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People conforming to the letter, but not the spirit, of a request.

2014.04.08 20:48 Blue1878 A place for UK MUAs to share hauls, tips and everything make-up related!

A place for UK MUAs to share hauls, tips and everything and anything makeup related!

2023.06.08 01:39 South_Fox6094 Can we really hack university servers and get a good result?What do hackers study in college? Is it hard to learn how to hack? How hard is it to be an ethical hacker? How do I know if my IP address has been hacked? Do you need to change your university grade? But do not understand how to hack a university server? How can you hack the server yourself? What is needed to hack? Where to find hackers? You will know all this.
Can we really hack university servers and get a good resultWhat Is A Server?
How To Hack University Server. A web server is a place to store web page or website data. When you type something in a web browser and click the enter button, the information from the web server appears in the web browser. The web server has a running application that receives requests from the user and responds to the desired request.
The server can run on any computer. The computer used for the server is made specially. In many cases a computer can offer different services. Servers use many computers for data security purposes only.
Most servers are designed to be a great process for running special computers. A server is a type of computer program that is set up to serve requests from other programs (clients / users). The server is managed in a client-server design. The server is designed according to the server user. Allows the user to share data, information, software or hardware resources.
The user is usually connected to the server through the network. In the light of Internet Protocol Networking, a server is a program that acts as a socket listener.
Is It Possible To Hack University Servers?
Yes, it is possible. Different hacker groups do this kind of work. Not only university servers, but almost all servers can be hacked.
However, how difficult it will be to hack the server depends on its security system. Many times the server has an advanced level security system. Then it becomes almost impossible to hack the server.
How To Hack University Web Server
Customers usually turn to the Internet for information and to purchase products and services. Considering this aspect, most companies have websites. Most websites store valuable
information such as passwords, email addresses and credit card numbers. Similarly, a university has the details of a student’s name, address, result, fee payment. This information becomes the target of attackers. Hackers hack by targeting faulty websites.
Contact us at for technical problems about your task or issue regarding hacking services.
Here you can learn more about the techniques of server hacking and what methods are used for server hacking and how you can protect yourself from such attacks.
What are web server vulnerabilities?
A web server is a program that stores files (usually web pages) and makes them accessible over a network or the Internet. A web server requires both hardware and software. Attackers typically target the exploitation of the software in order to gain authorized entry into the server. Let’s learn about a few common weaknesses through which attackers take advantage.
Default Settings: The default settings are the default passwords of the server. The default password is the same for all users so the attacker can easily guess it. The default settings allow the server to perform certain tasks such as commands that can be used.
Incorrect Configuration: Incorrect configuration can cause dangerous commands on user-run servers.
Password: If the user cannot choose a good password then the access can easily go to someone else. Operating system and web server bugs – Bugs in the operating system or web server software can also be used to gain unauthorized access to the system. In addition to the web server vulnerabilities described above, the following can also lead to unauthorized access.
Lack of Security Policies and Security Procedures: A security policy and antivirus software updating system, operating system and web server software problems can create security loopholes for attackers.
Web Server Type
There are different types of web servers. A list of common web servers:
Apache – This is the most commonly used web server on the Internet. Apache is a cross platform. Apache is generally installed on Linux server. Most PHP websites are hosted on Apache servers.
Internet Information Services (IIS): This was created by Microsoft. It runs on Windows operating system, and it is the second most used web server on the Internet. Most Asp and Aspex websites are hosted on IIS servers.
Apache Tomcat: Most of the world’s Java server pages are hosted on this site.
Different Ways To Hack A Web Server
Directory Traversal Attacks: These types of attacks are to be done for public domain. Hackers use server bags to get access to files and folders . They also do things like change data and inject malware into servers.
Farming: This type of attack attacker’s updates server or user domain name system (DNS)। so that the traffic is redirected to another malicious site.
Denial of service attack: With this type of attack, the web server may crash or be unavailable to legitimate users.
Sniffing: Unsecured data sent over the network may be prevented from gaining unauthorized access to the web server
Phishing : This type of attack disguises websites and diverts traffic to fake websites. Unsuccessful users may be deceived into submitting sensitive data such as login details, credit card numbers, etc.
Domain Name System Hijacking: This type of attacker changes the DNS setting to point to the attacker’s web server. All traffic that was supposed to be sent to the web server has been redirected to the error.
Defacement: This type of attack replaces the attacker’s organization’s website on a separate page that may include the hacker’s name, images, and background music and messages.
The Effects Of Successful Server Hacking Attacks
An organization’s reputation may be tarnished if the attacker edits the content of the website and includes malicious information or links to a porn website on the site.
This web server can be used to install malicious software for users who visit the website. Malicious viruses, trojans or botnet software may be downloaded to the computer without the knowledge of the viewer. Compromised user data can be used for fraudulent activities that could harm the business.
Some Tools For Hacking Common Web Servers
Metasploit: This is an open source tool for developing, testing and using code. It can be used to discover vulnerabilities on the web server and to write exploits that can be used to compromise the server.
MPAC: This is a web exploitation tool. It was written in PHP language. It is supported by MySQL as a database engine. Once a web server is compromised using MPAC, all of its traffic is redirected to malicious download websites.
Zeus: This tool can be used to transform a compromised computer into a bot or zombie. A bot is a compromised computer that is used to run Internet-based attacks. A botnet is a collection of compromised computers. Botnet services can then be used as a denial of attack or spam mail sending.
University server hacking or any type of web server hacking is a complex process. This requires unlimited knowledge as well as practice. At the same time, the legal issue remains. It is best if you hire a professional hacker to hack the university server. Then you will be safe with the successful completion of your work. If you want to hack University server then you can contact us. We provide such hacking services. For more such hacking services send us a reach via
For further information about how Can we really hack university servers and get a good result and other related hacking services, Speak to a hacker anonymously on for all your hacking needs
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2023.06.08 01:03 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - The Leads Machine (Course)

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2023.06.08 00:59 iF_Blow Aim assist now only works when I'm strafing AND tracking (console)

Aim assist now only works when I'm strafing AND tracking (console)
So it definitely was not like this yesterday. This happened to a friend of mine last week so we were testing it out yesterday and it was working fine. Not sure if this is a known bug with a fix, but I couldn't find much looking up "aim assist" on this sub. We all know how that goes. Any ideas?
(For anyone wondering, yes it makes a big difference and is very noticable in game when playing a match)
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2023.06.07 22:54 ActualIyCameron I NEED to cut my hair before spring break, but I can’t go to a hairdresser.

hello, I’m a 15yo guy. more specifically, a trans guy. (born female, but actually a guy.)
so, I’ve been to the hairdresser a few times and it’s been stressful, I can’t go anywhere without my mask and sitting in the middle of a mall (in a transparent store, literally people surrounding you, everywhere.) isn’t great.
the reason I mentioned I’m trans is because my hair is growing longer and longer and me having short hair is the only thing that actually makes me look like a boy. (since I’m just a kid I’m not on Testosterone and haven’t had any gender affirming surgeries.)
so, if I don’t cut my hair I get gender dysphoria, but if I do cut my hair I sit at the verge of tears, incredibly anxious for 4 hours. without a mask.
I have a lot of trust issues and I don’t trust a lot of people, especially not when cutting my hair. but the girl that currently cuts my hair is super sweet and knows how I want it.
I don’t know anyone that can cut hair (well, at least.) and I just don’t know what to do.
it also has to be before spring break cause during spring all teens are in the mall and teens my age is the people hat cause me the most anxiety. (teens are rude and fucking terrifying.)
does anyone know what I could do?
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2023.06.07 22:44 Ulysses545 Help with a backstory Idea?

Hey all I’ve had an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while for a back up or future character but I’m not quite sure how to make it work logistically and thought I’d come here for opinions/help it’s early stages though so bear with me. Pretty much I want to play as someone who has possessed/replaced someone else, transmigrate may be a good term but not from a different world or anything, essentially I’ve been trying to see if there are any spells or monsters that would work with this, maybe even from older editions. The main points I want to have is a backstory for this character with people they knew etc. and let the dm come up with a history for the body that I know nothing of essentially having to balance interacting with people/places I knew as someone else and having no idea about people/groups who would recognise “me”
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2023.06.07 22:26 AllUrMemes Rules / Tutorial status update

Current excuses for not having rulebook done:
-Needed to finish Armor and Weapons update since there were pretty big changes (back side Armor movement, off-hand stuff). Basically any tutorial would become obsolete very quickly until these are done. That's now complete, and you'll see these introductory Weapons and Armor (Unarmed/improvised; chains/rags) that present logical stepping stones of increasing complexity.
-STILL TOO DAMN LONG. I mean, probably not for you regulars around here, but for the unwashed masses we're trying to save from crappy d20 combat. I was able to trim about 25% of the QuickRules off on my last go-around. My goal is 50%, which may or may not be doable as-is.
But these two bullet points have lead me back to an improved version of my old idea for Intro adventure(s) and a kinda HeroQuest-inspired Quest Book.
Basically, here's the plan:
-Stupidly short QuickStart rules. 10-20 pages of mostly pictures that essentially tell you the icons and basics of reading the cards
-Quest 1 (page 1): Escape from Camp Stereotype: Players start with Chains and Unarmed as their equipment. Stunt Hand size is 0 so they don't even need to know about that. Players get a paragraph of exposition, then spend 2-3 rounds learning to walk and make a basic attack on a passive enemy.
-After Quest 1 (page 2): Wooo! You're so amazing. Here's some exposition and encouragement as a reward. Make a simple multiple choice Attribute-related RP/skill challenge decision thingy. Small reward/consequence.
-Quest 2 (page 3): Exposition. Get Improvised Weapons that have front/back stuff and some meaningful decisions to make. Teach them about Stunts, they can now draw them. Heroes beat up some mooks who now kinda fight back (but still pretty basic).
-After Quest 2 (page 4): INCREDIBLE! Some more exposition and encouragement/rewards. Another multiple choice RP thing. Heroes get their chains cut.
-Quest 3: Chains are cut, so the Heroes get upgraded to Rags for Armor. Rags have Dodge, so explain how this works. Fight enemies that outnumber the Heroes and/or are mobile so that Heroes have to learn to utilize their Dodge.
-After Quest 3: UNNNNBELLLIIEEEVVAABBLLEEE!!! You're the smartest players ever! Exposition, Level up! (Raise an attribute). get some decent basic weapons and Armor. The multiple-choice/ RP element here determines where/how they engage the enemy in Quest 4 (end of Intro).
-Quest 4: Heroes now have some upgraded attributes and got to choose some basic Weapons/Armor and got a taste for customization and now know everything about WoS. Quest 4 culminates in a big combat. Maybe even introduce an optional PvP thing here (or after, optional Quest 5 is kill each other...).
So, that's pretty much it.
-~15 pages of actual "read this before playing" quickstart rules.
-10 pages of intro quest book, with a combat encounter on the left page and some exposition/rp/rewards/choices on the right hand
-Ideally this Intro adventure would take about 2.5 hours to play through (30 minute setup/rules read, 30 minutes per 'Quest') short enough to make a nice 'let's play' video of the whole thing
-Intro Quests can use abridged decks for Stunts/Wounds and only need a handful of weapons, so total card count can probably be >50
-A page of prefilled Hero Cards available as well. (1-1-1-1, 2-1-1-1, 1-2-1-1, etc)
-Want to skip the Intro? Sure. Then read the Quickstart Rules, and the Advanced Quickstart Rules supplement which basically skips over the whole chains/unarmed -> rags/improvised -> basic armor / weapon hand-holding.
TL;DR: Use beginner equipment cards + tutorial quest book to cut Quickstart rules down substantially
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2023.06.07 21:54 ChemicalIncident770 I feel left out

For context, 1 of my best friends is my sister, studying photogrsphy and the other is doing a yesr abroad opportunity (but not in uni). I am studying chemistry and i have my exams right now, its horrible. My sister got her grades bsck and shes achieving about 70% so far (only 1 more unit back). I am barely passing my degree. The other friend is having the best time, making friends, and overall seems to be enjoying herself. But I wouldnt know exactly since when I try and talk to her, I get left on read. She works through the day, about 11-5pm (roughly), and has some days off occasionally. It was my birthday recently, and usually she posts on her story at least somewhere to wish us happy birthday, she didnt. She did message us saying happy birthday, but on the wrong day (for me anyways). Shes having so much fun, they both are doing so well. I am not, Im having the worst time. I might have to resit the course etc, so it makes me feel like they are succeeding so much and I'm not. I feel like they are having so much fun without me being there that theres no point trying if I'm not going to get any messages back. How can I deal with it?
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2023.06.07 21:48 Ni__Mo Need help with Podomoro 5 min and 30 min break activities/tips.

I having been using the pododmoro technique to boost up my productivity. But I lose track with my 5 min break activities, which i would require your suggestions.
I often lose track of time doing my 5 min break activities which spiral into 15min to a couple of hours. I am trying to find activities which are only 5 min.
I tried reading but an academic book would not give me the break I need and a novel i cannot read for just 5 mins if it gets intresting. Mobile browsing is even worse. Read internet telling me to make tea and clean. There is soo much tea you can drink and room you can clean
In my longer break i have tried watching just an episode of a series, which sometimes spirals to a few episodes.
What do you people do for your 5min and 10min break activities and what would you suggest ?
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2023.06.07 20:53 Erutious I was a lab assistant of sorts and now I'm trapped

First post-
Hey guys, I’m back again with an update.
It’s been a couple of days and the food is just about gone. Luckily, there’s a sink in the corner so I don’t have to worry about water. It tastes a little metaly but it hasn’t made me puke so I guess it’s fine. For some reason, there’s a bag of cat food in the corner so I guess if it comes down to it I can eat that.
Okay, now onto what you’re all really interested in.
The little potato dude is okay. He’s still a weird little guy, but I haven’t had to smash him yet. I know what he eats now, but that's getting ahead of myself a bit. We’ve come to an understanding but it definitely took us some time to get there.
The first day was the worst.
As I tried to find ways out of the little room, the little guy just kept screaming to be let out. The longer he screamed, the more he started to sound like a baby crying for food. I swear I could hear him through my headphones, and after they died, I was stuck with just the sound of him crying. I alternated between charging my phone and charging my earbud case, but sometimes I was still left listening to the little guy scream.
He cried till about midnight, and that's when I almost snapped.
I picked up the tank, now more like a fish tank and less like a jar, and stared through the glass at him. I must have been pretty scary because he stopped yelling and just stared back at me with his multiple eyes. He had so many, they were all over his body, and we had a little staring contest before I finally told him to shut up.
“Or else I will smash your little tank and squish you like a bug.”
He seemed to think about that, and when he nodded it was like his whole body nodding.
We had some silence after that as the two of us sat and made our little plans. I thought about calling campus security, but when I tried, they just thought I was goofing. I tried to explain to them where I was and what was going on, but they just told me not to play games and hung up on me. I tried 911 again, but they said the same thing. Heck, the lady on the 911 call threatened to call the police if I kept calling, and I told her to go right ahead. Maybe the police could find me better than campus security, but since they haven’t broken down the door yet, I guess not.
It was about three am when I finally thought to look at the tank and found him watching me.
“Well?” I asked, making the little guy jump, “Have you got any ideas?”
He seemed to think about it, but before he could say it, I cut him off.
“And don’t say let you out of the tank.”
“Fair enough,” he said, “In that case, I have nothing to add yet.”
“Terrific!” I said, putting my head in my hands and staring at the floor.
“Have you, perhaps, thought about vents or drains?”
I had, but they were all too small for me to climb into. There was a drain in the floor but I couldn’t even get a foot in there. The ventilation shafts were an idea, but most of them would be too snug for me. I’m a beefy guy, not muscular but kinda fat, and getting stuck in the vents sounded like a terrible way to die without anyone realizing it.
“Yeah, obviously. I’m too big to fit through those.”
“A problem I do not have.” the creature reminded me, more than a little smugly too.
“Back to that again,” I growled, “And what's to stop you from just leaving me hanging once you get out?”
The little dude didn’t say anything for a few minutes, contemplating his next move as I Googled like a madman. I was looking for blueprints for the college online since a place like this would have to have them filed. See, I’m not super smart when it comes to math and science, but I know a little bit about building permits and filing your blueprints with the city. If this place was built by the college, then it had to exist in the public sphere.
After an hour of looking with no results, I was ready to throw my phone down. I went and grabbed some kale chips out of the little fridge, munching them sullenly as I tried to come up with a plan. The little guy was back to looking at me again, and I couldn’t help but notice that something had changed. All the eyes on his body opened and closed but they were never all open at once. He also looked tired, maybe even a little pale. I looked down at the bag of chips and thought again about how I might have to feed this little guy at some point.
“Do you need to eat? It’s been about twenty-four hours since Doc was here, and I don’t think I’ve ever been here when he feeds you.”
The little creature pulled its lips up into a sad smile, “You couldn’t feed me what I want. I don’t eat normal food and you aren’t equipped to give me what I need.”
I started to get a little offended, “What's that supposed to mean?”
It looked at me, and I felt a little shudder ripple over my skin as it did.
“I feed on brain waves. Creative brain waves, to be precise. The Doctor feeds me by just being around me like his lab assistants did. You, however, don’t seem to create the same way he did. You look at your little device all the time and it makes your brain waves taste bland and unappetizing. That's why The Doctor’s Assistants kept getting headaches. The more they created, the more I fed. The Doctor doesn’t get them because his mind is like a wellspring. You, on the other hand, are incapable of nourishing me. You simply don’t think the same.”
I sat back, not sure whether to be happy that I couldn’t feed him or offended that he was sayin I was too dumb?
In the end, I guess I just decided to roll with it.
“Well, I guess we’re both stuck then. You need to eat brainwaves and I need to eat food. We can’t get either here, so what do we do about it?”
“Is there anything in here we could use to break open the door?” the creature asked hopefully.
“Checked already. There’s some lab equipment and the fridge, the table you're on, and the chair I’m sitting in. Other than that, not much. There are books, but none of them are gonna get us out of here.”
I kept searching on my phone for something that looked familiar in the blueprints, but it was getting frustrating.
“Ugh, if only I knew where we were. If I knew the name of the building I could find the right map or tell security where to find us!”
“Wait, is that all you need to get us out of here?” it asked, floating close to the side of the tank so it could look at me.
“Well yeah. If I knew where we were then I could tell security where we were stuck.”
“I know where we are,” it said, and it sounded less smug and more sinister when it said it.
I stared back at it for a few seconds, waiting for it to fill me in.
It sat there for a few seconds, waiting for me to ask the question.
“Well? Are you gonna tell me or what?”
“Why should I?” it said, “If I tell you, then you’ll just leave and I’ll be stuck here. What guarantee do I have that you won’t just leave me once you’ve gained your freedom.”
The little son of a bitch had me there. There would be nothing to stop me from just leaving him here to die in that tank. Without any brain wave to gobble, he’d shrivel up and die. Maybe that's what he deserved, but I just couldn’t bring myself to hate him like that. The little dude had never done me wrong, and I couldn’t mess up my karma by shafting him like that.
“I promise that if we get that door open, I’ll take you with me.”
“And release me?” he asked, hedging.
“Dude, if you get us out of here, I’ll take you to SeaWorld and release you, if that's what you want. The kale chips are going to run out soon, and if I starve, you are SOL little bud. You might not be able to eat my brain waves, but you can’t open your tank or dial my cell phone with those baby fingers either. Whether we like it or not, we kinda need each other right now.”
The creature nodded, bumping its little head against the side of the glass.
“Agreed. I will have to trust in your honor, I suppose.”
“Brah, I am chocked full of honor. I've never welched on a promise and I’m not gonna start now.”
“Very well then,” it said with a little smile, “The building is called Rashley Laboratories. At least that's what the assistants always thought of when they thought about it at all. One of them thought it was spooky when they walked through it to get here, and the images led me to believe that it might be abandoned.”
I already had the cell phone out and Googling as he finished. There was no Rashley Laboratories, but there was an R. Ashley Science Hall. It had been abandoned in the nineties after an explosion in the science wing, but the campus had never torn it down for some reason. It had been named a historic building in two thousand nine and while they had renovated the outside to make it prettier, the inside was pretty much untouched.
Sounded like a great place for a secret lab and a covert experiment.
Campus security picked up on the second ring, and I sighed when I realized it was the same guy I had dealt with the night before.
“Campus security, Officer Rob speaking, how may I help you?”
“Hey, yeah, we talked last night before you hung up on me. I still,”
“Hey, I remember you. Are you still playing this game? This has got to be getting old by now.”
“Look, just listen. We’re…I’m stuck in the R. Ashley Science Hall and I need help.”
There was silence as he digested this.
“Okay, nice try, but that building has been closed for years. I’m pretty sure the doors never open.
How exactly did you get in there, if you are actually stuck in there?”
“It’s hard to explain,” I said, looking at the little potato dude as I thought about how to start.
“I’ve got time, let's hear the whole story,” he said, pretending to be interested.
To hell with it, I decided, might as well lay it all on the line.
“I’m sitting down here with Doctor Crandler’s experiment, the one who got arrested for buying stuff to make. He pays me to sit down here and watch it at night, but the door is locked and I need someone to let me out.”
The line was quiet for a few seconds, and then Officer Rob started laughing.
“Wow, great story. I love the little name drop, but I’m kind of busy to be going down to an abandoned building and tromping through dust right now, why don’t you call back when,”
“Fine,” I said, deciding to take another direction, “maybe I’ll just call the Feds and let them know that I have a highly illegal experiment that Doctor Crandler was working on and that the college was probably helping to fund. Then, when they ask why campus security didn’t take the call, you can tell them how you thought it was a big joke and didn’t look into it. That's probably going to make you look really great.”
There was silence for a minute, then a big sigh from Rob.
“Okay, kid. It’s at least worth a look, I guess. Give me your cell phone number so I can call you from my security phone when I get there. You can help me find you since you’re so lost.”
I looked back at the potato dude, putting my hand over the phone as I whispered, “Got any other ideas about how to find us?”
He looked like he was thinking, before nodding and saying he could probably guide him to us.
So that's where we’re at now. Help seems to be on the way, and I’m updating you guys as I wait for the security dude to call back. I’ll post again when I have an update so stay tuned for more news. Wish me luck, hopefully, we make it out of here pretty soon cause one more kale chip and I might need a barf bucket.
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2023.06.07 20:46 notsohairysun Laziness and lack of concentration during PMS

Hi everyone! I have quite an annoying problem that I don't know how to fix. Usually I pms 10-14 days before getting my period (I know that because in that span my boobs always hurt). Some months I get anxiety as my main PMS symptom, sometimes anger, sometimes sadness. But my constant mood symptom in every PMS is laziness and lack of concentration. Which is definitely not good, being a university student.
My pms started 4-5 days ago which means I will get my period in about 7-10 days. Right now every single time I start studying for my exams my attention span is literally 30 minutes and then I can't continue. While as when I'm not PMSing my studying is going great, and I'm motivated. This is a huge problem bc I have a long lasting PMS and all of my exams are in the month of june scattered all across of it. So I'm having exams this week, but I will also be having them in the next week, 2, 3 and 4.
As soon as I get my period the symptoms stop and aside for the lower stomach pain I feel very happy and motivated immediately.
Do you guys have any advice on what I should do to make my Concentration better even while PMSing. I know for a fact that it's because of PMS bc I'm motivated whenever I'm not PMSing and also bc I'm unmotivated in the same time of every month - when I'm PMSing.
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2023.06.07 20:38 Curious-Snow9344 Asking my 33F boyfriend 36M not to go on holiday

My boyfriend and I have been together 4 years and I have never met his family. They live about a 2 hour flight away. He’s been back multiple times since we met but has never taken me, always a different excuse and has cancelled our planned trips a few times now.
We had finally planned again to go mid week and had a leaving party with friends planned the weekend before, for some friends who are moving abroad.
He decided he wants to go to Ibiza for the weekend first (where he has been multiple times), and that I should fly to his home country by myself and meet him there.
This will make me miss the party, and have to travel alone. If this wasn’t the first time meeting the family and it hadn’t been postponed so many times I wouldn’t mind so much, but as it is I think it should be something we do together. To me meeting the family is a big deal and not something to tack onto the end of a trip. I’m also horrible at travelling and get panic attacks before hand so travelling isn’t easy for me.
I’ve asked him to not go that weekend and to go to Ibiza another weekend but he’s booked it anyway. Now I don’t want to join him on the trip. I feel like out of principle I shouldn’t go since he’s refusing to take my views into consideration and I’m the one making the effort to travel and meet his family. I’ve let it go every other time so I kind of want a consequence to his choices
He’s saying he’s done nothing wrong and has no idea what my problem is. Now I’m the bad guy for not going on the trip.
Should I go on the trip or not?
Tldr: cancelling my trip to meet my boyfriends parents because he prioritised trip to Ibiza
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2023.06.07 19:29 its_called_life_dib Two Journals.

tl;dr: My therapist wants me to keep a journal for my emotions. I've had bad experiences doing such in the past, but... I've thought about it for a few weeks, and I'd like to try. I think I'd have to break it into two journals though because the idea of mixing up thoughtful entries with emotional entries makes me feel queasy... does anyone else do this?
Long version:
I love to write. I loathe sharing what I write. It's one of the major manifestations of my trauma, and changed the course of my life and my career in such major ways that I often feel like I was robbed of something as natural to me as walking and talking.
The idea of writing anything and having my name attached to it is terrifying. I am overcome with shame and anxiety, and I break out in a cold sweat.
So when my therapist suggested I keep a journal, I felt that same panic.
I have a difficult time accepting my negative emotions. Anger is often followed by intense shame, and sadness feels like something I'm supposed to hide. I don't like talking about stressful things to others because I'm afraid of bringing them down. My therapist has been working with me on this, but I need to take a break from therapy for a few months due to various surgeries and events going on in my life, so he told me I should consider keeping a journal just for emotions: exploring them, owning them, giving them a voice and recognizing they are part of me but they do not define who I am as a person, etc. Just... the idea of keeping a written record of my frustrations and sorrows makes me feel so exposed. And what if something happens to me, and someone finds it? They'll think that's all I ever was!
I've been thinking about it, though. I dug out some old lined journals I have (I love collecting them!) and I have them sitting on my desk, empty, waiting. And I got to thinking... I don't want to only write about negative things, my vents and my worries. I want writing to be enjoyable again. So what if I kept two journals? one for emotions, and for thoughts? I could write about things I've learned or things I'm interested in for the thoughts journal, and the things I'm feeling in the emotions journal. Maybe one will give context to the other. I don't know.
I'm in a safe place now. I have only people around me who care for and respect me. My partner panics when we're on our iPads and hers opens up to whatever I'm browsing on mine, lol, she doesn't want to creep on my business. I am safe, and I am loved. So I know that won't be an issue. I guess I just... feel afraid about what's inside of me, and I don't want others to see that without also knowing the real me. So maybe two journals in the answer? Plus, I'll have a journal I WANT to revisit and read. I don't think I could handle going back to my emotions journal ever. the cringe would be too much.
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2023.06.07 18:12 MallPsychological463 MongoDB's connections look way too high

MongoDB's connections look way too high
So I'm using MongoDB (mongoose) on my nextjs app and the connections suddenly skyrocketed. I found a similar issue here:, but I haven't managed to understand how to really fix it.
One thing I've done is set the maxIdleTimeout and a few other params in the connection object, but does not seem to help much.
What's going on?
This is my code:
How are you MongoDB users doing it?
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2023.06.07 18:11 Puzzleheaded-Two81 I hate my friend and it's ruining my mental health

(tw for su1c1de, SA, and homophobia) + (sorry for any mistakes, English isn't my first language)
I've (F18) always struggled with my mental health to the point of attempting the S-word more than once, and I've always been the weird and ugly classmate making my self esteem very weak, I'm also part of the lgbtq so I've been a victim of homophobia too. Although the S-word attempts only happened in high school I still hated myself in elementary school and middle school just a bit less, it all became unbearable in high school because I'm italian and the school system is extremely toxic and all that pressure just became too much. This is why last year my parents gave me permission to change school and so this year I was in a new school with younger and nicer teachers that care more about the students' mental health. When I decided to change school I also decided to change myself. I started thinking differently and more positively, I overcame my social anxiety (as much as I could) and I finally started feeling good in my body, I also went thought a huge glow up and I actually feel very pretty now. I started school and it was awesome, everyone was so nice and thanks to my improved mental health I was able to become friends with everyone and I now have plenty of friends even from different classes. I thought everything was perfect for a little while, I was wrong. In this new school I never mentioned my sexual orientation because I know if I did I wouldn't have half of the friends I do (I know I shouldn't hide it but I want to avoid problems) and I've also tried to hide some of the things I like such as drawing and poetry because I know I would be considered a loser (yk how teenagers are). Well ofc I had to be stupid and come out to this one girl in my class who I'll call E. E is also part of the lgbtq so I felt "safe" telling her. Big mistake. She doesn't hide her sexuality and I'm glad for her but I'm different. She always makes jokes about being gay and since she knows about me she's always trying to include me in her jokes even tho I clearly look uncomfortable. An example is the time she took the "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands" song and changed it to "if you're gay" and took my hands and forcefully clapped them together, I was so uncomfortable and I still don't understand how she didn't understand it. Another problem with her is she's always touching me and it feels like I'm being violated every day. She's always touching my leg and sometimes she even squeezes it, she also always touches my waist like a girlfriend would and it's so uncomfortable and upsetting, I've been a victim of SA (from my ex boyfriend) and that unsettling feeling reminds me of him and it's so hard to keep calm when she's doing that. I'm asexual and she knows but she still touches me in that provocative way and it's so bad, not to mention she has a boyfriend. One time she was all sad telling me how she used to have a crush on a girl and she was extra touchy with her (I'm guessing she meant the way she is with me) and she knew she was asexual and one day she found out that the girl hated that she was touchy because it made her uncomfortable and she was asking me how asexuality works, I explained and she was acting like a beaten puppy and saying stuff like "so you can't touch an asexual person on the leg?" (I was holding back from slapping her) I explained it's not a matter of sexuality but of boundaries and she seemed to have understood but the next day it was the same as always. I found out she used to like me and although she has a boyfriend I believe she still does, she's always touching me plus today I told her about a guy I like in school (because I'm trying to talk to him before school ends and I wanted advice) and she tried to find reasons why I shouldn't like him; she said he smokes (because she knows I don't) but I literally don't care + I've never seen him smoke and neither did my other friends that have been here longer than E, she also said he's an a-hole when he's literally super chill and she tried saying he's got a lot of girls (implying he's a cheater) when she literally doesn't know him and he's the one who's been cheated on by his ex (and I've been told he was really heartbroken after that which I'm sorry for). I'll also mention how she's literally so frustrating and annoying, she's sitting next to me and it feels like a curse, she's ALWAYS touching my stuff and taking it without asking; she's also such a mum-friend wannabe, she always has her eyebrows slightly raised and I can't explain how annoying that expression looks, she literally always does things I never asked her to do and it might sound nice but it's so annoying, for example we were doing german exercises before a test and I wanted to get a good mark so I was trying hard and she literally just took my book and crossed all the answers without asking, I was so confused and mad I swear. Like who asked you??? what??? She's just so annoying and frustrating and she makes me uncomfortable and I can't do this anymore she's making me feel mad every day and it's having an horrible impact on my mental health, I'm tired of always being mad and frustrated, I just want to be happy again, this feels like a curse. This was very long but it feels good to finally say it and get it out of my system.
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2023.06.07 17:02 LilLeigh-Cheri I cannot decide on a name for my puppy!

I’ve had my little guy for 2 ½ weeks now (he’ll be 10 weeks on Saturday) and I am absolutely struggling with names. He is an apricot miniature poodle (I’ll but a picture in comments) and he’s so cute but also handsome, and he’s very confident and calm…he seems really smart, like he’ll sit and observe new situations/places (during socializing with different things!) and he doesn’t get nervous, yappy, or whiney. He’s also obviously very puppyish and playful and especially when he’s in a mood, but he definitely tilts a little more…serious? If that makes sense?
Anyway, I’ve been anxiously trying to decide on a name since I got him. Idk why to me it seems like such a major decision…I guess probably because I’ve been wanting this puppy for years and I’m so so excited. Also, I’m wanting it to be an objectively good dog name. Something that is easy to say, doesn’t sound like a command, two syllables, a good strong consonant to start, and toes the line between “cute” and “strong”. If I had a girl puppy, her name would be Poppy. So, I was looking for something with that “feel”.
Everyone I know has ideas. My mother likes “Willie” and “Hank” (I don’t like Hank, maybe Willie is okay), I like “Dutch” but my partner says it’s pretentious, he suggested “Ralphie” which is cute but doesn’t roll of the tongue for me (he said he likes names like Georgie, Harry, Franky, etc and my problem is that with names like that I always have some association with a male name), I like “Topper” but a friend told me that’s the name of a character on a show… some friends said they like Dutch and I do too but my partner doesn’t like it.
Idk why this is so hard for me. I had decided on “Fritz” but my partner told me that Fritz was a nickname of his father (who was a dirtbag), so that was obviously scratched.
Probably because there are so many people with ideas and opinions (which I’ve asked for!) but. I really loved Dutch but don’t want to name him a name my partner hates it. I’d like to sort of include my partner but I don’t think Ralphie is a great dog name, and he didn’t have many other good suggestions/ideas. (For the record, my partner and I live together but this is my puppy. It was a gift to me, and while he is on board and helps, I’m the primary caretaker and the dog is “mine”.)
I’m getting weirdly stressed out about this because it’s getting to a point where this dog NEEDS a name and for the life of me I can’t figure it out.
Any ideas on how to decide? What did you do when you were coming up with a name for your dog? Has anyone else had this hard of a time? How do you handle outside input/totally different taste than your partner?
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2023.06.07 17:00 birdy1892 Teething woes

How long did it take your LO's canine teeth to come in? How much longer of the ear pulling, restless sleep, chewing on everything in sight, and straight up misery do we have? (We have ruled out ear infection as she was just at the doctor a week ago, shortly after this all began.)
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2023.06.07 16:18 fluffyice34 Alternatives to bring your own key?

First time writing my own chatGPT app (using text-davinci-003 and unreal engine) and Ive been making some really awesome progress and I want to make the app available on steam as a resume builder kind of deal

This game is more of a "toy" than anything else though and instead of writing paywalls or asking for donations or whatever for the upkeep I'd love to just allow the user to authenticate their own tokens so they can use it as much as they want but outside of making the users provide their own key I have no idea how to handle authentication

I personally dont record their secret key and dont really care enough but it does pose a security risk at the end of the day and its allegedly against the TOS so im kind of stumped
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2023.06.07 16:01 bobyouger Discount code for a Canadian?

I’m in love with the bed but it doesn’t ship to Canada. I figured I might get an international reshipper to redirect it to me. The downside is I’d have to pay taxes twice (US and Canadian), plus pay duties (10%) plus pay reshipping (approx $600)
Does anyone have a discount code that could help make this easier to swallow?
Also, has anyone on here done this before? How much extra did it actually cost at the end of the day?
Many Thanks!
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2023.06.07 15:20 AutoModerator Simpler Trading – Small Accounts Secrets PRO

Simpler Trading – Small Accounts Secrets PRO
Get the course herre:
Simpler Trading – Small Accounts Secrets PRO
With the Premium Package you get the Basic Package with the Strategy Class on Saturday, PLUS 2 days of Live-Trading!
Take advantage of our popular live-trading sessions because it is during market hours that everything you learned in the Strategy class comes together. The fastest way to absorb and internalize this strategy and ‘make it your own’ is by immediately using your new knowledge in live-market conditions.
This is your opportunity to day trade and swing trade stocks, options, and ETFs with John Carter in real-time. Past attendees tell us there’s nothing like being able to watch over John’s screen as he looks for setups and dives deeper into the strategy.
It is amazing how much it is possible to improve your skills in a few trading sessions. As always, our informal goal is to strive to make enough profit to more than pay for the class (obviously, no promises).
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2023.06.07 14:25 -little-dragon Just took over ownership of my family business - how can I make it a good place to work?

I just inherited a water well business out of the blue. There was an accident and it’s all a mess. But out of it I have the opportunity to run our family water well drilling and pump business. I’m in construction and ready to learn water but for now want to make sure I keep my drillers and pump guys happy. There’s a lot of companies in my area (west coast) and I’m toast if they move to another shop. How can I make it worth their while to stay? I know there’s pay but we don’t have a lot of room to move because it’s been so wet this year. Are there other perks? What is a good culture and what can I do there?
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2023.06.07 13:33 katie_elizabeth_2 Diablo 4 Feedback on Visual Accessibility and Inventory Management

Diablo 4 is an excellent game. I want to commend the Blizzard team for making such a high polished game for all of us to enjoy. After playing a Sorc to level 60, I just wanted to give some feedback about inventory management and accessibility to make Diablo 4 even better.
I want to make it known that I am blind in 1 eye and I do not have perfect vision in my other good eye, so some of this feedback will not apply to everyone but I want to contribute it anyway. Perhaps some of these solutions that would help me would also be useful to players who have much better vision too.
Minimap - Town Service Icons
I find it difficult to see the various town services on the minimap (healer, blacksmith, etc.) because they all use white icons. I have to squint to make out the shape of the icon and then memorize the location of each service just to avoid squinting. One potential solution for this is to colour-code each type of service on the minimap - red for healer, gray for blacksmith, brown for stablemaster, etc. - so that I can simply look at the color of the icon instead of the shape.
Minimap - Waypoints
I rely on the minimap to show waypoints to my next destination a lot. Because I only have one eye, I find myself starring at the minimap constantly and ignoring the actual environment in the gameworld. I cannot pay attention to both at the same time. Is it possible to draw the line in the environment instead of the minimap so I can pay attention to the enviroment and not the minimap?
Fire Enchanted Elite Monster Cues
Like the Molten elite packs in Diablo 3 at launch, I'm having a really hard time noticing Fire Enchanted elites and other deadly affixes. This was later fixed in Diablo 3 with new visuals, and I never had a problem with Molten elite packs since that change was made. However, I am always dying to Fire Enchanted elites after I kill them - I just don't expect it. The icons on the elite packs are too small for me to make out during combat, and the battles are too frantic with many effects. One potential solution is to simply have a narrator call out the deadly elite packs - "Fire Enchanted incoming!" It sounds silly, but this would actually help me a lot without affecting the balance of the game. My vision is not the best, but my hearing is great. Another possible solution is to make these effects stand out more, like you did with Diablo 3. I also think the sound effect for Molten was very obvious in Diablo 3 too. I could clearly hear the Molten effect without even looking at it, which was great.
Also, Fire Enchanted effects or the Poison pools do not show up behind walls. I've lost count how many times I went through a door only to die to these effects just because the wall was covering them up. One possible solution is to simply unhide the wall or make the wall transparent if these effects are active. That way if I kill enemies behind a door and walk through it, I know what to expect.
Inventory Management - Loot Filter
Since I entered World Tier 3, my inventory is filling up a lot more frequently than it did before. I play on console and it's just easier for me to pick up everything on the ground than it is for me to squint and read everything. One possibly solution is to provide a loot filter. Is there any way to hide white items, blue items, non-sacred rare items, low-level gems, etc.? I'm also noticing that the game tends to crash on loading screens, so less trips to town means less crashes in the middle of a dungeon too. I've had to redo dungeons about 5-6 times so far from these crashes, usually near the boss too :(
Inventory Management - Gems
I think another possible solution to inventory management issues in World Tier 3 is to add a separate inventory tab for Gems. Each time I do a dungeon, I'm getting a lot of different gems of 3 levels of quality. It is not that uncommon to have 10 or more gems taking up main inventory slots instead of gear. This means each time I go back to town, I not only have to visit the blacksmith, but I also have to travel in the opposite direction to my stash to store the gems. Just having a separate gem tab in my inventory would save a lot of time and add a lot more fluidity to these trips back to town since I wouldn't have to visit the stash nearly as often. Another potential solution is to discontinue dropping crude and chipped gems in WT3 - that would help too.
Again, I want to stress that Diablo 4 is an incredible game. Thank you so much for making it and I look forward to future updates!
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2023.06.07 12:42 Stripes_the_cat Content, Humble, Sadistic - How It's Going

So a few days ago I asked the community how they'd RP the above combo of stats. A number of good answers went with, "try being religious: you hold people to a the same harsh standard that you hold yourself to."
Here's how it's going.
In 909, Ahmed ibn Tulun dies, leaving the kingdom in the hands of his grandson Touma. On holding his first court, Touma is confronted with the same woman preacher who his grandfather permitted to walk the streets. Now, Grandfather was a profoundly wise and dedicated scholar, and upon interviewing her, he determined that her understanding was good, and that perhaps she was especially blessed in some way. But Touma is not so open to special pleading. It is not a woman's place to teach men, he believes. She should have some humility. When she lashes out at him in the court, he has her imprisoned.
His subjects, apparently, are not keen on this. There is trouble in Cairo that night, public outrage at the arrest of their beloved Ummi. Sultan Touma appears, dressed in his simple clothes and scholar's turban, to address the people. For the sake of their unity, their Ummi will go free... but she must not teach. He will have her word on that.
The flood comes, and the flood recedes.
In 910, Sultan Touma sets off on his first hajj, motivated in no small part by his Allamah's advice that he could really do with showing some public piety after that business with the so-called imama. The journey is largely uneventful, but for a scholar of his standing, he's able to make quite an impression on the largest caucus of his vassals: the zealots. Suddenly, his standing is much improved.
What's more, he very much enjoyed the peaceful nature of his humble pilgrimage, and resolves to walk the ways more.
The flood comes, and the flood recedes.
In 911, he decides that his life would be much simpler if he were to rationalise his two-dozen vassals. He could put his cousin Murad in charge of Syrte, on his western border. The man is open-minded and energetic, and Sultan Touma is going to need that if he's going to foster relations with the Butr people who live in this land that his grandfather secured. He sends his Steward out there to help the Butr people with their problems, and hopefully build some unity.
The flood comes, and the flood recedes.
For some years, the kingdom is quiet. Sultan Touma creates Emirates in al-Said, the Sinai, Cyrenaica. He makes his world a simpler place, and focuses himself on theological scholarship, frequently teaching at the university his grandfather founded[1]. He goes on a hunting trip to Waddan, in Syrte, to show the people there how their ruler is just like them. He goes on pilgrimage to Medina, and witnesses the many places the Prophet went there.
In 916, he is walking in his gardens when he overhears two courtiers whispering. Curious, he sneaks close enough to listen. It's a discussion of Emir Murad of Syrte. Hmm - what will it be? The Emir has rather made a fool of himself recently by picking a fight with the Ibadi Butr to the south, a decision which made the Sultan sigh in disappointment. Gossip might not be useful, but it might be simply... satisfying.
No. It's not some petty failing. It's about an illicit relationship that Murad is undertaking... with his sister.
Now, Sultan Touma has heard some things over the years. His grandfather's greatest failing was the all-consuming lust that saw him sire not only 19 legitimate but, some say, as many as 10 illegitimate children as well. It's a sore spot for Sultan Touma, a discussion that he does not appreciate at court. But this. This. This makes his blood run cold. This is an unimaginable impropriety, a zina forbidden in hadith from the lips of the Prophet himself.
He must know if it's true. So he writes to Emir Murad, asking him to answer the accusation. Murad responds that he will do anything to keep this secret. He thinks he's being blackmailed. He's not. His pleading for silence is just the confirmation that the Sultan wanted. Murad is being exposed, and denounced with it, by the head of his family. Sultan Touma demands he attend court in Cairo to answer for himself publicly.
Obviously, Murad does not comply. So the army comes, and with it come all the horses of Jahannam. The victorious Ibadi sack Syrte itself, then return to raid Waddan months later. His vassals rise up against him. And the Sultan's forces sweep like the Inundation across the land, capturing his wives and children and forcing him further and further west in retreat.
By 918, Emir Murad has been brought to the royal court in Cairo. As a humble man, Sultan Touma is loath to pronounce death over one he put in this position of responsibility. Some of the error, he feels, is his. But Touma will not have Murad's face seen in the land he disgraced. He meets the eye of Murad's principal wife and advises her to raise her eldest son to be a better man than her husband. He must make a better Emir.
In the interests of peace, he orders the new Emir to make peace with his rebellious vassals. He - and all of Syrte - have lost enough. The boy and his mother agree.
It's 920, and Emir Murad is... somewhere abroad. Perhaps, now, he will pass from history. Who can say?
[1] I'm aware that the al-Azhar University won't be founded IRL for a long time. It's CK3; deal with it.
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