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Live PD was a television show broadcast on the A&E network. The non-fiction program followed police officers in the course of their duties and was broadcast in real time

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There are many different types of law enforcement vehicles from around the world. Got some cool pictures of them? Post 'em here!

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There are many different types of fire trucks, ambulances, and other rescue vehicles from around the world. Got some cool pictures of them? Post 'em here!

2023.04.01 09:00 domatilla 25 Books I Picked For Bingo (And 20 I Didn't)

25 Books I Picked For Bingo (And 20 I Didn't)
I dig the accidental navy/red vibes
Coming in at the absolute last minute (it’s still March 31st somewhere!) with another Bingo wrap up!
Since telling myself I have to read X book by Y date is the surest way to ensure I never pick up X again (sorry to my college roommate for moving cross country with your copy of Mansfield Park - I promise I'll get back to it any day now), I look at Bingo less as an exercise in finding books to fit the prompts and more as a chance to read as broadly as possible in the hopes I somehow hit all 25 by the end of the year. Some people are sharpshooters; I'm out here hurling a dozen book-shaped grenades at a single "Set in Space" shaped target.
So here we are at the end of the year, with 73 entries in my bingo spreadsheet. The earliest I could have called it done was January 9th, but that wasn't enough. I didn't want just any bingo card. I wanted *the* Bingo card. The Best of All Possible Bingo Cards. So I kept reading, and rearranging, and playing Bingo Card Sudoku late into the night, following the guiding light of two, unspoken rules:
  1. The book had to be *really true* to the spirit of the card. No "well, I can use this for Family Matters because grandma comes to dinner" technicalities if I can help it.
  2. I had to really like the book.
And now, with less than a week to go, I have a card with 25 books I (really) (mostly) loved, and a digital pile of 40+ others. With all that rambling aside, here are the winners of the 2022 Great Bingo Book-Off, along with some runner-ups that are honoured just to be nominated.
LGBTQIA List Book: An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon This square is the reason for the "no technicalities" rule because the first book I read for it was A Darker Shade of Magic and you know what that book doesn't have? Any significant queer characters. I didn't realize until too late that you don't get more than a throwaway line about the prince being into men until the second book. I'm glad I jumped ship though, because holy shit. An Unkindness of Ghosts knocked me out. It's a brilliant, brutal, beautiful read. It doesn't pull punches or give you the grace of easy answers. I will read anything Rivers Solomon touches.
Weird Ecology: Semiosis by Sue Burke Honestly, this one is a spiritual tie with Children of Time. Both are generational stories of evolution, survival, and human interference. I liked CoT a bit more but ultimately picked Semiosis but this is the category that future readers (me) will look back on and ask, what was she thinking? I think plants are much more suspicious than your friendly neighbourhood spiders.
Two or More Authors: The Steel Seraglio (or, The City of Silk and Steel) by Louise Carey, Mike Carey, and Linda Carey At first I read The Vela for this one - I bet it's gonna get a lot of love this year. I felt it never shook its piecemeal origins, so I picked up The Steel Seraglio after I saw it recommended here (and because I recognized Carey's name from X-Men, hah) and damn am I glad I did. A slow burn with beautiful prose, well drawn characters, it's somehow greater than the sum of its parts.
Historical SFF: The Empire of Gold by S. A. Chakraborty The only reason I booted out The Lions of Al-Rassan is I felt I could find something in real history, which is too bad because damn did I end up loving that book. I really struggled to get into it but was fully sobbing by the end. I have less to say about The Empire of Gold - it's the strongest book in the trilogy and finally succeeded in getting me to like one of the leads, who I'd been lukewarm on for two books. The Islamic-centric setting is still the strongest selling point, but I like that it didn't shy away from the messier implications of its plot for a nicely tied up ending.
Set in Space: Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany This was the last addition to the card, muscling out The Vela (again!) and Dead Silence in February. I'm making a concentrated effort to read more classic sci-fi this year and I'm glad I started with some new wave because this is a delight. A deep dive into language and understanding the unfamiliar, and a reminder of how much contemporary sci-fi writers owe to the past.
Standalone: The Changeling by Victor Lavalle This category may have been "Best Book You Can't Fit Elsewhere," since I read mostly standalones. The Changeling is a fairy tale in every sense of the word - built around simple, straightforward actions, a cautionary tale, more than a little messed up.
Anti-Hero: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo Look. I didn't want to read this book. It's too obvious a HM pick. I read Shadow and Bone last year and hated it. But we were halfway through February and my only other option, These Violent Delights, had almost completely faded from my memory, so I bit the bullet. And you know what? Y'all are right. It's good. You win this time, Leigh.
Book Club OR Readalong Book: Bluebird by Ciel Pierlot I was cursed by a witch to never have my library's holds become available at a convenient time so HM for this square is a struggle. Out of the months I could jump in, Bluebird was the clear winner. It's just a really fun read with just enough emotional heft behind it to keep it from feeling frivolous. Plus I can tell Pierlot likes a lot of the same sci-fi as me.
Cool Weapon: Spear by Nicola Griffith I'm a simple reader. I hear Arthurian legends, I grab a book. I'm usually over woman-crossdresses-to-fight plots, but I was drawn in here by the deeper exploration of gender and the dreamlike prose. It's a very hazy read, like a story passed down through the mist.
Revolutions and Rebellions: Nona the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir I could go on about the many reasons I picked Nona over Babel, another book I quite liked that dove harder into the ideology of rebellion. I could say I preferred Nona's ground eye view of life in wartime, or her childlike attempts to piece together a struggle both far bigger and smaller than herself. I could talk about the meticulously crafted mysteries. But the truth is, I just love this book, I love this series, and I will follow Tamsyn Muir to the ends of the earth. Alecto the Ninth when.
Name in the Title: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke Jonathan took this spot over Piranesi, a book I enjoyed much more, solely because there's two names for the price of one. It's not that I didn't like reading Jonathan - I very much did. I just like having read it more than I liked actually reading it. Piranesi, on the other hand, is the kind of poetic ontological mystery I live for.
Author Uses Initials: The Liar's Knot by M. A. Carrick This series is going to be another popular one for this card, I think. I read both The Mask of Mirrors and The Liar's Knot this year, and thought the characterization in book two was much stronger than the (already enjoyable) first. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series now that the top-notch worldbuilding is fully established.
Published in 2022: Leech by Hiron Ennis There are a few books I could’ve used here, but Leech was so good I needed to include it somewhere and it’s not technically HM for Non-Human Protagonist. But damn, did I love this book. Gothic mystery with really clever things being done in the narration - like an unreliable narrator that’s unreliable even to itself. I can’t wait to see what else Ennis writes.
Urban Fantasy: Small Miracles by Olivia Atwater Another popular one! I read a lot of urban-adjacent fantasy this year, but Small Miracles focuses on the struggles of surviving everyday century life in such a charming way it was hard to pick anything else. I almost went with Legends & Lattes for the same reason until I realized I was forgetting the “19th-21st century” part of the square. Might’ve submitted it with it there and lost the edit link, oops. I'm the one the mods warned you about. Learn from my mistake.
Set in Africa: Noor by Nnedi Okorafor This is Okorafor’s card to lose. I binged the Binti trilogy earlier this year and was a little disappointed at the way it didn’t seem to come together. I much preferred Noor, with its solarpunk locations, themes of tradition v. technological progress, and life on the edges of a capitalist hellscape.
Non-Human Protagonist: The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie It took me ages to get through Ancillary Justice and I had it filed as books I recognized as good without clicking with, so I almost didn’t read this, but I’m so glad I did. Another sort-of-mystery where the narrator knows more than the reader, using clever tricks with the writing to pull it off on a meta level. Add in a Shakespeare retelling and a metaphysical debate about the nature of divinity and you’re checking all my favourite boxes. Easily a new all-time fave.
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey: Middlegame by Seanan McGuire This was me giving McGuire another chance after I bounced off Wayward Children. Middlegame was one of the first books I read this year, and nothing came to surpass it for this category. I had hopes for The Midnight Library, a book about things I should have loved, until it turned out I absolutely hated it. I loved Middlegame’s sense of scale, of depth in the universe, and the metaphysical mystery eschews metaphysical answers in favour of the very physical relationships.
Five Short Stories: New Suns, ed. Nisi Shawl Anthologies are tough collections to review but New Suns had mostly hits and few misses, and I pulled out about half a dozen new authors to check out. I needed something with more variety than my first pick, Silk & Steel, which I found monotonous. There’s only so many short romances I can get through before I check out in favour of something longer.
Features Mental Health: Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson I waffled a bit on this one since the first book in the trilogy falls more into magic realism than pure fantasy, but A Prayer for the Crown-Shy fell flat for me so if Penguin Random House tags it fantasy that’s good enough for me. I loved the way the dry, straightforward prose speaks to the survival methods of the characters, and the unflinching but emotionally honest portrayal of addiction.
Self Published OR Indie Publisher: Zeroth Law by Guerric Haché This square was down to Zeroth Law or The Midnight Bargain by C.L. Polk, and Haché won me over with the Pacific Northwest. Vancouver Island is long overdue for a proper space elevator.
Award Finalist, but Not Won: Paladin’s Strength by T. Kingfisher This was the hardest square for me for one simple reason: I am very lazy, and looking up the award situation for every book I read is a lot of effort. Paladin’s Strength stands here representing the whole Saint of Steel series, all of which I read and thoroughly enjoyed. Kingfisher really understands the essence of paladins as people who are both extremely hot and extremely annoying.
BIPOC Author: Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse The scale of the world and the sense of dread that builds over the course of the book are killer. Black Sun was my favourite book by an Indigenous author this year including, unfortunately, Fevered Star. There’ve been two books of set-up so far and I hope the next book finally delivers. Honourable mention to Elatsoe by Darcie Little Badger, which is thoroughly charming and would’ve made the card if it was less of a suburban fantasy.
Shapeshifters: Comeuppance Served Cold by Marion Deeds I don’t have much to say about this one, other than it’s a delight and I used my other shapeshifter books elsewhere. The only one left was The Bird King, which felt laborious where Comeuppance Served Cold was light, breezy, and thrilling enough to knock out in one night.
No Ifs, Ands, or Buts: Hell Followed With Us by Andrew Joseph White I accidentally narrowed this square down to “Books About Trans Survival And Found Fantasy With Long Titles” when it came down to this YA tale of body horror and righteous anger, or to Light From Uncommon Stars’s examination of womanhood. The latter was ambitious but didn’t come together, the former was straightforward but managed to pull it off, and I’ve been more and more appreciative of some good ol’ rage these days.
Family Matters: Black Water Sister by Zen Cho Loved it. First book I read last April, parked itself in this square and refused to budge even when I *really* needed a HM Ifs, Ands, or Buts. It’s hard to get more family-centric than your grandmother coming back from the dead to scold you for not respecting your parents. It’s dark and resonant and somehow manages to not feel too heavy.
And there we have it! As of the time of typing, there are 3 minutes left in March and I just got a notification that my hold on Assassin’s Apprentice is released. Here’s hoping I can finagle it into tomorrow’s card!
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2023.04.01 08:59 Galaxyoflions Neighborhood Watch

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2023.04.01 08:58 pyramid_tonight A meditation on closure and self-worth

When I (F27) was 18, my first boyfriend dumped me hard. I won’t get into the specifics of the three-year relationship, but trust that it was inappropriate and very toxic (we started dating two days after I turned 15, he was 17, almost 18 at the time). He came to visit me at my college while I was on spring break. About three days into what was supposed to be a week-long trip, he dumped me, changed his flight, and left the next morning. I was alone on campus; all of my friends were gone on vacation. He called the police on me because I was suicidal. He blogged about the experience on his (public) Tumblr shortly after it happened and compared the way I collapsed onto the floor screaming and crying in pain to Nancy Kerrigan’s reaction to being beaten.
The next year, I learned from snooping on his Tumblr that he cheated on me with some girl he met at a party before I lost my virginity to him—something we had talked about at length and planned, because he knew I was a virgin when we met. I was fucking devastated. It destroyed the small amount of progress I had made.
Another year after that, sometime in 2016, in a moment of courage, I found him on Instagram, added him, and told him I knew he cheated on me and otherwise admonished him for being such a terrible person while we were together. I had spent years and years wondering why I wasn’t good enough, what I possibly could have done to deserve being treated the way he treated me, beating myself to a fucking pulp, convincing myself that I was so unworthy and disgusting and fundamentally unsexy, undesirable, and broken. I was so stuck on how unfair life is: that someone could move about this earth so selfishly, so cruelly, hurting people and suffering little to no consequences. Stuck on how some people just get to move on while leaving chaos in their wake. I was still, admittedly, hung up on those feelings when I called him out.
Fast forward to February of this year. We’ve been mutuals on IG this whole time but don’t generally interact and never talk. He got married sometime in 2022. I liked his post of pictures of his wedding. I was drinking one night and in a tipsy, playful mood. I decided to send him a meme that reminded me of the person he used to be, teasing him in the process. A conversation ensued.
What started as a pretty normal conversation—in which he finally admitted he had been continuously cheating on me throughout our entire relationship—so very quickly devolved into an extremely bizarre, degrading, and hypersexual interview. He asked me to let him know if I ever started an OF, admitted he was cruising camming sites for months after we broke up looking for any sign of me. He told me I was responsible for this and that fetish he still has to this day, was asking me for details about my various sexual pursuits since we broke up, my current sexual preferences. Kept offering information about his and his wife’s sex life that I absolutely did request. He bragged about having never needed therapy after I joked (but of course truly meant) I’d be in therapy forever in part because of him. He told me I’m the coolest person he’s ever known and that he’ll be grateful forever that we will always have a shared experience.
And in that moment, I realized, sometimes closure isn’t this big, cinematic moment of revenge that some of us fantasize about. Sometimes, closure is realizing that 10 years after the fact, while you were growing, healing, figuring life out, and fighting to be the best person you can possibly be, that other person hasn’t grown at all.
I’m going through another breakup of sorts, this time with a person (M48) who was very cruel and selfish and, unfortunately, similarly sexually degrading. The difference this time, however, is that I have the perspective to know none of his behaviors are a reflection of me. None of this has anything to do with how beautiful I am, how desirable, fun, sexy, intelligent, and perceptive (all words he used to describe me, and I’m in complete agreement with him). And while I may be ruminating a bit too much on fantasies of revenge and of getting the closure I want, the logical voice inside my knowing heart says to me: there is a reason this gentle, yet pitifully broken man is 48 and alone.
You are wonderful just as you are, and you don’t need closure to come to know it. I know it hurts, it hurts like fucking hell sometimes, but keep that beautiful heart soft and receptive. You have no idea what kind of love awaits you.
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2023.04.01 08:55 kevinbevindevin Boomer's wet dream: Carjackers caught after unable to drive vehicle with manual transmission, police say

GERMANTOWN, Md. (Gray News) - Police in Maryland say two teenagers have been arrested in a failed carjacking attempt at a gas station.
Detectives from the Montgomery County Police Department said they have arrested and charged a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old for a strong-arm carjacking that occurred over the weekend...
However, when the teens attempted to drive away, they were unable to drive the vehicle because it had a manual transmission, police said.
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2023.04.01 08:46 ThrowRA69694200 I [20F] stole my brother's [29M] wife [30F] and idk how to fix this

Hello again Reddit, still on mobile so sue me. throwaway bc I dont use my main enough to post lol.
I [20F] and my brother [29M] have never been super close. Being the middle child, he didn't see too much worth of being close to me (ditto), so our relationship is strained at best. On the other hand, his (soon-to-be- ex)-wife Lila [30F] (fake name) and I were always really close. She was my babysitter when our oldest brother [32M] couldn't watch us, as my parents didn't trust my brother to watch me after he left me alone for hours one time.
Lila and I have always been best friends, I was even her maid of honor at her wedding. My brother and Lila were happy for the first year of their marriage until my brother started working late, chatting up women online, and leaving Lila to maintain everything. Lila paid the bills, cleaned the house, did all the chores, etc. on top of working full time. Things used to be 50/50 until my brother quit doing his part. Basically, all my brother had to do was go to work and come home to be spoiled. Anytime I'd ask my brother to step up, he'd tell me to stay out of it and mind my business.
Welp, everything blew up 2 months ago when Lila found more chats between him and her ex-friend, whom he swore he'd stop talking to. She decided she'd had enough and confronted my brother. They got into a huge argument, and my brother kicked her out with nothing but her purse and a pair of house slippers. She showed up to my apartment red with anger and puffy eyed. When she explained everything to me, I was livid, of course. I bombarded my brother with texts only to get blown off with one word replies or "she'll come back. I'm all she has.", which made me even angrier.
I eventually gave up on him and eventually convinced Lila to do the same. We agreed we'd have my mom help with the divorce proceedings, my oldest brother would help to move her things, and she'd stay with me until it was over. It's a pretty solid plan, right? nope.
That night, we opened a bottle of fancy wine I was saving and had way too much to drink. I won't go into details about what happened after, but Lila confessed she had been in love with me for a long time. Even though I didn't feel the same, I told her I did.
She told my brother how she was leaving him to be with me the following week, and he went ballistic. he called her every name under the sun, including a "predator" (due to the age gap) and a cheater. (even though he's been busted sexting women multiple times.)
I told him it's exactly what he deserves for being deadweight on Lila's life and being a deadbeat husband. Now, it's been around 2 months of Lila being with me, and this whole situation is making me feel guilty both for what I said and for basically stealing his wife. what should I do?
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2023.04.01 08:42 PrettySax3 Gunpoint attempted carjacking and guilty for feeling traumatized

(Contextual story, then request for advice at the end.)
So, like 2 or 3 days ago I was outside of my friend's apartment on the phone with him waiting for him to decide if he was coming over or not. It's not the greatest part of town, but it wasn't *too* late and I was feeling less than nervous, I was in my car, doors locked, windows up, never experienced violent crime before, etc. That's to say I wasn't feeling scared or anxious that anything bad might happen.
20 minutes on the phone pass and this white pickup truck passes me on the other side of the road and I think nothing of it. They stop just behind my car (facing the other direction) and I don't notice. I was just checking the notifications on my phone and 2 people come up to my driver-side window and one points a gun at me and says "I'll f*cking shoot" and the other says "get out of the car" and begins ripping at the door handle. I am absolutely paralyzed in fear and tell my friend over the phone "[name] there's someone with a gun. Help."
While I'm panicking, the person hits the driver's window in frustration that I'm not getting out and trying to break the window open. I hit the emergency button on my phone and the 2 people at my window got scared and ran back to the truck and drove away. By the time my friend had gotten outside, they were already gone and I was on the phone with 911. I barely caught a glimpse of the vehicle, and even in my panicked state thought to get the license plate #, but I couldn't see it.
Regardless, dispatch gets police headed in my direction and patrols out to look for the vehicle I described to them, alongside the best description I could give of the 2 people at my window. They took my statement and said that they had people out looking for the truck and they'd update me if they found anyone.
I head home with my friend (about 20 minutes) and on my way I see a police car FLYING down one of the roads. All I could think was "Get them" and commented to my friend that maybe they found the vehicle. As I'm pulling into my condo parking lot I get a call, it's the police, and they ask me to come to the scene of the end of a vehicle pursuit with the suspect vehicle to identify the suspects.
There were 4 of them. The first one I knew was the one with the gun, the second one was the other one that was pulling at my doorhandle, the 3rd I had never seen, and the 4th I thought I had seen standing by the truck. Anyways, they had me stay in my car and put each individual behind a police cruiser with a spotlight on for me to identify, and the kid that they pulled up first looked at me with this glare that screamed "I should have just killed you when I had the chance". The other 3 just looked scared, angry, and maybe (?) remorseful because they got caught.
Beyond having just been faced with the possibility of being shot and killed, I am surrounded by about 15 police cars, all with lights on, and I already have (diagnosed) PTSD and one of my triggers is illuminated emergency lights. I am absolutely panicked and freaking out.
Anyways, over the last few days, I have responded in the same ways I did when my car got stolen last month (when the carjacking was attempted, I was in a rental as my car was recovered and is currently in the body shop). I was just telling people things like, "Wanna hear something traumatic? XD" and "You want to hear something awesome?!" and then telling them what happened. I was a little bit more humored when my car got stolen and looked at it as positively as I could, with this, I still have played it off as casually as I can with some humor involved. I've had my friend over at my house since then, the same one I was waiting to pick up, and all I've done is try and put on a strong face and pretend it's okay. Every time a victim's advocate or DA or whoever calls me about what happened, I start to break down. I had a car's headlight flash through my curtains last night and I immediately feared for my life and started crying. I went out the day after the carjacking attempt and bought a gun with all my rent money, so I don't even have rent and I'm freaking out about that. I keep having flashbacks. I was curled up in bed with the blanket over my head crying and all I felt was shame for crying. I just want the flashbacks to go away, I feel bad for feeling traumatized. I keep telling myself that I'm better than this and that I shouldn't be crying and that shit happens.
My stepdad tells me it's my fault for sitting parked in a bad area of town when it was dark. I'm not saying I'm unappreciative of the concern of my friends for my physical safety, but nobody really cares what is going on mentally or emotionally except for the friend I've had over and my cousin. Everyone else has just assumed I would take it like a champ as I did with the car theft. I just keep trying to compartmentalize and forget and not feel. I'd rather feel numb than scared or depressed or whatever else. I don't know how I can even reconcile these feelings or justify to myself that it's okay to feel what I'm feeling.
To make things worse, the kid with the gun was FOURTEEN. He's literally in middle school. I sat in the preliminary hearing in court the day after the crime and asked for no bond and no contact (both granted) and I feel bad for wanting the worst for this kid for what he did to me. I feel even worse because his mom has no clue of the gravity of the situation (an immigrant from Africa and English is a second language) and kept saying in court "he's a good kid" and "It's *just* a stolen car, nobody got hurt". Like I feel awful because this is a kid, and seeing how his mom felt just makes me feel bad. The kid is already on probation and already has a record of gang activity, fraudulently obtaining a firearm, and theft. The defense was saying "Well he's in school, he's a straight-A student, and keeping him in jail could severely affect his future and his progress in therapy and school." Like, I know they're paid to say that, and defend him, but like are you fucking kidding me??
How to I let myself be okay with what happened? Any tips for mot feeling guilty over how I feel?
Side note: I can't do therapy because I don't have the upfront for therapy and the VC people say they only reimburse, so that's not an option either.

TL:DR: I was a victim of violent crime, I keep having flashbacks, I'm depressed, crying, fearful of my life, etc. and I just feel ashamed for feeling that way. I feel worse because the perpetrator is only 14 and his mom doesn't understand how bad the situation was/is no matter how the judge tried to explain it and she's just confused. I'm upset with myself for wanting this kid to have the worst punishment possible, at 14, and I'd rather just forget about it all and not feel how I do. There's no way I can justify how I feel to myself. Does anybody have helpful tips on how to be okay with how I'm feeling? Also, therapy is not an option as I do not have the upfront for it and victim's comp will only reimburse me.
edit: typo + clarification
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2023.04.01 08:15 Mcshiggle Good and bad traits of the various authors. (Opinion question) TL;DR at bottom

I was talking with a friend of mine earlier today, and we started discussion the various strengths and weaknesses (in our opinions) if the various authors for BL. I decided to see how other readers feel as well.
My opinions:
Dan Abnett-
Strength: Excellent story telling all around, can vary his style, amazing at painting a picture in my head, character work is top notch.
Weakness: Pacing is sometimes off, particularly near the end of stories.
Graham Mcneill-
Strength- Excellent at portraying comradery between characters, particularly in simple side interactions and dialogue. Battles always feel epic in scale. (Storm of Iron is a personal favorite of mine)
Weakness- Uses a lot of the same phrases quite often "land eating strides", "like a vengeful god", "atavistic roar", and sometimes his characters come across as a bit Mary Sue (Looking at you, Ventris).
Nick Kyme-
Strength- Absolutely love the way this guys makes the universe feel connected. Little references will be made to previous books and events that just really makes it all feel like one big saga.
Weakness- Sometimes I feel like hes doesn't go big enough. He writing, while solid, never really pulls me in, and its hard to explain why. Vulkan's arc during the HH was good, but I found myself more interested in what Barthusa Narek was doing over the primarch. Vulkan, who is supposed to be the pinnacle of primarch physical might, never really seemed to have a "WOW" moment for me in Kyme's novels.
Aaron Dembski-Bowden-
Strength- This guy does melodrama in a subtle way, which I appreciate. I thought he absolutely blew it out of the water with Echoes of Eternity. That and the Night Lords Trilogy are fantastic reads.
Weakness- Really relies on the "Tortured soul" archetype for a lot of his main characters. While that makes sense for a lot of Chaos people, sometimes a bad guy is just a fucking bad guy and needs to act like it. Also, women in his writing have an unfortunately high chance of being raped or having been raped/abused before.
David Annandale- Really does a good job of portraying Chaos as an eldritch style horror that is not to be taken lightly. Damnation of Pythos is one of my favorite HH novels. Its a great book and I will die on that hill. Atticus was a fantastic character.
Weakness- Pacing seems a little weird sometimes. Nothing will happen for quite some time, then suddenly massive advancement (Ruinstorm).
John French-
This one is weird for me, its not that I feel he has any particular strengths or weaknesses, and his novels are always enjoyable to me. However, its just constantly feels like it almost, but not quite, makes a great read. Like hes constantly hitting 7/8 out of 10. I cant explain it, maybe one of yall can. Also, even though a lot of people hate it, I think Mortis was a great book, and a critical part of the story when dealing with Perturabo leaving the fight.

I know this isnt all the authors, but its the ones I read the most from. It's late here and I am about to get to bed, or I would try to make a deeper breakdown of each author, but this is the gist of it.

All of this is just MY OPINION, and I would like to hear the OPINIONS of others.

TL;DR - What do you consider the strengths and weaknesses of the various authors to be? Whos your favorite? Least? Favorite book?

Sorry for any spelling or grammar issues, I did this on my phone at 1 in the morning.
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2023.04.01 08:10 Cookiebomb Pitching an idea for a return to new capenna

Pitching an idea for a return to new capenna
So like, mom has kind of burned me out on the main multiversal magic storyline, so i'm retreating back into funky little gimmick worlds and thinking about what you can do with them. namely: new capenna.
so here's the idea, a two set block, first set entitled "New Capenna Blues" and a follow up set i haven't named yet.


The block takes place some years after the events of mom with the city being rebuilt and overseen by an angelic government. The Families are still present but with the double whammy of the angels returning and the phyrexian invasion, they've mostly gone into hiding until today.
Progress on reconstruction has been going smoothly so far, but the inciting incident of the Brokers' prophecy of the halo supply running thin is coming to pass soon resulting in the city feeling some serious economic whiplash as the city's poison is starting to run thin. The angels meanwhile are unable to attend to that because of some "returned threat" that demands their full attention, leaving the citizens malcontent and starving. Despite their immense casualties, Falco Spara calls a meeting between what remains of the families and they decide that it's now or never: they're going to usurp the angels, use magic to turn them back into statues and reclaim their dominion over the city.
As a result the first set is a spectacle of the Families being brutal and ruthless as they fight to survive in a city that has long since outlived the need for them.
The riveteers leverage the desperate working class to make an army of brutes with nothing left to lose. The cabaretti use the last of their resources to create the illusion of wealth and opulence and draw people in with blindingly bright displays of luxury. The brokers finally invoke their hundreds of contracts to create an army of mind controlled debt slaves. The obscura go from mere information brokers and petty crooks to proactively infiltrating and sabotaging the angel's power structures. and The maestros unearth weapons from Capenna's ancient past that were used to stab the angels in the back during their heyday.
That's the A-Side plot that makes the first set. The B-side is me wanting to heavily emulate the huge paradigm shifts that ruled two-set-block stories from Oath of The Gatewatch to Hour of Devastation by maybe making a slight retcon of the events of mom. I want to make it so that Atraxa survived having a building dropped on her but went dormant when New Phyrexia phased out, leaving her to chill at the bottom of the city until a certain someone arrived: Archangel Elspeth.
Elspeth was originally only there to check on how her home plane was holding up but her presence on the plane somehow reawakened Atraxa who in turn sent out a homing beacon to all the dormant phyrexians on the plane. With no way to get back to Elesh Norn and trapped in a city full of the beauty and divinity that she so hates, she starts compleating people in secret and trying to spread norn's old gospel but is unsuccessful due to most of the population being halo addicts.
Being the resident expert on kicking phyrexian ass elspeth volunteers to be the one to vanquish her thinking she was alone only for her to swarmed by phyrexians while atraxa interrogates her about what happened to norn and the nature of beauty and the existential atraxa moments we were denied in story.
Eventually as the families' reach the height of their power and the angels forces are running thin between fighting the phyrexians and the skyrocketing crime rate, their numbers become so sparse that hardly anyone can afford any halo anymore despite the maestros' zealous hunting and petrification of them.
As a result of this Atraxa is finally able to compleat people again and spread the holy gospel of oil and show everyone that beauty is heresy and the only glory to be found is in phyrexia.
The families realize how much they fucked up, come crawling back to the angels, and start liquidating assets to overcome the phyrexian threat...if capenna has a god they are wondering how this is the third fucking time this has happened.
Story ends with atraxa having her well deserved break down over everything norn represented and that moment of vulnerability allowing elspeth who somehow escaped the captivity she somehow got into to begin with to strike her down but also take pity on her, so rather than kill her atraxa gets her wings cut off and is exiled beyond the walls of the city where she makes friends with the slumbering Old Phyrexians.
Happily ever after yeah? Well, not really, as the conflict finally destroyed New Capenna's economy, dissolved the five families, obliterated most of the angel population, and not to mention reset all the progress they made during the reconstruction. As a result of this, much of the remaining population is forced to leave the walls of the city and start anew in the desolate remains of Old Capenna.


In my opinion, all magic stories can be as mid as they want so long as the stories told on the cardboard are fun. In order to do that I've come up with new mechanics for each of the families for the first set and unaligned mechanics for the second set along with flavor justifications for each of them.
Set 1 Mechanics
Maestros - Legacy
Old Blood Elite 2B
1/3 Deathtouch, First strike
Instant - Legacy 1B
Target creatue gains first strike and deathtouch until end of turn. (Cast this portion only from your graveyard, then if it would be put into your graveyard put it at the bottom of your library instead)
Using a frame that's similar or the same as the adventure cards from eldraine, a legacy gives a creature a second life as an instant or sorcery but only from the graveyard. This is to show two aspects of the maestros, first their classic mafioso vibe with respect for their forebears who made the organization what it is today and their secondary role as museum curators that collect stuff from different parts of Capennas history, say, digging up dead things? Eh? The put on the bottom of your library portion i want to highlight because aside from distinguishing it from similar effects which put it into exile, it also communicates the idea that because of the creature's legacy, rather than being forgotten it will always remain at the back of your mind.
Obscura - Smuggling
Scouring Glass 1U
Smuggle 2U - (You may cast this card face down as an aura with "Enchant Creature" and "Enchanted Creature has +1/0 for 2. Turn it face up at any time for its Smuggle cost)
Whenever creature deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.
The change of Obscura's M.O. from passive resource hoarding to proactive shenanigan-causing is strong on this sort of strange combination of cipher and morph. Combat damage has long been associated with assassins and saboteurs and i've been mulling over for the longest time a way to do face down equipments and I think i've hit a homerun here.
Brokers - Conscript
Protector of The Indentured 2W
When cardname dies conscript 2. (Put a creature card with mana value 2 or less onto the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it. It loses all abilities.)
Turning a creature with its own identity into a faceless stat stick is a highly versatile metaphor for the brutality of war, but in our case it shows the brokers finally wanting their end of the deal on their mind control contracts. The only potential issue I see with this mechanic is memory issues but I think that can be solved easily with a cutout similar to what they did with prototype in Brother's War pre-release. I am now envisioning a questing beast with its rules text completely covered up by a strip of paper embellished in a similar way to police tape with the text "Property of The Brokers"
Cabaretti - Prosperity
Adored Performer 1G
Prosperity - As long as your life total is at least 5 greater than each opponent's, cardname has +1/+1 and vigilance.
I will admit this is more like a RW mechanic than a RGW one but the flavor win was too hard for me not to go for. The Cabaretti are more powerful when you are (or at least appear to be) absurdly rich in comparison to everyone else and creatures are more eager to come to your aid.
Riveteers - ...Blitz?
Now, I could make a new Riveteers mechanic, but honestly I think Blitz is still perfect for the Riveteers. They're all about throwing a bunch of live fast die young expendables at your problems which works very well in a situation where many are desperate and mad about their situations. Also the fact of the Riveteers not having changed much since there last appearance indicates how they're kind of a constant in this city no matter what happens. "We are this city, down to its bones" after all.
Set 2 Mechanics
Ascend/The City's Blessing
Now, New Capenna is a setting that's focused on a single city and it has angels that you could say bless the people. For me, City's Blessing was a flavor homerun before New Capenna even saw print. I'd go so far as to say that when we get New Capenna's official return to the limelight, it's gonna be there. Plus, between citizens and treasures the set was already prepared for it.

Halo Tokens
Artifact - Clue Treasure Food
3, Tap, Sacrifice this token: Choose one
-Add 4 mana of any color
-Gain 3 life
-Draw a card
One of the biggest wastes of potential in the original New Capenna set in my opinion (which is saying alot) is not emphasizing enough how valuable Halo is to these people. The original set tried to have them lumped in with treasure tokens, but I think this is more accurate to how I think they are presented in the story being equal parts a status symbol, an addictive substance, and a magical healing balm. Therefore I made them I highly desirable and flexible kind of token to add to our growing list.


Shorter section than the others but I still want to give my wish list for how characters' roles may change during the story.
Ob Nixilis
I don't know about you, but I think mob boss Ob Nixilis ended way too soon, and besides it seems that this is the only thing the bastard man has going for him right now. Luckily there's a dangerous power vacuum that needs to be filled. With both Xander AND Anhelo dead, the Maestros are without a leader. Despite the fact Ob was responsible for the former of these deaths I could definitely see him pulling political strings to convince the patriarchs of the Maestros he's at least a necessary evil.
Even though he was only injured the last we saw him, we got a whole thing from this guy about how he's getting old and New Capenna is rapidly changing around him. I think it's fitting for Jetmir to die or at least retire as head of the Cabaretti.
Jinnie Fay
No sensible mob boss adopts a daughter off the street. They might take in proteges but they don't do daughters, that's how you "go soft" as they say. For Jetmir? The writing is on the wall: He's training an heir to his empire and from what we've seen of Jinnie so far she's a perfect fit. All I can say now is that she'd look so fly with demon horns.
Give her more than three spoken lines god dammit. Let her monologue about her darwinist philosophy or cackle as she watches her subjects beat the shit out of each other for scraps. Give us something dammit!
If Ziatora didn't exist I'd say she's the biggest waste of potential on this list. You mean to tell me you gave her a mental breakdown decapitating angel statues, going ballistic over concepts of human beauty, wanting to impress her mommy with glorious creation, and you gave her an off screen death? Well, obviously since we never saw a body that means she's alive. In which case a phyrexian angel is the perfect antagonist for Capenna. One grappling with the loss of the mother of machines, only awakened because of say powerful angelic prescence on the plane?
To be honest giving her superpowers kind of makes it a little hard to write about her as anything other than a macguffin though given that Atraxas was supposed to be like the head honcho of the phyrexian army and elspeth was getting at the very least slowed down with enough phyrexians swarming her I could see them getting locked in stalemate while Atraxa tries to work out there issues.
Kaito Shizuki
Idk why but I just like the idea of Kaito in suspenders.
A New Capenna Native Walker
Title. Elspeth doesn't count because she's basically from everywhere and nowhere. I want a planeswalker with a funky forgeddaboutit accent and I'm still confused why they had to put Vivien in the SNC story when that would have been infinitely funnier.

Random Card Ideas

As this wishlist post comes to an end, one last thing that's been living rent free in my head is the idea of The Families' End cycle. An antithesis to Ascendancies, they depict the crime families at their lowest of lows, possible on the brink of collapse. I don't have ideas for mechanics, just art.
Riveteers' End
A factory going up in flames in the background as workers with soot covered faces walk away carrying their tools.
Cabaretti's End
An empty bar, with all the chairs upside down on the tables and a figure at the door in a travelling cloak, closing the door behind them.
Brokers' End
Detectives in a dusty office, emptying filing cabinets and putting contracts through the paper shredder.
Obscura's End
A cracked crystal ball, reflected in it are scenes of obscura agents being arrested en masse.
Maestros' End
A painting of Xander--among other valuable art pieces--gathering dust and cobwebs in a closet with only a single strip of dim light to illuminate it.
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2023.04.01 08:10 AFfhOLe Will the Building Authority compel me to have my room that was built on a balcony be converted back into a balcony?

I'm wondering if other people have faced this situation. My flat is in a very old building. Apparently, shortly after the building was built, the exterior wall was extended to the edge of the balconies of the building, creating more floor space for the flats. (All over Hong Kong, there are buildings with their top part overhanging the street, so I guess they all originally had balconies that were converted into extra rooms.)
After all this time with the building like this, I suddenly get a letter from the Building Department saying that I have to have an inspector look at this part of my flat and that I would have to follow their recommendations from their findings. So potentially, I would have to have work done where I would lose floor space/rooms in my flat because it would have to be converted back into a balcony.
Can I just ignore the letter? How did it turn out for others facing this situation?
Also, here's an article with an example of the type of building I'm talking about (yes, the converted balconies did collapse after heavy rain): https://amp.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/community/article/2114026/kowloon-building-collapse-caused-subdivision-work-balcony
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2023.04.01 08:10 cuberandgamer DART to spend an additional $15 million on security contract while they hire back police

As I'm sure you are all aware, security has been one of the main concerns with the light rail system recently. Long time members of the sub also know that DART has been trying to higher 100 police/fare officers, but progress has been slow.
A while back, I did share with the sub (and everyone with questions about security) that DART is going to contract officers to patrol the system while they higher more police officers.
Now, we finally have news about this. DART is going to spend $15,383,173 on a security contract over the next 2 years, which gives them lots of time to fill those vacancies.
These contracted officers will be riding DART's light rail vehicles, and will supplement the existing fare enforcement and police DART already has. Seems like DART wants to focus the contracted security on the light rail.
When will the contract start? Well, I'm almost positive the board will approve the contract by the end of april. Beyond that, the presentation doesn't disclose those details though I'm sure someone will ask about it during the meeting.
Fantastic news all around, I know many of you will be excited about this one. This should improve ridership as well, and with higher ridership the system will feel even safer.

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2023.04.01 08:06 idkdudethatskindagay Did anyone else think it was didgeridoo

In karma police did anyone else think that the lyric was "he's like a didgeridoo" and not "he's like a detuned radio"
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2023.04.01 07:44 ThrowRA176324547 My [28F] boyfriends [34M] brother [38M] and SIL [35F] don't want me around their baby after hearing about my history of self harm

TW: MENTION OF SELF HARM AND A KNIFE. Hi reddit, I come to you for advice and I’m sorry in advance for the long post, I’ll try to add a TLDR at the end. Im also welcoming harsh or constructive criticism also so please don’t think I’m here to be validated in my situation.
For some context, “John” and I have been together for a total of just over 5 years, not counting a recent 1 year time apart. We met under weird circumstances, where a close friend of mine lived in a share house and I needed a place to stay as my current boyfriend was being physically abusive and I needed to escape. (There were later assault charges laid against him which he was found guilty of after court hearings)
My friend organised for me to move into a room in this sharehouse and John was a regular visitor there of one of the housemates and he spent a lot of time in the loungeroom with them smoking weed and playing video games. John and I instantly hit it off and became very close, and became romantically involved very quickly. He helped me a lot with getting a bed and furniture for my new room.
John came from a pretty well off, stable family, who are pretty conservative and really value family. They also all have really good educations and careers with well paying jobs. John is sort of a black sheep where he dropped out of college and sort of slipped into casual drug use and partying which overall isn’t the worst but it’s something unheard of for his family and they just don’t understand the lifestyle. I really came to love his family over the years however and really got along with his mother.
We ended up moving in together after a few months, but after about 6 months John asked for us to live separately and he moved into his own apartment and I lived in my own. We continued like this for almost 2 years until I moved back in with him after my landlord asked to take back the apartment so his son could move in during COVID.
John and my relationship was full of love but at times kinda toxic, and we had a lot of external stresses going on especially with me recovering from the trauma of that past abusive relationship as well as more trauma from family/childhood. John also had his best friend pass away unexpectedly from a drug overdose and it was really hard on him. We were both also in dead end, high stress jobs which I think overall made us miserable.
We would often argue, mostly about misunderstandings and feelings being hurt. In retrospect we were both just feeling hurt and insecure constantly. These fights mostly happened under times of stress eg getting ready to go to a family dinner. The arguing got worse when we decided to quit weed and cigarettes, as we were both determined to get sober completely. these were the only drugs we used during our relationship, apart from those and junk food we were pretty much going well working towards a healthy lifestyle together.
Now I have a history of self harm, it happened frequently during childhood, long story short my mother was a drunk and physically abusive and whenever I managed to get the police over, she would act and make everything seem fine. She often wouldn’t allow me to leave the house. I started self harming as a way to deal with the frustration and I figured out quickly that if I showed the police any cuts on my body, they legally had to remove me from the house, which they did multiple times until I left home at 17. I guess this overall has created an addiction in my brain and a very bad way to deal with stress. It’s a lot better now, hasn’t happened in over 6 years but I do have a very visible giant scar on my arm from a particularly bad instance in my early 20s.
There was a situation during John and my relationship however where I almost self harmed. Due to my ptsd, if something intense, violent or aggressive thing happens towards me, my body seems to go through a response that can last days or weeks. I get progressively more tense, paranoid,can’t sleep or think ect. It would often lead to self harm, and more often than not would be relieved after self harming. These are all things I regularly spoke to doctors and psychologists about. I had medication prescribed for these episodes. John started asking me to tell him before I took the medication (it’s prescribed as needed not a set one day dose like anti depressants so I will only take one or two over two or 3 days to allow my body to calm down then stop)
He then started convincing me to not take it when I said I needed it. One night I had brought up taking it a few times due to an incident at work. I worked cleaning public toilets and a drunk person threatened to punch me. This caused my stress and anxiety to build up over a few days so I wanted the medication. After a few times of him talking me out of it that night, I couldn’t take it. I was laying there trying to sleep having brutal images in my mind of my own self harm and I couldn’t stop panicking. I got up and took the meds. John found out and got angry at me, which made me snap.
I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and tried to run to the bathroom with it . I stopped in the hallway when I saw his face and I dropped the knife and said you might need to call an ambulance and have me sectioned. It didn’t end up happening as the meds kicked in and I calmed down and no one was sent out.
This incident was probably the worst thing that happened during our relationship and weighed on us pretty badly. We were unable to talk about it or move past it . We wanted to get relationship counselling but we never got there before we broke up. It was sad and awful. We both loved eachother so much but didn’t know how to move past all this bad stuff.
It’s been a little over a year since then, and our lives have changed a lot. We are actually at the same college now after leaving our full time jobs. He is studying engineering and me IT.
We started talking again a month ago and we realised we still very much want to make it work. This time with healthy boundaries and couples therapy. We want to continue to live separately too while we work on things.
John’s parents seemed happy we were back together but his brother and SIL aren’t. They called johns dad and said if I continued to go over their house (john is living with his parents currently) then SIL would not allow johns parents to baby sit their baby anymore as they didn’t want the baby around me .
John told me this is because when we were broken up he told his brother about the self harm attempt and they were scared that I am emotionally unstable and bad to be around their child. John feels bad about this and said he shouldn’t have told his brother this without full context.
But I also sort of understand. I’m not mad. Just very sad and feeling like a very bad person.
I guess I’ll end here, this is already too long. What do I do? This has caused everyone a lot of sadness.
TLDR: bf and I have A rocky past, we are trying to repair. His Brother and SIL don’t want me around after hearing about my history of self harm.
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2023.04.01 07:37 Idaho2A Ex filed another protection order

I’m in the process of divorcing my STBXW. She is very destructive and put our daughter in danger so I told her a few months ago that I would call CPS if she don’t stop. Her solution was to file a protection order against me claiming that I’m stalking and tracking her. I wasn’t allowed to see my daughter for 2 weeks. The judge didn’t believe anything of it and threw it out instantly.
Since then I have been staying away from her, I have her blocked on everything except the parenting app we use to communicate regarding our daughter. The problem is that everything she does is within 5 miles of where I live so from time to time I see her car. I’m obviously scared that she will accuse me again so every time I see a car matching her description I try to drive the other way, I check the parking lot before I go grocery shopping etc. Apparently she saw my car last week (I did not see her) and she called the cops saying that I was stalking her. A cop called me and I explained that I’m not stalking her, she is mad at me for some reason, and she is trying to use this to get the upper hand in the custody part of the divorce. I didn’t think more of it until today, because I thought that was it, when I got a notification from my ring doorbell that someone was at the door. When I opened the app I saw an officer walking away from my property. I found it odd that a police officer would come to my house so I texted her on the parenting app asking if she had filed another protection order. She refused to answer so I said “ok, I take it as you did”. “Could you at least tell me if you included our daughter in it, a simple yes or no works for me.” No answer, so I assume that she did. The anxiety of waiting to get served another time knowing that as soon as I have the paper in my hand I won’t be able to see my daughter until the court date, and if they actually believe her this time I won’t be able to see our daughter for at least a year. I’m panicking because all I want is to be left alone, spend time with my daughter and have this divorce finalized. Why can’t she just do that? Why does she have to make these things up? Maybe she actually do think that I am stalking her? Is this just a play from her to gain the upper hand or is she delusional and actually do think that I’m stalking her? How can she not see that she is just hurting and punishing our daughter when she do these things, yes it’s hurting me as well but our daughter is the one that it affects the most.
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2023.04.01 07:36 gobblox38 Drunk driver hits parked car in residential zone

Drunk driver hits parked car in residential zone
The owners of the parked car watched as a drunk driver turned the corner into their residential street. They saw the driver "tearing ass" around the corner, nearly hitting a parked car, before slamming into their parked vehicle.
"We don't have insurance coverage to repair that old thing," the owner of the parked car said.
"People speed down this street all the time," said another resident, "it's worse on Friday night because that's when drunk drivers are on the road."
When I asked the police about a public statement, he said, "a dui is a misdemeanor, he'll sit in a drunk tank tonight and be released in the morning."
All of this happened in a car dependent residential zone, with some walkability, in a Denver suburb. The punishment is so light because there are few viable transit options. RTD (Regional Transportation District, the bus and train company) has cut services in the area since the 2020 covid lockdown. Drunk driving is treated so lightly, even though property damage occurred, because this region is heavily dependent on personal vehicle transit. The family that watched their vehicle get smashed are now in a tight financial situation simply because their car is totalled. If we had decent mass transit, the legal system would have revoked the license on the drunk driver after his first dui. Yes, he is a repeat offender, as admitted to the police during his arrest. If we had decent mass transit, the owners of the parked car wouldn't be financially devastated because some other person was irresponsible.
"Can I ask you a question?" another homeowner said to a police officer, "can you put a police station [at the corner]?" The cop chuckled and eventually went back to his business. Little did she know. Development patterns started since the post WW2 era had built a neighborhood where the very notion of a community police station was impractical.
The members of the community, myself included, thanked the police officers on the scene for doing their jobs professionally and with respect to everyone. By the look in the patrolman's face, I could tell that he was disgusted that an obvious threat to the wellbeing of the community would be treated so lightly. In everyone's mind, the suspect, if convinced of intoxicated driving, should not be trusted to drive.
We once again come face to face with the underlying problem. If this person loses the privilege of driving a private motor vehicle, he is in economic ruin. If he's lucky, he has employment and housing near a bus stop. If he invests in a bicycle, he could take bike routes (to varying degrees of safety) to various bus/ rail stations. The odds are low on the latter due to the stigma of car brained society pushing the of riding the bus or biking is a punishment).
This is the community I live in. This is the community I want to improve. This is why I want to end car dependency. I want drunk people to see the bus as a viable solution for getting home. I want to see a transit system so reliable that the notion of driving intoxicated is "fucking bonkers." I want the loss of a private motor vehicle, lost through the actions of a random person, not be a factor in the ability to earn an income. My views are considered extreme. Why?
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2023.04.01 07:27 OkieVT [Landlord-OK] Tenant's dog attacked a neighbor

My dad has been a landlord for almost 40 years and AFAIK this is the first time he's ever dealt with this situation.
He got a message from a childhood friend of mine who's aunt lives next door to one of my dad's houses asking if my dad knew that his tenant's dog has attacked his aunt this week and she was going to need reconstructive surgery on her face. My dad replied that he had no idea and so called the adult grandson that lives with the woman who was attacked to get more details.
Turns out these dogs also attacked and injured the grandson last week in the yard but the City/Animal Control/Police did not take the dogs like I think they should have. Obviously they have taken them now after 2 attacks in one week but my friend(who I haven't spoken to in years) was pretty shitty while speaking with my dad.
Obviously he can't fix a problem if nobody tells him e.g. the aunt getting attacked because nobody told him about the grandson getting attacked. Am I wrong in thinking this is not my dad's fault or could this blow back onto my dad?
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2023.04.01 07:25 xJustLikeMagicx 10 yrs. I got a PFA dont think they believe me

I have been with this abusive man for 10 years. I couldnt leave early on because i was a single mom with no support 20yo. I went back to school and got an OK job at the local hospital doing desk work. Its not amazing but its not fastfood. This took years to do, and i still have a semester left, because the house is so unstable i could only do two or 3 classes at a time. Then the pandemic hit and i was really stuck. I was forced into sex and i got pregnant. Now i have two kids i cant afford. After he attacked me again this morning (hid keys, fought in front of daughter, pushed shoved). He realized he was going to get in trouble and broke his glasses, called the police and said I DID IT. The police came, i went to get a PFA, and he showed up to get one against ME. the court said we need to "act like adults" and sent me back home with him in the same car.

He has control of my money. My schedule. My life. I work night shift, and he keeps me up all day and doesnt take care of the kids - so I never get sleep. My soul is dying. My mind is breaking.

I called local domestic shelters, DV advocates, etc and the only thing they could do is put me in a room. No transportation to work as he will take the car (he brought up in court today that i "stole it" to come to the court house). Inability to work from home there as well. Means i would lose the only little bit of stability, security (income) and health insurance i have (not to mention im bipolar, have CPTSD from years of abuse, panic disorder and anxiety disorder so i NEED my health insurance.
Also to mention i make 2600/m -receive no child support for the first child and do not qualify for goverment assistance?

Please how do I get out of here before he damages us too badly to ever heal?? He has choked me and given me black eyes before...recorded years ago with the court... Is it already to late because i went back to him years ago at 22? It really seems like it. I feel like theyre punishing me for being dumb as niave young woman &they wont help me now...
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2023.04.01 07:25 Far-Command4481 Elon University Sexual Assaulter

An Elon University sophomore named Andrew Garlic in the biology department has been violently sexually harassing multiple women and gay men both on and off campus, as well as POC people. Elon University is refusing to take action because in their words they’re are afraid that he will hire lawyers.
In February 2022, Andrew Garlic sexually harassed several members of the cheerleading team by comparing them to “Hooters girls.”
In March 2022, he made up a burglary in West Palm Beach and filed a false police report with campus police against someone to target them based on their race and religion. He then catfished them with his friend that has the phone number (864) 434-4416 and a burner phone number app to illegally get the person to send nude images and record their voice and then leaked it on LPSG as blackmail.
In June 2022, Andrew made blackmail comments on someone’s tiktok threatening to false report them if they didn’t drop the Title IX report against him.
In July 2022, Andrew filed a false report with Elon University using the illegally obtained voice recordings and pictures as retaliation against someone for reporting the sexual assault. The person he false reported had to spend thousands of dollars for defense attorneys just so his future won’t get ruined.
In September 2022, Andrew Garlic once again blackmailed someone using Snapchat by threatening to tell authorities that they are a pedo if they didn’t withdraw the Title IX report.
A restraining order has been filed against Andrew Garlic in October 2022 that says that Andrew Garlic may not be on Elon property yet Elon is refusing to take action.
In Nomber 2022, Andrew Garlic made comments towards someone that they should ”go back to their gross ass country where they shit on the streets.”
Please please please report this man and the university to the Department of Education. Please report him to the Elon University Title IX office and to campus police. Please file restraining orders against him. Please spread awareness before it’s too late.
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2023.04.01 07:21 clovercolibri Advice: Can a landlord evict us because we talked loudly during the day?

Hi, sorry if this doesn’t make sense I’m just really worried right now and need advice. For context, we have always paid our rent on time every month, never missed any payment. We never have guests over. There were problems with the apartment (dishwasher doesn’t work, broken tiles in the bathroom, no covers on the outlets, only one smoke detector in the whole house, broken door hinges, there’s a mouse, I found some roaches) and I brought them up to the roommate that we sublet from and the landlord and from both of them the attitude was basically “you deal with it yourself”.
I live with my husband and we have one roommate who has been renting the place for 3 years, but we moved in in September and we are technically subletting from the roommate but we have a written lease with the landlord separate from our roommate’s lease. The walls are very thin, I can hear our downstairs’ neighbors tv incredibly clearly, and I can hear my landlord (who lives upstairs) talking all the time, but I never complained because I understand that’s apartment living. I’m sure they can hear us too. Only 2 times since we moved in did my husband and I have an argument, and our roommate said that our landlord complained that he heard us and warned us not to do that again. It was never anything very bad, never any noise complaint from the police or anything. That was many month ago. Today in the afternoon my husband and I were talking, and it was mostly us playing around, no yelling, but talking loud. He was going to work so we stood in the doorway for some minutes talking as well. But at one point, my husband told me he could hear out the window our landlord in the driveway on the phone complaining about us being loud. And now my roommate texted us saying he needs to have a serious conversation with both of us. My husband thinks they’re going to try to kick us out because he overheard our landlord complaining about us being loud earlier. The apartment is terrible and the landlord is basically a slumlord so I am fine with breaking the lease without a penalty but can they really evict us over this? What rights do we have?
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2023.04.01 07:20 Thor_StrngstAvenger PA Factory explodes after staff reported smell of natural gas odor

PA Factory explodes after staff reported smell of natural gas odor
A woman pulled alive from the rubble of a Pennsylvania chocolate factory after an explosion that killed seven co-workers says her arm caught fire as flames engulfed the building - and then she fell through the floor into a vat of liquid chocolate. WEST READING, Pennsylvania -- A woman pulled alive from the rubble of a West Reading, Pennsylvania chocolate factory after an explosion that killed seven co-workers says her arm caught fire as flames engulfed the building - and then she fell through the floor into a vat of liquid chocolate.
The dark liquid extinguished her blazing arm, but Patricia Borges wound up breaking her collarbone and both of her heels. She would spend the next nine hours screaming for help and waiting for rescue as firefighters battled the inferno and choppers thumped overhead at the R.M. Palmer Co. factory.
"When I began to burn, I thought it was the end for me," Borges, 50, told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview from her hospital bed in West Reading, Pennsylvania, just minutes from the chocolate factory where she worked as a machine operator. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board planned to interview Borges on Friday.
The March 24 blast at R.M. Palmer killed seven of Borges's co-workers and injured 10. Federal, state and local investigations are underway. A cause has not been determined, but the federal transportation safety agency has characterized it as a natural gas explosion.
Borges said she and others had complained about a gas odor about 30 minutes before the factory blew up. She is angry Palmer didn't immediately evacuate. She said the deaths of her co-workers - including her close friend, Judith Lopez-Moran - could've been prevented.
Others workers have also said they smelled natural gas, according to their relatives. Palmer, a 75-year-old, family-run company with deep roots in the small town 60 miles (96 kilometers) northwest of Philadelphia, has not responded to questions about the workers' claims.
Speaking in Spanish over videoconference, her eyes bruised and her burned right arm heavily bandaged, Borges recounted her terrifying brush with death.
The factory was getting ready for a product switch that day, so instead of running a candy-wrapping machine as usual, she was helping to clean.
At 4:30 p.m., Borges told the AP, she smelled natural gas. It was strong and nauseated her. Borges and her co-workers approached their supervisor, asking "what was going to be done, if we were going to be evacuated," she recalled.
Borges said the supervisor noted someone higher up would have to make that decision. So she got back to work.
Just before 5 p.m., the two-story brick building exploded.
Borges, who'd been on a ladder, was thrown to the ground. She heard screaming. There was fire everywhere, and the flames quickly overtook her. "I asked God why he was giving me such a horrible death," she said. "I asked him to save me, that I didn't want to die in the fire."
She began to run. That's when the floor gave way, and she could feel herself falling - into a long, horizontal tank of chocolate in the factory's basement. At 4 feet, 10 inches tall, Borges landed on her feet in chest-high liquid.
The chocolate extinguished the flames, but she believes her fall is what broke her feet.
The vat began filling with water from firefighters' hoses, eventually forcing Borges to climb out as it reached neck level. She sat on the lip of the tank, then jumped into a pool of water that had formed on the basement floor. Briefly submerged, Borges said she swallowed a mouthful of water before surfacing. She grabbed onto some plastic tubing.
And then she waited.
"Help, help, please help!" she yelled, over and over, for hours. No one came.
The pain grew more intense. The water was frigid. The main supply pipe for the building's fire suppression system had ruptured - and water was pouring into the basement. She lost track of time but thought she might be there for days.
"The only thing I wanted was to get out of there," she said.
Finally, in the middle of the night, she saw a light and screamed anew for help.
Search-and-rescue dogs had alerted their handlers that a survivor might be in the rubble. Now, as rescuers carefully worked their way down to the basement, they heard Borges's cries.
Calling for quiet, the rescuers followed the sound of her voice. They found her in a tight space, in chest-deep water. She made her way to them and was placed in a litter.
"She was severely hypothermic and banged up," conscious but "absolutely confused," said Ken Pagurek, who helped lead rescue efforts as program manager of Pennsylvania Task Force 1, an emergency response team that deploys to disaster sites around the country.
"I think had they not gotten to her when they did, there was a very good chance the number of victims was going to be plus one," said Pagurek, also a captain in the Philadelphia Fire Department.
Her rescue gave hope to first responders who already had pulled two bodies from the rubble in the hours after the blast. Rescuers spent two more days at the pile. They found five more bodies but no additional survivors.
Borges now faces surgery on both feet and a long recovery. Her family has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help her pay the bills.
Borges, who came to the United States 31 years ago from Puebla state in south-central Mexico, has worked at Palmer for four years. She said she's seeking accountability.
"I wanted to speak so that this will be prevented in the future," she said. "For my colleague Judy, I want there to be justice."
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2023.04.01 07:17 Eagle115 AITA for going to a famous girl's house without being explicit about it with my girlfriend? (I know how this will probably sound and go)

I (M36) and the pornstar (F27) named Donna in question are livestreamers; (36F) Marie is the the love of my life, names redacted.
I found Donna about a month into my last breakup; pretty girl, does the BS hot tub streams and stuff. I have never considered caring about her sexually and have just been involved in chat with the mods and regulars enjoying my day making legit friends with people there and laughing about dumb shit. It became my only outlet for conversation after absolutely burying myself into a hole for that amount of time.
Come February I have a girlfriend. Doctor, gorgeous, incredibly fun to be around, bubbly, just made me feel like the luckiest man alive. I couldn't imagine ever leaving her and have said as such about 3 months in; I loved her and she was my world. Unfortunately, I may have missed the mark on telegraphing that.
I was on Donnas stream just chatting with the crew like normal, Donna says she doesn't have any IRL friends and that makes her sad. I knew she lived like 40 mins away and I was like "I'll be your IRL friend if you need one".
Figuring since they all know about my gf and I just wanted to smoke and watch youtube videos, I got over there, smoked and watched youtube videos. Donna fell asleep on her couch within the first half hour, I chilled with Z and A just joking around about chat and shit. I left by 9PM, called the gf and chatted with her telling her I hung out with my friends Donna A and Z. Little did I know, this was an absolutely costly error.
Marie calls me in the morning absolutely furious that I went to a pornstar's house while she was out of town. She watched my stream with a clear title about who I was with and that we are done.
I told her I would leave and the next day I didn't; these are people I've come to know and love for 9 months while I was at my worst. Hard to say goodbye, so sue me. 3 weeks later we are still talking, she tells me every single day we are never getting back together, I am trying every play in the book to change her mind but she wants no part of that clearly, tells me to go back into Donna's channel if I want, it doesn't matter to her, etc.
Fast forward 4 weeks (today), I am still calling/texting her hoping to God she changes her mind, I have deleted Donna from my lifestyle and have moved on hoping she would want to move on with me although now it has been a month of "I never want to get back together with you, we are friends". Fine, so be it. I hop into Donna's alternate acct's chat and ask her to go to a bar before she moves to state X in chat and she says idk. 5 mins later I get a screenshot with that exact message and backdrop, saying I'm blocked on everything.
I love Marie, have always thought she was my world and the fact that that feeling was compromised destroys me every day even though considering intent I can show there absolutely was none with Donna, and it's indisputable.
Am AITA for having a streamer friend who happens to be a girl and does porn on the side?
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2023.04.01 07:10 4fivefive [Mando S3 Spoilers] How "Andor" actually ruined Star Wars for me. [Long Post]

allow me to preface this by saying that i was never expecting the mandalorian to have the same quality of writing or the same exact approach to tone as andor. it isn't exactly a very balanced expectation to have and the genre variety in star wars as a whole is incredibly healthy. no, my complaints aren't about the dialogue (though some of that could definitely be improved) or the acting (though, again, some of that could've been a lot better this season, especially).
where andor has ruined star wars for me has everything to do with direction.
andor has some of the strongest tv directing i've seen in years. the visual elements in every scene and sequence are very clearly communicated to the viewer. individual story beats are paced incredibly well and done with a very clear understanding of escalation. camera movements and angles all feel very precise and motivated by what the directors of each episode wanted to communicate with their shots. in a show that's already packed to the brim with so many strengths, i feel like the quality of directing is genuinely towards the top of the list. the directing team that tony gilroy put together for the show did an impeccable job and deserve all the praise being heaped on them constantly.
the action in the show has also been fantastic (and, in a way, underrated for how well it's directed, seeing that most of the show's praise is rightfully also directed at its writing). hits feel properly weighty and carry with them a lot of visual punch. blasters feel genuinely deadly and i don't think i've ever gulped more seeing one of those things being pointed at someone. all of these add to the already excellent sense of tension exhibited by the show's directors in virtually every scene. every single flash of action from the warehouse firefight to the heist escape to the prison break to the riot sequence has felt so incredibly thrilling and engaging that i'm always down to go back and rewatch them.
so what does this have to do with mando??
i don't know what changed exactly in between the butcher house sequence in the book of boba fett and the most recent episodes, but something has definitely felt lacking in season 3, as far as directing is concerned. i've enjoyed some of the episodes a fair bit (episode 3 was probably my favorite), but a lot of the time, many of them have started to feel as though they were rushing to get to where favreau and filoni need everything to be. it's as though quite a few of these episodes were written with the ending first before having the rest of the story built around it, and this extends to some of the scenes as well.
in episode 1, for instance, we have a space dogfight that goes by way too quickly. we see mando get in his ship, be pursued for a little bit by these pirates, and then he outmaneuvers them and blasts them all out of the sky in quick succession. no tension, just mando doing awesome things, which is fine, i guess, but as a whole that action sequence just felt so... hollow. individual moments are hardly given room to breathe and these small actions pass by so quickly that they don't even get time to register completely.
contrast this with luthen escaping from the arrestor cruiser. we know he's gonna escape because we saw that in the trailers, but that doesn't mean the scene still can't have tension. it sets up the situation, gives room for the engagement to boil before ending in a satisfying pay-off that also communicates something about luthen's character and personality. that's good directing.
although where i think the mandalorian (and to an extent, other live-action sw shows but that's another topic) have especially fallen flat recently are the scenes involving action between the actual costumed characters. the battle sequence in episode 5 is divided into two distinct parts: the dogfight and the urban combat. the dogfight was pretty good this time around, but the on-the-ground fighting felt very inconsistent in a lot of places. there's more mandos-doing-badass-things (which, again, fine), and some of them do get shot, but so few of these hits felt as though there was any weight to them. the way some of these blaster bolts just gently singe someone makes them seem like peashooters or waterguns. i was hoping for a little more oomph in each bit of contact — you know, make these weapons feel dangerous; make us afraid for these mandos after having them be all hyped up by a speech.
to me the funniest offender of this has to be the armorer's little moment to shine. there's a bit in the episode where the armor shows up in this room to take out some goons by way of dual-wielded hammers and... honestly this got a giggle out of me, partly because i was sorta hyped, but also because i thought it was a little silly. again, hardly any of these hits feel as though there's any weight being thrown behind them and this leads to a combat scene feeling more like play than anything else. on top of that, a lot of the shots in these combat sequences also go by a little too quickly or linger just a bit longer than should be comfortable. the show could be and has been so much better than this in the past.
granted, mando has its fair share of misses and dud episodes in the past, but at the very least, it was consistently engaging more often than not.
and when you compare some of these action sequences to those in andor, there's already a world of difference, especially when action has never been one of andor's key selling points.
and it isn't as though violence is out of the question for the mandalorian, and neither am i saying that i want mando to start ripping dudes in half the way people on the main star wars sub say they want an r-rated darth vader movie. all i'm saying is that i want the action and directing to be a whole lot better, because the mandalorian has had great action and directing before. i don't even have to think back very far — i just have to look back at episode 1 of season 2.
there are very good directors in the mandalorian season 3, and i have nothing but respect for them and their craft, but i think the biggest difference between andor and season 3 of the mandalorian is that andor has, to use a common internet parlance, let its directors cook. a lot of these recent mando episodes have felt very basic in the directing department, almost as though they were committee-mandated, and that makes me sad because star wars shows have been and can be so much better — these shows can be well-directed. if there's one way in which andor has really ruined star wars for me is by showing me what great direction can do for a show.
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2023.04.01 07:09 HugeCockInMyCatsBum Thoughts regarding Linus' take on promoting LTT products

In law, there are different levels of intent that are required for all crimes. We call this mens rea. The idea is, the intent of a person who kills in self defense is different than the intent needed for a murderer. It seems fairly obvious that this is the case. But this idea can be applied to a wide range of scenarios. Here, I'll try to explain why I'm opposed to Linus' advertising plan for the LTT backpack, but first, I'll explain the legal analogy.
Generally speaking, under the Model Penal Code (the "MPC," a Model Act adopted by many, but not all, states in the United States), there are 4 levels of mens rea, and in order from "most" intent to "least" intent, they are:
  1. Purposely
A defendant acts purposely, or with purpose, if it is their conscious objective to commit the criminal offense.
  1. Knowingly
A defendant acts knowingly, or with knowledge, if the defendant is practically certain that their conduct will cause the criminal offense. Knowledge of a "high probability" is sufficient for a defendant to be convicted of an offense that requires a mens rea of knowledge.
  1. Recklessly
A defendant acts recklessly if the defendant knows of a substantial and unjustified risk, consciously disregarded that risk, and the conscious disregard was a gross deviation from the standard of conduct a reasonable person in that situation.
  1. Negligently
A defendant acts negligently, or with negligence, if the defendant was unaware of a substantial and unjustified risk, but should have been aware of that risk, and the failure to have knowledge of the risk itself was a gross deviation from the standard of conduct a reasonable person in that situation.
The standard example of mens rea used in law schools is criminal homicide. There are a few different ways to "grade" homicide (the MPC approach, the "degrees of murder" approach, and the common law approach), but we'll focus on the MPC approach.
Under the MPC, homicide is graded as follows:
Murder is purposely killing, knowingly killing, or recklessly and with extreme indifference killing (this doesn't quite map to recklessly as we saw above, so don't think its the same).
Manslaughter is recklessly killing, or under a condition of extreme mental or emotional distress killing.
Negligent homicide is killing negligently.
Why do we distinguish at all? Someone dies at the end, and the defendant did it. Let's say we have a defendant that killed purposely, and we have a defendant that killed negligently. Why do we punish the two defendants differently? Because what we are actually punishing is not the act of killing (in law, this is called the actus reus), we are punishing killing with intent (in law, again, we call this mens rea). Thus, we judge that lying in wait and killing someone via torture is more deserving of punishment than accidentally killing someone via speeding, and that is more deserving of punishment than killing someone via failing to render aid (this is sort of disputed as to whether someone should be punished for this at all).
What does this have to do with Linus' argument today in the WAN show? Consider as follows:
You wish to accomplish some legitimate, above-board business objective–let's say, you want to build a second office building for your growing business. You consider two different contracts. The first contractor follows the letter of the law completely. Her business follows the proper protocols for hiring immigrant labor. She allows inspectors from the department of labor to inspect her worksite. She has translated worker's rights fliers, and has posted them at all jobsites she operates at. She is licensed by the state in various ways–health and safety, handyman license, and drilling and construction licenses. She offers acceptable wages. She give this information to clients upon request, and is well known for treating her workers well. But she is also known for asking for repeated extensions, and she often refuses jobs that are too hard, too large, or that don't pay well.
The second contractor is a new operator in town. He is much larger, and has an established reputation for aggressive construction deadlines. But you have questions about his practices. Namely, you've walked passed a few worksites of theirs, and you see workers positioned below large cranes, workers without helmets, and workers who seem to have worked throughout the night. You know that many of these practices are unlawful. But you've never personally confirmed your suspicions. To allay some of your concerns, you talk with a friend, who has contracted with the second contractor before. Your friend tells you that, to his knowledge, they got the construction done on time and all inspections were completed promptly. Your friend also didn't ask as to whether the second contractor was following labor law.
Two laws binding in this jurisdiction read as follows:
"Whoever purposely or knowingly violates labor law, or contracts with a party which violates labor law, shall be guilty of a felony, and shall be punished under this provision with a term of imprisonment not exceeding 7 years, a fine not to exceed $100,000, or both."
"Whoever recklessly or negligently violates labor law, or contracts with a party which violates labor law, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished under this provision with a fine not to exceed $25,000."
Given this fact-pattern, make a choice as to what you would do. If you took that choice, would you be guilty of a felony, or a misdemeanor, or anything at all?
Linus' quandry is similar to this. He has made known the following:
Under these facts, it would be difficult to argue that Linus is purposely trying to commit unethical behavior, or to support such behavior. But, it is clear that Linus is at least acting recklessly as to whether unethical behavior occurs (I'd argue that this arises to knowingly, but I'll leave that aside for now). He knows that there is a risk of unethical behavior occurring (that there may be some compensation or exchange of things of value in direct quid pro quo for his product being featured as a review or being featured on a product listicle), he is advocating for proceeding with this plan despite the known risk, and (in my opinion, and apparently Luke's as well) the conscious disregard of this risk is not reasonable given the circumstances (for personal pecuniary gain).
I leave to you, dear reader, whether or not one should support a creatoinfluencer who acts recklessly with regard to unethical business practices.
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