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Hi This Is The Plushie Sub-Reddit Welcome! I Like Fnaf And Bendy And The Ink Machine Plushies But Any Plushie You Like Are Accepted! Even Know The Group Is A Plush Sub-Reddit You Can Post Action Figures, Blind Boxes, Ect.! Plushies Come Plush-Tubers, My Two Favorites Are SLYP1E and Gabes World So Enjoy The Group And Be Nice Be Seeing You!

2017.02.11 22:45 Dirty_Tree Bendy and the Ink Machine

This is a subreddit dedicated to indie horror puzzler Bendy and the Ink Machine and other games made by theMeatly and Mike Mood.

2023.05.20 03:17 Corkscroo [US-MD][H] My Entire Switch Collection [W] Limited Edition 3DS XLs, older Zelda/Pokemon/Fire Emblem Games, GBC/GBA/GC/DS/3DS uncommons, Lists

Trading off my Switch collection! I am mainly looking to trade for: retro games (SNES, N64, GB/GBC/GBA), uncommon DS/3DS/GC/Wii/Wii U games, limited edition DS/3DS/XLs, and Zelda/Pokemon/Fire Emblem/Kirby/Pikmin/Wario/Mario Party/Metroid/Kid Icarus Games, mainline Nintendo, etc., but am willing to check out any lists. I refer to PriceCharting for values (for the most part, some items have a lack of comps due to rarity), so I try to keep values as close as possible. Thanks for checking it out!

Sealed Switch Standard Games
88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition
Aces of the Luftwaffe
Adventure Time
Aeterno Blade II
Air Conflicts Collection
All Star Fruit Racing
American Ninja Warrior
Aragami Shadow Edition
Ark Survival Evolved
Astral Chain
ATV Drifts and Tricks
Away: Journey to the Unexpected
Balan Wonderworld
Batman Telltale Series
Battle Worlds Kronos
Ben 10
Bendy and the Ink Machine
Big Buck Hunter Arcade
Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ First Print
Book of Unwritten Tales 2
Borderlands Legendary Collection
Broken Age (LRG)
Broken Sword 5
Candle: The Power of the Flame
Carnival Games
Cars 3: Driven to Win
Cooking Mama Cookstar
Crayola Scoot
Darkest Dungeon CE
de Blob
de Blob 2
Death Road to Canada
Disney Tsum Tsum
Dragonball Fighter Z
Dragonball Xenoverse 2
Everspace Stellar Edition
Fairune Collection (SRG)
Farming Simulator
Fifa 20 Legacy Edition
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster (Asia)
Fitness Boxing
Flinthook (LRG)
For the King
Fun Fun Animal Park
Gal Metal
Gearclub 2
Ghost 1.0 and Unepic Collection
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams
Harvest Moon Light of Hope
Hasbro Game Night
Hello Neighbor
Hotel Transylvania 3
How to Train Dragons: Dawn of New Riders
Hunting Simulator
Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition
Just Dance 2017
Just Dance 2019
Killer Queen Black
Legend of Kay
Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD
Legendary Fishing
Lego Incredibles
Lego Ninjago
Lego The Lego Movie
Lego Worlds
Lets's Sing Country
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Steelbook
Max The Curse of Brotherhood
Monster Jam Crush it
Monster Supercross
Monster Supercross 2
Moto Racer 4
Mutant Mudds Collection (SRG)
Mutant Road to Eden
My Hero One's Justice
My Little Riding Champion
My Riding Stables
Namco Museum Arcade Pac
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2
Neo Atlas 1469
Neverwinter Nights
Nickelodeon Kart Racers
Night Trap (LRG)
Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted Seas
Oniken and Odallus Collection
Paw Patrol: On a Roll
Payday 2
Planescape Torment / Icewind
Professional Farmer
Project Highrise
Race with Ryan
Rad Roger
RBI Baseball 18
RBI Baseball 2017
Riot Civil Unrest
Risk of Rain 2
Rocket League CE
Rocket League Ultimate Edition
Rogue Legacy (LRG)
Roller Coaster Tycoon Adventures
Runner 3
Salt and Sanctuary Drowned Tome Edition
Sayonara Wild Hearts
Scribblenauts Megapack
Scribblenauts Showdown
Sega Genesis Classics
Shikondo Soul Eater
Sine Mora Ex
Slain Back to Hell
Smoke and Sacrifice (SRG)
Sports Party
Steamworld Dig 2
Steamworld Hand of Gilgamech (SRG)
Steven Universe: Save the Light
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary
Super Bomberman R
Super Dragonball Herores World Mission
Super Meat Boy (LRG)
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD
Superbeat Xonic
Sushi Striker
Team Sonic Racing
Tennis World Tour
Tennis World Tour: Roland-Garros Edition
The Coma Recut
The Raven Remastered
The Walking Dead: Final Season
Thea: The Awakening
This is the Police
Tiny Troopers XL
Tokyo School Life
Trials Fusion
Trine 4
Troll and I
Two Point Hospital
Ugly Dolls
Warriors Orochi 4
Wasteland 2
Wheel of Fortune / Jeopardy
Wolfenstein Youngblood
WWE 2K18
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Xenon Racer
Yes Your Grace (SRG)

CIB Switch Standard Games
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
Cartoon Network Battle Crashers
Metroid Prime Remastered PENDING
Mortal Kombat 11
Octopath Traveler
Pokemon Violet
Portal Knights
Sonic Forces Bonus Edition
Street Fighter II Ultra
Zelda Link's Awakening

Sealed Switch Special Editions
A Short Hike CE
Ace Attorney 123 Naruhodo Ryuichi Collector's Package (JP)
Aragami CE
Asterix and Obelisk XXL 2 CE (EU)
Astral Chain LE (EU)
Atelier Lulua The Alchemist of Arland 4 Premium Box (JP)
Axiom Verge LE
Bayonetta 1 + 2 Nonstop Climax Edition (JP)
Blazblue Cross Tag Battle SE
Bomber Crew CE
Caligula Effect Overdose CE (Multi-Language Version)
Candle: The Power of the Flame CE
Capcom Belt Action CE (JP)
Code: Realize Guardians of Birth CE
Crash N-Sane Trilogy w/ Green Controller SE
Crossing Souls LE w/ Blaster
Crystal Crisis SE
Daemon X Machina CE
Dandara CE
Darius Cozmic Collection CE + CD Soundtrack (JP)
Death Mark LE
Death Squared Digital CE Plushies + Pins
Disgaea 5 Complete LE NISA
Distraint Collection CE
Dragon Quest XI Gorgeous Dream CE with booklet (JP)
Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen CE (JP)
Fallen Legion Rise to Glory LE
Fate Extella Halation Star Moon Phase CE (JP)
Fate Extella Link LE
Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition + Pins + Tarot Cards
Fire Emblem Warriors SE
Flashback 25th Anniversary CE
Fox n Forests CE w/ Post card
Gal Gun 2 Free Hugs Edition
Grip Combat Racing CE
Harvest Moon Light of Hope LE
Hollow Knight CE
Hollow Knight Plush Edition
Horizon Chase Turbo SE Dark cover
Hotline Miami LE
Kingdom New Lands CE
Kingdom New Lands CE + Vinyl
Langrisser 1 and 2 Premium Edition (JP)
Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening LE (EU)
LEGO City Undercover LE
LEGO DC Super Villains LE w/ steelbook
Let's Sing 2018 Mic Bundle (EU)
Let's Sing 2019 Mic Bundle (EU)
Little Dragon's Cafe CE
Little Town Hero SE
Lode Runner Legacy LE
Moonlighter CE
My Friend Pedro SE w/ Banana
NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold
NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary Edition
Night Trap CE
Nightmare Boy SE (EU)
No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again CE Pix N Love suda51 (EU)
Nobunaga's Ambition Taishi with Power Up Kit Premium Edition (JP)
Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat 2 Premium Box with CD (JP)
Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat Premium Box (JP)
Oniken + Odallus Collection LE
Ori CE Iam8bit
Our World Is Ended SE
Owlboy LE
Pixel Junk Monsters 2 CE
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/ Shining Pearl Double Pack
Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Double Pack
Raging Justice CE
Retro City Rampage DX CE w/ bonus cover arts
Riot Civil Unrest CE
Rockman 11 amiibo Edition (JP)
Root Letter Last Answer Day One Edition
Sengoku Musou 4 DX Premium Edition (JP)
Senran Kagura Peach Ball LE (JP)
Sense A Cyberpunk Ghost Story Kickstarter SE
Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn LE w/ Goodies Bag
Shining Resonance Refrain Launch Edition
Slain CE
Slime San CE
SNK 40th Anniversary Collection LE
Sonic Mania CE
Sonic Mania Plus w/ Artbook SE
Stardew Valley CE (JP)
Streets of Rage 4 CE
Super Mario Party Joy-Con Bundle
Super Smash Bros Ultimate LE (EU)
The Hunt Championship Edition
The Lost Child LE NISA
The Strike Championship Edition
The Voice la plus belle vois Mic Bundle (EU)
The Voice of Germany Mic Bundle (GE)
The Walking Dead The Final Season CE
Thumper CE
Toki Retrocollector Edition
Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded LE
Touhou Kobuto V Burst Battle LE
Umihara Kawase Bazooka LE w/ steelbook
Umihara Kawase Fresh SE
Undertale CE
Warriors Orochi 3 Premium Edition (JP)
Windjammers CE
Yonder CE
Yooka-Laylee CE

CIB Switch Special Editions
Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle CE (no game)
Metroid Dread CE
Puyo Puyo Tetris SE
Splatoon 2 Starter's Edition (no game)
Zelda BoTW Explorer's Edition (no game)
Zelda BoTW Special Edition (Box, CD, Coin, Map Only, no switch case)

NIB Switch Consoles/Controllers
Animal Crossing Edition
Dragon Quest XI S Lotto Edition
Famicom Switch Controllers (JP)
Mario Red and Blue Edition
Monster Hunter Rise Edition
NES Switch Controllers
Pokemon Scarlet/Violet OLED
Smash Bros Ultimate Pro Controller
Splatoon 3 OLED
Splatoon 3 Pro Controller
Zelda ToTK Pro Controller

CIB Switch Consoles
Diablo III Edition
Monster Hunter XX Double Cross Edition

Empty Switch Box Variants
Fortnite Double Helix Variant
Gray Version 1.0
Gray Version 2.0
Let's Go Eevee SE
Mario Kart 8 Variant
Mario Tennis Aces Variant
Minecraft SE
Red and Blue Version 1.0
Red and Blue Version 2.0
Splatoon 2 Variant
Super Mario Odyssey Variant
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2023.04.24 20:29 MichaelKToymaker I made a stylized Bendy plush

I made a stylized Bendy plush submitted by MichaelKToymaker to CartoonNetwork [link] [comments]

2023.04.16 23:29 IIoveyuo2 full completed every confirmed youtooz without a release date (will update every 3-6 days)

Confirmed/Contacted but no date
Licenes that youtooz has but hasnt used yet
Icons/Youtooz stuff
Things that were confirmed a while ago but haven't gotten any updates since/might have been cancelled.
submitted by IIoveyuo2 to u/IIoveyuo2 [link] [comments]

2023.02.25 00:57 Dirt_Sack AMA RECAP #17

Here are all the leaks and information regarding upcoming Youtooz products and projects from the 17th Reddit AMA Side note, I dont include responses that are just "maybe" or "noted" as those usually dont amount to much
• 1 print for each season of Stranger Things is coming
• A Captain Price from Call Of Duty figure is coming soon
• No plans for previously discussed 1fts (like hxh and one punch man)
• No plans for the HxH plushies to be coming soon either
• More indie game products are coming
• More Silhouettes will be added shortly
• A few more puzzles are planned
• A figure of Patrick with a board nailed to his head from Spongebob is coming
• More posters are planned such as The Boys and some more video games
• Cupsouls will release april/may alongside new figures
• Nuts Fella still doesnt have a release date
• They're still trying to work with Terraria
• 3 or 4 Umbrella Academy figures are coming in summer
• They're going to work on a Mothra plushie
• They're going to ask Ubisoft about Farcry figures
• Talks with both Disney and Warnee bros are still happening
• They have reached out to F1NN5TER but nothing has been finalized
• A Butters from South Park figure is in the works
• Grimm Foxy and Dreadbear drop sometime this year
• April O Neil is coming soon for the Ninja Turtles set
• They'll try getting in touch with Anthpo
• Kier and Dev "may or may not be" in the works
• They're going to reach out to Ryan Trahan
• Mike Ehrmantraut is coming in the next 2-3 months
• They're trying to work on One Piece products
• A few new ideas were sent to the Sidemen
• Blarg and Mcnasty plushies coming in the next few months
• After the next Security Breach drop will be the Withered animatronics
• Zentreya drops mid 2023
• MHA is the next anime set to drop
• There will "for sure" be more Cookie Run Kingdom Youtooz
• They've been speaking with the Shovel Knight team
• Hot Topic have the first versions of the new box sleeve types
• An idea for a human schlatt figure has been approved
• Next Breaking Bad set drops spring
• A few more meme Youtooz are in the works
• They're speaking with Sony at the moment
• Theyre trying to get in contact with Technodad to make more Technoblade plushies
• The Pals drop could come later this year
• The first MHA drop is Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, Uraraka and All Might
• Keycaps for FNAF, South Park and Spongebob are coming soon
• Mangle and the Shattered Glamrocks are on the way
• Next Netflix drop is Squid Game
• A few Roblox youtuber plushies are coming soon
• The next indie game is My Friendly Neighbourhood
• They have spoken to Hasbro about Transformers and Power Rangers figures
• Some more DDLC items are planned for later this year
• Next Schlatt drop is early summer
• Next Toozies drop is in the summer ("gummie flavors - strawberry + peach")
• Conker pins, mug and a plush is coming
• They have some ideas for more clothing items in the works
• They've had ideas for Youtooz onesises before
• Springtrap plush doesnt have a release date
• Rayman drops may/june
• Crispy Concords Youtooz is coming soon
• More Cuphead show plushies drop later this year
• They're still trying for Sega Youtooz
• They're working on some ideas for another Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul figure set
• They're going to try talking to quackity again
• There are plans for The Group Chat Youtooz
• 2nd Bendy wave is based on TDR, whilst the 3rd is based on the original
• FNAF 1 print will be available summer
• They Might design some Balloon Boy ideas
• They have some ideas for The Puppet
• Bee and Puppycat are coming soon
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2023.02.10 17:32 FreeAsAbird33 Questions For Local Mattress Store

This is my 3rd post in the past couple of weeks... I just keep changing directions because I'm not 100% (or even 90%) comfortable with any option so far. It's a big investment and, depending on how much we like it the first go around, could be a big time suck.... so I want to make sure I am more comfortable before spending the money/time.
Anyway, I have all but ruled out DIY because I have no idea if we'll like it, don't want to lose the money invested into the components, and don't really have the time to put towards all of the refinement/returns if I don't like it. I'm still considering buying site unseen (mainly narrowed down to Luma and SleepEZ), but I don't love any configurations (thinking latex hybrid) from SleepEZ and Luma is pushing close to $2k for what we want. So now I'm checking out this local shop to where I live in Dayton, OH.
The shop is called Mattress Innovations. They have a few latex hybrids- one called "Mattress Crafters Natural Latex Luxury Plush" where a king is about $2k. I don't like the price, don't like that they use foam as transitional layers, don't like the non-zippered cover, unsure of the latex ILD, unsure of the coil specs, and unsure of the cover material. I do like that they are local, I can go try it out, they get great reviews and apparently will leave you alone for as long as you want while you try things out, and they handle delivery and removal of our old mattress- king sized memory foam up a bendy flight of stairs that I wasn't looking forward to dealing with.
I would really appreciate it if anyone here could look on their website (mattressinnovations dot com), let me know if they have any thoughts, and let me know what questions I should ask, other than the unknowns I posted. I know it's expensive for what it is (compared to my other options), but if I could mitigate most of my concerns through questions, and have the ability for my wife and I to try before we buy, I may be willing to give them my business.
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2023.02.05 10:29 Limp-Clothes-4650 Ultimate Bendy Iceberg V4.

Ultimate Bendy Iceberg V4. submitted by Limp-Clothes-4650 to BendyAndTheInkMachine [link] [comments]


you might have seen a few of these on twitter recently but either way can you PLEASE get this tweet to 4.2k likes so i can get a free bendy plush from youtooz
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2023.01.17 06:37 JACKTOONS Cookie Run Kingdom Plushies, Bendy Collection, & Rahna Patchwork Plush Banners!!

Cookie Run Kingdom Plushies, Bendy Collection, & Rahna Patchwork Plush Banners!! submitted by JACKTOONS to Youtooz [link] [comments]

2023.01.13 21:00 youtooz_support Flair Friday #52

Welcome back to Flair Friday!
If you have a CollectoUltimate CollectoMaster Collectoetc. role on your User Flair (next to your username), you can then request for a specific* item(s) to be added/replaced, and one of the mods will grant it for you!
The Rules:
Master CollectoUltimate CollectoCollector may request up to 2 items for their User flairs now.
Requests will be allowed over the weekend and stopping sometime Sunday evening (PST)
Please also be specific on what items you want beside your name (eg. Techno Plush / Techno figure, Ranboo Plush / Ranboo figure, Roxy / Chibi Roxy etc.).
New Additions:
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2023.01.11 14:59 InkBendyCat I find the colorway of the BENDY Yootoozs very interesting.

I find the colorway of the BENDY Yootoozs very interesting. submitted by InkBendyCat to BendyAndTheInkMachine [link] [comments]

2023.01.11 01:11 Ok_Preparation_3489 WOOOOOO

WOOOOOO submitted by Ok_Preparation_3489 to BendyAndTheInkMachine [link] [comments]

2023.01.07 10:50 Jakedtigets Not to Happy

Ok so just a few days ago I bought a Bendy plush of eBay and now they are coming out with these new plushies so I feel like I just wasted money 🤦‍♂️
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2022.12.30 05:42 No-Eagle-6897 Lucky find

She is beautiful in person! Very big and bendy! I hate the tag on the “stuffed” animal but that’s how plush works in America I guess. The whole body is rubber and feels sort of weird to the touch but makes her weighty which is nice. Also not sure why they put the holes in her visor. Very happy and may be getting all of them.
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2022.12.26 08:07 RedGamer2013 While waiting for my ink bendy plush to come for xmas, I made this

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2022.12.24 15:57 questionsforreddit2 Mad about BAB's neglect and lack of creativity with certain character collections

Especially with Lilo and Stitch. There is a very very large shortage in plush for characters like Sparky, Mr. Stenchy, Houdini, Elastimo, Reuben, Gigi etc these would delight kids and collectors of all sorts, yet all we get is a bunch of lame stitch recolors in the same vein disney has been doing for years. They couldnt even give us Leroy. I have no idea why Paw Patrol is so forgotten. It is a merchandise monster, with lots of adorable dogs and cats, that can even sell to people of all ages who dont care about the show and just want a pet. They can price gouge on all of their clothing. Most of these characters do not have any or good quality plushies. We should have gotten Rex, the mighty twins, the cat pack, Sweetie, Apollo, Claw, Arrby, Gasket, Moby, Robodog and a mini Chickaletta. There is no reason we cannot get a cartoon style Simba, Nala, hyena, Pumba, Kiara, Kovu, Kion or mini Zazu and Timon. Crazy how they never bothered with the lion guard. Animal Crossing is not my favorite at all, but how it was treated was unbelievable. Promise Pets is neglected. There are not enough releases of cute, original animals, 2 or 4 legged. A portion of the little we get are repetitive af with things like very similar polar bears, pandas and elephants. At least give us a big elephant on 4 legs. We need things like a donkey, new chihuahua, pitbull, great dane, some more cat breeds, a goldfish, a four legged rat and skunk, lizards or salamanders, a hyena, a red macaw, a 4 legged guinea pig, more snakes and spiders, an ant, a pufferfish, realistic sharks, a mosasaurus, a plesiosaur, a cockatoo, a chinchilla, a sugar glider, a black wolf, four legged hedgehog, a ferret, a tapir, a four legged rhino, ant eater or antelope. There is a lack of new original themes from build a bear like beary fairy friends, kabu, horses and hearts or honey girls. We should get a galaxy/space theme to go with the bearlien, similar to the blue dragon and blue star bear from the past. Or a scented fruit animal collection, a cryptid collection, a jungle collection like st louis zoo, a colorblock collection, a new monster collection of some sort etc I am tired of character lines falling short and feeling incomplete. Where was our Kitty Softpaws, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Max from Secret Life of Pets, Rabbit, Lumpy and Owl from Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland rabbit, kabu poodle, full sizes of the baby nightlight dragons????? This doesnt seem like its a sales or popularity issue every time. Dont need weird things like friends, swarovskis, nfts, lord of the rings, cobra kai and the matrix. We dont need so much superhero, sports, glistens, frozen and star wars stuff. Why did they ignore League of Superpets??? I was let down as a Krypto the superdog fan, I was so sure they wouldnt ignore it. I am very surprised they have not made anything my little pony gen 5. While not a blowout hit like g4, it would still do just fine. I am also shocked that we have not gotten anything Ice Age (modern), Bluey, Gravity Falls, minecraft, Five Nights at Freddys, Cuphead, Land before time, Zootopia, Falkor, Spyro, Littlest pet shop, 101 dalmatians, Bad guys, madagascar, amazing world of gumball, loud house, spirit stallion, bambi, aristocats, adventure time, figment dragon, rescue rangers, the jungle book, blues clues, bugs life, perry the platypus or digimon. Who ever is in charge of the character selection, new original species and themes and variety is not wise/on the scene in the know or simply does not care. It is draining as a bab collector. Post your thoughts, or wishlist collections/characters. My unlikely ones would be over the hedge, open season, bendy, undertale, lady and the tramp 2, gothic bears, sharkboy and lavagirl, oliver and company, rugrats spike, cereal mascots, Robin hood, firedrake the silver dragon, 101 dalmatian street, courage the cowardly dog, total drama island clothes, knd rainbow monkeys, the rescuers and rainbow butterfly unicorn kitty (though that new cat is so cute and so close!!!!) Sorry for the venting. I just woke up from a dream where I was in a bab store that had a lot of this and it made me lose my mind haha ive been frustrated for a long time if you can't tell.
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2022.12.22 03:49 Guilty_Chemical_8192 50% Off Christmas Elf Behaving Badly Plush Toy Novelty Long Bendy Naughty Boy Christmas Elves Doll 12 Inches JE

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2022.12.22 02:03 Abject-Cartoonist784 50% Off Christmas Elf Behaving Badly Plush Toy Novelty Long Bendy Naughty Boy Christmas Elves Doll 12 Inches xl

50% Off Christmas Elf Behaving Badly Plush Toy Novelty Long Bendy Naughty Boy Christmas Elves Doll 12 Inches xl submitted by Abject-Cartoonist784 to idkDeals [link] [comments]

2022.12.22 00:56 Lonely-Internal-9669 50% Off Christmas Elf Behaving Badly Plush Toy Novelty Long Bendy Naughty Boy Christmas Elves Doll 12 Inches Ai

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2022.12.22 00:55 Famous-Fee7078 50% Off Christmas Elf Behaving Badly Plush Toy Novelty Long Bendy Naughty Boy Christmas Elves Doll 12 Inches KX

50% Off Christmas Elf Behaving Badly Plush Toy Novelty Long Bendy Naughty Boy Christmas Elves Doll 12 Inches KX submitted by Famous-Fee7078 to AmazonPromoCodesAL [link] [comments]

2022.12.21 23:56 Agreeable_Ferret4282 50% Off Christmas Elf Behaving Badly Plush Toy Novelty Long Bendy Naughty Boy Christmas Elves Doll 12 Inches FF

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2022.12.21 16:45 Dangerous-Sense3584 [OLD] bendy concept wont be worked on

The ink demon.
Killers weapon inky claw.
Killers power inky ruin. Inky ruin makes the killer able to place down a ink spot to teleport to at any time the max ink spots is 4 when a ink spot is cleansed the survivors who did it are exposed for 25 seconds when you place down a ink spot after 4 the oldest one is removed all ink spots leave a noise cue that slowly gets louder.
Killers perks.
False exit. When you hook a survivor you gain a token you can only gain tokens from survivors twice max tokens max out at 8 for every token the exit gate lever is blocked for 5 seconds for every token.
Hex: machine this perk sets up a totem the totem sets up a range of 10 meters any survivors in the 10 meter range items drain and are unable to sprint until they leave the hex totems range.
Inky decay. Every basic attack you gain a token when you gain 10 tokens any hit on survivors puts them in the mangled state.
Brown add-ons.
Torn poster this add-on makes your teleport speed in ruin faster by 16%.
Inky poster this add-on makes your ruin slower by 11% but the auras of nearby survivors in a 10 meter radius.
Broken cd this add-on makes your ruins exit speed faster by 5%.
Cardboard cutout this add-on makes your ruin speed faster by 17%.
Old script this add-on makes your ruin speed slower by 16% and makes your ruin exit speed faster by 18%.
Ruined mask this add-on makes your ruin exit speed faster by 19%.
Inky gears this add-on makes your ruin time puting survivors into the exposed state longer by 15 seconds.
Yellow add-ons.
Axe handle this add-on makes your speed when exiting ruin faster by 15%.
Ink vial this add-on adds one more ink spot to your ability.
Inky cd this add-on makes your teleport speed in ruin faster by 25%.
Old cutout this add-on makes the exposed status longer by 20%.
Gear this add-on makes the time to cleanse the ink spots longer by 15%.
Mask this add-on makes your ruin speed faster by 35%.
Inky cog this add-on makes your ruin speed slower by 35% and makes the time to cleanse a ink spot slower by 47%.
Gears this add-on makes your exit speed from ruin faster by 35%.
Inky music book this add-on makes the exposed status longer by 34%.
Inky skull this add-on revals the auras of survivors who cleanse the ink spots for 34 seconds.
Green add-ons.
Sammys tape this add-on makes your ruin speed faster by 48%.
Bendys poster this add-on gives you 100 extra bood points for every hit on survivors that cleansed your ink spots.
Inky glove this add-on makes your ruin exit speed from ruin faster by 58%.
Broken arm this add-on makes your ruin faster by 59%.
Ink this add-on makes the cleansing speed slower by 57%.
Broken record this add-on makes your ruin speed faster by 58%.
Melted halo this add-on makes your exit speed in ruin faster by 59%.
Alice angle poster this add-on makes your speed in ruin faster by 67%.
Plunger this add-on makes your
ruin exit speed faster by 66%.
Metal arm this add-on makes the exposed status last longer by 69%.
Fishing rod this add-on makes your speed in ruin faster by 61%.
Purple add-ons
Big tooth this add-on makes your ruin speed faster by 78%.
Forgotten poster this add-on makes your exit speed in ruin faster by 74%.
Sammy's mask this add-on makes your exit speed in ruin faster by 78%.
Candles this add-on makes your ruin enter speed faster by 57%.
Ink covered gear this add-on adds two more ink spots to your 4.
Bendy plush this add-on makes your ink spots not leave its noise cue.
Shows script this add-on makes your ruin exit speed faster by 82%.
Tape reel this add-on makes your ruins noise cues louder by 50% and revasles the auras of survivors cleansing your ink spots.
End tape this add-on makes exit enter and ruin speed slower by 70% and reveals the auras of survivors in 2 meter radius of your ink spots.
Inky flask this add-on adds 1 extra ink spot you can only use once that spawns a searcher to lower a health state of any survivors in a 5 meter radius they can be killed with pallets or flash lights.
Inky hand this add-on removes the exposed status and replaces it with a searcher that deals a
heath state on all your ink spots.
Iridescent add-ons
Iridescent tape reel this add-on gives you only two ink spots all actions with the ink spots are faster by 90%.
Searchers eye this add-on adds 3 special ink spots that spawns 2 searchers for each special ink spot the searchers lower a health state of survivors in a 6 meter radius.
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2022.12.20 11:52 Jakedtigets BATDR plush

Does anyone think when there will be new Bendy plush toys could be coming out I know two years ago they had Dark Revival ones but because of phatmojo they could have new ones ?
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