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2020.01.18 19:12 HECKYOUXx GachaClubCringe

Gacha Club was created by Lunime and is now available for Android, iOS and P.C. It is the game after ‘Gacha Life’ which is infamous for sexual and toxic content. Also, this is NOT a gacha hate subreddit, so do not hate on the entire fandom, just the toxic sides of it. Join our Discord: (Discord is 13+ TOS)

2020.09.29 07:18 Sakuraistrashboiii gachaoutfits

just a place where you can share your outfit ideas (for gacha life,and gacha club)

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Our community provides a safe space for ALL users of Gacha (Life, club, etc.) apps! Whether you’re an artist, YouTuber, or other, you are free to post as long as you follow our rules! Enjoy your stay, and have fun! (This is not an official Lunime subreddit) Icon by: u/IamMrukyaMaybe Banner by: u/Gennerocity

2023.06.08 19:59 dragon_bandaids [TOMT] [mobile games] [mid 2010s] character creator/dress up mobile games from the google play store

so back during either 2015 or 2016, i was on the google play store on one of my old tablets. I found this dress up character creator type game, kind of simliar to the lunime gacha games but the characters had more simplistic designs but i remember the outfits having slightly more detail. the company producing the games had several different games with the same premise and art style but every game had a different theme. there was a beach one with swimsuits and a pop star group, but i remember the halloween one the best. it had this storybook type option i dont think the other games had, it inserted the characters you had made into the story and i remember it being about everyone going trick or treating with the final panel being your characters sitting around what i believe was a large pumpkin with round stomachs from eating all the candy. There were a TON of these games too, i think there were about 20 of these games on the play store. Like the lunime gacha games you could have several different characters at once. This has been driving me nuts for a few weeks now, and I really wanna find these games. Thank you.
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2023.06.08 18:50 fsgfoeva Stream #8 Full Summary

This one was quite long. TLDR: first look at gacha, 6th class (blitz lancer) in august, breakdown of monetization and prices, breakdown of upcoming content for july and august.

Stream 8 overview

Official Launch Time (14:14)

The Japanese service will be available on June 14th 12:00 JST. The Regnas Store will be open after a 3 hour maintenance, or earlier, if no problems are found.

Preregistration Campaigns (15:47)

Preregistration is still ongoing on the official site. Additional rewards (alongside the dyes) were added; 10x happy firecrackers and increased rewards for the Start Dash Login Bonus.
The 10,000 retweet milestone for the Feste battle imagine, given to all players, was reached in 23 minutes. The giveaway for the gaming PC and Webmoney, and the lottery for Amazon gift cards, are ongoing until the day before launch.
Predownload has been made available through the Bandai Namco Launcher on June 6th. You can make a character ahead of time on the Benchmark Software, but not through the predownloaded official client.

Start Dash Campaign (21:03)

Six promotional campaigns starting on launch day. Details will be on the website on launch day.

1. Rookie Adventurer Curriculum (22:22)

June 14 to August 16

Start Dash Login Bonus

Daily rewards for logging in, up to 10 days. The regular Login Bonus is per-account, but this event Start Dash Login Bonus is per-character.
  1. Luno 10,000 30,000
  2. Battle Imagine Feste (a) set x1 (from retweet campaign)
  3. Gacha ticket x1 x3
  4. Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 3d x1
  5. Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 3d x1
  6. Resource selection box x5
  7. Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 3d x1
  8. Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 3d x1
  9. GC x1000 x2000
  10. Land Fox Tail selection box x1

Start Dash Bonus Quests (24:45)

Clear quests to get rewards.

Limited-time season point increase! (27:00)

Gain increased amount of season points (for use with the season pass).

2. Team Formation Campaign (28:32)

June 14 to July 12 Create a Team (guild) and level it up to Rank 2. All members are rewarded a Gem Ring (crimson) and Ability Plugs.

3. Connect-Coupon Support Campaign (29:57)

June 14 to July 12 Get rewards based on how many Connect Coupons you distribute. Players whose coupons are used 10+ are entered into a raffle where 100 winners will get 500 Free Rose Orbs.
A Connect Coupon is a discount code you can give to other players. They can be generated in the Regnas Store (top right) after reaching Adv. Rank 1 and clearing at least 1 daily quest. One code can be generated per account. They last for 14 days and cannot be used on yourself. Items where the coupon can be used will be indicated with a blue hexagon icon.
Player A can distribute a Connect Coupon to Players B, C, etc., which can use it for discounts in the Rose Orb Store. Player B can only use Player A's coupon code once. Player A will get BP Points based on how many people use their coupon code--they can only see they how many times it's been used, not who used it or what they bought.
BP Points can be used at the BP Point Store for various items.

4. Screenshot Contest Round 1 (34:07)

June 14 to July 12 A bulletin board for posting screenshots will be up on the site. Rules regarding image size, editing, and allowed content will be announced later.

5. Grand Opening Payment Campaign (36:32)

June 14 to July 12

Total Spending Presents (36:39)

Bonus Rose Orbs w/ Webmoney (37:17)

When buying Rose Orbs with Webmoney, there's a 1 in 10 chance to get 10% extra orbs for free.

Follow on Twitter (37:34)

Follow BLUE PROTOCOL on twitter and retweet the specific tweet for a chance to win a 5000 yen Webmoney card (100 winners).

6. Network Cafe Campaign (37:51)

June 14 to July 12 Play at partnered Net Cafes for extra rewards! N Coins can be exchanged for gacha tickets, beauty salon tickets, special outfits and more.
  1. For every 20 minutes played at a net cafe, get 20 N coins 26 N coins during the event period (1.3x normal)
  2. Get 1.3x increased EXP from clearing dungeons and defeating overworld enemies
  3. Enemy drop rates increased by 1.3x (excluding treasure chests)

Monetization (40:37)

Rose Orbs have Paid and Free versions, and can be used for Season Passes; and Gacha and the Rose Orb Store inside of the Regnas Store. The Regnas Store also includes Rose Orb Purchase, BP Points store, and Season Store.
Rose Orbs have a limited duration; they will expire on the 5th month (starting from the month of purchase) on the last day at 23:59. Expired Rose Orbs will be automatically deleted.

Rose Orb Prices (41:04)

Limited deals (once per account; purchase restriction will be reset once the sale period ends)
Payment methods:

Rose Orb Store contents (42:05)

Some items shown to have the "Can use Connect Coupon" icon. Others were not shown so there may be more items you can use the coupon on.


Grand Opening Pack M/F (500 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon
Beginners Pack (110 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Once per character


Watcher series outfit box (450 orbs) Cunning Watcher series outfit box (450 orbs)


Land Fox mount - Midnight (450 orbs)


Twin tail extensions (100 orbs) *matches your current hair color Lily Earrings (55 orbs) Oval Glasses (100 orbs) Solitaire Ring (55 orbs)


Einrain stamp set (55 orbs)


Too Easy (90 orbs) Mocking (90 orbs)


Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 7d (50 orbs) Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 12h (20 orbs) Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 7d (50 orbs) Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 12h (20 orbs) Rewards Plus ticket x1 (20 orbs) - 3 per day Dye-remover (20 orbs) Character name change ticket x1 (240 orbs) - 1 per month Happy Firecracker - Blue x10 (20 orbs) Normal Salon Course ticket x2 (145 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Normal Salon Course ticket x1 (90 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Type-change Salon Course ticket (220 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon

Gacha (45:40)

One gacha ticket is consumed per spin. Tickets can be acquired through clearing content, season pass, etc. 1 ticket: 50 Rose Orbs 11 tickets: 500 Rose Orbs


Outfit gacha is separated by M/F.
Rates are on the website and in-game. The types above are rewarded from S rank capsule. It's possible to get duplicates. Opening an S rank capsule will reward the entire outfit, not just a piece of the outfit.

10-spin gift (49:46)

Spinning a gacha banner 10 times will reward the following:

Duplicates (51:37)

If you obtain a duplicate item from gacha, you can do 3 things with it:
  1. Mail it to another character on your account
  2. Mail it to a friend
  3. Exchange it for BP Points


Items that cannot be mailed can not be sent. Items can be mailed within 7 days of obtaining the item (timer shown in-game). Sending letters cannot be undone. Items claimed from mail cannot be sent again. You can only send to people you have been friends with for 14 days.

BP Points Exhange (53:04)

The BP Points Exchange can be accessed through the Regnas Store. Items that cannot be exchanged are marked, and items become un-exchangable if equipped.

BP Points Store contents (55:11)

Contains selection boxes for the outfits and mounts in the above Gacha banners. Contains Feste (b) Battle Imagine recipes and Idea (material). Contains Gas Mask, Fairy Wing - Aqua, Extension Type 1, Land Fox Tail accessory.
Explanation of Feste (b) Battle Imagine (55:46)

Season Pass (57:53)

Season 1: June 14 ~ Aug 13 23:59. A season is 50~60 days long. Clear the indicated quests to get Season Points, which are used to rank up your pass level and claim rank rewards (will automatically rank up to a certain point). After reaching a certain rank, you can also spend Season Points at the Season Point Store.
Ranks can also be purchased with Rose Orbs: 30 orbs per rank. Specific rank rewards can be checked in-game or on the site.

Free: Basic Plan

Maxes at rank 60. At max level, gain all materials required to craft Lv. 40 battle imagine Einrain (a). Rewards include an outfit.

Paid: Advanced & Royal Plan

Maxes at rank 100. At max level, gain all materials required to craft Lv. 50 battle imagine Einrain (b). Advanced costs 180 Rose Orbs. Royal costs 550 Rose Orbs and grants an extra 25 ranks to start. Both of these add additional quests to get points. Rewards include an emote.
After maxing one of these passes, you geet the Next Season Paid Plan Discount, which discounts the next season pass by 180 Rose Orbs. So if you buy the Advanced Pass once and max it out each time, you won't have to pay for another pass.

Other rewards

Not mentioned which pass they are in:

Season Store (1:05:19)

A store where you can spend Season Points. Contains outfits, accessories, crafting guaranteed great success tickets, healing aroma G1, luno, etc. (some have purchase limits).

Update Roadmap #2 (1:06:28)

They remade the roadmap image, slightly offseting the Season timelines since they can start/end in the middle of the month. Players were confused before as to why Season 1 started 2 weeks after launch, so this was fixed for clarification.

Raids (1:07:48)

Raid entry is on a schedule. The default raid Void's Island is always available, while a second, harder raid will be swapped out with a different one each update. Monday ~ Friday between 14:00~15:00, 18:00~19:00, and 22:00~23:00. Saturday & Sunday between 8:00~9:00, 12:00~13:00, 16:00~17:00, 20:00~21:00, next day 1:00~2:00.

Time Attack/Score Attack (1:08:54)

Solo dungeons with leaderboards, separated by class. These dungeons will rotate game mode and map every 2 weeks, starting with Time Attack (map X) at launch, then Score Attack (map Y) on week 3, and then Time Attack (map Z) on week 5, etc. There's a schedule of the maps and their dates at 1:12:44.

Time Attack (Dragon Claw Valley)

Based on your clear time, there are one-time rewards:
Additionally, there are ranking rewards. Rankings are displayed on the Leaderboards in towns.
Titles and Crowns are time-limited. They will be rewarded when the TA period ends, and will last until the next TA period ends--for 4 weeks.
Something else mentioned about Champion--the person with the most crowns? at 1:12:20 but not sure what they mean.

Next 2 months of updates (1:14:53)

A specific breakdown of what's coming up. Not many images since they aren't final, and these may change before they are released.
August (1:21:39)

Announcements (1:23:44)

Partnership with 4gamer, a Japanese game news site, where there will be interviews, articles, game guides, and perhaps other community content.
You will need to set a PIN in-game starting on the second login, to secure your account. It's entered by mouse so be careful not to stream it.
Play by the rules and respect other players.
Next stream is planned to be #9 in early July.

Post-stream gameplay showcase (1:51:03)

They showed some never-before-seen stuff, like Score Attack (2:04:15) and Evergreen Desert (including Salamzart Oasis) after a short intermission. The rest of the stream is unscripted, and they show off things like new enemies, weapon skins, outfits, emotes, accessories, and Einrain battle imagines. Photo mode can now pause skills as well, which was earlier stated to not be supported, although the effects won't pause (1:54:03).
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2023.06.08 06:02 AliceCloset ✨Boxgacha

👑[Blessing of Holy Light] & [Rushing Chariot]
❗Each draw guarantees you a NEW 5⭐ outfit part!
⏱Duration: Jun 8 - Jun 10 (UTC-4)
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2023.06.07 07:58 Willing_4345 NU Carnival APK Mod 2023
If you’re someone who loves dating simulation games, then NU Carnival APK is the one for you. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy fun characters, stories, and more.

NU Carnival APK – Boys Dating Game

If you’re someone who plays a lot of mobile games, there are a lot of them that you can enjoy now. You can have fun with so many games right now that will allow you to enjoy.
There are a lot of fun games you can enjoy right now in the simulation space. You’re able to have fun as you can find many games to enjoy right now, such as NU Carnival.
With this game, you can enjoy a fun experience as you play the character Eiden, a producer of sex toys. You’ve been suddenly summoned to a new world in this game, and here, you’ll meet tons of boys.
These include Aster, Morvay, Yakumo, Edmond, Olivine, Quincy, Kuya, and Garu. Each character here has unique looks and personalities that you’ll enjoy. You’ll be able to enjoy a battle system here where you can unlock a lot of cards here as you enjoy a fun game!

Boys Gacha Game

There are a lot of fun games today that you can play and enjoy right now. If you’re someone who loves playing dating simulation games, there are many enjoyable ones right now.
You can find and enjoy many of these games right now as they’re exciting. You can find a lot of fun games to enjoy right now in the dating sim genre, as there are a lot of them. But with NU Carnival, you’re able to have fun as you can enjoy a unique story.
Many dating simulation games today, but NU Carnival is fun and unique. This game isn’t just an ordinary dating simulation game but a unique one where you’ll be summoned into another world.
You’ll be a character named Eiden who works for a sex toy factory. But one day, you’re suddenly transported into the world of Klein, and you’ll enjoy a fun story! You’ll meet many hot guys here like Aster, Edmond, Yakumo, Morvay, Quincy, Olivine, Garu, Kuya, and many more.
The game lets you complete many levels and even enjoy fights. You can unlock many characters in this fun game!

NU Carnival Highlights

There are a lot of fun dating simulation games to enjoy right now, such as NU Carnival.
Fun dating sim – There are many fun games to play right now on your phone. If you’re someone who loves playing various types of games, you can download and enjoy a lot of them today.
You can enjoy action, racing, simulation, RPG, and many more right now. There are all sorts of games to enjoy right now, such as dating simulation games. With NU Carnival, you can have fun by playing a unique character called Eiden.
Here, you’ll be summoned to another world filled with mischief and incredible characters. You’ll have fun with a lot of incredible characters to unlock in this fun game right now. Here, you can enjoy many outfits to collect that you can use for your characters and gift them as well.
This game also features a turn-based fighting system with enjoyable graphics that you can enjoy today. You can have fun by unlocking characters like Garu, Kuya, Quincy, Olivine, and more.
Enjoyable characters – There are a lot of fun games to play right now in the dating simulation genre. One of the best ones is NU Carnival, as it allows you to play a unique character called Eiden. Eiden is a worker at a sex factory that has been summoned to another world.
Here, you can enjoy unlocking many characters like Yakumo, Edmond, Morvay, Eiden, Aster, Quincy, Olivine, and many more. You can unlock different cards with unique rarity in the game. You can have fun as you can provide gifts to your character.
Turn-based combat system – NU Carnival also incorporates a turn-based combat system that you can enjoy. This game lets you have fun and fight against other characters using your cards.
This is a fun game that is perfect for every occasion right now. You can have fun with many games right now, but this one is truly unique. It gives you a boy-to-boy dating simulation that you can’t find in any other games.
Erotic game - NU Carnival is a fun game that lets you have fun as you can enjoy many erotic scenes right now. You’re able to enjoy a lot of lewd scenes that you won’t get anywhere else today!
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2023.06.06 21:59 CatLoverItaly School outfit ideas for Gacha Life!

School outfit ideas for Gacha Life! submitted by CatLoverItaly to GachaClub [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 19:52 Grellheim If anyone can recreate this outfit in base gacha or gacha nox, you can win a FREE OC! (omg yay i love free ocs)

If anyone can recreate this outfit in base gacha or gacha nox, you can win a FREE OC! (omg yay i love free ocs) submitted by Grellheim to GachaClub [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 15:24 Mekrikulous SSR Rapi? (+ Anis + Neon)…

Do you think they will release an upgrade (retrofit) for Rapi and/or the other Counters to improve them to SSR level? I’ve seen this in some other gacha games and it’s a nice way to keep story-centric characters relevant to the gameplay.
Could be a fun long-play unlock mission style (like the prison girls release missions). Could give her a new outfit and some new voice lines too.
What do you all think? (Sorry if this has been discussed before!)
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2023.06.05 03:20 mega_lova_nia I found Genshin Impact's fashion design more better looking than most other gachas, does anyone else feel the same?

After the release of honkai star rail i've been noticing the fashion design on their characters and i have to say, Genshin's fashion is far better than hsr, hi3, or even other gachas. Idk why, perhaps it's because it's more artsy and stylized or maybe it's the color coded design that just captivates the eyes instantly. Anyone share the same sentiment? What do you guys think of Genshin Impact's outfits?
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2023.06.04 01:28 carmal-apples_78 Gacha club royal outfit ideas girls

Gacha club royal outfit ideas girls submitted by carmal-apples_78 to GachaClub [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 20:38 Mocktie Here's a free gacha nox outfit for CC! (pls credit if you use or get inspired)

Here's a free gacha nox outfit for CC! (pls credit if you use or get inspired) submitted by Mocktie to GachaFnaf [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:00 friendlycryptid there should be more badass outfits for female characters that aren't necessarily "sexy"

dont get me wrong, i love the designs for the current characters and can appreciate certain.... "sexier" choices (happy pride everybody) but seriously, it just gets repetitive and kinda bland at this point.
i mean, how cool would it be to get raiden in full armor? or jean in a tailored suit similar to diluc's outfit structure? fischl in an actual long gothic dress that doesnt include garters or barely-there skirts? shenhe in a beautiful traditional qipao?
i think we need more outfits/skins in general for everybody, but this idea specifically has been floating around in my head for a while. what do yall think?
EDIT: i think we should keep the current skimpy/revealing outfits (which is what i meant by sexy) and add more covered-up options. and yes, sexy is badass, but maybe if you looked at the title again, you would see that it doesnt imply otherwise at all. im not rooting for censorship, nor am i taking your beloved waifus away from you.
also, i am aware im playing an anime gacha game, thank you very much. didnt know it was a crime against the holy otaku bible to simply wish for more options, jesus. cant have shit in teyvat
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2023.06.02 14:59 Blue-I21 Fantasy 2nd Set of Shuffle Units

Fantasy 2nd Set of Shuffle Units
This post was inspired by a previous post that asked about our fantasy shuffle unit. I don't know if we're gonna get a new set of shuffle units since they said that the OO event was the culmination of the shuffle project, but there's no harm in making up a 2nd set so here's mine.
The center one for each unit is the center (lol duh) and is the event 5* while the one to their left will be the gacha 5*. The one on the left of the gacha 5* is the 4* gacha while the ones on the right of the center are the event 4*.
Black ☆ Nova - Hiiro gets to live his original goal of coming to ES by becoming an "Idol Destroyer" in a gundam-themed action drama through Eichi's machinations. Ibara joins in thinking himself to be type casted as one of the villains but is casted as a hero alongside ES' number one hero otaku.
Hallow Eve - ES is to hold a Halloween live and Natsume and Koga argue over the direction of their live performance while Mao aims to understand why Natsume has some disdain towards him.
The Famiglia - A crime drama movie is put into production and HiMERU is appalled to be casted alongside Tatsumi as a cop duo. Yuzuru struggles to not become too engrossed in his role as a hitman.
CODE: PARTY - A new game is launching soon and ES is asked to form a unit that would promote the game and sing most of its soundtrack. Due to conflicting schedules, only half of the ASOBI circle is mobilized. Sora ropes in Mika and Makoto in the unit while Jun struggles to serve as the leader with the chaotic Rinne in the mix.
Reverie - Due to their outstanding reception as a team on Bogie Time, ES has Mitsuru and Nagisa participate in a large scale variety show extravaganza and instructs them to form a unit that would insure ES' victory.
STARFISH - Kanata plans a collaboration performance with members of OCEANS and ANIMALS as members of a new shuffle unit that is to be held at his aquarium park. Souma however notices certain figures trying to hinder Kanata's plans and goes into investigate.
La Royale - ES is to hold a play production of one of Wataru's scripts. Tetora is bewildered to find that he was casted as the prince instead of the warrior while Hokuto is casted as the warrior.
Umami=Factor - ES plans to hold a summer festival on ES grounds and a shuffle unit is formed to entertain the crowd on said summer festival. Niki and Adonis clash on their differing ideologies on food as the rest of the unit struggle to come up with a concept for their live.
Dianthus - ES is to hold a fashion show that plans to showcase all the outfits that were made by their idols. Nazuna, originally planning to host the event is roped into joining the planned shuffle unit. Kuro tries to bridge the gap between his friendship with Shu as well as Nazuna and Shu's relationship. Arashi then hears out Midori's thoughts on becoming a part of the modeling industry.
Allegro - ES partners with a cruise ship company to hold an operatic performance on one of its ships. Leo jumps in at the news and after hearing about the collaboration between their respective families with the cruise company, drags Keito, Hiyori and Kohaku to form a unit.
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2023.06.02 04:40 AliceCloset ✨Item Gacha - Edgar's Birthday Event

✨Item Gacha - Edgar's Birthday Event
🍵A great chance to get the exclusive outfit [Tea Time Edgar]
⏱Duration: Jun 1 - Jun 10 (UTC-4)
❗Item Gacha closes on Jun 12 (UTC-4)
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2023.06.02 04:32 AliceCloset ✨Boxgacha

🎵[Dreamlike Music Box] [Fateful Pendulum] [Time Gear]
❗Each draw guarantees you a NEW 5⭐ outfit part!
⏱Duration: Jun 1 - Jun 4 (UTC-4)
Download now for free:
Official Website:
Get information about Alice Closet or contact us at:
Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 9 am to 8 pm. (GMT+8)
#AliceCloset #Release #Dressup
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2023.06.02 04:31 AliceCloset ✨Gift of Friendship Vol. 12

✨Gift of Friendship Vol. 12
👩‍🎨Do the Gacha with Friendship Coins to get great rewards, including an exclusive outfit [Classical Performer].
⏱Duration: Jun 1 - Aug 31 (UTC-4)
Download now for free: Official Website:
Get information about Alice Closet or contact us at:
Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 9 am to 8 pm. (GMT+8)
#AliceCloset #Release #Dressup
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2023.06.02 03:14 AgreeablePossible8 After playing the Beta fully letting my thoughts settle here's what i Want them to Add/Fix on full release

notable Bugs to Fix
General changes i want
Buffs/Nerfs <-- this one is subjective but here are my changes
Mt Lady
And that's about it........ Yeah well this beta was hella fun but these are the things i want to see changed before the official release and i know the buffs and nerfs section gonna cause some discourse.But im not to sold on the changes maby you can sudgest some nerfs and buffs...well
See you lot on full release

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2023.06.02 00:20 Oneiropolos Tips For Life Makeover

I've seen some confusion about things in both this sub and in the game, so I've created a sort of quick guide to answer some basic questions about some of the systems in the game. I only started when the global server opened so I'm NOT an expert, but I've tried to do some research and understand things the best I can so hopefully this will be helpful to someone!
Used to talk in world chat. It can be traded in your profile screen for gold. 100 Vitality is worth 500 gold when you tap "use" next to it under your picture. It caps depending on your level so unless you talk all the time in world chat, get that gold each day!
At your home, you have two basic needs - hunger and cleanliness. Hunger is a little time consuming to resolve since you have to cook and eat multiple meals to fill it. But being full is worth doing once a day as it earns you Chestnuts to be claimed each day. The amount of chestnuts are based on how much income you are getting from the Endorsement Queen competition that is always running as you get two hours worth of income from the previous day converted directly to extra chestnuts.
You gain 75 points of energy for cooking each day, maxing at 300 points if you don't spend it. This means you have four days of leniency before you start letting energy go to waste. Each point of energy converts directly to a point of proficiency, allowing you to work up the ranks of cooking. As you reach different levels, you can learn recipes that are sometimes faster to make or take care of your hunger efficiently. Your tablet in 'Home Services' might have some recipes when you watch the food related channels (Cuisine, Desserts, and Water). These channels are also available on certain TVs and computers in homes and you will learn different recipes from them. The computer also has a special bulletin option that also can grant recipes. Bookshelves often have a single recipe that can be learned by them, so If you don't want your own personal library, make sure you keep an eye out for different bookshelves in friend's homes! The last important place to get recipes is the Boardwalk/ community center. Two recipes come from NPCs that only spawn when it is nighttime in the game HOME screen (Please note that the home time moves differently than the rest of the game and your personal clock, so you may just need to pop over and check what time it is there.) The other NPC is always there if you look around the center area.
In general (there seems to be some exceptions), clothes under 3 stars require basic dye and clothes above require trend dyes. Things like dresses cost more dyes than shoes or socks. If you have a piece of clothing you wear a lot to pass levels, Fashion Battle, or Endorsement Queen, you can increase the stats on it by raising the charm on it. The important points are 8 and 16 charm, which gives fashion style +5% and +10% respectively. Dyes on pieces that are not in a set (and thus do not have a Charm in the lower left corner) do not increase stats. From a purely mechanical standpoint, it is best to focus on getting one piece to 8 so you can have the 5% rather than two pieces to 4, as that does not grant a bonus yet. To get to 16, you will have to extend the palette to unlock more colors. This often requires you to have had duplicates of the clothing pieces that you decomposed and got specific vanes for.
Ally experience and intimacy becomes INCREDIBLY slow to get and you will want to focus on the highest tier allies possible. You almost NEVER want to spend on an R ally - you cannot get what you invested in them back and you will get SR allies through various events and methods in game for free. One thing to consider when it comes to allies is that you want to be able to attain as many duplicates as possible - so allies from gacha events are a little more of a struggle here. If that’s all you have better than an R, go for it, but when the event is gone it’ll be much more difficult to evolve and raise the skills of them in the long run. There are currently 4 SSR allies available in the permanent gacha pools - Doomsday Rose (Cool), Perfect Match (Elegant), Red Spider Lily (Sexy), Fuzzy Fun (Sweet). There are 8 SR’s available permanently. Right now, the Rose Fantasy gacha has Doomsday Rose and Perfect match SSR allies also in it, and one SSR card not available in normal gachas. If you want more information, you can click the little i on the upper right corner and click over to Ally List to see which allies are available where.
General Clothing Tips:
Only five accessories count when it comes to scoring in Endorsement Queen and Fashion battle. It will always select the highest scoring accessories if you’re not sure and there doesn’t seem to be a penalty to adding more, but there’s no NEED to add more if you are certain you have 5 that will rank the highest. In other words, that ring that only ranks as a B in Endorsement Queen is probably not ever going to be counted so you don’t have to stress yourself out putting something on in every category.
Endorsement Queen:
The way this mode work is you’re trying to pass certain scores for themes to open ‘stores’. This earns you income which also counts towards increasing your level inside Endorsement Queen. Every level in Endorsement Queen increases the bonus given to your score, so it’s important to claim the income regularly in case it’ll bump you up in score! You likely want to check this daily and make sure you haven’t gotten any new pieces that are better than something you had on. If you ONLY increased an Ally, that will often update with “Highest Record Quick Endorse” just fine. However, if you got better clothing, you will need to tap Endorsement and manually replace it. 50 Income gained=1 Chestnut and there’s no penalty to converting, so it’s a must for gaining chestnuts for your house. When you tap management, you can redeem chestnuts, see how your current income is, and tap the “Income” button. Often when you level up (and almost every time at the beginning) you may be able to increase the Ability of a store so it gives more income, or Use a Decoration that will increase income. You will unlock multiple decorations in a row - always make sure the one In Use is the HIGHER percentage in each row that you’ve managed to unlock.
I’ve seen this confusion pop in world chat more than once. Yes, you need gold. You need a lot of gold. You will NEVER have enough gold. Ignoring just basic purchases you need to buy from the store and the like, there are several heavy gold sinks! Improving your ally always requires gold and once you get to the higher levels, that cost gets very noticeable. Through your guild, you can also take beauty courses, which the second and fourth categories are increased through gold. This gives a huge boost to your stats and once you get to around the 40th class, you are spending a minimum of 300,000 gold per class with some being more expensive.
If you still have gold after that, or maybe you’re stuck trying to grind some levels so you can’t take the next course or update your ally - you should probably still keep the gold. If it’s burning a hole in your pocket though and you want to indulge, you can spend 48,000 gold at the Starlight Show permanent Gacha for a ten pull. This will get you potentially new clothing pieces, makeup, photo additions, and if you get doubles, coins in decomposition to let you buy the clothes there. If your gold is in high supply, you’re probably missing something!
Miscellaneous Tips:
Not sure where to spend whatever currency you know you just saw you got from doing whatever you just did? Go to “Bonus” on the main menu and over to “Exchange”. This is a list of all the stores so you can see what you have to spend in!
Have extra energy but can’t move forward in levels? Check other outfits out in your Fashion studio to see if there’s other items you can collect in advance to make it easier for you later. Don’t let that energy go to waste! Hitting max means it stops generating new energy for you so spend it!
You can gain 8 additional energy per day by sleeping in your bed at home!
Make sure you you go the Special Offer tab in the mall and buy the Daily Offer for 6 gold! You get 888 gold and 5 basic color charts so getting it every day adds up! (Credit to to rui-tan!)
You can use a Wishing Fountain at home (If you want to buy one of your own, look under Build -> Living Room and select "Song of the Ocean" for 1050 Chestnuts!) to get additional gold each day when you make a wish. This will also give you a 24 hour timed title. You can make one wish a day and have multiple options, though it's unclear what they all do. (Credit to GalaxyLatteArtz!) I've made the Koi Fish wish and several of the others but I honestly couldn't tell besides the Title change. If anyone knows, please share!
If there's anything I've gotten wrong or other tips and tricks I've left out, please comment! I don't want to give misinformation and there's probably a lot I don't know myself yet. There's also things that are coming to mind that I know I've left out but I had to stop somewhere!
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2023.06.01 20:09 TRIGGER_FGO Miyuki Sawashiro

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2023.06.01 16:34 somewhatmorespecial Pre-6th Anniversary Livestream announcements!

who's ready for year 6
First, the reveal of our next ranking event!
Second, news on the next gacha, SONG FOR YOU! Gacha Vol. 41!
Third, news on the 6th Anniversary event!
Fourth, there will be a special 6th Anniversary Livestream on 28th June, 1800 JST! The guest list will be as follows:
Here are the links to the livestream:
Fifth, news regarding the annual Akihabara collab!
Sixth, news about Act-2 of 10th Live Tour, "5 TO [email protected]!!
Seventh, some anime news!
Eighth, Million Live! will be collaborating with Itotsune! They will be selling special collab fan designs based on Hanasakuya! For more info, you can refer to their Twitter account.
Ninth, Million Live! will be collaborating with COTORIDO a crepe brand! During the collaboration period, special crepes with the featured 6 idols' designs will be sold, along with special novelty goods! For more info, you can refer to their Twitter and Instagram.
Tenth, as announced earlier, Million Live! will be collaborating with the Rakuten Eagles! Subaru, Julia and Megumi will be the featured idols for this collab, where they will appear in a baseball game against the Seibu Lions on August 30th! More news, including the key visual, to come soon.
Eleventh, Round 3 of the dinos collaboration is ongoing! This round features Haruka, Yukiho and Minako promoting kitchen tools!
Twelfth, MILLION [email protected] VARIETY 03 is now currently on sale! It features "Shunpuu Manpan Starting" and "LiberaSing/Along", along with their instrumental versions!
Thirteenth, a reminder that pre-orders for the SUNRICH COLORFUL BD are currently ongoing until 4th June!
Fourteenth, the Onkiyo collab's 2nd wave has begun! It features new voice lines from Mirai, Shizuka and Tsubasa for the ANIMA Studio app. There will also be special wireless earphones released to celebrate this soon; refer to their official social media for updates.
Fifteenth, a reminder that these figures of Makoto and Ayumu will be released on October and November 2023 respectively. You can also get special items by pre-ordering the items from either Tamashii-Web or AsobiStore.
Sixteenth, a reminder that the webcomic "Ama-iro no Asterism" will be getting its first physical volume printed on 27th July!
Seventeenth, to recap all of the above, here is the schedule for this summer:
Eighteenth, those in Japan can retweet the given hashtag for the chance to win these special illustrations.
Nineteenth and lastly, 390 FREE Jewels!
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2023.06.01 10:58 LongjumpingBunch228 How do you get new outfits??

I've been playing this game for about two - three weeks now but I have no idea how get new outfits without having to spend money . I'm a f2p player and right now I can't see how people are getting outfits when the events to get them are gacha or you have to pay for the pass. Are there other ways? Am I missing something?
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2023.06.01 07:54 gummygz Help me find my perception functions

Naturally, this isn’t a fool proof way to find type. The main purpose of this is to gather new perspectives to aid my own evaluation. I will be happy with comments that outline any impression you may have about my personality, even if you don’t point out a specific perceiving axis. Order: Si, Se, Ne, Ni
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2023.06.01 00:45 xxKeachu11xx ~ [NB]: Henry 1.0? 🐍 ~

~ [NB]: Henry 1.0? 🐍 ~
I don’t know why I’m only noticing this now, but doesn’t this look like Henry 1.0? 🐍✨
I know that it’s a part of Mammon’s outfit, but, if you look closely where an eye would be, Mammon’s outfit makes it look like there is one!
I was playing it not too long ago. I only noticed it today (I’ve been playing Nightbringer since the minute the game was released). 🥺👉🏼👈🏼
Anyways, I hope that you are all enjoying your Nightbringer experience and that you all are having great gacha luck! 🫶🏼✨
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