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D1 good. D2 bad.

2023.06.04 21:05 retronax Guys

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2023.06.03 23:21 NyxUK_OW You can prolong 30% debuffs with void weakening effects

So it was discovered today (as far as I'm aware) that it's possible to prolong 30% debuffs by applying a void weaken effect whilst an enemy is still under the 30% debuff. You can chain this effect for as long as you can maintain the weakening and effectively have an indefinite 30% debuff.
There's more details and visual examples in this video I made regarding this whole interaction and how it could be beneficial.
Credit goes to Aztecross who mentioned it in passing in his recent Felwinters build video
What do you guys think, will this be patched soon? Will it lead to a new debuff meta?
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2023.05.31 19:07 Frosty_Friend Bipod is the Best Rocket Perk!

TLDR: Wolfpack Rounds should make Bipod rockets do more damage than explosive light.
*EDIT Changed B&S math to account for second normal rocket from reproccing the perk and that it buffs WPR.
Before this new season came out, Bungie hinted that we might want to keep a lookout for a new perk Bipod dropping on rocket launchers. Everyone was really excited about it until they saw it gives a whopping 40% damage nerf in exchange for more reserves and mag size. I'm here to tell you that Bungie was correct and this perk alone stand's toe to toe with the best 2 perk rockets from last season, leaving room for a 2nd perk to push it over the edge. I know Envious Assassin + Bait and Switch Cold Comfort blows everything including Hothead out of the water right now in terms of burst DPS but Bipod still holds it's own as shown at the end.
The key to this is Ghally. Whenever a raid team is using rockets for DPS, you always have a Ghally on the team for good reason. Wolfpack Rounds adds a flat 32,536 damage to every rocket you fire. A base Aggressive frame rocket with no buffs hits for 93,036. Meaning that wolfpack rounds makes up over 1/3 of a base rocket damage. So with Bipod out, your rocket itself deals %40 less damage at 55,822 but the wolfpack rounds deal the same damage still. Take into account the extra 5 reserves that Bipod gives and the total damage of this rocket is great. Base rocket has 7 shots with WPR would deal the following.
Base Aggressive Frame: 7*(93,036+32,536) = 879,004 damage
Bipod: 12 *((0.6*93,036)+32,536) = 1,060,291 damage
Explosive Light: 7*((1.25*93,036) + 32,536) = 1,041,817 damage
Bait and Switch: 5*1.35*(93,036 + 32,536) + 2*(93,036 + 32,536) = 1,098,753 damage
I don't believe explosive light or B&S increases the damage of WPR(EDIT* It does for B&S but not Explosive Light) but if I'm wrong here let me know, I tested Explosive Light a while ago but I've never tested B&S with WPR. For B&S you also have to use 2 rockets without the damage buff to proc it twice for a full damage phase. And for Explosive light you have to collect 6 orbs and get a 7th during DPS which is not that bad. Either way, Bipod out damages Explosive light and barely misses Bait and Switch by 3.6%.
If that's all this perk did then I would still think it's good for the ease of use. But incredibly enough this perk also doubles the mag from 1 shot to 2, an effect that previously we would spend an entire perk (clown cartridge) just to get. Meaning that you can get an entire extra perk slot to put on something like field prep, autoloading holster, envious assassin or even demo. Remember Demo doesn't work with Clown Cartridge because we are overflowing the mag but with Bipod, throwing a grenade instantly gives you 2 rockets. I don't know the exact cooldown on demo but that might be enough to reproc it after the second shot.
In terms of DPS I don't have the exact numbers but I'm pretty sure you can unload your 2 Bipod rockets per reload faster than 1 per reload on the other rockets. If they wanted to stand a chance you would need to use another rocket perk which may or may not perform better than Bipod with similar perks. This probably still requires some testing in game to confirm, I would love to see an Aztecross style DPS video where they have Ghally and going through both full reserves and a shorter dps window on different Bipod rockets, Envious Assassin, bait and switch etc... This post also doesn't take into account things like does Bipod only nerf the explosion and would impact casing hit for normal damage or if more reserves lets heavy bricks give more ammo back or even how other things like like well, tether, reserve mods, surge mods work with it. Also of course Enhanced Bipod exists which I am hoping reduces the damage penalty but I cannot test that yet.
For anyone wondering how bipod compares to the Envious Assassin + Bait and Switch Cold Comfort, Envious Assassin overflows the mag by 150% rounded up, so with B&S that would give you 3 rounds in the mag + 1 more if you proc Restoration Ritual and with Bipod it would be 5 rounds+2 from Restoration Ritual. For Burst DPS shooting just the rockets before you have to start reloading would be
B&S: (93,036+32,536) + 3*(1.35*(93,036)+32,536) = 599,975 damage in 4 shots without reloading.
Bipod: 7*((0.6*93,036)+32,536) = 618,503 damage in 7 shots without reloading.
After this burst window, the B&S rocket would have 3 shots remaining while the Bipod rocket would have 5 shots left. Bipod barely does more damage but has to shoot 3 extra rockets first without reloading. I would definitely give the burst edge here to the B&S rocket since it gets the same amount of damage in less shots even though you have to swap weapons to shoot first. Keep in mind that for B&S you have to swap weapons and shoot first and then again during longer DPS phases since the perk will run out before your reserves do. You will also have to reload 1 at a time with Envious Assassin during longer DPS compared to the 2 from Bipod. I believe this would let you get your total damage out faster with Bipod especially when you take into account procing B&S.
If I missed anything on this let me know. A few things I'm not sure on is if B&S buffs WPR. I know explosive light doesn't work on WPR. I also am not sure how damage buffs like well work with this either. At this point since so many things are stacking together. I think the best way to check is go to Ogre in Grasp of Avarice, have one person proc Ghally for WPR and 2 people both with all the same buffs/debuffs and check total damage at end.
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2023.05.30 14:22 dfclin073 Bungie, please fix Oathkeepers

I believe after the dust settles and the newness wares off Oathkeepers will be back in the vault collecting dust. The buff to Oath Keepers has problems.
  1. This buff is bringing down overall DPS because of the length of time it takes to hold the arrow to get the damage buff. Aztecross did some testing that demonstrated 3 fully buffed Oathkeepers shots that did 184.158 damage. In the same amount of time, 8 normal arrows did a total of 331,464 damage.
  2. The Oathekeeps buff is not about damage, but about survivability. Holding the shot for damage allows you to play it safe and still do decent damage while peek-shooting. But not all content requires peak shooting and not all players want to hang back. Infact with the seasonal artifacts and the updated 3.0 subclasses most players are playing more aggressively. Oathkeepers can’t keep up with the aggressive play styles.
  3. All the good hunter exotics (Lucky Pants, Gyrfalcon’s, Assassin’s Cowl) that I enjoy using have one thing in common, their exotic perk is the backbone of most builds, they are proc’ing countless times throughout an activity. OathKeeps feels like it is so situational it’s not worth it until the boss fights or master difficulty.
The solution:
  1. Give OathKeeps a 25% damage buff to the arrows and the bow’s exotic perk just for wearing the gloves. This will benefit lower-end content, aggressive play styles, and help with add clear.
  2. After holding a loaded arrow for .5 seconds give an additional 50% damage buff to the next arrow. No additional buffs to the bow’s exotic perk
  3. After holding a loaded arrow for an additional 1 second give it an additional 75% damage buff.
  4. After holding a loaded arrow for an additional 1.5 seconds give it an additional 100% damage buff.
In the end, this will provide the same net benefit of 3 seconds = 250% damage buff that is currently in the game but the initial 25% damage bonus allows for some benefit for an aggressive play style and opens up more options on which bows to use.
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2023.05.28 17:19 Spectre_XGN My thoughts on the new dungeon

These are just my thoughts and opinions on the new dungeon and what I've been seeing others say about it. It's okay if you disagree with me and if you'd like to comment your own opinions or have a debate about the new dungeon in the comments that's totally fine. Just be respectful. ✌️
I've been seeing a lot of people talking about the new dungeon recently saying it's too difficult or saying Bungie needs to add difficulty scaling for fireteams. But the thing is people just got too used to how easy Spire of the Watcher is and too used to the difficulty scaling for campaign missions. The difficulty of the new dungeon is fine as it is and the enemies are challenging but beatable. With the exception of Spire, dungeons have always been challenging content to solo. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for easier dungeons for solo and casual players but that doesn't mean every new dungeon needs to be easy. If Bungie wants to add difficulty scaling for dungeons I'd support that, as long as they give solo players the option to turn off those modifiers. I've also seen people say that the bosses have too much health and that it takes 10 phases to beat (idk if they were exaggerating or not), which makes the encounter more difficult or tedious. But with the right build and equipment it is possible to beat those boss encounters with 4-6 phases while solo. Is 4-6 damage phases still tedious? It can be, sure. But less phases means less chances of dying and restarting the encounter. For me personally, the only problem I really have with the dungeon isn't the enemy difficulty or the boss health but the rewards. The rewards you get for soloing the dungeon aren't that great. But that doesn't mean Bungie needs to make the dungeon easier, it means they need to make the solo rewards better.
And finally some advice and encouragement. If you're having trouble soloing the dungeon try out some different builds or look up some guides. Esoterickk, Datto, Fallout Plays, KackisHD, and Aztecross already have guides on the new dungeon and a few of them have some good characters build videos as well. You can get better. Just play smarter and work harder. Something being challenging doesn't make it impossible.
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2023.05.28 07:44 AgateSlinky4829 I have a question about one of Aztecross’s builds.

So the build in question is the “OP Oathkeepers” build form his “3 NASTY Hunter Builds for Season 21 (NEXT WEEK!) Destiny 2 Season of the Deep” video. And when he made the build it seemed like he was relying on some things being added to the game when the new season dropped. So I was wondering if his build would really work and what it might be best suited for. Any input is welcome. Thanks
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2023.05.28 00:17 MirageTF2 very specific question, but why is everyone saying Xenophage for the new dungeon?

from what my general heuristic kinda dictates, I've kinda boiled down DPS types into a couple of types (ignoring distance):
  1. possible (easy) to headshot, in which case you'd want to use an LFR or similar. if it's a shorter DPS, something like Leviathan's or Sleeper is amazing for burst so long as you don't run out of ammo. if longer, Taipan/Cataclysmic can go the distance. I personally use it for dungeons, Ogre, Akelous, what have you. most lfg teams don't do this for raids anymore since rockets seem to be more powerful, but I see it done for Oryx.
  2. impossible/hard to headshot, in which case you'd wanna use rockets. we're talking 1 gjally, hotheads or rocket of your choosing, and possibly a witherhoard if you so desire. used for almost basically every raid boss here. for the bosses that can be headshot, I run izi swap just to add a bit of spice while doing good dips.
  3. miscellaneous, nobody I know does this except me, but close range bosses that aren't easy to headshot, where I'd use merciless!!
none of these seem to favor Xenophage, so I've tried to think of what I have used it for, and I'm thinking things like Crypt Security where you're not allowed to use rockets and also can't crit/div. this is super hyper specific though; it feels like the main reason is because Xeno does worse damage than all the listed options above.
however, was reading a bunch of posts about Aztecross' optimized damage strats for his Deep dungeon solo, and seems like he used Xeno. while I get that the shield isn't crittable and so Xeno would be nice, wouldn't it be a lot more advantageous to use Arbalest, confirmed to onetap the shield, along with an FTTC B&S cataclysmic (cuz you're shooting your primary anyway) or honestly any LFR?
apologies if this is a bit technical I just feel like I haven't gotten any answers and I feel like I'd be made fun of for not knowing DPS strats lmao
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2023.05.26 10:57 SeanoLegend Help with Centrifuse catalyst

Does anyone know an efficient way to get the catalyst? I saw Aztecross had it done already but he didn't mention once how he obtained it so quickly, progress on mine is so slow even with the 4x boost from season pass.
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2023.05.25 23:22 Skettiee Cenotaph Mask does not require same subclass for heavy.

Confirmed by Aztecrosses video today: (11:45 Mark)
This is huge!
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2023.05.25 15:25 Ramiel4654 Am I missing someone on the Nightfall this week?

I did the normal difficulty Nightfall last night. When it finished, both of the other people in there got two exotic engrams and I got none. Then I was watching an Aztecross video today where he completed the Nightfall, and he also got two engrams. I guess RNG just hates me? Lol
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2023.05.23 21:26 Hot-Cheek5191 Aztecross set to beat RON solo blindfolded WORLDS FIRST!

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2023.05.23 03:47 SokkaStyle Chaos Reach + Geomag + Arc Soul + Sol Invictus

Chaos Reach + Geomag + Arc Soul + Sol Invictus
60% higher than Aztecross’ geomags damage test where he got 400,000. This plus the 25% damage buff to Chaos Reach, plus jolt added, plus thunderous retort next season could be interesting
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2023.05.20 22:18 Solace1984 New warlock strand aspect is so disappointing and uninspired.

Hunters get a exploding doppelganger that draws aggro and looks awesome and only have to dodge to do it.
Titans get a old school X-men arcade game Wolverine slash and all they gotta do is slide and jump and enjoy awesomeness.
Warlocks get...... a tangle...that suspends enemies... big whoop. Not only do we have to create a tangle we have to go get said tangle and then throw it. Why would I pick that aspect when I can just throw a shackle grenade or better yet consume it and get 25 seconds of suspending?
As a warlock main this is disappointing but not entirely unexpected. Could Bungie have not given Warlocks a cool new aspect like Hunters and Titans? Something like a strand buddy that sits there and periodically releases threadlings would be infinitely better than what we are getting and less boring too boot.
I watched the TWAB on Aztecross channel and when he read the hunter and titan aspects he sounded enthusiastic and when he read the warlock one he said "oh" and kept it moving and I just sat there and said to myself "my thoughts exactly my disappointment is immeasurable and my half hour is ruined".
TL:DR: Bungie used up all of their creative juice on the new hunter and titan strand aspects and ran out of ideas when it came to warlocks so they gave us a new aspect that already does the same exact thing we can do now except worse.
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2023.05.20 18:58 Beginning_Number6144 Aztecross tried every single super in the game forma damage test. He used the best possible build for each one without any external Buff or debuff (except not killing everything for syntho). Here are the final results.

Aztecross tried every single super in the game forma damage test. He used the best possible build for each one without any external Buff or debuff (except not killing everything for syntho). Here are the final results. submitted by Beginning_Number6144 to u/Beginning_Number6144 [link] [comments]

2023.05.20 18:49 guardiandown3885 Aztecross did a supers dps test
It has some great insight on supers damage under particular conditions. But I'd like to get you guys opinion. I personally don't think that every super is for DPS. some are add clearing some do both. Like I would never take my sentinel shield and do boss dps on the glassway boss...but I will clear the room from ads...
What do you guys think?
Edit: should note that you guys mentioned it's not a dps test but just a total damage output!
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2023.05.20 14:40 Mr_CeeVee Bungie. We need to talk about Nova Bomb.

Nova bomb is what you consider to be “IP defining” yet it isn’t clear on what the utility or the role nova bomb plays as a super. Is it supposed to be an ad clear super? Or is it supposed to be a boss damage super. Because it actually fails at both pretty bad.
I watched Aztecross’ video on super damage before season 21 and I have to say that I’m quite surprised and disappointed at the same time. Nova bomb has the worse boss damage compared to almost every other super that warlocks have. The only one it beats out is well of radiance. Nova warp does more boss damage by almost 100,000 and has great ad clear potential. Same with stormtrance and dawnblade.
So I ask this with full seriousness. What is nova bomb supposed to do? Because right now there is literally no reason to use this super over any other super warlocks have. And on top of that we have 2 types of nova bombs and they basically do the same thing.
Yes I know next season it is going to get a 20% damage buff. But honestly that won’t even bring it into contention still. For such an “IP defining” super, it’s drowning in the deep.
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2023.05.20 11:39 BracusDoritoBoss963 Aztecross tried every single super in the game forma damage test. He used the best possible build for each one without any external Buff or debuff (except not killing everything for syntho). Here are the final results.

Aztecross tried every single super in the game forma damage test. He used the best possible build for each one without any external Buff or debuff (except not killing everything for syntho). Here are the final results. submitted by BracusDoritoBoss963 to destiny2 [link] [comments]

2023.05.19 18:34 EdisonScrewedTesla Curiosity post: Who is your favorite d2 streamer?

I dont watch destiny streams all too often, but mine is aztecross. I just find him funny and entertaining.
Who do you all watch?
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2023.05.16 22:39 ObieFTG Destiny 2 Glossary/Slang List (Updated for 2023)

3 years ago, I made update to a glossary of slang and abbreviations commonly used in Destiny 2, from a previous list made by a now deleted user. I never updated that list. Needless to say...a LOT has changed in the game since then, so the need to update was there, and here it is. Some notes on this list:
  1. It is by no means comprehensive, and I want to do a better job this time of keeping it a "living document" by updating it whenever possible, so if there are terms missing, feel free to comment.
  2. Certain terms that were on the previous list were removed for lack of relevance in today's game ( we really care who SCUF is anymore? lol)
  3. * For any content creator who wishes to use this list in a video, I want account name credit as well as mention of this subreddit in said video, otherwise DO NOT USE IT.*
With that said, here is the 2023 Destiny 2 Glossary!



EDIT: Many additions and revisions.
EDIT 2: Added Randall, Greg & Hank.
EDIT 3: More additions.
EDIT: MORE additions.
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2023.05.16 09:22 JonneiluHubV2 Babe wake up, Aztecross posted another video on how Destiny is now dead

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2023.05.11 19:43 vlanc3 Do legacy titles count for the "claim titles" triumph to rank up to 11?

Yeah I heard Aztecross say a while ago legacy titles don't count but I wanna know from some current rank 11's
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2023.05.07 06:24 Tarkus01 How do I get this ship?

How do I get this ship?
I saw it in an Aztecross stream.
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