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2023.06.08 21:30 DABOSSROSS9 How does writing of mortgage interest work on rental property?

I have been looking for a rental property near me for awhile now, but higher interest rates scare me. My agent tells me not to worry since you can write off everything. I like to do things by the books, so I am less inclined to write off questionable expenses. If I am paying 7%interest and let’s say that’s 5k a year, can I write all that off from revenue or is it a percentage?
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2023.06.08 21:30 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (program)

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2023.06.08 21:29 SecretlyHiddenSelf Some good news!

I had made a previous post about having had a near hypertensive crisis (177/114) after my doctor doubled my amlodipine dose. It turns out a fair number of people have the paradoxical reaction to this medication. And anxiety about my blood pressure had me getting spikes frequently.
Well, after a few weeks of running at 140/90-150/100 range, I tested at 130/82 (heart rate 70) in the office! I was still feeling a bit anxious, but less so, and I could feel that stress triggering my “high BP” sensations. But it was lower than before this whole fiasco started!
What did I do? Well, I stopped the amlodipine, and was on nothing for almost a week. It takes about a week for that drug to significantly clear out of your system. I started an angiotensin 2 blocker, daily brisk walks for an hour, and being a bit more conscious of salt content, and added several supplements: D3/K2(mk7), magnesium, CoQ10, curcumin, and a “detox” green tea every morning. I believe it was all of those changes acting synergistically to have such a quick reduction.
The fact that even with the “White Coat Effect” definitely in play, yet still having a BP at 130/82 is a huge relief, and a mega anxiety reduction factor. I have something concrete to tell myself when I start to worry.
I genuinely feel so much better, and hope any of you who might see this will be able to see similar success.
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2023.06.08 21:29 abossbish Finally got my payments from the DEO FL after them holding it hostage 😌

I am so happy to say after days on end of no payment at all. I finally got my damn payments! I been waiting since September 2022 for unemployment payments. I kept filing bi-weekly and my $900.00 overpayment fee was waived as well.
I did the calling for months of the DEO FL but got through April 2023 to speak to the useless agents after waiting hours, they kept escalating my case like 3x then still no payments or follow-ups. I asked them why are they keep escalating when my claim was “active”and under: “eligible redetermined”.
So I finally started to search through the web for answer and google popped up the main unemployment subreddit for more in depth answers. I found a guy he is very helpful the best way he could named: u/SoThenIThought_
So, I first contacted my Florida house representative and my FL Senate through email.
This started on May 23, 2023 when I found a post by u/SoThenIThought_ who has helped other states here on Reddit recover their funds from the unemployment offices in America period regardless of the state. I tagged him so he can add a success escalation for Florida.
I live in south Florida region, so I had to contact my senator and house representatives. I found my specific house representatives here
I emailed them my claim information, missing payment dates, and explaining how I’ve called many times/ been claiming for months with no payments being issued. I then got a response a day later from my Senator legislative aide, (actual message):
“Good afternoon,
Thank you very much for reaching out to the office regarding this issue with your unemployment claim. I have submitted a claim to DEO and ask that they assist with this issue as soon as possible. They should be reaching out to you directly to resolve this issue. I hope they will be able to assist you in a timely manner, please let me know if you have any questions.
So, I didn’t receive a response from the DEO Department still. So, I did email my house representative with the same information then I decided to call a day later. My house representatives was very nice and attentive. She forwarded over all my information to the DEO FL Director, we waited since it was Memorial Day coming up that Monday. I didn’t get nothing then she contacted me, and told me she resent it again as urgent.
Finally, I got a call from the DEO on Tuesday June 6, 2023 @3:04pm. The agent reconfirmed all my information, they let me reclaim other dates that I missed when I had that overpayment on my claim. The agent just asked about certain jobs, then she told me “unfortunately, they couldn’t give me funds” LOL 😂. I was pissed off because she claim the job that laid me off it didn’t make enough. She said I could create a appeal in the future.
I reconnected my House Representative and Senator told them. My senator aide contacted them again on my behalf and said they will keep pushing to help me.
Next thing you know I see a payment today Thursday June 8,2023 @6:00am in my bank account, I was so thankful and happy. They are issuing my payments day by day, mind you my benefits stays changed to “exhaustion”. My weekly payments status changed from “disqualified” for 40 weeks to now “payable- direct deposit”. I’m owed $11,000.00 which I am receiving thanks to my senators.
I just wanted to share this to know it works.
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2023.06.08 21:29 HappyMess1988 sage consular issues in pvp

Do i get some sort of fear eventually?

what tools does a sage have to keep players away and not in my face all the time?
I know i have the push and stun and those are great tools but not near enough
my friends melee characters rock me every duel we do

lvl 27 btw
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2023.06.08 21:29 Nojetlag18 Help please, I was raped at my live in work by my 30 year old boss, when I was 18 in Northern Ireland. I was yet again raped this time by a 53 year old married man when I was at work as an intern on a horse farm age 19 in the US.

I’m 53 now & am sick, Drs told me to resolve any inner conflicts & I have just come out of denial about being raped at work as a teenager! I am dealing with new ptsd symptoms like it recently happened!! I don’t know what to do? There are no statues of limitations for either sex crimes. How do I approach this? Do I go to the police and file a complaint? call TMZ & sell my Story? hire an attorney ? or write a book? I don’t know what to do, but, I have to do something?? Any advise please let me know. My own father also abused me! I took him to court & Interpol got involved -it was an unstoppable train & the stress & pain of the investigation nearly killed me. Now, I feel paralyzed, I don’t know how to stand up for myself. Any advice will be very much appreciated? Thank you.
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2023.06.08 21:29 maroonmallard Helping BF become more of a captain- he has never had to "lead"

Recently been lurking on this sub, and overall agree with many of the values.
Background, me and my BF have been together nearly a year. We are about to move in together next month. Although this is not exactly ideal pre- marriage, with the economy and my teacher salary I need to either a. move in with him or b. move back across the country where I am from. I love FL and want to stay, so currently going with a.
BF is very kind and overall a great guy. He has respected me and treated me better than any other relationship I have been in. Only issue is he does not really know how to lead. I feel like the reason he doesnt know how, is because he never had to. Both his parents were in military, which meant he was always moving, being told where to move, what schools to go to, etc. After that he played basketball in college. So once again a school controlled what he wore, where he lived, when he traveled amount of money to spend, etc. After college he went pro overseas. Once again this meant an agent was handling his travel, his team, living arrangement, they even ordered all food for them (language barrie phone security). Now that chapter may be completely closed, he is transitioning into "real world" and needs to be a leader, both for himself and our relationship. Issue is, he hasnt had this training yet.
On the other hand, I was raised much different. I moved out at 17, went to college, and moved across the country without my family. I know how to pay bills, budget, save, etc.
How do I help him learn how to do all these things, without him relying on me? How do I help guide this wonderful man to being a captain? Sometimes for me I find it easier just for me to do stuff, and skip the explaining, but long term this is NOT the relationship I want.

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2023.06.08 21:28 JasmineNgo00 Chances for International student?

I am a fresh graduate from an Asian developing country. My major is Chemical engineering and my GPA is 3.61/4.0 (valedictorian), IELTS 8.0. I had nearly 2 years of research exp in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Taiwan and my home country but no pub 😥 I’m still preparing for GRE, a lot of prizes and awards in undergrad I wish to pursue a Master degree in battery and energy in general. Can you give me advice on which schools in the US and Europe should I aim at? What should I prepare more prior to the application process? Also, could I ask if anyone can be my mentor for grad school application? I am desperate in looking for someone to read my LOR, SOP 😭 Thank youuu 🙏
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2023.06.08 21:28 Aromatic_Young_333 Need advice regarding landlady's demands for maintenance

State: Michigan
I am the tenant and currently in the U.S. on a H1-B visa (valid till September 2025). I moved into this new house on October 2021. I have been trying to keep my word with the lease but there is a catch that I missed while signing the lease. "I need to maintain outdoor parts of the property" which includes the front and back yard. I knew I was expected to mow the lawn but my landlady's front yard is a mess (it has weeds). It's a lot of extra effort to maintain the front yard due to this. I have tried my best in these 1.5 years but I feel it needs a professional service. I have no problem hiring a professional but I need to run it through her and also mention to her what exactly they will do (chemicals used etc.) because it's her property. The only thing is, I can't spend too much time on front yard maintenance since I have other things to do. All my time permits me is the weekly mowing. The other week, I spent nearly 5 hours plucking out weeds and they grow again (it's summer now). I recently mentioned (as gently as I could put it) to my landlady that she has to hire a professional to take care of it and that we need to be specific in the lease about what maintenance is expected from the tenant (me) since I have spent time and even money on the maintenance and can't invest more to remove the weeds. It's not my property in the end of the day. She now wants to terminate the lease by end of July. The bigger problem is, my passport renewal and green card application are expected to come in the next few months for which I have put this house address. I mentioned that to her when she spoke about terminating the lease by end of July. I told her I would need at least till the end of this year to move out.

In a nutshell: I would prefer not to move since I have already mentioned this house address in all my applications and changing it would be problematic and also moving can be just exhausting. I have never defaulted on any monthly payment since I moved in and maintain the house well (the front yard is a problematic but I have so far been able to keep up with that as well to some degree). On the other hand I feel she is being unreasonable when it comes to the front yard maintenance because when I moved in she only told me I need to mow the lawn nothing about weeds but all that was mentioned in the lease as "maintenance". Can anyone suggest what I can do to improve my situation? Thank you.
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2023.06.08 21:28 AutoModerator [Full] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.06.08 21:28 CrumbledFingers What do the shapes commonly associated with each chakra represent?

I am reading through Rangin Mukherjee's series. There is a part near the end of volume 1 where he describes a specific shape that appears in meditation. It got me wondering, what is the significance of the shapes usually ascribed to each chakra? Are they wholly symbolic, or as the text seems to suggest, actual depictions of what the yogi sees or experiences at each one? What do they mean, and why are they shaped that way, if the latter is true?
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2023.06.08 21:28 zettasyntax Recommendations for newbie to strength training (cardio only background) specifically a focus on legs?

Hi, my very giving uncle ordered a Vitruvian as a gift ahead of my master's graduation this weekend! I had mentioned every now and then how it would complement the Peloton in my little garage setup and how I'd love to get into strength training. He mentioned that he received an email about a 2 week delay or so, but I'm still very thankful and excited to try it out when it arrives.
Feel free to skip this tidbit, but just a little background. I'm currently 287lbs. I'm 28 and 6'0. I got a Peloton around the end of 2021. I was 328lbs before I started using the Peloton, so I had some very okay results (lots of family and friends have noticed a difference), but I've pretty much plateaued. I can't seem to lose any additional weight. I'm just maintaining. I use the Peloton pretty much daily with workouts of 30mins to 75mins depending on the day (Sunday usually being my 75min endurance day). My highest ever weight was 393lbs when I was 22. I'm a bit of a stress/emotional eater. During my spring semester of undergrad, my mom was hit by a garbage truck. I was already a big boy (340lbs by the time of commencement), but I somehow managed to gain an unholy 50lbs during the summer from the stress of my mom's recovery. I only discovered I weighed 393lbs because of an ER visit that occurred after I had difficulty breathing from trying to set up a new memory foam mattress.
tldr; Given that my legs were once lugging around nearly 400lbs (and 340lbs+ for many years), it makes me think that maybe they would be easier to train/that there's a little muscle from having to carry around all that weight. I have recently tried to incorporate light weights with the Peloton, but I feel like I have no upper body strength. I have 3lb, 5lb, 10lb, and 15lb weights. The 15lbs are a bit of a struggle for me. I'd ideally like to train everything, but I'd love any tips/ideas (modes, specific exercises, etc.) for legs that might be great for pretty much a total beginner. Any other ideas are welcome too.
Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.08 21:28 Oradainer Celestial Empire - Chapter 3

First, Previous, Next

Victor sat at his kitchen table and stared at the tablet in his hand as he blew on his morning coffee. It had been a busy week, setting up areas for construction with enough room for the nano-forge, then using it to build auto-factories to build more mining drones and more forge spiders to gather more resources and clear out more areas.
Thus far he had Ingot Storage 1 complete and the forge spiders pathed to bring back and sort them. Then Hydroponics 1 was complete, the auto-farmers were programmed and with any luck in about six weeks he’d have wheat, oats, barley, corn, beans, rice, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, okra, mushrooms, squash, and many more fruits and vegetables.
Today he was working on Meat Lab 1. Set up was pretty straight forward, the equipment and power were in place, and the specimens were brought from dimensional storage to the grow labs, it was just the pathing necessary to cultivate, harvest and can the meats. His budget was limited here, he had chicken, beef, and pork cultures, and that was it.
Who would have thought his life savings, his parents life savings, and the sale of his ancestral home still couldn’t get him everything he wanted to start a new life on a colony world? He tapped his tablet a few more times before he was satisfied with the pathing, he pretty much copied it over from Hydro 1, they both canned the food in the end anyways.
He then checked on his mining drones, they were busy little beavers, and had found a remarkable amount of usable materials. More than even the satellite estimated for this location, he sent a few of them two days ago to cut a shaft down to the petroleum reserves, it appears that they had indeed succeeded in locating it.
He brought up the auto-factories that he had built from the nano-forge, numbers three and seven were idle, so he started constructing hauler drones to pump the raw petroleum into their internal tanks and then bring them up to Storage 1, where they can unload into new tanks. This will solve my plastics issue… I hope.
Yup, everything was going smoothly. Even if he never made it back to the empire, at least here he could have a little piece of it, with all the modern conveniences he was used to. “Screw living in places like Wuzhen. They didn’t even have indoor plumbing!” He muttered as his attention was brought to a notification on his tablet. INTRUDER ALERT. ____________ Pan ran as though her life depended on it. Well, actually it did, for the instinctive Ox-Kin that were chasing her would kill and eat her if she were caught. Being Rabbit-Kin her small and agile frame allowed her speed and maneuverability, but the Ox-Kin instinctuals didn’t have to run around trees, they could just push them aside!
Her wagon and all her goods were lost, she was dirty and scared. There was a clearing up ahead and her heart dropped, nowhere to hide, and the stream would slow her down, she was trapped now! She frantically looked from left to right as she continued to run, looking for some way out as the Ox-Kin roared behind her tearing up the ground as their razor sharp hoofs slammed into the ground.
She heard a sound as if there were thunderstorm raging, but it did not end, it simply got louder. She looked up in time to see a black figure on wings of fire plunge towards the ground. She didn’t stop, if it would distract the instinctuals then she would use it to her advantage and hopefully escape this terrible fate.
Suddenly she heard a sound as if someone were rubbing the rim of a meditation bowl, only hundreds of times louder, then screams of pain, several thuds, and then silence. She turned her head to see the black figure stand upright and to her astonishment, all the Ox-Kin were down.
No, not down, dead. Cut in half, obviously in mid gallop for the halves of their bodies were separated by meters. She slowed to take in the strange figure, its helmet magically disappeared behind him, showing a foreign face with short cropped black hair and eyes she had only seen on portraits of the Eternal Empress. _____________ “It’s ok, they’re all dead now. Waste of good beef if you ask me, but it’s a little too close to cannibalism for me. Had enough corpo-starch in the guard to last me a lifetime.” He said as she stopped to take a breath. He slowly started walking over to her.
Pan backed up, rather involuntarily, as this man had just slaughtered half a dozen instinctual Ox-Kin in the blink of an eye.
“Whoa, calm down, not gonna hurt you. Just want to ask you a few questions, I’m Victor by the way, what’s your name?” He asked, hands out to show he meant no harm.
Pan finally caught enough wind to take her hands off her thighs and straighten up, one of her bunny ears fell across her face, a sign of how exhausted she truly was. “I’m… Pan… Sorry, still trying to catch my breath.”
The strange man cocked his head to the side and she noticed it wasn’t just a helm he had been wearing, At first she thought he was wearing all black clothing, but it was actually armor, very intricate armor. “Are you a cultivator? I’ve never seen a male cultivator before.”
Victor chuckled, “I’ve been getting that a lot lately. The answer is… complicated. Now, about those questions. Shall we walk back to your home while I ask?”
Pan shook her head, “The only home I had was my wagon. I was a trader who bought and sold goods. The instinctuals destroyed it while I was gathering water. I heard my Ox bellow and when I came up from the stream it was being eaten, the wagon destroyed, my wares nothing more than shredded trash.” She looked down and started to cry as the realization that she had just lost everything took hold.
Victor put on his officers face, oh boy. Here come the water works. “Shh, calm down, it’s only a wagon. It’s a thing, and things can be replaced.”
She looked up to him and lowered her hands, “Perhaps to a powerful cultivator, but I am but a lowly peasant girl. I will have to sell my self on the streets to eat now!” She buried her face back into her hands and wailed.
“Oh for Emperors sakes!” Victor thought as he scooped the small woman up in his arms. This prompted a sharp “Eeek!” From her as he activated his jump jets. _____________ Pan was terrified. Rabbit-Kin were not made for flying. The strange cultivator had scooped her up in his arms as though she were a small child and launched them into the air. She tried to scream, but the air screeching by her face seemed to carry the noise away. Though she doubted anyone could have heard over fire erupting from his wings.
Suddenly they landed and she was set down. She looked around and saw they were on a ledge, far up the mountain where the Ox-Kin had chased her. The ledge had a metal rail all the way around it but she saw no way to reach it other than flight.
The strange man must have brought his helmet back up before they launched into the air, because he had it up now. He turned to the mountain and it split open before him! After retracting his helm he simply said, “Follow me, since you don’t have a home, I’ll bring you to mine.”
She followed him into the mountain, expecting it to be dark and cold, but to her surprise it was warm and light shown down from the ceiling as if it were daylight! The walls were smooth stone, and after a few meters in the mountain closed behind them, only it seemed to do it twice, once inside and once outside.
She continued to walk until they came to a strange door with a wheel in the center. The cultivator spun the wheel and opened the metal door. She had never seen so much worked metal in all her days. Even the blacksmith shops lacked the amount, or skill she saw here.
After she entered into a small chamber, Victor closed the door behind them and walked to a strange outcropping on the wall and turned around. The armor up close was neither new nor perfect, she saw dints and dings, and scorch marks in places. Then she jumped back as it split in half and Victor stepped out in nothing more than short pants covering his man-hood.
She blushed and diverted her eyes, but not before noticing the rippling muscles, scar tissue, and little round metal discs at regular intervals all over his body. He covered himself with a very plush white robe and slippers before opening another door that was identical to the first. “Should I wear slippers as well, Master Cultivator?”
Victor looked back, “That won’t be necessary, the cleaning drones will handle any mess we cause.” Pan pondered on what a drone was. A servant perhaps? Was that why he brought me here, to be one of his servants? Or was it something else? Oh no, she mentioned having to sell herself, did he expect her to be one of his mistresses? She wouldn’t be opposed, for he was a handsome man, but what kin was he?
She almost missed what was said next. “This is my humble abode, you’re welcome to stay here for a time while I get my bearings on this land.” Victor said as he walked over to the table and picked up a piece of see-through glass. Magical runes and pictures flared into existence as he tapped at it before setting it back down.
Pan could barely speak. This place was what she would expect in the Imperial palace. There was no kang, or open fire, but it was the perfect temperature and humidity. She saw a large couch, tables, chairs, cabinets of wood, a countertop with a strange steel bowl and what looked as if it were a well pump above it.
The back wall had multiple doors, the two that were open showed one to be a bed room, with a huge bed, the other was tiled with a white chair, it almost looked like a throne? How strange she thought as she peered into the room to see a chamber of fogged glass also inside the room.
Victor noticed her curiosity, “That is the bathroom. Come here, I’ll show you.”
Pan followed Victor into the bathroom as he demonstrated the toilet, explaining rather embarrassingly how it worked and how to use it, he then showed her the glass chamber with the odd steel handles.
“This one is hot, and this one is cold, you turn them both on until you get the temperature just right to clean yourself. On the wall there is liquid soap, shampoo, and conditioner, though I keep my hair close, so the conditioner wouldn’t be as necessary as say someone with your long hair.” He explained.
Pan was shocked as the saw the stream of water pouring from the wall. What manner of magic was this? “I have never seen a male cultivator, but it is known they are master craftsmen, can you all create such magical wonders?”
Victor shrugged, “No idea, I’ve never met another, uh, male cultivator.”
Pan considered, “Could I, maybe use this chamber to clean up? This mornings activities have left me a little soiled.”
Victor nodded, “Of course.” He reached into a small cabinet and produced a large piece of fluffy cloth and placed it on another steel rail outside the chamber. Before placing a smaller version of it inside the chamber on a rack. Finally he reached back into the cabinet and produced a robe much like he was wearing and placed it on a hook behind the door.
He then pointed to the small one inside the chamber, “That is a wash cloth to clean yourself with the soap, use the shampoo here on your hair, and then after rinsing it out, rub the conditioner in and let it sit a bit before finally rinsing it out. Then dry yourself off with this towel, and put on the robe I placed on the door.”
Pan nodded, “What will you do with my clothes after I remove them?”
Victor sniffed “Probably burn them.” He thought to himself. “I will provide you with clothes to lounge around the house.” He turned around and closed the door behind him.
Pan used the ‘toilet’ surprised at its efficiency to clean itself with water before turning on the water stream and adjusting the knobs until it was pleasant. She took to cleaning herself with gusto, for she had never had such luxury. Even the tubs at the inns she could sometimes visit were not this nice.
She heard the door open, and through the smoked glass she could see that Victor seemed to be gathering her things from the floor and leaving behind something on the ‘toilet’. After getting herself more clean that she thought she ever had in her entire life she sighed and decided she needed to get out.
After fiddling with the knobs and nearly freezing herself before turning them the proper way she reached out and grabbed the ‘towel’ and found it did an amazing job of drying her. Afterwards she tied the cloth up in her hair, careful not to get her ears and examined the clothes he brought her.
There was an article of clothing like what he wore, the short pants, but smaller, and tighter. She assumed it was for the same purpose and put it on, then she found a soft pair of pants, like men would wear, but of much finer and softer material. Finally, there was a form fitting shirt that she found left little to the imagination, but she had little choice to but to put it on. Finally there were thick, luxurious slippers on the floor and the robe on the back of the door.
She came out of the bathroom to find him at the strange counter, cooking. “A man who cooks for a woman? I know he is a foreigner, but I have never heard of this happening.” She thought as he waved her to the large table.
“I missed breakfast this morning, your little tussle with the Ox-Kin ladies kind of put it on hold, have you eaten?” He asked.
Pan felt the hunger pains when he asked as she shook her head.
He chuckled as he continued his work, “No, I guess you didn’t get a chance to eat this morning either.
How do you like your eggs?”
Pan was confused, “Um, I prefer them cooked?”
Victor looked back before saying, “Scrambled it is then.”
After a few minutes and some toiling around the cupboards he dropped off a huge plate in front of her. “Normally I’d let the auto-cook prepare the food, but since I’m getting everything up and running at the moment it’s missing a lot of ingredients. So, I worked with what I had, scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, and toast.”
She stared down at her plate, it mostly looked familiar, but the white porridge was a bit different. He handed her strange utensils before pushing two strange bottles with seasonings in them with holes punched in the top. She watched as he used the utensils to eat, and attempted to do the same.
The spoon was easy, she had used those for soup, but the tiny pitch fork and knife were difficult. Victor noticed this and stood up, went to a cabinet and pulled out a drawer and brought back metal chop sticks.
Pan stared at them, they were perhaps brass, possibly even gold, her mouth dropped, these utensils would have been worth more than her wagon! Victor looked up from his food, “Is everything ok? Is there something wrong with the chopsticks?”
Pan hurriedly put the chopsticks to work grabbing up the slivers of pork. “No, no. This lowly peasant girl was merely in amazement at the quality of the utensils.”
Victor nodded as he watched her eyes go round with amazement after chewing on the bacon. Before she dug into the eggs and tried the grits, deciding they needed the seasonings, which she found was salt and a form of pepper, she nodded before cleaning her plate.
Victor sat back, his own plate clean, “Now that’s a healthy appetite, I wasn’t sure a girl your size could finish a plate like that.”
Pan flushed, a bit embarrassed, “It was no doubt due to your cooking expertise. But I still don’t know why you brought me here.”
Victor stood and took her plate and utensils and opened a strange metal door under the counter and placed them into a metal chamber before closing it back. “You said you were a traveling merchant, which means you go places and hear things. I’m new here and have questions. Therefore we can help each other.”
He ushered Pan to the plush couch and sat down, she took the time to pull her hair out of the towel and he took it from her and went into the ‘bathroom’ a strange name as there was no bathtub inside it and returned to sit at the opposite side of the couch.
Pan let him sit before asking, “Ok, you have questions, what do you want to know?”
Victor took a moment to gather his thoughts before speaking, “Why do you have rabbit ears? Why do people in the villages have monkey tails or goats eyes? And what the hell is up with these instinctuals that are more animal that people?” _______________ It had been hours and Pan was actually feeling mentally drained. The man before her was not a cultivator. Whatever he was, she doubted many cultivators except the Empress could hope to match him. The more he showed her, the more she was certain his powers were unlimited. She didn’t know whether to bow in awe, or run in terror.
Not from this plane of existence is how he put it. Meaning from the realm of the divinities maybe? She did not know for sure.
“So, this Eternal Empress came along a few thousand years ago, united the lands, built a wall and a government, and now uses her armies and cultivator sects to maintain law and order across her lands?” He asked.
Pan nodded, “Yes, before her we were broken into tribes that warred against one another constantly.”
Victor paced in front of her, “So she is immortal, like me. That’s good and bad, good in that she may have the knowledge to get me home. Bad, that she could see me as a threat and has tons of resources.” He suddenly stopped pacing. “I’m hungry, are you hungry?”
Pan was not going to say no to a free meal, as she literally had nothing to her name now. Not even her clothes. “I could eat master… er Victor.”
He started off to the ‘kitchen’ and opened the top to the large metal door and produced a round item wrapped in flexible glass? Or was it cloth that looked like glass? “Victor is fine, I’m going to make a Pizza, I doubt you’ve ever had one, but trust me, they’re great.”
As he worked they continued the questions, “So cultivators are broken up into sects, each one with its own goals and agendas, but all loyal to the Empress?”
Pan nodded, “Yes, and then the Iron Legions are armored mortals who keep the peace throughout the empire, although none of the towns around here are large enough to boast a garrison.”
The metal and glass hinged door was opened and the round cake like object that was placed on a pan was put into it and the door closed. “Ok, twenty minutes and we eat. So tell me, what kin is the Empress?”
Pan looked confused, “The Empress is the Empress, she has no kin.”
Victor wiped his hands on a small dish towel, “So you are rabbit-kin, I’ve met tiger-kin and boar-kin, and others, but she has no kin?”
Pan made a sudden connection, “No, she is like you. She has no kin.”
Victor dropped the dish towel on the counter, “So she’s human.” ________________ “Curse that damnable Victor Cane!” Mei swore as she and Xiang pushed the wagon to free it from the mud once more as the Ox pulling it simply lacked the strength to free it.
Xiang looked to her sect sister, “My my, Mei.” She chuckled at her own word play. “If I didn’t know better I’d say you were getting fixated on the male.”
Mei stared daggers at her companion, she knew she could feel the killing intent, but as they were both second tier, it did little. “The male was aloof, arrogant, cared nothing for face, and ignored me on the battlefield!”
Xiang grinned even more as she climbed aboard the wagon and took the reins. “Don’t think the rest of your sisters haven’t noticed the way you talk about him, you cover your interest with complaint, but it is a thin sheet.”
Mei reached down to her left hand, “He put his hand on mine in the Inn before he flew away on wings of fire. He was trying to comfort me on the loss of our sisters.”
Xiang turned her head sharply, “You didn’t put that in your report, this is the first any of us have heard of it.”
Mei sighed, “I don’t know what to think of it. Male cultivators are so rare, just seeing one outside of the the sect inner circles is a rarity. Most of us never get to even speak to a male cultivator unless we ascend to a high tier within the sect, making us worthy of being in their presence. I wanted to cherish it.”
Xiang smiled as she looked back to the ox before snapping the reins, “I would cherish it too, this is a hard life, mortal men would break in our embrace, but a cultivator male would not. He was a good looking man for a foreigner too.”
Mei shuddered, “That he is, even if a bit rugged, he is evidently a soldier after all.”
Xiangs mischievous grin was back, “I knew it, you were pining over this Victor!”
Mei’s killing intent was definitely felt by Xiang this time as she laughed uproariously at her friends discomfort.
“Fear not my OLDER sister, for in one passing of the moon we will be in the Celestial City and you can deliver your prize to the Empress. I am sure after this you will get to see your handsome soldier again. That is, if the Empress doesn’t take him as her own.” Xiang sang the last part with glee.
Mei stopped glaring, “You don’t think she would do that do you?” She asked.
Xiang laughed so hard she almost fell off the wagon.
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2023.06.08 21:27 KingDannyOfLeon Trigger warning: Disappointed and confused neuroprevalent spouse seeking honesty, whether hope or clarity

I am the neurotypical husband in my still-new marriage. My wife is as sure as one can be without a diagnosis that she has ASD (is looking into diagnosis routes currently). For my part, there were a lot of questions we both had about her body, mind, emotions, nervous system, and I feel like ASD answers every single question. I am also as sure as I can be without a diagnosis.
I have a lot of anxiety associated with ASD because the only exposure I had to it growing up was a family where the oldest son is autistic and developmentally stuck at the age of 2 (he is older than me) and the mom would have frequent meltdowns and chronic fatigue. In hindsight, I now believe the mom also is autistic, and to my knowledge still masks it. I don't know that she has considered the possibility that she is on the spectrum herself. She was the only person I knew with chronic fatigue, she raised her oldest son almost by herself (her husband also had some aloof and distant behavior, I don't know that he had ASD as well), melting down all the time, usually sleeping in a separate room from her husband, where she could have more peace and be alone.
With that context, just a month before our engagement, my wife began experiencing a strange burnout and fatigue that doctors were confused about. They thought it was mono, then thyroid problems, then gut flora, then anxiety/depression... Currently, her doctor just thinks she has a sensitive nervous system and doesn't even like to think in terms of ASD because it's a label that puts her in a box. My anxiety has been triggered for nearly three years now, worrying about re-living the lives of that family I was exposed to (actually lived with them for a year). Of course, we've come to recognize my wife's fatigue as autistic burnout.
When we fell in love, I knew she was quirky. She is the sweetest partner I can imagine. She is supportive and was adventurous with me. Adventurous in the little ways that matter most to me. Some of our first outings were at concerts and bars. The first time we held hands was in the pit at a Muse concert (not known to be a calm environment). Early on in our relationship, I saw her handle stressful and depressing situations like feeling lost in the wrong major in college; she handled it, found the right major for herself and finished well. I saw her as strong and adventurous, fell in love with her, we dated for a little over 2 years, and got married.
I wasn't going to call off the engagement because she had what we thought was mono, which left her feeling very tired. I wasn't going to call off the wedding when we started thinking her tiredness was from Hashimoto's. But she has never been the same. She can't handle anything longer than a 30 minute walk. Far less stressful things than depression in college completely wipe her out. She hasn't been able to properly hold a job. She sometimes struggles to sleep and goes to the couch instead of staying in bed with me. And she's very demand-avoidant; we rely on two incomes, and she shuts down easily if I try to gently remind her that we need her to find a job. I get that she wants to take her time and not stress herself out settling for a job she doesn't like, but landlords and car dealerships don't care about any of this—the bill still has to be paid.
In the midst of this, I'm left thinking this is not the person I thought I was marrying. I am the saddest twenty-something I know, reading stories about people with Cassandra Syndrome and failed marriages because the neurotypical spouse gets fed up of always being the one who has to bend to the needs of the neurodivergent partner. I understand she has needs—we all do. But I'm left feeling like this is not really a partnership. And I'm realizing that the adventurous part of her that could just pick up and go on a ride with me without freaking out, the one who went to rock concerts with me and fun walks out in nature, and exploring the city, the one who had hopes and dreams and was studying to make them come true, the one I could trust with our eventual children if I'm away for work, the one who I could lean on to do the other part (not even necessarily half, but part) of adulthood with me, my best friend... All of that is gone, and I don't see a lot of hopeful stories out there.
So many people go years and years like this only for the neurotypical to hold on long enough for kids to grow up, and then they get a divorce anyway. Am I accurately seeing what's just around the corner for us if we don't separate? She says she won't always be this way, this tired and destabilized, this unmotivated, and she is of course offended when I say it's hard for me to believe her when she says that. After all, this has now been most of our relationship. I don't want to separate, but I'd rather do that than spend 20 years miserably holding on, waiting for kids to grow up, feeling like I'm raising them by myself, only to divorce once my life is half spent. Is there hope? Will she manage? Will she be an actual partner? Or should I thank my lucky stars we realized this only a couple years into our marriage and jump ship while I still have my sense of self?
Obviously I'm not trusting the future of my marriage to a reddit vote, but if you have experience in a neurodiverse marriage, I'd love to hear some honesty. Hope or cold clarity, but honesty.
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2023.06.08 21:27 Far-Ad-6498 My girlfriend's mother commited suicide because of a stupid petty reason(not specified)

Few days ago, my girlfriend called me out for a walk and i was bored sitting at my house so i followed up with her. It was a nice walk and when i felt tired, i went to take a seat, so did she.
Suddenly, her parents appear out of nowhere and i was a bit scared, but she said that its fine so just sit down. I calmed myself a bit and sat and greeted uncle. Uncle reciprocated nicely but when i went to greet the aunt, she escalated the matter saying that she told her not to come at this place but you dont listen to your parents. You dont value them. Whereas it was a simple walking track and a nursery where people walk so she asked her mother that she doesnt see it as a problem. There were some strangers who we didnt even knew and suddenly her mom started calling them thinking those strangers are our friends pretending to be strangers and followed up with my girlfriend.
I told her mother that they are just strangers and im just a friend of her because neither of the parents knew about our relationship. Her mother told me to stop hanging out with her and then proceeds to create a racket.
Moving on, while we were moving to the exit, her mother was going to the wrong way which is, in the jungle. My girlfriend told her that was the wrong route but her mother rudely replies with "who are you to direct me? I know from which direction i came from." We all followed up until her father said not to come any further because if i do the problem will increase. I had to take my leave but still i was in a lookout to see if they managed to get out. Once i found it out i went home right away.
On the other side, my girlfriend and her parents were on the way, her mother suddenly got lost and they were in the search. From here, i dont know if you guys would believe me but when they found her out, her mother was at the hilltop suddenly, her dad went to check if she is alright and started running away from him. She said, "it is either me or that guy". My girlfriend in the middle of her explanation, her mother started screaming, "my daughter doesnt love me. Shes comfortable with her friends than with me" while her father was chasing her down, my girlfriend went home to take a sip.
Suddenly, her mother rushes to her bedroom, locks her room and take a stool and proceeds to hang herself. Her mother blackmails and mentally tortures her since her childhood. And i believe her mother is a psychopath but in the other hand she lost hope in living because other than her daughter, she had many struggles in her family and in her own family she made. She called out her daughter's name and hunged herself. My girlfriend thought that it was her usual day of scaring her and thought she might be going to her village so she was happy that she might get peace there. I have also encountered this moment and i thought it would go back to normal, but nobody, not even her dad and sister thought that her mother would take such a big step. Even me. After some time, she knocked on her mothers door but she wasnt responding so she tried to look below the door and saw her legs were swinging to and fro so it felt pretty unusual for her so she called someone and broke the door and found her mother hanging for half an hour. She was already dead. She was devastated.
My girlfriend already was having trauma but encountering this tragedy made her scared to go back to her own place. She took the blame of her death whereas it was not her fault. It was no one's fault. Her mother took that selfish decision and hunged herself, without thinking about her family, her daughters and her mother. I have no empathy towards her mother because of what she has done to her but despite that, my girlfriend cried for straight 3 days, didnt sleep, didnt eat and was completely drained. She loved her mother despite that. I feel bad for her. I cried alot that day too. My parents shreaked upon her mother and hoped that she will burn in hell because suicide is a sin, but for my girlfriend, she engraved it as her fault and is still in denial. What a petty reason for suicide. I cant even process that her mother killed herself kuz of this. I seriously hate her mother but for her i'd do anything for her to heal even if it means not to speak truth about her mother not resting in peace and preach good on her. We might have different opinions but i love her so much and ill always be there for her as her moral support.
What do you guys think? Her mother killing herself was my girlfriend's fault or was her mother completely selfish?
Please let me know because i wanna let her know that:
"Her death was not her responsibility and it will never be her fault even if her mother called out her name and hunged herself." Even so her mother guilt trapped her own daughter for life and i hate her alot for that.
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2023.06.08 21:27 ComparisonCold2016 This city is making suckers out of us lower and middle-class folks

As most people on this sub know, the overall quality of this city has deteriorated. What used to be a fun, night-life driven, relatively-affordable place to live has become an overpopulated, unlivable, unaffordable, traffic-dense dystopia. The vibe of this city: selfishness. Me me me. Common sense - out the window.
As the rents become more and more ridiculous for below-average apartments, the building owners and landlords here are laughing their way to the bank making a fortune off us struggling to keep head above water. Many lifelong Miamians keep thinking to themselves "it won't stay this way forever, it'll get better, rents will go down, people will get friendlier", etc. Friends, that is simply not the case and most of us know it. But we lie to ourselves about it because this is "home".
My eye-opening experience was taking a trip to Northern Florida and seeing the exact same type of apartments we have here for HALF THE PRICE. Didn't require first, last, security and your family fortune to move in. There were less people, I could walk down a street without feeling bombarded. There was less than half the amount of traffic here in Miami. And most passerbys actually nodded or said hello to me (a concept long dead in South Florida). It was, in one word: refreshing.
If you are struggling to make ends meet, hopping from one $2k/mo one-bedroom to the next, and are sick to death of the "Miami Mentality", do not stay here. Try and leave. I plan to be out of this godforsaken place within the next couple months.
I feel like each day when I wake up and walk outside, the city is laughing at me and mocking me. As though it were saying "I'm ripping you the fuck off and you're just sitting there taking it". It doesn't have to be this way and it's going to get worse. Much worse.
If you know in your gut that life shouldn't be this way, don't default on justifying staying here because you grew up here. This is not the same place it was a decade ago and that version of Miami is not coming back. It's time to let go.
Of course, nothing I'm saying applies to the wealthy. They are a large part of the problem here and they actively enjoy this way of life because they have the means to afford and enjoy it. Unfortunately that almost always results in something being taken away from the average Joe. All the more reason for the rest of us to leave and watch it crash and burn from a distance.
If you're anything like me, a normal person making less-than-median income, struggling from one day to the next, and you're still trying to stay here hoping things will revert back to the old way - Vaya con Dios.
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2023.06.08 21:27 newcarguy2019 Are foxbody's low maintenance?

I'm looking to get back into the mustang world after stepping away from foxbody's nearly 20yrs ago. I got burnt out on the whole scene, heavy modding, repairing and maintaining the car and I'm wondering if I'll run into a similar experience with a 30yr old fox. A family member is willing to give me their 93gt for free. 100k miles, bone stock, garage kept, that's been hardly driven in recent years. Body is in great shape, runs and drives fine, just regular oil changes, nothing has been replaced afaik, just has a broken gauge and window motor. This will be a fun second car that I'd do a mild hci combo. I don't want to get carried away, I learned my lesson from before. My concern is the potential gremlins that may pop up being a 30yr old car. Whether it's another window motor, a headlight issue, electrical problem, or whatever. I don't want problems to keep popping up and having to keep fixing things. I've never owned a car this old so I don't know what to expect. What do you guys think? What's your experience been?
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2023.06.08 21:27 knifestandards WTS Varga, Chaves, SOC inlay and Spyderco Titanium Clip & Scales

Squiddy Bali trainer: sat in a drawer, was going to learn how to balisong lol never did $45
Boker gent: Interesting knife, ano done by me, mirror blade 440c $50
Varga VBR: One of my favorite knives, in a limited ‘thin blue line’ edition. Edge is in excellent condition, can’t find any flaws, outstanding ergos, I just don’t carry anymore $275
Rgt titanium crosshatch clip for pm2: no flaws, comes with screws that are T8 $50
Metonboss titanium Frag Pm2 scales: tiny line near lanyard hole and slight scuff where clip sat $100
Fat carbon dunes inlay jcape v4: Untouched $65
Sub kalashnikov: was a user kind of beat up but fires HARD, very fun to carry $25
Chaves TAK Carbon fiber: Awesome little knife, the grinds are exactly what you expect from a chaves knife. Edge is damn sharp and no flaws on this tiny ass knife $225
Fulcrum from Vero with Timascus clip never used: $135
Spyderco stock pm2 brown g10 scales: the scales only $15
PayPal F & F CONUS Ships today or tomorrow morning
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2023.06.08 21:27 QueenCheeseburgers I guess Sideshow Bob is no longer killing Bart.😂😂😂😂

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2023.06.08 21:27 raesayshyah Old Boss called me one day after giving birth, asking when I would be back;

I just discovered this reddit and now it's like "yay finally a place to vent and throw the tea about this moron" -
So I worked at a local community bank for 6 years up until this past December. I genuinely enjoyed my job for 4 years...and then Dumb Moron was hired on as our manager. Dumb Moron never did her own work, dated and flirted with multiple customers - every break up caused them to close accounts and leave, and made up her own rules regarding PTO and the like.
I was written out for early maternity on bed rest in November 2022, due to having a high risk pregnancy. She was very obviously bothered by this and tried her best my entire last 4 hours there to convince me to not go on bed rest - let's be real it was because I was one of the supervisors who did the work she left. December 2022 we welcomed Baby Boy #2 and all was good...for exactly 24 hours in the hospital. The morning after I had my son, on two hours of sleep at 7 in the morning I got a phone call from a local number I didn't have stored in my phone - my son has a liver issue we have been following and half dead me answered thinking it would be the specialist. It was Dumb Moron, I barely said hello on the phone when I answered it because she rushed to say, and I quote, "Someone told me you had the baby they saw on Facebook, congrats, so when are you coming back?" - the audacity. I quit on the spot, and then immediately called HR and left a voicemail with them. The head of HR called me back and then I immediately forwarded everything about her I documented in my email to them. I don't know what became of her, but I 100% hope she got fired. That was just the final straw for me. Here's an example of things she's done over the 2 years I worked for her:
  1. Harassed and Guilted employees who had to call out or schedule PTO. Why? "For not being team players"/ once called off due to my 3 year old throwing up with a fever and couldn't find a sitter - she told me I would have to come in anyway, and I told her fine I'll bring him with and he can puke on the floor. She backed off, but it never stopped her.
  2. Told her staff in both branches to "pick all your PTO days ahead of time but in seniority order - don't let people surprise you with things I won't approve any other requested days unless everyone has their days picked at least 5 months in advance"
  3. Absolutely nothing except sit in her office crying about her boyfriends loudly on the phone, also fought in the parking lot in front of clients with said boyfriends.
  4. Blame her supervisors for account mistakes that she herself made while opening.
  5. Look up employee accounts and give employees lectures on their spending habits.
  6. Plan and simple, just being a bitch. Talked downt to us and yelled for being "not good enough", "not smart enough" - blamed us for everything when she was the cause of the mistakes. Made us do things out of our pay range and position. Just constant anxiety.
I must say although now I work a part time job a couple days a week, and things are tighter than when I worked full time - the calm I feel is insane compared to when I worked for her.
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2023.06.08 21:26 Flowers_4_everyone Looking for work. Good work.

Hello all of Reno reddit. I'm on the look for (above all) a job that has a good environment and good people.
Personally; I'm queer, open minded, and kind.
Professionally; I'm nearly 30 and I've been through a fair share of different types of jobs. I'm a decent and honest worker. I'm looking for jobs that are probably either creative, nature centered, or health & wellness centered.
Creative as in sewing, woodworking, painting, upholstery, gardening..
Nature centered as in working in the parks, landscaping, working with animals, or farm work..
Health & Wellness centered as in local foods, physical fitness, outdoor activities...
I'd like to enjoy what I do, who i do it for, and who I do it with.
Please let me know if you have any recommendations! Thank you!
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