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Coworker took a problem into her own hands and dismantled my work chair.

2023.06.08 19:22 Azzrix Coworker took a problem into her own hands and dismantled my work chair.

Today I'm going to tell you the story of my chair
I'm going to start this story with... We'll call this person Stacy.
Stacy is a tech saleswoman in the department store I worked at. Despite Stacy being a sales woman she is also a supervisor which in a technical sense doesn't really have any managerial connotations and is a very loose title where I work but Stacy has a problem with authority both giving and taking orders. Giving in a sense where she believes she is on the same level as the store manager and orders people around expecting them to follow her orders and taking in the sense that whenever one of the managers tells her to do or not to do something she just decides to not follow their orders and does what she wants anyway.
Now on top of Stacy's blatant insubordination, she is also a very unethical saleswoman where as she will lie to customers, lacks an extreme amount of knowledge regarding the things she is selling, steals sales from part time staff and is also very manipulative and manages to sell a lot of things which, because she makes a lot of sales means she brings in a lot of money for the store which in turn makes my store manager look good so he tends to look the other way when she is insubordinate and/or unethical.
Some background about myself for the story. I've been working with this company for about 3-4 years. I've been transferred to other locations as we have about 4 or 5 in my area, I've worked closely with a lot of the managers in the stores training as a potential stand in, but officially my positions in this company are in this order, computer repair technician, tech sales support, customer service support, I was permanently transferred to the store Stacy is at to fill the open tech repair position and assist with supervising the sales and service staff when needed, keep in mind that I am not a supervisor but I do have access to some of the same things management does and I report directly to the sales manager over anyone else, this is important for later.
Recently the store manager had to take medical leave for something serious which has caused him to not be able to work forcing our sales manager to become the acting store manager for the time. now our sales manager has only been with us for a couple months and Stacy believes that seniority actually hold some Authority, and because she's been with the store for over 10 years she thinks she has more Authority than the acting manager of the store. that being said our acting manager isn't very knowledgeable on all of the things a manager has to do although I have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done and he usually consults me because I've worked closely with the managers of others stores. Because the manager is out Stacy has taken it upon herself to sort of act as the new store manager despite the fact that we already have an acting manager
Now in regards to my chair, as a support staff I do a lot of monitoring of software and type up a lot of retorts, and as the technician of the store I do a lot of sitting while repairing and working on computers mainly because my desk is below waist height and trying to work at a desk that low while standing can cause a serious back issue. the problem with me having a chair is that sometimes the part-timers will go into my office and sit and play on their phones when I'm not there and the manager has warned them a few times about it but they continue to do it, his deterrent was he would lock my chair in his office when I wasn't working. because the Manager is out for a while, Stacy took it upon herself to deal with the situation as she felt was the best way and that way was by dismantling the chair and hiding the pieces all around the store. Now Not only was that an extremely childish thing to do to handle a situation but the situation itself was completely out of Nancy's Authority was a complete waste of company time. I want to preface that this isn't some dopey office chair, it's a fairly high end chair that I built and I can tell you that taking it apart is twice as hard as putting it together. dismantling the chair and hiding all the pieces had to have taken at least an hour or two for a woman in her 50s and the place is she hid all of the pieces were unbelievable and turned out to be an extreme safety hazard.
So for about a week and a half me and a few of my co-workers who were aware of the situation basically went on a small scavenger hunt to find all of the pieces of the chair and within that week and a half is when I concocted my plan..
I discussed the situation with the managers. We have 4 managers.. A general manager, sales Manager, service manager, and merchandise manager. I spoke to each manager separately for their opinions on the situation (with the exception of he general manager because hes on leave).
The sales manages wasn't interested in the situation because he was the acting manager and had more pressing matter to attend to considering it was back to school season, out busiest time of the year he basically told me to deal without it however I wanted to.
The service manager was for the most part on my side but also didn't want to get involved because well... He's a bit of a pussy and it's terrified of confrontation.
The merch manager thought it would be fun to hunt for all the pieces since she knew the store top to bottom and would most likely be able to find all the pieces. She was also was okay with me handling the situation however I wanted to and offered any support she could provide in the matter.
Initially Stacy denied knowing where my chair was but everyone was suspicious she had something to do with it and after finding all of the chair pieces I then confronted Stacy about the situation, she admitted to taking apart the chair and hiding it and I respectfully requested that she rebuild my chair so that this situation can be done with and things can be normal,to which she respectfully declined. I wasn't having that.
In my store, things are pretty out of wack, and there are a lot of internal problems that need to be dealt with, but no one knows how to deal with them... Stacy takes advantage of that by using the disarray of the store to take advantage of the other employees.. And she thought she could do the same with me, but Stacy didn't know me very well, Stacy didn't know I have a lot of experience with this company, and Stacy didn't know I am friends with the HR manager, So I had an idea of how things worked when it came to dealing with employee issues that the managers avoided.. I told Stacy that if my chair wasn't build by the time I show up for my next shift I was going to give head office HR a call and tell them about all the Shit she's been doing and how much time she wasted dealing with managers issues and causing a slew of safety hazards and a hostile work environment.. She was trying to play it cool but that was enough to make her panic.. And believe it or not, she tried to pull the seniority card on me. Didn't work, then she tried the "you can't go over my head with this stuff, I'm your direct superior and you have to report to me first" which, for one, never have I ever directly reported to her, she supervises the sales staff, alongside me and two, this would be an HR issue which is beyond store management. Stacy panicked because she knew I was right and she couldn't do a single thing to stop me. So she begged one of the managers to build my chair and it was build that same night.
As satisfied as I am with the outcome and seeing her panic, I am dissatisfied with my dumb ass service manager who gave in and built the chair for her. It was fun watching her beg tho.
This happened a few years ago and I have since quit my job there. The toxicity that was being created because of Stacy literally has damaged my mental health. This story is one of very many outrageous things this person has done. I had to leave because she has had HR called on her many times, unfortunately HR has to report to the district manager, who also looked the other way from the amount of reports against her because it makes his district look better than the others when she gets high numbers. While I was there the part time employees had a higher turn over. When I voiced my concern to the district manager his response prompted almost the entire full time staff to quit.
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2023.06.08 19:21 FreakWith17PlansADay Support Becky Edwards 1:30pm today 6/8/2023 at the State Capitol as she officially files to run for Congress!

We're getting together a big group of supporters to cheer on Becky Edwards at the State Capitol building today! Come on over to the Capitol at 1:30 today to show your support for putting an intelligent, effective leader from District 2 in the House of Representatives!
Becky Edwards has the plans and experience to be a great congressional representative. She is the furthest a Republican can get toward moving the needle towards progress in Utah. Our state would be so lucky to have her representing us! We desperately need someone like her who can work with both sides of the aisle to get important things done.
I'm a Democrat but I switched parties just to vote for her last year when she ran for Senate. I'm so glad we'll have another shot to put her in office this year!
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2023.06.08 19:21 onlineistikhara22 Online Istikhara

Win Your Ex Love Back: Revive the Fire and Rediscover Genuine Bliss
Separating is rarely simple, particularly when it's with somebody you still profoundly care about. Assuming you're yearning to win your ex love back and reignite the flash that once existed between you, cheer up. While there are no ensures in issues of the heart, there are methodologies you can utilize to expand your possibilities reviving the fire and remaking a significant relationship. In this article, we will investigate successful ways of winning your ex love back and make the way for a recharged association loaded up with affection and joy.
Ponder the Past:
Before you can win your ex love back, it's critical to make a stride back and consider what prompted the separation. Search internally and genuinely survey your job in the relationship's defeat. Recognize any missteps you made and get a sense of ownership with them. This self-reflection won't just assist you with becoming as an individual yet additionally show to your ex that you are fit for change and self-improvement.
Give Each Other Space:
After a separation, feelings run high, and it's normal to need to quickly connect with your ex. Nonetheless, it's fundamental for give each other existence to recuperate. Regard their requirement for distance and spotlight on personal growth during this period. Utilize this opportunity to deal with your own prosperity, seek after leisure activities, and participate in exercises that give you pleasure. Showing your ex that you can flourish freely will make you more alluring and helpful in their eyes.📷
Reconstruct Correspondence:
When both you and your ex have had adequate separation, now is the right time to restore correspondence. Begin with easygoing and cordial discussions, keeping away from points that might set off pessimistic feelings or past complaints. Take things gradually and permit the association with grow normally. Be a decent audience and show certified interest in their life, as this will assist with reconstructing trust and make ready for a more significant profound association.
Show Positive Changes:
Talk is cheap. To win your ex love back, show them through your activities that you have rolled out sure improvements in your day to day existence. Whether it's taking on a better way of life, chasing after private objectives, or dealing with relational abilities, showing development and personal growth will make your ex rethink you. These positive changes won't just help your relationship yet in addition upgrade your general prosperity.
Revive the Fascination:
Actual fascination is a vital piece of any close connection. Set aside some margin to zero in on your appearance and lift your fearlessness. Head out to the rec center, update your closet, and pursue great preparing routines. At the point when you feel sure and alluring, it will reflect in your collaborations with your ex, reigniting the flash that was once there.
Show Certifiable Consideration and Backing:
To win your ex love back, showing certified care and backing for them is fundamental. Be there to listen carefully, offer some assistance, or commend their achievements. By exhibiting your unflinching help, you will make a feeling of solace and security that is fundamental for modifying a cherishing and confiding in relationship.
Winning your ex love back requires persistence, self-reflection, and a certifiable longing to revamp an association in light of affection and understanding. While there are no idiot proof techniques, utilizing the methodologies referenced in this article can build your possibilities reigniting the fire and finding satisfaction together by and by. Keep in mind, winning back your ex is an excursion, and regarding their limits and wishes during the process is fundamental. Best of luck on your way to reviving adoration and making a splendid future together.
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2023.06.08 19:19 SignatureSeries18 51 [M4F] #Central FL - Younger, Christian, traditional woman wanted for 1950's type relationship

Things about me: I work hard. Confident. Outgoing. Intelligent. Funny. Down to earth. Single, no kids. I'm attractive and fit. I like most things outdoors. I love movies. A good balance of staying in and getting out. I have little to no emotional baggage. No crazy exes. I'm a Christian and serious about my faith.
Things about you: You're attractive and keep a fit body. Sweet and cheerful. Have a good sense of humor. Feminine. Submissive. Want a traditional role of serving your man, as he leads, loves, protects and provides. If you're more career-oriented, we'll work out the domestic aspects. And of course, you're a Christian.
Send me a message and tell me about you (age and location, included), your interests, and what's important to you.
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2023.06.08 19:19 poogaloopants What color & style of rug would you put with these exact pieces?

What color & style of rug would you put with these exact pieces?
The piano has a gold square Art Deco mirror, a lamp, and a plant atop it. Ignore the Wi-Fi box next to the piano. I took a photo of the setup and removed background which is why it looks funky.
The arm chairs are vintage dusty pink velvet.
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2023.06.08 19:17 FreakWith17PlansADay Support Becky Edwards 1:30pm today 6/8/2023 at the Capitol as she officially files to run for Congress!

We're getting together a big group of supporters to cheer on Becky Edwards at the State Capitol building today! Come on over to the capitol at 1:30 today to show your support having an intelligent leader from District 2 in the House of Representatives!
Becky Edwards has the plans and experience to be a great congressional representative. She is the furthest a Republican can get toward moving the needle towards progress in Utah. Our state would be so lucky to have her representing us! We desperately need someone like her who can work with both sides of the aisle to get important things done.
I'm a Democrat but I switched parties just to vote for her last year when she ran for Senate. I'm so glad we'll have another shot to put her in office this year!
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2023.06.08 19:15 electrical_meat95 [Research] Doctoral Dissertation - Need Survey Participants

Hi all, my name is Lorine Margeson and I am a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. This study is a part of my doctoral dissertation, which aims to examine the relationship between childhood events, relationships, and current feelings. The results of this study may help mental health clinicians better understand individual’s backgrounds and their current needs.
Participants will be asked to complete a 15 minute online survey. You will not be asked to share personal information such as your name or address. The questionnaire includes a demographic questionnaire, the Adverse Childhood Events questionnaire, Relationship questionnaire, and Brief Symptom Inventory-18 (BSI-18). In the event that you experience any discomfort, you may quit the study at any time with no penalties.
Eligibility: - US Resident - Current or Previous affiliation or desire to be in the U.S. Military - Fluent in English - 18 year or older
If you are eligible please click the link that will direct you to the survey:
Upon completion of the survey, you will have the opportunity to enter your email to be entered into a raffle to win one of five $20 Amazon gift cards. The raffle will take place once the response period has closed. Gift cards will be sent virtually via the email provided.
For more information, please contact: Investigator: Lorine Margeson, M.A. Email: [email protected] Dissertation Chair: Edward Shearin, Ph.D. Email: [email protected]
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2023.06.08 19:14 DreaminInColour Happy Pride everyone! This POS was the reason my parents tried to send me to conversion therapy, good riddance!

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2023.06.08 19:10 WwwDDD2023 【36F】A 36-year-old morning lady who loves life is looking for a soulmate

Hello everyone! I am a 36 year old independent and motivated lady who is currently looking for a sincere and fun confidant to share the joys and challenges of life with.
First of all, let me introduce myself. I love life, am optimistic and cheerful, and always face each day with a positive mindset. I am health conscious and keep my body active and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging and yoga. I am also passionate about art and culture and enjoy visiting museums, going to concerts and reading good books. In addition, I like to try new things, explore different cuisines and cafes, and enjoy time with friends.
In terms of work, I am a successful professional who is passionate and motivated by my career. I seek self-growth and continuous learning, while also focusing on the importance of work-life balance.
I am looking for a soulmate who shares my interests, someone who is sincere, mature, responsible and has good taste. He should be a positive and funny person who can bring me joy and inspiration. I want us to support each other, create good memories together and pursue our passions and achievements in life together.
If you are interested in the 36-year-old lady I described and you are also a person who loves life and is positive, please don't hesitate to leave me a message or private message. Let's get to know each other and see if we have common interests and values.
Looking forward to building a deep friendship with you and spending quality time together!
Thanks for reading!
Best regards
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2023.06.08 19:10 Exotic-Scallion4475 Driving alert in Glenview, Illinois

Many of Glenview’s public schools are getting renovated this summer and their dumpsters are full of some usable materials. They’re donating a lot, but everything in or near the dumpsters is headed for a landfill, so save what you can. Filing cabinets, chairs, office organizers etc.
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2023.06.08 19:10 cluicheadairlax1 Dude I suck for any way in which I passed on unhealthy habits from Morm Dad on to you.

When I made the investments, I mean you can tell I planned it out and put a lot of thought into it. Especially all of the "in-kind investments"—the non-monetary part from eBay. I was really excited.
Morm Dad looks down on me in some ways, like telling me that I am too poor or too sick or too disabled to invest. I sat down and tried really consciously to not repeat any bad habits I noticed from him. Ultimately I’m only 31, and 15-60 minutes of thinking is not going to undue 10+ years of influence from someone in his 70s.
I most especially regret anything I did that communicated that I look down on you or see you as less than. As a newbie to the Bernie movement, I was kind of expecting Marx to be quoted a lot more. I’m learning that he’s not quoted. Marx talks all about how capital / money distorts our minds and our bodies abc our relationships. Not everyone even likes Marx much anymore because some people see Marx blaming money / capital as a cop-out that doesn’t hold the individual accountable.
I had an experience with August, the former Bernie campaign state chair from. Idk what state but he is from Montana. He had an interpretation of life that made me suspect that Bernie stuff was more heavily Marxist than it apparently is.
I misread the situation and am aghast for any way in which I hurt you, C, or A. As far as others complaining about me, those people make me uncomfortable too.
Its 0% our fault for kind of previous generations’ failure to figure out answers beforehand about how no and straight stuff works. After ten years in Utah, my value system does not allow me to channel bisexual attraction into business symbolism. I was hoping to explore both the attractions and the business in parallel. I made those sacrifices to try and help you because you were communicating in your posts that you were suffering.
Although we made mistakes we still did an amazing job. You rock. I hope therapy was great today. I’m off to get some pizza :)
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2023.06.08 19:10 Turbulent-Love Hello (new to forum, new to reddit)

First off, hi everyone!!
I really hope I'm not breaking any rules, it seems like yall run a pretty tight ship here, but I looked through the FAQ and the archived posts and i think I'm in the right place.
I'm in Colorado, looking for a very casual weekly race. nothing USAC or BRAC, just an hour of race-pace with like-minded people. I lived out east for a few years and started doing Fight Club at Cherry Creek reservoir, but I recently moved, and now it's a 70 mile night to do that. I'm hoping to find something closer. Internet is useless for searching this stuff, but I did randomly come across a Strava segment nearby called Tuesday Night Thunder that makes me think that these unsanctioned races are happening all across the front range. I'm familiar with Meridian and Roxbourgh Words, but they're even farther away. I'm just north-west of Denver. If anybody has any info (or can link me to something on Reddit that covers this) I would be very grateful!!
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2023.06.08 19:09 ceznaf33 ummmm

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2023.06.08 19:09 OnlineDandy Looking around my room

I’m currently 24, and it’s been five years since I escaped my parents house. Sometimes I think about how drastically different my life looks compared to then, but right now I’m doing it in a way that’s proving to be kinda interesting. I think it’d be a good exercise for anyone else who relates.
I looked over at my door. It’s locked right now. Nobody’s telling me I’m “not allowed” to lock it, and I’m not expecting anyone to burst through at any moment. My guard is down.
There’s a pull-up bar in the corner. Growing up I used to always wish I could have workout equipment in my room since I was too insecure to go to a gym. Now, I’m reminded that I’m no longer too scared to show my face in public. Not only do I not have any shame, but I do have my own exercise equipment just like I always wanted.
My closet’s a bit of a mess. It’s not the end of the world, and nobody’s acting like it is. I chose to let it be that way, since it’s been a busy week. I don’t feel any guilt over it, and I know I can easily fix the mess within minutes. There’s no voice in my head screaming “Now” in an authoritarian tone, just me taking note of it and then moving on.
There’s a couple of paintings on the shelf in my closet. They make nice decorations, and remind me how grateful I am to actually be able to express myself. Not only am I able to personalize my own space, but I have no anxiety about having fragile and valuable items out in the open for people to see. There’s nobody coming to steal or “accidentally” destroy them. Nobody’s coming to “misplace” them one day after “cleaning” my room while I’m gone. I’m gonna get back from work, and they’re still gonna be there.
There’s a couple of beanbag chairs behind the coffee table. There’s two in case I decide to have a friend over, which happens fairly often. Having a friend over would’ve been unthinkable five years ago. It would’ve seemed like something impossibly out of reach. I could only dream. In my old life, looking at two beanbag chairs, things made for relaxing, would’ve made me sad. Now, I look at them and remember having an active social life. Not only am I accepted and tolerated, there are people who go out of their way to be around me.
Now I’m looking at the TV on the coffee table. It’s one of those Amazon Toshiba thingies. It’s actually a gift from one of my parents, don’t remember who. They sent it to my old address in an attempt to guilt me into talking to them (didn’t work 😎 ). I can use it to watch YouTube, Netflix, etc. It’s currently on YouTube playing that lofi music that’s always live, with the girl studying. I left it on last night, and woke up to it playing quietly in the background. It’s a nice alternative to waking up to screaming at 2am.
There’s a pair of headphones on the corner of the coffee table. Whenever I put them on, I don’t have to make sure nobody’s looking. I also don’t worry about people bursting into the room screaming while I use them because I couldn’t hear them call from across the house. I just listen to music now, simple as that. The audacity.
There’s a smaller coffee table next to the coffee table. It’s not as bizarre looking as it sounds, I swear. On it are a bunch of snacks I left out for my friends last night, and there’s plenty of leftovers. I’m no longer in an ingredients-only household where if I’m hungry, I have to wait for somebody to cook something. That somebody would also be someone who never washed their hands, and constantly got me sick.
Not only am I a lot healthier today, I actually have snacks. This would’ve been a dream come true for younger me, so I’m making sure he’s well fed.
There’s a piano. I was never allowed to play, because my mothers ex played piano and looking at them I guess made her insecure or something? Well, now I got my own. Maybe the person who delivered it, or the one who manufactured the instrument had some sort of trauma involving pianos. Does that mean I couldn’t have mine? No, that had nothing to do with me, so nothing arbitrarily got in the way of me getting one.
There’s a notepad on my desk. It’s a story I’m writing, and it’s just there, out in the open. I wrote pages and pages of fictional storytelling, from my own mind, and I’m leaving it out in the open. There was a time when I thought even now I’d be hiding such a thing under multiple layers of security to save myself from “embarrassment”. Now, worst case scenario is someone picks it up, reads a page or two and says “hey, this is kinda neat”.
In fact, I actually did have someone ask if they could read it. They said they liked the story and had a lotta fun reading it. I didn’t feel exposed or vulnerable in the slightest, and I didn’t feel as though I was getting pity compliments.
Just from simply looking around, I can see not only how much better my life is, but how far I’ve come. I’m grateful that I kept choosing to live, over and over again, and hoping despite my better judgement for things to get better. Turns out I wasn’t some naive fool, I really did just need to keep pressing onward. It’s not some cruel joke. There’s nobody waiting to snatch it all away before you get your turn. You are awake right now, and this is not a dream with arbitrary rules that keep you in a specific box. You will be in control.
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2023.06.08 19:07 oingaboingo Can I take over my elderly mother's computer without her having to accept or click anything?

My 84 year-old mother is having memory issues. She often sits and reads in a chair that faces her big computer monitor. I want to be able to pop up and remind her to take her meds, ask how she's doing, etc. But it can't require her to do anything on the computer, or she'll get all confused.
Like I know Zoom has a remote access feature, but I think she would have to accept every time. That just won't work.
I thought of getting her an Echo Show, but I could see her unplugging it and putting it away. She's used to her PC monitor, so she won't mess with it. (Though she removed some sticky notes I put on it). Hence why I want to be able to pop on and off without any interaction from her other than to say "bye."
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2023.06.08 19:06 Jennshouse First time coming to ROO

I am very excited and anxious about my first year at ROO. My husband and I will be arriving on Friday afternoon and camping in Mars Colony (souvenir tent). We last min ditched the hotel option and decided to camp. Can anyone provide tips for our first experience. I have read a lot on what to bring and basically everything on the Bonnaroo website, but I am mostly curious about distance from car to camp- setting up we have to carry everything from parking to camp site? Or can we drop off and then move car asap?, can we really put a canopy over our tent? Is it worth it to bring chairs or hammock? Are the showers clean(ish) and accessible or always a wait and better off to bring wipes? These may seem like dumb questions but I like to be in the know... I really dont want to over pack, especially with us arriving on Friday, and while Bonnaroo sounds like it runs like a well-oiled machine, I wanted to ask this community for some support. I am so freaking excited, mostly to see Foo Fighters, but also just the experience of Bonnaroo. Any suggestions and help/ advice/ ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.08 19:05 Encore41 Optimizing your Play - Part 1: The Body

Check out my previous post regarding positive reminders for going into fighting games here
Now that SF6 has launched many of us are jumping into the breach once more whether it be ranked battles, casual cabinet sets, or laid back ventures in World Tour. Wherever we may have gone or where we plan to go, our end goals are the same: To enjoy the game
Unfortunately with any hobby, it's important that we stay mindful of what we're doing and how we're doing it. Our eyes become strained, our hands tighten and cramp, even our back can become sore from aggressive posturing in our chairs. The fact of the matter is while we may not be exerting much "energy" as you would playing a conventional sport, our bodies are playing these games as well.
If we're here to enjoy the game as much as possible, mindfulness of the body is crucial. Just like the controllers we use, we must understand our bodies to be one as well.
Below is some perspective on this subject

It's not something you think about, even less so when playing a video game. However our breathing plays heavily into everything we do, whether that be Diamond-level ranked matches or playing around in training mode. If our breathing is off balance, we are off balance. If we hold our breath during stressed situations, our body can't operate as efficiently. While it may not come off as intuitive to focus on breathing while fighting, it's much simpler in practice!
While playing, exercise a 4-count inhale with a 4-count exhale. Go into training mode, practice some combos while doing this. Sooner than later your breath cycle will acclimate, giving you a calmer disposition which in turn gives you more soundness of body. This is a practice you can cross into many other activities as well, even going about your normal day.
This is called mindful breath, use it to stabilize the foundation for the rest of your body.

This is a heavily visual game we play where timing is not only something we feel and hear, but most importantly see. To that we have to sure we're looking at the right things and not blind to obvious openings.
There's a timing to everything in fighting games, like an improvised dance to beat the other. We may see our opponent do an assortment of movements here and there, but in paying attention we can find patterns and tells. Everything is done for a reason, when you understand this you can begin to read opponents to find the windows necessary to exploit them. Watch how they act when at full health vs critically low, use their nature in these situations against them. This is the "game within the game" which makes these games going back to the OG fighters in the arcades as enjoyable as they are.
With that said, such attention paying takes a toll. Be sure to rest your eyes regularly. Go outside for a walk to look off into the distance at trees, building, etc.

Controllers. So many different ones yet they all have a common connection: The hands
The part of our body outputting the most energy while playing (outside of the brain) is undoubtedly our hands and fingers. From the simplest QCF fireball to the insane cancels and links from prior entries (looking at you SF4), our hands get a workout no matter what skill level we are. At some point we've had moments where our hands get beat up and we gotta take a break, be it an hour or a few days. Unfortunately careless execution not only makes for sloppy combos, it can ruin your hands as well.
The obvious remedy is stretching exercises for the hands/wrists often. For convenience I'll link a diagram of some simple ones you can practice at home
More so you will find relief in cleaning up your inputs, through economy of motion. The biggest culprit going back many entries is the DP-motion. As easy as it may be to scramble around the control to have that shoryuken come out, doing that hundreds of times in a gaming session will wear your hands down. Instead practice calmly and cleanly doing the forward -> down -> down/forward in an efficient stroke. This will allow less effort into the motion saving your hands and giving you a higher scope of execution for more complex inputs/combos. If you plan on playing for long stretches, this is imperative for good quality of play (whether for rank or enjoyment)
And if you choose to avoid any finger motions and play on a DDR pad, I'll see you at EVO

While the hands are fast at works, it's easy for the shoulders to get in on the fun. A bad habit that occurs in the heat of battle is having your shoulders tense, rising towards your jaw like a windup toy. This is not conducive to a calm play experience and will only leave you sore.
Your shoulders reflect your hands. Tense shoulders means tense hands. Tense hands means poor execution which begets frustrated breath.
Everything works into one another like a geared machine. With your shoulders leveling your hands by falling away from your head, you'll find deeper calm which will give cleaner windows of execution and further quality of enjoyment :)

Posture isn't just important for longevity, it gives you an edge of focus and perception.
Fortunately getting your back straight while playing is easy, it's keeping it that way which is easy to lose track of. However knowing about mindful breath, we can utilize this as a "soft" reminder to keep our back in line. While inhaling, let your back rise into a comfortable and straight position. As you exhale, let your shoulders fall away from your head as your back stabilizes. This will ensure a strong a focused foundation throughout your body.
We've all played a game or two hunched like a goblin, doesn't mean we have to keep doing it
All in all, our bodies are doing heavy lifting when handling fighting games. Take some time to access what you may need to work on or bolster if you believe you excel in an area.

After all, growth is why we're all here
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2023.06.08 19:05 OkVariety6275 Game of the Month: The Way (by Lun Calsari)

Game Summary & Recommendation:
This is an old RPGmaker game, released in 2002 by Lun Calsari. It's a JRPG with a secondary battle system grafted on in a system that was never meant to allow it.
The main character is an asshole, often sexist, genuinely uncaring for the plight of many people around him, dislikeable and impulsive to say the very least. His actions range from neutral at best to awful, and yet he touches the lives of many people around him in important ways. You will care about people, you will rage against Rhue's consistently awful decision-making and cheer for Traziun, feel sorry for Kloe and seethe over Cetsa.
The plot is fantastic if somewhat convoluted, and I strongly, strongly advise going in without reading spoilers or the like. This game was a mindfuck for me in my teenage years, and the story holds up superbly today. There are also some great backgrounds (not by modern standards) the creator made painstakingly, and unique music pieces that do have that tinny MIDI sound but are still quite good and I think put to instrumentation would be great.
Lun remade the games so that you can simply turn off puzzles, or battles, or Plunges (the alternate battle system that some battles use) if you find them unpleasant, and I recently replayed the game with 'super easy mode' on. It's still a fantastic story and honestly the best thing that came out of those early RPGmaker days.
Installation & Run guide:
You can download episode 1 here for free, but you'll also need this font fix for the game to run properly with readable text. Episode 1 is also the worst episode - for my money Episodes 2, 4, 5, 6 are all fantastic, Episode 3 has far too much dungeon-crawling and not enough plot. If you find it tolerable and vaguely interesting I can guarantee you'll love the series.
Game submission and write up provided by I_AM_A_YAM_I_AM_AM
Next Game Vote: July 4th (or 5th) 🇺🇸🦅
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2023.06.08 19:05 mi1fmagnet Recommendation for breadth subjects

dudes kind of overwhelmed right now cuz next semester i got linear algebra and foa. Does anyone know any fairly easy breadth subjects. Cheers
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2023.06.08 19:03 Euphoric-Pudding-372 Been writing songs for ten years. I have never felt like my stuff was worthwhile until maybe the past 3 year. Now i feel ready to give advice.

Posted a minute ago but i guess including lyrics and my IG for songwriters to contact is promotion?
Hey guys, so i started playing guitar casually about 15 years ago, and writing a decade ago and I finally think I can give some advice, especially to Folk, Blues, and country/americana artists. I have recently decided i have enough of a body of finished work im happy with to start playing it live and promoting.
Any more established songwriters got any tipz?
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2023.06.08 19:03 DaaxD My cataclysm QP statistics from last 6 months or so

My cataclysm QP statistics from last 6 months or so
A while ago I got fed up to how often certain maps, such as the infamous Blightreaper, seemed to appear in the Quick Play. I wanted to get bottom of it and find out how more often these "frequent" maps really are compared to the rarer maps... and find out which maps actually are the least common and which "never™ seem to appear in the QP" .
So, I wrote a little python script which combs through the console logs (which can be found from %AppData%/Roaming/Fatshark/Vermintide2/console_logs) to find out which maps are the most common in the QP and which maps are the rarest. I also wanted make sure if some maps really are way more common than they should be, and that it wasn't all just a cognitive bias or an illusion.
After I started working with the script, I noticed that I could track my win-rates in each map as well.
So, here are my Quick Play statistics on cataclysm difficulty from last half a year or so. Apparently the last time I cleaned up the log file directory was in the last november, so that's how far my records currently go.
The data only include quick play adventure games which I played on the cataclysm difficulty. Custom games, chaos wastes, weaves and non cataclysm QPs are excluded.

Some thoughts...

It was nice to confirm that some maps are indeed more common than others, so getting bummed for seeing same few maps over and over again wasn't just a bias. Some maps (like the garden) truly are way more common than they should be, although it turned out that the Blightreaper wasn't the most common map afterall, Well, at least for me.
Naturally, because Tower of Treachery was released at the end of March, it is only expected that it ends up being the rarest map in my dataset.
If I only included files generated after the tower was released, then the Tower would be somewhere in the middle of the pack and it hasn't been a particularly common map for me. I think this is on the contrary to what some other people have said in this sub about their experience.
Also, I don't think there are too many suprises on the list. Maybe Into the Nest and Engines of War being below Dark Omens or Convo is a bit suprising, but I doubt nobody is really suprised that Trail and Enchanter's Lair are the bottom two in win rates.
I hope you found all this interesting.
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2023.06.08 19:03 De4thStalker Riding Balls of Fire (excerpt)

“This is crazy.” Souryuu grumbles under her breath.
She’s got one hand on the Delta S4’s wheel, the other on the shifter as she’s flooring it. The trail ahead, originally an outcrop of rocks, scrub and gravel is now a virtual sea of people, with spectators literally spilling over on to the track itself. There had been four cars in the starting queue: Akagi and Shoukaku’s comparatively sleek Lancia 037 at the start of the line, Souryuu and Hiryuu’s Lancia Delta S4 in second, along with an Audi Quattro in third, piloted by the Ironblood’s finest – Graf Zeppelin and Peter Strasser. The final car in the queue was a bright white Peugeot 205, with the Vichyan contingent consisting of Jean Bart and Foch.
Even with her focus fixed on the road ahead, Souryuu can see them waving, cheering, and even more disturbingly, some were reaching out as if trying to play tag with the Delta as it streaks by.
“Hard left, 30… unbelievable!” Even Hiryuu’s distracted by the spectacle – until an admonishment from Souryuu makes her look back down on the pace notes. Behind the wheel, Souryuu feels like she’s Moses parting the Red Sea at exactly 110 kilometers an hour as the crowd scatters like cockroaches under lights, just barely in time for the car to slide past.
Oh the irony, Souryuu thinks. Her fellow drivers, her sister and herself had spent the previous decades of their lives protecting humanity from the Sirens, yet now in this era where the factions of old have moved on from the Siren threat to fight each other on the track with gasoline, tires and clenched teeth instead of riggings, cannons and bombs, two of humanity’s finest are now trying their damnedest not to lose control of this pocket rocket of a rally car and plow into the humans lining the track.
Yet despite having spent years away from combat and sparring, her reflexes are sharp as ever, both arms crossed in full opposite lock as she swings the car around, missing an overly-intrepid spectator who leaps out of the way at the very last millisecond. Each rattle and bump is already unnerving enough, especially in a section as packed with people as this one. Souryuu chooses to ignore the bumping noises. Hopefully those are rocks she’s hitting and not something else entirely.
She grits her teeth, keeping her focus on the wheel. Her senses at this point are already sharper than the edge of the tanto dagger she often carried into combat in the old days alongside her katana, both now half a world away in Yokohama.
“Ah kuso!”
Souryuu hears a muffled thunk – a sign she’s clipped something as the Delta S4 straightens itself out. She takes a quick glance in the mirror, spotting a figure in the dust dropping to their knees to pick up the remains of something, most definitely a TV camera, attached to a now-snapped tripod, which undoubtedly left a big dent in the car’s composite bodywork, just out of view of both driver and co-driver
“Long, easy right. 50. Who the hell did we hit?” Hiryuu raises an eyebrow, glancing in the direction of the sound.
“Someone’s recording gear.” Souryuu deadpans.
Hiryuu can’t help breaking into an amused chuckle after as for a second, the mental image of a TV reporter struggling to recover something actually useable from what’s left of the tapes in their mangled camera flashes across her mind’s eye.
“Foolhardy bastard deserved that one.” And just as quickly, Hiryuu switches gears back into co-driver mode. “Straight, 500 then hard left, 200 after. Straight on to finish! Go! Go! Go!”
Out of the turns and into the final stretch, full throttle upon exit. Yet the sight of a car approaching at breakneck speeds while trailing ochre dust behind it does little to deter the people on the track with only inches of air seperating them from the speeding Delta S4.
“Oh kami, I can’t even see the finish…” Out of reflex, Souryuu flashes the car’s headlights, which does little to make the crowd scatter any faster – until the boards with chequered flags come into view suddenly. And then Souryuu goes through the motions of lifting off the gas then slow down to a crawl.
Souryuu and Hiryuu collectively draw in a deep breath, right as the car comes to a halt and then Souryuu flips the engine’s kill-switch.
Both sisters share a look of relief. Relief that the madness is over, for now. Souryuu shakes her head.
“That should never have been allowed to run.”
It’s nightfall when Souryuu visits the huge tent that served as a makeshift garage for the Lancia team.
Separated from both her Delta S4 and Akagi’s 037 by security tape and six feet of distance, Souryuu can only really watch the team mechanics swarm over both cars with spanners and mallets under the bright white glow of floodlights, pounding dented panels back into shape and dismantling the engines for rebuilding while the muffled popping and rattling of a generator resonates in the distance.
This isn’t the first instance where Souryuu’s final stage time has lagged behind that of Akagi’s yet it never fails to sting every time despite their 1-2 finish for the team. The close calls from earlier in the day, in the sea of people on the ending half of the stage only really serves to rub salt in the wound.
It’s a natural reaction to want to reflect on the events of that day, to think that just maybe if the track was clear, all those precious seconds wasted trying to avoid running people over would have kept her stage time above that of Akagi’s. And more importantly, she wouldn’t be feeling such an odd sense of anxiety, wondering just what kinds of horrors would have happened if she went just that little bit too fast or went just an inch too wide in the final turns.
But there’s little point in dwelling over what could have been or the various what-ifs, Souryuu tells herself. At least the fact that her team is still leading by points is comfort enough.
Just next to the Lancia tent is that of the Audi team’s. Mechanics are all over the front of Zeppelin and Strasser’s Quattro, hauling out its engine which was almost literally bleeding oil from half a dozen gaskets.
And as Souryuu passes the Peugeot tent, what catches her eye is the gruesome sight of a long, thin trail of blood running along the outside of the starboard intake behind the driver’s door. A mechanic is bent over the cooler at the end of the intake, shaking their head before removing something off the cooler face with gloved hands and placing whatever grisly thing it was into a black plastic bag.
Souryuu looks away. Brushing aside her curiosity, she makes her way to what passed as the ‘common area’ for drivers, which was pretty much a collection of crates and footlockers arranged around a lantern that lit up the immediate area in a pale yellow glow.
Someone thrusts an amber colored bottle into her hand with the cap already popped off. Souryuu looks up, right into the eyes of Hiryuu, who’s also got her own bottle, as did half the other drivers surrounding them. Souryuu’s never really liked beer but tonight she’ll make an exception. She needs a drink, as much as the others do, if not more.
No one raises their bottle, no one toasts. It’s just silence along with the distant sounds of ratchets and impact wrenches from the bigger tents. At least until one of the drivers speaks up.
“To think we went from protecting humanity just decades ago to threading the needle around these fools without running them over… there’s a reason I never wanted to join Rally de Portugal in the first place.” Akagi mutters, pinching the bridge of her nose as she’s grimacing. “We may be in the lead now but something will happen at some point. And it will not end well.”
“If only Lancia didn’t make us come. Portugal’s the last place I’d rather race at. Just… those people on the sides of the track and in the middle…”
The Sakuran contingent turns to look at Shoukaku with varying degrees of surprise as this is the first time in memory anyone’s actually seen and heard her agree with Akagi, of all people.
“Only the gods know how many people we came close to mowing down earlier today.” Souryuu is the next to speak up. “Today it was a TV camera. Tomorrow? Who knows.”
“Still better than taking someone’s fingers off…”
And now the spotlight is on Jean Bart. So that’s what the Peugeot team mechanics found…
“As we all know, the intake lips on our Peugeots are sharp as hell. Me and Foch, we were right in the middle of the track! We never went wide or short but they just kept trying to touch the car as we went past and that was it…” Jean Bart groans before downing her entire bottle in a few long chugs.
“Algerie’s brought this up with the bigwigs at Azur Lane and the FIA over and over yet they don’t seem to want to do anything about it.”
“Even if they wanted to, they can’t.” Souryuu sighs as she adjusts her glasses on the bridge of her nose. “With how long the stages are, crowd control is next to impossible.”
The memory of a police helicopter swooping down to buzz the spectators on another stage a few days earlier comes to mind. The fans had scattered – then promptly went back to spilling over on to the track once the helicopter retreated.
“If you all think Portugal is enough of a madhouse as it is, just wait till you get to Catalunya and Acropolis.” Graf Zeppelin chimes in next, punctuating her words with a derisive chuckle. “These people… to me and Strasser, they are bushes to us – only trees. If one thinks of them as people, one cannot drive. Not in Portugal, not in Acropolis and especially not in Catalunya. Though the madness does stop once you’re in Monte Carlo. San Remo and Corsica are especially smoother sailing from then on.”
“You’re awfully optimistic.” Akagi says, cutting in with a tone that pretty much dripped with sarcasm.
“I am just being pragmatic.” Zeppelin says with a shrug. “If you’ve been rallying for as long as I have…”

(Decided to carry on writing my motorsports AUs for Azur Lane and this is the result. Inspired by the Group B era of rallying in all of its sheer madness.)
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