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Subreddit for the Netflix Original 'Criminal'! A cat-and-mouse drama, which focuses on the intense mental conflict between detectives and suspects. Comprising 12 stories set in four different countries, each takes place within the confines of a police interview suite.

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Making a Murderer conversation, discussing the documentary and convictions of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

2023.06.08 20:56 Aggressive_Fee_6847 Seeking interviews for Documentary

Hello, my name is Renton and I am an independent documentary filmmaker living in Columbus, Ohio. I am currently working on a project about underground Columbus and would love to include our most famous true crime case as a section of the project. I'm looking to record a video interview with anyone who knows about this case, whether you consider yourself an expert or not I would love to talk to you! If you have any more questions please feel free to message me directly!
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2023.06.08 20:56 throw4226 Term interviewing for perm role

I’ve been a term (GS-13) for 2 years. The term has the option to be renewed or converted to permanent in February 2024. With everything going on politically, I’ve ramped up searching for perm roles.
My agency posted a permanent position for my same job. I applied for it and am interviewing next week. Leadership was surprised that I applied since my term has the option to be converted, so it wasn’t an opening created solely for me. I do know that they would 100% want to convert me if the budget allows and I get all 5s on my reviews + nice performance based bonuses.
Is the interview just a formality? I’m baffled as to what questions they may ask other than why I wanted to stay permanently since it’s literally my same job, same grade.
Anyone gone through this?
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2023.06.08 20:55 Acrobatic_End_9266 Recruiting Adolescent Participants (10-17) for Research Study!

Recruiting Adolescent Participants (10-17) for Research Study!
The Centre for Multimodal Sensorimotor and Pain Research is conducting a study to determine whether there is an association between screen time and oral behaviours, such as jaw clenching, in young adolescents (10-17 years old). The study includes two parts, an online 10-minute survey, and a 100-minute session at our research lab. All participants in the online survey will be entered into a raffle that will award $25 Amazon eGift Cards (1 gift card to 10 participants). If participants are selected to join the second part of the study in our lab (located in Toronto, ON), they will receive $30 compensation (cash). Please check out the flyer below for more information!
If you have any questions, please email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.06.08 20:54 thegooseisloose1982 I don't trust speed cameras in Minnesota because I don't trust law enforcement in Minnesota

This revolves around Minnesota Legislature authorizing study of speed cameras (https://kstp.com/kstp-news/top-news/mn-legislature-authorizes-study-of-speed-cameras/)
I want to start out by saying that I hate the people who go 80+, who weave in and out of traffic just to go faster, who tailgate. I have driven in California, Arizona, Detroit and a lot of other states (~40) and I will say that the majority of Minnesota drivers aren't too bad with driving.
The problem is that I hate the speed cameras, but what it is underneath that hate is me being hurt. I am hurt that the legislature wants to check to make sure I am not breaking the law, when law enforcement doesn't appear to have any checks on its power. Let me talk about that.
I was ashamed of what I saw when a Minneapolis Police office Derek Chauvin keeled on the neck of George Floyd. I saw that video once, and I never need to see it again because I still remember seeing it.
I was ashamed when I saw Minnesota State Troopers attempt to arrest a CNN reporter (while he was broadcasting live).
I was ashamed when I saw law enforcement shoot Minneapolis residents on their porch (you know the video).
I was ashamed when I saw law enforcement mace a journalist on the ground even though he identified (and had clear badging) as a journalist.
I grew up in a small town in the suburbs of Minnesota and I never had to interact with the police (thankfully). I genuinely through of law enforcement as trying their best to do good. But these things have made me question everything.
How can I just trust law enforcement to use speed cameras without abusing speed cameras? Some people will say that well it will lower law enforcement budget. Bullshit. Law enforcement officers will still want the same budget which expands to catch more criminals because "crimes" are going up! But it is the speed cameras. I don't trust that law enforcement won't just set the maximum on the speed cameras to be 5 mph less than the posted speed limit and all of a sudden you get a ticket in the mail, and it won't just be one or two people it will be hundreds of people who have to call into an already exhausted government to fight this. All the while hearing, "well if you just didn't speed."
How about the one offs? Say someone is going 50 in a 55, then they slow down to 45 for no reason that you can see since you are behind them. Then they get down to 40. All the while other cars are passing. So you go to pass and they speed up to go 53, so you have to pass them at 60. Click, you just got a ticket!
I have lived in Arizona and while there they had speed cameras. It wasn't that I was doing something illegal, but I was always scared about them. I am in the technology field and I know how many times things go wrong. With speed cameras that "going wrong" can happen multiple times, and it is repeatable!
Here is the police report from the George Floyd murder. Do you honestly trust a word out of any Minnesota police departments lips? At this time, I certainly don't.
“Two officers arrived and located the suspect, a male believed to be in his 40s, in his car. He was ordered to step from his car. After he got out, he physically resisted officers. Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress. Officers called for an ambulance. He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center by ambulance where he died a short time later.” - https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/04/20/how-first-statement-minneapolis-police-made-george-floyds-murder-seem-like-george-floyds-fault/
I can never trust Minnesota law enforcement until I know that everyone I just mentioned (attacking journalists and fellow citizens) is punished and charged for attacking unarmed journalists. The last state of the union that Governor Walz gave both sides of the aisle stood up when he thanked law enforcement. There isn't much checks and balances there.
So if these speed cameras keep me following the law (punishing those who try to stay in the speed limit, or are manipulated to increase the state coffers) what the hell is keeping law enforcement from following the law?
Rules for me, not for thee.
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2023.06.08 20:53 4colorcraig Frank 5 Should've Been the 3rd Chair on #558

Honestly, if the alchemy of the three chairs had been different, I bet this could've been a decent episode. The guest was engaging and game to talk about anything. If Walt had more energy and MB showed any interest at all, chemistry may have carried the subject matter better.
I feel bad for MB. She was more or less forced to watch Little House by Bry in between scooping ice cream for him, and now she's been forced to sit in on one of the most hated episodes of a 500+ episode podcast. I feel like she was speechless when the guest begged her to ask a question because she knew the episode would be reviled and wanted as little of an imprint on that legacy as possible.
Walt checking out was the biggest issue for the episode. He could've pushed a little harder to be the color commentator to Bry's boring, run-of-the-mill interview style. Walt should've been pushing to find interesting angles and tidbits. On that note, Frank 5 would've been the perfect third chair for this episode rather than a silent MB.
Frank 5 obviously knows his classic TV and would've had some natural enthusiasm toward the guest, and I imagine that would've galvanized Walt in the process.
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2023.06.08 20:51 psychjournokt Brain zaps

[moderator approved] Hi all — I’m a journalist working on an article about brain zaps in people who go off SSRIs and am looking to include a first person interview in the article. Please message me if you have experienced brain zaps and are available for a quick interview or can answer a few questions via email in the next week or so. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 20:51 Acrobatic_End_9266 Recruiting Adolescent Participants (10-17) for Research Study!

Recruiting Adolescent Participants (10-17) for Research Study!
The Centre for Multimodal Sensorimotor and Pain Research is conducting a study to determine whether there is an association between screen time and oral behaviours, such as jaw clenching, in young adolescents (10-17 years old). The study includes two parts, an online 10-minute survey, and a 100-minute session at our research lab. All participants in the online survey will be entered into a raffle that will award $25 Amazon eGift Cards (1 gift card to 10 participants). If participants are selected to join the second part of the study in our lab (located in Toronto, ON), they will receive $30 compensation (cash). Please check out the flyer below for more information!
If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].
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2023.06.08 20:46 Acrobatic_End_9266 Recruiting Adolescent Participants (10-17) for Research Study in Toronto, ON!

Recruiting Adolescent Participants (10-17) for Research Study in Toronto, ON!
Hello everyone!
The Centre for Multimodal Sensorimotor and Pain Research is conducting a study to determine whether there is an association between screen time and oral behaviours, such as jaw clenching, in young adolescents (10-17 years old). The study includes two parts, an online 10-minute survey, and a 100-minute session at our research lab. All participants in the online survey will be entered into a raffle that will award $25 Amazon eGift Cards (1 gift card to 10 participants). If participants are selected to join the second part of the study in our lab (located in Toronto, ON), they will receive $30 compensation (cash). Please check out the flyer below for more information!
If you have any questions, please email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

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2023.06.08 20:45 Positive_Bee2323 UK Teachers - please support research in ADHD in girls

I am looking for teachers based in the UK to complete my dissertation questionnaire studying ‘perceived impacts of teacher’s knowledge and training on pathways for referral for ADHD assessment in girls’. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes.
I am also looking for teachers to complete a short Teams-based interview covering teacher’s knowledge and experience of additional needs, including ADHD, monitoring and referrals and teacher training. If you are willing to discuss this further, please leave your email at the end of the questionnaire so I can make contact. For any questions or queries, please contact [email protected].
Please share this post to all UK teachers!
Many thanks in advance!
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2023.06.08 20:43 Tokyo_royale I have a question about Pork

Assalamu Alaikum
So I had a job interview just a few minutes ago.It’s at a gas station but it’s in the kitchen.The gas station cafe sells items that have pork in it.I’m not sure if I’m getting the job or not because I said I can’t touch pork.
Is it permissible to me to handle pork?(sorry if it’s a dumb question.)
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2023.06.08 20:32 TeeElSemiColonDeeAr In a story we want to write we have magic Book that gives answers to questions.

We are looking for 3 answers to each of our questions two wrongs and a right. Funny profound or incredibly stupid. Please reference the questions with the questions numbers:
  1. How do I get rich?, 2) How do I get the police (dragons, ogres, giant Robots, Tralfamadorians etc.) off my back?. 3) How do I find happiness?, 4) What are the winning lotto numbers?, 5) What have I got in my pocket?, 6) What have I forgotten?, 7) What's a good question to ask?, 8), 9), 10) as many as you can think up...
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2023.06.08 20:32 No1_Redditor Looking for Research Participants - Do you want to attend a USA or UK university but do not have access to the funds needed, or would you prefer not to take on the required level of debt?

Hi Everyone,
I am currently studying for my Masters Degree at Loughborough University in England (United Kingdom) and I am looking to recruit several prospective, or current, university students to participate in my major project dissertation research.
I am in the process of researching whether there is an opportunity to design and deliver a new service that provides alternative funding methods for those students who wish to study in the UK or USA, but who cannot afford to do so, or who do not wish to take on the required amounts of debt that it would currently require.
The research is open to those who are currently looking to study at university, as well as to those who would have wanted to attend a USA or UK university but instead chose to study in a different country for financial reasons.
What is required?
It would just be a short online interview with myself to understand your motivations for wanting to attend a UK or US university and to discuss your thoughts and feelings about different financial funding methods that could enable you to study there.
Eligibility Criteria
  1. You MUST be at least 18 years old
  2. If you are a prospective university student then you should want to attend a USA or UK University but either cannot currently afford to do so (or cannot get a loan to cover the costs), or you don’t want to take on the required level of debt that it would cost
  3. Or, you are a current university student who wanted to study in the USA or UK but chose to study in another country, or your home country, because you couldn’t afford the cost (or couldn’t get a loan to cover the costs), or you didn’t want to take on the required level of debt that it would have cost
How do you participate, or find out more?
If you are interested in participating in the study then you can either message me directly on Reddit, or comment in this post and I will contact you to answer any questions that you might have.
If you meet the eligibility criteria and wish to continue, or you want to find out more, then I can provide you with my official Loughborough University email address that you can contact me on. I can then send you a detailed participant information sheet and a consent form, which you can read to understand more before committing to participating.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post and hopefully you will be able to help me to progress this research.
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2023.06.08 20:29 psychjournokt Brain zaps

Hi all — I’m a journalist working on an article about brain zaps in people who go off SSRIs and am looking to include a first person interview in the article. Please message me if you have experienced brain zaps and are available for a quick interview or can answer a few questions via email in the next week or so. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 20:29 Dense_Boysenberry_87 My first time experience as a teenager

Just wanna say i feel this post comes both under general question and advicd needed
Okay so i got lot of questions (sorry for asking multiple in single post) Idek where to start from, am 16M (altho exploring my sexuality and gender) (about to be 17 soon in 2 months)
So very first, how exactly virginity is defined, because i did not cum from course but was rather by myself and lil help from partner (which to me feels no diff than masturbating) like ukwim? i dint orgasm out of actual course
And now speaking of that, i realised i love everything but the main course part, like i enjoyed things before main course and foreplay and all wayyyyy more
It wasnt exactly like how i expected, def my hopes were well very fantasizing, BUT i had the time of my life in foreplay and thats what i actually enjoyed I also got to learn am 200% submissive and that i enjoyed more when giving ny partner pleasure than recieving one
So my next ques, do my sex endurance/ability naturall can/will grow? Like i noticed myself i cant stay hard for too long, and well while its not small its not big either so not being hard def creates issue in main course (i think thats one of reason i enjoyed other bits more)
Now am a very healthy and quite fit guy, idk how and why i just felt kinda tired during the main course, was it cos of position? or am guessing again cos i wasnt being hard enuf constantly so i get pulled out lot of times
AND NOW FINAL PART Someoebody please explain me this, so after we were done, we were laying down and chilling for about 15 mins still and then we finally got up and freshed up, and when i started to wash my face and mouth i was starting to gag, very intense gag i never exp before, and then i felt like almost throwing up so bad Was it cause i did lot of tongue kiss with my partner or like i gave her oral, it was so bizzare man, most curious thing is why only after we eere done that too after so much time when i was getting to get fresh up, and not during play only
Also please suggest some beginners advice for both male and female to enhance this experience for both of us and to gain max pleasure Thank you for reading till here if you did and highly grateful for your opinions/suggestions/thoughts on this and answering my questions
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2023.06.08 20:20 Chemistry_Fabulous Advice needed for this coming school year!

Hi everyone! I'm hoping to get some advice on what to do for this coming school year.
My goal: To land an international teaching job somewhere on the coast, ideally in a spanish speaking country, ideally in Spain
My experience: I am a special education teacher based in the US with 4 years of teaching experience with my license, plus some additional years of experience prior to getting licensed. I also have my Master of Arts in Teaching.
I was traveling this past year and have been subbing since the spring. I started applying to international teaching positions in March, thinking I was way ahead of schedule, completely unaware that much of the hiring for international positions was already finished.
My conundrum: I have applied to 50+ international teaching positions as well as some local teaching jobs here in the US. I have interviewed with 5 international schools, declined one offer, and am anticipating one more offer may come through next week. I have also been offered a local position. It has been a lot harder than expected to get interviews/offers! The international position that I think may be offered to me is in Europe, which is appealing, but otherwise, the location seems fine but is not my ideal.
My question: What is the best option to move me toward achieving my goal (as listed above)? Will gaining international teaching experience make me a more desirable candidate? Or did I just get started too late in the application process and will likely have more luck landing a job in a more preferred location if I start applying again in the fall?
Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.08 20:18 UFOexistence Las Vegas case Photo of the circle shape left in the backyard

Las Vegas case Photo of the circle shape left in the backyard
Here's the photo of the circle shape which was taken by the Las Vegas family. It didn't seem too big? The blue light thing we see in the sky in the videos didn't seem too big either. Would be great if the witnesses would agree to do some interview with real experts to go into real precise details and eventually do a lie detecting test. As soon as possible as their memory of the event is still fresh.

Reference (screenshot taken from the original video): https://youtu.be/BdsYfGvIznM
There's a lot of witnesses. Including police officers. The neighbors. The blue light thingy caught on bodycam flying away.
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2023.06.08 20:17 Wise-Assignment9825 Takes me back,

I guess this is time for mission calls since there is a lot of posts about missionaries and the such. Sorry for the lengthy post.
I was once asked by a person we were teaching what I believed. I began to recite the Articles of Faith. She stopped me and said I know what the church’s statement is that they teach. But what do you believe?”
I had no real answer, I didn’t know what I believed, I didn’t know the church, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith was true any of it. I was faced with the entirety of it in one meeting. I just couldn’t say.
My whole life was built around the church and multi generations of members a descendant of pioneers who crossed the plains with Brigham Young.
I was pretty much PIMO since I was about 12.
I had been sexually abused when 11 told it was my fault by the abuser and I was going to hell. He was later convicted of sexual assault on a girl, so I guess an equal opportunity pervert.
No one knew about my situation, I felt he deserved prison time. I also felt guilty because I couldn’t forgive him.
So when I was going to tell the bishop, about my guilt and masturbation when I had my interview to be a deacon. I didn’t tell him at all. I also began to question the doctrine of no blacks in the priesthood, I couldn’t reconcile that and being punished for our own sins.
I knew what answers to tell the bishop, stake president and so on. Came to the conclusion either masturbating wasn’t a sin or there was no power of discernment.
I Did all those things expected of Mormon boy in the 70’s early 80’s. So went on a mission.
For the next 20 plus years I kept being PIMO too myself hoping one day to know believe. “Fake it till you make it” thing
I many things I regret in my past but it’s the past nothing I can about. I got counseling for that early childhood trauma. For allowing my ex wife to mentally, emotionally abuse me.
Those events and others, have given me the ability to a good leader I became a First Sergeant, brought me to my wife, given me strength, now my doubts gave rise to strength to leave the church this time of my own accord, that’s another story.
I owe a lot to this sub, as it confirmed through links to podcasts, articles and other posts what I long suspected the church is a construct of man.
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2023.06.08 20:12 Song-Super Just got to a final round interview with a company[PA]

...and a recruiter messaged me today about a job with better pay and responsibilities and is going to get me into the interview process. My question is how do I figure out how quickly their interview process is, should I tell them about my final interview with other company? How would I frame it the most diplomatic way possible? The answers to these questions will help me decide which job to go with.
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2023.06.08 20:10 Puzzled_Victory_3152 AARP Interviewing Tips?

I'm interviewing for an associate editor position at AARP tomorrow! I'm really excited because it's my first big, adult job and I'm going through the supplemental information they sent over about their behavioral testing questions, fact sheet, etc. but I was wondering if anyone else here has interviewed for them and if they have any tips! Thank you :)
Also, as an aside, the job is located in DC, and while I'm not opposed to moving, based on what they're offering for salary. and my student loan payments... it's looking very tight for living. I have a friend moving up there so we can live together which will cut some costs but how realistic would it be to talk them into letting me start as remote and transition into hybrid (which is what the position is listed as).
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2023.06.08 20:08 4yelhsa From a Traumatic Teaching Experience to Engineering

Warning, this is a pretty long read. TL;DR: I spent 18 months working at the worst schools with the worst students experiencing terrible working conditions most people only hear about on T.V. before deciding to transition out of teaching and into engineering.

I graduated in December 2016 with a degree in Physics concentrating in secondary education. My degree program was essentially a double major, they removed the requirements for a couple of courses from physics major and added in an entire course load of education courses. I graduated with more than 160 credit hours and still I was terribly under prepared for handling a classroom on my own.

My practicum assignment was at a "good school". The teacher I worked under my last semester had nearly flawless classroom control; mostly due to the student population generally being well behaved, but I didn't understand that at the time. The classroom management during my teaching periods was also pretty good. She taught me her methods for classroom management and I thought I had it down. Plus when I left she sent me away with a large binder of her lessons, so I didn't really need worry about lesson planning. I thought I was ready. I was incredibly thankful to her and confident when I accepted my mid-year posting at a Title IX school.

And what a mistake that was. That school and that district was insane. I accepted a posting to teach Physics to 11 and 12th graders and physical science to the 9th and 10th graders. This school ran on a block schedule so I had 8 periods of approximately 30 students that where I saw half of my students every other day with 2 hour long classes. When I arrived I found that my senior students had been with a sub the entire first semester learning physical science, that their math teacher did not exist, and that their ability to handle the rigor of physics was at absolute 0. Almost immediately after I began all of my senior students were failing. Big problem.

I was quickly pulled into a meeting with the principal and leadership where I was essentially told that if these students did not pass my class I would need to look for other employment come next year. Crank up the stress. Administration did not care that these kids did not deserve to pass physics due to their lacking foundations in math. I still don't understand how they expect students to pass physics which is based on algebra II/trig/geometry when these kids are barely studying algebra 1 under a constant string of revolving incompetent substitutes. But I was scared, so I essentially removed all maths from my class and just taught conceptual things. Basically instead of I throw the ball do the math to determine it's trajectory based on these initial numbers, the tasks became I throw the ball explain draw it's flight path and explain why it looks like that. It felt like I was doing these kids a huge disservice, but at the end of the year most of my students had passed physics and were onto the next course.

Aside from the curriculum requirements, the classroom management that entire year was a crap shoot. I found it impossible to manage these students who could not understand the concepts and did not want to learn them. I had boys flashing me their genitals, there were fights, there were students tossing things everywhere, they just could not shut up for even a moment, they stood on tables, they took my things, they stood in my space, and it was impossible to get anything done. I even had one student try to bribe me with her car and "sexual favors" for a passing grade on the final (holy fuck that was terrible).

Notably I remember that sometime during my 3rd or 4th month there, a student I'd never seen before was escorted into my classroom by police in handcuffs. They sat him down without a word, uncuffed him, and pulled me into the hallway where I was informed that this kid was on some type of reformation program. That he'd be attending my class from that day forward and that if he misbehaved to call them (the police!?) because he was "active" and "serious". lol wtf? That student unsurprisingly was fighting in my classroom almost immediately.

And those were just problems in my classroom, in that school during my first (and only) semester there were numerous fights in the halls between students, and even some between students and their teachers, students were caught having sex during school hours, there was a sex scandal between a teacher and her student and then she disappeared shortly after. There was a gun incident at a basketball game. After that they started making teachers come to school an hour earlier so that we could search every student as they came onto campus. I pulled plenty of weapons off kids during this time. And they made a locked door policy so that if students were late and missed the morning check they'd have to come through the front office to get it done by the staff there. It was dreadfully ineffective. I watched students jump the fences and be let in by others daily.

Around this time we got word that were was a shooting at our feeder school (a middle school that sends their kids to our high school). A student was murdered right outside of campus (literally in front of the neighboring building).

I worked at that school for only a single semester, and that wasn't by choice. After scaring me about the security of my job I worked really hard to keep it. I kept up with the crazy shenanigans happening on and around our campus, more than 90% of my students passed my class (even tho in my opinion they did not deserve to) and I spent many late nights rewriting my lesson plans and grading the work of my 240 students. I arrived at school at 6am I didn't get to leave until 4pm and I spent all night until 12 or 1am preparing for the next day on a $32k per year salary. And none of it mattered. After doing everything they asked of me that semester, they pink slipped me anyway. Asking around, I found out that a large majority of the first year teachers receive pink slips regardless of their performance and as a big fuck you I guess. They expected me to apply for my job a second time where I would definitely get it again and start off the year with a reset tenure timeline.

So I decided "fuck that" and moved home onto my mom's couch in California after summer school ended. Remember that school where the murder happened? I taught summer school for high school and middle school students there. And unexpectedly it was the best time I ever had teaching. I taught 3 periods of high school students (chemistry cuz whatever I guess the administration didn't care or something) and I taught 1 period of 7th grade earth science. In summer school classes were about 45 minutes each and the max class size I had was 20 kids per period. I only taught 2 kids at the middle school level.

Don't get me wrong, the conditions were still terrible. There were actively constructing within the school building that summer. The AC was turned off. The available classrooms not under renovation were incredibly tiny such that even though I didn't have more than 20 kids, they all had to practically sit on top of each other with less than 2 feet between them at any time. Every morning I had to seat kids in a certain order just to make sure everyone could actually reach their seats they were so close together. If a student came late there was always this huge shuffle where like 10 kids had to move around to make space so the late person could reach their desk. My desk was shoved into a tiny tiny little space as well and it was a tiny little desk so small that they should've just given me another kids desk and taken the one I had away. I would've preferred the extra space. Chemistry was one of the courses I didn't have to take in college and I was super not qualified to teach it to high school students. (Really wtf were they thinking? Lol I'm sure there were a ton of kids who needed remedial physics). But it didn't really matter that I was under educated in chemistry, since my teaching hours ended at noon and I had so few papers to grade, I had plenty of time to learn the curriculum and develop a lesson plan for the next day with assignments after grading papers. That summer I could easily get into bed before 8pm. It was amazing honestly.

Because I had so few students compared to the regular term, I was able to interact with each of them. Instead of being a number or a statistic in my grade book each student that summer was a real person I knew. I knew what they liked and didn't like, I spent time learning their hobbies and what they wanted to do. For kids who wanted to pursue STEM I had time to give them more attention/ feed their passion and for students who wanted to do something else I had time to get to know them as a person and understand what made them passionate about wrestling, or hair styling, or being a mechanic or whatever it was. It felt like a vacation even tho I was still working more than 8 hours a day.

A vacation I really needed because at the beginning of the new school year I moved back home to my mom's house and began teaching at my old high school which I knew was going to be rough based on my own experience as a student. I was hired as a "long term substitute" which I understand to be a way to circumvent my lack of credentials in the state of California. It allowed me to essentially operate as the teacher without having a license to teach. I (ironically) taught mathematics (algebra I and geometry). My teaching conditions were much better than my old school in some ways and much worse in others.

At my first school the kids were unruly but there wasn't anything that was specifically targeted towards me. They would mostly act out towards each other and leave me out of it and my new school it was the opposite. The kids were incredibly close with each other, so I still had problems with talking and general misbehavior, but when they acted out it was much more likely to be directed towards me specifically. I received a ton of threats of violence towards me personally that year. "I'll beat your ass Ms. 4Yelhsa" or "My mom/sistecousin/etc will beat your ass Ms. 4yelhsa" and there were plenty of comments on my appearance, voice, level of income, etc. Instead of bullying each other the kids essentially bullied me and there wasn't much I could do about it.

This school used a method of conflict resolution called "Restorative Justice". This essentially meant that regular forms of punishment such as in school suspensions, or detentions, etc were reserved to especially bad behavior. When a kid threatened to hit me they would be removed from my class for a few days but for the comments it was expected that I would handle that on my own through these "restorative sessions". Basically if a student acted out in my classroom, I was supposed to schedule what amounts to a counseling meeting with them where we would both discuss what happened and come to some sort of accord. I would ask that student why they felt like acting out, I was supposed to inquire to them about how my methods of teaching or classroom management caused them to act out, then I was supposed to explain to them why acting out like that was wrong and get them to agree to a deal to stop acting out if I fixed the things they brought up during our discussion. A conversation would basically go.
Student: Ms. Yelhsa I talked over you because so and so was helping me with x.
Me: Ok well why don't you raise your hand and I can help you with that and that way anyone who has the same question can also get my help
Student: No. I didn't want to do that because I didn't want to talk in front of everyone
Me: Ok why don't you just hold it until after the lesson is done then?
Student: But then I'll forget.
Me: Well you can't talk while I'm talking because it disrupts the class and distracts me from teaching everyone
Student: It's not even that big of a deal. I was just talking with them real quick.
It never worked as kids just talked in circles and were always unwilling to compromise (obviously because they're kids). It was nonsense, it didn't work, and it made it impossible for me to remove distractions from my classroom. It also took time away from other students because I would need to spend minutes having 1 on 1 debates essentially with children about how they should be behaving in my class and trying to bribe them into good behavior. I'll give you guys an extra 5 minutes of free time if we can be quiet during the next 20 minutes kind of energy.

Fights at the second school didn't happen on campus as much as at my first school, but the violence off campus was immense. I feel like several children from this school died every month. We held memorials for them during lunch and spoke about them during rallies. Over the intercom they'd make announcements about it. I'd often come across groups of students weeping during passing periods or lunch.

There was one time where a student was absent from my class for over a month, let's call him Brian. As like what I always did I marked his assignments as 0's, I mentioned it to leadership, I sent home some nominal communication about his attendance/grades to the guardian on file, etc. I followed the procedure. Then one day he was just back randomly and I let him have it. I gave him this huge lecture about how he needs to be concerned for his future, that school is important, that a good education could get him out of this neighborhood with these gangs and drugs, etc. And he stood there and took it then after I was done he very calmly told me that he'd been shot and that he nearly died and that's why he was gone all that time. And I really didn't believe him (even tho I should have considering the frequent deaths of our students to gun violence). I told him he shouldn't tell jokes like that and then he showed me his wound.

Imagining myself marking his assignments as 0's not really giving to much thought on it, emailing his parents about his attendance, going about like normal. What if he had really died? And I marked his grades as 0's? He went from a C to a solidly failing my class between the shooting and his death? Then when they put him in the dirt , he's got an F in Ms. 4yelhsa's class because Ms. 4yelhsa was following the procedure. That thought really fucked me up for while.

Surprisingly, the only student I've personally taught in my class / knew on a personal level that was murdered was at that the "good school" where I had my practicum. His name was Jason. It happened after I had left, but I knew Jason. I knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. I knew he was upset with the lack of attention he was getting at home. I knew him. When he was gunned down at a fast food restaurant less than a mile from campus on a school day over a drug deal gone intentionally wrong. My mentor from the practicum personally reached out to me about it. When Jason died it was a big event at that "good school". It was unordinary, the school mobilized a lot of capital to take care of its students in the aftermath, hiring special grief counselors. I imagine it was spoken about for many months in the hallways, that they held many special events for the remaining students, and it's still probably brought up occasionally amongst the staff even though that cohort of kids is long gone.

But Brian. If Brian died, I knew it'd be just a little blip on the radar and then it's over and gone forever. They'll make a little announcement, they'll say his name next to the others during the next rally and then it's business as usual. The different experience between a child that attends a "good school" and grows up in a "good neighborhood" and the child who attends these Title IX schools in these deadly neighborhoods is just so incredibly different it's wild.

After that incident with Brian, there were three other major events that I experienced. One was a threat of a possible active school shooter. I really don't know what happened, there was a lot of confusion. Just a normal day, then an alarm, I remember thinking how I didn't remember there being a drill planned for that day. Then an announcement, then a lot of panic. Then I remember ushering kids from the hallway into my room, then locking the door, then shushing my kids (thankfully they were all very quiet for once), then turning the lights off, then encouraging the students to hide along the wall by the door, then taping paper over the doors window, then sitting in silence for a long while with crying and scared kids, and then it was over. I still honestly have no real certain information of what happened. From the grapevine I gathered that there was a man on campus who may or may not have been looking for someone and who may or may not have had a gun and who left pretty quickly. The majority of the time I spent locked in that classroom with those kids wondering wtf was going on, the situation was already over and no one knew.

The second event was very similar. I was monitoring lunch when a fight broke out (a pretty rare event surprisingly). When these fights break out there's always a ton of kids who crowd around the fighting students and make it extremely difficult to break it up. Earlier in the school year a teacher broke her wrist trying to break up and fight and we'd been given training to leave it up to the security on campus. So when the fight happened I didn't even try to get involved. I just watched from a little ways away. Then suddenly a student yelled that one of the people fighting had a gun. Instant mayhem. Kids running in every direction. Tripping, falling, jumping over each other, me doing my best to direct traffic. No one listening. The area starts clearing out quickly, but there was never a gun. That kid who yelled it out was just trying to be funny. It wasn't funny, but it was a relief.

Then the third event was the shooting of Stephon Clark. Stephon Clark had attended the school at one point. Random Fact: Stephon Clark and I actually went to that school during the same time period, but I didn't know him. He was one year younger than me. I have a lot of friends who are his friends it wouldn't be strange if I've met him a number of times and just can't remember considering how close our circle of friends were. The community around that high school is not very big it's often that the alumni still have sisters or brothers or cousins or just a little homie from across the way attending after they leave. Also everyone sort of has ties to each other in some way because it's a very insular community. So the shooting of Stephon Clark was a big deal on campus. But it happened very close to the end of the school year, and I ended up never returning to work at that school. I know there were a bunch of protests and walk outs on campus but I wasn't around to see it.

When that year ended, I thought I would be kept on for the next year. Idk what happened but I was never contacted about a contract renewal. I was a long term sub and not a teacher there and I later learned that the lack of contact happened in error but at the time it felt like I had been silently fired. As a sub I did not have an option to convert my 9 month contract to a 12 month pay out plan so that summer I lived off my savings believing that I did not have a job waiting on me at the beginning of the next school year and I had a decision to make. So far teaching had not been what I was expecting at all. I went from making 32k in Alabama to making 30k in California. I was beyond destitute. My quality of life that year was in the dumps. I lived on my mothers couch for the entire 9 months and my mom is low key a hoarder and her faux leather couch was peeling and flaking, so it wasn't really fun. I was making $15/hr and that's not a lot so I thought I'd try looking for something different. And it sucked. I sent a ton of applications in to laboratories with no bites. for 2 months I was unemployed, not eligible for unemployment, and I burned through almost all of my savings. Right after the school year started it was clear that I'd have to go back to school in order to get away from teaching. So I called my old academic advisor and holy hell that saint she accepted me on the spot. I remember she said "Don't worry just come back to school right now".

and I went "right now? The semester has already started and I haven't even applied yet"

and she told me not to worry about that. That she would handle it and she did. Shout out to her she changed my life. I guess this is a perk of going to a small school. She knew me very well because at my college there are less than 30 physics students across all levels at any one time. If the department drops much lower than that it's always at risk of being shut down. She needed a student and I needed a school. It all just came together.

I had to submit an application as a formality and then a week later I drove my crappy car that broke down everywhere from California back to Alabama as a graduate level physics student for the fall 2018 semester. I was homeless for a little bit but an old buddy from college let me sleep on his floor for $300/mo. Shout out to him. The house was trash with roaches and mice but it definitely beat sleeping in my car. I slept in the dining room under a table for about 6 months. I spent my last little money on a 7 dollar air mattress and a pump for it and that thing sprung a leak 3 months later. I was always waking up with my butt on the ground lol. I couldn't pay my rent the second month but during that month, I got an internship at a DoD contracting company starting that summer and my advisor put me in touch with a professor who had grant money for research assistants. I started making $1k per month off that. Plus I got a job as a waitress and I was in business. After that school year ended I started my internship summer of 2019. When it was over, during the end of the internship presentations while leadership was in the room, I threw it all out there and just asked for a job. Straight up I literally ended my presentation with "And that's why you should hire me". And those dudes said yea sure. My 10 week summer internship was directly converted into a co-op (with a pay bump. hell yea). A room opened up in the place I was staying at so I got upgraded from sleeping under a table to sleeping in an empty room. I bought another blow up mattress and quit my job as a waitress. ya girl started doing big things. I graduated on time Spring 2020 and my coop with that company was converted into a full time position and just like that I was an engineer.

One of these days, if I can, I'd like to open up my own school. I think that'd be really cool to come back not as a teacher with my boots on the ground but as a founder one day. And hopefully at that time I can help some of these kids from these Title IX schools change their outcomes and provide them with better opportunities.
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2023.06.08 20:07 PsychologicalSong8 James Comey called out by two different attendees of his book tour in Austin, TX: "Does being a criminal make it easier to write a crime novel?" They were asked to leave. Comey had a large police presence at his book signing today to intimidate people who wanted to ask questions.

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2023.06.08 20:04 Massive_View7878 Research: Value of video depositions vs oral

Esteemed individuals,
I'm currently an intern for a legal proceedings technology group. A big part of my job is sitting in on depositions (VERY entertaining). One of the company's main objectives is to gain exposure in the legal field to expand its business.
I am currently doing research for the company, focused on the following:
  1. What are the advantages/disadvantages of having your deposition video recorded (with a stenographer's record as well)
  2. What empirical evidence exists about this subject (i.e., % of cases where video depositions are used, Attorneys, jurors, and judges' opinions on video depositions vs. oral, etc. etc.)
  3. Economic benefits of being able to hold depositions remotely
I'm seeking advice. How would you approach/answer some of these questions? And, if there are any, some sources/places I should be looking. This project will *hopefully* conclude with a pitch deck to an attorney about why they should want their deposition recorded. Anecdotal examples, answers, thoughts, everything is welcomed.
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