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2023.06.08 20:32 Tomolo1997 📢 Suki is hiring a Associate Product Manager!

Company: Suki
Location: Redwood City, CA 📍.
Date Posted: June 08, 2023 📅.
Apply & Description 👉
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2023.06.08 20:32 Classic_Excuse_8178 10$ for chipped tooth

I need 10$ to cover a small fee at the dentist. My dentist charges 10$ over the counter so that her patients pay for covid equipment. She still wears a mask during apointments and someone in her office got it, so she still thinks these precautions are necessary. I have a chipped tooth btw.
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2023.06.08 20:31 frauenarzZzt After an exhaustive investigation that took at least the past hour, our team uncovered the real reason behind the MBTA's systemic failures, safety violations, and mismanagement at the T.

In the Winter of 2015, Boston experienced our highest snowfall totals in history, from January through February the city received several walloping storms which closed the MBTA for over a day at a time on multiple occasions.
For many commuters in Boston, this was the beginning of the rapid downfall of the MBTA. We can point to some other signs such as the underfunding of public transit, failure to have forward-thinking transit-minded policy from the Baker administration, and the backlog of maintenance efforts required, but many people point to this time period as the beginning of our beloved T's downfall. While it's nearly impossible to note all of the T's quirky safety incidents, here are a few notable ones:
2015: A runaway train leaves Braintree and travels over five miles without an operator.
In 2016, the MBTA raised fares again. They continued to offer cost-effective transportation but many commuters took safety into their own hands, as that year a commuter rail train was severely damaged in a collision with a pole at South Station and still attempted to make a trip to/from Worcester before being pulled from service mid-commute with passengers on board. --- Think about the audacity of taking a knowingly-damaged vehicle into service, and just who might do something like that.
In 2017, a "sharp increase" in deaths occurred, with 22 people losing their lives on the MBTA system in their most recent fiscal year. Trains split apart mid-journey, and it was reported that the MBTA had the most derailments in the United States. What other transportation authorities could make passengers fear for their lives, like the vehicles they're on aren't safe?
In 2018, the trend of derailments continued as the Green Line derailed 9 days into the new year, but as bus and subway fatalities stabilized, commuter rail trespass fatalities continued to increase.
In 2019, the now-infamous JFK/UMass Red Line derailment happened, damaging a switch box that to this day has not been fully fixed, and the Red Line was crippled for weeks. Three days prior the Green Line derailed at Kenmore, injuring 10, and less than two weeks later the Green Line derailed again. This was a crisis. How could a transportation system have this many derailments?
Almost fortunately for the MBTA, 2020 marked the global pandemic which decreased ridership on the T and reduced safety violations. 2021 saw train-on-train collisions on the Green Line, infrastructure problems such as the Back Bay escalator malfunction, and further train derailments (a classic).
In 2022, things got so bad that the Federal Transportation Administration (a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation) needed to step in with an oversight role. Even so, brakes and batteries on the new Orange Line trains failed. An Orange Line train caught fire which resulted in one passenger jumping off a bridge and swimming to shore. The situation became so untenable that the T had to shut down service on the entire orange line in August.
In consideration of all of this, we have one question to ask: How did it get this bad? There can be only one answer. The answer comes from within our fine city, and lies within another organization shut down by another branch of the U.S. Department of Transportation. In 2014, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ordered Fung Wah Bus Transportation Inc to cease operations. Fung Wah Bus was a way to get from Boston to NYC for an affordable price. However, with that came numerous and amazing safety incidents of their own, such as buses catching fire, buses 'derailing' from the highway and flipping over, and Massachusetts inspectors eventually found 'multiple structural cracks' in various parts of buses. All of this sounds incredibly similar to safety incidents on the MBTA, and given the timeline of events and the shuttering of Fung Wah (RIP, we truly loved ye) followed by the collapse of the MBTA, we can only conclude that correlation and causality are the same thing. Therefore, it's evident that former Massachusetts Governor and world's most cringe Blink-182 fan Charlie Baker outsourced control of the MBTA to Fung Wah Bus Transportation in a desperate cost-saving measure. Now we are at a crossroads, and it seems that the only way to save our beloved T is to bring back extremely cheap and life-threatening bus service from Boston to NYC.
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2023.06.08 20:31 AutoNewsAdmin [Politics] - Mayor Johnson extends parental leave benefits to teachers union in departure from Lightfoot policy

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2023.06.08 20:31 seldkam How do you get into project management?

Hi guys. I'm 27M and have researched some ways to shift from my current situation to an office position. The PMP certifications, degrees in business, etc.
All of these options and I'm not sure where to go as someone with no office experience. My undergrad degree is English.
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2023.06.08 20:31 digahagay Best ways to take phentermine for weight loss

When it comes to prescription medications for weight loss, phentermine stands out as one of the most effective options available. Here are some tips on using it effectively for weight loss. Originally approved by the FDA in 1959, it has a long history of helping patients combat obesity when traditional methods such as exercise and a healthy diet have proven insufficient.
Over the years, phentermine has been combined with other weight loss drugs, but recent research suggests that it is most effective when used as a standalone treatment to maximize its appetite suppression benefits and minimize potential side effects.
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2023.06.08 20:31 uhzel DAE feel like they're not a real person yet?

hii, i'm not sure where to post this but i felt you guys could probably relate? anyway yes, basically what the title says. what i mean by that is, i see people around me-- my age and others, and they seem to have things figured out or like they just know stuff that apparently i should just know as well but i don't, in perhaps every way possible. i've felt this way for as long as i can remember and just can't escape it. this might sound stupid but i'm posting this in hopes of finding a way to fix that i guess, any advice on how to be more like a real person?
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2023.06.08 20:31 CertainBrain873 Make sure to give this post a upvote and share your link, I'll be lurking in the comments and ready to click!

Haven’t clicked on any links yet so let’s click for click! Comment when done!
You can use the code: 169895652
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2023.06.08 20:30 Janius [H] Celeste, Growing Up, Luck Be a Landlord, Curse of the Old Gods, Rogue: Genesia [W] Bug Fables, Oaken, Chernobylite, Dreamscaper, Offers

My page
Games that I want most currently: Bug Fables, Oaken, Chernobylite, Vanaris Tactics, Miasma Chronicles and Dreamscaper
My full wishlist is below, but I will consider other games that I don't know about/aren't on the list. I really like to play Roguelites, RPGs, Strategy, Card games, and certain sims.
I also have some games on the EA Store, if you're interested just ask.
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2023.06.08 20:30 Dry_Peanut_107 Dad (65 M) has a life-threatening hernia, kaiser won't operate until september

NorCal kaiser. my dad has been sick in bed with a groin hernia for a few weeks now... he has all the "bad" symptoms that you can think of, like nausea and vomiting, signaling the need for immediate surgery. kaiser won't even give him an ultrasound and said that they will operate on the hernia in september.

my mom and I are frustrated because we perceive the situation as life threatening. we've never heard a conversation between him and the doctor, but we suspect when my dad goes in he "downplays" the pain of the hernia, and doesn't mention that he can't sit at a desk for more than an hour, etc. however, my dad is frustrated because he can't go into the office between now and september, because it is impacting his ability to work in the office and go on walks, etc.

what should we do in this situation? will urgent care with a PPO plan be able to get him in sooner? is there a way we can communicate his situation better to kaiser to get seen sooner? we don't want him to end up in an ambulence, which is where we feel this is heading.
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2023.06.08 20:30 secretchuWOWa1 Why aren’t we hearing about the smoke in Canada?

Maybe it’s because I’m in England or because of the news sources I use but all the coverage is about the USA dealing with smoke pollution. Are Canadian cities not getting it even worse? Is Canada not surely having a much much worse time? Fighting wildfires, smoke pollution, environmental damage, but it’s the US that’s getting media coverage, why?
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2023.06.08 20:30 mmamh2008 why does hoi4 always crash?

why does hoi4 always crash?
I don't know if it's the right place to post this but hoi4 constantly crashes when I try to unpause in millennium dawn and it crashes after peace deals in normal hoi4, it crashes after nearly one month of gameplay in the mod endsieg. what should I do now?

these are the mods I have , if it helps
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2023.06.08 20:30 Spike_Rutland Monthly Coloring Page - June 2023

Monthly Coloring Page - June 2023
The monthly coloring page is up on Patreon! Even $1 a month gets you access to the HD file. I’d love to see what you do with it! That same dollar will get you access to all previous coloring pages as well (including a lot of WIP content, priority in commission queue, & more!), so please join up today!
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2023.06.08 20:30 4non3mouse POF is a cesspool of scammers and spammers - PSA

Im recently single again, checked out POF and man is that place a mess. It is just full of women's profiles that are either obvious scams, spammers or haven't logged in since 2017. I'd assume its the same for women there looking for men as well.
I used yahoo personals back in like 06 and if you tried to put your email or any contact info in your bio to get around paying for the service yahoo would block it. Yet half the people on the near me section have snapchat or some blowjob website in their tagline. In my search parameter I have selected to only show women who are 46-56 that live within 25 miles. But the "nearby" feature shows me 22 year olds and the "meet me" shows women in other states.
If somebody even looks at your profile the system flags this as somebody "liked you" even though all they did was look and never hit the like button. This is of course to get you to pay and you cant just buy a month and see how it goes, its 60 bucks for 3 months.
Back when I used yahoo personals it had a lot of women who were maybe being coy about their age, saying they were 33 when they looked 50ish. PoF is full of profiles of women who look 22 saying they are in their 50s or even 60's.
So if you are going to use PoF be very careful. You can do a google image search by right clicking the photo and select 'search image with google" and then at the top of the search box that comes up select find image source. Its amazing how many fake profiles use images of porn stars or tik tok creators.
if the person wants to immediately use snapchat or something other than text that is another tell tale sign of a potential scam. If they give you a phone number do a search to see if its a voip (voice over internet protocol) number like google voice. If it comes up as a voip they may just not want to give out their real number so ask them if its their cell and see if at least they are honest about it.
Please post your PoF horror stories here and share any other tips or stuff I missed!
Be safe out there people!
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2023.06.08 20:30 Minimum-Ingenuity-46 Roger Waters framed for being an antisemite for performing songs from The Wall

He has been performing The Wall for 40 years, and it is satire which takes the piss out of fascist dictatorships.
Here is the link of him explaining himself: (12) Pink Floyd's Roger Waters EXPLOSIVE Interview Sets Record Straight - YouTube
it's ridiculous. people choose to completely disregard the facts and take it COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT like at the 1:48 mark in this video here: (12) ROGER in hot WATERS after dressing as Nazi SS officer for Berlin concert - YouTube
He is framed for being antisemitic because he is critical of Israel's policy against Palestine.
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2023.06.08 20:30 mattpreston11 Fold 4 UK hinge...

Hey, had my F4 since release. Hinge won't open fully as of yesterdayand I'm booked in next week with Samsung repair in store.
Anyone got experience on what to expect. Without my phone for weeks? Covered under warranty? Appreciate there's similar posts but interested to know how people have got on.
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2023.06.08 20:30 the_foxxy_love_ Issues since last update

I've been patient on posting this one because I wasn't sure if it's just me and a skill issue or an actual issue
I've heard of people with input delays and things like that but even with relatively decent ping (10-14ms) I've been having issues where my inputs aren't even registering at all.
Passes not passing, shooting not shooting etc.
Trying to switch players not working properly (trying to go from Lb to Cb and it switches me to a CM or Rb despite going in the direction of the Cb with my right stick)
Goalkeeper control not responding at all. I try to move the goalkeeper back and he starts rushing forward making no sense giving away goals.
These minor things and more have just been plaguing me in so many different games and I'm wondering if I should submit a ticket (even tho it 90% won't even get looked at cuz ea) or not.
Let me know what yall think?
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2023.06.08 20:30 unifi_version_bot Security Advisory Bulletin 031

Announcement Post from Ubiquiti


Published: June 8, 2023
Version: 1.0
Revision: 1.0
A backup file vulnerability found in UniFi applications (Version 7.3.83 and earlier) running on Linux operating systems allows application administrators to execute malicious commands on the host device being restored.
This vulnerability is fixed in Version 7.4.156 and later.
Affected Products :
UniFi application (Version 7.3.83 and earlier)
Mitigation :
Update the UniFi application to Version 7.4.156 or later.
Impact :
CVSS v3.0 Severity and Metrics:
Base Score: 9.1 Critical
CVE: CVE-2023-28365 (Mathew Marcus)
Reference Links :

Would you recommend this release?

  • Upvote this post if you recommend this version
    • If you'd like, leave a comment about your setup so others can upgrade with confidence
  • Downvote this post if you experienced significant issues with it
    • Leave a comment (or upvote an existing one) about the issues
    • If you have a workaround, please share here
    • Remember to file bugs with Ubiquiti
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2023.06.08 20:30 seochatter Organic Keywords In Search Engine Optimization

Organic keywords are a type of keyword that helps you get free traffic to your website using search engine optimization (SEO). They are the words and phrases that people use to search for information on the internet that can lead users to your content.
Therefore, it’s important to understand what organic keywords are, why they’re important, and how they work in your SEO strategy.
Note: There’s a dedicated guide on this topic over at the SEO Chatter blog here: Organic Keywords, but this post includes the most important highlights to help you quickly understand the topic of organic keywords in SEO.
Organic Keywords
An organic keyword lets visitors discover your website without clicking on an ad. Organic keywords are free to target vs paid keywords that require money to rank for in the search engines.
Organic keywords are important for SEO because:
Optimizing for Organic Keywords
To rank your website for organic keywords, you need to do two things: keyword research and on-page optimization.
Keyword research is the process of finding the best and most relevant keywords for your website based on your audience’s needs and intent. You want to use keywords that match what people are looking for online. Because if they’re not looking for it, they’re not going to find it.
Keyword research tools like KWFinder, SE Ranking, and Semrush generate a list of ideas that are related to your target query so you can choose which terms and phrases to target based on how they align with your products and services as well as the overall value the organic keywords can bring to your business.
These tools can also help you analyze the competition and difficulty of each keyword. Because you don’t want to waste your time on keywords that are too hard to rank in Google.
On-page optimization is the process of using organic keywords in your web content to improve its SEO signals.
The top places to add your organic keywords for SEO include:
When you optimize these on-page elements correctly, you’ll make your pages more relevant for the organic keywords you want the content to rank for in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You’ll also make your pages more user-friendly and engaging.
Finding Organic Keywords Your Website Ranks for In Google
There are two common ways you can monitor the organic keyword performance of your website:
Go Deeper In the SEO Chatter Mentorship
Would you like to get some personalized help on implementing the strategies we've discussed here for your own website? The SEO Chatter Mentorship program could be right for you.
Inside you'll get:
Get the full details here: SEO Chatter Mentorship
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2023.06.08 20:29 AtioBomi Any apps for dating first then banging?

Grindr seems to just be for sex stuff which I'm not really looking for. And besides that other apps I found seem to be friends apps for people all across the world instead of dating in my area. And reddit dating doesn't really work out. Are there apps where dating is what is the 'main biz's instead of hookups? I think the issue I'm having (maybe the other potential reason is iffy) is the apps I'm looking on for dating. Everyone seems to only want sex, and when I mention in my profile and posts that I'm not looking for a strictly sex thing it starts out with regular convo before they quickly make it horny
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2023.06.08 20:29 Adhi_Sekar I regret to inform you that Hasan actually has a good take on the Ukraine war.

On the Nova Kakhovka dam explosion. Very unexpected.
I would have posted this in Hasan subredit but I'm banned :/
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2023.06.08 20:29 leovenustypebeat Any restaurants hiring?

Hi there, I’m 18F and I have been looking into getting a serving summer job for the summer that can hopefully carry over into my sophomore year at Ohio State. I’m just posting and asking if any restaurants are hiring right now in Westerville, because I’ve had no luck in applying so far. Posting here in case a server or restaurant on here has openings in their establishments and has had no luck in hiring anyone. I have no serving experience but I am really eager to learn and grow, and I am an extremely fast learner so I think I could pick it up pretty fast! I’ve had a job since I was 15 but I have decided I’d like to move to the serving industry because my previous jobs were too isolating and management was careless. If anyone could help me out, feel free to comment or PM me. :) Thank you so much!
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