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2023.06.08 18:42 Knyce1 METE SF holster

Hello all, Which holster companies make holster for the METE SF? Im in the market for a right handed IWB holster
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2023.06.08 18:34 Sparrow0914 [WTS] Safariland Drop leg, sig stock adapter for 1913, AWS pistol mag pouch, Esstac 1+1, Esstac pistol single, G-Code Scorpion, P320 17rd mags, True North MHA with leg strap and hanger

Straight to the point here. Prices include shipping.
Payment options: PPFF, Venmo, Zelle with PPFF preferred.
  1. Safariland Drop Leg Rig for QLS (QLS not included) $50
  2. Sig Stock adapter - 1913 interface with NiB buffer tube (mil-spec) $105
  3. AWS RG pistol pouch $17 each or $30 for the pair
  4. Esstac RG 1+1 with 1.75” belt clips $30
  5. Esstac Single Pistol. $15 (bundle with 1+1 $40)
  6. G-Code scorpion ODG, 1 with R1 clip & 1 with R2 $15 each or both for $26
  7. Sig P-320 17rd mags with Coyote baseplate $38 each or $72 for the pair
8. True North MHA with RG leg strap and cobra buckle hanger $100
Please let me know if my pricing is off on anything.
We can work out pricing if multiple items are purchased.
Please comment then PM.
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2023.06.08 18:32 stellartwat69 [WTS] TREX Arms Ragnarok for Glock 19 / TREX Arms Raptor for Glock 19 / Esstac Kywi 5.56 / Esstac Kywi Pistol / Dump pouch / Blackhawk! Padded belt

Hey all, new to the group. Have some random new stuff for sale. Please see description of each below. Happy to answer any questions. All items were bought to make a spare belt for someone ended up never being used. Must use PayPal goods and services. Thanks.
Glock 19 IWB holster: TREX Arms Raptor for Glock 19 with Inforce APL Coyote Brown: $45
Glock 19 OWB holster: TREX Arms Ragnarock for glock 19 with Inforce APL Wolverine brown: $50
ESSTAC Kywi 5.56 multicam: $15
ESSTAC Kywi pistol double stack Multicam (2): $20
Dump pouch with molle buttons: $15
Blackhawk! Padded belt with inner belt Multicam: $25
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2023.06.08 16:20 Spatula151 Bought my first carry gun. Belt/holster (IWB strong side hip) recommendations?

Bought my first carry gun. Belt/holster (IWB strong side hip) recommendations?
Bought my first sig/carry gun after free rental day at the range. Want to move into the next step and get the right belt/holster. What makes a belt “good” as well as a holster for CCW?
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2023.06.08 14:31 hyemb350 [WTS] Bushnell 1-4 Scope / Streamlight TLR-6 P365 / AR Parts Bundle / YHM Gas Block / Cavalry A2 Handguard / P320 Tac Dev Pinky Extensions / Flashlights / KZ Light Mount / ESS Rx Kit

Hey folks. Have some random mostly brand new stuff up for grabs. Please see description of each below. Happy to answer questions but dibs gets priority as I assume they agree to asking price.
Prices include shipping with payment via Venmo, Zelle or PayPal F&F. Add 3% for G&S. Thank you.
Note: Truly sorry WA folks but can’t ship AR stuff to you.
Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24 Illuminated FFP Scope w/ Mount. Brand new. Pretty nice budget scope. Has been leveled and torqued down on a Monstrum low profile mount. Comes in original box with all accessories: $165
Streamlight TLR-6 Light & Red Laser for Sig P365. Basically brand new, installed on a desk gun briefly and removed. Never used or fired with. Comes in original packaging: $85
AR Parts Bundle. Delta ring assembly, forward assist kit, mil-spec buffer tube, Magpul trigger guard and triangle handguard cap. All brand new except for buffer tube: $45
YHM Single Rail Picatinny Gas Block (.750). Was mounted briefly, never fired with: $40
Cavalry Manufacturing C8-Standard Mid-Length Handguard. Brand new. One of the best quality A2 handguards. Thought it was round but it’s oval: $25
2 x Tactical Development P320 X Compact pinky extensions. Brand new: $12 each or $20 for both.
Maglite XL200 - 230 Lumen Flashlight. Brand new, opened just to test: $20
Nightstick NSP-420 - 275 Lumen Flashlight. Same as above: $18
KZ Picatinny 1” Light Mount. Brand new: $14
ESS/Oakley URx Prescription Insert with ESS and Oakley goggle adapters. Brand new. See link below for compatibility: $20
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2023.06.08 13:30 NorthStar6ix Holster recommendations for an MR920 + Surefire x300 + 407c running IWB at 2-3 o’clock? Side car for an extra mag is optional.

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2023.06.08 13:03 Willing_Emphasis_424 [WTB] Glock 43x Tlr-7sub IWB Holster

Looking to buy a holster for my new edc preferably > $60
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2023.06.08 07:04 jimmythegeek1 P320 trigger press lifts slide, affecting PoA+PoI

Hey, folks.
I see my sight (RMR) climb a very noticeable amount when I stage the trigger. It still lifts the same amount when I do a complete trigger press, it's just harder to catch.
Looking at the parts diagram here I think it's the safety lever that comes up when the trigger moves.
Anybody else notice this? Did I reassemble it wrong?
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2023.06.08 06:52 meredithgreyoe [WTS] Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper Slide, Sig Telescoping Folding Stock, Nightforce Ultramount 34mm FDE

Selling a lightly used (<500 rounds indoor range only) Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper 3.9" slide + an installed Sig OEM slide completion small parts kit (these slides are sold stripped). Slide length is for the P320 Compact / X-Carry and is DLC coated.
Slide normally retails for $825 (before tax) and the slide completion kit can usually be found on sale for $90. This assumes you can find one in stock lol
The finish on the machining, polishing and DLC treatment is literally perfect. Only selling to generate funds for another project (thermal is an expensive hobby).
Price: $565 Paypal F&F, Zelle or venmo
Sig Telescoping Folding Stock, black brand new with 1913 OEM hinge attached from factory
Price: $200 Paypal F&F, Zelle, Venmo JustHereForTheGuns
Nightforce Ultramount FDE 34mm brand new
Price: $290 Paypal F&F, Zelle or venmo
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2023.06.08 05:28 Hamm-J [WTS] Holosun, Reptilia, 300bo upper, Holsters and trigger/charging handle.

Time stamp:
Wife didn’t like that i bought 3 trijicons. Help me get off the couch tonight!
Got something worth trading? Like an SRO? PM trades maybe I need what you have.
flexible on prices
BNIB Holosun Hs507k x2- $290 -$250
AERO 300BO upper 10”-$250
Reptilia Recc-e stock w buffer and spring-$120
Vg6 gamma 5.56 light salt-$40
Breek warhammer CH light salt-$50
Rave 140 trigger 200rds on it-$50 sold to ifmacdo
Unbranded holsters-$20
Dual mag holder-$15
One IWB holster and one OWB. Both fit Glock 17 with x300 light and an optic. Mag holder fits Glock mags tight.
Aero upper has 60rds through it. I don’t like the price of 300BO!
Prices are including shipping. You cover G&S fees. Other payment available but PayPal preferred. No comment except food emoji.
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2023.06.08 04:21 Screen-Stunning [WTS/WTT] P365XL Holsters, Mags, and Module.

Pics of the items:
Moving from p365xl to p365 macro. If you want to make an offer drop a comment then send a PM.
Would rather sell as much together as possible and will give bundle deals.
If I’m way off on any of my prices let me know what you’d like to pay and we can work something out.
Also I am open to SOME trades for things for G17.5, G48, Sig P365¯o, ar15, ar10, ar15/22lr. Just let me know what you’re interested in trading.
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2023.06.08 04:11 blkrfl556 Something something vacation carry

Something something vacation carry
  1. AirPods gen 3 in leather case
  2. Sig p320 m18 with Sig flat trigger, Sig Romeo 1 pro, Sig compact grip module and TLR7
  3. Leather front pocket wallet from Bass Pro
  4. Apple Watch series 8 with metal link
  5. Daily bracelets
  6. Spare mag in kydex IWB
  7. Spyderco Para 3
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2023.06.08 03:59 ZachsReddit69 [WTS] Sordin Supreme Pro-X, CTS Shoulder Pads, WPS Ankle med kit, Kydex Holster Bundle

Up for sale is the following:
Sordin Supreme Pro-X Neckband w/gel cups- $210 Shipped
I put electrical tape on the cables to reinforce them as soon as I got them. I had my last name in paint pen written on the side. Used Goo Gone to remove it but you can see some remnants if the angle and lighting is perfect. $210 shipped
Coyote Tactical Solutions Shoulder Pads in Multicam. Basically brand new - $30 shipped
Warrior Poet Society x Blue Alpha Gear Ankle med kit (no med gear) -$25 shipped
Kydex Bundle (1 Bravo Concealment RH OWB holster for Glock 19 sized pistols, 1 Bravo Concealment AR15 Mag Carrier RH, 1x Darkstar Gear IWB Glock double stack 9mm mag pouch) - $25 shipped.
Zelle, PayPal, Venmo all accepted.
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2023.06.08 03:50 PapaCreami Finally Completed My SIG P320

Finally Completed My SIG P320
Finally got all the parts in for it, super excited to take it to the range and see how it performs. What y’all think ?
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2023.06.08 03:47 Count_Warheit [WTS] sig p320 slide with PMM comp, Arisaka MCX offset mount, p320 slide, lmt ambi, 320 grips, Apex acro mount, SF warden

Time stamp:
Surefire warden, new - $200
Sig p320 3.6 barrel and RXP slide with PMM JTTC dual comp, trijicon suppressor height night sights. Comes with the DPM recoil spring as I have found it functions best with it. Also has oringsl recoil spring. Minor salt on front sight. $800
Sig p320 3.9 RXP slide and barrel with Sig suppressor height night sights. Minor salt on the front. $525
Sig p320 17 round mags, 5 total - $145 for all
Sig p320 15 round mags - 3 new , 2 used, 1 used with old base plate $160 for all
SC Feer CTR riser .75 - $50
Arisaka MCX offset mount - $35
LMT ambi safety, catch and release - $30
Apex p320 Acro mount for RX and RX pro 112-011-C- $ 60
Sig TXG tungsten grip w/ weights, no magwell- $190
Sig grip modules - $30 for either
Sig magwell, the one pictured on the grip, forgot to remove it - $45 SOLD
Sig AR front and rear flip sights - $125
Hogue AR grip - $20
LMT ergo grip - $50
FCD winter trigger guard, black, new - $25
PayPal preferred. Prices are shipped conus.
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2023.06.08 03:38 KaptainH [WTS] Righty Tier 1 T1-M Red Holster for sig p365x

Timestamp: No longer a p365x owner. Get this shipped with no lead time and mag holster! Right handed. Optic Cut. No safety. -$45 Shipped for both.
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2023.06.08 03:37 MW_007 [WTS] Parts Bin Clean Out - EOTECH G33, KP-9 Spare Parts, MRO Mount, Wilson Combat 365 Grip Module, True Precision 43 TH Barrel, Streamlight HL-X, and more - $10-$400

Mortgage is due. Need everything gone.
Prices are shipped CONUS.
Must DIBS + PM to claim.
• Black EOTECH G33 Magnifier. Mounted with less than 500 rds. No notable salt. Bought as part of an HHS kit, no case included. - $380.00 SOLD
• CZ 75 Meprolight Fixed Tru-Dot Night Sights. Healthy tritium dots. Take offs from my SP-01. - $40.00 SOLD
• Echo93 V1 Ambi Sling Adapter. Catch and release from GAFS. - $20.00
• K-USA AK100 Pistol Grip - $10.00
• K-USA Spare Parts Bundle. Includes OEM Small Muzzle Brake, Lower Hand Guard, Upper Hand Guard (Cover Only), Trigger, Polished Hammer, Safety Lever. - $40.00
• HB Industries 9MM 1/2×28 Micro Comp. Catch and Release from GAFS (unfired). - $20.00
• Trilicon MRO® Quick Release Full Co-Witness Mount. Includes four mounting screws. Mounted but unfired. - $50.00
• TacStar Slimline Sidesaddle 6-Shell Holder for Mossberg 88/500/590. Hardware included. Mounted and fired. - $17.50 SOLD
• Sig Sauer Blackpoint Tactical P365/X IWB Holster. Minimal use. - $40.00
• True Precision Black Threaded 1/2×28 Barrel for Glock 43/43X. Unfired, new, open box. - $130.00
• Mossberg 500/590 OEM M-LOK Forend w/ Phase5 Hand Stop. Take off from my 590. - $17.50 SOLD
• Streamlight Protac HL-X w/ clicky cap, mount, and pressure pad. Battery not included. - $90.00 SOLD
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2023.06.08 03:26 CaptGoodvibesNMS New guy looking for rule help and gun advice

Hey, I want to get into practical shooting and was hoping I could get some help understanding the rules.
I’m going to need to buy everything to do this. By everything, I mean a Sig P320 that meets the requirements, holster, belt, inside belt, optic, mags, the right ammo, ears if I need active, and a membership to a club so I can shoot a couple times a month or more.
The Sig DH3 has caught my eye but I’m quite confused regarding comps and slides with comps and if this gun even has a comp slide.
I don’t have any OWB holsters and was looking at the t-rex ragnarok and the mid drop mount. Is that high enough to pass muster?
I think I understand 9mm 115gr puts my score at a disadvantage so is there a good, not too pricey, heavier grain option?
Do I need active hearing protection? If so, what is everyone using?
I’ll find an inside and outside belt that I like. I’ll find the local club.
Am I on the right track? Thanks!
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2023.06.08 03:13 al3xand3rby MC9's rail crooked?

MC9's rail crooked?
While trying to figure out why the retention is terrible on my disappointing Slimfit holster, I realized my TLR7sub is quite crooked on my MC9's rail. Anyone else have this issue?
For the record I'm using the #3 key for the 1913 mount. I tried every other key and it's still crooked. I put the light on a different gun with a pic rail just to check and it looks perfectly straight.
I want to love this little gun but first the recoil spring issue and now this.... my sig buddy won't quit roasting me lol. At least the trigger is still better.
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2023.06.08 03:01 BigPeaches14 Henning Group +5 mag extensions

Henning Group +5 mag extensions
I picked up two Henning Group +5 mag extensions that were sold by Sig. I bought these for my two 17 round mags that do not work with the xcarry legion magwell. Now they’re 22 round mags and all mags work with all my p320’s. I tried one on a 21 round mag as well and can confirm both 17 and 21 round mags will both load +5.
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2023.06.08 02:42 GangstaAlpaca [WTS] P320 compact carry modules and mags

Sig p320 combat carry grip module little salt power much immediately changed grip modules 35$ shipped
Wilson combat P320 compact carry module with armory craft tungsten weights. Little salt has about 100 rounds on it. 50$ shipped
P320 15 round mags 30$ each.
Not shipping to ban states
I take PPFF and Venmo
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2023.06.08 02:42 Severe_Islexdia ignore this

Paypal preferred Need to sell this old stuff its sitting here collecting dust so im entertaining reasonable offers. UNless noted shipping is included - please check the price it is listed in the ad.
Not too terrible interested in trades unless you have a great shape mid to high end LPVO for a SCAR 17 preferably with the mount or Malkov/Modlights or light switches but i'm iffy on those.
$650 - Trijicon ACOG TA31F (Dead Tritium) with all of the paper work and pelican case AND purchase receipt!

$62 Trijicon ACOG TA51 Mount Picatinny-Style with Colt Style Thumbscrews Matte Black

$400 - 16 inch 300BLK PSA upper W/NiBo BCG and standard CH- Ghost Firearms No Logo M-LOK AR-15 Handguard - Black - 15"

$300 OBO - VLTOR CASV M (Rare not sold anymore) Very Salty

$260 - Vortex Micro 3X Magnifier Brand new mounted once decided to go a different route

$200 - Price OBO -Unknown brand - Low Tier 300BLK upper in need of a crush washer and proper install on gas tube - no BCG has CH

$180 Yankee Hill Machine Free Float Tube Handguard Smooth/Quad Rail AR-15 Aluminum Matte Black out of production

$155 AR15 ATLAS S-ONE M-LOK Handguard

$135 - OBO Vortex Cross fire 4-12** I had to dial up on the Axiis II it came on I think the rail was not proper MOA

$83 - AR15 223/556 Barrell unknown maybe DPMS

$60 - Magpul Industries STR Mil-Spec Carbine Stock

$42 - Authentic DPMS Pardus Stock 6-Position Commercial Diameter WITH Commercial buttstock tube


$20 + Shipping CAA AR15 grip

$ - Make an offer and pay shipping UTG and nameless picatinny rail covers 16 total approximate

$100+ you pa shipping-Package DealStandard AR15 gripStandard AR15 gripStandard AR15 gas block and tube AR15 drop in standard hand guard standard AR15 used barrel nut with delta ring Advanced Technology Scorpion Recoil Pistol Grip AR-15 Polymer Standard AR15 charging handle DS150 Stock / Mil-Spec / BlackStandard AR10 charging handle

$80 - Package deal You pay shipping PSA AR10 15 inch M LOK rail 15" Lightweight M-Lok STR SSA-E AND PSA AR10 grip AND Standard AR10 charging handle

$365 - Sig P320 Pro Cut slide kit (Coyote)

$140 - 9MM Back up tactical threaded barrel


$27 - ACT Mag 45 1911

$ Make an offer You pay shipping - Smith and Wesson M&P40c grips / 2 - SM and MD

$153 - Mesa Tactical Urbino® Pistol Grip Stock For Mossberg 930/940 (12-GA) W/Riser - *maybe missing 1 or 2 sling attachments all core items are there

$135 you pay shipping- Elite Tactical Advantage Bobcat Modular Forend Rail for Mossberg Shotguns

$50 + You pay shipping - Package deal Mossberg 590 stock forendBarrel mounted picatinny rail for shotgun Amazon quality picatinny flashlight holder 3-Slot Angle Mount 45 Degree Offset Picatinny/Weaver Rail QD Lever Mount

$22 - you pay shipping- Magpul AFG

$20 - you pay shipping- Picatinny-Style MOUNT with Colt Style Thumbscrews / unknown platform

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