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Weight loss has become an incredible part of our life and hence to know about the tips and tricks in it becomes significant. This subreddit is dedicated to those who are looking for weight loss tips, quick weight loss techniques and healthy natural weight loss products.

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This is a sub for petite women to come talk all things weight-loss and fitness. Post your progress pics, recipes, rants about TDEE, and more!

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THIS IS NOT A WEIGHT-LOSS GROUP. If your focus is weight loss, please visit /loseit. This group is for people wanting to (re)learn to eat when physically hungry and stop when physically satisfied, and accept the natural body that occurs as a result. Sister reddits: /healthateverysize /fatosphere /bodyacceptance

2023.04.01 15:40 Delicious_Addition26 Help me build a small songwriting studio by showing me yours

TL;DR: Show me your small songwriting setups and inspire me!
I’m not new to music production and have recorded, self-produced and mixed records before. Now, I have long since moved from my old recording space and since I’m older now and have little kids, I just can’t justify a full production space for the moment. I DO want to get back into songwriting and recording rough demos I can share, however, and have found a spot in the house I can use for that.
Right now the setup is kind if awkward and clunky AF: 12-inch Macbook on an external monitor running Garageband with an old Presonus Audiobox USB and a Blue Yeti USB mic which I think sounds awful. I am fine running all guitars (my main instrument) in the box. All monitoring is done with my trusty ATH-M50x
I am looking to keep things as minimalistic as I can as I don’t have the space. I’ll also mostly be using headphones or small monitors and since I won’t do much more than rough mixes I won’t be doing much treatment.
I’ll probably be adding a controler (MPK249 seems to be the standard?) as well as a new mic (thinking of getting a SM7b as I loved it before) and a good drum sample collection (AD2). I'll also purchade Logic Pro X as I have experience with it and can't deal with Garageband much longer.
Please show me how you’ve done it and made it as ergonomic and plug and play as possible. I’ll mostly be using drum samples and loops, but it’s critical for me to be able to switch from guitars/bass/keys/vocals in a pinch. Making it look nice and clean will also be important for the inspiration factor.
Thanks a lot! Looking forward to seeing what you’re running. Cheers!
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2023.04.01 15:40 Zestyclose-Gazelle-4 Easily the most normal conversation on this "app"

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2023.04.01 15:39 AliceInPlunderland Adults, 5 year old, 4 year old timeline and questions

All of us are fully vaccinated, adults are boosted. We went on our first unmasked outing Friday morning 3/24. We have been extra careful for a long time as our best friend died from Covid in summer 2021, leaving behind his wife and 3 children.
4 year old boy: Woke us up Sunday night 3/26 with a temp of 104, vomiting everywhere, listless, chills. Tylenol/cool wet washcloths ineffective. Called on-call pediatrician while pulling up directions to children’s hospital. They said supportive care and rotate Tylenol and Motrin. After Motrin was added, we pretty much hung out 102-103 all night. Tested positive immediately on home test Monday morning 3/27. Runny nose and congestion started that day. Fevers, fatigue continued until Thursday, 3/30. Random vomiting and diarrhea has continued, there was another vomiting episode last night 3/31 after going almost 1 full day without GI stuff.
5 year old girl: Seemed slightly off 3/28, woke up in the middle of the night with chills and 102.5 fever. Tested positive immediately at home the morning of 3/29. Runny nose, fatigue set in. Weird sleep stuff started 3/30. Normally sleeps well, now fusses constantly, tosses/turns, kicks, talks, gets disoriented and freaks out for the past two nights in a row. Has no memory of it in the mornings. Fever is low-grade when present at all, like 99.0, and we discontinued Motrin and Tylenol in case it has been messing sleep up (I read it can), but I think it is probably just another lovely Covid symptom.
40 year old woman: Feeling off 3/28, sore muscles, aching neck. Test had a weird very light dye kinda C shape on the test line. 3/29 woke up with a sore throat, definitely fatigued and achy. Strong positive on home test immediately. Runny nose, fever of 101.8, congestion as the day goes on, start Paxlovid that night, throat is SUPER sore, dry cough sets in. Feel worse, same symptoms, sore throat is unbelievable 3/30-3/31, lost voice. Today, 4/1 spotting has turned into full bleeding though period isn’t due for 1-2 more weeks. Covid is so weird. Throat is absolutely on fire, coughing a lot. Completed 3/5 days of Paxlovid so far.
39 year old man: No symptoms as of 3/30 even though was helping with vomiting snotty kids, etc. Masked around the rest of the humans, trying to stay well. Tested negative 3/31, but throat feeling a little scratchy. Tested positive this morning 4/1, feeling achy, mild sore throat.
Questions: Anyone else’s little kids struggling with sleep after Covid that were good sleepers before? How long did weird GI stuff last for them?
For the adults, how long did Paxlovid take to work?
Thank you.
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2023.04.01 15:39 Crazy-Wing8418 What to choose

I runned into a problem RTX 4070 ti or the RX 7900 xt
I saw a lot of videos that people were saying that the amd card got tons of drivers issues and it’s sucks while nvidia working all great .
But if I’ll tell straight in the performance they both good until we come to the ray tracing 4070 ti leads in it and all know that .
There is a lot of videos that show Rx 7900xt better at some game and then I see another video at the same game that shows rtx 4070 ti better , like with that it making it difficult to choose , which gpu to take
If some one can help me so I’m playing 1080p for the most of the time but I have some games that I want to enjoy and play it on max settings and with ray tracing .
Pls help me thx
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2023.04.01 15:39 unseisobabygorl Have you ever changed your private prices on chaterbate because someone asked?

I've had an influx of people lately asking me to lower my privates price in order to do a private. I really don't think my private price is too high. I do 30 a minute, that's like 1.50? I didn't want to do too low since I was used to 5 dollars on Streamate, and I really don't feel good selling myself short.
Though the influx of people saying that if I lowered the price they'd do it makes me feel like maybe it's too high. The first person to ever ask I knew was a bs request. He asked me to lower it to 6 and turn recordings on in order to do a private. I don't even know what goes through someone's head to ask me to lower my prices by like 80% AND turn on recordings which I have turned off for my own comfort.
Though a few of them I feel like are a little more in the gray area. Like reducing it by only like 10 or half(while promising to tip vibe the whole time).
I don't get a lot of privates, so I'm wondering if my prices are just too high. I've had a total of 2 privates in the 4 weeks I've been doing chaterbate, and one was someone that has been following me on reddit so I don't even know if he would count since he already had an interest in me.
What are your prices for privates? What do you do if anyone asks you to lower it to do a private for them?
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2023.04.01 15:39 ToBleepOrNotToBleep DAE freeze up or panic at having to make any type of decision because your parents never let you have independence?

My parents ran my entire life up until the age of 23. And they would have continued to if I didn't literally run away from home the second I got my license (later in life). They didn't let me work, all of my personal decisions were always undermined & berated, they put a tracking app on my phone, my goals in life were pre-set by them. When I failed to meet those goals (ironically due to severe anxiety & panic attacks because i cannot make decisions and stand my ground on ANYTHING without hyperventilating), they further berate me. My own father called me a neurotic & fucked up failure who lives in a shithole.
My mother harassed my employers & called the police to perform a welfare check because I didn't answer my phone on those days. Once because I accidentally left my phone at home and the other because I was taking a nap. The cops woke me up banging on my door and my employers were convinced that I fucking died or got abducted or some shit. My mom was also convinced that the boyfriend I was living with (who I am now about to marry) was beating me. No reason why. Just that I ran away from home AT THE AGE OF 23 to get away from them and moved in with him.
The cycle continues once again. I moved back to my hometown for better pay. No passion for anything. Didn't finish my Masters degree due to the buckling pressure, my parents being upset about the school I wanted to go to, and the insane amounts of anxiety/low self esteem issues. I have no identity. No aspirations. Not even the apartment I chose to live in is good enough and they have been waking me up first thing in the morning FOR A WEEK to bitch at me about that. As unfortunately for me I have to live WITH THEM with my partner until the place is fixed. They don't even want me to decorate my own house! They want to do it!
I already regret moving back home. I wasn't in a good living situation in the town I moved to 4 years ago after I ran away from home. Not my partner's fault but we could only afford a really terrible apartment in the area.
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2023.04.01 15:39 dogsruledaworld I get Treated like Crap! Surgery's going to Change my Life!

Long post, but posting it anyway. Having surgery for me.
I know I am ugly and I am self-aware to know it. I have a ton of insecurities because of how I look and how I am treated by people. I was born ugly, so I am going out there, getting what I deserve, and want in my life. Transcending from ugly to pretty 🦢 in person for a change is one of my goals. I can and I will definitely be achieving this one for sure. I can't wait. I am thinking 🤔 of surgery already. People on reddit said they went from ugly to pretty, and got the "pretty privilege" then why can't I either? 🤷‍♀️ I will be receiving the "pretty privilege" and "look better." Looks matter to me. I have my own reasons behind going under the knife! People have their reasons, then I should have mine. Looks are going to define me after surgery, and become a big part of my life.
People have had surgery (their makeovers), but I can't have anything done? Psshhh... whatever. No, I am not going to stay like this and somehow be happy. That's not fair to me. I am not going to feel comfortable in my own skin, but it's unlikely to change anything. My mind's made up. I don't believe in changing how you think! I believe all the sadness is going to go away after surgery. If you don't understand why I am going under the knife 🔪 or try to talk me out of it, then you clearly don't know me or how I think. That's just how it's going to be. Did it ever occur to you surgery is an adult choice? You don't know what's best for me. I sure as hell do! Also, I want to be pretty and I obviously want it so bad. I'll do whatever it takes to become a pretty girl with makeup, filler, surgery (change my features drastically), etc. That's how much altering my looks mean to me.I will still be the same person after surgery. Just a different face.
After surgery, all of the insecurities will vanish. I can change my looks, so that's what I'm going to do and see the difference in how people treat me. I am bullied so badly. Bullying is not just online. It's in public too. On a dating site in the past a guy said to me "finally, you admit you're ugly to me!" Another guy said to me "you could be worse to me!" I get treated like shit. I get treated so much differently than my prettier counterparts, and I don't deserve it. I really don't! I always break down and cry hysterically because of how I am treated and how I look. You don't know the shit I go through and the struggles that I face!
I am over watching the beautiful people lives I crave. I'll be working temporary jobs, busting my ass off, so I can pay for other expenses too besides surgery NOT when I get my working german shepherd. It's going to be worth every penny. I just hate being very ugly. The cost of everything that I'll need I don't know yet. I'll find that out! I don't know how much work I am going to have done to my face since I am not a doctor. I may need to do a whole bunch! I am not sure yet. The total cost for everything? What are the procedures I am going to need? Idk, yet. I can't tell you though how excited I am about the prospect of being more beautiful.
I haven't had my procedures done yet! I know I'll be in pain and I'll be recovering like a boss. 💪 I am going to be paying for mine at my own expense 💵 in the future. I still live with my parents, I don't pay bills, nor rent, so this is a good opportunity for me to start saving for procedures. How long is it going to take me until I have my procedures done? I am not sure. I have zero confidence. After surgery, my confidence will start to skyrocket.
I've been past my breaking point. Throwing and ruining my own possessions because my looks gets me so pissed to the point where I just lose my temper. No, I don't look anything like my meitu photo in person and hopefully the surgeon will make me a pretty and attractive girl. It's my turn to be attractive. Yes, changing my looks, so dudes find me attractive will make me a one happy girl. I shouldn't be dating people I'm not attracted to anyway.
How am I Going to Alter my Looks? Crafting my Appearance on the Outside Besides Surgery
Whatever it takes to become pretty, I'll do it (surgery, filler, etc), I'll do it!
- New tattoo ink. I have one tattoo so far. I can't wait until I get more. I'll be working on my german shepherd sleeve next and definitely another one after that!
- Work on my body: good looking abs.
- Change my wardrobe: find my clothing/style.
- Learn how to do my own makeup. Ulta will teach me how to do it, but I don't play to buy in store products. It's much cheaper if you buy through subscription services.
- Stretch my ears to a 3/4".
^ All very expensive, but if I worked hard enough, I can pay everything off! No problems.
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2023.04.01 15:38 Waltonruler5 Ferry Schedule and Island Hopping mid-May

Γεια σας! I have a trip to Athens planned in May, I arrive the 9th and leave the 18th. I've booked an Airbnb for the whole time so that I can do smaller trips without taking all my things with me.
I'd love to spend a couple days on the islands but was curious if the full ferry schedule opens up by then, and what the nightlife is like at the time. I'm 28 and single, I'd like to party at night, but I also want to see some sights during the day.
Any recommendations are appreciated. I've heard good things about Paros and Ios, but I'm otherwise clueless. Ευχαριστώ!
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2023.04.01 15:38 Nemshi [P5V10] Q&A from Fanbook 7 (part 1)

I finally finished reading the Q&A from Fanbook 7 and thought I’d share what I found were some of the more interesting pieces of information. I don’t a hundred percent guarantee accuracy, so if anyone wants the Japanese text for any of the questions to double-check for themselves, please just ask.
Golden Shumil:
Book of Mestionora:
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2023.04.01 15:38 Elegant_Sweet_9612 Paragliding In Bangalore - Let The Wind Take You Away

Paragliding In Bangalore - Let The Wind Take You Away
Paragliding in Bangalore is an exciting activity that lets you experience the beauty of the city from a unique perspective. With the city's beautiful landscapes and stunning views, paragliding in Bangalore offers an unforgettable experience.
Paragliding in Bangalore is a thrilling adventure sport that requires an experienced instructor and a good dose of courage. After a basic training and safety briefing, you will be ready to take flight. The paragliding flight starts from Jakkur, which is located at an altitude of about 1800 m above sea level. The flight can last for about 30 minutes, with amazing views of the city and the majestic hills of the Western Ghats.
Nandi Hills Paragliding: Soar High Above the Clouds
  • Nandi Hills Paragliding offers a unique and unforgettable experience for adventurers of all levels. Nandi Hills Paragliding offers an array of packages for those that wish to take to the skies. From beginner courses to advanced courses, you can find something to suit your skill level.
  • The beginner courses are designed to give you a basic introduction to the sport, while the advanced courses will take you to new heights and let you experience the thrill of paragliding. You’ll be able to learn the basics of the sport, such as how to launch, land, and control your glider.
  • The Paragliding in Nandi hills school is also well-equipped with the latest in safety equipment. All instructors are certified and experienced, so you can be sure that you’ll be in safe hands while you soar through the skies. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be able to take part in a number of exciting paragliding expeditions.
Price of paragliding in Nandi hills
  • Paragliding in Nandi Hills is a popular adventure sport enjoyed by thrill-seekers, nature lovers and anyone looking for a unique experience. Paragliding price experience in Nandi Hills varies depending on the package and duration of the flight.
  • For a basic paragliding experience, you can expect to pay around Rs.2,000 to Rs.3,000 for a single flight. This includes the cost of the equipment and the instructor’s fee.
  • The duration of the flight will depend on the wind conditions and the skill level of the pilot, but it typically lasts between 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re looking for a longer flight, you can opt for a tandem paragliding experience.
  • This is a great option for those who are new to the sport, as it allows you to fly with an experienced instructor. Tandem paragliding packages usually cost around Rs.4,000 to Rs.5,000, and the duration of the flight is usually between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • For the more experienced paraglider, there are also advanced flights available. These can include flying over the hills, soaring in thermals, and more. The cost of these flights can range from Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000 and the duration can be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour or more.
No matter what type of flight you choose, paragliding in Nandi Hills is an unforgettable experience that is sure to leave you with lasting memories. So if you’re looking for a unique and thrilling adventure, then paragliding in Nandi Hills is the perfect choice.
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2023.04.01 15:37 arslanicrew002 10 Best Small Business Ideas for Introverts: Unleash Inner Entrepreneur

If you are an introvert who wants to work for yourself and be your own boss, then this list of highly profitable small business ideas for introverts can help you get started and lead to being a successful entrepreneur.
Starting a business being an introvert can be a really daunting and risky thing unless you utilize your natural abilities to be a good listener and observer who has an entrepreneurial mindset. And this step-by-step guide is going to help you throughout. But if you still find it risky to start a business from scratch then this list of jobs for introverts can help.
Continue Reading: 10 Best Small Business Ideas for Introverts
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2023.04.01 15:37 Dull_School_1248 Exam

My teacher who teaches us python does not allow me to use it for-else in my final exam and sent me this and said this is the only correct way.
without exam you can not have good grades for you to have good grades you haves to study before the exam day so you can be able to have good grades.
you can only have bad grades when you don't study. student do not study anymore if you want to have a good grades you have to prepare before the exam day. lol
drop your comment on comment section thanks
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2023.04.01 15:37 No_Temperature_9441 everyone looking for candidates simple searches on finvizz stock screener

Small floats can be very viotile without having high short intrest....that's just icing on the cake. Finvizz is a good tool to find ideas. There is even a search bar top left to look up stocks.....type edbl into there as'll show 48 percent si and 230k float. Feb23 it reverse split 30-1 and issued one warrant per share.....warrants are at $6.30 so safe for awhile.
There are some very smart people in here.....not myself...that really dig into details. I'm guessing that if they exercise their warrants that will kill any momentum.
Edbk and Seco are 2 of my watchers by using vizz......Seco bottom is holding needs volume yet and Edbl is good 2x candidate imo. Happy weekend everyone!!!
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2023.04.01 15:37 RomeoTessaract It's a situation everyone except G-d dislikes

A multitude of children, creating a paradox, an impossible situation.Just trying to get on, with the life caused by liars. I became a worse person, because I hated good said about me. I devolve, and succumb, fruit of thy wombs women just trying to make the most of what feels like a mistake, to everyone but G-d. For for him, this is just more in his image. For me, it is sin that derailed my life. Making me unfit to do anything for myself. For they removed myself from me. Stealing me from my house. And now there is more of me, mixed with them, a compound. And who is them. They are the woman and families who fell victim like me, to stephanie young, and her anti-christ beliefs. A show, parade, a lie,"making of movie of his life. Not bothering him". Words so evil and cruel. A hundred children it seems, are fatherless. And the father, he can do nothing. But live on in the sin.
You mothers who know how am today, you see a broke the person you see, with the crimes the group committed on me. There is no refund on the child. So I live on, ignoring you and wondering why am I still alive. When lies rule my world. And I no longer can be myself.
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2023.04.01 15:36 Tad-Draws-Dragons I just made a new video on The Owl House and how it is a goldmine for Speculative Biology. What do you guys think about it?

I just made a new video on The Owl House and how it is a goldmine for Speculative Biology. What do you guys think about it?
The Arcane Hominin Hypothesis is a theory related to the owl house that makes a claim about the elves in the show. This theory implies that elves are another species of human and evolved to live in the Boiling Isles. What do you guys think of this theory? Do I provide good evidence for my case?
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2023.04.01 15:36 charlevoidmyproblems FMLA Requires a 2nd Opinion

I was out one day for a particularly bad flare up and used FMLA. I've been seeing my doctor for 5 years. He's got a good reputation and is a good doctor.
Apparently, my work has deemed him incompetent and requests a doctor I've never seen to approve of his diagnosis. I was so angry that I wrote an email asking what policy gives them the authority to overlook literal years of treatment to send me to a poorly reviewed doctor who knows nothing about my or my case? I didn't send it because I don't need to be combative but I was so extremely angry. They asked for a second opinion before and I did it. I cannot believe that they're asking for one again. It makes no sense to me at all.
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2023.04.01 15:36 hadfun1ce Was I M30 a creep to F25? What should I do now?

TLDR: have a crush on a co-worker (F25)who knows about my (M30) seven year relation with my gf (F30); crush shut it down, and I’m worried I might’ve lost one of my few female friends because of this.
I’m in a nearly seven year relationship with my gf. Everybody I’m friends with knows. I have gotten a crush, though, on a woman I work with. We’ve been friends since before she knew about my gf. It’s a really strong (I think) connection between us—we’re just on the same page about so much. I’m well out of the dating game, but I think there was some flirtation from her before I told her I was committed to my gf. Still, I’ve become middle school-style infatuated with her over the last month or so. I think it’s more emotional than physical, but I might have a difficult time turning away a physical advance from her.
Last night she invited me out for drinks with her friend group and few people I knew. I paid her tab, walked her to the train, waited with her for her train and told her I was crushing. She shut it down. Told me to “get my shit together,” and left. I didn’t say anything more than that I was infatuated—made no innuendos, didn’t touch her, and we were in a well lit and busy train station.
I texted her once I got home that I was sorry, and didn’t want to lose her friendship. She said it was fine. I asked if we could talk it out next week. She said she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. I didn’t respect that request, and called/left her a short voicemail today saying she was right, thanking her for calling a spade a spade, and apologizing one last time. She texted back a while later, reminding me that she didn’t want to talk about it. I said, and mean it, ok; it’s done being discussed.
I told my gf everything, and we are working through it. How badly have I fucked up a good female friendship? What can I expect at work from the other woman next week? Is there anything to do or not do?
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2023.04.01 15:36 Dookt Sleep deprived parent

Everything I’ve read and heard states that in order to lose fat, in addition to a calorie deficit, you need adequate sleep and nutrition and that even if you have good nutrition that without adequate sleep you will still struggle to lose fat.
How true is this, in reality? I ask because I am a chronically sleep deprived mother of two babies who is often up multiple times a night and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. I hate seeing the advice/recommendation to get more sleep in order to lose fat as this just is not possible nor a reality for many parents of young babies. Will I really not be able to lose fat unless I get more sleep? That seems like a bleak reality for parents of young children.
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2023.04.01 15:36 purplekiren If you’re on Team Do Both, you should consider voting for Park Chan-wook. Here’s why.

I’ve seen a lot of people on here arguing that Griffin and David should do both Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho given the closeness of the race. And I agree, which is why I’m voting for Park Chan-wook.
I’ve seen some people argue that the Do Both faction should wait until the last possible minute and cast their votes in such a way to force a tie, but I think that’s more likely to give a sudden boost in votes to whoever is down by what is quite likely to be a single digit number of votes into being the winner. And, in addition, it is most likely all for naught, as David Sims has claimed that they would just follow the procedures established in year past and tiebreak in that scenario and not do both. Thus, if we take forcing a tie as the kind of hyper-coordinated effort that sites like Reddit and Twitter simply aren’t conducive to coordinating and as something that is substantially more likely to just boost one candidate arbitrarily, I’m going to make the argument that a Park Chan-wook miniseries makes a Bong Joon-ho series both more likely and better than the other way around.
Park is essentially the guy who created the wave of cinema that Bong flourished in. He’s the creator of the context for Bong Joon-ho, and a miniseries on his films and their impact would be good tablesetting for a Bong Joon-ho miniseries in a way that Bong wouldn’t really be for Park Chan-wook. That’s not to say Park takes the gas out of the tank for the context of a Bong miniseries; far from it. It actually creates a discussion of that space in a broader sense that can then allow discussion of how filmmakers like Bong carved out their own space within it and then used it to go into the stratosphere and onto the global stage. Doing Park makes Bong Joon-ho a natural spiritual successor series in however many months/years. Similarly, if we’re just discussing programming logistics, Bong is a shorter miniseries than Park, and more likely to be programmed on his own. Of course, we’ve seen that this argument often means waiting years and years for that filmmaker to be covered, and I don’t want to use the dreaded I-word to describe him, but if your calculus is maximizing the chances of both getting covered, I think it’s fair to say that Park is marginally the less-likely one to just be programmed.
Now, if you search your heart of hearts and find even the slightest preference for Bong, I’d say to vote for him. But if you’re really on the fence and truly just want both to be covered, I think Park makes more sense as the candidate to vote for.
Tl;dr - trying to force a tie is very likely to be counterproductive and, even if it succeeds, futile. Park sets the table very nicely for a Bong series and Bong is the one who is more likely to be programmed on his own (though, not super substantially, I concede).
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2023.04.01 15:36 Capital-Ant-1303 What are the minimum requirements to become a controls engineer?

I am an electrical controls tech (5 years experience) and my goal is to one day become a controls engineer. I’m a good troubleshooter and know how to read and program ladder logic. Although I’m only familiar with Allen Bradley controllers. Ive learned a lot by calling the Rockwell support number through the years and learning from them when they remote into my laptop. I plan to do the following in the next two years:
Will I be a good candidate for a controls engineer job after learning those things? What else should I strive to learn?
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2023.04.01 15:36 Ok_Shirt_1574 Why Starlight is the worst MLP Character in Existence

Hello MLP fans. It is time for me to explain why Starlight is now the worst character in the entire show.
First of all, she is such a Mary-Sue. She’s practically the most perfect character in the show. I mean, look at how she gets forgiven for mind controlling the Mane 5 in Every Little Thing She Does(which doesn’t count as an actual flaw at all), does that not scream writer’s pet? What? You’re saying that other characters have been forgiven for outrageous behavior too? Shut up, I’m the OP and what I say is a fact.
She should have never been redeemed, I mean, just look at her. She does not have the fan lore that Luna, Trixie, and Sunset have, therefore she is unworthy of my forgiveness.
And look at how they treat poor Discord in comparison to Starlight, never mind the fact that Discord is a jerk to them whenever he gets the chance, he’s their friend and they should treat him better whilst also burning Starlight over an open bonfire.
Plus, can you not believe how abusive Starlight is to Trixie in All Bottled Up. All Trixie is trying to do is have a good time walking around town and all Starlight is worried about is finding some stupid map and then she gets all mad at her when she isn’t “taking anything seriously”.
Blegh, this makes me so mad that there is just one thing I can say to this.
Happy April Fools Day.
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2023.04.01 15:36 throwawaybubshome AITA? Not letting SO take my daughter out to see people I don't like, on two occasions this week.

To sum this up I (34f) have been with my SO (35m) now for 6 years, I have an older (13yo) son from a previous relationship, and we have a daughter together (2).
We haven't always had the best relationship, mostly dye to his mother.My and my SO's relationship improved after I said I was going no contact with his mum, and although he still has alot of growing up to do, he considerably has improved in the way that he now puts our family first.
I havent had a relationship with my own family for a while. With my father the reasons are simple: he was abusive to my mum and when me and my son had to move in with him for a while a good many years ago he would get close and scream in my face when my son was right next to me, and petrified him, I've decided I'm much happier without him.
A while ago SO came home from MILs to tell me he's been in contact with my parents, and he wants to have a relationship with them.
I am the provider for the household, a year and a half ago me and SO worked part time, but SO quit with my blessing, this was great for us as I'd been offered a promotion into management and full time hours, and I've been the provider ever since and quite happily so. My SO will go and see MIL with our daughter frequently, I let him have this as he feels she is one of his main sources of support.
We've had issue before as he's allowed MIL to have daughter overnight without my permission which he's stopped now.
However, I currently have 2 weeks off, which is rare, and its during holidays which is rarer. SO told me yesterday he's going to his mums Sunday, I told him that's cool, but I'm really enjoying my time with my little man and little lady, so he's welcome to go have time just him and his mum.
Today he tells me he's taking daughter out for a few hours this afternoon ro see my dad. So I say no, he said he'd already said she was going. I asked him why he would say that when he didn't ask, and that was not a foregone conclusion given I said no to his mums just yesterday! He tells me that when he told me he'd like to take little lady to see my dad, he said that me and my son can make our own decisions whether we come or not and I said "fair enough". He's taken that to be an open invitation to take my daughter to see my dad as he pleases.
He also said its not fair I get to veto what he wants, so I reminded him I'd rather he didn't take our little lady to see his mum so often, so if he gets to override this, it works both ways, he said he couldn't agree to that as "you'll just say no to going to my mums", and I said that would be fair, if we get to override eachothers decisions, that works both ways.
Funnily enough he's now not seeing his mum tomorrow but has gone to my dad's (on his own)
So AITA? I know his wants should be acknowledged too, but I want some consideration to my needs during my time off.
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