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2023.06.08 19:55 Adorable_Bike_105 Mysterious Pain

Hi Everyone wanted to get some opinions! Recently 5 months ago when I had a miscarriage and they cleaned everything out, 1 month later this pain started to happen
( only happens around my period and sometimes it will happen randomly)
Really bad pain inside the vagina it hurts to touch and as well around the clit its all red ( also feels like a uti when I pee you get the urge to pee again ) No uti! Sorry also side note nothing helps pain Ive taken ibuprofen, uti meds , yeast meds Went to the hospital 3 different times. Ive seen the urologist, Ive already seen Womens health & Doctors about this they've ran different testings on me but nothing shows up feeling kind of hopefully no one seems to have any answers 😕 😞
Just wanted to share here to see if anyone else is going through something like this and has an answer! This pain so bad sometimes all I can do is cry on the floor I'm thankful I have at least the numbing cream
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2023.06.08 19:55 PixelScribble YA/easily accessible series for picky adult reader with periods of concentration difficulties.

I read A LOT. Mostly sci-fi, fantasy and africanfuturism. I have three distinct modes of reading, depending on my mental health. When I'm at my worst I can't concentrate enough to read anything that I haven't already read before, and it has to be quite easy to follow the story. It still has to be interesting enough to be a diversion from anxiety and depression.
Right now I'm feeling a bit better and am at my second mode of reading. This is where I read new stuff, but still the types of books I read in the former mode. Some of these will be waiting on a shelf, ready when first mode kicks in. I need suggestions on what to read at this point, preferably long series!
Examples of suitable books/authors: Gail Carriger, Sarah J Maas, Elizabeth Moon, Wayfarer series, Trudi Canavan, Martha Wells (Murderbot and Raksura). I do not like Jennifer Armentrout or Holly Black.
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2023.06.08 19:54 foxylady315 Patient Advocate for the aging

Does anyone have experience in finding a local patient advocate? I specifically need one who works with the elderly who are no longer able to handle dealing with their own arrangements for things like making medical appointments, surgeries, going through the process of trying to get multiple doctors to work together on an issue. Used to have one through my old health insurance but Medicare doesn't appear to have such a program. Also wondering if anyone knows if this is something the VA would help with, although our experience with the local VA has been less than positive. They treat him like he has dementia just because he's deaf.
I can't do these things for him, I work around 60 hours a week and am the sole financial provider for my household.
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2023.06.08 19:54 deplorable-rubbish Need a review and advice of investment/money management strategy

I(24M) own a Duplex in northern Seattle and owe about $530,000 at a 2.25% interest rate (bought in 2021). Currently renting out one unit for $2,200 a month, mortgage is $2,800. I live in the other unit and pay the $600 difference, plus watesewer. I've done some improvements on the property and with current market value I'm sure it's worth at least $750,000-$800,000, so I figure there is at least $220,000 in equity. I don't want to re-finance and lose my 2% rate, but I'd like to buy a small single family home to live in and rent out the other unit in the duplex that I am currently occupying. I figure this would make it cash flow roughly $1,000 a month that I could put towards the home loan on the single family residence (I would plan to reserve the additional $600 a month for operating costs on the duplex which I would continue to self-manage)
I work a corporate job and just got a sizable raise at the beginning of the year and will make roughly $110,000-$120,000 this year. I invest about 15% of my income with about $60,000 in retirement accounts and $6,000 in an Employee Stock Purchase plan. With my current health insurance I am not eligible for an HSA. I have less than $5,000 in an emergency fund so I am planning to build that up over the next few months. My only debt besides the mortgage is a car loan of $20,000 which I hope to have paid off by mid-late 2024.
I feel like I'm positioning myself well, but how can I improve? Any creative ideas about financing/down payment on a second property without doing a re-finance? Nervous to liquidate my retirement accounts for a down payment and not have any diversification, but would be fine selling all the company stock I own to contribute to a down payment.
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2023.06.08 19:53 dogmom617 Hardly eats and then pukes bile...

We've had our husky for about 10 months now. He's had all his shots and every test has come back negative for parasites.
When we first got him he would gobble up anything put in front of him. Eventually, we noticed he would get sick very early in the mornings because we were not spacing out his meals very well. Took him to the vet and we learned about bilious vomiting and it made total sense.
We switched to better food, fed smaller meals throughout the day (I work from home so he gets 4 small meals a day). Everything was going smooth.
Cut to the last few weeks and now he has zero interest in eating. Loves treats but we give him his food and he will pick the chicken out most days and only have a few bites and then skip a few meals and then it results in him puking bile. After he pukes he will want to play and run around like NOTHING happened but still wont eat. I'm able to get him to eat maybe 1 meal a day and he acts like that is good enough but he pukes.
We've taken him back to the vet and he said its just the bile syndrome because he is in perfect health and to just change food again because he's bored with it.
Should this be a concern? or is my dog really just snubbing his nose at the food we give him to the point of puking?
Thanks for any advice. I've had several huskies in my life but never one who turns down a meal.
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2023.06.08 19:53 Dadless_Wonder Pharmacy Question

Hey everyone! Not sure if this is the best place to post this question, but thought I would give it a shot.
My partner has been running around for a few days now desperately trying to refill her perscription. She just changed her insurance and between her health insurance/Rx and the pharmacy she has ended up empty handed.
It's got to the point where she is saying screw it and is wanting to get it without insurance using GoodRx. Her prescription is for the name brand but wants to get generic so it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars. Will she run into any issues if she asks to get the generic when she goes up to the counter? Any advice I can pass along would also be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.08 19:52 Whey-Men Supported by a new $3.1 million grant from the NIH, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine public health researchers are taking an innovative approach to connect high-risk individuals in marginalized settings with HIV prevention, treatment and support services

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2023.06.08 19:52 Calculatingnothing TMI post - Aunt Flo came on regular time frame

I think this is important for ladies or really anyone. My period has been on 40-50 days cycles for the past 2 years. In Chinese medicine- they would regard long cycles indicate the chi not flowing ( no pun intended) well. My mom ( Chinese) has made all kinds of soups and my period still remains 40-50 days in between . I am not trying to get pregnant as I already have twins, but one's reproductive health is a huge indicator of overall health. Irregular periods indicate higher chances of miscarriages,etc. and chi not flowing well and I'm sure other things. My Aunt Flo came today, and first time in 2 years it's under 40 days, and it was well under! it was 30 days (healthy average is 28-32)! I could not beleive it. #nopufaforlife
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2023.06.08 19:52 ZSAD13 Lifeless and off-world tech

Two related ideas I had about combining Nalthian and Scadrian tech.
1 - If you gave a Lifeless a hemalurgical spike and you gave the right command, could the Lifeless use Allomancy or Feruchemie?
2 - Could a Lifeless use a medallion e.g. a weight medallion? I mention that one because it could be easily tested unlike warmth or Connection. More generally, could a Lifeless use an unkeyed metalmind if you gave it the right command?
If the answer to both of those is yes then you could have an army of Lifeless slaves dedicated to filling metalminds 24/7 (or equivalent on the planet of interest lol). This would be especially helpful for filling inconvenient metal minds like storing health or eyesight or age. You could basically have a metalmind-filling farm with slaves that don't need food, water, rest, or pay and since they just sit there filling metalminds all day they wouldn't get damaged or even need ichor alcohol replacements. You just switch the metalminds out on each one periodically and then you could use or sell them.
Also on a semi-related note, if an Awakener made a Lifeless from the body of a metal-born, could the Lifeless use Allomancy/Feruchemie if you put the appropriate metal in their alcohol or on their body?
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2023.06.08 19:52 Loose_Call2806 Advice for someone with no income, assets and mental health problems.

Hi everyone,
So I've had ongoing mental health problems that have severely impacted my ability to earn a steady income (and at times, any income at all), i'm currently in therapy and hopefully on the road to recovery.
About 6-7 years ago I inherited about £200k (yes I know, very fortunate) that I used to buy a house in 2018 to rent out. That's been going steady and the house cost about £150k-ish all in. It's now worth about £230k according to Zoopla, which seems ridiculous, but then I haven't had a proper valuation done on it so that number might vary.
That's been paying a steady rental income (about £600 per month after costs of management and insurance, etc) that I've been using to pay rent where I live (a different, more expensive part of the country so buying a house is possible but choices are limited) which is £650 per month.
Unfortunately, because of my mental health problems over the years I've had to rely on that remaining £50k to pay for everything else whenever i've under-earned (as a result of being self-employed) or months when I haven't earned anything.
I'm currently going through the process of therapy, treatment, etc but it's a long process and I don't know how much longer it will take to get to a place where I can return to employment. It feels pretty unachievable at current.
I have pretty modest living costs, Around £750 per month seems to cover everything (since inflation went up anyway) as long as nothing expensive happens, which it invariably does from time to time, although that amount doesn't really leave much room for a whole lot of comfort. I've probably used up about £25k since the beginning of the pandemic when i lost all of my freelance clients and my mental health problems worsened (I didn't qualify for furlough because I wasn't earning enough).
I'm down to about £25k or so and don't want to waste any more of it because I already feel incredibly shitty about the amount I've used already. I want to see if I can use my total resources more efficiently to help me bring in more income to support me whilst I try and get my shit together and moving forward into the future.
I don't have any other assets or forms of income to speak
I do have a couple of reservations:
1.) I'm apprehensive about selling the house as it's been a godsend in terms of providing SOME level of reliability, and the tenant I have is great and I make sure she's happy, any problems get sorted, etc and I value a longer-term tenant at a below-market rate vs multiple tenants in a shorter period at higher rates. BUT I would consider it if there was a genuine option that made it worth it. I believe that property is earning something in the range of 3% based on it's current value, which is of course not as good as it could be, but on the flipside, it's 3% of a large amount of money.
2.) I'm also apprehensive about taking on debt and leveraging existing assets, but again I wouldn't be 100% against it as I know a few of you will say that i'm over-invested in one area and taking on a mortgage might be a way to diversify without causing a taxable event. I don't think I'd take it out in order to buy another property. Not at current prices and interest rates anyway - I'd be looking more at stocks, dividends, etc.

I don't have any other assets or forms of income to speak of.

Hopefully someone here can help me or at least point me in the right direction, I know I'm in a fortunate position but I also don't want to waste this opportunity that I have been given.
I hope that's enough information, I'll try my best to provide any more information moving forward.
ETA: I'm 34 years old and in good health. Probably should've mentioned that.
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2023.06.08 19:52 AcademicoMarihuanero Advice for early retirement to invest 300k

IDK if the question even make sense, for context i'm 25 years old, currently making 24k a year, 450k invested, and my expenses 750-1000 USD a month, home owner, for reference in my country you get taxed 10% of all income (not including stock apreciation or reinvested dividends) after 12k a year.
Right now i've 150k worth of btc (i plan to hold and not but anymore) and 300k tax free cash for selling btc, i want to invest those 300k in stocks or reits to generate enough reliable income for quitting my job that is making me lose my peace and mental health, what kind of portfolio with 300k gives me at least 750usd a month mathematically guaranted (yes i know it's impossible 100%) and keeps growing in value with time faster than inflation.
I wouldn't retire enterily i want to persue the dream of be a science Youtube, in fact i already earn like 100usd a month, i want to dedicated full time to the proyect, i know it's no guaranted to live off Youtube but it's worth trying.... I could potentially come back to my old job later but i really rather not.
Any suggestions?
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2023.06.08 19:52 eilonwyhasemu What is the feeling of r/declutter on joining the June 12-14 protest blackout?

Our major options are:
My priority in this situation is to do what best serves the sub. I am 100% sure that making a unilateral decision without input does not do so! I realize that with an issue this controversial, there will be hurt feelings whichever way we go -- apologies in advance.
Please state in this thread your views on participating. Don't silence yourself if you see a number of comments supporting the opposite view from yours -- all I have to decide with is what you tell me.
The Be Kind rule will be strictly enforced in this thread (except you can gripe about Reddit all you like).
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2023.06.08 19:52 itsmcnasty_666 Mexican Flan. 🍮

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2023.06.08 19:52 spamamamamamam2 should i (24f) leave my relationship with (24m)? feeling uncertain with what to do.

please be kind with replies. I just started seeing a therapist, I just don’t have family or anyone else close to ask for genuine advice…
I have a fear around being cheated on. I was heavily manipulated in my last relationship where from the outside everything was seemingly great but he was really cheating (messaging other girls- idk if more) from the beginning.
Now with my current partner, things are good, we take a ton of trips together, we cook together enjoy the days hiking or staying in with a movie. I’ve met his parents. But- he does have a pattern of manipulating situations to work in his favor (this i’ve noticed from him sharing about situations outside of us). Lately i’ve been getting trigger by him seemingly turning over his phone at moments, when confronted he showed he was searched something else mental health related that I know of and I know he has shame around. But this still continues- he’s had a girl coworker he supposedly worked with years ago call him out of the blue while we were together too. This was also suspicious.
Anyways- my question- I’ve been in a pattern of relationships where everything’s good in the beginning but eventually (whether they are really cheating or not) I fall into this anxiety out of worry, doubt and fear. I can feel myself doing this again- I’m working through coping mechanisms from my therapist but idk if it’s enough right now. I don’t know if it’s fair to stay with him because of my anxiety and if I should stay in case he is secretly talking with someone else. what do i do here?
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2023.06.08 19:51 lobstersarentreal Elective Ultrasounds have been amazing!

Tw: miscarriage
Hey folks I keep seeing posts about not getting ultrasounds and being nervous, and I TOTALLY AGREE. I miscarried twins at 7 and 8 weeks last time and this first trimester for me has been more fear and anxiety driven. I was able to find an elective ultrasound place in St. Louis that has absolutely answered all my anxieties. It’s $40 for a measurement and heartbeat check. It takes 15 minutes and is called the “nervous mom package”. I’m not ashamed to share I got elective scans at 6, 7, 8, and 12 weeks (with my OBs 10 weeks as well). Answering the unknown of “what’s going on inside my belly” is just so calming and has been great for my mental health and help me move past feaanxiety to joy/excitement. If you’re a worry wart like me, I’d suggest searching around for something like this in your area!
Also, a plus is they email me absolutely adorable videos of my little one moving around in my belly.
Stl location: https://sneakapeek4dultrasounds.godaddysites.com
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2023.06.08 19:51 AcademicoMarihuanero I need suggestions for early retirement how to invest 300k

IDK if the question even make sense, for context i'm 25 years old, currently making 24k a year, 450k invested, and my expenses 750-1000 USD a month, home owner, for reference in my country (not US) you get taxed 10% of all income (not including stock apreciation or reinvested dividends) after 12k a year.
Right now i've 150k worth of btc (i plan to hold and not but anymore) and 300k tax free cash for selling btc, i want to invest those 300k in stocks or reits to generate enough reliable income for quitting my job that is making me lose my peace and mental health, what kind of portfolio with 300k gives me at least 750usd a month mathematically guaranted (yes i know it's impossible 100%) and keeps growing in value with time faster than inflation.
I wouldn't retire enterily i want to persue the dream of be a science Youtube, in fact i already earn like 100usd a month, i want to dedicated full time to the proyect, i know it's no guaranted to live off Youtube but it's worth trying.... I could potentially come back to my old job later but i really rather not. (I would keep investing if my future income grows)
Any suggestions?
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2023.06.08 19:51 Ramulax Sapphire Nitro+ 7900XTX & Asus Loki 1000w SFX-L PSU Compatibility Question

Question for some of you SFF and GPU enthusiasts...
I recently switched to a DAN C4-SFX case, coming from an NCASE M1, and purchased a new Sapphire Nitro+ 7900XTX GPU and Asus Loki 1000W SFX-L PSU to upgrade my existing system. In purchasing the 1000W PSU from Asus I didn't notice that they don't provide three (3) individual PCIe 8-pin power connectors like most modern PSU's. Instead they provided two (2) PCI-e 8-pin power connecter ports on the PSU and two PCI-e 8-pin power cables, one of which is a splitter (8-pin -> 16-pin). This would essentially give me my three (3) PCIe 8-pin power connectors necessary to run the Sapphire Nitro+ 7900xtx GPU (450Watt), but I'm seeing a lot of unclear information as to if this is an acceptable practice because the graphics cards long term health comes into question. I have looked on Sapphire's and Asus's websites for manuals on both products and they provide no information or guidance when it comes to power load or "do's and do not's" for connections and powering standards for either product.
I was also curious as to if anyone knew of an ATX 3.0 PCIe 5.0 cable (Nvidia GPU cable) that terminates into a standard PCIe 8-pin power connector as this may solve my issue. Otherwise if either solutions are not good in practice I will need to find another PSU unit.
Links to both products are below if that helps anyone or clears up some of the above banter.
Thank you for you time and knowledge.

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2023.06.08 19:51 VarunTossa5944 Eye tracking now gaining traction in VR and other industries: How will pervasive eye tracking change our lives from a privacy perspective?

I found interesting research on the privacy impacts of eye tracking (e.g., https://link.springer.com/chapte10.1007/978-3-030-42504-3_15).
Here just an excerpt:
Our analysis of the literature shows that eye tracking data may implicitly contain information about a user’s biometric identity, gender, age, ethnicity, body weight, personality traits, drug consumption habits, emotional state, skills and abilities, fears, interests, and sexual preferences. Certain eye tracking measures may even reveal specific cognitive processes and can be used to diagnose various physical and mental health conditions.
It is astonishing how many different parameters eye trackers can capture at once. The papers says:
In addition to the spatial dispersion, duration, amplitude, acceleration, velocity, and chronological sequence of eye movements, many eye trackers capture various other eye activities, including eye opening and closure (e.g., average distance between the eyelids, blink duration, blink frequency), ocular microtremors, pupil size, and pupil reactivity.
I find it mind-boggling to imagine the amount of sensitive insights that machine learning algorithms can draw from such data.
Given that eye tracking is on the rise in various industries, it would be important to address such privacy impacts on a regulatory level. However, considering that tech giants are already collecting so much data about us and drawing inferences all the time, the question is: How much will eye tracking increase privacy intrusion by tech companies beyond today's level?
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2023.06.08 19:51 remotearmyio Remote Health Care opportunity: Lifeforce: Director of Telemedicine Operations

🚀 New remote opportunity: Lifeforce: Director of Telemedicine Operations

Job Category: Health Care
Job summary:
👉 Learn more and apply here: https://remotearmy.io/jobs/ZJKX8MUg-lifeforce-director-of-telemedicine-operations
Register for free at remotearmy.io for more remote opportunities and content to succeed at remote work!
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2023.06.08 19:50 just_a_sad_potato7 Bebe Rexha has PCOS

I'm sorry if this was discussed before but I found a video of her talking about her weight gain and that she was diagnosed with PCOS.
It made me so happy that a big celebrity is talking about having PCOS and creating awareness about it and the weight gain that comes from it. People were mean and just calling her "fat" without even considering that maybe she had a health issue that is very difficult to deal with.
I feel proud of her and I truly hope more people will speak up and educate folks that you should not judge someone's physical appearance because it could be something more than just "eating a lot".
She is as beautiful and amazing as always 💝
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2023.06.08 19:50 Dry_Cardiologist6758 The bad outweighs the good maybe what do you think?

Now I'm not here to troll or be trolled so I wanted to know what your likes and dislikes are on Diablo 4 so since I made the post I'll start: Pros: the story is good enough, the side quests are plenty, the classes have unique abilities like the wizard enchant or necromancer book of dead., You can always respect, The game runs great on steam deck, the ability to make non legendary items legendary is cool. The graphics are good and so is the music. But now the cons: the game must be beaten to get unique drops, the enemies have way too much health and bosses have too many stages, the drops are nothing to feel excited about, the clan search has errors, the log in has errors, the chat tab has no global, the socal tab is lacking any social features like party search, the game punishes you for gaining levels, to get your mount you have to struggle with astroth early on, skill trees limit you and restrict you leaving you no flexibility.
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2023.06.08 19:49 Opening_Purple_3026 I(28 F) have a thing for my client(30 M) who is also my cousin's friend.

I (28 F) am a Dietitian. Recently my cousin introduced me to her friend( 30 M) who wanted to lose weight. I have a huge crush on this guy. We have so much in common ( we both live soccer, we live the same kind of music, we also share the same Birthday) We text few times a week and it's usually about his progress and things related to his health. He has not shown any kind of romantic interest in me as of yet.
How do I take this conversation to the next level and get to know him better? I cannot directly ask him out because if he rejects me it's going to be super awkward as he is my cousin's friend. I want to test the waters before making a move. Please help
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