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NOTE: This is a remake of the list I made way back in 2022, and it can be found here:
Keep in mind that some entries on the list have their names changed over time because of, well, reasons. Check the old list for comparison.
Providing some characters’ ideal real names in My Hero Academia whose real names are currently unknown and are only referred by their aliases. This time, with new entries on the list!
Have you ever wondered what the real names of some characters in My Hero Academia may be? There are some who are only refered by their aliases and not their real names. For example, we know that Cementoss’ real name is Ken Ishiyama (石山堅), but Ectoplasm’s real name is unknown. So I thought I would compile a list of characters, whether heroes, villains, or neutral, whose real names are not revealed in any form of media, whether they are anime, manga, game, or light novels. Keep in mind that I made up all of the ideal real names by myself (with my limited knowledge of the Japanese language). We’ll wait if Kohei Horikoshi decided on some of the names to be designated as official real names, so there could be a possibility that if a real name is already revealed and is different from mine.
Crimson Riot: Masayoshi Shinkuyama (真紅山正義, しんくやま まさよし)
Shin (真) means true, Ku (紅) means crimson or deep red, Yama (山) means mountain, Masa (正) means correct or justice, and Yoshi (義) means righteousness. The surname Shinkuyama means deep crimson mountain, which explains his hero name. The given name Masayoshi means justice, since Masayoshi is an alternate reading of Seigi, which also means justice. His sense of justice, and to an extent, chivalry, is what motivated the life of Eijiro Kirishima on his path of training to be a pro hero.
Lunch Rush: Godan Ransei (蘭生五旦, らんせい ごだん)
Ran (蘭) means orchid, Sei (生) means raw or genuine, Go (五) means 5, and Dan (旦) means daybreak. His name is a play on British chef celebrity Gordon Ramsay, only if you mention the name in western order, since Japanese names use the surname-first, given-name order, making his name Ransei Godan instead. The Go in Godan likely refers to the 5 tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami, while Dan refers to breakfast, which is ironic considering that his hero name is Lunch Rush. The Sei in Ransei also likely refers to his signature insult.
Snipe: Hokori Toki (東木埃, とうき ほこり)
To or Higashi or Azuma (東) means east, Ki (木) means tree or wood, and Hokori (埃) means dust. The surname Toki roughly means “east wood”, a reference to American actor Clint Eastwood, who is known for starring in old west and spaghetti western films. The surname is also homophonous with time in Japanese, Toki (時), probably as in the phrase “the good old times” or “the good old days”. The given name might be a reference to the “Dust Bowl”, the name given to the drought-stricken Southern Plains region of the United States in the 1930’s, or the Kansas song Dust in the Wind.
Ectoplasm: Kazuhiro Masumi (増見数博, ますみ かずひろ)
Masu (増) means multiply or increase, Mi (見) means to see, Kazu (数) means number, and Hiro (博) means command or esteem or win acclaim. The surname Masumi alludes to his quirk, noting that he can multiply or clone his own self, while seeing multiple directions at once through his clones. The given name Kazuhiro is a reference to his profession, a math teacher in UA.
Backdraft: Kansho Kadome (火止看消, かどめ かんしょう)
Ka or Hi (火) means fire, Dome or Tome (止) means to stop or halt, Kan (看) means to watch or observe, and Sho (消) means to erase or extinguish, the same kanji character in Shota Aizawa’s name (相澤消太). In other words, Kadome means stopping fire, while Kansho means observe while extinguishing.
Uwabami: Mamiko Hebita (蛇田真美子, へびた まみこ)
Hebi (蛇) means snake, Ta or Da (田) means rice field, Ma or Shin (真) means true, Mi or Bi (美) means beauty, and Ko (子) means child. Hebi in Hebita refers to her appearance and quirk, alluding to the Greek mythological figure Medusa. Her given name means true beautiful child.
Gunhead: Kenshiro Tsutsuto (銃頭拳志郎, つつとう けんしろう)
Tsutsu (銃) means gun, To or Atama (頭) means head, Ken (拳) means fist, Shi (志) means will or intention, and Ro (郎) means male. The surname Tsutsuto literally means Gunhead, his hero name. Tsutsu in Tsutsuto is the same reading in Lady Nagant’s real name, Kaina Tsutsumi (筒美火伊那). Although written in a different kanji (筒), which means gun barrel, a reference to her quirk, it has the same connotation as the other one. The given name Kenshiro may be alluded to the main protagonist of Fist of the North Star of the same name, although written in katakana, noting that he is a pro hero whose agency specializes in armed combat and martial arts. Also the Ken in Kenshiro is the same kanji character in Itsuka Kendo’s name (拳藤一佳).
The Fly: Kisuke Koba (小羽黄助, こば きすけ)
Ko (小) means small, Ba or Bane or Hane (羽) means wing or feather, Ki or Ko (黄) means yellow, and Suke (助) means help or assistance. The surname Koba literally means small wings, referring to his appearance and quirk. The Ki in Kisuke means yellow, referring to his blonde hair.
Slugger: Sango Sakagami (阪神三吾, さかがみ さんご)
Saka or Han (阪) means heights or slope, Kami or Gami or Shin (神) means god, San (三) means 3, and Go (吾) means I or my. The surname Sakagami is an alternate reading of Hanshin (阪神), a reference to a popular Japanese pro baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers (阪神タイガース). In the west, the baseball team is primarily (and infamously) remembered for being associated with the curse called “The Curse of the Colonel”, a 1985 Japanese urban legend regarding a reputed curse placed on the baseball team by the ghost of the deceased Kentucky Fried Chicken founder and mascot Colonel Harland Sanders, who passed away 5 years prior at the age of 90. The given name Sango is a play on ’35, the year the Hanshin Tigers were founded, 1935; although the next year, they would be officially formed and have their first season as the “Osaka Tigers”. In 1940, amid anti-foreign sentiment, the Tigers changed the name to "Hanshin" and in 1947 changed the name back to "Osaka Tigers". The current team name was assumed in 1961.
Native: Teppei Nishiriku (西陸哲平, にしりく てっぺい)
Nishi (西) means west, Riku (陸) means land, Tetsu (哲) means philosophy, and Pei or Hei or Hira (平) means flat. The surname Nishiriku means western land, most likely referring to America. The given name Teppei is a play on the word tepee or tipi, a conical tent made by Native Americans.
Selkie: Yasuhiro Hirezaki (鰭崎安洋, ひれざき やすひろ)
Hire (鰭) means fin or flipper (body part), Saki (崎) means cape or peninsula, Yasu (安) means peaceful, and Hiro (洋) means ocean. The Hire in Hirezaki means fin or flipper, referring to his seal physique. It may also be a reference to the Japanese word Kikyakurui (鰭脚類), meaning pinniped. They are a widely distributed and diverse monophyletic group of carnivorous, fin-footed, semi aquatic, mostly marine mammals. They are also commonly referred as seals. In fact, the name "pinniped" derives from the Latin words pinna, meaning fin and pes or pedis, meaning foot, thus giving the literal meaning of fin footed.
Sirius: Miya Otomaru (音丸美弥, おとまる みや)
Oto (音) means sound, Maru (丸) means round, Mi or Bi (美) means beauty, and Ya (弥) means all the more or increasingly. The surname Otomaru means sound around, a reference to her quirk, which allows the user to hear high frequencies around her that humans normally cannot. She uses it to communicate with Selkie when they are far apart. She can also use it to detect the number of people nearby. The given name Miya can be also read as Mimi (耳), which means ear in Japanese, also a reference to her quirk and appearance.
Mr. Brave: Yuichi Kamige (上毛勇一, かみげ ゆういち)
Kami or Ue (上) means up or above or raise, Ge or Mo (毛) means hair, and Isamu (勇) means brave. The surname Kamige literally means raising hair, a reference to his quirk. The given name Yuichi means brave one, a reference to his hero name.
Death Arms: Atsuto Aratake (荒武篤人, あらたけ あつと)
Ara (荒) means rough or wild, Take (武) means military, Atsu (篤) means fervent or serious, and To or Hito (人) means person. The Ara in Aratake and Atsu in Atsuto refer to his serious and rough behavior.
Crust: Mutsuo Tatezaki (盾崎六雄, たてざき むつお)
Tate (盾) means shield (type of personal armor), Zaki or Saki (崎) means cape or edge, Mutsu or Roku (六) means 6, and O (雄) means masculine or male. The Tate in Tatezaki refers to his quirk, shield, which allows him to manifest stone-like, hexagonal shields from their body that could be utilized both defensively and offensively. His given name Mutsuo is a reference to his hexagonal shields.
Yoroi Musha: Takeyoshi Furumoto (古本武義, ふるもと たけよし)
Furu (古) means old or ancient, Moto or Hon (本) means origin or book, Take (武) means military, and Yoshi (義) means righteousness. All of the kanji characters are associated with him. The surname Furumoto can be also read as Furuhon, which means ancient book, possibly referring to old records, text, or illustrations regarding Japanese history and society. The Take in Takeyoshi refers to his hero costume, resembling a samurai, while Yoshi refers to his personality, which is ironic after what happened during the war.
Kesagiri Man: Kenjuro Kuroi (黒井剣寿郎, くろい けんじゅろう)
Kuro (黒) means black, I (井) means water well, Ken (剣) means sword, Ju (寿) means longevity, and Ro (郎) means male. The Kuro in Kuroi refers to the color of his hero outfit, while the Ken in Kenjuro refers to the literal meaning of his hero name - slashing someone with a sword diagonally from the shoulder, Kesagiri (袈裟切り).
Water Hose father: Namihiro Izumi (出水波弘, いずみ なみひろ)
Water Hose mother: Kishiko Izumi (出水岸子, いずみ きしこ)
Knowing that the Water Hose Duo is Kota Izumi’s (出水洸汰) parents, we can obviously assume that they are also named Izumi. Izu (出) means outside, and Mi or Mizu (水) means water. Combined together means flood, Izumi (出水). The surname is also homophonous with fountain in Japanese, Izumi (泉).
For the father: Nami (波) means wave or billow, and Hiro (弘) means vast or wide.
For the mother: Kishi (岸) means beach or shore, and Ko (子) means child.
Nezu: Hideyuki Nezu (根津秀幸, ねず ひでゆき)
Assuming that Nezu is his surname, I would give him his given name only. Ne (根) means root, Zu or Tsu (津) means harbor, Hide (秀) means excellence, and Yuki (幸) means happiness or fortune. His surname is meant to be a play on rat in Japanese, Nezumi (鼠), and his given name is a common Japanese male name, which fits his personality.
Kido: Ryota Kido (貴堂良太, きどう りょうた)
Ki (貴) means noble, Do (堂) means temple or hall, Ryo (良) means good, and Ta (太) means plump or thick. His surname is homophonous to that of his hero name (キドウ) and his respective quirk traject in Japanese, Kido (軌道).
Onima: Junji Onima (鬼馬淳次, おにま じゅんじ)
Oni or Ki (鬼) means demon, Ma (馬) means horse, Jun (淳) means pure, and Ji (次) means next. His surname is homophonous to that of his hero name (オニマー).
X-Less: Mitsuyuki Hoshimoto (星本光行, ほしもと みつゆき)
Hoshi (星) means star, Moto or Hon (本) means origin or book, Mitsu (光) means light, and Yuki (行) means line. His name is a reference to his quirk laser, where he fires energy beams from his right eye.
Shishido: Daisho Shishido (獅子戸大昌, ししど だいしょう)
Shishi (獅子) means lion, Do (戸) means door, Dai or O (大) means big, and Sho (昌) means prosperous or clear. His surname is homophonous to that of his hero name (シシド) and the fact that the first two syllables of his surname fits with him being called the lion hero. Shishido is also an actual surname, but written as宍戸 instead, with the initial kanji character meaning muscles or meat.
Airjet: Hayato Kamizora (上空早人, かみぞら はやと)
Kami or Ue (上) means up or above or raise, Zora or Sora (空) means sky, Haya (早) means early or fast, and To or Hito (人) means person. His surname is a reference to the fact that he can shoot blasts of air above the ground as high as he wants.
Fourth Kind: Shugo Shinomiya (四宮修悟, しのみや しゅうご)
Shi (四) means 4, Miya (宮) means temple or palace, Shu or Osamu (修) means discipline, and Go or Satoru (悟) means enlightenment. The Shi in Shinomiya refers to the fact that he has 4 arms in his appearance. Not a Kaguya reference.
Takeshita: Yoshiyuki Takeshita (竹下吉幸, たけした よしゆき)
This character in the manga and anime is named that way, which is an actual surname, which means I would give him his given name only. Take (竹) means bamboo, Shita (下) means below or under, Yoshi (吉) means good luck or joy, and Yuki (幸) means happiness or fortune. The Take in Takeshita is likely a reference to his unnamed bamboo quirk.
Eel Boy: Teruki Unagi (宇凪輝樹, うなぎ てるき)
U (宇) means roof, Nagi (凪) means calm, Teru (輝) means shine or illuminate, and Ki (樹) means tree. His surname is homophonous with eel in Japanese, Unagi (鰻), referring to his unnamed eel quirk. Interestingly, in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, there is a character with a similar sounding name, Teruo Unagisawa (鰻沢照生), unrelated to the character above. I made that name up without realization, so I must say it’s almost a coincidence.
Briareos: Gosaku Tezawa (手澤郷作, てざわ ごうさく)
Gyges: Gosuke Tezawa (手澤郷輔, てざわ ごうすけ)
Knowing that the two guards present during the Assault on Tartarus are brothers, we can assume that they share the same surname. Te (手) means hand or arm, and Zawa or Sawa (澤) means swamp, referring to their appearance.
For Briareos: Go (郷) means village or hometown, and Saku (作) means make or prepare.
For Gyges: Go (郷) means village or hometown, and Suke (輔) means help or assistance.
Public Safety Commission President: Yasuko Hoki (保喜安子, ほき やすこ)
Ho (保) means protection or guarantee, Ki (喜) means delight or rejoice, Yasu (安) means peaceful, and Ko (子) means child. Combining both the initial kanji characters of both her surname and given name would mean security in Japanese, Hoan (保安), referring to her position in the Hero Public Safety Commission.
2nd user: Hayao Nikaido (二階堂速雄, にかいどう はやお)
Ni (二) means 2, Kai (階) means story, stair or floor, Do (堂) means temple or hall, Haya (速) means quick or fast, and O (雄) means male. For the given name Hayao, the Haya in Hayao is the same one in his quirk "Gearshift" in Japanese, Hensoku (変速). The surname Nikaido has the kanji character for 2, Ni (二), referencing the fact that he is the 2nd user of OFA. Something I would like to share - the first time I encountered the surname Nikaido came from a staff member whose name was credited with that surname in most of Mob Psycho 100's episodes in the end credits. As soon as I saw the name 二階堂 in the end credits, that gave me an idea to use that surname as a what-if name for the 2nd user, so that's how I arrived with that surname. I never intended to name him after an anime staff member whatsoever.
3rd user: Sanjiro Undo (運道三治郎, うんどう さんじろう)
Un (運) means luck or fortune, Do (道) means road or path, San (三) means 3, Ji (治) means reign or cure, and Ro (郎) means male. The surname is read as "oondo" and not in the English word as it appears to be in romanized form. Also, the aforementioned surname is homophonous with movement in Japanese, Undo (運動), as his quirk Fa Jin is used for to build up kinetic energy by repeating regular motions and store it for later use. Kinetic energy in Japanese is Undo Enerugii (運動エネルギー). The given name Sanjiro has the kanji character for 3, San (三), referencing the fact that he is the 3rd user of OFA.
6th user: Enzo Rokuhara (六原煙造, ろくはら えんぞう)
Roku (六) means 6, Hara (原) means field, En or Kemuri (煙) means smoke, and Zo (造) means create or make. The surname Rokuhara has the kanji character for 6, Roku (六), referencing the fact that he is the 6th user of OFA. The given name Enzo is a reference to his quirk Smokescreen, which would give the character's nickname as En. The surname is also the name of a Japanese railway station in Kanegasaki, Iwate. Interestingly enough, two other characters in the series, whom both of them are villains, are also named after real world Japanese railway stations. The villains in question are Twice and Re-Destro. Twice's real surname is Bubaigawara (分倍河原), named after a railway station operated jointly by the East Japan Railway Company and the private railway operator Keio Corporation located in Fuchu, Tokyo of the same name, while Re-Destro's real surname is Yotsubashi (四ツ橋), named after a railway station in Nishi-ku, Osaka of the same name.
Wolfram: Shigeki Kinzoku (金続重樹, きんぞく しげき)
Kin (金) means metal, Zoku (続) means to continue, Shige (重) means heavy, and Ki (樹) means tree or wood. The surname Kinzoku is homophonous to Kinzoku (金属), in which the latter kanji character, Zoku (属), means genus. However, the Zoku in Kinzoku (金続) means to continue, referring to how he manipulates and creates metal continuously in combat. The Shige in Shigeki refers to how generally heavy metal is. Not to mention that his villain name is named after tungsten, whose symbol W means wolfram, and it is one of the heaviest naturally stable elements you can carry or hold (but factually speaking, uranium IS the heaviest element in terms of natural stability).
Nine: Kisho Terunaga (照永起昇), てるなが きしょう)
Teru (照) means shine or illuminate, Naga or Ei (永) means eternity, Ki (起) means rouse or get up, and Sho (昇) means rise up. The Teru in Terunaga likely refers to his intimidating appearance, akin to a god, while Naga likely refers to the fact that he would be invincible like any other villain if he has a great amount of quirks, considering that he is one of the few characters to do so. The given name Kisho is homophonous with weather, Kisho (気象), a reference to his original quirk before amalgamating to All for One, weather manipulation, or Kisho Sosa in Japanese (気象操作).
All for One: Majin Shigaraki (死柄木摩甚, しがらき まじん)
According to All for One himself in a flashback, Shigaraki is his real surname; however, his given name is unknown. Shi (死) means death, Gara (柄) means grip or handle, Ki (木) means tree or wood, Ma (摩) means to scrape or grind, and Jin (甚) means extreme or intense. The given name Majin is homophonous with devil in Japanese, Majin (魔神).
Mustard: Shoki Kitai (北井祥基, きたい しょうき)
Kita (北) means north, I (井) means water well, Sho (祥) means auspicious or good omen, and Ki (基) means fundamentals or basis. The surname Kitai is homophonous with gas in Japanese, Kitai (気体), a reference to his quirk. The given name Shoki is homophonous with miasma in Japanese, Shoki (瘴気), a highly unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapor, fitting with the properties of his quirk.
Innsmouth: Yakishi Takonuma (蛸沼焼司, たこぬま やきし)
Tako (蛸) means octopus, Numa (沼) means marsh, Yaki (焼) means burnt, and Shi (司) means administer or boss. The Tako in Takonuma is a reference to his appearance, resembling an octopus.
Moonfish: Takanari Habashi (歯橋高成, はばし たかなり)
Ha (歯) means tooth, Hashi (橋) means bridge, Taki (高) means tall or high, Nari (成) means grow or reach. The surname Habashi is a reference to his quirk blade-tooth in Japanese, Shijin (歯刃).
Ending: Shingoki Kurodo (黒道伸剛輝, くろどう しんごうき)
Kuro (黒) means black, Do or Michi (道) means road or path, Shin (伸) means to expand or stretch, Go (剛) means sturdy or strength, and Ki or Teru (輝) means shine, or gleam. The surname Kurodo means black road, referring to how he activates his quirk through a road or highway. The given name Shingoki is homophonous with traffic lights in Japanese, Shingoki (信号機).
Starservant: Noriharu Hoshimiya (星宮典治, ほしみや のりはる)
Hoshi (星) means star, Miya (宮) means temple or palace, Nori or Ten (典) means law or rule, and Haru or Chi or Ji (治) means reign or subdue. The surname Hoshimiya means star temple or star palace, referring to his villain name. The given name Noriharu can be alternatively read as Tenchi (天地), which means above and below, top and bottom, or more symbolically, heaven and earth. The third meaning could possibly be referring to the phrase “Heaven and Earth are about to collide”, one of the taglines to the 1998 asteroid disaster film Deep Impact, since the villain himself is a preacher who ensures the society that the end of the world is nigh.
Dictator: Reiji Shiki (志紀令司, しき れいじ)
Shi (志) means will or intention, Ki (紀) means chronicle or history, Rei (令) means orders or command, and Shi (司) means administer or boss. The surname Shiki is homophonous with command, direction, or supervision in Japanese, Shiki (指揮), while the given name Reiji is reverse for command or control in Japanese, Shirei (司令), both referencing his quirk despot.
Kunieda: Ikunobu Kunieda (國枝育伸, くにえだ いくのぶ)
Kuni (國) means country, Eda (枝) means bough or branch, Iku (育) means grow or raise, and Nobu (伸) means to expand or stretch. The villain name Kunieda, which is written in katakana, is an actual surname in Japan, so I had to use the kanji version of that name. The given name Ikunobu means growing and expanding, both of which are referring to his quirk that has the ability to sprout and grow gigantic flowers, spores, and fungus-like plants from the ground.
Gigantomachia: Goro Onikigawa (鬼木川吾郎, おにきがわ ごろう)
Oni or Ki (鬼) means demon, Ki (木) means tree, Kawa or Gawa (川) means river, Go (吾) means I or my, and Ro (郎) means male. The Oni in Onikigawa refers to his demonic appearance, while his given name Goro is a play on the Japanese onomatopoeia Goro Goro (ゴロゴロ), which describes the sound of thunder, earthquake, or other disasters incoming, fitting with his personality during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.
Iceman: Geten Koriyama (氷山外典, こおりやま げてん)
Kori (氷) means ice, Yama (山) means mountain, Ge or Soto (外) means outside, and Ten or Nori (典) means law. The surname Koriyama is an alternate reading of Hyozan, which means iceberg, fitting with his quirk. The given name Geten means apocrypha, which is a story of unknown author or origin. While Geten is the real name of Iceman, it is unknown if it’s his given name or surname, so randomly assuming that this is his given name, his surname would be unknown, and that explains the surname’s existence. (NOTE: With the recent release of Chapter 387 on May 8, 2023, it was revealed that Geten happened to be from Rei's side, which means that his surname is Himura, and this made him a relative to the Todoroki family members, so his full name is Geten Himura. It was not explicitly stated how Rei (and the Todoroki family) and Geten were specifically related and just listed their relation as simply "relative". With this revelation, his full name written in Japanese would be 氷叢外典, or in hiragana, ひむら げてん. As of this writing, this is the only entry on the list with a character's officially confirmed full name in the original source, so I would discard my ideal surname in favor of the original source instead.)
Unnamed Cider House leader: Gyokoten Samukawa (寒川凝古天, さむかわ ぎょうこてん)
Samu (寒) means cold, Kawa (川) means river, Gyo (凝) means stiff, Ko or Furu (古) means old or ancient, and Ten (天) means heaven. The surname Samukawa means cold river. The given name Gyokoten is homophonous with freezing point in Japanese - Gyokoten (凝固点). The first kanji of the word Gyo (凝) is the same as in the given name. His alias or villain name was never revealed as well, so Yeti (イエティ) would be a good choice, named after the ape-like creature purported to inhabit the Himalayan mountain range in Asia of the same name.
Keigo's Father: Keiichi Takami (鷹見啓一, たかみ けいいち)
This character in the manga and anime is named that way, which means I would give him his given name only. Taka (鷹) means hawk, Mi (見) means to see, Kei (啓) means disclose, open, or say, and Ichi (一) means 1. The Kei in Keiichi is the same as his son Keigo (啓悟).
Habit Headgear: Takehiko Kito (鬼頭武彦, きとう たけひこ)
Oni or Ki (鬼) means demon, To or Atama (頭) means head, Take (武) means military, and Hiko (彦) means lad or boy. His surname is a reference to his unnerving appearance. Not a Demon Slayer reference.
Giant Villain: Kiichi Otomo (大友毅一, おおとも きいち)
O or Dai (大) means big, Tomo (友) means friend, Ki or Tsuyo (毅) means strong, and Ichi (一) means 1. His name is a reference to his appearance and personality. Ironic that he is the first villain to appear in the series, yet has a character that means friend.
Sludge Villain: Sohei Dorokawa (泥川創平, どろかわ そうへい)
Doro (泥) means mud, Kawa or Gawa (川) means river, So or Hajime (創) means begin or start, and Hei or Pei or Hira (平) means flat. His surname is a reference to his dirty mud-like appearance.
Swordkil: Takeshi Mekajiki (目梶木丈士, めかじき たけし)
Me (目) means eye, Kaji (梶) means sculling oar, Ki (木) means tree or wood, Take (丈) means height or stature, and Shi (士) means samurai. His surname is homophonous with swordfish in Japanese, Mekajiki (眼梶木), which is a reference to his unnamed sword quirk, as well as his villain name, though close.
Daigo: Daigo Saruno (猿野大悟, さるの だいご)
Saru (猿) means monkey, No (野) means field, Dai or O (大) means big, and Go or Satoru (悟) means enlightenment. His surname is a reference to his beast-like appearance, while his given name is the same as that of Daigo Yamamoto (山本大悟), the character’s voice actor, also simply known (and credited) by his given name, Daigo. He is part of the Japanese comedy duo Chidori (千鳥), who made a cameo appearance in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes as two of Wolfram’s minions.
Nobu: Nobuyuki Katai (片井信行, かたい のぶゆき)
Kata (片) means part or fragment, I (井) means water well, Nobu (信) means faith or truth, and Yuki (行) means line. His surname is can be also read as Heni, which is homophonous with displacement (physics) in Japanese, Heni (変位), a reference to his unnamed displacement quirk, while his given name is the same as that of Nobuyuki Hayakawa (早川信行), the character’s voice actor, also simply known (and credited) by his nickname, Nobu (ノブ). Like the previous entry on the list, he is also part of the Japanese comedy duo Chidori (千鳥), who made a cameo appearance in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes as two of Wolfram’s minions.
Glutton God: Shigeo Shokuzawa (食澤茂雄, しょくざわ しげお)
Shoku (食) means food, Zawa or Sawa (澤) means swamp, Shige (茂) means overgrown or grow thick, and O (雄) means masculine or male. His surname is a reference to his appearance, as well as his villain name in Japanese, Kuishin (食神).
Sanctum: Seizo Jiyumiya (自由宮聖造, じゆうみや せいぞう)
Ji (自) means oneself, Yu (由) means wherefore, Miya (宮) means temple or palace, Sei (聖) means holy, and Zo (造) means create or make. His surname means freedom temple, and Seizo means holy structure, referring to his villain name.
The Mother of Quirks: Seiko Yotsubashi (四ツ橋聖子, よつばし せいこ)
Knowing the Mother of Quirks is the mother of Chikara Yotsubashi (四ツ橋主税), I would give her given name only. Yotsu (四ツ) means 4, Hashi (橋) means bridge, Sei (聖) means holy, and Ko (子) means child. I chose Seiko as her given name for a reason, because her name, when Romanized, is an anagram for quirk in Japanese, Kosei (個性), since she was the first person to use the word "quirk" to describe meta abilities.
Shie Hassaikai boss: Takahito Saijo (斎条崇人, さいじょう たかひと)
Sai (斎) means purification, Jo (条) means article, Taka (崇) means respect or revere, and To or Hito (人) means person. The Sai in Saijo is the same character in Shie Hassaikai (死穢八斎會), while his given name fits given with his position during the time he founded the organization years before Kai Chisaki succeeded him.
Hood: Tsuyoshi Aida (会田強士, さいじょう たかひと)
Ai or Kai (会) means meeting or association, Ta or Da (田) means rice field, Tsuyo (強) means strong, and Shi (士) means samurai. His name fits since he used to be a street punk who made a living as a fierce underground fighter before being turned into a Nomu by the Doctor.
Gunga Mountain Villa Paranormal Liberation Front Commander: Kairo Dendo (傳堂会呂, でんどう かいろ)
Den (傳) means propagate or transmit, Do (堂) means temple or hall, Kai or Ai (会) means meeting or association, and Ro (呂) means spine or backbone. His surname is homophonous with electric or conduction in Japanese, Dendo (電動) or Dendo (伝導) respectively, while his given name is homophonous with circuit in Japanese, Kairo (回路), both referring to his quirk amplivolt, which can conduct and amplify electricity within their body, being able to release it afterwards. Ironic that he was never given a name, yet his quirk, as well as his ultimate move, is named in the manga and anime.

That is all I can present. If you know a character whose real name is unknown, comment down below and formulate his or her real name based on the character's qualities. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 16:40 soundofkrill Is there a surf shop that actually sells skimboards instead of just renting them?

I hope it’s ok to post as I only live here 2-3 months a year house sitting for a relative.
There are a plethora of skimboards Amazon will ship here in 2-6 weeks 🙄 but I’d much rather support a business or individual seller on island.
I’d be cool to buy used but all I can seem to find is $250 skimboards shops want to rent me for $125 a week. Like I understand the business model and don’t begrudge them for charging that to tourists.
On the other hand, it’d be ~$1000 a year for me to rent one at which point I may as well buy a super nice board on the mainland and a plane ticket for it to sit next to me on the way over.
I was hoping to snag one for >150 but idk if that’s a realistic expectation. Any suggestions on where to look?
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2023.06.08 16:40 Metropolis_pt3 Need Recommendations: Couple Traveling International in February from USA

Hi all! My wife and I are planning our first big international trip together for February 2024 and looking for some recommendations. We are in our mid-30's and travel the USA as much as possible, but have only traveled internationally together to the Bahamas on a family trip a few years ago. Prior to our marriage only she has traveled out of the country, but as a small child with little memory of it.
We live in the midwest and looking to escape the dull winter in late February. We are able to do about 9 days in total (Sat - Sun using 1 week PTO) with a potential to extend an additional 2-3 days if needed.
We are wanting more of a cultural/historical travel experience and happy to spend each day on our feet either exploring a new city or hiking in a new landscape. We are wanting to avoid high-end resorts and tourist traps, and focus more on immersing ourselves in a new place. Our biggest requirement is some place that is at least moderate in temperature if not warm, and of course somewhere reasonably safe. We are open to either public transport or renting a vehicle and driving.
Budget wise, we'd like to stay ~$5,000-7,000 in total, and I do have some sky miles and rewards points to play with to help on flight and accommodation costs. Some of the places we've been eyeing are European countries on the Mediterranean (France, Italy, Greece, etc), UAE, and Chile/Peru. We are very interested in Asian Pacific countries, but finding the cost of flights to be significantly higher than others listed.
Based on this, what are some recommendations for places that we should be looking at for this trip?
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2023.06.08 16:39 chaiginboay Forecast or Process Improvements?

TL;DR: Junior planner who enjoys process improvements have an option to take up supplier Forecast or move over to Systems team and do process improvements for the entire company. Seeking advice on whether to consolidate on my Planning knowledge or jump over to Systems team while the chance arise.

Hello everyone, Junior Planner here at a semiconductor company with less than a year of experience. Our Planning department has two teams, the Tactical team who handles the product account and handles the day-to-day firefighting with suppliers, and the Strategic team performs long-term planning, looks at the entire process and find opportunities for improvement. I was hired to do the process improvement for Planning team but because i was fresh out of college and did not come from operations background, they let me handled the account first to get the hands-on feeling. I did that for about 4 months before a colleague in the Strategic team resigned and i was taken by my manager A back to take over his role (Data Parameters, Supply Plan, Power User for Planning Engine). I have done that for about 3 months before my manager resigned some time in April. When she resigned, my job scope remained the same with no extra work but Manager A's portion of the work was handed over to manager B from the Systems team (who is under a different department).
Throughout my time in the Strategic team, i have worked closely with the Systems people and have built a good rapport with them. Even after manager A resigned, organisationally i reported to my Planning director but on the working level i have been working very closely with the Systems managers (there are two of them). Now another colleague who handles supplier Forecast (among other things) is resigning and my director had a word with me. Long story short, we discussed my interests and i now have two options

Option 1: Remain in Planning, do whatever i am currently doing now + take up forecast to suppliers
Option 2: Move over to Systems team and (most likely) be exposed to process improvement not just for the Planning team but for the entire company
Tbh I have been thinking of joining the systems team for quite awhile because i see the work they do is more transferrable across industries. They normally gather user requirements from the entire company and provide the technical solutions (stuff like Excel Reports and Tableau). Being the power user for our planning engine, i also do that (though specific to the engine) where i gather user requirements, relay them to the Systems team and validate their solutions before approving the go-live to production.
I would like to seek advice on which one is better for me in the long run for my career growth and development? Should I expand my scope in Planning and be one of the few in my department who understand the entire flow of our supply chain? or should I just jump over to Systems while the opportunity is open?
Some points to consider:
- I have good rapports with both the Planning team and Systems team
- My company culture is pretty good and so far i am happy to be here, though no doubt i will prioritise my own career development
- I will avoid seeking any raises now first because our compensation cycle is usually in April and i hope to ask for it next year once i have proven that I can handle either Option 1 or Option 2
- Despite my ocassional self-doubts or thought that i could be progressing faster, I have received positive feedbacks from the bosses in the Planning and Systems team
- I am quite close to manager A and consider her as a trusted mentor. Her advice for me is to try out Forecast for at least a year to build a solid foundation in Planning first before moving over to systems
- I also consider manager B to be a trusted mentor. He did say if i am really interested to move over we can talk to the Systems director and they can create a position for me (though exact JD will only be discussed if i do decide to go to systems team)
- The Systems team have a higher pay ceiling than the Planners be it in our company or industry. Even then, working in the Systems team provide me a training ground to be a Data Analyst or even Data Scientist in the future and I wont be stuck in the same industry.
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2023.06.08 16:39 thebreakupartist Murdered Rats

Okay, RBI. I’ve never posted here before, but I have a mystery that I absolutely can not unravel.
Possibly relevant information: I live in Houston. Just a few blocks from the bayou. We have two types of rats here; rooftop rats and Norway rats. Norway rats are the larger rodents.
Since February, every couple six weeks or so, I will get up in the morning to let the dog out and find a dead, clearly eviscerated Norway rat in the exact same spot in a path in the yard, next to the house. Exact. Same. Spot. Every time. Today is the third time it has happened.
To be clear, we do not have rats inside the house. There is absolutely zero evidence of this. I panicked the first time and the second time, and went through both floors searching for signs of rats. We have no basement and no attic- unlike a lot of Houston homes. Everything is open concept. My father designed the house, and there just really aren’t many places for rats to hide. The exterior is metal. There are no rat droppings, no grease spots, no scurrying sounds, the cat and dog aren’t disturbed.
I’ve lived in an old house that once experienced a rodent problem on the West Coast- there is no evidence of rats here.
Except every six weeks something kills a rat in the exact same location in my yard. And it seems to happen after it’s been raining for a couple of days. What is going on???
I will add too. Despite being in the city, there are a ton of vultures and hawks and other birds of prey in the area. I can do some pretty remarkable birding just from my upstairs window.
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2023.06.08 16:39 jamalstevens PnP Binder: Progress and thoughts; suggestions and questions

Hey all,

Part 1: The details

So I'm putting together a PnP Binder and wanted to share what I've got so far.
The criteria for games are that they are 1 player or 1+ Players and either NO components besides dice, OR very few components. I do have plans for adding a metal sheet or magnetic vinyl sheet, to the notebook. Then I can use magnetic "tokens" on games to increase game pool. Most of the games now are roll and writes. I'd like for that to change at some point.
For dice I either use physical ones or use the app "Sophie's Dice" (it's available on phone, iPad, windows, macOs). The app is awesome because I can make custom dice with any required special "faces" like in 30 rails I have all of the images on a die. Makes it much more pleasant to play.
I keep all rules digital and have them synced via iCloud Drive to my phone, iPad and MacBook so I have pretty easy access to them no matter what, plus it doesn't clutter the binder up.
I'm using a FiveStar NoteBinder because you can flip it back over itself like a notebook. Perfect for playing games!
For me, since I'm left handed I put everything in from right to left. Makes it so much easier to write without out hitting the rings.
I tried the page protector route but found it to be kind of messy looking and not as pleasant to write on so I went with 3 mil lamination for every page.
They work PERFECTLY with Staedtler LumoColor Wet Erase Markers. I got the fine ones (.6mm)but I think I'd like to get the Medium tips (1 mm) at some point ((
I went with the wet erase because I've found that dry erase tends to smudge and leave a color residue for me. Maybe I'm not doing it right. PLUS, wet erase means you can leave and come back without having to worry about losing your place.

Part 2: The questioning

So for this next part, I'm reaching out for any games that I might have missed or MUST play. (the full binder list will be at the end of the post)
I'm trying to branch out a bit and add some games that require light components, so NOT just dice. I figure I can add any cards or tokens in a page protector for the games, but still want to keep it as streamlined as possible.
I love the roll and writes but want something with a bit more substance and some more interesting mechanics instead of just "push your luck". Some games that incorporate machine building like wingspan etc would be neat.
Anyways, the long and the short of it is that I'd love some suggestions for new games to add or feedback about the games or binder as it stands now.

Current Games:
30 Rails 1572 Aquamarine Map1 Aquamarine Map2 Daydream Dungeons - The Underland - v014 Dice of the living Dead Hall of the Dwarven King Harbinger Project - Cipher Harbinger Project - Map Island Alone - 1. Base Map (Solo) Island Alone - 2. 4 Islands (Solo) Island Alone - 3. Rocky Island (Solo) Paper Pinball - 1. Goblin Circus Paper Pinball - 2. Sorcery School Sleuths PaperMech - Blank PaperMech - Default Pencil Park - Pipsburg & Inkstanbul Qwixx Racing Stars Sheet 2019 Rallytaire - 1. Track 1 Rallytaire - 2. Track 2 Rallytaire - 3. Track 3 Super-Skill Pinball - Carniball Table Super-Skill Pinball - Cyberhack Table Tombs - The Sword of Valhalla v2 Tower of Mages Utopia Engine 3rd Edition Voyages - Map1 Voyages - Map2 
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2023.06.08 16:38 Altruistic-Farm2712 Might have ADHD - no idea. Help?

I'm hoping someone can offer some advice/guidance for my situation.
As background, I'm 40/m and never been diagnosed or as far as I know even screened for ADHD. I do remember at some point in elementary school the whatever therapist making some recommendation to my parents, which they vehemently poo-pooed and never followed up on - though what, exactly, that was about I was never told. I do remember my grandmother (my custodial guardian most of my childhood) having pretty strong opinions about whether there might be anything "wrong" with me. As background, she was my mom's mom - who had died when I was less than 1yr - so I was sort of sheltered and coddled because of that, and the idea there may be an issue with me was an affront to her, and her dead daughter, in her eyes.
To the present, I'm at my wits end. Everyday tasks - tidying up the house, cleaning the litter box, doing laundry, checking the mail, paying bills - just feels overwhelming, or I just back-burner the task and forget about it until whatever it is is in front of my face again. Then, I'll say "I need to do that" - and forget about it again.
I don't know if ADHD is the issue, but learning more about the truth of what ADHD is, vs what people largely think it is, has led me to believe it may be part of my issue(s). I also have no idea if medication is the right route, but I also don't know it isn't.
I tried seeing a mental health professional to address my issues, but that didn't go far. The therapist I saw focused more on "self love" than "root cause fixing" - when I'd mention the issues in daily life, her response was a long the lines of "who says you need to clean your house, ignore the naysayers." That, combined with being forced to attend group sessions - which were mostly (about 90%) court-ordered attendees for drug arrests, the rest teens-early 20-somethings dealing with general coping, and me... I really felt or saw no benefit and didn't feel my issues were being addressed at all, so stopped going. Also, the sessions usually included what amounted to "homework" - which was another fly in the ointment for me. I didn't like busywork in school, where it was basically required - I definitely don't like it when I'm paying $150 a pop for the pleasure.
So, that's where I am. I've considered booking an appointment with my primary doctor, but continue to put it off because I'm worried at my age, with no previous diagnosis, I'm just going to be looked at as yet another someone looking for drugs. Which, to be clear, I'm not. I just want to live a more "normal" life - to not put necessary tasks off until the last minute, or too late entirely - however that may come about.
So, how should I handle this? Is my PCP the best option to speak to, or should I be seeking some other type of medical professional? What should I tell them to make it clear I have a genuine concern, and am not just shopping for stimulants.
I also have a hard time putting my concerns into words because, well, it's normal to me. In the moment when I'm thinking about a particular issue, I can put it into words - when I'm on the spot and having to explain why I think it may be more than I'm lazy/sloppy/whatever I go blank and give pretty nondescript responses.
I have no doubt if someone followed me around for a week, they'd come to the same thoughts I have - that it may be ADHD. But, without that I'm not sure anyone would understand how disordered and unorganized my day-to-day life is.
Any input would be appreciated.
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2023.06.08 16:37 iwanttorunawaysobad my (25f) boyfriend (25m) wants his brother to move in with us

hello all 👋
tldr; boyfriends brother wants to move in with us, i don’t want that and we’re on the edge of splitting up because of it
for context, me and my boyfriend, who have been together 3 years, had our own apartment until MIL and a couple of his siblings came to live with us. after not being able to withstand my in laws for various reasons, i left our apartment some months before the lease was up. this is a really short summary and i explained it a lot more in detail in my last post if you care to read.
now that there’s about a month left until our lease is up, we decided to look for 2 bedroom apartments, as we have a son (4 months) together and we want him to have his own room eventually. we applied and we’re approved for an apartment, yay!yesterday, out of the blue, he came to me and told me he decided it was okay for his younger brother (19M) to move in with us.
i immediately ask him, why? what made you come to that decision on your own when it’s OUR apartment? he claims his little brother isn’t comfortable going anywhere else, and that he’s more stable at our apartment. i tell him that we have no space in our new apartment, we planned for the extra bedroom to be our sons, and that i wouldn’t feel comfortable with an in law living with us again after what happened before. he says that his brother being stable is more important than me being comfortable. i told him no, i won’t allow him to come with us. i would understand if he had no where else to go, but he does, he’s just choosing to come with us.
my boyfriend says that if i won’t allow him to move in with us, then they’ll find a place for themselves, and even asked me if i could still sign the lease on this apartment so that they can move in even if i’m not. he says im not taking into consideration my son at all, who would be happier living with both parents, and my son won’t care who’s living with us, i’m the only one upset about it. he says if it was the other way around, he wouldn’t mind.
i’m not even sure what advice to ask for. i’m already dealing with ppd, and this situation is just making things worse for me. i feel selfish for breaking up our family over an in law moving in. to me, my options are to suck it up and have his brother move in in order to keep our little family together, or stay with my mom and have baby split between two places. am i wrong for not wanting to live with in laws anymore, even if it’s just one? please be kind, thank you for reading
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2023.06.08 16:37 PhraseDense5000 Jahmyr Gibbs went from living at a shelter to becoming Detroit Lions biggest swing yet

This is a "subscriber only" article written by Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press from last month that I thought some people would be interested in.
Matt Land’s phone wouldn’t stop buzzing.
Land was the coach at Dalton High in northwest Georgia, about 20 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, when the Catamounts lost to Justin Fields’ Harrison High team in 2017 in a nationally televised game on ESPN2.
Georgia coach Kirby Smart helicoptered in for the game to see Fields, then a Georgia recruit who went on to star at Ohio State. But after Fields broke the index finger on his throwing hand in the third quarter, a little-known running back of diminutive stature stole the show.
Jahmyr Gibbs was a 145-pound sophomore then with nary a scholarship offer to his name. He was lightning quick and quiet as crochet, and recruiters everywhere took note of his 202-yard, two-touchdown rushing day.
“The next morning by 10 o’clock I had 45 text messages and emails or phone calls, people saying, ‘Man, who is that kid? And how big is he?’” Land recalled. “I was like, ‘Ah, he’s 165 pounds.’ They’re like, ‘Really?’ ‘Yeah, yeah.’ I called my strength coach the next morning, I was like, ‘Hey, I don’t know what you’re going to do between now and this summer, but you’ve got to put 15 pounds on Jahmyr.’ I said they all think he weighs 162 pounds.”
Gibbs packed on enough weight to attract recruiting interest from across the country, and after three college seasons — two at Georgia Tech and one at Alabama — he joined fellow 2023 first-round pick Bijan Robinson as the first running backs to be drafted inside the top 20 since 2018.
The Detroit Lions took Gibbs 12th overall in the draft April 27, after trading down from No. 6, and are banking on the electric dual-threat to help diversify their backfield, beginning this fall.
Gibbs led Alabama with 926 yards rushing on 151 carries last season and had a team-high 44 receptions for 444 yards. He ran the second fastest 40-yard dash of any running back at the combine (4.36 seconds). He earned all-ACC honors at three different positions — all-purpose back, running back and return specialist — during his time at Georgia Tech.
And his modest upbringing left him with a work ethic and love for football that seem right up Lions coach Dan Campbell’s alley. “He’s humbled by small beginnings,” former Georgia Tech running backs coach Tashard Choice, now the running backs coach at Texas, said. “If you think about the character, a lot of times these football players got stories behind them. For Gibbs, him bouncing from house to house, the one thing that gave him life, that made him have a purpose was playing outside, playing football, running around. Like I got pictures of him as a little kid, like that’s what he loved to do as a little kid. He had that in him. The Lord had that in him way before.”
Gibbs has been reticent to talk publicly about his upbringing, but he was raised by his single grandmother, Angela Willis, who, according to a 2018 profile in the Dalton Daily Citizen, became his legal guardian when he was 13.
Gibbs was joined by his adoptive family, Greg and Dusty Ross and two of their children, at his introductory news conference April 28 in Allen Park. Gibbs first met the Rosses when he and Willis spent time at a local shelter, Family Promise, whose mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve independence.
Dusty was volunteering at the shelter at the time, and Gibbs passed the days by playing with her son, John, his future teammate at Dalton and Georgia Tech. After a spell living with Dalton quarterback J.P. Tighe and his family, Gibbs moved in with the Rosses, who he calls mom and dad.
Land first learned of Gibbs when his sister-in-law, a teacher at a local elementary school, called to tell him about a sweet, shy, athletically gifted 6-year-old who was in a transient situation and in need of support.
Land gave Gibbs a scholarship to his football camp, made him a ball boy and water boy for his team, and built a bond the two still share today.
“(My sister-in-law) just said he was just a really pleasant kid but that he did have a lot of athletic ability but also that he was just really, really kind of guarded and sweet, but at the same time, just somebody that you just knew that you wanted to kind of be with and help, and was appreciative, but was very quiet,” Land said. “It was more of, instead of telling you thank you, it was more of showing you thank you. He just received that, all the things that we were trying to do. As long as there was a ball, he was connected. I think I could have walked out there with a hockey puck, he wouldn’t have cared. He just wanted to play and compete.”
Gibbs, at his introductory news conference, said he “wouldn’t change anything” about his upbringing. He said an aunt and uncle also gave him guidance early in life, the Rosses did “a great job of keeping me on the right path and not letting me get in trouble,” and football gave him a welcome respite from reality.
“I would say it just lets me to be me,” Gibbs said. “I don’t got to pretend to be anybody. I can just go out there and do myself and do what I do best.”
At Dalton, Gibbs did everything best.
He ran for 2,554 yards and 40 touchdowns and topped 1,000 yards receiving as a senior, when he was named Georgia’s 6A Offensive Player of the Year. Land fed Gibbs constantly on offense, and when he tried to rest Gibbs in practice the next week, he inevitably looked up to find Gibbs with pads on going full-contact as the team’s top cornerback on the defensive side of the field.
“I’m (going), ‘Jahmyr, I’m trying to rest you.’ And he’d be like, ‘Coach, I don’t need rest, I need work,’” Land said. “That kind of became our little tagline, I don’t need rest, I need work. And so when he got into games, I just was like — it’s kind of like that great line in ‘Secretariat’ when the daughter says, ‘Hey, let him run his race.’ It’s that thing. Just let him run. Let him do it, and he’ll do it, man. He’ll go as long as you’ll let him run.”
A four-star recruit who Land called “the best athlete in the state his senior year,” Gibbs begged to cover the other team’s best receiver most weeks, and delivered more memorable plays than Land can count on offense.
In one game against rival Creekview, Gibbs had a Jimmy Chitwood moment after Land drew up an inside zone run that called for him to be a decoy out of a formation Dalton almost always used on sweeps.
“It’s that moment from ‘Hoosiers,’ you know where he’s drawing the play for Jimmy to be decoy, and then all the guys are like … ‘Coach, let Jimmy take the shot, he’s our best player,’” Land said. “He said, ‘Coach, run (the play) Brown.’ And I’m like, ‘No, no, no. They think we’re going to run that, but we’re going to run inside zone.’ He said, ‘Coach, run Brown.’ I said, ‘I know, I know. They’re going to think that, they’re going to overshift, they’re going to stunt and we’re going to gig ‘em on the backside.’
“And he takes his hand and he puts it on my arm, and he says, ‘Coach, run Brown and I’ll score.’ And it was so — it was like this extraterrestrial moment happened, and I can’t say anything but like, ‘Brrooown,’ (real slowly). That’s like all that would come out. Well, what does he do? Goes 67 yards. I don’t even know that we got anybody outside. He runs Brown, goes 67 yards for a touchdown.”
Gibbs proved dynamic at Georgia Tech. He returned a kick 75 yards on his first college touch and led the Yellow Jackets in all-purpose yards and touchdowns as a true freshman, despite missing three games with a leg injury.
As a sophomore, he ran for 746 yards on 143 carries, and added another 470 yards receiving. He tired of losing at Georgia Tech, and put his name in the transfer portal after the 2021 season.
“He wanted to win,” Choice, the former NFL running back who also left Tech after the 2021 season, said. “See, Jah was accomplishing so much on the football field, if you go back and look at what he said, he didn’t care about none of that. He just wanted to win.”
Gibbs had his most prolific rushing season at Alabama last year and helped the Tide to an 11-2 record. After a slow start with his new team — Gibbs had single-digit rushing attempts in Alabama’s first four games — he became the Tide’s weapon of choice when the offense needed a big play.
“The Detroit Lions just got the best overall athlete in this draft,” former Alabama linebacker Will Anderson Jr., the No. 3 pick of the draft, told the Free Press at the end of Round 1. “I mean, he can line up at wide receiver, he can line up at running back. He can do it all. He’s so elusive in the backfield, his cuts are amazing, his routes are amazing. Everything he do is amazing. They really just got a really great player that can do everything and be a dynamic threat anywhere on the field for them.”
Yet almost no one — Gibbs included — expected him to go 12th overall in the draft.
Not because he wasn’t talented, because of the position he plays.
Running backs have long had short shelf lives in the NFL, and Gibbs (5 feet 9, 199 pounds) is far from the biggest back. Teams tend to split their backfield workload between two and sometimes three players. Most are wary of giving running backs big second contracts.
Saquon Barkley was the only running back to average more than 50 snaps per game last season, and both he and last year’s NFL leading rusher, Josh Jacobs, are currently slated to play the 2023 season on the franchise tag.
Lions general manager Brad Holmes said Gibbs’ talent defies positional value, and his role on offense won’t be that of a traditional back in Detroit. The Lions signed David Montgomery to a three-year contract in free agency, and he and Gibbs are expected to share backfield reps in 2023, with the ability to play side by side.
“They’re football players and if you believe that they can have an impact for you on the football field then you just go ahead and take them,” Holmes said. “Obviously, we had thoughts of maybe (he would be there with our second first-round pick) at 18, but we didn’t feel great about it and so when we were able to select him at 12, that’s when all the texts started coming in of, ‘He would have been gone by 15.’ Just a lot of picks, a lot of people saying they wanted to trade up. They wanted to get in. So I wouldn’t have even felt good of (getting) him staying at 18. But again, it’s not about just don’t pick a running back because that’s not how we really view him.”
Choice, who coached both Robinson and Gibbs, said he knows of six NFL running backs coaches who were ticked the Lions took Gibbs at 12 because they thought their teams had a chance to land him later in Round 1.
Like Robinson, the eighth pick of the draft, Choice said Gibbs’ unique skill set is worthy of a first-round pick, especially in today’s NFL.
“Because they’re going to block, and they got to run the football, and you can put them out there, have mismatches against linebackers cause they’ll beat them one-on-one in their sleep,” Choice said. “So they cause trouble for a defense because you got to account for them all three downs. And when you can do that like (Christian) McCaffrey, when you can do that like (Alvin) Kamara, when you can do that, it adds a different dynamic instead of just being a first- and second-down back and coming off the field on third down. Them dudes going to stay on the field on third down, and you better make sure you cover them because they’ll break your heart.”
When NFL teams asked Choice who was better, Robinson or Gibbs, he told them it depended on what they were looking for. Robinson is bigger, has more initial quickness and breaks more tackles; Gibbs has more game-breaking speed and big-play ability.
“Do you need one to do everything, be your bell cow to run it 20, 25 times? That’s Bijan,” Choice said. “If you need one to run it 10 or 15 times but catch it five, 10, that’s probably Gibbs if you’ve got a bigger back. It’s just whatever you deem is important for your team you can pick either or.”
Choice said one of his favorite plays from Gibbs was a block he made on a quarterback draw, when he picked up a blitzing linebacker to spring a 30-or-so-yard gain. At Georgia Tech, Choice said Gibbs turned everything into a competition, even running gassers, when he would sometimes hold back on his start to try to catch teammates from behind.
That jives with what Land experienced at Dalton, where he said Gibbs was so competitive “he’d race you to the hot dog line” and a player he never worried about doing the wrong thing off the field. In recent years, he’d often find his now eighth-grade son up late on the night before games, playing video games with Gibbs.
“If there’s ever been anybody come through the National Football League draft that deserved a moment, that kid deserved that moment from what life has dealt him, and the hard work that he’s put in, and the lemonade that he’s made from lemons,” Land said. “That kid deserved every moment that happened, so I’m just excited that he’s got it, and I’m telling you it’s going to be fun to see what he does with it.
“I can promise you this, in two years, there’s no one in the Detroit organization that’s going to say to themselves, sitting in the locker room or sitting in the suites or wherever and say, ‘We took him too early.’ I promise you that. There won’t be one person that won’t say, ‘I’m glad we put that kid on the team.’ Whether we got him at 12, 20, eight, it don’t matter. That kid is worth everything we’re paying him and he will be that guy. He will be that guy.”
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2023.06.08 16:36 LoveMangaBuddy Read Onee-Chan Wa Game O Suruto Hito Ga Kawaru Onee-Chan - Chapter 7 - MangaPuma

Toshi, an ordinary high school student, spent his days being fed and taught by a beautiful neighbor named Yū-neesan, who lived near his house instead of his parents, who were rarely home. The older sister was kind and perfect as an adult. However, she had a hidden side in that her personality changed completely when it came to games... Games aren't just for fun! Big sister gets angry, gets naked a ... Read Onee-Chan Wa Game O Suruto Hito Ga Kawaru Onee-Chan - Chapter 7 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.08 16:36 Jucilucii Recommend breeders/locations? Located in SoCal

While I am not currently looking at picking up a new addition to the family, I know I will be in the next couple years. I’ve tried doing the research by myself, but the brain gets a little fuzzy with too much information. The gist is:
I’m in Southern California. I’m willing to drive, I just don’t know how far away.
I’d love to hear your success stories! If I’m being honest, I’d be interested in hearing your price points if you don’t mind as well. I just want to be financially prepared is all!
I plan to keep an eye on local rescues and such once I am ready to adopt as my first choice, I just want to have options.
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 16:35 Pale-Service6045 Should I just be saving for a mortgage at this point?

Hello everyone.
Currently 27 years old and on £45k basic. I am still living at home and pay all bills other than the mortgage.
I put in a total of 13% into pension (6% me + 7% employer) which is £5.5k a year.
My current pension is at £15k and I have £29k in cash savings. I co-own a house with my father and there is about £300k equity in this although I would realistically only take 25% for myself if it was sold/my parents moved as it's the family home.
I have low expenses otherwise and can save £20k a year which I've been putting into the highest interest savings account I could find at the moment. With bonuses on top this year I could probably add another £8k onto this figure.
I don't really have any goals at the moment. I would like to retire relatively early but care more about the financial independence aspect. Does saving for a mortgage sound fine? Potentially going to be in a relationship within the year so I guess it needs more planning at that point.
I don't have a direction at the moment so I don't know if should be putting it into an S&S ISA in case I need the money.
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2023.06.08 16:35 BeckyBee_ Questions and Answers with Assistant Game Director, Adam Whiting!

Hi everyone,
Thanks for all the amazing questions you’ve submitted for our Q&A with Assistant Game Director, Adam Whiting. We’re delighted to have received so many. So many, in fact, that we couldn’t possibly have taken so much of Adam’s time to answer them all – maybe we’ll have to do a part two one day soon.
We sat down with Adam this week and got some answers for you. We’re sure you’ll be happy with what Adam did manage to answer; he’s really gone above and beyond for this one.
Here’s a few words from Adam:
“I really appreciate all the kind words for the studio, we’ll be sure to share them with the rest of the team. It was also nice to see some familiar faces from over the years – thank you for remembering me and saying hello! It’s always a pleasure interacting with our wonderful community, and we look forward to doing more things like this in the future.”
And with that, we’ll dive into the Q&A. Enjoy!
/EVERYWHERE Community Team

Life as an Assistant Game Director at Build A Rocket Boy

Q: Hi Adam! Thank you for participating in this, it's so great to see the relationship Build A Rocket Boy has established with the community!
  • What are your daily tasks as Assistant Game Director, and what would you say is the aspect of game development that you give the most importance to? (Game mechanics, narrative, visuals...)
  • What are your favourite games and how do you think they influenced you when working on EVERYWHERE oand MindsEye?
Keep being awesome! – From u/NestorSite
A: Well, thanks to you as well NestorSite, it’s exciting for me to get to talk to you all about what we have been working on (finally!) and we really care about our community and are delighted to get to share more info.
As Assistant Game Director my day can vary greatly, and each day presents new challenges and opportunities to help progress the project. Primarily in Game Direction we are ensuring that all the teams are aligned on the bigger picture and goals of the project. Historically, this has been working mostly with Design on the core game mechanics and systems, but now we are at a point where a lot of the design work is complete, its more about checking progress, playing the game every day, and making sure everything is trending correctly.
It's hard to pick an area that is most important as what makes games development special is how it’s a convergence point for most of the artistic and engineering disciplines we know of, and all of them contribute to the whole, so they are all equally important (plus I would hate for any of our teams to feel like I had any favourites 😉). That being said, games are primarily meant to be fun, so I am particularly passionate about the core mechanics. We want our players to have a great time in EVERYWHERE and MindsEye – though each of these have their own specific requirements that present interesting challenges and drive all our departments to push the boundaries of their respective areas of expertise.
I’ve given a lengthy answer about my favourite games elsewhere so I’ll try and keep this short and point you in the direction of that, what I would say though is that generally we don’t look at other games in particular when working on the design of EVERYWHERE though it’s impossible not to be influenced by the things you have enjoyed (such is the nature of art).
Q: Hey Adam! Could you tell us what is the most challenging task you had to face in the last few years? – u/Gab1024
A: Hey Gab, thanks for your question!
One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced throughout the project has been building the team – building an exciting, ambitious, and new type of project is a huge challenge but building the company in tandem has been very tough as we’ve always aimed to bring the quality talent that the project requires. That can be tough when you are trying to attract talented devs, who, in many cases, can choose where they work. They are often choosing between established studios and established projects which can be very tempting. [DB1] However, we’ve been very fortunate and have built a team of very talented and experienced devs (with a healthy dose of people fresh to the industry) who are really delivering on the ambitions of the project, and we are all excited for you all to see and play the game as soon as possible.
Personally, one big challenge for me was the whole Gamescom experience – I never thought I’d find myself on stage with Geoff and talking in front of so many people, especially having grown up watching countless game announcements and reveals, it was both terrifying and extremely exciting though pretty far from my natural environment behind a PC in a studio 😊
Q: Hiya, I’m curious if you started out in another role in the gaming industry that led to being a Director? - Thanks, u/voodoolady94 xx
A: Hey voodoolady – unsure if your name is a Ween or Hendrix reference but either way, I like the handle!
I started in the industry, as many people did, in Quality Assurance. QA is a fantastic starting point for two reasons; Firstly, it isn’t a role that requires a lot of specialised experience to get started. In fact, one of the key things we are always looking for with new QA roles is a passion for gaming, strong attention to detail and good communication skills – don’t get me wrong it can be very intense and challenging working in QA but if you have a genuine passion for making games it can be highly enjoyable and rewarding working in part of a team that is so intrinsic to releasing any quality project. Secondly, everything in every game needs some form of QA support – meaning that you are exposed to every department/facet of games development which can be really useful for finding what you like and what you are good at. Often you can naturally progress into a more specialised role that can lead to moving to another team entirely (or becoming a stalwart experienced QA that will always be in demand within the industry) – there are countless examples I can think of from across my career where people have gone from QA into writing, AI coding, concept art, audio design – pretty much every department has someone within it that started in QA.
My personal journey was rising through the ranks of QA to a QA Supervisor and then moving towards Production before eventually moving to Game Direction – and I’m honestly still learning and growing every day as I get to interact with truly exceptional and talented people who are each extremely knowledgeable and experienced in their own areas. Each interaction is an opportunity to learn and grow, and if you approach the industry with that spirit, you will definitely do well.
Q: How hard is it to turn your game ideas into reality with the help of developers, how do you explain to them what's on your head in terms of game direction? – Thanks, u/vassirbl. From Morocco.
A: Hey vassirbl, thanks for taking part!
This is a really interesting question and one that is hard to answer directly as it depends on the idea – some things can require just a few lines of code, some can require multiple teams working in tandem to bring it to life – and that is part of the challenge with games development, something that seems quite straight forward might be really challenging to manifest. On the flipside, sometimes something that may seem to be really complicated and taxing can actually be done very quickly and efficiently.
The thing I’d say about this is that having ideas is one thing, everyone has ideas and I believe everyone is creative, but in a position like games direction it isn’t always about throwing around big ideas – you need to have a vision for what you are wanting to make and achieve and you need to ensure that your ideas are in service of that vision and are supplementing/augmenting/enhancing the direction of the game. You aren’t always making a game for yourself and your own niche interests, you are in service of the vision and trying to ensure that there is congruence between what is going into the game and what the game is trying to achieve.
In terms of explaining things that can often be more straight forward than it might seem, you are interacting with people who aren’t just gamers, they have made gaming their passion/vocation so you are speaking about the game in a similar way to when speaking to a friend about a game you are both playing together – and generally if the idea is good then it's going to generate some excitement. Then you are in an ideation process where the person you are talking to, often someone who is passionate about an areas of games development (their discipline), will then have some suggestions for flourishes and tweaks that can help improve the idea. This is really important because you want the game to be as good as it can be, and there is no silver bullet that magically makes a game feel special, fun or unique, normally its countless little tweaks and adjustments and suggestions from everywhere within the studio that create the end result which hopefully is something that feels like it has been made with love, care and attention. You can’t fake that or even articulate what it is that makes a game feel like that, but you feel it when you play a great game and that is what we are always striving to achieve.
Q: I was waiting for this because I'm on the mailing list. I appreciate this. Hello Adam. I guess my question is what is one of your favourite things about being an Assistant Gaming Director at Build A Rocket Boy? – u/EducationalCook9570
A: Thanks for signing up, EducationalCook, really pleased to get to answer your question so thanks for taking part.
It’s really hard to pick one particular thing but over the years I’ve been asked some variation of this question and my answer generally is the same – it's getting to work with such an amazing team of wonderful and talented people who are giving their all in service of the same common goal – making EVERYWHERE and MindsEye the best possible game(s) they can be.
When I was growing up gaming was still a bit of a niche hobby so anyone I met that was a gamer was instantly a friend, someone I could share my passion with, and now I get to spend most of my time with people like that – it's truly a blessing and I feel fortunate every day I get to interact with all of my wonderful colleagues.
Q: Howdy Adam! Most people will ask about the game, but for a Q&A it's really about the person. So here are my questions.
  • Were there moments where the development struggled? If so, how did this affect you?
  • Now the last ones might be too personal buuuut, is pineapple on pizza justifiable?
Thx in advance for answering these questions. I really hope you do. – u/MikaStr0L
A: Hey MikaStr0L, thanks for your question(s)!
I wouldn’t say there were any parts where development struggled but along the way there are always challenges to overcome, the main one for us was building a company at the same time of building a brand new and exciting project.
Generally speaking though, if things aren’t going quite as planned I try not to let it bother me – though that can of course be hard when you feel very personally invested in something – but I’ve found that it doesn’t help to let the negative feeling linger and instead try and push on, games development – like life in general – doesn’t always go according to plan but you just have to focus on solutions and moving forward and not let things hold you back. If you can do something about an issue, then deal with it and fix it, if you can’t do anything about it then move on and try not to let the negatives/setbacks hold back progress in other areas.
Now the truly important question… I must admit that I am not a fan of pineapple on pizza, although I do like pineapple generally, I’m more of a pepperoni kind of guy 😊
Q: Hey Adam, first, let me say I admire the work you all do a lot. Not only you guys at BARB, but also in the whole industry. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on MindsEye and EVERYWHERE.
  • Working within the QA part for many years, was it difficult the transition to a different role? Would you say it was a positive change?
  • Do you think EVERYWHERE and other games/experiences with a similar concept are the future of gaming?
Thank you and I hope you keep succeeding at your career, can't wait to play both projects’ you guys have been working on. 💙 – u/Fabry06
A: Hi Fabry, thanks for taking part and for your kind words and sentiments. I’ll start by saying that I also admire the work that takes place industry wide – the games industry is full of amazing and talented people who are all helping to further this artform we all whole dear forward, and I believe we are only just now realising the potential that video games can achieve.
I would say that transitioning from QA to another role felt very natural, even in my current position I’m still playing the game all the time and entering bugs, they might not be as well written as they once were but once you’ve cultivated a QA mindset it is not easy to turn off (this can make me a very boring person to watch play in my spare time as I’m always poking and prodding games to see what might happen…). I would say it was also a positive change for me personally but everyone's path in the industry is different and you kind of move with the tides and get swept up in a project and who knows where you end up within it – I always took the approach of wanting to be helpful/productive/useful in furthering the ambitions of the studio and the project and have always been happy to do that regardless of what that entails (in the very early days I was building PCs and writing design docs as well as doing QA work, whatever was required).
I do think that EVERYWHERE is a new type of project, but one that isn’t entirely unfamiliar, there are probably aspects that you recognise and some that are a bit different, I think the way everything ‘fits together’ is quite elegant and hasn’t been done before. The industry in general though is continuously evolving and I think that’s what makes it an exciting thing to be a part of. I do feel that the way people are consuming entertainment has fundamentally changed within the past decade and I believe that EVERYWHERE is a reflection of that – perhaps games in general are a bit to beholden to established paradigms and ways of doing things in ways that I think we aren’t.

About EVERYWHERE and MindsEye

Q: What is the inspiration to create EVERYWHERE and MindsEye, and why did you decide to make them two different games? – u/Zgangstas
A: Hi Zgangstas, thanks for your question.
This is a really interesting question and I think this is part of the magic of games development, when you are ideating/experimenting in the early stages of a project you can happen upon some magic that can alter the way you approach things, even if the vision has remained the same throughout perhaps the way to achieve it evolves.
I think that one of the main things we always wanted to do was create a space where players were in control, where they could be who they want to be and have the experiences that they wanted to have – but then as experienced game devs there is a natural inclination towards curating an immersive experience that captivates and enthrals players – this was a tricky thing to balance and trade off and I think ultimately it lead us to our current path.
EVERYWHERE is a space where players are in control, where they can build, share, compete, and explore in numerous different ways – and MindsEye is where we can construct an immersive and cinematic experience – with shared DNA between the two so we aren’t reinventing the wheel constantly, and we are at the place where we are now where work on one project is benefitting the other and vice versa.
So, I guess the true answer is that they both demanded to be different game organically through the course of development and we pay attention to what the game is telling us and let that guide us.
Q: Hi Adam, there’s the audience that fantasize on stylized and cartoonish games and the ones that are focused on realistic, story-driven experiences. How challenging is it to deliver the best game as possible to both audiences, and how confident do you feel about the shape those two games are in? – u/Treyboss2001
A: Thanks for your question Treyboss.
I think as you say there are probably distinct audiences for both, some that prefer or only enjoy one style or the other, but there are others (like me!) who enjoy both stylised and realistic games – often depending on my mood.
It may seem challenging to be constantly shifting gears between them both but ultimately, it’s more natural than it may seem. They have very distinctive and different requirements and demands that make decisions intuitive – though careful thought and consideration is required for each.
However, the way we think about it internally is that we get to have our cake and eat it, we aren’t locked in to one style or gameplay type, which can be fun and refreshing – perhaps you hit a creative roadblock with one and you can move on to the other and come back with a fresh perspective to the original issue you were having. Projects of this scale can often take many years to make so not being too locked in to just one thing is a blessing.
In terms of the progress we are making, I have to say that I am constantly delighted – either one project is delivering something new and wonderful or the other one is (often both at the same time!). Now we are getting to show people them both for the first time I’m truly humbled by the very positive reactions we are receiving.
Q: Hello Adam from the Build A Rocket Boy team. What was the original plan when EVERYWHERE was being developed in lumberyard engine and back when yah were using the lumberyard engine what were the challenges and roadblocks?
Keep being awesome Adam. - u/Lonelyfades
A: Thank you Lonelyfades, I will do my best!
I think back when we first started with this project the industry was quite different, the game engine landscape in particular was very different. We always had lofty ambitions for this project and at the time Lumberyard seemed to be the only engine that could deliver what we needed to even scratch the surface of what we wanted to accomplish. Since then, things have progressed somewhat and now we are in UE5. I believe UE5 is clearly the cutting-edge technology that we need in order to deliver the best possible results.
That is the strange thing with life and games development, sometimes an old decision was the correct one at the time even if it is not correct for right now, and even things as disruptive as engine swapping is ultimately worth it if it unlocks the creative potential you are aspiring towards.
I think this is ultimately a tribute to our core strength as a developer which is our unwillingness to compromise, we are eager to undertake difficult or even painful changes if it helps move the needle closer to where we want it to be.
Q: Hi Adam, so something I was confused about, is EVERYWHERE and MindsEye the same game? Or is it a game within a game? – u/Jozza141
A: Jozza thanks for asking your question and I am happy to try and relieve your confusion.
EVERYWHERE and MindsEye are distinctly different, but also inextricably linked. One way to think about it is that EVERYWHERE is ultimately a platform for games, entertainment, and different types of fun – and MindsEye is a story-driven, action-adventure game that could reasonably exist on its own but is enriched and elevated by its connection to a larger social space. A connection that I believe is deep and meaningful. The possibilities are endless and there’s so much to share, but we will reveal more when we are ready.
Q: Both u/iPeluche and u/Bobby_Boy301 had some questions about PC vs Console release. Why has BARB opted for the separate release between PC and Console. And does this mean Console won’t get the same treatment as PC after release?
A: I don’t think we are completely locked into this type of approach; we want to do that which makes the most sense for both projects whilst also working within the constraints of their paradigms.
PC is certainly a very open and creatively liberating space in which to operate, sometimes key innovations in gaming take place on PC because of its open nature and I think this is an example of that.
Rest assured we are passionate about both PC and Console development, and we would always aim to ensure parity between both releases of either project – platform holders permitting.
With all that being said, I would look forward to future announcements as we are very pragmatic as a company and always move forward in a direction that makes sense both for us and for our players.

Advice for aspiring Game Developers

Q: Ok, ok, here goes:
What advice do you have for those aspiring to pursue a career in game development?
What excites you the most in terms of future game development and where do you think the industry is headed? – u/RazorDarkness
A: Thanks for your question RazorDarkness.
My biggest advice for anyone trying to pursue a career in games development is to always remain humble, this is the cross section for all the artistic and engineering disciplines we have in media, as such it is impossible to be an expert at all things. You are always going to be working in a team and you are always going to be relying on your peers to achieve whatever it is you set out to achieve. So always keep your eyes and ears open and try to absorb as much knowledge and information as you can so you never stop learning. The moment you think you know it all is the moment you become a dinosaur and you will be immediately surpassed.
My second big piece of advice is to never lose sight of why you are making games in the first place – I often keep some mementos on my desk from favourite games and things that inspired me as a child to keep me grounded, as even on the hardest of days I can take a step back and realise that I’m getting to do something that I’ve loved my entire life and despite its difficulties my overriding feeling is always gratitude that I’m even able to earn a living doing something I love.
Q: Hello Adam!
First, I really hope you and your team are getting enough sleep after all the hard work you guys put into these projects. I just want to say on behalf of the EVERYWHERE & MindsEye Community, we really appreciate all of you that are involved with these two major projects, and also sending much support to every single one of you on this journey!
But my question is ... Where do you see yourself, the team, and everyone over at BARB in the next 10 years after both games are officially out? – u/TheRealRocketBoy
A: Well thank you TheRealRocketBoy – your support and encouragement means a lot, excited for you to get to enjoy the fruits of our labours!
This is a great question – I see us still working on this project, both aspects of what we are doing have far reaching plans and if all they all work out, we’ll still be working on both – and we aim that this will be in tandem with our community and players.
What things will look like at that point though I have no idea, EVERYWHERE in particular isn’t the kind of game we want to prescribe to people, it's something we want to further improve and refine in collaboration with our players – indeed the launch of EVERYWHERE will truly just be the beginning and I know that the creativity of gamers will always thrill and surprise so I think we are going to go on a wild ride together and I can’t wait to see where we end up.
MindsEye on the other hand… well who knows where in space or time we may be with that story by that point… I could write down on a piece of paper now a phrase for where MindsEye will be in year 10 and whilst it would almost certainly hold true, how we get there, and the specifics would surprise even me, I’m sure!
Q: Hey Adam, appreciate you taking the time to do this Q&A!
You have a great name! I may have a bias though as I'm also an Adam. In my spare time I've been creating a game design document for a game I'd love to create. This document has been growing and expanding over the past couple years. Ideally, I have aspirations of becoming a creative director for a development studio but have no experience working in the gaming industry (I'm a project manager in the residential construction industry).
Given your experience in the industry and your current position as BARB's Assistant Game Director, what advice would you give someone such as myself about how I may go about potentially pitching my design documentation to a studio and ultimately becoming a creative director? Do you personally feel as though people aspiring to become involved in the gaming industry need to start in an entry level position? Or perhaps there are alternative pathways to achieving such goals?
Thank you! Well wishes to you and everyone at BARB! – u/EndgameEmporium
A: Hey EndgameEmporium!
I admire your enthusiasm and you clearly have a passion for games which is something you want to hold on to as it will always keep you right and steer you correctly.
That being said I think there are two ways to head in if you want to be a creative director – firstly you can go down the studio route – however keep in mind that games are big expensive things to make, and it would be pretty remarkable for someone to have an idea so strong that a studio would trust in and fund it. Generally speaking I think going down this path would require you joining a studio and working your way up, and in particular showing a willingness to work towards someone else’s vision and showing that you can see the big picture when it comes to games development, then you will get creative opportunities with an established project or studio to show what you can do and from there more and more creative freedom until you are able to pitch your idea. With that path you may very well find that working with other creative brief’s and visions can be both challenging and rewarding, as essentially they are ‘creative restraints’ you are operating within and learning to work within these restraints will teach you how to be economical and efficient with your designs and ideas (sometimes a good idea can cost millions of dollars and sometimes a great idea can be brought to life with existing resources, the latter is where the magic really is, and will make you very popular to work with!).
The second path to take would be to try and build out a vertical slice or gameplay prototype or concept yourself, with that I would try and refine your idea to its core components, understand what things fundamentally you need for another person to be able to experience or understand your idea, and go from there. If anything, EVERYWHERE might be the perfect thing for you as empowering the great creative minds of the next generation is something we are very passionate about and you may be able to bring your idea to life with ARC-ADIA.

Emerging Technologies in Gaming

Q: u/Main-Department9806 and u/Dirty_Worka had some interesting questions about AI. Adam, as AI learning and functionality accelerates, what’s your read on the level of disruption we should expect with regards to game development? And do you think we can leverage AI such as ChatGPT into games, for example, so that NPC’s dialogue could be vast and ever changing?
A: I think that AI is going to fundamentally change the way in which we interact with the world and each other, it's going to be a transformative technology over the coming years and every industry and sector will feel it.
In terms of game development, we can see how this might play out already, things like ChatGPT etc. will streamline and accelerate the game development process exponentially – this should hopefully lower the costs and requirements for making larger projects. This could mean many more larger and ambitious games that are taking more risks emerge as they won’t be as expensive and time consuming to create – instead of a lot of talent being funnelled in to a few large studios and creators it will allow us to go back to an older style of games development where a small team with a big idea has some chance of bringing it to fruition without having to compromise on the scope/scale.
From the consumer perspective yes, I think we will soon have realistic interactions with NPCs where we can really build deeper and more personal connections with the characters we interact with in these virtual worlds, possibly even allowing us to alter how events and stories may play out, maybe in the future the way I play a story driven game may yield entirely different results and a different ending to how your story may finish – and maybe these aren’t just branching paths but completely different forks in the road we are creating dynamically – maybe then watching each other player story games has value beyond the personality/skill of the person playing.
I think this something that games developers have always wanted to have access to, a future where we can create entire worlds that feel unique to the individual because the way you are experiencing it is unique to you, in the same way that each of our journeys through life are unique and different even though we all inhabit the same world within the same physical universe.


Q: Hey Adam, first I would like to thank you and the team for the great effort on EVERYWHERE and we can't wait to play what you're working on.
Second, my question is what's your favourite game (or games) of all time (excluding games you worked on). - u/Punisher_27
A: Firstly, thank you for your kind words, Punisher!
Secondly, what a fun question! I’m going to end up kicking myself later when I realise I missed something but here are a few of my faves from a lifetime spent playing video games:
Mario 64 – it is tough picking one Mario game as he’s the reason I got in to games (playing on my parents imported NES at the age of 3 changed my life!) but something about Mario 64 is just so magical and wonderful, the first time effortlessly moving through a 3D world, the joyous nature of the gameplay and the level design, I just adored this so much and despite later entries (e.g. Galaxy) being more refined and objectively better this is just such a special game I don’t think it's possible to calculate the impact it had on the industry and on entertainment when it first came out.
Quake 3 – I have probably played this more than any other game (with the possible exception of World of Warcraft) but this was my first foray in to the world of online games and that was a life-changing moment, realising that no matter how good I got there was always someone out there better… well that was a challenge I duly accepted and I have met many wonderful friends I hold very dear to me along the way across many different online games but this was the one that really blew me away
Bloodborne – I do adore the whole Soulsborne franchise(s) and as a game dev I really admire how FromSoft do things their own way and stay true to their artistic vision. I can’t think of a game that is more harmonious and congruent than Bloodborne, every pixel/sound is working in perfect harmony with each other, and the end result is something truly staggering. If I could wipe my memory and play one game over and over again and recapture the same feeling I had when I first played it, it would be Bloodborne.
Final Fantasy VII – I was queueing outside Electronics Boutique the day this came out, the first FF game to get released in Europe and I’m so glad we didn’t miss out on this one (though 6 was great and we had to import that…) – I can’t put into words what it was like encountering Sephiroth for the first time thinking I was at the Shinra HQ to complete the game and then the world map opens up and my mind was so utterly blown I couldn’t believe my eyes. As for Aerith/Aeris – well… aside from the fact she was the group healer… I was just floored; I didn’t realise how potent games were at eliciting an emotional response until that scene and I doubt any game could ever have that impact again.
Street Fighter 2 – when this first came out it was unlike anything I’d ever seen before – encountering at an arcade machine it's what the “cool older kids” were playing and its always retained that allure, this was a game that was cool and badass. The way you compete against others in fighting games has a certain purity to it that I just love, and I sorely miss having arcades to go to as they were a staple in my life growing up and there was always a great fighting game a community would build around. Getting to have the SNES version that was as close to arcade perfect as we could fathom at the time was a real joy as well and I guess this is widely regarded as the beat ‘em up that started it all and with good reason, because it did!
Q: Hey Adam and the community team, hope you're all doing well!
  • Are you a cat or a dog person? xD
  • When the game was announced in 2017, Everywhere was only the working title of the game. Why did you keep the name? What were some of the suggestions?
Thanks in advance! – u/thewhitewolf35
A: Hey thewhitewolf! Thanks for your fun questions 😊
I am definitely a dog person, I’ve grown up with dogs my entire life and despite being fond of cats I just adore dogs – quite a few people in the office have them and I am always happy to meet them, and due to my lifestyle I am not really able to be a good and responsible dog owner right now so I am very grateful when I get to interact with any of the BARB doggos. 😊
EVERYWHERE has always been called such and I think we liked the title straight away, I think it speaks to the potentially unlimited nature of what we are trying to achieve and we want this to be a game that anyone can play, wherever they are as I think we see games as more than just ways to spend your time, they are ways to connect and socialise and learn from each other – but even more than that they are a way to share experiences and that spirit of creativity has always been our guiding star with the project.
Q: u/MightyMax_1988 would like to know more about what you do in your free time. Do you like retro consoles such as Sega Master System, Sega Genesis (mega drive), Super Nintendo (snes)? And do you like the movie Ready Player One?
A: Hey MightyMax! I am always happy to talk about my hobbies 😊my friends often wish I would shut up about them!
In my free time I do enjoy watching team sports, specifically football (lifelong Nottingham Forest fan) and I adore the NBA (big Lakers fan) and live sports are a good way to stay connected to my friends and are something I always try and make time for. I also try and stay on top of the latest greatest TV Shows, Movies and Anime (just finished Ted Lasso which I thought was such wholesome fun and I also recently finished an anime called Chainsaw Man that was just… exhilarating!).
In terms of games I’m a lifelong gamer so I’ve had every console (apart from the NeoGeo…) over the years (even a VirtualBoy), though I would say that I don’t really do much retro gaming these days as I struggle to keep up with all the modern games coming out, and I think I prioritise online gaming as it helps me stay connected to my friends so I’m always playing something with them and then trying my best to play the cream of the crop of single player games (currently trying to finish off Octopath Traveller 2 so I can move on to the new Zelda!).
And yeah, I liked both the book and the movie Ready Player One – I love a good mashup of different IPs and art-styles, I really enjoyed Wreck It Ralph for the same reason, and anything with lots of pop culture references makes me happy (even stuff like Scott Pilgrim etc.).
Q: How bad were you at Quake? – u/tyj
A: I was so terrible I had to go to tournaments and captain the UK RA3 team… it was a tough time 😊 but back then when I told people I thought Esports would be played in stadiums for millions of dollars people thought I was an idiot… I’m so delighted to see how things have ended up and really excited that future generations can actually become pro gamers as a viable path in life – how far we’ve come!
Q: Also, what’s your favourite colour? – u/voodoolady94
A: Another question from the voodoolady…. Well, this one is an easy one and I can be uncharacteristically succinct.
Pink, my favourite colour is pink 😊
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2023.06.08 16:35 ImBrianHello 31 [M4A] Louisville, KY - Move in with me. You don't have to work unless you want to work. Just enjoy life with me.❤️ I'm loving and caring but a little twisted, too. Wanting to build a structured and strong long-term relationship. LGBTQ+ friendly.

Pics of me:
Hi! I'm interested in someone who is tired of living a typical and normal life. It is not for me, and I do not want it to be for you either. My passion and creativity need more than just a base level of stimulation. I will say that I am looking for someone who has a mindset that genuinely enjoys pleasing their partner.
In my title, I mention building a strong connection because this does not work without both of our genuine effort. I want you to feel secure and comfortable with truly being yourself with me. I am the type that will understand you at your core. Though I grin from excitement when in thoughts of using my lovely partner in fun ways, my greatest pleasure will be creating that safe environment for you and caring for you deeply. I'm wanting someone who is serious and ready to make this a reality and not a fantasy. Let's be a success story!❤️❤️
In your message to me, introduce yourself but also tell me something which excites you in life. Also, I am not all strict and serious all the time 😊 so tell me a silly or irrational fear or bane of yours, too. Finally, tell me how you feel you best express yourself in a relationship. Communication is important to me, and your satisfaction will mean just as much to me as - well, maybe a little less than - my own.❤️
As for finer details, I have a house in Louisville, Kentucky. If you are in like Lexington or southern Indiana or as far away as Ohio around the Cincinnati area, that would be great for convenience but it isn't necessary as I am open to if you are further away, too. Pending chemistry, I will want to have you here in the near future for a weekend or week so we both see if we feel excellent around each other. A trial run of sorts. For age: I am open. I don't really have a preference there. LGBTQ+ friendly.
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2023.06.08 16:35 BaldFatNUgly30 Hahaha, totally not projecting AT ALL hah a h a . . .

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2023.06.08 16:34 spankpad Realizing it's better this way

The last week has been monumental in my healing and I thought I'd share a bit.
So I met her randomly at a mall after not seeing her for a year, almost the exact same date as we broke up last year. I tried to ignore her and look the other way but she called my name, opened her arms and asked for a hug. My heart was racing, beating so fast and it felt like a panic attack brewing. She stood very close and I could feel she wanted to be near. Gorgeous as ever and a faint smell of perfume, the same as before. A very intense moment. After all we were best friends and partners for years. She said she felt her heart beating so fast and could barely speak. I said me too. She asked me if I wanted to grab a coffee. How could I say no? So we sat down and talked about life for a while. She even cried a little.
Anyways, when we parted ways she told me it was very nice seeing me again and we hugged for a long time. I knew this could be an opportunity to win her back. To feel her touch on the daily, to see her smile when I make her breakfast in the morning, travelling together, raise our future kids, to hear "I love you". I envisioned everything. if I just play things right. But that's what fucked the relationship in the first place, me gaming a relationship. Me not being honest about myself and always trying to keep up a mask. Like saying I spent a day reading and working out(cus that's what I planned) when all I did was destroy myself instead. I was living a lie and although she never knew the extent of my depression it tore us down. I still think she's the most beautiful and smart person I've ever met, the girl of my freaking dreams, but it can't be us. I'm not the one she fell in love with, she fell in love with the idea of me I neatly created for her to love.
I won't contact her and I know that deep in my heart it's finally over and I can stop resisting. For the first time in a long long time I feel good. I'm fucking 30 now I can't fake it anymore. I better be my honest self and all my flaws if I ever want a relationship that's healthy. Continuing my path of healing is changing my life every day for the better. I think relationships for me has been a way to escape the pain of feeling like a failure. Meeting what was the perfect girl to me and then losing her was in hindsight the lesson I needed and for the foreseeable future it's the relationship with me and the people close to me I need to nurture.
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2023.06.08 16:34 Whayasay1305 Thought on this as a first car (automatic)

Thought on this as a first car (automatic)
Hi guys, I passed my test recently(automatic license) and I think I made a post about it, I found the attached car on auto trader and I am looking for advice
I am also open to any car recommendations and things I can look for in first car.
Budget is currently around 3k, although I can top it up in the near future.
Usage: to and fro to my workplace which about 20 miles from my house (Monday to Friday) and occasional out of town travels.
Note: I live close to London and i would likely consider ULEZ compliant.
Thanks for engaging
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2023.06.08 16:34 anon_throwaway09557 Working at a startup?

I’m a machine learning professional who has worked for a startup in the past. I’m writing from an EU and UK perspective, but generally speaking, tech startups are very American in the way they operate. This can result in some nasty shocks. This post will give you an honest take on the upsides of working at a startup—and the downsides.

Myth vs reality

Years of media coverage, often written by journalists who have never worked in a startup, have painted a very rosy picture, which I fell for in the early years of my career. The image of the startup is that of a small, Agile company that isn’t afraid to innovate, unlike big bureaucratic corporations. The startup is typically located in a sexy area (like a garage in Silicon Valley); likewise, the work they do is sexy. Your colleagues will become your friends. You can play videogames or ping pong, and drink beers. The startup is diverse, with people of many different nationalities and backgrounds.
And all of this is true, but this is a classic example of lying by omission. Here are the realities:
  1. Your colleagues may be from diverse nationalities and/or ethnic origin, but they will almost all be men between the age of 25–40. They are also less likely to be parents. If you’re young, you’re considered too inexperienced to work there, and if you’re old, forget about it.
  2. You may drink beers and play video games, but on a Friday afternoon after 5pm, when you should be enjoying your weekend. The other 4 days of the week will be spent frantically working, often with longer hours than well-established players. Early stage startups, and senior employees, might spend time working on weekends and holidays.
  3. Sexy areas = high cost of living, and startups are often resistant to remote work policies (despite being “innovative”).
It doesn’t get better, I’m afraid.

Startups and the Agile methodology

Startups like to bill themselves as Agile, which means (roughly translated for non-software folks out there) as doing things interatively and not getting trapped in analysis paralysis. What actually happens is that startups write a lot of untested code which constantly breaks. The requirements change all the time, and not always because of good reasons (like the client wanting something else) but because management is fickle. There is often not much time for a formal design process, which results in poor abstractions; and nobody is responsible for writing documentation or doing QA. Likewise, there was no model review at the startup I worked for.
If you want to learn industry best practices, you are usually better off elsewhere. I would be especially careful about any startup that operates in healthcare, defence or finance. “Move fast and break things” might work for a social media site, but it will be a disaster in these fields.

Are startups innovative?

Some startups genuinely do innovative work that pushes the envelope of software engineering and/or machine learning. But this is the exception rather than the rule. Plenty of startups are building just another travel app, ecommerce site or payments platform – and it’s often a product that nobody wants (which is the reason so many startups fail). In machine learning, another extreme is the startup that tries pie-in-the-sky ideas which are academic projects, not serious commercial ideas.
And there is plenty of anodyne work in startups. You’ll end up doing the same thing as in a big company, but with worse management, benefits, and (especially) job security.
Furthermore, tech startups can often have messianic leaders. I personally find this very annoying. Startups are rarely solving world hunger or climate change, and no, your smartphone app doesn’t count. This particular criticism can be levelled at tech workers in general, not just startups, but I find many techies boring. They talk about tech during dinner parties or drinks, and rarely know much about current affairs or art. At best, I can talk about my gym routine with them.

Management can suck

Of course, management can suck in any company. But startups are often run by people who have no management experience. Furthermore, startups have a tendency to be extremely disorganised.

Job security sucks

Job security sucks for two reasons. One is that startups can go bankrupt quite quickly – they have a high burn rate, and are very dependent on investor capital, often with few clients and not enough revenue to be profitable. The second reason is that startups can be very erratic and unpredictable – and they operate with a short-term mindset. They might not need your skillset in six months or even weeks (!) from now. They don’t have the long-term mindset of keeping employees around so that they can train them.
This mindset results in a litany of problems:
  1. Lots of technical debt, with complex systems in production and not many people that know how they work.
  2. High turnover is demoralising, and a lot of people decide to leave fearing they will be next.
  3. An inability to gain a competitive advantage by building up in-house know-how.
(If you are wondering, yes, I have seen a startup fire an entire department weeks after hiring them.)
From the perspective of the employee, it will be stressful, especially if you have children depending on you to put food on the table.

Is there any reason you should work for a startup?

There are some. Let’s get the bad reason out of the way: while you may get rich, it’s unlikely. What you do get out of working in a startup is lots of experience with a wide variety of technologies, which you won’t get if you’re pigeonholed somewhere in a big company. You will learn faster. And you will often get a stronger grounding in business problems (if you’re a technical worker) or technology (if you’re from a business background). Finally, there will be less red-tape at a startups; you will have greater freedom to try different things.
The compensation varies but I have not found startup salaries to be markedly different from the industry norm. You might want to work for a startup if they give you the best compensation (but keep in mind the downsides).

Startups from an EU perspective

Pundits admonish the EU for having way fewer tech startups than the US. Frankly, I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing. Startups:
  1. Can burn millions, yet never become profitable even years after being founded. The startup I worked for wasn’t profitable in 3 years after being founded, and didn’t plan to be profitable until 5 years in the future.
  2. Can cost the clients money when their product fails unexpectedly.
  3. Most never develop a useful product.
I am leaning more towards the Nordic/German/Benelux model of SMEs. It’s better to start small, serving a niche, and then expand, than to attempt something grandiose.
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2023.06.08 16:34 hastalapastabitchboy Desperately need advice

For context, I am a 19 year old autistic college student who is currently on summer break. I have been saving up money and recently got a female golden retriever puppy who is about 9 weeks old now. My plan (which I am realizing now may backfire massively, so bear with me) was to train obedience as well as I could over the summer, so that she would be well behaved enough to live in my dorm with me during the school year as an ESA while I begin training her to be a service dog. I was fully prepared that she needed to "be a puppy" for a while before we start official SD training, which is fine.
Before anyone comes for me about the legality of this-- I have been in contact with my school's disability office and they approved the whole thing 100%. I am not breaking any rules by having her in my dorm.
I was not fully prepared for how puppies are. I had been told about the biting and the sleepless nights and everything, but it's so much worse than I imagined. I am terrified that it will never get better and that I'll be kicked out of my dorm because she is loud or poorly behaved. (The size of the dorm is not an issue--we have one of the larger ones, and she will be crate trained and given several long walks/exercise sessions per day) I'm going to be moving back to college when she's about 19 weeks old. I realize this was a poor plan, I don't need to hear how horribly I planned this. Everyone in my life thought it would be fine as well. I just need advice so that we have a chance of not completely crashing and burning when we move in. My girlfriend helps me sometimes, but I can't expect her to be here all the time as we don't live together in the summers. Also, this puppy was my idea and is my responsibility, so it would be unfair to ask her to do more than her fair share of help.
First issue (the biggest one): biting. She's a golden retriever, and they're mouthy, so I expected it. However, her bite inhibition is non-existent. She bites any time she gets excited or playful, and she bites hard and doesn't let go. Sometimes she even shakes my arms back and forth like a toy. I am covered (and I mean covered) in scratches and bruises and scars. I've tried literally everything. The "yelp and ignore" method doesnt work, she thinks I'm making a "play noise" and continues to bite any part of me she can reach. Putting her in her pen sometimes calms her down, but sometimes it doesn't, and I can't always get her into it; for example, if I'm upstairs. The pen is downstairs, and I can't carry her (bites my face, neck, and shoulders) and I can't let her walk down the stairs with me (bites my ankles and feet). I don't want to fall on her or drop her (I have a coordination disorder that worsens when I'm overwhelmed). I also don't want her to see the pen as punishment, but that's exactly what it is. She can't go in the bathroom or in any other rooms without supervision, because they're not nearly puppy proofed enough and probably couldn't be without some remodeling. The biting is so bad that she won't be distracted by toys or treats or anything. Even if I am screaming and crying in pain (which happens often), she keeps biting me. My girlfriend advises me to stay quiet and stand up, which is what she does, but I can't do that. Being autistic, for me personally, means that pain is very overwhelming. My brain shuts down whenever she bites me and all I can do is cry. I feel terrible because I yell at her and try to pull her off me and I don't want that to damage our bond.
Second issue, possibly also a huge issue for the fall: sleeping.
I know she'll sleep through the night eventually. I'm totally fine with waking up to take her out. However, we have a really strange issue with her personal schedule. I try to take her out for "last call" at around 10:30, but she's usually sleepy starting around 9 so I wake her from a nap to go out and she has been going back to sleep no issue. She then sleeps until about 3:30, when she cries to go outside. I have been trying to wake up before she does, but it hasn't been working very well. The issue is this: after I take her out around that time, she will not go back to sleep. She cries loudly, to the point where I would call it screaming, even if she pottied outside and doesn't need anything. If she does fall asleep, she wakes right back up around 4:30 or 5 and screams until 6. 6 is our official wake up time, and it's also when she gets fed. Last night, she cried and paced from 4 to 6 without stopping. Snuffle mats and Kongs only keep her occupied for a little bit, then she's back to the crying. I can't let her cry it out in a college dorm--I will get kicked out. I also need sleep. I don't care about waking up for 15 minutes to take her out, but two hours straight of listening to her cry is insane. What can I do to stop this?? She has slept through the night once in the time I've had her, but I have no clue what made that night different.
Third issue: Chewing.
Can't get her to stop chewing on things. I know it's normal, but will it kind of sort of get better by the time she's 19 weeks old? Is there anything I can do to prevent her from chewing on the furniture in my dorm that is the property of the college if she hasn't stopped chewing by then?
Fourth issue: Crate Training.
I see a lot of posts saying that you need to work up to them being in their crate for a long time. So then how do you crate a puppy for sleeping until they've worked up to it? I am terrified that it is a negative experience for her and will cause aversion in the future, but she needs to be in her crate at night.
Fifth issue: I am terrified that she hates me because of all of this. This is possibly my biggest fear so far.
She spends the most time around me. She's supposed to bond to me because she will be my service dog if her training goes well. But it seems like she can't behave the majority of the time, so I'm always correcting her and picking her up and pulling her out of places/off of things and sticking my fingers in her mouth so she doesn't eat things that will hurt her. Not to mention yelling and crying when I get overwhelmed. I don't know what to do if she hates me. I love her very much.
Any advice at all would be much appreciated. Really struggling right now.
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2023.06.08 16:34 jamalstevens PnP Binder: progress pics & suggestions and questions

Hey all,

Part 1: The details

So I'm putting together a PnP Binder and wanted to share what I've got so far.
The criteria for games are that they are 1 player or 1+ Players and either NO components besides dice, OR very few components. I do have plans for adding a metal sheet or magnetic vinyl sheet, to the notebook. Then I can use magnetic "tokens" on games to increase game pool. Most of the games now are roll and writes. I'd like for that to change at some point.
For dice I either use physical ones or use the app "Sophie's Dice" (it's available on phone, iPad, windows, macOs). The app is awesome because I can make custom dice with any required special "faces" like in 30 rails I have all of the images on a die. Makes it much more pleasant to play.
I keep all rules digital and have them synced via iCloud Drive to my phone, iPad and MacBook so I have pretty easy access to them no matter what, plus it doesn't clutter the binder up.
I'm using a FiveStar NoteBinder because you can flip it back over itself like a notebook. Perfect for playing games!
For me, since I'm left handed I put everything in from right to left. Makes it so much easier to write without out hitting the rings.
I tried the page protector route but found it to be kind of messy looking and not as pleasant to write on so I went with 3 mil lamination for every page.
They work PERFECTLY with Staedtler LumoColor Wet Erase Markers. I got the fine ones (.6mm)but I think I'd like to get the Medium tips (1 mm) at some point ((
I went with the wet erase because I've found that dry erase tends to smudge and leave a color residue for me. Maybe I'm not doing it right. PLUS, wet erase means you can leave and come back without having to worry about losing your place.

Part 2: The questioning

So for this next part, I'm reaching out for any games that I might have missed or MUST play. (the full binder list will be at the end of the post)
I'm trying to branch out a bit and add some games that require light components, so NOT just dice. I figure I can add any cards or tokens in a page protector for the games, but still want to keep it as streamlined as possible.
I love the roll and writes but want something with a bit more substance and some more interesting mechanics instead of just "push your luck". Some games that incorporate machine building like wingspan etc would be neat.
Anyways, the long and the short of it is that I'd love some suggestions for new games to add or feedback about the games or binder as it stands now.

Current Games:
30 Rails 1572 Aquamarine Map1 Aquamarine Map2 Daydream Dungeons - The Underland - v014 Dice of the living Dead Hall of the Dwarven King Harbinger Project - Cipher Harbinger Project - Map Island Alone - 1. Base Map (Solo) Island Alone - 2. 4 Islands (Solo) Island Alone - 3. Rocky Island (Solo) Paper Pinball - 1. Goblin Circus Paper Pinball - 2. Sorcery School Sleuths PaperMech - Blank PaperMech - Default Pencil Park - Pipsburg & Inkstanbul Qwixx Racing Stars Sheet 2019 Rallytaire - 1. Track 1 Rallytaire - 2. Track 2 Rallytaire - 3. Track 3 Super-Skill Pinball - Carniball Table Super-Skill Pinball - Cyberhack Table Tombs - The Sword of Valhalla v2 Tower of Mages Utopia Engine 3rd Edition Voyages - Map1 Voyages - Map2 
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2023.06.08 16:33 FaintHeartFaerie Most interesting subversion of Princess trope?

I am writing a dark fairytale fantasy in a world of dreams, illusions, and nightmares. The protagonist is a 12 year old princess who suffers a curse, causing physical impairment and mental anguish. For most of her childhood, she lay bedridden reading fables of the guardians who once protected the realms--until their magic faded away. In the absence of the guardians, oppressive royals rule the Kingdom to control wishes and remove dying realms from their domains. And anyone who is cursed with nightmares is an outcast.
The story outline is finished, but I am considering rewrites to introduce more character drama and royal lineage shenanigans. However, major changes could potentially affect her childhood upbringing and the overarching themes of resilience, loyalty, and fear vs faith; therefore, I'm hesitant to make changes.
SUBVERSION: * The primary subversion is that the Princess is cursed, so she is not living the 'fairytale life' in any capacity. The differences between these permutations lies within the juxtaposition of her internal and external conflict.
I'd like feedback on which of the following subversions is the most compelling permutation of the story. These alternate versions have existed for years and I ruled them out many times, but if the overwhelming consensus favors an alternate over the original, I will consider changes.
[NOTE: proper terms have been excluded, and everything is subject to change]



[NOTE: The main reason I eliminated all of these alternate ides are:]

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2023.06.08 16:32 No_Act_5441 Can I afford to take a year off work?

Looking for general opinons/advice on if I can afford to take 6 months to a year off work, I'm 34 with no kids and a long term gf, currently make around $80K before taxes, no debt whatsoever, $30K in high yield savings, $35K accessible in cash value from a life insurance plan that I'm going to cash out at some point (no plans to ever have kids who would need it), $27K in stocks (mostly ETFs), 45K in 401k, 5K in a Roth, and vested in a pension that would pay roughly $7,500/year (if I quit this year) when I hit retirement age but that could go up based on cost of living adjustments over time.
Really don't like my job and want to start a new career but think I need some time off work to figure out what it is I want to do and maybe travel a bit more. I am just finishing my yoga teacher certification so would probably teach and bring in some $ during the time off but definitely wouldn't come close to what I'm making now.
As far as expenses I figure I normally spend around $2K per month including rent/utilities, and that will go down to $1500 or less soon when my gf moves in next month and we start splitting rent/utilities.
Not 100% committed to taking time off but was wondering if it was a feasible option or would set me back too far financially to consider it.
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