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2023.03.20 16:43 CaterpillarParty7952 31 female with 36 male for over 2.5 years and seeking input on porn addiction.

y partner has a large collection of porn previously. Like hundreds upon hundreds of pictures from online over the years. He has deleted most because he knows it makes me uncomfortable. We have talked about healthy use and how I worry about how it can be addiction and alter the brains reward system etc... We definitely clash on the views on porn use. I have tried to accept it but its really irking me. I know I cannot control what someone else does and nor would I want to. I am worried it is a porn addiction.
I went out for a few hours and came home early. I noticed the other day he had like 15 torrent porn videos being downloaded on his laptop that he tried to hide by dimming the screen brightness. Im assuming he moves them into a folder once they are downloaded. He also told me that he was doing a month of no masterbating and said porn was useless without masterbation, so I am very disheartened.
Do most couples openly talk about what their porn habits are? Is watching porn at any chance he's alone (we live in a studio suite) normal? Has anyone ever had the experience of compromising on this topic when the two of you disagree?
Like when I'm in the bath...at work late and such. We have what I thought was a healthy sex life, it has decreased a bit since living together and have been committed for over 2 years. I know everyone needs their alone time but it feels secretive and off-putting. I noticed he has been watching it occasionally before he initiates sex with me. He even put me in the same position as the woman in the video.
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2023.03.20 16:43 Ashbin Virginia COVID Case & Hospital Numbers Report for Mar 17-Mar 20, 2023

Total new cases reported: 910 Fri-Sun (approx. 303 cases per day) Breakout of cases per day on weekends not available until Tuesday's VDH graph
7-day average of new cases: 378.714 (reported 384.286 Friday, -1.45% since Friday)
CURRENT POSITIVITY RATE REPORT State 7-Day Positivity Rate (PCR tests only): 6.1% (no change) Update is sporadic at times
This figure seems to maybe be updated twice a week on average, and I think it is getting two sources. This is why I have been watching it, trying to figure out what is going on. Today it shows at 6.3% but with last Wednesday's date (and no data past that date). But when I looked at it last Wednesday, it said 6.2%. Then it dropped to 6.1% on Friday (with Friday's date on it). Today the data is missing for the end of last week, and last mid-week is altered. But I bet things update within the next few days. This has been some of the weirdness I have been seeing on this graph. At the moment, the latest dated figure that was in the graph was 6.1% dated last Friday, so I am leaving it there for the now.
Confirmed COVID Hospitalizations: 288 patients (was 286 Sun., 277 Sat., -3.36% since Fri) ICU Hospitalizations: 35 patients (was 31 Sun., 33 Sat., +6.06% since Fri) Currently on Ventilator Support: 18 patients (was 16 Sun., 14 on Sat., +38.46% since Fri) Note: Current Vent numbers are no longer supposed to be reported if it is below 11 patients
Seven day patient moving average in Virginia: 299.71 (was 324.86 Friday, -7.74% since Fri)
Hospitalized COVID-19 patients discharged: 92 patients over the weekend (breakout per day not reported)
INTERPRETATION: Cases The dataset auto updated, even with VDH closed. We had 910 cases from Friday to Sunday, so no wild surges.
I was also able to again compute a proper 7-day average, and it shows the case curve dropped about a percent and a half since Friday.
Good case report. Nothing weird to report.
Hospitals Hospitals had another mixed bag. We got down to 277 patients on Saturday, but came back up to 288 by today. It was 298 on Friday so we are still down a bit from the end of last week.
The 7-day hospital case curve fell almost eight percent over the weekend. I've posted a chart that shows this psat week.
92 patients were discharged over the weekend. Over the three days, 82 new patients were admitted.
Number of ICUs moved around over the weekend but ended up two higher than the end of last week. Vents just climbed some each day going from 13 reported Friday to 18 today, an increase of five.
ICU bed patient utilization rose from 11.07% to 12.15%, and vent utilization really when up from 4.36% to 6.25%.
Still no signs of a surge patients. We are still low, but increased vents is troubling. I though we were about to drop under 11.
Side Notes I'm as shocked as you are. I expected the VHHA to be closed. I know VDH is, but the dataset they still can't kill, auto updated itself this morning with no one in the VDH offices.
As it is a holiday, news is a bit thin.
Total new cases: New confirmed COVID cases for dates listed
7-day average of new cases: movement of cases curve over last 7-days (better indicator if cases are going up or down)
Cases per 100,000 population 7-day average (if known): within 100,000 people, how many were positive for COVID on a rolling 7-day cycle.
Current State 7-Day Positivity Rate (if included): The state average percentage of PCR coronavirus tests performed that are positive. The lower the better.
Confirmed Covid Hospitalizations: The total number of confirmed COVID-19 people in hospital who have positive results.
ICU Hospitalizations: Patients in a COVID-19 ICU bed.
Currently on Ventilator Support: Confirmed COVID-19 patients currently on ventilator support. These would be the most severe COVID cases in hospital.
Seven day patient moving average in Virginia: movement of patients in hospital curve over last 7-days
Number of Hospitalized COVID-19 patients discharged: Self explanatory, but computed from a figure consisting of all patients in this category since the beginning of 2020, and its changes since the last report.
NOTE: All hospital figures are as of 9 am on the date listed. VDH data cut-off is 5 p.m. daily.
Data from VDH, VHHA, CDC, NYT, and other sources.
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2023.03.20 16:42 MoonLordUsesReddit Entitled and bigoted mum kicks someone out house for orientation

My friends mother kicked them out for being non binary
So my friend (we will call Alex) is non-binary and has divorced parents the dad who is very supportive but Alex doesn’t live with him, and the mother who is the most bigoted person I have ever met. Alex has had to deal with panic attacks and depression and physical issue in there hip. The mom is using a cane. And also I shit you not she sits at home and plays fortnight all day and lives of benefits as far as I’m aware. Alex and Karen are my next door neighbours < all the important background info
Now Alex’s mum (we will call Karen) was always very against Alex’s choice and never seemed to help or understand but rather be horrible and causing depressive spikes where they wouldn’t come to school for weeks at a time. Now while Alex had been strong mentally healthy they recently had a couple of panic attacks and one breakdown because of the mum. Now the mum had always barely tolerated Alex and there choices but when Alex went to see the dad (we will call Chad) along with another relative (can’t remember what) and the other relative always pushed ignoring the mum and got a more gender neutral slight Male shifted haircut; needless to say she wasn’t pleased ; when Karen saw Alex home we’ll just say shit hit the fan. Karen kicked Alex out the house to Chad later (1-2 days) I heard Karen hastily opening and closing draws (Alex was on the opposite wall to my room-its terrace housing) I then found out she had dumped some clothes and stuff in a bin bag. Mind you previously Alex’s phone was taken away and Alex never got any pocket money even though they did more chores then most.
But wait it gets worse She took all of Alex’s beauty products and while Chad is now the primary guardian he lives in a very small flat with not much room and while he payed for child support Karen has refused and blocked EVERYONE in the family from contacting. Alex has to sleep in a treehouse type thing in a field until the dad can get get a bed for them in the house.
TL:DR Bigoted mom kicked only child out house for being non-binary and refuses to support them or they’re carers anymore
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2023.03.20 16:42 TechStuffing Title Bar Save Dialogue Input Focus Stuck in "Tags" field

Why does the input focus, in the save dialogue box accessed by clicking on the file name in the title bar, get stuck in the "Tags" field?
When I try to save a new file in QuickTime by clicking on the file name in the title bar ("Untitled" since I haven't save it yet), the cursor goes to the 'Tags' field and gets stuck there; I can't move it to the Name or Where fields.
[tried to insert a screen recording here but nothing showed up]
Saving works if accessed any other way: attempting to close the file before it has been saved; using the Cmd-S keyboard shortcut, or choosing File->Save in the menu bar. It works when I use the title bar dialogue to change the file name or location of existing files. It works when I use the title bar dialog in other apps, regardless of whether the file is new (tested: Preview, TextEdit, Excel).
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2023.03.20 16:41 Artyphex About an Atreus-lead game…

(This is long but it’s something I’ve really been wanting to talk about so bear with me)
I’m admittedly a little surprise to see such negativity towards this idea, at least on Reddit. But I’ve realized by reading more posts about it that the people who don’t like the idea are picturing an entirely different game than the one I’m picturing.
So let’s talk about it
The main issue I’m seeing is people against the idea are imagining games lead by the exact same Atreus as the one that appears in Ragnarok. I’m not a game dev, but I am a storyteller, and I can tell you unequivocally that this would not be the case
Firstly, an Atreus-led game would almost certainly star an older Atreus. Probably an Atreus in his early twenties. If nothing else it’s just the most practical option if they plan on keeping Sunny Suljic as his actor. He’s already older than Atreus was in Ragnarok and it’ll probably be another year or two before Santa Monica is ready to record another hypothetical GOW game. Not that they can’t recast Atreus, I’d just be really surprised if they did.
This would give us an Atreus that’s a bit more experienced and fun to play for an entire game. While still being inexperienced enough to have a good arc and make lots of improvements over the course of the game.
Next, I see people saying they didn’t enjoy his gameplay during Ragnarok. I think assuming that his gameplay would be exactly the same in a solo game is a little short sighted. People are forgetting his gameplay is not MEANT to carry an entire game in Ragnarok. His segments are relatively short and more story focused than combat focused, at least when you compare it to the rest of the game. If he were to star in his own game, his gameplay would most likely be MASSIVELY expanded. In fact I think he has a ton of potential for fun mechanics in his own game:
Seeing as this franchise has Kratos fight with three different weapons each with unique gameplay, it’s super likely Atreus would get the same treatment. I could see him getting a more close-ranged weapon, think sword or something akin to it, as well as a medium ranged weapon like Kratos’ blades. If we leave the Norse lands with him (which I think we will) it’s likely these weapons will be from other cultures, and we’ll get to see very different designs and mechanics around them.
Secondly is magic. We know he has an affinity for it, but outside of runes the games don’t really have a in-depth spell casting system. This could change with an Atreus lead game, especially if it takes place when he’s a few years older. I could see him having learned more Giant magic in that time, and this could lead the way into some very cool gameplay. Combine that with leaving Midgard, and Atreus could be learning magic from all over. Imagine an Atreus game that takes him to Egypt, and he gets to learn the magic of that land. I think it would be SUPER fun!
Lastly, the mechanic I think has the most potential is shapeshifting. It’s his “Spartan Rage” ability now, but it’s still very new for him in Ragnarok. Loki in the mythos is a natural shapeshifter, he does it constantly, a more experienced Atreus might have that kind of control over his shapeshifting. I could see him learning new forms over the course of a game. Maybe some are story given and others you have to hunt for yourself. I’d imagine it’d work a bit like finding the keys to the other realms, some are given, but others you have to go out of your way to find. I imagine being able to pick between forms, if it stays his “special move” maybe you could select one like you select between the different types of Spartan Rage for Kratos. Each form with its own strengths and weaknesses in combat. Maybe it’s a mix of both, some forms you can access during normal gameplay and others are reserved for more intense moments. He could learn the forms of the new lands he goes to, turning into lions, elephants, even other mythical creatures of the lands. There is SO MUCH you could do with a shapeshifting system.
My point is, I see Atreus as a character ripe with potential for his own game, and am surprised to find people who don’t look past Ragnarok to see it. Obviously I didn’t mind his segments in the game, but I also play on story mode so that should give you an idea of how important combat is to me. Even so, I never thought what we saw in Ragnarok was all we’d ever get from him. This is a character who has just BARELY scratched the surface of his abilities and that shouldn’t be dismissed so quickly.
If you still don’t like the idea that’s fine. Kratos is great! But I think Atreus could be a very fun main character in his own game. If you read all this thank you and I’d love to hear what you think!
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2023.03.20 16:41 Ameritiktokracy How should I handle being married to someone who I think isn't a great wife?

I've been married to my wife for 16 years and we've been together for 20 years. We're in our late 30's, early 40's. We have one kid who is fairly young and I'm continually bothered by the idea that my wife isn't really that good of a wife and she isn't a good team member.
I genuinely enjoy her personality and love her presence; it's weird but I only dwell on the bad stuff when she's not around and I'm pretty happy when she is around. Overall, I'm nagged by some generalities that I believe to be true. Of course, I'm focusing only on the negatives here, so it seems one-sided, but there's a lot of positives. In general, the negatives are:
She generally doesn't do anything to help me and rarely if ever does anything nice for me. We almost got a divorce at one point because I spent two weeks of my free time putting in a new floor (that she wanted) in some of our bedrooms and I was out of clean underwear in my drawers so I was having to come downstairs every morning to get the clean underwear (that I had washed). I asked her if she could put away my laundry so I didn't have to walk around our house naked every morning and she rudely said, "I'm not doing your laundry." That wasn't the only reason, but more like the straw that broke the camel's back for me to bring up the idea of divorce to the point of filling out paperwork and discussing how we were going to split finances and custody. It was also shortly after the death of my only parent and she was very insensitive to my loss and after I flew home from the funeral she asked, "Did you even cry?" Sure, I don't show a lot of emotion as I'm fairly stoic, but I thought that was rude, insensitive, and totally uncalled for. Of course, we ended up not getting a divorce, mainly because every time I agreed on a number to pay her out, she would raise the amount again, partly due to the encouragement of her mother (I saw her texts). Her mom was buying her divorce books (that I found in the closet) and that lead to me hating her mom (on principle) and she hasn't been over to our house since then and I haven't seen her since then (about 4 years ago).
I found out several years ago that she is kind of a compulsive liar and she was telling her mom a bunch of untrue things about me to presumably gain sympathy. Things such as, I never help out around the house or with our kid, I'm bipolar, that I'm going to therapy with a men's help group, and odd things like I bought Christmas cookie cutters and used them to make Christmas cookies with our kid. I also found out she lied about a big wreck on a highway and a parking lot confrontation. I found this all out because she had a dash cam with audio and I wanted to see this huge crash she witnessed so I pulled the SD card to look through the video and found out how much she lies while she talked on the phone while driving. I did confront her about all of this but she has an inability to admit to the fact that she lies, and of course she tore out her dash cam. Maybe she has since stopped lying, who knows. I suspect it sometimes but can't prove it. For example, she got sick with what seemed like food poisoning and I asked if she went out to lunch with her girlfriend (they spent the afternoon together driving around and shopping), she said no, and I asked what she ate for lunch, and she said, "Just whatever was around the house." That obviously seemed like a lie, especially considering I know from her dash cam videos that she likes to treat herself to double bacon cheeseburgers occasionally, but not something I'm going to stress about enough to call her out or play detective. In general, I don't think she lies to me often, but sometimes I wonder. I know it's damn near impossible for her to admit that she doesn't know something, like the definition of a word, so she will make something up and act like she was pretty close to right, and if not, she'll imply she knew there was another definition or useable context. It's just a part of her personality I've come to accept, and I assume it was something she learned in childhood from having mean scary-ass father and to avoid punishment, and her older sister is also known to be a compulsive liar to a much greater extent.
When it comes to housework and paying bills, I pay almost all the bills and do most of the housework. I realize people have a bias to believe they do more than other people, but I do the dishes damn near 100% of the time and, one time when I mentioned that in passing, she disagreed with me. I pressed her, because I was shocked she wouldn't agree, and she thought about it for a second and finally said, "The only reason you think you do more dishes than me is because you make more dishes than me." Mind blown. I feel like we're living in different realities. I think I also do most of the cleaning because I highly value cleanliness and her, not as much. I once stopped wiping kitchen counters to see how long it would take for her to clean them ... 2 weeks. Another example, my car is clean pretty much all the time; hers is a trash heap pretty much all the time.
When it comes to bills, I pay most of the bills except for our gym membership and phone bill. We make close to the same amount of money (she's a school teacher and we're not rich or well off), so I brought up the fact that I'm paying all the bills and she needs to contribute more. She honestly thought we split the bills fairly because she pays our phone bill, gym bill, and goes to Target once in a while to get stuff for the house and because she buys all the clothes for our kid. I do all the grocery shopping for our house and I buy almost everything we need for our home, so the Target thing is almost irrelevant, but that was her argument. I also do the grocery shopping because I'm into fitness and eating healthy, and when she does the grocery shopping she will go without a list and buy things we already have and come home with more junk food than I think is reasonable. Today, she offered to split the grocery list (we go to Costco and Fred Meyer) so she took the Fred Meyer list and said she would swing by after hanging out with her girlfriend; I thought that was nice, but she didn't end up going shopping, but still somehow managed to come home with a big bag of Doritos. She did start contributing more financially, recently, but again, I feel like we're living in different realities. I should mention, I've set up ALL of my bank accounts as joint accounts and she has all of her bank accounts as her own (I occasionally make her pull her credit report to look for fraud, so I know she's not running up debt or hiding something). She's generally pretty frugal, but hasn't saved up near as much as me for retirement, mainly because my employer has a good match, and she is saving with a public pension so I'm not even sure how that works. I just know that when we worked with a financial planner a few years ago she had about half as much saved as she thought she did, and only about a third of what would be considered on target, and I had to nag her for 2 years to open a Roth IRA.
I think she's kind of lazy, but that's not exactly correct. I've thought about it and realized it's more accurate to say she generally doesn't do anything proactively. Simple example being she won't fill up the dog water bowl (for her dog ... Yes, technically our dog, but she wanted it and I made it clear in the beginning that if push-comes-to-shove it was 100% her responsibility) unless she sees it's empty whereas I fill it up regularly because I realize the water gets gross, the bowl needs to be cleaned, and the dog doesn't like to drink the last inch or two of water. Making a to-do list is a practically a foreign concept to her but something I pretty much live by.
She had a dream one time that I died and I said, "That would suck for me!" She said, "You! What about us? You'd be dead. We're the ones that would have to live without you." That blew my mind, especially because I pay for some generous life insurance in case I die and she doesn't pay for any in case she dies.
I asked her if she wanted to buy grave sites (when her mother was going through the process of buying them) and she goes, "No, what if I hate you when I'm old and don't want to be buried next to you." Mind blown.
A lot of this stuff weighs on me and I've thought about getting a divorce every day for the last few years. I generally think I'm probably happier and better off with her than without her because I'm not extremely social and I'm somewhat pessimistic, so I doubt I'd be able to find a better woman. I also want to be part of my kids life, and I think a lot of that would be taken away from me if we got a divorce.
Our sex life is fine, not perfect by any means, but good enough; if anything, sex is the major reason we're still together. She is not really that into sex or motivated to have sex, so I really don't worry about her cheating. I'm not a fool, I'm not naive, and if I had any suspicion she was cheating, I would find out ... just want to stress that that's not an issue.
We never ever discuss our future. I think this is more of a quirk of her personality. She doesn't like to think about budgeting, or retirement, or to do lists or car maintenance. I've thought before that she's still kind of like a teenager with a job and car keys; she's not irresponsible, but I'd laugh (to myself) if anyone called her responsible.
We generally don't fight a lot or have a lot of arguments, but we did have one recently. I was trying to get her to help me make a meal plan (only for dinner) for the week so I could get the right groceries. She's generally a picky eater and and we've kind of come to the unofficial agreement that she cooks dinner and I cook breakfast and lunches. She doesn't do any dishes, doesn't do any grocery shopping, and generally doesn't do any cleaning in the kitchen so this is more than fair in my opinion. She takes our kid to after school activities so her amount of time varies each night, and sometimes she needs something quick. I will eat anything she cooks, I'm not picky. I just wanted her to pick what she was willing to eat and willing to cook, which we've done many many times in the past and have many prior examples of weekly meal plans. She kind of whined and says, "I don't know, what do you want," and I lost my cool, got super pissed off, yelled at her and called her a shitty wife before walking away and locking myself in my office because I was so angry. She unlocked my door with a screwdriver to let herself in and I pushed her out. She thought that was violent and she said I hurt her and she was calling the police, so I told her if she calls the police that, " ... we're done forever." Of course, keep in mind for perspective, I brought up all of our almost-divorce details in this short post that happened over the span of a 20 year relationship. Having a kid definitely put a strain on our relationship... absolutely great and wonderful kid, but we moved to a different state for jobs and therefore no family around to help us, no long term friends, and we're not religious enough to go to church (we tried a few times in the past, but always felt like they pushed tithes too hard), and we don't really go on dates anymore ... Back to the thing about me paying all the bills ... not much money leftover for fun stuff. We barely ever eat out, and occasionally go out to coffee and only get fast food if we need the convenience. I asked her a few days ago if she misses going out to bars and eating out a lot and she said something like, "No, I'd much rather go out to coffee or lunch with you and our little one," so as far as I know, she's happy with our lifestyle.
I realize it probably sounds a little bit like I'm the woman in the relationship and she's the man. The irony is not lost on me. When we hang out with other couples, I frequently hear comments to the effect of, "I wish my husband did that." It actually really bothers me because it highlights the fact that she doesn't do as much as other wives and it makes the other husbands uncomfortable and feel like they need to defend themselves.
And in case you're thinking she's a "Daddy's little girl" that got everything she wanted. That's not the case. Her parents divorced when she was about 5 and she almost never saw or talked with her father because he lived several states away. We were both raised by single mothers who never got child support for most of our lives, both had two other siblings, we were very poor (and sometimes argue about who was poorer), and we both got jobs at a young age and worked our way through college and paid for it ourselves. If anything, our similarities in upbringing is a big part of why we were good for each other.
What do you think? How can I change my mindset about my relationship? I'm having trouble looking forward to MY future.
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2023.03.20 16:41 Vast-Bar4188 Trouble with Microsoft Teams

Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with Teams on about 10 machines at a client's site. Previously, the Teams app wouldn't open on any of the machines, only in the browser. Microsoft support engineer provided me with a solution to delete all files from the folder %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams, and after deleting these files, Teams opened normally. However, every time the machine is restarted, the problem returns. Does anyone know how I can solve this issue permanently? I thought about creating a .bat file that would delete the files in this folder every time the machine is restarted, but it would be impractical to instruct the user to close Teams before restarting the machine. Does anyone have any solutions? Thank you.
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2023.03.20 16:41 Need_Help_With_Thing (Spoiler) Why is CP9...

... helping the Strawhats.
Yeah, I read the chapters. The reason seems to be that the seraphim were gunning for CP9(which doesn't make a whole lot of sense for now). However, after making an alliance with Luffy why wouldn't they just leave? It's stated that the seraphim are trying to kill "everyone" which is what CP9 was sent to Egghead to do. It seems like they're just getting in the way of their own mission by helping defeat the seraphim. Especially because they already know they can't defeat the Strawhats 1v1. CP9 is a ruthless organization of assassins, so I don't know why they would care about keeping their word or honoring the alliance they just made.
It doesn't make sense to me unless they are biding their time; waiting for an opportunity to betray the Strawhats. Consider this post a theory and a question because does anyone else have an explanation other than they're 'honoring their word'?
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2023.03.20 16:41 ThrowThinkAway What to do when you've already tried a major and other basic skills but still don't know if a career is right?

I graduated with a summa cum laude in college for Business MIS, but tbh it means shit since I did so without an internship, and the internship and experience and network is the critical key to landing an entry level job in those fields, not the shitty piece of paper. I haven't been able to land a full time job for 2 years now... And I feel furious and humiliated that I've been reduced to this state and misled by the false promises of college. Also I have mental illnesses going for me, am in therapy and getting medicated for ADHD but it's not helping much.
To be frank the major doesn't even teach much, it's too broad to be useful unless you choose to specialize yourself. I made a mistake under duress and misguided by what others thought would be best for me and chose this major. Except I actually despise corporate and late stage capitalism, and being neurodivergent, business would be an uphill battle. Also I have mental illnesses going for me, am in therapy and getting medicated for ADHD but it's not helping much.
I have to sacrifice something, but what and how? And for what even? I've already made losses, and I shouldn't fall for the sunken cost fallacy. And ofc the only real answer is try, fail, try again... Except I did try and I only ever failed, and I don't have the talent or mental fortitude to endure until "it all works out".
Ideally I should try to skill up myself by self teaching or certs or courses in something in order tk break into IT, tech, or something else lucrative. But again, with only some sparse knowledge in some softwares and programming, I can't do much. And I've forgotten most of it, and I remember how much I disliked the frustration of not knowing what to do with code.
So I've given it a try, and I didn't like it. Also tried Intro to CS with Java and I just found it frustrating, not interesting. At best I was only driven (hyper fixated) when I had a specific goal related to a fleeting interest at the time, but that's not something I can willfully harness, and there's simply too much outside of my skill level. I'm a slow learner and with tech constantly evolving, I hardly even know what the hell all these terms like stacks or git or stuff mean.
Meanwhile I do like various hobbies, but they are all consumption oriented, and the creation and skill based ones I've tried like streaming have been pretty fruitless for me. I use and consume technology, but I'm not someone who actively learns it for fun outside of work, and I don't know if I can force myself to become a person who does. And it's not like content creation or art will ever pay off, society doesn't value that. And I live in the Bay Area, USA, so it's absurdly expensive here.
So what the heck am I supposed to do? Do I keep lying to myself and trying to break into tech even when I lack the smarts, talent, structure, money and motivation? Do I try to "give it my all" even when I'm already regretting it and there are signs I'm simply following something not inherently meant for me? Do I try to pursue something else even when I am basically a blank slate and it guarantees a shaky financial future? Or am I supposed to do something that just feels bad and tough rn because I'm mentally ill and unable to properly discern what is enjoyable and fulfilling?
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2023.03.20 16:41 Lsalizar96 Gf (26F) is keeping me (26M) a secret from her best friend and is telling men on language exchange apps that she is single and wants to meet them when she eventually visits their country

Hello everyone. I was wondering what I should do about this situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Back in December, my girlfriend broke up with me but then she decided that she wanted to stay with me. When she first dumped me, I initially wanted to work things out but eventually came to terms with the break up and when I finally accepted, she actually came to me saying she wanted to stay together. We were broken up for maybe a total of 24 hours. Within these 24 hours, she told her best friend that we broke up but never told her that we got back together and has been keeping me a secret from her best friend (F22) ever since.
She does not want her best friend to know she is back together with me. If me and her go on a trip, she will just pretend that she went by herself or went with someone else to her best friend. If me and her are at the movies and her best friend texts her “wyd” she will just say “I’m at the movies” rather than “I’m at the movies with my bf.” So her best friend thinks she’s been single for the past 4 months. When I confronted her about this, she simply said “I don’t want to annoy my friend with my relationship drama” but the thing is, we haven’t had any drama since getting back together. Not a single argument or nothing. I guess she thinks her friend will be annoyed at her for getting back into a relationship with me.
Now the other issue, my gf has been trying to learn Korean for the past few months. She just randomly became infatuated with South Korean culture out of nowhere over the past few months. She started trying Korean foods, watching K dramas, listening to KPop, and even follows tik tok pages of shirtless male korean models and watches Korean porn. All of this seemed to come out of the blue
She uses these apps where she gets matched with other people in Korea that are trying to learn English. So basically, she gets matched with them and she can help them learn English while they help her learn Korean. The point of these apps are supposed to be for learning new languages but I went through her phone and found that lots of the men on the app are there for different reasons. Lots of times I will see men try to talk to her about sex or ask her for nude photos to which she doesn’t engage or send any photos back, however, she will kind of entertain the conversation. For example, a man will message her “You are very sexy, I love American women, when you come to Korea come visit me 😘” and she will just respond with “Thank you 😘”
In most cases, she won’t flirt back, but I feel that if you’re in a relationship and another male is talking to you and flirting with you on the app, you need to remove yourself from that conversation and/or block them out of respect for the relationship. She will just entertain their flirting and continue talking to them for days/weeks. She would not like it if girls were talking sexual and flirty to me in my DMs and I continued talking to them. In most cases, she won’t flirt back but in some cases she does.
In some of the exchanges, the men will ask her if she is in a relationship and she will say no. She basically wants everyone on this app to think that she is single and some guys she will call them cute or sweet or send flirty emojis to them. Another issue is she will go hours without responding to my text but respond to the men on these apps while not responding to me (I know from going through her phone and comparing the times). One day she didn’t respond to me for 12 hours but was responding to men on the apps all day long. She also plans to visit South Korea sometime in the near future and has talked about meeting some of these people in person that she had flirted with on these apps. There is also a guy that lives in Georgia (we live in NC) that she has told him she wants to meet next time she’s in Georgia and she sometimes flirts with this guy. Nothing too crazy just heart eyes and kissy face emojis and stuff of that nature.
Last week, her and I went on a snowboarding trip together for her bday and it was both of our first time snowboarding/skiing. The trip was really good and it was great to be alone together in the mountains for a few days but I did hurt my knee going down the mountain which made us have to stop early. I guess she got the idea to snowboard from one of her pen pals because I went through her phone and she texted one of them “hey you were right! Snowboarding is really fun but my friend hurt their knee” so she refereed to me as her “friend” when speaking to her pan pal and also said “their knee” instead of “his knee” I’m assuming because she didn’t want this pen pal to know that the “friend” is a guy, this made me very upset and disappointed because it seems like she wants to look single to keep her options open. She has also talked to me about wanting to go live in Korea for a few years to teach English and of course she didn’t ask me to come with her. Part of me is wondering if she just wants to move to Korea and marry a Korean man and start a new life lol
I haven’t told her that I went through her phone yet because I know this is just gonna turn into “You invaded my privacy!!” But I plan to confront her about it today. Can someone please give me some advice
TLDR; Gf keeps me a secret from her best friend and flirts with men on language exchange apps while telling them that she in single and tells them she wants to meet them when she visits their country
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2023.03.20 16:40 Spazzzh20 Retro Review Resistance 3

Disclosure: The following review was written back in 2011 when the game had just come out.

Resistance 3 starts off with a comic book style opening briefly explaining the events that took place in the first two games after this you are plunged into the world where you as a father of a little boy have been injected with a cure to the game's enemies virus that mutates whatever it comes into contact with. As an outcast warrior with Nathan Hale's blood on your hands you are sent on an epic adventure to rid the world of the remaining Chimera by blowing up there space station and and... well that's pretty much it. The game is your standard by the levels shooter with a meek story that almost never feels like it has anything to do with the first two games (Three counting Resistance Retribution on psp) I wouldn't mind so much if the game didn't try so hard to be an engaging cinematic experience with the feeling that your on an epic quest to accomplish something great.
However Resistance 3 tries to hard to make you connect to these characters without offering you any incentive as to why you should. Am I trying to redeem my families name after killing last games protagonist Nathan Hale by ridding the world of the invading Chimera for good? The game starts off with an interesting premise of the rebel fighting for his family but it keeps this premise stretched throughout the entire 10-12 hour experience. What I mean is every other cutscene your silent protagonist will magically be able to speak, only to constantly remind you about his wife and son. It get's really annoying real soon.
That's this games flaw it tries to hard to be something that it's not. The game tries to grab your sensitive side by showing off little kids in shelters spread throughout the game but without any substance to back it up it feels like it's only been added in for shock value or to make you care about what your fighting for when all you really want to do in the back of your mind is kill stuff. You will often run into characters who begin to tell you interesting stories about there lives and just as you start to get interested the game throws you at wave after wave of Chimera and you will be given absolutely no intent to continue filling you in on the characters back stories.
The game suffers from the same mistake that Homefront made. Just because you put little kids in a war game doesn't make it any more compelling, it's obviously there just for shock value and it doesn't even do that right. If the game wanted to really shock the hell out of you it should have shown little kids getting mutated in front of your eyes as you are forced to kill them in front of there parents to avoid causing them any more pain. Now that's clearly not what the developers were going for but at least that would make you really angry at the alien monsters who dare to attack children and force you to murder them. If the game had that kind of balls I would totally respect the developers for doing so. But even without all the foax character development and pointless cutscenes the game falls short of greatness on a few other levels.
Resistance 3 looses some of the restraints that the previous game had, such as only being able to carry 2 guns at once. But I found it to be a little to forgiving at times. Now I'm all up for shooters that try to stray away from the 2 weapon limit regenerative health formula, but Resistance 3 is not the way to do it right. First off the upgrading system, what a joke, if Insomniac was aiming to add RPG elements to their game then in that regard they failed. Instead of acquiring experience points to use to upgrade your weapons by oh say going to a weapons vendor like in most good rpg shooter games, Insominiac seems to think that guns magically get stronger after use.
If you fire a gun repeatedly to the point where you've exhausted its threshold then logic says that the gun will get weaker over time. However in the magical world of resistance your guns upgrade in strength and speed, and even acquire new attachments out of the blue just from killing enough enemies. The game also makes no effort to hide the fact that it wants to be half life 2. from the abandoned train station to the mineshaft level to the bearded scientist who's eyes seem to glow in the dark everything in this game feels as though it is a derivative of valve's greatest successes, I was even expecting halfway through the game to acquire a portal gun.
Now in terms of actual gun play the series shines brightest. Freezing enemies to death, blowing there heads of, and electrocuting someone has never felt better in a video game. But I couldn't help but feel that the game was unbalanced even with such a dreaded arsenal at your disposal. In one level I was sent out into a barnyard to fend off invading Chimera, the moment I went into this scenario, I was ambushed from every direction by what felt like an endless wave of enemies. They constantly appear from out of thin air and never give you a chance to think, you just have to mindlessly shoot them until either they give up or you die.
All that I wanted to do in this scenario was get past them and continue onward with my quest, but having a constant stream of enemies bombarding you from every angle makes the game feel like padding, instead of focusing on the level design the developers just thought that it would be easier to throw endless waves of enemies at you. This is especially loathsome during the last level of the game. Instead of setting the stage for and epic boss battle you just navigate your way through seemingly endless corridors that all look the same with no sense of direction or what your supposed to be doing. and the game just ends without so much as an epic battle against some gigantic mother Chimera. That's right Resistance 3 does not have a final boss.
The game tries throwing everything that it has at you towards the very end but none of the enemies are a match for your over powered arsenal. Also one of my biggest gripes with the campaign would be the inability to restart from a previous checkpoint. Since this is a by the levels shooter I don't see why they couldn't make a restart from checkpoint option. This was most annoying for me when I just barely missed a diary entry on the ground a few meters above where I just fell and I wanted to collect it so I could complete my diary and audio log collection, but since I couldn't restart from the pause menu I had to kill myself just to get back to the time before I missed the journal.
Oh by the way did I mention that this game has audio logs. So on top of shamelessly ripping off half life the developers also wanted to take a crack at Bioshock. One finally gripe about the gameplay is why the hell can't I carry around health packs to use at my disposal whenever I wish? You'd think that a guy who can carry around 11 guns a sledgehammer and 20 grenades would have room for a health packet or 2. The game doesn't have regenerating health, which is fine but there were often times when I felt that the game was teasing me. There was one instance where I came across an abundance of health packs but I already had full health, and there were no enemies in sight. So the whole point of having a cluster of Health packs in that spot felt completely useless since I couldn't carry them around. As far as multiplayer goes it's standard affair.
It doesn't have the epic sense that Resistance 2's 60 player online battles had and with a paper thin unlock system there's not much to keep you here for long. nonetheless a fun little distraction that will keep you entertained for at least a couple of hours. The single-player portion however needs to amp up its game. It is long and some of the levels are memorable like the prison escape level, Which I found to be the best and most well developed section of the game. it's ironic how a game that focuses on fighting aliens is at its peak when it pits you up against other humans.
The game also supports co op both locally via split screen and online, however other than unlocking 2 trophies the co op feels pointless it makes the game feel like a cakewalk since you never truly fear dying knowing that your partner could always revive you at any time. Still if you really want to shoot some aliens with an arsenal that would make Rambo blush Resistance 3 can be a lot of fun. But if you want a sci-fi game with rpg elements that are fun and offer an interesting story as well as a way of implementing these elements into the gameplay, I would recommend Singularity or Deus EX human revolution.
SCORE 7/10
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2023.03.20 16:40 AnonymousUserName445 Help me decide what to do with equity proceeds- CD? Savings?

I am selling my house. The plan is to purchase again, although considering the state of the market I am not sure how long that will take. I have never had such a large sum of money before and am unsure what to do with it.
Should I open a high yield savings account? Keep in mind, I may find a house in the next 3-6 months and want to use the $$ for a down payment, so I would like the option to withdraw without penalty.
Should I only invest $250k per bank? or is it per account that is FDIC insured?
Would a flexible CD that I can withdraw from at any time be a better investment?
What terms/fees/conditions should I inquire about when depositing such a large amount of money?

Also- is it better to have the closing attorney wire me the money? Or in today's day and age with wire fraud should I plan to get a regular check?
I've never had several hundred thousands of dollars and want to be wise. I am open to any suggestions. I am concerned about having so much cash after the recent bank closurew.

Thank you
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2023.03.20 16:40 Comfortable-Young112 What do I do??

Okay so the situation I’ll be explaining may be very confusing, hence why I’m posting. It involves my sister and her ex-roommate, and while I’m not directly involved she is my sister and if you mess with her, you mess with me too.
So from August 2022 to December 2022, my sister attended her first semester of college in Florida. Unfortunately after her first semester, she was unable to continue living down there. We live 16 hours away and come from a family that can’t just drop $$$ to pay for a last minute flight.
Knowing she wasn’t coming back after winter break, she asked her roommate if she could hold onto a majority of her items until my sister had the time and money to drive down and collect it all. The roommate agreed and eventually my sister reached out to our family friend (who lives 30 mins from campus) to see if they could pick up my sister’s things and mail them to us. Family friend agreed so therefore all the roommate had to do was meet her halfway, as everything was already pretty much packed up.
The roommate and family friend agreed on a time and place, but the day of she is hungover and didn’t want to drive. So instead, the roommates friend (who was also friends with my sister) does the drop off.
When our family friend received what was supposed to be everything (excluding tv and mini fridge cause no room), she noticed one of the bags was a literal trash bag with beer and seltzer cans. Thought it was weird, told my sister, then threw it away.
Flash forward to my sister getting the packages and going through them to make sure she got everything back. You guessed it, she did not. Because they were friends and really close, my sister figured the roommate just forgot a few boxes under her bed.
To list, my sister is missing: -all of her books -majority of her shoes (she only got 2 pairs back) -skincare products -lamp -desk mirror
And the rest is just little miscellaneous things that were packed in boxes - this is important!
My sister reached out after seeing the roommate post an Instagram story of her reading one of my sisters book. She called the roommate and the roommate said “I didn’t want to just throw your books in a bag and ruin the books”. Sure, I wouldn’t want my books ruined, HOWEVER, the books were placed in a box when my sister left Florida, not just laid out or unpacked. Being the genuine person my sister is, she told the roommate that she would meet up with her halfway when the roommate passed through our state during the summer to get the rest of her stuff.
On St. Patrick’s Day the roommate posted a video and in it she is wearing my sister’s necklace, so of course my sister slid up and said “tell me that’s my necklace”. The roommate responded with “come and get it then”. The necklace was also deep in a box, so the roommate would’ve had to open the box and dig through my sisters things to find it.
The roommate claims she talked with someone at the school about my sister leaving her stuff in the dorm and that they said since my sister is gone, it is the roommates property now.
Before my sister started packing anything, she asked the roommate multiple times if it was okay to leave her stuff there until she found a solution to get it all back home. The roommate agreed and said she would help my sister out.
When the roommate got back to Florida from winter break, she texted my sister and said “I’m not interested in shipping your stuff anymore”. Mind you, my sister had already packed everything and flown back for good. This is why our family friend drove half way to pick everything up and ship it herself.
My sister is at a loss and as I said before, doesn’t have the money to drive down to collect her things. I want to help as much as possible, however I am 8 weeks post-op from major hip surgery.
We have three options: 1. Drive down and unexpectedly show up to the dorm and demand everything back. 2. Have the family friend go to the dorm and pick everything up. 3. Forget the situation and move on.
Normally I wouldn’t bother getting involved in the situation because it’s none of my business, but seeing as my sister is having a hard time navigating the snarky remarks from the roommate, we don’t know what to do.
One thing that I should mention is that my sister did tell her roommate that if she found anything in the dorm that was accidentally not packed, she could throw it away IF SHE ASKED MY SISTER FIRST. If the roommate did in fact throw the shoes away, she did so without informing my sister and most likely on purpose.
Do we get cops involved? Do we drop everything and forget about it? Why does the roommate get away from this with a bunch of free things? What if we drive down to Florida and the only items the roommate still has are the books and the necklace? Why waste of that time and money for nothing? Is there anything a lawyer could do?
Really need help with this one so any input would be great!!
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2023.03.20 16:39 MoonLordUsesReddit I just had to share this story of one of my friends who has had such an unfortunate time recently

So my friend (we will call Alex) is non-binary and has divorced parents the dad who is very supportive but Alex doesn’t live with him, and the mother who is the most bigoted person I have ever met. Alex has had to deal with panic attacks and depression and physical issue in there hip. The mom is using a cane. And also I shit you not she sits at home and plays fortnight all day and lives of benefits as far as I’m aware. Alex and Karen are my next door neighbours < all the important background info
Now Alex’s mum (we will call Karen) was always very against Alex’s choice and never seemed to help or understand but rather be horrible and causing depressive spikes where they wouldn’t come to school for weeks at a time. Now while Alex had been strong mentally healthy they recently had a couple of panic attacks and one breakdown because of the mum. Now the mum had always barely tolerated Alex and there choices but when Alex went to see the dad (we will call Chad) along with another relative (can’t remember what) and the other relative always pushed ignoring the mum and got a more gender neutral slight Male shifted haircut; needless to say she wasn’t pleased ; when Karen saw Alex home we’ll just say shit hit the fan. Karen kicked Alex out the house to Chad later (1-2 days) I heard Karen hastily opening and closing draws (Alex was on the opposite wall to my room-its terrace housing) I then found out she had dumped some clothes and stuff in a bin bag. Mind you previously Alex’s phone was taken away and Alex never got any pocket money even though they did more chores then most.
But wait it gets worse She took all of Alex’s beauty products and while Chad is now the primary guardian he lives in a very small flat with not much room and while he payed for child support Karen has refused and blocked EVERYONE in the family from contacting. Alex has to sleep in a treehouse type thing in a field until the dad can get get a bed for them in the house.
I don’t know what to say now I’ve been writing this for the past 30mins but I thought this would be a good subreddit to maybe help just support I’ve probably missed out some details such as Karen isn’t just bigoted toward LGBTQ+ people but also people of colour and other minorities.
Thank you for sitting through this and any kind words are appreciated
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2023.03.20 16:39 Green-Passage-9729 I [25F] started talking alot about sex with my long-time friend [26M] and started feeling drive to him - is this border worth crossing?

Hi there!
As in description - I have a long-time friend [pretty much since 2017] who is very close to me, though we never shared any romantic nor sexual feelings... up until now, at least from me.
Last year we started talking more about sex and this kind of stuff. We are both very interested in things like this and both sex-positive, sexually open and our views on it are relatively liberal too.
Lately I bought him 36 condoms for his birthday at early march which he stated like "well, right now I have noone to use them with, unless it's a sign to look for one". I started thinking about this sentence every day and I am thinking to offer him sex with me, since I like him, he's handsome and I shared with him mutually alot of our sexual life.
BUT I am NOT SURE if it's a good decision since it's my FRIEND. Any relations I had sex in have stopped, I don't have contact with these boys anymore. Any help? What would be a good decision?
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2023.03.20 16:39 Scottyknuckles Need input/opinions

So -
What's everyone's thoughts on 'Mystery Boxes'? I put some together that I, honestly, felt were a decent deal with a nice chase element, and have had the hardest time selling any.
I get that mystery boxes can have a (deserved) bad rap, so I really tried to curate these in a way so that someone would, no matter what, at least get their money's worth. If they don't get one of the bigger autos, I added bonus hits, like a 90 UD Griffey rookie.
Here's what I've put together, and the price point I was looking at...hoping to get some opinions or thoughts on what pricepoint would make these a 'good' buy. Like, at what price would you, personally, consider it to be a 'fair' price?
Currently priced at $69.99, only 30 available.
Each box guarantees 150+ cards, primarily from 2018-2022:
100+ base cards (includes refractors, xfractors, foil boards and non-numbered colored parallels)
35 Rookie cards
14 Inserts
4 1st Bowmans
4 Numbered cards
1 autographed card
Every box will include cards from:
Topps Chrome & Chrome Sapphire
Bowman Chrome & Chrome Sapphire
Stadium Club
Stadium Club Chrome
Allen & Ginter X
Topps 3D
Topps Gold Label
Topps Chrome Ben Baller Edition
Topps Archives
…and more!
Available Autographs include:
Nolan Ryan /10
Rollie Fingers /5
Trevor Hoffman /5
Jazz Chisholm RC /30
Luis Robert /99
Dansby Swanson /99
…and more!
(one per box)
Other hits include:
89 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr RC
Mookie Betts 1st Bowman chrome
Billy Williams 1/1
Fernando Tatis, Jr RC
Manny Machado RC
Randomly inserted:
Superstar and rookie Image variations and SPs
Mickey Mantle chrome inserts
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2023.03.20 16:39 dotbarnfather Domantas Sabonis is Quietly Separating Himself from the Rest of the Pack When It Comes to the Conversation Around 3rd Best Center in the NBA

On March 15th, Domantas Sabonis recorded his second triple-double in as many games against the Chicago Bulls. His 14 points, 10 assists, 17 rebounds somewhat went underdiscussed after some guy named De'Aaron Fox hit a game-winner following DeMar DeRozan’s four point play to tie the game. But also underdiscussed: that triple-double put him at 11 on the season, now second most in the NBA behind Nikola Jokic’s incredible 28.
Sabonis has quietly had a career defining season. His 19.2 points per game (ninth among centers) is his best since 2020-21. He’s averaging career highs in rebounds (12.5, best in the NBA) and assists (7.2, second best among centers in the NBA). His splits have been amazing– 61.2% from the field (career high) and 35.5% from deep (arguably the best of his career if we don’t count 52.9% in 2018-19 on 0.2 attempts per game).
But it is tough to talk about a player like Sabonis – not because he isn’t great, but because of the two centers ahead of him in Jokic and Embiid. And Jokic is arguably a better version of what he offers. Then again, he wasn’t selected last when it came to the NBA All-Star Game. He was second to last among the reserves. Things might be changing.
The Sacramento Kings will never be his team while alongside De’Aaron Fox yet in many ways, his influence this season could create the argument that he has been the most important when it comes to this Kings glow-up. And before anyone gets way too deep into the weeds, Fox is clearly the best player, I’m just gassing up Sabonis.
Sabonis is very much an underrated passer. Per game, he’s recording five or more passes to six different Kings players. He, Jokic and Vucevic are the only three centers in the NBA to average more than 50 passes made per game. And his assists pointed created (19.2) averages out to 2.667 points per assist – speaking to just how good he has been about finding the open man to generate a good three-point look. For reference, Jokic is looking at 2.49 points per assist, Karl-Anthony Towns is averaging 2.34, Julius Randle is at 2.68 and Embiid is at 2.54. It does help that Sabonis has players like Kevin Huerter, Keegan Murray, Malik Monk and Harrison Barnes being absolute friends behind the arch. But they still need the ball in their hands to shoot. It has also been nice to see his flexibility in the post – passing 49.2% in post-up situations.
And what has also been refreshing is that he isn’t reliant on the pick-and-roll – averaging only 2.5 possessions per game. Instead, it has been his plays cutting to the basket, give-and-go situations – scoring 68% of the time and getting to the line 20.9% of the time on 3.8 possessions per game.
While everyone knows where his scoring is coming from—78% of his shots coming less than 8 ft from the basket—he’s shown a flexibility of he to get there. Overall, he has quietly been assisted less than his two counter parts – 60.5% of his makes being assisted compared to Embiid and Jokic’s 63.4%. And less than 8 ft from the basket, he’s assisted 55.4% of the time compared to Jokic’s 59.7% and Embiid’s 64%.
This isn’t trying to break the wheel, change the world or the narrative that it isn’t a two-man race for best center in the NBA right now. But Sabonis is quietly making a good case to create some separation from the rest of the NBA when it comes to the argument around best centers. Still not a defensive juggernaut, his contribution on the offensive end has been incredibly important to one of the best stories in the NBA -- if not the best. And while he continues to receive recognition (3x All Star, 4 All-NBA votes in 2020-21), it might be time to start taking his campaign a little bit more serious.
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2023.03.20 16:39 alamayn Leaving semi-relaxed, decent paying start up job for a less flexible, higher paying job at a better company… making the right decision as someone who values work/life balance?

I’m having my final interview today for a position where the manager unofficially told me I have the job. I am pretty sure this is the better of two jobs, but it’s the first time I’m having any hesitancy leaving a job. They’re both in the same industry but not quite competitors. I’ll compare:
Current job: - $76k salary, eligible for a raise no sooner than July 1 because of how the company wide performance review cycle works. I know that the max salary for my current position is $88k. - There technically could be a promotion available, but my manager pretty much told me that the company does not have a need for it at the time. She also emphasized that my max salary could be the median salary for the role even if there was a promotion, that $88 wouldn’t automatically be the minimum. She also reminded me that I’m paid the most on my team (and I know that’s true) and that maximum salaries are designed to last for when a person is in a role for several years…. so probably not getting above $80 with them this year. - SUPER relaxed environment because I’ve proven I am capable and reliable in the past year I’ve worked here. I know how to manage the work and do it well so I have little oversight. I work for a couple hours a day and consistently have excellent feedback. I’m able to log off early when for appointments, we have unlimited PTO and last year I used 22 days formally, no way to quantify the other time I just didn’t work - OK health insurance that I don’t have to pay for, really great dental insurance that I pay a little for, decent vision insurance that I don’t pay for - No 401k match, no bonuses
New job: - Less flexible, but may be getting more flexible? The team is being doubled from 2 people to 4 and they said that’s to improve work/life balance. I’d be surprised if it’s as easygoing as my current job though - Pay range is mid 80s to mid 90s, I’d like to negotiate a sign on bonus because I just missed the company’s bonus cycle - 18 days PTO, can buy an extra week, not familiar with how that works - Better title all around. I’m currently an associate, if I did get promoted my title would be specialist, the new job’s title is advisor. - Better quality health insurance that I’ll pay for ($90/mo), not as great dental insurance that I’ll pay for ($20/mo), average vision insurance that I’ll pay for ($7/mo) - 5% 401k match and 10% annual bonus with potential for more
and both jobs are fully remote.
does the new job sound like the better pick? I like the people at my current job and am well respected enough to manage myself, I enjoy my freedoms. But I’m also dealing with a lot of dental bills and already maxed out my insurance for the year, so an insurance reset + more money is really what I want the most.
should I be considering anything else?
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2023.03.20 16:38 Dismal-Magician-3183 [REVIEW] Noble Panacea

Noble Panacea Review
I am posting on Reddit for prior to placing my order I searched all over the internet for reviews for this line and it's very hard to find any, today I found some reviews on here so that comforted me, therefore I wanted to share my take on the products I used in the instance someone is out there like me trying to see if the Noble Panacea is worth it.
Side note: I chatted with a Noble Panacea representative that this would be the best line for me to try (can't use retinol). They have 2-day delivery which was nice but the box it came in was a bit much, it was so heavy (felt like I was shipped a brick) and all that was supposed be in there was 28 little sachets, however it's elaborate heavy/expensive packaging; the box that holds the Discovey Set and then the slider box that holds the samples. It also came with an 'opener' which in the end was a waste b/c it stopped cutting like it should. You feel "special" to open, but also it's gimmicky. I'd prefer some cheap truly recycable packagine and let the product wow me, not a fancy shiny box that opens like a book with a sticker then tissue paper etc.
Brillant Discover Set
During my "discovery" time using the Brillant line on day 2 I had concern that I might like it, like laying in bed thinking "please don't let this work" yet also the other part of my brain saying "let this be the skincare miracle you have been seeking" reason for the lack of sleep...this was going to cost me $849 a month to use all the products mentioned above. Yes I could stretch the eye cream and the day face cream but that is an insane cost for one month, just think that in a year it would cost you $10K, I think I'd rather try a laser or microneedling procedure that cost a couple thousand where I know something is actually happening to my face then using products that have sweet almond oil, orange and lemon oil, seaweed, sunflower oil etc. hoping that will revert my face to a teenager.
I was going to try the cleanser + scrub as well the vitamin c from their line but I think I'll wave my white flag, I just am done with little satchets and cutting things open and then sticking them in a ziplock bag to preserve and not waste $...and I only did it 4 days, I can't imagine a month of that.
I think this line works for someone who is very rich and has tough skin, so maybe 20 year old trust fund or actress? I am in my 40's with reactive skin, normal but is very finicky so this did not agree with me. I am active and hike and live b/t Chicago and Arizona and I don't think this works for either environment nor my face.
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2023.03.20 16:38 RiskyWhisky84 I am broken inside and long for friends like I had before...

Getting this out of the way Im 39 years old, a researcher by trade and a generally good person (most of the time), and I lost two friends last year. I met both on Reddit, and what was at first just a momentary, insubstantial chat became a close friendship.
The first of these friends, A, reached out to me first for advice. I was new to Reddit then, so I was surprised that this woman was looking to me of all people for insight into personal issues of her own. We clicked immediately and began talking every day, not just on Reddit, but also Whatsapp and Telegram too. There was a 14-year age difference between us (she was 23 and I was 37), but we were inseparable. Our conversations were deep, fun, exciting, everything anyone could want. And she was beautiful, but that wasn’t an element that impacted the friendship at all. And we were almost like twins, personality wise. We took several personality tests and found a literal 2% difference between the two of us across the board. We laughed about it and bonded even closer.
This began in June of ’21. She was jobless, so we had plenty of time to talk. Later in the year, around the fall, she got a job and I was very excited about that for her. By the middle of December, without warning, she disappeared. She ghosted me. I was devastated by the loss, but somehow managed to keep myself together mostly. I had a lot going on in my own life though and the weight of it all was becoming more than I could bear. Things were uncomfortably close to disaster.
Vulnerable and looking for someone to talk to, I began to search Reddit for someone, anyone to talk to. December 21st, a young Scottish woman (23 years old, like the other), I’ll call her V, reached out after responding to my post. We had our differences, but not so much that it impacted a growing friendship negatively; it just led to growth actually. It quickly became clear to each of us that we had developed serious feelings about the other. Serious. It was like a whirlwind, and I felt that amazing dopamine high every time I received a message from her.
Now, just to be clear, both of these women contacted me first. And though I have always connected better as friends with women in general, I found that though I was more than a decade older than each, I connected even more so with them. It wasn’t the case of an older guy looking for a younger woman; it just happened that way.
So anyway, without warning, just literally in the night, I received a message from her saying something to the effect of “Nice to know you, you were a good one. Take care.” She deleted her account that night. no reason as far as I know for this. We typically used Telegram to communicate, and she deleted that account too. She disappeared into thin air. That was in March.
Losing two people, a good friend and one that had become more, was too much too soon. I vividly remember laying in the bathtub looking at my 45 handgun, just thinking of how quickly I could end my pain. I was so broken. It was so painful to be abandoned, and that’s what it was. Abandonment. Twice now…
I, as you may have guessed by now, did not in fact shoot myself that day, but I did prepare another way out in case the time did come. I took some strong sedatives, ground them to a very fine powder, and kept them next to a shot of bourbon in my office, preparing to shoot it all down and just go to sleep one day.
I was surprised and delighted more than I can write that one day, just a month or so after V disappeared, A returned! She apologized and told me that work had just taken her to such a state that she didn’t have time for anything during the holidays. But SHE WAS BACK! That’s what mattered to me, and she helped me recuperate after the V situation. Our friendship just picked up where it left off, like nothing had ever changed.
In June, we celebrated being friends for a year. That may not seem like much, but for her and I, it was a worthy celebration for an online friendship. We talked about meeting up sooner or later, even though we were several states apart, and what we would do if it happened. It was a good time, and though I had – and still have – that painful, lingering sting of unresolved abandonment from V, she was there to reassure me and strengthen me as only a close friend can.
Hell descended upon me in September of last year though. A and I were such good friends. Close. Almost the same person in so many ways. I woke up to a message on Reddit saying, “I wish you the best in all you do.” SHE HAD DONE – JUST AS V HAD – LEFT ME IN THE COLD WITH NO EXPLANATION! Why? No reason was left. No warning was given. And like V, she had deleted her Telegram and WhatsApp accounts too! Both disappeared without anything more than saying “bye.”
Nothing had changed between me and V, and later A and I. I was the same person I had always been. I made no out-of-the-way comments, I had done nothing differently. As far as I knew then, and still know, I had simply been forgotten about by both without any reason on my part? My God, the pain of losing two close friends, really the only friends I had in the world (I only have colleagues and family offline) within months left me broken in so many ways. I grew numb. I decided maybe I just didn’t need friends. Maybe I could just keep everything I felt and experienced to myself, both the good days and the bad. I had no one to speak too, and I just grew darker and darker as a person. I didn’t kill myself, though again, I thought about it, but with less drive than before. I was more numb at that point, numb and confused, too really care anymore.
Emotionally, I sealed myself off. I did my research, worked with my partners and colleagues towards our goals, and though happy with the developing results of our work, continued to grow dead and distant inside. It stayed that way for months. I kept it all to myself, and I don’t know if you know what that’s like – and I’m sorry for you if you do – but its miserable to have a life and no one to talk about it with, or to hear about theirs.
Like the first two times, I was approached through chat again this month, only two weeks ago, by another young woman (31) who presented herself as interested in striking up a friendship. I was cautious, but wanting a connection so badly, I gave in. I was amazing initially, but sadly, I remained very cautious. So much so that I relied on resources of mine to ensure she was who she said she was. While I won’t discuss that directly, she and I still talk, which is nice, but she is distant, quiet, and slow to respond. And I too retain my reservations, but am so hungry for contact with someone like my other friends, that whether this individual is legitimate or not, I’m willing to play along just to have a semblance of that feeling I once did.
In the end, though I am very successful, and have no issues with addressing investors and clients and even giving presentations to hundreds of people at a time, emotionally I have vast weaknesses and strive for friends like those I had before, but am so chastened amd disheartened that I can’t really let my walls down...
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2023.03.20 16:37 mialee94 I got the word!!!! I have nodules :(((((

So I knew before going to the ENT something was seriously wrong. Over the past six months my voice went from a bit broken, top register a bit raspy to NO HEAD VOICE AT ALL. NADA, NOTHING ZIP. I used to have (sorry for my complete lack of note knowledge) range from the very top to very bottom of a 66 key keyboard (any lovely music nerds can figure out what that means) and now, I'm lucky to reach about ten keys from the bottom, afterwards my voice cuts out. Forget singing! I can hardly speak, people ask me if I'm ok every day. Work (talking to customers) is a waking nightmare I wish would end.
I'm writing this post 1. For solidarity. I am a person with chronic depression and singing to myself, in the shower, writing music, performing. These have been my outlets and often only comfort in times of great distress. I'm sure this sub will relate to how devastating a loss it is and how the resulting depression is making a bad situation way worse rip and 2. For advice - my doctor has strongly advised not to do a surgery but to explore speech therapy options. Only issue is a year ago I consistently saw a speech therapist, and struggled to make any changes, it's just gotten way worse. And at $250 per appointment, I'm not sure if I can go through that again, but does anyone have any experience with recovery? Tips? Help?
Anyway thank you for letting me vent. I miss singing with all of my soul and this is definitely the worst thing ever. Not just because of the loss of casual paid singing income, but the loss of what feels like a piece of my soul.
Thanks for readinggg love to my community p.s. I know the sub mildly broken voice exists!! But there are 158k more people here than there, respectfully, a wider opinion base is so appreciated <3
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2023.03.20 16:37 Effective_Cat2363 (26f) I’m going to run away from partner (26m)

I have my car and I’m currently on leave from work. And I start my internship in about two months. I need to get away from my toxic relationship while my partner is at work. We had a argument yesterday that pushed me to wanting to leave.
I am dealing with mental health issues and he is only making it worse. I have ptsd and ocd, depression and anxiety. Last week I almost kms. Held a knife .. which is a step I’ve never gone before with my suicide ideations. I know it is the medicine’s side effect (Prozac) so I stopped taking it and seeking new medication.
But I’m just done being in this toxic environment. It doesn’t feel like he loves me. I need to get out.
Please give me advice on how to execute a plan to leave. I still have online therapy sessions every Thursday I have a laptop I can bring with me. I have luggage I can pack items in as well as my car. I get paid on Thursday will probably be about $500 to my bank account. I live across country from friends and family. No one is close. Should I stay at a airbnb? Hotel? Please help guide me. I’m very lost. I’ve been very dependent on this relationship and never been on my own before.
TL;dr: going to run away from toxic partner while he is at work. Help me create a plan to leave. This is going to be my first time being on my own. Need direction on what to pack and resources. Family and friends live across country. $500 is all I have atm.
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