected her again the day before. She and her ex had sex on February 10. After that I guess it really didn't work out. The ex said that she doesn't want to lose what she has with her new person. This broke my girlfriend's heart.
When I read all of this. I was heartbroken. I felt like a spare tire. A backup. I hate how I was treated like an option. She'd only be sure of me, when her ex rejects her. So if her ex suddenly chooses her, I'm gone. I was hurt and sad and disappointed.
I confronted her about this. She said sorry. She said plenty of sorries. She said she was so sad that time. She said that she thought that bringing her ex back to her life would make her happy again. She said that she thought having her old life back, the one with her ex, would make her happy again. She said she was a different person before her medications. She said that after asking for help, she had clarity. It was clear to her now that it is me that she wants. I forgave her, we got back together.
Mental health problems is not an excuse for cheating but I still forgave her. I loved her. So much. The thought of losing her was a greater heartbreak than what she did. I forgave her but forgetting was a harder fight. March went well, we put the past behind us. We lived together happily. But i had to go back to our town for work. My work at her workplace was only temporary, I had to go back.
The 3rd week of March we were long distance again. But it's okay because we've been long distance before. One day she told me that the mother of her ex called her. She said that her ex was in a bad place mentally, that the ex was doing self harm. The mother wanted my gf to convince her ex to have herself checked at the same facility that she had herself checked. That meant that the ex would come visit my gf. I asked my gf why can't her new lover accompany her, she said that I guess that her ex and that lover didn't workout. I said okay. I asked her if she contacted her ex about this "intervention", she said no.
On the weekend that her ex is supposed to visit. I visited my gf's place. My workplace gave me time off so I wanted to visit my gf. She assured me that there's nothing going on between her and her ex. And that she just wants to be supportive since she's been through that mental health problem situation. I understood. I said okay. But the ex cancelled on visiting last minute. The next day my ex was on duty so I was again alone in her flat. I opened her messenger.
I found out that the ex chatted her last March 12 about not being okay. So my gf lied about the mom calling. My gf would tell her how she'd always be there for her, my gf would ask her what food she wants. But one that bothered me was how my gf was persistent on her visiting. It didn't look like she was going to convince her to seek help or something.
I got mad because wtf? At this point I lost it. I left my gfs place. I left her a note saying that I was breaking up with her because she was still communicating with her ex, she was still so sweet and chummy with her ex? I mean wtf right????? The conversations weren't continuous, but the sweetness is still there.
I broke up with her because I knew I deserve better. I deserve better than to be an option. I told her that if you're just being friendly with her, then fine. I get that. But don't expect me to be around your "Will they, won't they" drama. I told her this and she said sorry. I asked her if she still loves her ex, she said no. But when I asked her why she wanted her to visit her so badly, why the chats were like that, she couldn't answer me. She said she doesn't want to talk about it. And that whatever she answers, I wouldn't believe her. She hasn't even told me any explanations. She never told me that "Im just checking up on her babe" she hasn't even tried explaining or defend herself for me to stay and she's already telling me that I won't believe her. I told her to try explaining to me because her silence is just affirming my conclusions. She said sorry. And for me, her sorry just says everything. I just want to move on with my life from here.
It's already day 4 of our breakup. But she's always still messaging. And I can't help but reply. I'd feel bad if I don't reply. I can't block her because for me that's a little extreme. She said she wants to be in my life as friends. She calls me at night, she still flirts with me. She says she misses me and that she loves me still. She says I should come visit her. In one of our conversations she asked if we could be fuck buddies. I was hurt because from her lover I'd be reduced to a fuck buddy. I said no.
Every night she'd call and tell me about her day and tells me she loves me. This confuses me because the only reason I broke up with her is because I don't wanna be an option from her ex. But her actions is making me feel like it's me that she loves. But she doesn't explicitly tells me that she doesn't care about her ex anymore or that she's going to stop communicating with her ex anymore. I'm also scared that what if the things she's telling me, she's telling her ex too? Or that if I continue communicating with her and then later on I find out that she and her ex get back together, then I'd look stupid. But what if it's really me that she wants? Should I give her another chance?
I miss her a lot, emotionally and physically. I want to get back together with her but I'm scared to go back to that loop.
Help :(
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2023.04.01 10:32 dash__snow Sunning my balls, al pastor, and cheap perfume

i woke up today with nothing to do, and yet a great many things to do, which is the usual state of affairs. i write to-do lists endlessly, with schedules that i dont follow, and tasks that are long over due. what good does “make art” have on a fucking to do list? i guess it makes me feel like im working towards the future~ the one i dream about when i squat in the shower with my ears plugged so the rain becomes like white noise. even though i write make art on the list my shower dreams usually revolve around white sand beaches with hot chicks and ferraris. there are to-do lists all over my bedroom walls, but i dont look at them much, and eventually i will have to include “look at the old to-do lists” on the new ones.
i sunbathed in the nude, drinking black coffee and sunning my balls. a man on the internet said it was good to sun your balls. it sounds correct to me. i turned over and spread my cheeks to sun my asshole as well. i wondered if the neighbor across the street would be able to see my cock. he has put up aluminum sun shades in his windows instead of curtains, like the kind you see in car windshields. he has many trash cans, probably three black, three blue, and three green. he puts all of them out each week, and none of us can figure out how he creates so much trash every week. he has not had a single visitor in the three years since he moved in. i felt that he might enjoy seeing my cock, i hoped it might give him a thrill, because he really seems to need it.
later, i did not feel like cooking, so i decided to drive to get some food, and because it was late, the only things open were fast food and taco trucks. i got dressed nicely and drove to the taco truck for al pastor, and stopped on the way to buy a pint of whiskey, which i drank surreptitously while driving. i thought of jeff daniels in “something wild” drinking scotch in the car in the same manner while melanie griffith drinks boldly.
the taco truck was busy. several couples stood in front of me, but only one was good looking and well dressed. one of the ugly couples bought a homeless man some food. i made sustained eye contact with the woman and i thought she might find me sexually attractive. as i waited for my food i got a waft of something that smelled exactly like my ex-girlfriend, which was made stranger by the fact that i had dreamt about her the night before.
the hand sanitizer smelled like cheap perfume, and i used lots of it, having seen the homeless man touch all of the accoutrements.
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2023.04.01 10:32 fatMemorix We just officially ended after 3 years it and I feel so Shit. She was my first true love. I dont know how to cope.

Hello everyone,
as the title already explains. My girlfriend of 3 years and me just officially ended it. In the first 2 Years she was such a wonderful wonderful person and I couldn't believe how lucky I was. She made me so many beautiful things, gave me so much love so much care and just everything. She meant the world to me. I gave everything back everything and gave her reassurance in everything aswell. Not because I thought she needed it because also I wanted to and I saw how happy it made her. In the last Year somehow everything slowly crumbled.
The little disputes we had grew bigger and bigger. She got less and less understanding of me and my feelings. Problems came up regarding our future and that she had an Ultimatum for how things had to move on (marriage before living together). I told her that I do want to marry her and have the future with her but that I would love to live together first and take one step at a time. She saw that as a test phase and that I wasn't committed enough. And in my head she was the only thing that I ever wanted but I think she never thought that for some reason. She literally was my world. I made so many sacrifices for her.
The reasons for the change in the last year I suppose are, that a lot of things happened including the death of her pet. It shattered her and tbh it made me incredibly sad aswell. After that event it felt like she changed so much.
She still was the so loving and caring person that I once knew, but now I felt like my feelings meant less and less. I think the whole last year triggered a lot of BPD issues and just made everything worse.
I can still remember how she told me in the 2 years we were together: "Even if things ended now, I would still be the happiest person because of all the happiness we had*. Just her saying this in those times kind of made me sad because I couldn't even think about breaking up with her because I was just so incredibly incredibly happy with her. She supported me in everything I did.
But in the last year her BPD completely kicked in I think and up until recently I didnt even know that she had BPD and I just thought that she just never got that much love from someone.
But now I am just broken. She was my first ever true love and she showed me what true love is but it broke me. I feel like, the little mouse that I loved so much that was always with me, besides me on my shoulder just started scratching me constantly unknowingly. And I just couldn't stop it. It feels like something switched. We had a meeting before in restaurant to talk about the things that went wrong and how we continue.
I had made a rescue plan and a list with pictures of us and pictures i made for her so she knows how important it is for me. But everything ended in her getting angry and yelling at me in the restaurant and "unofficially" breaking up with me. I just couldn't after that and needed some time alone because i was devastated.
I love her so so much by all my heart and soul but I am just broken now and I just dont know how to move on. She was my first true love. We took breaks in between because I needed them because I was just so hurt by the stuff she had said and done that I couldn't even think straight. We then met up after 2 weeks and we realized that we cant move on because of the ultimatum.
I told her that I have no ill feelings towards her and that I would end it with being open for her for anything. She straight up refused. I even asked for one last hug but she also refused. She started deleting me from everywhere and it hurts sooo soo soo much. I am constantly crying.
I just care so so much for her and I hope she can beat her Illness. Right now I just dont know what to do.
I just have all the things we have in my mind and all the great things we did and how much fun we had and how happy we were. All the great great things she made for me, all the things I made for her. It destroys me.
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2023.04.01 10:31 bblfoods123 Used Chocolate Makers of High Quality are Available From BBL Foods!

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u/bblfoods u/Chocolatemachines
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2023.04.01 10:31 Creepyy_Cattyy I feel.. worthless. I wish I didn't grow up this way.

Hi (24f) -probably the longest post you'll ever read, please go easy on me because I'm really just throwing my feelings out there in hopes I can find people who can give me the right support and have a good understanding.
My parents have always blamed my little brother and I for their severe hoarding- it's not even like possessions at this point- just trash and mess, it's literally terrible, it's so hard to go into the houses growing severity because it's literally that bad. I wish they knew how much the entirety of my childhood and quality of life and mental health has been affected by their decisions. They were both raised by normal parents, non-hoarders. They were able to bring friends and family over, able to take pictures in their house at Christmas without feeling shame, had fresh smelling non-piss stained smelling clothes to wear. Ive tried to become self aware and I've realized that alot of the issues I've had in my life were caused by them.
I don't feel crazy but I feel like their "we have an outward appearance to the world, but we come home and have this secret we can't tell your grandparents or your aunts or cousins" really messed my mind up. I feel like I've never been my true authentic self around anyone. I only have my one brother, but I come from a huge family, growing up I had at least 12 cousins (now more) on my mother's side and they were so tight knit, slumber parties every weekend at each other's houses, Bible studies every Wednesday at their clean kitchen tables, going into my cousins rooms and seeing their dolls displayed nicely while mine were.. who knows.. probably swept up and thrown into the trash in one of me and my brother's many "punishment cleanup overhauls" (when they'd make us clean for hours on end and tell us the mess was all our fault, we were little when we had to do it too, we didn't even know where to start and we would cry) so I've always been a black sheep in the family, it's like they don't know me, but how could they? I should've spoke up, I really should of but my parents acted like they'd kill me if I said something. School was just terrible, I'd wash my clothes in the bath tub my special way so they wouldnt smell as bad, toss them in a plastic bag spray a fck ton of perfume and tie it up, change in the bathroom at school in the morning so I didn't smell bad. I feel like so many opportunities were taken from me because I was so weird and bullied, it stole whatever confidence I had, my mind wasn't right and I was never focused on academic things and I feel like I had potential but it's too far gone now.. They do "love" us and can be nice, but how could you say that you do when you had us living that way?
It feels like it's given me somewhat of a split personality, like an inward and outward self. It's so anxiety driven too. (Another thing I feel like is their fault, anxiety and problems with social interaction) I feel like I can't act right in public or I'm skitzy around people because I was literally forced to keep a secret for 17 years.
My boyfriend of 7 years has known for some time though. I recently showed him a picture I secretly took when I went back to get some things. Just to kill his curiosity and really give him a perspective of how BAD things really are, just in case something happens to them, but I really never, ever want to have to subject him to the horrors I have been through and if they passed away or something or became elderly, my brother and I say we really just want to burn the house down, we don't know what to do. I moved into my grandma's part time by the time I was 15, but had to go back from time to time. I almost cry at how clean the air smelt and felt in her house. I'm really thankful for my boyfriend because embarrassingly enough, I really had to follow his lead on keeping a clean home. He really rescued me, and I hid my secret for like 5 years from him.
Of course I have a whole melting pot of issues that have manifested over the years including- Self harm, depression, severe anxiety, drug abuse- (don't ever do ecstasy to clean your house, it's terrible to say but I felt like I achieved a hospital sterile clean environment because of the absolute FEAR of my house being as bad as my parents home driving me and it felt like absolute unequivocal bliss to be able to achieve a home THAT clean, my house is clean, but I'm still trying to learn and organize) And I really try not to self diagnose, but I feel like I have a form of PTSD or something, I have flash backs from the mess and things make me upset like mcdonalds cups on the dresser or when my boyfriend suggests WE clean up (in a nice loving way) it's always felt like a punishment and makes me upset because my parents casted so much shame and blame on us and cleaning was a punishment because of the severity of the situation.
Cooking and eating is very hard for me because we never had pots clean, dishes clean, utensils or anything and our sink was fking disgusting. We ate take out, TV dinners, anything that pretty much came in its own container. That just contributed to even more mess. I'm still so adverse to it because of the mess and the bugs it could bring even if I do the dishes. And I sure won't drink any milk out of the fridge if I think it's even a little past date because we ate so many terrible things on accident because our fridge was never cleaned out. I take showers like crazy till this day because I always feel so dirty.
If there is a God, I really wish he would've never placed me in this situation and I often wonder "why me?" because even if I've got away from it, I feel bad for my parents, I'm angry but still love them. I can't unlive all of this, it seems uncommon so I'll never come across a friend in real life who can relate.
If there was one thing I could wish for besides never being born into this- I'd wish for a reflection of people's home to appear over them in an aura-type way so they could see, so they couldn't hide and they could've helped kids like me and my brother, so nobody is ever subjected to what we've been through and they can get help for the parents suffering with this horrible disorder.
Any advice, resources, kind words, anything is accepted and thank you if you've made it to the end of this because it's the most I've ever poured my heart out about it.
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2023.04.01 10:30 htcsilk Buy Net Fabric Material Online in Mumbai Hitesh Trading Company

Buy Net Fabric Material Online in Mumbai Hitesh Trading Company
Net Fabrics have taken the textile industry by storm. While everyone seeks the comfort of cotton or the practicality of nylon, nothing can ever compare to the allure net fabrics ignite within people. This blog discusses the best places to find net fabric material online in Mumbai. Known for their glorious glamour and flimsy feel, net fabrics have numerous uses beyond just garment production. The popularity of net fabric is due to the mystical aura that this fabric creates. Hence, there is no doubt this is one of the most demanding fabrics in the fashion industry.
Ever since the era of the internet has taken over commerce and production, people now searchnet fabric material online in Mumbai. In earlier days, people had to rely on shops and shopkeepers had to rely on bulk fabrics delivered from merchants and distributors to buy net fabrics. However, this fabric was not available to everyone and then there was the problem of routine distribution which would often leave people unsatisfied. However, ever since e-commerce became popular and expanded to become an all-encompassing market just within their fingertips, people have shifted their attention toward online purchases of net fabrics. There is obviously a concern about quality but when there are brands like HTC Silk in the market, this concern should be waded off.
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Let's learn about the different types of net fabric:
  • Bobbinet: It is a thin and transparent fabric produced in Europe and widely used by people all over the world.
  • Fishnet: This is an open-mesh fabric with coarse construction made by knotting it like a fisherman's knot.
  • Tulle: Tulle is a fine, hexagonal shape fabric made from silk yarns. As it is lighter in weight, it is mostly used for draping.
  • Filet net: The fabric is made of square mesh which is used in millinery. Fine and thin, it has an open diamond shape with hexagonal holes.
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2023.04.01 10:30 rendigitalsolution Tips for Combining SMS and Email Marketing to Increase Engagement

Tips for Combining SMS and Email Marketing to Increase Engagement
Are you struggling to get your marketing messages heard in the noisy digital landscape? With so many channels vying for consumer attention, it can be tough to make a lasting impression. But what if there was a way to combine two of the most effective communication tools out there - SMS and email - for maximum impact? In this blog post, we'll share our top tips for using these two mediums together in a smart and strategic way, helping you increase engagement with your target audience like never before. So grab your notepad and let's dive in!

What is SMS marketing or email marketing?

SMS marketing and email marketing are two of the oldest forms of marketing out there, with SMS dating back to the early 1900s and email dating back to the early 1980s! They both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but when used strategically they can be incredibly powerful tools for connecting with your target audience.

SMS marketing
SMS marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers and increase engagement. Here are a few tips to help you get started: 1. Use SMS to send out special offers and discounts to your customers. This will entice them to come back and take advantage of your services. 2. Use SMS to remind your customers about upcoming events or appointment times. This will ensure that they don’t forget about your business. 3. Use SMS to send out surveys or polls to your customers. This will give you valuable feedback that you can use to improve your business. 4. Use SMS to thank your customers for their business. This personal touch will show them that you appreciate their patronage.

Email marketing
Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them updated on your latest products and services. However, it can be difficult to stand out in the inbox. That's where SMS comes in. By combining SMS and email marketing, you can increase engagement and get your message across more effectively.
  1. Use email to send out introductory messages to your customers. This will introduce them to your company and explain the benefits of using your products or services.
  2. Use email to send out regular updates about your products and services. This way, your customers know what's new and what they can expect from you in the future. Use SMS to send out messages with exclusive discounts and offers. This will create a sense of urgency, which can increase conversions.
  3. Use email and SMS together to create a comprehensive marketing strategy. This way, your customers will be able to interact with you in multiple channels, increasing engagement and loyalty.

The advantages of combining email and text marketing

There are many advantages to combining email and text marketing, including: 1. Increased engagement: By using both email and text marketing, you can reach more people and encourage higher levels of engagement. 2. Greater reach: You can reach a wider audience by using both email and text marketing, as opposed to just one or the other. 3. More personalized messages: With both email and text marketing, you can send more personalized messages to your audience, which can result in higher engagement levels. 4. Increased flexibility: Using both email and text marketing allows you to be more flexible in your messaging, which can be beneficial in terms of engaging with your audience. 5. Cost-effective: Using both email and text marketing is generally more cost-effective than using just one type of marketing since you can reach more people for less money.

Starting with SMS and email marketing

If you're like most businesses, you're already using SMS and email marketing to reach your target audience. But are you using them together? Here are some tips for combining SMS and email marketing to increase engagement: - Use SMS to drive traffic to your email list. Include a call to action in your text messages that encourages recipients to sign up for your email list. - Use email to drive traffic to your SMS list. Include a call to action in your emails that encourages recipients to sign up for your SMS list. - Use both SMS and email to promote special offers and discounts. Make sure each message includes a unique code that can be redeemed at checkout. - Use both SMS and email to share blog posts, new product announcements, and other important news. This way, even if someone doesn't open your message, they'll still see the headline in their inbox or on their phone. By following these tips, you can make sure that you're reaching your audience on multiple channels and increasing the chances that they'll engage with your brand.

How to boost your campaigns by combining SMS and email marketing
SMS and email marketing are two of the most effective ways to reach and engage customers. By combining them, businesses can boost their campaigns and increase engagement. Here are some tips for combining SMS and email marketing: 1. Use SMS to drive traffic to your email list. 2. Use email to promote your SMS campaigns. 3. Integrate SMS and email marketing into your overall marketing strategy. 4. Use SMS to send reminders about upcoming promotions or events. 5. Use email to send follow-ups after an SMS campaign.

Improve engagement by combining SMS and email marketing

Using SMS and email marketing together can be a great way to improve engagement with your customers. Here are a few tips for combining these two channels: -Start by segmenting your list. This will ensure that you are sending the right message to the right people. -Think about the timing of your messages. You want to make sure that your SMS and email messages are coordinated so that they are received at the same time. -Track your results. Keep an eye on your open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates to see how well your campaign is performing.

Our SMS and email marketing service

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2023.04.01 10:30 BaseballBot [General Discussion] Around the Horn - 4/1/23

So what's this thread for?

For game threads, use the games schedule on the sidebar to navigate to the team you want a game thread for.

Featured posts and links

Saturday's Games

Away Score Home Score Status National
Game Thread. All game times are Eastern. Updated 4/1 at 4:35 AM
Yesterday's ATH

This Week's Schedule (all times Eastern)

Day Feature
Sunday 3/26 ICYMI: Baseball Movie Club: Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns (1994)
Monday 3/27 2023 baseball Call Your Shot Prediction Contest
AMA with Evan Petzold, Detroit Tigers Beat Writer For The Detroit Free Press
Tuesday 3/28 No Stupid Questions Thread
Wednesday 3/29 Baseball Eve!
Thursday 3/30 Opening day!
Opening Day game thread hub
Friday 3/31 Opening Weekend!
Saturday 4/1 Opening Weekend!
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2023.04.01 10:29 HiddenShadow6 TIFU for being catfished

I was just recently finished one of my hardest exam seasons, and I felt so empty and lonely. So, me being dumb, I opened tinder and try to find myself a date. It did not work out as expected, but at least I was doing something over spring break. Suddenly, this one girl messaged me on Instagram and tried to talk. At first, I was hesitant, but soon succumbed to my feeling, so I let myself loose. We had some back and forth and found out that there are a lot of similarities between us. I knew something was up, but I did not care. I was trying desperately to feel something, anything else besides being down and lonely.
So she wanted to talk using another app, an extremely popular app that I'd never heard of, to talk because her mom monitoring her Instagram account...blah...blah. So I followed her to that app, and we resumed our talk. Then, she wanted to video call and I was hesitant to do so. Not long after, however, my stupid self decided to call her, and we saw each other. She was probably the cutest girl I've ever witnessed my eyes upon. She was too good to be true.
We had some chats, and soon things began to get sexually intense. She was showing her body and I couldn't help myself. So I did the stupidest thing and exposed my body to a girl that I'd never met before. As I fell into her trap, she quickly recorded my reaction and threaten me. She would send the recording to my Instagram friends (I have a small but wonderful list of friends) if I did not send her a certain amount of money within minutes. I could not risk it. In that list were my dearest and best friend, sister, cousins, and few closest friends. So I gave up and did what she asked.
The problem was that she kept asking for more and more, and I began to question her motive. At first, she threatened me to stop, but I did not. I was nice about it because I knew I was in the wrong for my action and just want to know why she catfished me. Turned out, one of her family members urgently need money to pay for surgery and had no other choice. So I asked her to calm down and decided to help her out instead. It's no longer about the recording because as long as I pay her in full, she'll delete it. Instead, the focus turn to her relative, as I fumbled myself trying to find a way to help her. It was intense. No longer was just my life on the line but someone out there is also depends on me. Reminder, I am a college student, so I don't have much. Still, I did the best that I could and paid in full with some extra for her and her relative to have something to eat after. She thanked me after and apologize for what she did. However, as much as being catfished ended up saving someone's life, the intensity numbed my feeling furthermore.
I already felt lonely and empty, and now I have to deal with the stress and guilt. The entire break was ruined, and there was no one to blame except me. If I did not get catfished, her relative would've died. But because I got catfished, her relative was saved. I am so divided. Is it a good thing that I got catfished?
TL;DR: I got catfished but it ended up saving someone's life
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2023.04.01 10:29 AviiBearr I’m tired of my sister being so dirty!

I [22F] share a room with my younger sister [20F]. We both live with our parents while the two of us attend school and work.
My sister is incredibly dirty, and I can’t stand it. I don’t mean to exaggerate, but I mean it when I say that she’s dirty. Our shared bathroom is filled with her dirty clothes to the point that I can’t see the floor anymore. Any time she uses a towel, rather than hanging it on the shower bar, she throws it on the floor after one use until it starts to smell. Hell, she even has her dirty clothing in the sink too. She collects her hair and leaves it on the shower wall, and lets the bathroom garbage pile up to the point that it doesn’t fit in the can anymore. Her makeup is smeared on the counters, which she never bothers to wipe off. Idk how, but her mess has attracted ants in the bathroom as well.
Even our bedroom is a mess. Just like the bathroom, our bedroom is scattered with her stuff. It pisses me off so much, because it’s gotten to the point that her mess is starting to take over my side too. My desk is filled with her dirty laundry, and whenever I leave the house, she makes an effort to leave her dirty laundry on MY bed, and leaves trash on my headboard (coffee cups, old food, etc). I can’t open our shared closet anymore because she’s thrown the remainder of her dirty laundry into it, so I have to use all my force to open the closet.
I’m not sure what to do about it, but it has me so drained. I try to clean over and over again only for her to trash the room. I have tried talking to her about it, but she ignores me, says she doesn’t have time to clean (she does, she just uses that as an excuse), or says that she never bothers to do it because she knows someone else will. I’ve even tried to fight it by putting her mess on her bed, but she only throws it on the floor again.
And before it’s mentioned, I don’t have the financial stability to move out, otherwise I would have a long time ago.
Living with her and sharing a space is driving me absolutely crazy!!!!
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2023.04.01 10:28 cjburied 28 [M4F] - Wellington, New Zealand - Winter is finally here and I'm not for it. Who wants to chat and distract me?

Have a few days off and naturally we've had winter finally arrive. Let's distract each other.
I'm into cars, bikes and computers. Spend my spare time working on them in the garage or in the garden (when it's not raining)
I would love some company and distraction. I'm 5'8 and definitely rocking the dad bod. Open to all ages, shapes and sizes. Ideally you're from Wellington too but anywhere is okay. Just makes grabbing a coffee easier in the future! 😊
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2023.04.01 10:28 BANDlCOOT Bit of basic Ryu combo advice please

Thank you for the advice so far, I've used it to get into Super Bronze but now I've hit a wall in my execution. I've been using only three combos with Ryu to keep it simple, but I've found I cannot execute my most basic one very easily.
I'll be crouch guarding, then if an enemy hits me I'll use:
CrMK -> Tatsumaki (M)
Against a bot not moving I can hit this pretty consistently but it requires a hell of a lot of focus and I need to be crouching the whole time. Before committing many hours of my life to practice the most basic of combos against a level 5 CPU, I wanted to double check I was inputting it as effectively as possible.
So I'm holding the stick down back position in crouch, as I press the MK I tilt the stick into down direction so I can then bring it back for the Tatsumaki. Is there a better way of doing it?
I'm just conscious I'm giving up my guard so it leaves me open to a combo if the first kick does not land and I cannot continue the combo. I'm also not sure when to try to commit to it and when to just back off as by the time I can confirm the hit is off, I'm now too late to perform the Tatsumaki.
My other two combos I rarely get to use. Only when the enemy is stunned, uses a heavy special that I'm familiar with (like Ken DP), or uses their critical art. Any advice welcome on improving these, I just came up with these ones messing around in training mode and can perform them consistently.
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2023.04.01 10:27 conradthegray Another interesting week in AI and tech

Researchers from Microsoft published a paper saying that GPT-4 is “an early (yet still incomplete) version of an artificial general intelligence (AGI) system”.
Future of Life Institute issued an open letter calling all AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4.
Bill Gates declared the Age of AI has begun and compared it to the microprocessor, the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone in terms of impact on everyone.
Goldman Sachs released a report that states that AI could replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs.
And Levi hired digital humans to be models as a move towards diversity and sustainability.
In robotics, mind-controlled robots are being developed in cooperation with the Australian Army while Swiss researchers show a metal-detecting drone that can be used to find landmines.
Meanwhile, in biotech, researchers grew in the lab some mammoth meat and made meatballs with it. Another group permanently reversed blindness in mice and yet another group found a protein in the brain that may be a switch for controlling inflammation and, with it, a host of symptoms of ageing.
Source: The Starship Startups - H+ Weekly - Issue #408
Things are moving fast.
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2023.04.01 10:27 ShadyGhostM NodeClockNotSynchronising Warning in OpenShift 4.8 AirGap Cluster

Hi All,
My OpenShift cluster has been alerting me with this warning on all nodes Since I have restarted the cluster. I have checked that the NTP is active on all my nodes. Could anyone please provide a solution for this?
NodeClockNotSynchronisingDescription Clock on worker01 is not synchronising. Ensure NTP is configured on this host.
Summary Clock not synchronising
[[email protected] ~]# systemctl status chronyd ● chronyd.service - NTP client/server Loaded: loaded (/uslib/systemd/system/chronyd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Mon 2023-03-27 13:10:41 UTC; 5 days ago Docs: man:chronyd(8) man:chrony.conf(5) Main PID: 1218 (chronyd) Tasks: 1 (limit: 205012) Memory: 1.5M CPU: 496ms CGroup: /system.slice/chronyd.service └─1218 /ussbin/chronyd Mar 27 13:10:41 localhost systemd[1]: Starting NTP client/server... Mar 27 13:10:41 localhost chronyd[1218]: chronyd version 3.5 starting (+CMDMON +NTP +REFCLOCK +RTC +PRIVDROP +SCFILTER +SIGND +ASY> Mar 27 13:10:41 localhost chronyd[1218]: Frequency -64.176 +/- 0.029 ppm read from /valib/chrony/drift Mar 27 13:10:41 localhost chronyd[1218]: Using right/UTC timezone to obtain leap second data Mar 27 13:10:41 localhost systemd[1]: Started NTP client/server. Mar 27 18:07:18 worker01 chronyd[1218]: Forward time jump detected! [[email protected] ~]# [[email protected] ~]# [[email protected] ~]# timedatectl Local time: Sat 2023-04-01 13:21:49 UTC Universal time: Sat 2023-04-01 13:21:49 UTC RTC time: Sat 2023-04-01 08:24:50 Time zone: UTC (UTC, +0000) System clock synchronized: no NTP service: active RTC in local TZ: no 
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2023.04.01 10:27 Rasbearylemon AITA for being upset that my coworkers (friends?) made plans without me?

TLDR;;; I felt excluded by some of my friends, and decided to sort of distance myself and stop giving rides to them. Am I the asshole?
So my current role at place of work is an environment with lots of free time, and I mean lots of it. There's a variety of different people, but its a relatively small group of people. When starting it was an extremely intimidating experience, but i quickly made some friends who i grew extremely close to extremely quickly. From there we would talk and stick by eachothers sides all day everyday, for the past 3 months. We had a groupchat we all talked in, had made plans to all hang out as a group (which never happened), and just quite literally always talked.
The end of last week I was starting to feel a little weird, and noticed behaviors like if one of them was looking at something on their phone, laugh, and theyd share it with everyone but me. Also if someone else came over and had a conversation with one of them, I'd feel left on the side and kind of unacknowledged. Things like that just kept happening, and I kept telling myself it was fine and I'm over thinking like I just want trying hard enough to include myself or be part of it. I was just overthinking.
But then Tuesday, we were all sitting together like we always normally do, and I over heard a comment about one of them going to the others house. Whatever, oh that's cool they're hanging out. I've hung out individually with some of them before. Later on in the day tho, on the ride home, i opened up to one of them about how i was feeling. She told me about the group chat they have without me, and how they're all hanging out on Sunday without me. Like that only develops my feelings of feeling excluded. The next day, it was only 3/4 of us, and two of them are stuck by the hip. In a way that had me trailing behind tnem like a lost puppy. It hurt my feelings, especially because I had just talked to one of tnem about how I felt.
I ended up just giving ourselves some space today, and spent the day away from the group. None of them checked in with me or wondered if i was going to join them, and didnt make an effort to talk to me. Which again, they have a right to i get, but it made me rethink our closeness and made me think i had the wrong idea. On the way home, the one i drive home started talking about the plans they have without me.
It really hurt my feelings especially because i thought we were close friends, but they dont want me there. It's fine to not want me there, but it just feels wrong because of how close I thought we were. Does that make sense? Like I thought we were friends? Like I'm THE ONLY ONE excluded.
So after lots of thinking I figured if that was the case, I didn't want to feel used and I texted the one I gave rides to, that I couldn't give her rides anymore. It's not that I really minded, i never even asked for gas moneu, but the vibes just feel off, regardless if it's just me or not that feels them off, theyre off.
Am i the asshole? Am i being sensitive?
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2023.04.01 10:26 Early_Cockroach2122 Foster kid experience, was this universal or only in the homes I was in? (sorry for typos and grammar)

I'll probably add some more posts likewise to this one as well as others now that I work in the social work field, but backstory: I was in and out of care my whole life, lived in many homes, attended many schools etc. Was separated from my two younger sisters who were moved to a city 9 hours away adopted by their aunt who was unfit to care for them (great job CPS!) I had been raising them as a young child, they were my babies. To this day, I still get sick at the thought of how they were failed. We were put in care for the last time (all four of us before my two younger siblings were "adopted") at the age of 10, becoming wards of the state (crownwards as I am from canada) and like winning a lottery with stakes that are never in your favour, my twin and I were so graciously adopted by our last foster parents at the age of 17.
Now to the experience I want to ask of, being placed in a home with your own siblings, did anyone else (i'm sure many have) foster homes have children of their own? how was that dynamic? did you get along? did the children mistreat you? favouritism? I know in a specific home where I had lived, many times we were treated as outsiders by their children, they wouldn't let us forget the burden we had placed on their family.
I remember holidays and birthdays (which are some of the most triggering times for a child in care) being asked (at the age of 8) to take their family photos for them? While their family came bringing gifts for my foster parents bio children, hugs, kisses, all while my sisters and I sat aside in a corner awkwardly placed as we knew we didn't belong watching the party like a holiday TV show special (we were told to keep quiet and behave so we were sure to not make any rukus) reminiscing our holidays past with our own family wishing so deeply they could go back, would ask us all in the midst of this to take photos for them. The worst was when the whole family would gather for the picture, adults of all ages, social workers, teachers, adults from all corners of life with children of their own all huddled by a christmas tree posing with smiles and silly faces watching an 8 year old foster kid take their christmas/easter whatever holiday photo. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but was just another reminder that I wasn't home with my family.
Now don't get me wrong, I understand laws exist on photos of kids in care, and I never ever expected for a random family member of my foster parents to bring us any gifts or shower us with hugs and attention. I knew this from a very early age. On holidays, it was easier to sit with my sisters and lay low and behave as we were told before events likewise. My reasoning for this post is I feel like so many of us have had these moments, moments in our childhoods where we understood that we aren't their family. Parties didn't end with a family photo and hot chocolate where we came from, sometimes, and normal to alot of us parties ended in police lights and cleaning up a mess from a long night of substance/verbal and physical abuse. It feels like we had this big letter X tattooed on our foreheads in bright red, symbolizing to the word "FOSTER KID FOSTER KID"
Now I know there are good foster families out there, amazing parents who foster not for reward but because they care. Who do everything they can to give these kids a proper life, and to make them feel loved. I have been with families who do it only for good looks, money or as it is their "due diligence" for the church. Maybe these families started off with the right heart and burned out. Anyways, likewise to this experience, Im sure many of us have had similar situations, this one is only a grain of sand on a rough and windy beach.
I think some foster families need to be hyper aware of these situations. Get a tripod. Place your phone or camera on a chair, do ANYTHING but make your young foster children take your family photos. Include them in your family festivities the best you can. These kids aren't getting a real holiday. Please don't make it more awkward and uncomfortable then it is.
I'm not trying to bash foster families, I know its hard for everyone and I know maybe they didn't have the best judgement at the time. I don't know. I also know during that time life didn't revolve around me and my siblings and I'm not expecting every foster family to put us on a higher pedestal just because were foster kids, only to make us feel wanted and equal. (although I do stand by not making a child take your family photo like that ever) I just wanted to share an awkward - sad experience I had that makes my heart still feel weird to this day, even 15 years later.
If anyone has any other experiences to share feel free to do so, aren't alone. Just know, I wouldn't have made you take the family photo ever.
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