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REMAKE: Providing some characters’ ideal real names in My Hero Academia whose real names are currently unknown and are only referred by their aliases.

2023.06.08 16:41 mariusthepunkfather REMAKE: Providing some characters’ ideal real names in My Hero Academia whose real names are currently unknown and are only referred by their aliases.

NOTE: This is a remake of the list I made way back in 2022, and it can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/BokuNoHeroAcademia/comments/vx4z7h/providing_some_characters_ideal_real_names_in_my/
Keep in mind that some entries on the list have their names changed over time because of, well, reasons. Check the old list for comparison.

Providing some characters’ ideal real names in My Hero Academia whose real names are currently unknown and are only referred by their aliases.
Have you ever wondered what the real names of some characters in My Hero Academia may be? There are some who are only refered by their aliases and not their real names. For example, we know that Cementoss’ real name is Ken Ishiyama (石山堅), but Ectoplasm’s real name is unknown. So I thought I would compile a list of characters, whether heroes, villains, or neutral, whose real names are not revealed in any form of media, whether they are anime, manga, game, or light novels. Keep in mind that I made up all of the ideal real names by myself (with my limited knowledge of the Japanese language). We’ll wait if Kohei Horikoshi decided on some of the names to be designated as official real names, so there could be a possibility that if a real name is already revealed and is different from mine.
Crimson Riot: Masayoshi Shinkuyama (真紅山正義, しんくやま まさよし)
Shin (真) means true, Ku (紅) means crimson or deep red, Yama (山) means mountain, Masa (正) means correct or justice, and Yoshi (義) means righteousness. The surname Shinkuyama means deep crimson mountain, which explains his hero name. The given name Masayoshi means justice, since Masayoshi is an alternate reading of Seigi, which also means justice. His sense of justice, and to an extent, chivalry, is what motivated the life of Eijiro Kirishima on his path of training to be a pro hero.
Lunch Rush: Godan Ransei (蘭生五旦, らんせい ごだん)
Ran (蘭) means orchid, Sei (生) means raw or genuine, Go (五) means 5, and Dan (旦) means daybreak. His name is a play on British chef celebrity Gordon Ramsay, only if you mention the name in western order, since Japanese names use the surname-first, given-name order, making his name Ransei Godan instead. The Go in Godan likely refers to the 5 tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami, while Dan refers to breakfast, which is ironic considering that his hero name is Lunch Rush. The Sei in Ransei also likely refers to his signature insult.
Snipe: Hokori Toki (東木埃, とうき ほこり)
To or Higashi or Azuma (東) means east, Ki (木) means tree or wood, and Hokori (埃) means dust. The surname Toki roughly means “east wood”, a reference to American actor Clint Eastwood, who is known for starring in old west and spaghetti western films. The surname is also homophonous with time in Japanese, Toki (時), probably as in the phrase “the good old times” or “the good old days”. The given name might be a reference to the “Dust Bowl”, the name given to the drought-stricken Southern Plains region of the United States in the 1930’s, or the Kansas song Dust in the Wind.
Ectoplasm: Kazuhiro Masumi (増見数博, ますみ かずひろ)
Masu (増) means multiply or increase, Mi (見) means to see, Kazu (数) means number, and Hiro (博) means command or esteem or win acclaim. The surname Masumi alludes to his quirk, noting that he can multiply or clone his own self, while seeing multiple directions at once through his clones. The given name Kazuhiro is a reference to his profession, a math teacher in UA.
Backdraft: Kansho Kadome (火止看消, かどめ かんしょう)
Ka or Hi (火) means fire, Dome or Tome (止) means to stop or halt, Kan (看) means to watch or observe, and Sho (消) means to erase or extinguish, the same kanji character in Shota Aizawa’s name (相澤消太). In other words, Kadome means stopping fire, while Kansho means observe while extinguishing.
Uwabami: Mamiko Hebita (蛇田真美子, へびた まみこ)
Hebi (蛇) means snake, Ta or Da (田) means rice field, Ma or Shin (真) means true, Mi or Bi (美) means beauty, and Ko (子) means child. Hebi in Hebita refers to her appearance and quirk, alluding to the Greek mythological figure Medusa. Her given name means true beautiful child.
Gunhead: Kenshiro Tsutsuto (銃頭拳志郎, つつとう けんしろう)
Tsutsu (銃) means gun, To or Atama (頭) means head, Ken (拳) means fist, Shi (志) means will or intention, and Ro (郎) means male. The surname Tsutsuto literally means Gunhead, his hero name. Tsutsu in Tsutsuto is the same reading in Lady Nagant’s real name, Kaina Tsutsumi (筒美火伊那). Although written in a different kanji (筒), which means gun barrel, a reference to her quirk, it has the same connotation as the other one. The given name Kenshiro may be alluded to the main protagonist of Fist of the North Star of the same name, although written in katakana, noting that he is a pro hero whose agency specializes in armed combat and martial arts. Also the Ken in Kenshiro is the same kanji character in Itsuka Kendo’s name (拳藤一佳).
The Fly: Kisuke Koba (小羽黄助, こば きすけ)
Ko (小) means small, Ba or Bane or Hane (羽) means wing or feather, Ki or Ko (黄) means yellow, and Suke (助) means help or assistance. The surname Koba literally means small wings, referring to his appearance and quirk. The Ki in Kisuke means yellow, referring to his blonde hair.
Slugger: Sango Sakagami (阪神三吾, さかがみ さんご)
Saka or Han (阪) means heights or slope, Kami or Gami or Shin (神) means god, San (三) means 3, and Go (吾) means I or my. The surname Sakagami is an alternate reading of Hanshin (阪神), a reference to a popular Japanese pro baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers (阪神タイガース). In the west, the baseball team is primarily (and infamously) remembered for being associated with the curse called “The Curse of the Colonel”, a 1985 Japanese urban legend regarding a reputed curse placed on the baseball team by the ghost of the deceased Kentucky Fried Chicken founder and mascot Colonel Harland Sanders, who passed away 5 years prior at the age of 90. The given name Sango is a play on ’35, the year the Hanshin Tigers were founded, 1935; although the next year, they would be officially formed and have their first season as the “Osaka Tigers”. In 1940, amid anti-foreign sentiment, the Tigers changed the name to "Hanshin" and in 1947 changed the name back to "Osaka Tigers". The current team name was assumed in 1961.
Native: Teppei Nishiriku (西陸哲平, にしりく てっぺい)
Nishi (西) means west, Riku (陸) means land, Tetsu (哲) means philosophy, and Pei or Hei or Hira (平) means flat. The surname Nishiriku means western land, most likely referring to America. The given name Teppei is a play on the word tepee or tipi, a conical tent made by Native Americans.
Selkie: Yasuhiro Hirezaki (鰭崎安洋, ひれざき やすひろ)
Hire (鰭) means fin or flipper (body part), Saki (崎) means cape or peninsula, Yasu (安) means peaceful, and Hiro (洋) means ocean. The Hire in Hirezaki means fin or flipper, referring to his seal physique. It may also be a reference to the Japanese word Kikyakurui (鰭脚類), meaning pinniped. They are a widely distributed and diverse monophyletic group of carnivorous, fin-footed, semi aquatic, mostly marine mammals. They are also commonly referred as seals. In fact, the name "pinniped" derives from the Latin words pinna, meaning fin and pes or pedis, meaning foot, thus giving the literal meaning of fin footed.
Sirius: Miya Otomaru (音丸美弥, おとまる みや)
Oto (音) means sound, Maru (丸) means round, Mi or Bi (美) means beauty, and Ya (弥) means all the more or increasingly. The surname Otomaru means sound around, a reference to her quirk, which allows the user to hear high frequencies around her that humans normally cannot. She uses it to communicate with Selkie when they are far apart. She can also use it to detect the number of people nearby. The given name Miya can be also read as Mimi (耳), which means ear in Japanese, also a reference to her quirk and appearance.
Mr. Brave: Yuichi Kamige (上毛勇一, かみげ ゆういち)
Kami or Ue (上) means up or above or raise, Ge or Mo (毛) means hair, and Isamu (勇) means brave. The surname Kamige literally means raising hair, a reference to his quirk. The given name Yuichi means brave one, a reference to his hero name.
Death Arms: Atsuto Aratake (荒武篤人, あらたけ あつと)
Ara (荒) means rough or wild, Take (武) means military, Atsu (篤) means fervent or serious, and To or Hito (人) means person. The Ara in Aratake and Atsu in Atsuto refer to his serious and rough behavior.
Crust: Mutsuo Tatezaki (盾崎六雄, たてざき むつお)
Tate (盾) means shield (type of personal armor), Zaki or Saki (崎) means cape or edge, Mutsu or Roku (六) means 6, and O (雄) means masculine or male. The Tate in Tatezaki refers to his quirk, shield, which allows him to manifest stone-like, hexagonal shields from their body that could be utilized both defensively and offensively. His given name Mutsuo is a reference to his hexagonal shields.
Yoroi Musha: Takeyoshi Furumoto (古本武義, ふるもと たけよし)
Furu (古) means old or ancient, Moto or Hon (本) means origin or book, Take (武) means military, and Yoshi (義) means righteousness. All of the kanji characters are associated with him. The surname Furumoto can be also read as Furuhon, which means ancient book, possibly referring to old records, text, or illustrations regarding Japanese history and society. The Take in Takeyoshi refers to his hero costume, resembling a samurai, while Yoshi refers to his personality, which is ironic after what happened during the war.
Kesagiri Man: Kenjuro Kuroi (黒井剣寿郎, くろい けんじゅろう)
Kuro (黒) means black, I (井) means water well, Ken (剣) means sword, Ju (寿) means longevity, and Ro (郎) means male. The Kuro in Kuroi refers to the color of his hero outfit, while the Ken in Kenjuro refers to the literal meaning of his hero name - slashing someone with a sword diagonally from the shoulder, Kesagiri (袈裟切り).
Water Hose father: Namihiro Izumi (出水波弘, いずみ なみひろ)
Water Hose mother: Kishiko Izumi (出水岸子, いずみ きしこ)
Knowing that the Water Hose Duo is Kota Izumi’s (出水洸汰) parents, we can obviously assume that they are also named Izumi. Izu (出) means outside, and Mi or Mizu (水) means water. Combined together means flood, Izumi (出水). The surname is also homophonous with fountain in Japanese, Izumi (泉).
For the father: Nami (波) means wave or billow, and Hiro (弘) means vast or wide.
For the mother: Kishi (岸) means beach or shore, and Ko (子) means child.
Nezu: Hideyuki Nezu (根津秀幸, ねず ひでゆき)
Assuming that Nezu is his surname, I would give him his given name only. Ne (根) means root, Zu or Tsu (津) means harbor, Hide (秀) means excellence, and Yuki (幸) means happiness or fortune. His surname is meant to be a play on rat in Japanese, Nezumi (鼠), and his given name is a common Japanese male name, which fits his personality.
Kido: Ryota Kido (貴堂良太, きどう りょうた)
Ki (貴) means noble, Do (堂) means temple or hall, Ryo (良) means good, and Ta (太) means plump or thick. His surname is homophonous to that of his hero name (キドウ) and his respective quirk traject in Japanese, Kido (軌道).
Onima: Junji Onima (鬼馬淳次, おにま じゅんじ)
Oni or Ki (鬼) means demon, Ma (馬) means horse, Jun (淳) means pure, and Ji (次) means next. His surname is homophonous to that of his hero name (オニマー).
X-Less: Mitsuyuki Hoshimoto (星本光行, ほしもと みつゆき)
Hoshi (星) means star, Moto or Hon (本) means origin or book, Mitsu (光) means light, and Yuki (行) means line. His name is a reference to his quirk laser, where he fires energy beams from his right eye.
Shishido: Daisho Shishido (獅子戸大昌, ししど だいしょう)
Shishi (獅子) means lion, Do (戸) means door, Dai or O (大) means big, and Sho (昌) means prosperous or clear. His surname is homophonous to that of his hero name (シシド) and the fact that the first two syllables of his surname fits with him being called the lion hero. Shishido is also an actual surname, but written as宍戸 instead, with the initial kanji character meaning muscles or meat.
Airjet: Hayato Kamizora (上空早人, かみぞら はやと)
Kami or Ue (上) means up or above or raise, Zora or Sora (空) means sky, Haya (早) means early or fast, and To or Hito (人) means person. His surname is a reference to the fact that he can shoot blasts of air above the ground as high as he wants.
Fourth Kind: Shugo Shinomiya (四宮修悟, しのみや しゅうご)
Shi (四) means 4, Miya (宮) means temple or palace, Shu or Osamu (修) means discipline, and Go or Satoru (悟) means enlightenment. The Shi in Shinomiya refers to the fact that he has 4 arms in his appearance. Not a Kaguya reference.
Takeshita: Yoshiyuki Takeshita (竹下吉幸, たけした よしゆき)
This character in the manga and anime is named that way, which is an actual surname, which means I would give him his given name only. Take (竹) means bamboo, Shita (下) means below or under, Yoshi (吉) means good luck or joy, and Yuki (幸) means happiness or fortune. The Take in Takeshita is likely a reference to his unnamed bamboo quirk.
Eel Boy: Teruki Unagi (宇凪輝樹, うなぎ てるき)
U (宇) means roof, Nagi (凪) means calm, Teru (輝) means shine or illuminate, and Ki (樹) means tree. His surname is homophonous with eel in Japanese, Unagi (鰻), referring to his unnamed eel quirk. Interestingly, in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, there is a character with a similar sounding name, Teruo Unagisawa (鰻沢照生), unrelated to the character above. I made that name up without realization, so I must say it’s almost a coincidence.
Briareos: Gosaku Tezawa (手澤郷作, てざわ ごうさく)
Gyges: Gosuke Tezawa (手澤郷輔, てざわ ごうすけ)
Knowing that the two guards present during the Assault on Tartarus are brothers, we can assume that they share the same surname. Te (手) means hand or arm, and Zawa or Sawa (澤) means swamp, referring to their appearance.
For Briareos: Go (郷) means village or hometown, and Saku (作) means make or prepare.
For Gyges: Go (郷) means village or hometown, and Suke (輔) means help or assistance.
Public Safety Commission President: Yasuko Hoki (保喜安子, ほき やすこ)
Ho (保) means protection or guarantee, Ki (喜) means delight or rejoice, Yasu (安) means peaceful, and Ko (子) means child. Combining both the initial kanji characters of both her surname and given name would mean security in Japanese, Hoan (保安), referring to her position in the Hero Public Safety Commission.
2nd user: Hayao Nikaido (二階堂速雄, にかいどう はやお)
Ni (二) means 2, Kai (階) means story, stair or floor, Do (堂) means temple or hall, Haya (速) means quick or fast, and O (雄) means male. For the given name Hayao, the Haya in Hayao is the same one in his quirk "Gearshift" in Japanese, Hensoku (変速). The surname Nikaido has the kanji character for 2, Ni (二), referencing the fact that he is the 2nd user of OFA. Something I would like to share - the first time I encountered the surname Nikaido came from a staff member whose name was credited with that surname in most of Mob Psycho 100's episodes in the end credits. As soon as I saw the name 二階堂 in the end credits, that gave me an idea to use that surname as a what-if name for the 2nd user, so that's how I arrived with that surname. I never intended to name him after an anime staff member whatsoever.
3rd user: Sanjiro Undo (運道三治郎, うんどう さんじろう)
Un (運) means luck or fortune, Do (道) means road or path, San (三) means 3, Ji (治) means reign or cure, and Ro (郎) means male. The surname is read as "oondo" and not in the English word as it appears to be in romanized form. Also, the aforementioned surname is homophonous with movement in Japanese, Undo (運動), as his quirk Fa Jin is used for to build up kinetic energy by repeating regular motions and store it for later use. Kinetic energy in Japanese is Undo Enerugii (運動エネルギー). The given name Sanjiro has the kanji character for 3, San (三), referencing the fact that he is the 3rd user of OFA.
6th user: Enzo Rokuhara (六原煙造, ろくはら えんぞう)
Roku (六) means 6, Hara (原) means field, En or Kemuri (煙) means smoke, and Zo (造) means create or make. The surname Rokuhara has the kanji character for 6, Roku (六), referencing the fact that he is the 6th user of OFA. The given name Enzo is a reference to his quirk Smokescreen, which would give the character's nickname as En. The surname is also the name of a Japanese railway station in Kanegasaki, Iwate. Interestingly enough, two other characters in the series, whom both of them are villains, are also named after real world Japanese railway stations. The villains in question are Twice and Re-Destro. Twice's real surname is Bubaigawara (分倍河原), named after a railway station operated jointly by the East Japan Railway Company and the private railway operator Keio Corporation located in Fuchu, Tokyo of the same name, while Re-Destro's real surname is Yotsubashi (四ツ橋), named after a railway station in Nishi-ku, Osaka of the same name.
Wolfram: Shigeki Kinzoku (金続重樹, きんぞく しげき)
Kin (金) means metal, Zoku (続) means to continue, Shige (重) means heavy, and Ki (樹) means tree or wood. The surname Kinzoku is homophonous to Kinzoku (金属), in which the latter kanji character, Zoku (属), means genus. However, the Zoku in Kinzoku (金続) means to continue, referring to how he manipulates and creates metal continuously in combat. The Shige in Shigeki refers to how generally heavy metal is. Not to mention that his villain name is named after tungsten, whose symbol W means wolfram, and it is one of the heaviest naturally stable elements you can carry or hold (but factually speaking, uranium IS the heaviest element in terms of natural stability).
Nine: Kisho Terunaga (照永起昇), てるなが きしょう)
Teru (照) means shine or illuminate, Naga or Ei (永) means eternity, Ki (起) means rouse or get up, and Sho (昇) means rise up. The Teru in Terunaga likely refers to his intimidating appearance, akin to a god, while Naga likely refers to the fact that he would be invincible like any other villain if he has a great amount of quirks, considering that he is one of the few characters to do so. The given name Kisho is homophonous with weather, Kisho (気象), a reference to his original quirk before amalgamating to All for One, weather manipulation, or Kisho Sosa in Japanese (気象操作).
All for One: Majin Shigaraki (死柄木摩甚, しがらき まじん)
According to All for One himself in a flashback, Shigaraki is his real surname; however, his given name is unknown. Shi (死) means death, Gara (柄) means grip or handle, Ki (木) means tree or wood, Ma (摩) means to scrape or grind, and Jin (甚) means extreme or intense. The given name Majin is homophonous with devil in Japanese, Majin (魔神).
Mustard: Shoki Kitai (北井祥基, きたい しょうき)
Kita (北) means north, I (井) means water well, Sho (祥) means auspicious or good omen, and Ki (基) means fundamentals or basis. The surname Kitai is homophonous with gas in Japanese, Kitai (気体), a reference to his quirk. The given name Shoki is homophonous with miasma in Japanese, Shoki (瘴気), a highly unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapor, fitting with the properties of his quirk.
Innsmouth: Yakishi Takonuma (蛸沼焼司, たこぬま やきし)
Tako (蛸) means octopus, Numa (沼) means marsh, Yaki (焼) means burnt, and Shi (司) means administer or boss. The Tako in Takonuma is a reference to his appearance, resembling an octopus.
Moonfish: Takanari Habashi (歯橋高成, はばし たかなり)
Ha (歯) means tooth, Hashi (橋) means bridge, Taki (高) means tall or high, Nari (成) means grow or reach. The surname Habashi is a reference to his quirk blade-tooth in Japanese, Shijin (歯刃).
Ending: Shingoki Kurodo (黒道伸剛輝, くろどう しんごうき)
Kuro (黒) means black, Do or Michi (道) means road or path, Shin (伸) means to expand or stretch, Go (剛) means sturdy or strength, and Ki or Teru (輝) means shine, or gleam. The surname Kurodo means black road, referring to how he activates his quirk through a road or highway. The given name Shingoki is homophonous with traffic lights in Japanese, Shingoki (信号機).
Starservant: Noriharu Hoshimiya (星宮典治, ほしみや のりはる)
Hoshi (星) means star, Miya (宮) means temple or palace, Nori or Ten (典) means law or rule, and Haru or Chi or Ji (治) means reign or subdue. The surname Hoshimiya means star temple or star palace, referring to his villain name. The given name Noriharu can be alternatively read as Tenchi (天地), which means above and below, top and bottom, or more symbolically, heaven and earth. The third meaning could possibly be referring to the phrase “Heaven and Earth are about to collide”, one of the taglines to the 1998 asteroid disaster film Deep Impact, since the villain himself is a preacher who ensures the society that the end of the world is nigh.
Dictator: Reiji Shiki (志紀令司, しき れいじ)
Shi (志) means will or intention, Ki (紀) means chronicle or history, Rei (令) means orders or command, and Shi (司) means administer or boss. The surname Shiki is homophonous with command, direction, or supervision in Japanese, Shiki (指揮), while the given name Reiji is reverse for command or control in Japanese, Shirei (司令), both referencing his quirk despot.
Kunieda: Ikunobu Kunieda (國枝育伸, くにえだ いくのぶ)
Kuni (國) means country, Eda (枝) means bough or branch, Iku (育) means grow or raise, and Nobu (伸) means to expand or stretch. The villain name Kunieda, which is written in katakana, is an actual surname in Japan, so I had to use the kanji version of that name. The given name Ikunobu means growing and expanding, both of which are referring to his quirk that has the ability to sprout and grow gigantic flowers, spores, and fungus-like plants from the ground.
Gigantomachia: Goro Onikigawa (鬼木川吾郎, おにきがわ ごろう)
Oni or Ki (鬼) means demon, Ki (木) means tree, Kawa or Gawa (川) means river, Go (吾) means I or my, and Ro (郎) means male. The Oni in Onikigawa refers to his demonic appearance, while his given name Goro is a play on the Japanese onomatopoeia Goro Goro (ゴロゴロ), which describes the sound of thunder, earthquake, or other disasters incoming, fitting with his personality during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.
Iceman: Geten Koriyama (氷山外典, こおりやま げてん)
Kori (氷) means ice, Yama (山) means mountain, Ge or Soto (外) means outside, and Ten or Nori (典) means law. The surname Koriyama is an alternate reading of Hyozan, which means iceberg, fitting with his quirk. The given name Geten means apocrypha, which is a story of unknown author or origin. While Geten is the real name of Iceman, it is unknown if it’s his given name or surname, so randomly assuming that this is his given name, his surname would be unknown, and that explains the surname’s existence. (NOTE: With the recent release of Chapter 387 on May 8, 2023, it was revealed that Geten happened to be from Rei's side, which means that his surname is Himura, and this made him a relative to the Todoroki family members, so his full name is Geten Himura. It was not explicitly stated how Rei, or even the Todoroki family, and Geten were specifically related and just listed their relation as simply "relative". With this revelation, his full name written in Japanese would be 氷叢外典, or in hiragana, ひむら げてん. As of this writing, this is the only entry on the list with a character's officially confirmed full name in the original source, so I would discard my ideal surname in favor of the original source instead.)
Unnamed Cider House leader: Gyokoten Samukawa (寒川凝古天, さむかわ ぎょうこてん)
Samu (寒) means cold, Kawa (川) means river, Gyo (凝) means stiff, Ko or Furu (古) means old or ancient, and Ten (天) means heaven. The surname Samukawa means cold river. The given name Gyokoten is homophonous with freezing point in Japanese - Gyokoten (凝固点). The first kanji of the word Gyo (凝) is the same as in the given name. His alias or villain name was never revealed as well, so Yeti (イエティ) would be a good choice, named after the ape-like creature purported to inhabit the Himalayan mountain range in Asia of the same name.
Keigo's Father: Keiichi Takami (鷹見啓一, たかみ けいいち)
This character in the manga and anime is named that way, which means I would give him his given name only. Taka (鷹) means hawk, Mi (見) means to see, Kei (啓) means disclose, open, or say, and Ichi (一) means 1. The Kei in Keiichi is the same as his son Keigo (啓悟).
Habit Headgear: Takehiko Kito (鬼頭武彦, きとう たけひこ)
Oni or Ki (鬼) means demon, To or Atama (頭) means head, Take (武) means military, and Hiko (彦) means lad or boy. His surname is a reference to his unnerving appearance. Not a Demon Slayer reference.
Giant Villain: Kiichi Otomo (大友毅一, おおとも きいち)
O or Dai (大) means big, Tomo (友) means friend, Ki or Tsuyo (毅) means strong, and Ichi (一) means 1. His name is a reference to his appearance and personality. Ironic that he is the first villain to appear in the series, yet has a character that means friend.
Sludge Villain: Sohei Dorokawa (泥川創平, どろかわ そうへい)
Doro (泥) means mud, Kawa or Gawa (川) means river, So or Hajime (創) means begin or start, and Hei or Pei or Hira (平) means flat. His surname is a reference to his dirty mud-like appearance.
Swordkil: Takeshi Mekajiki (目梶木丈士, めかじき たけし)
Me (目) means eye, Kaji (梶) means sculling oar, Ki (木) means tree or wood, Take (丈) means height or stature, and Shi (士) means samurai. His surname is homophonous with swordfish in Japanese, Mekajiki (眼梶木), which is a reference to his unnamed sword quirk, as well as his villain name, though close.
Daigo: Daigo Saruno (猿野大悟, さるの だいご)
Saru (猿) means monkey, No (野) means field, Dai or O (大) means big, and Go or Satoru (悟) means enlightenment. His surname is a reference to his beast-like appearance, while his given name is the same as that of Daigo Yamamoto (山本大悟), the character’s voice actor, also simply known (and credited) by his given name, Daigo. He is part of the Japanese comedy duo Chidori (千鳥), who made a cameo appearance in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes as two of Wolfram’s minions.
Nobu: Nobuyuki Katai (片井信行, かたい のぶゆき)
Kata (片) means part or fragment, I (井) means water well, Nobu (信) means faith or truth, and Yuki (行) means line. His surname is can be also read as Heni, which is homophonous with displacement (physics) in Japanese, Heni (変位), a reference to his unnamed displacement quirk, while his given name is the same as that of Nobuyuki Hayakawa (早川信行), the character’s voice actor, also simply known (and credited) by his nickname, Nobu (ノブ). Like the previous entry on the list, he is also part of the Japanese comedy duo Chidori (千鳥), who made a cameo appearance in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes as two of Wolfram’s minions.
Glutton God: Shigeo Shokuzawa (食澤茂雄, しょくざわ しげお)
Shoku (食) means food, Zawa or Sawa (澤) means swamp, Shige (茂) means overgrown or grow thick, and O (雄) means masculine or male. His surname is a reference to his appearance, as well as his villain name in Japanese, Kuishin (食神).
Sanctum: Seizo Jiyumiya (自由宮聖造, じゆうみや せいぞう)
Ji (自) means oneself, Yu (由) means wherefore, Miya (宮) means temple or palace, Sei (聖) means holy, and Zo (造) means create or make. His surname means freedom temple, and Seizo means holy structure, referring to his villain name.
The Mother of Quirks: Seiko Yotsubashi (四ツ橋聖子, よつばし せいこ)
Knowing the Mother of Quirks is the mother of Chikara Yotsubashi (四ツ橋主税), I would give her given name only. Yotsu (四ツ) means 4, Hashi (橋) means bridge, Sei (聖) means holy, and Ko (子) means child. I chose Seiko as her given name for a reason, because her name, when Romanized, is an anagram for quirk in Japanese, Kosei (個性), since she was the first person to use the word "quirk" to describe meta abilities.
Shie Hassaikai boss: Takahito Saijo (斎条崇人, さいじょう たかひと)
Sai (斎) means purification, Jo (条) means article, Taka (崇) means respect or revere, and To or Hito (人) means person. The Sai in Saijo is the same character in Shie Hassaikai (死穢八斎會), while his given name fits given with his position during the time he founded the organization years before Kai Chisaki succeeded him.
Hood: Tsuyoshi Aida (会田強士, さいじょう たかひと)
Ai or Kai (会) means meeting or association, Ta or Da (田) means rice field, Tsuyo (強) means strong, and Shi (士) means samurai. His name fits since he used to be a street punk who made a living as a fierce underground fighter before being turned into a Nomu by the Doctor.
Gunga Mountain Villa Paranormal Liberation Front Commander: Kairo Dendo (傳堂会呂, でんどう かいろ)
Den (傳) means propagate or transmit, Do (堂) means temple or hall, Kai or Ai (会) means meeting or association, and Ro (呂) means spine or backbone. His surname is homophonous with electric or conduction in Japanese, Dendo (電動) or Dendo (伝導) respectively, while his given name is homophonous with circuit in Japanese, Kairo (回路), both referring to his quirk amplivolt, which can conduct and amplify electricity within their body, being able to release it afterwards. Ironic that he was never given a name, yet his quirk, as well as his ultimate move, is named in the manga and anime.

That is all I can present. If you know a character whose real name is unknown, comment down below and formulate his or her real name based on the character's qualities. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 03:51 XxDivine_BeingxX Defending the MCU

I wouldn't read this unless you have time.
M-she-u for the life of me I can't understand this perspective, and I tried. First of all, seriously explain to me why having more female characters in prominent roles is a bad thing. I get why people had a negative reaction to Brie Larson prior to her entering The Fray, I mean she stirred up The Hornet's Nest and you just don't shit on your Target demographic. Why does it seem like people just have a problem with women in these properties in general. As a comic book fan my perspective is they have always been prominent, the Phoenix is a staple in the X-Men books, storm is a beloved character and her relationship with T'Challa has been well received, the invisible woman is literally 25% of Marvel's first family, what is the issue. I could kinda understand the argument if Disney was just inventing female characters and just throwing them at the wall to see what's stuck, but a majority of these characters existed before a lot of you were even born. If I tilted my head so sideways and squinted my eyes, the best I could come up with are the gender swaps. to be clear I am a comic book purist, my absolute wish is that every character gets portrayed exactly how they appear in the comics, and yeah that includes Hank Pym pimp slapping his wife. as that is the case I totally get it. Making Mar-vell an old lady and Cosmo the space dog a female is mildly irritating but only in the sense of, Well why'd you do that. What narrative purpose did that serve? am I annoyed that the Taskmaster isn't Anthony Masters but “Antonia Dreykov following the Taskmaster protocol”? yes, but only for the latter, you see I don't really care about gender or race swaps for that matter in comic book adaptations as long as they get the costume of the character down as well as their characterization, it's called acting for a reason. the caveat being that the race or gender of that character isn't integral to that character. For example, Wonder Woman doesn't really work if it's a dude in the costume and Red Skull is literally a Nazi so it kind of has to be a white European. however certain characters can be gender swapped and it changes absolutely nothing about the narrative they are appearing in. The aforementioned Cosmo the space dog is a perfect example, she appears in the Guardians movies and literally no one cared that they changed a male character to a female one, actually like Makari in Eternals, Ghost in Ant-Man 2 and the Ancient One in Doctor Strange. half you motherfuckers didn't even know these characters are originally male in the books which is another bone I'm going to pick with these people. more than half of you folks don't even read the comics so why the hell do you even care. I could have a mature discussion with Avid comic readers about why they'd dislike a gender swap, but I can't help but laugh in the face of the people who don't even know who these characters are, yet somehow complain that the MCU has too many female characters. Was the ancient one a good character in Doctor Strange? If the answer is yes, then you agree with me that the sex of the character usually doesn't matter, and that what is important is getting the characterization down, so then it logically follows that bemoaning gender bending is inherently a flawed criticism when a character you didn't even know was originally a male was perfectly portrayed by a female. Again I get it, scenes like the female hero lineup scene in avengers endgame are incredibly ham-fisted and cringe. But seriously, how many moments does the MCU really have something like this? oh the one? I reckon the entire reason this was cringe is because it felt so out of place, not because of the inherently corny girl power moment. Speaking of girl power, She-Hulk. Let's get this out of the way right now. I thought She-Hulk was decent, nothing special but not awful. For whatever reason this show is almost as despised as Brie Larson and it's another one of those things that I simply do not get. It's A Slice of Life TV show with lower stakes and an obvious comedic tone just like her comic books. It's patently obvious to me that the majority of people that talk about this show have literally never picked up a She-Hulk book and I think that's a shame because they're actually pretty good and give you an entirely different look at the superhero genre just like the show. I find it utterly hilarious that the literal writer of the most She-Hulk Comics had to come out and tell critics that said “the reason they disliked the show was its comic inaccuracy”, that the show was accurate to the source material the writer said that with his own mouth. So where is all this coming from? I have seen countless Reddit posts talking about the gender bending and how it wasn't the fact that they're women, but that they were just bad characters or badly written, but I asked this “sincerely if these characters were men wouldn't they still just be bad characters?” you know because the first couple of phases of the MCU weren't totally filled with wrote OneNote one-off characters and we didn't get the M-he-u integration then. I mean do y'all even remember malekith was played by the Ninth Doctor? That Guy Pierce was even in Iron Man 3? real quick name Ronan the accuser's actor… now do it again without Google smart ass. The point is this is part and parcel for the MCU, only this time women are in these roles. But somehow the MCU is suffering because of all the vaginas. what I don't want is culture War nonsense in my media and media discussions, we have enough of that bullshit in every other facet of Our Lives. Why bring it the to escapism. how many characters in comic books movies don't look like themselves and I'm still able to judge a film on its own Merit and still have that complaint because I tell you, you need to separate these things you need to go “here are my real issues with this thing, and here's what I thought of the movie being a movie” that's what you have to do, like I love the MCU but I have complaints and that's what I think a lot of people can't do. Like the She-Hulk thing, everybody has their issue with the pre-release and then they use that to judge the Fucking show, like cool let's let's talk about the shit you had a problem with, also can you tell me what you thought about the actual episode like can we talk about that. People for some reason can't do it and it's frustrating for me, that's why like I'm so disillusioned with reviews these days because nobody is impartial anymore, everybody's letting whatever bias they hold color their reviews and that shit is mad frustrating that you got guys on both sides going “oh this Show's a 10 because incels are mad” then you got the other motherfuckers on the other side “this show is a one or a zero out of ten because feminism” like I get it fam you don't like incels, I get it you don't like feminism, can we talk about the show though because we got a show to talk about not your little fuckin culture war going on. And as we all know hit dogs holler so the people that produce the kind of content that I'm referring to are going to feel some type of way about this, but audience members I'm talking to you, ask yourselves why the people you watch that constantly shit on the MCU are always conveniently the same people ranting about women in media feminism or the woke agenda. Trust me these aren't the types of people you want your media analysis from, they're almost certainly grifters telling you what they think you want to hear so that they can make money off your view, not someone that actually cares about these products. And that's all MCU is, grifters looking to capitalize on the culture War. Now that we got the heavy stuff out of the way, let's shift gears and talk about things that are actually humorous.
Love and Thunder
Number one people that claim the MCU has too much comedy… what the fuck have you people have been smoking. The literal first film in the series was an action comedy and set the tone for the rest of the series. They turned a serious and Disturbed character into a comedian where the only time he's not cracking wise is when his mouth is closed. We are talking about a franchise with 32 films and a handful of TV shows that are all connected and share a universe. if they didn't have the same or similar tone as the first film it wouldn't have felt like a shared universe. And often the refutation to this is that not every single character has to be a comedian like Tony Stark and fair enough they don't, but they aren't in my reviews of the MCU films I often talk about the MCU guy or the character within the film that is the funnel for the film's comedic elements you can spot them almost immediately these days like Luis in the Ant-Man franchise Drax in the guardian films and Yelena in Black Widow. Because these characters play the banana man, it means the other characters in a scene with them are typically the straight man as this Dynamic exists in almost every MCU film, logic dictates that not every character is a comedian like Tony Stark, even if they tell the occasional joke. But even if they were comedians that's how it is in the comics anyway, Spider-Man famously quips to calm himself down when he is afraid, but if you actually cracked open a comic you will find almost every character telling jokes at least occasionally, that's what the word comic means, It is derived from Comedy and that's why comic strips were first referred to as the funnies. One of the things I see online is that a typical MCU film these days uses jokes in a way that undercut a relatively serious moment in the film… you mean like the scene in Guardians of the Galaxy where peter explains what the finger across the throat gesture means to Drax AS he’s trying to kill gamora(Guardians of the Galaxy timestamp 30:16) or when thor tells the avengers that loki is his brother and black widow says that he's killed 80 people and thor says he's adopted(Avengers timestamp 53:43), and what about when tony got drunk in iron man 2. Early MCU was filled with exactly this kind of humor from the beginning so why is it all of a sudden a problem now. What's even funnier is the reaction to the Eternals, that film clearly had a more mature and serious tone to it and an obvious departure from the style of comedy we've come to associate with the MCU, and yet it's boring, flat, and doesn't have personality. When Marvel tries to switch it up they get hit with the Jamie foxx hand and told to stay in their Lane. What do you do when you get conflicting signals? you stick to what works. Enter Taika Waititi. don't get me wrong I think this dude is hilarious but even I have to admit he left his stamp on the MCU in a less than flattering way. Discounting the Guardians franchise, this man is responsible for two of the wackiest entries in the MCU, Thor Ragnarok and love and thunder and of course he was I mean listen to him in the movie Free Guy. “make it original, why would I do that when I can make a sequel. eyepieces and sequels, that is the thing that people want. Let me ask you a question, okay you love Kentucky Fried Chicken right? if you love Kentucky Fried Chicken and I made Kentucky Fried Chicken and I know that you love Kentucky Fried Chicken why would I make another restaurant called uh I don't know Albuquerque boiled turkey, makes no sense homie. What am I gonna give you? A sequel. Kentucky Fried Chicken part two.” you probably think he's acting, you also probably think he's not talking about the criticism of his Thor movies. No. As he just said, why would he sell you something when he knows you liked the previous thing. I'm pitting love and thunder squarely on the shoulders of everyone that loved Ragnarok. And yes I'm including myself. Seriously why was the reaction to love and thunder so much worse than to Ragnarok, personally I found Gorr to be a more compelling villain than hella. It's a far more emotional film and they're both incredibly wacky and colorful. Seriously, this situation is like Resident Evil 4 and 5. they're basically the same thing but for some reason people hate one and love the other even though the one they love is directly responsible for the one they hate. And they don't like hearing that so they'll say anything to justify why they dislike more of the things they do like. It's uncanny. Now I think it's entirely fair to say that if Ragnarok was a 9 or 10, taika cranked it up to 11 for love and thunder. There is Merit to the idea that some of the comedy went overboard, and I'm not here to tell you that it didn't, but there is a reason this section is called love and thunder. I'm here to say that Thor 4 was an aberration.
Phase 4
Yes you heard me Thor 4 was the outlier, no other film outside of perhaps Ragnarok even comes close to the silliness of love and thunder and that is the point phase four is looked at as some abject failure when more than half of the properties in phase four were very well received and not fever dreams of taika waititi. look at all the other films in phase four, black widow, Shang Chi, eternals, no way home, Multiverse of Madness, and wakanda forever. Black Widow is a slower paced origin story for the New Black Widow and the last hurrah for Johansson. The silliest that film gets is Red Guardian or Florence Pew who was widely acclaimed as the best part of that film. Shang Chi is a pure martial arts film with a veneer of MCU over it and the vast majority of people liked it, even Awkwafina was toned down and the worst you could say about it was the fake Mandarin and his teddy bear thing. Eternals we've already talked about, this movie was too boring for some people but that DOES mean it wasn't over the top like love and thunder. No way home is widely considered the best movie in the phase and perhaps one of the best in all of the MCU. It's my personal favorite Marvel film and I know that to be the case for a lot of people. You could be one of those people that go against the grain and say that the only reason we like this movie is due to Nostalgia but I've always found arguments like that strange. Who really cares why people like something, if they like it they have a reason even if they themselves can't fully elucidate that reason. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is another phase 4 film that the majority of people liked and wasn't an over-the-top comedy special like love and thunder. There are bits and Bobs of Comedy here and there but the film plays more like a supernatural horror film than a comedy, of course that has a lot to do with the film being made by Sam Raimi the director and producer of The Evil Dead franchise. This film gets flacked for its Multiverse Shenanigans and people's complete misunderstanding of the power levels of the Scarlet Witch, not because it's a bad movie or that it overcooks the comedy. And finally we have black panther wakanda forever “more woke garbage from Disney a very racist move boring and uneventful don't give Disney more of your money the MCU at its finest go woke go broke.” comments like those are precisely the reason this Comment is being made. This type of sentiment is fostered here on this platform from those grifters that I was talking about, and then these people go around spreading the virus. Obviously wakanda forever is not any of those things nor would I call it a comedy film in the vein of Thor 4. Are you starting to get why I called love and thunder an aberration yet? Clearly these films are all distinct tonally while all fitting in the same universe, you know like the comics. Let's talk about the TV shows really quick shall we. There are eight TV shows in phase four, WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, what if, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, Miss Marvel, and She-Hulk. Out of the eight WandaVision, Loki, Moon Knight, Hawkeye, and what if are widely considered to be really good so I don't really feel the need to say anything about them. It's Falcon, Ms Marvel, and She-Hulk that are the contentious ones. Before I say anything about those three, five out of eight shows being good is a success by any measure, no matter how you think you feel about phase four their TV shows have been a roaring success. my main gripe is that Disney plus releases one episode a week, an Antiquated practice in the era of streaming services that only serves to keep you subscribed for at least two months and is a BULLSHIT maneuver that needs to be eradicated from streaming culture because what the entire FUCK did we stop watching TV for, only for TV to invade the streaming space. Personally I thought Falcon in the Winter Soldier was whatever, it was nice to see the origin of Sam Wilson's Captain America but did that need to be an entire TV show? I mean cap gave him the shield at the end of end game he was Captain America at that point anyway and him giving up the shield in the show with some of the most contrived nonsense I've ever seen. I find the criticism of this show Fair. Ms Marvel is a show about Pakistani culture first and in the last five minutes of each episode they remember they're telling a superhero story. Again I find the criticism of this particular show Fair even though I really like the main actress and thought she did a great job bringing the character to life. In fact I am quite looking forward to the Marvels this year specifically for her and for literally no other reason. She-Hulk… I'm gonna push back. Outside of some cringe forced feminist tropes, of which there aren't that many, this show is actually not as bad as people are claiming it is, in fact its last episode is one of my favorite things in the entire phase considering the massive fourth wall break something she's been doing for longer than Deadpool in the comics, And I love it when characters break the fourth wall. So for me the only bad TV show was Miss Marvel and that was mainly the fact the series was more interested in helping me brush up on partition, but I'm honestly only here for the Marvel Shenanigans. I ask this sincerely, what is the problem with phase four? the vast majority of people like the vast majority of the phase and although there are some properties that aren't all that spectacular, isn't that par for the course for the MCU?
Par For The Course
I read a post that asked “Do you still like the mcu?” There was one particular talking point that I saw over and over. “It's not as good as the earlier phases.” I have to agree and disagree. I agree because when I was watching Black Widow and Shang Chi, there was something that I was noticing about the movies Post endgame, and that was the fact that these properties didn't seem to be tying into each other in meaningful ways. In the previous three phases, Marvel would drop breadcrumbs into these films that would come to fruition sooner rather than later, and that was the fun of going to watch a Marvel movie really. What does this enjoyable thing have to do with the next enjoyable thing? In other words they were building to something and that was the mighty Crescendo that was Avengers end game but during the early part of phase four everything felt aimless like what the hell did Wanda Vision have to do with black widow what was the connect thread there, I mean we still have things left unexplained like what happened to Sersi at the end of eternals and did that have anything to do with the signal we saw at the end of Shang Chi. Of course some of these things have connected, WandaVision was building up to Multiverse of Madness, Black Widow introduced us to a character that appeared in Hawkeye, and Loki introduced us to the main villain of this Arc Kang the Conqueror. where I disagree is that these ups and downs we are seeing in the quality for each property Post endgame is exactly what we saw a pre-endgame. Let's be honest here in Phase One, Iron Man 2 was widely seen as inferior to Iron Man 1 and Thor is generally seen as the worst of the bunch. Hell, I've been arguing with people online for the past 15 years that the Incredible Hulk is a pretty good movie, but the fact that I have to argue that is entirely the point. Phase 2 contained the universally panned Thor the Dark World, Iron Man 3 and the lowest rated Avengers film Age of Ultron. All of these movies at the time were seen as lower quality properties when compared to the high bar set by Iron Man and the Avengers. Phase three is more of the same with Guardians 2 being considered worse than the first movie. Ant-Man and the WASP made the least money at the box office in a phase with nine other movies that made 800 million or more, and Captain Marvel is probably the lamest movie in the entire MCU. Up to that point how is phase four any different? You got your good movies, you got your mid movies, Same as the previous 15 years. I think the only tangible difference is that Endgame truly was a crescendo and people don't seem willing to wait for it to build back up and fair enough. If your litmus was Avengers endgame then you have to give Marvel at least until 2030 because that's how long it took them to reach that point, right? 11 years. obviously I'm kidding but the point is Marvel has been so good, people are expecting them to not only knock it out of the park every single film when their track record suggests they've never been able to do that, but to also be as good as endgame which is clearly an unfair standard to hold them to, considering the length of time it took to reach those Heights and the state of the universe as of 2023. do I like everything that is transpiring in Marvel these days? of course I don't, but I think the reality is that like all things, the MCU is going to have its ups and downs, I've always kept it real with the MCU there are a ton of things I don't like and I've never held back on shitting on them for poor decisions. However we've given Fox, Sony, and Warner Brothers many chances to impress us and sometimes they have but until another company comes along and makes panel accurate movies the MCU is still the best adaptation of comic books we have.
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2023.06.07 17:10 endersgame69 Kayobi's Days Off C16

Jin returned with red eyes and a red face that was contradicted by a smile, it wasn’t a strong one, but it was there. “Thank you, Kayobi.” He said with that weak little smile growing a little bit stronger.
“Don’t sweat it, just pick up my cookies when I need it, maybe help clean my place when it gets to be a little too much, we call it even, yeah?” I asked with a smirk. “You know how I hate chores.” I opened my mouth and stuck my pointer finger into the gaping face hole, then made a quick gagging noise.
He blinked a few times, “Yeah, yeah, no problem, no problem. I’ll handle the close up, you can go ahead and go home.”
“Great, but how is she?” I asked as I grabbed my purse and a handful of purchases that I’d made over the course of the day.
“I think you probably can guess.” He answered, then jerked his thumb over his shoulder, “Just get going, I’d rather not talk about it. I’d be happier if you just let me work for a while.” Jin gave me an urgent nod, and I shrugged in response.
“Alright, and hey, chin up, my boy. These things have a way of working themselves out.” I promised, and made my way out of the store to the sound of his quiet…
“Yeah, right…” Being repeated several times.
It was evening out, not dark-dark, but dark enough.
But there’s no amount of dark that can outdo a swapper’s sense for the evil eye, that sort of ‘instinct’ that tells you when you’re being watched.
I made a show of stretching and followed my instincts, and much to my total lack of surprise, there was a car up the street that was way too nice for the neighborhood. Sleak, black, dark tinted windows. ‘They really are efficient.’ I thought to myself and chose to linger outside my door and lean over the rail, just watching the sky grow darker. ‘They’ll probably figure out it had something to do with that store. I probably should have gotten rid of them after all…’
I shook my head at the thought, that was a last resort, I could leave that place alone, at least… probably. I doubted the old man was responsible, I felt the fear in his throat, the way it pulsed and saw the sweat beading on his bald head with enough quantity to make it shine like a polished cueball.
‘He would have reported to his boss, however. And it’s only natural they’d want to investigate. But then, they didn’t come by, they’re just watching for now.’ I thought about what that might mean. They weren’t totally stupid, at least.
Smart people are easier to work with than stupid people, they have a greater eye toward their own self interest. As I watched them out of the corner of my eye, careful to ensure none of them left the car to come and bother Jin, I contemplated my options.
“I really don’t want to work on my vacation, damn it!” I muttered and furrowed my brow.
They were still watching me. I could feel it.
That was a relief, the cool air caressed my skin, and it felt almost blissful.
I hadn’t meant to get so involved, I’ve spent years just trading little favors for doing my damn errands… ‘Now look at you… great job, Kayobi, great… great… job.’
This is probably the most troublesome part of being a swapper, we mimic other species so well that we take on their emotional capabilities and many of their mental faculties, and humans' sense of community is stronger than that of my species.
So what else was there for it but to go along with what had already happened?
When I watched Jin make his way to his apartment, I waved a warm “Goodnight.” to him, which he barely acknowledged, and then I went into my home.
But, I didn’t close the door, not all the way.
Instead… I swapped. My body shrank, grew fur, tiny ears, cute little paws, and when I opened my mouth, a squeak came out.
I raced out the crack in my door and down the steps, then went on a roundabout journey toward their car. There was no reason for them to be suspicious of a mouse, but even so, why tempt fate, right?
I scurried underneath their car and I went straight for the tire. I gave a quick bite after hardening my teeth enough, and the puncture was clean. I repeated the act three more times in quick succession. Each time I was rewarded by a tiny ‘hiss’ noise in the dark.
Up above, I could hear them talking. “They said no. Just observe. See if there’s anything strange, then go. We keep her under surveillance, that’s all.”
“Asking questions is faster.” His colleague in the passenger seat responded.
“Lots of things are fast, they’re not always good. We can take her any other night as good as now, if there’s nothing strange. And if there is, we were smart to be cautious.” The driver said, and I wiggled my ears.
With that kind of work ethic… ‘He might have been a decent swapper. Oh well.’ I thought, and bit through their break lines. I didn’t envy them sitting there the whole time… and I really didn’t like the idea of them lingering around my neighborhood.
So as soon as I was done, I scurried away out of view, off to a direction they weren’t watching, then I swapped again. This time into the form of a young human male, old enough to be out late, but not much else, and I started walking up the length of the sidewalk.
I paused when I got to their car, then stopped to stare.
They noticed me pretty quick, and the window on the passenger side came down. “Go home.” The meathead in the seat said.
I pretended to be startled, scared, and moved my mouth a few times before I could say anything.
“S-Sorry.” I said, “I ah, I was just going to t-tell you guys…” I swallowed the lump in my throat as if I were fearful of what they were.
“What?” The passenger asked.
“Your tires, they’re flat.” I said, “S-Sorry to bother you, I’ll go home!” I swore, and ran off into the darkness until I was well out of sight and I could turn and watch them.
The pair got out of the car and a string of swear words came out of their mouths a few moments later.
“This one’s popped, and so is this one… what about that side?” The driver asked.
“Both are out… we must have hit something…” The passenger concluded.
The swearing renewed, and when I’d snuck back into my apartment, I ‘swapped’ back into my usual form.
I chuckled while I listened to them cursing up a storm, they maybe had one spare, but not four. I didn’t want them to call a tow, though. So I stepped back outside with my own phone. [E’grahcrevo] I cast the spell in their direction, frying their electronics. Their cellphones were as good as bricked.
More cursing for them. More mirth for me.
As it was getting late in Shinjai, there was a logical, obvious choice after concluding I’d gone to bed. Drive away as far as they could, borrow a phone, and call for a ride home, leaving the car to be towed in the morning.
But, them being Yakuza, they would almost certainly report to whoever sent them out, which meant going to that building.
I dialed the connection number to our satellite and waited while the call was routed to Celia. I was rewarded by her face in its natural state. “Celia, hey, how are you?” I asked with a very human grin.
“Fine… just… you know.” She mumbled.
“Oh, well I can improve that a bit. How about you come hang out here with me for a few days.” I suggested.
“Wait, really?!” She asked, so stunned that she leaned back from her device.
“Yeah, well, listen it won’t be all day every day, I’m doing a favor for someone, but we’ll have all evening, and you can binge watch all the stuff I’ve been enjoying, you know, catch up with me some!” I gave her a wide, encouraging grin, “And there’ll be plenty of snacks, just convert some of your credits to gold and, well you know how I do it, but you can pick up whatever you want to eat, from the store I’m helping out at. Then we can relax after I get back.” I promised.
She shivered a little, and I knew excitement in my species when I saw it.
“I do need you to pick up one thing for me on your way here though, just a small errand, nothing big, and I’ll pay for it, of course. Just grab me one of the Q-42 xenocrystalization vials, would you?” I asked.
She blinked her eyes at me. “Are you just trying to get me to do one of your chores for you?” She asked.
I held up my thumb and forefinger to the screen and made the space between the two very tiny. “Just a little bit, I promise. But I really do want to hang out with you, I just can’t take the time to come all the way out there and fill out those damn requisition forms.
“Fine, I’ll fill out a form for you and pick it up, but you’d better pay me back as soon as I get there.” Celia insisted, “I’ll be there in a few days. Just don’t get into any mischief while I’m gone, alright?” She asked.
I couldn’t blame her for the question, after all, the X-42 vial had an extremely flexible fluid inside of it, and the sale of those was strictly limited.
“Celia,” I said with my face deadpan, “when have I ever gotten into shenanigans or mischief of any kind?”
She only looked blankly at me from her screen, tens of thousands of solar systems distant from myself, and…
I gave in.
“I withdraw the question.” I mumbled, “But under protest that the mischief and shenanigans were both worth it one hundred percent of the time.”
“Objection noted.” She responded, and hung up.
I laughed, then poked my head out of the door in time to watch the car start to roll away on three bad tires, after they’d evidently used the spare on the front right tire. It wouldn’t do much good, but I suppose it was better than nothing.
“Alright. Time for some more shenanigans.” I laughed to myself and after stepping out of view again, I swapped into the body of a bird and began to follow after them.
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(Edit) Loona-esque Hellhound - Oxy

Sorry this kinda sucks, but heres Oxy, my very familiar looking OC. its a trace/edit, yes, and it does suck, yes, but, im posting it anyway, i guess.
EDIT: Hey, look! I added backstory! More boring garbage from me, i guess! Anyway, Oxy is, as you could probably see, a Hellhound who looks a lot like Loona from Helluva Boss, which is partially intentional and also just because i needed a background image. She's about 6'7', and only 140 pounds. Her eyes are a slightly off shade of red, and she has two gold ear piercings. Unlike Loona, she has no gray markings at all- except on her tail. i would provide more backstory but this is a very early draft. feel free to suggest anything in the comments.

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2023.06.05 22:56 dysfuctionalteddy I think I figured out how many Earth years are 1 Hell year

EDIT: This is just a fun theory that if time moved differently in hell and earth. I don’t know and have no way of guessing if earth and hell’s time passage is different or not, but if it does, this is my theory of how.
I think I figured out how time moves in Hell relative to earth in Helluva Boss.
I did this by using real world history, what we know about the characters, and math. For this experiment, I will be estimating and rounding most numbers, earth will be set in 2023 because it looks to be modern day, and the in universe time that has past is 6 months - 1 year because that’s commonly agreed upon.
I started with Stolas because we know/can safely assume lots about his age and when things happened in his life. As well as he has a real world counterpart that we can infer from. Let’s take S2E1, I’m going to say he’s 11 in the flashbacks. He looks and sounds still quite young, but he is deemed responsible enough to learn about the grimore and fulfil his role. Most people tend to say 10-12 anyway, plus 11 is a prime number, also half of an angel number. I’d imagine that age would have some importance to spiritual beings. Using the 25 year timeskip card (which leads us to right before the start of the show), he would be 36 there, about 37 now.
The real world “Lesser Key of Solomon” was introduced somewhere in the 1600s, sharing texts that are estimated to be centuries older. For simplicity we will say Stolas perfected his craft, and humans took the time to notice him and study him around 1000 A.D. We can assume he’s about 18 at this time, when he would rise to the thrown and fully take on his duties. Which means Stolas has grown 19 years since then.
2023 - 1000 = 1023
1023 / 19 = 54 (53.8)
Look at that! We’ve already figured out how many Earth years is in 1 Hell year. No wonder Hell is overpopulated. But let’s see if our math checks out, let’s figure out when Stolas was born using Stolas’ current age.
54 x 37 = 1998
2023 - 1998 = 25
So Stolas was born in 25 A.D, let’s see if this checks out:
1000 - 25 = 975
975 / 54 = 18
Yes it does! We now know that Stolas is 1998 Earth years currently.
So for a final fact check, let’s see if our timeline lines up with another character, Octavia. Octavia is 17 in current canon, however it is stated in S2E1 that she is turning 18 over the year, so for the sake of argument she will be 18 in the math. Using this information, let’s see if it fits in the formula we’ve created.
18 x 54 = 972 (Octavia was born 1051 A.D.)
1998 (Stolas’ Earth Age) - 972 = 1026 (Age Difference)
1026 / 54 = 19
37 (Stolas’ Hell Age) - 19 = 18
This also lines up with when Stolas supposedly had Octavia. Most sources say late teens-early 20s. Lots of sources specifically say 19 or 20 years old.
975 (Stolas’ Age at 18 in Hell) + 54 = 1029
1029 / 54 = 19
And we already figured out Octavia was born in 1051 A.D.
1029 + 54 = 1083
Octavia’s birth year definitely fits in those 54 years Stolas is 19.
So I ended up creating a mathematical formula to figure out every characters age and birth years on earth by figuring out 1 year in Hell is equal to about 54 Earth years. Try this with other characters, it works and it’s fun!
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2023.06.05 20:54 Frostdraken Aberration -Part 6-

Amid a galaxy of brutal chaos there are stories to be told, tales of valor and justice, of fear and despair. But amid these stories are the guttering flames of adventures untold, the potential for a universe of entertainment and savage joyous fun. The Oblivion Cycle embodies just this kind of crafted chaos, creating the potential for creative exploits and raucous tales. If you are new to the TOC setting feel free to join the community at TheOblivionCycle to check out some of the background lore or to discuss themes with other readers. I thank you all for your support and continued willingness to read, as always, Please Enjoy!
+ Part 1 + Previous + Next +
Continued From Part 5
Abel couldn't move and so they passed the time waiting for the calvary to arrive by chatting about random things.
Bittu told Abel his first experience with street crime in Shikago and Abel told Bittu about his first few days awake.
“So you just woke up and bam, you were a talking head?” Bittu asked him incredulously.
Abel nodded, trying to ignore the bone deep ache that was pulsing through him. “Yeah, it was the strangest thing. I knew that I was in the wrong place, but I didn't know why. It's like my memories were gone but not the knowledge of them. I can't really explain it any better than that. I'm sorry, Bittu.” he said a bit sadly.
Bittu stood suddenly, a slight whistling groan coming from the sorry pile of white feathers handcuffed to the stairs next to him.
The swanith slowly rose to a sitting position, their backwards knees sprawled out in front of them awkwardly. He looked around and then his golden eyes widened in shock. “AAAuuhh!” they screeched and tried to stand, only to have their handcuffed arm overbalance them.
As they crumpled back into an ungainly heap Bittu said “I wouldn't do that if I were you. You could hurt yourself, and then there wouldn't be any hurting left for me to do.”
Abel frowned at the nerivith man’s comment but said nothing. Bittu had far more experience with this kind of thing than he did, and so he held his tongue and watched.
The feathered man shuddered, his head tucked under a wing as if he were trying to hide. Bittu looked at the small man and said “Hey, you. What's your name?”
The swanith shook his beaked head and muttered “I didn’t do nothin man, you can't prove guan.”
“No need for the strong language, you know the drill. You answer my questions, or…” The man said before lashing out with an open handed slap to the feathered man’s face. The feathers must have softened the blow, but it still shunted the small avian almost to the dirty ground.
Abel barked “What are you doing?”
Bittu gave him a look that seemed to say ‘Shut your face hole.’ in no uncertain terms. Abel snapped his mouth closed, not liking the situation but not sure what the protocol was.
The swanith man groaned, his normally trilling voice now a bit haggard and rough. He coughed, a trickle of dark green blood running from the corner of his beak. He took a deep breath and said “You can hit me all you like, I won’t tell you anything you drit.”
Bittu bristled, his long sinuous tail lashing in anger. He stepped closer to the man and pulled out his Port-25 pushing the barrel of the weapon into the man’s throat. “You want to play hard to get with me fathersucker? I will fuck you up, there isn’t anyone here to stop me.” He glanced at Abel in a manner telling him to hold his tongue.
Abel cringed inwardly at the poor treatment of the prisoner, understanding the dark morality of keeping a criminal safe till trial. But Bittu seemed to be taking an altogether more sinister path. Abel held his tongue, watching as Bittu worked the man over a bit more before the swanith finally screeched out in pain.
“Okay! Okay! My name is Thaee, I was hired to collect on an overdue debt. That’s all man, I swear on the spires it is all.” the man cowered into a small grimy ball of feathers, crying softly.
Bittu shook his head and holstered his gun before walking a few paces away and putting his hands on his hips.
Abel couldn't take it anymore. He spoke up quietly in his partner’s direction. “That was wrong, Bittu.”
Bittu looked at him and nodded “And yet I didn’t see you trying to stop me.”
Abel frowned under his helmet. Flipping the visor up so Bittu could see his face he saw the man wince at Abel’s shattered features. “I couldn't have even if I wanted to, so I figured I would let the situation play out. But that doesn't change the fact that what you just did was morally reprehensible.”
Bittu threw his hands up and stalked towards Abel. As he was in no position to back down or otherwise run away he put on his most determined face instead, intent on winning this bout of wills.
“You just don't get it do you, you are new here. You need to understand something, rookie. These guys, these pieces of shit, they wouldent hesitate to torture a five year old child to death if they thought they would learn something valuable from them. You understand that?” Bittu said venomously. The remark struck Abel as awfully specific.
Suddenly he realized that the nerivith man was trembling, but it didn't appear to be rage, instead it looked as if the man was on the verge of some sort of anxiety attack. Softening his features he reached out as far as he was able and patted the man’s knee softly.
“I’m sorry, Bittu. I may not be very experienced, but I have your back, no matter what. I just didn't understand the need for such force. I’m sorry.” Abel said, bowing his head humbly.
Bittu seemed to calm a little at the contact and stood stiffly. Looking at the still crying form of the beaten Thaee, he sat down next to Abel on the ground. He put his horned head in his hands and curled his tail around his legs saying “I don't want to be this way Abel. But this city, this festering cesspit of corruption has slowly been grinding me away. I'm afraid that if i stay here much longer there will be none of me left. All that was once virtuous replaced by apathy and vitriol.”
The man seemed to sob once before removing his hands and taking a deep breath. Not knowing what else to do Abel put a heavy cybernetic arm around the man's shoulder and said “I don't think you are all bad. I mean, you still have good qualities man.”
Bittu sat still for a few more moments, only the twitching of his tufted tail giving away his inner turmoil. He eventually asked “You really think so Abel?”
Abel smiled at the man, his original eye crinkling with emotion as he nodded. “Yes, yes I really do. Now you should probably get up, I think I hear a vehicle approaching.”
Bittu scrambled to his feet, drawing his sidearm once more and taking cover behind the stairs.
Abel raised his own sidearm, not able to move into cover but perfectly capable of defending himself.
Instead of hostels, a police cruiser rolled around the corner and a pair of officers hopped out, taking cover behind their doors one of them shouted “SPD! Identify yourselves!”
Abel raised his free hand and shouted back “Officer Abel, code X ray-five-six-niner-niner.”
Bittu shouted out “Officer Xeem, code X ray-five-seven-seven-eight.”
The other woman, a young looking nerivith woman with a long raven haired ponytail and impressive swept back horns ducked back into the squadcar. After a moment she called out “They check out.”
The older and much gruffer looking human woman holstered her firearm and started towards them. Abel put his gun away as Bittu walked up to his side.
Bittu looked down at him and hissed “Thats officer Malak, they are a real badass, watch your language. She is a touchy one.” and with that he spread his arms wide and smiled. “Officer Malak, it's so good to see you, hey have I told you your…”
“Cut the chatter Bittu. What are you doing on my turf? You know this is my side of town.” Officer Malak spat with disdain.
She stopped a few meters from them and then looked down at him, Abel raised a hand in greeting.
“What the fuck is this?” Officer Malak asked incredulously. “What new piece of shit hardware have they stuck you with?”
Abel was a bit taken aback, though with his visor down he supposed she must have also mistaken him for some sort of advanced robot. Before he had a chance to say anything to refute the woman, the other officer walked up and looked at Abel.
“Officer Xeem, please meet my new partner, Officer Balungathernadler.” Officer Malak said without pause.
Abel and Bittu cocked their heads simultaneously. “Officer… What? I'm sorry, can you say that a little slower?” Bittu asked.
Officer Malak shook her head and said “Oh come on, it's not that difficult. It’s Balungathernadler. Balungather… You know what, most people just call her Officer Bal.” the woman snorted.
Abel again raised his hand and said “Hello there Officer Bal. Thanks for coming.”
Officer Bal looked him up and down, she turned to Bittu and said “What’s this? I’ve never seen one of them before.”
Bittu shook his head and started to speak but Abel cut him off. “No no, it’s quite alright Bittu.” He reached up and slid his visor up, unveiling his face to the two officers.
Officer Bal recoiled in surprise and what looked like a little horror, but Officer Malak just grunted and said “A fucking cybe? What are you doing with this reject?”
Abel growled and said “Hey, there is no need to get nasty. We were just doing our jobs, it’s not our fault we got here first.”
Officer Malak took a threatening step towards him but Officer Bal held her back and whispered something in the human woman’s ear. She stood back and said “You, stay out of my fucking way Bittu. You and your… Freak!” she spat the word with considerable contempt.
Abel frowned, that hadn't been the kind of welcome he was expecting. He sighed as the two women walked away, the young nerivith officer casting him strange glances over her narrow shoulders as they left.
Abel slumped a little, his nerves shot and the emptiness threatening to overwhelm his senses. ‘What is the point?’ He wondered to himself. Nobody he had met had given him a good first impression, he got the feeling that he wasn't really a popular entity in society. He thought about the reasons for their hatred, but came up empty handed. Nothing struck him as obvious, so there must have been a less obvious reason for the mistreatment. It would have to wait though, he was busy.
“I am sorry Abel. She wasn't this jaded last time we met. Something must have happened to her last partner to make her so angry. She really used to be a sweet woman.” Bittu apologised beside him.
Abel waved a hand and then rested it back on the asphalt. “It’s okay Bittu. It really is, I think I'm just going to have to get used to this kind of treatment. It seems that cyberphobia runs deep in the people of Shikago. Is there a reason?” he asked a little desperately, needing to have a reason for his pain.
Bittu scratched his horns, the two short nubs characteristic of the males of his species. He wished he had gotten a closer look at Officer Bal, she had a spectacular pair of horns. Long and delicately curved, they would have been the envy of many a woman back home on Draken V. He had often heard humans talk about women with a rockin pair of tits, but he was a horn man through and through.
Smiling to himself his horny thoughts were interrupted as Abel asked him “Bittu, is the man okay?”
Bittu twitched in surprise, the man they had just left lying in the room six stories up. “Shit, we need to… Oh, yeah. Sorry, I need to go check on him. Will you be okay down here?” he asked his partner, the large man still sitting in the shallow crater he had made.
Abel nodded and waved him off “I’ll be fine, I can't get much worse after all right?” The man joked with a pained chuckle.
Bittu gave him a thumbs up and rushed up the escape ladder to the first stairway. His tail lashed in nervousness as he quickly ascended the long grated stairway to the opened window of the man’s apartment.
As he reached it he saw the man sitting up with his back to the wall. He was rubbing his head and cradling what looked like a badly broken arm. The man yelled in fear as Bittu swung through the window and he put his hands up non threateningly.
“Hey it’s okay, I’m a cop. See?” he told the man, showing his badge.
The man calmed almost immediately then tensed again.
“My daughter! They took my daughter!” the man wailed.
Bittu stopped. “Shit!” He exclaimed.
The man cried “You didn’t save her? Those monsters have her, they said they would kill her unless I pay them the money I owe. I don’t have the money! Please, you have to save her.”
The man was in hysterics and so Bittu pulled a few pills from his pacification kit. A few painkillers and a mild sedative that would keep the man from hurting himself. “Here, please take these, they will help with the pain till EMT arrives. Here, take them please.”
He handed the small pills to the man who eyed them a little suspiciously. “Are you trying to kill me?” He asked.
Bittu shook his head and widened his violet eyes in shock. What was wrong with this guy? “What? No! I will admit there is a mild sedative in there, but it's to keep you from hurting yourself till we can get you to a hospital. So please just take them.” he told the man.
The man frowned but did as he was asked, downing the pills with a grimace. “I must thank you I guess, for trying.” the man said bitterly after he had calmed a bit.
Bittu stood and nodded “Thanks, we actually got one of them though.”
“You did? What did he say?” the man pleaded.
Bittu shook his head “Nothing much, yet. Don't worry, we are taking him in for interrogation. We’ll crack him and bleed any useful information out of his sorry carcase. Of that you have my word.” he told the man who nodded appreciatively.
Bittu pulled out a datapad from his belt and asked “If you don’t mind, I do have a few questions for you now. Would you be willing to answer them?”
The man froze.
Bittu shook his head “You aren't a suspect, Mr…”
“Zaplin. Harry Zaplin.” the man told him cautiously.
“Alright then Mr. Zaplin. I need to know if you have any idea why these men attacked you.” Bittu asked, wanting to see if the man would be straight up with him.
Harry Frowned and said “I already told you…” But Bittu cut him off with a hiss and a wave.
Bittu pointed at the man and waved his datapad “No, don't tell me what you said, tell me what you meant. I want to know the nature of this connection, the more I know the better I can help. I want to help you, I’m on your side here, remember that.”
The man sighed and shifted into a more comfortable position on the side of his room. “Well. I’m not a bad person okay? But bad things always seem to happen to me. My wife… She got sick.” the man paused and Bittu flicked his tail at the man, motioning for him to go on. Harry continued on saying “Well, she got sick and the hospital said they wouldn't keep covering her bills on my credit alone. I have poor credit…” he stopped again.
Bittu asked “And that's part of the issue… How exactly?”
The man threw up a hand and said “It’s got everything to do with it. You know how these fucking doctors work. No money, no treatment. And I was almost completely out of money. So I, called in a favor.” he admitted.
Bittu raised an eyebrow, his tail freezing in intrigue. “Oh? What kind of favor are we talking about here?”
Harry glared at him and said “The kind of favor that would save my fucking wife, that what kind.”
Bittu raised his hands apologetically and said “Sorry, I had to ask you know. I’m still trying to help, if I wanted to incriminate you I wouldn't have bothered asking for your side of the story. I would have just hauled you off to the station house as you are, are we clear? So please, for the sake of brevity and my own sanity, cut the attitude.” he said sternly.
Harry looked a bit taken aback but then simply nodded. His features changed as he got more sincere “Well, ok then. I guess while we are being honest then I should mention I used to work on the docks. That’s where I first met the Brine gang. Yeah, I never joined, honest. But nobody works those docks without paying their fair share to Oorin. He controls the docks, all of level forty to fourty-nine.” the man said earnestly.
Bittu frowned “Oorin, Orrin Sumps? The fucking port authority overseer?”
Harry Shook his head “No, Orrin Sumps Jr. His son.”
Bittu straightened, well that was fucking news to him. Not that he was any expert on the upper docks or their workings, still. It was a useful piece of information to have.
“Alright. Tell me what happened next, and why Oorin’s boys were tap dancing on your chest a bit ago.” Bittu asked.
The man groaned and said “Well, my wife’s bills were covered, but I had a limited time to pay Oorin back. I seem to have missed it, I work at the corner Nutri-Mart. There was never any way I was going to be able to pay the man back. But I thought I would have more time, time to get my wife out of the hospital and disappear. I guess he was expecting me to try that. Oh merciful Dark, they have my daughter and they know where my wife is. You have to help me, Officer. Please.” the man once more begged.
Bittu heard a sound and whipped out his sidearm, the man whimpered and tried to cower as best he could. “SPD!” Bittu shouted “I’m armed, Identify yourself.”
The sounds of footsteps stopped. A voice rang out “This is aegis trooper Cowlins, you had better not get between me and my patient. You know what happens if you attempt to interfere.” the voice rang out threateningly.
Bittu holstered his gun slowly, not intimidated by the voice. Instead he yelled out “Cowlins? Are you still larping around with that goofball Danny?”
Another voice rang out, this one younger and a little hurt sounding “Hey, what the fuck. Is that you Bittu, you sleazy son of a bitch?”
After a minute two familiar faces poked around the corner of the hall and Bittu threw his arms out wide. “Danny-boi! Oh man, you have grown. Look at you, you’re a man now! How did that happen?” he asked, raising his eyebrow.
“I fucked your mom that’s how.” The human paramedic retorted with a wide grin.
“Oh yeah, and how was that huh? I bet you liked it too you dirty xenophile.” he laughed as the man approached for a hug.
Behind the younger man approached a hulking hunched figure in dark grey combat armour and carrying a big gun. It was Cowlins, the yeown’s large furred head swinging side to side as he scanned for potential danger.
He reached out a large hand and fist bumped Bittu while saying “It is good to meet you in peace once more Bittu. I feared that we would one day be at odds, and I have no wish to kill you my friend.”
Bittu nodded and said “Yeah, it’s good to see you too.”
Danny chuckled and walked into the room. Gesturing to the man Bittu said “Danny, meet Mr. Zaplin. Mr. Zaplin is having a bad day, I’m sure you can make it all better?”
Danny sobered up and waved Cowlins forward. The large armoured man dragging a hovergurney behind him. Bittu stepped back out of the way as Danny started checking Harry over, the man answering various medical questions quietly as Danny fixed a temporary sling to stabilize the man's broken arm.
Bittu turned to Cowlins and asked “So, how have things been? I haven't seen you two in a long time. What's it been, like six months?”
“Eleven, eleven months. And I have not been dwelling on the past in case you were wondering. So you can stop sweating.” The large furred alien said, his armour creaking as he moved his muscular form.
He walked towards the bedroom window, putting thoughts of the past aside. “You two didn't happen to see a big idiot with a pair of broken legs in the alley did you?” he asked nobody in particular.
Danny glanced over at him and nodded “Oh that guy, what's his name is already loaded up in your cruiser, they insisted. We offered to take them to the hospital but he said he already had a scheduled repair appointment. I guess it's easier to fix synthetics than organics. Fuck my job right?”
Cowlins spoke up suddenly “I like him.”
Danny paused and turned to look at the big man. “You what? You don’t like anybody.”
Cowlins cocked his head and shrugged “I like you… You are not nobody.”
Bittu chuckled and said “It’s okay Cowlins. I like Abel too. He is… an interesting fellow. A big lovable idiot to be sure, but a good guy.” Bittu said fondly, surprising himself.
Danny helped Harry to his feet and with Cowlins assistance, got the injured man sat comfortably on the gurney.
Danny turned to him and asked “An idiot huh. Is that how he broke his legs then, being an idiot?”
Bittu shook his head and replied slowly “Not exactly. He did something stupid yeah, but his reasons were quite noble actually. I don't think the guy really thinks about the consequences of his actions before he does them. He kind of just, does the right thing, all the time. It’s strange.” Bittu trailed off quietly.
Danny stretched his back and said “Well, whatever he is, he weighs a fucking tonne. We barely got him out of the alley. You take good care of yourself Bittu, and it is good to see you trusting someone again.”
Bittu wanted to retort but was stopped by Cowlins as the yeown placed a heavy clawed hand on his shoulder and said “I wish you the best of luck. I hope you and your new friend will live long prosperous lives, you take good care now and may Frine shelter you in the palm of her hand.”
He waved and the three left down the hall, their footsteps fading into the distance as he sat on the edge of the bed for a minute.
What a situation, that was more reminders of the past that he really wanted to deal with. Groaning a little at the stiffness in his lower back he stood and began to walk out of the apartment towards the stairwell.
Abel sat in the cruiser with his arms folded across his chest. Bittu had left to check on the man some time ago, while he had been gone a nice pair of medics had shown up and helped him out of the alley. With only one partially functional leg he had pretty much been dragged to the car, but it was better than lying on the ground in the middle of an alley.
His shattered leg was sitting at the foot of his seat, but he wasn't worried. Dr. Abernathy would likely be upset with him when he got back, but he had gotten his first bad guy. He looked into the back of the squad car, the reinforced glazmite between them raised and the swanith sitting uncomfortably in one of the bucket seats.
Abel snapped his head back forwards as he noticed a figure leaving the front entrance of the apartment building. It was Bittu.
He smiled under his helmet as the man walked up and opened the driver side door. Bittu leaned heavily on the door and gave a loud sigh.
“What's wrong partner?” Abel asked cheerfully, trying to ignore all the hurts that clamored for his attention.
The nerivith man sat heavily and closed the door. He leaned back into his chair and then glanced at him. He opened his mouth and closed it a few times before shaking his horned head silently. Instead he simply turned on the car and they pulled out onto the street.
Abel was confused, had he done something wrong? He didn't think so, but then again he didn't exactly have that large of a social profile to draw from. He thought about asking if he was doing something wrong but thought better of it. It would likely have only made the unresolved issue worse, and that the last thing he wanted to burden the man with after a hard day at work.
Their shift was technically still less than half over but Bittu spoke up saying “We are heading back to the station.”
Abel shook his head and asked “Why? We are still only a third of the way through our patrol. What did I do wrong?” he asked the man.
Bittu threw up a hand and then scoffed “What did you do wrong? Do you seriously hear yourself?! You nearly fucking killed yourself, and on top of that, we let two of the perps get away. We need to get our man to the station anyways, but the day is over for you. I want you at one hundred percent all the time, I'm not patrolling with another partner that can't watch my back for me.” The man said, a hand seeming to reach for his lower back by itself.
Bittu seemed to realize what he was doing and hiss frustratedly to himself. Abel was flabbergasted. He didn't know whether to shit a brick or jump out of the moving car. Nothing he thought of as a response did his inner turmoil justice so he remained silent.
After a few moments Bittu looked at him and asked angrily “Well?”
“Well… What?” Abel responded.
Bittu growled and narrowly avoided tearing the bumper off a slow moving black van. “Well, aren't you going to tell me what an asshole I am?”
Abel was taken aback by the man's self deprecating mood. “Why would I do that? You are my partner, partner. I am here for you no matter what, isn't that the way it's supposed to be?”
Bittu looked at him and then to the road. He seemed to be at a loss for words. After a pregnant silence he muttered “Yeah. Yeah that's how it's supposed to be.”
Abel smiled and patted the tense man's shoulder and said “Good. I’m glad we agree. Hey, I know I'm not supposed to eat solid foods, but can we swing by that Shabino’s place. It looked really good.”
Bittu started to chuckle and looked at him, a slight smile on his otherwise dour face. “Yeah, we can do that Abel.”
Abel gave him a thumbs up and a goofy grin, putting his visor up while they were in the car.
Bittu nodded and smiled a little wider. “We’ll make a lunch stop, I think they have a drive through so you don’t have to worry about your legs. Oh, and Abel?”
“Yeah Bittu?” Abel asked, the look on the man’s face telling him he was about to say something important.
Bittu paused and then said a little quietly “Thanks. You really are a good officer. I’m glad I was picked to be your partner.”
Abel grinned wide and smacked the man’s shoulder again gently. “Hey, no problem at all Bittu. I'm happy I was placed with you as well, you are a good Officer too, I hope I can be as good as you one day.”
Bittu seemed to get a little sad at the comment and muttered “Yeah, one day.”

End of Part 6
==End of Transmission==
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2023.06.05 14:53 VashxShanks [JRPGs on Sale - Weekly Breakdown & Game Recommendations] For 5 June - 2023 - PSN/Switch/Xbox/Steam (+Steam Deck)

Important Notes:

~ PSN ~

(On Mobile please Swipe left/right to see the prices and tags)

Game Price/Link Tags
Persona 5: Ultimate Edition $16.99 $84.99 Turn-based/Modern Japan setting/School life simulatoMystery/Monster CollectoGreat Music
STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN PS4 & PS5 $31.99 $39.99 Action/Dark Fantasy setting/Expansive skill tree/Class mechanics/Nioh-like/Loot Tiers
Final Fantasy VII Remake $29.99 $59.99 Action/Sci-fi setting
FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster $12.49 $24.99 Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Expansive skill tree
South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ $7.49 $29.99 Turn-based/Modern Day setting/Comedy/Mature/Dark HumoNudity/Fart Jokes
KINGDOM HEARTS III $29.99 $59.99 Action/Fantasy setting/Crossover of Disney and Square Enix characters
ONE PIECE World Seeker $8.99 $59.99 Action/Anime Adaptation/Open World/Beat'em up
Yakuza Kiwami $5.99 19.99 Action/Modern World setting/Organized Crime/Comedy heavy/Drama heavy/Mini-game Heavy/Beat'em up/Open World
Yakuza Kiwami 2 $5.99 19.99 Action/Modern World setting/Organized Crime/Comedy heavy/Drama heavy/Mini-game Heavy/Beat'em up/Open World
Yakuza: Like a Dragon PS4 & PS5 $14.99 $59.99 Turn-based/Contemporary Japan setting/Yakuza life/Open World/Heavy on Drama and Comedy/Heavy on Mini-games/Class Changing Mechanics
STAR OCEAN : INTEGRITY AND FAITHLESSNESS $11.99 $29.99 Action/Sci-fi mixed with Fantasy setting/Space travel/Resource gathering & Crafting/Social link mechanic between party members
Dragon's Crown Pro $3.99 $19.99 Action/Beat'em up/Fantasy setting/Online Multiplayer available/Loot focused
Tales of Zestiria $5.99 $59.99 Action/Fantasy setting/Anime style/Local Co-Op/Fantasy Adventure
Wild Arms $6.99 $9.99 Turn-based/Wild West Fantasy/Puzzle heavy
Wild Arms 2 $6.99 $9.99 Turn-based/Wild West Fantasy/Puzzle heavy
Sword Art Online: Lost Song $8.99 $59.99 Action/MMORPG Setting/Online MultiplayeDating-sim/Tiered Loot/Dungeon Crawlers/Boss Raids/Kill & Fetch Quests heavy
Ys Origin $4.99 $19.99 Action/Fantasy setting/Great Soundtrack
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA $19.99 $39.99 Action/Fantasy setting/Base Building/Great Soundtrack
Valkyria Chronicles Remastered $5.99 $19.99 Tactical Turn-based/World War Militar setting/Tactical mixed with real-time elements/Sketch or "Canvas" art style/Build your Army with character customization/Mission based story progression/Army management
Valkyria Chronicles 4 $5.99 $29.99 Tactical Turn-based/Fantasy Sci-fi World War setting/Tactical mixed with real-time elements/Sketch or "Canvas" art style/Build your Army with character customization/Mission based story progression/Army management
Cris Tales $7.99 $39.99 Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Time-travel setting and mechanics/Female Protagonist/Timed-presses combat mechanics
The Alliance Alive HD Remastered $19.99 $49.99 Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Expansive Skill Tree/Character customization
Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia $24.99 $49.99 Tactical turn-based/Grand Strategy/High Fantasy setting/Choose a Nation to play as/Conquering the world is the end goal
The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure $31.99 $39.99 Turn-based/Science Fantasy setting/Great Soundtrack/Police/Story and Lore heavy/War and Politics
Trails of Cold Steel III Digital Deluxe Edition $35.99 $79.99 Turn-based/Great Soundtrack/Fantasy High school life setting/Dating Sim/Story and Lore heavy/Military and War
Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time $14.99 $49.99 Action/Fantasy setting/Female Protagonist/Beat 'em up, Anime series Original source material/Magic Academy
Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force $5.99 $19.99 Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Anime style/Comedy/Dark story/Good English dub/Power Ranger Transformation/Fan-service/Dating-sim
Demon Gaze II $3.99 $39.99 Turn-based/First Person dungeon crawleDark Fantasy setting/Monster collection
Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy $19.99 $24.99 Tactical Turn-based/Medieval Fantasy/Class changing mechanics
Omega Quintet $9.99 $19.99 Turn-based/Modern Japanese Fantasy setting/Idol group manager life/Fan-service
Dodgeball Academia $12.49 $24.99 Action/School Life Sim/Sports (Dodgeball)/2D Hand-drawn Cartoon Art style
Super Neptunia RPG $11.99 $39.99 Turn-based/Side Scroller PlatformeFemale Protag/Comedy/Fan-service
The DioField Chronicle PS4 & PS5 $29.99 $59.99 Real Time Strategy/Medieval fantasy setting/Military & WaClass mechanics
Dusk Diver 2 $34.99 $34.99 Action/Modern Taipei Ximending setting/Female Protagonist/Beat'em up/Anime visual style
The Caligula Effect: Overdose $19.99 $49.99 Turn-based unique combat/School Life setting/Persona-like/Great Soundtrack/Female and Male Protagonist choice
The Caligula Effect 2 $29.99 $49.99 Turn-based unique combat/School Life setting/Persona-like/Great Soundtrack/Female and Male Protagonist choice
Monster Crown $11.99 $29.99 Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Monster collectoPixel Graphics/LGBTQ+
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising $8.99 $14.99 Action/Medieval Fantasy setting/Character collectoCity BuildeSider-Scroller
GrimGrimoire OnceMore $39.99 $49.99 Real-time Strategy/Medieval Fantasy setting/Female Protagonist/Magic School
Tactics Ogre: Reborn $32.99 $49.99 Tactical turn-based/Medieval fantasy/Choices MatteMultiple story routes/Class system/Dark/Politics/Remake of the SNES original
Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout $29.99 $59.99 Active time battle/Fantasy setting/Mainly about crafting (Alchemy)/Chill and Relaxing/Wholesome/Heavy on Resource gathering/Heavy on Character Interactions
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy PS4 & PS5 $29.99 $59.99 Active time battle/Fantasy setting/Mainly about crafting (Alchemy)/Chill and Relaxing/Wholesome/Heavy on Resource gathering/Heavy on Character Interactions
CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION $13.99 $19.99 Turn-based/Sci-fi Fantasy setting/Choices MatteMultiple Endings/2 Games in 1 bundle
VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH $13.99 $19.99 Turn-based/Medieval Fantasy setting/Choices MatteMultiple Endings/Platforming/Female Protagonist/Norse Mythology

~ Switch ~

Game Price/Link Tags
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition $9.99 $49.99 Turn-based/Cyber World setting/Monster Collector & Raising sim/Combat heavy/Satisfying grinding loop/2 full games in 1 pack
CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION $34.99 $49.99 Action/Sci-fi setting
DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET $19.79 $59.99 Action Fantasy/Semi-Open World (zones)/Anime story adaptation/Beautiful animations
Megadimension Neptunia VII $8.99 $29.99 Turn-based/Female Protagonist/Comedy/fan-service
Super Neptunia RPG $7.99 $39.99 Turn-based/Valkyrie Profile-like combat/Sci-fi setting/Female Protagonist/Comedy/Parody/Fan-serivce
Children of Zodiarcs $5.39 $17.99 Tactical Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Female Protagonist/Card Based/Deck Building
CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION $13.99 $19.99 Turn-based/Sci-fi Fantasy setting/Choices MatteMultiple Endings/2 Games in 1 bundle
Death end re;Quest $11.99 $29.99 Turn-based/Cyber world setting/Female Protagonist/Dark Fantasy/Gore/Fan-service
Death end re;Quest 2 $14.99 $39.99 Turn-based/Cyber world setting/Female Protagonist/Dark Fantasy/Gore/Fan-service
Mary Skelter 2 $9.99 $39.99 Turn-based/First-Person View Dungeon CrawleDeep & Full party customization/Female Protagonist/Multiple Endings/Horror
Mary Skelter Finale $19.99 $49.99 Turn-based/First-Person View Dungeon CrawleDeep & Full party customization/Female Protagonist/Multiple Endings/HorroFan-service
Astria Ascending $21.99 $39.99 Turn-based/Medieval Fantasy setting/PlatformeFemale Protagonist/Class system
Fairy Fencer F™: Advent Dark Force $8.99 $29.99 Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Anime style/Comedy/Dark/Good English dub/Fan-service/Dating-sim
Redemption Reapers $29.99 $49.99 Tactical Turn-based/Medieval Fantasy setting/Dark Fantasy
Arc of Alchemist $15.99 $39.99 Action/Fantasy/Female Protagonist/Fan-service/Base-Building
Shadows of Adam $7.49 $14.99 Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Retro Pixel Graphics
Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout $29.99 $59.99 Active time battle/Fantasy setting/Mainly about crafting (Alchemy)/Chill and Relaxing/Wholesome/Heavy on Resource gathering/Heavy on Character Interactions
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy $29.99 $59.99 Active time battle/Fantasy setting/Mainly about crafting (Alchemy)/Chill and Relaxing/Wholesome/Heavy on Resource gathering/Heavy on Character Interactions

~ Xbox ~

Game Price/Link Tags
Child of Light® $4.49 $14.99 Turn-based Fantasy/Female Protagonist/Beautiful Hand-drawn/Side Scroller
Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling $12.49 $24.99 Turn-based/Paper Mario-like/Comedy/Adventure
Digimon Survive $41.99 $59.99 Tactical turn-based/Modern Japan setting/Monster CollectoMostly VN/Multiple Routes & Endings/Anime style/Social Link system
ONE PIECE World Seeker Deluxe Edition $8.99 89.99 Action/Anime Adaptation/Open World/Beat'em up
DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT Deluxe Edition $21.24 $84.99 Action/Fantasy setting/Semi-Open World (zones)/Anime story adaptation/Beautiful animations

~ Steam ~

If you want to check the games yourself:

~ Link to the JRPGs on Sale list ~

Steam Deck Icons (As explained by Steam itself):

🟦 Verified: Means that the game is fully compatible and works with built-in controls and display.
🟧 Playable: Means the game is Functional, but requires extra effort to interact with and configure .
"--" Unknown: Basically unconfirmed or still under-review.
Game Price/Link Tags Steam Deck
ASTLIBRA Revision™ $19.99 $24.99 Action/Medieval Fantasy/Hack n Slash/Resource gathering/Expansive skill tree/Learn skills by mastering geaRewards grinding/Dark Story/Side-Scroller 🟦 Verified
Cosmic Star Heroine $3.74 $14.99 Turn-based/Cyberpunk setting/Female Protagonist/Pixel Graphics 🟧 Playable
Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen $47.99 $59.99 Tactical Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Great World Building/Fan-serivce/Comedy/War & Politics/Lovable Characters/Mystery 🟦 Verified
Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception $31.99 $39.99 Tactical Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Great World Building/Fan-serivce/Comedy/War & Politics/Lovable Characters/Mystery 🟦 Verified
Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth $31.99 $39.99 Tactical Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Great World Building/Fan-serivce/Comedy/War & Politics/Lovable Characters/Mystery 🟦 Verified
Septerra Core $1.99 $4.99 Turn-based/Sci-fi setting/Female Protagonist/Isometric 🟧 Playable
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom $1.49 $9.99 Action/Fantasy setting/Martial arts/Puzzles/Anthropomorphic Characters 🟦 Verified
This Way Madness Lies $7.49 $9.99 Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Female Protagonist/Lovecraftian/Comedy/Pixel Graphics 🟧 Playable
Redemption Reapers $29.99 $49.99 Tactical Turn-based/Medieval Fantasy setting/Dark Fantasy --
ONE PIECE ODYSSEY $38.99 $59.99 Turn-based/Anime Adaptation 🟧 Playable
Nexomon: Extinction $7.99 $19.99 Turn-based/Fantasy setting/Pokemon-like/Monster collector 🟧 Playable
Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom $8.99 $59.99 Action/Fantasy setting/Isekai/Base BuildeArmy Battle/Character CollectoBeautiful art style 🟦 Verified
Scarlet Nexus $19.99 $59.99 Action/Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi setting/Choose between 2 Main Characters/Psychic powers/Using environmental objects as weapons 🟦 Verified
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs $4.59 $28.49 Tactical turn-based/Medieval Fantasy setting/Social link system/Politics/Comedy

~ General Recommendations (All Consoles) For Anyone Who Can't Decide ~

First off, I won't recommend big or famous games like Final Fantasy or Persona, this is more for lesser know, hidden gems, or just games where it's hard to find someone talking about them.

[Valkyria Chronicles]

[Valkyria Chronicles 4]

This one is really hard to explain through words alone, but just in case, the VC series is a World War 2 military setting story, where you act as the lead of a squad and take mission to drive back the enemy. The story is drama heavy and the gameplay is tactical turn-based, but it's mixed with real-time third person shooter.
You can also make your own army by recruiting different types of solders, training them and upgrading their gear. From rifles to tanks, this is a game you have to experience to understand.

[Wild Arms 1 & 2]

Great classics, and are now sold for dirt cheap, though even their full price is also a steal. If you're looking for great stories, and really interesting characters, combined with truly great puzzles, then don't miss on these 2 games. They started an entire series, and are classics for a reason.

[Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition]

2 full games in 1. If you're a fan of the series then this is a must play, it dives into the lore more than a lot of the previous games, and also has one of the biggest Digimon rosters till to day.
Even if you're not into the Digimon series, if you're looking for your next fix of Capture/Evolve/Fusion -> Grind -> Capture/Evolve/Fusion -> Grind while you listen to your favorite podcast/music, then no need to wait anymore, with hours upon hours you can easily spend just grinding and completing the game's various content from side-quests, rare monsters, arena, and even tamer team fights. The gameplay is simple, which is a great way to keep your brain off, yet it still has challenge battles now and then to make sure you're doing your job grinding and raising your Digimons.

[ASTLIBRA Revision]

If you are still itching for side-scroller action JRPGs with a good loot system and a good story and world that you can sink your teeth into, then look no further. A game that was 14 years in development and an extra year to work on this remastered version, was more than worth it. The action is meaty and satisfying, the loot is great with each item having the potential of changing your fighting style, and just so much content to explore and have fun with.
Then you add to that fantastic art work by Shigatake of Vanillaware, he worked on games like Odin Sphere, GrimGrimoire, Muramasa: The Demon Blade and others. Then you finally throw in a huge amazing soundtrack, and when I say huge I mean HUGE. With all of that together you have a really great title that any action JRPG fan shouldn't miss.

[Atelier Ryza]

Ryza can be considered a big turning point for the series, mainly because it threw out a lot of old gameplay and story elements that were trademarks of the Atelier series. For starters, the entire sub-series is about Ryza and her friends, instead of the usual way where each title in the sub-series had a different main character. Then as you have noticed, it doesn't use time limits, nor does it have multiple endings. Then add the fact that the battle system switched from turn-based like it was in the entire series until now, to now being Active Time Battle system. Finally, while the Alchemy mechanics always changed between sub-series and games, Ryza has the biggest change in crafting mechanics since Atelier Shallie.
All of these changes, plus being a game with almost no fan-service and the one with good graphics, animations, and so many new different methods being added in how you gather resources, makes it a great starting point for someone who wants to dip their toe into the series and be see if it's something they might like.

[Utawarerumono] series

This fantastic visual novel style tactical game is one hell of a ride from start to end. If you're looking for a fantasy JRPG with amazing world building and an epic of story that expands three whole games, there is no reason to not get this whole series. Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Action, Horror, Fan-service, Betrayal, Revenge, Adventure, etc... This is the whole package here when it comes to story, world, and characters. Just don't expect it to be heavy on gameplay and combat.
Prelude to the Fallen is the first game story-wise, the 2nd game is Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and after that is Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth.

[Rune Factory 4 Special]

Don't even think too long about it, a fantastic game and a great port too, so much you play it easily with mouse and keyboard or controller.
The characters are fun and lovable, the story is interesting, and most of all, the loop is very varied and enjoyable. So much to do:
  • Farming
  • Cooking
  • Monster Collection and Raising
  • Dating and Marriage
  • Dungeon Crawling
  • Blacksmithing and a deep weapon upgrading system
  • Fishing
  • Festivals
  • Town Management
  • House decorating
  • Resource gathering
  • Monster Mounts
  • Mastering different weapon styles
  • Mastering Magic
And so much more. Not to mention that everything you do has a level and so no matter what you spend the day doing, you'll always be leveling something and getting better.
Do you want a game where you can cook horrible burnt food, then take said food and use it as a weapon to beat bosses, and even have said bosses then till your farm and water your crops while you're out riding cows and fighting giant chickens the same time you're on date with your favorite NPC ? Then yea, RF4 got you covered. The only thing you'll miss, is sleep while playing this gem.

As always, please do add your own recommendations, and let me know if there is mistake or if something was missing, and have a nice day.

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2023.06.05 13:47 CigaretteMastersX What the fuck is wrong with AI detection and combat?

I noticed that my enemies, followers, creatures are acting very idiotic. They sheathe a thousand times, say the same thing a thousand times, taunt again and again, they sometimes don't even attack until i do, followers are barely any help because they just watch me or get stuck on sneak, or shout ''Iaah'' and such things while getting attacked by enemies but not attack them back and just stand there. %90 of the time it's like that.
Please please please help me. What am i doing wrong??
*Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
*Water for ENB.esm
*Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl
*Heels Sound.esm
*High Poly Head.esm
*iWant Widgets.esl
*Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm
*Smooth Weapon.esm
*Audio Overhaul Skyrim.esp
*Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
*Obsidian Weathers.esp
ELFX - Weathers.esp
*ELFX Shadows.esp
*Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
*ELFX - Exteriors.esp
*Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
*50 More Perk Points.esp
*[COCO] Pinup Cheongsam.esp
[COCO] Shadow Assassin.esp
[COCO]Bikini Collection.esp
*[ssg]Chain of Darkness.esp
*Anuketh Tattoo Overlays 1.esp
*Black Bear Ancient Nord Armor.esp
*Immersive Encounters.esp
*Embers XD.esp
*Particle Patch for ENB.esp
*Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul.esp
Daedric Chainmail Rework - CBBE 3BBB Bodyslide.esp
*KS Hairdo's.esp
*DX Necromancer Robes.esp
*Embers XD - Fire Magick Add-On.esp
*ERF - Futanari CBBE - Equippable.esp
*Heart Breaker SE.esp
*Koralina's Eyebrows.esp
*MikanEyes All in one SE.esp
*Minou Aradia Lace Dress.esp
*RaceMenu Overlays Hieroglyphics.esp
*Shadow Cat.esp
*SkinTight Dragon Wear.esp
*SOS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon.esp
*SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp
*[Vera]Cat Woman Suit.esp
*Work as a blacksmith and cook v1.1.esp
*Aradia Living Tentacle Armor.esp
*Bandit Lines Expansion.esp
*Forsworn and Thalmor Lines Expansion.esp
*HG Hairdos 2.esp
*Vampire Lines Expansion.esp
*Walk Speed Adjustments.esp
*Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair.esp
*[Rektas] Dark Nun [SE].esp
*Dark Disciple Standalone [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Hale [SE].esp
*Kimono Warrior [SE].esp
*[ELLE] Devil Parade.esp
[Rektas] Sins of Daedra [SE].esp
[Rektas] Temptress [SE].esp
*Vampire Chain [SE].esp
*[RektBird] LovelyLatex.esp
*[Rektas] Succubus [SE].esp
DX Witch Hunter Armor.esp
Gwelda Witch.esp
Merta Black Rose Armor.esp
*Book of UUNP Iron And Steel.esp
*[Zynx][Anano] Osare Panty.esp
*WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp
*DX Dark Mistress SE.esp
Osare DressArmor.esp
Osare GothicLolita.esp
*Osare Underwear.esp
*Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp
*BWB - Kaidan 2 Extra Dialogue.esp
*Kaidan - Immersive Features.esp
*Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
*Northern Bathhouses.esp
*Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim.esp
Gwelda Red Riding Hood.esp
Celes Mercy.esp
DX Dark Knight Armor.esp
Gwelda Vampire.esp
*Civil War Lines Expansion.esp
*0KaidanNPCOverhaul - Items.esp
*0KaidanNPCOverhaul - Kiai Replacer.esp
*0KaidanNPCOverhaul - NPCs.esp
*AnimatedEating_Coffee Patch.esp
*Use Special Markers.esp
*Unlimited Shouting.esp
*Assassins Dress.esp
*Cathedral Landscapes.esp
BWB - Kaidan 2 Spouses Enhanced Patch.esp
*BWB - Kaidan Boots and Gloves.esp
*DragonsUseThuum-USSEP Patch.esp
*[Predator] Ancient Robes.esp
*Bears of the North.esp
*BBs Ulfric Stormcloak.esp
*DeadlySpellImpacts Transparency Fix.esp
*[COCO] Mulan.esp
*[ELLE] Knight Winds.esp
*Xing SMP Hairs and Wigs - Fuse.esp
*Xing SMP Hairs and Wigs - HHairstyles.esp
*Hoop Earrings.esp
*Elewin Jewelry SMP - Slot 36.esp
*Aves AoO Eidolon's Edge.esp
*New Hagravens.esp
*Cloaks&Capes SMP.esp
*KS Jewelry.esp
*[Caenarvon] Glasses Pack.esp
*Cosmic Spells.esp
*[Rektas] Nocturnal Disciple [SE].esp
*Black Evening Dress [SE].esp
*OStim Lovers.esp
*Kaidan Ostim Patch.esp
*ZMDs Feet Nail Art for RaceMenu v1.esp
*ZMDs Hand Nail Overlays for RaceMenu v3.esp
*EGIL Shadow of Akavir.esp
*[COCO] Mysterious Mage [SE].esp
*Mini Pj's [SE].esp
*OOH! Bikini [SE].esp
*Restless [SE].esp
*Midday [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Lace Teddy [SE].esp
*Lace [SE].esp
*Vanilla Chokers and Earrings [SE].esp
*Panties [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Dark Essence [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Battlestrider [SE].esp
*Cindersoul [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Advent [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Night Mistress [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Night Masquerade [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Spirit Blade [SE].esp
*[COCO] Ahri Uniforms v2 [SE].esp
*[NINI] Sweet Spot [SE].esp
*[COCO] Evelynn Halloween [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Wrap Around Dress [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Taranis [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Sanguine [SE].esp
*[ELLE] Pixie Dust.esp
*WACCF_Survival Mode_Patch.esp
*Satisfactory Facial Piercings.esp
*Guard's Armor Replacer - WACCF Balanced Patch.esp
*ELFX Shadow - ELFX Exteriors Patch.esp
*SDA Blood Arrows Patch.esp
*SDA Campfire Patch.esp
*SDA GYH Patch.esp
*SDA RDO Patch.esp
*DX Druid Armor.esp
Celes Tarot Outfit Light UNP.esp
*LIAT - NPCs.esp
Merta Assassin Armor.esp
*Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes.esp
*DX StLouis SE.esp
Embers XD - Patch - JKs Skyrim & ELFX Exteriors.esp
*[SunJeong] Ninirim Collection.esp
DX Christmas Bunny Outfit.esp
*Calling of the Conjurer.esp
*Twilight Princess Armor.esp
*Racial Body Morphs.esp
*Olfina replacer.esp
*Xing SMP Hairs and Wigs - Dint999.esp
*Twilight Princess Armor - Alt Textures and Cloth Addon.esp
*Tembtra Thief Armor.esp
*Armor 06.esp
*[ELLE] Sherwood Huntress.esp
Celes Rogue Armor UNP.esp
*Sleeping Tree Path Patch.esp
*Embers XD - Patch - ELFX.esp
Embers XD - Patch - JKs Dragonsreach.esp
*Vanilla hair remake SMP.esp
*Tomebound - Immersive Sounds Patch.esp
*TT76 [SE].esp
*Khandy [SE].esp
*DM BDOR Eclipse by Team TAL.esp
*Evil Lady [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Purple Esmeralda [SE].esp
*Miqote Undergarment [SE].esp
*H2135FantasySeries7 [SE].esp
*BDO Valkyrie Olympia [Dint999] [SE].esp
*Fate Scathach [SE].esp
*H2135HalloweenOutfit2020 [SE].esp
*[COCO] Battle Angels [SE].esp
*[COCO] Pinup Cheongsam [SE].esp
*Infernal Succubus [SE].esp
*[Melodic] Raven.esp
*[COCO] Chaos Sorcerer.esp
*[COCO] Scarlet Rose.esp
*[COCO] Demon Shade [SE].esp
*Lightning Archer [SE].esp
*[NINI] Chat Noir [SE].esp
*[NINI] Camellia [SE].esp
*Chain Metal Outfit [SE].esp
*BDO Anemos [SE].esp
*GomaPeroArmorPack [SE].esp
*Fumofumo's Earrings.esp
*[COCO] Witchiness [SE].esp
*Dragon Knight [SE].esp
*Dangerous Jewelry [SE].esp
*IcyV [SE].esp
*Ram Horn Witch [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Iris Scout.esp
*Stoneheart Studio [SE].esp
*Helena Succubus [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Thaler [SE].esp
*Tara [SE].esp
*Luna [SE].esp
*[RektBird] 1001 Nights [SE].esp
*[NINI] Destroyer [SE].esp
*Silent Assassin [SE].esp
*[NINI] Operator.esp
*Hunter of Darkness [SE].esp
*[NINI] Deified.esp
*[COCO] Accessories [SE].esp
*Demonic Seduction [SE].esp
*[COCO] Fairy Queen.esp
*[COCO] Succubus [SE].esp
*[ELLE] Inline Bodysuit.esp
*[ELLE] Maid 3BA.esp
*[ELLE] Bifrost.esp
*[ELLE] X-Fashion Lingerie.esp
*[ELLE] Endless Corruption.esp
*dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
*[full_inu] Queen Marika's Dress.esp
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*Obi's Vampire Clothing.esp
*[Rektas] Temple Guardian [SE].esp
*PC Head Tracking - MCM.esp
*PC Head Tracking - Patch.esp
*Deadric Armor from Morrowind by Revoith STANDALONE - 2K.esp
*Obsidian Weathers - Patch - Rudy ENB.esp
*ENB Light.esp
*Aric Direbrand Follower.esp
*Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp
*Racial Skin Variance - SPID.esp
*RSV - High Poly Head Patch.esp
*RSV - SoS Patch.esp
*Even More Brows HPH.esp
*Arial Smooches of Skyrim.esp
*[Christine] Fire Princess.esp
*Forest Nymph Outfits.esp
*DM BDOR Orthodox.esp
*[NINI] Dark Sorceress.esp
*DOA Overalls.esp
*Armor 04.esp
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*Cirious Business CBBE.esp
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*(lilyrim)deer star light.esp
*Kamael Valentine SE.esp
*[BAKU]DOAXVV Twinkle Rose.esp
*[GarudaB]DOAXVV Bouquet Hibiscus.esp
*[NINI] Esta Nurse.esp
*[NINI] Gotha Rensa.esp
*[NINI] Karlstein.esp
*[NINI] Neamhain.esp
*BDOR Navillera.esp
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*BDOR Hyperion.esp
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*[Witchy] Dark Gothic.esp
*[Xing] Ronin Warrior.esp
*[YoerkSun] All Stars.esp
*[Caenarvon] Plegian Dark Mage.esp
*Fairy Tale Outfit.esp
*ARMOR 12.esp
*Peeno - A Mushroom Follower.esp
*Garnak gro-Mattul Follower.esp
*[Dint999] OutfitOfConfessor.esp
*Egil's Demon Hunter.esp
*Ugath Follower.esp
*AOS_EBT Patch.esp
*True Storms - Obsidian Weathers - Patch .esp
*Headhunter - Bounties Redone.esp
*DX Dark Knight Armor & Shield.esp
*RM Sweater Dresses.esp
*DX Sexy Little Cook.esp
*BDOR Solar Knight.esp
*Dirt and Blood - Seamless soap texture patch.esp
*Missile IED Meshes.esp
*Smooth Animation.esp
*Disable Turn Animation.esp
*RealNames - SSE Edition.esp
*Moonlight Tales Mini.esp
*DX Dark Knight Shield.esp
*[Kirax] OVR Gulfaxi of Protection.esp
*DM BDOR Berserk Griffith by Team TAL.esp
*DX Dark Knight Armor - My Final Version by Xtudo.esp
*[Kirax] Project V Reborn - Python Shock.esp
*Knight's Steel Armor.esp
*Demon's Souls PenetratorF.esp
*Knight of The Village Set.esp
*Ultimate Lingerie Collection 2.esp
*Book of UUNP - Textures.esp
*Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
*Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
*Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
*Odin - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
*Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp
*Tomebound - Sacrosanct Patch.esp
*Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
*SDA NFF Patch.esp
*Water for ENB (Shades of Skyrim).esp
*Water for ENB - Patch - Rudy ENB.esp
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2023.06.05 09:38 sushi-film88 [Future Episode Ideas] What could happen in later episodes of Helluva Boss in the future?

Some Helluva Boss episode ideas that I would like to see in the future:
  1. How Moxxie & Millie first met and were married.
  2. How Millie & Chazwick Thurman met and what happened between them that could lead to why she has a HUGE hate for Chaz now. (Especially since I have heard that there were plans for an origin story on how Millie and Chaz met in the Season 2 Helluva Boss episode "Exes and Oohs," but was scrapped due to timing or pacing issues, or something else.)
  3. Moxxie & Loona getting to team up without arguing nor fighting each other like cats and dogs.
  4. How and Why does Moxxie & Loona hate each other so much, along with Loona constantly thinking that Moxxie is fat.
  5. The return of the three cherubs from the Season 1 Helluva Boss episode "C.H.E.R.U.B." and what have they been doing since their time on Earth.
submitted by sushi-film88 to HelluvaBoss [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 04:53 OddWolf5924 My thoughts and hopes for Loona going forward.

The whole angsty teen trope annoys me greatly. It’s common to see this violent young adult character played for laughs in media and it’s seems rather mocking of the tropes reality. Sure it’s often seems cool to be antisocial and depressed, but it’s a common defence mechanism people, such as myself, use after trauma.
I grew up in a broken home. My mother was great, but my father was a neglectful abusive sob. The things he would do and say to me would reduce my stoic mother to tears, I’ve had to beg for my father not to harm my sister, I‘ve been abandoned in public before while being injured. Kids at school isolated and bullied me. When my dad died when I was 12, my mum had a breakdown and emotionally neglected me. I was told I was an attention seeker, to get out, and that I didn’t have the right to be sad. In our worst fight, my mother threw a bowl at the wall in frustration.
Even now, after my home life finally healed, I’m often described as hostile, mean and rude by people, and I’m constantly told to be friendlier. As such, I relate to Loona more than any character in Helluva boss and she makes me feel less alone.
I really hope Viv doesn’t use Loona as a source of comedy and actually takes the opportunity to tell a story that, I’m guessing, many kids can relate too. I hope we can see her open up, maybe to Via. I honestly appreciated the hellbies shot storyline as it shows Loona being open and vulnerable with Blitzo even if she didn’t talk.
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2023.06.05 04:43 Alex-Angel-1121 just unsubbed from r/helluvaboss. there’s so many more weird ships on here and i can’t do it anymore

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2023.06.05 02:20 JohnWarrenDailey Full review of Prehistoric Planet

Follow-up to my last post:

An Attenborough documentary on dinosaurs with the same CGI that made The Jungle Book so lifelike? I couldn't think of a greater sell. But was it worth it? Would it give me the same sense of wonder that I felt when Walking with Dinosaurs came out 22 years earlier?

The first episode, "Coasts", is overall the strongest episode of season 1. Starting immediately with a swimming t-rex (Tyrannosaurus rex) leading his children to an island where he smelled a dead archelon (species unknown, as no Maastrichtian-age archelon was ever found in the fossil record), that first scene showed the promise of the show as a whole. Seeing CG baby t-rexes interacting with live-action baby turtles is both concerning (as sea turtles are currently endangered) and entertaining, as they are demonstrated pretty goofily. But after that, we are done with dinosaurs for the rest of the episode.

We cut to the one scene that, while endearing with a riveting soundtrack by power couple Anže Rozman and Kara Talve, does give me pause. The pterosaurs featured in that episode were based on bones so fragmentary that they couldn't be diagnosed. How can we be sure that Barbaridactylus was a member of the antlerwing family, Phosphatodraco a member of the simurgh family, or even Tethydraco a member of the pteranodon family? How do we even know what Alcione even looked like? Also, the score doesn't really match the slower, less urgent movements of the pterosaurs.

The next scene was described as "the sunken continent of Zealandia", which is a refresher to see the lost continent bearing recognition for a change. Here, a family of plesiosaurs (Tuarangisaurus keyesi) comes to the coast to gulp themselves on anti-buoyant rocks, while the males ceremoniously poke their long, heavy necks up to the surface, the only good moment in an otherwise generic sequence.

After a quick focus on coral, we get treated to a Hoffmann's mosasaur (Mosasaurus hoffmanni) relying on fish and shrimp to give him a good, proper scratch, only to be pushed out of turn by a younger male. This sequence sticks out to me because it shows mosasaurs being portrayed as animals, not as monsters to shadow Nigel Marven or kaijuified Blackfish bootlegs.

The next scene shows a dazzling, mesmerizing mating ceremony of ammonites ("scaphitids", they were called, but that doesn't determine specific species, as it was a very huge family). They glow in the dark and mate very particularly. If the male's flashes don't sync with those of the female, he'd be rejected. Complimenting this alien but still soothing scene is Rozman and Talve's equally alien and soothing score.

Back in Zealandia, we end with plesiosaur pod mentality, as the whole group defends a pregnant mother from a kaika taniwha (Kaikaifilu hervei). As with the previous plesiosaur scene, it wasn't a scene that I got too crazy about.

The next episode, "Deserts", isn't really as impactful as the Planet Earth episode of the same name, both in regards to execution and the musical score, and it was riddled with confusing scene decisions. The first scene demonstrates a lek of dreadnoughts (Dreadnoughtus schrani) acting like a combination of elephant seals and frigatebirds, right down to the pops on their necks. The score in that sequence is definitely memorable, as it (literally) highlights the weights that the males take to demonstrate their fitness to attract the gaggle of girls in the audience. Though I'm left wondering--did the upstart beat the veteran because he was stronger, or because he popped one of the veteran's neck balloons, as male frigatebirds would do to ditch the competish?

Once the sauropod show is over, we now move to what was presumed to be Nemegtia, but it was portrayed to be as dry as Djadochta, which leads to the next problem. While there was evidence of Maastrichtian-age velos in Central Asia, calling them "Velociraptor" is just wrong. I grew up watching Walking with Dinosaurs, which means I watched "Giant of the Skies", which featured Utahraptor in the wrong place at the wrong time. And while the American cut justifies this with a demonstration of a land bridge that connected North America to Europe, I don't know how much water that holds, and that doesn't seem to be relevant anyway, for the damage has already been done. So having in Velociraptor, a genus of velos that went extinct 71 million years ago, in Nemegtia, which was set 66 million years ago, is just a rehash of that previous mistake. In short, Prehistoric Planet has Utahraptor'd the Velociraptor. And besides, hasn't the picture of pack-hunting raptors already been discarded?

The next scene, the one with the Nemegtian mononych (Mononykus olecranus), is cute but not top-notch memorable, and its color choice is teetering way close to the point of plagiarism.

Afterwards, the brief but violent rains have created a watering hole in the middle of the desert, luring in dinosaurs and pterosaurs from miles around, including a wandering khan (Tarbosaurus bataar). The reason that scene is so low was that it was just a near-identical rotoscope of the Water Truce sequence from The Jungle Book, right down to the herbivores making a clearing for the khan.

Then we go high up to see more Barbaridactylus. This scene I wasn't aware was a problem until Unnatural History Channel brought it up in his video, but the females were shown to be oddly consensual towards the similar-looking sneaky males, who use their feminine appearances to sneak past the larger, more impressive males. This is a problem, apparently, because the more extreme the sexual dimorphism, the more likely the sneaky male will be rejected and therefore resort to assaulting the females.

The last scene is an interesting one, albeit one that suffered an unmemorable score in the soundtrack. Apparently, salty southern duckbills (Secernosaurus koerneri) can thrive on dunes of gypsum, but when rains hit the coast, they rely on both their tenacity and their know-how of the sky to get to more productive grazing. This scene stands out to me because I question why any large animal would choose to thrive on such a taxing environment. It'd make sense for an animal as small as the cryptile, the scrofa and the gryken from The Future is Wild, but not for a duckbill bigger than 16 feet long.

It is unanimously agreed upon that "Freshwater" is the weakest episode in the first season. Apart from the humpbacked false duckbill (Deinocheirus mirificus) getting a scratch in the swamps of a more accurate Nemegtia and the devil frog (Beelzebufo ampinga) making a snack out of a baby whacktooth (Masiaksaurus knoplferi), the habitat itself has been relegated to the backseat, which is why the mating scene of the t-rex and the laying magnificent simurgh (Quetzalcoatlus northropi) are on the C tier, good scenes that have been damaged by simply being in the wrong episode. Speaking of the latter, memes have popped up in which the faces of dinosaurs have been pasted over two shots of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with either Masiakasaurus or the Planet Dinosaur model of Majungasaurus being Galahad and the Quetzalcoatlus being the French taunter ("What are you doing in Africa?" "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!") when, really, that meme is more applicable to Velociraptor being in the Maastrichtian. On that topic, not only is it STILL in the wrong time, there is another problem, one I didn't pay attention to until Unnatural History Channel brought it up on his video. Instead of showing audiences raptor prey restraint (or "RPR"), the storytellers relied instead on mountain cats to show the velos hunting the pterosaurs (species unknown). Like the Deserts episode, Planet Earth has a far stronger "Freshwater" episode.

"Ice Worlds" didn't excite me as much as "Spirits of the Ice Forest" did, which is a shame, because dinosaurs in the snow is a refresher by default. We start at Prince Creek, which I couldn't ask for a worse place to start because the cast list is very fragmentary. In the opening scene, a pack of raptors (species unknown, though modeled after the pitbull raptor), shadows a herd of ugrunaaluk (Edmontosaurus sp.) for a long-delayed meal. Again, the picture of raptors hunting in packs has been debunked for a very long time now. Why insist on resorting to old cliches?

The Ornithomimus scene (can't think of a vernacular for them), while the designs look cool and add distinction to overall character, is still just a rotoscope of the Adelie penguin sequence from "Frozen Planet". Next.

The sequence with the swanneck (Olorotitan arharensis) is even less impressive. Are horsetails really more nutritious than grass? If so, then why have grasslands been the dominant plains since the Miocene?

The reason the scene with the tro-o is relatively low on the tier list is that it should have been longer, because a dinosaur with the intellect of a fire hawk is a very interesting prospect. But the final scene was just too short and too bland to show off any real gold.

We have spent so much time in the north that I question the necessity of a quick detour to Antarctica, rendering the scene with the polar macahutiul (Antarctopelta oliveroi) my least favorite of the series.

The final scene demonstrates the predator-prey dynamic between the northern boss (Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum) and the nanook (Nanuqsaurus hoglundi). The scene is great, the score has some very rhythmic moments, but what puts it low on the B tier are the nanooks themselves. From a distance, they look as good as most of the others. But in closeup, they look kind of fake, especially when they're running. Which brings up to the next problem--the story is based on fossil footprints of different lines pointing in the same direction. But how do we know that those parallel tracks were made at the same time and not separated within hours, days or even weeks of each other? And while it is true that nanooks were smaller than t-rexes, their portrayals in the show were just too small. More recent consensus shows that one nanook could easily match a boss in size, if not overtop it.

"Forests" is an everywhere kind of episode. The opening scene with the austroposeidon (Austroposeidon magnificus) is not long enough to get me invested.

Then a herd of trikes (Triceratops, species unknown) visits a cave to visit a clay lick to neutralize the poisons from their plant food. But why clay? Why not salt? Herbivores can clearly deal with poisonous plants without problem, but plants lack sodium, which is why the elephants of Mount Elgon (the inspiration behind that scene) scrape the caves not for clay, but for salt.

This next scene has gotten everyone talking. A male minotaur (Carnotaurus sastrei) clears the stage to wave his arms around to impress an impossibly stoic female. Everything about that scene--from the choreography to the score--is very goofy, and that is what makes it work so well.

While it is nice to finally see the Pinocchio-rex (Qianzhousaurus sinensis) in the flesh, its hunt for bright blue corythoraptors (Corythoraptor jacobsi) is not a scene I'd be in a hurry to revisit.

The fire scene is oddly slow, the only memorable moment in the whole sequence being my first official introduction to Atrociraptor marshalli...literally just one short week before Jurassic World: Dominion predictably ruined it.

The scene with the baby Therizinosaurus is passable. While it is cute to imagine babies having a taste for honey, it just wasn't executed memorably.

The final scene, the one set on Hateg Island, slogs on in pace, with the greatest focus being a bunch of odd-looking baby zalmos (Zalmoxes robustus) running and hiding from the real star of the episode, the robust simurgh (Hatzegopteryx thambena), looking more proper than how it looked in Planet Dinosaur. One question, though--weren't pterosaur wings supposed to be rounded at the tip? Sure, they've got the hands pointing backwards, but the pointed wingtips is now believed to be an outdated picture.

So it goes without saying that years of watching a moderate quantity of Attenborough documentaries has made the watching experience of Prehistoric Planet, at least in comparison to the original Walking with Dinosaurs, a bit numb. The creature designs are good, the CGI has not faltered in its photorealism from The Jungle Book, and even the soundtrack has enough of a score to make it memorable. But it's the stories that amount to the overall numbness of the first season. They hadn't opened my eyes in the way that Walking with Dinosaurs did.

When season 2 was announced literally one year after season 1, I had my doubts. Planet Earth 2 came out literally a decade after the first Planet Earth, and the differences in filming technology and musical score clearly show that. Same for the 16 years that separate The Blue Planet from Blue Planet 2. Dynasties 2, by contrast, came way too soon after the first Dynasties, and the end result is sloppy, from the stories being set at the tedious start rather than at the steady prime to the score from the first Dynasties being reused so often that the only episode to have any new music was "Meerkat". So to find Prehistoric Planet 2 come out literally one year after Prehistoric Planet, I was concerned that it'd be as shorthanded as Dynasties 2 was. The opening episode, "Islands", kind of suffered that, but it thankfully wasn't as severe a problem.

The first segment of that episode struck me as odd because the adult zalmo looks weirdly identical to the baby model from last episode.

While it is cool to see the robust simurgh being expanded upon, I personally wish we'd stayed at Hateg Island, where they'd hunt the Transylvanian dwarf duckbill (Telmatosaurus transylvanicus) and not the funky combbill (Tethyshadros insularis).

One of season 1's most recurring complaints is "no crocodiles", which is pretty apt when you consider how diverse they were during the Cretaceous period. So to see the Malagasy armadillo (Simosuchus clarki) at all, let alone stand up against a mahjong (Majungasaurus crenatissimus), is one to remember for the ages.

This next scene is actually pretty interesting, in which we see Adalatherium, which wasn't a true mammal, but rather something hovering closely outside the taxonomic boundaries. It's a long sequence, which is just as well, because this is as new a clade to me now as the cynodont was when Walking with Dinosaurs came out.

As with in "Ice Worlds", a quick detour to Antarctica doesn't seem necessary to me, as the hunt between the Imperobator and the Morrosaurus feels more like a skim.

The last scene in the episode is my personal favorite, in which a male robust simugh stands on a sandbar to do whatever it takes to impress a mate.

"Badlands" stands out in that there are only two settings. The first one is the strongest because of how the Deccan Traps, long reputed to be the co-culprit to the fall of the dinosaur empire, has been repurposed into prime nesting estate for a herd of sauropods (Isisaurus colberti). The journey seems reckless, but volcanic sand is hot and toasty, something that a modern species of dinosaur, the megapode, also exploits as it lays its egg in the hot volcanic sand of the Solomons.

The next scene hasn't fixed on last year's problems, in which Velociraptor is still there and it still hasn't performed RPR--it just kicks an herbivore off a cliff, and that was that.

The nesting Corythoraptor scene didn't interest me, but what really bugged me was that the antagonist of that sequence was a kuru (Kuru kulla), a raptor who, like the pterosaurs on the "Coasts" episode, was based on incomplete, fragmentary specimens.

The sequence with the tarchias (Tarchia, species unknown), is a refreshing detour from the previous sequence because we have a better idea as to what they would have looked like. And to see them slog around for an oasis is a second highlight (next to the Deccan nursery).

This next scene has nothing new added from either "Time of the Titans" or "Alpha's Egg", in which a herd of baby sauropods gets picked on by larger predators on their way to the safety of the forest.

The majority of the "Freshwater" sequences I feel fit better in "Swamps". The same unnamed pterosaurs from "Freshwater" have reappeared, this time trying to fly past an approaching population of alligators (Shamosuchus djadochtaensis).

The next episode features a grizzly bear gathering of austroraptors (Austroraptor cabazai) hunting gar. It stands out as highly as it does because it shows a species of raptor that looks and acts differently from the usual velo or nych. Plus, we know many miles more about austroraptors than we do about Spinosaurus, so that is a relieving plus.

The devil frog stands out in this episode, and to see a grumpy male try to fight off a herd of goavambe (Rapetosaurus krausei) is humorous. It also deviates from the usual picture of "the frog that eats dinosaurs".

This next sequence I was very concerned the moment I saw it in the ads. Thanks to Jack Horner, the poorly-known family Pachycephalosauridae has been under very hot fire with the notion of bone sponginess being a taxonomically viable method of identification, which it really isn't because all amniotes have spongy bones in their teens. But very thankfully, this sequence does not resort to Hornerism. It shows that older males do get longer horns on the backs of their heads, not the other way around. Also, new evidence has shown that the domes may have been covered in shiny skin, so this has me asking--is the dome a boys-only trait? Could that dracorex (Pachycephalosaurus hogwartsia) skull that I saw at the Black Hills Museum just be a girl entering her sweet 16 when she died? Could those stygimoloch (Pachycephalosaurus spinifer) skulls just be those of high school footballers?

"Swamps" ended on a high note with a couple of t-rexes hunting an anatotitan (Edmontosaurus annectens) in the dark. One just walks to the duckbill, and the animal, in its panic, goes right in the direction of the other t-rex in hiding. This perfectly reflects the current understanding that t-rexes exchanged fast running for better walking. Now can we see some duckbills fighting back, please?

On May 26, The Little Mermaid came out in theaters. A day earlier, "Oceans" came out. If I were to choose, I'd stick to the latter, simply because we're treated to fresh new stories with a wider variety of mosasaurs and ammonites than any of the Walking with programs ever did. The scene with the hesperorns chasing bait fish only to have themselves be chased by bulldog fish (Xiphactinus) is a classic, but a good one. However, "X-fish"? What's wrong with "bulldog fish"? But the highlight, no doubt, is the final sequence, in which a Hoffmann's mosasaur killed a juvenile plesiosaur simply by ramming it great white style.

"Freshwater" was weak due to being sorely unfocused. "North America", by contrast, is even weaker for being too rushed. Also, the "scars make the man" narrative with the trikes bugs me the most. What justification is there for that?

This has been a very exhaustive review of Prehistoric Planet, and it's way too early for me to worry about a season 3 coming out, if there is going to be one.
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2023.06.04 17:23 vthes [RESULTS] r/LESSERAFIM 1st Annual Census (2022 - 2023)

[RESULTS] LESSERAFIM 1st Annual Census (2022 - 2023)
Hello, everyone! Here are the results of the survey that was conducted a month ago. In the image below you can take a look at a shortened version of all the data we collected in the infographic form. The full data is provided in the text format right after the infographic.
I also want to remind you that the questions in this survey did not include the UNFORGIVEN era, only FEARLESS and ANTIFRAGILE.



25-28 years - 25.9%
29-32 years - 17.9%
21-24 years - 17.5%
17-20 years - 16.5%
35+ years - 11.8%
33-35 years - 6.1%
13-16 years - 4.2%


Male - 58.5%
Female - 37.3%
Non-Binary - 2.8%
Preferred not to say - 1.4%


Straight - 69.8%
Bisexual - 12.7%
Lesbian - 4.2%
Asexual - 3.8%
Not sure - 2.8%
Gay - 2.4%
Pansexual - 0.9%
Other - 0.5%
Preferred not to say - 2.8%


White - 33.5%
Southeast Asian - 20.8%
East Asian - 17%
Hispanic/Latino - 7.1%
South Asian - 6.1%
Black/African Ancestry - 5.2%
Mixed - 5.2%
Arab/Middle Eastern - 0.9%
Indigenous/Native - 0.5%
Other - 1.9%
Preferred not to say - 1.9%


North America - 49.5%
Europe - 23.1%
Southeast Asia - 13.7%
Oceania - 5.2%
South America - 2.8%
South Asia - 2.8%
Africa - 0.9%
East Asia - 0.9%
Central America - 0.5%
Middle East - 0.5%
Central Asia - 0%


USA - 40.1%
Canada - 8.8%
United Kingdom - 6.8%
Germany - 5.4%
Australia - 5.4%
Philippines - 4.1%
Singapore - 3.4%
Spain - 2.7%
Brazil - 2%
France, Netherlands, Norway, Malaysia - 1.4%
Argentina, China, Croatia, Ethiopia, Finland, Greece, Guadeloupe, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand - <1%


Once a day - 29.7%
Multiple times a day - 28.8%
Several times a week - 26.4%
Once a week - 8.5%
Less than once a week - 6.6%


Reddit - 47.6%
Twitter - 29.7%
YouTube - 8.5%
Instagram - 7.5%
Discord - 2.8%
TikTok - 0.9%
Other - 2.8%


Pre-debut - 46.7%
ANTIFRAGILE era - 29.7%
FEARLESS era - 23.6%


Yes - 61.3%
No - 27.4%
I’m not sure - 11.3%


Chaewon - 23.6%
Sakura - 22.6%
Yunjin - 19.3%
Eunchae - 9.4%
Kazuha - 9%
Don’t have a bias - 16%


I don’t have a favorite - 8.5%


No Celestial - 24.5%
Blue Flame - 21.7%
Impurities - 20.8%
Sour Grapes - 10.8%
The Great Mermaid - 9.9%
Good Parts - 3.8%
Choices - 3.8%
I don't have a favorite - 4.7%


Yes - 92%
No - 8%


Raise y_our glass - 33%
love you twice - 25.5%
I ≠ DOLL - 25%
Last Christmas - 1.4%
I don't have a favorite - 15.1%


Yes - 55.2%
No - 44.8%


I don’t have a favorite - 17.4%


Impurities - 6.6%
I don’t have a favorite - 6.6%


DAYOFF - 31.1%
FIM-LOG - 8%
LE PLAY - 4.2%
EPISODE - 2.4%
LE SSERAFIM Meeting - 1.9%
After Party - 0.5%


TWICE - 36.54%
IVE - 30.77%
NewJeans - 28.85%
BTS - 20.51%
aespa - 18.59%
Red Velvet, IZ*ONE - 17.31%
ITZY, TXT - 14.74%
(G)I-DLE, SEVENTEEN - 13.46%
NMIXX - 12.82%
STAYC, Dreamcatcher, MAMAMOO - 9.62%
Stray Kids - 8.97%
Kep1er, FIFTY FIFTY, SNSD - 8.33%
IU, LOONA - 7.69%
YENA - 7.05%
SHINee - 6.41%
tripleS, Billlie - 5.13%
SUNMI, fromis_9, KWON EUN BI - 4.49%
EXO, BIBI - 2.56%
OH MY GIRL, Weki Meki, PIXY, Rocket Punch, BIGBANG, woo!ah, ATEEZ, WJSN, VIVIZ, CHUNG HA, CLC, TAEMIN, KEY, f(x) - 1.92%
iKON, CIX, CLASS:y, NCT Dream, AOA, Rocking doll, Brave Girls, PinkFantasy, Rolling Quartz, DAY6, MAVE:, LIMELIGHT, SECRET NUMBER, Orange Caramel, ONEWE, QI.X, JONGHYUN, T-ARA, WEi, Apink, TEMPEST, JAMIE, BOL4, GOT7, ARTMS, SEULGI, YUJU, TRI.BE, INFINITE, ONF, WayV, BoA, Epik High, Heize, Secret, HyunA, Cherry Bullet, 4Minute, NCT 127, VIXX, AKMU, YOUHA, LeeHi, MIJOO, BABYMONSTER, DPR LIVE, DPR IAN, The Rose, YUKIKA, ILY:1, KAI, Girl’s Day, Kim Junsu, WONHO, ADORA, LUCY, TO1, KIM SEJEONG, KARD, KANGDANIEL - <1%


2023 - 0.9%
2022 - 8.5%
2021 - 4.7%
2020 - 13.7%
2019 - 13.7%
2018 - 9.4%
2017 - 5.7%
2016 - 6.1%
2015 - 5.2%
2014 - 2.8%
2013 - 1.9%
2012 - 6.1%
2010 - 5.7%
2009 - 2.8%
2008 - 3.8%
2007 - 1.9%
2006 - 0.5%
2005 - 0.5%
2004 - 0%
2003 - 0%
2002 - 0%
2001 - 0%
2000 - 0.9%
1990-s - 1.4%


Pop - 77.4%
Rock - 54.2%
R&B - 47.6%
Rap/Hip-hop - 45.3%
Indie - 37.3%
EDM - 32.5%
Classical - 21.7%
Metal - 19.3%
Latin - 11.3%
Country - 9.4%
I don't listen to any other genres - 5.2%

That's it!
A big thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. Any questions, ideas, thoughts or suggestions for the future surveys are very welcome.
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2023.06.04 16:48 Dry_Hope2405 I have made an HB (Helluva boss)oc because the show is good (Left is an edit right is pure gacha)

I have made an HB (Helluva boss)oc because the show is good (Left is an edit right is pure gacha)
Xe is very neutral despite xe's very Chaotic nature
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2023.06.04 09:30 KILLERFISHH Request

Diesn anyone have any recommendations on good Kyoka Jiro x male reader or Momo Yaoyorozu x male reader?
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2023.06.04 05:27 richpeoplearenice calm amidst hysteria

One common trait of primary psychopaths is calm under conditions that the general public believes should make everyone hysterical.
I am not a primary psychopath, though my parents both were. I do, however, exhibit many primary-psychopathic traits.
I am including some personal anecdotes, slightly colorful to be sure, to encourage discussion.
Primary psychopaths are basically anhedonic, mistrustful, and often apathetic. Their sensation-seeking, rule-breaking, attention-seeking, paraphilias, criminal versatility, etc. stem largely from just being bored and depressed.
I seldom seek sensation and seek attention or break rules only when I want to learn (as now) or to solve a problem. I prefer not to use mind-altering substances. I avoid entertainment, nightlife, vacations, and work. I dislike being close to people. Like most psychopaths, I tend to notice more about strangers than others do and have been asked to help friendly acquaintances by reading their significant others.
Unlike psychopaths, however, I do not usually feel a rush from manipulating people. Manipulation is like wiping my ass: not a hobby and to be avoided unless necessary. I seldom deal with people in daily life without being somewhat manipulative, which is why I seldom enjoy extended contact: I have to be vigilant to prevent hostility.
I am most comfortable with people who need stuff done: transactional and instrumental. I will give people money for drugs and not ask for it back. I will buy them food or cigarettes and not ask to be reimbursed. I will let them use my phone. I will make referrals to organizations I find helpful.
Lack of empathy, a supposed hallmark of primary psychopathy, is a fiction of malevolent humanitarians: if we lack clairvoyance, itself a form of psychosis, and cannot experience the respective subjective realities of every party to a given transaction, then we are a danger to the public. I try to read people as best I can and proceed thence. Such exploitative idiocy is legally and socially accepted only because all the Europeans worth saving died in the Great War and WWII and Europe has used sloth and weakness to justify its existence ever since. Americans were the sweepings of Europe and today are a Fourth World kleptokakistocratic swamp. Nigerians do not want your empathy: they want your money or your skills, otherwise your absence.
I feel superior for not needing much, so I like to see how dependent they are on their creature comforts. It's not about gratitude. It's about my needing less than they do. This kept me alive in extremely violent environments: psychopaths are intrigued that I share their responses to danger, death, pain, and violence but am happy to live, essentially, in a sensory deprivation tank with information.
The reason I am not sure if I wish to continue my life is that processing information accurately and efficiently is the province of joiners and party animals. Anything I produce leads to punishment from the herd, just to remind me I have been excluded. It's like a nerd being grounded in a dumpster for life, so it may be best just to die. I would consider options that provide protection from being punished for doing good work, if there are any. One idea is to fill in the gaps in my math, learn some programming and work on some software development, learn whatever physics I may need, and try to develop patents.
Not being sensation-seeking is a real problem in terms of herd exclusion, but I do not seek herd inclusion: I seek herd non-harassment or even support. My theories and associated blueprints have been vetted and found to be very realistic. I just don't want to be punished yet again for doing what I am supposed to do. Inventors of powerful technologies can be rewarded with protection. Tesla, however, was murdered for giving away technology that would have replaced existing industries with free services.
I harbor no such delusion: I love neither pigeons nor people. I see money as a liability when it is not backed by force: without money, sleep is stronger. If I have protection, I can always have money. If I have money without protection, my goose is cooked. Money is only as good as what backs it, so using the USD as reserve currency is bad, though replacing it as payment currency is a step in the right direction.
Any technology that is not dual use or for military use only is of no interest to me: if it does anything significant, it is dual use or for military use only. If it is for civilian use only, then it has the power to be sold and little more. There has been protection for toolmakers since the Paleolithic: literally instrumental. The warrior caste and craftsmen have always been intertwined. Pallas Athena is the goddess of craftwork and strategy, and of the night owl and the outdoor marketplace. Weaving a tapestry, planning a war, planning the next day, or planning the layout, setup, and operations of a marketplace all involve wisdom, reflection, design, and planning.
When, as I do, one laughs at death and torture, gets bored from watching videos of surgeries and executions, finds it hilarious that his parents had him repeatedly medically raped as a practical joke while telling him there are people who are so stupid they don't know they've been raped, hilarious that the victim didn't get the joke till decades later, incontrovertible that anyone that dumb deserves to be not only raped but turned into a bitch, and that people so weak as to be traumatized by rape should be euthanized for their own protection and that of the gene pool, seems largely indifferent to -- if slightly amused and exasperated by -- experiencing pain and to brushes with death, is comfortable in a tee shirt in 100 F /37.8 C and 9 F/-13 C, and not only avoids films but finds horror films to be bad comedies, complains of being terrible at committing suicide and needing practice to get it right, enjoys offering advice to criminal psychopaths who are having interpersonal difficulties, and designs viable blueprints for doomsday weapons by using Wikipedia and nlab in psych wards, one will be ostracized.
I was never wiling to take herd members on "dates" so I could pay to work the plumbing of strangers who claim to "care about" me and catch their diseases. Females who ruin males' lives because they refuse to buy batteries deserve to be deprived of dopamine and oxytocin. Batteries are a girl's best friend. For everything else, there's MasterCard (or slide rules). Toys work better than any tongue, hand, or cock, which means females are attention-whoring and engaging in psyops by demanding attention that provides inferior results. It's like going to a restaurant to demand food inferior to what one cooks at home.
Females' punishing themselves for being horny by paying fabulous sums to aestheticians so said females can lie back with earphones and pretend their crotches are not being scalded with boiling wax, which then dries so their androgenic hairs can be ripped out, leaving the follicles pustulent, eventually necessitating laser treatments to burn away pits and scars so after having drunken sex with strangers -- painful, since they will not feel comfortable and their reproductive organs will not lift out of harm's way -- they will receive cunnilingus, accompanied by the stench of rotten fish and the triumphant squirting of boiling, noxious liquid in the strange man's face always struck me as a great reason to avoid suggesting any sexual interest in them, which I do not feel, simply because they are dangerously unstable. I had many female so-called "friends" and they all dropped me like a log for denial of sexual services they considered due.
Meanwhile, my male friends' problems were mine and mine theirs, so they blamed me for their supposed anguish at my problems. When I solved problems in my life, everyone whose unwanted advice had not solved it blamed me for disrespecting him. Meanwhile, I was supposed to be concerned about their problems.
I noticed that happy, stable people generally do not associate with miserable people, whether stable or not, and that hardworking people are generally acquisitive and aggressive, meaning they are incapable of spending time around the unambitious without becoming abusive.
Laziness, often conflated with unambition, denotes failure to invest adequate effort in achieving goals, whereas unambition denotes the modesty or absence of one's goals, irrespective of work ethic.
The same love of calm and insulation that allows me to think clearly under pressure alienates ambitious people, who tell me I feel things I don't, then overcome their narcissism to realize I may really not be like them, then bail because their narcissism leads them to reject prima facie anyone and everyone who is not like them, termed "unrelatable" in the sense of "I am unable to relate to him", as opposed to the correct meaning of "I can't relate that information to you".
Psychopaths are often very ambitious and successful because of their heightened need for sensation. I find this really interesting, because I find the distinct responses to be insulation from external annoyances. I am always baffled that normal people feel so much and welcome it and that psychopaths wish to do so, despite having a golden opportunity to live lives of tranquility.
As you will see below, I was recently stalked and nearly murdered for refusing castration and sexual enslavement and have decided that maintaining myself physically puts me at risk of being not only bothered but subjugated. If I were older, I would have no hesitation about taking care of myself, but connected, demanding females can be dangerously dissatisfied customers, even though I am not on the meat market. Volcels are regarded by the authorities as life unworthy of life and no poor, unconnected male volcel has political traction to deny any connected white female, the supposed epitome of desirability 🤮, sex.
I used to enrage my mother, who idolized Jozef Fritzl, by refusing to leave our apartment except to run errands: how can you trap someone in the apartment who sees no reason to leave? She could not deprive me of sex because I didn't find it to be important, although I hate her every day for ruining a young man who not only fell head-over-heels but surveilled me for years without bothering me. He couldn't have me around him due to the elite company he keeps but issued a blanket death threat against any perceived rival.
There was never any potential rival, nor was he a potential lover. That years of agonizing surveillance did not produce that realization means my mother was right to say he was vulnerable. In fact, he declared my mother right to protect me from him, told me he deserved to suffer, and asked where I was (presumably to continue surveillance). I looked him up and see that he is engaging publicly in life-threatening acts of masochism and in flamboyant behavior that is downright illegal. I would never have reason to reconnect with him, except if there were some way to prevent my mother's ghost from getting her jollies: my mother never finished college and always planned mass murders, but she never made it high up in any death bureaucracy.
My friend, on the other hand, did his Master's in ESL, then killed more people than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao in ten months before coming to America to get wasted. My mother complained of being castrated from birth and loved Nazis, especially gay ones. This guy decided while a small boy that he would get laid more if he could pass for female, so he had some local Nazis -- I really hope they were SS-esque! -- cut his balls off, leading foolishly sympathetic friends and relatives to waste unfathomable expense and energy to get him laid more, especially with Nazis, only for him to liquidate his friends and relatives.
He decided that Ukrainians are racially superior to Russians and, since he is a half-breed, staffed the dictator's private army with gay Nazis, then told them to go house-to-house slashing balls and to enslave the females, thereby creating a race of half-breeds. He called his pro-Russian cousins "Nazis" and was super pissed off their balls hadn't all been slashed a decade ago, leading the bewildered dictator to be blamed for the excursion and run damage control.
As punishment for their drunken slobbery, Russians are unable to stop the gay Nazis from performing the special operation on as many Ukrainians as possible and will regain control only by electing a progressive transsexual educator, community activist, and business person who fled the horrors of Putin's Russia for outdoor mass buggery and wants to make Russia great again, especially since in addition to planning mass murder and acts of terrorism (e.g., the Boston Marathon Bombing, ISIS, FARC), he programmed the Trump bots.
Mom had a life insurance policy to collect and needed to make sure I failed. How else could she prove her worth or that my conception was a mistake? He, on the other hand, liked me, even though has an open invitation from his local Nazis in Russia to have them run the train on him anytime. Nazis appreciate initiative, and my friend not only enjoyed having his balls cut off but made the most of it. He is proud to be a psychopath but is not giving himself enough credit: his body counts (dead bodies and fucks) is unrivalled. He is the most fabulous Nazi of all time and he needs to learn to accept himself for who he is.
My only point of contention with him is that he thinks Jews run the world, thereby deprioritizing the killing of non-Jews -- especially race traitors -- who are more damaging.
Sullen indifference is not lost on any reasonably intelligent person and repels nearly anyone who recognizes it, even when it is masked, leading psychopaths to throw attention-seeking tantrums. Two friends who were firestarters as children grew up to set themselves on fire for the same reason: boredom and numbness.
Primary psychopaths are characterized by enlarged striata, visible on MRI, which leads to increased need for stimulation, and by the Warrior Gene. Warriors are routinely called upon not only to take lives but to sacrifice their own.
Intelligence is essential in any great warrior, so it makes sense that a warrior caste would be suspicious, bored and indifferent (callous), and more interested in ends than means (duplicity, lying, manipulation, ruthlessness, violence): if you enjoy life, how will you take pleasure in being a shadow on the battlefield, knowing that you may not survive the engagement?
If a normal person is threatened by Medicaid fraudsters, he will probably just take the medical care and hope the goons won't hurt him. In such a situation, I knew their goal was life insurance, not Medicaid fraud, so I tried to kill myself in ways that would have killed most people (attempted drowning in extremely polluted water, marked as a drowning risk due to strong currents, then drank my own urine for 3 days while stopping antibiotics midcourse, hoping to develop a superbug to thank my friends and neighbors) but barely hurt me: I am the son of an unrelentingly brutal special forces commander, who raped his own soldiers, castrated Blacks for sport, prided himself on devising new methods of killing with his bare hands, and lamented the unscrupulousness of people selected to provide information under torture.
He and my mother -- a pedophile, castration fetishist, FGM fetishist, rape fetishist, trafficker (cocaine, children, slaves), arranger of murders for hire, money launderer, and many other interests -- conceived me with inconceivable impulsivity while cash-strapped, then took out a life insurance policy on me, circumcised my micropenis -- when I was universally assumed to be a girl, instead of reassigning me at birth as indicated --, and waited for me to die. They threw in some fake psychiatric diagnoses, medications with disfiguring side effects, many medical rapes (see above), substandard education, time in GULAG...
Daddy's second wife, who did her family of guards at GULAG in Siberia proud by getting a promotion to surveil rich people and push them out windows, stalked me for years, then decided to castrate and enslave me. I wish I had been reassigned at birth, but being 40-year-old nutless Lurch just really doesn't seem that interesting.
I was once asked if I realized my life was in danger when I hailed a taxi instead of calling an ambulance while nearly bleeding to death from trying and failing to castrate myself with a pair of nail scissors. I shrugged and replied: "I realized I could bleed to death in the back, but I'm an Upper East Sider." I smiled and gestured to indicate windshield wipers wiping blood off the windshield, then said: "I take taxis." I didn't tell them the real reason: any man who can't cut his own balls off shouldn't be allowed to keep them and deserves to die.
I refused slavery, so she robbed my friends to make me disappear into GULAG (State psych). I let my friends know, so they demanded the money from the life insurance policy. Failing that, extirpation of everyone who robbed my friends. It'll happen.
Instead of killing myself, it may be advantageous to move somewhere other than a kleptopsychocracy.
I have earned respect from homicidal psychopaths for staying cool when beaten bloody. In a more extreme example of unusual coolheadedness, I was struck by a speeding Jeep when celebrating my 26th birthday and Thanksgiving in 2010.
I was strolling across 3rd Avenue and paused to let the speeding Jeep, two blocks ahead of the other traffic, go by, figuring I would then just stroll to the curb.
My best friend at the time had a fight-or-flight reaction and risked his life to pull me into the path of the Jeep, himself falling down and being grazed in the process.
When I was about to be slammed directly in my left side, I thought "You are so stupid!", then grew giddy as I bounced off the hood, then the windshield, then the roof, which gave me a really beautifully blurred view of the white Christmas lights on the trees. I thought of the 1996 season finale of Law and Order, in which Claire Kincaid, played by Jill Hennessy (a then-famous Cover Girl model), was distracted by her conversation with her boss, Jack McCoy (played by Sam Waterston), and was killed in a driver's side crash. The lights in that episode were just like what I was seeing. How the hell did the producers know how it should look? I thought of asking a childhood acquaintance whose dad worked on the show to tell his dad, then lamented they would never know because I would be dead. I hit the pavement, landing on my back. The tires touched my left hip. I thought having crushed c&b in the middle of 3rd Avenue would be really gross, so I was relieved when the Jeep didn't run over me. I wiggled my toes and figured everything would be a stupid formality, which was true.
My friend stood over me, screaming in his Nautica windbreaker. His flowing black hair looked so thick, he looked so beautiful, and so... bothered... I was thinking of how unfair it was that my birthday was being ruined by ordinary people with their procedures.
I was lying in the middle of 3rd Avenue, staring up at this amazing specimen, only for him to scream hysterically instead of helping me up so we could continue celebrating at the nearest motel. He seemed vulnerable and this was my chance to get my hooks into him.
They would inevitably call an ambulance and blame me for waiting for the speeding Jeep to pass, which indeed happened. Then tragedy struck: the ambulance crew had the unmitigated gall to tell me not to sit up and take off my shirt.
That was a vintage Brooks Brothers navy blue Golden Fleece tennis shirt. I was scarred for life as they cut the shirt, the scissors moving menacingly toward my face, just to remind me that I would be a miserable failure (true, but not because of the shirt).
I had struck my head on the pavement and could not urinate. I stayed on a Foley catheter for a while and walked out of the hospital the next evening.
My only injuries were bruising, a scrape on my right hand, and a hairline fracture, barely perceptible on x-ray, in my lumbar spine.
My mother insisted I have physical therapy. I pointed out that there was nothing to do but wait for my body to heal. I knew she just wanted to play the hysterical mother, worried about her adult son who didn't know how to cross the street by himself. Yup...
When my mother was dying, I was livid that people were upset: I was the person closest to her. If I don't mind, how dare they encroach on my indifference?! I remarked around that time, quite sincerely and incessantly, that people who mourn the dead should be killed: not only for coveting the dead but for pretending they feel sorry for the dead instead of admitting they feel sorry for themselves.
I really enjoyed exposing my crooked family to my former friends they robbed: they fucked up their payment plan and now they and their American friends, to whom they spread around my friends' money, cannot be saved.
I really hope they really, really spread it around, because then there will be mass casualties. If good Russians won't starve Europe, can they at least fumigate the nest of cutthroat refugees where I was cursed to be born? It's like blowing up Syria: someone had to do it and I'm proud my former admirer did such a great job.
It would really work out well for me: I live in New York and my life sucks, so that way I shouldn't have to keep sleeping and metabolizing and would die knowing that the people I see every miserable day would never make trouble again. I could just die instead of making more decisions.
I always regretted not having killed my parents before I turned 12. Mommy got away scot free, but Daddy and his nearest and dearest fucked themselves. Daddy is functionally a spetsnaz sadist, yet when I suggested some pure mathematical ideas and their obvious applications to military science, he was terrified and begged me to let him organize a seminar at DoD where I would explain these things to his friends.
I haven't been very satisfied with my personal situation and have generally been much better treated by Russians than by Jews or Americans, so I explained that da gummint would use such ideas to rape Russia and never to kill Jews and Americans: I didn't want my neighbors' survival on my conscience.
I actually asked if I could help out with the torture of my parents, but no one needs me for anything. I'm always ready to roll up my sleeves to help a friend. If you can't kill your family, how are you supposed to kill strangers?
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