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Because getting in front of third (fourth, fifth etc) wave feminism means acknowledging women have the agency to make our own decisions.

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A place to discuss the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons, the fifth edition, known during the playtest as D&D Next.

2023.06.08 11:18 AutoNewsAdmin [Lifestyle] - New Cantonese opera troupe and research centre in Hong Kong, backed by Ina Chan, third wife of late Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho, aim to widen art form’s appeal

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2023.06.08 11:17 deligencetechnology Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Salesforce with WhatsApp

Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Salesforce with WhatsApp
To integrate Salesforce with WhatsApp, you can follow these general steps:
  • Set up a WhatsApp Business Account: First, create a WhatsApp Business Account for your business by registering through the WhatsApp Business API. This involves verifying your business and obtaining the necessary credentials.
  • Enable Salesforce Connect: In Salesforce, enable Salesforce Connect to establish a connection between Salesforce and external systems like WhatsApp. This allows you to access and interact with WhatsApp data within Salesforce.
  • Configure External Objects: Define external objects in Salesforce that represent WhatsApp data, such as contacts, messages, or conversations. Map these objects to the corresponding WhatsApp API endpoints and fields.
  • Implement Integration Logic: Develop custom integration logic using Salesforce Apex or external integrations tools like MuleSoft or Zapier. This logic handles the communication between Salesforce and WhatsApp, such as sending messages, retrieving data, or updating records.
  • Test and Deploy: Thoroughly test the integration to ensure it functions as expected. Once validated, deploy the integration to your production environment.
Note: WhatsApp's Business API has specific requirements and restrictions, and integration may require the assistance of a Salesforce developer or a third-party integration provider familiar with both platforms.
It's important to refer to the official documentation and guidelines provided by Salesforce and WhatsApp for detailed instructions specific to your integration requirements.
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2023.06.08 11:17 Actual_Insect5984 China Economic data disappoints again, Exports fall by 7.5% in May

China Economic data disappoints again, Exports fall by 7.5% in May

The much anticipated trade statistics from China for May failed to stabilise markets that have grown accustomed to the slowing growth of the world’s second-biggest economy.
But it did inspire fresh speculation about policy stimulus determines from Beijing.
As a matter of fact, exports reported a larger-than-expected decline of 7.5 percent year-on-year, bringing the trade surpluses to its lowest level in 13 months. While imports remained entrenched in the red.
Despite the data’s limited immediate the impact. The Chinese yuan dropped as expected, and Europe may perceive the numbers negatively on a day with few domestic drivers.
Following recent sticky inflation statistics. There is speculation that the Bank of Canada may defy poll expectations and resume rate hikes later on Wednesday.
This follows the Reserve Bank of Australia’s unexpected rate hike and hawkish language on Tuesday.
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2023.06.08 11:17 AnakinStopPanicking Parking in Gothenburg

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding parking in Gothenburg. My sister, her family and I are going in August for two days, and we found accomodation, it says it's around 25 minutes with car to Gothenburg (we're coming with car from Norway). Is it hard to find a place to park? How does the payment go, via app? Can I connect it to my Norwegian bank account? It's my first time visiting, so I'm looking for informations.
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2023.06.08 11:15 stand_up_fkn_tall I just think it's so cool

that it would've been laughable to think in the Fallen Order era, but now it's more reasonable to think that the third installment may have a Cal so powerful he may take on Vader as the final boss and actually stand a chance this time. They grow up so fast 🥲.
Sorry for posting so much, especially since I'm the only one awake at this hour lol. I'm coffeeing my way through the night and I'm spending my time playing, so I'm very excited and have a lot to think about.
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2023.06.08 11:14 Bappo658 Bloodwitch

Hello! I recently found this book titled bloodwitch, admittedly, sometimes when I see cool art something flicks in my brain and I don't even think before collecting it. Now, it appears I've the third book in a series. I was wondering if anyone, with more knowledge on this series knows if it's possible to read this on it's own or if I should save it until I find the rest of the books in the series? Thanks!
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2023.06.08 11:14 dranzergigs Borrowing money as a UK student?

Hi, currently I'm a second year student (going on third) and I recently (today) managed to get a job.
I was wondering about companies that I could take a two week loan from, because currently I'm running low on funds, and wanted to borrow some money in the short term to prop myself up again.
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2023.06.08 11:13 NewlyGrewly07 bite of 87 sucker

Hello everybody My name is Markiplier, Freddy Fazbear
Nothing personal, bear
But I must go all out
Just this once
Bobs or vegans, whichever will it be?
Sit the fuck down, Freddy Fazbear, I'm here to spill the real tea
You tryna dethrone me from spot on fnaf king
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So come on, Freddy Fazbear, looking hungry for some drama
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So who the hell is William Afton and why you wanna fuck him? (Ew)
I'm a Blue-Eyes White Dragon while you're just Dark Magician (Oof)
You got a fifth of the population in your nation
But I got fnaf kids of worlds so hold your defecation (Ops)
hoihoihoihoihoi, what the fuck is that even supposed to mean?
Your language sounds like it came from a mumble rap community
No Papa, no Papa, yes Papa; Markiplier
Now down all of this sugar and let's throw this fuckin' party with some
bite of 87 sucker, bite of 87 sucker
Look at Freddy Fazbear, they just crying for their momma
bite of 87 sucker, bite of 87 sucker
Freddy Fazbear ain't nothing but a bite of 87 sucker
bite of 87 sucker, bite of 87 sucker
Look at Freddy Fazbear, they just wetting their pajama
bite of 87 sucker, bite of 87 sucker
Freddy Fazbear ain't nothing but a bite of 87 sucker
You got a population of 4
But most your pizzas can't seem to hit even a million
I'm gonna shoot you with my AK-47 freddy fazbear
baby baby baby
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2023.06.08 11:13 marketsecrets Market Secrets - Option Analytics for BankNifty - Live MaxPain Chart - MaxPain: 44200

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2023.06.08 11:12 marketsecrets Market Secrets - Option Analytics for BankNifty - Live MaxPain Chart - MaxPain: 44200

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2023.06.08 11:12 LauraAndTheBeehive I Posted A Few Months Ago (OP thelivingroomsong), I Need Serious, Genuine Advice With Moving Forward. Questioning My Experiences And Trying To Go Towards Next Steps But Everything Feels Worthless. More Below.

(I don't know how to flair this properly, I'm sorry.) I posted here a few months ago, maybe two (OP / u/,thelivingroomsong) about escaping my abusive household. I escaped, and now I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life. If anyone can try to give advice on what to do next, or try to nail into my head that I'm not in the wrong, please. I need anything I can get right now.
I escaped my abuser and am currently in a safe space with safe people, but it cost me everything. All I could bring with me were the clothes on my back plus a few articles of clothing, bare necessities, and thensome. Realistically, everything I had has been left behind, including extremely sentimental objects from a long-deceased family member that I know I'll never get back. I no longer have a job, and can't make any moves regarding my bank account (that the abuser somehow has access to) or any legal documents like insurance without exposing my exact location. I feel like I fucked up in the biggest way possible, but I know if I somehow go back there, I'm going to be killed on the spot.
My abuser made a fake missing person report on me and plastered it on their social media, which went viral. This post was then widespread across platforms, including on a few subs on this platform. Originally, I wanted to tell the truth to everyone via a Facebook post from my own account, but now I don't have a phone. That, as well as being locked out of all accounts I have that had two factor authentication applied to, to which I'm now IP banned from making any and all new accounts.
I've called the DV hotline (well, multiple) and no one's been of help. I'm waiting to hear back on legal advice as to whether or not my exposal of my abuser in this type of public manner would be, on my end, illegal and give means to the abuser to sue me for defamation or smearing of character. I don't know if I can somehow sue the abuser for financial reparation on grounds of some form of emotional/physical damages so I can afford medical bills for both mental and physical health services. But I don't know if I'm even considered the victim, as the abuse was never directed at me- but the abuser's spouse. I lived there, and am/was the abuser's child, the spouse is a girlfriend. Although I was never the one being physically (or sexually) abused, I have been physically touched twice (choked, attempted s/a), as well as grabbed, starved, forced to be dangerously sleep deprived, as well as extreme emotional, verbal and mental abuse, all the while witnessing the physical, mental/emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse of his spouse. I don't think any lawyer, DV caseworker, or even person (familial) would consider me a victim when nothing happened to me directly. I wanted to, or feel the need to, change my full legal name to further go into hiding, but even that costs an immense amount of money. The same goes for a new license, SSN card, and general documents to prove I exist.
I can't make money as if I were to open my Paypal account, I'm sure it would shut down the account or lock me out of it due to the same dual authentication on the account, on suspicion of the login not being me. I refuse to run a GoFundMe as I don't want to take away money from people who actually need it. Even if I did get money, I'd rather earn it and give the person who gave me the money something in return.
I don't know what to do. I know I have to tell the truth, because the abuser keeps spreading the narrative of me being 'gone' or had 'run away' while continuously spamming my Facebook Messenger with text messages daily, if not hourly, that I can't even view. I can't afford a lawyer or therapist/counselopsychologist, I'm about to be thrown out of school due to outstanding fees, I can't exactly go outside and apply for a job when I'm being hunted for sport, and I'm a burden to the people who let me into their space. I feel like I don't deserve to be here, in this place. I'm weighing everyone here down, especially financially, and it makes me want to fucking die. I have no family now, or friends, or anyone to ask for help. I'm alone, and feel like I made a mistake. I feel hopeless. I genuinely want to give up.
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2023.06.08 11:12 Taino00 Late Night Thoughts

Hello my brothers and sisters on this journey of sustained suffering I have good news and not so good news. About me: 26M, Latino, contracted alpha variant (covid- 19 2020), omicron (OG variant), and the most recent variant circulating in NYC (Omicron sub variant). I am 4x vaxxed with bivalent. On my most recent covid infection I took paxlovid after arguing with a PA about the necessity of minimizing my viral load as I suffer from covid related POTS /dysautonomia and as I took the antivirals the symptoms didn't quite feel as bad. In hindsight, I wish the course of antivirals was longer. The drugs are effective but 5 days seems a bit short. My bad news: The constant realization that my heart/lungs will never function the same. As I deal with odd pinches and aches and irregular heartbeats in addition to weird vascular twitches in my legs. My life is a daily 0-100 dice roll. I understand my risk for stroke and heart attack is increased for 6 months to a year after a covid infection. Good news: I was somewhat careful and still caught the new variant, I originally planned a trip to Mexico to train muay thai, since I felt my health had returned to a baseline where rigorous physical exercise could be done. Contracting covid a third time gave me some doubts. Nevertheless, everything was booked so I did my best to listen to my body as best as I could and pushed myself as hard as physically able in the hopes of recovering some type of physical fitness I had lost due to 3x covid. I struggled a lot! But I was able to at least complete the classes. On days when my heart felt weird I would rest in bed and hydrate with electrolytes and water.
I know everyone here is battling this thing differently. I am too, I want to support this community however I can as a broke graduate student. I encourage everyone here to try and push their boundaries ever so slightly according to your capabilities. Even if you are simply raising your legs in the air in bed. Every little bit helps. But the most important thing, tell your story. Keep a journal of the good days and the bad days. Your experience with this disease matters, you matter, and the unfortunately reality is, we won't be the last to suffer from it. I wish you all well ❤️
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2023.06.08 11:12 CyperFlicker I don't understand, why is free?

Manga and anime are one of my main hobbies and I love them a lot. But I live in a Third World country and I can't afford to buy them or subscribe to streaming services, and I decided to give up piracy for moral reasons recently, and it was painful to have to give up the mangas/shows I was reading/watching and leaving my favorite hobby.
But today I was messing around on the web and for some reason I decided to open (for the first time) and go to Viral hit Manhwa, and I COULD FREAKING READ IT.
I am still excited about it, but I don't understand, why isn't it looked? Why doesn't it require payment?
Not complaining of course lol, but I was surprised tbh.
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2023.06.08 11:12 Town100 Who should we allocate bank interest to on self assessment tax return

Both myself and my husband are self employed and usually we split any bank interest 50/50 on our self assessment tax return as the interest has always been paid to accounts in joint names.
This year my husband had a fixed rate bond paying interest on maturity that was solely in his name. At maturity the balance and interest were paid into a joint account.
Therefore we're unsure whether the interest earned should just be declared on his tex return (as it was his sole account where it was earned) or be split 50/50 as usual (since the interest was paid into a joint account)
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2023.06.08 11:11 Fantastic-Addition25 a buyer has requested for a cancellation and eBay is asking a 1/3 of the refund come from my bank even though the money did not go to my bank account

the rest of the refund is coming from ebay funds but I don't have any funds in that bank account so how can I even issue a refund
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2023.06.08 11:11 autotldr Philippines raises alert level around one of the country’s most active volcanoes, villagers told to leave danger zone and pilots advised to avoid flying close to the volcano’s summit

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 46%. (I'm a bot)
MANILA, Philippines - Philippine officials on Thursday raised the alert level for one of the country's most active volcanoes after superheated streams of gas, debris and rocks cascaded down its upper slope in a condition they fear could lead to a hazardous eruption within days or weeks.
Villagers living within a 6-kilometer radius of Mayon volcano's crater were told to leave the long-designated permanent danger zone and move to safer grounds due to the danger of volcanic emissions, lava flows, rockfalls and other hazards, officials said.
"Civil aviation authorities must also advise pilots to avoid flying close to the volcano's summit as ash from any sudden eruption can be hazardous to aircraft," the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said.
Government volcano experts said they raised the alert level around Mayon to the third of a five-step warning system after detecting an increasing number of rockfalls and at least two volcanic earthquakes in recent days.
Aside from Mayon, officials were closely monitoring Taal volcano south of Manila and Mount Kanlaon on central Negros island due to renewed signs of restiveness.
The Philippines lies along the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: volcano#1 Philippine#2 volcanic#3 eruption#4 Mayon#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.08 11:10 ToeRepresentative Date format

Date format
Someone please help me out, I am about to lose my marbles.
Last week I bought the Poco F5 (this is my third Poco after the original one and the X3 pro), and I cannot for the life of me manage to change the format of the date as it appears on my lock screen and in certain apps. It is currently set as mm/dd however I have been using dd/mm since I have been aware of the notion of dates so this is driving me a bit insane everytime I check the date.
Please help me, there is no option in the date and time settings to actually change this and Google has not offered any solutions. I think this is the first phone I have ever had that is not allowing me to change this.
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2023.06.08 11:10 Scotty_UK96 [Academic] Can you spare 2-3 minutes to help me with my thesis research?

** Link to survey: **
To support my thesis on “The Impact of Digital Propositions and Experience Management on Strategic Growth in Traditional Banking Organisations”, I’m gathering cross-industry data on the approaches taken to the delivery of digital experiences.
I appreciate your time is precious and I thank you in advance for taking the time to share your insights with me. I hope this short survey will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.
Redeem Survey Code with one click:
All data collected is anonymous to protect your commercial confidentiality.
** Link to survey: **
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2023.06.08 11:09 Lonely_Oak [SG] Lenovo Legion Desktop (5800, 6800XT) [W] £700

For sale I have a Lenovo Legion tower. Comes with:
AMD 5800, 6800XT, 16GB, 512GB SSD, 650w Gold PSU
The PC itself is great. Think I got a good one on the silicone lottery as it has zero coil whine, and while out of the box the system uses 400w, with an underclock that only loses a few frames its down to 280w at full load. Uses between 70-100w just browsing/ anything that doesnt require heavy lifting. Can play most things released during the PS4 era at 4K 60fps but benchmarks are your friend for anything new.
Still has the plastic coatings on it for anyone who takes satisfaction in that! :D
Collection from Newbury (RG14) area as I dont have the box and im not confident in shipping it securely. Payment via bank on collection. Happy to boot it up and show a few games while here.
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2023.06.08 11:09 Pitiful_Complex_5407 ‘Fabulous dinner’: Reserve Bank spent $25,000 on exclusive Perth function after raising rates in May

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2023.06.08 11:08 zyradyl TIFU by trying to do a currency exchange during the rainy season.

So I'm currently attending school in a non-US country, and while you can do wire transfers to the local banks here, the wire transfer fee from my bank is not reimbursed, but the ATM fees are reimbursed, as are the international exchange fees. I checked with both of my banks and they said it was fine to do this, so the only cost for me to pull money out of the ATM and deposit it into my local bank is my time.
This is my first time experiencing a rainy season. I'm originally from Kansas City, so while we have storms and tornado season, the idea of "yeah it's just going to pour rain for the next two weeks" is still really weird to me, and because of that I'm really bad at planning around it. The entire first half of today was dry, but when it started raining I realized I needed to pull money out now or I wouldn't be able to do it for a couple weeks unless I got lucky.
Thankfully, the radar showed light rain for about an hour, so I left my dorm and took my bike. We're not allowed to ride our bikes one handed with an umbrella, so I left that at the dorm too. All I had was my backpack (with all my various books/normal carry stuff) and my bike. No coat, because even though its raining it's still miserably hot and humid.
I'll spare the details of most of my trip, but on the way back I saw a McDonalds and ducked inside to get some food. While eating I started working through some flashcard decks on my phone, and quickly lost track of time. An hour later, when I left, it was REALLY raining. I thought I would be okay to just bike back in the rain, but it is SO MUCH RAIN and I wear glasses, I simply couldn't see.
Out of desperation at a stop light, I pull my sun parasol out of my backpack and decide to use it. It's basically just a thicker, smaller umbrella so it should be fine, right? I then make the decision that I'm going to ride back to my dorm on my bike, one handed, the other holding the parasol. Because, hey, what's the worst that could happen?
This went really well for a while! However, when you're doing something brand new on a bike and you already have balance issues, your body will involuntarily tense when something unexpected happens. Like hitting a bump harder than you planned. This is normally completely fine! Unless your parasol isn't just an auto-opening one, but it auto closes too!
Yes that's right friends, I hit a bump too hard, tensed, shut myself in my parasol, this scared me even more so my other hand gripped the back brake HARD and then I just...loudly squealed to a stop (yay bike disc brakes!) and then just.. tipped over. I understand I could have put my legs out to stop the last part but I'm an idiot and was also just very confused by everything that happened as quickly as it happened.
Thankfully there was a very nice lady across the road who saw this happen, and quickly came over to help me between politely restrained fits of laughter. Once she was sure I was okay, and realized I could speak a reasonable of the local language, she explained that she had done this exact thing once before. She also told me its incredibly funny to watch from outside, but apologized for laughing.
I honestly somewhat wish there was a video, because I'm sure it is very funny to watch it happen.
TL;DR I tried to go out to run errands through the rainy season and shut myself in an umbrella and fell off a bike in front of a complete stranger.
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2023.06.08 11:08 screenn_ame_941 AITA for messaging my cousin's 2-month boyfriend to ask him to pay her order for her?

I 20F and currently a 3rd year college student from 🇵🇭 (sorry if my english is bad here). I have a friend/classmate who works for commission for her small crochet business, her design is a hit after I suggested a pp pattern and everyone in our class laughed when she presented it to us and we suggested she should do more to sell. My mother ordered 5 pcs, and my cousin was also amazed and just confused laughing why this pattern (haha) so she ordered 5 pcs of small pp and 2 pcs big sizes. Her total amounted 500 pesos (around 30$), so I referred this to my friend and was overjoyed because of so many orders from me. I told her that it was her total amount and she said that she'll pay me on the weekend.
The weekend came and we didn't saw each other since she's working, same when weekdays because I have school. Then I chatted her that if she can come by at midnight and I will collect the payment, since we just live next door. She said that it's too late and she didn't have the money yet. I said, okay. Then after just like 3 days my friend already finished her commission pieces, I told her to just keep it for awhile since I don't have the payment yet. I then chatted her, my cousin, that the order is already done and I needed the money or just the update if she still want it. She said she'll pay when her salary will come in to her bank. 3 weeks had past and still no sign of her. I am embarrassed to my friend because I also keep telling her that I will have the money by this day but I don't have anything to give when that day will come because I don't have extra money to cover it. I would keep chatting my cousin but she just keep on leaving me "seen".
I had enough then an idea came up to me to message her "rich" boyfriend that if he can pay it through my gcash (e-bank) and then I'll just ask my cousin to just pay him since they were always seeing together. I told him to not tell her that I messaged him and if he'll do it (pay me) I'll be the one to explain it to my cousin. I know that my chat would directly be on his message request, but I have a hunch that he read it (though it wouldn't appear 'seen' to me). That night also I messaged my cousin again and we have negotiation that she'll pay me tomorrow since it's already her pay day...again. Just right after I removed my chats to her boyfriend (since I thought it wouldn't be necessary anymore since we already talked and she already promised), she sent me screenshots of her bf chat to her asking if my chats to him is true.
She got mad at me and said that I shouldn't involve him up to this issue, and I said that she left me no choice because she kept on promising to pay but then not show up. She said that she don't want the crocheted pp anymore but she'll pay for it. She asked for my gcash number and she send the money right away.
But I was a bit petty, I give the order to her mother so she can still have it.
So am I the ah?
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