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When you just need a talk with your dad. When you need understanding, congratulations, praise, or advice from a father figure, but don't have one at the moment in real life whether it be from loss, they are busy, or just aren't present. We are here for you, we love you, and we are proud of you.

2023.06.08 20:44 autotldr UK and US agree new partnership to boost economic security

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Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden have agreed a new partnership to bolster economic security in response to the growing threat of China.
Brushing off his failure to deliver on the Tory manifesto promise to land a full-fat free trade deal with the US, the prime minister and US president announced the Atlantic Declaration during a meeting at the White House.
The new accord contains an in-principle agreement for a deal on those minerals - used to make a range of products from solar panels to electric vehicles - to give UK exporters access to the huge $370bn green subsidies programme, the Inflation Reduction Act, introduced by President Biden to turbocharge huge green investment in the US. The US signed a similar deal with Japan earlier this year to prohibit the two countries from enacting bilateral export restrictions on the minerals most critical for electric batteries - lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite and manganese.
While the prime minister was quick to talk up the new deal, it is not the post-Brexit free trade deal the Conservative Party promised to deliver by the end of 2022 in its 2019 manifesto - when an agreement with the US was cited as the main trade deal target.
UK officials insisted this new targeted approach was a better response to the economic challenges posed by Beijing and following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Asked to acknowledge this government had failed on this election pledge on Thursday, the prime minister said the "Macroeconomic situation had evolved" and insisted that the UK-US economic partnership was still strong and reflected new threats.
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2023.06.08 20:44 autotldr Ukraine approves missile program targeting 1,000 km range – Defense Minister

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A missile program has been approved in Ukraine with "Good prospects" for the country to have domestic missiles with a range of more than 1,000 kilometers, according to Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov, who said it at a Kyiv forum on the restoration of Ukraine, an Ukrinform reports.
"We have very good prospects of having Ukrainian missiles with a range of more than 1,000 kilometers," Reznikov said.
According to the minister, the missile program has been officially approved, and funds have already been allocated from the budget to this end.
The minister did not mention the particular types of missiles which are going to be produced under the program.
Another possibility is extending the range of the R-360 Neptune anti-ship missiles, known for sinking the Russian Black Sea Fleet's flagship Moskva.
This is why our small, cost-effective team depends on the support of readers like you to bring deliver timely news, quality analysis, and on-the-ground reports about Russia's war against Ukraine and Ukraine's struggle to build a democratic society.
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2023.06.08 20:44 Tyranitron I got fan art! What the actual heck! Darkfromlight over on DA

I got fan art! What the actual heck! Darkfromlight over on DA
So I was just going about my day Monday and next thing I know I see a DA notification on my phone saying I was mentioned by DarkfromLight. Thinking it was just a comment I looked and was in utter shock to see they had drawn Carnavont! Like omg, they said they loved my character and fiction and not only was I floored, but I honestly couldn't believe it. I just sat there with the biggest smile on my face processing that I could do something someone liked that much. Never in a million years did I think I'd ever get fan art of any of my characters or stories I do. It has made my year and I am more motivated than ever to deliver a Quapaw story and improve my story telling for all to enjoy.
Also, know I had a pretty bad hot take in the thread about the double standards of how Crim and Stella are viewed and I have changed my thoughts on thinking Crim doesn't make a sensible choice to be Moxxie’s dad (though still think he needed to be smarter and not QUITE as horrible to be a big thing for Moxxie to face. But again, just my opinion and not saying he couldn't be a right bastard or cold, just maybe down a notch or two). But again, just my thoughts and they might change more. Anyway, trying to write ch.17 of my fic but out of town atm. Hope you all have a lovely day and love the pic as much as I do, they mentioned possibly doing more in the future and I'm just dying from that fact.
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2023.06.08 20:43 Fun-Bus-9913 The ladies confused 😭

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2023.06.08 20:43 redditish Ryan Cohen's new powers 💪: "The new executive function to his previous role gives him control over capital allocation, evaluating potential investments and acquisitions, and overseeing the managers of the company’s holdings, GameStop said in a regulatory filing."

So long as he uses his new powers wisely with lots of good input from great advisors, it could result in a lot of value creation for GameStop, investors and consumers. He needs to crowd source ideas.
Like here is one idea we need to get to him - he should start using social media influencers to be brand ambassadors (paying them commissions for sales they help generate). Creating unique URLs for them similar to what Amazon does, or giving them unique promo codes they can share with their followers. There is virtually no cost, and only upside. Most influencers and their followers are gamers, and it would be a great fit.
Ryan Cohen should also try to work directly with front line employees when possible. They see what's going on best, and can provide great insights on some matters. Putting the GameStop lawyer in charge of managing personnel might put a barrier between Ryan and the information he needs. So I think Ryan needs to be directly in contact with staff members throughout the organization. If he commits to running around the country to gather info and insights, it will help ensure the company keeps running well for everyone.
The quote in my post title above is from this negative leaning article linked below. Although the article is harsh, it does provide feedback that is useful. GameStop still has a lot of potential, and I think everyone would benefit from seeing the company succeed on the highest level. 👍👍👍
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2023.06.08 20:43 PeachAgreeable9523 Would I be a jerk if I said this to my parents??

I'm (F20), my older sister is 24. We are four years apart from each other. Growing up, we were close, but as I've grown up, we've sort of became a little distant, and I've started to see her worst qualities over time (irresponsible with money, locks herself out of the apartment sometimes, won't EVER do the dishes her damn self, eats up all the food in the house two seconds after it was bought, spends her day surfing bad communities she says she hates but engages in anyway) get the gist.
She never went to college. And that's cool. People don't have to go to college. In fact, sometimes I wish I just went to community college and began my life from there. But her issue is, from 18 to 24, she not only stayed out of school, but refused to hold a job. She pretty much bummed off my parents for a good junk of her adult life. And as a result, she can't really do anything for herself. Did I mention she doesn't even have a license or have plans to take care of herself or move out?
Sometime ago, my parents got mad at her for being a freeloader and taking advantage of them. I defended her because, hey, even though were a little distant, she's still my sister. I proudly said, back then, that I'd let her live with me if they thought about kicking her out. That was before I saw the light.Now after seeing how she's throwing her life away and pretty much regressing into a dependent child who depends on others to take care of her, I don't think I can stomach spending the first few years of my adult life cleaning up after her.
In the fall of last year, my mother heard of me wanting to move out after college, and she was like "Oh, you should take your older sister with you", as if she wanted to remove the burden from her house and put her in my house instead. I said no, I don't think that would be a good idea. She's irresponsible, won't do anything without anyone telling her to do it, I already know she's HORRIBLE with her money, lazy, and has a list of phobias that would prevent me from actually doing the things I want, like getting pets or even protecting myself with a firearm (She can't handle dangerous weapons or being around them). My mom got upset with me and tried to guilt me. "But you guys were so close, why don't you want to have her in the house???" But I put my foot down and told her to fuck off, in a polite, respect your parents way. IE, I said, "Let's just stop talking about this".
Anyway, I'm gonna be graduating soon. My sister is still stuck in her ways and I'm not interested in being her secondary parent to "push her" to do what she's supposed to do. I've done it before and she either regressed backwards or she straight up ignored me and went back to old habits. I'm not interested in living with her or being near her for a while since most of my life has been with her. I need some time to breathe and be on my own. Not stay around cleaning up after her.
But, I thought about what my mom said. She hasn't asked me to let my sister move in in a while. But I'm sincerely worried it might come back up again. And I don't know how to tell her politely that I don't trust her to live with me enough right now and that I think we need to be apart. Because I don't want my sister to blow up and accuse me of hating her, and I don't want my parents to guilt me and make me feel bad for not wanting her around me right now.
Maybe if she shows more responsibility, I'll reconsider, but as it stands now, I can't even fathom her living with me.Would I be the asshole if I told my parents I didn't want her to live with me? I need other people's opinions on what to do.
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2023.06.08 20:43 Many-Road-2278 Bad Long Term and Short Term Memory

I’ve been going through long term memory and short term memory problems since 2016 and I recently got diagnosed with persistent depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder by my psychiatrist this past week.
Has anyone have or had these issues and have seen improvements or full on recovery from these symptoms from meds, lifestyle changes or any other treatments? My psychiatrist is going to be prescribing me meds for both depression and anxiety and I’m hoping they help with these debilitating symptoms!
I have a hard time having conversations now and also can’t recall most things I’ve done in the past, movie plots or pretty much anything I learn. Short term memory problems as well, I forget things that people told me just minutes before. I wasn’t like this before and it’s pretty devastating on my life. I’m 29 years old and I feel shouldn’t be this way.
If anyone has any tips or answers, especially with medication or lifestyle changes, as I’m willing to pretty much try any lifestyle change and keep on it no matter what at this point. I have 2 kids and it’s so hard dealing with this while being a parent, I just want them to feel like they have a happy dad and one that can do things with them and make them feel happy too. I try my best and they know I do, but I feel so guilty sometimes because I feel like I will hold them back at some point when they grow up unless I can get this under control.
Thanks for listening and for anyone with advice :)
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2023.06.08 20:43 Fit_Mistake_7887 Advice for size of a quote tattoo?

Hi there! I want to get a one word handwritten tattoo and heart done on my leg in August. I know that these kind of tattoos can eventually become a little blurry and so harder to read as they age.
What would you recommend as a rough size guide for the tattoo to preserve it for as long as possible?
TIA <3
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2023.06.08 20:42 wolfofamp Are these prices reasonable?

Hey everyone,
Having some rocking noises in my 2014 BMW 428i (automatic, around 85k miles), believe it is a 2.0L turbo engine (all stock) Coupe and am going on a trip next week with it and wanted to get it checked out. Brought to a Euro repair shop to get it diagnosed and inspected and bring me through the priority levels of the repair. They did say and I have read that some of these things are common with similar BMWs around this mileage and I will note that I’ve had the car for a few years and have not really had a single problem with it.
Found: - Oil leak at oil filter housing, oil cooler gaskets - Drive belt damage from oil leak requiring drive belt replacement - Drive belt tensioner replacement
I got quoted at around $1,000 for these repairs, they told me this was more priority if I only wanted to repair some things before the trip
The next was the actual issue I brought it in for - Replace both rear shocks - Lower control arms have split bushings and are leaking hydraulic fluid - Some more bushings need replacement in front of car
Quoted at around $2,700 for this, they said it wasn’t as likely to fail so I can wait on it a bit
They also said the oil pan has a slow leak that will probably be okay for another 10-20k miles but will run about $2,500 to replace but no need to do anything with now
At first glance does this all seem reasonable? I would bring it around for other quotes but feel rushed to try to get anything concerning before my trip on Wednesday done so I’m tempted to give the okay for the oil repairs. Thank you!
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Celeste Trippie Bri Trishyland Tru Kait Urfavbellabby Ur69baby Uwucatxoxo Valeria Vidal Vanessa.rhd Vanessa Sierra Vega Thompson Vero Gold Veronica Zolotova Vismara Martina Vyvan Le Wettmelons Whoahannahjo Whosbonnieandclyde Xailormoon Xenon Xlucy Yasmine Lopez Yololary YourSuggerBaby Yoya Grey Yummy Kimmy Yur Aular Zayla Skye Zipoz Zusje Addison Rae Faith Ordway Emily Ratajkowsk Emma Chamberlain Dixie D'Amelio Madison Beer EFW43 Erin Gilfoy danielle bregoli
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2023.06.08 20:42 nussbomb [WTS] Top Notch Decants -- Creed, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Roja, MFK and MORE -NUSS- (Decant)

Welcome to my Decant Shop, I really enjoy what I do!

QUICK PSA: Hey guys, I'm not sure what's going on with my messages but they don't seem to be loading correctly. I'm constantly having to uninstall and reinstall the app. So if you have an outstanding order with me and it's been longer than normal and I have not shipped it, LET ME KNOW. Alot of my messages are getting deleted.

Haven't posted the list in 20 DAYS so here we go!

New Frags/Restocks This Week:

Decant Examples

Parfums De Marly

10 mL - $29 (+$4 ea for 3 for 64)
15 mL - $43
30 mL - $72
50 mL - $109

10 mL - $26
15 mL - $38
30 mL - $69
50 mL - $99
60 mL - $132

10 mL - $33 (+$8 ea for 3 for 64)
15 mL - $46
30 mL - $85

10 mL - $32 (+$7 ea for 3 for $64)
15 mL - $42
30 mL - $75
50 mL - $115


10 mL - $35
15 mL - $49
30 mL - $89


10 mL - $26 (+$2 ea for 3 for 64)
15 mL - $36
30 mL - $69
50 mL - $109
100 mL - $199

10 mL - $26
15 mL - $35
30 mL - $65
50 mL - $105

10 mL - $28 (+$2 ea for 3 for 64 deal)
15 mL - $39
30 mL - $74
50 mL - $115

Older Creeds / Vintage

10 mL - $29 (+3$ ea for 3 for 64)
15 mL - $41
30 mL - $74
30 mL - $115

Louis Vuitton

10 mL - $32
15 mL - $44
30 mL - $85
50 mL - $125

10 mL - $38
15 mL - $52
30 mL - $104
50 mL - $175


10 mL - $26
15 mL - $35
30 mL - $65
50 mL - $99


10 mL - $17 (Add-On)
15 mL - $25
30 mL - $39


10 mL - $22
15 mL - $30
30 mL - $55

10 mL - $26
15 mL - $34

10 mL - $28
15 mL - $39
30 mL - $72


10 mL - $26
15 mL - $36
30 mL - $65
50 mL - $99
60 mL - $118
100 mL - $165

10 mL - $29 (+$3 ea for 3 for 64)
15 mL - $39
30 mL - $69
50 mL - $109
60 mL - $134

10 mL - $33 (+5 ea for 3 for 64)
15 mL - $45
30 mL - $91
50 mL - $129

10 mL - $35 (+8 ea for 3 for 64)
15 mL - $49
30 mL - $95
50 mL - $145

10 mL - $35 (+10 ea for 3 for 64)
15 mL - $51
30 mL - $108

50 mL - $199

Maison Francis Khurkdjian

10 mL - $29
15 mL - $39
30 mL - $75
50 mL - $119

10 mL - $33
15 mL - $46
30 mL - $92
50 mL - $145

10 mL - $38
15 mL - $53
30 mL - $106
50 mL - $179

Yves Saint Laurent

10 mL - $29
15 mL - $39
30 mL - $76
50 mL - $125


*Vetiver PC GIMMECHEAP Temporarily
10 mL - $26
15 mL - $36
30 mL - $69

10 mL - $33
15 mL - $46


10 mL - $29
15 mL - $38
30 mL - $76
50 mL - $119


10 mL - $31
15 mL - $43

- Dior Privee Line -

10 mL - $26 (3 for 64)
15 mL - $36
30 mL - $66
50 mL - $99


10 mL - $36
15 mL - $49

10 mL - $39
15 mL - $55

Royal Crown

10s of each for $65
10 mL - $35
15 mL - $49
30 mL - $93


10 mL - $26
15 mL - $37
30 mL - $69

By Kilian

- 3 x 10 mL for $85

10 mL - $32
15 mL - $45
30 mL - $85

10 mL - $35 (+$3 ea for 3/85)
15 mL - $49
30 mL - $95

10 mL - $39 (+$8 ea for 3/85)
15 mL - $55
30 mL - $108

Assorted Designers / Add Ons

\Add $3 if purchased by self. No charge if added on to order.*


Decant Add-Ons

10 mL - $14
15 mL - $22
30 mL - $43

10 mL - $19
15 mL - $26
30 mL - $48

10 mL - $21
15 mL - $31
30 mL - $59

10 mL - $28
15 mL - $38
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2023.06.08 20:42 moonanddreams Tired of OCD stealing the joy of my memories

This is part vent part advice welcome. I’m just tired of OCD just ruining all my good memories. I remember something and it twists and turns it to something awful, I hate the out of body experience I get in these moments, where it clearly takes over with intrusive thoughts and turns something I love, or something I’m proud of into a trigger.
I’m in therapy, I do exposure and talk therapy. And I should be celebrating all the growth that I’ve done over the last three years (I used to have these OCD episodes lasting weeks at a time, now it might last a day in the worst cases). But it feels like such a defeat when it hits back.
What I hate about this moments too is that I feel like my brain is intentionally looking for an opening to self sabotage, to go into re-assurance or in compulsive behavior. And I know it won’t really make me feel better, so it turns into this irritable mess of a human I don’t like.
I’m not sure what advice I’m looking for honestly. I guess success stories, anything that shows me there is a light at the end of this tunnel, tools and techniques.
Sending so much love to everyone here ❤️
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2023.06.08 20:42 Mezpulse My (NB 26) Dad (M 60) is struggling with my gender expression.

I've identified as Non binary for about 5 years now, and had only come out to my parents this year. Since then, my father hasn't really tried to be respectful of it in any way. In fact he has pushed the "pretty girl" narrative harder onto me since. Saying things like "you looked so beautiful in a dress," "my beautiful daughter" "your [features] are so feminine".
He is a conservative born again Christian, we have worked though his struggles with me coming out as a lesbian since I was a young teenager and I was always so proud of the progress we have made since. I know that he loves me, but he is also very deep in the political and religious lifestyle. Which can be harmful because he thinks he is progressive due to having me as his kid, and thinks he can get away with saying and doing certain things without feeling the negative morality behind it.
This month I had texted him, "Hey dad! This pride month, it would really mean a lot to me if you tried to make some progress on using the right pronouns for me (both in your own time and around me)." His response was,"My love for you is much bigger than all of that." It felt like he was shrugging off my request so I stated, "Then you will respect how important that is to me? I'd never think you hate me for not saying the right thing, but your effort speaks louder than any words." He just said, "That's exactly why I just skip it all. I am all about pursuing tolerance but chose what I celebrate from the heart." And then had to go.
His response made me feel like he's acting like it isn't important, and he's shrugging it off. He has previously tried to argue the "grammatically correct" issue with using They/them and I worry he'll never put forth the effort.
I need advice on wether or not I should continue to hope/ask for him to make progress and understand how important this is to me. Is it an unrealistic expectation for me to feel loved and accepted by my parents when they sometimes act this way? I understand that we won’t always agree, but I don’t know how to not take this personally. Thank you for reading <3
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2023.06.08 20:41 BlueIcarusCentauri There are actually people who not only compare Erwin Smith and the Survey Corps to the Nazis, but also thinks it's a good thing?!?!?!

In this angry rant I am only refering to this YT video and it's comment section []. If you haven't watched the video, it's the german dub of Erwin's famous "My Soldier's Rage!" speech.
First, let's cite a few comments:
"Back to 1940s an Austrian painter would be proud of this performance.", (181 likes)
"Last time I heard such a powerful German speech, the world had to unite against it" (5906 likes)
"Battle for Berlin in nutshell." (90 likes)
"Imagine if Erwin was the German Genneral incharge of invading stalingrad he could have taken it by his words." (27 likes)
"It sounds like Berlin teenager troops was about to faced the waves of red army" (274 likes)
"Actually Erwin was Based on German field marshal Erwin ‘ Desert fox' Rommel" (58 likes)
What the fuck?! First of all that last comment is completly false. We know for a fact that Erwin was based of Secret Service Agents who appear in the music video "Paris for President" (kinda goofy, but also a bit cute IMO) and that Isayama wanted to portray Erwin as a classic "American hero". My guess is that people just think "hey same name, guess they have to be the same guy" - as if Erwin isn't a normal, known name?! Also, Erwin Smith is a goddamn, big hero while Erwin Rommel was a stupid nazi shitstain who deserves to get his grave pissed on. Not to sound too cynical, but I think that people who think ES was based of ER just want to justify their weird boner for literal war criminals.
Now, the second thing is, while none of the comments explicity say "the Nazis were good guys lmao", they do compare Erwin Smith and the Survey Corps, who, at that time of the story atleast, were undoubtly the good, honorable and justified side and the people you are supposed to root for. From my point of view, the 90 likes, 27 likes and 274 likes comments romanticize and idealize the Wehrmacht and the germans in WWII extremely and without any reflection. Hey, maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I fucking hate Nazis and seeing idiots saying such things pisses me of. Yeah, great, wonderful Nazis - who murdered millions of people in cold blood due to their dumbass prejudices and "muh aryan blooood".Nazis weren't smart. Nazis weren't justified. Nazis weren't honorable. Nazis weren't even great warriors. They were just pieces of shit.
Also, take it from a german who always paid attention in history class - german history is a little bit more than the worldwars and the Kaiserreich. If you are so horny for Germany, maybe try to actually learn something about it ;)
But on a more nicer and kinder note - if you want to learn something about german military history that actually may have some thematic and narrativ parallels to AoT; I suggest looking up the Wars of Liberation that were fought against Napoleon. I mean, it's about german guys fighting against a much larger and scarier nation to gain their freedom, that's what you wanted, isn't it?
I could also probably write a whole essay about the parallels between the Eldia/Marley rivalry and the long, tumultuous history between Germany and France, but that would go to far and I would have to research ages for that.
PS: sorry if my grammar and vocabulary sucks. Bye-lingual, amiright gize?
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2023.06.08 20:41 StructureWorried1908 I want for us all to try something different here.. to not only share our realizations about our exes but also about ourselves and what we are doing or can do to help ourselves heal.

So, like most people here, I've vented and shared about being dumped by my ex FA gf. It was absolutely brutal and left me invalidated and feeling completely worthless.
But I want for us to start sharing the good things we did for ourselves after the breakup, and maybe share the bad things we did or are doing. I'll start.
So, I'm anxious preoccupied. This is the third time in two years that I get thrown into the trash by an avoidant (all three were different women) My recent ex is the woman I thought I'd marry. She made me feel I could actually allow love and when I was finally doing that, she dumped me. Bad timing haha but it didn't change anything on that front.
Awful breakup (won't get into it here but read my post "is my ex crazy? Am I?" If you want to know what happened).
So, to start: The only bad thing I am still doing is sometimes being preoccupied by analysing what happened, searching for solutions and wishing it would happen or would have happened. Instead I should cut my losses and focus fully on myself.
Having said that.. after all the panic attacks and lack of sleep or hunger, I began doing good things for myself and it helps!
1, I continue to find pleasure in woodworking. It's a form of appreciation and expression for me. I'd recommend everyone to make something, anything, for it will provide a relatively quick result of which you can be proud.
2, I am doing a lot of cardio, going out and biking to beautiful places where I can then sit down and read a book in the sunshine. The exercise helps and I am reading a book about Stoicism (how to think like a Roman emperor by Donald Robertson) which also really helps! I'm actually reading it for a second time in a row and I am slowly applying the lessons within. It has helped me to reduce my anxiety by will, instead of letting it linger for hours on end.
3, I've taken a lot of time off from work. For once in my entire life I decided to take all the time I need to fully be there for myself and I don't feel any guilt about it whatsoever (nor do I feel I should haha).
4, slowly I am forgiving myself for the mistakes I have made during and after the relationship, and I am grateful that I am able to see them. I am also aware that one of the mistakes that I made was that I basically didn't have a backbone and not only took way too much responsibility on me about the causes of the breakup, but also about the fact that I was far too forgiving of her extreme blunders just because I had this internal belief that I had to really fight to be loved, even through disrespect and being emotionally cheated on (she said she loved someone else during the relationship, someone she never met..).
5, it's difficult but I am placing more worth on myself as a person and less on her. I don't like to even think it but.. in the end, she proved herself to be completely unable and unwilling to build a healthy relationship with me. Easy fixable and common enough problems were enough for her to run away and treat me like I was absolutely nothing, and blaming everything on me.
6, post breakup I put her on a pedestal, thinking she was winning it all by getting rid of me (supported by the fact that she was on dating apps right after the break-up and was completely indifferent towards me), while I was left with nothing. I think I tend to do this because I feel like I am unworthy. That isn't true. The truth is, it isn't a competition between her and I. It is a competition between myself and i because that is all that is truly left and I have to take up my responsibility to move on and grow as a person.
7, I am simply sad. I miss my ex gf, and I wish she could see her own issues like I do. Ideally, my goal was for us to grow together, but that isn't going to happen so I have to do it on my own.
8, I am not resorting to casual sex, nor drugs, nor alcohol. For once I decided to heal in a healthy way, even though I knew that meant that I have to confront and feel all emotions that will arise within me. Sometimes I want to escape, but I know escaping the pain also means i'll escape healing and learning. I want to be a better person for myself, and as a result, attract a healthier partner in the future, when I am once again ready for it.
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2023.06.08 20:41 Mista9000 Perfectly Safe Demons -Ch 14- Bruised and cheerful

[Chapter One]

Prev and Next

Rosifo Girtwoud woke up feeling sore and exhausted. He slept well, but never as long as he’d have liked. He could hear his roommates moving around and getting ready for their days. Sitting up in bed, he stretched and took stock. His new job was physically demanding, but it was the best job he’d ever had. By a lot. He loved having his own room in a nice place, all thanks to his generous new salary! He could even afford to eat as much as he wanted, a luxury he’d not even dreamed was possible. Last night he ate three helpings of honey glazed pork at the pub! Still clumsy from sleep, Ros shrugged on a tunic and clean slacks, pausing for a second to appreciate the lordly quality of the garments. He still couldn’t believe he owned such nice things, and the Chief just gave it to him! Well, everyone got a few, but that didn’t make it any less special. Ros put on his belt as he went downstairs to the kitchen, where a few of his roommates were eating breakfast and the landlady was pulling some fresh buns out of the wood fired oven.
“Hey there’s the champ now!” called out Rikad, his housemate and co-worker.
“Heh, there are some perks to being the lightest guy on the squad!” Ros replied, referring to the agility drill he had won at work yesterday. Three days a week of training was by far the hardest part of the job, being trained by the Chief was like weathering a storm. Terrifying and dangerous, but something you could be proud of surviving. The other three days a week they worked were a holiday in comparison. Sitting on carts and standing by warehouses was easy.
Ros devoured his huge bowl of sweetened oats and then three buttered fresh buns. Pushing back from the long table with a satisfied sigh, he got up to leave for work with Rikad. The spring morning air was brisk, and they made sure to stay out of the way of loaded carts and riders that zipped by on the narrow cobblestone streets.
“What do you reckon the Chief will have us do today?” Rikad asked.
Ros snorted, “Quit embarrassing ourselves and pick up the pace?”
“Hah! That’s hardly a guess! I liked the knife throwing we did a few weeks ago, that was fun. I hope it’s not all runs and drills, I’m still aching from yesterday,” Rikad said.
“Yeah, I like combat drills. Other than when I have to spar with the Chief. He’s like a mountain that’s fast. I think the day I get a point on him, I’ll buy the whole team a beer!” Ros motioned a lunging jab as they walked.
“We’ll be too old to drink by then!” Rikad teased.
They were in for a typical training routine, a morning lecture on tactics and formations, some solo weapon drills, a short run, then a hearty lunch delivered from the nearby deli. Other days they just called a food cart into the yard with them, but Ros liked the deli lunches better. Also the novelty of someone else buying his lunches was thrilling. Ros assumed that this must be how pretty girls felt all the time. Maybe less sore and less yelled at. But maybe not.
The real highlight of the day was Ros got to see the owner of the whole company when he came out to observe their exercises. Ros hadn’t seen a real lord up close before he started at Pandemonium, and he thought it was one of the biggest perks. Mostly he looked like a tired doctor or shopkeeper, but Ros wasn’t disappointed. He had a nobility of his bearing, clarity in his eyes and an aura of authority. Even the Chief changed when he was around him! Seeing the him defer to anyone spoke volumes to their importance. Not only was he the lord of a whole company, he was also a mage! They were super rare even before the Church started purging all those heresies in their College of Magic, but now he wasn’t even sure there were any in the city!
“Agility drills are done! Imma talk to Mage Thippily, so you lot do some king of the hill sparring; Sword ‘n board! Ros and Kedril start!” boomed Chief of Security Stanisk.
Ros staggered exhaustedly to the equipment racks to get an arming jacket, leather helm, training sword and shield.
“Mage Thippliy is watching,” he whispered reverentially to himself as he geared up.
“Mind your tone or he’ll turn you into a turnip!” called Rikad.
Kedril grinned, “Hah, He’ll turn you into a turnip, Rik. He’ll just look at Ros and see his work is already done!”
Ros used to despise Kedril. He embodied everything Ros had yearned to become: handsome, confident, affluent, and sharp-witted. The team's dynamic was confrontational, rife with competition; they raced, fought, and scored against one another all day, three days a week. It had taken Ros a while to grasp that they were, in fact, a team. Kedril, infuriatingly attractive, devoted time to helping Ros in a few drills last week and offered valuable advice. So, albeit begrudgingly, Ros began to admire him. Kedril was older by a few years, substantially larger, and appeared to be one of the few who already had some training in arms. The prospect of sparring with him didn’t excite Ros.
Fresh from drills and immediately thrown into sparring, sweat trickled into Ros's eyes. The sting impaired his vision. He repeated to himself, 'Elbows in, shield up, tip forward, hips back,’ partially to fix his stance, partially to focus. Kedril was typically in better shape than him, but now appeared even more worn out. His guard was lax and messy, creating a gaping opening. Ros seized the opportunity and struck with a swift, precise jab. In the fleeting instant the jab took, Kedril's shield snapped into position, and his tip dealt a solid blow to Ros's ribs just beneath his sword arm. It was a feint - a brilliantly executed display of weakness where he was most prepared, exactly the tactic Stanisk had explained yesterday.
“Mashed Turnip!” Kedril shouted to the cheers of the others.
“Ros! You lost because your stance is awful! Keep lower! Coiled spring, lad!” the Chief shouted from across the yard.
Ros raised his hands over his head to cede the point and sat at the end of the bench. He hated losing, but he had expected to lose. He gratefully grabbed a cup of water and watched Kedril make short work of a few more challengers. It seemed like they were picking on him, but Ros was coming to understand they were also bonding with him, and these might be the closest friends he’d ever had. Not that it was a high bar, and he didn’t like all of them, but they had his back, and that meant a lot. Finally Jourgun, the biggest lad on the team, tore into Kedril with so much energy and fury that no amount of clever tactics could stop him. Even though he knew these were his friends, seeing Kedril getting bashed in the face with a shield was almost as good as seeing a real mage!
One thing Ros appreciated about training days was that they were shorter. After the sparring, Stanisk pulled aside Kedril and Jourgun for additional work, and dismissed the rest of the men. Ros trailed behind some of his newfound friends to a peculiar place where one would sit, fully naked, in a steam-filled room, all for two glucks.
“This is a sex thing, right?” Ros asked Rikad cautiously.
“What?! Light, no! It’s to relax and heal," Rikad explained. "They place herbs on hot rocks, we sit there, sweat, and breathe in the steam. It’s excellent, you’ll love it!”
“Sounds like we’re all naked and sweaty, though?” Ros remained convinced this was some intimate activity he wasn’t fully grasping. Rikad rolled his eyes and even paid Ros’s entry fee.
Inside the dim, tiled room was surprisingly comfortable. The steam smelled slightly of herbs and medicine, and it was so thick he couldn’t even see the far wall. A quick survey of the others revealed they were just as covered in bruises as he was, which gave Ros a fresh sense of camaraderie. They towelled off, dressed, drank some cold water, and left the strange business without any hint of the carnal encounter Ros had suspected. Despite his lingering confusion about the whole place, Ros liked it and wanted to come back. He appreciated his squadmates not making a single steamed turnip joke. He was hoping that didn’t stick as a nickname, he felt it didn’t remotely suit him.
After the steam, their muscles relaxed and the day's tension eased away. Ros and Rikad were starving. It had been hours since lunch, so they headed to a nearby tavern for drinks and dinner. Being able to simply enjoy food and drink without concern for the price was an intoxicatingly fresh experience. In fact, Ros enjoyed this newfound freedom even more than the meal itself.
After a huge dinner and a few beers Ros paused, and opened up a little.
"Did you know this is the pub where I talked the Chief into hiring me?"
"Really? To be honest, I've always wondered about that. No offence, but you're a lot smaller than the rest of us." Rikad pushed away his empty plate, taking a long drink of his beer.
"Yeah, I saw the Chief in here, dressed like a shining champion, buying ladies drinks and rounds for the whole bar. He was so confident and kind and relaxed. But also obviously dangerous. I’d never seen anyone like him!" Ros gestured to the tavern maid for a refill. "I must have been a sight. My clothes were more patch than original cloth, I was so skinny you could've counted my ribs through a sweater. Not that I had sweater money!" Ros reflected on the lean muscle he'd gained in recent months with inward satisfaction.
"Did the Chief take you for a beggar?"
Ros bristled at the suggestion. "Hell no! I've never begged in my life, I've always earned my keep!" his brief flare of indignation faded immediately. "No, he thought I was a refugee, from some starving backwater. Of course, I corrected him—after he bought me dinner!"
"Hah! The proper sequence," Rikad agreed, laughing.
"Anyway, he asked about my plans. I told him I was waiting till I was eighteen to join the army and serve the Emperor."
"You've certainly filled out since I met you, but I'm not sure you'd pass the army physical even now," Rikad cautiously speculated.
"The Chief was blunter about it. 'Yer so scrawny, a necromancer would find ya offputting, the army ain't gonna waste rations on ya.'" Ros imitated Stanisk’s gruff rural northerner accent.
"Hah! That sounds about right. Which makes your wearing company purple less clear than ever!" Rikad replied.
"Well, he asked if I knew my way around the city. I said I've tread every cobblestone here, so he offered me a job running letters and picking up parcels. Better work than sweeping alleys for a half-gluck and stale bread. I figured a fancy man like him would pay alright."
The waitress finally brought the next round, and Ros paused to take a long drink. Setting his mug down, he continued. "I walked into the Chief's office, and there he was behind that tiny desk with his book and quill. He looked like a cave troll trying to be a librarian. But I wasn't gonna laugh—it was still the Chief. He said, 'We don’t got a lot for now but I’ll give you a list in the morning, and see that it gets done.' I said ain’t fancy, I don’t know how to read! He didn't lose his cool. He simply nodded and said, 'Alright, just report to me in the morning, and we’ll get you started.' Oh, and he warned me never to speak to the Mage unless spoken to, which suited me fine."
Ros took another drink of his beer, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and continued. "I was hoping for five gee a day. I’d probably have done it for a lone gluck, to be honest. So imagine my shock when he apologised that he could only offer me twenty glucks a day!"
"Where were you living, that five would've been enough?" Rikad asked, curious.
Ros, slightly flushed from the beer, leaned forward. "Under a bloody hedge!" He burst into laughter at his own expense.
"That's rough man," Rikad commented, shaking his head.
Ros nodded. "It was, but it's behind me now. After a month or so of running errands, the Chief finally let me join the crew he was training. That's how I ended up a part of the elite guard of a learned lord mage."
Rikad, his face ruddy, pointed his finger at Ros’s chest. "It’s your attitude! You always train the hardest. It’s changed the whole team's tone."
Ros nodded again, serious. "I gotta! The fifteen hundred gee I make every month now is probably more than I did in the last decade. Total! I bet we make as much as a knight commander does leading a thousand soldiers!"
Rikad looked at him suspiciously. "Wait, a decade? Aren't you still a teenager?"
Ros shrugged. "It's been a long, hard time. Anyway, I know I promised to go to see that folk band with you tonight, but I'm spent. I think I might call it an early night." He finished the beer in two long gulps and stood up.
"I get it. Besides, tomorrow's Sunday. We can finally sleep in!" Rikad pointed out.
Ros woke to a frantic pounding on his bedroom door. It was still dark out.
“Go away! Keep it down! You’ll wake the whole house!” Ros grumbled, mostly asleep.
“Come on man! Emergency meeting at the training yard. We gotta go now!” Rikad hoarsely whispered.
“Ah, that’s not good!” Ros threw on some clothes and headed out the door with his friend.
“Think it has something to do with what Kedril and Jourgun were doing after work?” Ros asked.
“Maybe? That was hours and hours ago, and those guys are great, and they were with the Chief,” Rikad countered.
They jogged through the mostly empty streets. The moons were behind clouds, and the dew made the cobblestones slick. The faint flickering of their leviathan oil lamp cast strange shadows in the foggy night. The city felt on edge, too many people on the streets in the middle of the night, whispering. A few times Ros thought he heard something about thunder and demons, which did nothing to calm his growing panic.
“What if something happened to Mage Thippily? Are we all unemployed now?” Ros asked, knowing Rikad knew as much as he did.
“What is the business we guard? Something to do with magically formed super secret goods that no one was allowed to talk about. I think? I should have asked,” Rikad lamented.
Finally they made it to the yard, and Kedril was standing at the gate, torch held aloft.
“Good lads! Go into the workshop and take a seat. The Chief has some tea on.” Kedril’s voice was as calm and steady as ever, but his face was pale and drawn, and his eyes never focused on them, just scanned the night intently.
“Inside? Are you sure?” Ros had never gone inside; that was the single biggest rule.
Kedril just nodded. Ros and Rikad looked at each other for courage and moved forward. The big yard door to the workshop opened a crack, and warm light was spilling out. Rikad motioned Ros to go first, and he poked his head in, fully expecting to lose it.
“Oy, is that Ros? Git your scrawny ass in here,” Chief Stanisk rumbled.
The two men felt like flies exploring a web, but inside was surprisingly normal. Five other guards were already there, and the room was a lot like any other workshop. It had planked floors, shelves and tables and one corner was even converted into a kitchen. There were a few simple stools set up, and two incredibly luxurious loungers. Like everyone else, Ros and Rikad took a stool. The Chief gestured to a kettle and mugs for the tea, but no one seemed interested.
“What’s happening, is everyone okay?” Ros finally asked.
“Short answer is yes, for now.” Stanisk said calmly. “We’ll give the other lads a few minutes to get here, then I’ll explain.”
“Holy light, sir! You aren’t wearing your armour!” This unsettled Ros more than anything he’d seen all night, it was like seeing a bear shaved. Chief was just sitting there in trousers and a shirt, sipping tea. He’d never seen the Chief without armour.
“Needs cleaned,” he answered cryptically.
Follow up questions were interrupted by the rest of the men arriving, followed by Kedril and then Jourgun, who must have been watching the far gate.
“Alright, gather round, at ease.” Stanisk started. He looked relaxed which was probably a good sign.
“You lot were hired to protect the interests of our operations. There was an attempt on Mage Thippliy’s life tonight, at his meeting. Security Specialists Kedril and Jourgun did excellent work, and I have full confidence in all of your growing abilities. Our concern is there will be additional attempts."
There was a murmur of apprehension. The mage was the company. Without him there was nothing to guard. No one here wanted to lose their jobs, but they had been suspicious from the start. The pay didn’t match the work.
Stanisk paused as Mage Thipply and the elv, that had only been speculated to exist, came down the ladder from the loft. The mage was dressed like normal, in his brown pants and a white shirt, frameless glasses and a short well maintained beard streaked with grey. The elv was wearing an oversized sweater and long stockings. It had the effect of making her upper body look human, but with the long spindly legs of a shore bird. Her huge nocturnal eyes stared at them all unblinkingly, and her long narrow fingers with too many segments wrapped around a mug of tea. Ros was both intimidated and repulsed. It was like a bird or an insect pretending to be a person, but with eyes that had intelligence and cruelty.
“Ah! Um, thank you all for coming!” The mage was directly addressing them, Ros grinned despite his fears and worries. “There have been events over the last week or so that have culminated tonight, and I no longer think that our operation in Jagged Cove is viable.” The mage saw the reaction of the crowd turn sharply negative. He hastily added, “Of course I’m not closing up shop, we’re just moving to another location. A location outside of the capital region, and I’d like you all to join us.”
Ros sighed and leaned back in relief. This wasn’t bad news at all. He’d gladly move to the bottom of the sea for the Mage. He could feel his pulse returning to normal, as other people started asking questions.
“What? I can’t leave the city, I got a wife and kids!” a guard named Theros said.
“Oh, I just started dating a baker's apprentice, is there an option to stay?” Jourgun asked.
The elv stood up, and addressed the room with an icy indifference. “This is not a negotiation. There is a ship that is leaving in about six hours. If you are on it, you will remain employed. We have also made considerations for your families. They are welcome on the ship, and you can find new homes in the town we relocate to.” She subtly nodded to the Chief before continuing. “Chief Stanisk values your skills so highly that he convinced the board of directors to offer each of you a five year contract. The contract will have some additional employment conditions, but there will be a 5000 glindi signing bonus. Follow Chief Stanisk’s instructions to get on the boat, and we’ll see you there. Or not.”
She returned to the ornate chair, and the room erupted into chaos.
“Holy light! That’s so much!”
“I’d be insane not to sign!”
“Where are we even going?”
Ros grinned from ear to ear, what’s to decide? This was the best possible outcome! Free money to see the world! Packing his bags would take no time, and he could carry everything that mattered in one trip.
Stanisk took command of the room, “You with young ‘uns, we got the company wagons for you waiting, get a move on. I’ll take the mage’s personal wagon and do a loop to Kedril’s, Eowin’s and Klive’s. The rest of you, leg it! Meet back here in three hours and tell anyone what asks, that you took a job out of the city. Be vague! Come on, pick up the pace you helpless kittens!"

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2023.06.08 20:41 JJ1553 3.05k LG C3 or 3.4k LG G2

So the summery of my tv searching experience is that my dad and I were pretty narrowed in on the LG G2 since it excelled in brighter conditions.
However, due to employee discounts, we can get the C3 for 3.05k. From my understanding the C3 isn’t a whole ton different from the C2 except maybe having better brightness algorithms and therefore getting a little brighter. My question is should we still stick with the G2 or would the C3 be a good buy at that price and offer a similar experience to the G2?
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2023.06.08 20:40 No-Diamond-5097 Faux News keeping Tucker out of the media until 2025!

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2023.06.08 20:40 Jack_Sandwich Daughter of dentist Abbey Horwitz accused in dad's killing

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2023.06.08 20:40 Watchful1 r/CompetitiveOverwatch will be participating in the protest blackout against reddit killing third party apps starting June 12th

What's going on?
On May 31, 2023, Reddit made an announcement that surprised many. The long and short of it is Reddit is rolling out changes to their API pricing and schemes to change them from more or less free for all, to a pricing schema that could potentially wipe out every third-party Reddit app, including but not limited to Apollo, Reddit is Fun, Narwhal, and BaconReader.
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators (us included) depend on tools only available outside the official app/new reddit to keep our community (mostly) on-topic and (relatively) spam-free.
Will COW go dark?
As a mod team, we've had a discussion on how to proceed, since several of our tools are impacted by these changes. Transparently, the originally planned protest directly impacted our community by coinciding with Midseason Madness so we were a bit up in the air about it. With the change to June 12th, this is no longer the case and we too will be going dark commencing June 12th.
Many other subreddits will be going dark to protest this planned policy at the same time. A partial list can be found here. During this time, submissions to these subs will be turned off, and the sub will be set to private. Nothing will be lost, the sub just won't be viewable by users.
Given the proximity to OWL’s Midseason Madness in Korea, we recognize that some sites and publications rely heavily on our sub for publicity and coverage and form an important part of our community, and would be adversely impacted by an extended blackout. We will go dark on June 12th for at least 48 hours, and make calls on the mod team on how exactly we want to proceed as the situation develops, and are actively looking at ways to support the protest agains these API prices without negatively harming our community during an important and exciting event.
What can users do?
  1. Complain loudly and vehemently (but politely). If you see posts about third-party apps or the API changes, upvote them. Leave negative reviews on the official app on Google Play and the App Store.
  2. Boycott. We recommend you stay off Reddit entirely on the dates of the protest. Reddit's users are its currency, and without its users, Reddit has no value to its shareholders. If you have the official Reddit app installed on your phone, delete it (uninstall reports are sent back to Reddit).
  3. Complain more. Message the mods of /, who are the admins of the site. Message reddit, submit a support request, comment in relevant threads on /reddit, and so on.
Some additional information can be found below:
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2023.06.08 20:40 d1anthus An employee I used to work with opened a Harassment Protection Order against me

TLDR an employee I worked with filed a harassment protection order against me and my boss, but the actual reason is because she is being evicted and hasn't been harassed at all. Can't afford lawyers and looking for advice.
I (24F) was served the papers on 30 May 2023. The court date date was 2 June 2023. Went to court and after 5 hours of waiting it was our turn and the complainant (F50 ish) (employee I worked with - was still working with at the time) decided she wanted legal representation and the case was postponed to 16 August 2023.
I have never dealt with something like this and am usure what to expect. I can't afford a lawyer so I went to Legal Aid but they said my salary is too high for them to help me. That is why I'm asking for advice.
The complainant states in the document that I am harassing her, her mother (F80 ish) and her grandson (M14). I met her grandson once last year and have never spoken to him again. I have never met her mother. I am her manager and it is my job to give employees instructions as well as discuss with them when they do something wrong. She claims in the document that I continuously harass her, bad mouth her, humiliate her in front of other employees and intimidate her. None of these claims are true. I have recorded meeting notes to show when I spoke with her and about what. I also never speak to employees regarding individual matters in front of others. There are also cameras on the premises that can prove the amount of interactions I have had with her. They do not have sound unfortunately. She has no evidence of harassment against me because I have never harassed her or anyone else.
The real reason why she filed the papers is because she is currently staying in the flatlet on the premises. Her situation was dire and her grandson (for whom she is legally responsible) was about to be taken away by social services as they (her, her mother, her grandson, her daughter, and the daughters abusive boyfriend) were staying in a one room place and her daughter and the boyfriend use meth. After I spoke with my boss about the situation, she decided to lease the flatlet to her. She has stayed there for more than a year now. In March, she was given a notice to vacate the premises as my boss needs to use it for something else. She was given 3 month's notice to find other living arrangements. That is why she has opened this case against me and one against my boss (who is barely even there and mostly works at the other office location). She wrote word for word the same thing in both the documents.
In the document the complainant states the reason for urgency for the document and terms of the protection order is not to be evicted without a court order, her contract not to be terminated without proper cause, and for the harassment to stop immediately. When we were originally in court on 2 June, my boss asked the judge what happens if the reason for the documents being filed is eviction and the judge said she only deals with harassment, nothing else.
My main questions are what should I expect? Should I be worried that I won't have a lawyer? How can I prepare? What sort of evidence should I gather?
The complainant is no longer employed with us. A disciplinary hearing was held 7 June where the outcome was immediate dismissal (and no the harassment protection order was not included or even mentioned as part of the charges against her and yes all the charges are legit) - she smoked in the company vehicle - she used the company vehicle for personal reasons on several occasions, even after receiving a warning letter about it in August 2022 - she stole company property - she was involved in the theft of confidential documents about other employees (breach of POPIA) - she left the premises during working hours without permission or informing anyone
She is still occupying the flatlet on the property as the date she has been told to vacate is 14 June. We do not expect her to leave and are aware we may need to proceed to get a court ordered eviction notice.
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