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Betty Davis

2015.03.16 16:02 leftabitcharlie Betty Davis

Betty Davis appreciation.

2022.06.03 14:38 huggothebear Mushrooms4Coldsores

A subreddit to talk about and share experiences trying to use mushroom extracts (specifically reishi, chaga, cordyceps, lion's mane, shiitake and maitake, and turkey tail) to control oral herpes / HSV-1. **1. SAVE 15% on TIMEHEALTH products by using the promo code in checkout: ”mushrooms4coldsores15” **2. SAVE 10% on FRESHCAP products by using the promo code in checkout: “mushrooms4coldsores10” (You can save 20% on each order by subscribing to the company, check their site for info!)

2019.03.11 18:01 djronnieg The last bastion for Plasma TV aficionados

It was a bit of a surprise to see that there appeared to be no dedicated Plasma TV community on Reddit. Although I do plan to comb the archives within other Home Theater oriented subreddits, this subreddit exists to unify some key info and to share some useful tips.

2023.06.10 20:24 Sadmimihours I (20F) don’t know how to move on from my ex (21F) because of mixed signals, am i delusional ?

First and foremost, I apologize for mispelling or mistakes as english is not my first language. Also, it might seem very long and boring to you.. it’s me ranting anyway.
I don’t know how to move on from my ex. She was everything I didn’t know i needed in someone, she is basically my dream girl. She is kind but likes to tease. She has the prettiest smile even tho she is a bit insecure about her teeth. She is as gentle as a flower but doesn’t sugarcoat her words. She has dark silky hair and small eyes, her eyes disappeared when she laughs and it looks like crescent moons.
We were friends in the beginning as we shared common interest about something. We first talked under a post and made it smoothly into DMs. You guessed it, it was a long-distance relationship. We went from friends to lovers although I had no idea she liked girls, so she made the first move. We dated for about a month when she sent me a text about how guilty she felt dating while praying as she is muslim. This is the reason why I never thought she liked girls. It was not even an option for me to guess she liked me even tho I really hoped so.
I was really disappointed and hurt when she first broke up with me, knowing that we both loved each other and had a lot in common was really hard. I decided to distance myself a bit from her in order to respect her decision and not fall deeper. 2 or 3 months later, we talked as much as we did back when we were together, ngl covid helped a lot since we had quite a lot of free time. We were back to old habits, and promised each other a lot of things. If anything, we fell even deeper in love with each other, we were like a match made in heaven.
At the end of the year, she had very important exams so I didn’t want to be a burden for her so I decided to distance myself, it was an agreement we made together. She was glad that we set boundaries so she didn’t feel burdened. However, I notice a change of behaviour. She was connected to social medias when she was supposed to study. My first thoughts was that perhaps she needed a break from studying so I didn’t read too much into it. But it kept happening and my messages were being delivered for hours and even days. She didn’t answer from any of my ‘ily’. I knew something was off but I let her be. The day of her exam came and I sent her encouraging texts and surprisingly she was very happy about it and even excited.
But I didn’t hear from her for a few days after that. Then, she texted me saying we needed to talk. She said that she fell out of love with me and that the past few weeks she met a guy who was very nice and had feelings for him. She said how things weren’t how they used to be between us, and how she couldn’t control how she felt. I was devastated and couldn’t believe her because it made no sense how fast she fell out of love. I blocked her and lost about 8kg after that. I didn’t handle the breakup really well as you can tell. Then, only 10 days after our breakup, she dated a guy.
A bit more than a year later we reconnected. I don’t remember how tho. I still had so much anger towards her. I wasn’t very nice to her I admit. But I wasn’t harsh either, I still had this fondness only reserved for her. Then, she confessed. She confessed that she still loved me so much back then. How she didn’t want to break up with me. She told me how much tears she shed. She simply had no choice. One day, her mother went through her phone and found our texts. Her mom confronted her and told her to leave me and introduced a boy to her asap. They dated for a year from my understanding. I was heartbroken, but at the same time everything made sense. I was kind of relieved because I wasn’t crazy back then when I though everything went too fast from good to bad. She obviously couldn’t fall out of love this easily.
Once again, we talked a lot. But it wasn’t like before. She changed. She refused to talk about us before. This time, she is determined to not fall in love with girls, with me. She doesn’t want to sin anymore, she resigned herself to a pitiful life. She said she deserves to be miserable all her life for the hurt she caused me and for the empty promises. I don’t agree with her. Her happiness is my happiness. She just had to say the word and we would both be happy. But she doesn’t think the same. I decided to stay by her side either way. I needed her in my life. Most of the time I feel like she put distance between us. But there were still times when her fondness for me resurged. Old habits die hard. She was always there when I needed her. She always gave me comfort. She still gives me our old petnames, and she teased/flirted with me just like back then. But sometimes i believe she gets cold feet, the distance she would put after some comforting words was bigger, for instance she would take hours and even days to reply. It was really frustrating.
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2023.06.10 20:22 poopscootparty Question about a character…

I’m currently in chapter 3 of Deadhouse Gates, in the scene where Duiker and Kulp are watching Mesker and Baria stare down some Wickans with their Red Sword units. In this scene, Duiker and Kulp remark that Coltaine is making himself well loved by the people and making his 7th army of Malaz very strong and how he will make a big name for himself.
My question is who is he loyal to? The premise of this book so far seems to be that Seven Cities is on the brink of open rebellion, and I can’t figure out whether Coltaine supports the rebellion or not. Although I know he was appointed after pledging loyalty to Kellanved, he seems to have very little love for Malaz, and much like other characters, we are seeing how loyalty to Kellenved’s Malaz is not necessarily loyalty to Lasseen’s. If this is a question that I should be asking at this stage, let me know.
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2023.06.10 20:22 Zealousideal_Owl9621 Is it bad etiquette to ask for "light ice" when ordering cold brew, iced tea, or iced coffee?

I get that the cost of materials is high to produce cold brew and iced coffee. I used to manage a coffee shop, so I know. However, I go into a lot of third wave coffee shops and they will fill their cups with ice, so you end up getting 5 sips of actual beverage.
Today I go into an unnamed establishment in Portland, Maine. I ask for light ice after I witness the barist smashing the cups full of ice for other customers. I get a hard stare, they put light ice in and then fill the cup to a full inch below the rim. When I ask for oat milk to fill it, I get attitude. Like come on, you're charging $5 for this, and then want me to tip you 25% when you flip your little screen at me.
Am I out of touch thinking that this is nickel and dining customers, or is it me that isn't practicing proper etiquette and breaking some unspoken rule in the 3rd wave coffee scene?
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2023.06.10 20:20 blurryturtle 2023 Roland Garros Men's Finals 🐢

As usual, before a big final, I like to get a little behind the scenes insight. Last time, I got up close and personal with the players, but as a result, a restraining order was issued, so this time, I leveled up and installed some cameras in their hotel rooms. This will give us a first-hand look at their prep for the finals.
Casp-o-vision :
Sunday, June 11th. The clock strikes 6:00AM. Norwegian music begins playing. Casper’s eyes open. “Ahhh Kongesangan,” thinks Casper, “the only choice for brushing one’s teeth”. Casper begins brushing. He is already in the bathroom, where he sleeps standing up to maximize efficiency. He brushes the right side efficiently, and does the best he can on the other. Though these teeth are mainly defensive, they are constantly improving. Casper turns to his coaches, who are sitting in the tub watching him brush. They nod and make fists, the only coaching he has ever received from them. He nods and makes a fist as well. The main coach, whose name he has never learned, hands him a plate of Fårikål, and he begins eating. “Shouldn’t I have eaten this before I brushed my teeth?” he asks, but perhaps the storyteller, like Casper’s team, did not think this through. Still though, Google is very informative. “Boy, I sure do love Oslo,” muses Casper. “And fjords.” Wow, Casper is ready for Roland Garros.
Djokocam :
Sunday June 11th. The clock strikes 6:00AM. Norwegian music begins playing. “Perhaps we should not have been roommates” thinks Novak, as he looks across the room to Casper’s bed. But Casper is not there. Djokovic stretches his impervious to cramps body. He is not in a bed, but gently relaxing on a bed of moss, which grew when he summoned it with warrior one. He eases slowly into chair pose, and a chair appears. Goran quickly sits in it. “Look at my cool new shades!” says Goran. “Very nice, Goran,” says Novak, as he closes his eyes to begin meditating. “You think we can win, Novak?” asks Goran, while swinging his legs excitedly in the chair. “Yes, Goran,” answers Novak. “Can you believe they eat snails here?” asks Goran, while pretending his hand is an airplane. “Yes, Goran,” answers Novak. “Would you ever eat a snail?” asks Goran, while pretending he is an airplane. “Yes, Goran,” answers Novak. “Wow,” says Goran. His friend Novak is so cool.
Casper emerges from the bathroom, and Djokovic heads in. There are crumbs in the sink, and Ruud’s team shake their fists and nod at him as he begins combing his hair. Novak shakes his head. He is ready for Roland Garros.
Men’s Singles Final :
There is something about Casper Ruud’s game that makes it seem like he is not doing anything special. He is ultra-consistent, and he makes the right choices in almost every situation, but his disciplined approach can make a player like Zverev or Rublev seem like they are on another level. Ruud has made two Grand Slam finals already (both last season), but was summarily written off before they began, suffering defeat at the hands of Carlos Alcaraz at the US Open, and Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros. Here again, he is being given very slim chances by most people. When you do everything right (by the book), there is a sense that you become predictable, and the greats of the game have excellent situational awareness. If they can move early to your shots, you’re not going to get many errors from them. It makes this a very uphill battle for him, because Novak Djokovic is a player that is unlikely to be rattled by the classic patterns and approaches to the game, and is one of the most consistent players the tour has ever seen. Once he gets in a rhythm, you’re playing a tennis game set to expert, so Casper will need to elevate his aggression here.
Ruud will thankfully be fresh for the finals, but after watching the Alcaraz demise it’s hard to gauge how long that will last. Him being a bit older does give him a bit more stamina and experience, and he had a fairly quick match against Zverev. He’s also done this before, so I think physically he is ready to go 5 sets. Thinking, though, isn’t it always the cause of our blunders. Zverev looked competitive in parts of their match, but he is not at the top level of the game yet. His ceiling is, but where does his ceiling lurk? Ruud is nearly robotic out there. You know he is going to execute and move the ball well and his defensive skills are solid enough to make his opponent play several shots to win a point. It’s the discipline he has that allows him to do this regardless of the stage and the opponent. Zverev, on the other hand, is very much thinking out there. When he has a setup, it’s very up in the air what he should do. He’s often creating angles and situations that he is only going to play 1-2 of per match, and it leads to errors as he second-guesses and hesitates on shots (especially rough in choosing when and when not to come to net). In truth, he could have wound up deep in the match against Casper, but when Zverev had control or time, he made a lot of unforced errors trying to crack Ruud’s defenses. Despite having a ton of experience on tour, Zverev has not really ironed out his game and since returning from injury, he hasn’t really dealt with a match where he had to play hard every point in order to win. The ability is there, but the repetition of effort is not.
Speaking of repetition of effort, it should be noted what a great adjustment Djokovic made in his semifinal match. He is very frequently a slow starter on clay, but he came out and looked to match Alcaraz’s aggression from the start. It was a very “I’m not going to miss and I want you to know that” approach, and digging in in this manner started to forced Alcaraz to come up with more and more ambitious attempts. They both have a lot of heat on their shots, but Alcaraz is certainly the one swinging harder on the average ball. He started to make errors, but it looked to me like he would wear down Djokovic’s defenses with the onslaught. There have been a number of matches this tournament where the first couple games were furiously played, and eventually one player settled into their role as a defender, or folded up and forced offense until they lost. This didn’t feel like the case here, as both of these players can legitimately expect to hit a high percentage of their shots no matter what style they proceed with. A good example is how a post-cramp, immobile and defeated Alcaraz was able to guide winners off Djokovic’s serve. Not a strategy to win the match, but something that he rarely uses in match-play yet was instantly able to do.
After losing the first set, I still like Alcaraz’s chances. It had become the best type of ATP match, one where the player who is serving doesn’t just automatically win. The great big 3 matchups featured so many breaks and yet those breaks weren’t huge cracks or fails at all, it was just that at the highest level, players can play defense and offense from everywhere on the court. They exchanged breaks late in the 2nd set, and it seemed like Alcaraz’s aggression was finally mentally wearing Djokovic down. Early in the third though, disaster struck in the way that it always seems to when a phenom plays Djokovic at a major. Carlos Alcaraz cramped. Spectacularly. His hand cramped, his calf cramped, and he looked like Medusa slid in his DMs for a moment. Big credit to Djokovic for being bigger than the moment, and coming across the net to express concern and help Alcaraz to his chair. Cramping is something that affects a lot of players on tour, but it was pretty unexpected from Alcaraz. His physical strength is off the charts, and he trains extremely hard. If some combination of nerves and over-exertion really caused this, then it’s a by-product of Djokovic being willing to go toe-to-toe with him right from the start of the match.
There are great nutritionists working on the tour, but once you actually go full-cramp, it is nearly impossible to continue playing tennis. The muscle is in pain, and doesn’t want to fully flex even if you do. In short, you’re fatigued, in pain, and weak. Alcaraz forfeited the game so he could get treatment, but with 2 full sets left against the guy who is leading the GOAT debate currently (and competing against off-tour opponents), you’re pretty much finished. Brave of Alcaraz to finish out the match, and I had some hope that the kid would go full-tank and hydrate to recover for a 4th, but it appeared the damage was irreversible. He stood in on some returns, and while this means that any poor returns leave your court position too shallow to cover both wings of the court, he did show a pretty good ability to utilize this tactic. I’d love to see him do more of this in the future, as the best returners are pretty much hugging the baseline and you need this to win with minimized effort on hardcourt and grass. I’d also add, his deep return position was allowing Djokovic to serve and volley an awful lot, and Novak really was the one scoring off the dropshot in the non-cramp sets so Alcaraz will need to work on some other strategies. A good restful win for Djokovic, and a new wrinkle to the “how high will Alcaraz rise” debate. I don’t think too many people were really expecting cramps (to my knowledge it’s the first time he’s dealt with that on tour), and he had the momentum before they occurred.
One of the best things about majors is how long the players are out there. It allows for so many deviations in strategy and planning. Dumping sets to conserve energy, planning to sprint early then take a set off, and changes in strategy (holding back a bit of pace on serves early or playing frequent dropshots to take your opponents legs) can be really effective. Djokovic got the benefit of an interesting result here. It seemed like his defense was good enough to keep Alcaraz at bay but he wasn’t able to counter-punch. If this was by design, kudos to him and his team for allowing Alcaraz to punch himself out. If it wasn’t, it has at a minimum inspired other players to dig in on defense against Carlos now that they’ve seen the gas tank actually on E, which is tremendous for the tour since we’ve seen a few top guys fold against him already. The names on the trophies are less important than creating an environment where these guys can compete at their freest, because the sport won’t continue to grow unless the product is visibly enticing to the non-tennis public.
Djokovic Ruud should be a great match, the same way Swiatek Muchova was today. Ruud has yet to win a set against Djokovic in his career, but almost every single set has been confined to a single break of serve. That’s largely what I expect here. Ruud is good enough to compete with Djokovic for 75% of the match. Similar to the CA/ND situation that caused the cramps, Ruud is good enough to play Djokovic on even terms, but not really able to get out of trouble once he’s in it. Since Djokovic’s measured approach won’t wear himself out like Alcaraz’s did, this means a long match, with a vaguely assured result. This is good for Ruud for a few reasons. One, he won’t be distracted very often. When you’re going uphill but are a great competitor like Ruud, you don’t get caught up in the “what ifs” of an L or fret changes in the scoreline, you just keep an eye on how you’re doing out there. Trying different approaches, working on the spots you’re losing ground in, and communicating with your box constructively rather than complaining are useful, and keep you in the present moment. That’s a good place to stay for Casper here, because the crowd is very likely to get behind him. Djokovic is a beloved champion, but fans want to see a long match. If Ruud was considered an even contender here, he could almost enter villain territory, as fans would not want to see a great champion dethroned. Since he’s publicly regarded as a plucky underdog, he’ll have plenty of support.
Tennis-wise, the problem here is simple. Djokovic has the best backhand in tennis, and Ruud fights his off. He can create some great angles with it, and hits passes fairly well, but it’s a safe target for Djokovic which means the majority of shots are going to go there. We all saw how devastating a weapon the dropshot and forehand inside-in became for Alcaraz when Tsitsipas attempted to camp in his backhand corner, and I fear that Ruud will have similar issues in this match. This is doubly tricky because Djokovic’s backhand dropshots are much better and much more frequently attempted down the line. Ruud served well against Zverev, but he went out wide from the duece court a lot and Zverev never really punished him for it. Djokovic ropes these shots cross-court very well and he’s good at picking a few spots to up the aggression. If Casper is forced to abandon this serve, it’s a problem because it’s generally the best way to ensure that his second shot is a forehand. He plays well behind the pattern, but great returners (and great teams hello Goran) are likely to notice any significant lean on a particular serve. The odds at -450 indicate that Ruud will be competitive (because basically everyone watching is looking to bet on Djokovic at this point), but this would be the most surprising result that has occurred in tennis in a very long time. I think Ruud wins the same set via steady play and heavy hitting that Khachanov did, but it’s hard to see Djokovic struggling with patterns and opponents that he has already figured out. Djokovic in 4.
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2023.06.10 20:20 Woody4ever Dear Melissa

People relate to what they see in themselves. Hence why narcissistic, lazy, fake, selfish and whiny Melissa is the popular vote.
Nobody wants to claim they relate to the eldest daughter of immigrants (she def has eldest daughter syndrome), an abused woman (I believe she was truly abused in many ways by Joe Guidice- emotionally and financially for sure) and someone who like it or not is gonna speak their mind. Teresa doesn't really care if you like her not and doesn't play the social game. That makes her a polarizing person but it takes a strong person to be that.
Melissa is not a family oriented person. You can tell by the way she is that one scene with teresas daughters at tre's house party. Her body language look like she shit her pants and she ran to the bathroom right after.
She's inherently cold. She's that aunt we all grew up with who will throw YOU under the bus so her kids come out golden and you're afraid to hang out with your own cousin bc they might be a snake.
She continually gets gaslight to hell and back by her brother and Melissa now. Yet people call her crazy. Tbh it would be enough to make anyone crazy and not GAF.
Melissa and Joe- Tre is truly the whole reason your family even has food on the table. If you never met Joe you would've sat on the next dick that took you out of oblivion but you have no talents or skills and just would've been a bitter housewife running an Amazon business out of your house.
You latched onto Joe bc he's a little boy with mommy issues and easy to whip. You exploited your husband's family dynamic for your own gain bc you're as useless as Kim Kardashians sagging ass implant floating around in the fat.
Teresa did her time for the crime. Im not gonna excuse it but you love to throw it in her face. You wouldn't have lasted a day in prison Miss Priss. What adversity have you ever faced in life to build your character? None. And that's why you have no character. Dont get so cocky bc its just a matter of time before you get audited for your scammer lifestyle. Half the people in your social circle are committing mortgage fraud. Don't act brand new.
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2023.06.10 20:17 King_Kestrel Questions about certain aspects of RTL lore

TL;DR: How would Sports, Fiction writing / Comics, and Music look in something like Roses, Tulips and Liberty?
Ok so, I was wondering more about small-time cultural aspects, more specifically sports, hobbies and other activities that would probably take off to industry-level more so between 1920 and onwards, especially in how it could define national pride and identity going into the Silent War.
Aspects like this had been expounded upon in various installments of the Atlas Altera project, but I was wondering about how north-american sports would be influenced, and propagated around the world, by a divergence as early as 1656.
I imagine Lacrosse would have a high popularity, perhaps under a more indigenous-sounding or dutch-sounding name, as the Iroquois have a far more significant historical and cultural impact upon the Dutch world, especially then upon New Netherlands and Tussenland. Would the sport propegate to some British colonies through Virginia? Would it become as prominent as any of the substrates of Association Football (Rugby, American Football, Football/Soccer, Gaelic Football, et cetera) that may come to develop? Hockey wouldn't exist without Canada (1875), so they're out of the question, but I imagine some sport played on ice would develop under the influence of the French, Amerikaens, or New-English. I have no doubt that there are versions of a football sport that could come to standardize and become prominent, but certainly not in the same ways. In 1602 there is a record of "hurling", which is pretty close to how modern American football is described.
Considering the idea of 'association football' wouldn't come to exist for another two centuries, would it even be a thing at all? would a football association come to standardize these ball-game rules in any capacity, even in places other than England? Obviously Olympic-style games would exist as well. A whole bunch of other sports as we know it wouldn't exist as well. Basketball wouldn't exist (1861), Volleyball (1895), Hockey as stated before, Bowling (~1905), Competitive Skiing (~1800s), et cetera.
Sports that did exist with clear and universal ground rules around the time of the point of divergence of RTL included Cricket, Tennis, Curling, Golf, Horse-Racing, Archery, and of course Lacrosse as stated previously. Another sport that is not often talked about, but mentioned within the Atlas Altera project as stated before, is the Mesoamerican Ball Game, known in modern Mexico as Pok-a-Tok and/or Ulama. Perhaps, something could be done with a nationally-advertised sport in RTL's Mexican Empire to become a center of Mexican pride, and maybe associations of the sport in other countries such as the AFS, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia and Opdamsland start to gain traction?
Competitive Archery is also incredibly ancient, so I imagine hundreds of nations could eventually create archery associations? Britain, Ireland, Tussenland (especially Irokeesenland) and Opdamsland would be all over it, I imagine. I imagine there'd be different associations for different kinds of bows, to keep English Longbowman traditions alive in some small social circles. Meanwhile, I imagine there'd be more niche derivatives such as the Corean Recurve or the Penobscot Bow which could have their own association circles or fan clubs. Could other Olympic-style sports gain smaller, separate followings? I could imagine Discus or becoming popular in some places. Some African sports could even gain prominence thanks to colonialism, such as Hama, also known as Nguni Stick-Fighting, which I could see gaining traction in Cape, Natal, and some of the other southern-African countries, even with their own associations. Maybe it'd stay a lot smaller and niche because of it's cultural significance..? who knows. Martial Arts, of course, would be all over the place. Especially Tae Kwon Do, within some Dutch circles I imagine, due to the Dutch's earlier connections to Corea. Would it spread to the Asian-Amerikaener and Asian-Mexican communities? Ngolo/Capoeira could also become popular amongst African-descended communities in the regions encompassing irl Brazil, both in terms of competitive dance and as a martial sport.
Beyond sports, another school of thought I wanted to explore were the arts. More specifically, comic books. Comic-style cartoons have existed since forever, but the modern ideas of the comic book, with detective stories, comedic teen dramas, and later superheroes, started in the 1910s and 1920s. Going into World War 2, Super Man and Captain America even became somewhat of propaganda tools, especially in terms of the European front. Would the Japanese arts take off in this way in this universe as well, with Manga becoming it's own special comic-book subgenre?
What would early Superheroes as a concept in RTL look like? Would there be a universally powerful paragon like Superman, perhaps under a different appearance? What country or community would be responsible for such a concept becoming popular? What kind of heroes would the industry produce for avid readers and fans, and would they even become propaganda tools used in RTL's Great War and Silent War? would Russia invent some of their own heroes as part of their National-Republican rhetoric?
IRL, the very first superhero was known as The Phantom, published in 1936 in his own comic run. Later you had Timely Comics Magazine, and there you had stories like Captain America, Human Torch, Namor, Jack Frost, et cetera. You also had Superman, created by Action Comics in 1938. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby later created all the modern Marvel superheroes you love today, such as Spider Man. So, would there be some sort of parallels to draw between these ideas? How would the industry of films or radio be affected by these stories? If these ideas don't exist as commonly at all in the public eye, what other fantastical stories come to fill the void?
of course I am not asking these superhero questions bc i want to make an Into the Spiderverse Spider-Man OC for the RTL-verse, that's just silly ahahahaha-
Anyway, other aspects would include music. Musical genres are always growing and changing, and the European musical scene in the 1650s was largely dominated by classical and european and american folk music, not as much variety and very little was actually written down if there was anything subcultural or 'scene'. Which makes me wonder, what kind of music would develop and become popular in places like Virginia, Florida, New Netherlands, Tussenland? would Native-style music gain popularity and evolve within nations like Mexico, Opdamsland and the Native-heritage-dominated western rockies? would the Irokees develop their own version of percussion-heavy Bluegrass or something? I'd love to see something with the Amerikaens Voortrekker cultures and their own special brands of music that developed in their connections to Mexican/Spanish, TussenlandeDutch, Irokees, Russian, and various kinds of Native music. "Trekker Folk", it could be called. Or something.
What do you all think? Have any of you thought about these things?
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2023.06.10 20:16 squidward0319 Question on chocolate ice cream cone sand dogs

I was having an Oreo ice cream cone (the ones sold in the freezer section) last night and I think a piece or two of the cone fell to the rug and this morning I noticed her sniffing the rug and licking her chops. I have a 1 year old 52 lb golden retriever. Is this any cause for concern? It’s been about an hour and she’s experiencing no symptoms and acting normal but it just clicked what it actually was she found on the rug.
Hi, it looks like you did not include the information we require in the side bar. Having this information is very important for us to be able to give accurate advice. Please copy the points below and edit your post to include the answers:
• ⁠Species: dog • ⁠Age: 1 year • ⁠Sex/Neuter status: spayed • ⁠Breed: golden retriever • ⁠Body weight: 53 lbs • ⁠History: • ⁠Clinical signs: n/a • ⁠Duration: n/a • ⁠Your general location: NJ • ⁠Links to any test results, X-rays, vet reports etc. that you have:
If your post already includes this information please disregard this message.
I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.
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2023.06.10 20:13 Woody4ever People hate on her bc its low hanging fruit

People relate to what they see in themselves. Hence why narcissistic, lazy, fake, selfish and whiny Melissa is the popular vote.
Nobody wants to claim they relate to the eldest daughter of immigrants (she def has eldest daughter syndrome), an abused woman (I believe she was truly abused in many ways by Joe Guidice- emotionally and financially for sure) and someone who like it or not is gonna speak their mind. Teresa doesn't really care if you like her not and doesn't play the social game. That makes her a polarizing person but it takes a strong person to be that.
Melissa is not a family oriented person. You can tell by the way she is that one scene with teresas daughters at tre's house party. Her body language look like she shit her pants and she ran to the bathroom right after.
She's inherently cold. She's that aunt we all grew up with who will throw YOU under the bus so her kids come out golden and you're afraid to hang out with your own cousin bc they might be a snake.
She continually gets gaslight to hell and back by her brother and Melissa now. Yet people call her crazy. Tbh it would be enough to make anyone crazy and not GAF.
Melissa and Joe- Tre is truly the whole reason your family even has food on the table.
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2023.06.10 20:13 justwannaknow27 Am i protected ?

Ive (21f) been on nuvaring for a year now and have been using it 4 weeks in, 1 week out.
Ive been sexually active this past week and last night, after we did it, i fell asleep and i forgot to put the ring back in until i woke up and put it back in the morning.
Am i still protected ? Should i do anything ?
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2023.06.10 20:09 prince-white The statute of secrecy... Failed. Hogwarts... Never really took off as 'the best school' (story idea / suggestion / prompt)

Okay, so I had just this idea, based on a scene of a story I'm reading. Not sure how I got from that scene to my idea, but that's not important.
Anyway, like the title says, the statute of secrecy failed. Hogwarts exists, but it never became a thing. The ministry isn't as as organized, as it is in the books. In fact, the ministry would be more of a bunch of families trying to keep order somewhat.
- random scene of what the story might have- (note, I'm terrible at Hagrid's accent, so I didn't bother and just wrote him normally.)
Harry stared at the man, who had gone from your ordinary "Joe Bloggs" into a man, who could probably punch Arnold Schwarzenegger's light out without even trying. The man was huge, he had a beast of a beard and if it weren't for the fact Harry was certain he wouldn't hurt a fly, he would probably be very wary of him.
"...Could you please repeat what you just said?" Harry asked.
"You're a wizard." The man, Hagrid repeated.
"That's what I thought you said." Harry muttered. "So, what, I can pull rabbits out of my hat?" Harry asked sarcastically.
"Nope. Nothing as elaborate as that." Hagrid said, either ignoring or not catching on to Harry's sarcasm. "I can conjure birds though, that means that I can make them appear out of nothing. Though, they're just constructs and will disappear after a few minutes. But that's all you need, really."
"And I'm supposed to go to this... What was it again?" Harry asked.
"Hogwarts." Hagrid repeated. "It's a small school, and it was founded a couple of centuries ago. It never became as popular as the founders had hoped, but it does have enough families that it can keep going."
"And my parents went there as well?" Harry asked.
"Yup." Hagrid nodded. "From the moment your mum knew she was pregnant with you, she registered your name. And once you were born, you summoned your bottle to you, when I was visiting once, when your dad wasn't quick enough to your liking."
"Does that mean you knew my mum and dad well?" Harry asked.
"I sure did." Hagrid nodded. "Taught them how to defend them against dangerous animals myself."
- other scene different from above, goes into detail about how the statute of secrecy may have failed-
"There were many tries and attempts to get families to agree to talk about a statute of secrecy. And of all those tries, only once did it get far enough that it might be approved." Professor Albus Dumbledore, headmaster and the one who taught history lectured.
"My very own ancestor, Arthur Dumbledore, argued that in favor of it, because of the prejudice mundanes had against us. Many unfortunate women were accused of witchcraft and while few of them were actual witches, the ones who were, were with very few exceptions, always young children."
"In the end, it failed and any attempts that followed never gained enough support to make it a possibility since. And given today's technology, it is very much impossible to truly hide or make people forget we exist." The professor continued with his lecture.
"Wizards and witches have fought openly and subtly in wars as recent as the first and second world war. In fact, if it wasn't for them, Hitler may have won the war. Today though, we have witches and wizards who work openly and secretly in just about every job you care to name. It could be argued that our world could be much more terrible than how we have it today. We have truth serum, which is available in the most terrible cases, such as where someone is accused of murder." Here the professor paused before continuing.
"It is however, not all bright and positive. The church," and the man was barely able to keep himself from sneering, "is still very much our enemy. They have brainwashed witches and wizards to infiltrate our settlements, before betraying them. They are put on trial, and while even the church can't get away with outright murdering them, their re-education camps are a fate I wouldn't wish on even my most terrible enemy."
And here I ran out of steam. I would envision smaller magical settlements throughout the world, each claiming independence but also connected to their muggle government. Some are left alone, leaving them to do as they please, whilst others are kept on a tight leash.
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2023.06.10 20:05 MagooDad Missing Checkpoints, desync or devious work?

Long post with the race breakdown:
Is there a Checkpoint mod (cheat) that allows you to skip them? The reason I ask is that I was in an online race yesterday at the old airstrip and saw someone miss them and not get respawned.
I was racing a pair of Ford Lightnings (husband and wife, their usernames match up except one had Wifey on the end). Horizon Tour CO-OP 3 race, Cross Country. To set the stage, myself and the 2 Lightnings were P1-3 the entire time for all 3 races...nobody else was even close after 30 seconds into the race.
The first race I was leading and pulling away, but then both of them caught up together, I overcooked a wide sweeping turn and went off course a little and they went by me. I got it together and started chasing them down. They were slightly faster on the straights but I was better in the corners and from start launch. Long straight after my corner mishap and they gapped me, I gained on them but couldn't overtake before the finish, got P3, behind them by a few seconds. I thought that I'd seen them cut a fee CPs but shrugged it off.
Second race was a figure 8 circuit, short straights, my advantage. I took P1 fairly quickly with the Lightnings P2 and 3. The corners allowed me to gap them further and I had a good lead into Lap 3. But about halfway around the P2 Lightning was within striking distance, out of nowhere it seemed. I pooched a corner and the Lightning was now only a fee lengths back. They passed me on the final longer straight before the last few corners, I pulled them in on the corners but could get around on the final finish straight. I took P2. Didn't see if missed CPs since never behind them until very end.
Final race is at the Airstrip. A Lightning and I are side by side at start, make our way through first few CPs but looked as if they cut inside one but wasn't definite. Stayed within a few lengths of each other the whole race, me in P2. We gap the field but I can't overtake him, too fast on the longer runs and not enough tighter cornering for me to take advantage of. But then halfway into Lap 2 appears the 2nd Lightning right on my tail. This is when I saw obvious missed CPs with no penalty (respawn), and they missed by what would be at least 10-15' on one and 5' on another if irl. The 10+' on was on theist big sweeping corner. I was on the inside just barely inside the CP and see them to my far left barely missing the inside trees coming by me. She (its the Wifey) goes wide in the turn exit and I pull up next to her. We head into Lap 3 and she cuts the first CP by at least 5' and overtakes me. This one was so obvious that they slowed up and fell in behind me, as if they'd been caught cheating. They didn't even challenge me the rest of the lap. I finished P2, never caught P1 Lightning and was totally distracted by what just happened.
I had a convoy teammate in the races with me, but not real close by to witness this also, but they did say it seemed the Lightnings just took off at some.ppint and were way ahead and on my tail...he was getting beat up by the AI most of the time.
I don't know if they had Speed Hacks also and sparingly using them, but they were definitely skipping/cutting some CPs. Don't think desync can be that bad, do you?
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2023.06.10 20:03 BillPlunderones23fg Why I don't like this series

So when I first read it, I was actually enjoying it. It had a fun premise and was amusing and some of the plot twists were good............. Then it kept going, getting dumber, bad character descions, and I just don't care anymore. I skim the newest chapters to see if anything good happens... Most part it doesn't. and recent chapters have not helped either with the constant back and forth between him I think engaged to Erika yet going for Segawa (if that engagement was cancelled and such then sorry just shows how much I don't care anymore lol)
But my real main issue with the series is something I have a problem with in a lot of manga/anime. I am a huge fan of female on male abuse if it is done correctly: In my case the girl uses wrestling moves as punishment instead of the typical overused punches and kicks. So I naturally enjoyed Sachi the most as she is Nagi's sister and she beats him up with wrestling moves...
If Only We saw That more often.......... So here is where my gripe comes in. Manga: around ch 16 Sachi put Nagi in an armlock we got to see that, and then it cut to the exterior of the house and we just see the speech and sfx then it cuts back when she is done. Meh that could have been better. bit later idk what chapter: Sachi puts Nagi in a headlock... then it cuts to the exterior of the house and we just see the speech and sfx....... Later we see Sachi's embarrassed face and then cut to the exterior of the house and just hear her beating him up and never showing it......... And ever since then she hasn't done anything not even a denki anma to him which is pretty popular in japan between siblings.
I very much dislike Tell not show, so when the abuse comedy happens and we just cut to an exterior of the setting and hear it. that's a waste for me and pretty dang annoying, and this series does it 3 times. So when the anime was coming out I was iffy animation looked good but I had hope that maybe the anime would include the Sachi abuse that the manga cut away from...
It didn't... It actually did it worse.
The armlock was shown but then it cut to exterior of house and we hear Nagi pain then it cuts back to them in talking mode the headlock was shown but then it cuts to exterior of house and we hear Nagi pain... BUT then we cut right back to Nagi laying on floor after being beaten and then go to next scene...... third one Sachi embarrassed face and we cut to exterior of house and hear her beating him, But then we cut back and Sachi has him in a Camel Clutch (one of my favorite moves) Yay thank goodness. But too little too late and also this is episode 21, Oh and the actual move is not done in good detail and then cuts to a real close up of Sachi face and end credits - you couldn't keep the shot of the move and then end , why did we need a close up...
Ugh if this was their way of being faithful to the manga it is a lazy way lol and makes me angry , Doesnt absolve of the other issues of the series but If they kept this stuff up and shown it, Or had Sachi do more I would at least have been entertained... I can overlook bad things if there is enough good things to keep me entertained. Oh and the few times Erika abuses Nagi it is with freaking punches and kicks - hate that and Segawa is a kickboxer too -- hate that too... So yeah those are my thoughts and I wanted to vent, I do hope the series ends good at least, Nisekoi was another similar example but that one at least had some great comedy and character interactions to warrant it's longevity. The author's previous work of Yamada and the 7 Witches was good (i still had my issues with that one) and the Yankee Megane one (I had more issues with that but still found it entertaining) current one Hiiragi-San Vampire has promise but I fear it will go down same path so I am having issues with that one too.
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2023.06.10 20:02 OpaSeed Do I regret having children?

This question popped up in my email from Reddit so I answered it and then the whole topic disappeared! I love spending an hour of my life creating a post to have it vanish! It's so rewarding! Here is the post...
In my late teens and early twenties I believed that I possibly was infertile. I had been active for six years with a few partners and had not conceived and made little or no effort to avoid it (reckless, I know), was born 3 months premature, had surgery when very young, and had vericose veins that I believed possibly inhibited fertility (a ‘sack of worms’). For the first two years with the woman that would be my wife we also never conceived. Then it happened. When I was twenty-two I had my first child, a daughter, who was very special to me. My wife and I fell in love very deeply when we were first together and I felt that we would have a long future together and that there was something very special about our relationship. When we had our first baby I loved her very much. She was a very difficult child, though. She screamed constantly and never slept. I know I suffered from sleep deprivation for the first year with her. After her we had six more children. The second, another daughter, was quite the polar opposite and was a very happy and playful baby. The third, another girl, was also happy but quiet and very sweet and kind. My fourth child was my first son who was a very happy, playful, and active baby. Time passed and my first batch of four began growing and doing well in school and in life. They were all high-ability students and were very, very creative. I stayed at home and raised the kids and watched the house while my wife went to school and worked part-time eventually becoming a teacher. She would come home for lunch and spent all of her time with us when she wasn’t at work so we were a tight-knit family. Eventually we had her IUD removed and had more children. First another girl, then a boy, then another girl. The third girl was adopted by my wife’s sister, who had a very difficult first pregnancy with her son and could not have more children. A couple of years ago, though, my wife and I had a falling out after 23 years together. Having been assured by her laboriously that she would “…never stop loving you no matter what.”, “…never give up on you.”, “…never leave you, ever!”, “It would be impossible.”, and “You don’t have anything to worry about.” a thousand times over, she stopped loving me, gave up on me, left me, and I have worries. I gave up on the outside world over sixteen years ago to focus on our children while she became a professional so I don’t have any way to take care of myself. Her grandmother gave us a house as she loved our family and she “Wanted the house to be for one family again.”, as it had been divided into two apartments and one half rented out. Now my wife has decided that it’s not my home, her mother having put her name on the deed and with her grandmother dead there is no one to contest this. I refused to divorce her and still stay home watching my children every day, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, putting them in bed, playing catch, riding bikes, going on walks, playing games, etc.. She gave up on teaching, started drinking heavily, started vaping, and is rarely ever here, often coming home insanely drunk having driven home, even falling down on the front porch in full view of the children while crawling through the front door. She got arrested a few days ago for driving drunk and committing serious bodily harm to a ‘Police official’ which is a level 6 felony and will be going to court soon. In closing, do I regret having children? NEVER! I love every one of my children, even though the first batch are gown up now and I almost never see them and they pretty much hate me. My two young children that I raise are my best friends and are two of the most excellent people I’ve ever known. They are one of the only sources of joy or purpose in my life. Do I regret marrying a narcissist who mirrored me for years before degrading me, devaluing me, and finally discarding me? YES!
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2023.06.10 20:02 ExternalCrisisTime Advice on feeling guilt for taking Mental Health leave?

I'm going to keep it vauge because, knowing my luck, someone from my company will be on here.
I've been in my current managerial position now for two years. It's a non-profit, one of the largest in the country and is the second most profitable store by a large margin. In other words, it's absolutely manic. I was head hunted for the position two years ago and brought on to sort out an absolute shambles of a messily run store. Think zero care for rules and regulations, zero incident reports despite the store being an entire health hazard, regular theft and some of the worst, rudest and shoddy customer sales attitudes I've seen in a decade. (And I've had some seriously crappy jobs!)
Anyway, within a year, (with the core teams help) we all managed to get the store to a much better place. I slowly got rid of incompetent staff, let go of volunteers that were stealing and pushed for more staffing to help take the stress off the main core workers. (Who are awesome btw!)
Now as a non profit, each store is designed to be run by volunteers purely. Which, in theory, works if you have a small store that is easy to manage. Not with our store. It's huge, we do deliveries and collections so a lot of heavy lifting and manual labour is involved. Not unusual to hit 24k steps in a single day on the shop floor.
However, I came in after COVID restrictions, which meant we had lost 80% of our volunteer base ( elderly, immuno compromised, etc) as handling second hand items ran a far higher risk of contracting COVID 19. The store was struggling big time, it was five times the size of a normal store. Staff were unhappy, overworked and the previous manager had already left due to mental health reasons. (This is important to remember later!..)
I worked hard. I mean extraordinary hard, to get that store to a much better place. I held volunteer rally's, open days, coffee mornings, and went round local colleges giving talks about volunteering and the circular economy and encouraging work placement positions with us. I found local government grants to hire people on 20hr contracts in exchange for extra social welfare payments. I pushed for monthly and annual reports, budget plans, allowances and made interior improvements and exterior housing repairs that had needed to be done years ago.
I held staff meetings to find out what they wanted or needed (turns out training wasn't something the company offered AT ALL.) Then pushed for, and GOT additional annual training courses, better canteen facilities, even daily tools and equipment! Everything there was broken, tired or a donation.
It paid off, and I'm happy to say that in addition to having a really amazing core team, better working conditions and more qualified team members, the store is up 58% in PURE PROFIT ALONE. I mean, that in itself is pure insanity.
People are actually taking lunch breaks, using thier holidays and sick days and are generally happier. (I hope! least, they could be lying to my face. There's always that fear. 🤦🏼‍♀️)
The only part thats getting worse...well... is me.
I'll admit, I'm not the best on mental health. I take care of all my staff FAR better than I ever take care of myself. (Not feeling well? Then straight home and bed rest, and take lots of fluids. If I'm sick...well then, I'm a piece of trash that deserves to die. lol)
I have a tendancy to go 100 miles an hour and not stop unless I'm dying. Which in fact, almost happened last year when I stupidly attempted to work through a bout of sickness that landed me in hospital for a week.
I love the job, but have realised that even if I give it 110%, it will never be enough. I've had zero support from my regional manager. All my results for additional support were ignored or refused. I'm the only paid member of staff there, so when we started opening back up on weekends, there was just this assumption that I'd do a 6 day week. (Which I did, stupidly, for 4 weeks straight, which led me to becoming severely burnt out.)
After that, I started going to therapy. Both to deal with my own anxiety and to cope with the stress of work. I've recently took a week's holiday from work to rest and honestly, just couldn't. Staff didn't show up, my manager rang me several times (no, I didn't answer.) And I found I just slept the entire week as I just wanted to rest.
After confiding in both my GP and my therapist, ice decided to take a months leave for Mental Health. The idea of going back into the chaos on Monday has my in tears all weekend and my heart just sinks.
I know it's time to move on but I have this overwhelming sense of guilt for leaving my team in the lurch. I know that if it was anyone else, I would fully understand and support it but because it's me, I feel like I'm somehow not entitled to it?
Like I don't want to inconvenience anyone or be a bother but I hit every number on the burnout assesment by my therapist apart from no.11 "are you participating in any dangerous new activities?" And that's purely because I'm so goddam tired and exhausted all the time!
I sleep from 7.30 till 8am some days and still feel like a dead weights on my chest. I can't switch off my brain and I'm constantly worried about work, if they're struggling, if there's enough staff, are we hitting targets.... It just won't stop.
I've a use the month to seriously job hunt, take care of myself and really, really take care of my mental state but....I can't help but feel like I'm failing somehow? That I'm letting work down? I know it'll go on without me, as any company would, but I feel like a child about to be told off for taking leave.
I don't know what to do anymore..
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2023.06.10 20:00 Embarrassed-Mouse-49 The loss

As I swung open the door to the emergency room, with panic in my eyes. My mind went back to work just half an hour ago. … It had started off as a normal day. Me getting up at 6am to get ready for work. My wife hadn’t been feeling all too well the last couple of days but it wasn’t too bad, she was still able to go to work. This morning however as I kissed her goodbye, she just let out a groan and. Kept her eyes closed, just telling me to leave her alone.
I had thought nothing of it as I left the house and went off to work. As usual, it was a boring drive to work, surprisingly the traffic was light and I had hit all green lights. So I made it to work a little earlier than usual. It put me in good spirits.
I grabbed somebody bland office coffee and went to my desk and sat down. I was IT help desk for a large corporation that will stay anonymous. As I put the head set on my head I heard the phone start to ring, my day officially starting. …. I breathed in lungfuls of air as my eyes scanned around the emergency room, my mind im suddenly a blank. I briefly wasn’t sure what to do until my eyes landed on the emergency room front desk.
I hurried over to the desk, my eyes filled with panic. Today had been going so good, why oh why had this been happening. When I reached the desk I placed my hands on top of it and looked at the brunet nurse behind the counter.
I asked for my my wife, trying to keep the panic out of my voice but failing. A sad look came over the nurses face, telling me she had been brought in 2 hours ago.
She picked up the phone and paged the emergency room doctor to come to the front desk … I pressed the end button on the computer, ending the phone call. I took off my headset and placed it on the table. 4 hours had passed since the start of my shift, the morning had just flown by. One call had come in after another, keeping me busy.
Finally it was time for lunch! Management didn’t allow us to use our personal phone while we were working so I had stashed it in my pocket and hadn’t looked at it since I started my work day.
As I stretched and got up out of my seat, I took out my phone and headed to the lunch room to grab some lunch…
You have 20 missed calls.
I froze in place, Lucy behind me nearly walking right into me. She complained, but I barely heard her. I looked and looked at my messages
7:30am Christina: I am having sever cramps. I can’t go into work today.
8:30am Christina: I am vomiting something might be wrong…
930am there is blood everywhere! Where are you Mike!
Several calls and messages had been left on my phone, after going through them the last one was from the hospital saying Christina had been admitted and was currently in surgery and that he needed to come immediately.
This was an half an hour ago … I sat down in the waiting room chair, nearly hyperventilating at this point. It seemed like hours had passed since the nurse had called for the doctor.
Finally I saw a doctor come into the waiting room, him asking for Mike.
I sprang up to my feet and hurried over to him. Eagerly waiting to find out what was happening to Christina.
When I finally approached him he looked at me sadly and my heart dropped, I knew what he was going to say.
I am sorry, he said. But your wife had a miscarriage.
I was not one to get emotional, but when I had heard those words, my heart dropped, I nearly fell to the floor. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We had tried to have a baby for years and when Christina announced she was pregnant we were both ecstatic.
We had names already picked out for our baby girl. She was going to be name Abigail. The nursery had already been painted and decorated. Everything was set up, only 3 months left to go in the pregnancy. … I quickly told my boos that I had an emergency and that I needed to leave. I didn’t really hear his answer, and I really didn’t care. I ran out of the office and got to my car in record time. I started to car and sped out of the parking lot.
I sped all the way to the hospital, calling my wife’s phone over and over again. Only getting her voicemail each and everytime, I am pretty sure I went through a couple of red lights and am surprised I wasn’t stopped for speeding. I just had the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing that when I got to the hospital that the news was not going to be good.
My tires screeched as I pulled up to the emergency room waiting area, turned off the engine and ran up to the doors of the hospital. … After i had finally calmed down enough, the doctor told me that she had just come out of the recovery room and was now resting in a regular room and that I was able to see her.
The walk to the room was not very long, but with each step, time seemed to stretch, seconds seemed to take minutes, minutes seemed to take hours. When I finally reached the door, my hand hovered over the door handle. I could hear the sounds of weeping on the other side.
I finally worked up the courage and opened the door. Christina’s back was towards me, and as I entered the room, she didn’t even turn to look at me. I approached the bed my hands hovering in the air above her body, unsure what to do next.
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2023.06.10 20:00 Legitimate__Username I manually compiled the Global Popularity Poll data of votes over time into charts and graphs for you to visualize voting trends from!

Funny story, I actually worked on all the data for this stuff nearly a year ago. Then I got bored and started playing a shitton of Splatoon 3 and forgot to actually write the written explanation part of this post. There's a lot of interesting stuff here that I want to showcase to the community and it was really cool to finally put everything together into a clear visualized graph of the story.


I used this official video as my source. For every day displayed, I paused the video on the very first frame of that day, manually wrote down all of the vote totals for the final top 15 characters, and entered them into a spreadsheet to track the overall trends from.

The raw data and its errors

Funny story, if you look at the raw data, you can see a few points where some intern or something apparently messed up the data entry. This was not created as a foolproof automated system, there was some human working behind the scenes who accidentally made a couple of mistakes in some surprisingly obvious places once you have everything laid out in a format that makes them easy to spot.
Raw cumulative votes
Raw votes per day
I colored the places of error. Do you see the issues?
Teal: Not an error, but Carrot is the only character in the final top 15 to not place top 20 in the initial voting period. There doesn't actually exist any voting data of what her initial rise looked like. In order to accommodate and approximate this missing information, I took her vote total after she first shows up on day 26 and split it 26 ways evenly across the first days. This is not an accurate representation of what her votes looked like at the time, but for an approximation, it's certainly closer than making a sudden jump out of nowhere and should be a decent enough fix for us to view the rest of her data in the second half of voting from.
Red and Yellow: Hey, Zoro and Ace's votes went DOWN in one day! What happened? How is this possible?
Well, if we look at the yellow squares next to them...they're identical to the same cumulative vote total of that day for Luffy and Carrot respectively. Someone was entering the data and accidentally put Luffy's and Carrot's numbers in Zoro's and Ace's squares respectively, which caused them to go downward for that day. It's a pretty obvious mistake where someone clearly just put the wrong number in the wrong spot when setting this up.
In order to fix this I just removed the data for those days from Zoro and Ace and replaced it with a difference split between the day before and the day after. It should be a close enough approximation to fix an obvious entry mistake.
Green and Blue: Luffy and Zoro have some strangely identical daily vote numbers taking place here. I believe that this is a result of two issues, missing data for specific days causing the program to simply flatten out the slope and fill in the gaps with the same number of votes per day, and some additional incorrect entries causing an absurd voting spike for them at the start of the green section followed by extremely low votes in the days after to compensate.
Regarding the green section, it looks like there was another error in data entry, so I averaged out the votes across those entire chunks in order to flatten it out and remove a spike and dip that look pretty clearly incorrect. However, the blue section seems to be just the result of missing data that can't be recovered, so I simply left it as is as it appears to already be the best possible approximation of how things have gone.
So, with the errors found and easy to more or less fix, what does that final data look like?

Fixed data

Adjusted cumulative votes
Adjusted votes per day
Coincidentally, due to the exact nature of the errors that took place in the raw data (suspiciously swapped values, weirdly identical/linear periods of growth to accommodate supposedly missing data points), I'm extremely confident that my methodology of tracking one data point per day, taken from the very first frame of each day in the video, is also exactly how the voting data is internally stored in their systems. They aren't tracking the votes perfectly smoothly as they come in, but rather, sampling the current totals at these exact daily moments and extrapolating the trends between them. Honestly pretty cool to have figured out with some pretty strong evidence exactly how their system works for this!
These charts are interesting but a little boring. Let's put it in some charts!

Cumulative votes

Votes per day

Check it out, we have these fun charts now! Let's take a look at some of the stories that we can see taking place.

The first 5 days

We can see HUGE vote totals taking place across the initial days of the poll, with an especially notable spike up in day 4 being the most heavily voted day across the poll. With the voting being fresh and new in everyone's mind, it's understandable that after about five days results would almost universally fall off and

Luffy vs. Zoro

Luffy and Zoro are the iconic rivalry that has defined nearly every single popularity poll. Will the main character retain his throne, or will his ever-popular sidekick with an army of diehard fans finally be able to overtake him?
We can see that the Zoro fans were eager to prove themselves and came out in droves in the first week, barely Luffy daily and building a lead to hold onto. But after that point, the passionate force of his charge fizzled out to more normalized levels and Luffy was able to cleanly overtake him before the halfway point and solidify himself at the top.
If there's any story to be told from these two, it's that even if Luffy is cementing his throne as the definitive most popular among the general audience, Zoro's early lead really signifies just how die-hard his fanbase is about him, forcing an early lead during the most active and passionate part of voting. Unfortunately, it was another year where he was still unable to overtake his captain.


The third member of the monster trio has always placed right up with the other two in the polls, landing below Zoro every single time except for the fourth poll where Shanks's striking early presence and Sanji's more minimal breadth of content had kicked him down to fourth. In the fifth poll, he and Zoro were knocked down a spot together by Law but both had comfortably reclaimed their top 3 positions by the time Dressrosa had passed by in the next one
Sanji's storyline in the polls here is particularly boring. He started off at #3, managed to push his distance from Law and solidify his placement, and kept up overall consistent vote totals throughout the entire process. While his daily vote totals were caught up with by a handful other characters in the later half, his overall lead in the first half sitting comfortably between Zoro and Law allowed him to keep a steady rise and perform about what you would expect from him.


Law has always been a top contender for the polls, making an insane upset win against the monster trio in the fifth poll before dropping down to a respectable place right below him in the sixth. Here we can see that the early votes give a similar trend, with his votes spiking him into an early fourth place, before they settled into a more unremarkable position and getting overtaken by a handful of other characters. Despite this, it wasn't enough for them to overtake him and he more or less maintained his approximate spot.


Ace is in an interesting position as one of the least prevalent characters in terms of screentime to become an overwhelmingly high ranking top contender. His early votes showed an absolutely insane spike, nearing a ballpark closer to the top 4 than the lower contenders, before dropping off significantly to relatively unremarkable daily levels. While he has placed sixth below Sabo in the fifth poll and secured a top 5 spot in the sixth poll, his falloff across the voting period meant that he wasn't able to maintain his initial top 5 placement and was overtaken by several women in order to settle at 9th this time.
Ace's early placement seemed to indicate similar trends to his previous top 5 level history of popularity, but it's likely that the push to an international poll caused other character campaigns in other country to overtake him. In Japan only, he placed 5th again keeping the trends of his previous placements intact.


Robin opened up with a respectable 6th place start and stayed mostly at the top of the lower end of the pack, before a significant later push before the halfway point really kicked her higher above that group. After overtaking Ace, she managed to hold a respectable number of votes that placed her right alongside Law and formed a new gap between her and the 7th spot.
As Robin placed only 8th in Japan below Ace and Sabo after landing outside of the top 10 in the two polls before this, the demographics of the international push for her past the initial phases was likely what allowed her to make such a significant rise to end up with an impressively similar total to a top character like Law.


Similar to Robin, Hancock was a recipient of a notable late push, with her votes being even a little steeper than Robin's though she did not have nearly as much support in the earlier parts of the second half of voting. After an unremarkable start at only 12th, the strength of her late voting force was enough to propel her to 7th, barely overtaking Sabo, Ace, and Carrot but still ending up a distant gap from Robin.


While Carrot had the most unimpressive start of the top 15, failing to even be in the top 20 at the start, she managed an impressive steady increase in voting power into the second half, rivalling Robin's performance and working her way all the way up from the bottom of the pack to to Ace levels in the third quarter. After overtaking Hancock, she was eventually surpassed by her again at the very end, ending up in a virtual tie with her but barely losing out in 8th place to her much steeper late push at the end.


Sabo is the steadiest character that we're looking at so far. Lacking the immediate meteoric initial spike of Ace but not really getting the same late poll vote increases like Robin, Hancock, and Carrot, he managed to hold onto a respectable spot throughout the poll and ended things right below his brother in a gradual catchup.
In Japan, similarly to previous polls, he landed at 6th right next to Ace again, a much higher placement that alongside previous results indicates that Luffy's brothers are significantly more popular in their home country than they are internationally. Both dropped down 4 spots together with the global shift, maintaining respectable top 10 placings but clearly showing that they're the big Japanese fan favorites relative to the rest of the world.


Yamato was in an interesting spot where her position as a manga-only character at the time of voting was pitted directly against her recent fan-favorite presence resulting in some very notable pushes for her votes that were relatively visible in the fanbase. Starting the poll off at only 18th, she managed to climb her way all the way up to a peak position of 10th place before Carrot's campaign managed to dethrone her.
The rivalry between the two characters is an interesting subject with a lot of community context to dive into regarding their voting results, but in 2023 I think that the majority of the fanbase has moved on from these two and isn't as interested in the subject of pushing their storyline now that the potential behind them is no longer as open-ended.


Nami started off the poll at a respectable placement of 7th, one spot above her previous two poll placements of 8th, landing a decent gap below Robin and fighting in a densely packed area for her spot. She held onto her place at 7th all the way up until the midterm results, staying at a consistent level unable to take Robin but still holding onto her spot above others like Shanks and Sabo.
This all suddenly changed about 70% of the way through the voting process, at which point Nami suddenly jumped up to over four times Luffy's daily vote totals. She went from receiving an average of 5k votes per day to about 90k votes per day. This is over double Luffy and Zoro combined, when previously she was only a small fraction of daily votes compared to them.
Where did these votes come from? Did people start suddenly shifting their choices from other characters in order to push for her? In order to check this idea, we can look at another graph: Total votes per day of the top 15 characters compared to all others. These represent nearly 9 million of the reported 12 million total votes that took place in the poll, about 3/4ths of the full voting pool being dumped into this group.
In the relative lull periods independent of things like the early voting spike, we can see that the poll got a relatively expected approximate total of 10k votes per day across these characters. During the periods where Nami was experiencing her vote spike, this doubled to about 20k. All of the extra daily votes that took place during that period were seemingly being funneled straight and directly to her. They weren't coming from other characters in the top 15, such as voters deciding to shift their focus from other characters to her. They couldn't even be coming from other characters outside of the top 15, since the total outside of it is only about a third of the top 15 total yet the top 15 votes per day doubled with Nami's increases.
Nami in the final third of voting seemed to have gotten a peak of about 90k extra votes per day coming as extra votes into the system's totals for a long enough chunk to garner over 750k total outlier votes that don't seem to align with her previous trends. All of these votes seem to perfectly align with just being...extra votes from new users who weren't actually voting before, increasing the total votes per day by nearly the exact same amount, rather than being voters from other people switching to support Nami as a result of a social media campaign or something.
So where did this absolute insane spike in Nami votes come from? It's hard to say. The numbers surrounding her don't make a whole lot of sense when investigated and the sheer overwhelming shift with her going from a consistent 7th with 5k per day to suddenly making up nearly half of the total daily votes, far above Luffy with nearly twenty times her previous amount. Supposedly, while the trends of the entire rest of the poll stayed relatively constant with consistent vote ratios and totals across the board for literally everyone else, a horde of Nami voters came out in massive droves at one specific point in the poll with numbers enough to dwarf even the most popular character by entire orders of magnitude, before they slowed down right by the end and left her up in a whopping 3rd place for the first time ever, far above her previous polling history. It was her first time landing in the top 5 since Alabasta, breaking a long streak of 6ths to 8ths with this extremely impressive showcase of an unprecedented record placement for her.


Usopp is the character who I voted for every single day and like every year you as a community have all collectively failed him again. One day we will reach a point where the One Piece fanbase manages to grow a sense of actual taste but for now we will continue to appreciate our favorite sniper boy for who he is and be proud of everything that he's accomplished.


So there you have it, a full showcase of the top 15 character voting and some of the stories that we can derive from the data! Feel free to take a more in-depth look at this yourselves and see if there's any other interesting conclusions you can draw about the pushes and campaigns that seem to take place, I'd love to hear more thoughts on the matter. Going through all of the stats is a ton of fun and it's super cool to finally get to see all of the numbers laid out like this in a manner that's so easy and clean to draw some interesting conclusions from.
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2023.06.10 19:59 ibalz My cat got aggressive toward me for the first time ever

Hi all,
I'm seeking some advice/understanding of what the heck happened with my good boy Leo.
I have a black cat named Leo who is the cutest, outgoing boy you'll meet. He is never aggressive or mean but he can get himself into trouble (get on the counter, nip for attention, try to eat your food, etc) but nothing too bad or atypical.
Last night we had a few friends over for drinks and hang out because it's my girlfriend's birthday. We invited about 5 of our good friends who have all been here before and therefore Leo has met. At the start Leo was his usual self. Coming up to folks as he pleased, kneading the cloth chairs people were sitting on, meowing, zoomies then subsequently finding a nice perch on the cat tree and passing out.
Then his behaviour changed like a switch went off...
We were all in the living room, Leo as well, and getting more and more roudy as the drinks flowed. Leo was looking out the open window as he normally would when some screaming/laughing/yelling occured which is when Leo turned around VERY concerned, looked, jumped down and went over to one of the girls and hissed super aggressively and swipped her, breaking skin. My girlfriend came over, who he normally loves, and he did the same. I ran up right behind her and called Leo to follow me out of the living room to the far end of the apartment. I then tried to give him treats but it was clear he was very spooked. He eventually took a treat or two and seemed a bit more calm. So Leo and I went back to the party hoping all was fine now. It wasn't.
He was okay for a little bit, but when that same girl walked down the hall to go outside he stalked her hissed and swipped again. I came running in, he was full on aggressive to everyone who came up, ran over to a bedroom door I had opened. When I tried to enter the bedroom with him he hissed and lunged at me attempting to swipe me too. That's genuinely the first he has ever done this to me. I am his everything. He was never ever been aggressive in any way towards me. I shut the door in his face before he could get to me and left him in the room until the party finished about an hour later.
When he came out he was calmer but clearly on edge. He then fully relaxed after a bit and the next day is his normal goof cutie self.
I am shook that he would get aggressive like that with me and others. This isn't his first party or party with those people so it's odd. I can understand him getting freaked out by loud noises for sure but normally he just runs off. Though it seems he's been getting aggressive instead. He did a similar thing with his cat sitter during our recent vacation. The cat sitter he's had his entire life. She was surprised that he'd suddenly acted so aggressively for seemingly no apparent reason. She just came in and tried to give my girlfriends cat Marcy her daily meds and Leo wasn't having it. He got very aggressive and swiped her too. Leo is very familiar with Marcy's meds routine and the cat sitter so it's strange to have that reaction.
For context, this party fell on the same day that Leo had to go to the vet for his annual checkup and vaccine shot. He hates the crate, car rides and especially the vet. So needless to say it was an ordeal for him that requires him to be on Gabapentin. Additionally, prior to, during and after our trip we set up 3 feliway defusers in our apartment hoping to keep the cats calmer while we are gone. It didn't work but kept them plugged in up until the day after this party. I read this morning it's possible that cats can actually get aggressive with Feliway? I don't know. I hope it's as simple as that.
What do you think happened behaviourally for Leo? What can I do to prevent this? What can I do in moments like this?
I'm hoping it's just a phase or something we can get over. He really is such a good loveable guy and I don't want him to be getting a bad wrap.
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2023.06.10 19:59 BtownLocal Tourist notes

Tourist notes
I was a tourist in Palm Springs from June 1st-June 8th and wanted to thank everyone on this sub whose posts I have been reading for the past few months in preparation for this trip. My wife and I stayed at an Air BnB at Casa Villas, which was the perfect location for us. Just blocks from downtown and thanks to the unseasonably cool first week of June weather, we were able to do a lot of walking.
Here's the rundown:
The Sandwich Spot: We ate there twice. Great sandwiches, friendly staff, and the sourdough and Dutch crunch rolls are delicious.
Wilma and Frieda's: We met a local friend there for breakfast. He had never had breakfast there and he enjoyed it. So did we! Good service and breakfast was great. Enjoyed the blackberry custard French toast.
Otori: I had asked for sushi recommendations and this is where we ended up. The service and ambiance were fine, but the rolls we ordered all had a lot of sauce on top. Not a fan. Maybe we should have ordered different rollls? Will try somewhere else for sushi next time.
Rick's Diner: We are breakfast people and loved Rick's. Great diner food. Super friendly staff. Big portions. And they open early which was nice.
Michoacán Ice Cream: Found this little spot in Cat City and really enjoyed our paletas. Refreshing and fresh.
Happy Nails: Went for pedicures. They were able to fit us in without an appointment. Nice people, comfortable and clean salon, reasonably priced. Customers of all ages, including some elderly men. It was a good experience.
Bliss Chakra Spa: This is down in Palm Desert. We had a 90-minute couples massage. It was excellent. Very comfortable space and the two therapists were amazing.
La Perlita: Initially we were going to meet a friend at La Tablita but they were closed so we went here. Had a very good lunch of shrimp tacos, rice, and beans. Loved it. In fact, our friend who had never been to La Perlita before said he preferred it over La Tablita.
Agua Caliente Casino: Since we were staying right across the street, we popped in to play some slots. The staff is very friendly and we liked that it was smoke-free. (When we lived in CA 7 years ago, smoking was still allowed in the Indian casinos) My wife won 80.00 after just two spins and cashed out.
Koffi: Just a couple blocks from where we were staying. Excellent coffee drinks and friendly staff. Nice space. We never go to Starbucks and are always happy to support local coffee shops. This place is so good.
Billy Reed's: Nope. Our friend who has lived in PS for 30 years wanted us to go there to meet him for lunch and so we did. It reminded me of hospital food. We ordered the soup and half sandwich. It was passable but I would never eat there again. You could tell by the other people eating there that it is a PS institution and that people return over and over. Not my thing.
Luna Sourdough Bakery: Drove up to visit a friend in 29 Palms and stopped in Yucca Valley on our way back down the hill. Really excellent sourdough. We also had a slice of the lemon tart. Fun place and full of locals.
Joshua Tree Farmers Market: We happened to be in PS the week between the outdoor farmers market and the indoor farmers market so we visited the one in Joshua Tree. It was great. Terrific citrus, melons, berries, all the produce was so good. Huge reason we plan to flee the Midwest and return to California. Great produce year-round.
Palm Springs Art Museum: Wow. This is a great art museum. The docents were very helpful. Wonderful art on display. Loved the sculpture gardens. Would definitely get a membership if/when we move to PS.
Other pluses: Free parking everywhere. Four hours of free covered parking downtown. Casa Villas has two very nice swimming pools and a spa. WIDE streets. Traffic signals that are well timed. Not a lot of potholes. Clean streets, we saw very little litter. No "hoards" of unhoused people as some Redditors have claimed. Never felt unsafe. Super walkable.
The only downside: Great airport BUT needs a bit more space for people waiting to board flights.
Thanks Palm Springs! We had a wonderful week. Looking forward to returning and maybe buying a home.
Dale Chihuly exhibit at PS Art Museum.

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2023.06.10 19:57 the-strangest-cat He (43m) hid the fact he had a pregnant partner.

He (43m) told me (33f) he was newly single, working through things. When we met, he said he was going through a separation involving a custody battle. He had one child with his partner. I told him I couldn't be involved with him until they were fully separated.
Eventually, after a couple of months where we went back and forth about this, he told me they were finally separated. But, as we continued to see each other, more and more issues seemed to arise, which made me suspicious.
He was excessively hot and cold, lovebombing and obsessive, then suddenly cruel and distant. This went on for a year.I told him I wanted to speak to his ex-partner, and that I was planning to reach out to her online. I wanted to speak to her because I was suspicious. He told me, "Of course you can speak to her, but I'll make it easier for you; here is her number.
"I called the number and got the voicemail, which had her voice on it saying to leave a message. I sent her a text. She replied saying they were definitely separated and she didn't care if he was seeing me, and then told me to leave her alone.
A few weeks went by. I still felt like something was wrong. I considered trying to reach out to her online again, and when I did so, I noticed she had a phone number listed, and it was different to the one he had given me. I told him this, and he said that was just an old number.
I decided to text it anyway. I felt sick and nervous. I wrote something like, "He has told me you two are completely separated, and we have been seeing each other, and I just want to confirm with you that this is correct."
She replied. This reply was very different to when I had spoken to her on the other number. She wrote, "He and I are happily together and moving into a new place soon. I'm pregnant with his baby."The first number he had given me turned out to be for a phone he had purchased; he had recorded her real voicemail onto the fake number. He had sent me those texts himself, pretending to be her.
She wrote, "You're nothing in the scheme of things, I'm having his baby, haha", which I found pretty bizarre and terrible, considering I felt like my world had just collapsed and I couldn't breathe.
Why would someone even do this? Surely he knew it was all going to fall to pieces when she had the baby?
Let's just say this man left me with PTSD, and I would love some support and help to unpack things and feel a little better (sadly this was just the tip of the ice berg in terms of bad things he did).
TL;DR - He (43m) told me (33f) he was single, but he tricked me, because he actually had a pregnant partner behind the scenes
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2023.06.10 19:57 Matt_Oliveira .y overall Thoughts on season 3

Now that the show is seemingly over, here are my thoughts on season 3. Let's start with the negatives first and finish on a positive note
What I hated:
1.) A scene in episode 3x10. At some point toward the end of that episode they make a sly comparison between Roy and Rupert which felt weird. Roy is not at all like Rupert
2.) Every trope and cliche they managed to avoid the previous two seasons, they, for some reason, went all in on this season. Back to back to back to back. Examples-
Roy and Keeley breaking up, unnecessary. Why can't we have a nice, cute, organic relationship that isn't riddled with FUCKING DRAMA?!?! And top it all off, they don't even get back together in the end. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!
Michelle dating the therapist, unnecessary. Season 1 did such a good job of not vilifying her character inspite of her initiating the divorce. They should've let the story stay amicable. I feel like her dating the therapist undoes all of that, especially since it's quite possible that he was the one that could've manipulated her into divorcing Ted so he could slide in.
3.) Unnecessary characters-
Jack was an Unnecessary storyline that should've never happened
Shandy was annoying and served no purpose at all
Zava at the very least had some funny moments but even he felt redundant and useless
Edwin Akufo was ok in season 2 but he didn't need to come back
4.) Keely's character felt very seperated this season-
Keeley was always the glue for all the major characters and even though she had scenes with them, it felt more separated this season. she still felt isolated from everyone. I don't know why, but it just felt different
What I Enjoyed:
1.) Roy and Jamie's friendship-
This was easily one of my favorite parts of this season. Their friendship this season was both hysterical and endearing. What a huge difference in their relationship in comparison to season 1.
2.) Sam and Simi-
I liked their dynamic together. Wish they had time to build on it more
3.) Collins Story-
Very well done story and I like the friendship with Trent that came of it. Glad he got his happy ending.
4.) Trent integrating with Ted and the team-
I liked Trent's journey with Ted these past 3 seasons. Season 1 he begrudgingly takes a liking to Ted. Season 2 is when we see the mutual respect from both men truly grow. Season 3 he integrates with the team and a true friendships starts between him and Ted.
5.) Ted and Beard's backstory-
This was cool to see because it adds context to their friendship and it gives Beard some character development. Beard is kind of a background character most of the time, in that he doesn't really speak much, so I'm glad they gave the character some depth with this story
6.) Nate and Jade-
I really like Jade. She brings outer a softer side to Nate when we've become so accustomed to his douchebag side.
7.) Jamie's relationship with his mom-
It was nice seeing his mom after all his references toward her the past two seasons. I really liked the close relationship that they had.
What I would've liked to have seen but I'm not upset about:
1.) More Sassy and Nora-
Sassy is a fun character and it'd be cool if she was a more regular character rather than having a guest appearances once or twice in a season
Nora was a nice addition in season 2 and I liked the relationship between her and Rebecca. That dynamic would've nice to build more
2.) More Dr. Sharon Fieldstone-
I wish she was a apart of the main cast
Overall Thoughts:
This season had a bit of a rough start but definitely picked up later on and had a ,mostly, satisfying ending. I'm gonna miss this show
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2023.06.10 19:56 VeganNazarite Let’s Put It to the Test: Hebrews Part 5

Shabbat shalom everyone! Today I’m continuing the most important lesson ever. Many say that Yeshua abolished the Mosaic Law, and that the Old Testament is long gone and obsolete. Is the Law and the Prophets abolished? Let’s put the some of the writings of the New Testament to the test of the Law and the Prophets.
Last week we read that the author of Hebrews urges the Hebrews of the first century not to harden their hearts; if they hear the voice of Elohim or His spirit. The author calls the Hebrews of the of the first century not be like the fallen Israelites of the exodus during their forty years in the desert. What was missing from the fallen ones? It was faith in the promises and blessing of Yahweh. In addition, we learned that the “gospel” or the good news, according to the author is the Torah and not the story of Yeshua as is often said in modern churches.
Again, we can see that looking at the New Testament writings with the lens of the Torah, that the verses become clearer and there are no contradictions. Here is the score far:
The Torah: 15
Doctrines of Devils: 0
Let’s keep sharpening our proverbial spears and swords, which is the Word. Let’s continue our study of the epistle to the Hebrews. WMC no. 15 is Hebrews 4:2. In that verse we learn that the gospel according to the author of Hebrews are the blessings and promises that God gave to the Israelites in the Exodus.
Hebrews chapter 5:1-4
For every high priest taken from among men is ordained for men in things pertaining to God, that he may offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins: [2] Who can have compassion on the ignorant, and on them that are out of the way; for that he himself also is compassed with infirmity. [3] And by reason hereof he ought, as for the people, so also for himself, to offer for sins. [4] And no man taketh this honour unto himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron.
Last week the author declared Yeshua the son of God and pointed out to us the human nature of Yeshua, in example that he was tempted as each of us are in the earth, yet was without sin, and blameless in the eyes of Elohim. The author also urged us to keep our calling as priests, but with Yeshua as our High Priest. The author continues with that same idea, but this time shows us that all high priests are ordained from men with their infirmity. What infirmity is the author speaking about? Let’s go back to Galatians. In Galatians, Paul identifies that he himself has an infirmity:
Galatians 4:13-14
Ye know how through infirmity of the flesh I preached the gospel unto you at the first. [14] And my temptation which was in my flesh ye despised not*, nor rejected; but received me as an angel of God, even as Christ Jesus.*
That infirmity is the flesh with its desires and temptations. High priests must have a human nature to be able to understand and have compassion towards the believers that have less understanding or that may be disobedient to Yahweh’s laws, statutes and ordinances. The author then declares that no man can take that honor by himself, but only those called by Father himself as Aaron was in the book of Exodus.
Hebrews chapter 5:5-10
So also Christ glorified not himself to be made an high priest; but he that said unto him, Thou art my Son, to day have I begotten thee.[6] As he saith also in another place, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.[7] Who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death, and was heard in that he feared;[8] Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;[9] And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him;[10] Called of God an high priest after the order of Melchisedec.
Then the author quotes Psalms 2:7 and Psalm 110:4 to prove to the Hebrews that in the scriptures, Yeshua was declared High Priest, not by his own admission, but rather by the righteous prophets and kings of old.
Hebrews chapter 5:11-14
[11] Of whom we have many things to say, and hard to be uttered, seeing ye are dull of hearing.[12] For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.[13] For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.[14] But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.
The writer then ends chapter 5 speaking to the unbelieving Hebrews in no uncertain terms. He states that they are “dull of hearing” and that they should be teachers, but because of their unbelief, not necessarily towards the messiah, but even way back as Israelites of the exodus, many fell in the desert, because they failed to have the faith to believe the promises and blessing from El Shaddai. He then calls them babes unskilled in the ways of Elohim. He then declares that the ones who exercise their senses and gifts of discernment, are the ones who can discern between good and evil. Sooooo, use them! Put your pastor, preacher, priest or rabbi to the test. If they have added or removed from the Torah, they need to be rejected as blind men, leading others blind men into the ditch (Matt 15:14).
Some of you may have noticed that I changed “Paul”, to “the author” in this post. Someone in the comments last week mentioned that Paul may not be the author of Hebrews. Maybe he is, maybe he is not. What I find important is that the author does not add or remove from the Torah. I don’t see any new things in Hebrews, and I do see the texts very similar to the words of Paul. Perhaps the wonderful blessings and salutations are missing for a reason. Perhaps they are missing because the author decided to consider the unbelieving Hebrews as cursed and lost, and the author decided to listen to the words of Jerimiah.
Jerimiah 7:16-18
[16] Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me: for I will not hear thee.[17] Seest thou not what they do in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem?[18] The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger.
Adonai, through the prophet Jerimiah tell his elect not to pray for Judah as they have lost their way through their idolatry. No wonder the author of Hebrews tells them that they need to be taught the “first principles of the oracles of God”. Those first principles are idolatry and taking care of the needy, as Yeshua teaches us.
Next week we will continue with chapter 6.
Don’t take it from me! Prove all things and judge for yourself. Let the spirit lead you where it wants you to be.
Yeshua is our master, savior and rabbi, we need no other man to lead us!
Shalom, VN
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2023.06.10 19:56 AutoModerator Where to Watch ‘Night Beauties’ Free Online At Home Here’s How

Watch Here<> ‘Night Beauties’ Free Online

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Now Is Watch Night Beauties: available to stream?
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If you’re a fan of the comics, you won’t want to miss this one! The storyline follows Watch ‘Night Beauties: as he tries to find his way home after being stranded on an alien Watch ‘Night Beauties: . Watch ‘Night Beauties: is definitely a Watch ‘Night Beauties: TV Shows you don’t want to miss with stunning visuals and an action-packed plot! Plus, Watch ‘Night Beauties: online streaming is available on our website. Watch ‘Night Beauties: online is free, which includes streaming options such as 123TV Shows, Reddit, or TV shows from HBO Max or Netflix!

Where to Watch Watch ‘Night Beauties ?
There are currently no platforms that have the rights to Watch Watch ‘Night Beauties: TV Shows Online. MAPPA has decided to Night Beauties the TV Shows only in theaters because it has been a huge success.The studio , on the other hand, does not wish to divert revenue Streaming the TV Shows would only slash the profits, not increase them.

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As a result, no streaming services are authorized to offer Watch ‘Night Beauties: TV Shows for free. The film would, however, very definitely be acquired by services like Funimation, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. As a last consideration, which of these outlets will likely distribute the film worldwide?

Night Beauties Release in the US
Night Beauties hits theaters on January 2023. Tickets to see the film at your local TV Shows theater are available online here. The film is being released in a wide release so you can watch it in person. How to Watch Night Beauties for Free? release on a platform that offers a free trial. Our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online and refrain from using illegal means.

Night Beauties in the ShoTimes:
Even though everything should be fun and games for Ariel and her friends, the ocean is full of secrets, and there’s someone who has a particular desire for Triton’s throne. Melissa McCarthy plays Ursula in the live-action adaptation, the sea witch who would do anything to ruin her brother’s life by taking his crown away from him. The villain quickly realizes that the best way to get to Triton’s heart is by threatening Ariel, and she has just the perfect plan to do so. After the Galaxy Vol. 3l falls in love with Prince Eric (Night Beauties), Ursula realizes it will be easy for her to manipulate the mermaid.

When is Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3 Coming to 4K?
Night Beauties is coming to 4K Blu-ray , for $35. There will also be a normal Blu-ray option with all the same bloody bells and whistles for $28. You can pre-order both editions on Arrow’s website. The trailer for Last House on the Left can be viewed down below.

How to Watch Night Beauties Online For Free?
Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, Top IMDb TV Shows online. Here we can download and watch 123TV Shows TV Shows offline. 123TV Showss website is the best alternative to Night Beauties (2023) free online. We will recommend 123TV Showss as the best SolarTV Shows alternatives.

There are a few ways to watch Night Beauties online in the U.S. You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the TV Shows on iTunes or Google Play. You can also watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.

How To Watch Night Beauties Free Streaming on Reddit?

Although this new film has the appearance of being animated in 2D, it is actually made in 3D, and although it shows a bit, the animation is not bad at all, although it loses a bit when compared to previous installments of the franchise. Especially because of the contrast with the backgrounds, which need a little more work on both the textures and the render.

As for the story, it is easy to follow, and can be seen by the whole family. Super hero reminds us of events that we have experienced throughout the history of Night Beauties, bringing a lot of easter eggs that will delight fans of the franchise, but it is true that if you go to see Super Hero without having seen before anything about Night Beauties, you can still get lost with some of the characters that appear, which are not few.

Note that here the great protagonists are Piccolo and Gohan, characters who have not had the same role as Goku or Vegeta, and whose fights may not be as epic as those destined for greater feats, but without revealing too many details of story, both Piccolo and Gohan will blow your mind. As well as the final climax that is brutal. Also pay attention because the film has a post credits scene, so stay until the end because something historic will happen.

In the recent TV Shows Night Beauties finally went on to become one of anime’s biggest commercial successes. Night Beauties Z creator Akira Toriyama responds to Night Beauties’s warm reception and record box office performance. In fact, after its premiere in Spanish in Mexico and Latin America, the worldwide success of this TOEI Animation film was confirmed.

Is Night Beauties on Netflix?
The streaming giant has a massive catalog of television shows and TV Shows, but it does not include ‘Night Beauties.’ We recommend our readers watch other dark fantasy films like ‘The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.’

Is Night Beauties on Crunchyroll?
Crunchyroll, along with Funimation, has acquired the rights to the film and will be responsible for its distribution in North America.Therefore, we recommend our readers to look for the TV Shows on the streamer in the coming months. subscribers can also watch dark fantasy shows like ‘Jujutsu Kaisen.’

Is Night Beauties on Hulu?
No, ‘Night Beauties’ is unavailable on Hulu. People who have a subscription to the platform can enjoy ‘Afro Samurai Resurrection’ or ‘Ninja Scroll.’

Is Night Beauties on Amazon Prime?
Amazon Prime’s current catalog does not include ‘Night Beauties.’ However, the film may eventually release on the platform as video-on-demand in the coming months.fantasy TV Shows on Amazon Prime’s official website. Viewers who are looking for something similar can watch the original show ‘Dororo.’

When Will Night Beauties Be on Disney+?
Night Beauties, the latest installment in the Night Beauties franchise, is coming to Disney+ on July 8th! This new TV Shows promises to be just as exciting as the previous ones, with plenty of action and adventure to keep viewers entertained. you’re looking forward to watching it, you may be wondering when it will be available for your Disney+ subscription. Here’s an answer to that question!

Is Night Beauties on Funimation?
Crunchyroll, its official website may include the TV Shows in its catalog in the near future. Meanwhile, people who wish to watch something similar can stream ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The TV Shows: Mugen Train.’
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